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Beyond - Legends The Auction (L/M AU pre-VOTF Romance) Complete!

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    Author note: This is one of my first multi-chapter stories I wrote, but it was never posted here because it was a little too 'adult'. Recently I have been trying to PG-13 down my earlier stories such as Encounter on Myrkr and Master. I thought I would try it with this story. I have been working on it for a while but I am a huge procrastinator and I usually can only be motivated by having the pressure of knowing I need to update a story.

    As I said, this was one of my earliest stories and I am not changing it too much so may seem a little rougher than my later stories such as Sacrifices.





    "I have no idea how you talked me into this Leia," Luke complained as he nervously straightened his Jedi robes and utility belt while standing in one of the many backstage dressing rooms of the old Imperial Theater.

    "Luke, I am the head chairperson of the charity auction," Leia explained to her brother for the third time in the past week. "How would it look if I couldn't get my own brother to participate in the Charity Bachelor Slave Auction?"

    Luke sighed deeply and dropped his head in defeat. "I know Leia, it's just… well... Lando volunteered to do this a couple years ago and he told me what happened."

    Leia cocked her head to the side and gave her brother a quizzical look. "He was bought by the elderly Quiaza sisters, what could they have possibly made him do?"

    "He said their hands were EVERYWHERE," Luke whispered.

    Leia could not help but burst out laughing. The thought of the womanizing Lando spending the weekend fighting off the advances of two elderly Twi'lek women seemed like justice served.

    "It is not funny," Luke said defensively, "I have a reputation to uphold. I am a Jedi Master, for Sithsake. I can’t be seen getting pawed over by any floozy who can come up with the highest bid."

    Leia put her arm around Luke's shoulder and gave him a reassuring hug. "Luke you know the rules of the Auction. The buyer can’t make their slave do anything that the slave finds immoral or dangerous, and the slave can’t be put in a situation that he deems publicly embarrassing. If the bidder does anything inappropriate you just call everything off and go home."

    "I guess so," Luke said softly, but the expression on his face left no doubt as his distaste with the situation.

    There was a soft knock at the door. "Master Skywalker, you're on next," a disembodied voice said through the door.

    "Thank you, I'll be right out." Luke turned gave his sister a forced smile. "Wish me luck," he said before he walked out to the theater stage where the auction was taking place.

    "Okay Ladies...," the auctioneer looked up and noticed a very ostentatiously dressed middle-aged gentleman with tight fitting black outfit and silver cape had entered the bidding area, "and gentleman." He corrected himself. "We have saved the best for last. I would like to introduce our last bachelor for bid tonight…Luke Skywalker."

    Everybody in the audience clapped and cheered when Luke walked out to the spotlight.

    "In case any of you have been living in the unknown regions for the last fifteen years, let me tell you a little about our current bachelor. He is the man who destroyed the first Death Star. He faced down the Emperor and Darth Vader and lived to talk about it. He is a Jedi Master who single handedly rebuilt the Jedi Order. And Ladies he is single and unattached! Do I see a starting bid for 1000 credits?"

    The auctioneer looked up at the large display monitor above the stage. The bidding system was what they called a silent auction. Buyers bid by punching in monetary amounts on their datapads which linked to the auction’s computer. As the bids increased the monitor displayed the bidder's identity number and amount bid. All that could be heard in the audience was the occasional moan as a person was outbid or gasps as the amount jumped dramatically.

    Luke looked up at his monitor and noticed that the starting bid was quickly made and surpassed. Currently the bidding was up to 3570 credits. Luke peered out into the audience to see if he could sense who was bidding on him. He felt through the Force a number of women bidding furiously. He felt a spike of elation from the lone man.

    Luke groaned inwardly, 'That is all I need is to have a male 'admirer' purchase me. That would be great fodder for the holovid tabloids.'

    He noticed the man became dejected and looked around angrily when the price rose to over 5000 credits. Luke reached out to the audience trying to determine the highest bidder but he came up blank. That caused him some confusion, but he figured with hundreds of women in a room feeling very similar emotions, it would be hard to pin point the high bidder.

    There was a gasp as the price shot up to 8000 credits. Luke noticed that the flamboyantly dressed man had a smug look on his face.

    "We have an unheard of bid for 8000 credits," the auctioneer was almost giddy, "I don't think we are going to beat that bid. 8000 credits, going once going twice…"

    There was another much louder gasp from the audience. Luke looked up and was astonished to see a bid for 10,269 credits.

    There were many dejected faces in the audience. All knew that bid would not be topped and it wasn't.

    "Sold!" the auctioneer rang out, "to bidder number forty-one. You can pick up your Jedi Master in conference room seven in approximately ten standard minutes."

    Luke scanned the room, but with the lights shinning in his eyes and all the swirling emotions in the room, he couldn't tell the identity of bidder number forty-one. He only hoped that the Quiaza sisters didn’t win him… or worse.
    Luke paced nervously in the small conference room. He dreaded seeing the person he would have to spend most of his weekend socializing with. The last thing he wanted was to spend time with a lecherous Jedi groupie.

    Luke spun around at the sound of the door opening. Immediately his feeling of trepidation was replaced with elation.

    "Mara," he gasped.

    "None other, Farmboy," Mara said as she slowly moved toward him.

    "Are you bidder number forty-one?"

    "Right again, Jedi," she said with a smirk.

    Luke let his gaze follow the beautiful trader. Mara was wearing one of her usual skintight body suits. The only thing breaking the seductive flow of her curves was a dark leather belt on which hung her lightsaber and blaster. Luke tore his gaze away from her body and finally noticed the almost predatory grin on Mara's face. Luke's bright smile of relief quickly faded as he realized his friend may have bought him for some more nefarious reason.

    Mara sauntered over to Luke seductively, her grin spreading and her eyes dancing with mischief.

    "Ummm…" Luke said nervously, "10,000 credits is a lot of money, where did you get that kind of currency Mara?"

    Mara walked right up to Luke until she was only about a hand's length from him. Luke unconsciously stepped back from her until his back hit the wall.

    Mara chuckled softly and raised an eyebrow. "It was 10,269 credits to be exact," Mara corrected him, "and it doesn't matter where I got the credits. All you need to know is that I intend on getting my money's worth."

