Telika exei plaka na miseis to STAR WARS

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  1. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001
    Gia na sas apokalipso kati:

    O Obi-Wan leei PSEMATA sto Luke!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!~1. Ola osa tou leei einai PSEMAT!!!!!111!!1!~1

    Alla ti perimenes... [face_plain] Pouse re PJ na kaneis mia tainia tis prokopis!
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    Jul 18, 2001
    My Advice is nothing is as good as you expect it to be.

    Sostoooos :cool:

    EDIT: Lene oti eidane to AotC (malakia titlos [face_sick] ) kai olo to cinema gelouse. Apantaei enas I find it strange that all of you saw the film with people like this and yet I saw it 10 times and never had this stuff happen once...

    Telos pantos, as sinexisoume.

    Eipame, [b]DEN MAS ARESOUN TA MALAKOKLORIANS[/b], pou na mas akousei o Luca$...

    [hr][i]Sad to say, the biggest cheering was when Yoda did his lightsabre fight. I still can't believe people actually cheered for that.

    During the Yoda fight a few people laughed. I just sat there, defeated. It was so stupid. Certainly nobody cheered, but of course there were only 20 or so people in the theater when I watched the movie.[/i][hr]

    Malista. Tha to exo ipopsin gia to [b]ALITHINO STAR WARS[/b] pou grafo.

    [hr][i]Reads spoilers in 3SA thread...
    this is beyond bad
    I see I can once again change the Obi-Wan speech in my ROTJ humor rewrite. It gets even weirder.
    I've been thinking about writing a ROTS parody based on the spoilers, but I'm afraid that I'll end up writing the ROTS script. How much sillier can it get?[/i][hr]

    Ouden sxolion...

    [hr][i]I'm not saying this for the sake of bashing, but even after 2 prequels and a bunch of special editions with pointless changes, I didn't think some of the things in episode 3 would be that bad.[/i][hr]

    Malista. Otan teleioso to aristourgima mou, tha to afiso elefthero. Den tha alakso tipota. Periousia kai pnevmatiki idioktisia? Min akouo tetoia! As eiani kala io fans, kai ego as psofiso.

    [hr][i]I hope the ILM people are doing a great job, because the effects are going to be the only things worth watching.[/i][hr]

    Kalare, den legate oti den sas aresoun ta CG?. Ti na po... :|

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    Jul 18, 2001

    Kai ego afto leo. Aftos eide tainia, esi den eides afto pou itheles.

    [hr][i]I took my 7-yr-old at the time nephew with me. He yelled and cheered during the Yoda/Dooku fight, but I was appalled. Yoda had said, "Wars not make one great." and this was a total slap in the face to that. The force "fight" stuff was okay and what I had expected a great Jedi strong in the force to do, but the lightsaber fight was just plain silly. I was laughing, not cheering.[/i][hr]

    To parapono simeionetai.

    [hr][i]There was no "I now pronounce you husband and wife," by the holy man. It wasn't even obvious that he was a 'holy' man.[/i][hr]

    Gia peite mou, pos fantazeste enan boly man?

    [hr][i] NOTHING about Naboo can be redeemed. Not even the name is cool.[/i][hr]

    Afto to exo idi diorthosei! Fear not! :D

    [hr][i] We bashers often suggest alternatives to the finished script, but the irony is that many of these alternatives could be found in the first draft. Qui-Gon replaced Obi-Wan at a later stage, and both Jar-Jar and little Annie were less annoying in the first draft. Jar-Jar even served a purpose. Originally there was some racial tension between the Naboo and the Gungans, which is only hinted at in the film. And Jar-Jar helped the two opposing sides to overcome their differences and unite against a common enemy (the Trade Federation).

    Jar-Jar: ?I have spent some time with the Naboo. They are like us? in some ways. I have travelled far. I have seen many wonders. We must become a part of the universe. In isolation, we will die.?

    Jar-Jar is still clumsy and childish however, but at least he speaks plain English in the draft, and that?s a vast improvement.
    Little Annie seems to be a lot wiser in the draft too, like when he describes Sebulba?s character to Obi-Wan:

    Anakin: ?He doesn?t know he?s bad. He is full of pain, and I think he is afraid of me.?

    And naturally, Maul has more lines in the draft, which gives him a chance to show some character.

    Sidious: ?If you can?t destroy the Jedi, avoid them.?

    Maul: ?I have no doubt now that I am stronger than the Jedi. They will be destroyed.?

    My favourite part is when Obi-Wan attempts to raise the planetary shield of Naboo.

    Obi-Wan: ?I hope we were in time??

    Darth Maul emerges from the shadows.

    Maul: ?? In time to meet your own destruction.?

    In the ensuing fight Maul nearly defeats Obi-Wan.

    Maul: ?You?re finished, Jedi, and this is the beginning of the end for all Jedi.?

    But Obi-Wan manage to survive Maul?s attacks, and starts fighting back.

    Obi-Wan: ?Your style of fighting is old, but I understand it now??

    Maul: ?You learn fast.?

    Obi-Wan: ?You don?t bother to learn.?

    Maul: ?I don?t have to??

    And in the next second Obi-Wan slices the overconfident Maul in two.

    Obi-Wan: ?Learn not? live not, my master always says.?

    Even if it was refreshing to watch a silent lightsaber duel after all the blah-blah in TPM, I would have preferred to see some of these lines used in the film. It would have been interesting to see Obi-Wan nearly succumb to his opponents aggressive fighting style, but adapt to it, and ultimately defeat Maul. It?s certainly better than the lame end in the film where Obi-Wan jumps behind Maul for a second time, and takes him completely by surprise, when Maul didn?t even have to look back to block Obi-Wan?s attack the first time in the hangar! angry
    There is a more mature tendency in the drafts than in the finished script, and even if some flaws are apparent in them as well, I would have withheld much of my criticism if the first draft had been used for the film.
    What?s interesting is that Lucas true intentions behind Naboo are much clearer in the drafts. I think it?s fairly safe to say that the name Utapau comes fro>
  4. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001

    To exo ipopsin.

    hr][i]There's an absolute winner of a new spoiler at! Makes the OT look ridiculous yet again. If the spoiler is true, then it is inconceivable that Qui-Gon wouldn't have been at least mentioned in the OT. I suppose this gives Lucas an excuse to go back and change the originals again. I have a feeling we'll be seeing Qui-Gon in that ghost line-up in a future "definitive" version.[/i][hr]

    Varethika na sxoliazo aftes tis malakies. Ta sxolia dika sas... :|

    [hr][i]Oh, god, that horrible HORRIBLE spoiler! I just can't believe it! GL must have been possessed by some kind of evil spirit![/i][hr]

    Opos apedeiksa proigoumenos, o Luca$ einao o diaolos
    [face_devil] [face_worried]

    [hr][i]I would like to agree that Utapau is more mysterious than Tatooine, especially since Tatooine is no more mysterious than any other African name, having come from the place they filmed the first SW. And I thought the underground home of the Lars' was absolutely wonderful until I discovered that that is the typical home in that country, too!

