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  1. HanLeiaFanficGuru

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    Mar 1, 2003
    We've Moved! See the New Version of the index at [link=][hl=maroon]The Bespin Café - Version 2.0[/hl][/link], drop by, have a drink, chat, shapre your stories or enjoy the fabulous material in our archive. See you there!

    [hl=black]The Han and Leia Fanfic guru Team.[/hl]

    [hl=maroon]Welcome to the Bespin Café, fellow Han/Leia fans - We've Moved!![/hl]

    - Check below for the March 2006 Han/Leia Fanfic Challenge

    [b]Next discussion topic:[/b]

    [hl=lightblue][color=darkblue][b]To Be Announced[/b]:[/color][/hl]

    [b]As a corollary to this index, there is also a message board for Han/Leia lovers[/b]

    [link=][b]Princess and the Scoundrel[/b][/link]

    [face_hugs] Welcome to all Han/Leia lovers there!


    [color=white][hl=purple][b]About this Index[/b][/hl][/color]

    This index has over 400 entries of stories and vignettes centering on Han and Leia and combines fics from the older [link=][b]Corphelion Stars Bespin Café[/b][/link] with new fics added each month

    Currently this index is run by [b]Lady Padme[/b] and [b]Jade_Max[/b], although we are using this opportunity to request help from other Han/Leia lovers to run the index and to be reviewers. Please PM [link=][b]Lady Padme[/b][/link],
    [link=][b]Jade_Max[/b][/link] or [link=][b]HanLeiaFanficGuru[/b][/link] if you are interested!

    Each month we will try to update the index with new stories and will try to present a fanfic writing challenge. As well, if people are interested in reviewing stories, we will try to present story reviews. New stories for the month and monthly fanfic challenges will appear on this first post.

    The actual[color=red] index [/color] will start on the next post in the thread; the index will be automatically updated with new fics each month. [b]Updates will always appear on this first post in the thread[/b]

    [b][color=white][hl=navy]To the readers: [/b][/hl][/color]
    Feel free to drop in to announce new fics, to announce updates to your old fics, and to discuss favorite Han/Leia stories. Although we try to keep the list updated as well as possible, we may miss a few stories or vignettes in the updates. If you wish to submit fic to be added into the archives please send a PM to [link=][b]HanLeiaFanficGuru[/b][/link] with the following:

    1) Title and URL of your fic
    2) Time period of your fic
    3) Summary of your fic
    4) Status of your fic (WIP, vignette, completed, etc.)

    Please keep in mind this index is for stories centering on Han and Leia together; stories featuring only Han or only Leia without the other (or in which the other is not at least a prominent background character) , as well as stories where Han and Leia are only minor characters have been excluded.

    * Special thank you to [b]Tara[/b] who compiled many of the fics in the original archives [face_dancing] *


    [hl=darkgreen][color=white][b]March 2006 Han/Leia Fanfic Challenge[/b][/color][/hl]

    For this month, the challenge is:

    [b][color=blue] It's Corellian Day - which is a holiday of drinking and partying, harks back to when the old monarchy was over thrown. [/b][/color]

    Your challenge entry must include the following:

    1) The color green - prominently
    2) Someone kissing a stone
    3) A man getting slapped for not wearing green (bonus points if it?s Han)
    4) The phrase ?They?re after my lucky charms? (bonus points if it?s Han ? and he gets slapped for it ;) )
    5) Excessive drinking, or allusion to excessive drinking
    6) A drinking game/song concocted by the author.
    7) The phrase "luck o' the Corellians" (bonus points if>
  2. HanLeiaFanficGuru

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    Mar 1, 2003
    [hl=maroon]Han/Leia Index[/hl]


    Title:[link=]Living Secrets[/link]

    Time Period: Pre-COPL

    Summary: Not much is written about the relationship of Han Solo and Princess Leia before their crazy ride into matrimony in the Courtship of Princess Leia. Likewise, there is only a little more written about Han's teen years. This introduces a female character from Han?s past.

    Status: Uncompleted locked topic.

    Title: [link=]Moments Like These[/link]

    Time Period: Post-RotJ

    Summary: Vignettes with the Solo family/Solo children.

    Status: Vignettes

    [b]Author[/b]: [link=][b][color=red]Aanix_Durray[/color][/b][/link]

    [b]Title:[/b] [link=][b]For the Future[/b][/link]

    [b]Time Period:[/b] PostROTJ AU.

    [b]Summary:[/b] 16 years after the Battle of Yavin, Han and Leia's lives have taken seperate paths. Now, when forces beyond their control bring them together, they have to get over their past, and fight for their future.

    [b]Status:[/b] Completed.


    [b]Author[/b]: [link=][b][color=red]Agent_Jaid[/color][/b][/link]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=][b]How Strange This Is[/b][/link]

    [b]Time Period[/b]: Post-RotJ

    [b]Summary[/b]: Honeymoon challenge fic.

    [b]Status[/b]: Vignette.


    [b]Author[/b]: [link=][b][color=red]Aiel[/b][/color][/link]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=][b]The Ceremonial Gown and the Smuggler?s Shirt[/b][/link]

    [b]Time Period[/b]: Post-ANH

    [b]Summary[/b]: The Imperials have arrived on Yavin 4 and it?s time to flee only moments after the victory ceremony in the Great Hall. Still dressed in her beautiful ceremonial gown, Leia attempts to flee amidst blaster fire from Imperial Storm-troopers, only to stumble and have to be rescued by the most infuriating man in the galaxy, who accidentally tears her gown as he attempts to be heroic.

