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Fantasy Thriller OPEN The Calm Before the Storm - Dieselpunk, Urban Fantasy

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheAdmiral, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Milos Terric
    Location: Bridge, HIMAS Aquila, Macklenburg

    "I think the merchant princess angle would be better for you than me" he smirked at that "Some of them are a bit too….wild for my taste".

    "Don't get me wrong, some of them are nice, but some of them...too pampered princesses for me. And some of them...well lets just say they can be too much party animals".

    The pilots landed the big leviathan with no trouble, they had obviously been trained again and again for this moment and they performed just as expected. With precision.

    "So what are you after then Your Majesty? A little spa relaxation? A little flutter or two? Maybe a gift for the family? A sort of "wish you were here" memento?" Terric chuckled "You might want to consider maybe perhaps traveling incognito? If you go dressed like that dragging your retinue around you are may I put it politely asking for trouble".

    He folded his arms "Plus we could still have trouble with the Lizards. If they are about here and spot a member of the royal house about, well let's just say you may become a bargaining chip. Let's hope not".

    Terric then turned to the crew "Well done ladies and gentleman, our first shakedown cruise has been a success so far. Now, shall we get to some rest and relaxation?" He nodded "You all know my instructions, dismissed".

    He then turned back to the Prince "Let's hope one of them gets drunk and reveals themselves as a traitor. Would save a bucketload of time trying to find them" he smiled "Perhaps i'll see you downstairs".

    Terric saluted the Prince before heading back to his cabin to change into something more casual...

    TAG: @TheAdmiral
  2. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: WIth the GM's blessing!

    Zanna Wai'leena
    The streets of Basileus

    “I never knew you were reading the papers.” The Rat King grinned, as she chuckled softly. He narrowed his eyes in a mock suspicion “Are you gonna tell on me to your detective friend?” and grinned again.

    Zanna opened her eyes wide in fake innocence. "Why, have yu done something I should know about?" she asked him with a wink. The Rat King touched her on the back “We should talk somewhere, safer.” this time he was being serious. Zanna kept the wide smile, but her eyes narrowed, as her wings flapped at a normal speed.

    “Someone was following you as I followed you.” a brief smirk, “I think it was one of the Professor’s thugs.” Zanna snorted. "If that be the case, then I seriously need a refresher course. I'm missing my mark," she stated, serious but still smiling as she acted as if nothing was wrong as she turned and fell in step with him. The Rat King continued. “People are disappearing off the streets.” Krassius sighed “It is not like with the crazy barber...” Zanna shuddered at the memory. Grizzly times indeed.

    “I was going to visit you and your friend, but you know that he does not approve of me and I get nervous around him trying to deduce things about me.” Krassius grinned “I don’t want him to find out where the Kingdom is.” Zan told him as she nodded slowly. "I understand. But even he knows when to listen. Even if he is a tad thick-headed." Zanna shook her head.

    “Lenny disappeared...” he said quietly. Zanna's smile faded, giving the Rat King her full attention. Lenny used to be his girlfriend, an elven girl, one of Zanna’s friends. They were in the same crew together. “One of the boys said that she was hooked on draconium of all things and one day she was talking about some crazy scheme and then she disappeared...”

    Zanna's voice dropped to a dangerous level. "Did you say, draconium?" Zanna's voice dropped to a whisper. "Tell me, what did she say? You gotta remember.." Zanna had turned all serious now, and her hand made a gesture. "Im serious. There is some bad stuff out there. REALLY bad. Nasty stuff. Gotta be careful. Somebody is tainting the supply." she stated in very low whispers now, her eyes scanning around them waiting for his response.

    Krassius' eyes widened. He had not expected such a reaction. He was hoping more of a gentle dismissal, that Zanna would tell him that Lenny probably got tangled up with something stupid or that she was in jail, but his friend's sudden change in attitude rung an alarm bell in his mind.

    He licked his lower lip thinking frantically. "She was babbling about some guy near the docks who was selling the stuff." he started "I did not pay that much back then, but I think I can ask around the crew..." he scratched the back of his head.

    Zanna slowly nodded, getting in all the details. She gently reached up, to tap his shoulder. "Yeah." Her wings fluttered slowly. "See what you can find out. And if anyone is using that stuff, be careful. It's been tainted ..and folks have been going wonkers. We just got the info ourselves." Zanna still spoke softly. "But believe me, I'll keep an eye out for her."

    Zanna was now worried. A crazy scheme? Was someone making addicts for a reason? Zanna looked about, noticing the time of the day. After she was finished with Krassius, she would need to hurry back. She gave him a smile. "And you keep safe yerself, you hear. I'm guessing this is a lot deeper than folks looking for a few bogs to snatch. You know how to find me if you find out more." Zanna frowned, as she thought about this new development. "

    Krassius frowned at her mentioning that the draconium was tainted. How could that be? Also who could pull something like that "Do you think it is the Professor?" he whispered and stared at her intensely "Maybe he has a mad scientist buddy that makes the stuff?" he was getting angry "That can spark a gang war on the streets!"

    Zanna nodded slowly. She understood the implications of such a thing. "Probably a lot more than that." she added. "You be careful, Zanna!" he tried to smile "I would hate to see the only gal from the crew, who went to the light side, get hurt." he then grinned "And please don't tell the Detective where we are hiding, I would hate for him to come poking around, I know how inquisitive he can get."

    Zanna laughed softly, and gently touched his arm. "Ah, ya know I wouldn't betray that. Why ya think I never head down there? He probably takes one look at me, and figure it out... 'cept for one way." Zanna gave her friend a cryptic smile. She was one of the very few people who knew her little secret.

    "And you be careful yourself. Things are gonna get ugly fast. And for those who get hooked, you cant trust em. They are like an addict. So be the Rat King that I know." Zanna looked around. It was getting late. She looked over at her friend. "I better get back. Its later than I thought. And it seems like I got a few more puzzles to solve more myself. Like who was following me."

    Zanna gave her friend a nod, and with a hurry that only wings could provide, she moved, heading back to Orkon Boulevard as quickly as she could move.

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  3. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Teirvonel with @TheAdmiral in a combo
    The Deus Vult Cathedral, Shadow Quarters

    The night had been full with activity, spirits, creatures, even the gargoyles themselves had moved about as Teirvonel waits as the voice had suggested. Several times it was necessary to let such creatures feel a glimpse of him to cause them to turn from their possible inquiry. Each time it caused a wry smile to cross his face, even these creatures had a feeling when he gazed upon them that easier prey was to be found.

    As the sun reached its zenith, the voice returned.

    ”You are a brave man, Ranger. Very admirable...You might wonder why I brought you here.” it continued ”Look around here, there are secrets that need to be uncovered. What you find here, will be the first piece on your journey. I will call you again at a certain moment, but knowledge and understanding takes time.”

    A dry chuckle, the sense of the other being still strong in his mind, not far, but seemingly on it’s own path, Teirvonel knew the voice would keep him searching until it was ready to find the prize.

    ’Ahhh….as I thought, the treasure was not where you said it would be, never straightforward, the emissaries of the Elders are.’ he thought-replied.

    However, he did begin his searching in the area the voice had first suggested, directing his gaze from the gargoyles, down over every inch of the flying buttresses, into the still darkened crevices of the arches. His eyes roamed the stained glass windows, searching for clues, details that may be in the images that would add to the clues the voice would provide. The ground itself also warranted his scrutiny; he inspected every cobble for runes, for signs of what the voice desired him to seek.

    "I could have said to you that the real treasure are the friends that you make on the way..." there was a dry and humourless chuckle.

    The arm of the nearby clock ticked then the bell rung. There was a tight beam of light that moved along the wall, then at a certain point it reached a reflective surface where it got bent illuminating a small tile. A ghostly symbol appeared on it "Go ahead and press it..."

    Teirvonel smiled, of course the voice, the Herald as he decided it should be known, would want him to press a sigil. He closed his eyes for a moment and for the barest instant ghostly runes seemed to shimmer on his clothes before they disappeared. ’Friends, such an interesting concept, but rather valueless given the circumstances.’

    His hand reached out, not a sign of any tenativity visible or sensed. The Elders were playing the long game and given his own plans he had to know, to see what they believed was his role in it all. And then his hand touched the warmth and light of the sigil, feeling the light flare around him. He closed his eyes to the flare, to save his sight if whatever happened drowned him in darkness.

    "Friends are always useful..." the voice said in an amused tone "Also, do not worry, you won't be hurt, after all convoluted plots to kill someone can be found only in fiction." there was a cackle. The tile was protruding a bit so when the pressure was applied it slid in. There was a rumble of moving stone, ropes pulling and so on. One of the gargoyles nearby "turned" around and its mouth opened and a small star shaped medallion dangled from it. "Congratulations, you have found the first key."

    Chuckling, Teirvonel found the tile sliding under his touch but no trap was sprung, the voice confirming it. He looked up seeing the medallion. ’Then perhaps you shouldn’t visit my home, at least not with me present…’

    Taking the medallion in his hands, he could feel the weight of it, turning it over in his palm. ’First key implies more, which involves another walk and the possibility of others. So, then, what is the next clue, Herald?’

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk..." the voice said mockingly "You are far too hasty." a cackle "Return to your daily life, you will know when the next clue will be revealed."

    Teirvonel laughed, heartily, even given he knew it could display his location to others, at the words from the Herald. ’No haste needed, Herald, you set the treasure hunt so you determine the when and where. But you will find I’m not the pawn you think. Although...I am sure you have plenty of those.’

