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    May 29, 2002
    A/N this is my first Jaina/Jag fic on these boards, so I hope you enjoy! This is immediately after Rebel Stand, so take the end, and add a day, and this is where my fic starts?

    The Battle At Hand:
    Jaina Solo sat in the small quarters assigned to her. She studied the terminal console in front of her, before she rested her head on her desk, sighing wearily.

    "Something wrong, O Great One?" a voice from behind her said.

    Jaina jumped, and twisted around in her repulsor chair to glare at the speaker. Jag Fel gave her a small smirk, green eyes sparkling. The black clad pilot leaned heavily onto the doorframe, a hand resting on a hip.

    "No, not at all, Colonel. Just fine." She replied, voice dripping with sarcasm, before turning back to face the console. "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to sneak up on individuals trying to accomplish work?"

    Jag blinked his pale green eyes, arching a black eyebrow."I was under the assumption that you couldn't sneak up on Jedi, and, also, it doesn't look like you're accomplishing anything more than beauty rest."

    Jaina snorted, and tried to control her irritation. "You caught me at a bad time."

    "Maybe I should come back then, Goddess?" Jag asked, slipping back into the required formalities when addressing Jaina.

    "Maybe you should." She shot back, temper flaring.I am not in the mood for this.

    "Then I will." Jag turned around, and Jaina sighed again, rubbing a hand across her eyes.

    "Jag, wait." She turned around to face him again, and he'd paused in the doorway. She smiled slightly, and waved him in."Sorry, all this war and politics and psychological warfare and commanding a unit is getting to me."

    Much to Jaina's relief, the annoyed expression left Jag's face, and the corners of his mouth twisted up ever so slightly."I know the feeling. When I first received command of my squadron, I thought I would go crazy. It's not as easy as it seems."

    Jaina nodded as the door slid shut behind him. "And keeping up this charade of 'I'm a goddess, I'm better than you, polish my boots; mortal scum' is really getting old."
    She paused. "I probably shouldn't have said that. General Antilles will probably lecture me on compromising security."

    Jag smiled easily, dropping into a chair. "Probably not. You are, in fact, receiving special treatment, and if you were to get a lecture, that would be perceived as you taking orders form someone else. If anything, you should be giving the General a lecture instead."

    "Now, there's an idea. I'm sure he'd love that. So, what brings you to my quarters? Did Wedge send you?"

    Jag shook his head. "Actually, I came down because Kyp and a few other Twins wanted to know if you'd like to sim with us."

    Jaina's shoulders slumped. "That would be great, but I'm reviewing some material Piggy and Sharr've compiled on psycho warfare. I mean, psychological warfare." She grinned at the Imperial lopsidedly.

    Jag shrugged, rising. "All right. You know where to find us if you need us." He stepped towards the door, hand hovering above the lock mechanism. "You sure you don't want a break? You sound like you could use one."

    Jaina smiled at him.Then again? "Maybe you are right, Colonel. Her Exaulted One demands a distraction to alleviate her stresses from mortal dealings."

    Jag pressed a button on the lock mechanism anyway, smiling the smile she knew was only for her, one that would be missed by a normal, casual observance, but she could see it. Instead of the door sliding open, as Jaina expected it to, the door locked, and Jag came over, and enfolded her in a tight embrace, rubbing her back. His warm breath tickled her ear as he whispered. "You probably should get more sleep, Goddess. You haven?t gotten much recently. And it would help clear your mind, as well."

    Jaina sighed, burying her face in his chest. "I know, I know. I'm just too busy to sleep."

    "Do you want me to leave then, and let you get some rest?" he asked quietly.

    "No," she murmured,
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    Jul 19, 2001
    Ooh, looks promising. Keep it up!

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    May 1, 2002
    Great start. Looking forward to more.
  4. jags_gurl

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    May 29, 2002
    ok, here's the next part, more jaina/jag in a little while!
    Wedge Antilles approached the small conference room Colonel Gavin Darklighter had been using as an office. He rapped on the door, and he heard a weary, "Come in," from the interior.

    The door slid open, and Wedge stepped inside. He was barely able to keep from smiling, and he focused on a spot above Gavin's head on the wall.

    Gavin glanced up at him curiously, and his face broke into a smile. "Wedge-"

    "Blackmoon Eleven, reporting for duty, sir." Wedge cut him off, saluting him.
    Gavin stared at him in surprise for a moment, and Wedge was unable to keep his laughter in check any longer, and he burst out laughing.

