Lit The Ancient Force Temple Network of bygone times and the origin of Forceusers

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    Dagobah - Tree (Cave) Temple of Visions:

    TESB Concept Art reveals angular doorways and stairs down into the darkness of overgrown and buried rooms of a long forgotten ancient temple that by now looks more like a cave than a temple. It is over 1000 years old at least as per recent reveals in canon.
    Qui Gon Jinn was on Dagobah once right before he met the Force Priestesses or Shamans of the Whills, however they appeared to him. Later from beyond death he would guide Yoda to Dagobah and initiate him in the same way via the buried cave temple that would lead Yoda to a Forceworld and the Priestesses.
    Yoda settled down next to the templecave and used it and the World between Worlds unknowing what it is to communicate across the stars with young Ezra Bridger on Lothal in the Rebels TV show as well as using it in Lukes training later, a tradition Luke and Snoke would continue.

    Lothal - Ancient Jedi Temple

    Kanan and Ezra used the temple for visions, guidance, meditation but also communicated with Yoda on Dagobah. This Temple also was special as it featured murals of the Mortis Beings and gave access to the World between Worlds. Stones from the temple also depicted the Force Priestesses and via triangle symbol seemed to connect the Priestesses world, Lothal and Mortis in a special bond.

    Mortis - Force Temple of Balance

    In whatever pocket or form of reality Mortis is hiding, it features its own Force Temples and guardians as TCW tv show showed. Over 2000 years old was the Jedi distress signal used to lead Anakin, Obi Wan and Ahsoka there. The world itself hidden in a double pyramid Monolith that seems to be able to move and bend space and time for it is bigger on the inside.

    The Force-World - Birthplace of the Midichlorians

    This equally mysterious hidden world deep in the core has a hollow interior ecosystem of its own which is where the Force Priestesses or Shamans of the Whills reside and gave guidance to Yoda once to reunify with his Shadow self. Qui Gon Jinn met them too once one can assume as it was him who guided Yoda there from beyond death.

    Ach-To - The First Temple

    In the Unknown Region, the birthplace of the Jedi is a temple carved into a mountain on an island equally serving the light and the dark in balance as a stone mural of the Prime Jedi depicts in a Yin/Yang esque way. A mirror cave talks in riddles when answering questions and much has yet to be explored about this place where the dark and the light orders originated before their separation.

    The Jedi Temple on Coruscant

    Layered and rebuild countless times it once was believed to be 4000 years old with earlier foundations being a mountain and caves and build in temples long before it became a walled off ziggurat pyramid. Yet below it slumbers an even older temple deep below the surface of the evergrowing cityscape. Dark or Light, none can tell as this was to be revealed in an unreleased TCW episode!

    Mustafar - Sith Shrine below Vader's Castle

    Long before Mustafar became a volcanic nightmare, it was a beautiful place (in Legends as in new canon) and it shared a history tied to the Jedi and their dark rivals. As Vader Immortal from ILM xLab's ongoing interactive episodes explore, this excavation will reveal some interesting story of a bygone time.

    Moraband, once known as Korriban

    Equally ancient temples reside on the surface of this planet.


    Ancient wars and superweapons built into temples sleep on this world below the surface.

    The Dark Temple from Jedi Fallen Order

    Not enough intel on it yet but I bet it falls into this category and agerange for temples.

    Dathomir's Ancient sites

    Long before the witches rise the world already had temples and structures the witches later coopted.

    Jedha - Jedi Mekka

    Many ancient sites dotted its surface. Not enough is known abouts its Force Temples but with Jedhas age one can speculate as to when and how the Jedi left Ach-To and moved to Jedha and other places.

    Others of note:
    -Yavin IV Massassi temples
    -Maz Kanatas castle on Takodana was once a Jedi Temple maybe
    -D'Quar ruins the Resistance used may or may not have ties to a temple
    -Baatu's ruins may or may not too
    -Ilum - Ice Cave temples and Kyber source
    -Tython (Legends only so far)
    -Ossus (in canon but mostly Legends)
    -Force Temple of the Rakata on Lehon (Legends)

    There are many more from Legends as well as many other minor ones from guides, rpg, or TCW etc. even.

