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Science Fiction Thriller OPEN The Coldest War

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    T h e
    C o l d e s t
    W a r


    An Alternative History Roleplaying Game
    “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”
    - John F. Kennedy

    “It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice really; it’s an imperative.”
    - Michael Collins

    For millennia, humans have dreamed of landing on the Moon. And at long last on a quite summer night in 1969 we did….
    June 14th, 1969. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Lands on the Moon.

    The year is 2012, The Space Race never ended. In this alternate history, technology has increased at an unprecedent rate, the world has become fixated on Space. The Iron Curtain never fell, the world is divided in two. The powers in space are numerous from the space powers of old: The United States and The Soviet Union to the newer space powers the European Federation and The People's Republic of China, to be considered a world power one must be a space power.

    "Tranquility" The NATO moon capital

    The Moon has been colonized. With the two major powers of the world, leading their respective alliances, having erected large cities on the lunar surface which are filled with a mix scientists, engineers, corporations, and military personnel. Tensions grow on the silver celestial body as both NATO and The Warsaw Pact seek to expand their influence on the moon.


    The world focuses now on Mars, both major powers have sent expeditions to begin colonization. The world and the moon wait with baited breath to see what unfolds on the surface of the red planet.

    “Mars is there, waiting to be reached.”
    - Buzz Aldrin

    Welcome to The Coldest War, an alternate history where the world as we know it is torn between ideologies. The Cold War rages on, taken to heights beyond what we could have dreamed, the Iron Curtain remaining a steadfast divider of the world, and soon, the universe.

    The character opportunities are endless. Perhaps you are a spy in a foreign land, the leader of a powerful empire, or a colonist or scientist discovering the new frontier in the name of their country.

    There are three major areas of the game:
    • Earth
    • The Moon
    • Mars
    Each one presents vastly different challenges, obstacles, and antagonists. Players are welcome to have multiple characters up to a maximum of three. (There are expectations for instance the same player cannot be President of the US and Leader of the USSR)

    As stated above the character opportunities are nearly endless and I am more than happy to discuss possible character ideas.

    For more details or questions you can either PM the GM or consult to OOC/Reference thread.

    Character Sheet:

    1) Be respectful and follow TOS
    2) PM your character sheet to me before posting
    3) No God-Modding
    4) Multiple Characters are allowed with some exceptions (Max 3)
    5) Have Fun!
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  2. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    ГМ Approved :D!

    Name: Viktor Artemovich Turgenev
    Age: 54
    Nationality: Russian
    Occupation: General Secretary of the United Soviet Socialist Republics
    Personality: Calculated, determined, and proud. Turgenev will not stand down when in the name of his nation.
    Biography: Born in 1958 to Artem Turgenev and Masha Turgeneva, Viktor's life had always been surrounded by the political intricacies of the USSR. His father Artem, was a member of the KGB and held multiple state secrets, leaving him with little time for Viktor, whereas his mother was constantly looking after him. Viktor idolized his father, as his family told him often of the noble work he did for their beloved nation.

    In school, Viktor was a top student and a steadfast citizen to the USSR. He was loyal, but no idiot. When he was 16 he had a firm understanding of the work his father did, and this shaped his strategy and decisions as a politician. By 25, he was working in the government. His loyalty was rewarded, and by 35 he was a high ranking official in his land. At 40, his mother and father passed away in a fatal car accident, which scarred him, but ultimately pushed him to become the General Secretary of the USSR. At 45 he became the Leader of the Soviet Union, soon becoming a feared name in the United States of America.

    Viktor Turgenev works only for his motherland. He works for the greater good of his country, no matter the cost. Many consider him ruthless. But, after all, what can be expected, as heavy is the head that wears the crown of the USSR...
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  3. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    GM approved

    Name: Andrea „Andy“ Schneider

    Age: 29

    Nationality: German-American

    Occupation: Astronaut - Engineer (Security)

    Personality: Calm, collected and concentrated, the perfect astronaut. Hiding her more vulnerable emotional side

    Biography: Andrea always wanted to go to the moon. Since her childhood she looked up to it and wanted to be there. Daughter of a German astronaut and an American Air Force officer she had the perfect start into the career. But connections only got her in, they did not get her up there. She worked feverishly to achieve her goal, always best in every exam, always picking up extra-duties. She was almost too obsessed with it and psychological tests were her biggest obstacle. Engineering was not her first pick, it was what was most likely to be send up there. So she digged deeply into it, learning every aspect of spaceman’s the moon.

