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Fantasy Thriller OPEN The Calm Before the Storm - Dieselpunk, Urban Fantasy

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheAdmiral, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Morrigan
    Location: Lady Talathee’s Nobles Apartments, Basileus City

    This meeting made Morrigan very curious, Lady Talathee was quite enigmatic and interesting. Also quite beautiful. Good thing her wife was not present as it would have made her jealous and the meeting would have turned into a competition. A wave amusement passed through her.

    Focusing on the Lady she could sense her power. She was quite dangerous and coming from a place where magic still ran wild. A place with ancient traditions and arcane knowledge.

    “If I might ask...” Morrigan started “I am quite curious about your home. I have never been that far North and only have heard stories.” she smiled “I grew up in a marsh, near the ruins of an ancient and long forgotten city from the Dragon Empire.” she chuckled softly “The locals used to call me the Witch of the Wilds.” Morrigan gave a sardonic smile “So I am very curious about places still strong in magic, ancient magic.”

    TAG: @greyjedi125

    IC: Mister Luteus
    Location: the Imperial Palace

    So he was discovered. Not that he expected something different, but still he was a bit disappointed. He was hoping to learn more about the Jester, maybe uncover a bit of the mystery surrounding him… her… it? Or maybe the truth was rather mundane and the Jester kept this air of mystery to inflate his position at Court?

    “Oh, no, no… hehehe” the tutor chuckled “It seems we were sharing the same way.” that was so idiotic that made him cringe. His mind only now perceived the dimming of the light. Was that the Jester’s doing? “I did not know you had magical abilities.” he tried to change the subject.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth

    The city of Orlais, Aleyas


    The rest of the journey towards Aleyas was boring and uneventful, aside from the storm that shook them up a bit and damaged some of the vehicles in the cargo hold. Now the group was disembarking from the ship at the port of Orlais, the capital of the colonies.

    A vibrant city, home to a myriad of people from a lot of races and creeds. There was an air of hope, a new start and of discovery. The port was bustling with workers unloading the Enterprise.

    The Professor joined his companions on the dock “So we have arrived my friends.” he spread his arms “Soon our adventures will begin.” he looked at each of them “It will take several days for the damages to the vehicles to be fixed, then we will drive South.” the Old Man sighed “Lady Keela will be joining us later, she has another task that will bring her North.” he gave a small shrug “Your luggage will be brought to hotel Diagon, the expenses have been covered. So, after we pass customs, you are free to roam the city, but try to keep safe and move in a group.” that was the nature of old people to worry about the youngsters “Or feel free to come to the hotel. I hope that you will join me for dinner at the restaurant Svoboda, I hear it is the most exquisite of establishments in Orlais.” he chuckled softly. “Anyway, enjoy your time in a civilized place as the places we are going to visit will not be as… refined.”

    TAG: @Mistress_Renata @Darth_Elu @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    OOC: Imagine the city of Orlais as a mix between Boston and New Orleans
  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Jester

    "Sharing the way?" The Jester echoed, looking at the mans cringe.

    "Magic?" He loomed. "You thought someone as mystical as me, as dazzling and radiant in my subterfuge, would be relying upon mere parlor tricks, Luteus?!" By this point, his voice was thundering, and it would seem as if he had doubled in size as the darkness of his cloak hood became proximate to the tutor's face.

    After a second he sagged back and shrugged. "You'd be right." He shook free a contraption from his oversized sleeves, which seemed to be some kind of box absorbing the light in the room. He juggled it a bit, and then turned it around, sealing the material within. The light returned to normal.

    He sighed. "I have a problem, my friend, and I require your assistance with it." He stepped closer, whispering as he did.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral
  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lady Kardis Talathee
    Lady Talathee’s Nobles Apartments, Basileus City

    “THE….Witch of the Wilds?” Kardis echoed, a tone of surprised amusement in her voice, followed by a new appraising glance.

    Lady Morrigan certainly seemed to posses that level of ability, and ‘if’ she was indeed who she claimed to be…..

    Kardis found the implication quite astounding to say the least, but she would not jump to that conclusion, not without further proof. Morrigan could very well be speaking the truth, or she could simply be an overly-clever Arcanist, who’s adopted the mantle of a powerful person of folklore in order to ascend the social ladder with greater ease.

    And why not?

    “I have heard many tales regarding the Witch of the Wilds….” Kardis commented, her appraising glance remaining for a moment longer. “Tales that show her to be quite adept at magic…forbidden magic even.” Lady Talathee could not help but smile knowingly at that last mention.

    “I seriously doubt that one such as she would end up in this magically...stifling city…” The half-elf playfully crinkled her perfect nose at that. “But what would I know about another’s fortune.” She amended with a wink.

    “And then, there are those rumor about her mother…..” She added, seeming to brighten suddenly, then trailed off as she shook her head lightly. “Silly rumors….”

    “Still, it’s a good cover…” Kardis tacked on playfully.

    Though she did 'tease' her guest, Kardis did so for very specific reasons. Knowledge....all for the sake of knowledge.

    “But you did ask about Ur Farnatha, my home. How should I describe it...?”

    Kardis leaned back, her form adopting a more relaxed posture.

    “You are correct when you say that it is a place strong in magic, for that it is. Magic Ability is the strongest currency, regardless of gender or race. Though it is mostly run by Aeldari, anyone who is able to become an Archon is considered fit to rule our beautiful land, filled with wonders not seen for half an age.

    Just like our current and All powerful Queen.”

    Another knowing smile was offered, but only briefly.

    “We have Order there, but we also have Art, Music, Architecture, and All manner of Magecraft and Craft-making; but above all, we believe in living harmoniously with nature and with each other.”

    Kardis turned her gaze half-way and gazed down at the headlines on The Telegraph. It made her point without her actually having to speak it.

    Ur Farnatha was by no means a ‘perfect’ society, but the social disparity and stratifications here in Basileus City made their issues pale by comparison.

    “We also have a very precious natural resource.” The beautiful half-elf’s hand caressed her necklace, lovingly, yet almost absently.

    “But we have been observing progress in Basileus City for some time, initially from afar, but now we’ve found reason to tentatively make certain overtures, depending on certain…results.”

    Kardis took another sip of her tea, but before Morrigan could interject, she smoothly produced a vial from somewhere on her person, and sent it gliding forward through the air.

    ’parlor tricks’ she mentally scoffed.

    The vial with its bluish crystalline contest stood perfectly upright upon the serving table. Kardis remained silent and keenly observed Morrigan’s reaction, while making a mental note, that she had yet to make mention regarding the missing pages she was searching for.

    Tag: @TheAdmiral
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2020
  4. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Just one character for now. :)

    Andrath Inageiros IC:
    ~Mind’s Rest, Basileus~

    Eventually, as time passed, Andrath sat leaning back in his chair at his desk. The vials were laying before him once more and he just quietly processed the results of all his recent tests.

    His mind was a-whirl in trying to make sense of it all and how each piece of information could be used in this case that had been given to him and Zanna.

    As he tapped the side of his chin in thought, his eyes casually came upon the vials. Just absent-mindedly staring at them. Looking without looking.

    And yet looking more than he thought.

    Something caught his eye, something seemed off. A minor detail, so obvious it was first overlooked. How embarrassing!

    Dropping his hand to grab the vial with the artificial draconium and leaning forward suddenly to really peer close at the vial cap, he noticed it. The little print that the other did not have.

    He knew that logo. A recently defunct pharmacological company. What was its name again? Something sophisticated sounding, naturally.

    Apothecarium! Right.

    “Exselénoir!” he whispered with glee, that spark once more in his eye. A clue, if but a beginning one, had finally appeared.

    They had failed and gone under, financially speaking thereby opening the way for an auction of all the company’s products, patents, machinery, anything and everything that had once made it up.

    Yet. That was the problem.

    Apothecarium had gotten Imperial Approval to create these vials. The administrative loops companies had to go through to achieve this was not for the faint of heart! By securing it at long last, there was no way Apothecarium should have gone bankrupt.

    Not with there being nothing clearly outshining their products.

    Well, well. It would appear a paper trail of commercial foul play was in order after all. He had figured this, but this was a new pathway he had not initially seen coming. How very interesting.

    Very interesting indeed.