    Now that we listed the most prominent, prepare for a deepdive:

    The above temples must not all be from the same era in the past of course and not every ruin has to be a temple or connect to the World between Worlds or such grand ideas. But there are some common factors by which one can group said temples:

    Architecture and Design:
    -Jedi and Sith love pyramids and ziggurats.
    -the earliest temples were caves, based on or in mountains or near/under huge trees
    -Other more detailed or decorated architecture may be later styles

    The Old Tongue:
    Named such by a Journal sold in Galaxys Edge Baatu, these glyphs are an ancient language often found on ancient temples. First created by Ralph McQuarrie for Yavin IV concept art they now are a complete script thx to GE. They are heavily featured in the cover art of Jedi Fallen Order and also appear on other temples on Malachor as well as other places. The language is not tied to the Massassi specifically or the Sith so far and more seems to be a common ancient script that does not identify their users as affiliated with light or dark so far. Though temples using it can probably be grouped into the approximate same era. How long said era and script lasted is unknown though.

    Step 1) The Discovery

    Somehow sometime on Ach-To the Prime Jedi discovers the Force and teaches it to someone. We do not know yet when the split between dark and light happened in new canon, or if on Ach-To or only after they spread out. But, for the primitive makeup of the First Temple, a place free of technology, we can conjecture some other interesting bits of ancient history.

    Step 2) The Looking Glass

    The Force enabled those skilled enough to see far away places and people long before technology would allow them to travel to these. This may have lead to the first connection of the ancient worlds. Once they learned how to turn Farseeing and Farhearing into projecting their image to these worlds and talking to them, the Force was a communications network suddendly as worlds exchanged information via it and may have taught the Force even to other worlds through that. Some primitive worlds may think these apparitions to be gods and yet learn from them still. Others communicated on an equal level maybe. And through watching other cultures they learned even more.

    Step 3) The Displacement

    Being revered as gods may not be liked by some as others relished in it, preparing for a future rift within the young Order on Ach-To. With future evolution of the farreaching power, Forceskype may turn to actual teleportation, as in TLJ Rey and Kylo could teleport waterdrops entire! While exhausting and nobody would want to risk neardeath for trying, enough would be intrigued by the new powers possibilities to through it visit far away worlds. Maybe entire beings could be brought over permanently? Born was the idea of a World between Worlds, a bridge to cross over. But this was not THE WBW as we saw it in Rebels yet. Maybe some students got lost that way on other worlds as those more careful studied and found the WBW and other arcane ways of the Force, realizing its danger and why it should not be used after initial exploration lead to some mayhem? Essentially though, this got some people to far away places for sure and spread the order in its first expansion long before the pathways would be locked off and guarded again.

    Step 4) Spacefaring Temple Monoliths

    With the creation of massive spacefaring temples known as Tho Yor or Monoliths like the Mortis Monolith, the Forcewielders reached out to the places they previously had only touched as apparitions in the sky etc. via Force Skype and united/connected the cultures that they had helped give rise to with their various locally diverse Force cults. Many thus were sampled and collected to be brought to Tython (Legends) or Jedha (Canon) to study the Force together and unify their knowledge before spreading out again as Jedi.
    Using Force compasses and attuned Force Astrogators to reach Forcestrong worlds via Force leylines throughout the galaxy, they expanded and reconnected with those diversified traditions from which they had much to learn by now in return.