    He tucked the amulet inside his tunic, turning away from the cathedral. These edifices always had their secrets and this one seemed to have hidden something far older. He’d have a chance to scrutinize it once he’d returned to the Palace, but he also knew the longer he was away the longer others would begin to wonder if one faction or another had seized upon his loyalty. He would figure out the mystery of the book and amulet, or at the very least who seemed perturbed that those items had been found.

    Sending his senses up and down the streets he again took to mostly unused streets until he could pass out of the Shadow Quarter and into areas of Basileus where he had to walk upright and as the Count he was.

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  4. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    Giniro J’andra IC:
    ~Streets of Orlais~

    The blue man gave a slight bow, introducing himself courteously with a genuine smile. Giniro found himself rather affected by the simple gesture and returned with his own.

    “I am Mibasa of the Susuka Clan of the Zonia Jungle. And you little brother? What is your name?”

    Little brother? Clearly a cultural custom, one that was very interesting. The felinoid zoologist decided to make a mental note of it as he gave a little bow of his own now.

    “I am Dr. Giniro J’andra of Basileus, across the ocean. As you may have guessed. It is a pleasure to meet one from this land!”

    The man chuckled however at his other question.

    “I am afraid that I don’t know the name of the streets little brother, I try to stay away from these dead places that you people call cities.”

    Dead places? An interesting notion, but as a felinoid and one who studied wildlife he was able to grasp quickly onto what he meant, if not entirely agreed with it. Granted, he couldn’t say he entirely disagreed either.

    “I was heading towards the docks where I was to meet an old shaman who had arrived with the great metal boat. If you want you can hold the Archeops? They are friendly creatures, if your heart is good and intentions pure.”

    Shaman? Hm, that was news. He had no idea of any such shaman, young or old. Then again, he oft missed things he shouldn’t when they did not pertain to his field of research. But the possibility of holding the Archeops…now that excited him! And worried. What if his heart was not good? His intentions were pure, he was only curious!

    But was he a good person? Oh, he sure hoped so!

    Tentatively he held out a hand to the creature.

    “I would very much like to hold the Archeops, if it would let me. I only hope I am worthy of it…As for the shaman you mention, I do not know of any who had been on board. But perhaps you have other information, maybe I can help? Do you know what they looked like?”

    Tag: Mibasa @TheAdmiral

    Cinna Crystalglade IC:
    ~Streets of Basileus~

    “My identity is of no concern, right now. Life must be explored and the answers are not so easily handed to you. It is also part of the fun.”

    Perhaps the man was part-faerie, with the way he was thinking. Aha! Very well, very well, Cinna could play along with their little game.

    “I know this will come out of nowhere, but your visit was not a coincidence. But I am sure you had figured that out.”

    “Oh, you could say I was certainly getting a growing inkling,” the faerie lord tittered.

    “First though you have to familiarize yourself with the literature. Things will be revealed to you, don’t worry about it, even my name. Just don’t be hasty. True knowledge takes time…”

    “Curious and more curious. But I shall partake of these books, make no mistake. And with that, I’m afraid I must bid you adieu. As Lady Al’meera intoned, I have somewhere to be now. Perhaps you yourself have an inkling of it as well.”

    He bowed once more and followed through with his mysterious faerie parting now and headed out of the shop with a flourish.

    “Farewell mysterious Keeper of Books, may the veil of the grove keep you well and your mysteries honored.”

    Tag: Bookseller @TheAdmiral
  5. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    IC: Lady Delfina of Parnassa
    Treasure Row, Orleis

    “You are talking about the rug or the chest?” The young woman tilted her head. “The rug used to belong to one of the old families in Orleis. The chest used to belong to an old lady from my clan. She used to be a part of a travelling troupe back in the Empire, she used to do magic tricks and whatnot...” She shrugged, then smiled slyly, a smile that Delfi was familiar with, as it characterized salespeople everywhere she'd ever been. “If you are interested I can sell it to you for ten golden crowns, I don’t accept Goldbacks.”

    Ah, the game is on! Delfi was familiar with this. Every female she knew was experienced in the art of the haggle. If this trunk did what she thought it could do... "Well, I was actually asking about the rug, but do tell me about this trunk. Was it created here in Orleis? Does it have magical properties? Perhaps you could demonstrate. Ten crowns is a bit steep for a plain old chest." She hoped the trunk would be wise enough to act dumb.

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  6. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Orlais, Aleyas

    It seemed Pascale had been totally forgotten in this exchange.

    To be honest he wasn't interested in the rug, or the chest. Yes it could conceive magic or magic properties….but for him he was looking for the bigger prize. Something at least a bit more desirable and worth a lot more money than an old rug or chest. Unless the chest contained something, something that was valuable that it probably didn't want to give up.

    Delfina however still seemed interested in them both and she hadn't asked for his opinion on this one, he had already given it before. He was still skeptical about it all that this woman wasn't trying to swindle the young noble lady.

    But if Delfina wanted to buy some stuff so be it, he wasn't going to stop her but maybe he could keep watch out of the way until he was needed. What he wanted was out in the wilds and probably contained more ancient powers or spirits than these bits and pieces and were maybe more legendary.

    Pascale began to back away but didn't put his hand near his knives this time. He would wait, watch and act if needed. But this was probably going to take a while by his estimation.

    Besides they maybe should be looking for their feline friend to check if he was alright….

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  7. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Combo with our GM!

    Andrath Inageiros & Irene Adler IC:

    ~Streets of Basileus~

    Andrath continued to walk with his oft-nemesis and yet oft-“friend” Irene. Her chuckling at his words caused him to smile, though his mind never left on the thoughts occupying him as he moved through the streets of Basileus.

    “You and your sense of humour. Can’t a girl enjoy this nice evening? You always assume the worst about me.”

    The elf grinned at the woman, with a wink added, “And you always assume the best about me.”

    Pausing to seemingly admire some of the district’s architecture, his mind going in many different directions at once; he threw in a little comment knowing it would entice her.

    “Even I can be a little naughty from time to time, Irene.”

    Aside from her initial reaction to that, she followed up with a mock stern look as the woman switched topics.

    “I see you are climbing up the social ladder. To be honest I am bored and could use the company. Even if it means helping you.”

    She retaliated for his earlier playful wink with one of her own.

    “Joining forces, huh?” he mused believing her, but also equally believing she’d just as easily turn on him if the situation was just right. She wouldn’t want to get him too hurt, she liked their games as much as he admittedly did.

    But if it caused just a bit of chaos and helped her come away with something she found intriguing…? Oh yes. That she would do.

    “I suppose I could do with some more allies from time to time,” he looked at her, “As you say. I’m climbing the ladder.”

    Andrath grinned again.

    "Aww..." she grinned "We complement each other then. You assume the worst of me and I the best of you."

    Irene observed him while he paused "My, my..." she giggled "It seems you have learned a thing or two from your lovely assistant." she raised an eyebrow "Where is Zanna? Usually you two are joined at the hip."

    "Allies is such a formal and impersonal term." Irene pouted "Friends, maybe?" she winked at him "We are friends, aren't we?" she squeezed his biceps playfully. "Also I can access places where you can't." she smirked.

    "Besides I have always wanted to see the Palace from the inside..." a greedy grin formed on her lips.

    Andrath merely glanced at Irene with a wry smile. “Capability is always of utmost importance, is it not. And as for learning a thing or two from Zanna? Yes, perhaps. She’s my partner for a reason. Though I wouldn’t say ‘joined at the hip.’ You make it sound like such a romantic relationship.”

    He listened to his adversary turned ally (though for how long?) and the wry smile turned into a full smirk.

    “Now you mention friends. My, I would think you’re starting to become jealous, Irene. I am flattered, truly.”

    A small laugh.

    “And I’m sure you want to see the palace interior, though I confess to the same…How about you help me do a little investigation in finding my currently absent partner and I’ll decide our future ‘friendship’ and what it entails based on results?”

    There. That just might keep this wily one in line for long enough. But it was hard to tell for sure.

    Irene batted her eyelashes "Are you not romantically involved?" she liked to tease him about it. "Surely the readers of your stories like to believe that you are."

    She giggled "Jealousy is such a nasty word." she pouted "Are we not friends?" Irene gave him an innocent look "After all you have been chasing after me for quite a while."

    Mrs. Adler narrowed her eyes, considering the offer then smiled "But of course, I wanted to ask her about a certain fairy potion that one of my contacts is trying to peddle me."

    Andrath sighed and waved Irene off playfully, his eyes rolling for a moment.

    “How you can get so hung up over those stories is beyond me. Zanna is not romantically entangled with me, I imagine you know that. Romance. So messy.”

    As they began to keep moving once more, now suddenly reversing direction after judging that his companion was nowhere around and it was more likely to find her heading back home from another direction, he eyed his oft-prey with a gleam.

    “Why, I suppose you could say that. You are oh so fun to chase after all. And as for your potion question, I wish you luck. Knowing Zanna, she’s going to make you work for that answer. Perhaps even more than I would!”

    Letting out a little laugh, he continued his little night time stroll with his adversary turned friend likely turning adversary in the future again.