    When she was 23 years old she finally made it and was among the 27th cohort of personal to be send to the moon. She had returned for three one year journeys since then and is currently in her last month of her third term. She knows nobody has ever been send up there a fourth time, but she is obsessed with actually being the first one to do so.
  4. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved:

    Kurt Roland
    Age: 42

    Nationality: American
    Occupation: President of the United States
    Personality: Kurt is a hard-working, ethical, and conscientious individual, driven by the need for accuracy. He is also tenacious, ambitious, and exhibits confidence in his actions. As a public servant, he relies on his youthful idealism and charisma to network amongst his peers and to win favor with the people he serves. He is also a competent speaker and can easily influence a crowd through his choice of words. Throughout the years, he has maintained a strong public persona and is generally well-liked by the people. To his constituents, he is compassionate and cordial.
    Biography: Kurt was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania to James, a project manager for a commercial construction firm, and Joanne, a secondary school teacher. Growing up in the shadow of his elder brother and two sisters, Kurt was taught the value of kinship, of responsibility and service, and of the Catholic faith – lessons he carries with him to this day.

    This proved beneficial when he applied to join the U.S. Space Force upon graduation of high school. His recruiter, recognizing the leadership qualities in Kurt even at a young age, encouraged him to aim higher than regular enlistment. He followed through with this advice and visited the office of his district’s congressman to secure his nomination for the Academy. It was here that he took his first real interest in politics, having caught a glimpse at the inner workings of the government, both local and federal, that shaped his community. He had found his calling.

    After four years in the Academy, Kurt graduated as a Second Lieutenant with a degree in engineering. His first deployment was to the moon, where he served his country as a pilot, conducting routine patrols and escort duties around the lunar base and its various space satellites and fleets. He would eventually work his way through the ranks to command his own ship in the 2nd defense fleet, the USS Auburn.

    But Kurt could not ignore the enticement of the political world he had seen years before. He returned home to the Philadelphia region and quickly immersed himself in community service. His primary achievement was the founding of a neighborhood watch program for the surrounding Philly suburbs.

    Two years later, Kurt was elected to the U.S. Senate and served as the junior Senator from Pennsylvania from 2007 to 2012. This set up a historic run that would soon garner him national attention – using his military experience and ‘hopeful youth’ as a platform, he launched his presidential campaign. In the 2012 election, he narrowly defeated his Republican opponent to become the next President of the United States.

    Now, as Kurt enters his first term in office, he faces many challenges and obstacles ahead. While he won the election based on his idealistic youth and progressive ideas – a welcome change after years of the same corrupt system – there are many that remain skeptical of his abilities, often quoting his meek outlook and inexperience in politics as a cause for concern. Nevertheless, Kurt remains diligent and intends to prove them wrong, but only time will tell whether he can achieve that goal.

    Kurt is married to Beth Roland, and together, they have two children, six-year-old Melanie and two-year-old Samantha.
  5. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: Thank you to those who have joined, I look forward to the story we weave together!

    The game is very much so still open, and I expect I will post possible roles in The Casting Couch, but I am open to any suggestions.

    I wanted to clarify an aspect of the game, there is as overarching story for all characters, one that will shift, and change based on actions characters make. So, it is not a complete “open sandbox”.

    ACT I: Rising Tensions
    The Oval Office, Washington DC

    The air was bitter, tinged with cold sadness of the loss of a national treasure. It was a solemn start to Kurt Roland’s presidency. On the resolute desk a newspaper sat, the headline read:

    “American Hero, Neil Armstrong, dies at 82”

    President Roland had been scheduled to give a press conference about the esteemed astronaut later that day.

    “Mr. President, there have been recent reports of increased Soviet activities around Shackleton.” The speaker was David Mitchell, the white house Chief of Staff.

    David Mitchell, White House Chief of Staff

    Strong, loyal, and politically savvy, he had stood by Kurt Roland ever since he had been elected to the senate and had played an instrumental role of getting Roland to the Presidency.

    Beside him stood a uniformed man, Admiral of the Space Force.

    Mark Conrad, Chief of Staff of the Space Force

    “Sir, our surveillance indicates that they are expanding their mining operation around the southern rim of the crater.” Mark Conrad was a man of discipline and focus, one who was keen to expand the United States capabilities in space.

    Spanning 21 kilometers, Shackleton is a key strategical crater on the southern pole of The Moon. The depths of the crater are perpetually in shadow, which allowed for the preservation of ice within it. As such Shackleton served as basis for both the US and Soviet lunar bases for decades.