    Step 5) The Rise and Fall of the Force Astrogators

    As all communication and travel relied on Forceusers, they were revered like Shamans in ancient cultures. Some though were clever and attempted to open the communication and travel channels for everyone, Forceusers or not. But even as the first spaceships had been built, they still required a Forceuser as Astrogator to guide them through the wild sea of space as they had on the ground and oceans of the homeworlds. Slow only did generational ships advance towards other worlds. Entire guilds of Force Astrogators evolved (much like in Dune books!).
    Only with the discovery of the Purgill and similiar space animals and their ability to hyperjump did new options arise. Hyperspace had been revealed to the people and they researched it eager to crack its secrets. At first Forceusers and Jedi Astrogators bonded with Purgill so they could take ships through hyperspace to far worlds.
    Some species would try to recreate the Forceteleportation via technology creating Hypergates and using wormhole technology to do so. As species went to space, their technology lead to hyperdrives no longer tied to a specific wormhole but rather catapulting ships into hyperspace. Instead Jedi Astrogators would guide the ships through Hyperspace by locking on to Force strong destinations following the Force leylines through the galaxy connecting those with help from special Force compasses. Technology followed the Force suit as navcomputers and astrogation systems developed to reach worlds without Jedi Astrogators safely, as well as to reach worlds with a less prominent Force signature.
    But with the invention of hyperdrives and hypercanons, Astrogator free travel became an option in a yet untamed galaxy where no safe hyperlanes had been charted or established for Astrogators simply charted a new course for every trip. But slowly with the advent of hypertravel and establishment of its required routes and scouting, a new era was dawning. Thus the rise of technology lead to the creation of Hypergates and Hyperdrives. Whereas hyperdrives propelled ships, hypergates allowed instant travel and communication between worlds (think Stargate networks).

    Step 6) The Force Builders

    Many Forcewielders created wondrous temples and crafted devices and ships with the Force and all materials at hand. The first technology was born in harmony with the Force much like the Jedi's lightsaber and not as harmful as later force-less technological creations of mass destruction. Given Droidography canonised a lot of Lego SW from a certain point of view, Lego Freemakers depiction of ancient past, Force Builders, Kyber-tech etc. is canon. Even the Prime Jedi on Ach-To already had a lightsaber as per his mural. Kyber was known back then and used and the first sabers were less technological toy but raw kyber, energy channelled via the Force and not much else. More on that in another topic though. Force Builders probably build the Ilum caves, the Jedha statues and temples and much more. Maybe even the Monoliths like Mortis themselves. But much like with Force Astrogators the Builders would become less prominent as the rise of technology employed them less in construction than mechanical devices. So they and many Jedi returned to their temples.

    Sidenote Freemakers ancient Jedi History:
    Indeed, so where in the ancient timeline would we place the Freemaker ancient history? It's crystal saber was based on an unused TFA concept art of new ancient lightsabertypes after all! Ach-To in TLJ showed the Prime Jedi having a Lightsaber already. So Is it safe to assume the Freemaker bits are tied to Ach-To and thus the very Jedi beginnings? Did we see the Prime Jedi in Freemakers flashback and was the Prime Jedis lightsaber a crystal saber? Can the Force Builders be thus the origin of ancient wonders and those that constructed the most ancient Jedi sites like Jedhas giant statue temples? Questions over questions... Was Ach-To flooded after its moons got destroyed by crystalsaber blasts as seen in Freemakers... leading to polar icecaps melting and the like in climate changes?

    Step 7) The Great Storm

    At whichever point in the above evolution the order splintered into factions or lost some of its members to corruption and the dark, ultimately the increase of travel and communication lead as well to this darkness spreading across the galaxy as it once had the Jedi and the Force. Space was on fire now as opposing factions battled in the stars and Force Powers at levels beyond belief smashed entire stars and systems to dust. The Forcewielder Wars drove many species to retreat to their homes and cut themselves off of the previously established networks, some even trashing temples and ancient sites. Kyber-Superweapons aplenty fired and destroyed many places. As the gods battled each other in space, the young species retreated or died trying. Hypergates broken and technologies lost, dark times were ahead. It was as if the galaxy had been split in two right through its heart, an event that not soon after literally happened as the Unknown Regions barrier as we know it today came into existance. If it was to lock off something or protect someone from something is unknown. Even if the bad resides this or that side of it remains in question. But the ancient frontline where countless superweapons destroyed countless systems along it making travel impossible probably was where the barrier resides today.
    So devastating was the cataclysm that a lot of the golden age of previous times was destroyed, lore and discoveries forgotten, alliances broken. Slowly would the galaxy rebuild, rediscover and reset out to the stars to reconnect and refound its lost unity in a galactic republic. But the seed of the old war was still among them, Jedi and Sith in their respective corners of the galaxy reduced to ashes waiting to be reborn from the seeds their older incarnations had left behind.

