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    Title: The Bounty
    Author(s): MartyAvidianus
    Timeframe: Legend ABY 42 / Pre Episode 8
    Characters: Tahiri Veila, Ben Skywalker, Legend OC, Kylo Ren
    Genre: Action
    Keywords: Bounty Hunter, Tahiri Veila, Ben/Tahiri, OC.
    Summary: Bounty Hunter Tahiri Veila is hot on the trail of her latest quarry.


    Latest Chapter (August 21, 2017). Chapter 18 Hamelie Mintensega


    Chapter 1 Tahiri Veila

    Chapter 2 Ben Skywalker

    Chapter 3 Snoke

    Chapter 4 and 5 Tahiri Veila and Ben Skywalker

    Chapter 6 Eline Stocker

    Chapter 7 Tahiri Veila

    Chapter 8 Hamelie Mintensega

    Chapter 9 Natasi Daala

    Chapter 10 Kylo Ren

    Chapter 11 Tahiri Veila

    Chapter 12 Lees Cazedio

    Chapter 13 SC-91

    Chapter 14 Han Solo

    Chapter 15 Lando Calrissian

    Chapter 16 Ben Skywalker

    Chapter 17 Wynette Nierre

    Chapter 18 Hamelie Mintensega

    Chapter I Tahiri Veila

    Tahiri Veila sat in a booth in the Blue Nexu cantina, and started watching the only exit slash entrance. Two hours and a string of correlian spiced whiskeys later, her latest quarry came in.

    A big male Klatooinian sat in front of a young brunette human woman in an adjacent booth and put a brown bag on the table. Tahiri listened in on their conversation.

    “Gahk.” The women started the conversation.

    “It’s all there, Lees. Now, tell me where she is!”

    Lees grabbed the brown bag and emptied its content. Various scripts fell out until the entire table was covered in credits. The woman started counting them individually, while Gahk and various other patrons of the cantina looked on, incredulous.

    “I can assure you it’s all there.” Gahk said. Lees stopped counting, put up her right index finger for a moment, and started counting again.

    After what felt like forever, Lees said, “541 duggats, 1 million creds, 6 aurodiums, and 10 thousand wupiupi. Lees stopped counting, and said, you are short 1 duggat.”

    Gahk muttered and put his hand in his pocket and dropped another coin on the table.

    Lees accepted the script and said to the Klatooinian, “Your daughter is being held in a compound, address 171 Korossian Road, 192 district. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” the brunette stood up.

    Tahiri also stood up. Lees Cazedio, Gahk, you are coming with me!”

    Lees promptly put her hands into a pocket on her red business suit, when they reappeared there was a slug thrower in them. After a deafening sound, Gahk the Klatooinian’s head was on the table, his mouth in an o shape, as if trying to eat a few galactic credits. His body didn’t move.

    Lees ran.

    Tahiri didn’t believe Lees Cazedio, embezzler, kidnapper, and assassin, would actually kidnap her own partner’s kid, and end up killing him. She held out her hand, there was a grunt outside the cantina.

    When Tahiri walked out of the cantina on her bare feet, she found Lees unconscious in the sand, a red round shape in the center of her forehead. A steel pipe was lying on the ground. Tahiri kicked the women on her side, breaking a couple of ribs. Lees screamed before passing out again.

    Inside the Cantina, Gahk’s body was still frozen on the table in his booth. All of the creds were gone though, and the patrons pretended to not know where they went, and Tahiri pretended to believe them. Sighing, she used the Force to lift the heavy Klatooinian outside, and laid the body beside the living human.

    “I’m here to collect on Lees Cazedio and Gahk’s bounty.” Tahiri told the twilek behind the counter.

    “5000 galactic credit. The twilek pushed a few buttons on his terminal, and Tahiri saw the same amount on her handheld. “The bounty was 15000!”

    “5000 for the human. 10000 for the Klatooinian. He’s dead. 5000 only.”

    “Mhhh” Grunted Lees, standing behind Tahiri, bound, her mouth frozen shut by the Force.

    “The bounty said dead or alive, so 15000.” Tahiri said.

    “Read the fine print.” Dead or alive in the case of this bounty actually have some conditions. Paragraph 14 dash 8. subsentence 9 “in the event of death, body of Gahk must not have any exterior wound.” the twilek pointed to the corpse, “there is a big hole where his throat is supposed ta--”

    The twilek’s throat contracted, and Tahiri had to stop herself. The Dark Side again, easily they flow... Tahiri breathed, calm. More grunts, and the former Jedi didn’t know if it was her or the bound woman behind her.

    “Here you go,” Tahiri sighed, handing over the woman. Lees gasped for breath, then screamed, “NO! Please don’t! You don’t understand!. NO!” The twilek pushed a few more buttons and two B2 super battle droids came out of doors, each holding one of Lees’ hands.

    “Nice doing business with you.” The Twilek said, “Here, I had no choice regarding the dead Klatooine, but here is another opportunity for you.” A new bounty came up in Tahiri Veila’s handheld. “It just came in.”

    Seven Million Trugut.

    Wanted Dead.

    Ben Skywalker


    Considered Dangerous.

    Proof Of Death needed.

    Please send body to First Order


    Good Luck. ​

    Tahiri looked her handheld for sometime.

    “Just a second ma’am.” The twilek said to Tahiri. “I just got another one, I might as well give the info to you now. Let’s see. Ah yes.” He pushed a few more buttons. Tahiri’s handheld emitted loud sounds, indicating multiple attempts at connection. The twilek continued to mumble to himself “I believe... yes. NOW!” A protection field formed itself between Tahiri and the twilek. five more B2 droids came out of doors, each holding either a correlian blaster or a slug thrower, and all of them pointed toward Tahiri. The two droids holding Lees let her go, and started toward Tahiri instead, their bare hands held outward, the center of which lit up red.

    Tahiri unhooked her lightsaber from her belt and activated it. Just as she did so, something else rolled into the room. An Old Republic era droideka activated its shield and its blaster started flashing, in seconds it was all Tahiri could do to deflect its attack.

    I’m going to regret this. Thought Tahiri. She let anger and fear flow through herself and a B2 droid, closeset to Lees exploded. The slug thrower it held landed neatly in Lees hand. Lees started shooting.

    Two minutes after the initial attack, only one B2 droid remained, however, the droideka was still active, rolling all over the place, attacking. Lees moaned on the floor, bleeding from a hole where Tahiri kicked her before.

    Tahiri, still using her anger, started to choke the twilek. Even as the former Jedi felt the last breath leaving the twilek, The droideka continued to blast. One of its blast went through Tahiri’s defenses.[/url]
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    Ohh... great start!!
    I love the idea of Tahiri being a bounty hunter as I could see that happening. I always found Tahiri such a tragic character, but that made her interesting. I wonder what she'll do when she finds Ben. My first reaction when I saw Ben had a bounty on him was "No.. not my Ben!" and then immediately wondered why he has it.

    It looks like you are going to have this mostly in Legends but some canon as well?? That should be fun with these characters!

    I look forward to more!
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    Thanks for dropping by Mav.
    Yes. Majority of the action fic will take place in Legends circa 42 (some weeks/months post LOTF and before FOTJ). There will be Canon characters showing up.

    Maybe I will include a Dramatis Personae as they are introduced.

    From Legend Circa 42 ABY

    Tahiri Veila -- Female Human, Former Jedi, Bounty Hunter

    Gahk -- Male -- Klatooinian, Embezzler and Assassin (OC) CGI Dwayne Johnson

    Lady Lees Cazedio -- Female Human, Embezzler, Kidnapper, and Assassin (OC) Phoebe Tonkin

    Ben Skywalker; -- Male Human, Jedi Knight

    Tor Lahim; -- Male Human, Jedi Master (OC) Nathel Buzolic

    Eline Stocker -- Human Female, Coruscant Command Center Lieutenant (OC) Gong Li

    Serrax -- Bothan Male, Coruscant Command Center Personnel. (OC) CGI Roger Cross

    Mort -- Twi'lek Male, Coruscant Command Center Personnel (OC) CGI Dule Hill

    Jysella -- Human Female, Coruscant Command center Personnel (OC) Dominique Provost-Chalkley

    Natasi Daala -- Female Human, Chief of State, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Admiral of the Empire

    Darek Suma -- Male Human, Security Chief of the Huntress (OC) Sean Bean

    Catalina Zell -- Female Human, Captain of the Huntress (OC) Zooey Deschanel

    Cerdic Zimpmann -- Male Human, Chief Engineer of the Huntress (OC) Danny Trejo

    SC-91 -- Male Human, Stormtrooper serving on the Huntress. El Certer's fiance (OC) Shia LaBeouf

    El Certer -- Female Fleet Officer serving on the Huntress. SC-91's fiancee (OC) Allison Mack

    From New Disney EU Circa 30 ABY

    Shoto Girl, Honor Tur-Hazy; -- Female Human, (OC) Elle Fanning

    Bald Woman, Tionne -- Female Human, Judi Dench

    Snoke -- Unknown Gender, Unknown species, Supreme Leader of the First Order

    Hazani -- Female Human, Grand Admiral of the First Order (OC) Tilda Swinton

    Fett -- Mandalorian, Bounty Hunter (OC)

    Cad Bane -- Male Duros, Bounty Hunter

    Hutei -- Human Male, General in The First Order. Combined Arms division. Serving on the Razor's Kiss (OC) Terry Chen

    Hamelie Mintensega -- Human Female, Grand Admiral in the First Order, Command officer of the Razor's Kiss (OC) Frances Fisher

    Dis'Haishu'lina -- Chiss Male, Security Chief of the Razor's Kiss (OC) Matt Ryan

    Official OC Policy.
    Fellow fanficcers are allowed and encouraged to use my OCs, but please do not kill them off without express permission
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    Chapter II Ben Skywalker

    The gigantic enemy ship dropped out of hyperspace and immediately fired , The huge ship let loose a broadside of laser fire. Ben Skywalker was on the bridge of Sliding Panda when the main power went offline.

    “Master Lahim!” Ben Skywalker called out, “are you all right?” Ben knew the Jedi master was in the sleeping quarters, but he could not raise him on the comms. Everything is black. Ben tried again.

    No response.

    Ben tried to remember the steps to cut into auxiliary power in case of engine failure. Step One the red button. Two, find key put into slot that says power line one, turn counterclockwise five times. Three...The Panda shook violently. The gravity went out.

    Ben used the Force to hold his feet on what he thought of as the ground. The key floated past his vision.

    What was supposed to be a simple sightseeing and discovery mission was quickly turning out to be a nightmare. After reports of a possible Jedi sighting on Jakku, his father sent Master Lahim, a newly minted Jedi Master on a reconnaissance mission. His father the Grand Master must have sensed Ben was still occasionally feeling melancholy over his mother, felt it was a good idea to send Ben away from the temple on Coruscant.

    Ben met Tor Lahim on landing pad 14 at 0600 Galactic Standard Time and left Coruscant 15 minutes later. Two days later they were just orbiting Jakku and haven’t even landed before being attacked.

    By a kriffing dreadnought. Ben had never seen such a monstrosity. Only in auntie Winter’s old stories had such a huge monster appeared. But it was no legend firing on them, it was the real thing. And it just fired a broadside. The bridge of the Sliding Panda spun in front of Ben’s eyes.

    He had to get to the engine room for the final step. Ben, with the help of the Force walked slowly as debris flowed past. He was just steps away from the engine room door when he heard the lightsaber. He dodged and watched as a line of red flashed past. Tresses of red string started blinding Ben before he figured out it was his own hair. The lightsaber hummed. Getting louder by the second.

    “Down!” a deep voice was in Ben’s ears. He obeyed instantly as the sound of lightsabers striking each other reverberated in the corridor. Ben crawled forward toward Master Lahim and standing up only after hearing a huge crash.

    The engine room door was just gone. In its place was shreds and bits of durasteel. Bits of what must have been the door only a few seconds earlier flew everywhere. In the center of the maelstrom, a black shadow launched itself at Ben. A tip of red was at its head. The lightsaber at Ben’s side flew from his belt and activated with a snap hiss, and only the speed of which it did saved Ben from being becoming a human pincushion.

    Ben blinked, In front of him stood a thin figure all in black, taller than him by an razor’s edge. In the right hand was a light shoto, he didn’t have a left hand, instead it was a hook. As Ben tensed for battle, the figure advanced, the shoto’s humming was deafening, and the enemy’s hook was moving in such a way as if painting a picture. Ben developed a migraine looking at it.

    With a shriek the figure started trying to poke Ben’s abdomen with the shoto. He dodged like an eel and the enemy missed by microns and the shoto cut into the bulkhead.

    Ben heard a grunt nearby. Lahim was fighting his own battle with a bald woman, also clad in black. Neither Lahim nor the woman had the advantage.

    While Ben was thinking about Lahim’s situation, Shoto man’s hook grazed into Ben’s shoulder. The enemy grunted with effort as he tried to cut a piece of flesh from Ben’s body. Ben headbutted the shoto man, which appeared to daze him. In any case he was five feet from Ben now, having been Force pushed. Shoto man limped slowly toward the engine room, his mask lay askew, and Ben’s saw for the first time that shoto man was actually a girl, auburn tresses escaping from the side of her grotesque facade.

    Ben gasped with effort for more oxygen. Tor Lahim’s fight with the bald woman seem to also have ended. Turning to look at Master Lahim, Ben noticed a bald head, decapitated by the Master’s feet.

    Lahim was standing near the wall in the crossidor, his magnetic boots powered on. He gestured toward the engine room with his yellow lightsaber, “our friend is still in there.”

    The Jedi advanced into the engine room. Sitting by on the far side with a her right leg stretched and left side in a parody of Jedi meditation position, was shoto girl. She had taken the mask off entirely, it laid on her chest, which moved quickly up and down with each of shoto girl’s shallow breaths. Ben closed the distance and took the helmet off the body. Shoto girl resisted, her hook moved toward Ben, who held her helmet. But before she could reach the helmet she moaned and her eyes shut themselves. They didn’t open again. Kriff.

    “What do we do?” Ben asked Master Lahim.

    “What we must, even though she’s obviously a Sith, we Jedi cannot leave her to die. Killing the unarmed is not our way.”

    “But Master!” Ben protested. “She almost killed me!”

    “It is your anger talking.” Lahim said, “Ask yourself what the Grand Master would do.”

    “He would help her.”

    Yes, We must do what we can, little enough that it may be.” Lahim said, pointing to a utility box, “strap her down while I get the auxiliary power online.”

    While Ben worked on the unconscious girl, Master Lahim managed to get the auxiliary power up online, an orange tinted light filled the room, the gravity returned.

    “The shooting seem to have stopped. Let’s go to the bri”. Lahim said. He was interrupted by a gruff male voice. It was in Bocce.