    How wonderfully original, GL![/i][hr]

    [hr][i]The spoilers are getting progressively worse. It's now clear that rather than pursuing his "original vision", Lucas has dramatically changed the way he thinks about Star Wars and is including stuff in the PT with no thought of how it impacts on the already-established OT.[/i][hr]

    Opos leei i parimia: Alli i original vision tou GL kai alli tou malaka fan. (Entaksei, den leei etsi, alla katalavenete ;) )

    [hr][i]Okay, Yoda has been around for 800+ years, and he just happened to miss this very important piece of info? Not buying it.[/i][hr]

    Gia to spoiler me ton king-kong, gan-gong, smth leei.

    [hr][i]The PT Yoda would probably just shrug his CG shoulders and put it down to the Dark Side "clouding everything".[/i][hr]

    Opos eipa: kalitera marionetta o Yoda. Kai kati akoma: i sas clouds everything.

    [hr][i]*Reads spoiler*


    Eno an ginotan to eksis: *me thought that spoiler*

    [hr][i]The newest spoiler is just totally mind-boggling![/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Concerning the new spoiler:

    That's so stupid... That's so stupid... That's so stupid... That's so stupid... That's so stupid... That's so stupid...[/i][hr]

    To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... To pame afto... klp

    [hr][i]I guess there'll have to be a new change to ESB now for sure. They probably already recorded the dialogue:

    Qui-Gon: "Luke, you must go to the Dagobah system where you will find Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed Count Dooku who instructed me!"

    Luke: "Who the heck are you again?"

    From the looks of things, it's an inevitable change...[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]And wow. Am I the only one having a hard time taking this last one seriously?

    Hope fades fast... like marsupials... [/i][hr]

    Tora, ti sxesi exoun ta marsipofora? :/

    [hr][i]It better not be super circus AOTC bad.

    It's WORSE than circus AOTC bad, much worse![/i][hr]

    [hr][i]**Returns from reading spoiler**



    OK, just how legit a source is this? I mean, this is pretty rock bottom, I need some sort of proof this is a legit source before my brain can accept it.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Man, I can imagine Lucas writing this and after he finishes the sentence, he jumps up from his thron..eeee, chair and he begins to congratulate himself for his brilliance!

    Perhaps something good will come out from ROTS. If it is so bad, story wise, people, even fans, will forget about it very soon. I mean, it's easy for me to watch the OT (the SE:97) and then watch the PT and think of them seperately. When I watch Vader in the ESB, I know that underneath the mask is Sebastian Shaw's Anakin. I know that Obi>
  5. gianakin

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    Nov 29, 2004
    Popo,pos den paraponiountai pou gennithikan aftoi???
  6. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001

    -Anakin is tricked indeed to the darkside, and in the clumsiest manner. Weakest idea of all time.
    Think about it, his turn makes no sense, and the 25 years he spends in the Vader suit playing Mr Tyran even less !

    -The love story between Padme and Anakin is now central to the whole saga, central to Anakin's turn, central to ROTS, central to the Darth Vader character.
    This is too much. Basically, the picnic and fireplace scenes are now the heart and foundations of the starwars saga and characters. This is outrageous !!! We're starwars fans ! Not pigs !

    This is the end of all things.

    Darth Vader, the icon, the all time favorite vilain, died today. He was treacherously stabbed in the back by George Lucas. Saddest day to be a starwars fan.

    I was ready for the worst. I wasn't ready for ROTS ... [/i][hr]

    Eimaste STAR WARS fans!!!!!!!1oneoneoneoneoen!!1!!!eleventyone!!1!!1bababoiebababoiebababoie!!1!!!!~1

    [hr][i]Well I won?t post any spoilers but I will see that most of the new oines have further convoluted the storyline. Things that are hinted at in TPM now become central concepts of the saga. This is sucj sloppy writing it?s ridiculous. And for the 100th time we have to assume that the main characters are morons. This time it?s Ani?s turn. He is just a complete fool in ROTS.

    GL is clearly trying to get outof the corners he painted himself into. Oh well?.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i][hl=black]Not all the spoilers are 100% bad, but around 70% is pretty bad.

    I think it's a good idea to include new official stuff as spoilers.
    Those that don't want to be spoiled shoudn't have to come across posts that discuss the screenplay or novel.
    This opening scroll can also be considered a spoiler, but really, what does it spoil that hasn't been known by just about anyone for a while? The crawl is only about the first few scenes of the movie, it's really weak.

    This is my least favourite of all the crawls. It's the worst. I didn't like the ones for TPM and AOTC, and it's not like the ones for the OT were that great, but imo all 5 did a better job setting things up than this one.

    War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku.
    There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere.
    - Heroes on both sides? What's the point of this information? Evil is everywhere. Okay, I guess the point was to set up that line. Evil is everywhere. Geez, really? Evil is also in the Republic? Who could be evil? Geez. Btw, the Republic is crumbling under attacks. I thought the Republic was actually on the winning hand in ROTS, and that the separatists were getting desperate. Also I don't like the 'War!'bit.

    In a stunning move, the fiendish droid leader, General Grievous, has swept into the Republic capital and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the Galactic Senate.
    - fiendish droid leader, general grievous? I thought grievous was a cyborg? But now he's a droid leader. So is he a droid? How can a droid be a general? Or is he the cyborg leader of the droids? Where did this guy come from anyway?
    Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the Galactic Senate.
    Uhm, why bother with the 'leader of the Galactic Senate' bit? And isn't he the leader of the Republic, with his emergency powers? Also isn't he a Surpreme Chancellor, instead of a chancellor? Whatever.

