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Arena The Baseball Draft Three - Baseball Dynasty

Discussion in 'Community' started by DarthIntegral, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Point Given

    Point Given Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 12, 2006

    Game 1

    1. CF: Mike Trout
    2: SS: Alex Rodriguez
    3. LF: Barry Bonds
    4. 1B: Norm Cash
    5. RF: Harry Heilmann
    6. 3B: Al Rosen
    7. C: Joe Mauer
    8. 2B: Charlie Gehringer

    G1: Cy Young

    @dp4m @DarthIntegral
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  2. Wang Chi

    Wang Chi Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 3, 2013
    Sending down Gerrit Cole, bringing up Dutch Leonard.

    Games 4-6 lineup:

    1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
    2. Ed Delahanty (LF)
    3. Sam Thompson (RF)
    4. Babe Ruth (1B)
    5. Rogers Hornsby (2B)
    6. Roger Bresnahan (C)
    7. Jack Glasscock (SS)
    8. Ken Caminiti (3B)

    Game 4 - Three Finger Brown
    Game 5 - Dutch Leonard
    Game 6 - Bob Gibson

    Play us out, Bob, you absolute legend.

    @a star war

  3. a star war

    a star war Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 4, 2016

    4. Sale
    5. Carlton
    6. Keefe

    1 Joe Kelley RF
    2 Hughie Jennings SS
    3 Babe Herman LF
    4 Jimmie Foxx 1B
    5 Kenny Lofton CF
    6 Lou Boudreau 2B
    7 Al Simmons 3B
    8 Javy Lopez C
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  4. dp4m

    dp4m Also a Narc star 10

    Nov 8, 2001
    Too soon! :p (he pitched Game 3, so needs three days rest)
  5. Point Given

    Point Given Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 12, 2006
    Do we not have an off day between 3 and 4?
  6. dp4m

    dp4m Also a Narc star 10

    Nov 8, 2001
    I don't think we've had an off day in two months... :p
  7. DarthIntegral

    DarthIntegral Baseball Draft Commish star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 13, 2005
    No days off until Intytober 20th! This is to test your depth!

    Edit: Anyone wanna do the Amazings/Cubbie sims? The series is ready
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  8. cubman987

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    Nov 7, 2014
    Finally we get to the important matchup!
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  9. Point Given

    Point Given Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 12, 2006
    Alright put Hoss at Game 6 and hopefully he no hits the narc
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  10. heels1785

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    Dec 10, 2003
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  11. Point Given

    Point Given Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 12, 2006
    this just in, heels wants dp to win.
  12. dp4m

    dp4m Also a Narc star 10

    Nov 8, 2001
    I'm on vacation - I should have time! Before I start my sim vacation...
  13. AmazingB

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    Jan 12, 2001

  14. dp4m

    dp4m Also a Narc star 10

    Nov 8, 2001
    I don't have to... :p
  15. LloydChristmas

    LloydChristmas Force Ghost star 5

    Sep 3, 2012
    *clicks thread after working all day*


    Stay at Petco.

    Lineup Games 1-2

    1 (Appropriately) Suck It Narcs McGraw 2B
    2 Shirtless JR Jackson RF
    3 Headless Horseman Ted-Man LF
    4 Sizzler 1B
    5 Wee Willie CF
    6 Ark Tank SS
    7 Speaker 3B
    8 Hemorrhoid Jack C

    Lineup Game 3

    1 Vince Coleman '87 CF
    2 Shirtless Joe RF
    3 Shaq but he's dressed as the Headless Ted-Man for Halloween LF
    4 Sizzler 1B
    5 Wee Willie 3B
    6 Arky SS
    7 Jeter 2B
    8 Pudge Center

    Game 1: Addie
    Game 2: Docc-ie
    Game 3: Eddie

    @tom @DarthIntegral
  16. dp4m

    dp4m Also a Narc star 10

    Nov 8, 2001
    Intytober 14th

    cubman987 (Let's Play Two) [58-68] vs. AmazingB (Amazings) [40-86] @ Shea Stadium

    Fergie Jenkins vs. Dwight Gooden promised a pitching battle of the two best pitchers of their respetive years... both gave up seven earned runs and neither factored into the decision.

