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Fantasy Thriller OPEN The Calm Before the Storm - Dieselpunk, Urban Fantasy

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheAdmiral, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004

    Commemorative Pamphlet issued by the Ministry of Information

    This is the world of Aurelias, a place where technology and magic coexist, where people from different races, creeds and walks of life live in relative harmony, united under the banner of the Basileum Empire. It spans the whole continent of Paneas, several island chains and coastal colonies on the Aleyas and Ocea continents, beyond the Stormy and the Titan Oceans respectively.

    The Empire is a place where humans, orks, elves, dwarves and fairies live united. Where mages, alchemists and confessors are free to roam and pursue their quests for knowledge and enlightenment. It is a place of technological and cultural progress that brought millions out of poverty into a new prosperous age.

    It is a place of peace and harmony…

    *This is where the pamphlet ends, torn to pieces and thrown on the street.*


    “It sure does paint a pretty picture, ain’t it?” the old man asked. “Sadly the truth is a bit more complex and not so rosy, I am afraid.” he gave a sad smile. “Let me tell you in brief what happened.” he sat back in his comfortable armchair and took an intricate pipe “How do I know that you ask?” a raspy chuckle as he lit the tobacco and gave a small puff “I was there...” an enigmatic smile “How is that possible? That is another matter for another time.” the smile turned into a scowl “Now stop interrupting me with silly questions, I am not as young as I used to be and I need to tell this story...”

    There were roughly three ages that divide the history of Paneas, at least when there were sentient species roaming it.

    The first one was the Age of Darkness. These were wild and primitive times, full of barbarity and an endless struggle for survival. None of the current species were as they are today. There was no culture, no history, no civilization. Great beasts roamed the lands, thunderous lizards, monstrous insects and the like. The elves were hiding in the woods, living off the forest fruits and small game. The proto-orks were savage beasts who lived for combat. The humans were nothing more than savages, hunter gatherers who had just moved out of the caves and started building small huts. There were no fairies back then, they made a later appearance. So did the dwarves. The Lizardmen were still crawling on their fours in the jungles of the Sauria Archipelago.

    Then there were the Dragons. These shapeshifting creatures were the first civilization. They were the successful experiments done by the Ancient Ones, the ones who came before the recorded history, whose artifacts can be found to this day. The number of Dragons were not that great but they were powerful mages, so they soon gained control over the other species.

    The elves, later known as the Aeldari, were the most susceptible to their influence and were their most loyal servants. They learned from them to foster their elemental magic, to help them nurture nature. Their civilization grew among the woods. They were the healers, the artisans, the gardeners for the great Dragon Civilization. Theirs were the grass and water elements.

    The orks were hard to tame. Their mindless savagery required genetic manipulation. Unfortunately not all were able to gain sentience so were pushed back to the wastes. The others remained and with the help of the Dragons were able to build a martial culture, they became the guardians and warriors, protecting the realm. They could master the fire and earth elements.

    The humans were problematic, to say the least. They were and still are short-lived, compared to the other races. They are not as strong and not as agile. They can be controlled by their baser emotions and desires. But their unique quality was their adaptability and ingenuity. The Dragons were blind to see the danger they posed. Ever since they brought the humans civilization they started spreading faster, reaching maturity earlier than the other races. They learned quickly helped by the fact that their aptitude for magic was weaker, so they had to learn new survival techniques and develop tools to help them to even the ground. The ones who could do magic were able to master each of the elements, but to a lesser degree.

    The reign of the Dragons paved the way to the second age - the Age of Magic. It was marked by the rapid development of the civilizations and the conquering of most of the continent. The Dragons were benevolent rulers for most part, but when someone rebelled they were quick to squash any dissent. For the most part they had given up their monstrous visage opting to appear like a cross between an elf and a human.

    New races started to appear, the fairies for instance. No one knows how they came to be, but were a welcome addition to the new Empire. The carefree creatures were excellent entertainers and fortune-tellers. Moving from town to town they were always met with enthusiasm as they spun, mostly made up, tales about far away lands and creatures never seen before. Young people who could not find love visited them for charms or for good fortune amulets.

    Another race that came from the seas were the Lizardmen. Those enigmatic bipedal creatures looked like distant cousins of the Dragons, but did not possess their powers. The shamans with gifts were rare among them. That was why they were revered by the rubes. The Lizardmen possessed a cold and calculating intellect. Their cold blood did not allow for strong emotions.

    Another strange race were the bipedal Felinoids or as the humans called them - the Cat People. These graceful but physically weak creatures were highly intelligent and sly, making them excellent spies and traders. No one really knows their motivation given how secretive they are.

    Explorers of the Gora Mountains were the first to find the dwarves. These diminutive foul-mouthed people lived most of their lives underground. A whole civilization had formed in the nethers of the mountains. They drove a hard bargain but ultimately joined the Empire after the Dragon emissary outdrank their King impressing even the most sceptical Dwarf.

    The Dragon Empire looked like as if it would last forever, but there were miniscule cracks forming. The Great Lizards were blind to the everyday lives of their subjects, their longevity made them more interested in esoteric matters and exploration. Thinking that since they had brought civilization and progress to the other races things will run themselves automatically, allowing them to pursue more and more knowledge.

    But this comes at a price. Some of the Dragons were becoming more and more arrogant and disinterested in the mortals. That increased with the discovery of the ruins of once great city made by the Ancient Ones. They got in contact with a being that promised knowledge and power.

    The Dragons were getting greedy, not listening to reason telling them that the price for these shortcuts will be disastrous. Their rule started growing more and more despotic. Sacrifices, wars and suspicions among the species. Ironically these were the years when the magic was the strongest.

    Sick and tired of this situation, that was going for decades, members from each race met in secret to form a resistance. Thus the struggle for liberation started that continued for almost a century. Millions died, cities were razed, but the Dragons were defeated. Some claim they were all killed off, others believe that some survived and went into hiding. The Aeldari fled too, to a magical island called Uthwe, leaving the disloyal (as they saw them) elves.

    What followed was a century of chaos. Races, regions, cities were fighting for control. No one remembered the age where everyone was united. Furthermore the Magic was fading. The humans were the first to notice it and with their innate ingenuity they started developing technology to counter this. Thus the Age of Technology (the current one) replaced the one of Magic.

    Wise and farseeing leaders from each race realized that the current situation was unsustainable. Slowly and meticulously ruling Houses along the continent started forming peaceful alliances, but they needed a leader. A leader who will avoid the mistakes the Dragons. A council of nobles was formed and elected an Emperor, who will be the first among equals. They elected the once trading port city Basileus to be the new capitol, hence the name.



    Things were settling down at last. New organizations were formed like the Trading Guild, a collective of merchants, businessmen, financiers, craftsmen, industrialists - in short capitalist bourgeoisie. The Mage Guild, even with decreased power, crafted people gathered together to provide education, protection, arbitration, counsel and healing.

    The Royal Army and Navy were formed. Each region and House had to send people to fill in the ranks, while retaining certain forces for defense and to maintain a certain autonomy.

    People of knowledge joined in the Alchemist Guilds, expanding the horizons and bringing unseen technological progress with the invention of the steam engine and then the internal combustion one. Trains, new and faster ships, ground cars and trucks were becoming a common sight. This allowed to traverse the vast expanses of the oceans. Electricity was mastered. Reaching new and unfamiliar lands, where new sets of dangers needed to be faced and the need for long distance communication arose prompting the development of the telegraph. Weaponry changed, the discovery of gunpowder changed warfare from close and personal to distant and anonymous. Siege canons made city walls obsolete.

    The distances did not make it viable for the new colonies to stray too far from the coastlines, so they settled these areas, but they were enough for now as they were quite abundant in resources.

    A new element was discovered, called Draconium. It changed the balance again. It was a naturally occurring element in the form of a bluish crystal that if grounded and consumed increased one’s magical aptitude, helped expand the mind, heal certain ailments and even prolonged life. The problem was that it was not evenly spread around the continent.

    At first it brought another push of advances, the first Aeroplanes and Sky Ships were made. The telephone too, along with the first moving picture shows.

    In the meantime the quality of lives in the cities deteriorated as more and more people flocked there. Living in slums, in decrepit buildings, slaves to their employers. Working long hours with hardly any pay. The ever present supply of labour forced people to accept their fate. These injustices prompted people to organize in secret to fight the oppression…

    The multicultural environment that was fostered by the Empire brought out some old conflicts to the fore. Some people could not accept the representatives of other races and were resentful against them. Some even took action…

    Different secret societies flourished along the Empire. Some had similar goals, others opposites. They contained representatives of the elite from the bourgeoisie and the nobility. Pulling the strings, manipulating events, but for what purpose? And who were the real puppet masters? That requires further investigation...

    Tensions among Houses grew. The Imperial House of Atreus lead by Emperor Leopold V Atreus was perceived as weak and ineffectual. Everyone knew that conflict was rife to happen, but when? Certain Houses and organizations formed coalitions in secret, some were in support of the status quo, others opposing. Princess Jori, the Emperor’s daughter, was rumoured to have taken an active participation in the backchanneling in the court and the council of nobles, trying to postpone the inevitable...