    “[We know you are in there. You are outnumbered and surrounded. Just surrender and make it easier for everyone].”

    “Who are you?” Ben replied in Basic.

    “[Dead or alive you are going to make us rich!]”

    In response three thermal detonator rolled into the room. Or tried to. They reversed course as soon as they came into the engine room. Seconds later explosions were heard. There were no time to celebrate however, as a large irregular hole was sucking air and anything near. Screams were momentarily heard, then silence.

    A force field must have held, or I would be dead, Ben thought.

    The ship rocked again, and again, and again.

    The floor bucked and an entire boulder came off. The straps came off violently as the unconscious intruder was throne into the air and began to float away. Ben used the Force to lift her toward him and then held her with his hands.


    “Master Lahim?”

    “We are going to crash. Hold on, Kid, hold on!”
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    Great update!

    Auntie Winter [face_love]

    I really enjoyed seeing Ben with a Master other than Luke. Not that I don't love Luke, but I've always felt it would be a good idea for Ben to have someone else.
    The fight scene was great, I thought it was the perfect length and I could really see it taking place in my mind. Master Lahim seems like he's good for Ben.

    I look forward to more!
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    Thanks for continue reading and reviewing mav!

    I hope everyone enjoyed the 2 chapters above!

    So, in honor of 40th anniversary of Star Wars, I am releasing a bonus chapter 3 today, Thursday May 25, 2017.

    Here it is!

    Chapter III Snoke

    Snoke sat on his throne and adjusted the holo projector to make sure he had the optimal resolution.

    “Repor—Who the hell are you?! Where is your master?”

    “Forgive me, Supreme Leader, but we cannot find Master Ren. He is missing. His last communication was made on the Razor’s Kiss” a knight of Ren knelt before Snoke.

    FIND HIM!” Snoke said. The knight flew away on the holoprojector, the same time the connection was lost.

    Veins bulging from the anger, Snoke adjusted his mask, and faced the holoprojector once more.

    “Admiral Hazani.” The hologram of a thin woman in white uniform appeared and saluted Snoke.

    “What news, admiral? Snoke asked.

    “We have lost almost all of our ground forces on Starkiller base, Supreme Leader. We were able to find Captain Phasma. She survived in a tra-- well, she lost her left eye, Supreme Leader.” Hazani said.

    “Hm...”Snoke said displeased, “Continue with your report. I sense you have something else to tell me.”

    “Well, Supreme leader, the thing is”, Hazani gulped, “since you felt the disturbance, and diverted the Razor’s Kiss to Starkiller base along with the Hamm. Supreme Leader, only the carrier made arrived at the ruin of the Starkiller base. We have a command ship missing.”

    “I see.” Snoke almost choked, “How did this happen?”

    “We don’t know, Supreme Leader. The last time we had contact was right before it left dock with those bounty hunter scums on board.”

    “And any update on our bounty hunter friends?” Snoke continued.

    “We found the remains of an escape pod drifting near the star system where the Starkiller base was located, but the log box is completely missing, and we found a man in a coma inside. He had an ID that identified him as Cad Bane, bounty hunter. How and why he was on the pod is unknown at this time. According to our record Bane was not a part of the bounty hunter contingency on the Razor’s Kiss.”

    “Continue, Admiral” Snoke said.

    “He is currently being held in the Kapazil Nine prison hospital, being taken care of with our special mothod.”


    On another matter, Supreme Leader, we have found another five potentials across the galaxy, supreme leader. Only one of them refused to join us. She died running like a coward, supreme leader.”

    “Hm. Bring the new recruits to me personally admiral. I look forward to start their training.”

    “Yes. Supreme Leader.”

    “Another thing, FIND that command ship Admiral. For your sake I hope you find it soon.”

    “I understand, Supreme Leader.”

    “Don’t fail me again.”

    “Supreme Leader.”

    Snoke closed the connection. Another connection came. He would need to adjust his mask again, it’s mighty irritating his skin. Snoke adjusted the projector again, and the connection was in the green.

    Instead of a knight of Ren, it was an officer in the depot department this time.

    “Your Eminence, It is an honor. How may we at the Kapazil 9 Special division be of service to you today?”

    “You have a patient from the escape pod” Snoke looking at the man in the holoprojector. Prisoner A713B?

    “We do,” The officer said. “A Cad Bane.”

    “Where is he now?” Snoke asked.

    “One moment, Supreme Leader.” The officer raised his head, “He was executed by blaster squad, per your order, Your Eminence,”

    “What do you mean executed?! I GAVE NO SUCH ORDER!”

    “But Your Eminence, I have the order right here. It says to execute prisoner A713B without delay, at first priority. It bears your personal seal. Here, Your Eminence.”

    “You fool.” Snoke glanced at the terminal in front of him. “It’s obviously a forgery!”

    But it was indeed his personal seal, the genuine article. Something is definitely amiss. Could the resistance have infiltrated the Front Order?

    “What is your name, Officer?”

    Officer Khai. Deputy warden here at Kapazil 9, Supreme Leader.

    Any relation to Lahka Khai, Knight of Ren?

    “My wife, your Emienence, yes indeed, she serves as a knight of Ren on the Razor’s kiss.” The officer continued, we are expecting our first d--”

    Snoke had already closed the connection. He opened another.


    “Who are you supposed to be today?” The man in the mandalorian armor asked.
    “This is Supreme Leader Snoke,” Snoke said, “Show some respect, bounty hunter.”

    “I need you to go to the Kapazil system. Your usual rate, of course.”

    “Of course.”

    Snoke took off his mask. Without the irritant he could finally he go to sleep.

    But who killed Bane, and why? And where is Ben Solo? Was he on the Razor’s Kiss? Did the command ship pick him up before disappering? How is everything connected?
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    Wow, you've got a line-up of characters. This is intriguing. I noticed that you say its Ben/Tahiri. Now I'm wondering which Ben. Skywalker or Solo.
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    ZaraValinor! Hey! Glad you could join me in this adventure! And thank you for taking the time to respond! Yes, figuring which B/T it is should be half the fun...

    Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this fic! So Chapter 4 is a bit short, so I decided to post Chapter 5 with it! See all of you Monday Next!

    Chapter IV Tahiri Veilia

    There was pain where the blaster bolt hit Tahiri. The droideka advanced quickly, pressing its advantage. Moving like a lightning speed pillbug, it’s dual arms pumped with green bolts of death toward her. Tahiri’s arms moved faster than she thought possible to deflect them. The Force flowed through her, yet she was calm. She hasn’t felt calm like this in a long time.

    Suddenly a strings of sonic booms sounded near the building. The heat was overwhelming, everyone and everything was either off the ground or on its way to the ceiling.

    The whole building shook. It’s no earthquake, but it feels like it’s happening right now on Jakku. Tahiri was actually grateful. Giant boulders came crashing down on the droideka. The droideka dodged the biggest boulder, but it was right on top of Tahiri now.

    The two weapons arms were still pumping none stop, but no blaster bolt came out of them. Moments later anothe part of the building crashed toward them. Tahiri used Force push to move it tactically. It succeeded in taking the droideka’s eyes clean off as well as part of it’s head. The projectile went on its way to crush the dead twilek’s corpse.

    Blind, the droideka rolled away.

    Tahiri was able to open her left eye, but her right stubbornly refused to move. The world swam, when it stabilized, she realized a half of a dead roly poly droideka was holding her fast to the floor. They were the only thing keeping Tahiri alive. Gingerly crawling out from bottom of the giant dead droid, Tahiri stood up. It wasn’t an earthquake, an entire side of the building was gone, in its place was the remains of a kind of pleasure yacht.

    The entire scene in front of her was burning.

    Her erstwhile bounty was still on the floor, miraculously untouched by the crash, and the droideka battle that almost killed Tahiri. Lees wasn’t moving. Probably dead.

    Tahiri took stock. Her lightsaber was nowhere to be found. Her greenish bounty hunter attire was frayed in more of a couple of places. She was going to have to favour one legs for the time being, and her right hand throbbed. But she was otherwise unhurt. Honestly she enjoyed the experience. She hasn’t felt such pain since before she became a bounty hunter. It was a feeling to be savoured. Or maybe it’s the Dark Side talking, but Tahiri decided it was more likely the Vong inside her. She sighed, and walked

    She found what was left of the main airlock. Actually where the main airlock was supposed to be, was just a giant, irregular shaped hole now. She entered the yacht.

    The bridge was gone, twisted into something else. Someone was definitely inside when the whole thing decided to transform. She could tell by the ground meat still dripping red. She limped toward the sleeping quarters. Thankfully the walls there was still beige, lacking any sign of blood. Continuing her walk inside the crash, she reached what she thought of as the engine room. She felt the presence before she saw him.

    “Ben? Is that you?” Tahiri asked.

    “Ta, Tah, Hiri?” A weak voice called. “We’re here. Hurry”.

    This would be easier with a lightsaber, thought Tahiri as she moved the boulders. Even with the Force, it was almost an hour before she found a unconscious Master Tor Lahim. Blood covered his entire face, but he was still alive, despite double compound fracture on both of his legs . Tahiri found Ben hugging a black bundle, and only after removing the last of the rubble and helping Ben up did she realize the bundle was the of a girl. Tahiri felt annoyance creeping up on her, an uncomfortable feeling, and repressed it quickly.

    Ben blinked his eyes quickly and said, “Tahiri,” He smiled, “Help her.” and he fell unconscious.

    Tahiri stared at the unconscious girl, clad in a strange cut, all in black, with a cape.

    She tried what Master Luke taught her almost a life time ago, on Yavin. She tried the technique for a long time, trying to let the Light Side of the Force flow through her.

    Sometimes later, still performing the technique, Tahiri felt a weak presence getting stronger, right below her. Then she experienced pain in her mouth. Then there was hot liquid on her cheek. She quickly stopped.

    The auburn gortch bit her, bit the tip of Tahiri’s tongue and the kriffing gortch spat it out, at her!

    Tahiri would have screamed her head off if she wasn’t part Vong. As it is, she still had to grimace at the uncomfortable feeling in her mouth. That’ll be another 1 million datari gone. She tried to slap the gortch, but the girl had somehow came off the floor with such speed Tahiri never thought possible and slammed against the bulkhead.
    The auburn girl’s head split with a unhuman sound. Pinkish brain matter spilled from the nostrils, and ears and mixed with reddish strands.

    The girl girl’s right eye was closed, her left half open. In a perverse way the girl looked peaceful and full of hatred at the same time.

    Chapter V Ben Skywalker

    Ben woke up cold. The ship around him hummed. An incessant beeping rang in his ears. Turning in his bunk, he found he was sore all over, but especially his lower back. Using the Force, he alleviated the pain. Moments later, he was able to sit on the bunk. Slowly he opened his eyes. Both of his eyes.

    He was wrapped in some kind of synthetic material, all black. Only when he unwrapped himself from it did Ben realize it was the cape from the Sliding Panda intruder, the girl with auburn hair, a shoto, and a hook.

    “You’re awake.” A female voice said. Turning his head, Ben saw a welcome face, Tahiri Veila was standing by the door.

    “Tahiri! Am I glad to see you! How did you get here? What happened?” Ben asked.

    “What do you remember?” Tahiri asked.

    Sliding Panda. Master Lahim, Jakku, dreadnought, possible...” Ben muttered, trying to stand up. “The girl.”

    “I need you to stay calm Ben. This will be difficult,” Tahiri supported Ben. Close by, she smelled of beaches and sunrises, “Your ship crashed on Jakku, Ben. You just got out of the bacta.”

    “Master Lahim?”

    Lahim is okay, he’s still in the medbay. What girl?”

    “We were attacked. I don’t remember much, maybe an executor stardestroyer?” Ben said, “Came out of nowhere, started shooting. We were also boarded.”


    Ben held up the black cape. “two women, a bald woman and a tall girl, or was it the other way around? Tall woman and bald girl? They boarded the Panda, almost decapitated me. Master Lahim and I fought them near the engine room, he saved my life. Where is she? She was in my-- I was hu-- I mean,” Ben blushed.

    “I’ll come back later,” Tahiri said, “You need more rest.”

    “What about my ship, the Sliding Panda? I need to know.”

    “I’m sorry, it’s all scrap now. Most of it was taken by the sand by the time I got you two out. I never found anyone else on board.” Tahiri said, already turning away.

    Before Ben could form another coherent thought, he was drifting away.

    It must have been later, because the ship’s light was dimmed now, but Ben felt a bit better and was able to get of the bunk.

    Ben tried and limped out of what he saw now was a spacious sleeping quarters on an unknown ship. The ground was pure sand. He found Tahiri reading her handheld in what a big space in the center of the ship, it must be the lounge. He asked the blonde, “What ship is this? Did you sign it out of the Jedi vehicle pool? I never seen it before.”

    Tahiri sighed.

    “Welcome to the Sandcrawler. I know you did exactly think bounty hunting is a good option for me, but I had enough meditation. You are going to tell on me.”

    “I’ll think about it later. Right now I’m just glad to see you.” Ben said.

    “And I’m glad to see you, Ben.” Tahiri smiled, although it turned into a grimace in seconds, “Although I had hoped to see you under better circumstances.”

    “Well yes. Tahiri.” Ben said, “How did you find us?”

    “I was on a,” Tahiri said, “job.” Turning, she continued, “I was on Jakku, handing over my bounty and collecting payment when the Bear crashed into the building.”

    “Wow.” Ben said. “I need to see Master Lahim.”

    “He’s still in the bacta,” Tahiri said, “we’ll be able to visit him in several hours. First tell me more about this intruder on your ship. Let’s go to the galley. It’s right down the corridor here.”
    Ben shifted his balance and walked down the corridor until He and Tahiri sat in a kitchen table. Tahiri poured him a hot chocolate and an unknown drink for herself.

    Tahiri’s drink smelled strongly of alcohol. Ben sipped his own drink. It filled his stomach with warmth, and he relaxed.

    After a few moment of comfortable silence, Tahiri put something on the table. It was her handheld, its screen cracked into a arachnid web. The memo on it was still distinguishable. Ben looked at it.

    “You planning to collect on this bounty?” Ben asked.

    “No.” Tahiri said. Before Ben could blink there was a blaster in Tahiri’s hand. She squeezed the trigger. Ben closed his eyes.

    Ben heard a thump behind him. He opened his eyes, and turned. Tahiri was kneeling down over a body. It was a young brunette woman, looking slightly older than the Sliding Panda boarder. By her open hand laid a long sharp dagger.

    “Lees, you sleemo!” Tahiri yelled. “Bantha Poodoo!” Pulling a stun cuff, the blonde put it on the would be attacker. “I’ll be back in a moment, Ben.”