    Let's Play Two got the game going with two quick outs followed by an Ernie Banks homer to make it 1-0 Let's Play Two. In the bottom of the inning, Fergie Jenkins was less effective to start -- a Jackie Robinson hit and a Chuck Klein two-run homer -- before settling down and finishing off the next three batters, to make it 2-1 Amazings after the first.

    The second was much of the same, with Stan Musial reaching on an error, followed by back-to-back homers by Frank Thomas and Yogi Berra to make it 4-2 Let's Play Two... and then Cal Ripken hitting a leadoff single in the bottom of the second, followed by a Roy Campanella two-run homer to tie the score at 4-4 after the second.

    We'd hold there until the fourth, when Let's Play Two made another move -- Big Hurt leadoff walk, Berra fly-out, Kris Bryant walk, Fergie Jenkins walk, and then Ty Cobb singling home Thomas and Bryant and putting runners on the corners with one out. Fortunately, the Amazings would escape with only one more run as Roy Campanella and his C+ arm would turn into Pudge and his A+ arm -- he'd gun out Ty Cobb stealing second, with Frank Robinson singling home Jenkins, and then Campanella would gun down Robinson attempting to steal second -- a three-run inning was bad, but bad baserunning made it not worse. 7-4 Let's Play Two.

    In the fifth, the Amazings clawed one back on a Klein HBP and Musial two-run homer, to make it 7-6 Let's Play Two. Fergie Jenkins would help his own cause in the top of the sixth with a solo homer (8-6 Let's Play Two). Klein would triple Robinson home in the bottom of the sixth to make it 8-7 Let's Play Two and end Jenkins' night. And we got to the drama in the eighth, as Lee Smith would come in for Billy Wagner, as Wade Boggs came in to pitch for Gooden and end his night, take the walk, Robinson would erase Boggs and move Campanella to third on a fielder's choice, and Klein would tie the game at 8-8 with a single.

    Turning to Joe Nathan in the ninth, Let's Play Two saw Bryant strikeout, but Vlad the Impaler destroy a ball to center to make it 9-8. and then manufacture a run on a Ty Cobb walk, stolen base, and ERnie Banks single to make it 10-8 Let's Play Two. Bobby Thigpen would come in for Let's Play Two to close out the game without much issue.

    Player of the Game: Ernie Banks
    Final: Let's Play Two 10, Amazings 8
    Win: Lee Smith (8-4)
    Loss: Joe Nathan (3-5)
    Save: Bobby Thigpen (22)

    Intytober 15th

    cubman987 (Let's Play Two) [59-68] vs. AmazingB (The Amazings) [40-87] @ Shea Stadium

    Eddie Plank pitched a 5-hit shutout and almost pitched a Maddux as a non-Maddux pitcher on Let's Play Two. Jacob deGrom... did not.


    Player of the Game: Eddie Plank
    Final: Let's Play Two 14, Amazings 0
    Win: Eddie Plank (11-10)
    Loss: Jacob deGrom (11-10)

    Intytober 16th

    cubman987 (Let's Play Two) [60-68] vs. AmazingB (The Amazings) [40-88] @ Shea Stadium

    This game featured a pretty good pitcher's duel between Jim Palmer for the Doubleheaders and Lefty Grove for the Amazings.

    Both pitchers pitched two scoreless frames before the Amazings struck first in the third -- Jackie Robinson led off with a double, and Stan Musial doubled him home. 1-0 Amazings. In the top of the fourth, Ernie Banks would strike out, Sammy Sosa would double, Ryne Sndberg would fly out and move Sosa to third, Frank Thomas was intentionally walked, Yogi Berra was unintentionally walked, and Kris Bryant would single home Sosa and Thomas to make it 2-1 Let's Play Two.

    We'd stay there until the sixth when Hank Greenberg would tie the game on a solo homer to lead off the sixth. And then the Amazings would take the lead 3-2 on a Chuck Klein leadoff homer in the bottom of the seventh. But the joy in Mudville would be short-lived, as in the top of the eighth Berra grounded out, Bryant walked, Vladimir Guerrero would pinch-hit a single for Jim Palmer, Ty Cobb doubled Bryant and Guerrero home, and Frank Robinson would single Cobb home. 5-3 Let's Play Two, and that's where we'd end as Billy Wagner and Bobby Thigpen would close out the game with two scoreless innings.