    Andrath stood up to begin his investigation immediately!

    …That was when his eyes came upon his window and he realized with a start exactly what time it was.

    “Oh. Hm. I do suppose nowhere that we’ll need is actually open at this time. Poor Zanna, perhaps I should not have been so over zealous to send her out when it was getting so late!”

    It only took him a second or two of thought before he moved to gather his coat and hat once more. Rest was in order, so they could begin the hunt properly during the day. Paper trails of this type was not likely to be available to follow up on at this hour.

    He’d have to fetch her and bring her back, so they could sleep and be ready.

    Of course, as he stepped outside with an ‘Be right back, Letitia!’, the idea that he just might find himself on a little adventure along the way to his faerie friend did present itself.

    Andrath smiled at the thought as he moved down Orkon Boulevard in the direction Zanna would have set out at. It would take a bit to catch up, but he was certain he would do so in good time.

    As he moved, his sharp elven eyes and ears remained ever alert and ready for anything notable or suspicious.

    Tag: Basileus Nightlife @TheAdmiral
  5. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Lady Delfina of Parnassa
    Enterprise, docking at Orlais

    Day Nine
    Finally docking!
    Weather hot but breezy

    Dear Diary:

    We are finally here! Steamed in to port mid-morning. It is a very large city, the largest in the colonies. A massive river splits the city and goes deeper inland. To the north, there are hills swelling up, while the rest of the area is fairly flat. A few towers, but as a rule the buildings are not very high. There are two great domes, one for the University and one for the Governor’s Seat, which is covered in gold and looked quite beautiful in the sunlight. There are a lot of trees, and the buildings are mostly brick, although the great warehouses near the wharf are made of gray stone. There are a few automobiles & trucks, but more wagons, drawn by horses and other beasts. It is much more civilized than I had thought it would be, it doesn’t seem to be the backwater people speak of at all!

    The Professor asks us to join him for dinner, but we are free to explore the city once we clear Customs. I can’t wait…

    Delfina had leaned on the rail of the ship, eyes sparkling as she watched the ship dock. The sailors threw down lines and burly fellows on the docks grabbed them and tied them off in an intricate but workmanlike fashion. Meanwhile other fellows had hoisted up a great net on a crane so that the cargo could be off-loaded. Her own luggage was packed neatly, and she'd put it outside her door to be taken off the ship and sent to the hotel. The Professor was gesturing to her, so she stepped away and smoothed her skirt. She wasn't sure what one wore when exploring a foreign city, and had settled for a pretty summer dress of crisp cotton pique in a soft mint green, with collar and cuffs in white. Her shoes were low heeled and sensible for walking, in a modest taupe, and she'd set her white straw hat at a jaunty angle.

    She got through Customs without any problems. The Customs official, Officer Treymor, was a lovely man with a wife and three children. His youngest child was starting at the University and he and his wife were planning to move to the outskirts of the city where it was quieter, and where she would have more room to raise the prize alodablossoms that she loved. Delfina had mentioned her weapon, but he’d taken the news without comment. A lady did need to be able to protect herself, after all, and he waved her through with a gentle smile.

    She had asked him about a map, and he’d directed her to a small newsstand a few blocks away. The rest of her party were sorting themselves out, and she excused herself to find it. She wouldn't need an escort for this; you could see it from the ship. It was run by Dama Reyna, who was having a terrible time with her asthma –the heat often aggravated it—and whose daughter was expecting a baby any day now. Reyna was trying to find somone to take over the shop for a few months while she helped look after her granddaughter, but the young people who had applied for the job had been as thick as dough. She did have a map of the city, in color. She and Delfi leaned on the counter, while the Dama pointed out the best shops. The elegant couture boutiques sounded intriguing, and Academy Row would surely interest the gentlemen of the expedition. The city’s publishers had shops there and there were many second-hand bookstores that would surely have tomes that the Professor or Dr. Rouser would be interested in. But it was Reyna’s mention of Treasure Row that caused Delfi’s ears to perk up (not literally. Her ears weren’t quite Elven enough to do that).

    “A lot of the stuff is second-hand, just junk,” said Reyna dismissively, “but there are some bargains to be had if you look sharp. My dear friend, Mrs. Xima, has a stall for baskets, you should check in there and mention my name. I’m sure she’ll give you a discount. Oh, and here…” She indicated an area. “This is the Old Quarter. You’ll want to stay away, it’s no fit place for a lady. Whiskey Street, Royal Row… it’s all bars and, er, gentleman’s establishments.” She hesitated. “Well, I’ve heard there are a few places for the entertainment of ladies, but not REAL ladies, such as yourself. YOU know what I mean.”

    Delfina didn’t actually. Her brothers belonged to a gentleman’s establishment, their Club. She’d been allowed to visit once, after their father’s funeral. It was ornate, but rather shabby, and had a lot of old men slouched in chairs, reading newspapers and drinking. Were there ladies' clubs, where you could sit and drink tea or champagne while models walked up and down runways showing off pretty new dresses? That would be entertaining! But that wasn't what she wanted to see right now. “Thank you,” she said, studying the map. Treasure Row…the very name screamed Adventure!

    She turned around, and realized that she had been followed.

    TAG: Anyone who wants to join Delfina on a shopping adventure -- @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @Darth_Elu, @TheAdmiral
  6. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Orlais, Aleyas

    It was good to be on solid ground again.

    Like any adventure you always had to travel somewhere, and some of the time it was a bumpy ride like it was to this place. But they had made it, with Pascale spending most of the time reading.

    One day he would lend those books to Lady Delfina (he had finally found out her name) as he promised. Maybe perhaps whilst they had a rest break he could pop one round to her room later if she wanted it.

    It was also good to be back in civilization to explore a new city. The Professor had said to stay together as a group but the young noble lady had headed off on her own. Pascale of course was more used to roaming around temples, tombs and caves but exploring cities was no less of an adventure.

    The Professor made them join him for dinner, he was probably off to the hotel to make sure their luggage arrived all in one piece. Meanwhile Pascale would do some wandering and hopefully catch up to the noble lady. He didn't know what the feline man would be doing, maybe the same thing he was.

    Dressed in his usual suit, shirt, tie and Panama hat ensemble he made his way through Customs, showing them his licences for the weapons he possessed on him and the ammunition, spare weapons and the longbow and arrows in his luggage. Dr Pascale Rouser, emminent archeologist, was about to embark on a new adventure.

    Pascale was not a shopping person, only when he needed something like a new suit or exploration clothes, maybe a book or two if he was heading off somewhere. But most of the time he was happy to wander and explore. Mostly to see the architecture or history around it.

    It was amazing to see what could be gleaned from a building or place just by looking at it. But hopefully as they moved on into the wild lands they would get to the real good stuff. The reason why he had jumped on board this expedition.

    After wandering around for a bit and passing by a couple of bookshops (he decided not to purchase anything as he wanted to leave room in his luggage for artefacts) he spotted Lady Delfina with her nose in a map. He walked up to her as she turned around.

    "I don't think you should be wandering around alone" he said with a smile "The Professor did say we should be travelling as a group and I hope our feline friend will join us".

    He offered her his arm "Care for an escort?".

    TAG: @TheAdmiral , @Mistress_Renata , @Darth_Elu
  7. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    Imperialis Park, Basileus

    ”Good” said the whisper in the Patriarch’s mind. There was another chime and he stopped seeing what was going on around him. His mind’s eye saw a great explosion, then the great vastness of space, small molecules moving around, gathering together, light, stars forming, planets, galaxies… Everything was happening at a breakneck speed. Civilizations emerged and died as the image shifted from world to world, reaching a tiny blue orb…

    Then another shift, a futuristic but worn out city, flying… automobiles? Colored moving pictures. Ethereal three-dimensional images. People with strange modifications. Humans who were not alive, who were created.

    ”Is this the future or is this the past?” the voice asked ”Maybe both...” there was a chuckle ”If you want to learn more you will find pieces of the Truth spread around the city. Then your mind will be really open.” another ghostly chuckle “Just a hint, there is another piece in the Shadow Quarters where the dead come to sleep their eternal sleep.”