    “Who is that?” Ben asked.

    “I’ll be back to explain,” Carrying the unconscious Lees, Tahiri went down the corridor in a different direction than the sleeping quarters.

    After ten minutes Tahiri returned. “Sorry about that, Ben. Just some garbage. We got more pressing matters, here take a look at the next one.”

    “Oh, it’s you.” Ben said, “Hey! How come you are worth more than me!”

    “We need to find out who’s behind this. All we know right now is it’s something called the First Order. And the Knights of Ren?”

    “Never heard of either. Maybe the girl who boarded the Slidng Panda can tell us more.” Ben said, “She was wearing the cape I was wrapped in. We need to find her. I don’t get it, she was hurt bad, there is no way she could have gone anywhere on her own.”

    “When I found you and Lahim, you were in shock. There was no one else. Just the cape.” Tahiri said.

    “She must be somewhere, we must find her,” Ben said, “She can’t have gone too far. We have to go back to Jakku.”

    “She must have escaped, on her own or had help, it doesn’t matter” Tahiri turned her face. “Come on, we cannot be the only ones they are after. We have to tell the Jedi Order. We’ll be at Coruscant soon. I’ll take us out of hyperspace. Finish your drink.”

    “But, my father, we need to tell him as well. And he’s expecting the Panda on Jakku orbit.”

    Tahiri was already gone.

    Ben felt the ship come out of hyperspace. The ship shook violently.

    “Not again!” Ben said.
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    Chapter VI Eline Stocker

    “This is not a drill! Guard Squadrons to the fighters. All Guard Squadrons members to their fighters!” Lt. Stocker yelled into the microphone, “This is not a drill!”

    The Klaxon rang everywhere. “Scramble All fighters!”

    Serrax, a junior officer, signalled Stocker, “What about the traffic control fleet?”

    Do they have a blaster or a ion canon mounted on them? Stocker asked.

    “Not all of them sir, the latest order didn’t go through yet, it’s scheduled Tuesday.”

    “If they can reach space and can fire something, I want it flying. May the Force be way us.” Stocker said.

    The monstrosity that rightly belonged in a museum must have laid another series of eggs. Bright blue light lit up the Coruscant night sky. The planetary shield held on. Just as Stocker thought of how things can’t get worse, the super stardestroyer launched another squadron of some kind of new TIE design.

    “Blast!” Stocker yelled, “Where is our Capital Ships? Our nearest Star Destroyer?”

    “Chief of State Daala took the majority of the Coruscant fleet to a galaxy wide tour, sir. They are not schedule to be back yet. The Teller and the Firebear was supposed to patrol the planetary space, but I can’t reach them, sir. They also jammed our long range communications.” Serrax said.

    Where did that thing come from? A long, jagged triangle bringing death to the Galactic Federation capital. Any one of the ship of the line from the fleet would have taken care of the situation, stopped the bombing, but they were all unavailable. The planetary defense platforms were the first thing destroyed by the Executor class Super Star Destroyer. The poor men and women didn’t get a chance to raise their shields. They never had a chance.

    Say what you will about Jacen Solo’s administration, but he would never have allowed this to happen. Thought Stocker.

    “Something is coming out of hyperspace.” Serrax said.

    Please be our fleet returning, please be our fleet returning. Please be-- Stocker thought to herself.

    “It’s just a small attack boat.” the disappointment could be heard from Serrax’s voice. “It’s registered as the Sandcrawler out of Jakku. It’s requesting emergency landing permission.”

    “Grant it.”


    “[It’s under attack by a couple of what looks like some kind of enemy fighters].” Mort said.

    “There’s nothing we can do for them.” Jysella, the youngest of Stocker’s colleagues, commented.

    “[It’s taking an attack vector against the super stardestroyer].” Mort said.

    Looking at the scopes, Serrax said “The super stardestroyer just launched another wave of fighters. And it looks like they also started landing shuttles”.

    “They can’t possibly be launching an invasion!” Stocker said, “unless that thing is a death star, there is no way an invasiion can be launched with only one capital ship!”

    “It took a wallop. Sir!” Serrax said, “What are they doing? They are ramming the bridge. Sir! There is fire coming out of the super stardestroyer bridge! They are moving, sir. The superstar destroyer just jumped out of hyperspace. But it didn’t recall any of its fighters. There’s still a vicious dogfight in progress.”

    Some minutes or a lifetime later, there was no more green lasers. Victory, but at what cost?

    “The Sandcrawler?” Stocker asked.

    It’s not coming up on any of our scopes. They must have been,” Serax said, “destroyed.”

    Did Stocker hear sound of quiet crying?

    “Guard Squadron status?” Stocker asked, sighing.

    “They took some losses sir. Especially squad 4. The Guards are till in combat. There is still enemy fighters present. But they are outnumbered, it shouldn’t take long.”

    “Losses?” Stocker said, “Be specific.”

    Serrax said, “Of the five Guard squadrons, Squad 1 suffered five casualties, four
    A wings destroyed. Squad 2 with 8 casualties, with all fighters destroyed. Squad 3 with 2 B wings destroyed, no casualties. Squad 4....”

    “Squad 4?”

    “None of them made it.” Jysella said. “Nor Squad 5. They are all dead.”

    “It has to be imperials!” Serrax screamed. “They are the ones with the license on building dreadnoughts. That gortch Daala took the fleet away just so that dreadnought can attack!”

    Serrax silently agreed.

    “Come on kids, let’s start helping with the relief effort. Let’s act like we actually belong in a command center.”

    Knocks came from the door.

    “It looks like we help another day.” Serrax said, “The next shift is here.”

    The door slid open. “Hey, we got a messy situation here. Want us to help ou--” Jysella never got a chance to finish her sentence.

    “[Hey! Errgh].” Mort slumped on his chair.

    Five stormtroopers in strange new uniforms held their rifles high pointing at Stocker and Serrax.

    “Resistance scum!” The storm trooper with a shoulder pad knocked Stocker down with his rifle butt, and then motioned, “Slowly, to the side.”

    “You didn’t need to hurt my friends,” Stocker crawled and huddled with Serrax, then held her hands to the back of her head, “We would have cooperated.”

    “Shut up!” the storm trooper leader said. He proceeded to shoot every single control panels in the command center. Soon the hum of the local shield generator died.

    “General Hutei, you may start your landing in sector 513a by 787t.” The stormtrooper talked into his microphone.

    “General Hutei, come in.” The storm trooper leader continued, “Razor’s Kiss, come in!”

    Serrax looked at the unmoving Jysella on the command center floor, and Mort slumped in his chair, his head on the terminal. Serrax exchanged glances with Stocker. The veteran of the recent civil war signalled back. Serrax blinked, closed his eyes for three seconds, opened them, and charged the stormtrooper closest to him.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Did this just happen, or is it a deliberate reference to Star Trek: Generations?
  11. MartyAvidianus

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    A reply! *This calls for celebration*

    Thanks for reading Cowgirl Jedi 1701. And everyone else, of course.

    Sometimes I drop a line or two for a nod to some other franchise I know, but Tuesday is probably more subconscious doing than anything else..

    A/N Chapters will get a bit longer.
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    Curious. I have taken off my continuity hat to simply enjoy the read.

    Tahiri and Ben and Kylo and Snoke.

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    Hey Sinrebirth! So happy you could find the time to read and review!

    Thanks for reading everyone!


    Chapter VII Tahiri Veila

    Before the Sandcrawler died, It violently ejected a projectile. An irregular shaped projectile that drifted among the X-wings, A wings, and TIE fighters around them.

    Inside the crowded escape pod, sat a man and a woman. Because of the lack of space, their bodies are inches away from eachother. Tahiri could feel Ben’s rasping on her cheeks. Lees Cazedio was still unmoving, in the strapped down bundle on the floor between them. They stared at eachother.

    “You left him.” The sixteen year old broke the silence first, “How could you do that?”

    Tahiri did not have words, but instead reached for the young man’s right hand. He moved it and she stopped.

    “I had no choice. Lahim stayed on the bridge and won’t leave. Tahiri said, “There just wasn’t time.”

    “He chose to sacrifice himself, “Tahiri paused. “It was him or you, Ben.”

    “It should be him sitting here, not me! Not ME. NOT ME! Why?”

    Tahiri hugged the young man in front of her. Ben stiffened at her touch, but relaxed after half a minute, and buried his head into her shoulder. He shook.

    “It’s not your fault, Ben.”

    After a long time Ben detached himself from her and turned his body and looked into the small circular viewport and sighed, “I know. It’s yours.”

    Ben turned his back on her.

    “And you had enough time to save your bounty?” Ben pointed to the bag beween them, and said, “How much is she worth to you?”

    She was already on the pod, Tahiri thought I stowed her here when she attacked you.

    Tahiri didn’t say anything but looked out of the escape pod.

    Tahiri looked outside, the command ship that attacked them, twice now, went into hyperspace. Even so, she saw that the dogfight between fighters was still raging.

    “Tahiri. I.... just thank you... for saving me.” Ben extending his hand. Tahiri took it.

    “It’s lucky you had the escape pod installed. The Sliding Bear didn’t have them.” Ben said.

    “I found this pod when I took the ship from the Anakin,” Tahiri said, “It must have been, his ship.”

    “That coward must have known before, facing Jaina, that he might fall. That hutt slime.” Tahiri stopped talking.

    Moments later, Ben turned and looked at her and said, “Tahiri, what’s happening? Where did that ship come from? I thought all those dreadnought command ships were decomissioned, scrapped, and banned?”

    “They were,” Tahiri said. “Pellaeon decomissioned the last one, The White Saarlac Hunter. The old man made a huge deal too, invited everyone for the ceremony before the whole mess, before --” She stopped, and continued, “I can’t make any sense out of it. I know Daala from way back before I was just a Jedi student on Yavin IV, and I know she’s crazy, but this crazy? And where did she gets the approval, not to say the funding?”

    “If she’s behind this, we need to stop her.” Ben said.

    “If it is Daala.” Tahiri said, “We don’t know for sure.” She mumbled, “I can’t believe I’m defending her, but I just don’t see her do something like bombing her own capital. All the attack will do is antagonize literally everyone.”

    “We need to contact my Dad,” Ben said, “He’ll know what’s going on, and what to do.”

    “We will,” Tahiri said, “but this escape pod doesn’t have a communicator. We’ll have to wait for rescue.” Just as she said this sentence, she noticed pseudomotion all around her.

    “The fleet.” Ben said, “They returned.”

    Something bumped violently against the escape pod. “That’s no laser blast, something hit us.” Tahiri said.

    “Something hit us all right.” Ben said, pointing, “If I’m not mistaken, That’s the TIE fighter that did it.”

    Drifting by was the remains of an TIE interceptor. A little later its pilot, helmetless, also drifted by. For an instant the pilot and Tahiri locked with those bulging, glassy eyes, and Tahiri could swear she saw him before. The pilot drifted away.

    That sure looks like Ganner Rhysode, Tahiri thought, feeling sad.

    I need to tell you something.”

    “You were wrong about me, Ben. Caedus.... Jacen’s claw is too deep. I still feel the call of the dark.”

    “I killed the intruder on the Bear. She was alive after the crash. Jedi don’t kill without need. We could have figured out what’s happening, but I gave in to the Dark Side. I’m so sorry.”

    Ben looked at Tahiri. She wasn’t sure if it’s anger or pity, or contempt. In the end he just said, “You’ll be okay, Tahiri. I’ll be here. The Jedi Order will always be there for you. It’s just a set back. I’ll always help you.”

    It wasn’t any of those emotions she thought. Just empathy.

    She handed Ben a rectangular chip. “I worked as a bounty hunter for these months. It’s enough for a new ship. I’m sorry about the Panda.”

    “It’s Master Lahim’s ship,” Ben smiled, “But thanks.”

    “I can’t take the money. You worked so hard for those credits, and I know you only took the bounty of bad people,” Ben said, “I won’t take it.”

    “We’ll just put it aside as my contribution to the Jedi fund this month.” Tahiri pulled on her necklace, the beads came off the broken strands. She collected them, “If on your travels you come across a planet called Zonama Sekot, perhaps you could help me bury these on the planet.

    After a few seconds, Both Tahiri and Ben noticed the hiss, while the alarm went off. “We are leaking air.” Tahiri opened the emergency toolkit. “Try to use this synth skin to patch. Kriff!”

    Minutes and futile repairs later, Tahiri said, “Ben, the air. It’s not going to last.

    “I’m going to try to go in a meditation trance to conserve the oxygen.” Tahiri said, “But you should stay awake and alert.”

    She pointed to herself and the camouflage bag, “I lost my lightsaber on Jakku, but you still have yours, You know what must be done if the air threatens to run out?

    Understanding dawned on Ben’s face. He shook his head.

    “It won’t come to that.”

    “Just promise me you understand, it’s important Ben. You have to live.”

    “You have Anakin’s mouth, and I mean that literally,” Tahiri smiled and used her right index finger and caressed the kid.

    Ben’s lips were microns away from hers now. Tahiri downed her head and turned, stopping herself. At the same time Ben turned so that his back was toward her.

    “Stay awake.” Tahiri told Ben. She then relaxed herself and

    Tahiri gasped, or rasped for oxygen. Her chest burned. She was groggy and it was a moment later she realized the feeling of drifting in space was gone. Instead the pod must be on solid ground.

    Tahiri felt less irritation before she realized where she was and with whom.

    Klaxon warred with screams in her ears. Tahiri felt irritated before she realized where she was and with whom. At least they were still in the escape pod.

    “AKE UP!” Someone slapped her violently.

    Tahiri found Ben sprawled on the floor of the escape pod, but the kid’s chest moved slowly up and down. He was still alive.

    A Huge Hazel monster came into focus, and Tahiri blinked, the monster became a person. Lees Cazedio. She was holding Tahiri’s lightsaber.

    Lees Cazedio slapped her again. Tahiri tried to use the Force to push the hazel eyed brunette off of her, but there was no strength in her arms no matter how much she concentrated. Lees put her hands on Tahiri’s mouth.

    “Listen up you Jedi witch. I don’t know why your powers don’t work and I don’t care. You are going to do exactly what I say. Blink if you understand, or don’t.”

    Tahiri struggled, but Lees was stronger than she looked, and no matter what she did, Tahiri found the Force obstinately inaccessible for some reason. Without the force helping her, Lees was able to hold her down, barely, but the sleemo won the physical battle. Tahiri willed herself not to panic. She blinked to buy time.

    Lees proceeded to whisper in Tahiri’s ear. “I can be reasonable, I’ll even give you a fighting chance, not that you deserve it. Don’t try my patience.” She took the hand off of Tahiri’s mouth.