    Player of the Game: The Money Store and Jockey Underwear!
    Final: Let's Play Two 5, Amazings 3
    Win: Jim Palmer (5-16)
    Loss: Lefty Grove (3-16)
    Save: Bobby Thigpen (23)

    Intytober 17th

    AmazingB (The Amazings) [40-89] vs. cubman987 (Let's Play Two) [61-68] @ Wrigley Field

    With the series shifting back from Shea to Wrigley, the Amazings would hope that they could do better on the road... and facing Orval Overall, they would strike first in the fourth.

    Roberto Clemente would ground out to start the top of the fourth, followed by a Cal Ripken Jr. single, Roy Campanella single, Warren Spahn strikeout, Jackie Robinson walk, Chuck Klein single (scoring Ripken and Campanella), and a Stan Musial single to score Robinson and make it 3-0 Amazings. Of course, being the Amazings, that wouldn't last -- as the bottom of the fourth would see Let's Play Two tie the game on a Frank Robinson walk, Sammy Sosa two-run homer, and Frank Thomas solo homer.

    That's where the score would say until a series of traded half-innings starting in the seventh. In the top of the seventh, Campanella would single home Hank Greenberg; 4-3 Amazings. Bottom of the seventh would have Vladimir Guerrero score Yogi Berra on a productive out; 4-4. Top of the eighth would see Stan the Man hit a two-run homer to make it 6-4 Amazings, and bottom of the eighth would see Kris Bryant single home Ryne Sandberg and Frank Thomas to tie us again at 6-6.

    Bobby Thigpen would come in for Let's Play Two and keep it tied, while Joe Nathan would do the same in the bottom of the ninth, sending it to extra frames and free baseball. Thigpen would get two quick outs in the 10th and then Joe Maddon would play 8th dimensional chess and pull him from the game for Fergie Jenkins -- who immediately would give up the lead on a Greenberg monster shot to left. 7-6 Amazings. Joe Nathan would be somewhat more erratic in the bottom of the tenth, so when Mr. Met pulled him with two outs and runners on the corners for Lefty Grove -- this wasn't as crazy. And Grove rewarded his manager by striking out Ron Santo looking to get their first win of the series!

    Player of the Game: Stan the Man
    Final: Amazings 7, Let's Play Two 6 (10 Innings)
    Win: Joe Nathan (4-5)
    Loss: Fergie Jenkins (6-12)
    Save: Lefty Grove (1)

    Intytober 18th

    AmazingB (The Amazings) [41-89] vs. cubman987 (Let's Play Two) [61-69] @ Wrigley Field

    Kid Nichols vs. Greg Maddux delivered!

    Greg Maddux had 1-2-3 innings through 4. And Let's Play Two scored in the bottom of the first on Ty Cobb's legs as he singled, stole a base, and then scored on Frank Robinson's single. A 1-0 lead that almost seemed like it would be enough... but would it?

    In the fifth, Amazings got another baseruner... and nothing else. In the sixth, Let's Play Two would get one more on a Sammy Sosa triple (???) and a Frank Thomas single.

    And in the eighth, the Amazings would finally have their chance. Roberto Clemente singled, Cal Ripken Jr. would reach on an Ernie Banks error, Roy Campanella would single to load the bases with no one out. Running on contact, Kid Nichols hit a groundball to third as Clemente raced home and was called SAFE in a bang-bang play at home... with the bases still loaded and no one out. Greg Maddux would unfortunately realize he was Greg Maddux however, as he'd strike out Jackie Robinson, infield-fly Chuck Klein, and induce a groundout from Stan Musial, escaping the inning with a 2-1 lead.

    Let's Play Two would extend the lead, but pull Maddux from the game with a pinch-hitting Vladimir Guerrero in the bottom of the eighth on a Cobb single to score Yogi Berra. Bobby Thigpen would be given the ball to close out the 3-1 lead for Let's Play Two and he'd do exactly that.

    Player of the Game: Greg Maddux
    Final: Let's Play Two 3, Amazings 1
    Win: Greg Maddux (18-7)
    Loss: Kid Nichols (5-12)
    Save: Bobby Thigpen (24)

    Intytober 19th

    AmazingB (The Amazings) [41-90] vs. cubman987 (Let's Play Two) [62-69] @ Wrigley Field

    Fergie Jenkins vs. Hal Neuhouser this time, instead of Doc Gooden -- same score, slightly more effective Jenkins.

