Saga The Bond [Qui-Gon/Shmi, Anakin AU] Chapter 15 2/15/13

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    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo : Actually, it's more of what happened with Tahl that makes him hesitant to go with the flow. His brush with the dark side rather shook him up... and yeah, the Living Force is doing a head desk right now. LOL

    benknobi1 : Yeah, my significant other is liking the side affects of me writing those Qui/Shmi scenes. [face_batting] I'm glad you like the ending. I was going to write a little more of them going over to Padme and having a little conversation between Shmi, Qui-Gon and the Queen, (it was written in my head) but when I came to that line I was like... no way am I gonna spoil that!

    earlybird-obi-wan : Thank you. Give the guy a break, will ya? He's a bit gun shy. :p [face_laugh]

    I forgot to mention that in the next few chapters, Shmi will not make an appearance aside from a cameo or two. However, I will be starting an AU Shmi diary that will take place during those chapters, and posting it beginning January 1, 2013.
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    Great and poignant update. :( I eagerly await the Shmi diary. @};-
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    Jade_eyes earlybird-obi-wan @bnkenobi1 CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Valairy Scot Zer0 Anime_Jedi

    Okay, now here's some action...

    Chapter 13:
    Dark Struggle

    Two days after leaving Naboo, Qui-Gon landed the small craft next to the ship his former master had come in. He sat quietly behind the controls with his eyes closed. He had considered landing in a different location and going to where his former Master was from an alternate entrance, but decided against that strategy. The Jedi could barely feel his bond with Anakin, but from what he did sense, the boy was fine. It was Dooku he perceived to be in danger. There was a dark cloud smothering the man’s spirit. His soul was drowning, and Qui-Gon had to act quickly, or he may lose both padawan and master.

    He reopened his eyes and moved with a purpose to the ship’s exit.


    “He is here,” Master Dooku announced softly to the boy. “Do you sense him?”

    “Yes, barely.” Anakin frowned as he asked, “What happened to my bond with him? It feels so weak.”

    “I dampened it.”


    He wanted me to sever it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. All will be restored soon, young one.” He gave the child what he hoped was a reassuring smile before issuing a stern warning, “You must not interfere with what goes on between Qui-Gon and me.”

    Anakin swallowed while nodding. “Yes, sir.”

    Dooku could sense the boy’s apprehension and concern on his behalf. I cannot let him fall into that Demon’s grip. Even as he thought of the Sith Lord, he heard his dark voice in his mind, Here he comes. Get ready to strike! The elderly Jedi reflexively placed his hand on his lightsaber as he saw Qui-Gon come into view.

    “It is good to see you, old friend,” Dooku greeted his former apprentice in a forced cordial tone. He fought the urge to draw his weapon, and slowly moved his hand away. Sweat broke out on his forehead, and he began to breathe heavily. You WILL kill him!No!

    Pain coursed through every nerve in his body, and he screamed in agony as he fell to his knees. He clenched his fists as he fought against the impulse to draw his lightsaber. He saw from the corner of his eye young Skywalker come to his side even as Qui-Gon rushed to him and knelt in front of him.

    “Master, what has happened to you?”

    “Get away from me,” he shouted in both anger and alarm.

    He was relieved when his former student quickly grabbed the boy and backed away. He rose a shaky finger, pointing to Anakin. “Keep him away from me. I don’t wish him to come to harm.”

    “Go back to the ship and wait for me there,” Qui-Gon ordered.

    “But...” the boy’s protest was cut off when his master grabbed both his shoulders, and his piercing blue eyes pinpointed the lad’s.

    “Do as I say!”

    Master Dooku watched the two closely as he released the pressure that had smothered their bond. The relief of both Jedi was palpable, and he smiled even though his own pain still wracked his body. He could tell the two of them were instantly communicating silently along their bond even though he was not privy to the conversation. Less than a half minute later, Anakin nodded, and Qui-Gon pulled the boy into an embrace.

    “Go now,” the later quickly ended the hug and gently nudged his charge in the direction of the exit. He then squared his broad shoulders as he faced Dooku.

    As the eldest Jedi watched the boy slowly walk to the exit, looking back at him and his master only once as he paused at the door, the pain ebbed. You can’t fight it. You must kill him or die. The last of the pain dissipated when Anakin left the room. Dooku stood and looked Qui-Gon in the eye. “You know what must be done,” he said as he drew his lightsaber and ignited it.


    “I won’t fight you,” Qui-Gon insisted as he put hands palms toward his former master. “Let me help you fight whatever has you in its thrall.”

    “You were always a fool!” Dooku rushed him and swung the green blade around in a horizontal slash towards the younger master’s waist. He knew his former student would easily dodge, and was quick to come on with another overhead, vertical strike which Qui-Gon sidestepped. “I warned you your compassion would bring about betrayal, but you’re too stubborn to listen!”