    Luke did not like the sound of that. Right about now he was thinking that he might have been better off being won the Quiaza sisters. Mara was his friend, but he wouldn't put it past her to make his life miserable for the next two days.

    "Now Mara," Luke whispered to the woman standing much too close to him, "you can't do anything that would cause me public embarrassment."

    Mara stepped closer until she was almost touching him. "Oh, Jedi, what I have planned for you wont be done in public." She pressed something into Luke's hand. Luke looked down confused and realized she had given him a passkey. "That is the entry key to my apartment," Mara whispered seductively, "I want…" she paused for a moment, " no, I need you to do something that no man has ever done for me before, Luke."

    The sound of Mara saying his given name sparked a sudden surge of desire in the Jedi. He looked down into his friend's captivating green eyes. In the last few weeks he had felt there was something developing between him and Mara, but he was not sure and he didn't want to endanger their friendship by broaching the subject. But here was Mara Jade, spending a small fortune for a weekend of his company, and practically rubbing against him. Could Mara have decided to make the first move and bring their friendship to the next level?

    Luke cleared his throat. "What is it you want me to do for you?" he asked nervously.

    Mara closed the remaining distance between them until they were pressed against each other. Luke gasped and then flushed with embarrassment as he realized he was getting visibly aroused by the proximately of this beautiful woman and the prospect of what she was asking. Mara slowly rose up on her toes until her mouth came next to Luke's right ear. He could hear her soft breathing, her warm breath on his skin and it took every ounce of Jedi control not to grab this beautiful temptress and show her the true power of the Force.

    "Clean my apartment." Mara whispered seductively into Luke's ear.

    Luke was not sure if he heard her right. "What?" he asked confused.

    Mara stepped back and laughed. "Clean my apartment. That is what I want my slave to do," she chuckled again at Luke's obvious embarrassment.

    "Stang Luke, you should see the look on your face." Mara grinned as she playfully slapped Luke's shoulder. "Force, did you really think I woke up this morning and thought, Hey, I think I really want to polish Luke's lightsaber today."

    Luke's stood still, speechless, both from the shock of her words and the very tight pressure in his trousers.

    She continued to laugh at Luke's expense until she looked down below Luke’s beltline. Mara's eyes grew wide, and her mouth hung open in shock. Luke could feel surprise and embarrassment emanating from her through the Force before she reinforced her already impressive shields.

    "Umm…" Mara turned toward the door flustered, "just make sure you do a good job Skywalker. I have a dinner date tonight." Mara said quickly before she uncharacteristically rushed from the room and from the whole awkward scene.
    Mara closed the door to the conference room and moved down the hallway into the emergency stairwell. It wasn’t until she was in relative privacy that she leaned against the wall and let out a deep sigh. She hated to admit it but this little joke didn't seem as funny now as when she came up with it. She figured Luke would run from her in embarrassment, but she never expected for him to get obviously aroused!

    Not that she was upset with what happened. She was always attracted to the shy farmboy, she just never thought her feelings would be reciprocated by the staid Jedi Master.

    She ran through a Jedi meditative routine Luke had once taught her to calm her beating heart. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do now. She remembered traveling to Yavin IV to train with Luke. She had secretly hoped that the relationship between her and Jedi Master could go to the next level, but he treated her like every other student. She eventually departed in disappointment…but now she wondered if she left too quickly. It was obvious that Luke had some interest in her. It’s true she was teasing him seductively, but she got a whole different reaction from him than expected. For the first time ever she wondered if a relationship could be possible between the two. Maybe tonight when he was in her apartment she could test that theory.

    'I guess it is a good thing that Luke is my dinner date tonight', she thought. She intended to have the meal as a surprise. It would be dinner as friends…but maybe now it could be more.

    Mara walked down the stairs to the theater lobby. She was about to leave the building to start work on her new plans when Leia stopped her.

    "Mara," Leia called, "I just want to thank you for your generous donation to the charity."

    "It is nothing Leia. Talon wanted to give you a large donation from his organization. So he gave me 10,000 credits to bid as wanted tonight," Mara paused, looking slightly embarrassed, "The 269 credits were mine," she admitted reluctantly.

    "So why did you put it all on Luke?" Leia asked out of curiosity.

    "During our last lightsaber training session he told me how worried he was about the auction and being bought by a lusting Jedi lover," Mara answered. "I figured I might as well save his rear end, again."

    "You are good at that, I just hope you are not planning on doing anything mean to my brother." Leia looked at the ex-imperial semi-suspiciously but with mirth in her voice.

    Mara laughed. "No Leia, in fact, I told him his job was to clean my apartment."

    Leia broke out in laughter. "Oh, the poor boy. And to think he was worried about fighting off some woman all weekend. Is that all you have planned for him?"

    Mara blushed noticeably.

    "No, I do have a nice dinner to be delivered to my apartment tonight for us," Mara hesitated, and smiled shyly, "and if the Jedi is a good boy I might just throw in some lightsaber practice in later on."

    Leia smiled. "I know my brother would like that immensely. He genuinely enjoys being around you."

    Mara looked down at her feet nervously as she remembered Luke's shocked reaction. "Yeah, I noticed that today."

    "Really?" Leia seemed genuinely confused.

    "Don’t worry Leia,” Mara reassured her. “I don’t think I’m going to do anything Luke would disapprove of.” Mara then laughed enigmatically leaving behind a very confused Chief of State.
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    Bahaha 'Lightsaber' that's the innuendo that is mandatory

    As always Luke is adorable and this fic is perfection.
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    I think I read the original a while back. This is so much FUN!! :D :D
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    I remember this story. :p:D
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    Fun!! :D Woohoo! Love their dawning sweet movements towards a relationship. [face_love]
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    This isn't adult themed. It's too funny. Altough I did get creeped out by the men trying to get Luke.
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    Venator88 There is more. It originally started out as a one shot when I wrote it in 2005 but I was told I should continue it so I did. There was about five chapters and the last chapter was a bit racy with a lot of sex. That is the chapter I have to tone down.
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    Heeee! I love this fic, though I can tell I'm already going to prefer the original :p
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    Ohh....Meh. I don't care. As long as it's good.
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    Thanks Venator88, Briannakin, VanishingReality, Hazel, Demendora, and Jade_eyes for reading and taking the time to review. I am still working on cleaning up the last chapters. I have a feeling I will just have to do a fade-to-black type of scene.