    Tag: GM @TheAdmiral
  8. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Morrigan
    Location: Lady Talathee’s Nobles Apartments, Basileus City

    Morrigan nodded slowly. Unlike her wife she did not like rushing into things without getting more information first. The woman in front of her suddenly moved up the ladder of the so-called players in the Great Game. That was what the nobles referred to their intrigues and machinations. It made them feel better about themselves, after all it was better being called a player than a ruthless manipulator.

    Lady Talathee expertly used her position as a newcomer to ask questions that could be considered scandalous in a “proper” society. But Morrigan was anything, but proper. Oh, she could walk the walk and talk the talk, but at heart she was still the Witch of the Wild.

    She bit back a more blunt and direct question as that might make the other woman retreat in a shell that she had not yet learned to pierce. “I would say that you are being tested for something.” she took a sip from her tea “Someone wants to gauge your reaction and your skills.” a thin smile appeared on her lips “Unless they want to insult you...” time to add a bit of poison and doubt.

    TAG: @greyjedi125

    The Shadow Quarter, the old cemetery

    ”It is not too late...” came a faint whisper in the mind of the Patriarch ”Events are set in motion.” it continued ”But they can be stopped or redirected.” the voice was soft and soothing, almost seductive “Go see your wife, there you will find the next piece of the puzzle.” the benevolent voice whispered ”But beware, an agent for the other side has been chosen, he too is seeking answers and at a certain point your paths will intersect...”

    TAG: @Shadowsun

    Hiding in the shadows


    The hooded figure materialized in the mind’s eye of the Jester. “Did you observe that, my child?” it asked in a ghostly but soothing voice. “The game is afoot.” a deep and unnerving chuckle “Currently there are two pawns moving around the board.”

    “But there are more, some suspect of their roles that they are going to play in the coming events.” there was amusement in the voice “But the full understanding will come far too late for anything to be done.”

    “Find a way to contact our agents in Aleyas, the expedition there must fail...” and with that the Jester was free again.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
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  9. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Lady Kardis Talathee
    Lady Talathee’s Noble Apartments, Basileus City

    Kardis gave a most charming little laugh. It was a musical sound surrounding her beauteous visage.

    “Insult me….?” Her smile brightened and her eyes twinkled. “Well, that’s almost impossible, I’ll have you know. I am part elf after all. Few could scarcely begin to imagine how to go about such a thing. Most simply lack the imagination for it…”

    The actress in her displayed a counterfeit coy affectation for the sake of entertainment, which lasted for a breath and a half.

    “So then, it must be a test…” She concluded. “…one which actually works both ways in this case.”

    Here, she too paused to take a sip of her tea, her eyes never leaving Morrigan. A knowing smile blooming slowly from her lips. The Witch of the Wild was beginning to relax and this was good; though it was curious that she offered little to no insight on The Patriach. Very curious indeed.

    “So, how are you liking Basileus City? I can only imagine it’s quite the change of environment for someone like you. From what I can tell, you seem to have done rather well for yourself.”

    Kardis desired to ask a different question, but that one would have to be inserted strategically in their conversation. Arguably, decorum was an essential part of society. Humans loved to wrap themselves in illusions and delusions, which only fed their empty vanities and brought them no real satisfaction in the end.

    Except, it affected more than just humans.

    That needed to change.

    Tag: @TheAdmiral
  10. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Irene Adler
    Location: The Streets of Basileus City

    Her brief meeting with Andrath was as informative as it was entertaining. So… not so much. But that was to be expected. She and Detective loved secrets, so neither would reveal too much.

    Maybe she could charm Zanna to reveal more, though Irene had doubts about that. She did not have the same effect on the fairy as she did on Andrath. But still she could slip up and give her a crumb to work with.

    There was something more going on and that tickled her curiosity.

    She looked up to the Detective and gave him a sly smile “How about to make it more interesting?” the smile broadened into a grin “Maybe we can make it a competition? Your deductive skills against my intuition.” Irene smirked “Each of us could look for dear Zanna on their own. If I win you take me to the Palace, if you win, you still take me to the Palace but I also am going to tell you something interesting.” she tilted her head slightly.

    Irene walked through the now empty streets she heard the faint sound of steps behind her. She gave a sidelong glance and saw a man walking at a distance. Mrs. Adler was not of faint of heart, but she was not a warrior either.

    She needed to be sure that the man was following her, so she took a turn on the left going through an alley. Moving forwards she heard the faint steps behind her. Not good.

    If push comes to shove she carried a small revolver in her purse, though Irene hoped it would not come to that.

    She could defend herself, but was not physically that strong, she usually played the damsel in distress and got some man to do the dirty work, while she vanished. Irene instantly regretted her decision to get separated from the Detective...

    TAG: @Ktala, @Darth_Elu

    Small square in front of The Odeon Theatre

    As the Count made his way through the city he reached the first moving picture theatre in the Empire - the Odeon. It used to be a regular one before the advent of this new form of entertainment. Now the city was full of them as there was a boom of demand for movies as the people called them.

    Actors and actresses found themselves elevated to a new level. They became stars. The tabloids followed their lives, even rummaging through their dirty laundry for tidbits of gossip and scandal.

    But that was not important right now. The Count’s eyes would pass by the colorful posters inviting potential viewers to see the latest flick. One, though would catch his attention, it showed a metal humanoid in a defensive posture facing a humanoid made out of clay The Synthetic Man VS the Golem: Dawn of the New Age was the title. Directed by a young and talented director, with some of the hottest actors and actresses of the day and age.

    It was not important, but it hinted at something that would later be called predictive programming. Somehow it was connected to what was going on at a deeper… symbolic level…

    TAG: @darthbernael

    IC: Mibasa
    Location: the streets of Orlais

    “A doctor, like a witch doctor or shaman?” Mibasa frowned slightly “Do you heal people?” such knowledge and skills were in a great reverie among his people.

    He extended his hand on which the bird was clinging towards his newly found friend. The creature turned its head several times to study him with both eyes. It chirped and cooed, then extended a clawed leg and gently placed it on Giniro’s hand. “You know, they are the messengers of the gods!” Mibasa said matter-of-factly “Always know where to go and to whom they are to deliver them.”

    The Archeops was now clinging on Giniro’s hand studying him. “It also helps to have a treat for it!” Mibasa grinned and rummaged through his bag “I carry some seeds with me.” he took out a pouch and indicated for the Felinoid to open his palm so that he could pour some.

    TAG: @Darth_Elu
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  11. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Jester
    Breathing -

    When it seized him, it felt as if someone was filling him up and out, portentous purpose pushing from inside upon the edges of his skin, as if the cloak was holding him together, a great presence seeking to burst free and take a life of its own. It was an ecstasy, impossible to describe in any other manner.

    “But there are more, some suspect of their roles that they are going to play in the coming events,” there was amusement in the voice, and the Jester felt mirth upon his lips, twisting his lips into a rictus grin. “But the full understanding will come far too late for anything to be done.”

    "Of course," he managed to say.

    “Find a way to contact our agents in Aleyas, the expedition there must fail...”

    "It will be done," the Jester intoned, casting one final look upon the Patriarch, submerging with the shadows and taking the dark corridors to Aleyas... he would appear from a similarly darkness-draped corner, and seek out his kin.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral, @Shadowsun (mentioned only)
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    Nov 1, 2019
    GM Approved

    Rushan Greyscale
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Race: Lizardman (Crocodile subspecies in physical form)
    Physical Appearance:


    Height: 7’2”
    Weight: 374 lbs
    Skin Color: Gray, tan, and green scales. Torn and scarred areas reveal pink flesh beneath.
    Hair Color: None
    Eye Color: Gold, vertical slits

    Natural habit of letting loose a low hissing noise from his throat like an alligator when agitated. When bored, he has a bad habit of picking at his scales, particularly the damaged ones. He has a soft spot for the Felinoids and has even gotten warm scales for the occasional female of other races. Given the taboo nature of this with reptilians, however, he won’t talk about it, and his hissing quickly gets louder if someone brings it up.

    Likes: Rushan is a fan of all things beer, and can easily put a dent in the typical human pub’s stocks. Of course, being a lizardman, the weak alcohol of human booze has far less effect on him than the typical patron, which keeps him going long after a human companion would be black-out drunk under the table. He also loves a good fight, and is generally pretty intimidating to most folks, even some other lizardmen. Of course, in the human and fae areas, given the current state of affairs in diplomacy, his appearance is typically more than enough to cause him some headaches. In a twist from most other lizardmen, he actually doesn’t mind humans and other races.

    Dislikes: While being judged at a glance of his race happens plenty, he highly dislikes the trouble it causes in the process. He’s no stranger to being approached by human law enforcement simply for being present. Most other lizardmen, oddly, are not high on his likes list, as most tend to be overly aggressive and cause trouble for the fragile peace he’s managed to establish for himself. Plus, there are many who would likely recognize him and call him out as a traitor.

    Strengths: Brute strength is an obvious point to make here. Being head and shoulders taller than most, he boasts large amounts of physical strength, and is a powerful swimmer. He’s a competent fighter, and very intelligent and sharp-minded, and has a gift for tactical thinking and percussive maintenance. He can also be very diplomatic and personable when he feels like it. Otherwise, he’s often sarcastic and gets amusement out of making people uncomfortable if they’re getting on his nerves.

    Weaknesses: His appearance, as a lizardman, generally causes chaos outside his homeland, and his size makes tight spaces a no-go. Also, don’t trust him with fine china and other delicate things, or you may not get it back in one piece. Low doorframes are the bane of his existence and he wonders why smaller races feel the need to put them everywhere.