    Admiral Conrad paused for a moment before continuing:

    “The European Federation is already preparing to send out an expedition to investigate what the soviets are exactly up to, there is a chance they may move into NATO territory.”

    David Mitchell glanced at Conrad before chiming in. “Mr. President we need to send a response to the Soviets and the European Federation, we can not allow the soviets to expand on the Moon.

    TAG: @HanSolo29

    The Kremlin, Moscow

    A new red dawn rose in the heartland of the Soviet Union. Various state officials had been engaged for several hours in an intense meeting on the prospects of the USSR’s numerous space operations.

    “Comrade Turgenev, our ice production has not greatly increased with the minor expansions we have conducted along the southern rim. Lunagrad’s water supply is almost completely depleted, and our production of rocket fuel has slowed especially after the launch of the N-7 rocket to Mars.” Damir Yaganov, head of the soviet space program, more interested in the scientific aspects of space exploration than military application he still understood that the US was the enemy.

    Damir Yaganov, Chief Designer of Interkosmos

    “Needless to say, Comrade Turgenev we need to expand further along the southern rim of Shackleton, this will not only allow us to resupply Lunagrad but will deny NATO from these resources.” spoke Sergei Antonov, the soviet official in charge of all lunar operations. He did not always see eye to eye with Damir, wanting more often than not to rapidly expand the Soviets claims on the Moon.

    Sergei Antonov, Lunar Commander of the Soviet Union

    “Comrade Yaganov how much longer can we expect the water supplies for Lunagrad to last?” inquired Sergei.

    Taking a moment to shuffle through his large assortment of notes Yaganov responded:

    “With the help of the recent Chinese shipment we can expect Lunagrad to have enough water for maybe seven more days, fourteen if we cease all manufacture of rocket fuel and while it is imperative we expand our mining of ice at the same time we do not want to antagonize the United States.”

    Both Antonov and Yaganov paused, their eyes locking for a brief moment before they turned toward the general secretary, waiting for a decision.

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var

    Moonwalk outside Tranquility

    “Beau’iful day, inni’” wistfully spoke Charles Sterling to Andrea, completely ignoring the fact that a lunar day was thirty earth days.

    Charles Sterling, British Astronaut
    The two had been sent on a surveillance mission by their commander to investigate reports of recent Soviet Activity around the Shackleton crater.

    The cold, vast vacuum of space surrounded them. They were protected only by their spacesuits. The lunar rover they rode on shook and vibrated violently along the rocky lunar surface.


    “So, what da yer fink the damn commies finking? Stealin’ our precious wa’er! The slimy maggots, as if they would get away with it” Sterling had a thick cockney accent that was difficult to decipher, it was sometimes a wonder how he got selected to be an astronaut. He was friendly and passionate though. Certainly, the sort of person to cheer you up after you had a rough day.

    They had just passed by the large NATO mining rig that excavated much of the ice used by Tranquility, entering what had was a no man’s land. A buffer between Lunagrad and Tranquility, at least it used to be. Andrea knew all too well how crucial this mission could turn out to be. It could be the difference between her stay on The Moon being extended by another year or not.

    TAG: @SirakRomar
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  6. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Viktor Turgenev
    The Kremlin, Moscow

    The two stood quickly as their leader entered his office. He took off his coat, which was peppered with snow, and threw it onto the coat hanger placed beside the door. He filled a cup full of tea from a golden Samovar that was placed on a small table, and tossed two spoonfuls of jam into it and gave it a quick stir, before sitting at the head of the table.

    General Secretary Viktor Turgenev listened closely to Yaganov and Antonov throughout the meeting. He was inclined to listen to Antonov's judgement. The U.S relied to firmly on some silent agreement that neither side would push forward into the no man's land that was Shackleton Crater.

    The two finished, and turned to Viktor awaiting his say on the matter. He leaned back in his chair and stroked his chin, his eyes narrowed and fixated on the desk ahead of him.

    Finally, he replied, raising his head to meet the eyes of Yaganov and Antonov.

    "We will push forward and expand. This new American president, Kurt Roland. He doesn't know this game. I want to see how he reacts. He will be intimidated, but he doesn't seem arrogant enough to push for conflict. Even if he did, we have the resources to meet him in that respect." He gruffly replied, giving a small glance towards the other two.

    "Send word to Lunagrad that they have the approval of the State to continue. And if we receive any interference from NATO I want to know immediately." He finished, before setting down his now empty tea cup.