    Qui-Gon jumped over Dooku’s head to dodge a third sweep, drawing his saber as he landed behind the elder. His own blade thrummed to life just in time for him to block the next attack. The two men’s eyes locked as their blades crossed, the humming becoming loud as they each exerted their wills. “What happened to you, Master? Why must we fight?”

    “Kill me,” Dooku hissed. “It’s the only way to stop him!” At the final word, the older man Force pushed Qui-Gon away from him.

    Easily landing on his feet, Qui-Gon asked, “Who? Who did this to you?” The two men circled around the room, their gazes locked. “Is it the Sith Master? Who is he?”

    “Yes, it’s him!” Dooku screamed and doubled over at the waist as pain contorted his features.

    Qui-Gon swallowed as he slowly approached, his former master. He could sense the agony coursing through the man’s veins. It was as though he was on fire on the inside. Halfway there, he turned off his lightsaber. “We can fight him together,” he pleaded in a gentle voice, “let me help you.”

    “No, no, NO!” Dooku shouted as he sprang at him faster than the younger Jedi thought possible. “You don’t understand! The only way to help me is to kill me! It’s the only way I’ll be free!”

    The fury of his former master’s attacks surprised him, and Qui-Gon was forced to once more ignite his blade in defense. He realized the only way to stop this was to do what Dooku apparently wanted and kill him. He sensed his former master was not going to give him any other choice. Aware that his favored style of Ataru was weak against the other man’s Makashi form, he altered his moves to incorporate the defensive style of Soresu in an attempt to tire the elder and conserve his own energy. Perhaps I can disarm him instead.

    “What did he do to you?” Keep talking to me, Master, he willed the other man even as they continued to exchange blows, I may still be able to help you.Did he torture you?”

    “Yes,” Dooku’s baritone voice was dark, “like you have never experienced. He commands me, even now.”

    “You’re strong, Master. You can fight this.”


    “You don’t understand,” Dooku panted. “He not only tortured my body, deprived it of food and water, but he starved my soul from the Force as he tried to turn me. When I would not serve him willingly, he...”

    Once more, Dooku collapsed to his knees. Cease talking, fool, just KILL HIM! The compulsion was too strong. As he heard Qui-Gon rush towards him, he launched himself towards his former padawan. When he stopped fighting the urge to kill, greater strength suffused him. He cursed when the younger man dodged, narrowly missing being skewered.

    Dark power coursed through him as their blades clashed with satisfying electric hisses. The humming of the blades was a song and he danced the Makashi revelling in the power. Even so, he gave the warning that he knew would make Qui-Gon fight to the death. “If you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you and the boy will belong to him!”

    “No! Damn you!”

    The two men fought savagely. A surge of pride at his former student’s prowess made Dooku smile even as he fought against him. “He is an insidious man, Qui-Gon,” he laughed at his inside joke even as he slashed at his pupil’s legs when the younger Jedi leaped over his head. He was both relieved and angered that he missed. “He plays the benevolent leader even as he plots to destroy the Republic from within!”

    “Who is he?”

    The two continued to fight.

    “I can’t tell you,” Dooku replied as he fell to his knees, this time out of exhaustion. He brought his lightsaber up in a defensive pose as Qui-Gon raised his own humming blade over his head.

    “Master, no!” Just as the younger master’s weapon began its powerful decent, someone was suddenly between them. “You can’t!”

    Shock ran through Dooku as he saw Qui-Gon’s blade coming down toward Anakin’s head. He saw the younger man’s eyes widen.

    At the last second, the blade disappeared. Dooku also disengaged his weapon.

    “Damn it, Anakin!” Qui-Gon roughly pushed the boy aside and re-ignited his lightsaber, glaring at Dooku.

    I must stop this, now. I can’t let the boy come to harm. The elderly man, still on his knees, bowed his head. “There can only be one outcome.” He turned the hilt around in his grip. His hand shook as his finger moved to touch the fatal button.

    “No!” He heard both Anakin and Qui-Gon shout. There was a third voice as well that he did not recognize.

    Searing pain lanced through Dooku’s hand as his former Padawan’s blade sliced through both his hilt and fingers at the last possible moment. He forced back a scream as he held the now digitless palm in his other hand.

    “Master,” Qui-Gon cried as he knelt in front of Dooku, his own lightsaber now deactivated and at his belt.

    At the same time the elderly Jedi looked into his former Padawan’s eyes, he saw someone else. A ghostly visage of a woman whom he only saw once before on Qui-Gon’s ship a couple days before. Her eyes held compassion and understanding as her soft voice whom he now recognized as the third voice he’d heard a few moments ago, pleaded, “Please let them help you. You can overcome this evil.”

    The image faded, and as his gaze met the younger man’s, he wept.
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    Oooo intense! And once more Anakin disfigures Dooku, but at least it's not the whole hand or both. Poor Dooku.