    But in these dark times, there was still optimism. The crew of the steamship “Enterprise” were setting sail for Aleyas. This was a group of explorers and adventurers looking to uncover the mysteries of that continent…


    About the game:

    This is an original FREEFORM, SANDBOX game set in a Dieselpunk, Urban Fantasy Environment. It was inspired by Dune, Game of Thrones, Avatar: Legend of Korra, pulp fiction from the 20s and 30s. There are a lot of similarities to our Earth. Technology, culture, weapons, clothing are based on the ones from the period 1910 to 1945, with the exception of the airships and other military techs (namely certain walkers) are more dieselpunk. The story for this installment will be mostly centered around the capital city of Basileum, with the exception of the explorer side story. Players are welcome to have several characters, as long as they can handle them. There will be three plots going in parallel and for two of them the number of players will be limited.

    • First Plotline: the political intrigues in the Imperial court as the threat of war grows and certain factions try to prevent it and others try to speed it up. There is no character limit for this one. The characters can be from different walks of life from servants, military, mages, alchemists, nobility, capitalist, financier, etc. They can be from any of the races mentioned above (aside of the Dragons and Aeldari)

    • Second Plotline: this is more of a Sherlock Holmes kind of story about two Detectives set on a mission to investigate who is behind these societies and what ties them together and hopefully find out their intentions. Only TWO characters for the detectives (the player(s) can pick the race and gender), other players can help with NPCs and opposition - it will also tie in with the political intrigue plot;

    • Third Plotline: the explorers. Ideally it should involve a small team of enthusiastic archeologists and/or other scientists. They will have some armed escort, but these will be mostly NPCs, maybe only the commander will be playable of the protectors. FIVE characters maximum for the scientific team.
    The city of Basileum is located in the South-West, by the coast of the Stormy Ocean. It is the biggest city on the continent, home to people of all races and creeds. As for humans all skin colours are acceptable.

    Feel free to make up names of cities, Houses or regions from where your characters are if they were not from Basileum.

    1. Please PM me your Character Sheets first for approval
    2. No God-modding
    3. Obey the Boards’ rules
    4. The GM’s word is law
    5. If you have to pause your participation or would like to withdraw please notify beforehand so that I can accommodate
    6. Have fun
    Character Sheet:

    Physical description (picture if applicable):
    • Height;
    • Weight:
    • Skin color:
    • Hair color:
    • Eye color:
    • Quirks:
    • Likes/dislikes:
    • Strengths/weaknesses:
    Short Bio:

    Note for Mages:

    You should note that even though they have certain powers and abilities they have limitations as in the Age of Technology, their capabilities are diminished. The elements that I mentioned above relate to their offensive capabilities like shooting fire, manipulating water, vegetation, air currents, lightning and so on. Prolonged usage of these abilities lead to rapid exhaustion, especially the more advanced attacks, so they will have to take Draconium (think of it as “mana”). They use “rube” weapons like sabres, handguns and the like. Generally their roles are educational, medicinal and as mediators (think of the Jedi). They are respected by some but more and more are considered as obsolete.

    DISCLAIMER: I have found the images on the Internet, but unfortunately do not know the names of the artists to claim them (aside of the picture of Max von Sydow taken from The Force Awakens).
  2. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    Double GM approved :D

    Name: Pascale Rouser
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Race: Human
    Physical description
    Skin color: Fair
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color Blue
    Quirks: Very polite and well spoken, always dresses smartly, can be manipulative
    Likes/dislikes: Likes a good drink, exploring and finding new treasures, dislikes violence but will use it if he has to, rivals getting in his way
    Strengths/weaknesses: Strengths: honest, very knowledgeable about archeology and is quite slim so can get into tight spaces, weaknesses:women, does sometimes drink a little too much, can become obsessed with his job
    Weapons: Pistol holstered at his side, twin knives on his belt, can also use a longbow and arrows

    Short Bio: Born to a wealthy brandy making family in Basileus, the largest city of Paneas, Pascale grew up admiring the continents most famous archaeologists and aspired to be one of the greatest in the Paneas himself and so he enrolled in the University of Basilius where he began his studies.

    During a work experience in archeological dig, Pascale discovered he had a taste for capturing artefacts but also decided he wanted to make some money for himself. So he decided to sell these priceless artifacts off, damaging the reputation of one of the archaeologists on the dig. Thus began his descent into the underworld of smuggling as he made some contacts with black market dealers. Returning to the University, he plagiarized an essay from one of his fellow students, but unable to prove he did steal it, he was awarded the Archeological Prize.

    His family name and wealth got him a job at a prestigious museum where he became assistant curator. However his job didn't last long as he became suspect in the funding of a grave robbing expedition which caused the deaths of several of his fellow employees and a archaeologist colleague. With his dreams in tatters and fired, Pascale decided to become an archeologist and smuggler for hire for whomever could afford him.

    His skills in acquiring artefacts and treasures for several criminal gangs and underlords made him a household name in smuggling and archeological work and made him several enemies and rivalries which he relished with a passion. But he also caught the attention of several Houses, who had heard of his former reputation and had decided to hire him out to bolster their treasures in their expenses palaces. For enormous sums of money he was hired to find the most precious artefacts available. But Pascale yearned for one thing: to explore the places beyond Paneas and find new ruins, artefacts and civilisations.

    He received his chance when Emperor Leopold V announced there would be an expedition to the neighbouring continent Aleyas. Pascale jumped at the chance, he knew there could be a lot of money involved in helping the head House. Plus it was a chance to take part in the greatest adventure yet.

    And so he sets sail on the steamship Enterprise, ready for a new quest...

    Name: Milos Terric
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Race: Human
    Physical description
    Skin color: Fair
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Quirks: Very cheery personality, very serious when he goes into battle, very informal with his crews
    Likes/dislikes: Likes flirting with the ladies, studying tactics, music, keeping the Empire safe, dislikes disorder, chaos, people who are too serious or rude, politics
    Strengths/weaknesses: strengths: tactical master, cares about his crews and hates leaving anybody behind with an anybody or losing anybody, likes a good chat, physically fit, weaknesses : can be naive due to his youngish age and his high position, hates losing to an enemy that outsmarts him
    Weapons: Pistol holstered at his side, long sword also at his side,

    Short Bio: Milos Terric was born into a lower class family in the North of the continent of Paneas. His father worked as a fisherman sailing the seas so he could earn money to put food on the table and to make sure young Milos could potentially get a good education. Young Milos loved looking out to sea, wondering at its beauty and it's ferociousness.

    Word came from the South, the Emperor was putting together a Royal Army and Navy and wanted soldiers and sailors from the different regions to join. And so Milos's father did and headed down south to join. Milos worried that his father would never return but he was proud of his father for joining. As his father rose through the ranks to captain the first steamship to come off the production line. He always returned home and regailed his son with his adventures and battles at sea. Milos wanted to join the Navy himself and so his father taught him military tactics and all that he knew.

    Milos studied hard and when he was eighteen despite his mother's protestations he headed down south himself, joining the Royal Naval Academy. He was often ridiculed for being from the poorer north but he aced his studies and impressed his instructors with his knowledge of the military and tactics. He graduated and joined a steamship himself as an Ensign.

    Like his father he rose through the ranks and as his father retired from Navy life the young Terric grew in confidence and his skills as a commander. His proficiency and mastery of tactics caught the eye of the Emperor himself and after the previous head of the Royal Navy died in battle, Milos Terric was selected as his replacement.

    An even bigger honour awaited him, he would take command of the first ever airship. The HIMAS Aquila, flagship of the Royal Navy. Terric had followed in the footsteps of his father, had even surpassed him.