    Sidenote: World between Worlds
    At what point it was opened or closed is unknown but it may have played its part in the war as well as ancient times. Temporal chaos and implications so far were left out of the above conjecture history yet they sure must have played some part.

    Step 8) Ascension

    As the first Forcewielders truly have become gods, in life as in death transcending and ascending to a new plane, some guided the galaxy still from beyond the veil as those left behind still try to reach these levels. The Force has a will some claim, yet maybe it rather is a Whill instead, or several, whose guiding hand leads the galaxy on. Even if you do no longer see gods walk amongst men, and women and aliens, they still are there choosing ones and noones and gardening the galaxy. Their ancient sites still are alive despite the ruins and as the galaxy dwells on its technological grandeur, there still are those of and within nature who understand the Force needs no technology. Maybe some Makers even have touched upon the technological life and connected it to the Force, and assist it in their fight for freedom and Droid Rights.

    Step 9) Balance

    Ancient barriers break down as the Unknown Regions become known again. Old Temples rediscovered open up long forgotten pathways between the worlds and times. The Ancients still play their chess game on galactic scales as Choosen One after Choosen One faces the same obstacles. May the Force be with us all! It ends in December ;)
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    I kind of wish to see a return and expansion of the Tho Yor concept. Cause I could imagine those helping in establishing these temples that connected into the World Within Worlds.
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    Always bothered me that you could see this was not a natural cave by the archway on the left side
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    While it has yet to be mentioned I think, one may even add Tython and other Legends ancient Jedi worlds to canon. I see the above history as the beginning, the most ancient story. I am undecided if Jedha came before or after Tython only but I tend to it being a stepping stone before the Jedi moved to Tython for after Tython they most likely went to Coruscant or Ossus and other places.

    Another interesting notion I would like to explore further is elemental magic and the four corners of the galaxy. Elemental magic Star Wars explored via Ewok shamanism and Endorian life, as well as Dathomir and its witchcraft as well as several other incarnations of more magical than Force-studied places and cultures.
    Whereas the Jedi used galactic midichlorian leylines emanating from the Forceworld throughout the entire galaxy and Force compasses to reach Forcestrong worlds full of life, until Hyperdrives lead people to many less life/Forcefilled planets off the leylines, magic-based cultures also had their ways of expansion and power spread across the galaxy. Dathomiri were reliant on a spiritual green mist. The Anzati had a similiar mist on their homeworld and called it the Soup, which both draw inspiration from magical mists as well as the Force and magick, lifeenergy, the soul and more.
    Mistweavers, like Forceusers left their homeworld and were drawn to other places akin to their home, strong in the lifeenergy and with mists of their own. Those users of this shamanic elemental spectrum of the Force were weaker on worlds with less or no magical mist, strongest at home or in similiar places. Some tried to artificially create the mist-soup and expand it to expand their powers, even in places where previously none existed. Like Mother Talzins soulripping rituals with ancient sites and the Fangrawn cult! Lifewitches too worked with these mystical energy fields and powers. If only a different view on the Force or a different spectrum altogether, most of these cultures worked with 4-6 basic elements (much like the Jedi separated the Force into categories like control, sense and alter, or living and unifying force, or light and dark side, others created their own separations, rainbows, spectrums or elemental specifications to explain and craft it).