    Thanks for reading. Here is Chapter two.


    Chapter Two

    After Mara left the conference room, Luke's legs gave out from under him and he slowly slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor.

    "What in the Corellian Hells just happened?" Luke muttered to himself as he raked his fingers through his hair and tried to make sense of Mara's actions.

    His mind was swirling with conflicting emotions and interpretations of what had just transpired. He could see Mara pulling a practical joke on him, but it seemed uncharacteristic for her to do a prank that involved flirting. Did she intend on seducing him, but panicked at the last minute and decide to pretend it was a joke? Why would she come on to him like…?

    "Stang!" Luke moaned as his memory of last week's conversation with Mara flooded back to him.

    ~One Week earlier~

    "I don't know why you are so reluctant to help your sister out. The money is going to a good cause," Mara said as she blocked Luke's downward lightsaber strike. They had been sparring furiously for the last hour in the Imperial Palace gym. Luke had been off his game all morning and after persistent questioning Luke finally told her what he was dreading. He was nervous about the upcoming bachelor slave auction that his sister convinced him into participating.

    "I want to help my sister out," Luke replied as he backed away from Mara and closed down his saber, "It is just… well, I really don't want to be put in that position for the weekend."

    Mara deactivated her saber and gave Luke a confused look. "And what position would that be, Skywalker?"

    Luke bit his bottom lip and turned to the side, rather embarrassed. "Mara, you know what kind of women come to those events and what they are hoping to get."

    Mara snorted. "Aren't you are being a little bit egotistical, Farmboy? What do you think, all women on Corsucant are dying to fondle your lightsaber?" Mara laughed at him as he felt his face burn red.

    "Funny Mara," Luke said through a tight smile. "Why else would women shell out money for men if they don't want to get a little…" Luke hesitated looking for the correct word, "romantic attention from them?"

    "Oh, I don't know Skywalker. Maybe they would want to talk to you, get a holo taken with you, or show you off to their friends. You are a celebrity of sorts and a war hero. Now if you were one of the hot, sexy Corsucant Firefighters that are slated to be auctioned off that same night, then I would say you were right." Mara grinned, "I am planning on bidding on one of those rescue workers myself."

    Luke gazed at Mara in shock. "You are going to bid on men at the auction!" he said incredulously and, he was surprised to realize, with a bit of jealously.

    "Sure, why not," she shrugged, "It is for charity. And those firemen look pretty hot. I have a fire they could put out," she gave him a wink.

    "You see!" Luke exclaimed. "That's exactly what I am talking about. You want more than conversation. You expect something for what you pay for." Luke grabbed a towel he had thrown in the corner of the workout room and dried the sweat from his face. "That is precisely what I am worried about… being bought by a woman who wants me to perform like a male Rancor in full rut."

    Mara looked as if she was about to laugh, but then her face turned solemn. Did she now finally understand how much this really bothered him?

    "I was just joking about the fire fighters," Mara said. She gazed at him and sighed. "Listen Skywalker, you are a grown man, just say no if they come on to you." She walked over to him and gave him a quick reassuring pat on the back. "Don't worry. I am sure everything will work out for you. It always does. Hey, maybe you will be bought by somebody who doesn't want to get into your pants." She gave him another wink before she took off.


    'It all made sense now', Luke thought dejectedly. Mara had bought him to help him out, and then decided to tease him about his concerns. She probably expected him to laugh and thank her for getting him off the hook. Instead what does he do? He gets sexually aroused.

    "Oh Sith," Luke moaned as he buried his head in his hands. "This is so embarrassing. What am I going to do?"

    Luke sighed heavily and hung his head in despair. He feared that he permanently altered his longstanding friendship with Mara… and not in a good way. He wouldn't be surprised if Mara blasted off planet to avoid seeing him again.

    "Well, I better get to cleaning her apartment," he said to himself as he stood up. He hoped he could get everything done in her quarters and be gone by the time she returned to her place. He definitely did not want to be around when Mara's dinner date arrived.

    'She probably bought one of those firemen,' Luke thought to himself as he left the room.

    Mara was in good spirits when she left the Palace Theater, but as she made her way down the streets of Coruscant her mirth slowly turned to concern. What if Luke was mad at her? If he didn't make the connection between last week's conversation and her little joke, then what in the galaxy would he think of her recent actions? If he really was attracted to her, he could have seen her flirting as being a malicious tease.

    Her stomach clenched as she realized her reunion with Skywalker tonight might not turn out well. Her shoulders slumped as she realized she needed to do the one thing she always tried to avoid—apologize. She at least needed to clarify her actions to her friend. Of course, when he realizes the reason for her joke he'd probably be even more embarrassed at his earlier aroused state.

    'Maybe I should just be honest with him and put all my cards on the Sabacc table', Mara thought. But what was the truth? It was true that she had went to Yavin IV to train mainly to see if something beyond friendship was possible between her and Luke, but she never seriously considered anything beyond dating--there were never any long term plans when it came to having a relationship with Skywalker. Of course, maybe she never considered it because she never thought he would be interested in her.

    She had to admit that the thought of being with the Jedi was...interesting. Luke was a good looking man and she enjoyed his company...most of the time. She considered him a friend, but could there be more?

    Mara sighed. Before she even considered changing her relationship with the Farmboy to something more… intimate, she really needed to decide if she wanted a relationship or not. She knew when it came to Luke he couldn't have the physical intimacy without there being a romantic connection.

    But could she give that to him?

    Would he even want to have a relationship with her? After all, he was a Jedi and a galactic hero. Luke probably wanted to settle down with some sweet young thing who would adore him and pop out a dozen Jedi Babies for the savior of the New Republic. Not that she was adverse to the idea of having a family, but she had to be realistic. In the eyes of the Galaxy, Mara Jade was not proper marriage material for the Jedi Master.

    "What am I thinking?" Mara whispered to herself absolutely shocked by her own thoughts. Yesterday she had a comfortable platonic friendship with Skywalker and after one glimpse at a bulge in his pants she was entertaining thoughts of something much more. She went from considering a tumble between the sheets to marriage and a family within a matter of minutes.