    But rumours started circulating of a possible conflict between the Houses. And now the young Terric wonders if he will have to battle some of his own esteemed colleagues...
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2020
  3. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Name: Commander William von Richtoff
    Gender: Male
    Age: 43
    Race: Human
    Physical description:
    • Height; 6ft 1in
    • Weight: 170lbs
    • Skin color: Caucasian
    • Hair color: Black
    • Eye color: Brown
    • Quirks: Demands perfection, annoyed when something is out of place.
    • Likes: Military Decorum, The Rule of Law and Bratwurst
    • Dislikes: Elves, Mages, and anything magic related
    • Strengths: Cunning and Ruthless, Richtoff is a master schemer
    • Weaknesses: Over confidence and arrogance
    Weapons: Pistol, Sabre, his words.
    Short Bio: Commander Richtoff is head of House Richtoff an ancient noble family known for their patriotic military service. The house of Richtoff is also well known for their manufacture of mechanical walkers for the royal army.
    Richtoff Basic Infantry Walker Design
    As such Richtoff is commander of armored division of the royal army, a position that brings him much influence in the imperial court. William also has two sons: Hector and Alfred Richtoff, both deeply loyal to their father they seek his approval and often compete for his attention. The weakening of imperial family will likely lead to many interesting opportunities for the Richtoffs.
  4. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Prime Minister Wulfric Lok
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Race: Human
    Physical description (picture if applicable):
    • Height: 6' 3"
    • Weight: 215
    • Skin color: Fair
    • Hair color: Dark brown
    • Eye color: Dark brown
    • Quirks: Stern, calculated, and shrewd. Emulates power and responsibility.
    • Likes: Wisdom, tactics, military might, politics and fine whiskey.
    • Dislikes: Stupidity, brashness, beer, poor tacticians, weak-willed people.
    • Strengths: Years of military service made Lok a master tactician, and he has a powerful politician.
    • Weaknesses: Works mainly for the rich and royal, rather than the people. Serving in the military has made him a somewhat militaristic man, which could be considered dangerous.
    Weapons: Dual pistols holstered on his hips and his sabre, which is used by Prime Ministers in office.
    Short Bio: Prime Minister Wulfric Lok served for ten long years in the Royal Army, before moving to a life of politics. He served in the Imperial Court under his father's house, House Lok, before he managed to secure his place as Prime Minister for the Empire. He works tirelessly to hold the Empire together. He is known for being efficient, but remains one of the few who holds the Imperial Government together.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2020
  5. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    Name: Lady Delfina "Deffi" of Parnassa (House Parnassa)
    Gender: female
    Age: 21 (on the shelf)
    Race: half elven

    Physical description (picture if applicable):

    • Height; 5' 7" (from her Elven father)
    • Weight: 118
    • Skin color: roses in cream
    • Hair color: pale blonde
    • Eye color: cornflower blue
    • Quirks: packs too much, chatters when she's nervous, will try almost anything once, as long as it isn't too illegal
    • Likes: pretty clothes, parties, cute animals, music, travel & learning new things Dislikes: gruel, messy chores, bugs, bullies, cruelty
    • Strengths: Adapts well to change, knows her own limitations, strong-willed (which is usually a shock to people who only see a pretty girl), with more education than usual for a debutante. Weaknesses: physically slim, although she has slightly above-average strength for her size, due to her Elven heritage. Not accustomed to manual labor and can be overwhelmed in a crisis. No knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.
    Weapons: a small pearl-handled revolver that Granny gave her for her travels ("a Lady knows how to defend herself, dear") and a small ivory handled dagger that she uses as a letter opener. She has been known to stash it in her garter. She is a decent shot, having spent plenty of time at the family estates bagging birds and other game when the Season is over.

    Short Bio:
    Lady Delfina comes from a noble family. Several of her ancestors married in to the Imperial Family, and Deffi herself has been asked to serve as Royal Handmaiden to the Empress, a step towards becoming a full Lady in Waiting. Although she herself is the product of an affair her mother had with an Elven lord who was visiting court, she still has the love and support (and trust fund) of her family, and was close to her human father until his early death from gout.

    She has all the accomplishments of a young lady, having attended Miss Malwort's Establishment for Young Ladies of Good Family, and can arrange flowers, host dinner parties, do some first aid, play the piano, ride, shoot, dance, speak a few languages and do a bit of magic (mostly cantrips related to gardening, mending, cooking or the sickroom). She knows only one real piece of magic, the Glamouri, which she sometimes deploys as she's about to enter a party.

    Deffi's family never emphasized intellectual accomplishments, but Deffi has an interest in history and geography. She spent hours in her father's library studying the atlases and fantasizing about traveling to all the different places. She is a bit vague about science, and would read novels than the classics of literature, but she is pretty good with numbers, which is useful when she needs to submit her monthly expense account to her grandmother and hide the adorable hat from Mademoiselle's Millinery Confections.

    She has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances and is always happy to expand it. She is not particularly a snob, and is just as happy to meet and chat with a member of the working classes as she is to meet a Duke (unless he's cute and single, in which case the Duke takes priority).

    Deffi was engaged to the younger son of the Duke of Remos. However, he was caught in a compromising situation with a stable lad and forced to marry at gunpoint by the young man's angry father. Deffi is still trying to live down the humiliation and her family thought that perhaps after a long journey, people would forget. The Empress thought it was an excellent idea, and this archaeological trip needed a registrar, so...
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2020
  6. Reynar_Tedros

    Reynar_Tedros Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 3, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name: Keela

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Race: Elf

    Physical description: [​IMG]
    • Height: 5’ 6”
    • Weight: 120 lbs.
    • Skin color: Pale white
    • Hair color: Bleach blonde
    • Eye color: Right eye is brown, left eye is blue
    • Quirks: Keela is a smooth talker with a poet’s soul, has a tendency to succumb to the allure of drink, is very sly and very wise, and will often speak her mind with very little filter.
    • Likes/dislikes: Keela loves children, playing music for them, jotting down things in her journal, boozing with dangerous crowds, gambling, and stealing from the rich. She hates those who abuse their power and tax collectors, often one and the same.
    • Strengths/weaknesses: Keela is lithe and flexible, and is very good at sneaking around when she needs to. She also has a knack for seduction, often able to pilfer things off men (and women) who she distracts with her sexuality. She is also a talented musician. However, she finds it easy to be tempted by alcoholic beverages of any kind, and has occasionally gambled away things she shouldn’t have (though she’s often able to steal them back at a later time).
    Weapons: Two small daggers she hides in each boot, a pen she keeps with her journal that she can use as a knife in a pinch.

    Short Bio: Keela doesn’t know where she was born or who her parents are, only that she was left on the front steps of an orphanage in the slums very shortly after. There was very little money to take care of the children, so Keela learned to fend for herself from a young age, often stealing food from traders behind their backs and sharing with her friends.

    Keela abandoned the orphanage as a young teenager, believing (correctly) that she could better take care of herself without their rules and boundaries. She found a guitar that was abandoned in an alleyway that she cleaned and repaired herself, and taught herself to play. She’d always enjoyed writing poems and such in her journal that she kept on her at all times, and being able to apply those to music renewed her passion for life.

    Keela grew into a respected resident of the lower income area of the city, often playing songs to folks in the streets and giving them gifts of questionable origin. She occasionally plays in bars and clubs for tips as well, and through this has taken to drink more often than she should.

    Over the years, Keela has grown tired of the dull sights of the slums, and has had a growing desire for adventure. To see new sights that she hears adventurers trading tales of in the bars she plays. Recently, she heard word of a steamship departing for a place called Aleyas, and now she disguises herself as an enthusiastic archaeologist to get aboard and seek out new horizons.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2020
  7. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
  8. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Character Sheet:

    Name: Zanna Wai'leena
    Gender: Female
    Age: young adult?
    Race: Fae
    Physical description (picture if applicable):
    Height; 5'0"
    Weight: 110lbs
    Skin color: pale
    Hair color: Red
    Eye color: Green

    Personality: Happy and cheerful for the most part. A friend when it is asked for. The worse enemy to have you have wronged her. While she might not kill her enemies, she will torture them with all kinds of annoyances.

    Quirks: Yep, she is! Hates bullies, and rude creatures.

    Likes/dislikes: She is a fae, happy, and enjoys her freedom. She sometimes finds it hard to understand why some people take things so seriously. But she also has a very detailed eye, especially when building useful items. She does not like bullies, rude people, and jerks, whom she will sometimes do things to make their life as miserable as she can.

    Strengths/weaknesses: She can fly, move quietly, has excellent hearing and sight. Her weakness is that she is easily distracted/attracted to all things magical in nature. The older, the better.

    Weapons: 4 daggers, short sword, a mechanical crossbow that can shoot multiple bolts. Gauntlets that can shoot out needles, a sling, a slingshot, and a small pistol if she must use it and ammo.

    Short Bio:
    Like most fae of the current lands, she is a small-sized human with delicate wings. She can lower her wings to the point that they are not immediately noticeable, usually under a cloak. She misses the old days when the magic flowed much more freely, but she had adapted by learning to make potions, tools, and items that mimic the magic of old. Like the goggles that she uses to see hidden and tiny things. She can shrink her size, but only for a very short amount of time.

    She is usually carefree, casting charms, and making amulets. Sometimes she will tell fortunes, but not often. She prefers making things. Course finding a dash of Draconium wouldn't hurt either! As she also likes to tell stories, she enjoys a good adventure, to further her storytelling. She carries a 'magical' pouch where she has her potions, herbs, and chemicals she uses to aid her own magics. She also knows how to set up traps.
  9. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    All Approved By Our Great and Noble Empe...I mean, GM! :D

    Character Sheet 1:

    Name: Andrath Inageiros
    Gender: Male
    Age: 147
    Race: Elf

    Physical Description: [​IMG]

    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Skin Color: White
    Hair Color: Blond
    Eye Color: Brown

    Personality: ~

    Quirks: When in deep thought, often begins to hum or quietly sing. Always exclaims: “Exselénoir!” when he has something figured out, or at least believes he does
    Likes/Dislikes: Solving Mysteries, Books, & Airships/Being stumped on anything, Boisterous Folk, & Birds
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Deduction, determination, and sheer willpower/Somewhat socially awkward and below average strength

    Weapons: Sabre, Handgun, & small vial of draconium
    Short Bio: Andrath Inageiros, elven detective at your service. What can I say about my humble self? I suppose I can confidently state that I am 147 years old and was born in the northeastern woodland town of Faerdralos. It was, to put it succinctly, simple and boring. As soon as I had the capability of independent mobility, I set out for the capital immediately. I was well rewarded with this decision.