    As the Separatist Droid Army attempts to flee the besieged capital with their valuable hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a desperate mission to rescue the captive Chancellor...
    - Shouldn't it really be called Confederacy droid army? There were separatists in AOTC, but they formed a Confederacy. Oh well...
    They could have mentioned Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, instead of simply two Jedi Knights.

    Now English is not my main language. I'm Dutch, so don't laugh at me if I'm wrong here...
    The Separatist Droid Army - their valuable hostage.
    Shouldn't it be The Separatist Droid Army - its valuable hostage?
    Just asking.>
  7. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001

    First, if Bad Taste and Brain Dead weren't original, I don't know.
    Second, I'd rather have Jackson write a script based on LOTR and have it as good as it eventually became, than George Lucas actually allowing embarassing GRAMMATICAL ERRORS in the opening crawl of the "most important" Star Wars episode. Errors that even Dutch people can find without blinking!
    Third, what has Peter Jackson to do with how bad EpIII is going to be? Nothing but showing us what could have been.[/i][hr]

    EDIT: Den sas fenetai periergo pou oloi oi bashers milane gia to grand vision to Luca$? Exo mia aporia: Den kserei o Luca$ to grand vision pou exei kai to kseroun oloi oi bashers? :-/>
  8. Starkeiller

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    Dec 5, 2004
    ^ Pou na to kserei? Den ta akouses? O Lucas eina nekros, kai o kakos Zorg apo ton planiti Jarjar, ehei parei tin thesi tou, kai ftiahnei ta P.T., klevondas ta dikaiomata tou Star Wars apo tin mystiki adelfotita B.A.S.H.E.R., orkismeni na diasosei tin "Grand Vision", i opoia ta eihe agorasei apo ton Lucas, tin stigmi pou pethaine! :eek:
  9. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001
    Opa! [face_thinking]

    Mia nea mistiki koinonia gennithike! O kloios sfigei giro apo tis enoxoi!

    Welcome, meesa PT haters! Meesa gonna try and read the catagoragies for the worsa ina PT so far.

    Worst Hair-do

    Worst line

    Worst Character- Meesa upa for thissa one meeself!

    Worst Costume

    Worst Performance

    Worst Vehicle

    Jar Jar- Whoa!! Back to the blue carpet. Oh my shaak! It's Darth Maul! So Maul, how youwa beena doin afta Obi sliced you ina two bitsee bits?

    Maul- Growl!!!!!!!!!

    Jar Jarr- Sorry, meesa bad! Gets betta Darth Maul! Ohh! Methinksa meesa see Padme! Padme, howsa are you darling!

    Padme- Oh. I'm fine. Thanks.

    Jar Jar- Yousa up for three awards this year. Howsit feel, missee senator?

    Padme- It feels great Jar Jar Binks. I am honored and I just want to thank the "comittee" for nominating me. I truly deeply love all of my bashers out there. Thank-you.

    Jar Jar- Whosa you wearing tonight?

    Padme- Oh. Well Jar Jar Binks, I am wearing a gown by the famous designer Caldy K'line. Sabe did my make-up and her twin rabe did my hair. It took her five hours. She loves her job, she gets to do my hair and pretend she's me whenever I go out in public so that if someone wants to kill me it's her not me. We're like sisters. As a matter of fact, she's over there talking to the reporters. We got a message that there might be an attempt on my life tonight, so she is dressed to look like me. She's really excited just to be here. Don't tell her, I wouldn't want her to be sad during my acceptance speech, er, the cermony.

    Jar Jar-Don't yousa worry, Padme, yousa secret safe witha meesa! Anywyas Weesa gotta take a mui mui long commercial break, but weesa be back with the nominanations!

    If you guys want to submit your own and we vote on them, that would be cool !!! This post is just for my own expression of PT hatred.

    [hr][i]I think the reason I was so confused by the politics in the prequels is because for them to make sense, they have to be so utterly implausible. Great points about how Vallorum would have been voted out of office long before Amidala called the vote of no confidence. Look at our own real-world example of when Clinton (a poster in our very own Basher's Sanctuary, apparently) was impeached. The GOP wanted to bring him down so bad that they jumped at the first thing they could really nail him for, no matter the true relevance it had. And Palpatine, this great dark lord who can cloud the Jedi's ability to not be morons, can't influence a single senator to make the vote? And then he can't influence the majority of senators to vote for him as Supreme Chancellor?

    I have to hand it to Lucas... the politics of the prequels are both simplistic and contrived at the same time. The West Wing these movies aren't.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Peter Jackson hasn't written one piece of original material and made it into a film. It's easy to stand on the shoulders of others (ILM, the creator of King Kong and LOTR) and better things. Just some food for thought.

    Which is worse: A filmmaker who tells another's stories so well that we are enthralled with his films, or a filmmaker who tells his own stories so badly that we no longer want to see his films? Ed Wood also wrote original stories for his films... does that give him more validity than Jackson as a filmmaker? Food for thought.

    My disappointment with the PT can be summed up in one sentence: The story was so much more interesting BEFORE Lucas decided to tell it.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Yes, I actually cared about Anakin's character before I got to see what PT did to him. Little podracing Ani [cringing smiley][/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Just read the novelization summary. Woohoo. The ability t>
  10. Starkeiller

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    Dec 5, 2004
    "Yeah, tell me about it. All those crap movies, like the Godfather, Lawrence of Arabia, Wizard of Oz, Ten Commandments, they all had to look at other people's ideas for inspiration. Because of that, they are all to be automatically devalued and shrugged off."


    Gia katse, giati tha trellathw! As ta paroume ap' tin arhi... Mipws ta matia mou me prodidoun, me pende vathmous mywpia kai gyalia gia tesserisimisi? As vgalw ta gyalia, ki as plisiasw stin othoni. Leei: "blahblah, all those crap movies like the Godfather < :eek::eek::eek::eek:, Laurence of Arabia < :eek::eek::eek::eek:, blahblah..."