    Not just any bulge… a very impressive bulge. 'Stang, if Skywalker ever got in an accident and lost his Force abilities he probably could make a nice living in the holoporn industry,' she thought to herself with a grin.

    She shook her head trying to get those wayward thoughts out of her mind.

    Mara entered one of Corsucant's many liqueur stores to pick up a couple bottles of her favorite Cardooine sweet wine. 'I need to be careful,' Mara thought. 'I don't want to endanger our friendship... I don't want to do anything before I know how he feels about me.'

    Mara was honest enough with herself to know that her caustic attitude toward the Jedi was a protective measure on her part. She didn't want to have her heart broken by unrequited love. She had always pushed him away with barbs and insults in the past to keep him safely at bay. She always had seen him as something unattainable. Something she could admire from a distance, but could not touch. He was the hero of the Republic and Jedi golden boy. She was an ex-Imperial assassin. But today, she had a fleeting surge of hope that Luke actually saw her as something other than the Former Emperor's Hand and occasional ally.

    Today, she realized that Luke saw her as a woman.

    Mara smiled as she purchased the wine. Maybe there was hope after all.
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    Woohoo! Loved L/M's musings. They're both in for a terrific bit of enlightenment, I have a feeling [face_dancing] (yum!)
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    I was wondering if I was on the wrong board seeing this one here! [face_mischief] I always loved this little fic. It's too much fun. [face_devil]
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    Not just any bulge… a very impressive bulge. 'Stang, if Skywalker ever got in an accident and lost his Force abilities he probably could make a nice living in the holoporn industry,' she thought to herself with a grin.

    Heeeehehehe. I love Mara and her dirty mind!
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    Just wait, Mara until you see him without a shirt..again. But this time it would be different view for you, wouldn't.:p
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    Hehehe, Mara has a wild imagination ;)
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    Yesss!!!! I crave comedy! More!!
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    Thanks Venator88, Hazel, Briannakin, Jade_eyes, ginchy and Demendora for reading and taking the time to review.



    Chapter 3 --The Auction

    Luke went straight over to Mara's apartment and started cleaning. He was relieved to note that Mara was a fairly neat and organized person. There wasn't much to do but dust and straighten up a few things.

    'It looks like she cleaned up before she sent me over here to clean up', Luke chuckled softly to himself.

    He had finished most of the rooms in the apartment within an hour and he was finally left with the room he had been avoiding... the bedroom. He didn't quite feel comfortable entering Mara's personal space. He knew Mara was a very private person, plus who knows what type of embarrassing things he would find in there. But, she didn't tell him to stay out, so that must mean she was okay with him being in there.

    Luke's hand paused over the door panel. He took a deep breath and then slowly let it out to calm his nerves. He activated the panel and the door slide open. Luke was relieved to find this room was clean also. There were a few clothes that didn't quite make it to the hamper and the place desperately was in the need of dusting, but overall it was rather tidy.

    He moved over to a low dresser and started dusting. He began to move a group of Holos so he could clean under them when he noticed that a few of the images were actually of him. This shocked Luke, not that Mara had them, but because she left them out knowing he was going to be in her room. Luke grinned as he gazed at a holo of him and Mara on top of one of the Massassi temples. Mara's hair was blowing in the breeze as both of them smiled brightly at the photographer.

    'Mara is my friend,' he thought, 'we have trusted each other with our lives. She won't let one awkward moment wreck our friendship.'

    After he finished the dusting he started throwing the few escapee clothes on the floor into the hamper. He picked up one particularly small garment that was balled up on the floor next to the bed. As he held it up he realized it was a small pair of black lace panties. The sight of the frilly underwear sent Luke's imagination into overdrive. He could envision seeing Mara in her sexy undergarments, his hands delicately slipping the panties over her slim hips to expose her nude form.

    Luke was pulled out of his musings when he realized it had happened again. He was becoming aroused at the thought of being with his friend in a more intimate manner.

    "Aghhhh," Luke moaned, "why am I doing this to myself? Mara is attracted to sweaty, muscular firefighters, not placid Jedi Masters."

    Luke sat heavily on the edge of the bed and was shocked to feel the mattress move. He looked down and pushed on the mattress with his hand and he could hear fluid moving underneath the sheets. "Mara has a gel mattress," he said with a smile.

    Luke had heard of them, but growing up poor on Tatooine, he never seen one. He was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it felt and he bounced up and down on it experimentally before he flopped back, swinging his legs up on to it. "This feels great." He stretched out, breathing deeply. He sighed contentedly as he caught the light scent of Mara's perfume on the sheets.

    "Getting comfortable Farmboy?"

    Glancing up he saw Mara leaning against the doorframe and he immediately jumped out of the bed. He silently swore at himself for being so distracted he didn’t sense her entering the apartment.

    "Mara!" he said flustered. It was bad enough that he made a fool of himself this afternoon, but now Mara catches him lying in her bed. Could things possibly get any worse?

    Mara didn't say anything at first, but she did put on an amused expression. Her gaze wandered down his body and to his right hand. "Are those my panties?"

    "What?" Luke asked confused. Then he looked down and realized that he was still clutching the lace black panties he had found earlier. 'It just got worse,' he thought apprehensively. He quickly tossed the garment toward the hamper and waited for the impending tirade. "Umm… sorry. I was just cleaning up," he explained.

    "Cleaning up while lying in my bed?" she said with a raised eyebrow. "I thought you said you were worried about a woman buying you just to get you into her bed?"

    He ran his fingers through his hair nervously. "Look Mara, about his afternoon…"

    "No, Luke, please don't," Mara interrupted. "That was my fault. I thought you would get my little joke… that you would realize I was making fun of our conversation last week…." She hesitated slightly, "But… um… obviously you didn't make the connection. I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I never wanted to make you uncomfortable." Her face started to turn red with embarrassment.

    Luke felt a tremendous amount of relief and he let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. He smiled at his friend. "Thanks Mara. I was scared that things would be awkward between us. You are too important to me. I don't want to lose you as a friend. And don't worry, you didn't make me uncomfortable."

    "Oh Farmboy, don't lie," she grinned, "I could tell you were uncomfortable."