    Education and fascination abound here. Primarily of which are the many cases I get presented with now that I’ve honed my craft of deduction skills. Murders, kidnappings, ransoms, simple mysteries, even the rare archaeology search (though I only ever stay long enough to locate a rumored site). Treasons, affairs, smuggling, oh I could go on. Trust me, they are all utterly fascinating. And extremely educational. You always learn a little something new in each one.

    Having done it now for some time, I state with objective pride that I am rather capable at my chosen profession. Always trying to solve everything around me since I was a child has helped with that, I think. Now I won’t claim to be the best in the Empire, but I think it’s fair to ascertain that your chances of having a riddle de-riddled is rather high with me.

    Please, be my guest and consider the thought should you ever have need of me.

    Andrath Inageiros, remember. Orkon Boulevard, right at the corner with Summerdrift Lane. Yes, the place with the large window on the second floor. That’s the one!

    Knock first, if you please.

    Character Sheet 2:

    Name: Cinna Crystalglade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Race: Fairie

    Physical Description: [​IMG]

    (With green and purple wings)

    Height: 5’2”
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Skin Color: White
    Hair Color: Reddish Blond
    Eye Color: Green

    Personality: ~

    Quirks: Pretty much everything is a quirk! Fairie perk.
    Likes/Dislikes: Love and tales of romance, plays, & confounding others/Dull people, boredom, & the status quo
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Intellect, Charm, & Eclectic Nature/That same eclectic nature; inability to keep still or seemingly remain consistent on anything whatsoever

    Weapons: A cane that is actually a sheath for a rapier, occasionally a rifle he calls ’Issipa’
    Short Bio: Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen. I am the man behind Crystalglade Manor, indeed I am Lord Cinna Crystalglade himself!

    Yes, I am most certain that you wish to learn how a person such as myself became a noble in great Basileus. But that’s boring! Instead, I shall regale you with tales of hearts yearning for fiery release!

    You see, Lady Fawning...Oh? Still determined to learn about myself only? Very well then. I shall entertain your curiosity just this once, mind you.

    It all started, oh, about ten years ago. I had only just arrived in the city and was bearing gifts of draconium. A fairly sizable amount too that I had come into possession of…hush, now. That was not the story you asked for, so let us continue. Moving along!

    Between that freely given gift to the Royal Family themselves, as well as a generous donation of affection (or money, I forget which, truth be told) to a couple of other high standing families of renown; I suddenly found myself a Lord with all that which it implies!

    Hm? Yes, of course they did it just like that. I mean, I might have also hinted that it would be a nice return gesture of gratitude, but it was all their doing. Very gracious of them, if I may say so.

    Anyway! That’s how I became a Lord within the Empire. The only fairie to have ever achieved such stature, I believe. Not that I care for such trivia. I daresay they don’t know what to make of me now. Some drivel about me switching my mind altogether too much.

    Nonsense. I merely follow where my heart leads and we all know how fickle one’s heart can be, no?

    Character Sheet 3:

    Name: Giniro J’andra
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Race: Felinoid

    Physical Description: [​IMG]

    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 133 lbs.
    Fur Color: Silver-Gray
    Hair Color: ^See Above^
    Eye Color: Silver-White

    Personality: ~

    Quirks: Closes his eyes when content, purrs at anything he finds pleasing, and uses ‘meow’ instead of ‘now’
    Likes/Dislikes: Wildlife, the wilderness, & alcohol (but not too much!)/Prejudice, poachers, & heavy winds
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Animal Studies, finding new paths, & not easily scared/Not physically strong, no weapons training at all, & lightweight with alcohol

    Weapons: None
    Short Bio: Why hello there! I am Giniro J’andra, a professional zoologist on behalf of the Empire. I am interested, unsurprisingly, in all things animal. Being a felinoid, or simply cat person among the humans, I am often teased for this. But I pay them no heed.

    No matter the reason, I am drawn to the wild and those who inhabit it and it is both my duty and desire to catalog all who dwell within. My manners and merit got me selected for the exploration mission to Aleyas, making me very proud. My five brothers are rather jealous I hear.

    I am a native to the city of Basileus, though due to my nature, I’m constantly being drawn out and away from it. My parents and brothers are just as fond as others to tease me because of it, as a matter of fact. I will miss them, but this is an…Enterprise…I can’t afford to miss! Haha!

    Hm. What’s that? I believe the smell of rum is reaching my nose. Forgive my abruptness, but I think a glass of it is calling me.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2020
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    Mar 28, 2004
    GM Update

    Thank you all for joining! I am going to start us off either on Friday (tomorrow) or during the Weekend.

    I am keeping the game OPEN for anyone who wishes to join in the party, but there will be certain conditions:

    The Detective and Partner roles are already taken by @Darth_Elu and @Ktala so if anyone wishes to join in the investigation plot will be under condition which will be discussed via a PM.

    The Exploration: the team is more or less filled in (can accept 1 or 2 more people), so though they will have armed protection so if anyone is interested in playing a soldier or an officer (also can be discussed via a PM).

    The Imperial Court: no character limit, maybe at some point will need a potential fiancée for the Princess and the Prince, also other political or military figures.

    Anyway, that is for today! I am looking forward to having fun with you all!

    Also if anyone has a question or an idea that they would like to explore feel free to PM me :)
  11. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Patriarch of The Holy Order. (True name unknown, referred to as Father or The Patriarch)
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Unknown
    Physical description (picture if applicable):
    • Height; 6ft 2in
    • Weight: 185 lbs
    • Skin color: Unknown
    • Hair color: Unknown
    • Eye color: Unknown
    • Quirks: No one has seen his face and lived to tell the tale.
    • Likes: Knowledge, Magic, Draconium
    • Dislikes: Ignorance, Stupidity, people getting in the way of his research.
    • Strengths: Strong magically connection (for the era), very observant, vast knowledge
    • Weaknesses: While physically strong his powers are greatly diminished when he uses magic for too long.
    Weapons: Staff, Magic.
    Short Bio:
    The Patriarch
    His origin?


    His research?


    His goals?


    Head of the Holy Order and a prominent mage in The Mage Guild, The Patriarch is revered throughout the empire. His very presence demands respect, even from those that dismiss magic. His powers as a mage are immense, although not as strong as the mages of old. His mysterious research has often enjoyed a blind eye from the imperial government.

    The Holy Order

    The Holy Order is an ancient order dating back to the age of magic. Like its leader little is known about this secret society.

    The Symbol of The Holy Order

    What is known is that the order is a research organization, consisting of mages, engineers, alchemists and researchers . The Holy Order has strong connections to the Imperial Government and many of the prominent guilds. Their research is largely unknown but is believed to be a mix of technological and magical innovation.

    The members of the order can easily be identified by their distinctive green robes and order ring which bears the symbol of the order. They hide in plain sight, to say they above the law would be an understatement.

    The Holy Order is up to something, their plans and machinations unknown, but who would dare stop the march of progress?
  12. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Last minute, got my arm twisted by a friend to check it out, join, CS Approved by GM

    Count Teirvonel Vanhetgoud
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown, Appears to be 30’s-40’s
    Race: Features and build suggest Human
    Physical description (picture if applicable):


    • Height: 1.93m
    • Weight: 92kg
    • Skin color: Golden tan
    • Hair color: Dirty Blonde
    • Eye color: Icy blue


    • Quirks: Seemingly calm, bright, and navigates the currents of politics like a seasoned Lord
    • Likes/dislikes: Likes observing at Court before making observations, Discussing politics and the Realm with others but more often to discover their own leanings rather than revealing his. Dislikes, glitz, glamor, the social elite who use it to just be seen for the sake of being seen
    • Strengths/weaknesses: Strengths - Agile warrior, hell with a blade, can analyse a situation rapidly and make snap decisions that can better even the odds, Master of disguise, Weaknesses - Politically savvy Ladies at Court


    Having been a Ranger before being promoted into the nobility, he has handled and used most weapons, both magic and technological, from all the races around the world. When at Court he carries the standard of a sword and dagger at his hips, but also has a handgun on the same hip as the dagger and several daggers tucked around his person.

    Short Bio:

    Born into the society of Rangers he was trained for many years to join their ranks. Having proven himself time and again, and given many Rangers come from fallen nobility, he was eventually promoted to the nobility. To the surprise of the entrenched nobility he has proven as adept at swimming the political waters as he was protecting their interests at the frontiers. Over the years he has risen in stature and rank at Court until now he stands as a Count, one of the higher mid level nobility.