    Den niwthw kala... :rolleyes: [face_worried] [face_sick] BLEURGGGHHH!!!
  11. gianakin

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    Nov 29, 2004
    Eironika to lene.Kai kala oti oles oi kales tainies exoun allo skinothesia k allon senario,eno o Luca$ to psonio ta kanei ola monos tou,gi'afto apotigxanei
  12. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001
    Akrivos. Opos eipe enas B.A.S.H.E.R., eprepe na kalouse oloi tis fan se debate (kaloooo) kai na edinan tis idees tous gia to PT. Etsi, the evgaze mia PT pou tha ikanopoiouse oloi tis fan.

    And what's really sad is I want Star Wars on DVD really bad. I got the urge to watch ANH last night and decided against it because of all the pathetic changes done to the film for the DVDs. The only disc in the set that merits multiple viewings, IMO, is ESB. I've watched that one a few times already since it's the only one I can really stand. However, I still cringe when I hear Jango's voice filtering out of Boba's helmet. Ugh...[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Can you imagine what [Lucas could] have done to LOTR if he secured the rights?

    Yes, unfortunately I can. Perhaps it would have sounded something like this:

    Forbidden love


    FRODO: Are you an angel?

    ARWEN: Why, yes, but most people call us Elves. You?re a funny little boy.

    FRODO: I?m a Hobbit! And my name is Frodo! F-R-O-D-O!

    ARWEN: I?m sorry. I?m a stranger to these lands.

    FRODO: That?s okay. Wanna see my Ring? I?m good at forging rings. I?m the Ringmaker.

    Frodo gives Arwen the One Ring.

    ARWEN: It?s beautiful.

    FRODO: And tomorrow I?m going to win the Pony race in Hobbiton.

    ARWEN: I think I?m beginning to fall in love with you.

    FRODO: Yippee![/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Sabe, Dorme, Corde, Padme. We are supposed to believe that the handmaidens are happy being servants to the queen while dressing up like her so they can be killed instead of the actual queen? And they love risking their lives for her so much that they each decide to change their names so that heir names resemble Padme? Corde apologizes to Padme. Huh? If they are such good friends, then why doesn't the queen try and protect them instead of making them her shields? She is a queen after all, she could change the handmaiden rule. I found this to be a really cheesy part of the story, no one in the entire galaxy, including clever assassins, have figured out that the queen is a decoy whenever they are out in public? Just aim for any of the handmaidens, and you would have a better chance at killing Padme. Having the bad guys ever heard of planting a servant near the queen to figure out when the decoy is going to be the queen? And Padme still has handmaidens as a senator? Did any of the other senator have handmaidens? I don't remeber any, but I could have forgotten.[/i][hr]

    Alli mia malakia apokaliptetai.

    [hr][i]See, LOTR makes sense because all the ladies (even Galadriel, I suspect ) wanted Aragorn, the rugged MAN. Again, I don't see how Padme had eyes only for "Anna" (thank you StarSmuggler! ) when you have Kenobi and Qui Gon around. Even Captain Obvious seems more sexy[/i][hr]

    Ma giade re kati malakes pou pidane tis kales gomenes re... :|

    [hr][i]The difference between PJ's crew and Lucas'? PJ's is more like what Lucas had for ANH and ESB, they were all his peers. Yeah, he had the vision, but he was in no way superior to them, and they had a voice with weight whenever there was an idea they didn't agree upon. You can see that with PJ, Fran, and Phillipa, as well as the actors.

    With Lucas today, you have pure, unadulterated ego. He doesn't have a crew of peers, he has a crew of lackeys. He's surrounded himself with YesMen, no one with an actual opinion, who go on camera and recite the usual LucaSpeak from the Lucasfilm publicity notes.

    He can just sit on his tucus, look at a bunch of sculptures, and pick which one would look best as an action fi>
  13. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001

    Prosexte afto to vathi post. Tha sas eksetaso avrio!

    [hr][i]The facts under dispute (i. e., whether or not Lucas is surrounded by yes-men) clearly need to be investigated and the truth ascertained. I hope and believe that sometime after May 2005 we will see a number of books with titles like:

    Who Lost Star Wars?

    The Star Wars Prequels: A Legacy of Broken Lives and Shattered Dreams


    Every aspect of the prequels and their making needs to be minutely examined so as to lay blame squarely where it needs to be laid. Actually, the examination needs to reach back to include the SEs (as well as the "OT" DVDs). It's all part of the same rotten tree.

    Star Wars 1977-1983 and Star Wars 1997-2005 are two completely different things.[/i][hr]

    Aftos einai (ampelo)filosofos

    [hr][i]Hayden makes Anakin seem like a whiney teenager with a crush on some girl he met a few years back.

    Some would argue that that was the way he was supposed to be portrayed. But, really, if you wanted that, there's a slew of teen angst movies out there you could watch instead.[/i][hr]

    :-/ Ti na pei kaneis...

    [hr][i]The 77 film, unaltered, is better than 99.9% of the movies I've seen in the last twenty-something years.

    That may be in your case but in the past twenty years i've seen hundreds of movies and quite a lot of them were more original, better directed, better performed and in a lot of cases a lot more imaginative than the original film that i still love a great deal. If i had to do a top ten of my favourite films SW and TESB would definately be in there but if i had to do a top ten of the best films i've ever seen it wouldn't make the top twenty. I have deep love and respect for SW, it was the movie that got me interested in how films were made, but i also have a feeling i'll never shake of being duped after years of thinking it was an original body of work. back at school over 20 years ago i wrote a paper on Lucas and how he was such a creative genius, i truly belived that too, Then one day about 8 years ago i met someone in a comic shop who was dissing him for being a thief and only being able to take other ideas and manipulate them before claiming them as his own. Natuarally i defended GL but the guy borrowed me a copy of The Hidden Fortress on VHS and after I watched it i felt the size of Liea's Hologram. Then i read other articles and books on Lucas and the more I found out about him the less i liked him, i realised that SW was a film that probably he got more recognition for than a lot of people who also had a great, great deal towards its finished state. I also found out about a guy who was responsible for creating ILM the way they were back th>
  14. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001

    Mono gia afto, agapisa ton tipa san paidi mou!>
  15. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001
  16. Obi_one_and_only

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    Jul 18, 2001

    I think the following interview snippet indicates the level of care that GL put into working with Hayden for this climatic, emotionally resonant scene.