    The Brunette keeps pushed the the lightsaber butt on Tahiri’s neck. “You know, I always wondered if you need to be a Jedi for this to work. How do you activate the thing?” Lees moved the lightsaber in her hands, examining.

    “Push the button,” Tahiri said. The head of it was pointed straight at Lees’s chest. Push it now. Push it now. Lees put the saber into her pocket. “I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out later.”

    “You had several chances to kill me and you didn’t. I know you Jedi are weak like that. You did not exactly handle me with care, did you bounty hunter? Are Jedi allowed to be bounty hunter? Does Luke Skywalker know you are moonlighting? Lees paused, “Did you know it was I who put the bounty on my own head? Just to get away from Makeldan and his ilk. But you ruined everything by going to the Hutt run Bounty Office instead of the one in my employ. I’m still alive so I’m grateful. But nobody treat me like you did and not get punished.

    Tahiri started struggling again. But it was no use. Ben was still unconscious on the floor.

    “What did you do to him?”

    “Oh, nothing, he was already like that when I finally figured out how to get out of that disgusting excuse for a bounty prison.” Lees gestured casually to the camouflage bag. “I heard everything. You sweet on him or something? He’s cute enough.”

    Lees stopped smiling, Tahiri’s own blaster rifle appeared in her hands, “Enough chitchat. Take your cloak and outercloth off. It’s freezing in here. Now, Into the bag, enjoy the smell.”

    Tahiri put herself inside the camouflaged bag. The inside of the bag smelled of sweat and blood and urine.

    The sound of multiple blasters almost started immediately, followed by the smell of charred meat which permeated into the bag. Tahiri felt drops hot liquid on her hair. Fresh blood.

    Momentarily Tahiri felt the Force again, but it faded just as fast.

    The smell of almonds attacked Tahiri’s nostrils, overpowering the disgusting melange of the bag. She tasted bitter bile from the back of her tongue.

    Tahiri knew exactly what was happening. She tried to shut down her breathing but it was no use. It was definitely Nytinite, in it’s most virule


    Author Note: This chapter started out ending very differently. But I think this version is better.
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    Author Note:

    Thanks for reading guys. announcement in case someone doesn't know yet, but I'm DARTH_MU, you can call me Mu. Enjoy the Miu show :D
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    Chapter VIII Hamelie Mintensega

    When the order came from the Supreme Leader to leave the Hanuz system in pursuit of the Resistance cell on the third planet, to move on a so called rescue mission for Starkiller base, Hamelie was against it.

    But the order did come from the Supreme Leader, so it must be followed.

    She recalled the bombers and the fighters, and gave what she thought of as an inspiring speech about orders and duties, but her heart wasn’t in it. The pride of the First Order Navy, the dreadnought Razor’s Kiss, modeled on Darth Vader’s own Executor, was going on a rescue mission. Hamelie burned with the humiliation whenever she thought about it too much.

    In order to get it over with, Hamelie had ordered the engines to full speed, and therefore arrived before the Hamm.

    Right into a Resistance ambush.

    Right after the shuttle picked up the crazy Kylo Ren, but everyone know truth about that so called Master Ren. Right after the Razor’s Kiss picked up that sorry excuse for the Supreme Leader’s attack dog, five Resistance Mon Calamari cruisers, dropped out of hyperspace and attacked at the exact moment Razor’s Kiss’ shield was down to receive the shuttle.

    The Resistance fleet was destroyed, but they somehow still found five mon calamari cruisers from somewhere. And the Razor’s Kiss was just one ship. A dreadnought, but just one ship.

    It’s like they knew when the Razor’s Kiss would be the most vulnerable. How did the Resistance know that the Razor’s Kiss would be involved in the Starbase Killer rescue mission, that it would arrive before the Hamm, and when it would drop its shield?

    There was a mole. It was on this ship. At this moment.

    After the last of the mon calamari cruiser tried to ram the ship engine in its mad deaththroes, something happened, there was a ship wide loss of memory. By the time everyone came to, they were no longer in the same system. One minute the Razor’s Kiss was among the wreckage of the Starkiller base, in a blank of an eye they were in orbit around Jakku.

    Then a known Resistance ship joined them in orbit. Daala had ordered firing on it immediately, causing it to crash into the planet below, but not before the Creature was able to send one of his own to board the doomed ship.

    Afterwards the Razor’s Kiss tried to refuel and have repairs done at the Kuat Drive Yard, but was attacked by the stardestroyers guarding the system.

    Attacked by Stardestroyers. Wait till the Supreme Leader hears of this!

    When the Razor’s Kiss entered The New Republic capital for a simple raid, Hamelie couldn’t believe her luck when she found out the system was almost deserted and defenseless. After twenty minutes taking care of the planetary defense platforms, she was faced with some snub fighters, with no enemy cpaital ship anywhere.

    Hamelie ordered planetary bombardments even as the dogfights continued all around her ship. She had also ordered a couple of troop platoons to land on the surface. Things were going well until that attack boat came out of nowhere and like the mon calamari cruiser before it, decided to ram her ship. Only this time it wasn’t the engines the enemy was after.

    What is the Resistance ships and ramming of her ship?

    She wasn’t on the bridge, or things may have been different. Maybe if she had been there instead of on the secondary bridge at the heart of the ship....

    Hamelie’s thought was interrupted.

    “Admiral Mintensega.” The creature was here, the man walked right into her office without ever buzzing her door. “Ship status?”

    Hamelie said, “The Bridge was damaged extensively. Basically it’s gone. Engine 2 and 7 are still offline. The ship superstructure suffered severe damage to its port side, but starboard suffered superficial damage only. We need a real shipyard to do any meaningful repairs. Fuel is also at only 30 percent. We need to find safe harbor, and soon. Meanwhile I’m more concerned with the loss of the men. Those pilots were the creme of the First Order Navy.”

    “It goes without saying we lost all of the bridge crew, including your protegee. Captain Daala, her name was?”

    “Yes. Master Kylo.” Hamelie said. She refused to show any emotion over Natasi, to give such a monster any satisfaction.

    “A pity. Such.... Potential.” The man in the black cape said, “and young woman.”

    “The prisoner?” Kylo asked.

    “Under guard. Captain Haishu is interrogating him.” Hamelie said.

    “Haishu is a fool. Kylo said, “Leave the prisoner to me.”

    “Of course, Master Kylo.” How dare he question my men. On my ship! “You may find him in holding cell 15 on detention level.”

    “I will need a new mask. See to it is delivered.” Kylo ordered as if Hamelie were a lowly yeoman instead of a grand admiral on her own ship. “deliver it to my quarters, personally.”

    “Of course Master Kylo.” Hamelie said, almost biting the words, it was all she could do to stop shivering. Personally, in his quarters?


    “I trust the standing order is strictly being followed?”

    “Yes Master Kylo, All known bounty hunters are being offered the standard fee for Jedi.”

    “Good,” Kylo said, “And one more thing.”

    “Yes, Master Kylo?”

    “Find out why we cannot raise the Supreme Leader. We need his wisdom.” The Vader wannabe said, walking away.

    You and me both, kid, you and me both.

    Hamelie watched Kylo Ren leave the room. The door closed. She clicked buttons on her table.

    Moments later Dis’Haish’ulina walked in. “Mr. Haishu. What did you find out about our guest?”

    “Several things, Admiral. First, He’s Jedi.” The Black Chiss said.

    “How is that possible?” Hamelie asked, incredulous. “There is no Jedi beside Luke Skywalker!”

    “Nevertheless it is true.” Haishu said, “I already had my suspicions before Kylo Ren confirmed it as soon as he walked into the cell.”

    “He’s called Tor Lahim, a Jedi master trained by Luke Skywalker.” Haishu said, “He didn’t want to part with such knowledge, without special persuasion.”

    “Master,” Haishu continued, “Lahim, if I should call him that, also tells me Luke Skywalker has a son.”

    There was silence, and if Hamelie did her best not to imitate a goldfish.
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    So, question. Is this a case of parallel universes meshing or is this one megaverse? Either way, keep it coming.
  17. MartyAvidianus

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    May 14, 2017

    It's basically the new Disney universe (30 ABY) get in touch with post LOTF (42.5 ABY) Old Legend EU.
    Razor's kiss went on a search and rescue mission after SKB went boom, picked up a pissed off Kylo Ren, and was set upon by the rest of the NR fleet. Huge explosions later, the two universe came into contact.
  18. MartyAvidianus

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    A/N: Hopefully everyone enjoyed These chapters. Here is Chapter 9, POV character is our favourite Jedi hating, one eyed Imperial.

    Chapter IX Natasi Daala

    When the attack on the Kuat Drive Yards reached Natasi Daala, she was hosting the Quarren ambassador in her private office in the Huntress.

    “The government of Galactic Federation of Free Aliances would be happy to help our Quarren friends in this matter.” Natasi said, rocking the squirming Quarren toddler on her lap, “provided the Senator back my plans regarding Luke Skywalker and the Jedi.”

    “[The Jedi has never proven to be fast friends to my people. You will have our full support regarding the Jedi and their leader, provided you can, apply, appropriate pressure on our mutual friend the Mon Cals. I mean, our space liners are obviously superior than theirs. If they want to compete ‘fairly’, they should be willing to --]”

    Captain Darek Suma, her aide, and temporary chief of security, had signalled her repeatedly via her silenced handheld, now practically ran into the room. “Chief of state, Ther is --” Natasi held her hand up and Suma stopped in his tracks. In reality Natasi was rescued from the Quarren ambassador’ toddler.

    At the same time the Quarren ambassador, Strun, also received something on his own handheld.

    There was an awkward silence as each party stared at their own handheld.

    “[Perhaps we could ... adjourn the negotiation ... for now.]” Strun said.

    “Of course ambassador. You will join me for the evening refreshment at 1900?”

    “We’ll see,” The insufferable git hummed and left rather hurriedly, “come along Traia,” The toddler walked out with his father.

    When the Quarren duo walked out of the room, Natasi turned to her aide, What is it captain?”

    In minutes she decided she would rather kiss a thousand quarren baby instead of having to receive such news.

    She could not bring herelf to believe it. Some crazy woman, calling herself Grand Admiral Mintensega, apparently wearing the the old style white uniform, had tried to take the most important shipyard in the galaxy. Rumor has it she did so with an executor class command ship. Thankfully it was driven back by the Kuat’s own defense forces, then fled, vector unknown.

    Is this actually happening or a holograph faker prank gone horribly wrong?

    Mintensega, where had Natasi hear it before? The name is familiar, it gnawed at the back of Natasi’s head...

    “Has this news been independently confirmed by the security bureau?” Natasi asked.

    “Not yet. We are having trouble accessing the secure holographic network. The servers on Coruscant seem to be overloaded.” Suma said.

    “How is that possible?”

    Urgent beeps came from the door. “Enter!”

    Admiral! You got to see this! It’s every where! The Captain of the ship, Catalina Zell, practically run a marathon into the office.

    “The news, Admiral!”Natasi had insisted naval officers on ships continue to call her Admiral instead of Chief of State unless third parties were present. Zell opened the giant display without authorization from Natasi, a GCNT news came on.

    “Calm yourself Captain Zell, before you are made Calm.” Natasi said, but turned to the giant display.

    “A dreadnought has attacked a defenseless Coruscant. What does it mean for the Chief of State Daala? Heath--” The signal shut off.

    “-Rate news,” A buzz came from the giant display, only voice came on. “Riots in the streets of Coruscant ranging from the Vong infested death clubs to the high rises of the Extreme Pa--, our enemy! FREEDOM to the MASSES! Fight the Power! This is Pirate New--!”

    The signal shut off again, and stayed off, Zell switched frequency, and something else came on.

    “--Oldiers of The Empire stand behind the rightful ruler. All Hail Empress Natasi Daa--”


    “SHUT THAT OFF NOW!” Roared Suma. Natasi was frozen in her chair, fascinated.

    “I’m trying! Zell said, fumbling with the remote.

    Another scene was displayed on the giant display. The signal was even fuzzier than the one calling for Natasi’s head.

    “--der wil-- opped.” Laid on the floors in particular pattern was a bunch of rectangular things, could they be bodies? The man speaking was in a stormtrooper uniform, “Heil-- preme – der! “Pen Up in –er! Open –Er!” Unmistakable sounds of blasters. “We will be –venge—Scum!”

    “Shut down all holographic links on the ships. Shut down all holographic links on the ships!. Shut them all down!” Natasi ordered. “I want holographic silence on the entire fleet. From now on use Kwarizmo code for Intership communications.”

    “Drop off the Quarren entourage,” Daala turned to Captain Zell, “I leave you to make up the excuse we need to leave immediately. Then best possible speed to Coruscant. Tell chief engineer Zimpmann to run all engines to maximum, ruin them if he have too. Speed is of the essence.”

    “gentlemen, To your stations.”

    “I’ll arrange for additional security for you. Admiral.” Suma said, before leaving.

    Something terrible has happened on Coruscant while she was gone. The Jedi must have been involved. Natasi was sure of it.

    Mintensega, she couldn’t be related to that witch Hamelie Mintensega could she? Natasi couldn’t quite rember the face of her oldest rival at the academy bothe figuratively and literally, before her mysterioius disappearance.

    Natasi dozed to a dreamless nap on her office couch. She awoke to find a hand firmly on her mouth and a tip of a blaster on her throat.

    Her assailant gestured with signs on his open hand and Natasie nodded, stood up and the blaster was at her back. A minute or t wo later her hands were bound. Then the assailant whispered, the voice doctored by a voice changer.

    “To the crewmen quarters.”

    Ten minutes later, Natasi was kicked inside a crewmen quarter, it was much smaller than her own spacious Admiral suite.

    “Get into the refreshers.” After she went inside, the door was locked from the outside. Then the sound of blasters were heard. Her assailant had melted the lock.

    Darek Suma and Catalina Zell was inside the refresher with her. Both were unconscious.


    The intercom on top of the refresher ceiling came to life. “Admiral. Our apologies. You have been accused of high treason against the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. How do you plead?” Natasi recognized the voice of chief engineer Cerdic Zimpmann.

    “Zimpmann! Are you mad! I am the Galactic Federation! Let us go at once! And your and yoru accomplice’s family won’t rot in the Kessel mines!”

    “Consider this a coup, Admiral.” Zimpmann continued, “whether it is bloodless or not is completely up to you.”

    “What do you want?”

    “All you have to do is say the words, we have recording devices ready. Say your name and rank and serial number, and admit to the galaxy you were responsible for ordering the attack on Coruscant yesterday with your pet dreadnought. Resign from your post of chief of state. And is going to voluntary exile on ... oh let’s say Dagobah.” Zimpmann said, “We’re letting you live.”

    “Kriff you! I wont’ negotiate with kidnappers!”

    “Very well. But his blood is on your hand.”