    While Jenkins was cruising through four, Let's Play Two was staking a lead. A Ryne Sandberg double in the first would score Frank Robinson and Sammy Sosa. 2-0. A Robinson two-run homer, a Sosa two-run homer, and a Yogi Berra single scoring Sandberg would make it 7-0 in the second. A Robinson ground out scoring Jenkins would make it 8-0 in the third.

    After cruising, Jenkins hit a speedbump in the fifth -- a Roberto Clemente two-run homer, followed by a back-to-back solo shot by Cal Ripken Jr., and then a later Jackie Robinson solo homer would make it 8-4 Let's Play Two. Sosa would extend it to 9-4 with a solo homer in the sixth. And the Amazings would relish Lee Smith being in the game for Jenkins in the 8th: after Stan Musial grounded out, Mel Ott would take the HBP, Hank Greenberg would hit a two-run homer, followed by a Clemente single, and a Ripken no-doubter two-run homer to close the gap to 9-8 before suddenly-surging for the Fireman of the year award Bobby Thigpen would come in for a five-out save... and get it! Sosa would add his third homer of the game (a solo shot) in the ninth to put the game even more at reach at 10-8...

    Player of the Game: Sammy Sosa's Corked Bat
    Final: Let's Play Two 10, Amazings 8
    Win: Fergie Jenkins (7-12)
    Loss: Hal Newhouser (7-7)
    Save: Bobby Thigpen (25)

    Final Standings: Let's Play Two [63-69] || Amazings [41-91]
  17. Wang Chi

    Wang Chi Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 3, 2013
    So my plan for this last series was to go with one game for each of my six starters (even though I knew Cole was gonna bite me right in the Astro), but at the very last second I swerved and gave Gibson a second game to end our season. Game 6 was originally gonna be Guidry. I realized a little later that I'd much, much rather Guidry have the ball for game 5 over Dutch given the swerve. @a star war , is it cool with you if I switch to Gator for game 5?

    If yeah, @DarthIntegral. If not,

  18. a star war

    a star war Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 4, 2016
  19. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005
    Can you help me find the letters O, M, A, and R in there?
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  20. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005
    Tuesday, Intytober 14th

    stone temple seattle pilots at A Shaq of Their Own

    Intytober, the two best teams in the league squaring off with home field throughout the playoffs on the line. And the two aces and probable favorites for the Cy Young Award on the mound.

    This one couldn't possibly live up to the hype. ... Could it?

    It could.

    Through seven innings, Addie Joss had a seven-hit shutout, and Pedro Martinez a two-hit shutout.

    And, so we'll start our recap there.

    In the top of the eighth, Joss retired Tip O'Neil, Hanley Ramirez, and and Martinez for a 1-2-3 inning, his fourth 1-2-3 inning of the night.

    In the bottom, Martinez retired Tris Speaker to open the inning, but Jack Clements got a single to put the go-ahead run on base. Shaq-as-Barnes-as-Dugan had a big decision to make, with Joss due up ... and he opted to pinch hit for his ace, sending up Dan Brouthers. Brouthers laced a single, and Clements - running like there was PreparationH waiting for him at third legged it out to put runners on the corners with one out. John McGraw then bounced a ball to the shortstop, who had no play at the plate, and instead flipped it to second base, with Clements scoring, and Brouthers retired at second. McGraw was then caught stealing to end the inning, but the score was now 1-0.

    S-B-D went to Hong-Chi Kuo for the ninth. He retired Hugh Duffy to start the inning, but Nap Lajoie found himself as the potential tying run on second base, thanks to an error from Shoeless Joe Jackson. Kuo got a ground out from Ken Griffey, Jr. that moved Lajoie to third, and facing the MVP favorite - Jocko Milligan - with the tying run on third ... Kuo got a ground out to short from Milligan, ending the game and giving the Big Dieselers the first game of the series.

    Pitching Lines:

    Joss: Eight innings, no runs allowed on four hits, two strikeouts, one walk - 84 pitches
    Martinez: eight innings, one run allowed on four hits, two strikeouts, no walk - 87 pitches

    What a pitching duel!

    Player of the Game Brought to you by Pitching Duels in Intytober that feel like game seven of the 1991 World Series: Addie Joss
    Final: Shaq 1, pilots 0
    Win: Joss (25-6)
    Loss: Martinez (20-8)
    Save: Kuo (8)

    Wednesday, Intytober 15th

    stone temple seattle pilots at A Shaq of Their Own

    Could we get a second straight pitching duel in this possible World Series preview?