    Gavin looked astonished, embarrassed and humiliated all at once, but he to burst into laughter. No wonder that laughter was so familiar! Darklighter, you're an idiot! Gavin hissed to himself. Open mouth, insert boot.

    Once the two of them had recovered from laughing, Wedge sobered up, and took a seat in front of Gavin's desk. "We lost a huge amount of pilots yesterday." He commented.

    Gavin sighed. "I know. The Rogues weren't full to begin with, and now we're back down to two flights and a third of a flight."

    Wedge nodded. "Your squadron wasn't hit the hardest, though. The Vanguards under Jag's second, Shawnkyr Nuruodo, got the most casualties."

    "How much? Do I even want to know?" asked Gavin.

    "Probably not. They lost two full flights."

    Gavin hissed out a sigh of frustration. "Wedge, we can't just keep losing pilots like this!"

    "I know, which is why I am here. I was hoping you would take the survivors of Vanguard and put them in Rogue. You already admitted you were down to seven pilots."

    Gavin considered, and he nodded. "I'm sure Nuruodo and her pilots will make great Rogues. Does Shawnkyr know she's gonna be a Rogue?" he asked on second thought.

    Wedge winced. "Shawnkyr won't be in Rogue Squadron, I'm afraid." At seeing Gavin's surprised expression, Wedge quickly explained. "She's not dead, Gavin, not yet. She's returning back to the Unknown Regions to give a report she claims is well over due. I've granted her clearance for departure when ever she's ready."

    Gavin relaxed. "You had me going there, Wedge, that we'd lost a scout for a Chiss phalanx. Not a good way to convince them to assist us."

    Wedge nodded. "Another squad that sustained serious damage was the Taanab Aces. You know, Wes' group."

    "Go on."

    "I was wondering, since you still have a few spots open on the roster, if you'd mind having Wes in the squadron?"

    "No. Not in my squadron."

    Wedge laughed. "C'mon, he's not that bad, anymore. Believe it or not, I think Wes' maturity level has surpassed a 7 year old!"

    Gavin feigned shock. "Are we talking about Wes Janson?!"

    "Yes, the Wes Janson."

    "I don't believe this."

    Wedge laughed again. "I didn't think you would."

    "Why don't you create a squadron, and put him under your command again? A refresher course as to why we don't want Wes in our squadron is due, hmm?" suggested Gavin.

    "I may be old, but I am not stupid."

    "I guess I'll put up with him, but if he pulls any stunts with Ewoks?"
    i have a reason for this, but you'll see that later, thanks for the comments so far! :)
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    May 29, 2002
    Jag studied the blue skinned Chiss female in front of him, about to say something, but Shawnkyr held up a hand to ward off any comments. "Colonel, I know what you are going to say. You are going to say we can send a holocomm transmission, or we can contact them in other ways, that I do not have to leave. But, sir, in all respects, I must. It is the only way."

    Jag's green-eyed gaze narrowed. "Do you recall our conversation on Borleias, when I told you if you were to die, I would report back to our people? I told you that I believed that by staying here, we are supporting a greater good. Look around you, and tell me, what do you see?"

    Shawnkyr looked around after shooting him a brief, quizzical glance. "I see pilots, and I see starfighters, aliens, humans, and droids."

    "And what are they all doing here, Shawnkyr?" Jag asked coolly.

    "Fighting for their lives, sir."

    "Exactly my point. These people are fighting for their lives, their freedom, their galaxy. How can we just run back to our superiors, who are safe and sound, rest assured, while these beings are slaughtered like animals? "

    Shawnkyr set her jaw. "Our people have a right to be informed."

    "And I'm not disagreeing with you here. They do. But, we cannot deny the fact that we are both superior pilots, and for every Vong we kill, that's another being you see here spared from a hideous death, and the odds change again, even in minute proportions, towards these people and their goal of victory."

    Shawnkyr just shook her head slowly. "You have a duty to the Chiss, and you should not have allowed your emotions to come into play. You have sworn loyalty and obedience to the Chiss way of life. And this is the Chiss way of life. And so I must go, because I have not forgotten my vows to my people."

    Jag clenched his jaw in an effort to push away his anger. Chiss, as a rule, do not get angry. He told himself. But, then again, am I truly a Chiss? I was raised by their standards, their rules, their ideals, but does that make me a Chiss? "Then, go. Will you return?"

    "I do not know. I told you I would stay until Borleias falls, and so it has."