    “[Chief of State! This is Strunn! Don’t listen to hi—ergh].”

    “His son is next, Admiral.”

    “It’s not true! None of it! I didn’t order an attack on Coruscant. It’s my own capital!” Natasi screamed. “It’s a Jedi trick!”

    “Whatever.” Zimpmann said after a moment of pause. “You still need to go.”

    “Let the kid go, or not. I don’t care.” Natasi said.

    “Let the Quarren kid go,” Zimpmann said, “Pehaps the admiral will be more agreeable with an alternative form of persuasion.”

    Darek Suma suddenly woke up, and blinked his eyes, he whispered. “I failed you, Natasi.” He then closed his eyes.

    “Captain Suma! Darek!”

    “Oh, he won’t wake up anymore, ma cherie amirale. Would you like the sweet Catalina be next? Heh.”

    Natasi headbutted Huntress’ captain.

    “ah, what... where am I?”

    “Captain Zell. Captain Zell!”

    “Admiral? That you? Why are we together in a refresher? I don’t exactly--”

    “This is amusing...”

    “Zimpmann? Is that you? What is this? What the, Suma? Suma? Oh, is he dead?”

    “No time to explain, did you drink anything, do you feel any tenderness anywhere on your body? Had a physical recently? Surgeries?”

    “Why all these questions, admiral? You are scaring me.”

    “Yeah, why all these questions?” Zimpmann chuckled in the intercom.

    “There is no time for games. You’ll be dead in two seconds if you don’t answer.”

    “Get away from me you freak! HELP! ANYONE!


    “Kriff it! Zimpmann already killed Suma and you are next. He put something in him and just killed him via a remote or something.” Natasi said, “You’ll be next if we don’t get the receiver out of your body.”

    “Oh, you could have just said so.”

    “I did say so.”

    “Here you go.” Zell gave Natasi a rectangular pce.

    “What’s this?”

    “I don’t know, they had to take out my appendix last week, I felt itchy and developed a rash where they opened me up, so I did a little self sugery, took out this thing, figured they left it there by accident, surgeons leave stuff in patients all the time and I didn’t think anything of it.”

    Natasi was speechless. The intercom was silent.

    “Captain Zell! Natasi said, “I need you...

    I need you to untie me.”

    Once Natasi was untied, she looked into the refresher. “Help me put Suma into the tub. She took Darek over the shoulders while Zell put her hands around his legs. The two women lifted.

    The intercom came to life again. “I really think you should reconsider, admiral. It’s quite a generous offer.”

    “Tune him out.” Natasi said as Darek Suma went into the tub. Natasi ripped the privacy screen from the side and put it on top of the body.

    “We got to get out of here.” Natasi tried and knocked on walls for weaknesses then moved onto floors. She finally settled on the intercom, on the ceiling.

    “There’s also a hidden camera somewhere, that’s how Zimpmann can see us.” Zell said.

    “You look for the camera while I try and see if the intercom system can be ripped out.

    Natasi struggled on top of the edge of the tub to get soe kind of purchase on the intercom, but slipped. She landed on her legs.

    “Ow! I’m getting too old for this.”

    “Gas. From the Vent.” Zell pointed to the air vent. Beside it was the erstwhile hidden camera. “Admiral. There’s two of you.”

    “Don’t do this, give me a sign here.”

    Knock knock. “Anyone in there? Anyone!” A nasal voice sounded by the refresher door. A stormtrooper. A loyal one, or a mutineer?

    Have to risk it. “Help! We are in here!”

    “Stand clear.” With the sound of blasters, a messy hole was broken in the refrseher door. When the smoke cleared Natasi saw a squad of stormtrooper standing by. The leader saluted her. Chief of State Daala. Atten hut!

    “Help me with Captain Zell and your whole squad can consider yourselves promoted.

    At .7 lightspeed, the Huntress arrived before the rest of the fleet at Coruscant. It still took ten hours. Nine of which was spent on a shipwide purge. Out of 987 officers of various ranks, almost a third of them participated in the failed coup. With 20 thousand regular soldiers it was a different story, 70 percent of which were either full participants or sympathizers. Thankfully almost all of the stormtroopers and the pilots remained true to Natasi.

    There was still a few holdouts, especially one of a fleet security squad got themselves on a AT-AT and were still wreaking havoc in the troop bay 91. If Natasi didn’t want to save the AT-AT, she would have spaced the troop bay.

    Natasi and Admiral Zell still had to run things from the secondary bridge, as the primary is still under mutineer control, headed by the hated Cerdic Zimpmann. Ship function were irreveribly rerouted by a quick thinking ensign, whom Natasi didn’t even know the name, who lost her life soon afterwards by mutineers.

    Outside of the ship just when everything calmed down. The riots on Coruscant was being controlled, but some kind of dogfight was in progress. Between some guard squadron in x wings and a flight of some kind of TIE fighters with reddish paint. A few obviously enemy space troopers were also running about. Turbolasers from the Huntress took care of them.

    There is an escape pod in crashing into the planet, Reporting, Admiral, the technician from the communication pit saluted Zell, “Coming in at mark 7.1 it will be in our flight path in 2 minutes.”

    “Very well, prepare to engage the tractor beam.”

    Half an hour later, Natasi went done to the brig.

    “Admiral”, the brig officer saluted Natasi.

    I’m here to see Prisoner 5A-1B2C? Is the Ysalamiri system turned on?”

    “Affirmative, Sir. Operating at 97.9 percent. The prisoner is in cell number 15, section A. Follow me, Admiral.”

    The cell door opened and a brunette young woman with hazel eyes glowered at Natasi. Natasi glanced at the lightsaber in the brunette’s pocket briefly.

    Jedi scum.

    “My name is Chief of state Daala, in charge of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. You and your friend is in a lot of trouble.”
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    Chapter X Kylo Ren

    The leader of the Knights of Ren stewed silently in his quarters. No matter how hard he tried, he still could not contact the Supreme Leader through the Force. Kylo did not feel the death of the Supreme Leader, only an emptiness where the prescence of Snoke should be.

    Ever since his humiliating loss at the hand of the girl, he has obsessed over his failure. How could it have happened. It was he who destroyed the Jedi at the moment of their victory. If he could convince his fellow Knights of Ren to turn against that old relic, sorry excuse for a teacher, how could he fail to turn a teenage girl?

    Have Darth Vader forsaken him? Found him unworthy even after what he has done to prove himself?

    In a way he was relieved the Supreme Leader wasn’t in contact. How would the rest of the First Order react to his failure? Not that Kylo Ren, MASTER of the Knights of Ren, cared for what anyone else thought. But to fail his Grandfather... He activated his lightsaber in frustration.

    What he need is practice. That is all.

    Kylo went out of his quarters. He soon arrived at the detention level.

    “Master Ren.” The warden greeted him “This is an unexpected pleasure.”

    “I’m sure.”

    “We have new acquisitions before we had the fortune of picking you up. However, only one prisoner survived, Prisoner TK 421, a male human”. The warden said.

    “Bring him to me.”

    TK 421 was a haggard man in his fifties with nary a hair on his entire head.

    Kylo narrowed his eyes behind his new mask. It was a different design, but it was at least comfortable.

    Kylo stretched out his right hand. Moments later, he said, “Prisoner TK 421, Mr. Tumer S’Mesotz, welcome. Tell me, Why do you survive when everyone else died?”

    S’Mesotz grunted in the chair.

    “Have we met before?” It was not a really a question. “You worked at the Skywalker Jedi Academy, as a janitor, did you not?”

    “Mediocre force affinity, the old man wouldn’t even consider you for Jedi training. You begged for the janitor duty just to keep close to the real Jedi, hm?”

    Behind clenched teeth, S’Mesotz, or rather Uldo Melio, moaned, “You are mist--ken. Some--, pl--se whatever you wand, I’ll tall you, just plea--. Let me e--lain, It wasn’t -- rou, I’m just a temp.” The man can act, I’ll give him that.

    “Now, now. A lambda class shuttle left Skywalker’s academy before we were able to secure the skyport. Mr. Melio. Yes, I know exactly who you are, You are no postman.” Kylo moved his fingers back and forth. Don’t bother deny it.”

    Kylo paused, and he breathed, the new mask enhanced the effect. He was impressed with the workmanship.

    Melio tried to turn his head, he failed.

    “When I organized the knights of ren and burned the academy to the ground, some of the students and most of the teachers tried to resist us. They refused to join us. Uldir, Tresina, and Alema’rar... They were weak.

    “The rest were accounted for. They died or joined me. All except two.”

    Kylo took off his mask slowly. “Look at me.”

    The old man clenched his teeth and shut his eyes with a will.

    “LOOK!” Kylo used the Force to stretch the lids open. Bright blue eyes milked with age stared at him.” Kylo softened his voice.

    “It’s me, Grandpa Uldo. Won’t you tell me where my friends are?”

    Kylo stopped eased the pressure on Melio for half a minute.

    “I will tell you where your friends are.” Melio mutterd.

    “Excellent.” Kylo said, “Tell me.”

    “Tell me exactly where Kyp Durron and Tenel Ka has been hiding all these years.”

    “The Razor’s Kiss was damaged, but not crippled. The Kuat family will pay for their treason.” The Grand Admiral was meeting the senior officers in the briefing room.

    “Master Kylo, glad you could join us.” The tone told Kylo she was anything but glad.


    “The Anaxes system, a direct competitor to the Kuats of the Kuat Drive Yards, is ideal.”

    Morkus Lim raised his hand, the replacement for Admiral Daala, Mintensega’s dead protegee, said, “What if they attack us as well? We have been attacked in two different systems, three if you count Jakku. We just lost almost all of our pilots and our fighters.

    It was strange. Kylo did agree with the ship’s executive officer.

    I have already made contact with the Supreme Leader.” Liar! Kylo Ren was certain the Grand Admiral was trying to keep up morale, Kylo’s own agent by the old crow’s side reported nothing of the sort.

    “He instructs us to rendezvous at the system with the Impossible Net, and the North Thunder. Those ships will transfer some pilots to form our own replacement squadrons.”

    If the crew knew we have lost contact with anyone else in the First Order there would be mass panic. Kylo thought.

    “In the meantime Master Kylo Ren would like to speak with all of us, Master Ren, please.” Only Mintensega could make a title of respect and turn it into title worthy of vomit. Kylo have to hand it to her.

    This Mintensega was a major obstacle in his design, but she’s no fool. Kylo knew she was loyal to the Supreme Leader like Kylo, in her own way. He will work with her as far as daily operation of the ship.

    It was according to Kylo’s own design that the Kiss left the battle at Coruscant before the admiral could recall any of her pilots. In this way he would have the opportunity to infiltrate his own agents in the eventual replacement pilots.

    “Thank you, Grand Admiral.” Kylo said, trying to affect a mocking tone without overtly obvious. The Kiss, regrettably, is indeed damaged, and some valued crew members, like Admiral Daala, is no longer among us today.”

    “We should all work together for the glory of the First Order and the Supreme Leader shall guide us always as long as we know our duty!”

    “If we are to fulfill our mission, we must destroy all the Jedi. I had hoped myself their fire was extinguished them ten years ago. However, it has come to my knowledge that some other Jedi, yet survives.”

    “How is that possible?!” Dimothy Clarge, the chief security officer, asked.

    “It does not concern you, Captain Clarge. All you need to know is that a potential Jedi sighting has been reported on Anaxes IV.” Kylo breathed.


    Kylo breathed some more.

    “Of course, Master Ren.” Clarge’s second, Ydrilla Kao, said, her hands on Clarge’s back.

    “Because of the seriousness of the matter, I urge best possible speed to the Anaxes system. Bring all engines online.”

    “We have already going as fast as we can, Master Ren.” Tendra Dent, “Engine 7 can’t be brought online without the risk of further damage. The ship may be ripped apart!”

    “Fix it. Perhaps the engineers need me to motivate them.”

    “I’m sure they won’t be necessary.” Mintensega said. “Will they, Mr. Dent?

    “No, Grand Admiral.”

    “Excellent,” Kylo said, “Furthermore, what is news from our bounty hunter friends?”

    Half an hour later, Mintensega spoke.

    “Well, if there’s nothing else, then this conclude the military matter of this meeting. As for the matter of payments to the crew and officers...and the questions of segregation between officer and soldier daycare...”

    Kylo stood up to leave the briefing room before the meeting bored him further.

    His patience was wearing thin on another matter. Tionne and Djo never made contact after their mission to capture the freighter in orbit of Jakku. It was a mission of opportunity, ordered on the spot without prior planning. Even so, two experienced Knights of Ren should have had no trouble taking care of any crew member on any freighter.

    A standard command ship of the First Order have at one Knights of Ren per regulations. The Razor’s Kiss, flagship of the First Order, has two, counting Ren himself, there were three. In Tionne and Sannah’s absence the knights’ presence on the ship leaves only himself.

    What is she doing here! She’ll ruin everything!

    Kylo run toward the crew quarters.

    “Come in.”

    A knight in regulation cut black robe was sitting in the dark quarter. Blonde hair in plaits escaped the cowl. Kylo walked into the room. The Knight stood up from the couch and moved toward him.

    “BEN SOLO!”

    Kylo stopped in his tracks and rasped.

    “That name no longer has any meaning for me. It is a mock--”


    Kylo activated his lightsaber. He felt heat radiating from the horizontal tips. Before he could move the saber to bear, his fellow knight’s answer was a lightning fast bare foot in the face of Kylo. If he wasn’t wearing his new helmet Kylo was sure he would be snorting sand grains then. It knocked him back and he stumbled a couple of steps but did not fall.

    In front of Kylo was a ray of blinding green, the lightsaber blaze complementing the holder’s eyes perfectly. Rings of scarlet was invading the emerald at the center.

    “You still have that old thing? Where’s your real weapon?” Kylo said, “I knew I wasn’t able to drive the darkside into you fully. Why betray all we stood for all these years?”

    The blonde answered by a strike designed to split Kylo in two. From crown to navel. It was an amateurish strike and Kylo blocked it easily.

    “I was a coward! Doing your dirty work. For all these years! But no more!” Flurries of simple of attacks from the traitor was matched by Kylo. It was getting annoying and it didn’t make much sense. “But it doesn’t matter.”

    “How so?” Kylo asked. Time to end this. Kylo stretched out his hands and the traitor’s legs fell from under her. Her green blade disappeared, the hilt split in two from his attack. “Don’t make me destroy you.”

    Tendons bulged in the blonde’s neck.

    “Go ahead. The Jedi are coming for your ship. There is no safe harbor for you. Your Supreme Leader can’t help you. Your First Order doesn’t even exist here!”

    “What are you talking about?!” Kylo’s lightsaber was inches away from the light skin. He saw the short hairs near neck the bend from the heat.