    Luke shook his head. "No really, I wasn't uncomfortable," he lied.

    "Well, from where I was standing, it..." she gestured to below his belt line, "looked uncomfortable."

    Luke's jaw dropped as he realized what she was referring to. "Okay, now I’m uncomfortable," he said with a blush.

    Mara just laughed and gave his a playful slap on the shoulder. "Force Skywalker, you are just having an awful day."

    "It could have been worse," Luke groaned, but then gave his friend a genuine smile. "Thanks for saving my butt again, Mara."

    "And don't you forget it, Jedi." Mara said playfully and then turned to return to the living area. "If you are done with the bedroom can you please help me set the table. Dinner should be delivered soon."

    Luke followed her out of the bedroom and into the dining area.

    "There are some candles over in that corner hutch, can you grab them?"

    Luke's smile fell from his face as he was reminded that all the cleaning he was doing today was to prepare her place for her dinner date. Luke didn't know why the thought of Mara with another man bothered him. She was only his friend, after all. Why should he care?

    "What's up Farmboy?" Mara seemed to have sensed his mood.

    Luke looked up startled. "Oh… nothing, just thinking."

    "About what?" Mara pressed for an answer.

    "Really it is nothing. It is just… well…" Luke looked down as he shuffled his feet, "I really would prefer not to be here when your date arrives."

    "My date?" Mara asked sounding confused.

    "Yes, your dinner date you mentioned in the conference room."

    Mara gave him an amused look as she put out two settings on the table. "Oh, but I thought you would be my manservant and serve us dinner," she said with an evil grin.

    "Come on Mara, I did what you wanted, at least leave me with my dignity. I don't want to have to serve dinner to you and your muscle bound firefighter."

    Mara smiled broadly and looked as if she was trying to contain her laughter. "Oh, I can't make you sweat like this anymore, Skywalker. The truth is, you are my date tonight."

    Luke smiled wildly. "Really?"

    "Yes you big nerf…" she laughed, but then her face turned slightly worrisome. "Unless you don't want to be."

    "No, no, I want to." Luke placed a hand over his heart and gave a mock-bow, "I would be honored."

    Mara smiled brightly then went back to fixing up the table.

    Luke watched Mara as she set out the silverware, a burning question on his mind. "So why didn't you bid on the men you were intending to purchase?"

    Mara rolled her eyes. "Why would I want a tall, sexy, muscular rescue worker with rippling abs, broad shoulders and a butt to die for when I could have a stuffy Jedi Master?" Mara answered wryly.

    Luke gave her a hurt look. "Hey, I'm not stuffy and with the exception of being tall, I am all that and more."

    Mara crossed her arms in front of her chest and gave the Jedi an appreciative look. "You think so, huh?" she asked. "Turn around."

    "What?" Luke responded.

    "Turn around." She demanded again. Luke obliged and felt Mara's eyes appraise his backside.

    "I don't know," Mara said with a frown, "I don't think that is a butt to die for… maybe something to be seriously wounded for, but not die for. Of course, I may need a better look."

    Mara grabbed the waistband of Luke's trousers and he wasn't sure if she was only pretending that she was going to pull them down, or was actually going to do the deed. Just in case, Luke quickly spun catching Mara's hands in his and pinning her to the wall.

    "Oh no, Jade. No handling the merchandise," Luke said with a broad smile, caught up in Mara's playful mood.

    He expected Mara to struggle, but she suddenly went still as if in shock by their close proximity. Luke had her hands pinned to the wall on either side of her head, his body pressing against hers, holding her in place. His face was mere centimeters from hers; close enough to smell the sweet-smelling fragrance of her perfume. He could feel her heart beating wildly as he stared deeply into her brilliant green eyes. His gaze wandered across her face and he almost shuddered when she ran her tongue across her bottom lip.

    Mentally his mind was screaming for him to back off, to not do anything to endanger their long friendship, but other parts of his body had other ideas. Luke leaned forward, fully intending to kiss her. Mara's eyes widened as he closed the gap between them.

    Luke mentally cursed when the front door buzzer interrupted the moment.

    Mara quickly disentangled herself from Luke's arms and stepped away flustered. "That is probably the food," she said as she quickly went to the door.

    Luke ran a hand through his hair and tried to still his racing heart as a delivery droid brought in a six-course meal and laid it out on the table. Remembering his manners, Luke pulled out Mara's chair for her and then sat down across from her.

    "Dinner looks fantastic," Luke commented nervously. He eagerly dug into his steak wanting a reason not to talk for a moment so he could collect his thoughts. Both ate silently finding conversation a little awkward after what almost happened a few minutes ago. Finally Luke's curiosity overcame his unease and he broke the silence.

    "So, Mara, what was the real reason you didn't bid on one of those sexy firefighters you were talking about the other day?"

    Mara laughed lightly, finding some humor in his question. She looked up from her plate and smirked at the Jedi. "Oh, I was hoping to be able to save your butt and also get me my fireman with the credits I had, but I saw somebody in the lobby before the auction that made me realize I was probably going to have to spend all my credits just to get you."

    "Oh, and who was that?" Luke asked confused.

    "Baron Richard Vennlig," Mara stated conspiratorially.

    Luke did not recognize the name. "Should I know him?"

    "Oh, he is only your number one fan. He was that caped fellow that was having the bidding war with me over you," Mara laughed again before she tossed some more steak in her mouth.

    "Well, who is he? Just another admirer?"

    "Yeah," Mara laughed again. "The same way you are just another moisture farmer." Mara took a sip of her wine and gave Luke a wry look. "Are you telling me you never heard of Baron Richard Vennlig the founder of an… um… alternative lifestyle group called Men Who Love Jedi?"

    "There are organizations like that?" Luke asked incredulously.

    Mara cracked up at Luke's expression. "Luke, it seems that the Jedi have a huge following with various groups of people that live outside the mainstream cultural norms. These people can relate to the Jedi because Force-users are exceptionable and productive members of society but they are also seen as different from the general population. Baron Vennlig’s group happens to be men who admire…and I mean greatly admire…Jedi men." Mara grinned at the Jedi. "You should be flattered."