    TAG: @Shadowsun

    IC: Morrigan
    Location: Lady Talathee’s Nobles Apartments, Basileus City

    Morrigan gave a fake coy smile. It was nice for someone to know of her from the time before she came to Basileus. “Not everything they say about me is true.” she smirked and raised her hand and her wrist burst into a deathly white flame, that was the closest to the forbidden magic she risked to use in Basileus, but should be enough to convince the Lady that she knew what she was doing. It was a cold flame, reeking of death...

    The flame took the shapes of some animals, then after a brief moment of concentration it mimicked Lady Talathee’s face. And just like that the flame disappeared. She smiled again, which disappeared as soon as the Lady mentioned her mother. “Well, things change and Basileus has a lot to offer.” she stated flatly.

    Good thing Talathee changed the subject and described her home “It sounds like a fascinating place. Maybe, some day, the Imperial Family could visit your Queen. Or the Mage Council could visit....” Morrigan was thinking out loud.

    The observation part made a bell ring in her mind. There was something more. Maybe it would pay off spending more time with her, even if she had to talk about her mother…

    Morrigan narrowed her eyes at the vial “Is that draconium?” she tilted her head.

    TAG: @greyjedi125

    IC: Mister Luteus
    Location: the Imperial Palace

    The tutor almost sunk to the floor when the Jester, usually a jovial chap, revealed a sudden darker… sinister side. Cold sweat trickled down his neck and to his back. Suddenly he remembered the old saying, what was it… the curiosity killed the Felinoid, or was it the cat? No matter…

    His mouth was running dry. Then the Jester returned to normal. Mister Luteus almost gave a sigh or relief. He was not out of the proverbial woods yet. His scientific mind was intrigued by the contraption though, maybe if he made it out alive (what a ludicrous thought, why would he be killed!?) he could ask him about it.

    “Oh...” he took a handkerchief from his pocket to dry the sweat on his forehead. “How can I be of assistance?”

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  8. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lady Kardis Talathee
    Lady Talathee’s Nobles Apartments, Basileus City

    And so, there it was. Evidence, confirmation, satisfaction…and perhaps more.

    Kardis’ metallic eyes glinted as the entropic white flames which covered Morrigan’s hand reflected off her eyes. An expression of amazement, even fascination graced her face, but there was no fear.

    Indeed, this was the forbidden magic wielded by the Witch of the Wilds!

    Silently she watched as Morrigan demonstrated her level of control over the arcane forces of death, fashioning the flames into shapes of animals, perhaps in homage to creatures she had previously killed through arcane means. However, the scene grew more interesting as the flames shifted and mimicked Lady Talathee’s likeness.

    Kardis smiled softly then. What sublime artistry, she noted. But also, had Morrigan just challenged her in some way? She had to admit, that the prospect did excite her, a mighty exchange of spellcraft against a worthy adversary, especially given the Witch of the Wild’s pedigree.

    The implications were both grand and sublime all at once, given what she now knew. All for the sake of academic knowledge, of course.

    The half-elf watched the flames as they were suddenly extinguished, then shared a lovely knowing grin with Morrigan. It was quite a pleasure to be in such good company.

    In the back of her mind, Kardis surmised that the Queen was likely to be amused after receiving her next report.

    At the mention of the Imperial Family and the Mage Council visiting Ur Farnatha, or meeting the Queen for that matter, an eyebrow went up, but no comment was made. Such an expedition would have far reaching ramifications to say the least. But it was still too early to speak of such things.

    So far, Lady Morrigan was turning out to be far more interesting than she could have ever anticipated, Oh Witch of the Wilds. Indeed, she was cunning, likable, powerful, and had great fashion sense.

    Then, as the moment would have it, the topic of conversation progressed to the vial Kardis had presented.

    Morrigan narrowed her eyes at the vial “Is that draconium?” she asked as she tilted her head.

    Kardis caused the vial to spin slowly on its axis, almost as if it were a young maiden, displaying her new ballgown for all to see.

    “It certainly looks like it.” She breathed out gently. After applying her own forensic magics, that which was hidden in plain sight was revealed. But that was knowledge she had gleaned on her own.

    “You tell me….” She said to Morrigan, floating the vial closer to her honorable guest.

    Tag: @TheAdmiral
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2020
  9. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Krassius Albans
    Location: the streets of Basileus

    Krassius chuckled “I never knew you were reading the papers.” he grinned, though he knew what she meant. Delivering newspapers was the least important job the boy and the other street urchins were doing.

    He narrowed his eyes in a mock suspicion “Are you gonna tell on me to your detective friend?” and grinned again.

    The Rat King touched her on the back “We should talk somewhere, safer.” this time he was being serious. “Someone was following you as I followed you.” a brief smirk “I think it was one of the Professor’s thugs.” he was the detective’s archnemesis, criminal mastermind and an intellectual equal to Andrath.

    “People are disappearing off the streets.” Krassius sighed “It is not like with the crazy barber...” one of Zanna and Andrath’s most famous cases, and one of the most disturbing ones. The barber on Army Street was killing people and turning the bodies to a baker, his friend, who served the flesh in pies. Truly chilling case…

    “I was going to visit you and your friend, but you know that he does not approve of me and I get nervous around him trying to deduce things about me.” Krassius grinned “I don’t want him to find out where the Kingdom is.” where the pickpockets, thieves, cat burglars, fortune tellers and other social outcasts lived at one point or another.

    “Lenny disappeared...” he said quietly. Lenny used to be his girlfriend, an elven girl, one of Zanna’s friends. They were in the same crew together. “One of the boys said that she was hooked on draconium of all things and one day she was talking about some crazy scheme and then she disappeared...”

    TAG: @Ktala

    IC: the Bookseller, Lady Eleanor Al’meera
    Location: Alley near the Luna, The Fountain of Knowledge Bookstore

    The Lady gave a broad smile “Of course, send a note to my estate of when you would like to come, I will make time for you.” she gave a brief look at the Bookseller who was wrapping the books “I am sure you will enjoy the books, give her my regards.” the fairie lord would know who her was “I am looking forward to getting to know you better then.” a slight smirk “Until tomorrow.” she spunk on her heel and headed towards the door.

    “She is a remarkable woman, a patron to this establishment.” the Bookseller said as she exited “Lady Eleanor has one of the most extensive libraries in the Empire, a true treasure trove of knowledge.” he said with a smile “Will there be anything else my lord?”

    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    IC: Prince Arturias Atreus
    Location: On-board the HIMAS “Aquila”

    The flying dreadnought had reached the port city of Macklenburg. It was the largest Imperial city on this side of the continent, close to the lands of the Lizards. There, in the distance the large island where they called home could be seen. Along with the jungles surrounding Macklenburg. The Lizards had a lot of land, but given the fast growth of their population they needed more.

    The journey there was mundane and boring, though there were some grumbles from the crew for being diverted from home again. The Prince spent most of the time in his cabin, he did not want to distract the captain too much. But now that they were there he went to the bridge.

    “It seems we are here.” he said as he approached the captain “I think we should land, give the crew some time for R&R?” he asked, after all they were supposed to bring the ship there. The presence of the behemoth should be enough to serve as a deterrent. Also would give the crew some respite.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox
  10. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    The Patriarch
    An experience like no other...

    The Patriarch's eyes glimmered, the vast area of shapes, bright colors and spectacle before him. The infinite wonder of everything opened up to him. He could view everything, from the simple atom to a vast black hole, swirling around itself in a chaotic and self destructive whirlpool. He reached out with his hand, cupping it around the vast black ball of mass. And then it was gone, he felt himself lurch as he was pulled forward, traveling through a tube darkness, the whole of existence rushing by him.


    Then he was bird, viewing early man crawling out of the mud, learning to speak, fire, agriculture, writing, all the great feats of any civilization accelerating at an unstoppable pace. Then he gazed up from listlessness of man into another void, an eclipse.

    He was pulled once again watching the same cycle of construction and destruction play out a billion different ways to a billion different lifeforms. Then he was pulled into a new city, dreary, downtrodden and in tatters yet more advanced then anything he had ever seen. The buildings assembled themselves, a skyline forming, similar and yet vastly different to the one he knew.


    A pulse vibrated throughout him as he gazed on the city below, filled with its neon signs, dazzling lights, strange smells and off-color smoke. There was something familiar about this city, was this the future? A hellish landscape of machines, metal, devoid of magic and dragons. He couldn't bare the thought, his skin began to crawl as he felt the ruins on his armor glow. The seal was breaking. His armor began to fall off as he gripped his shoulder and cried out in pain...