    Very intense scene!

    This message brought to you by the letter S and by the letter W.
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    I think you need to re-read the passage... it wasn't Anakin who did it, it was Qui-Gon... or maybe I need to work on my wording in the action. [face_dunno]
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    Wow, Alexis! =D= Poignant update.
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    You're right. I was reading quickly (being rushed by family to go somewhere) and misread.

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    A great Dooku in this scene with Qui-Gon. Hope you will save him
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    :confused:Obi-Wan? When did I mention him?
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    Qui-Gon of course[face_blush]
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    [face_relieved]Whew, you had me thinking I was going crazy and had accidentally put in Obi-Wan instead of either Anakin or Qui-Gon somewhere in the chapter by accident. [:D] Don't be embarrassed. Everyone (including myself) has misread or miss-stated something at one time or another. I was just kind of worried when it happened twice by two different readers on the same chapter. [face_laugh]

    I've done that myself when I was reading a long chapter of someone else's fanfic, and I all of a sudden realized I had five minutes to get to the bus stop which is a 10-minute walk so I could get to work on time. :oops:
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    Wow such intensity

    very vivid this fic

    poor ani....:p
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    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Thanks, I was going for intense. I'm trying to work on action/fight scenes, as that is my weak spot in writing (that and building up the scenery... those chairs, beds, etc. tend to appear out of nowhere :p).

    Jade_eyes Thank you for your response. :)

    earlybird-obi-wan He's saved, but the worst of his injuries is to his mind and spirit which is harder to heal than those of the flesh.

    benknobi1 Yeah, I think poor Ani is gonna be seeing a green blade coming down on him in his nightmares for awhile. [face_tee_hee]


    Chapter 14
    Crystal Clear

    When his Master sent him to the ship, Anakin fully intended to obey. However, when he heard the heightened electrical sound of two lightsabers colliding, he couldn’t help it. He turned and went to the doorway. Keeping to the side of the wall in the corridor, he peeked around the portal’s frame and quietly watched.

    His brows knit together when he saw how Master Dooku was attacking Master Jinn. I thought he said he didn’t want to kill my Master. Anger at what he thought was betrayal quickly swelled within him. He tightened his fists as unwanted tears formed in his eyes. How could I be so stupid to believe him!

    Then he remembered something Obi-Wan had told him one time when he had come back from a mission. ‘Things aren’t always what they seem when you look only with your eyes.’

    Taking a deep breath then releasing it, Anakin let go of the anger and hurt he felt, then reached out into the Force as he watched. His eyes opened wide in surprise at what he saw. It was though Master Dooku’s body was a marionette being controlled by some dark phantom. He tried to make out who this spectre was, but the visage was too murky and insubstantial. It has to be the Sith Lord. I wish there was a way to cut those strings.

    As for Qui-Gon, the young Jedi could tell his Master was holding back, trying to tire the other in hopes to disarm him. That is until Master Dooku stopped fighting against his puppeteer and threatened to take Anakin to the Sith Lord once he’d killed Master Jinn.

    The boy could feel a rage come from his Master. It was like a force of nature, more fierce than any sandstorm on Tatooine. Seeing the usually calm and gentle Qui-Gon like this frightened Anakin more than anything he’d ever experienced. He could hardly breathe as his heart beat wildly.

    Then Master Dooku fell to his knees three yards from the doorway, and Master Jinn brought his lightsaber high over his head.

    In the future, Anakin wouldn’t remember shouting, “No!”

    He also would not remember taking any steps.

    He stood between the two men, looking up at his master, and knew he was about to die as the green blade came speeding down towards his head. In those few moments, so many thoughts filled his mind.

    This is a very stupid thing to do.

    I hope mom doesn’t find out how I died.

    Now I’ll never be a Jedi.

    You can’t kill him, Master!

    As he saw Qui-Gon’s eyes widen, and just as he felt the heat of the screaming lightsaber radiate onto his forehead, he sent his final thoughts to his Master, I love you. I forgive you.

    Then the blade disappeared.

    The boy barely had the chance to comprehend that at the very last moment, the lightsaber had been switched off when Master Jinn yelled, “Damn it, Anakin!” And he was shoved away. He grunted when his shoulder collided painfully against the wall.

    He turned to see Qui-Gon reignite the lightsaber and glower at Dooku. He shook his head and whispered, “No, please, no!”

    “There can be only one outcome,” the eldest Jedi’s deep voice sounded infinitely sad to the Padawan’s young ears.

    Then Count Dooku turned his lightsaber hilt towards himself.

    “No,” the boy yelled at the same time as his Master. But he could swear he heard his mother’s voice as well.

    Then Master Jinn sliced through Master Dooku’s lightsaber at the last possible moment. Sparks flew through the air from the now destroyed hilt as it and the older man’s fingers clattered to the floor.