    "If there is nothing else, you may leave."

  7. Jedi_Ascension

    Jedi_Ascension Jedi Padawan star 1

    Jun 20, 2020
    Shadowsun approved! :)

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Gurkovsky Semyon Dmitrievich
    Age: 26
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Nationality: Soviet Russian
    Occupation: Mechanic and psychologist
    Personality: Friendly and a fan of tinkering, he enjoys figuring how things work. Mechanical or psychological. Very professional and loyal to his homeland as well but he holds no personal grudge to others, even americans
    Biography: Semyon was always a fanatic when it came to space so it was no surprise that he began going down the road of mechanical aptitude. But things proved to be even deeper than thought as he got older. It turned out he simply enjoyed learning how things worked and why they worked, so his interests also began to lean toward psychology as well. This all helped prepare him for a slot among the many workers in space for his beloved Soviet Union and gearing him toward the celestial body he was most interested in. Mars.

    A member of the recent colonization expedition, he hopes to make an impactful difference with his skills and excited to be one of the first ‘martians.’
  8. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    GM Approved - 2nd CS

    Name: Volk Okhotnikovich
    Age: 34
    Nationality: Ukrainian
    Occupation: Pilot/Commander/Cosmonaut
    Personality: A stern but laid-back man, xenophobic towards the west.
    Biography: Volk was born in Pripyat, Ukraine. His father was a worker in the nearby power plant Chernobyl, and his mother was a nurse in the hospital. When he was eight years old the power plant melted down and shortly after he was evacuated while his mother and father suffered severe radiation burns and died shortly after.

    After living on his own in an orphanage for a while, he joined the Soviet Air Forces when he was 18. When his service ended he entered Interkosmos and became a pilot there, vowing he would never go anywhere beyond the moon due to paranoia.

    Some years later, he discovered that his exposure to radiation left him with only a decade left. Not long after, he was chosen to be the commander of the mission to Mars, a place which he swore he would never go.

    Empty and with no drive, he agreed to go on the mission, with the firm belief it will be his last.
  9. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Andrea Schneider
    Between Lunagrad and Tranquility, Moon Rover

    Andy really had a hard time understanding a word Charles Sterling was saying, but she got the idea. Soviets stealing water, how could they get away with it?

    „Oh well, there is not a lot water up here. I guess they might be as desperate for it than we are.“ She said and looked around. In a space-suit you were only one small rip away from certain death. These things also did not actually give you a perfect movement freedom, also they had advanced in that regard since her first mission.

    „Slow down a bit, we do not want them to see us hurling up dust, do we?“ She said and checked her oxygen. it seemed okay. If Russians did steal water, it meant possibly conflict. She felt not too great about being on the front line of a Cold War turning hot in the cold of space. But if a conflict was coming, they would probably let her stay. It was a dilemma. A classical dilemma actually. Something bad had to happen to make something good to happen.

    Tag: @Shadowsun
  10. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    GM Approved, President Approved ( ;) ), & Ready To Go! [face_flag]

    Character Sheet

    Name: Marston Roland
    Age: 45
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Captain of the USSF Mauna Kea
    Personality: Loyal, hard-working, confident, intelligent in the ways of tactics and strategy, supremely durable in the sense that he’ll weather any storm in order to do what needs to be done…in a word: Integrity

    Marston Roland, nicknamed ‘Mars’ to those closest to him was born his parents James and Joanne Roland, a project manager for a commercial construction firm and secondary school teacher respectively. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania as the eldest child of four. His two younger sisters and younger brother, Kurt, were all brought up on responsibility, service, and the Catholic Faith. Things he will never allow himself to forget.

    Because of these teachings, he quickly found himself adopting the ‘service’ path by pledging himself to his country and the very ideals that make it up. What greater honor than to protect your fellow Americans in the military? He enlisted the same day he graduated High School and after his Academy years had gone by, had graduated with the rank of Second Lieutenant, majoring in International Relations as well as Defense and Strategic Studies. This was all remarked upon by his younger brother once as being his shadow that he was constantly falling under. It was unintentional and Marston regretted the effect it had on him, leading to a few years of tension between the two.

    However, not long after Kurt also graduated as a Second Lieutenant in the same path that he just traversed, they came to reconcile. They had always been close and so the reparation in their relationship merely made it all the stronger.

    The parallels would not end as they both would end up commanding their own ships in orbit around the Moon. Though not in the same defense fleet. Eventually, the divergence in their paths finally came. Kurt went on to do community service, followed by politics and Marston decided on a career military life.