    His character has allowed him to see the many currents at Court and he’s seen that unless the strife ceases or that one faction or another gains a majority, the entire Realm will destabilize. So he works to determine what is the best course of action or faction to support. However, those who believe it is their birthright to be nobility and then ignore the plights of the Realm have already earned his ire, although, to them he is solely a jumped up commoner.
  13. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: I am going to split the intro posts into several ones as to avoid cluttering everything in one big post. I am going to post the next batch of tags today and tomorrow. Please refrain from posting before I post the last one, which I will indicate.

    IC: Emperor Leopold V Atreus, State Security Director Erast Fandorin
    Location: Ruling Council Chamber

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Emperor Leopold V Atreus Director of State Security Erast Fandorin

    The Emperor was pacing in front of the large window overlooking the sprawling city. The situation was slipping between his fingers. It was as if trying to hold sand in his hand. The internal problems with the Empire have been multiplying. Internal conflict, racial tensions, inequality. The glue that has been keeping it all together had dried and started to crumble. The Age of Magic and the rule of the Dragons had become just a distant memory, some even claim it was mostly a myth.

    Now a new front was being opened. “Your Majesty, we have received reports from the Stormy Coast.” came the melodic voice of Erast Fandorin, the director of the State Security. “Our agents from the free city of Mackleburg sent a telegram saying that there has been an increase of activity by the Lizardmen in the vicinity.”

    The Emperor half turned and eyed the Director, then the Prime Minister and Commander von Richtoff. He pursed his lips, in the North the Great House of Orianni were making preparations, forming coalitions for reasons unknown. At least officially they were. The truth was they were preparing a land grab from their neighbours, who “accidentally” were supporters of the Atreus.

    Leopold knew that Baron Orianni had great ambitions of replacing the Atreus on the Eagle Throne. That was the real threat, the Lizardmen were opportunists. The problem was that if he focused on dealing with them the Orianni Coalition will be able to gain more power as the Imperial forces will be focused on dealing with the new threat. If he ignored the Lizards that will send a message that the Empire would not protect its people and there it will be every House for themselves.

    “Commander.” he turned to Richtoff “Do you think we can hold military exercises close to Mackleburg to deter the Lizardmen from further action?”

    Fandorin cleared his throat “There is also the matter of the Prole and Humans First groups, they are gaining more and more support. Our agents in the field indicate that they are going to stir trouble soon.”

    Leopold closed his eyes for a second and sighed “Prime Minister, where are we with the labour reforms?” they should deal with the Proles first as they had a strong social base and united people from all the races. The Trading Guild and other bourgeoise groups were fighting the reforms thus adding to the chaos.

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var @Shadowsun


    IC: A Mysterious Visitor
    Location: Orkon Boulevard, the capital city of Basileus

    The Mysterious Visitor was walking around the office of the famous detective. Picking a trinket or two checking them out then returning them to their places. She was waiting for Andrath Inageiros and his partner, the lovely fairy Zanna Wai'leena. She was not accustomed to waiting, but knew that the duo were most likely returning from another escapade.

    There was a human skull “looking” at her, she was not a squeamish woman and bent a bit and stared right into the empty eye sockets. It made you think about the quick passage of time. The Detective was an elf, so that must be fascinating for him given how short-lived humans are.

    The woman was let in by the housekeeper, who blanched when she understood who she was. Her own Orc bodyguard stayed outside leaning on the wall overlooking the house and the automobile with which they had arrived. Andrath was an observant enough to notice that something was amiss.

    She glided towards the large oak desk, there was a today’s edition of the Imperial Gazette, the biggest and most prestigious newspaper in the Empire. The woman picked it up and checked it out. She found the article she was interested in, the title was “Mathematics Professor turned Master Criminal, foiled by local Detective!”

    That brought a slight smile to her lips. This case was the reason she needed the man’s services. Just as she was about to read it there were voices coming from downstairs, he had returned. She placed the newspaper back on the desk and turned.

    The mystery visitor was the Princess Jori Atreus, the daughter of the Emperor Leopold V, ruler of the known world.

    “Good day Detective, Miss Wai'leena...” she said with her soft and melodic voice.


    TAG: @Darth_Elu @Ktala


    IC: Lieutenant Tyler Petreus
    On-board the exploration vessel “Enterprise”

    The sun was slowly setting over the horizon as the ship was crossing the ocean. It created a beautiful palette of colours on its surface and in the sky. It was peaceful, there were a few more days to go to reach Aleyas. Most of the crew were moving around, but the soldiers who were sent to protect the expedition were bored to death. The heat did not help much either. They were approaching hurricane season so there won’t be going back anytime soon. At least in the next few months.

    Tyler, was the grandson of the expedition leader, Professor Johannes Petreus, or the Old Man as he was known in the Imperial Museum and College. The nephew did not share the scientific aptitude of his relatives so he had joined the military, rising to the rank of Lieutenant. Something he was very proud of, though his grandfather just scoffed at that, given his distaste for anything to do with war and weapons.

    The Lieutenant was a handsome man, who attracted the attention to the “womenfolk” of all the races. But he was interested in one, Lady Delfina, the beautiful half-elf was assigned from somewhere high up and stuck out from the others. Tyler got specific orders to keep her safe in the form of a letter from the Princess Jori herself.

    He would not mind the prospect though. Tyler saw her leaning on the railing. As beautiful as the day he saw her first. Being the good gentleman he carried her luggage in and helped her settle in her cabin. He ran his fingers through his hair and checked himself in the reflection of a window. He was not wearing his uniform, he was off duty, usually he would not approach a woman in this state, but the heat deterred him.

    “The sunset is beautiful today...” he murmured as he stepped next to her “But not as beautiful as milady.” he knew that this was a cheesy line, but could not help it.

    TAG: @Mistress_Renata
  14. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Anna Morv - handmaiden to the Princess
    Location: Corridors within the Imperial Palace

    Anna, a pretty blonde lady, one of the numerous handmaidens of the Princess was entrusted with a very important task to deliver a certain letter to a certain fairy gentleman. She was the most trustworthy of the ones working for Her Highness. That was why she was given such sensitive tasks as to arrange certain romantic rendezvouses between her mistress and the gentleman in question.

    The handmaiden knew why things were to be kept hush-hush, but she liked seeing them together. He made the Princess very happy and Anna loved seeing her smile and glowing. She dreaded the moment when the Princess would be forced to marry someone in an arranged marriage.

    Anna stumbled upon Lord Crystalglade. “Oh...” she exclaimed “I am sorry m’lord.” Anna blushed and looked down “I was told to give you this.” she whispered and quickly exchanged the small envelope, the usual way as they did before. “Also, I was informed that Her Majesty, the Empress would like to see you in the solarium.” she smiled briefly and without waiting for a response.

    The small envelope contained a letter and a red rose petal, it was their signal that it was from Jori.

    Dear Cinna,

    I am sorry for avoiding you recently, some important matters needed attending. I would like to see you tonight, at our usual spot.


    That meant the quaint little villa in the outskirts of Basileum. The Princess found a way, with the help of a few loyal servants, to slip by for these impromptu meetings. It was high time they had another one.

    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    IC: Grand Cleric of the Aeldari Ulthwe
    Location: Secret Lodge of The Holy Order, somewhere in Basileus


    Ulthwe hated what the younger, lesser races had done with the city. It was once beautiful and orderly back when the true masters were in charge. Now it was an ugly and dirty squalor where filth of all the species mixed together. The stench of them all together. The chaos, the ugliness. They made him shudder.

    Another indignity that he had to suffer was to pose as one of the elves, the Aeldari’s lesser offshoots. The race traitors. They joined together with the human monkeys to overthrow the Dragons. The Aeldari had to suffer the indignity of having to hide. But not all of the Dragons had died, some seemed content with the current situation, but others, like the Dragon Primarch Dantius were working towards restoring the Old Order of things.

    The Patriarch was one of the instruments towards that goal. The Primarch had sent Ulthwe to oversee the next stages of the plan. The Grand Cleric had to hide his contempt towards the human acolyte who was bringing him to the masked man. As they approached the chamber he waved the man off and stepped in.

    “Good to see you alive and well.” he greeted the Patriarch “The society is growing I see.” Ulthwe gave a small smile as he walked towards the man. “The Primarch sent me here as it seems we are ready for the next stage.” he picked a random item from the table nearby. It was a magical book of sorts.

    “We have to step up the production of the artificial draconium.” that substance proved to be very potent as well as very addictive thus forcing people to join their ranks regardless whether or not they wanted to do so. “I was informed that the Dragons who do not share our views and goals have become very active.” Ulthwe placed the book back on the table and turned to the Patriarch “We have to expose them to the Empire, the young races will surely turn against them and do our job for us.” he smirked.

    TAG: @Shadowsun

    IC: Professor Johanness Petreus
    On-board the exploration vessel “Enterprise”


    The Old Man was sitting in his cabin, checking his notes. This expedition was his biggest and most important one to date. They were going to make history by pushing in deeper in Aleyas than anyone had gone before. His group was going to push the boundaries of science. There were aerial surveillance photos and sketches of ruins visible in the distance.

    If there were such monumental ruins there must have been a great civilization there as well. Hopefully they would not encounter any of the Thunder Lizards in the jungles that they were going to traverse. Also the tall blue skinned natives that the colonists have described. But that was all wishful thinking.