    Interviewer: But you've since been inserted, in place of Shaw, at the end of the Return of the Jedi DVD.

    Hayden Christensen: I got a real kick out of that. They told me, "By the way, you're in Return of the Jedi" and sent me a copy and there I was! It was neat - there I am next to Alec Guinness and Yoda.


    He didn't even know! Lucas's treatment of this scene is inexcusable and cannot be justified. Look out for the same Hayden shot in ROTS.[/i][hr]

    Papapa proxeirodouleies... Pou pige i evgeneia (kali i Evgeneia, e?)... Eprepe na ton rotouse kai na tou elege: Thes na eisai to RotJ? Ma toy elege oxi, tha eprepe na to sevotane. A re Luca$. Kaneis les kai sou anikei to star wars...

    EDIT: Den mporousa na min to valo kai afto, an kai palio

    [hr][i]All I have left to hope for in the prequels is for a good space battle and a good Kenobi/Anakin duel.

    There's a fair chance you may get that. I've heard some pretty iffy things about both, though. The Duel sounds like it may be more appropriate for a circus ring than a Star Wars film.[/i][hr]

    TSIRKO!!!!!!!!!11!!111!!!!@1 To STAR WARS TSIRKO!!!!11!1!!1~1one

    An einai dinaton...

  17. gianakin

    gianakin Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 29, 2004
    Metaksi mas,simfono oti i kinisi tou Lucas na min pei ston Hayden gia tin skini itan teleios apsixologiti.Ti,tha tou elege o Hayden oxi???Apokleietai!Emena na elegan na paikso to Ewok tha eixa xestei pano mou apo tin xara,oxi na paikso ton Anakin!Anarotiemai giati den tou eipe tpt...Kai kala,afto to mouroxavlo o Hayde,den eide ton eafto tou se rompes Jedi kai na tou leei o GL "xamogela"?Den psiliastike pou mporei na itan?Ektos k an ontos tou kanane copy-paste(pou de nomizo...)
  18. Obi_one_and_only

    Obi_one_and_only Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 18, 2001
    Metaksi mas,simfono oti i kinisi tou Lucas na min pei ston Hayden gia tin skini itan teleios apsixologiti.

    Nai, alla den kaneis sa na teleionei o kosmos. Den kathese na psirizeis tin PT gia na vreis kathe stravo pou exei kai meta na vgazeis to axti sou se geek fanboards, etsi? ;)

    Additionally, I've come up with a theory that explains many of the bewildering inconsistencies and inanities the prequels and prequelized OT create. Basically, everyone in the Star Wars galaxy is a bloody moron. Whenever you have a question about why a particular character did this or didn't realize that, simply tell yourself: "Because that character is a bloody moron!" Occam's razor at its finest! Let's give it a try, shall we?

    Why did the Jedi send Padmé to "hide" from ruthless assassins at her family's unprotected summer resort with an impetuous, lusty padawan still in training? Because they're bloody morons!

    Why didn't Owen recognize Threepio? Because he's a bloody moron!

    It all makes sense now!

    I'm sure you can think up your own applications. There are so many of them, after all.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i] can't contribute to the Anti-Nabooness. Yes, I would like to see more Alderaan. But on one hand, some complain because Lucas keeps revisiting the same planets over and over. And on the other, we are going to be upset because of some new one he introduced. Anybody here ever heard of Hoth before EMPIRE STRIKES BACK? No. Not at all. Frankly, Naboo is one of the freshest and most unique planets in the Star Wars Universe In my mind, it is one of the few things he got right in the Prequels.

    But Naboo SHOULD'VE been Alderaan!

    I thought Naboo was fresh. I really like the Utopian Renaissance society of the forest. Very cool. I'm glad to see one. Such a place is fitting for a beginning.

    Fine, but why couldn't that Utopian Renaissance society of the forest be on Alderaan?[/i][hr]

    Mania me ton Alderaan.

    Ena eixe valei ton Alderaan: Luca$ destroyed the only thing that was mysterious in the OT: Alderaan. He just added meaningless CG, that I could have made better and did not allow for character development.

    [hr][i]LMAO... I love it.

    Why won't Luca$ release the Originals on DVD?

    Because he's a bloody moron!

    Feel better already.[/i][hr]

    [hr[i]Why does it have to be Alderaan? Is that a show stopper? Really, I thought of Alderaan more as cross between Naboo and Coruscant - like the McQuarrie drawing? Would the prequels suddenly be better if we just changed the name from "Naboo" to "Alderaan"? Heck, I might argue that instead of pitying Alderaan when Tarkin blew it away, we'd be cheering because the GunGans are dead.

    To me, things like Anakin not being a great pilot and Kenobi and Skywalker never being friends are much more disturbing.[/i][hr]

    Koita pio pano sto thema continuity.

    [hr][i]"Why did the Jedi send Padmé to "hide" from ruthless assassins at her family's unprotected summer resort with an impetuous, lusty padawan still in training? Because they're bloody morons!"

    Don't you know that in the Star Wars universe they NEVER look for people in the obvious places? That's why they "hid" Luke from his father on his father's home planet with his only living relatives. Because they're bloody morons![/i][hr]

    Deja vu...

    [hr][i]If you think ROTS will be bad, wait till EP VII-IX The Trilogy to Take More of Your Money gets made and released.[/i][hr]

    Vre mania me ta Ep VII-IX

    [hr][i]Would anyone honestly want to see 7-9 after the disaster that will be ROTS?

    Not me.

    I never wanted them anyway. ROTJ was the end for me. I never got excited by what could come after.
    I wanted the prequels badly. We all know w>
  19. Obi_one_and_only

    Obi_one_and_only Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 18, 2001

    Of course, this was before all the "Jedi can't marry" nonsense that happened in the PT.

    It's just too bad that GL felt the need to insert EU ideas into his story (i.e., "Jedi feel nothing, only peace"); and also to have Anakin start out as a little kid.

    What was wrong with continuing the Jedi tradition that the Skywalker family had special access to the force since one of their ancient forebears discovered how to tap into the force and use it? And who wisely chose to limit the transfer of this info to his children and only his children.