    Tears sprang to Anakin’s eyes as he heard the anguish in Qui-Gon’s voice and the tall Jedi knelt before Dooku. Surely it was those tears that distorted his vision when he saw his mother also kneeling and talking to the elderly man. Or maybe I hit my head against the wall as well as my shoulder, and I’m seeing things.

    “Please, let them help you! You can overcome this evil!”

    He recognized her voice. It is her! Anakin didn’t understand how, but he knew with certainty his mom’s spirit was there. He could sense her in the Force. He barely whispered, “Mom?” Then she disappeared.

    His heart pounded as he quietly watched Master Jinn comfort Dooku. He took a deep breath to calm himself before going over to them. He took only a half step, however, when the eldest of the three Jedi yelled, “No!”

    Anakin’s eyes widened as his master was force pushed across the room, slamming into the wall several meters away. As the boy ran to his mentor, Dooku continued shouting, “You must keep your lightsaber from my reach! Even now he commands me!” He rose from his knees and quickly paced away from the door as he ended in a hoarse whisper, “I don’t know how long I can fight him.”

    When the youth reached Qui-Gon, he was bent over at the waist, breathing heavily. “Master, are you alright?”

    The man nodded as he raised to his full height. “Take this,” he ordered as he handed his lightsaber to Anakin. “Go to the ship, and hide it in a secure place. Do not tell either of us where it is.”

    “Yes, sir,” he stammered.

    “Anakin,” Qui-Gon said firmly as the boy turned to go. “This time, do exactly as I say!”

    The reprimand stung. “Yes, sir,” he answered once more in a hurt tone then walked briskly across the room, looking nervously over at Master Dooku.

    He saw Master Jinn walk parallel to his course, keeping himself between the other man and him. He thinks Master Dooku will try to take the lightsaber from me if I get too close. Seeing the elderly man’s dark gaze upon him, Anakin knew that would have been the case if Qui-Gon were not in the way. He swallowed as he went through the large archway, then started running down the corridor that led to the ship.

    Once he climbed the ramp, he looked around. He immediately ruled out locking the hilt in one of the storage units in the wall, as it was too obvious a place. As he struggled to think, the adrenaline levels from the recent activities lowered, and he became aware of a throbbing ache in his shoulder. He winced as he reached his hand up to massage the area, but determined it was just a bruise. It could be worse, he thought and shuddered as he envisioned the green blur of his master’s lightsaber coming down towards him. He looked down at Qui-Gon’s hilt in his trembling hand.

    “Focus, Ani,” he scolded himself. “You must find a place to hide this!”

    He closed his eyes as he took in a deep breath and slowly released it. A couple more deep breaths later, he felt calm enough to reopen his eyes and looked around once more. His eyes stopped on the first aid kit, and he smiled as an idea dawned.

    A few minutes later, he emerged from under the cockpit’s control console. That ought to do it. Satisfied, he replaced the tape back into the medi-kit and returned the tools he’d used to the toolkit. He then headed back out of the ship. He was about halfway to the large room where Masters Jinn and Dooku had fought when he felt the nudge from the Force.


    Qui-Gon cautiously placed the unconscious form of Dooku on the bed along the wall, then went to get the medi-kit. “Anakin,” he called as he returned to his former master’s bedside. He expertly cleaned and bandaged the elderly man’s hand.

    When he was finished doctoring the patient, he frowned. “Anakin, where are you?” A quick search of the ship informed him his Padawan was not onboard. Remaining calm, he reached out along their bond through the Force. What he sensed surprised him. The boy was in a state of concentration, searching for something. He sensed no danger, yet, the Jedi Master felt compelled to retrieve the youngster quickly.

    Looking over at Dooku’s still form, he shook his head. Even though the Jedi Master was in a deep healing trance, he could take no chance. He took two pair of stun-cuffs from one of the storage compartments and put one on the man’s wrists and secured the other around the ankles. He then tightly strapped his former master to the bed around the shoulders, waist and legs. He looked down at the frail form with sadness and regret. I’m sorry this is necessary.

    Qui-Gon then briefly contacted Kai Justiss, the Jedi Watchman in the Kashyyyk system before searching for his Padawan.

    Ten minutes found him in a cave system somewhere under the room he had struggled with Master Dooku. Growing on the rocky walls was a moss with bioluminescent properties. He came to a stop when he saw Anakin standing at a cavern entrance, staring at a small outcropping of rock. “Ani, what is it?”

    The boy looked around, startled. “I... I’m sorry, Master. I was drawn here.”

    Qui-Gon walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder as he glanced down at what had engrossed the lad. Embedded in the stony outcropping were colorless crystals of varying sizes. He raised an eyebrow at Anakin. “Taking up geology, are you?”