    Luke sat at the table slack jawed for a moment. "The Jedi make every effort to be role models to all people…but wait a minute," Luke said as made a stop gesture with his hand. "How in the universe do you know this, Mara?” He gave her a wink. “Is there something you are not telling me?"

    "Ghent told me," she said matter-of-factly.

    "Ghent?" Luke whispered, "Is he… not that there is anything wrong with that."

    Mara laughed again, and Luke thought she was really starting to enjoy this evening a little too much.

    "No, no, no… at least I don't think so," Mara shook her head uncertainly. "No, anyway, Ghent had just finished developing a new Holonet search engine program and he wanted test the system. So, on a whim, he punched in the word, Jedi." Mara took another sip of wine and then continued. "There were the normal things you would expect, but then he saw some… really interesting sites, so he called me over to his station. We scanned through droves of sites until I saw the Holosite Men Who Love Jedi, and well, I thought it was about men who admired female Jedi… and… um…" Mara trailed off as she blushed.

    "You wanted to see if you were mentioned in the site," Luke volunteered, grinning.

    "Yeah,… maybe. Not that I’m a Jedi, but the public doesn’t appear to recognize the distinction between Force users and Jedi." Her face turned dark red with embarrassment. Now it was Luke's turn to laugh.

    "Shut up, Skywalker!" Mara snapped, but she couldn't keep the amusement out of her voice. "You wouldn't be laughing if you saw what was on that site. Ghent laughed so hard I thought he was going to wet his pants. They had a whole thread on Outing Jedi." Mara gave Luke an evil grin.

    "What does outing mean?" Luke asked.

    "You don't know?" Mara raised one red eyebrow.

    "I'm sorry, I've never heard it before," Luke shrugged helplessly.

    Mara leaned forward and whispered, "Outing means naming who in the Jedi society secretly prefers the company of men."

    Luke wasn't sure he wanted to know, but then he was always too curious for his own good. "So… who do they say has this preference?"

    Mara smirked. "The jury is still out on you flyboy. Your relationship with Callista got you off the hook for a while, but they are pretty sure that Kyp falls in that category."

    Luke almost choked on his food. He finally managed to get his steak down with the help of a glass of wine. "I think they’re wrong," he managed to utter.

    "Oh, and why do you say that?" Mara asked, "I have never seen him connected to any female."

    "Oh, maybe not officially." Luke said with a grin. "He has impressive shields when it comes to blocking out people from his thoughts, but he has just as much control over his involuntary physical reactions as I did this afternoon. And I have seen him have the same response whenever Kirana Ti is around."

    Mara tried to control her laughter. "The Dathomir Witch?"

    "Yep," Luke said with a nod, "I think Kyp and Ti have some sort of Submissive/Domination thing going on."

    Mara laughed so hard she started to turn red. "Oh Force, you shouldn’t have told me that."

    "Why not?" Luke was caught up in her laughter.

    "Because I’m now picturing Kyp wearing leather chaps, stun cuffs, and a gimp mask."

    Luke choked on his wine, wondering if Mara was finally going to make good on her promise to kill him, only instead of using a blaster, she'd laugh him to death. "Promise me you'll never bring that particular mental image up again!"

    "Deal!" Mara shook her head, still laughing.

    It took a few minutes for them to catch their breath, but finally Luke was able to breathlessly say, "Who else is on the list?"

    "Kam," was Mara's one word reply as she wiped tears from her eyes.

    Luke shook his head, "Wrong again, he has hooked up with Tionne."

    "Streen." Mara added.

    Luke was about to disagree, but then thought better of it and just shrugged his shoulders then asked, "How about Kyle?"

    "Oh, Kyle definitely prefers women." Mara said softly.

    "Oh?" Luke said cautiously, "and exactly how do you know that?"

    "I…um…" Mara sputtered. "Well, the same way you know about Kam or Kyp."

    Luke stared at his friend for a long moment before he decided to drop the subject. He finished up his steak and poured Mara and him another glass of wine. "Well, I am certainly happy that you were able to outbid a Baron."

    "Oh, it wasn't too hard. I am pretty sure that Baron title is either honorary or completely made up. Either way he didn't have the credits to back up the title." Mara smiled as she looked at Luke over her wineglass. "Whether the Baron is real or fake, he was sure bucking to make you his Queen."

    Luke choked on his wine, again, and this time it also went up his nose sending his body into complete fits. Mara ran over to the other side of the table and gave him a couple slaps on his back, laughing hysterically as she did so.

    Luke stopped coughing and gave Mara an irritated look. "Mara! You really are trying to kill me aren't you?" He tried to maintain his cold stare but couldn't help but laugh.

    "Yeah, well, you know…" she grinned as she stared down at him.

    He reached out and grasped Mara's hand with his right and covered it with his left. "Thank you for what you did. How can I ever repay you?"

    Mara considered it for a moment, "Well, you could cough up 10,269 credits… or you can plan out our second day together."

    "I think I can better afford the second option," Luke said with a smile as he gave her hand a warm squeeze.

    "Okay," Mara flustered as she pulled her hand free and moved back a step. "I guess we should call it a night, it has been a long day and I want to be refreshed for tomorrow."

    "Sure," Luke said and Mara walked him to the door. As it slid open Luke stopped and turned to his friend. "I had a wonderful dinner, Mara. I am really glad we can have such a relaxed time together. I’ll give you a call tomorrow morning."

    Then before he could think about it too much, he leaned forward and gave her a quick, but gentle, kiss on the lips. As he pulled back he could feel the shock emanating off of Mara in the Force, but realized he didn't feel the outrage he feared would be present.

    Luke smiled and then quickly hustled down the hall. He thought it was best to be out of firing range when Mara pulled out of her shocked stupor, just in case.

    Author Note: I just want to mention that when I wrote this story in 2006 there was a big scandal in the news with Perez Hilton (not to be confused with Paris Hilton) a blogger outing gay celebrities. I sometimes like to insert current events into my stories. But in this case, seven years later, it is less of an issue. Anyway, the conversation was more relevant while the scandal was ongoing.
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    Thanks Jade_eyes, Hazel, earlybird-obi-wan,and Demendora for reading and taking the time to review. I know that Luke and Mara seem a little OOC, but I think when I wrote this story I was a bit upset that Luke and Mara and the rest of the SW galaxy couldn't act like normal humans. You never read about people going out dancing, swimming, amusement parks or anything. They don't even use the 'fresher! I think when I read in VOTF that Mara was irritated that Luke didn't pay attention to her when she went to the Jedi Academy...then that was proof that she was interested in the Farmboy. If Luke made the effort to woo Mara...what would she have done? I think Luke would have been surprised.