    “It’s all. over the. Holonet.”

    There was a datapad near the destroyed couch.

    With a swipe of his lightsaber the traitor’s legs were neatly cauterized from the knee down. She screamed. Her entire body fell on the bround. She started crawling away toward the door, but Kylo stopped her with the Force. The traitor was left breathing hard on the floor full of sand.

    Kylo begin to read the headlines.

    Riots continues on the street of Coruscant. The skylanes are closed. Chief of state Daala denies involvement in the deadliest attack on Coruscant since the Clone Wars. Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker speaks on the entire Jedi community in condemning the attack.

    Mysterious Executor class stardestroyer continues to haunt hyperspace lanes. Jakku, Coruscant, and Kuat. Where next? Is anywhere safe?

    It’s the YUUZHAN VONG! They are back! THERE IS no escape!

    The Four Houses of the Chiss Ascendancy is promising a fleet for the sole purpose of hunting down the rogue Imperial Star Destroyer.

    Is it time to impeach Daala?

    Was the Coup on the Huntress successful? Cerdic Zimpmann says so.
    “I Guess even. The. don’t know everything.”

    Kylo heard the taunt. He was too destracted by these holonews. He was too busy trying to contact the Supreme Leader

    Kylo sighed.

    “Goodbye Veila Ren.”

    “My name is” Kylo applied the minimal amount of pressure, and heard the crack “Tah”.

    Silence except Kylo’s own rapid breathing.
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    Chapter XI Tahiri Veila

  21. MartyAvidianus

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    May 14, 2017
    Chapter XII Lees Cazedio

    Lees Cazedio was hanged upside down, strapped to a chair, in a damp chamber. The chains moved Lees to the right and then left and then right again like a pendulum.

    The whips came.

    Again and again and again and again. They tore through the Jedi cloak she was wearing. They tore through her own fabric. Her delicate skin has never been hurt this way.

    For the hundred and something times, the drum beat in her ear. She can’t tell which, but one of them was deaf for sure.

    “Reveal the Jedi plan to slander the Chief of State,” screamed the torturer, “and it can all end now.”

    “Yah dah on der ssssstahd.” Lees croaked. “Ai mmmm no Jeeeee di.”

    “Is that so? How do you explain this?” Lees could barely see the torturer through her swollen eyes. There were shadows.

    “A Jedi’s weapon. We can’t make it work, because only through your Jedi sorcery could one operate such a abomination. I am unarmed other than this chair you sit on. You want this, don’t you? Strike me down and you can get out of here.”

    Lees groaned. Her mouth moved but nothing else other then whimper of pain came out. She’s not a Jedi, but this new chief of state Daala just won’t believe her. It’s all that Jedi witch turned bounty hunter’s fau

    Hot liquid was poured over Lees. She gasped. It reeked.

    “Has the prisoner admitted her guilt?” A voice she has heard before, but in Lees state she could not place it.

    “Negative, Lieutenant... Heltor.” The torturer said.

    “Prisoner transfer from here to cell 84-C. Here’s the paperwork.”

    “Everything is in order. Go ahead.” The torturer said. He must have done something, because all the sudden the chair fell down to the floor from wherever height Lees was tied to. She crumpled to the floor boneless.

    Heltor must have droped her down to 84-C and left her unconscious for a long time. When she woke in a small cell, Lees was able to think straight again. The swelling in her eyes also went down a bit. If she tilted her head she could see stuff again.
    That holograph should fetch her a pretty wapiupi. Lees also still had the lightsaber in her stomach. She just need to fish it out. The teeth were knocked out during her torture, fell into her esophagus and along with them the string that attached the lightsaber.

    She just need to get out of here.

    She will need surgery to get the merchandise out of her body.

    Lees didn’t dare to think of the other option.

    She looked around with effort.

    Lees was wrapped in the standard Imperial Correction uniform. It wasn’t her own silks, at least her clothes don’t reek anymore. She didn’t want to think about who might have put it on her, or who might have given her the bath.

    Moments later, someone else joined her in misery. It was the kid from the escape pod. His orange hair was a mess, mixed with blood. The kid also got a black right eye.

    “Ben? That’s your name, right?” Lees asked. “You are a Jedi! Get me out of this and I promise you wont’ regret it. Hey!”

    Ben nodded numbly. “They got something. I can’t touch the Force. It’s not around here anymore. It may be the Ysalamiri, I’m not sure. Not that it matters.”

    After a moment Lees heard the kid muttering. “Hey, boo hoo you don’t have the Force. Join the club. That crazy gortch with the eyepatch won’t care. We stil need to get out of this cell and off this ship. Whatever rut you are in, snap out of it!”

    “But I’m all alone! Dad is on Coruscant and have no idea where I am. I failed the mission, My friends are dead I lost my saber...

    “Oh, you mean those light thing that you Jedi cut people with?. I have one of them.”

    “You what?! Give it to me.”

    “No. Ack. Let me go. Arrref....”

    “I thought you can’t use the Force right now.”

    “I can’t,” Ben said. “I still knows how to use my hands.”

    “Listen. I had two, they found one in my pocket, took it away.” Lees explained, bitterly. “They thought I was a Jedi, thanks to that. Gave me the special treatment. The other one is in my stomach.”

    “Your Where? Ben looked incredulous.

    “I swallowed it, okay. I didn’t want to, it was a desperate situation. There was a string attached to my teeth. How am I supposed to know the first thing to do was to kick them out?” Lees crossed her arms. “Now I have to spend half of Gahk’s daughter’s hostage money just to get them grown back. Say, do you know how much lightsabers can get me on the market? Do the Jedi have a trade in them?”

    Ben closed his eyes and breathed.

    And breathed.

    And breathed. Finally he opened his eyes and started talking. “We need to get it out of you immediately. What if it activate and cut you in half?”

    “Whatever, If you say so. About the lightsaber they confiscated, it was broke. They pushed the button, that’s what you Jedi do right? It didn’t light up, so they thought you had to be a Jedi to activate it. I know better. Shoddy craft work. If you also built the one in my stomach, I bet it’s defective too.”

    The kid gave her the silent treatment again.

    Lees started pulling on the string tied between her teeth on her ot her undamaged side.

    “Ah, here we are. I found this baby on Jakku. How much is it worth to you? It’s a picture of your girlfriend.”

    “I don’t have a girlfriend!”

    “Are you sure? The way you talked to each other. Her name is Tahiri, right?”

    “She’s not my gir--”

    Lees clicked on the button. A holograph activated immediately and strted rotating slowly. It was a momento of three people. Two smiling teenagers, one shorter blonde and one tall auburn haired. Standing behind them was a serious looking black haired young adult. Undeneath them it was curved “23 ABY, Chusan X Jedi Academy. Tahiri Veila and Honor Tur-Hazy, right before passing their lightsaber technique examinations. Standing beside them is Ben Solo, their special tutor.”

    “There’s you, and there’s her. Did you teach her all your lightsaber techniques? Hehe.”

    The kid gasped, as Lees expected.

    “Where did you find it?” The boy wrapped his knuckles around her collars and tried to lift her off the ground. He wasn’t strong enough, but it hurt Lees’ pride. “Tell me.”

    “Let me go. That’s better. It was under the debris of a ship that crashed. Sli-- something anda. It was right there near this shattered corpse with a hook, so I took it. It’s mine. Legal Salvage. I’m willing to sell it to you, of course.”

    “That’s not me. My name is Ben Sk--, anyway, all you need to know is that it’s not me.” Lees noticed confusion warred with hurt in the kid’s face. That looks like Tahiri, but I know it’s not her. This Honor girl, though”, Ben pointed to the girl with the auburn hair. “The hook belong to her. She must be the cor--. She’s the one who tried to kill me.”

    “Kill you? What did you teach her? Are you sure she passed? Did she blame you f--”

    “Oh, for Force’s sakes, I told you. It’s not me in that picture, all right? It’s my cousin Anakin! And Tahiri! They are all DEAD! TWO OUT of three is MY fault, are you happy now? ARE you?

    The kid shook.

    Lees had enough. “Are you kidding me? Cousin to the Anakin... Solo, they at least got the last name right? Right? That would make you...”

    Suddenly Ben snapped out of it, instead he put his ears to the ground, literally.

    “Do you hear that?” Ben said.

    “Are you related to--”

    “Just listen! seriously, do you hear that... that sounds like...”

    “I hear it too.” It’s the old Kwarizo code, but a pecuiliar dialect.

    S. T. A. Y. Stay. H.E.L.P. Help. C.O.M.I.N.G. Coming.

    Stay? Help coming? What kind of a kriffing message is that? When do we get out of here? Did you not see the holo? Your message was supposed to be...

    “Quiet. You want to get the guards coming?” Ben asked.

    “Yes, I want the guards in here. You can tell them I’m no Jedi! Then they’ll let me go. GUARDS!”

    “Mmgh” Ben had already put his filthy hands on her. Normally she would have been able to kick him off easily, but the torture Lees just experienced had cost her. She was still dizzy.

    Sounds of blasters. From the bottom. Moments later the grills on the floor was destroyed. Shreds of iron flew everywhere. A monstrous ball full of weeds came up from the irregular, some what circular hole.

    “WHAT the SHAV?” Ben asked.

    Sounds of steps running. The stormtroopers are coming!

    “WHO THE KRIFF are you?” Lees already realized it was not a creature but a human whose head just came out the garbage chute.

    A body, all in black, followed its head out of the chute. It stood in front of the two prisoners. Lees held her nose.

    “Ben, come on!”

    Ben was frozen.

    “Into the garbage, sleemo,” It’s that scarhed Jedi witch again. The Jedi gestured to Lees, garbage floating all over her body

    “I’m not going down there! And I hear you call me sleemo one more time, I swear I’ll --”

    The scarhead ignored her, instead she turned to the kid. “Ben, come on we don’t have much time.”

    Ben rushed his fellow Jedi and enveloped the gortch in a bear hug. Liquid refuse flowed between them.

    “Tahiri, is it really you? I found your robes, your blouse... I thought...”

    “You thought what? Oh. Oh, Ben.”

    “Sorry I scared you.” Tahiri started hugging Ben back, a smile on her face. “Kid, when I’m that strong in the Force, you’ll be the first to know.”

    “Hey. It’s okay. I’m right here.”

    “What do you have there? Anything interesting?”

    Ben had already deactivated the holograph, and put it in his pocket. The little thief.

    “Never mind. Quick!” The blonde Jedi said, “We have to get away from all the ysalamiri on detention level. Down is the only way. Unless you want to go through a legion of Stormtroopers with our bare hands? Cause I just went through all the ammo in this thing.”
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    May 14, 2017
    Chapter XIII SC-91

    “TAKE COVER!” Platoon leader SC-00, Knotty to his soldiers, yelled as the AT-AT unleashed another turbolaser blast. The entire catwalk was gone by the time the sound of blast stopped in SC-91’s head.

    “Kanta! How did Zimpmann get his hand on that thing?”

    “Who cares?” SC-34 said, “requesting air support!”

    “How’s Air Support going to get in here you piecer of bantha poodoo? If they can get a TIE bomber in here, then what the Drawt are we doing here? And get the machine blaster mounted. When is the portable shield generator getting here?


    “The Jedi’s Force! What I would do to get a TIE fighter. That’s it, when this is over I’m transferring.” SC-27 said, right before a turbolaser got to him.


    “Say, aren’t you supposed to get married right now?” SC-81 asked SC-91.

    “Little busy!” SC-91 was manning the mortar. He concentrated loading the little projectiles, but he was sure it was futile. The only thing keeping him going in situations like this was the promise of a life with El.

    “Say, isn’t that... That can’t be Spot, can it? That’s Spot. It has to be him.”

    The galley assistant, the oldest man on the ship, somehow put together a running speeder, and he was spinning in circles around the AT-AT’s hind legs.

    “So that’s why the parts were missing once in a while, what’s he doing?”


    For the Republic! Go get Mooorged you Separatist Dog! Comman--”


    “What the hell was that?” Knotty looked at the ruin of Spot’s speeder, anyone knows what a separatist dog is? Is that what Zimpmann--?”

    Look! It’s going down!”

    Even as the stormtrooper platoon watched unbelieving in their luck, the AT-AT was indeed falling.

    “Watch out!”

    But it was too late, SC-45 and 59 were crushed along with their speeders.

    When the dust settled, figuratively and literally, everyone was given five minutes to talk to friends and family.

    “Hey El, it’s me!” SC-91 connected his handheld to the ship net. “I’m still alive. Just letting you know. I’m sure KC-13 is disappointed. Listen, I know we said if we get through this we’ll—, oh no no, I’m not having cold boot. Yeah next week is great. It’ll be simple, yeah yeah, just the two of us. I’ll remember the ring. Sure, see you next shift.

    They had finally put down the coup against the chief of state Daala. Admiral Zell had promised entire four days for the storm trooper corp on the Huntress as soon as they rendezvous with the ships still loyal to them.

    He knew that was a lie.

    But it was a nice lie, useful for morale.

    When his platoon finally took down that former chief engineer Cerdic Zimpmann in his AT-AT, Admirl Daala, the chief of state, paraded the troops. The cargo bay was a mess, but in there were no question that the mutiny was finally over. The mad man was unrepentant onto death, foaming at the mouth and cursing everyone and their pets. It was at Zimpmann’s very public execution, broadcast fleetwide when the Carrack media cruiser fired on the flagship of the GFFA.

    The first blast took out the Shield generator, taking everyone onboard the flagship by surprise. The turbolaser responded quickly enough, however, and the Carrack became a ball of hydrogen minutes later. There was no way of knowing what exactly happened on that ship, and exactly what propaganda, if any, were actually broadcasted. Everyone was shocked.

    SC-91 was told by the ship wide intercom that they were going to the Anaxes system. He guessed that command thinks that Anaxes, with its important shipyard, was the best bet on systems still loyal to to the Admiral.

    Whatever end up happening, at this moment he was back in his quarters, totally relaxed, slipping caf while playing the latest K-ball with TZ-912 in the latter’s own quarters when his alarm went off. Another 10 hours shift patrolling the ship with his platoon. What’s left of it anyway.

    He didn’t realize he had been having fun playing K-Ball that long. SC-91 signalled his opponent for pause and save. To the station again.

    Few minutes later, when he finally got his armor on, he suddenly felt a need to go to the refresher.

    SC-91 scarcely walked in the refresher door, and was adjusting his belt when the toilet exploded. Followed by the entire floor.

    SC-91 started back away to get his blaster rifle in the hall way.

    By the time his hand reached where the rifle butt was should be, the entire thing was pointed at his head.


    With his pants threatening to fall down any second, SC-91 run.
    He heard the unmistakable sound of a stun blast and knew no more.