    Jag nodded sadly "Your presence will be missed, Shawnkyr."

    The blue skinned Chiss nodded once before swinging herself up into her Clawcraft. Jag backed away as she commenced to begin her preflight checks. He sighed.I have a bad feeling about this?
    Wes Janson bounded into the room, saluting and grinning like the madman that he was. "Major Wes Janson, reporting for duty, sir! Hey, wait, I have a complaint?"

    Gavin was smiling when Wes had entered, but upon hearing Wes already complain, his began pounding his head against his desk repeatedly.

    Wes looked at him scornfully, but his expression changed, instantly thoughtful and apologetic. "Wedge didn't tell me that the salute changed since when I resigned! Let me try this again?"

    He backed out the door, and bounded into the room,. "Major Wes Janson, reporting for duty, sir!" Then he turned and went to the wall, and mimicked Gavin's consistent pounding of his head.

    "So, Colonel Darklighter," he started conversationally, still smacking his head against the wall, "When was the salute changed to pounding against a wall?"

    Gavin lifted his head from his desk. "Now I know how Wedge must have felt. I'm going to pretend like you aren't doing this." He stated, "Glad to have you back, Major!"

    Janson paused from pounding his head to shoot him a youthfully energetic smile. "It's glad to be back with the Rogues. Hasn't been enough panic, trouble and mayhem since I resigned. That's the problem these days-"

    Gavin reverted back to pounding his head against the desk, but halted,thinking. "Wes, do you ever grow up?"

    Wes paused his pounding, considering. "Why, no I don't suppose I do. I have noticed, however, that you have, and my goodness, is that gray hair I see, Colonel? Too bad for you that you don't have my movie-star looks, or my youthful energy, or my-"

    Gavin covered his ears, and still banged his head against the desk.
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    OMG that was SOOOOOOOO funny! i really like Janson. Keep up the good work!

    ~Luv Hann
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    Mar 31, 2002
    This is great! Keep going [face_laugh] :D
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    Apr 24, 2002
    Yay! Another Jaina/Jag story! Great so far and I can't wait to read more!
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    May 29, 2002
    thanks for all the comments1 here's the next part...
    Jaina Solo strode the corridors with a sense of haughtiness, and pride, trying to act as godly as possible.

    Voort saBinring, also known as Piggy, trailed her at a respective distance. "Great One, General Antilles requests your presence in his office, if you would be so kind," his mechanical voice said.

    Jaina turned around, and considered. "Very well. Dismissed."

    She continued her path, walking on down the hall.

    "Uh, Your Excellency?" Piggy said.

    Jaina turned around, faking her irritation. "What?"

    "His office is the other way?"

    "I know that, mortal, but my presence is required elsewhere."

    "Sorry, Goddess. I didn't know. May I inquire as to where exactly you are going?"

    "Colonel Darklighter requested that I bring him a fully charged blaster."

    Piggy burst out laughing, but covered it immediately.

    Now Jaina was curious. "Where is the humor in that?"

    Piggy managed to gasp out, in between fits of squealing laughter, "Wes Janson, he's returning?to the Rogues today?I wonder if Colonel Darklighter means to put himself out of ?his misery or shoot Janson?"

    Even Jaina had to laugh at that. She remembered her first encounter with the infamous Major. 'Arrogant little monkey-lizard' she'd called him, unknowing who the cocky egomaniac was. "I guess I'll report to General Antilles, instead then."

    "That would probably, Goddess?" Piggy managed, leaning against the wall.

    Jaina just shook her head, and headed back in the direction that she'd just come from. As she turned a corner, still smiling merrily, she ran right into a person.

    "Oh, I, uh, sorry," the guy mumbled, brushing past her.

    Jaina glanced up, surprised but broke into a grin. "Colonel Fel! Watch where you are going!"

    He looked surprised. "Jaina-er, O Great One, I beg your forgiveness, please, I didn't see you there?"

    Jaina arched an eyebrow at him. "You didn't see me? Come in here, Colonel, we need to talk, you and I."

    She waved him into the nearest door she could open with her clearance card. She stepped into darkened room of some sort, and not finding any lights, she reached out and snatched his hand, tugging him inside.

    "A janitor droid's closet, Goddess?" Jag asked, the corners of his lips twisted up.

    "Hey, mortal, it's a safe place for discussions. Don't doubt me." She winked at him, though she doubted he could see it in the darkness surrounding them.