    Thanks for reading.


    Chapter 4—The Auction

    Luke called Mara mid-morning the next day.

    "I have our day planned as my master ordered," he said playfully.

    "Oh, and what do you intend for us to do on your last day as my slave?" she asked.

    "I thought we would start by going to the gym and doing a few hours of lightsaber practice followed by a few hours of Jedi meditation. There are a few techniques I would like to teach you," Luke managed to keep a very serious face.

    Mara's cheerful mood immediately faltered. "I sure hope you are joking Farmboy. It's not too late for me to sublet you to the Baron for the day."

    Luke chuckled. "I am just kidding Mara, but I would like to keep what I have planned as a surprise. I will pick you up in about an hour. Dress casual with comfortable shoes. We will be doing some walking."




    "So, where to Skywalker?" Mara asked.

    "You'll see." Luke held the airspeeder door open for Mara and then quickly slipped into the driver's seat. He hastily made his way into the Corsucant flight lanes heading south. They flew silently for a whole ten minutes before he broached the subject that had been on his mind since the night before. "I had a wonderful time yesterday, Mara."

    "Oh you did? Well, I should have you over to scrub my floors more often," she said with a wink.

    Luke smiled. "You know, that may be part of why I had such a great day."

    Mara looked at him confused. "How is that, Farmboy?"

    "Well, yesterday we both seemed different… more relaxed. I wondered why? What had changed?"

    Mara flushed slightly and tightened her shields. Yesterday seeing Luke flushed and excited changed her view of the Jedi Master. It made her hopeful that there could be more than a friendship between the two. Did Luke figure out the reason for the change in her demeanor?

    "What had changed?" she asked Luke cautiously.

    "I think I changed… or at least my attitude did," he replied thoughtfully. "I think that for the first time in your presence I completely dropped the dignified Jedi Master persona you dislike so much. That happens when you're bought at an auction and forced to scrub somebody's toilet."

    Mara laughed, but he was right. He was more Farmboy than Jedi yesterday. It had been refreshing.

    "And," Luke continued, "I think when I am more relaxed and less of the Jedi Master around you, you seem to respond in kind. Yesterday I got a glimpse of Mara Jade—Master Trader, and not the Former Imperial Hand. I liked that."

    "I also had a good time," Mara said quietly.

    "I'll tell you what," Luke glanced over at Mara for a little longer then he should while driving, "let's make a deal. I will be just Farmboy Luke Skywalker today if you be just Mara, my friend--no stuffy Jedi and no Imperial assassins all day. Deal?"

    "I think I can do that. If you promise not to nag me about Force training, I’ll promise not to be…touchy, quick-tempered or…I don’t know…" Mara hesitated in thought trying to find the right word.

    “Bitchy?” Luke volunteered.

    She scowled and punched him on the shoulder.

    “Owww, Mara I’m just trying to not act like the Jedi Master.” He chuckled. “That was Farmboy Luke joking.”

    “Sure you were.”She humphed. She turned to Luke. "So where are just Luke and Mara going to today? Give me a hint."

    Luke grinned at the beautiful redhead seated next to him. "I wanted to bring you somewhere that the Jedi Master and the Former Emperor's Hand have never been to before -- a place where people would never expect them to be seen."

    "That is going to be tough, Farmboy. I grew up on Coruscant you know."

    "Yeah," Luke acknowledged, "but I doubt the Emperor ever allowed you to go where we are going."

    That piqued Mara's curiosity. Where could they possibly be going?




    "You are taking me to Durkii's Dominion! That's a kid's amusement park!" Mara groaned.

    "No, it is an all-inclusive, all age, amusement park," Luke countered. "It has rides, games of chance, restaurants, dance clubs and a even a water park. Come on, Mara, it will be fun. Today I just wanted us to interact as two friends doing something ordinary. Besides, I knew you grew up on Coruscant and probably have been to every museum on the planet at one time or another as part of your training and education, but I bet Palpatine never brought you to this place as a kid."

    Mara smirked. “Sure he did. He pushed me around in a stroller and had your dad buy me sugar-cloud candy.”

    Luke’s jaw dropped. “Really?”

    Mara scoffed, "No, not really."

    “Funny Mara.” He smiled at her. "So, are you game?"

    "Sure," Mara replied warily.




    "This looks scary." Luke nodded toward the direction of the thrill ride. "You want to try it?"

    It was a free fall tower rising over 150 meters up into the Corsucant sky. Surrounding the tower was a ring of padded seats with safety harnesses. 50 people would buckle into the ring of seats and then slowly ride up to the top of the tower. At that point the 50 riders would drop back down to the ground at a heart pounding 40 meters per second before a complicated braking system slowed the seats to a halt just short of crashing to the ground.

    Mara snorted. "It doesn't look to scary to me flyboy. Remember I am not afraid of heights and through the years I have done things that would make this look like a kiddy ride."

    "Well, if you aren't scared then just humor me. Come on." Luke grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the line.

    Mara's pulse started pounding, not because any trepidation of the thrill ride, but from the feel of her hand in Luke's. He was holding her right hand in his left, his real hand, and Mara was shocked at how warm his hand felt wrapped around hers. She was disappointed when they made their way to the end of the line and he let her go.

    Luke was grinning like a schoolboy. This had turned out to be a really good idea. Getting out and doing something fun, something nobody would expect a Jedi Master and a former Imperial Assassin to ever do.

    Mara and Luke were strapped into seats next to each other. The ride conductor came around to ensure everybody was belted in securely and then the seats slowly rose into the blue sky. When on top they were given a wonderful view of the Coruscant skyline.

    "You ready?" Luke asked, grinning in anticipation.

    Mara rolled her eyes. "Farmboy, this is going to be no more exciting than doing maneuvers in your X-Wing or the time I had to do a repulsor free fall behind enemy lines."