    Weapons: Rushan likes keeps things minimal here, so he only carries one rather large and stout sword…in plain sight. Other weapons are generally tucked away, and may or may not include knives, darts, and a few improvised weapons made of salvaged parts. And let’s not forget fists, claws, a thick tail, and a MEAN bite force.

    Short Bio: Rushan was raised within the confines of the reptilian lands to fairly normal parents. He was one of many siblings, but quickly became the largest and strongest of them. Throughout his upbringing, he was instructed as a fighter, as well as a tactician. His mind was honed as sharp as his claws, which the local leaders sought to make use of in the fighting between their people and the other races.

    At first, Rushan was content to fill his role as an asset in combat, and over the years racked up many kills and victories, along with scars and other souvenirs of battle. Of course, he was not always the victor, and it was one lost fight that disillusioned him. After watching numerous combatants on both sides fall over what was ultimately a worthless objective, he began to wonder why he was at odds with the other races. What was he gaining from it, and what was in it for his race? If it were simply mindless conflict, he was convinced it would only spell the end of his people. Technology had progressed enough that the humans and other races had a leg up on them. In a move he was sure to ultimately get him killed either as a traitor or a spy, he decided to leave his home for the Basileum Empire.

    To say first contact was rocky would be an understatement. The amount of talk and negotiation needed to avoid being killed and skinned was a feat in and of itself. Even after he was released with observation, he still faced issues with trust and people calling the guards. It took years before people had much dealings with him, and even then it was tense. Of all the races, it was the Felinoids that treated him with any courtesy, perhaps because they were a beast race too. It was thanks to them that he gained any kind of network within the Empire, and got plugged in with the Empire’s court as a consultant on Lizardmen activity. While not a politician or statesman, he does his best to play the little court games when needed.
  13. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004

    “Evil? What is that? ...You said you were death itself. Are you evil, then, or are you simply stronger and more awake than others? Who gives more shape to sentient history: the good, who adhere to the tried and true, or those who seek to rouse beings from their stupor and lead them to glory? A storm you are, but a much needed one, to wash away the old and complacent and prune the galaxy of deadweight."

    -Plagueis, said a long time ago in a very, very distant place”


    Ever since the dawn of time the appearance of a comet was considered an ill omen. The bright ball of light was approaching the world, illuminating a faint path in the night sky. The astronomers of the Empire were giddy, to be able to observe such a rare occurrence. Especially now that they had better telescopes.

    But to the laypeople it brought a sense of dread. There was an atavistic, primordial fear of such things. Ironically or not it coincided with the current events in the Empire. The press surely exploited it, making sensationalist claims. Psychics, fortune tellers, astrologists and other charlatans were reaping great rewards as people flocked to them for advice and potions.

    There is a certain element of truth in these superstitions. Something indeed was going on. Forces, older than the planet, more powerful than anyone could imagine, were making their moves. It was all a part of a cosmic game, for a lack of a better term, for them the inhabitants of this world were mere pawns and the true scope of that was yet to reveal itself.

    Every race on Aurelias was tuned in some way or another to the happenings of the world. The humans, elves, fairies, orks, felinoids, dwarves… all dulled by their technologies and diminishing magical capabilities felt a certain unease. Most of them dismissed it as superstition or just the mark of the day and age, the mark of the current events.

    Though not everyone was as blind…

    The Elders of the Lizardmen opened their ancient books and the image of the ancient titans could be seen. They knew that their time was coming soon.

    The mermaids, yes there are actual mermaids and mermen deep in the oceans, stirred as something in the abyss was starting to wake up. Some thing… or some things…?

    The Iatzi and the other tribes felt it too, they knew of the Ancient Empire of the Lemurs. A ghostly breeze passed through the ruins hiding in the jungle. What mysteries a certain expedition will uncover? Or maybe will stumble upon ancient horrors?

    Deep in the bowels of Basileus, among the hiss of steam and the moving of pistons, two artificial orbs glowed, illuminating a human like face made of metal, but behind that visage hid an artificial intelligence that only now started to experience the world in this primitive body.

    Most of the Dragons in their hubris dismissed it all. The Primarch in his blindness even thought that it meant that their time had finally come. But not all…

    The Shadow Quarter too made its move in the form of a man… a cruel and sadistic man, who wore rags to conceal his identity, who loved to kill, to slash… to rip…

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    OOC: A combo with the cunning @TheAdmiral, I do hope you all enjoy this...[face_devil]

    IC: The Patriarch

    The Unveiling

    The Patriarch considered the words carefully, he was not keen to become yet another pawn for a new master. The work he had been conducting for the last few centuries had been to correct that. Nevertheless he saw it as unavoidable at this point, he would have to meet his wife after all, a prospect he had rather mixed feelings about.

    He refitted the armored glove over his right hand, making a sound akin to sealing off an airlock, or closing off the many pressurized machines that were become abundant in this great city.​
    He began to exit the cemetery, the old magic clinging onto him like an odd odor. He was keen to see what prospects laid before him, and who exactly this 'other agent' was.

    "And remember..." the ghostly voice in his mind said "Tick, tock... Tick, tock...." followed by an ominous chuckle "There is still time, but for how long? The events are already in motion."

    The Patriarch chuckled in turn, he contemplated flying to his destination but concluded that would draw too much attention. Instead he shifted the wind and air around him propelling him forward, his speed greatly increased.

    How long had it been since they met? Too long, he took a quiet gulp as he approached Lady Eleanor's residence. He tilted his head, a small smile growing on his face. Perhaps he would take off the mask for such an occasion, it had been awhile.

    As the Patriarch approached the front door of the mansion it opened and a valet stepped forward "Good evening sir." he said "The Lady is expecting you in the dining room."

    The Patriarch spared a half glance to the valet, tempted to sever the annoying tongue that flapped inside his mouth.

    No need to be rude he chuckled to himself. He strode forth into the dining hall, his gait much slower than before, projecting an air of confidence he had crafted over the decades.

    "It has been quite some time Lady Eleanor" he spoke the last word with slight sarcasm, he knew full well that was not her real name.

    "Miir, how delightful that you have decided to come." she gave him a pleasant smile "It has been so long, some might say that you are cheating on me." her smile turned into a grin "But I should know better." she approached him and reached for his mask "Please, you don't need this dreadful thing here." she said softly.

    Miir frowned at him being addressed by his real name. Walls had ears after all.

    "Dear Taldeer, have you ever known me to be a liar?" He chuckled, gazing across the room, taking in the dining room. She waltzed over to him, reaching up to take off his mask. He took a step back, his wife had always been a direct one, much like himself, but nevertheless he was taken aback.

    He tilted his head, reaching up to metal vizard. Surely if she was being like this than she had taken the proper precautions. He did not want his magical signature leaking out, only to be detected by other powerful beings. The runes of his armor started to glow purple, the sound of something coming loose, or perhaps more accurately unlocking could be heard. The mask popped off, making a distinct hissing noise as it came down, melting into his gauntlet. A wave of magical energy bounced across the room as the Patriarch, Father of the Holy Order let his skin lay bare to the world.


    He gave a small smile, gazing into Taldeer's eyes. His sky blue eyes piercing into her soul.

    "Now my dear, I believe you promised me dinner."

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    Forgive the double post, GM Approved! What? Not my fault this game is fun...:p

    Name: William Hector Godwinson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Race: Human
    Physical description:

    Personality: William knows what he wants and knows what he doesn't want. Charming, confident and pleasing to the eye, he knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk.
    • Quirks: Has a bad habit of trying to swindle, steal, trick or pickpocket almost everyone he meets.
    • Likes: Coin, the company of the fairer sex, tricking people without them realizing it, a good hearty drink, and of course adventure.
    • Dislikes: Being caught and goblins
    • Strengths: Pickpocketing, scamming, lockpicking, talking
    • Weaknesses: Finds it difficult to resist an opportunity to scam or steal in any given situation, even when attempting to do so is a very bad idea. Also often has a big mouth, enjoying egging people on, resulting in many unnecessary bar fights.
    Weapons: Pistol, Knives, his big mouth

    Short Bio:
    William Hector Godwinson was born in a backwater town to lowly parents. He learned at a young age he had a gift for getting people to do what he wanted. At age thirteen he left home to go see the world, stealing, scamming and adventuring on the way. He lives for the constant thrill of being backed into a corner, only to escape in a dastardly clever fashion. Always on the move, and never tied down he always on the lookout for his next little adventure, or clever con to pull.


    Name: Ozog Grimtar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 52
    Race: Orc
    Physical description:

    • Quirks: Almost constantly smoking a cigar. Ozog gets them specially imported from a distant village that grows, cures and rolls the tobacco in their cigars.
    • Likes: Cigars, Orc Rum, a good drink to accompany his cigar.
    • Dislikes: Lizardmen, Felinoids, Magic, Newcomers, People getting in his way
    • Strengths: Physically strong, although not the strongest orc he is stronger than most humans. He also has a keen insight and connection into the political machinations of the imperial court. Often known for his extortion, black mail and general racketeering practices, when words fail might will make right.
    • Weaknesses: Not the most gifted speaker, his political strength not comes from being able to clever maneuver or speak his way out of a situation but rather his amassed thug network that does his bidding, with the coin to back it up. However if he is out matched in this regard, or his 'families' many crimes are traced back to him...well it is a bad day.
    Weapons: Cane he carries with him, Fists and those famous orc chompers.
    Short Bio:
    Ozog Grimtar is the head of one of the most despicable crime families in Basileus. His gang was able to build a vast amount of wealth from smuggling, extortion, thefts and drug dealing. Ozog used his vast resources and criminal connections to get himself elected as a councilman for the city of Basileus, securing protections for his gang. He is the definition of corruption in government, willing to take payment or orders from the highest bidder. He does have his own views however, mistrustful of the Lizardmen, he is all for the military taking whatever action is needed to squash their pathetic 'uprising'.
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    IC: Princess Jori Atreus
    Secret rendezvous

    Jori had to spend the rest of the day working in her office at the Palace. Even though she did not hold any official position she studied all the reports and followed the news. She believed in being prepared and in doing a thorough research. She even took note to talk to Morrigan about the draconium, so that she could start her own research into the artificial one that was being spread around.