    His hands curled upwards, his face towards the sky crying out in agony. From his right hand spilled out fire and earth twisting and converging around each other in a spiral thread. In his left came forth water and air also spiraling into a double helix. The two streams flowed around him creating a large orb with The Patriarch at the center. It then began to spin, faster and faster as it gained energy. The pressure building like an insatiable wave. His hunger, his desire, his lust for power all poured out into his magic and then it exploded, like a basking dark light, destroying everything around him.

    He snapped back awake, back to the present where the strange voice spoke to him. He looked down and around wildly still dazed and confused from what just transpired, his armor was still on and the
    destruction he had caused no where to be seen. He got up, staggering, gasping for air.

    He had no choice he had to know the truth. Not just for truth's sake but he had to stop this future from taking place. He wandered over to the shadow quarter, wondering what lurked for him in the darkness...

    TAG: @TheAdmiral
  11. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: The GM being devious, clues are yes, from Assassin's Creed

    IC Count Vanhetgoud, Teirvonel
    The Shadow Quarter

    The presence that had attracted Teirvonel now seemed to dismiss him. A touch to his brow and he turned, beginning his trek out of the Quarter. This place had distractions aplenty but none were of interest to him and none would seduce him with their desires, make him stray from his course. The denizens had their own paths and he stayed clear of them. And then a flash caught his eye. He glanced at it then let his senses roam up and down the street. None of those present seemed to notice the shining sigil on the wall. He sighed, ’Of course, another interested player.’ he thought. And then the whisper came.


    A once-Auguste palace
    Become a shelter for the beautiful,
    The days of sovereigns tick along,
    Up to, but not beyond.

    He chuckled, an offkey sound, unlike his normal, fluid speech. ’A game it is then.’ The riddle, he considered. One more glance up and down the street gave him the clue to the riddle. He nodded and proceeded in a new direction, toward the ancient, crumbling edifices of those he’d passed, those who had once seen glorious days but now plotted to have those days restored.

    One of them he recalled, fit the description of the riddle, a palace of sorts, rich and ornate. It had once been one of those glorious edifices, and served the sovereigns, but the one feature that made it fit was what had been it’s outstanding feature, a clock tower. His steps took him to the gate of the home, the estate. Touching a finger to the gates, they shivered and then crumbled. Stepping over the rusted remnants, he entered the grounds, approaching the tower, the ticking clock. Slowly he began to circle it, sure that the next sigil, the next clue would make itself known.

    "Very well..." came the voice as the second sigil appeared at the bottom of the clock tower. "Before I give you the next riddle, you should explore the building, you might get a clue what you are after." followed by a dry and humourless chuckle.

    The dilapidated palace was once the home of one of the old families - the Masranis. They were patrons of science, enemies of magic and what they considered cheap tricks. They died a violent and fiery death and the denizens of the Shadow Quarters considered the place haunted, so there were barely any looters.

    Most of the insides of the building were burnt down, so there was not much that could be found. But the observant person would notice the half-burnt book with the title "The Synthetic Man." the rest was of course destroyed.

    Shaking his head, several strands of brown hair coming free, Teirvonel chuckled at the voice. ’Of course there’s more here.’ He glanced up at the burnt out husk of the building and sensed the violence that had been present when the edifice had been so reduced. A glance at his surroundings, his senses beginning to give a faint echo of warning, something distant but approaching, and he stepped through the hanging open entry.

    A touch to a talisman and a glow appeared, illuminating the building, but shaded so as not to ruin his vision, should a foe appear. He wandered the halls but the only worthwhile detritus of the house was to be found in the main entry, as though people had tried fleeing the house, owners or vandals, at the time of its destruction. Using the toe of one boot, he shifted charred remnants here and there, looking for anything that could have survived.

    The voice had said there may be some clue here and this was the spot so he continued searching. Eventually his boot was covered in ash but he paused. Squatting down he saw what appeared to be a book, charred along its edges and some parts burnt completely. The title reads, "The Synthetic Man." Not having found anything else of true value he reaches down, having removed court gloves long ago and picks up the book, shaking the dust and ash from it, gently. He slipped it under his jacket and into an inside pocket.

    Standing again, his senses were warning him more and it made him wonder if there was someone else that had been directed here. Looking around once more, he faded into the shadows, dousing the glow of the talisman and slipped out of the back door of the estate. Sticking to the husks of trees surrounding the building, he took to one of the side streets, crossing two more estates before he returned to the main street.

    Reaching out, ’I do not know if that was what you meant me to find but find something I did, so what is next on the treasure hunt you have set for me?’

    "Maybe... Maybe not... who knows? Maybe it was fate... Maybe it was a freak coincidence..." another ghostly chuckle. The second shining glyph appeared on the wall, followed by another riddle.

    Five arches, five wide-open eyes, five nightmares.
    The last sits atop our treasure:
    The gate to the infinite.

    "The second one will not be revealed until tomorrow at noon though. Go and ponder on what you have discovered here. There will be more to come."

    Teirvonel chuckled as well, of course the voice wasn’t going to tell him anything directly. That’s what disembodied voices did, it was their schtick. And as he chuckled, another glyph appeared on the wall before him. It shone for long enough to allow him to memorize the message, the riddle.

    ’Hmmm, another small trek across the Quarter. But I think I know what it means. But treasure probably means that someone else will be looking.’ His senses continued to warn him that someone was approaching but still far enough away to not be considered a threat.

    Gazing up and down the main street he saw the spires of the cathedral the riddle must be referring to in the distance. He set off at a brisk pace, senses still on alert. Soon enough he came upon the gothic cathedral, not in as good a shape as it must have been when this Quarter was the bustling one with the High Families living here.


    He took out a small device and watched the needle spin. Walking around the soaring edifice, he moved to the southern side, and began counting the flying buttresses. He also kept track of the gargoyles that stood proudly on the walls. When he reached the fifth buttress he also saw he was almost directly under the fifth gargoyle. With the time he had time to wait so he settled down into the deeper shadows of the buttress, away from prying eyes and waited, noon would come soon enough.

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  12. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Giniro J’andra IC:
    ~Orlais, Aleyas~

    After surviving the storm and the sea in general, Giniro found himself along with the others on the ramp leading off the Enterprise and onto the dock of the city. Here, the felinoid paused, allowing himself to close his eyes and take a deep breath.

    All the foreign smells assaulting his powerful nose, alongside many familiar ones, excited him. It was really happening. He was here!


    Not long after touching down on the dock proper, he noticed the Professor join them and spread his arms, almost joyously.

    “So we have arrived my friends. Soon our adventures will begin. It will take several days for the damages to the vehicles to be fixed, then we will drive South.”

    It was unfortunate that the vehicles had been damaged, but with the storm that they had encountered, it was no surprise! Poor Mieli must be beyond frustrated!

    A sigh from the older gentlemen brought him back to his surroundings and the zoologist looked at him, giving his full attention.

    Lady Keela will be joining us later, she has another task that will bring her North. Your luggage will be brought to hotel Diagon, the expenses have been covered, So, after we pass customs, you are free to roam the city, but try to keep safe and move in a group.”

    Another unfortunate bit of news. Keela had seemed like a nice sort, but for whatever reason, had suddenly gone quiet for most of the journey across the ocean and now was going in another direction entirely from the expedition. These things happened though, he supposed.

    At least his luggage and expenses were handled for him! That was nice!

    The felinoid did scratch the side of his face absently as he pondered over the fact. That they should move in a group and ‘keep safe.’ Having to say that at all usually denoted the level of danger in a city. But then, far removed from Basileus as they were…perhaps that was to be expected.

    “Or feel free to come to the hotel. I hope that you will join me for dinner at the restaurant Svoboda, I hear it is the most exquisite of establishments in Orlais. Anyway, enjoy your time in a civilized place as the places we are going to visit will not be as…refined.”

    Nodding to himself, he wondered what he should do in a new city. A new continent even! Honestly, he hadn’t the faintest clue now that he was here. The expedition itself was quite clear, but this in between period was rather hard on him. It was the simple things, he guessed.