    He never married.

    Then in the most recent 2012 election, a certain person became elected President of the United States while he continued to orbit the moon above, commanding his vessel. Marston could only smile.

    Who was in whom’s shadow now? Good on you, little brother.
  11. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: President Kurt Roland
    The Oval Office, White House, Washington, D.C.

    Kurt Roland had never considered himself a superstitious man; he had always been firmly grounded in his beliefs, rational, and sensible in his approach.

    But as he stared down at the morning headline about the passing of Neil Armstrong, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was a bit of foreshadowing for what he could expect from his presidency. The fact that he was standing here at all, as the President of the United States, was very surreal, if no less daunting. He knew that he still had to prove himself, particularly in the face of his critics, which is why he could not allow himself to become distracted by such a foolish notion.

    Fortunately, Kurt had more pressing matters to attend to, and the fleeting thought soon passed. As he pushed the paper aside toward the corner of his desk, he inclined his chin to regard the two gentlemen standing in his presence – White House Chief of Staff David Mitchell and Admiral Mark Conrad of the Space Force.

    After serving as the driving force behind Roland’s recent campaign, David Mitchell remained an invaluable asset within his administration and a close, personal friend. However, he could not say the same for Admiral Conrad; he was more of an enigma. While Kurt had learned about his impeccable reputation through his service in the fleet, he did not know the man on a personal level. This was his first face-to-face meeting with Conrad under these new circumstances.

    And regrettably, he did not like what he had to say.

    Leaning back to rest casually against the edge of the resolute desk, the President listened with a furrowed brow as the Admiral recounted the latest developments from the Moon. The Soviets had decided to encroach on the southern rim of the Shackleton Crater to expand their mining operations. This move would not only bring them precariously close to NATO’s occupied zone, but they were also in danger of defying international accords. Surely, they weren’t foolish enough to overstep their bounds?

    Then again, Kurt had to idly wonder about the timing of all of this. Was it possible that Turgenev had purposely set this up to coincide with his inauguration? To test him and send a message, perhaps? Or maybe he was giving the Reds too much credit. He couldn’t believe that they would deliberately aim to escalate the current conflict. At least, he hoped not. An investigation was certainly warranted.

    As if on cue, David chimed in to echo these sentiments. “Mr. President, we need to send a response to the Soviets and the European Federation, we can not allow the Soviets to expand on the Moon.”

    The President offered a slow nod in agreement. “What do you suggest?” he replied after a short pause, stepping away from the desk to resume his full height. “Do we have resources in the area that we can reassign to this task, or do we have to assemble a new team? The faster we can get rolling on this, the better, so I would prefer to pull from our available personnel.”

    TAG: @Shadowsun
  12. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Rim of Shackleton Crater
    acknowledge Andy’s request slowing the rover.

    “Aye, luv, ‘hat would be unfor’una’e” They traveled a little further before coming to a stop. They were on the edge of a hill, which hindered the view of the rest of Shackleton. Sterling parked the rover, unhooking himself from the vehicle before proceeding to jump to the top of the hill. He could not quite believe what he saw.

    “Andy, uv gotta see dis” spoke Sterling, with a slight tinge of fear in his voice.

    Soviet Mining Outpost

    A small outpost had been set up toward the edge of Shackleton, from the looks of things they had been there for at least a few weeks. It was clear from the various flag emblems on the base and the cosmonauts outside that it was the Soviets. Remote lunar rovers were being set up by various cosmonauts. Their purpose unclear.

    “Da ya fink we should git closer?” asked Charles. He looked down to check his own oxygen level, about five hours left, more than enough to get them back to Tranquility. “

    Their mission had been to scout and assess the strength of the Soviet forces. As commander of this mission it would be up to Andrea to investigate further or pull back to base. Another possibility would be to radio back to Tranquility to report in and ask for further orders, but the Soviets might intercept the transmission, revealing their location.

    TAG: @SirakRomar

    The Oval Office, White House, Washington, D.C.

    Mark Conrad took a moment to glance over at David Mitchell before speaking.

    “Well Sir, we have a variety of options. We could draw from the security forces stationed at Tranquility to secure the region, acting as a barrier. No way the Soviets would expand if we had armed Astronauts blocking their advance.”

    At this point Mitchell opened his mouth to speak and then closed it, clearly, he was not fond of the prospect to add a militarized border between the two lunar cities.