    The Skywalkers could have chosen later to branch out to other species, like Yoda's, to teach them how to use the force as well.

    And, like everybody else said, we should have seen Anakin dabbling with dark side powers and refusing to give them up or becoming so intoxicated with them, he couldn't give them up.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]I know. The whole jedi can't become emotionally attatched is wrong and it doesn't make sense. Unless all of the jedi are vulcans or Borg, it is natural that they are going to have feelings and want to have emotional attatchment. Denying them the right to get married and have close relationships with friends and families seems more like something Palpatine would do. In the OT Obi Wan never said anything about no emotion or love. And neither did Yoda.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Geonosis was a big dirt ball - but even it had potential if the CGI or matte work had been decent.

    Agreed! The little arch thing I put in the bottom of my fish tank is more interesting than the Geonosis design.

    And speaking of Geonosis and Geonosians, I think they would've been more interesting if they were slaves of the Sith, and Padme pleaded with them to fight back, and they did and turned the tide.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Geonosis was a big dirt ball - but even it had potential if the CGI or matte work had been decent.

    Agreed! The little arch thing I put in the bottom of my fish tank is more interesting than the Geonosis design.

    And speaking of Geonosis and Geonosians, I think they would've been more interesting if they were slaves of the Sith, and Padme pleaded with them to fight back, and they did and turned the tide.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]It was extremly ANTI-JEDI.

    Isn't that part of the point of the PT Jedi? Their imperfection seeds their own demise. Or as *** would say, because they're all morons.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Who feels pity for Anakin? I certainly don't. He's nothing more than a whiny, self-absorbed, child murdering jerk. If you accept that it's PT Anakin under the helmet in the OT, Vader's more pathetic than menacing.

    As I was saying on DOTF's board, I don't believe Episode III will show Anakin's "fall," only his official acceptance of the Sith Membership Card and his dopey reasons for doing so. Anakin's already a bad apple by the time AOTC begins and the biggest difference by the end of EIII is that he's sporting an iron lung.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: There's no real tragedy because all the charaters in EIII deserve what they get. Well, aside from Palpatine, who only gets his way due to extreme luck and the fact that everyone in the galaxy is a (that's right) bloody moron.[/i][hr]

    Everyone over there is a,you guessed it, moron... :|

    [hr][i]I thought the point of the PT Jedi was to show the jedi at their prime. Not as a bunch of idiots. I remember hearing old Obi-wan saying that the jedi were betrayed, hunted and destroyed by Darth Vader and the Empire. Not that they brought on themselves by being a bunch of arrogant, immoral egomanics.

    Qui-Gon Jinn was the only REAL jedi. Everyone else including our dear lovable Yoda are a bunch of bloody morons.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]What new planets have we seen in the PT thus far?


    Only 4 new planets in >
  20. Obi_one_and_only

    Obi_one_and_only Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 18, 2001
    To anekdoto tis evdomadas:

    I didn't like all of the different earth accents either. Not in a racist way, it is not the fact that he used non British, non American accents, it is just that Gl used too much from earth in the PT. GL made choices that don't fit with the GFFA. In the OT, only Admiral Ackbar and Yoda had earth voices ( I'm pretty sure, but I'm probably forgetting someone). Keeping it at two aliens with earth ways of speaking is fine, it doesn't take away from the sense that the film is supposed to be set in another galaxy. GL has used so much from earth in the PT that it dosn't make sense and takes away from the GFFA setting. These elements all work well together on earth, but Star Wars is not about earth. Also, I think that the accent thing went overboard, and it ends up looking as if it is poking fun at different ethnicites and playing to sterotypes instead of showing them in a respectful way, which is unfortunate.

    Earth elements in PT so far...
    Italian Watoo
    Chinese Nemoidons
    West Indies Gungans
    Eastern European skeleton droid
    Naboo aka Renaissance Italy
    Padme's kimono
    Padme's white kabuki-style face paint with red lips
    Padme's Victorian lace veil
    Roman colliseum/Geonosian arena
    Dex's Diner

    These are all I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are a lot more.

    BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    So... that makes Episode III a comedy right?[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]You know, I don't know what's more sad: the poor planning and lack of care in the Prequels OR the fact that Lucas spent 10 years on these 'films'.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]What's really sad is the latest reprehensible spy report, laden with homoerotic innuendo. How bad can this movie possibly get? I'm afraid we're far from the end in finding out.[/i][hr]

    E oxi kai na do mai tainia pou tin ekane mia palioaderfi!

    [hr][i]OK, I just scanned the thread in 3SA, and in it Motee explains the spoiler.

    Who writes this stuff? Good grief.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Alright, I guess it's not quite as bizarre as the "colorful" description made it seem. But still, that dialogue is positively hideous. "AOTC bad" doesn't even describe it.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]I just noticed your 3SA spoof movie link to "Star Wars: Episode III: A Lost Hope". Thanks, it was hilarious but also a little bit sad since many of the "plot points" in the spoof trailer are ... how the real movie is gonna be.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Please remember where you are posting. Implying that "bashers" are more sad than Lucas spending 10 years on sub-par films is NOT going to go over well with the SWC administration.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]LMAO!!! The dialogue from the new spoiler is even more funny than "WAR!"

    You know what, I'm not gonna take Episode 3 seriously anymore. Everything sounds like a parody or a spoof, similar to 'Dracula Dead and Loving It' or 'Spyhard' Therefore, I'm gonna treat it as a comedy. Perhaps that way, I'll get maximum enjoyment.