    There was a loud whirling sound followed by a muffled clunk, and then Mara thought her stomach was going to lurch up into her throat. They were falling and falling fast!

    Her first thought was this was way too rapid to just be a free fall ride. The designers must have made this ride to accelerate beyond the effects of gravity alone.

    The second thought she had was that they were falling too long, there was no way the ride would stop before it crashed to the ground below. It must have broken and they were going to go splat like a bug on a speeder windshield.

    The last thing that went through her mind was: Is that really me screaming?

    To her relief the braking system worked and the ride came to a surprisingly soft landing. She looked over at Luke and he was laughing and grinning.

    "That was great!" Luke exclaimed as he and Mara were extracted from their safety harnesses.

    "It was alright," Mara admitted grudgingly.

    "Now don't lie to me Mara I heard you screaming."

    She crossed her arms. "I wasn't screaming."

    "Oh come on, I heard you," Luke laughed. "In fact you sounded something like this," Luke then bravely did his best Mara impression, "Skywalker, I have done repulsor free falls behind enemy lines and….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh FORCE! AHHHHHHHHH!" Luke waved his hands about for emphasis before he busted out in laughter.

    "Skywalker!" Mara growled at him and gave his a punch in the arm. She was slightly embarrassed at her uncharacteristic behavior, but couldn't help but enjoy his playful mood, even if it was at her expense.

    "Okay, okay," he said as he brought his hands up in front of him in a mock surrender. "Come on, I see something you might like."

    Before Mara could respond he was walking swiftly to an area filled with carnival games of chance. Luke wandered up to one counter that held miniature versions of Wookiee Bowcasters.

    Luke handed a five-credit chip to the worker and began to line up for his shot.

    "What are you doing Luke?" Mara asked.

    "What does it look like I am doing?" Luke responded happily. "I am going to win you a prize."

    Mara reached over and put her hand on Luke's arm. "If you really want to get a prize, don't you think I should be the one firing? After all, I am the one who is an expert shot here, not you. At least without cheating and using the Force."

    Luke gave her a fake look of shock. "Mara, how could you possibly think I would stoop so low as to use the Force to win a stuffed Carnival toy?" Luke put the weapon back down on the counter and stepped back, gesturing to the bowcaster. "Please, be my guest."

    Mara smiled broadly and then hoisted the bow up to her shoulder. She aimed, took a deep breath, let it partially out, held it and then slowly squeezed the trigger. The arrow shot out of the bow with surprising power as it rushed toward the target… and completely missed.

    Mara lowered the weapon and stared at the target in shock. The arrow hit about fifteen centimeters high and to the right.

    "The lady misses!" the worker called out as he went to retrieve the wayward arrow. Mara looked at the weapon in disgust. "The sights are off. This weapon isn't zeroed."

    "Oh, I am sure that is it," Luke said evenly, but couldn't suppress a smile. "Now I know why you always kept your blaster painfully pressed between my ribs while on Myrkr," he chuckled, "you didn't want to miss me if you did decide to shoot." Luke brought his hand up to his mouth to cover his growing laughter.

    Mara glared at the laughing Jedi Master. Before, she may not have wanted to spoil his mood, but he was really pushing it now. "You better stop laughing Farmboy or I may just aim my next shot at you!"

    Luke tried to compose himself. "Oh, I am just so… not worried," he started laughing anew.

    "Okay smart guy, you do it!" Mara snarled although she wasn’t as upset as she tried to pretend.

    "Okay, I will." Luke handed another five-credit chip to the game operator who reloaded the weapon. Luke aimed and fired. The arrow this time flew true and landed directly center of the target.

    Mara just shook her head in disgust. She was never going to hear the end of this.

    "We have a winner!" the worker boomed and handed Luke a stuffed doll.

    "Here you go Mara," Luke said with a smile as he handed her a stuffed Ewok doll.

    Mara, still feeling a little chagrined at Skywalker one-upping her, took the offered doll and rolled her eyes. "Just what I always wanted."

    "Oh come on Mara," Luke chided, "Don't you like Ewoks?"

    "Sure I do Skywalker, they taste like Chicklings."

    Luke's smile faltered, "You are joking, aren't you?" he asked apprehensively.

    "Of course I am joking. I know they are sentient beings." Mara realized that her words came out a bit too biting. They had been having a great time so far and she wanted to make sure that she kept things light and tried to keep the sarcastic, moody, and often scary Emperor's Hand at bay. Today she wanted to be just a normal person out with a long time friend.

    She held the doll out in front of her for a moment to look at it. The realization hit that it was her first stuffed doll and she brought it to her chest and squeezed it. "Thanks Luke. I will cherish it," she smiled.

    Luke returned the smile as they turned and walked down the game isles.

    "You did cheat though and used the Force," Mara said mockingly because she knew he would never cheat.

    "Nope," Luke responded to his friend's accusation. "You would have known if I did. You were right about the sights being off. I figure you aimed dead center and it was high and to the right. So I simply aimed low and to the left. If I had gone first I probably would have shot the carnival worker." Luke started to chuckle.

    "Oh, that would have looked good in the Gossip Holos” Mara laughed. “Jedi Master kills Carnival worker with Wookiee crossbow while trying to win a stuffed Ewok doll for the Former Emperor's Hand."

    Luke chuckled. “That is one gossip story nobody would believe.”

    “Oh please,” Mara said with a snort. “I’ve seen crazier things. Like Mount Sorrow of Endor—the sentient but clinically depressed mountain that can cry healing tears. Or how about when you were eaten by Waru a trans-dimensional blob. Or the existence of soul-sucking leviathans, Lava Dragons, meltmassif melters, hoojibs, prolific Lepi, brain-floating celegians, talking Endorian fish, and dare I mention Callista your computerized…”

    “Stop!” Luke said with a tight smile. “I get the point. Sometimes our lives seem like badly written science fiction novels.” He laughed. “If we are actors on the stage of life, we might as well have fun.” He offered her his arm. “Shall we continue our date?”

    “It’s not a official date Skywalker.” Mara pointed out. “We have a Master/Bachelor Slave arrangement.”

    Luke brought his hand up to his mouth to hide his smirk. “Even better,” he said muttered under his breath.

    He laughed even harder when Mara smacked him with her Ewok doll.
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