    When the clock signalled 18:00 PM she sighed and put her papers in order, then rang for Anna to tell her driver that she needed him. Her handmaiden gave her a knowing look, but complied.

    The drive towards the villa was short and uneventful. She had ordered the servants to prepare the place and to leave. She wanted to be alone… Alone with a certain visitor who was running late…

    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    The King of the North, near the docks, Basileus City

    The King as it was known, given that the full name of this drinking establishment was a bit of a mouthful, was a seedy place, like most pubs near the docks were. It was frequented by a wide variety of races and people from different classes.

    Ranging from lowly sailors and dock workers, soldiers, gangsters even minor nobilities who wanted to satisfy their baser needs.

    It was a lively place, even had life music, if the screeching could be called that, some exotic dancers. There were gambling tables. A number of working girls, the so called ladies of the night were there too.

    For the ones who were looking for more decadent and illegal entertainment… there were opium dens, and for the ones with deeper pockets even draconium.

    At the back, in the former stables there was a ring, where the local Fight Club had its meeting. Bookies, gamblers, fighters, viewers all gathered for these small gladiatorial battles, where some unlucky fool met their ultimate fate.


    “Oy!” came the slurred voice of a drunken human male “Ya big Lizard!” he approached Rushan “You look like you can take a lesson!” there was a slight hiccup and a burp “Sorry...” he tapped his own chest “Anyway...” the man tried to focus and jabbed an index finger in the Lizardman’s shoulder, alcohol made one brave, or maybe stupid, or maybe both…

    “Wanna face off with the Champion of the Streets?” he grinned revealing a plethora of rotten teeth “There is a big reward for the one who beats him? All paid by Mister Grimtar over there!” he indicated the large orc with his thumb.

    TAG: @Bodhran777


    “Umm, boss...” came a lithe fairy man with a servile expression on his face. The name was Mithas, the eyes and ears of the Grimtar crime syndicate. He had approached the head of the organization who was sitting at a table flanked by two gorgeous elven gals and facing a human man, with whom he had been discussing business.

    “It seems one of our boys, Petyr, got a bit...” he rubbed his palms nervously “Inebriated...” a nervous chuckle “And it seems he approached the Lizard over there.” he indicated with his head “To offer him to face off against the Champ.”

    “Normally that would not be a problem, but you see… that is Rushan Greyscale and...” Mithas licked his lips “He is well connected, even gets the ear of the Emperor himself...” he paused “If he accepts, what should we do? I mean if we forfeit we will look bad, but if he accepts and gets hurt that can get back to haunt us.”

    TAG: @Shadowsun
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    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Rushan Greyscale
    The King of the North, near the docks, Basileus City

    Of all the pubs and dives in the city, The King was, in Rushan’s opinion, one of the more interesting places to take a load off. Many taverns toward the middle of the city were respectable and filled with people from higher classes who came for the fancy drinks and music. All well and good, but they were dull and boring. Near the docks, this was the working man’s territory, and social norms were a bit looser and offered plenty of alternative entertainments.

    It was here Rushan felt a bit more at home, despite his privileged position among the warm bloods in the city. He had worked hard for the trust he had built, but every now and then he felt the need to unwind and get away from the stuffy city interior and all the suits in politics. Down by the docks, people’s motives and intentions were as easy to see as the sun on a clear day, compared to the hidden intrigue and social chess matches of the elites. Walking into the tavern, he smiled and headed for the bar. Tonight, would be a good night, he felt.

    Inwardly, Rushan enjoyed the effect he typically had when entering a room, as a lizard was still a bit of a wild sight here. Especially a lizard dressed in pants and a long coat, rather than the outfits shown on lizardmen in the papers whenever his people were causing trouble. Once the initial pause and scattered looks of surprise died off among the other patrons, he made his way through the tangle of people, making sure to watch out for his thick tail. He wasn’t too worried about some fool stepping on it, or more likely tripping over it, but knocked-over chairs and spilled ales would not buy him any good will. Before he could make it over to the bar top, however, the voice of a man clearly well into his cups caught him first.

    “Oy!” came the slurred voice of the drunken human male. “Ya big Lizard!” he approached Rushan “You look like you can take a lesson!” there was a slight hiccup and a burp “Sorry...” he tapped his own chest “Anyway...”

    As if the “Lizard” comment wasn’t enough to get his attention, the man jabbed a finger into Rushan’s shoulder, coaxing a low hiss from his throat as he adjusted his brown coat. This warm blood was bold, for sure, but clearly not in control of himself thanks to what smelled like a bottle of cheap whiskey and too much time on his hands to drink it.

    “Wanna face off with the Champion of the Streets?” he grinned revealing a plethora of rotten teeth “There is a big reward for the one who beats him? All paid by Mister Grimtar over there!” he indicated the large orc with his thumb.

    Rushan did his best to ignore the man’s rotten grin, suddenly wondering if it was the whiskey he truly smelled. Back home, neglecting one’s teeth was paramount to throwing away your weapons. Your teeth and claws were the only weapons you could trust and only ones you could not drop, and to lose them was to be disarmed completely. A toothless one was no fighter, and often looked down on in society. Here, he had found, hygiene was often overlooked, though still judged to some degree or another.

    He considered the offer the man put out. On one hand, a drink would have been a good start to the night. On the other hand, polite society had forced him to suppress more base instincts, and the promise of a good tussle was intriguing. Assuming it was a fist fight, he was more than a match for the typical opponents, even many large orcs. He looked over at Mister Grimtar, a name he recognized being connected to both a gang and a council seat, then back at the drunkard with a grin.

    “You want a show? Sure.” Rushan’s voice was low and rumbling. Typical for a lizardman of his subspecies. He stepped forward one heavy step and poked the man in his shoulder, forcing his body to turn a bit from the pressure. “Let this ‘Champion of the Streets’ know they have a challenger.”

    With that, he shuffled his way past the man, his bare scaled feet thumping heavily on the flooring as he finally completed his trek to the stools. With a wave of a hand, he flagged the barkeep down for a pint. Once it arrived, he put the payment and a small tip down, then headed for the back of the tavern to see who was in the process of having their face rearranged in the ring. With any luck, he thought, this so-called champion would be getting a warmup in and Rushan could scope out the competition while he thought.

    Though he’d never had any dealings with Mister Grimtar, he’d heard the name mentioned around the inner city in regards to a councilman. Though to hear it here, it suggested to him that maybe his influence went a bit further into the dark. By the glance he got of the orc, he had put on an image not too far off from a lizard chief. Females on either side, check. Elevated position over the common rabble, check. Even the thick smoke stick jutting out from his large toothy maw. Yep, Rushan thought, all the makings of an underworld type. This would be an interesting night, indeed. Particularly if he managed to give the orc’s champion a proper thumping.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral
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    Jun 26, 2017
    Ozog Grimtar
    The King of the North, near the docks, Basileus City

    Ozog Grimtar was an orc of business, the King of the North being is main arena in which to discuss it. His beefy orc fingers ran deep into the pub, being a drinking location for many of his subordinates. The orc nibbled on the end of his cigar, his orc constitution allowing him to inhale the smoke as if it were a cigarettes, that being the main reason he preferred the more robust 'smoke stick', that had it held class. As he exhaled a thick smog of smoke would surround his ugly grin, well it was usually a grin, now it was a frown.

    The idiot Petyr had gone off a bit off more than he could chew. Ozog took another drag from his cigar, mulling over the news Mithas had given him. He dismissed the human that he had been conversing with, informing him they would look into the matter at a later date. Ozog had a certain disdain for Lizardmen, sure they made good muscle, but something about the way the moved, their beast like appearance, he could never quite get over it, but he was a business orc first and foremost so if he needed to work with one he would. He scratched his chin, the third chin to be more accurate, as he replied back to Mithas.

    "Pah... look at 'im, he's a big ol' boy Grimtar sure the 'ittle 'izardman won't get too hurt, and it a fair and open fight, nothing dirty... for once" he chuckled at the end as he said for once. His voice was deep, gravelly and a little hoarse, although rather well spoken, for an orc.

    "You worry too much Mithas, have another drink, relax... I do know want to know what he is doing in Basileus, gonna have a 'ittle chat before the fight" He cast a glance back over to the lizardman, now at the bar. Lifting his glass to indicate for the lizardman to join him. He took a sip of the orc rum, the bottle to the side was labeled "Orge Sweat" one of the more luxurious rums out there.