    *still laughing at WAR! and new dialogue* [/i][hr]

  21. Obi_one_and_only

    Obi_one_and_only Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 18, 2001

    Funny how times change, back in 1978 i frowned on Battlestar Galactica classing it as one of the many SW ripp-offs that came out in the tail-wind. I dispised it to some degree even, but now nearly 30 years on and i absolutely love the new Battlestar Galactica with its fresh and new approach while I dispise this new SW more than anything.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Ill-concieved prequels indeed, the look of the PT is one of the things i'll never get over. Why, why, why did Luca$ feel he had to make the technology look so much more advanced than in the OT? Darth mauls ship looked more advanced and was more capable than any T.I.E fighter including Vaders, the Naboo fighter designs looked okay but their display screens and interiors were ten times more advanced looking than the stuff in the PT. Why couldn't Threepio and Artoo look less advanced than they did in the age of the OT, why do the holgrams look so much cleaner and 3 dimensional, even the speeders look better! Everything in the OT looks less advanced and shabby next to the stunningly overdesigned world of the PT, even Liea's costumes are no match for Padmes 5 minute wardrobe changes, her simple white gown in SW:ANH doesn't even cut it against Padmes nightwear in AOTC. The OT films look great but they don't look like they happened "after" the events in the PT, the display for the plans of how to destroy the death Star at the end of SW ANH seems like a joke now when you watch the movies back to back, even Artoo's projector can produce better images than that vector graphic display! I expected the PT to display a "more civilized time" not a more technologically advanced one.

    We're talking about 25-40 years or more that these two periods cover, hell 20 years ago in our time we were still awestruck over low-resolution 16 colour Commdore 64's and Sinclair Spectrums and MSX micro computers. A flip-mobile phone was still a thing of Star Trek's world, the internet was purely concept in the minds of a handful of men, widescreen TV was inconcievable as was digital broadcasting and if you had a laser disc player in your house you were a god! Somehow i don't quite feel the age change inthe SW movies convey a change of any sort in the right direction let alone one of significance.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]I agree on the look of the PT part. The Poodoo Trilogy doesn't look like it belongs in the GFFA, certainly not before the OT. Actually, the PT doesn't belong anywhere except the garbage compactor in the Death Star! However, I can't agree on a certain female PT actress' acting abilities. Yes, Padme's lines were crap, but there was still no emotion. Obi's lines on the PT were crap, as well as Palpatine's, but they are good actors and made the best of it, so the perfomances came out much much better. The same cannot be said for NP and HC, IMO.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]It takes a lot of talent and understanding to take something out of its natural element and make it as successful in another one. La Femme Nikita managed to do it on a minute budget, Stargate managed to do >
  22. Obi_one_and_only

    Obi_one_and_only Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 18, 2001

    [hr][i] have never seen Lucas ever try to pretend that the O-OT never existed. More rhetoric from the "basher" camp

    Gee, maybe that's why those words were written in the *gasp* Basher Sanctuary. Of course it's basher rhetoric! That's like saying "Gee, the President's State of the Union speech is all about America!" Of course, it's supposed to be that way!

    Hmmm...I'll just go calm myself by laughing at "WAR!"[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]The LOTR DVD argument has been done to death. New Line actually had the courtesy of telling consumers about both versions beforehand, and released them within several months of each other. Lucas and other corporate pigs release new special editions, collectors editions, extreme editions and whatever other crappy new version every couple of years with no warning.

    Props to New Line. They do their business yet still respect the consumers.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]Props to New Line. They do their business yet still respect the consumers

    I don't care whether they "respect" consumers or not. All I know is they gave me a choice, and so I will gladly give my money to them. Lucas doesn't need to "respect" us, just give us (or rather, sell to us, it's not like we're asking for it to be free! ) the original OT on DVD, simple. After that, he can condemn us and call us the spawns of the Anti-christ for all I care.[/i][hr]

    To kafto thema tis evdomadas: O malakas o Luca$ pou den mas edose tin O-OT se DVD. Apokleistiko. Mono stin Esspresso!

    [hr][i]I don't think that it's that Lucas is pretending they don't exist; it's that he has publically stated that he has divorced himself from the O-OT, and will never produce another edition. Perhaps the statement was made with a bit of hyperbole, but the underlying message is the same.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]and will never produce another edition

    Really? What about the Super Duper Ultra Mega One Last Time For Real Special Edition after ROTS?[/i][hr]

    Gia sas ta leei. Pou tha pate na ta agorasete. ZOA! NA!

    [hr][i]Good lord, if Batman Begins sucks - after what happened to the Prequels - I simply could not bear it. I might be trying to find a way to end my geeky existence.

    But looking at the Superbowl spot for the 47th time, I know it will kick some serious ROTS butt... [/i][hr]

    [hr][i]on that note, WAR OF THE WORLDS looks to kick ROTS butt.... big time.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]As for comparisons with ROTS....well, from what I've seen of the leaked script, nothing there made me laugh, unlike the 'WAR!' in the opening crawl of ROTS I think it will be interesting to see which one does better in the box-office.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]The LOTR simply kick butt. Everything looks perfect: the box, the discs, the menu's everything. I also loved the audiocommentary with Peter, Fran and Phillipa.
    Though I enjoy the OT DVD's I was kinda disappointed with them. The audiocommentaries on the OT DVD's are just boring. I can't stand GL's monotone whining; he barely says something interesting or new, and I just hate Ben "the butcher" Burtt popping in at the most vital parts of the movie, talking about soundeffects.
    I was also kind of disappointed in the number of extra's on the bonus disc. I also didn't like the material the box was made out of, though I love the design. The picture and sound quality and the menu's were great though. I have some weird obsession with DVD menu's, and I just love the Star Wars menu's.[/i][hr]

  23. Obi_one_and_only

    Obi_one_and_only Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 18, 2001

    53 |\/|l50 Luca$!!!!1!111!!!!one!11!!!1eleventyone!!11!!!1~1

    [hr][i]Mace Windbag vs Boga the Bogus

    MW-You gonna growl shaakie, or are you gonna fight!

    I feel sorry for what the PT has done to the droids. It's an aiwah! No it's a Nemiodon ship! No it's SuperR2 and his rockets that he didn't want to use on the swamp on Dagobah! To me, this was adding to the whole cartoon thing, first we have the Galactic Idiot Jar Jar, podracing, Galactic Fifties Diner, and then a droid with rockets. I thought it was too much. Just like all of the super cheesy jokes that 3PO made on Geonosis. Too much to be funny, entertaining, or interesting. Why did 3PO have to be the droid that Anakin Skywalker built? Why? Why is GL intent on shrinking the galaxy so much to the point where Bob the Weequay knows Padme's mother, who knows Palpatine's plummer, who used to know Boba Fett, who used to work for Jabba the Hutt!? I also think that 3PO's character was completley lost in the PT. He wasn't the same stuffy, I'm always right, blame it on R2 character. He turned into a bumbling, annoying idiot. I wasn't laughing at him in the same way that I laughed at him in the OT. I was just laughing at how cheesy his lines were. I know that GL has always said that the droids would be in all SW pictures, but he could have placed them into the PT without giving them a lot of screen time.[/i][hr]

    [hr][i]but the BEST thing about it was the Emperor and that he used force lightning.