    Anakin laughed then shook his head as he frowned at the rocks. “No, sir. I... I think these would be good in my lightsaber.” Then he gasped and looked up at Qui-Gon.

    The Jedi Master chuckled. “You’re already keeping secrets from me?” He winked, hoping the boy understood he wasn’t angry.

    “I started gathering the parts I needed when I officially became a Jedi,” he admitted. “I have most of it together. The only things lacking are the focusing crystals.”

    “Crystals? Are you making more than one blade?”

    “No, but I saw a blueprint for a lightsaber that called for two that gives the blade more stability. I liked the design.”

    “You’ve done your research,” Qui-Gon remarked approvingly. “Did you bring something to break the rock?”

    The boy smiled sheepishly and scratched his head. “I didn’t know I was going to be doing this.”

    “Step back,” the older Jedi instructed. When Anakin quickly complied, he closed his eyes and gathered the Force into him, then quickly struck out with his fist with a loud kiai which echoed around the cavern. He opened his eyes as rocks clattered to the cave floor.

    “Wizard,” Anakin cheered in youthful exuberance. He grinned up at his Master who chuckled.

    “Gather what you need. We must go.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    Minutes later, they were back inside the ship. When Anakin had safely stowed the crystals in his pack, Qui-Gon instructed, “Plot a course for Kashyyyk.”

    The boy hesitated for only a moment before nodding. “Yes, sir.”

    Master Jinn nodded in approval at his Padawan’s obedience. He knew the boy was wondering why the destination was Kashyyyk and not Coruscant, but had complied without question. He checked on Dooku before following the youngster into the cockpit.


    Anakin was just putting the last of his calculations into the nav-computer when Qui-Gon settled his large frame into the co-pilot’s seat. The young Jedi double checked the settings before nodding to his Master. “The plot is laid in, sir.”

    “Then take off, please.”

    The boy stifled the questions that were barraging his consciousness as he obeyed. Once they were in hyperspace, he said, “We should arrive at Kashyyyk in four hours, Master.”


    When Qui-Gon glanced over at him, Anakin took a deep breath before asking the first question. “Sir, may I ask why we’re going to Kashyyyk and not Coruscant?”

    “You may.”

    The boy rolled his eyes at the teasing tone. “Why,” he asked slowly, “are we going to Kashyyyk?”

    Master Jinn smiled slightly before quickly sobering. “Before I helped him enter a healing trance, Master Dooku said that the Sith Lord not only put a Force compulsion upon him to kill me, but forbad him to go anywhere near the Jedi Temple. He tried going there anyway, and almost died in the attempt. So, we must meet a mind healer there before we can take him to the Temple.”

    Anakin sat quietly in thought after the explanation. “Master,” the boy’s voice was thoughtful as he finally broke the silence, “will he be alright?”

    The boy watched his mentor’s brow knit together in an expression of worry, then the large man sighed deeply as he shook his head. “I don’t know.”

    Not knowing what else to do, he reached out his small hand and placed it on Qui-Gon’s arm. He smiled slightly when the older man put his large hand on top of his and felt the warm connection grow as gratitude flowed from his Master.
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    I like this Anakin a lot. He's not the arrogant brat we see in the canon books. Even at 12 he was a brat. XD Guess the Master makes all the difference, no?

    It should have been duct tape! Duct tape fixes everything! Even Dooku's hand I bet! I swear, it does! :D
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    :D :) I love the tone of this update, it's warm and natural. [:D] Anakin's ready compliance and eager questions ;) and continued compassion for Dooku @};- Cool about the lightsaber building stuff
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    Love your Dooku and Anakin. They are more compassionate. A nice update
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    Awesome story. Would love an PM when this is updated :)
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    Nice update. :) It really felt like I was reading from Anakins' perspective.

    :eek: Force Ghosts of people that are still alive:p
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    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Yes, though it isn't shown (yet) in this story, Qui-Gon has been weary of Palpatine and has not let the man near Anakin. Oh, and who says that the medical tape in the GFFA isn't duct tape? :p

    Jade_eyes I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

    earlybird-obi-wan I hope you continue to like what I do with these characters.

    EGKenobi, you will be receiving a PM shortly.

    benknobi1 I prefer to call it a Force Spirit in this case, as the person has not crossed over into the afterlife. LOL

    Okay, this is a little shorter than usual.


    Chapter 15
    A Lesson of Love

    “Sir,” Anakin wondered, “where is my mother?”

    “I was supposed to contact her as soon as you were safe. Well, we’ll have to wait until we come out of hyperspace.”

    “Okay, but where is she?”

    “I took her to Naboo. She’s a guest at the royal palace.”

    His face lit up. “She’s with Padme?” His heart pounded at the thought of the beautiful queen. Then he quickly broke eye contact with Qui-Gon and looked away as he felt his cheeks warm with embarrassment. He knew marriage was forbidden to a Jedi, but still, he could not forget his certainty that he and the girl who he first took to be an Angel were destined to be together. There hadn’t been a day he did not think of her, if only briefly.