    Passing customs without issue thanks to the courtesy of the nice Officer Treymor that was handling it at the time, he managed to get inside the city and really take in the enormity of it. Not as large as the capital back home, but it was enough all right!

    His whiskers twitched as he looked about himself. Lady Delfina and Dr. Rouser had already moved on. Either he had been too slow or simply inattentive. Or both. A little crestfallen he aimlessly moved down a few streets.

    That was when he saw the bird on a nearby fence. He froze in his tracks, his large feline eyes widening. That coloring! Those markings! And a decent wingspan too! This particular breed of avian was likely documented, being around Orlais as it was, but it was the first time he had ever seen its like!

    Quickly rummaging through the bag he had on hand, he pulled out his notebook and quill. Yes, yes. Hold still, little one!

    He began to draw, looking up at it frequently as he just stood there in the middle of this action. Dr. J’andra was in his element now. And because of that…

    Another glance up and the bird was already taking off.

    “No!” he whispered. He wasn’t finished with his sketch yet and he’d much prefer the visual over recollection! Grabbing his bag, with notebook and quill still in hand, he followed after the bird.

    Sketching whenever it paused long enough to let him do so.

    Yes. Because of being in his element, his scope of the world had narrowed. And now…

    Dr. J’andra had no idea where he was. At least he managed to complete his sketch in the end though!

    “What I have I done? I’m lost for sure meow!

    His eyes moved around him. He was on the side of some busy street or another, but its correlation to the dock or any landmarks he had once noted was completely unknown to him.

    Ok, Giniro. Just need to find something, anything, that looks familiar or friendly.

    Problem was, he had no idea how difficult that may or may not prove to be.

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  13. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Milos Terric
    Location: Bridge, HIMAS Aquila, Macklenburg

    Thank God we are approaching dry land….

    Well not that they were on the sea anyway but the parlance still rang true here.

    Of course they were not heading for home now which of course some of the crew didn't like. They were promised that they would go home after their flypast but unfortunately it seemed circumstances changed due to the Lizards misbehaving.

    Terrific spent the journey mostly looking at reports of how the ship had been running over the trip, crew reports, anything coming from the Lizards whilst the Aquila was making its way there and mostly filling out the requisite paperwork for when they returned home. And of course doing his usual duties on the bridge which mainly consisted of looking out of the window as the sky moved along.

    I am so bored right now….here I am the leader of the Imperial Navy and i’m here riding around on a massive ship basically staring at the sky all the time and not doing anything. Of course I don’t want a war but at least make me use my mind just a little bit. Especially since I know there are traitors aboard and I need to show them that they are supporting the wrong side.

    The Prince had spent most of his time in his cabin which was a shame as Terric and he could have had a more private conversation about things. But maybe perhaps the Prince decided that Terric had got a lot on his plate at the moment. So Terric was happy to see him again as he entered the bridge.

    “Your Highness” he said bowing “Indeed we have arrived, and hopefully the Lizards will get said message. But when dealing with other species, sometimes you never know what they are thinking. They may consider this ship a threat or even a sign of war” he shrugged “Who knows. Let’s hope it does keep them quiet”

    “And R&R seems very good, perhaps you could get some too before you head home. Have a drink, maybe pull a nice woman to take home, or if you do already have someone special back home grab them a gift” he winked “Just maybe to say sorry for being away”

    He gave a wave to the comm officer to open the communications channel inside the ship.

    “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Macklenburg our rest stop here before we hopefully head for home. So take time to rest, relax and makse sure you don’t do anything stupid. Otherwise you are definitely not coming back on board. But other than that the time is yours to do with as you wish. If you get the call to return to the ship, you must do so immediately although hopefully there shouldn't be any emergencies whilst we are here. Captain Terric out”

    He looked to the pilots “Take her down as steady as you can. Let’s see how you can park this bird and maybe give the locals a bit of a show to show them the Empire’s new toy”.

    He moved close to the Prince and spoke quietly “Let’s hope the traitors don’t do anything stupid because to be honest I would have no choice but to have them arrested. Which could cause more dissent in the ranks. I’m sure that if you spot anything you will let me know. But let’s hope the crew behaves themselves until we get home”.

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  14. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    Lady Delfina
    Orlais, Aleyas

    "I don't think you should be wandering around alone." Delfina turned to see Dr. Rouser standing behind her, looking dapper in his lightweight summer suit, with his Panama hat at a jaunty angle. "The Professor did say we should be travelling as a group and I hope our feline friend will join us". He offered her his arm "Care for an escort?"

    Delfina smiled, and accepted his arm. He wasn't quite as decorative as Lt. Tyler, who was helping the Professor sort out the baggage and the transport issues. But the archaeologist was interesting in his own right. She held out the map with her free hand. "I didn't think I'd strayed so far," she said, "you can still see the ship from here. Here, this Treasure Row... doesn't it sound intriguing? I wanted to head that way, just to see what there is to see. And perhaps the Museum tomorrow. I'm sure they've got all sorts of things that locals have dug out. Perhaps one of these horse cabs? We'll get to see something of the city. But I don't see Dr. J'andra? He's not with you?"

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  15. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Cinna Crystalglade IC:
    ~The Fountain of Knowledge Bookstore, Basileus~

    Lady Al’meera gave a broad smile, which was returned in kind by the Faerie Lord.

    “Of course, send a note to my estate of when you would like to come, I will make time for you.”

    Cinna inclined his head one more time with an honest, “I shall keep this in mind, consider it done fairly soon.”

    She would make time for him, would she? Well now. He would certainly have to test that, wouldn’t he. For someone just making a social meet, that last phrase was awfully telling as well. Or was she trying to get in his head? Hm hm hm.

    Questions, questions. He would ponder them later.

    “I am sure you will enjoy the books, give her my regards.”

    His brow rose a fraction. The way she said that, there was no question. So she knew or at least suspected of his little rendezvous with the Princess. Probably of many of them. Lady Al’meera the enigma indeed. That meeting with her may come even sooner than he thought.

    “I am looking forward to getting to know you better then. Until tomorrow.”

    And with that, she turned for the door. Not many left Cinna speechless. Not many at all, but for that moment, he wasn’t entirely sure what to say. So instead he opted for a quiet appreciation. There was more than met the eye with that woman. Far more.

    “She is a remarkable woman, a patron to this establishment. Lady Eleanor has one of the most extensive libraries in the Empire, a true treasure trove of knowledge.”

    “I see,” mused Cinna as he turned back to the older man that glint back in his eye once more, “And I suspect she is much more than just a patron, though admittedly I can’t quite put my finger on it. Yet. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed my time here with the both of you. I may yet already be on that road you promised me. How intriguing.”

    “Will there be anything else my lord?”

    Cinna tipped his hat to the man. “No, not now. I think we have concluded this first visit quite well. We shall meet again, I do believe. Mr…?”

    Upon receiving the man’s name as he finished the transaction and collected his purchases, he winked at him.

    “Then, Mr. ______, may the veil of the grove keep you well and your mysteries honored.”

    A little hint in return. It was an ancient faerie statement, usually only reserved for faeries themselves, but known to those who truly delved deep into the histories of the world and its hidden places. It meant exactly as it sounded, but was also always meant as a duality. Told to those who thought they had things figured out or were close.

    This other side said between the words: ‘There is yet more mystery to me than you know’

    Lord Crystalglade had a very heavy suspicion that there was a strong connection between the Bookseller and Lady Al’meera and that both had more to them than met the eye as well. Indeed, he also figured the man would be one of those very few non-faerie who would get the full meaning of his phrase.

    It’s why he said it at all.

    With a little flourishing bow, he made for the door in his own version of Eleanor’s pivot and made his way to the little visit that more eyes than he realized were looking at. His face betrayed nothing, but inside he mentally remarked how Jori was not likely to be pleased by this revelation.

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  16. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Irene Adler
    Location: the streets of Basileus

    Irene had decided to linger longer near Andrath’s house. She wanted to see if he took the bait. Though given who had visited him she highly doubted it. After all it is not every day that you get visited by the Emperor’s daughter herself. But still there was this dance that has been going between the two of them.

