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The Adventures of Aleric and Abeloth

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Kato Sai, Mar 19, 2023 at 9:22 AM.

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    Apr 27, 2014
    Continued from An Uneasy Alliance in RPF, featuring Aleric Qel Droma, descendant of Ulic Qel Droma, and The Queen of Stars, Chaos itself, Abeloth.

    Aleric opened his eyes, all about him was a great fog. He turned in his black robes and hood, and saw obsidian columns carved of fine hean rock. In the mist he saw motion stirred, and he became aware that the ground veiled in smoke was slithering with tentacles of grey ans black. The Heir of Qel Droma followed the trail of tentacles through the fog, where he came to a throne of massive hieght, hewn of that same perfect dark stonework, and sitting upon it was a figure of a woman, well it had features of a woman. The hair was white that descended into tentacles, her eyes black as deep water in a cave, and her mouth was district with a elongated crescent smile with jagged teeth like that of Firaxen sharks. Two slender hands laid on arm rests like spikes.

    “Welcome to Limbo, the place I have reigned for years beyond reckoning. Here I wait till summoned.”

    The Gray Jedi took it all in. Abeloth was not as she had been before, approachable and keen on him. Here she was like a goddess enshrined, deserving due respect for the woe she would unleash on the galaxy.
    Without thinking, he took a knee.

    “I am your service Queen of the Stars.”

    Abeloth’s mouth widened, the lips rising up to her forehead.

    “You have made a bargain with Chaos Jedi. If you fail to convince me to spare the galaxy, all you hold dear I will tear apart and caste into The Void.”

    Aleric bowed his head.
    “I understand, my queen.”

    Abeloth rose off the throne, and she snapped one of her tentacles, and great portal of shadow opened up like a hole in space and time.

    Aleric stepped through it, Abeloth following like the tails of many serpents. Suddenly there was sunlight, very harsh sunlight, the Gray Jedi squinted and covered his brow with his cuffed hand. Before them was a desert, dunes of sand stretching forth like a never ending sea of tan grain. He took a step and the ground formed the imprint of his boot. Abeloth stood by him, her appearance was softened, she wore a crimson cloak and hood that concealed much of her squid features, at the bottom was a long train like that of a bride’s, and her face was no longer distorted by the smile of black oil and jagged teeth, but instead there was black lips of normal shape and a very beautiful face, and straight jet black hair that fell to her shoulders. Her eyes were jade colored and she motioned her pale hand towards a scene below.


    Aleric looked and saw a great fortress of bronze in a circle that rose and then another circle topped it like a roof, making it appear like a shroom. He knew know where they were, the domain of the Hutts.

    “Scum and villainy, here is a place after my own heart.”

    Aleric starred at The Queen of Stars, he was smitten by her fransformation. Noticing his eye linger she turned,

    Aleric tilted his head slightly,
    “Then it shall be easy to convince you to spare the galaxy if you already admire the Hutts.”

    Abeloth let out a laugh.
    “Admire?! Ha! You amuse me Son of Qel Droma. I admire nothing.. especially not indolent slugs who waste away and let more able bodies do their dirty work.”

    Aleric had learned his lesson, never presume to read or understand Chaos.

    “Then may I ask how I am to begin at persuading you?”

    Abeloth rolled her eyes.

    “Are you not a Jedi? Use The Force!”

    Aleric was not fond of the cryptic nature of his new liege lady. That said he realized as he reached for his belt that he no longer had a lightsaber.

    Abeloth stepped towards him and handed him a saber hilt.
    “Here. You are so unprepared for a Qel Droma. Your ancestor was by far better organized and ready for the task at hand.”

    Aleric took the saber and recognized it was his ancestor Ulic’s that he had lost.

    “You knew Ulic?”

    Abeloth nodded, her face painted with annoyance.

    “Yes. He was quite an acolyte of chaos. Albeit he was a fool to be the pawn of dead lords.”

    The Gray Jedi lowered his head.

    “As was I..”

    Abeloth crossed her arms, her dress blowing in the wind.

    “I have seen generation after generation repeat the same path, if I was a betting woman, I’d be wealthier than the Hutts and politicians of Coruscant. However, I do not trade in vulgar currencies, only in hearts, and souls.”

    Aleric clipped the saber hilt to his belt.

    “Shall we?”

    He offered his hand tp escort her to the front gate. Abeloth took it and gave cheeky smile.

    “Perhaps you will be different afterall,” she said.
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