    SC-91 blinked. He realized he was stuffed in his own locker. All he saw was black. That means they took off his helmet, the rest of his uniform probably also, although he could not tell. SC-91’s hands were bound on his back. His mouth was glued with some kind of muffler, probably, probably the Imperial Standard from his own pouch.

    He was sore over, but SC-91 was otherwise unhurt.

    “--of stormtrooper armor is not enough.” Some woman’s voice was distinct. SC-91 strained to hear more. “Not for the three of us.”

    “Let’s hear your plan, then.” A younger woman’s voice.

    “I still say I get out of here and be back with with another one, probably two”. A nasal voice said. Some kreetle must be wearing his uniform.

    “No Ben, we been through this. This is Daala’s flagship. You were on the Anakin Solo, you knew as I do they tightened security measures against intruders on all star destroyers. We just don’t have the passwords. I’m sure there are biometric counters as well.”

    “Why don’t we just cut off his hand and cut out one of his--” It was woman two.

    Buzz from the door. “SC-91, you in there?” Kanta! It sounds like EL-8B, El.

    “Come on, I can’t take another one of your shifts. If I had to wear another stormtroooper uniform it’ll be too soon.”

    More buzzing.

    “And In case you are wondering, KC-13 has been hanging around my quarters again.”

    More buzzing.

    His locker door was opened. In front of him was a someone in stormtrooper uniform, his uniform. It must be Ben.

    Ben gestured with his rifle, “get rid of him”. He cut of SC-91’s bounds and get took out the muffler.

    Her, SC-91 thought.

    “I’ll never help you!” SC-91 declared.

    Ben moved his hands and said in a low tone, “You will help and get rid of whatever is in front of your door.”

    “EAT BANTHA POO--” Before he could finish the sentence, the muffler was back inside SC-91’s mouth.

    “Why must everything be so difficult?” Ben muttered, and pointed the rifle at SC-91. “You get rid of him. Otherwise we will kill the both of you. Understand. Nod if you do.

    El stopped buzzing and started knocking.“You better be dead in there. Move along! It doesn’t concern you!”

    In the living room was a blonde woman with long wavy hair and a younger brunette.

    “You better listen to him, He’s a Jedi and Jedi kill.” The brunette said.

    “Watch your mouth, Lees, or we this is for you.” Ben gestured to the muffler in his hand.

    Ben turned back to SC-91. “Now, what’s it going to be?”

    SC-91 nodded.

    “Good. Now move, slowly, and answer the door. I don’t want any sudden movements.” SC-91 walked to the door.

    “You better be dead in ther--”

    SC-91 opened the door an edge. The blaster rifle was still at his back.

    “Hey, El, what’s up?” SC-91 forced a smile. He’s pretty sure he failed.

    El Certer, in regulation fleet officer attire, somehow still looked radiant. Her eyes locked with his through the edge. SC-91 tensed as he felt his fiancee narrowing her brown eyes.

    “What is this? Something wrong with your door?”

    Ben pushed on his back, signalling.

    SC-91 opened the door half way.

    “Listen, this is not a good time. I’m in the middle of some of the most intense K-Ball tournament, you know. I’ll call you.” SC-91 improvised. He tried to close the door.

    “K-Ball? Are you out of your mind! El put her hands on the door. Do you have any idea how worried I was? You didn’t show up for--” She paused.

    “Is everything okay? Is there someone else in there with you?” El’s nose twitched as she applied pressure and for a moment SC-91 was sure she saw everyone in the room. “Aneda is that you?”

    El’s eyes smoldered. “You are cheating on me?!” She turned to go, and SC-91 didn’t know whether to chase her down or thank the deities that El was out of danger.

    “Everything is okay. There is no one else in here beside SC-91. You want to come in and sit down.” It was woman one’s sound, the blonde.

    SC-91 watched helpless as El Certer, normally so strong willed, walked back to the threashold, a dreamy expression on her face. She repeated mechanically, “Everything is okay. There is no one else in here beside SC-91. I want to come in and sit down.” She relaxed and started walk inside.

    “NO!” Screamed SC-91 and rushed El so that his beloved wouldn’t share his fate as a hostage. He pushed her down violently into the hallway. She yelped, “Wha--!”

    SC-91 immediately turned his body, and Ben’s stun blast hit El as she tried to sit up in the hall way. No sounds came out of her, not even a whimper, but his fiancee’s body twitched uncontrollably like a puppet with a mad master. Time stopped for SC-91 as he noticed moisture spreading obscenely on the El’s torso.

    The baby.

    He roared incoherently launched himself toward Ben. Both of them fell down into his quarters He struggled for the rifle in Ben’s hands.

    Jedi or no, he must pay.

    The blaster went off, this time it was not a thwump sound of a stun ray.
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    Chapter XIV Han Solo

    “Han, you awake?” It was Leia’s voice behind him.

    “Yeah, I am. What’s up?” Han asked, blinking sleep away. He must have drifted off. He looked around the Falcon cockpit, and found his daughter sleeping in the co pilot seat. He turned his chair around and kissed his wife.

    “Don’t wake Jaina, but something came up, I need to talk to you.” Han followed Leia into the back of the ship.

    “Something wrong?” Han felt uneasy.

    “I just had a message from Luke. Ben’s missing.” Leia sat down at the dejarik table. “Luke got worried after he didn’t check in for almost two weeks.”

    “Wait a minute, Didn’t he have a Jedi Master with him? Dor Lahim?”

    “Master Tor Lahim, from Del Gosdoon 3, we met him at the last Jedi meeting, remember?

    “Sweetheart, you know I’m not strictly allowed inside your Jedi meetings.” Han shook his head. “Besides, they are all very boring. But we got more important things now. We got to find Ben!”

    “That’s just it, we don’t know where they are. We do know they left Coruscant, and they did make contact in the hyperspace lane half way to Chandrila, but we have no way of knowing whether they arrived at Jakku.”

    “Why not?”

    Half of the planet is controlled by a warlord called Ugnutta Kong, the other is occupied by some cult called the Church of the Laohu. Neither party allow long range communications. According to Kong his enemies would be able to control his mind using long range communications. Laohu members say long range communications are gods and must be protected. Both sides invested in jamming technology bought from the Empire.

    Han sighed, “You hear more interesting things every day. What was Ben and Lahim going to Jakku for?

    “Church of Laohu actually made contact with Luke. Apparently one of their member was suspected of being Force sensitive. Ben and his Master was supposed to check it out. Maybe have a little R and R. What with what happened with Jac--”
    “Don’t remind me.” Han walked away. He walked right into his daughter.

    Jaina declared, “I’ll help you find Ben. He’s family.”

    “Jaina, I know you looked forward to this trip to Lando’s more than anyone else here. Your mother and I can handle it.

    “Dad, this trip was a get together as a family, now I know that Ben is not dire--” What is that?”

    “Emergency signal from Coruscant.” Han said. “Let me patch it through.”

    “Princess Leia Organa.” Han recognized Bel Iblis’s worn out face. “Han. This must be your daughter Jaina. I wish I this was a social call, Princess. The situation is a mess here on Coruscant. And probably worse elsewhere.”

    “What’s wrong, Minister? What’s happened on Coruscant?” Han walked away from the holo screen. Leia took the seat.

    If I told you an Executor Class Super Star Destroyer dropped out of Hyperspace, dusted the Golan defense canons, and bombarded Coruscant, would you believe me?”

    “WHAT?” Leia asked.

    “That’s basically what happened. Casualties are relatively light on the planet. The monstrosity did land a platoon of storm troopers, took over a command center, disabled a section of the planetary shields. It was lucky some bounty hunter attack ship rammed its bridge and the thing fled. Otherwise it could have been a lot worse.

    At space though, the Guardian Squadrons lost almost a half of their pilots. Good men and women.

    The political situation on the planet is unstable. Anti Daala faction who thinks she planned the whole thing to get revenge from us rebel scums took over some city infrastructure including the central power plant. Pro Daala factions think there is no way she would attack her own capital, being chief of state to the GFFA and all. But fighting has large subsided.

    Chief of State Daala did return from her galactic tour ahead of schedule and witnessed the fight in and around Coruscant space, but left the system in her flag ship the Huntress. Her departure didn’t help matters.

    We need you here, Princess. The GFFA needs you.”

    “Who do you think is responsible?” Leia asked.

    “I know it looks bad, and Daala is crazy. But I don’t think she’s that crazy.”

    “Now hold on a second.” Han said. “She retired a long time ago. I’m sure you can find someone else to clean up this mess.”


    “She’s a Jedi Knight.” Han continued, “Yes, A Jedi Knight, which automatically disqualify her from whatever you are planning.”

    “Han! Listen!” Leia took his hands and held them in her own. “They need me. I just need to stablize the situation. I can do that. If I don’t go now, the peace in the galaxy will evaporate like ice on Taatooine.”

    “You are working for Daala?” Jaina, who was silent until now, asked. “Are you in--”

    “You are talking to your mother.” Han said.

    “Sorry.” Jaina said, turning to her mother, “Why?”

    “It’s no secret Daala has strong anti Jedi sentiments, if we Jedi can help her in time of need, she may see us in another light. Besides, I really don’t think attacking Coruscant is part of her plan. Something else is going on.”

    Jaina, I’d like to borrow your x-wing.” Leia said, “If you dont mind.”

    “No, Mom, you can take the Falcon with Dad, it’s faster.”

    “No, Jaina, finding Ben is more important, someone still needs to find him.” Leia said. “Go to Jakku with your father.”

    “Your mother is right.” Han said, “Although I still want to change her mind about going to Coruscant.”

    “Never gonna happen.” Leia said, “You two keep it down. Allana is still sleeping. Tell her I went ahead to Uncle Lando’s early to prepare everything. With any luck, I’ll actually be there to meet you.”

    “Now, Jaina, help me with the X-Wing.”
    Han dropped the Falcon out of hyperspace near Sullust while the two women worked on preparing the X-Wing. Half an hour later he watched his wife disappear in a flash of pseudomotion.

    Han signalled his daughter to take over piloting the falcon while he walked to the crew quarters. Allan yawned and opened her eyes. She smiled as soon as she recognized her grandpa.

    She hugged him tight.

    “I had a dream about you. You were on a bridge talking to some one named Ben.” Allana paused, “It wasn’t that good a dream.”

    She pouted. “My dreams are usually better.”

    “Don’t worry sweetie. I’m sure your dreams are the best. Maybe we could even have a dream recorder for you. Would you like one?”

    “They exist?” Allana asked.

    “Sure they do. I’m thinking about installing a testing version in the next refit. Maybe you cold help me.” Han said.

    “But I woke you up to invite you to breakfast with your me and your aunt Jaina. You remember her, don’t you?”

    “Yes.” Allana was silent for a few seconds.

    “Well, sweetie, get dressed and join us in the lounge.”

    When Allan appeared later, she had on a white blouse with purple dots and a greenish yellow skirt. She sat across from Jaina and smiled.

    “Hi Grandpa, Hi Aunt Jaina. Good morning.”

    “Good morning.” Han said.

    “Good morning.” Jaina said. Did she seem unnerved?

    “Where’s Grandma?” Allana asked.

    “She went ahead to prepare, to make sure our reservation at Mr. Calrissian’s is set up properly.”

    “That’s right, sweetie.”

    “Oh.” Allana said.

    “Dad, can I talk to you?” Jaina asked Han.
    “Sure.” Han said, “Allana, do you want to play dejarik with the Falcon? Your aunt Jaina and I can make a bet to see who wins.

    “Grandma says betting is bad.”

    “So it is. Well, I’ll just say I think you will beat the Falcon. What do you think?

    “Hm....” Allana was already controlling her pieces, getting them ready for battle.

    “Come on, walk with me.” Jaina followed her into the galley.

    “Dad. She knows.”

    “Yeah, a fool can see through that lie.” Han said.

    “No. Dad. She knows.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “She knows I killed him.”

    “Shhh. Quiet.” Han whispered, “No. She doesn’t know. And she won’t. At least not until she’s ready. More importantly, until you are ready to tell her.”

    “You need to do one of your Jedi meditations to calm down. Jaina. You and Allana are the future. You will have to work together. Now, how long till we get to Jakku?”

    “We should be ready to cut into subspace in twenty minutes.”

    “Good. Let’s find the kid.”
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    May 14, 2017
    Chapter XV Lando Calrissian

    Business man Lando Calrissian looked over the datapad for the fourth time. The numbers were troubling. Less and less people are spending time at his casinos and amusement parks. Fortunately he had planned for such an eventuality. Tendra was correct to convince him to invest in more stable yet profitable enterprises.

    Such as shipyards.

    Lando had just heard about an interesting incident at Kuat Drive Yards. According to his source, a Command Ship, a dreadnought Super Star Destroyer tried to take the KDY shipyards by force, but was driven away by the shipyard’s own defences. It meant Kuat stock was down, and because Tendra had convinced him to invest in Anaxes instead, the Calrissians just made a sizable profit.

    Lando’s thoughts turned away from shipyards and thought about his other enterprises. How can he stop the draining from the non profitable amusement park on Suriboz? He adjusted himself on the chair.

    Beeps came from the communicator.

    “I’ll get it, Tendra, go back to sleep.” Lando walked toward the communication module.

    “Lando?” It was Luke Skywalker.

    “Luke? Did you find Ben? ” Lando said, Is he safe?”

    “Not yet,” The Jedi Master shook his head. “There’s something else you should know.”


    “I still don’t know where Ben is. I sent a message to Han and Leia on the Falcon, but I lost contact with them too. I fear something terrible has happened. I can’t leave the younglings here at the new academy until some other Jedi Master gets here to take over their training. I was was wondering if I might borrow some of your hunter droids to protect the academy?”

    “I’ll help anyway I can,” Lando said. “I hope the droids will be enough. I’ll get the Lady Luck prepped to go in a few hours. And Luke? I got good news about Leia, at least. She’s on Coruscant. Arrived in Jaina’s X-Wing a couple of days ago. So we at least know where she is.”

    “What’s she doing on Coruscant?” Luke asked.

    “You mean you don’t know?” Lando was incredulous. “Every body knows.”

    “Knows what? I have been training this new class of Jedi potentials here on Chusan X. Only outgoing calls are allowed for Masters. Academy policy.”

    “People are saying the madwoman finally snapped. Daala sent a Super Star Destroyer and attacked Coruscant. The golan defense platforms were totally destroyed and almost half of the Guardian Squadron were lost. The ship retreated after half an hour of orbital bombardment. It’s a messy situation on planet. People were openly rioting in the streets. Former Minister of War Bel Iblis came out of retirement and asked Leia to join him on site. Last I heard they finally got a semblance of stability going on.”