    "So, you wanted to discuss something, Jaina?"
    She nodded, remembering a little late that he probably couldn't see the gesture. "Jag, you seem so?distant?all of a sudden. Care to explain?"

    She heard him sigh. "Not really."

    "Ok, then." She sat down on something -a droid maybe?-and slipped her hand into his. "I'll wait."

    After a few long moments of silence, Jaina continued. "Well, actually, I have a meeting with General Antilles in a few minutes, so either I'll wait until I'm fashionably late, or, we can continue this?conversation?later. Up to you."

    "Later," he said softly. "I just want sometime to think. Alone."

    Jaina arched an eyebrow. "All right, then. I'll find you after I talk to Wedge." She gave his hand a squeeze, and stood up. She stretched up towards him for a kiss, letting her arms slide around his neck as his strong arms wrapped around her waist.
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    :D Another great post!
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    ooooo, i like that and i like writers who can post quickly ;)

    poor Gavin, Janson is going 2 drive him crazy.

    ~Luv Hann
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    More soon please? :D
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    Whens the next post?

    ~Luv Hann
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    i'm still writing it, but, it might make it up by tonight, i'm not sure, it might be a little longer than I planned... :)
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    Mar 31, 2002
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    I was just over at and noticed something... did you write "The Storm Goes On"? If you did, I love that fic :D
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    sence it wasnt up last night is it gonna b up 2day?

    ~Luv Hann
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    More soon please:D

    This is an excellent story so far!
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    ok, sorry about the wait everyone, computer was acting up! and yes, Jade, i did write The Storm Goes On at ff.n :), and well, moreup very soon...
    Jaina found Jag several hours later, working on his Clawcraft "Hey," she said softly.

    Jag half turned to face her, a small smile playing across his lips. "Good evening, Exaulted One."

    Jaina fought the urge to roll her eyes. She leaned against the frame of the ship, observing Jag as turned back and continuing making his adjustments.

    "What can I do for you, Great One?" he asked, not looking up from his work.

    "More like what can I do for you, Colonel Fel." She corrected. He looked up from his work, confused.

    "Jag, you're acting strange. Is it because Shawnkyr left?": she continued quietly.

    He nodded sharply. "Before she left, we had an exchange of opinions."

    Jaina waited, and he hesitated before plowing on, "She seems to think I'm breaking my promises to the Chiss, and that I've let my emotions interfere with fulfilling my duties." He set his hydrospanner down, and glanced up at her, matching her gaze with his troubled one. "I was raised by the Chiss. I accepted and believed in their values and what they stood for, and I swore my allegiance to them. But, when I saw people willing to risk their lives for me, for anyone, who were willing to give it all, to die trying to save others, I wondered?. if maybe my place was not out in the Unknown Regions, but here?"

    Silence fell between the two as Jaina considered what he'd just told her. She sensed he wasn't telling her everything, amongst the myriad of emotions coming off of him. "And?" she prompted softly.

    "And?" he took a deep breath, nervous, "I, well, usually, I don't pay much attention to my feelings, but when she was getting ready to go, I had?well, I had one of those 'bad feelings'?I mean, I'm sure it was nothing, but?it was unsettling?like I'd never see her again?" He shifted his shoulders uncomfortably.

    Jaina gave him a wry smile. "She'll be fine, Jag. I'm sure of it."

    He seemed to relax, if only a little bit, and gave her a small half-smile, before turning back to his work.

    Jaina straightened up from where she'd been leaning, and stepped over to him. She rested a hand on his right forearm. "Everything will turn out fine. You'll see."

    She reached over and placed a hand on his cheek, turning his head. He looked down at her, an uncertainty reflected in his pale green eyes, and she stretched up again to press her lips to his. He set his hydrospanner down, not breaking the kiss, his arms encircling her automatically. Jaina's hands went through his short black hair, and she opened her mouth against his, inviting him to deepen the kiss, when a comlink beeped. Jaina broke from the kiss, breathless, and fumbled for her comlink. She pulled it out of a pocket, and thumbed it on, listening intently. She blushed furiously as Wedge told her to 'stop compromising security'.

    "Hey, wait! You aren't a Jedi ~ how did you know?" she accused, confused.

    "Lucky guess. Couldn't get a hold of Jag, figured you two would be together." Wedge replied, she glared, though she knew Wedge couldn't see the expression.

    Jag turned back to his work, decidedly embarrassed.

    Wedge continued on, oblivious to her irritation. "If this keeps up, I won't be able to punish the Goddess, but the Colonel could land some kitchen duty?"