    Doc White did his part, tossing eight dominant innings, allowing just one run on two hits, walking a pair and striking out one.

    Jack Taylor ... did not.

    Taylor gave up two runs in the first, and one in each of the second and third as his night started rough, including a solo homer from Jack Clements in the second.

    A Shaq of Their own scored again in the seventh and eighth to turn the final score into a runaway.

    Ted Williams had four hits, and Arky Vaughan had three RBI

    Player of the Game, Brought to you by
    : Doc White
    Final: Shaq 8, pilots 1
    Win: White (24-4)
    Loss: Taylor (17-7)

    Thursday, Intytober 16th

    stone temple seattle pilots at A Shaq of Their Own

    A Shaq of Their Own exploded for four in the bottom of the first, getting an RBI double from Shoeless Joe Jackson, a bases loaded walk from Arky Vaughan, and a two-run single from Derek Jeter.

    Thanks to a Hugh Duffy error to open the inning, they scored six more in third. Jeter had an RBI single, Ed Walsh an RBI single, Shoeless Joe Jackson a two-run single, an Ted Williams a two-run triple, and at 10-0, this one looked over early.

    Jocko Milligan hit a three-run homer in the top of the fourth, and Hanley Ramirez added a two-out, RBI triple later that inning to cut the lead to 10-4, but Pudge Rodriguez pulled one back in the bottom of the inning with an RBI ground out.

    Ted Williams added an RBI single in the top of the eighth, followed by a two-run homer from George Sisler, and we were sitting at 14-4 heading to the ninth.

    stone temple seattle pilots couldn't possible rally ... could they?

    A single by Lou Gehrig sandwiched between two walks loaded the bases to start the inning, and a Hanley Ramirez bloop single scored a pair. Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan sent up Edgar Martinez as a pinch hitter, and Martinez singled to score Tip O'Neill, and it was 14-7. Hugh Duffy singled to load the bases back up, and Nap Lajoie doubled, emptying the bases, and making it 14-10, still with nobody out. Ken Griffey Jr. walked, and Shaq as Barnes as Dugan finally went to the pen, calling on Hong-Chi Kuo.

    Kuo struck out MV-wannabe Jocko Milligan and George Brett to get two quick outs, but Lou Gehrig tripled, scoring two more runs and making it 14-12. Kuo walked Tip O'Neil and Hanley Ramirez, bringing up Edgar Martinez with the bases loaded, two outs, and a two-run deficit.

    S-B-D pulled Kuo and went to Jake Arrieta.

    And Martinez hit a sharp, hard line drive ... right to George Sisler. Who caught it, and got the home sweep for A Shaq of Their Own.

    Player of the Game brought to you by making up for all the runs you didn't score in game one: Derek Jeter
    Final: Shaq 14, pilots 12
    Win: Walsh (13-16)
    Loss: Kraus (5-2)
    Save: Arrieta (1)

    The Race for Home Field Advantage ...

    1. A Shaq of Their Own 87 - 42 .674
    1. stone temple seattle pilots 87 - 42 .674
  21. DarthIntegral

    DarthIntegral Baseball Draft Commish star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 13, 2005
    I got Free Fallers vs. Matatas ready for posting. Who wants to do the last guest recap of 2020?
  22. DarthIntegral

    DarthIntegral Baseball Draft Commish star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 13, 2005
    Editor's Note: Unlike the previous two seasons, I'm simming these series one calendar day at a time, so this time even *I* don't know what's going to happen. In fact, I'm simming them as I recap them. This is crazy!

    Friday, Intytober 17th

    Incheon Hash Slingers at Sudden Valley Cornballers

    It's simple at this point for Sudden Valley Cornballers - they have to win out, they have to have the ASSES win out, and they need a little luck along the way.

    ... and they did not get the start they wanted in this one.

    Jimmie Foxx got a one-out, two-run triple, scored on a single single from Kenny Lofton, and a Lou Boudreau RBI single made it 4-0 to Incheon Hash Slingers in the top of the first.

    Billy Hamilton (!!) homered to leadoff the bottom of the inning, and then Hamilton added an RBI single in the second, before a Babe Ruth grand slam homer set Chase Field rocking, and put the Cardiac Cornballers up 6-4 after two.