    Such expeditions were very dangerous and given that they will be far away from civilization they could all fall prey to animals, hostile tribes or disease. Not to speak hunger and dehydration if they are stupid enough to waste resources.

    The group was rather eclectic, most of the adventurers who signed in for it were unknown to him. One of them, Pascale Rouser, he knew. Given the man’s reputation the Old Man was worried that he might try something unsavoury, that was why he warned Tyler to keep an eye on him. The problem was that his grandson seemed more interested in the blonde girl who was assigned to the group by some very important people. That elicit a sigh from Johanness, he was once a young man himself and the woman was pretty enough to attract Tyler’s attention. Though there was another beautiful woman in the group as well, but she did not seem to be hailing from high society, but she too could be problematic given how they were all surrounded by soldiers.

    There was a knock on the door. It must be Pascale as he had sent for him “Come in.” the Old Man croaked “Mister Rouser, I wanted to speak to you.” he gave a humourless smile and did not let the younger man speak “I know of your reputation and I wanted to warn you not to try anything regrettable.” he said behind his desk, observing the man intently “We are here to gain knowledge, not riches.” the Professor loved such platitudes “If you are not going to abide by the rules I kindly ask you that you remain in the colonies until you can book a passage back.” he smiled kindly, as if he was doing him a favour “I hope that is agreeable for you, as I know that deep down you are a very capable archeologist with great potential.”

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox
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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: That is the last intro post, feel free to respond at your leisure! I am in talks with another player who is interested in joining, if he does it I will TAG him separately.


    IC: Empress Maja Corioni Atreus
    Location: Solarium, Imperial Palace


    The Empress was sitting in one of the armchairs in the solarium, reading one of her favorite ancient poets. In times of stress she loved finding solace in the wisdom of the ancients. It was both reassuring and frightening that history seemed to be cyclical, repeating itself. She was waiting for the fairy lord Crystalglade. She knew of his affair with Jori. Her daughter might be smart and crafty but eventually she made a mistake that revealed it.

    The Empress did not mind such dalliances on the side, they were useful for releasing energy and improving one’s general disposition. The problem was if this was a deep thing. The two secret lovers must know that they cannot make it official and that Jori is destined to marry the person who will bring most political capital to the Imperial Family.

    Maja heard faint steps on the gravel outside. It was the handsome and enigmatic Count Vanhetgoud. The Empress beckoned him to come in. As he did so she smiled “Good to see you Count!” she said and gestured towards an empty armchair “Care for some tea?” she asked. His presence would make the conversation with Lord Crystalglade impossible, but she could not chase the man away. Besides he seemed interested in talking to her. At least she could find out why.

    TAG: @darthbernael


    IC: Prince Arturias Atreus
    Location: On-board the HIMAS “Aquila”, en-route from Aleyas to Basileus


    The Prince walked along the corridors of the great air dreadnaught. It was the first of its class and the biggest in the Imperial Air Fleet. Of course it was assigned to his father to serve as a flagship. Arturias loved being on-board military vessels. He preferred it to being in the Palace.

    He was returning from a visit to the colonies. It was also a reminder for the colonists that the Empire was still strong and that they should not get any funny ideas. Given how they stared at the Aquila they should not worry on that front. Until any of the other Houses manages to construct such a ship they should be safe.

    The ship had its vulnerabilities of course, it could be overwhelmed with swarms of smaller crafts and aeroplanes, something the Oriannis seemed to have lacking. Or at least that was what the State Security was telling them. Given the current tensions its services will be required, something Arturias was willing to see. Its immense power will bring a lasting peace, at least until the enemies can counter it.

    Crewmen saluted the Prince, to which he nodded and continued on his way towards the bridge. Once there an officer jumped to his feet and shouted “The Prince is on deck!” which prompted all non-essential personnel to follow suit and salute him. “As you were.” the Prince smiled and said softly as he approached Captain Terric.

    “How is she fairing?” he asked “Now I understand why you prefer being on-board instead of in the Palace.” the Prince chuckled “If I could I would move here as well.”

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    IC: Chief Engineer Mieli Hartsson
    On-board the exploration vessel “Enterprise”


    The dwarven Chief Engineer wiped his dirty hands with a towel. His inspection of the trucks was over. They should hold their own in these inhospitable lands that they were going to drive through.

    Mieli stretched and groaned. He needed a drink. Scratching his bottom he headed towards the mess hall. There should be some ale. Oh how he longed for a cold bottle of ale. The sweaty glass, the thin layer of foam on top. The amber liquid pouring down his throat.

    The dwarf smacked his lips at the thought as he made his way towards his goal. With a groan he started climbing the stairs from the hold towards the living area. Oh how he hated that part, given his short arms and legs, but that couldn’t be helped.

    Once on top he saw that the sun was already setting. Has he been working for so long? Bah! He waved his arm, to the people on the side he looked peculiar given that he was not talking to anyone. A fact he realized and looked around, he saw the Felinoid and the elven girl. Shame she was one of the tree huggers and not a nice dwarven lady. “Hey, you two, wanna grab a beer?” he grinned, his mouth revealing some empty sockets where certain teeth were supposed to be, but were missing. He did not want to bring any of the orcs who were part of the guard detachment as they would simply outdrink and outeat him, leaving him empty handed, but those two, they did not stand a chance.

    TAG: @Reynar_Tedros @Darth_Elu
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    Jun 26, 2017
    William von Richtoff
    Commander von Richtoff stood firm behind the Emperor, hands clasped behind his back, taking in every word with the attention that they deserved

    “Commander.” he turned to Richtoff “Do you think we can hold military exercises close to Mackleburg to deter the Lizardmen from further action?”

    Richtoff looked back the Emperor, clearly strained from the weight of his position, and responded

    “Indeed your Majesty, it would be a wise, measured approach with out the loss of life. My son Hector is in the region and should be able to lead the demonstrations. It would also prove a useful opportunity to display the new line of walkers”

    For quite sometime his son, Alfred Richtoff, had been developing a new line of walkers to add to the Basic Infantry walker. A more robust machine, with heavy fire power. Richtoff had been looking for an excuse to test his son’s new invention, a shame its more destructive capabilities would not be used to the fullest extent. Nevertheless its imposing nature would serve as a strong reminder of Imperial strength.

    Richtoff Heavy Walker Design

    It might also prove a useful opportunity to 'hire' more Lizardmen for his factories. He would instruct his son to be cautious, if their activates became noticeable it would only further destabilize the region something that Richtoff was not interested in.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral @Master Vo'Un'Var
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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Count Teirvonel Vanhetgoud
    Empress’s Solarium

    Excusing himself from yet another, not quite as clandestine as the nobles involved seemed to think, meeting in one of the corridors of the Imperial residence near the Court Teirvonel began to wander the corridors, slowly making his way toward nearby gardens. This was the latest in a long line of such meetings, trying to rope him in to various schemes, some that could or might strengthen the Realm, some that had the potential to fracture the Realm, and some that were just the vapid figments of addled fops imaginations. This one however did have the potential to add to the strife, and not on the frontier, but very near.

    As he walked he nodded to other nobles, swept by the various types of servants, and bestowed small smiles at those who evinced positive facial emotion toward him. He seemed in his own mind as he walked but he kept his ears open and whenever a tidbit seemed of value he slowed his steps to catch as much of what was being said as possible without revealing that he was listening.

    When he entered the gardens he basked in the Sun for a moment, turning his face toward it and people could be forgiven if they saw and thought they saw a shine to his hair that wasn’t there. The Sun warmed his face and the moment passed as a cloud passed. Turning his head back down he walked, quietly, through the gardens, sticking to the gravel paths. He stayed as quiet as possible here, not to eavesdrop but rather because he knew the Emperor or Empress often took their leisure in the gardens or in nearby open pavilions or rooms.

    As he walked he thought about recent events and recent conversations; The Realm was in a state of flux and many different factions were currently vying to bring their cause to the fore, one close to the Emperor’s heart was one that was causing strife in the cities and between the Guilds and the Realm, having to do with the proles. Another too was the strife near the Atreus retainer’s lands and a third was the expedition heading into the wilds which many nobles seemed to see as a wasted expense, much currently taking place.

    Soon he saw that his feet took him near the Empress’s Solarium. He knew if he’d walked any quieter and she saw him that she’d suspect an assassin first and a wandering Count second. He allowed his feet to scuff the gravel a little more than he had before and he could tell she had seen, heard his quiet footsteps on the gravel.

    The Empress beckoned him to come in. As he did so she smiled “Good to see you Count!” she said and gestured towards an empty armchair “Care for some tea?” she asked.

    He could tell she believed that he had not inadvertently wandered by her solarium but had come to speak to her so after entering he bowed deeply to her and then took the seat she indicated. To do otherwise would give the appearance of rudeness and such was not done with such a Peer of the Realm. He adjusted the hilt of his sword so it was tucked in closely to the seat, and not sticking out where it could be tripped upon, as he sat.