    “Yes, Anakin.” The boy could feel his Master’s eyes on him and braced himself for a lecture on attachments. “She’s safe now.”

    The strange tone in Qui-Gon’s voice and a sense of sad longing which trickled along their bond made Anakin glance over at his mentor. He thought about what he had seen transpire between his mother and Master on Tatooine. Every time he saw them talking to each other, or just sitting together in silence, it seemed to him there was a connection between them... then there was the visage of his mother’s spirit, tethered to his master’s, kneeling in front of Master Dooku. It was as though they not only belonged together, they were a part of each other. It seemed so natural, and it made him wonder why this part of the living Force should be denied.

    “There is no inherent evil in love, Anakin, but in our actions when those we care about are taken away.”

    The young Jedi swallowed as Master Jinn stood and left the cockpit. The boy detected weariness from him, and wondered if he should follow or stay put to give him some room. Then he heard Qui-Gon call to him, “Please join me, Padawan.” He rose quickly to obey.

    When he arrived in the main room, he saw Qui-Gon sitting next to the sleeping form of Master Dooku. There were dark circles under his eyes, and Anakin thought he looked so very weary... and old. It disquieted him. “Sir, are you alright?”

    The older Jedi smiled slightly, and even though he still looked tired, the weariness seemed to dissipate. “Come sit by me.”

    As the youth walked over to his master, he noticed C3P0 sitting in the corner where he’d left him almost a week ago. The droid was turned off, and appeared a forlorn figure, forgotten and discarded.


    Qui-Gon glanced over to where Anakin’s eyes had strayed and chuckled. “Your mother and I quite forgot about him. You were our main concern.”

    The boy nodded, then walked over to the side of the bed where Master Dooku was in repose. He placed a small hand over the elderly Jedi’s. “He was your concern as well.”

    Master Jinn nodded as the lad’s eyes met his. He could see a question forming in Anakin’s mind, and waited silently for it to come.

    “Sir, if mom is on Naboo, how did she appear in front of us after you stopped Master Dooku from killing himself,” he asked as he withdrew his hand from Dooku's then went to sit next to the large man, “and how did she know what was going on?”

    The older man sighed. This wasn’t a conversation he wanted to have just yet, but knew the question was inevitable. “Ani, your mother and I...” He stopped, not knowing how to explain what he and Shmi shared.

    “You have a bond. Kind of like the bond between you and me... except she isn’t your Padawan.”

    Qui-Gon felt a smile play upon his face and chuckled once more. The boy was so observant, and never questioned the possibilities others would scoff at or say was impossible. In his innocence, he saw things purely. What was, simply was. “Yes, a bond was formed.”

    “So,” Anakin said slowly, “she was able to see what was happening through your eyes, and when she saw Master Dooku almost kill himself, she cared enough that she appeared?”

    Qui-Gon looked down at his own fingers which were folded in his lap and silently nodded.

    “She loves you, you know.”


    “And you love her.”


    “And... well, what’s wrong with that?”

    Qui-Gon peered over at Anakin with a raised eyebrow.

    “I know it’s against the rules... no attachment... but I’m not sure I understand why. I mean, if the Force flows through all living things, families are the most natural thing. Why is love forbidden?”

    “Love in itself is not forbidden, Padawan. Attachment, and the problems that go along it, is what is strongly discouraged. There have been Jedi that fell to the dark side who let their passions lead to jealousy and hatred toward anyone who would come between them and the object or person they desired... be it by being a rival for their loved one’s attentions or harming them in some way.” His voice remained neutral while speaking.

    The boy studied the master’s face while listening, and remained silent for awhile afterwards in thought. “You’d never do something out of jealousy,” he finally said.

    “Never is a strong word, young one,” the older Jedi commented, but his eyes held slight amusement for a moment. “Though I’m not inclined to fits of jealous rage,” as he spoke, he closed his eyes and saw Tahl as she died in his arms several years ago, “it is conceivable I could go berserk if someone ever harmed anyone I cared about.” When he opened his eyes once more, he gazed intently at his apprentice. “Including you or your mother.” He looked over at the prone body of Master Dooku as he added in a tone that was just above a whisper, “I came close to it today.”

    He felt Anakin place his hand on his forearm, and when the boy didn’t say anything, he turned his head back to face his Padawan. “You didn’t though.”

    Qui-Gon slipped his arm from Anakin’s light grip and cupped the boy’s cheek in his large calloused hand. He couldn’t say anything, but let the image of seeing his own blade coming down towards the boy’s head, and the sheer horror that accompanied the visage, flow through their bond. Only because you stopped me. I would have killed him before letting him take you to the Sith lord. He felt hot tears slowly make their way down his cheek just before Anakin’s arms swiftly made their way around his waist. He accepted the boy’s embrace and encircled his slender shoulders in his strong arms.