    There was a comic in Legends which had Aurra Sing hunt someone who was using Shiido imposters to hide his true self. The comic employed four worlds, resembling the 4 basic elements. Endor for Earth, Tatooine for Fire (heat), Hoth for water (ice), Bespin for Air.
    Another pet theory of mine based on Star Wars Galaxies digital Card Game art and accompanying story dealt with Dathomir witches marooned/sent to the 4 corners of the galaxy on likewise elemental worlds. Galaxies own Kyrisa on Hoth, Charal on Endor, etc. leaving one for a place of fire and another for air.
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    Look into ley lines.

    IG: @jedisufism
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    The Force as Powersource and ancient technology

    It lights up, it hums and it does something. Usually the sign of technology at play, this also is the case when a Forceuser enters a Forcetemple or activates ancient long forgotten technology that is beyond the normal understanding of tech. It looks like stone and yet intricate systems, crystals and all guide energies far different from electricity through it. Statues that come to life as defense mechanism? Walls moving, glyphs glowing to become readeable. Ancient sites got all these gimmicks and more.

    In an Age where the Force was the prime source for long range communication and travel, it had many other uses as well. Force Builders created wondrous architecture and devices. The first Lightsabers were raw crystals held in the bare hand without any technical add ons. The bearers life energy and Force alone powered the crystal to emit a blade or blast and only its will and concentration kept the blade aligned and in place instead of erratically diffusing and harming the one holding the kyber.

    As on Lothal and its temple, the Force was used to move the temple and open and close its pathways. No illusion but fact, moving murals of Mortis Gods also were a part of Force Builder Architecture. Even cameras were able to record it, excluding and trick of the mind.

    With the rise of technology came the simplification and modification. Some were against merging technology and the Force's own applications. Others experimented with it freely and improved lightsabers and a lot else. But was it really an improvement? Techniques lost, less power and concentration, less training needed now to hold and use such a fine weapon? Later generations of Forceusers and Jedi were weaker than their precedessors and relied more and more on technology instead of the Force and training.
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    Regarding ancient Force Temples, temple inscriptions in the Old Tongue and more I think we need to discuss Fallen Order and the Zeffo!

    Given the Old Tongue is shared in Temples of ancient Jedi (Lothal), Sith (Malachor and recently Resistance visited such a world in Sith space) as well as Massassi Temples of Yavin IV and Zeffo temples on Dathomir, Kashyyyk and elsewhere, it seems to be a precurser language that united several species before Aurebesh and Basic. Aurebesh signs or some of them are tied to the Rakata as per Dawn of the Jedi.

    Like the Rakata the Zeffo once rules a large part of the galaxy and supposedly "all" races, but taking that literal is impossible. Given the Rakata terraformed Kashyyyks trees into giants, and Zeffo admiring these giants, especially the first/Mother Tree, I'd say the Zeffo have to be placed post-Rakata in the timeline and thus concurrent with the early rise of Jedi and Republic right after the slave revolts that ended the Rakatan dominion. Before Kashyyyk joined the Republic and before the Sith returned to Dathomir.

    Did the Zeffo fall before the young Republic and Jedi expanded into their territory? Did they have contact? Did the Zeffo rise in the wake of the Rakata and take some of their technology and locations like Dathomir and Kashyyyk? How many others we do not know of yet did the Zeffo once control? We lack locations for Fallen Order's new planets on the galactic map, and we lack a proper sphere of influence. But going by the known locations, Dathomir and Kashyyyk, we can assume they operated in this part of the galaxy and even Bogano and Zeffo are in the Outer Rim.
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    Cole; as I think, I assume that the Shrines of Koroo work like this...
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    Those Kooroo fit in nicely indeed, a contemporary ancient species to the Zeffo I think that rose also after the Rakata and was active from 25000-20000 then maybe.

    Another little mental gymnastic regarding The Old Tongue:

    What is its oldest appearance to date? Where did it originate? As an Aurebesh precurser uniting several cults and cultures it is interesting, especially as several of its users were at odds or not very sharing and caring with each other to develop a common language and script.