    ”Greetings, Empress. I would be delighted to partake of tea with you.” his low, melodious voice came out as his piercing blue eyes met a similar set in the Empress’s visage. ”Especially as there seems to be little time, these days, to partake of simple pleasantries such as the sharing of tea. In the last few months Court functions have seemed to become much more the various factions attempting to recruit any they see as willing, to their various causes. Which, I’m sure your Majesty has seen.”

    He accepted the mug and delicately stirred the tea as he added a dash of honey to sweeten it. One thing that he’d gotten used to and enjoyed since leaving active Ranger duty was having little accompaniments to food, like sweeteners for one’s tea. Having the opportunity to do so with and in the Empress’s presence was a bonus of great value.

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  18. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Sailing on the Enterprise

    Another adventure was beginning…

    Pascale Rouser, archaeologist, some would even say scoundrel was leaning on the railing of the steamship Enterprise. Her crew’s mission: to explore the continent of Aleyas, find new civilizations and maybe some tombs and ruins on the way which could hold untold treasures and even tell stories of civilizations long dead in the past. Maybe even the odd legend or two.

    Pascale had explored the continent of Paneas to its extent and he felt it was time for a new adventure. When the Emperor himself announced the expedition Pascale knew he had to be on this ship. It was a chance to see some uncharted places in the world, places that could be considered dangerous even. But there was a lot of money on offer too and if there was also a chance to increase his wealth he would take it.

    Pascale at the moment was enjoying the sea air letting the wind flap his jacket and feel refreshing on his face. He was currently in his usual cream suit, grey and white striped shirt, white shoes, black tie and customary Panama hat. He prided himself on always looking smart when not on a dig or supervising a dig. His what he liked to call ``safari clothes” were currently in his cabin for when he wanted to get down and dirty on a dig or in hostile environments.

    Due to his rather checkered past he knew someone was always watching him should he decide to behave...irresponsibly. Pascale had to snort at that, he abhorred violence unless he had to use it and had brought weapons with him including double knives, his pistol and ammo and his longbow and arrows just in case. But he had no intention of offing anybody on board as no one was considered his rival. But there were a couple of beautiful ladies on board.

    He decided to head to the Old Man’s office no doubt the Old Man wanted to discuss some things before they reached their destination. He headed through the ship giving a nod to some of the soldiers who were on board. He really did not understand why they had to have soldiers aboard as they spoke with their brawn rather than their brains. But he supposed heading to a dangerous place you did have to have some muscle.

    He gently knocked on the Old Man’s cabin door and entered once commanded to. The Old Man was behind his desk with the maps and bits and pieces he was clearly studying the continent.

    "Mister Rouser, I wanted to speak to you.” he gave a humorless smile and did not let the younger man speak “I know of your reputation and I wanted to warn you not to try anything regrettable.” there was an intense look on his face and Pascale had to resist the urge to snort again “We are here to gain knowledge, not riches. If you are not going to abide by the rules I kindly ask you that you remain in the colonies until you can book a passage back.” he smiled kindly, as if he was doing him a favour “I hope that is agreeable for you, as I know that deep down you are a very capable archeologist with great potential.”

    Pascale folded his arms and smiled “Well it seems my reputation has preceded me both good and bad. I must admit that it was surprising that the Emperor or yourself allowed me on this trip after my...unfortunate dealings with some rather nasty underworld types. But I can assure you, my interest in this trip is purely professional”

    “Now since we are heading into uncharted territory there are no doubt some civilizations that rely on older style weapons and have not become as technologically advanced as we are so we need to proceed with caution. These civilizations could tell us about who they worship, how they live, whether they have anything that ties them to older civilizations.” he looked down at the desk where he could see sketches of ruins “No doubt those ruins could be interesting but like most tombs and temples they come across they could easily conceal traps and mazes which could trap us or get us stuck for hours. We need to know more about these ruins, who they belonged to, maybe even clues to help solve puzzles”

    His smile widened “This could be the chance of a lifetime”

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  19. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Zanna Wai'leena
    Orkon Boulevard, Don't know if I'd call it home...

    Andrath and Zanna had finally made it back to Andrath's quaint quarters. Andrath had discussed the latest 'case' all the way back home. Well, Andrath would call it a discussion. Zanna would call it a long-winded tirade, that finally ended with a comment about it not being a complete waste of time. Zanna knew not to continue THAT discussion, or she would miss supper. AGAIN. But that was doomed to happen any-a-ways. A soon as they had seen the rather large Orc standing near the place, with a car that seemed a bit out of sorts standing there. Zanna's wings fluttered slightly. This could be fun! And it would certainly wash the last bit of disappointment from the last case.

    She looked over sideways towards Andrath, but didnt say a word as they walked into his abode. Since the housekeep had let the person in, Zanna found that very curious indeed. She hovered, behind Andrath as he entered his office.

    The mystery visitor was the Princess Jori Atreus, the daughter of Emperor Leopold V, ruler of the known world. Zanna quickly folded her wings, quickly recognizing the woman.

    “Good day Detective, Miss Wai'leena...” she said with her soft and melodic voice.

    Zanna responded with a half curtsey, and she looked between Andrath and Princess Atreus, a huge smile on her face.

    This should be quite interesting!

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  20. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    The Patriarch
    Secret Lodge of The Holy Order

    The Patriarch had been reading when Ulthwe entered the chamber. He closed the book, alone its spine in golden letters read: Dragon’s Blood: Potions and Other Uses, he looked up at the Aeldari, the smugness of his face, it was almost unbearable.

    Faces. They always gave away too much. There was a reason no one knew his.

    The Patriarch Remained silent as Ulthwe spoke, allowing him to finish his thoughts. He sighed, he was displeased that Ulthwe had been sent to ‘oversee’ him, he did not take kindly to people interfering with his research.

    “Ulthwe, do you know what I have built over these last few years?” He did not give time for the Aeldari to speak. “I have built an empire of information. I have infested every crevice of this city. And you want me to jeopardize this to increase the production of synthetic Draconium?”

    He stared at Ulthwe, two sky blues colored eyes piercing through his mask, the closest anyone had come to seeing his face.

    “We have yet to find…” He paused, thinking best of how to phrase what he wanted to say.

    “….an ample supply source” He smiled as he said this, he knew full well that Ulthwe was aware of the situation. If they increased production too quickly, there was the chance someone may notice. The Patriarch waved his hand in a dismissive fashion and continued.

    “Regardless the larger issue is those ignorant Dragons you mentioned. While an unfortunate loss, I think you are right, it is the only way forward at this point.”

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Aboard the Enterprise

    Keela had never been this far out in the ocean before. Sure, she’d been on the water, snuck on a few fishing boats and a sailboat here and there, but traversing across the ocean all the way to another continent was an entirely new adventure for her, and one she was soaking in as she leaned her body against the railing of the ship and closed her eyes to listen to the waves, feeling the warmth of the sun grace her smiling face. It was all very picturesque, or at least she imagined it to be. To others, maybe she looked like a bit of a crazy person. But what she felt was pure bliss, something the city had not given her in a long time.

    When she’d heard about the voyage, Keela was momentarily disheartened by the fact that they were mostly looking for scientists and archaeologists. But hell, she’d posed in far less believable roles than those. So she forged a little bit of paperwork, feigned interest in the trip for business purposes instead of pleasure, and voila. Here she was. She promised the kiddos back home she’d tell them all about it, and she fully intended to keep that promise.

    Keela opened her eyes and in her periphery noticed a Felinoid nearby. She hadn’t run into very many of them before, but of the few she had, she found them to be fascinating people and always felt comfortable around them. Before she could engage this particular one in conversation, however, she heard a loud voice from behind that felt directed towards her.

    “Hey, you two, wanna grab a beer?”

    Keela turned and saw a dirty dwarf looking at her, grinning with a mouth full of missing teeth. She turned to the Felinoid, then back to the dwarf, then back to the Felinoid again.

    “Is... he talking to us?” she wondered with an arched eyebrow.

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  22. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Milos Terric
    Location: Bridge, HIMAS Aquila, en-route from Aleyas to Basileus

    Milos was more used to being on the sea than in the air.

    At least I don't feel air sick…

    The great air dreadnaught was floating steadily through the air on it's journey back home. Another colonial trip just to remind the colonists that the Atreus House still reigned supreme and not to try anything stupid or risk thier wrath.

    Terric had to inwardly snort at that. Yes he was head of the Imperial Navy but you didn't need a big ship to make a statement, the Prince would have been good enough with a steamship. But at least this trip got him away from the continuous squabbling and brown nosing which was common in the Imperial court. And the fact there was possibly dissension in the ranks...

    The Aquila glided through the air with the greatest of ease, and Terric did feel slightly glad he was in control of this behemoth, it hopefully couldn't be in more safer hands. Well at least Terric thought so anyway. His father would be proud if he could see him now.

    The young Prince arrived on the bridge with an announcement. Terric gave him a smart bow as he entered his uniform hopefully looking as smart as ever.

    How is she fairing?” he asked “Now I understand why you prefer being on-board instead of in the Palace.” the Prince chuckled “If I could I would move here as well.”