    Ken Caminiti made it 7-4 to the Cornballers in the third with an RBI double, and a Babe Ruth two-run homer in the fourth made it 9-4, and had the Cornballers fans feeling like they could watch the scoreboard.

    But, Boudreau got an RBI double in the fifth to cut the lead to 9-5, and the Slingers would rally in the sixth.

    The pinch hitting Todd Helton drew a leadoff walk, and Joe Kelley doubled, before a hit by pitch to Hughie from the Boys loaded the bases. Babe Herman flew out to shallow right for the first out, but Foxx singled to score a pair of runs, and Kenny Lofton singled to score another, cutting the lead to 9-8, and knocking Three Fingers Brown out of the game.

    Aroldis Chapman relieved, and a single by Boudreau loaded the bases, and a Jack Glasscock error scored Foxx to tie the game. Chapman popped out Javy Lopez, but walked Helton to score Lofton, before retiring Kelley to end the the inning, with the Slingers now up 10-9.

    Down to their final three outs, the Cardiac Cornballers would get a lifeline, as an Al Simmons error put Ruth on base to start the ninth. Rogers Hornsby hit into a fielder's choice replacing Ruth on base, and moved to third as Roger Bresnehan singled. Glasscock stepped up and ... grounded into a 6-4 force out, but it scored Hornsby to tie the game at ten, sending us to extra innings when Ken Caminiti grounded out.

    Kenny Lofton got a one-out single and stole second in the top of the tenth, but the go-ahead run would advance no further as the Cardiac Cornballers worked around that danger.

    Billy Hamtilon got a one-out single in the bottom of the tenth, but was caught stealing trying to jumpstart the winning run.

    Fernando Rodney got a 1-2-3 top of the eleventh, and Babe Adams walked a pair in the bottom of the eleventh, before getting an inning-ending double play with the winning run in scoring position.

    In the twelfth, Jimmie Foxx drew a one-out walk, and hustled to third on a single from Kenny Lofton. Lou Boudreau lifted a fly ball to left-center, but not deep enough to score Foxx, and Rodney had a chance with two outs to get out of the jam.

    He would not take that chance, though, as Al Simmons doubled, scoring both Foxx and Lofton and putting the Slingers up 12-10. Javy Lopez was walked, and the pinch-hitter (Darren Erstad) vs. reliever (Elton Chamberlain) went in favor of the pitcher, sending us to the bottom of the twelfth, with the Cardiac Cornballers down two, and down to possibly their final three meaningful outs.

    Steve Carlton took the mound for the Slingers, giving up a single to Jack Glasscock, and bringing the tying run to the plate. Ken Caminiti chased a bad pitch for a strikeout, putting the Cornballers down to their final two meaningful outs. Carlos Delgado stepped up as a pinch hitter, and singled, moving Glasscock to third, and Shawon Dunston replaced him on base, representing the tying run.

    Billy Hamilton hit an infield single, scoring Glasscock and moving Dunston into scoring position. With one out, the Cardiac Cornballers had the winning run on base, and the tying run in scoring position.

    Ed Delahanty drew a walk to load the bases, amping up the pressure, and giving Sam Thompson a chance to be the hero ...

    but his ground ball was fielded by Lou Boudreau, who flipped to Hughie from the Boys to retire Delahanty, who sent the relay throw Foxx, who closed his glove around the ball, and Thompson was out, the double play ending the game, and ending the faint playoff hopes of the Cornballers, despite an heroic six-RBI night from Babe Ruth.

    Player of the Game, Brought to you by heartbreak in the desert: Jimmie Foxx
    Final: Slingers 12, Cornballers 11 (12 innings)
    Win: Adams (16-7)
    Loss: Rodney (5-2)
    Save: Carlton (1)

    Game of Throws at Every City Bandwagoners

    With everything to play for against a team with nothing to play for, Every City Bandwagoners fell behind early, as Hack Wilson hit a two-run homer in the second inning.

    Eddie Collins pulled a run back in the fourth on an RBI ground out, Albert Pujols put the Bandwagoners up 3-1 with a two-run single in the seventh, and then Mike Schmidt drove in an insurance run to make it 4-2.