    “Once we have achieved a safe perimeter, allowing us to expand our own mining operations, or perhaps just begin construction of a military outpost. In essence, Mr. President, a show of strength.”

    Mitchell now chimed in, glaring at the Admiral.

    “Escalating the situation further won’t resolve anything and could lead to a scenario we do not want to play out. Especially when the strength and capabilities of the Soviets and Chinese on the Moon is still a massive unknown.”

    He paused for a moment, as if slightly out of breath before continuing.

    “Not to mention weakening our security forces at Tranquility, leaves us vulnerable. Lunagrad is not the only communist settlement that exists on the Moon”

    It was well known that while Lunagrad and Tranquility were lunar capitals. They were however by no means the only areas where humanity existed on the lunar surface.

    “We should open diplomatic channels, see if we can’t negotiate with the Soviets first.”

    Conrad now interrupted.

    “Respectfully that gives the Soviets far too much time to set up their mining operations, they will just delay for as long as possible until it is too late. We can reinforce if need be with Space Marines stationed on Mauna Kea”

    TAG: @HanSolo29

    The Kremlin, Moscow

    Commander Antonov pulled out his cell phone, sending a quick text to initiate the process for Lunagrad to continue their expansion. As he was doing so Yaganov continued to speak to the General Secretary.

    Comrade Turgenev, there are two more matters that are incredibly urgent to discuss.” It was clear from the tone of Yaganov’s voice that he was under a great amount of stress. The launch of the N-7 rocket several months prior had almost led to complete disaster and the death of the six cosmonauts sent to Mars. Now they were about to embark on the most dangerous part of the journey.


    “The Soviet and Chinese Cosmonauts should soon be ready for landing on Mars, but we have yet to prepare for a worldwide broadcast. Given the delicate nature of the Mir I lander, it may be wise to delay the broadcast until we are certain it has landed on the Martian surface.”

    Space was a risky business, and the Soviets were no strangers to covering up their failures.

    Antonov now spoke, raising the second major project the Soviet Union was conducting.

    “Then there is also the matter of Project Zeus. We recently have finished construction of the Lunar model, and as for the Earth models, to our knowledge they have not yet been detected by American or European intelligence.”

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var

    Command deck of Mauna Kea, In orbit of the Moon

    USS Mauna Kea

    The USS Mauna Kea is the pride of the United States Space Force. Part of the ‘spacecraft carrier’ class, one of the only two constructed. Her sister sits in permeant orbit of the Earth, while Mauna Kea orbits the moon. Capable of launching strike craft, it truly is a colossus of a ship. Armed with a variety of capabilities it also acts as a research and refueling vessel, dual acting as warship and space station.

    The command deck was a buzz, reports of increased Soviet activity on the moon gave alarm to everyone on board but would soon be the least of their worries. The deck had seven chairs were various astronauts were tethered to them. In the center most chair sat Marson Roland, surrounded by various screens indicating the status of the ship. Commander John Li unbuckled himself from his seat and floated toward Marson Roland.

    Commander John Li

    John Li is a decorated member of the United States Space Force and second in command of the Mauna Kea. Focused, determined and often misunderstanding jokes and humor from his fellow peers, he is a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

    “Captain Roland, our surveillance systems have identified a satellite of some kind, presumably Soviet. Intelligence believes it is military grade. It appears to be carrying some sort of payload, possibly a weapon.”

    This was troubling, it was obvious to both men that if the satellite had nuclear warheads on board that it would a violation of the outer space treaty of 1967. A second Cuban missile crisis, only this time there were two celestial bodies that could be destroyed.

    “With it’s current trajectory it will fly over Tranquility. We won’t know more until we send a search vessel to investigate, pending your authorization.”

    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    Mir I, Entering Orbit of Mars

    The journey to Mars had been a long and hard one. For over two hundred days the six cosmonauts had been stuck inside what was essentially a fancy tin can. They had been given ‘sufficient’ entertainment. A copy of Marx’s Das Kapital could be seen floating across the interior of Mir I.

    A messaged pinged on one of the monitors.

    ‘Landing Sequence will initiate in one hour’

    Mir I was a testament to the ingenuity and combined might of the USSR and The People’s Republic of China. Being equipped with the latest technology, capable of sustaining the six-person crew indefinitely, hypothetically speaking. A landing vehicle of this size could never have been launched off Earth, one of the main reasons Chief Designer Yaganov had decided the N-7 rocket should be launched from the Moon.