    Feeling Anakin flinch slightly, he suddenly remembered how he had shoved the boy while facing Dooku. He pulled away and said in a hoarse voice, “I hurt you.” He called upon the Force as he touched his Padawan’s shoulder, even as the lad said that he was fine, just bruised. He sensed the youth’s relief as the healing flowed through his fingertips into the contused area.

    Moments later, Anakin tested the joint by circling the shoulder back and forth and raising his arm up and down. The boy smiled gratefully up at his master. “Thanks!”

    Qui-Gon smiled fondly in return. “You’re welcome.” Then he added, “Please, for my sanity, never put yourself in front of my blade again.”

    “Never is a strong word, Master.”

    Though Anakin had a lopsided grin on his face, the older Jedi felt the boy’s agreement through their link in the Force. Together, the two laughed as they embraced each other once more.
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    earlybird-obi-wan Things will certainly get interesting. [face_mischief]

    benknobi1 Yeah, even in cannon, Tahl dies before TPM.

    NOTE: A big thanks to Jade_eyes for beta'ing this chapter. Any mistakes/typos/gaffes are all my fault.


    Chapter 16

    Anakin’s eyes widened as he piloted the ship lower into Kashyyyk’s atmosphere. Though he had strongly sensed the living Force coursing through him when they came into the planet’s orbit, nothing could have prepared him for seeing the vast forests spread over most of the continent they were approaching. “Those trees... they’re like the skyscrapers on Coruscant... only living!” His voice was full of awe.

    “Just don’t forget to stick to the course. That forest is not the best place to get lost in.”

    Qui-Gon’s admonishment was lightened by the gentle amusement the youth felt rippling along their bond, and the boy smiled even as he checked his instruments. He nodded, satisfied that they had not strayed even a fraction off their intended route to the spaceport. The sun was starting to set as they approached the landing platform, and the waning light made the shadows of those who were waiting for them to land stretch well across the smooth area.

    “You have a kroyie approaching you from the side,” a voice announced over the radio.

    “What’s a kro...” Anakin’s question was cut short when he heard a thump on the top of the small ship and a head appeared upside down in front of the viewport, blocking Anakin’s line of sight to the platform. The lad instinctively pulled up and to the left to avoid a possible crash landing.

    The head tilted left and right as golden eyes surveyed them in curiosity. A large, rounded beak opened wide and encompassed the viewport as a gray tongue explored the transparisteel.

    That, is a kroyie,” Qui-Gon answered calmly.

    A chuckle came over the radio. “She’s mad about you.”

    Anakin steered the craft left then quickly jinked to the right, successfully making the inquisitive avian launch away from the craft with a loud squawk and lose some feathers. “I didn’t harm her, did I,” he asked anxiously.

    “No, she’s flying back to her roost.” Qui-Gon pointed out the starboard side of the viewport.
    Following Master Jinn’s direction, Anakin saw the large bird flying toward a wroshyr tree and sighed with relief even as he guided the ship back toward the landing pad. He expertly guided the craft down into a smooth landing.


    As Anakin powered down the engine, Qui-Gon made his way aft and lowered the ramp to let aboard the four beings that were waiting on the landing platform.

    The first to reach the ramp was an angular man wearing traditional Jedi garb. He paused as he looked up at his fellow Jedi and asked, “Permission to come on board, Master Jinn?”

    Qui-Gon chuckled. “Only if you drop the formality, Kai. I heard you made the rank of Master before they assigned you as Watchman here in the Kashyyyk system.”

    “Old habits are hard to break.” The younger master grinned sheepishly as he climbed. He was followed by three Wookies, and once they were at the top, he introduced the one carrying a pouch with a medical symbol on it. “This is Doctor Myykalakkwen. You may remember she was a student at the Temple with a propensity for healing.”

    Before Master Justiss finished his sentence, the Wookiee embraced Qui-Gon with what would sound to the uninitiated to Shyriiwook like a few barks and soft grunts.

    “Indeed I do. I missed you too, old friend.” He pulled away. Gesturing toward where Master Dooku was lying unconscious and still strapped to the bed as he said, “Unfortunately catching up will have to wait.”

    The doctor then instructed the two other Wookiees who were guiding a hover-stretcher between them. All three Kashyyyk natives had to bend over to keep their heads from hitting the ceiling as they transferred the patient to the floating cot and strapped him on for safety.

    Qui-Gon saw Anakin come out of the cockpit and nodded to the boy as he said, “Come, let’s get out of their way.” He led Kai Justiss and his Padawan down the ramp.

    “That was some fine flying you did when that kroyie tried mating with your ship,” the Jedi Watchman commented with an amused air.