    Judge Judy went to Rod Beck in the eighth, and got a 1-2-3 inning, putting her team three outs from a big win to help their playoff chances.

    Judy gave the ball to up-and-down reliever Francisco Rodriguez in the ninth, and he gave up a leadoff single to Robin Yount. A fielder's choice hit into by Robbie Alomar put heels' team two outs from victory, but Rodriguez missed on a slider to Joe Dimaggio, and his three fans all went:

    [​IMG] as Dimaggio sent the pitch high, deep, hard, and over the fence in left-center, tying the game at four. Rodriguez recovered to retire Carl Yastrzemski and Hack Wilson, and we were off to extra innings after a 1-2-3 bottom of the ninth.

    Judy stuck with Rodriguez for the tenth, holding on to her grudge against Mariano Rivera, and it wouldn't take long to see fruits of that mistake. Rodriguez walked Jason Giambi to open the inning, and Scott Rolen hit a ball that fell in for a double. Mickey Mantle channeled his Pirates-era Barry Bonds, unable to throw out Giambi at the plate, and he scored making it 5-4. Rodriguez tossed a wild pitch to move Rolen to third before Judy yanked him, inserting Jonathan Papelbon. With a runner on third and nobody out, Papelbon worked out of the jam, giving his team a chance, down just one run in the bottom of the tenth.

    Trevor Hoffman was Jon Snow's choice and he walked the in-the-moment aptly named Larry Walker, putting the tying run on base. Buster Posey struck out for the first out, Eddie Collins hit into a fielder's choice for the second out, and then Collins was thrown out stealing second to end the game in maddening and frustrating fashion for the Bandwagoners.

    Player of the Game, Brought to you by heels as the oh no baby what is you doing gif: Joe Dimaggio
    Final: Game of Throws 5, Every City Bandwagoners 4 (10 innings)
    Win: Cordero (5-9)
    Loss: Rodriguez (3-4)
    Save: Hoffman (12)

    ASSES at Performance Enhancers

    Performance Enhancers used a pair of five-run innings and a "good enough" start from Cy Young to even their series with the ASSES and keep themselves on the right side of the red playoff line.

    A five-run third inning, featuring four different run scoring singles, put them up 6-0. Barry Bonds, Joe Mauer, Cy Young, and Mike Trout each connected on run-scoring singles.

    The ASSES got an unearned run in the fifth, but another RBI single from Barry Bonds followed by a grand slam homer from Al Rosen in the eighth inning removed all doubt from this one.

    Young tossed a complete game, giving up four runs on nine hits, walking two and striking out three.

    Cristy Mathewson went seven-and-one-third innings, allowing eleven runs (ten earned) on sixteen hits, with four walks and three strikeouts.

    Player of the game brought to you by clustered standings with two games to play: Al Rosen
    Final: Enhancers 11, ASSES 4
    Win: Young (13-4)
    Loss: Mathewson (7-11)

    Playoff Picture Through Intytober 17th

    3. ASS 78 - 52 (-)
    3. PE 78 - 52 (-)
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    5. IHS 77 - 53 (1)
    6. ECB 76 - 54 (2)

    z - SVC 74 - 56 (4)
  23. tom

    tom Chosen One star 7

    Mar 14, 2004
    games 4, 5 and 6.

    game 4: bender
    game 5: pedro
    game 6: taylor


    1. duffy, cf
    2. lajoie, 2b
    3. griffey jr., rf
    4. milligan, c
    5. martinez, 1b
    6. brett, 3b
    7. griffey sr., lf
    8. ramirez, ss

  24. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005
    Updated Scenarios:

    Every City Bandwagoners cannot clinch a playoff spot outright, only a tie-breaker slot. They need to win out, while having the same team win both games that remain in the ASSES-Enhancers series, and they need Wang to win one or both.
    Incheon Hash Slingers control their own destiny. If they win out, they can do no worse than a tie for fourth.
    The winner of the next game between ASSES and Performance Enhancers will clinch no worse than a tiebreaker slot, and if the same team wins both games, they will clinch the third seed.

    If you're a fan of chaos, root for:

    Heels to win his last two, someone to win both games in Enhancers/ASSES, and Wang to win one of his last two, giving us a three-way at 78 wins.

    No Matter what happens the final playoff spot cannot be clinched until the final day of the season!
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  25. heels1785

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    Dec 10, 2003
    and also ending my season.
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