    Indeed. Of course, now AOTC has ruined the lightning thing and its appearance in ROTJ has been diluted.

    Palpatine fighting is horrible. CLearly George thinks it will please the fans (EVERYONE must fight with sabres!). I can't believe that the character of Palpatine as depicted in the last three films was ever supposed to get down to it like some common Jedi. It is Lucas coming up with stupid ideas that don't fit the characters.

    And Palpatine's look in ROTJ worked better with the original explanation...[/i][hr]

  24. Obi_one_and_only

    Obi_one_and_only Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 18, 2001

    :^O :^O :^O

    [hr][i]As far as the mythology versus the filmmaking I think it's really hard to decide if you take the films as they are currently. I mean as much as I hate the contradictions between the OT and the PT, who here doesn't cringe at the illogic of the political story of TPM or the endless action scenes at the end of AOTC? However, its easier if you make TPM stick to the OT by removing Qui-Gon, midi-chlorians, etc., as **** did, and hopefully everything follows to a degree. This is hard for me to say, because as much as Qui-Gon should not exist in TPM, I really like Liam Neeson's acting and think that his character is one of the good things about TPM.

    And, as much as I hate the Anakin and Padme love story I might be able to endure it if the prequels didn't make the galaxy smaller and turn Obi-Wan into a compulsive liar in the OT. I still don't know. What if the prequels followed the OT correctly and connected all the dots, did not make the Star Wars universe a twisted game of two degrees of Tatooine, but the love story was still poorly written, the first movie's plot was illogical, and the villians/action scenes seemed to be designed for 'kewl' follow-up video games? Would we still be bashers? The only thing I can think of is that if Vader's fall was designed correctly so that it fit with the OT then I wouldn't really care if Padme and Anakin had no chemistry. Obviously, having one area of the movies improved would improve the PT overall, but would it be enough?[/i][hr]

  25. Obi_one_and_only

    Obi_one_and_only Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 18, 2001
    Oooxi! Den sas ksexasa!

    You can't get away with even Ewok nonsense in a story that has suddenly become so serious.

    To add something like JarJar to the mix just proves my point.[/i][hr]

    O Luca$ des einai toso kalos sigrafeas oso ego!

    [hr][i] Truth be told, despite its flaws I actually enjoy ROTJ more than ANH. I also find TPM to be enjoyable and at least a halfway competent attempt at filmmaking. I can hardly even believe AOTC is actually an "offical" major motion picture. Most fanfilms trump it in professionalism and technical proficiency, I wager. I expect EIII to be the worst by far, at least in terms of story. Then again, I'm not sure if I'll be able to rate it since I probably won't bother seeing it[/i][hr]


    [hr][i] Oh, yeah, I enjoy ROTJ more than TPM 'cause TPM starts with the OT contradictions.[/i][hr]

    Nai re seis! o Luca$ den mas eksigise giati to 351687167 pano tou ESb den tairiazei me to 5416541 plano tou ROTJ, afou sto ANH, o xaraktiras kato deksia sto kentro stin kantina sto Mos Eisly den kapnizei!

    [hr][i]One of the things that for me puts ROTJ way above TPM and AOTC is that the things on the screen in ROTJ look solid and real.

    TPM looked like a film with a bunch of cartoon stuff smeared on it.

    AOTC looked like a cartoon.

    My eyes ached in the theatres trying to watch the clone factory scenes. I could never focus on things. Then, when it cut away to Italy... Palpable relief.[/i][hr]

    Aftos O Luca$! Ma na zitame diastimika kai na vriskoume tin Italia? Ti Norvigia (Hoth? Tin Tinisia (Tatooine)?

    Eno o PJ Pige Nea Zilandia! Oriste! Afto einai location, oxi i Italia!

    [hr][i]-ESB : 10 (The masterpiece)

    -ANH : 10 (The myth)

    -ROTJ : 6 (all for Palpatine/Vader/Luke)

    -TPM : 2 (it didn't kill the starwars magic)

    -AOTC : 0 (it killed starwars)

    That said, I must confess, I'm really excited about ROTS now. I think there might be some very good things coming next May. Seriously. Hey, it's the last starwars movie after all. Or ROTJ will be the last, forever. [/i][hr]

    Gia mia stigmi nomisa oti alaksopistise! :p

    [hr][i] Oh, I'm a stalwart defender of the OT, no question. Usually it's not necessary because the glory is recognized by all, and the few places it isn't (3SA, Classic Trilogy) you get banned if you do. That being said, here is my introductory post for my forthcoming series A Citizen's Guide To Enjoying Return of the Jedi. At all times I refer to the original ROTJ, as we all know the SEs and the 2004 DVDs do not exist and never did.

    Disclaimer: This post is my current Vision as the Artist. If I edit this post in the future, that edited version is my Vision even if it contradicted my earlier Vision. In that instance, I'm sorry you read a half-edited post and fell in love with it.

    Part One: I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Captain Solo where he is.

    Although ROTJ opens with a near-obligatory space sequence involving Vader's landing on the Death Star II, it does not truly begin until we join our faithful droids on their approach to Jabba's squat fortress. The great keep's only concession to modern times seems to be its kicka$$ electro-seal blast door (for further information, please see my lecture series Great Blast Doors In Star Wars, Griffen Press 1999), and the suggestions of some backwater Dark Ages castle are rapidly confirmed. Entering Jabba's palace reveals a lair of gloom, moist darkness, and a presumed stench of epic, Indianapolis Colts-like magnitude. Despite what some purport to be the frantic, muppet-filled hijinks of a Lucas gone awry, the Jabba Palace scenes actually reverberate with a certain degree of calm imagery nowhere found in the later and lamented PT films. From the glimpse of a creepy brain-toting robospider droid to the glistening drool falling from the tusk >
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