    “So that’s probably why I wasn’t able to contact any Jedi on Coruscant. They must have been all out controlling the situation.” Luke said.

    “Don’t worry about Leia. I’ll order the droids right away. I’ll bring three hundred of my new model, should arrive within the week.”

    “We still need to find Ben. His last communication was at Jakku orbit. Kriff it, I knew Lahim was too green to be a proper fit for Ben!”

    “Lahim, a Karessian? I guess you never met him, but he is a newly minted Jedi Master. Went through his trials just last year. He’s Ben’s Jedi Master. Since, Mar--, well, since last year and a half Ben wanted a new Jedi Master, so I agreed. Lahim was the only volunteer. All the rest, Horn, Katarn, even Kyp Durron shied away from the responsibility.” Luke explained.

    “Now he’s missing, and I feel--”

    “You feel responsible. Kid. I’ll see you soon. And we’ll find them, I promise.”

    “May the Force be with you.”

    “Thank you Lando. Chusan X out.”

    Three hundred droids for free. He must be mad.

    “Shavit!” Who told you to have friends? “Argh!”

    Lando pushed a few buttons on his smart tab on his wrist. “Azo, I need you to get the new droids out of storage. 300 of them. I see. Well the old YVH droids would have to do. Yes. I also need the Lady Luck ready for lift off at 0530. That’s right. Thank you Azo.”

    He might as well get some shut eye.

    Later, Lando didn’t know how much later, but the sound of a protocol droid was in his ear.

    “Sir Lando, Sir Lando, Sir Lando, SIR LANDO!”

    “Kriff! Zeepio, would you please shut off!”

    “Yes, right away, Sir Lando.”

    Blessed silence.

    “Sir Lando, Sir Lando, Sir Lando.”

    Lando wanted to strangle someone right away. “Zeepio, what do you WANT?”
    “Sir Lando, I believe you would be very happy indeed after what I have to show you.”

    “Ugh, I’ll see about that. Where is my wife?” Lando asked irritably.

    “Mistress Tendra left in a hurry after I showed what I’m about to show you, esteemed Sir Lando. I believe she was happy and left to buy some oil for my reward.”

    “First thing first Zeepio,” Lando ordered, “Have Fio bring me my breakfast. Have him put a plate of Corellian Eggs and a cup of hot chocolate. What you have can wait.”

    “But Sir Lando, this bounty will solve all of our problems, and guarantee life time oil bath for the entire household! Here.”

    “What are you talking abou--” Lando used his hands to rub his eyes to check that indeed he read it correctly the first time.


    Wanted DEAD

    Luke Skywalker and his child.

    10 Million Credits in denomination of your choice.

    Bring bodies to the First Order

    G-coin Address K7433n7ight978ARen

    Reward can be collected on the Razor’s Kiss

    Note: 30 thousand for any other Jedi.

    By order of Master Kylo Ren and Grand Admiral H. Mintensega

    Lando rubbed his eyes again.

    “Where did you get this, you piece of waste metal?”

    “But Sir Lan--”

    “Where did you get it?” Lando demanded.

    “On our door, Sir Lando. Please do not deactivate me!”

    “Kriffty Kriffty Kriff!!!!” Lando ran to the communication module.

    “The number you dialed does not accept incoming calls, please disconnect from the holonet and try again.”

    “LUKE! YOU Idiot!”

    Lando dragged Zeepio while running to the exit of his mansion. “AZO! Is the Lady Luck ready?”

    “Master Lando, the ship is not yet finished refuelling. Currently at 39 percent.” His smart tab answered.”

    “At current fuel level, will it reach Chusan X at maximum speed?”

    “Barely sir. I do not recommend departure at this time.”

    “I say get ready to take off!” Lando yelled. “Tell me you at least have the droids on board.”

    “Master, Only 97 of the old YVH droids are on board, the new model Hunter droid will arrive in five hours. They will be on board and ready to go at 0530. Master, per your instructions, Master.

    “There’s no time, just take off! Leave a message to Tendra. Now take off!”

    “Yes Master! But before we can take off, there is someone here, Master.”


    “Me.” It was Boba Fett. “You are Lando Calrissian, are you not?”

    “Fett, what do you want?” Lando asked the bounty hunter.

    “Your daughter Liandra is worth a lot to me.”

    “Who?” Lando asked, The Mandalorian must be confused, there was rumors he was a clone.

    “Given your wife is Mara Jade, I calculate 79 percent your child is force sensitive. Hand her over. Both of you are young enough, just procreate again.”

    “What kind of a sick bastard are you?” Fett must have started being senile. Lando reached for his side arm.

    “Halt.” A ultra deep ultra male voice started behind Lando. “Bounty Hunter. Step away and leave Master Lando alone. You will not be warned again.”

    “A droid?” Boba Fett scoffed. The great smuggler Lando Calrissian let’s a droid fight for him? Where is your honor as a mandalorian?”


    “Enough! We both know the First Order don’t actually want to kill her. Let me bring her in. Let her join the Knights of Ren. She will have power under the so called Supreme Leader Sno.... Augh.”

    Tendra stepped out of the shadows, blowing the smoke from the tip of the slug thrower in her hands. “He talks too much.”

    “Do I have a step daughter I need to know about?” Tendra asked, her expression stony.

    “I don’t know what he was talking about. Just nonsense. I don’t know any First Order, do you? Huh do you? There was nothing between Mara and Me! You got to believe me! Kriffing Kreetle. With each word Lando was angrier. He punched the unconscious Mandalorian again and again until blood began to drip from the helmet. The contraption cracked, shifted and opened. Inside was a young man with a black buzz cut.

    “What the-- He’s not Boba Fett!”
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    Chapter XVI Ben Skywalker

    Everything stopped after the blaster rifle went off.

    The Stomtrooper’s grip on Ben’s neck ever so slowly loosened. A flash of yellow and black went past, while a he let go of a big sack of rock, and eased the dead weight on the floor.

    Whooping can be heard behind him, and suddenly stopped.

    “Ben, come on, help her!” Someone was yelling.

    Ben snapped out of it.

    Tahiri was pulling the unconscious woman out of the still deserted corridor, putting the fleet officer’s arms over her shoulder. The unconscious woman moaned. “Take the other arm. Head for the sofa.”

    What seemed a life time, but maybe only three minutes, later, the dripping body found itself on the sofa in the middle of the room.

    “Kriff it.” Tahiri muttered. “Sleemo, get in the refresher and get us some blankets.”

    Ben forgot the presence of the other woman.

    “Why do you need blankets? Let’s just take her clothes and be on our way.” She started to toward the sofa, and went for the button near the neck.

    Lightning danced between Tahiri’s fingers. Ben quickly put his hands on her left shoulder, calming her. He turned toward the black haired woman. “Lees, come on. Even I know what’s going on. I’ll find the blankets.” He headed toward the refresher. “I’ll be back with some water too.”

    “No, I think it’s a good idea for me to go.” Tahiri looked on the floor, and put her hands inside of her black body hugging utility suit. She said, “Watch her, Ben. I’ll be right back.” The blonde disappeared from the main suite.

    “Nice woman.” Lees commented. “Is she crazy?”

    Ben shook his head. “No, just a Jedi.”

    He turned toward the sofa. “We need to deliver the baby now.”

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just a minute.” The mercenary raised her hands. “What are you talking about? There’s enough to worry about! Like how to stay alive to get off this ship! I’m not ready to die because of an Imperial and her baby!”

    Ben wanted to slap her. At that exact moment, Tahiri was back. A large pan filled with water followed her out of the refresher, a pile of white blanket in the curve of her arms.

    “Ben? Your lightsaber?”

    “I don’t have it. When I woke up it was gone. Daala’s people must have taken it.”

    “I lost mine on Jakku, when the droids attacked. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the chaos. Probably destroyed.” Tahiri sighed.

    “Hahahahaha!” Ben and Tahiri turned their heads, looking at the laughing woman, who held her stomach. “What kind of Jedi are you people! You are the worst Jedi I ever met. I mean, I’m not a Jedi, and I have a lightsaber in my stoma--” The laughter stopped suddenly.

    Tahiri smiled.

    “Concentrate, Ben. Feel it. You are one with the saber. The saber is you.” Tahiri soothed. All the while holding the woman in place with the Force.

    “Now, move it gently upward.”

    Lees was crying gently. Her mouth gripped open, even without a tangible hand there. Ben hoped the whole thing would end soon. He found the saber all right. He was able to move the cylinder shaped object, which should be a lightsaber, past the duodenum from the small intestine, but now it was somehow stuck in the pyloric antrum. With a large tug Ben felt the whole thing flying up the esophagus. Lees whimpered even as the the lightsaber flew out of her mouth. She coughed.

    “We did you a favour. Trust me.” Tahiri said coldly. She let the young woman go. Lees sagged. Ben held her and gave her some water to sip.

    The lightsaber was in Tahiri’s hands. Ben knew she was disappointed it wasn’t her blade after all. He had the strange feeling he saw the cylinder before. Maybe even recently. The shape of the cylinder, with its M shaped emitter shroud, was a design not used by the Jedi.

    Tahiri activated the blade.

    A red snake, almost alive, came into being, and extended, to 13 units.

    “That’s it?” Lees coughed weakly. “I suffered for an entire week, for a toy?”

    Ben knew exactly whom the lightsaber, or rather, shoto, it belonged to.

    “It will have to do.” Tahiri said, “It may actually be better for our purposes.”

    “Sle-- Lees.” Tahiri looked at the other woman, “There is not much time. I assume you know what to do?”

    Lees nodded.

    “Good. Tahiri turned to Ben. “We’ll call you when we are done. Lock yourself in the refresher.”

    A shower later, with a change of cloth that was too big for him, a nap later, no one told Ben to get out of the refresher. His internal clock told him it may have been six hours. Things were quiet from the main room. Too quiet.
    They must have finished by now. Ben decided, and opened the door.

    Of Tahiri, Lees, or the female fleet officer, there was no sign. There was a body on the sofa. The stormtrooper lay like a stone, cold to the touch. Ben closed his eyes.

    Where is everyone?

    Battlestations. Battlestations.” The intercom suddenly clicked to life. “This is not a drill. All personnel to battlestations. Stormtroopers to their designated zones, prepare to repel boarders.”

    “Shavit! Shavit!” Ben cursed. “Where are you?”

    The door to the dead stormtrooper’s suite opened silently. A female stormtrooper without a helmet came inside and looked at Ben. “Why aren’t you in your uniform? Forget it, just grab your side arm and follow me. I don’t know how we are going to get out of this one.”

    Outside, in the corridor, was chaos.

    Mouse droids still run apart, the bodies of stormtroopers, in and out of complete uniform, lay haphazardly, all over the floor. The lasers from blasters and blaster rifles were rampant and random. The female stormtrooper forcefully pulled Ben from the danger of a stray shot, and into cover.

    “Kelli Dorth, GK-418. She offered.

    Ben realized what was expected of him. “Uh, Ben. Ben Sk-- Skooler. TS-90.”

    “Ah, the TS series. You are new.”

    “Right. So what’s going on?”

    “We were on our way to the Anaxes system. Ship dropped out of hyperspace for emergency repairs near K’uthel. Some idiot commandeered a shuttle and landed on the planet. If you believe it the two of them came back. Supposedly some Jedi and her kadaban or something. That’s not the end of it. When they came back, they brought something back.

    “They.... Brought something back?” Ben asked, “What the kriff is going on? Who’s shooting at us? Who are we fighting?”

    “You mean, what are we fighting. I don’t know exactly. I’m just a lowly stormtrooper. Whatever it is, it’s bad. Don’t get kanta captured. Then you come back, as one of them.”

    Kelli looked Ben in the eyes. If we are ever surrounded, kill me. Promise and I’ll do the same for you.”


    Kelli’s gun fired. A huge humanoid alien, face devoid of any features, with smooth grey skin, fell.

    “That thing hasn’t gotten anyone yet. Otherwise...”

    Even as the conversation with the chestnut haired stormtrooper went on, a lone figure came into view. It run with speed and grace. Ben knew who it was. Kelli brought her rifle to bear. Ben plied with the Force. “No, it’s a friend.”

    Kelli shook her head. “Too risky. Your friend is probably gone. In range in four seconds. I’m taking the shot.”

    Ben realized the sidearm he captured from the dead stormtrooper was pointed right at the base of Kelli’s head. He could set it to stun.

    But then Kelli was good as dead, or worse.

    If it were Tahiri, as Ben thought, then she should be able to deflect the shot anyway.

    Kelli fired. The figure did deflect the shot. It was Tahiri.

    The blonde woman yelled, “Run. RUN! They are right behind me!”

    Tahiri took Ben by the cuff in the back and pulled him with her left hand, as she still held the shoto.

    “Let me go. I can run by myself. TAHIRI!”

    “No time,” Tahiri muttered. “They are everywhere.”

    Kelli was in danger of being overrun. She was surrounded by the strange aliens. One of them looks ready to take a bite out of her nose. She was struggling feebly. Ben had to do something. But what? The distance...

    He had to help her. He stretched out with the Force.

    The alien bit into the leg of one of its companions. The howl was blood curdling. The attack on Kelli was momentarily over. She crawled out from the confusion, her blaster rifle forgotten.

    Ben struggled out of Tahiri’s grip. He run back toward Kelli.

    He stretched out with the Force and heard a yelp as the stormtrooper’s legs were involuntarily pumping for all their worth. Soon Kelli was running side by side of Ben and trying to reach Tahiri.

    The aliens stopped screaming and advanced again, their velocity just fast enough to cut off Ben and his new friend.

    Tahiri threw the shoto. It sliced the legs off at least five aliens, finally burying itself inside a head of another. The shoto returned after a minute back into Tahiri’s hand.

    “All hands, this is Admiral Daala. Abandon ship. All hands. Abandon ship. Ship will self destruct in 20 minutes.”

    “No. NO! This is not the end.” Kelli looked at Ben, then at Tahiri. Almost a madness infecting her hazel eyes. “You know this. Ben! We took an oath. We are stormtroopers of the Empire!”

    Tahiri shook her head. “It’s over. The K’us on this ship is too many. But the girl is right. We can’t abandon the ship at this moment, at least not in these escape pods. We absolutely cannot land on the planet. We can’t allow the K’us to to take control of the ship either.”

    “The K’us?” Kelli asked.

    “That’s what the aliens are called.” Tahiri explained, “they were mostly harmless self cloners, until recently when the last human holy woman died.”

    “What do we do?” Ben asked, “And where is Lees and the baby?”

    “Lees is on the planet, trying to rally the human population, telling everyone who would listen that she’s the Holy woman reborn.” Tahiri shook her head, “As for the baby, I’ll explain later. Right now, we need to go to the bridge and save the Chief of the Galactic Alliance.”