    [b]Status[/b]: Completed.

    [b]Author[/b]: [link=][b][color=red]Aiel[/b][/color][/link]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=][b]The Hoth Jumpsuit and the Bespin Dress[/b][/link]

    [b]Time Period[/b]: OT

    [b]Summary[/b]: The sequel to The Ceremonial Gown. This story set during the Empire Strikes Back, taking a more intimate look at Han and Leia?s night and then fateful day on Bespin. Leia is hesitant about the position she has found herself in with Han, wondering if this is the right thing to do. And Han worries that he?s not good enough to be everything that Leia needs a man to be.

    [b]Status[/b]: WIP


    [b]Author[/b]: [link=][b][color=red]Alaneia[/color][/b][/link]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=][b]Flesh and Blood Part 1[/b][/link]

    [b]Time Period[/b]: Pre-Saga to OT

    [b]Summary[/b]: Han Solo?s origins

    [b]Status[/b]: Completed.

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=][b]Flesh and Blood Part 2[/b][/link]

    [b]Time Period[/b]: Post RotJ

    [b]Summary[/b]: Sequel to Flesh and Blood, Part 1

    [b]Status[/b]: WIP


    [b]Author: [/b][link=][b][color=red]americantragedy[/b][/color][/link]

    [b]Title:[/b] [link=][b]Where Do We Go From Here?[/b][/link]

    [b]Time period:[/b] Pre-ESB

    [b]Summary:[/b] There was one >
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    May 22, 2003
    I'm looking forward to new H/L challenges!
  4. Bri_Windstar

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    May 27, 2002
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: *is blown away*

    My GOSH, LP! All that work!

    But it looks utterly amazing. [face_love]

    *bounces oh so eagerly* I'm so psyched to see the H/L thread back up and running. I missed it so. And i really do appreciate the effort.

    Smooches, LP, it fantastic! :*

    And yay for challenges! :D
  5. LovelyLea

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    Jan 17, 2001
    WOW! Thank you guys SO much for getting this up and running again. No matter how hard I try to catch all the Han and Leia fics, I'm always missing something! Thanks again! :D
  6. Starrunner

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    Dec 29, 2003
    Wow, so many stories, so much work.
    Very happy it's back.
    Thanks LP!
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    Jul 29, 2002
    *whistles* Wow, LP, so thorough -- amazing work. [:D]
  8. jedi-lelila

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    Jun 14, 2003
    The November challenge will be courtesy of jedi-lelila (From a challenge idea she submitted to the last archives, but which was never used ;) ) - :eek: I thought you had completly given up the monthly challenge. I'm honored: I'll be the first one. :)

    ~Lelila @};-
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    Nov 3, 2000
    I just wanted to say, that I'm soooo glad to see that you'll be running the index again. I've missed it! It's so convenient! Thanks for going through the trouble, LadyPadme!
  10. DarthMasan

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    Sep 20, 2002
    Fantastic job!! I was missing the old site, cant wait for the challenges!

  11. KnightedRogue

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    Aug 11, 2004
    Oh! It looks amazing, LadyPadme! Thanks for the nice four or five hour distraction - I forgot about a ton of these!

  12. Jara_Dax

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    Oct 6, 2004
    *pushes the fics back up*
  13. HanLeiaFanficGuru

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    Mar 1, 2003

    Thank you to everyone for your support since this index has come on line.

    And...please check out the first post in the thread; as mentioned, there is a new Han/Leia message board [link=]here[/link]. I don't know about you, but I've missed Tara's wonderful message board since it went offline and hopefully, fellow H/Lers will find this board useful. So, please check it out and don't be bashful about posting!
  14. Sock_of_Darth_Vader

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    Dec 24, 2002
    Han/Leianess...I missed it! Thanks, LP, especially considering you have your own fic and the #2 savage to deal with.
  15. Bri_Windstar

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    May 27, 2002
    A booard totally dedicated to H/L *bounces and squees and JOINS* :D
  16. solojones

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    Sep 27, 2000
    We have an H/L index now?! :eek: Uh oh. I feel immense amounts of reading time coming on (and even less time to do my homework :p) Awesome! I'll have to check these out and make some submissions.

    Oh my word, was that... Yanksfan I spied?! :eek:

    [hl=darkgreen]-sj loves kevin spacey[/hl]
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    Looks great! It's good to see this back up and running again! :D
  18. HanLeiaFanficGuru

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    Mar 1, 2003

    And...the November update is up guys! Enjoy! [:D]
  19. Sara_Kenobi

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    Sep 21, 2000
    Yay, you're doing the challenges again! :D

  20. LadyPadme

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    Wingardium Leviosa!
  21. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002

    * oops! Forgot to swish and flick!

    Wingardium Leviosa!
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    Oct 18, 2004
    This thread is awesome!! I can't believe I missed it on my first pass through the topics, but then there's so much stuff here that your eyes can start to cross after a while. This is going to keep me busy for a while. :)

    P.S. Sorry--I didn't mean to be redundant!
  23. Izzie

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    Jan 21, 2001
  24. HanLeiaFanficGuru

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    Mar 1, 2003

    And...the December update is available for your viewing pleasure, folks! Enjoy!
  25. LadyPadme

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    Sep 26, 2002

    Just giving this a little boost :)
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