    Jaina watched Jag wince. "Last time I kiss you anywhere not behind closed, locked doors," she heard him mumble.

    She laughed.

    "Something funny, Great One?" Wedge asked.

    "Not really, you were saying?" she said, exchanging glances with Jag.

    "As I was saying, there's an encoded message for Colonel Fel in my office. I'd appreciate it if he'd come down and decode it for us, since the droids have identified it as an Imperial code."

    "Oh." Jaina said, and Jag nodded. "He'll be there in a sec. And," she added, "I'm coming as well."

    She heard Wedge sigh. "Very well, Goddess."
    like i said, thanks for reading and more up soon! :)
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    Why do i have this feeling that Shawnkyr has dieed?

    ~Luv Hann
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    I have that feeling, too :(

    Great post! Keep them coming!
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    ok, here's the next bit, and i hate to tell ya this, but no, Shawnkyr's not dead... :)

    Jag Fel led the way to Wedge's office, with Jaina right on his heels. I figure that way I won't find myself trying to hold her hand, and compromise security?he thought. He spared a glance over his shoulder at Jaina, who managed somehow to look mildly disinterested, even though Jag knew she was just as anxious as he was to hear this message. Jag's hand was poised to knock on the office door, but it slid open for him, and revealed General Wedge Antilles, who was leaning back in a chair, his boots propped up on his desk. He swung them off as the two filed in, leapt to his feet and waved them to chairs; Jag was offered Wedge's seat, and Jaina sat in front of the desk, and Wedge sat in a chair next to her.

    "This feels awkward," commented Jag.

    Wedge smiled, "You have no idea." He leaned forward, across his desk, to click a button, and a small holoprojector projected an image in front of them.

    Jag's green eyes narrowed as he studied the code prompt image.

    Wedge leaned back. "As you can see, it's coded?and, Jag, you must know the code. I'm not sure if it's voice activated or keypad acti-"

    "Alpha-code-seven-beta-nirauan-two-fel." Jag snapped, eyes scanning the picture.

    As soon as the last word left his lips, the image of his second-in-command, Shawnkyr Nuruodo floated in front of them. Jag's frown increased, and both Jaina and Wedge studied the picture with interest.

    Jag pressed a buton in the console in front of him, and the clip began to play.

    "This is Lieutenant Shawnkyr Nuruodo of the Chiss house phalanx Nuruodo." Shawnkyr stated calmly, as she twisted the pilot's yoke and flipped switches. "I have been pulled from hyperspace prematurely, by pirates or some other faction, unnamed. They appear to be trying to capture me, or kill me for whatever reasons-" she jerked on the pilot's yoke again, "I have sustained sufficient damage to both my hyperdrive and shields, my nav computer is shot, and I had no warning?there is a planet nearby, one technically deserted by civilizations of any sort, and I will try to land there, and see what I can do," she paused for a moment, "It appears to be the fourth moon of an uninhabited system, approximately 12 parsecs from the Ansion system, and I-" suddenly, the visual cut out, and you could tell the Clawcraft had received a direct hit from an ion cannon. Seconds later, the audio cut out as well and then the transmission ended.

    Jag sat there, motionless, staring at the holo. "I?oh, shavit." He murmured, finally.

    Jaina shot him a concerned look.

    Wedge looked between the two. "I guess I don't really need to issue orders, do I?"

    Jag shook his head, and Jaina shrugged."You could if you wanted to, but if those orders were something other than'Go save Nuruodo', I can tell you right now, they will be processed and ignored."

    Wedge offered a tight-lipped smile. "Go save Nuruodo."

    Jag rose, and saluted.

    Jaina stood lazily, and offered no salute, but waited for one from him. "Can't compromise security, General."

    Wedge rolled his brown eyes, and offered a lazy salute.

    "Is it just the two of us going, or do we get some air support as well?" Jag asked.

    Wedge hesitated. "What ever the Goddess suggests."

    Jaina offered him a cold, toothy grin. "A small, select group. My choice. Any squadron."

    Wedge sighed heavily. "Fine."
    more up soon... :)
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    Yay! Jag and Jaina are going to save Shawnkyr!

    Hmmm, now if she doesn't take Twin Suns then who will she take... Rogue Squadron? :)
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    Super post, jg! Looking forward to more :D
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    I'm glad Shawnkyr isn't dead; i didn't want her 2 b.

    ~Luv Hann
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