    Besides she was bored…

    There was nothing interesting to steal. All the usual trinkets and targets were boring and predictable, there was no thrill in stealing them. Unless she wanted to attract Andrath’s attention. He was going to chase her for a while then find the items, warn her that it was the last time he was letting her go yada, yada, yada… Then start anew. Irene kind of felt that he used her as means to keep his mind sharp. She was not sure whether to feel flattered or angry at him.

    She was sitting in this quaint little cafe that allowed her to see who came and went… There he was. Good thing she had already paid and was finishing her cup of tea. A faint smile appeared on her lips. The Detective seemed engaged with something in his mind. Probably the case he was given.

    Though that did not make him less observant mind you. So she placed the cup on the saucer and joined in with the few people who were still on the street. As Irene got closer, she gently slid a hand under his “My, my, what a coincidence that we should meet here.” she grinned “Going for a walk?”


    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    The city of Orlais, Aleyas


    Aysha had one of those slow and boring days. No one was buying, no one was even browsing through the wares she had on display. Oh, some of the men gave her unsavoury looks, but she was used to that. But now was not the time for these things, that was her night job. Now she could be arrested for immoral behaviour if she tried to pull something like that during the day.

    She smiled at the passers-by “Come all! Come all!” she gave a tap on her tambourine “Magical items!” Aysha said with her sultry and melodic voice “Charms, love potions, amulets!” Some gave her and the items a passing glance, but no one stopped.

    Then he saw the couple. Her grin broadened. Foreigners. Those were her favourites! And a couple, they seemed well off. Or at least surely had money to spare. “Hey! Hey!” she shouted at them “Come see the magical items of the local tribes!” her grin broadened “I am sure you and the wife could find them useful for the mission that you are on!” she was making things up on the go. Foreigners liked to believe she had some secret knowledge or that she was a clairvoyant, but she was just a simple swindler. But people coming from Basileus or the other Imperial cities liked to believe that Aleyas was this mystical and magical place where everything had a hidden meaning or that there was a dark secret.

    That was not her problem though…

    TAG: @Mistress_Renata @Jerjerrod-Lennox



    The Iatzi tracker Mibasa observed this strange cat… person going after one of the Archeops birds. It was an amusing sight for sure. Those strangers were a funny bunch for sure. He was supposed to go to the dock, where the great metal boat must have come. He had been checking every day and the pink-skins there were angry with him and always kicked him out.

    They thought of him as a savage, but he did not care. The truth was that they were the savages, destroying the natural beauty and building this horrendous… dead place over its carcass.

    He produced a chirping and hooting sound that attracted the bird to him. Mibasa extended an arm for it to land. “Here, little brother, I have been watching you chasing after the Archeops. I can sense that you too appreciate its beauty.”

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  17. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Jester
    The Library

    The cloaked man tapped his chin, though his chin itself was not visible to the tutor.

    There was a flash of inspiration, and the Jester inclined his head, as if hearing a distant sound.

    He had an image of... a mechanical realm, more metal than steam, and froze.

    There was clearly somewhere he needed to be.

    To... supervise.

    Sweeping from the library, from the small-minded mans memory, from the Palace...

    He left.

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  18. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Morrigan
    Location: Lady Talathee’s Nobles Apartments, Basileus City

    Morrigan took the vial and studied it more carefully. She was sure that the other woman was testing her. Morrigan hated being toyed with, but was going to play ball for now, until she could find out why, then make a decision how to proceed.

    Her eyes sparkled, changing their colour as she used her magic vision. The substance within swirled, but there was something twisted in it. Something unnatural. That was definitely not draconium. “I have heard rumours about this...” she murmured “Is that the artificial draconium that is being circulated around the city?”

    TAG: @greyjedi125

    The Shadow Quarter, the old cemetery

    The place had been there since when Basileus was just a small village. The memories of the ones who were laid there to rest have faded. It was not a big one, for some reason since when Basileus became the capital they changed the place where the deceased are to rest in their eternal sleep.

    It was a place of an ancient power. A vortex of magic. Old, older than the known races and civilizations. It was in the soil, in the air, in the twisted trees and shrubs. The Shadow Quarter was almost sentient, due to being soaked in by this magic.

    The people there had also been touched by it, but that is another matter. A certain Ranger was going to find that out. The Patriarch’s journey led him to this mausoleum, this land of the dead. The whisper in his head led him towards a small crypt. The door creaked open, dust trickled down. Spiders and other critters scattered. Dust and spider-webs caked the steps down.

    Torches lit up leading him further down. The stale air reeked of decay. The sweet and sickening aroma of death washed over him. The walls were painted with ancient sigils, strange carvings of eldritch figurines, skulls and bones…

    Another set of glyphs lit up… ”Is your mind ready? Are you ready to witness the past?”

    TAG: @Shadowsun

    IC: A voice in the dark

    ”Jester, Jester...” the voice whispered in his mind. ”My herald.” it continued. ”The time approaches.” there was an ominous cackle ”You have to prepare for our waking.” the voice sounded hungry ”You will observe the masked one. He is in the old crypt.” another ghostly cackle “He and the Ranger will reach understanding and they will serve as our pawns.” then a warning came ”We must prevent the soulless ones from emerging.”

    The time of the Ancient Ones will come again...

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  19. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    The Patriarch
    Shadow Quarter, The Old Cemetery...

    The Patriarch could feel it, the ancient magic emanating from the shadow quarter. This was a old magic, far, far older than anything he had ever experienced. The Father of the Holy Order passed by the gravestones, noting some old members of the order. He made his way to the crypt, the torches igniting themselves as he walked by.

    Perhaps here he could even let his magic loosen, it would be lost in the swirl of whatever dark stench lurked in these parts. The runes on his armor began to glow a soft golden color. His right arm gauntlet made a popping noise, as if pressured air was escaping. Removing it slowly revealed a hand covered in a long black undergarment, a glove connected to his shirt.

    "Ah that's better" he spoke out loud, creating a small fireball in his now unshackled right hand. He continued to move forward, inspecting the artwork on the walls. The Patriarch was no fool, it was becoming increasingly clear to him that whatever this voice had was in some connection to the Ancient Ones.

    A set of glyphs hummed a quiet a light

    "Is your mind ready? Are you ready to witness the past?”

    "Show me, show me everything" he responded. He did not know precisely what these forces wanted with him, but the allure was all too enticing.

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  20. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lady Kardis Talathee
    Location: Lady Talathee’s Nobles Apartments, Basileus City

    She couldn’t help the twinkle of delight that came to her metallic eyes as she watched Lady Morrigan use ’magic vision’ without as much as a whisper to cast the spell. Such a small thing, yet it spoke of her Mastery of the Arcane Arts. Kardis herself had done the very same thing, in the very same fashion as soon as she had the chance to inspect the vial.

    Silently, she did wonder….

    Please, indulge me a moment longer…” Kardis intoned with the air of a kindred spellweaver, while making a mental note of Morrigan’s willingness to ‘play along’. This was a welcomed gesture. Certainly, the Witch of the Wilds had her own agenda for being here in Basileus City, and not just that- she even had a ‘Royal Appointment’ to boot. Not unimpressive at all. This was one of those ‘critical’ details Kardis truly needed for her own ongoing ‘investigation’.

    “You’ll be tempted to ask me a question after what I’m about to tell you, but don’t let that sidetrack you.” A soft smile was offered by the beautiful half elf.

    “As you know, I’m recently arrived to your wondrous city and am yet to become fully acquainted with all the nuances of your society. So, if you were me and found yourself gifted one of these vials, what thoughts would be running through your mind, now that you know what it truly is?”

    Kardis tilted her head slightly and observed her lovely guest with keen eyes. She waited for Morrigan’s own take on the matter, even as she filed away the interesting ‘tid-bit’ about this ‘artificial draconium’ being circulated around the city. Now who would want to poison the magic users in Basileus City, and to what end?


    This was certainly an attractive mystery and most intriguing as well, yet she too had to take care not to allow herself to be sidetracked.

    She had not forgotten about the pages.

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  21. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Andrath Inageiros IC:
    ~Streets of Basileus~

    The elven detective continued his march through the night time streets of Basileus, his mind whirring over his earlier results and the future possible scenarios of the case, when he sensed the approach of another not long after passing a night cafe.

    They likely had blended in with the clientele before deciding to approach them. He was wondering how he should react when they finally got close enough he could hear their light footsteps on the ground.