    Malachor featured petrified humans with lightsabers, thus post Jedi-Sith shism. Dathomir and the Zeffo predate any Sith arrival and are early-Republic era. Lothals temple may be the oldest, either post 25000BBY given it is a "Jedi" temple, or as I prefer to place it, tied to more ancient Jedi before Tython and Rakata. Massassi using it may be a Yavin IV thing mostly given Sith have a multitude of scripts in their culture but other Sith temples in Sith Space (TCW and Resistance tv show) and elsewhere are known to feature it too.

    Given Lothals Mortis mural I place Lothal as oldest incarnation. Also stone murals from Lothals temple featured the Force priestesses and Mortis family both connected via the World between Worlds. These shenangians I consider older than the Tython Jedi emerging.

    Yet Ach-To Prime Temple, Jedha and other Unknown Region based or closer Jedi locations are free of the Old Tongue to date and even ancient Jedi Texts Luke had had their own new unknown ancient scripts and glyphs.

    Linguistically, I'd say the Ach-To / Lehon / Jedha / Ilum era of Prime Jedi before the Unknown Regions were cut off is most ancient using Jedi texts glyphs.
    This was followed by the invention of ancient Aurebesh called Domabesh as seen on Jedha, and the Rakata using Aurebesh long before basic.
    When the cataclysm cut off the Unknown Regions and separated the galaxy, a lot changed.
    With the Dark Side ascending and the Rakata expanding it seems the Prime Jedi are gone or ascended to Mortis etc. with Kwa and Gree gathering Force cultures across the galaxy to restart the Jedi on Tython from which they would spread out again in the future. Uniting the Core in a Republic, Basic develops and adopts Aurebesh as its script.

    Meanwhile though in the Rim several species rise in the Rakata's wake, among them the Kooroo, Zeffo and Sith species as well as others (Naboo Elders? Ancient Baatuuan original inhabitans?). The Old Tongue seems to be a non-Unknown Regions script only, used in the Rim mostly though ancient Coruscant may have used it too perhaps in the temple below the Jedi Temple.

    Given the most ancient use seems to be the Lothal temple, but we know of no alien culture tied to it, it is hard to attribute the Old Tongue to any ancient culture outside of humanity or the Mortis beings. Given Son and Daughter appeared to the Sith and many other species they may have spread the Old Tongue among all these mentioned using it.

    Also these rune script seems to be tied to ancient temple technology of glowing and "alive" temples and thus have spread with species that adopted this temple technology from their forbearers. They may have copied the runes to copy their function instead of adapting the technology to their own scripts. This would also inuniverse explain why always the same sentence is used in any incarnation of these runes.

    Also interesting, the temple in Sith Space using the runes as seen on Resistance tv show has three different symbols for the Sith on three doors. One the symbol we know, and two variations of it. Are they the symbols of Houses of Sith? Sith Eras? Different Sith Empires? Previously the known symbol designated the Old Republic Era Sith in general, yet with the new movies introducing a new Sith symbol for the new era, it'd make sense to have more variations for different Sith Empires and Eras. This would mean the temple seen on screen was built at least after 2 Sith eras and during the third era with its own symbol. With a Jedi Temple built on top of it to cleanse the area of Dark Side energy, when did the Jedi do that? After Ruusan Reformations? Before the New Sith Wars after the TOR MMO era? Or earlier when they cleansed Sith Space after the 5000BBY Jedi Strike into Sith Space? Are thus the two new symbols signs of earlier Sith Empires.. or new signs for known later ones that had no original symbol yet?
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    My opinion of the Lothal temple was that it was converted into a Jedi Temple later on.
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    Possible, but what was it before then and why convert it? It was some kind of Force Temple always regardless of Jedi or not. But it being a dark side temple before I would not believe.
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    Can't believe that the TROS movie and VD actually would validate this topic theory i had. The ancient Jedi text pages and annotations in the VD illustrate the ancient force temple network perfectly.

    Chain Worlds Theorem
    WBW mapping of connected worlds

    VD snippets and more elaboration can be found in these fan theories I found online (not by me but very interesting):

    No spoilers, I just used the tag to not have a lengthy page insert in the post right away!