    As commander of Mir I, Volk Okhotnikovich was responsible to oversee that the landing sequence went smoothly. His copilot and chief botanist Chung Feng was carefully monitoring the controls and every movement Volk was making. Feng always felt slightly uneasy around him, as if he had a death wish.

    Chung Feng, Mir I Copilot and Chief Botanist

    Feng began to run through the final checklists of equipment, handing a clipboard to Gurkovsky Dmitrievich. In Russian Feng asked:

    “Dmitrievich, can you check over the mechanical equipment? Make sure there are no leaks in the water filtration system, that sort of thing”

    On the clipboard was listed about a dozen or so system requirements. The first half of the list read:

    Carbon Dioxide Converter
    Water Filtration system
    Botany Lab
    Airlock systems
    Radiation Shielding
    Sanitation Systems

    If even one failed during their time on Mars, unless quickly corrected, it would lead to their deaths. Volk had his own checklist, making sure the landing sequence systems were operational, and preparing for a manual landing in case the autopilot were to fail.

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  13. Jedi_Ascension

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    Jun 20, 2020
    Gurkovsky Semyon Dmitrievich

    Semyon had been allowing himself to doze off for just a quick minute as he watched the red planet loom closer and closer in the Mir I’s field of view. It had been a very long trip, one where they were constantly on alert for any potential mishap. He was owed a small moment he felt. It ended when on of the monitors pinged a message stating that the landing sequence would be starting in an hour. Good. It would be nice to get out of this vessel, despite how it fascinated him. Two hundred days was a long time.

    Looking over to his right, he watched Volk and Chung Feng go over their checklists before handing him a clipboard. Chung Feng’s Russian was flawless as usual, he had been taught well.

    “Yes, I’ll get right on it,” was his reply before he turned to do so. He looked at the list again as he floated through the ship. Going in order seemed logical enough. Beginning with the crabon dioxide converter, he began to thoroughly check through everything. It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a small fix needed somewhere, that usually seemed to be the case, but after this length of time he was really hoping that everything was in perfect order. Best to just get to the landing and begin their martian adventure!

    This made Semyon pause for a small second as he smiled. Now that Mars was within reach at last, he found that excitement that made him come in the first place start to revive. Semyon the Martian! It had a ring to it that he fancied.

    Tag: GM and Master Vo’Un’Var
  14. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    Marston Roland IC:
    ~Command Deck, USS Mauna Kea~

    The activity had picked up aboard his ship, the USS Mauna Kea, and its Captain Marston Roland was not unaware as to why. The information had come in steadily.

    The Soviets were ramping up their own activity and they had no idea why. No one in the United States did.

    Captain Roland frowned as he stared at some of his status screens on the Command Deck. Yet. No one in the United States knew yet. But they would learn and they would put a stop to whatever the USSR was thinking it could get away with this time. Barring that, they’d give them one hell of a warning.

    His eyes flicked over all the status situations, everything seemed nominal. Very good. They needed to be in top shape for whatever was to come especially if, Lord forbid, war arrived on their doorstep. The unbuckling sound caught his attention and the forty-five year old Captain looked over to see Commander Li now floating toward him.

    Man needed to learn some humor, but Heaven above was he efficient. Decorated and with good reason why, Marston was always glad to have him around regardless of his other flaws. Not like he didn’t have some of his own.

    “Captain Roland, our surveillance systems have identified a satellite of some kind, presumably Soviet.”

    Marston let his lips thin dangerously as his eyes hardened.

    “Intelligence believes it is military grade. It appears to be carrying some sort of payload, possibly a weapon.”

    War on their doorstep. If that thing had nuclear warheads…The Cuban Missile Crisis would easily become a joke in comparison. One with no one laughing.

    “Trajectory, Commander?”

    “With its current trajectory it will fly over Tranquility. We won’t know more until we send a search vessel to investigate, pending your authorization.”

    The captain of the Mauna Kea merely allowed himself a look of a few seconds on some of his other status screens, making sure all was working one final time, before looking back at his second-in-command.

    “Authorization granted, Commander. I need time tables on that trajectory, we need to know how long we have before it reaches its apex over the city. And start setting up the preliminary channels now for a live communications with the Secretary and Admiral Conrad.”

    The secretary being the one and only Secretary of Defense of course. It went unsaid that the President, his own brother, might need to be pulled in as well. That call would potentially be the Secretary’s depending on what was about to happen.

    “We might have a situation on our hands.”