    TAG: @Bodhran777 @TheAdmiral
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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Prince Arturias Atreus
    Location: On-board the HIMAS “Aquila”

    “I think my father wants to set me up with Lady Al’meera’s daughter.” the Prince chuckled “Though I am not sure I would mind, given that she is as beautiful as her mother.” he smirked “Though I was hoping it would happen out of love and not out of political necessity.”

    He leaned forward “I hear there is a pretty female captain, maybe you could impress her with the Aquilla?” he grinned “Though am not sure my father would be happy if you took the ship out for a spin.” Arturias chuckled.

    “Well I have to make an official appearance so that the Lizards should know that I am here.” he sighed “Though I think I could slip out incognito, but first I am sure the local elites would want to throw us a party to show their appreciation.”

    He nodded and smiled.

    There the official welcoming committee had gathered at the docks. There was even a small orchestra. Flags were waving, the local duke and other high ranking members of the society were gathered. At the back there were a myriad of citizens who were cheering at them. “Here goes the incognito...” the Prince murmured to Terric while they were going down the ramp.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    IC: Aysha
    Location: Treasure Row, Orleis

    So the lady was the boss in this relationship. The husband seemed disinterested, which could be a problem as Aysha was aware of her looks and used them to her benefit. There should be a way to rope him in, maybe offer him a trinket or whatnot.

    Her gaze turned to the beautiful lady “Oh it is from around here!” she nodded emphatically “The old lady said that it was from the Lemurian Empire!” which was a lie, though she was not entirely sure about that “One of the few remaining artefacts from that lost civilization!” she said conspiratorially “Made of the finest wood on the continent, tique, and blessed by a shaman with magical properties.” the last part was true.

    Aysha eyed both customers and moved towards the chest “You see a regular old trunk from outside, but when you open it you discover that it can carry much more than it appears.” she tried to open it, but the stupid thing seemed to be stuck. No, no, no… she thought but managed a nervous chuckle “Must have stuck, it hasn’t been opened in some time, maybe your husband could help me out? It needs a bit of greasing and will be as good as new, I can even throw in a can of the finest grease!”

    TAG: @Mistress_Renata @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    The Old Hag, that was what they called the elderly beggar at the beginning of Treasure Row. Most people ignored her, but that suited her fine as she had a second gig going on for her. Begging was just a cover, she was the eyes and ears of some of the local scam artists like Aysha, though the pretty brunette was late for her payment so another one had bought her services. The young and handsome William.

    The man was a relatively new arrival, but managed to push out some of the others as, you see Treasure Row was called that way because it provided the sellers a treasure trove of gullible tourists ready to buy any trinket with the promise that it had been found in some ancient ruins and that it had magical properties that… magically meet the buyers’ needs.

    She managed to stand up with a groan and wobbled to where William was standing “Hey, Will, did you hear that a ship had just arrived from the Empire?” she grinned revealing missing teeth “I saw a pretty couple walk into Aysha’s store, she owes me money, maybe you can poach them from her?”

    William and Aysha were frenemies, who occasionally teamed up for elaborate schemes. One of their favorite ones was having either of them come to the other who was in the process of haggling then start a scandal, then if the other successfully stole the customers and sold them something overpriced they split the reward.

    TAG: @Shadowsun
  20. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    William Hector Godwinson
    Treasure Row, Orleis

    William looked down at the Old Hag, a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he grinned at the 'beggar'. It never took much convincing for William to want swindle something along. He gave a cheeky wink to her as he began to walk inside Aysha's shop, spotting the couple that she had spoken of. He locked eyes with Aysha for a moment, as if to say these two are mine.

    He looked the couple up and down, taking in every minute detail about their clothing and the way they held themselves. You see the key to any good scam, especially one of this nature, is to build trust in a short period of time, thus being able to read every detail about an individual was a key step. The man was well dressed, sharply so, he appeared to be a little disinterested in the whole affair. The woman was also well dressed and oh? Yes she was half elf, hmm, elves were always a bit more tricky, a naturally distrusting species, perhaps rightly so. On the other hand she seemed a rather bubbly one, and it was clear they were both foreigners. However they had the most important look about them, they looked wealthy. Yes these two would do nicely.

    As he wandered in he pretended to just be another customer, inspecting the various wares. He noted a red amulet, recognizing it when he attempted to sell it to a rather rambunctious goblin. He reached for it, pocketing it discreetly as he continued to browse the numerous items. Slowly he made his way down toward the end where Aysha was trying to get a close on her sale, beginning the wonderous dance that was the haggle.

    He stood just a few feet from the two giving a sideline glance to the moving chest and then back up to half-elf lady. He gazed at Alysha's pathetic attempt to open the trunk.

    "It's fake" he muttered, but more than loud enough for the couple to hear. He looked back down at a large knife, its structure would be sure to catch the eye of any human that looked at it. In truth it wasn't a knife at all, but a tooth pick for orcs. He starred at it, pretending to be utterly captivated by the object, but in reality he was waiting for a response from the two. The game had begun.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral @Jerjerrod-Lennox @Mistress_Renata
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    Jan 2, 2003
    Giniro J’andra IC:
    ~Streets of Orlais~

    The native man seemed to frown slightly as his introduction, causing Giniro to wonder if he had said something wrong initially. Oh my, that wasn’t his intention whatsoever!

    “A doctor, like a witch doctor or shaman? Do you heal people?”

    The felinoid waved his hands about him in an exaggerated attempt to dissuade that way of thinking. Mibasa thought he had meant a doctor doctor! He supposed one not used to their ways could easily get that confused, how silly of him!

    “Oh no, no, no! My apologies! You see, I am an expert in all things that relate to the wildlife. Animals. How they are, how they live, things of that nature! Though I do have some knowledge in veterinarian practices as well, that is to say…I can treat animals and try to heal them. Not people like us!”

    Calming down slightly, Giniro put a finger under his chin in thought a moment. A second of societal reflection coming upon him. “Why is it we use that title as well, I wonder? In any event, I am sorry for any misunderstanding.”

    After this Mibasa extended his hand to offer the Archeops to him, causing Giniro to smile in utter delight. Nervously, hoping he would be accepted, he held out his hand too. After an intense few seconds of studying each other and the bird chirping (Giniro very quietly noted the tone and pitch of the bird’s chirping for filing away later), it hopped onto his hand.


    Oh, he wanted to yell with glee, but he knew better with a tiny little bird on his finger. First main killer of the avian persuasion was stress. Something one who had any interested in the feathered creatures should know right off the bat! Thus he managed to refrain from doing so, letting it show in his eyes and smile instead.

    “You know, they are the messengers of the gods! Always know where to go and to whom they are to deliver them.”

    Oh, he very much doubted this…his scientific mind already debunking such claims, but he would anger the man by saying so. He simply nodded amiably, too happy that the bird allowed him to pose as a temporary perch.

    “Is that so? Then they must be quite the intelligent little ones! Oh, I would love to see more of these Archeops and study them for days! Quite beautiful coloring…”

    “It also helps to have a treat for it! I carry some seeds with me.”

    Oh, yes. Always a bonus when dealing with birds! This particular species must be very friendly and trusting, used to the bustle of Orlais and the native tribes. Or was this a trait in this individual? Hm, no. Not by the way Mibasa was acting. A commonality among the species was more likely. Delightful!

    Holding open his other palm for the seeds, his smile widened further as he offered them to the bird. He allowed himself to note the supplied seeds as well, for not all species ate the same things. Indeed, this was very crucial information!

    Giniro wondered if it was something introduced by those who dwelled in villages, Orlais, or if it was brought about by watching the Archeops’ natural diet as it should be.

    “Just look at it,” he breathed wondrously. “Truly, the gods did fine work in making this little bird.”

    He used an inflection Mibasa would undoubtedly like as a courtesy, but he did genuinely mean it as well. The archeops was a wonder of life, much like many other creatures. How blessed were they to bear witness to such things and breathe the same air? How truly, truly amazing it was. These gifts that life gave.

    Giniro continued to simply stand there, mesmerized as he watched the bird nibble up the offered food, nearly forgetting Mibasa completely for a few seconds.

    “You wanted help finding someone, I think?” he murmured absently, only barely recalling the words before.

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    Nov 1, 2019
    Thanks for the fun combo @Shadowsun !

    IC: Rushan Greyscale, Ozog Grimtar

    The King of the North | Grabbing attention…as usual…

    Rushan was on his way toward the back of the house, taking a long drink of his pint of beer that nearly emptied half the glass. Not exactly the best beer he’d drank, for sure, but then again you don’t come to a tavern like this in search of heaven in a pint glass and expect to find it. If he wanted the best, he’d be on his way to the dwarf cities already. From what he’d heard, the dwarves knew how to brew a proper porter, not the watery light stuff you could find pretty much everywhere.

    As he was on his way to the fighting ring, he spotted the orc boss raise his rum glass toward him. Oh boy, Rushan thought, this guy wants to meet the lizard who’s about to take his prize money. The thought made him chuckle at himself. Raising the remainder of his pint glass, he nodded to the orc and began picking his way over, knowing he shouldn’t ignore the invite over. It was polite, sure, but he also knew that if this guy ran the place here, it would do no good to put him out of a pleasant mood.