    Placing a hand on the youth’s shoulder, Master Jinn replied, “That was all Anakin.”

    “Well, that explains it.” Kai looked approvingly at the boy. “That maneuver would be child’s play for the Hero of Naboo.”

    Anakin blushed, and avoided eye contact by studiously looking where his feet were going down the ramp, and Qui-Gon could sense his embarrassment flow through their bond. “I just did what needed doing,” he replied quietly as the Master gently squeezed his shoulder, “then and now.”

    They were at the bottom of the ramp when the young Master said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

    Anakin looked up at him and smiled. “It’s okay, sir. I just don’t like being called a hero for something just happened as an accident.”

    “Anything that happens within the Force is no accident, young Skywalker.”

    There was movement at the top of the ramp, and the three Jedi looked up to see the two male Wookiees guiding the hover-stretcher down with Dr. Myykalakkwen trailing behind them.

    “What happened to Master Dooku,” Kai quietly asked Qui-Gon.

    “He was tortured by a Sith Lord,” Master Jinn answered. He heard the shakiness in his own voice and took a deep breath and slowly released it along with the anxiety that had risen inside him. At the same time he felt Anakin’s small hand clasp his own, he perceived the boy reaching to him through their bond, sending both his shared concern and a reassuring faith that all will be well. His large fingers gently enclosed his Padawan’s as they watched Count Dooku’s still form pass by on the stretcher.

    A large, furry palm lay heavily on Qui-Gon’s shoulders. <<He and I need your presence in the healing.>>

    The master nodded to his old friend.

    “May I help, too?”

    Dr. Myykalakkwen tilted her head to one side as she looked down at Anakin. <<You understand ‘Wookieespeak’?>> There was amusement in her voice when she used the Shyriiwook equivalent of what non-natives called the Wookiee language.

    “He understands through our bond,” Qui-Gon answered for him. “And no," he added in a stern tone as he looked down at Anakin, "you will stay with Master Justiss during the healing."


    ‘No,’ the message was sent along their connection more forcefully than he’d intended. He knelt down in front of his Padawan and placed his hands on the youth’s shoulders. ‘You aren’t ready for this yet.’ Anakin lowered his gaze down to a space between their feet and Qui-Gon gently put a finger under the boy’s chin and lifted it so their eyes met. ‘Back in the hospital on Tatooine, you asked me if it was okay if you told me you loved me. Remember?’ He sensed Anakin’s affirmation and continued, ‘The answer is yes... and I love you too.’

    “Then let me help,” the boy pleaded.

    “Ani, don’t argue with me on this,” he heard the harshness in his voice and saw the boy wince, but did not soften his resolve. “You will do as I say.”

    “Yes, sir,” Anakin said in a dejected tone and his shoulders slumped in defeat.

    Guilt stabbed Qui-Gon’s heart, but he did not try to comfort the boy. He stood and turned toward Dr. Myykalakkwen who was looking at him with an intense expression on her face.

    <<I will need the boy as well. >>

    “No,” Master Jinn said firmly. The Wookiee only stared him in the eye, unblinking. Sweat broke out on the Jedi’s forehead even though there was a cool breeze in the early autumn air. Suddenly, Qui-Gon looked away and back down at Anakin. “Fine, you will help.” He looked back up at his old friend with an expression that said, ‘are you happy now?’

    <<Come with me then.>> She turned and led the way as though there were no confrontation between them.

    About fifteen minutes later, Master Jinn, Anakin and the doctor were in a room that seemed to be a very large cave-like room within a tree. The illusion was not far from the truth. Qui-Gon felt the life within the wroshyr tree that housed the hospital. It coursed around him, and he embraced it as part of the Living Force. Completing the organic feel, the room was lit by bioluminescent fungi interspersed upon the ceiling and walls. Both the wood and fungi exuded their individual aromas which fused to produce a curious combination of calm and alertness. He sat to the right of the bed his former Master lay prone upon. Anakin sat across from him, and the Wookiee doctor was seated at the head of the bed.

    After examining the patient through the Force, she gazed first at her old friend then at the young Padawan. <<He has been tortured in mind as well as body. The affliction of his psyche is preventing him from physical healing.>> Her eyes met those of Qui-Gon’s and held them fast. <<You have taken on part of his torment so he could enter the trance.>>

    Master Jinn heard Anakin gasp, and he tore his eyes from Myykalakkwen’s gaze. “It is why I told you not to tell either of us where you hid the lightsaber,” he explained in a gentle tone. And is also why I didn’t want you to help, he thought, I don’t want you to see even a fraction of this horror.

    “Can you sense... do you know who did this to him?”

    Qui-Gon shook his head. “That part was too well hidden.” Even if he didn’t see the alarm written all over Anakin’s face, he could sense it through their connection. “It will be over soon.”
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    Love your new characters