    Yes. Light. A slight clack with every step. An emphasis on even pacing, yet slightly quickened. Timing in place. Confident. Sure.

    Picking him out was intentional. Familiarity perhaps? Yes. Light, they did not weigh much. The clacking of the steps. Heels. Woman. The type of pacing…confidence and no sign of worry over their approach. No ill intent felt in this movement, despite the quickening of their steps. They were merely trying to catch up.

    The pace also denoted a human. Ah, the hearing of an elf. Not for the first time was Andrath grateful for his race’s natural abilities.

    The hand reached out and Andrath was smiling lightly to himself. His nose had picked up the woman’s scent. Her scent.

    But of course. It all clicked now.

    “My, my, what a coincidence that we should meet here. Going for a walk?”

    “Just like every time we meet, my dear Irene,” he looked over at her while they walked now, “Stretching one’s legs is always a great way to keep the blood flowing and mind sharp, wouldn’t you agree?”

    He looked ahead of them again, deciding which direction Zanna was likely to have headed in to go for the newspaper boy, and turned down that way.

    “So, what keeps you up this night, hm? Considering a more lawful life perhaps?”

    Andrath grinned knowing that they both knew full well that would never happen.

    Tag: Irene Adler @TheAdmiral

    Giniro J’andra IC:
    ~Streets of Orlais~

    As Giniro continued to observe his surroundings, completely lost and uncertain. Finding pathways was always a strength of his, but only ever seemed to kick in when he was away from civilization, not in it!

    Cities always eluded him, which was rather ironic, especially considering they had signs and intelligently constructed landmarks to use. Yet somehow that seemed not to help him at all. In the wild though? Oh yes, Dr. J’andra was never lost for long.

    It was something that had always confounded his family. But it was what it was. And now that he was in this situation again, he could only wonder what to do.

    Until he heard the chirping and hooting sounds nearby that sounded similar to the foreign bird he had been sketching. A delight that had been!

    Turning to find the source, he saw the bird alight on an extended arm. A fellow nature lover and one that was attuned to this species clearly! How exciting!

    The felinoid’s eyes widened further. This man…he…he had never seen his like!

    An Aleyasian native….

    “Here, little brother, I have been watching you chasing after the Archeops. I can sense that you too appreciate its beauty.”

    Giniro finally blinked and his smile widened.

    “Yes! Archeops is it? I will have to write that down, one moment…” Quickly pulling out his quill and notebook again, he wrote that down (approximating its spelling based upon pronunciation), “Thank you. Yes, this…Archeops…is absolutely splendid! I could get lost in its markings! I have actually arrived here to enjoy the beauty of those who live amidst this land’s nature. It is a calling of mine.”

    He smiled and inclined his head respectfully to this very tall, blue, person. “May I ask your name? And perhaps...let me know where I am? I’ve gotten a bit lost, I’m afraid. I don’t do well in cities.”

    The felinoid gave a sheepish smile.

    Tag: Mibasa (First Contact Achievement…CLAIMED! [face_mischief] ) @TheAdmiral
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    The Deus Vult Cathedral, Shadow Quarters

    The Shadow Quarters were not the best place to spend the night in the open. Wicked people stalked the streets, snatching the unsuspecting to perform ancient rituals that involved sacrifice. This was a place drenched in the occult.

    It was not much better during the day either. In some capacity it was worse, its ugliness laying bare for all to see. Businesses opened, people moving about. Then the morning turned into noon.

    ”You are a brave man, Ranger.” the voice said ”Very admirable...” a dry chuckle. ”You might wonder why I brought you here.” it continued ”Look around here, there are secrets that need to be uncovered. What you find here, will be the first piece on your journey. I will call you again at a certain moment, but knowledge and understanding takes time.”

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    IC: Irene Adler
    Location: the streets of Basileus

    Irene chuckled “You and your sense of humour.” she squeezed his arm “Can’t a girl enjoy this nice evening?” she looked to him “You always assume the worst about me.” Miss Adler gave him a mock stern look “I see you are climbing up the social ladder.” she smirked and sighed “To be honest I am bored and could use the company.” she giggled “Even if it means helping you.” Irene winked.

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    IC: Mibasa
    Location: the streets of Orlais

    “I am Mibasa of the Susuka Clan of the Zonia Jungle.” the Iatzi gave a slight bown, his smile broad revealing a perfect set of white teeth. “And you little brother? What is your name?” he tilted his head.

    Mibasa chuckled at the Felinoid’s second question “I am afraid that I don’t know the name of the streets little brother, I try to stay away from these dead places that you people call cities.” he said solemnly.

    “I was heading towards the docks where I was to meet an old shaman who had arrived with the great metal boat.” Mibasa tilted his head and had an idea. “If you want you can hold the Archeops? They are friendly creatures, if your heart is good and intentions pure.”

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    A joint post with @Jerjerrod-Lennox! Great fun!

    IC: Dr. Pascale Rouser, Lady Delfina of Parnassa
    Treasure Row, Orlais

    Pascale's smile grew a little wider as Delfina took his arm. It was actually quite good to start to get to know the young lady...socially of course.
    And she was getting rather excited about this place, of course Pascale himself loved a good museum so he would be happy to wander round there. But he did frown when she mentioned the good feline doctor wasn't with them.

    "I'm afraid he wasn't my dear. I hope he hasn't gotten too lost. Otherwise the Professor will worry, and probably tell us off for not listening."

    Meanwhile a woman approached them with an air of confidence, trying to get them to come over and see her wares. Pascale nearly gave her a surprise look when she intoned that they were a couple. But whenever you dealt with someone potentially selling treasures, you had to be on your guard.

    He leaned his head close to hers so he could speak quietly "Be careful. The first thing you do when potentially buying is to check whether it is genuine or not, I have dealt with some...rather shady people that would happily take your money and then give you something that is worthless".

    Delfina had been admiring the young woman's skirt, an airy swirl of vivid colors and metallic threads. She smiled and nodded at Dr. Rouser's kind but probably unnecessary counsel. "I don't really need anything..." she said, glancing at the bottles of 'potions' laid out on the stall.

    Most of the Noble Houses had been founded by the powerful Mages who had created the Empire, House Parnassa among them. The bloodlines had been diluted over the years, though. Her eldest brother, Bunky, had learned the family spells, but couldn't be said to be proficient. Her second brother, Tufty, was quite useless, and wouldn't know Magic if it was dancing a fandango in front of him under a spotlight. She had the most magical ability in the family, having the advantage of her biological father's Elven blood, and had been quite adept at the small cantrips taught at Miss Malwort's for use in the household. But the general feeling among her set was that practicing magic wasn't quite...ladylike. Certainly, they'd all gotten a very stern lecture from Miss Grimm about the dangers of love potions, with attendant horror stories.

    She picked up one of the potions. Probably colored water, with an herbal tincture, and she got no sense of magic off it. The bottle was quite pretty, though. She debated whether she could argue the vastly inflated price down to the bottle's worth when she felt it. A cold tingle at the back of her neck and down her spine. A scent that was a taste, or a taste that was a scent, at the very back of her throat, like the air after a lightning strike. A wordless whisper on the wind. Magic. Real magic.

    She wavered. She didn't need anything, and certainly the family had their own magical artifacts, locked away (and growing dusty). But...there was a dark space behind the stall, where she could see shelves and piles of things in the gloom. "I'll just duck in and take a peek, shall I?" she said.

    This lady was certainly very inquisitive...the problem was it could get her into trouble. Especially in a new place like this…

    Pascale was used to trouble though. When you looked for treasures there was always some booby trap, pit to avoid or puzzle or riddle to solve so it had heightened Pascale's danger sense. Of course, dealing with shady people in the underworld also helped a bit.

    He released her arm and shrugged "Up to you my dear, I will follow, just in case…"

    He was hoping not to get into a fight, he detested violence. But he would use them and his intelligence should he need to, to protect this young lady.

    Because the Professor would have his head if he didn't.