    As he stepped closer, Rushan made room for the human who’d been previously talking to the orc to squeeze by. As he sidestepped, he took a look around in an effort to try and spot who all was here working for the boss. As far as he could guess, the barkeep was one, who gladly parted patrons with their cash, along with the two eye candy elves he was flanked by. They were likely there whether they wanted to be or not, though he’d heard of more than a few gang lords keeping pretty guards posing as fawning girls at their sides. Smart, he thought. Of course, beside them, there would likely be people hidden and dispersed among the crowd to keep an eye on each corner of the tavern, though figuring them out would be a job in itself. A job he didn’t have time to do right now, seeing as it was now his turn to speak with the orc.

    “I suppose you are the Mister Grimtar I’ve been told about. A swinging place you’ve got here.” Rushan smiled and nodded to the orc, stopping a short distance in front of him. He’d wait for an invitation to get closer.

    The orc continued to chew on the end of his cigar, his frown now turned to a massive, toothy grin. This was a strong one, probably stronger than most of his kind. Ozog appreciated that, strength. He liked the look of this Lizardmen, unlike most of his kind he looked like he knew what he was doing. Although Ozog supposed most orcs liked to charge headway into danger too.

    "No need to stand t'ere awkwardly, come sit 'ere" he gestured to a seat that face at a ninety-degree angle to Ozog's, by his right side, where one could converse easily.

    "You ever tried Orge Sweat? You seem like the kinda 'izard that enjoys a good hearty drink, none of that watered-down garbage we serve our regular customers."

    The orc grinned once more, the end of his cigar becoming a crimson red. The real discussion would come in a moment, but first small talk.

    Rushan nodded and took the offered seat, setting his beer glass aside. Truth be told, it wasn’t worth it to have the last of it, a notion that Grimtar confirmed by his casual mention of watering down. It was a trick many taverns used to stretch a beer supply, particularly when serving the light stuff to already buzzed patrons who had already mostly lost their sense of taste and couldn’t tell the difference.

    “I’ve had it once, a long time ago. Before I left home. Some traveling merchant ditched a barrel to run faster when he saw a bunch of scales coming his way. It was a good night, for sure.”

    Rushan grinned, the memory coming back to him immediately. It had been him and a few of his brothers who had chased the merchant, more for fun than to cause harm. Practice, they always said, in stalking the warm bloods. Whoever could get close enough to nab something from the target without being spotted was the winner of the game, and this round had turned up some good loot. But that was a long time ago, and things were different now.

    "Good, good, a 'izard of culture I see."

    Ozog motioned for one of the elven ladies by his side to pour the Lizardman a drink. She nodded, giggly as she bent over to pick up the bottle, pouring it in an artistic flourish before handing the glass to Rushan. She gave the Lizardman a wink and cheeky look as she did so, holding the glass in front of him.

    Ozog picked up his own glass, mouthing "Cheers" in his gruff voice before downing the entire glass, he waved his hand lazily for his glass to be refilled, sucking on his cigar as he did so. He then turned to Rushan, a look of satisfaction on the orc's face.

    "Now tell me, what business does a newcomer like you have 'ere in this fine city?" his eyes twinkled slightly, if this lizard was indeed well connected, well it never hurt to have friends in high places now did it?

    Rushan took the offered drink, raising the glass as Ozog did with his with a “cheers” in return. Rather than down the whole thing, he gave it a good sniff before taking a sip. It was a good rum, with a warm spiced flavor that tickled as it went down. As Ozog asked his question, Rushan allowed himself to relax back in the seat a bit as he considered it.

    “Originally, nothing. I grew tired of where I was, so I took what you’d call an extensive vacation.” He took another sip. “I’ve been here…oh, what’s it been? A year? A little more, maybe? Seems longer.”

    He took another sip, nearly finishing off the glass of rum as he glanced around the tavern.

    “Lately, the talk of trouble around the borders with other scales has me staying close to the city, where I can be of use. And no one worries about the local croc causing more trouble for them if they know where I’ve been, right?”

    Rushan finished the glass and set it down, feeling the last of the amber liquid burn on its way down.

    “So, from what I understand, you run the rings here? Your man at the door seemed eager to get my participation, so I naturally told him I’d be up for some fun and games. I hope that’s alright with you, seeing as you may be looking for a new champion after.”

    He chuckled and eyed the orc, hoping he had correctly gauged him as the type of person that enjoyed some competitive banter and joking. Jests aside, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t about to step off a line he might be toeing by going in against this orc’s prize fighter.

    The orc laughed at Rushan's last comment. Ah, yes even when the Lizardmen failed, liked they all did, he was pleased to make his acquaintance, and who knows maybe he just impossible. Ozog sipped on his second glass, eyeing the Lizardmen once more.

    "Aye, I have no issue against ya fightin', as long as there is no bad blood when you lose" replied the orc, replying to the banter. He sipped once more, letting the Orge Sweat trickle down his throat. Despite the name it was a very good rum, although it required an acquired taste and a strong constitution. One glass for a normal man would result in a long and pleasant evening, if he could remember any of it.

    "My 'itte bird 'ere tells me you have quite the connections Mr. Greyscale. I've personal never 'eard of ya which means you ain't a politician, got me taps on 'em, so tell me wot exactly are ya connections? It might be ya worthwhile to make friends, never hurts to have a backer, if ya get my drift."

    The orc stomped, winking at the Lizard. He was looking forward to the upcoming fight, if he had to guess Rushan would stand a much better chance than most contenders, but there would be only one way to find out for sure.

    “No bad blood over the outcome of a fair fight, I say. You punch out a lizard fair and square, they’ll respect that. We may be a bit bloodthirsty as a race, but we have our codes of honor.” He smiled reassuringly. “Well, most of us, anyhow.”

    At the mention of his connections, Rushan’s brow arched, curious why the orc would ask. No doubt he was looking for connections of his own, and like any businessman, he was always ready to network.

    “If you haven’t heard of me, then I’ve done a good job of keeping my head down, I’d say. Scales down make for particularly good politicians, as most don’t have the patience for court affairs. We have a whole subspecies for that. Unlike most warm bloods, our roles often follow our looks and temperament, and those who try to break their mold usually get a dose of reality sooner or later.”

    He shifted his position a bit, resting one log of a leg on the knee of the other.

    “Seeing as I’m about the only scale I’ve come across her in town, I get asked by the military brass what my thoughts are on scale movements. Happens often enough. Had the Emperor ask my opinion once or twice. Not often enough to say I’m a regular, mind you, but enough that his aides know my name. If you ask me, the court business is all a bit stuffy for me.”

    He shifted once more in his seat. “Personally, it’s the new stuff the brass are cranking out to deal with scales that has my attention. I’m curious if they actually have something that they think will give them an edge. Some of their walkers in the past have been jokes. Couldn’t be bothered to step over a tree stump and ended up like a turtle on a fence post with no clue how to get down.”

    He chuckled a bit. The military had cranked out some menacing-looking machines, but new technology didn’t always mean progress, in his mind.

    "Good, Good" Ozog spoke softly in response to the lizard's reply, listening to the rest of what he had to see. Ah, so not the most well-connected individual Ozog had come across, but not bad either. Ozog sat back, leaning into his chair, looking up at one of the giggling elves before looking back to Rushan.

    "Aye, but the walkers Richtoff has been cranking out recently shouldn't be taken lightly, quite capable of destruction, or so more sources tell me" he said, smirking once more. Richtoff of course being the one and only William von Richtoff, commander of the armored division for the royal army. Ozog tapped his cigar above a nearby ash tray, bringing it back up to lodge into his maw.

    "So, tell me Mr. Greyscale, what exactly do ya want, other than my coin that is" he chuckled once more, eyeing the lizard, eager to see his response. "Money? Women? Power? What makes ya tick? If you don't me askin'."

    Rushan nodded at the orc’s reply. Sure, the walkers were capable and dangerous, but also had their limitations. The name Richtoff rang a bell immediately, and Rushan recalled seeing the man around the palace a time or two.

    As Ozog asked his questions, Rushan considered for a moment on his answer. Money, while nice to have, was only a means to an end. Something to be given out or exchanged for things with far more importance. Women? Well the scaly ones of his kind were few and far between here. The warm bloods here would certainly garner a bit more attention than he liked if they were attached to a lizard, and such relationships were frowned upon back home. Power was something he had experienced enough of, though it certainly had benefits. He’d given up his power back home when he left and had gotten a taste of the other end of the spectrum as he worked himself into warm blood society.

    Finally, he looked back at Ozog.

    “How did the orcs make their way into society here?” he asked. “I’ve known a fair number of your race over the years, and I know there have been some similarities to my people. Not always the calmest individuals, and history hasn’t always been kind to either of us.” He sat up and forward in his chair. “In my time being here, in this city and the Empire in general, I’ve been arrested on many occasions, people run away, kids cry…all for just being here. People don’t trust a scale walking down the road, particularly if he’s big and mean-looking. Personally, I’d like to change that.”

    He watched Ozog for a reaction, curious of what he would think. His goal, of course, was lofty, and would require work not only of the warm bloods’ side but also his own people’s.

    Ozog contemplated the lizard's response, his toothy grin fading slightly. This one was one to watch, want he wanted was a complete and utter systematic overhaul of society. No small feat indeed.

    "Yes, yes dat's right. My orc kin 'ave been pushed around for quite some time. I've enjoyed my life though in Basileus" He orc looked up at one of the elven women, a fat grin spread across his face as he looked back down at the lizard.

    "Not much of a scholar, but the orcs got integrated into da right rest of da empire like everyone else. Course many of my kind are used for manual labor, sweating around in those dreadful factories that make weapons for da empire." The orc shrugged as he said, "Not a whole lot I can do really, and not really my problem."