    Terric smiled "I'll reckon your father would have something to say about that Your Majesty. I think he wants you to handle the exciting stuff whilst I handle the tedious stuff of looking out the window" he chuckled at that "And the ship so far is handling well so far"

    "So how was your trip? Did the colonists welcome you with open arms? Give you a feast? And then smile politely and whilst you leave give you a rude gesture behind your back? Or maybe they fawned all.over you and presented you with thousands of gifts. I'll bet it was more exciting than what went on up here. Which was basically nothing".

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  23. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Andrath Inageiros IC:
    ~Mind’s Rest, Orkon Boulevard, Basileus~

    “…and that was precisely why the beast was nothing but a fraud, of course. Still, the use of glamouri in such a way was rather unique.”

    Andrath paused just briefly in his conversation. If you could call it that. It was mainly just him speaking and his fairie companion listening to him. This was something he did from time to time after a case, a way to reflect and regurgitate it all. Zanna seemed to have figured this out and just let him do it without chipping in.

    Then again, she probably just wanted him quieted sooner. Yes, that was most likely it. Nevertheless! The post-case ritual must sometimes be observed!

    “In any case, Zanna, it wasn’t a complete waste of time. So for that, we can be grateful at least.”

    As they made their way back onto their street and near its corner to Summerdrift Lane where their home, which he affectionally called ‘Mind’s Rest;’ something popped out to him. A detail out of place, a tell of something going on.

    A case to be launched imminently. There was no doubt about it in his elven mind. Zanna had caught on quickly too, her wings fluttering proved that. When caught by surprise in a pleasant fashion, she did this. Something he had noted long ago. But back to the oddity! The job in the making!

    A Duin Moidir Royce sat parked out front of their home along the curb. An dwarven made automobile. And it was a model that was excellently put together. It was luxurious. It was beautiful. Smooth. Commanding in the simple way automobiles were in announcing social stations.

    It was amazingly expensive, even by auto standards.

    “Hmm…” he pursed his lips in thought a moment as they paused for a moment, taking in the view. “It would seem we have some company, Zanna. Let us see what they have in store for us.”

    They walked forward to their home, his mind working all the while. His eyes swept over the Orc bodyguard leaning against the outside wall that marked his property’s boundaries. Took in his appearance, his armor, his weapons, his stance. As they moved to round the car to get inside, he paused long enough by the front wheel and crouched down.

    He examined it for some strange reason, ran a gloved index finger along the tire, and then pinched it together with his thumb, rubbing them together and watching flakes of fine powder come off.

    Wordlessly, he stood back up and nodded toward the confused driver, moving back to his house. As they entered, he said his hellos to their housekeeper. And then simply asked:

    “Where is she?”

    Surprised, they responded with: “In your office, sir.”

    Smiling, as if satisfied with something only he knew himself, he spun on his heel and began walking at a brisk pace to the very room identified as being the most important in the world right at that moment. All without actually waiting to hear who she was. He didn’t need to.

    “Zanna, be on your best behavior. I suspect we’re in for something rather dramatic. Exselénoir!

    Just as they came to the office, door already open and ready to admit them, he greeted their visitor warmly…before even setting foot inside to see them.

    “Greetings, Princess—!”

    They finally entered into the room, seeing the very woman setting his most recent copy of the Imperial Gazette down and turning to meet them.

    “—how can we be of assistance to you, this day?”

    Noble scandal, lover’s quarrel, minor espionage against a well known, respected, and powerful faction within the empire? Hm, yes, yes. All these things were likely. But which one, which one indeed.

    “Good day Detective, Miss Wai’leena…”

    He bowed his head as Zanna folded her wings quickly, fully registering the situation and beginning to grin at both of them. As excitable as always. But that particular particularity was positively endearing about her and its predictability simply comforting! Andrath himself didn’t hesitate any further than that exchange, moving to his usual chair and held out a hand to motion for the Princess to seat herself comfortably.

    If his social bearings were a bit more intact, he would have remembered to at least pull the chair back for her. But as it was, he’d remember that particular detail a second too late. Ah well.

    We all have our little flaws, don’t we?

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  24. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Lady Delfina
    Stern deck of the Enterprise

    Day Four
    Still at sea
    Weather hot --beastly, really!

    Dear Diary:

    This is not quite what I expected. Granny was on an Adventure when she was my age, and said a Lady must Prepare for Any Contingency. And while one does not dress for dinner on the first night out, I was surprised that none of the others seem to dress for dinner at all! Perhaps standards are different on a Scientific Expedition? Well, I packed three dinner gowns and an evening skirt, and if I have them, I might as well wear them. I suppose I will have to ship them back when we reach the Colonies.

    Tonight on deck, I was watching the sun set while waiting for the dinner gong. The sunsets are indescribably glorious. Tomorrow I am going to try to paint one. And while I was watching, Lieutenant Petreus came up to talk to me. Too utterly dishy, really, he’s even better looking than the Crown Prince! I think I might enjoy this trip.

    Delfi fanned herself with the delicate sweetwood fan as she watched the sunset, fascinated as the sky shaded from blue to cream, and then into apricot and deepening shades of rose. She was determined to be ready with her watercolors tomorrow, to capture it. The trip wasn’t at all what she’d expected. Granny had talked about what to expect from a cruise, but this wasn’t at all like what she’d described. There were no deck games and no lounge chairs, with porters bringing bouillon at mid-morning. No one dressed for dinner, and tea was a paltry affair… And the heat! Ah, well. No doubt things would look up when they reached the colonies.

    “The sunset is beautiful today…but not so beautiful as milady.” Oh, things were looking up already! Delfi fanned herself harder as she turned to see Lieutenant Petreus walking up to her. He was only in his shirtsleeves, quite scandalous, the way the fine linen clung to the physique beneath it. Goodness, was it getting warmer?

    “You’re very kind to say so,” she said. “I’m afraid the humidity is not doing any favors to my hair. I really had no idea it would be so warm. Oh, and I’m glad to have a chance to thank you for helping me with my luggage.” The lieutenant had managed her three suitcases, and he’d had his men bring up two of her trunks. Her cabin was much smaller than she’d anticipated, and a third trunk was in the hold, along with the two crates from Abernathy and Fink with the equipment she and Granny had purchased for the trip. Three additional crates had gone back to the store when her brothers came by. They’d heard about the trip, and sorted through the purchases, rejecting most as unnecessary. They’d been in the military and she bowed to their superior camping experience. But the good lieutenant had somehow sorted and arranged everything to fit neatly, and there had even been room for her two hatboxes and the small toiletries case.

    She gazed up at him. A faint stubble on his chin gave him a whiff of roguishness, and the setting sun turned his dark blonde hair to a flame-gold. His eyes were hidden by dark sunshades, but Delfi remembered the vivid deep blue-green hue perfectly well. Really, it should be criminal for a man to look this good!

    “I’ve never been to the colonies before, have you? I only know what I was able to read in a few guidebooks. What do you know about Aleyas?” she asked.

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  25. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Giniro J’andra IC:
    ~Deck of the Enterprise, Open Sea~

    He was simply enjoying the evening sun as it slowly lowered itself beyond the blue horizon of the sea. The warmth that was still present, the sensational views of the ocean all around them, the excitement of the voyage yet lingering.

    Giniro loved this!

    Once the winds started to set in, he’d scamper off to get inside posthaste, but for now…for now it wasn’t bad. One could still enjoy this. His eyes were closed in true contentment, savoring every last drop of this peace while it lasted.

    It wasn’t disturbed until some loud footsteps coming from the steps nearby appeared and an audible grumbling following immediately after. Giniro opened his eyes and looked over to see a dwarf man, just noticing him waving an arm about quite oddly. Judging by his attire, one of the ship’s mechanics. He could respect that.

    But…The felinoid tried his best not to scrunch up his nose visibly. Being a mechanic in such cramped corners (not to mention a dwarf, but he’d keep quiet on that), the man was bound to be more than a tad smelly.

    Then he grinned. Why was he looking at them like that? He almost had a bad feeling about this.

    “Hey, you two, wanna grab a beer?”


    Blinking, Giniro glanced to his side and finally noticed the elven woman nearby. He had been so taken in with the ambience and his own general contentment, he hadn’t even noticed her! That was so like him. Just as with his zoology studies, he’d often get so wrapped up in it that he wouldn’t notice anything right around him.

    Sigh. A frequent scientist’s plight.

    The woman seemed rather confused, much like himself, regarding the question as she kept looking between them before finally raising an eyebrow toward him.

    “Is…he talking to us?”

    Slowly, he nodded. “Yes, I think he is.”

    His eyes refocused on the waiting dwarf and his hand came up to scratch the side of his face in thought, debating on this unexpected invitation. Why would he invite them to a drink so suddenly?

    Oh, you fool. He’s a dwarf!

    Ah. So that was it. He was just desperate for a drinking companion. So upon further thought, he shrugged.

    “I…don’t suppose it would hurt. Why not?” he looked over at the elf not far from him again, “Willing to indulge in the company of strangers?”

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