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    Just a quick thought I had befitting this old topic of mine:

    With the Rakata homing in on Force strong worlds only for their Infinite Empire, could one assume that these worlds might align with the Chainworlds theorem and World between Worlds maps? Why are some worlds more strong in the Force than others? Because of their nature and wildlife whereas others are wasted and ruined already? Or because of something deeper down, Kyber in their crust? Are the Forcestrong worlds Kyberrich and the Kyber enhances the natural forcepresence like a kaiburr crystal so they are easier to be found by Force Astrogators? Given the Rakata used supertech that based in Kybertechnology like Starforges and the sunenergy collecting even Starkillerbase used, there may be something to this assumption.

    Is Kyber thus the basis of the Rakatan Infinite Empire and its map may give us lots more Kyberrich worlds? And if the World between Worlds is a special dimension only special portals can access, are Kybers energetic qualities in play here too to open a portal into the Force? Bending space and time?
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    So this just popped in my head - Is this the first appearance of the World Between Worlds?

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    What’s that from?
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    The original Star Wars holiday special.
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    Now I miss the unaired TCW episode about Wookiee spirituality even more that Lucas had planned... aside rideable tree-spirits, and resurrected concepts in Jedi Fallen: Order regarding the Zeffo on Kashyyyk, I would have loved some exploration of these Kashyyyk-y Life-Day weirdness.

    But if any culture has instinctive access to the WBW, it would be the Wookiees. Their symbiosis with the wroshyrs is exemplatory and Kashyyyk has been a special Forcestrong place for ages, KOTOR proofed it as the Rakata Force-homed-in on it.

    I think many more cultures got access to the WBW, even if limited or shortterm or on special occasions like Life-Day only, but barely understand the potential they can access actually with what little they use it for.

    FACPOV TESB spoilers:

    The Bossk story nicely expands Wookiee lore by showing us a Wookiee gunship cruiser, a wooden spaceship and explaining how it works and what makes the wood special with their technology. It even gives us an ecosystem inside it and feels quite original compared to others cultures spaceships. The Mon Calamri with their cruisers featuring an ecosystem and water sections come close but not quite.

    The Wookiees thus literally made life, wood, trees flyeable and their technology is more biology made look like technology. Nice!

    Also another story about the Dagobah Tree Cave Temple nicely expands its backstory and fits right into my topic and first post. A Forcestrong place that had been visited for millennia and later added stairs and the temple-esque structures to it only while always being a cave below a tree.
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    I need to update this topic soon! And I will!

    Star Wars needs something as crazy as the Holiday Special again these days that totally breaks with expectations and how SW should be made. Let it be odd, wild, crazy, maybe even terrible and as the Special something despised by many that ultimately grows into an integral part of it. Taika, you listening?

    The WBW has interesting history too that could be expanded upon. Not just inuniverse.
    Inuniverse it was used for communication between Ezra and Yoda via Force Temples long before entering it in full to traverse space and time. The Wookiees use it in a Narnian way without its full capabilities realised and.. if the above image is any indication, do not even need pathways that Ezra and Ahsoka walked. There also is a space between spaces, a wood between the worlds or other likewise portals in SW and in other non-SW fiction it took inspiration from. Narnia used the ancient believe of trees and their intricate web connecting the entire world(s) and if one could travel their web, one can reach all places and times. Modern science is just uncovering the interconnectivity and communication of plants via root and fungal networks in forests. Not just wood and trees posess the portals though, the stone of the Lothal Temple as well as treecaves or mirror caves also do. Wood, Stone, Crystal, all give access to other worlds here, to visions, past, present and future. Be it ancient megalithic stone circles that some say can be used for timetravel as in the Outlander novel and tv series. Be it holy trees, crystal caves, or even the waters of magical fonds, ponds, wells and else.

    Lets give SW some odd magic back!
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  19. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    I do somewhat want to spend energy plotting those stars from that VD map... It's deeply curious.