    His gaze wandered to the barman, who gave him a little nod, and then back at Rushan. The orc smiling once more.

    "Your goal is quite noble my 'izard friend, enjoy da fight" He gestured to back of the pub, where the ring is located, keeping his eyes firmly on the lizardmen. This would prove to be most interesting.

    As Ozog confirmed the treatment of orcs in ages past, Rushan nodded. Indeed, acceptance into society was hard work, manual and otherwise. For scales to be accepted, it would be a steep hill to climb, no doubt one covered in thorns of distrust and scores to settle.

    As Ozog dismissed him with a nod toward the fighting pit, Rushan stood and nodded politely to him, his long snout dipping a bit more dramatically than the rest of his head. Noble or not, he hoped his goal would see less people on both sides killed, and his people spared a messy end if they kept up the hostilities.

    “Thanks for the drink. Perhaps I’ll be able buy you one in return with the prize money.” He chuckled and turned to head back to the pit, leaving the banter at that so he could prepare.

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    Zanna Wai'leena
    The streets of Basileus

    Zanna was moving quickly now, after running into her friend. Walking with him, had gotten her much closer to her home, but now that he had moved away, after his warning, Zanna was moving at a much faster speed now. Talking with the King of Rats had now sounded off many alarms in her head. Even if it was not connected to their most current case, the fact that someone was following her was alarming enough. And she had been careless in not checking the time. She snorted softly to herself, as she scanned her surroundings.

    Even as she moved about she kept her eyes open around her and looking behind as well. He had mentioned a gang war in the streets. Zanna felt it would be something much bigger. Their actions of Lenny kind of pointed to that. Zanna sighed. She was going to have to find a way to tell Andrath what she had found, without mentioning her friend. Zanna suddenly furiously dusted herself off, flapping her wings for a few seconds.

    She then hurriedly made her way back to Orkon Boulevard, zigging along on her course. Of course, if they knew where she was heading, they would most likely wait there. So she would be especially careful, once she got close to home.

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    Cinna Crystalglade IC:
    ~Secret Villa, Basileus~

    The day’s events had made things wear on longer than he had expected. But nevertheless, Cinna allowed himself to act calm and without a care, at least outwardly.

    Making his way through the streets of Basileus, he eventually came to his own little corner of the world. The Crystalglade Estate, whereupon it did not take him long to set aside his recent purchases for later perusal. A quick bath and re-dressing, and then he was already off and summoning his driver.

    With a little pause of thought, he scooped up the Fairy Tales book. One never knew. The other could wait. From there, he allowed himself to be driven to a home he quietly owned that was about a half mile from the villa he and Princess Jori used as their rendezvous. That particular house was not secret, but it was discreet. Not much fuss and not oft visited, thus it was very commonly overlooked.

    The driver had his usual instructions. Parking outside the front, he waited while Lord Crystalglade made his way into the house. He was to leave the moment the door opened and closed a second time, despite seeing no one.

    For once inside, Cinna closed the door and waited just a few moments before casting a touch of magic about himself. Not much, truly, just a tad. A smidge really. A fairy speciality in the magical realm. Invisibility.

    …Ok, ok. So not really invisible, in truth it was just a bit of glamouri cleverly tweaking the perceptions of those around him. They would always just happen to look away or not focus overly hard in his direction, thereby masking him in a roundabout way.

    True invisibility would have been nice, but such levels of magic were not exactly easy to accomplish these days.

    And thus it was that the driver noticed the door open and close, yet see no one. But it was his signal, so he left at that moment, his car hiding the controversial ‘invisible’ opening. From there, he would make his magically disguised way on foot to the villa. No vehicle to catch attention. Just himself.

    He would not dispel the magic until he shut the door behind him as he arrived. A smile upon his face.

    Cinna was a little later than he would have liked, but not as late as he could have been. Indeed, on his way by foot at that last little stretch, he noticed the Princess’ car heading back the other direction. So she was there already, he knew.

    Once inside, he began to call out with a light uplifting tone to his voice.

    “Oh, the games we lovers in the dark make. Forsake the light and doth hurriedly impassion for true romance’s sake.”

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    Andrath Inageiros IC:
    ~Streets of Basileus~

    Irene was up to her games again. Andrath wasn’t surprised in the least. When she gave him that sly smile, he returned it with a quiet arch of an eyebrow added.

    “How about to make it more interesting? Maybe we can make it a competition? Your deductive skills against my intuition.”

    “You and your little competitions,” mused Andrath with a hearty chuckle.

    “Each of could look for dear Zanna on their own. If I win you take me to the Palace, if you win, you still take me to the Palace but I also am going to tell you something interesting.”

    “Hm. Well, that seems particularly eschewed…but…deal!” The elven detective grinned, “Let us see who prevails this time, shall we?”

    The game…was starting. The woman's suggestion was exhilirating and not something he often got to partake in, but he wouldn't let her know that. Naturally.

    Soon enough they parted ways and while Irene made her way to continue their path from before, while Andrath altered his original trajectory and took a side route, though eventually coming to pause.

    A hand coming under his chin.

    This was getting him nowhere. She, nor the newspaper boy, were in the area he had expected to find them. Not much trace was currently left to really grab onto and the night was advancing. Zanna would not risk anything overtly.

    Simple logic dictated that at this point, going further out to find her would be more counter-productive. She would make her own way back home before long, if not already. He had hoped to retrieve her soon, but that didn’t happen. By now, yes, she had to notice the actual time and realize she should head home by now.

    Not just Zanna. The majority of any rational thinking person in this little situation would do the same. The best route now would be to turn around and head home for Mind’s Rest. If she still wasn’t back by the time he returned, he’d wait just a while longer. If she still didn’t turn up, then he would know something had happened.

    If that were the case, why then…Basileus City would quickly learn how a lone detective could turn it upside down in the search of his one, real friend. But! Let us hope that wouldn’t be necessary.

    Nodding to himself, with a little hum on his lips, he turned promptly and began to make his way home.

    Hopefully this would serve him well and Irene’s instincts didn’t get lucky and land her directly in Zanna’s path first. Though, even in defeat, possibilities could potentially arise…

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    OOC: Combo with our GM

    IC Teirvonel
    In front of the Odeon Theatre

    The meandering path that Teirvonel took back to the Palace led him past a moving pictures house, the type of place he’d never truly frequented unless it was to meet contacts and discuss things in a public but less observable place. As he passed, though, the various glittery posters advertising the current pictures caught his attention.

    One in particular made him have to keep from reaching to his coat, where the book he’d found was hidden. The Synthetic Man VS the Golem: Dawn of the New Age, half of the name of the picture was exactly the name of the book, at least the part that was still legible on the cover. His eyes scanned the poster, taking in all the details. Many of the names he recognized as others at Court would gossip about such things and the occasional actor or actress, for their works in entertainment would be elevated to the Peerage.

    But this, this was interesting and possibly concerning that such a film was in top billing just at the time that he had been drawn to that book. Events were in motion and various clues were beginning to pop up all around the city of Basileus. He glanced around, to see if anyone had noticed his interest in that particular poster before strolling over to the box office and the man standing there.

    ”Is the director of that picture currently involved in a project? If so, with what production company?”

    "Good day to you too sir!" a surly dwarf replied "As for your question, don't you read the papers?" he tilted his head "Franz Lang, the director..." an emphasis on the O, to make it sound fancier than it was "... is working on another title, Beings from Outer Space is the name, working with IFA." that stood for Imperial Film Agency "It is slated to be released next week." the dwarf nodded "He claims that it will be a masterpiece of this new genre Science Fiction, I prefer the Pulp and the Penny Dreadfuls myself..." he added and grinned "A star-studded feature, some of the most prominent figures like Mister Gable, Miss Garbo..." he almost purred the name of the actress "It will be fully voiced too! A technological masterpiece for sure!"

    Teirvonel filed away the names of the director, actors, and production company as the dwarf raved on about them. So he needed to find the location of the IFA, if he was going to follow up on this. A wry shake of his head, this was taking him further afield of his own plans and that annoyed him. He glanced at the dwarf, ”I am not one who enjoys these frivolities so excuse my ignorance of the moving picture industry. I do thank you for your informative diatribe, however.” He touched his finger to his forehead in a sketchy salute.

    Turning a lightness to the sky caught his gaze. Looking up, he frowned, seeing the comet in the sky. His gaze stayed on it, the long tail, the blazing ball in the fore, memories, thoughts, running through him. ”It’s that time, is it? Of course its showing up now...I must accelerate my own plans.” he muttered under his breath.

    Gazing back down at the dwarf, he coughed for a moment, ”Should you see a street urchin, one who normally sells papers but is also known for keeping an eye out on important beings for other important beings, tell him the man with the gold coin needs to see him immediately, if you would.”

    The dwarf guffawed at the last part "You have to be more specific." he eyed him "Most of those children do that which you describe." he smirked. "Though there is a boy who frequents this part of town. So I will tell him. A scrawny little thing, with bright eyes and shaggy blond hair?"

    Terivonel gave a slight grin at the remembrance of the child who’d taken his coin, ”Yes, that is the one. He has taken my coin to assist me as needed and now I do find myself in need of his services.”

    He looked back up at the comet, ”Times are accelerating, little man, enjoy your moving pictures while you can, I have a feeling dark times are coming.”

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