    Delfi smiled at her companion. "Thank you, Dr. Rouser. I'll try not to keep you..." Not that she needed anything, but this was a mystery she had to solve. The interior of the small shop was dim and unorganized. Most things were jumbled on the floor or on rickety shelves. One shelf of old oil lamps (looking much like tea pots) caused her to pause. Only two felt of magic, but this was not it. Another had a tangle of jewelry. One amulet was glowing, but the real magic came from a necklace, delicate gold filigree set with blood-red stones. She reached out to touch it but felt waves of chill cold coming off it. Cursed. No. This wasn't it.

    A sound, scuttling in a corner...she headed towards a pile of rugs and throws. Something moved. "Did you hear that?" she whispered to Rouser. The young woman was trailing behind them, ready to pounce if they showed the least interest in anything.

    Pascale kept his blue eyes alert for anything unusual. Delfina was having a look around and things seemed to be grabbing her attention.

    Most of the things around here looked like junk to him. He had no clue what she was looking for but she seemed to want to find something. Was something calling to her? Items that contained magic were sometimes known to call out, so to speak.

    There were sounds of movement and one of Pascale's hands slid slowly towards his hip and one of the knives sheathed there.

    "I did" he whispered back "Be careful, this could be a trap or something dangerous to draw you in".

    His stance seemed casual, but she could see that his hand was resting near his weapon. She hoped it wouldn't come to that. She waded into the pile of rugs, pulling at them...Magic? She shook out the top rug, sneezing at the cloud of dust it raised. Magic, or it had been once. Worn to holes in places, the colorful patterns dimmed and dirty, most of the gold threads were dull and tarnished. Any magic it had was all but diminished. As she held it up, something moved underneath. For a moment she froze in fear, then steeled herself. She was of House Parnassa, and a graduate of Miss Malwort's! Not some simpering ninny. She lifted the throw on top and saw...wood? Pushing it back further, she saw the edge of a wooden chest. She touched it, and jumped back as it scuttled away. She reached again, gently stroking the wood with her fingertips. The chest quivered. This was it. Magic. It went up her arm and over her skin like electrical shock.

    "Don't be frightened," she whispered. "I won't hurt you." There was a pause, and slowly, cautious, the trunk edged towards her. It was filthy, crusted in dirt and soot. There were carvings that were impossible to make out, inlaid with metal that was black with tarnish. She caught the edge of the lid, trying to open it. The chest resisted. "It's alright," she whispered again. "I just want to see." After a moment, the lid gave way and she could see inside. The wood was rosy, with a delicate sweet scent. "Sapient pearwood?"

    It was all getting rather strange.

    He had seen some strange things before but a chest that moved? What was all that about?

    The young lady seemed to know what she was doing though as she hadn't run away when the chest decided to do it's own thing.

    He kept his hand on his knife though, he was still taking no chances.

    "Well this is quite interesting" he said raising an eyebrow "Let me guess, some mystical force inhabits this chest and it seems to have a mind of it's own".

    "It's the wood, I think," she said. "It was used to create a lot of magical objects." Delfi looked at the chest. "I'm going on an adventure. Do you want to come with me, or would you rather stay here?"

    The chest bounced up and down twice, and she could feel it pressing against her palm. "All right," she said. "Play dumb, then." She glanced at Rouser. "Do you know the exchange rate here?"

    Wood that seemed to have created magical objects, Pascale had seen it all now.

    "I've touched some artefacts and treasures in my time that are said to be imbued with magical properties, souls of Gods and even dead royalty. But this is something else".

    He slid his hand down from his belt and folded his arms "Please don't tell me you are going to buy that. Because if it has a mind of it's own, who knows what it will do?"

    Delfina smiled. "I don't think it should be left here," she whispered. "It might be a useful asset, who knows? I don't sense any darkness in it." She eyed the young woman who was standing nearby, waiting for a sale, then picked up the rug and shook it out. "So, what can you tell me about this? Is it magical?" she asked. The opening salvo.

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    IC: the Bookseller
    Location: Alley near the Luna, The Fountain of Knowledge Bookstore

    The Bookseller simply gave him an enigmatic smile “My identity is of no concern, right now.” he then gave a dry chuckle “Life must be explored and the answers are not so easily handed to you.” he put his elbows on the counter “It is also part of the fun.”

    The old man sighed and leaned back, his eyes flashed a bit unnaturally. “I know this will come out of nowhere, but your visit was not a coincidence.” a small smirk formed on his lips “But I am sure you had figured that out.”

    Another chuckle “First though you have to familiarize yourself with the literature.” he looked him straight in the eyes “Things will be revealed to you, don’t worry about it, even my name. Just don’t be hasty. True knowledge takes time...”

    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    IC: Prince Arturias Atreus
    Location: On-board the HIMAS “Aquila”

    The Prince smiled at the Captain. “I hope so too, so far we have been lucky, I hope it won’t run out on us while we are here.” he pursed his lips and looked around. The crew were busy with the preparations for the landing. Even if anyone was having treasonous thoughts they were too focused on the delicate procedure. Though they were now vulnerable to attack by the Lizards. If they send aeroplanes their way the mundane task will suddenly become quite exciting, to put it mildly.

    Arturias chuckled “You should stop trying to marry me off.” he shook his head “I think we covered that part.” then a mischievous grin formed “Though I am sure the local nobility would like to throw us a ball, so we can find a rich merchant’s daughter for you.” he winked.

    Most of the crew seemed excited at the R&R prospect. Added to the fact was that Macklenburg was famous for its entertainment venues and opportunities for relaxation. Also it was the second largest trade port in the Empire, so a lot of exotic goods at a bargain price.

    The Prince nodded solemnly at the last part but said nothing. There was not anything to be added, so he observed the procedure. At least that never grew old…

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    IC: Aysha
    Location: Treasure Row, Orleis

    “Oooh the lady has a good taste.” Aysha gave her a broad smile when she picked the bottle of rose water that she was selling as a love potion. Some idiots even tried to drink it, thinking that it would make them more attractive. Though some threatened to sue her and even almost got physical. Aysha had to change places rather frequently to avoid such angry customers. As if it was her fault that they were stupid enough to believe her in the first place…

    She narrowed her eyes slightly at the young woman. It seems Aysha had underestimated her. She had been so focused on the husband, given how he exhibited scepticism. Then the vendor’s face lit up when the woman decided to check her more expensive merchandise.

    Aysha knew that not everything was fake, but the problem was that some people thought those magical items had a certain property, but then it was revealed that it did the opposite. She was both giddy to try and swindle the lady, but also apprehensive as then the local Mage Guild will send someone to investigate her wares… again.

    She opened her mouth to say that those rugs were actually flying carpets when the pretty blonde found it… Aysha had no idea what to make of the item. She had it for some time, but no one seemed to be interested in the chest.

    Interesting… the lady seemed to be adept in magic. Maybe the Mages were becoming more devious, sending secret agents to her shop! Those two were conferring among themselves while she had been thinking about her fears. Aysha chastised herself for not eavesdropping.

    Then the blonde lady turned towards her “You are talking about the rug or the chest?” she tilted her head “The rug used to belong to one of the old families in Orlais.” she was about to spin a tall tale, the truth was that she had bought it at a flea market from a rather shady individual and given that they barely paid any attention to it, she decided to drop it. “The chest used to belong to an old lady from my clan.” that much was true “She used to be a part of a travelling troupe back in the Empire, she used to do magic tricks and whatnot...” Aysha shrugged, then gave a sly look “If you are interested I can sell it to you for ten golden crowns, I don’t accept Goldbacks.” that was the steepest price and it was an invitation to haggle.

    TAG: @Mistress_Renata @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    OOC: the Golden Crowns are the highest denomination. For simplicity sake 1 Golden Crown equals 10 Silver Crowns or 100 Copper Crowns. 1 Silver = 10 Copper.

    Goldbacks are banknotes backed by Golden Crowns (1 Note = 1 Golden Crown), but not every business takes them as they can’t prove that they have obtained it legally. Think of them as cheques of sorts.

    There are also Silverbacks - they are widely accepted, think of them as paper money.

    There are no Copperbacks - they are small change.
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    IC: The Jester
    Ew, voice

    Old crypt, got it,
    he thought to himself, reflecting on how similar to his own voice the speaker was.

    The masked one and the Ranger.


    In short order he merged with a wall, and emerged again, leaning over the inner crypt as if perched on a outcropping; akin to a gargoyle that perched, watching, silent and waiting, concealed and silenced.


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