    Tag: Commander John Li & Mysteries of the Soviet Satellite @Shadowsun
  15. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Andy Schneider
    The Shackleton Crater

    Looking at the Soviet Base she bit her lip. This was bad, very bad. This was the kind of expansive behavior that lead to war. A war on the moon, which could quickly lead to a war on earth.

    "One slice in our suits and we had a regrettable accident and never return to report." Andy finally said and looked at Sterling. "Verdammt!" She slipped back into German in moments like this. "Get the filming equipment. Let us try to get those guys on film and then head back. We were send to find out if they are here. Entering their camp would be an act of aggression and with numbers on their side and us armed only with good looks and your heavy accent ..." She wanted to shake her head, but that was impossible in a space suit. So she raised her hand and pointed down with the thumb.

    "Make five minutes of footage and let us head home."

    Tag: @Shadowsun
  16. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Volk Okhotnikovich
    Mir I, Entering Orbit of Mars

    Volk scanned his eyes over the clipboard detailing what he needed, affirming to himself that he had done everything he needed. If all went well, his crew would make it safely onto Mars. Turning behind him, a smirk cracked on his face.

    "Be careful, little Simi." Volk said in slight jest, "We have nearly made it to Mars, so put your seatbelt on before we park, ok?"

    Volk had taken a strange interest in Semyon during their mission, often referring to him as 'little Simi.' None of them fully understood his intentions of doing so, but few raised question to it.

    He turned back, checking his list one more time before anything else.

    @Shadowsun @Jedi_Ascension

    Viktor Turgenev
    The Kremlin, Moscow

    Viktor nodded in regards to delaying broadcast of success on Mars. If anything were to go wrong, it would be best not to dull the spirits of his people. They needn't to know.

    "That would be best." his gruff voice echoed out into the room. "If we have the Project under control, then we have seem to have nothing else to discuss. Gentlemen, I have a republic to run." he finished, standing and heading towards the door.

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  17. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: President Kurt Roland
    The Oval Office, White House, Washington, D.C.

    Shifting his eyes to gaze upon the plush carpeting at his feet, Kurt remained silent and simply listened as the two men squabbled over their options. He certainly had his opinions on either side, though he did not outwardly express those sentiments. In truth, he did not want that to influence the conversation – he would rather it unfold naturally so that he could make a decision based on the merits alone. There was no need to get hasty, particularly when every little action could potentially spark a war.

    However, when Admiral Conrad mentioned the Mauna Kea, a massive warship stationed in orbit around the Moon, the President angled his chin and cast a sidelong glance at both men. It was a clear indication that an idea was beginning to formulate in his mind.

    He was well aware of the name and her significance to the fleet. Not only was his older brother, Mars, the commanding officer on board, but the ship was a technological marvel in terms of capability, strength, and innovation. She was the pinnacle. Having served aboard a similar vessel during his time in the USSF, Kurt required very little convincing when it came to utilizing her effectiveness.

    In that, he had found his answer; it was the final piece of the puzzle.

    Lifting a hand to forestall the discussion, the President interjected by clearing his throat. “I don’t think it’s wise to provoke the Russians and their allies with an aggressive military response – at least, not yet. It’s too early to make those kinds of judgments, especially when this may be nothing more than a simple misunderstanding. I’d rather we focus on the underlying cause instead of escalating the situation through premature actions. Let’s start with something a little more lowkey.”

    Kurt inclined his head and sought Conrad’s gaze. “Admiral, can you carry through with your proposal to reinforce the perimeter? If so, contact the Mauna Kea and put them on alert. I want them in a position to deploy troops on the surface at a moment’s notice. Nothing too fancy, I only intend to send a message to the Russians that we’re aware of their movements and that we’re watching them. I trust that you’ll keep it proportional.

    “In the meantime, I’m going to reach out to Moscow and see if I can make some progress on that front.” He then nodded toward his Chief of Staff, pushing away from the edge of the desk in the process. “Dave, get in touch with Sue and bring her up to speed on the situation. I want her in here ASAP.”

    Of course, he was referring to Susan Clark, the Secretary of State, who’s tenacity and skill would certainly have a great impact on the upcoming negotiations. In many ways, their success hinged on her ability to effectively navigate unchartered territory. The President felt confident that she was up to the challenge.

    TAG: @Shadowsun
  18. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Mir I Lander

    Feng raised an eyebrow at Volk’s remarks toward Gurkovsky, his eccentricities never ceased to unnerve the Chinese Cosmonaut. He sighed knowing their stay on Mars would be a long one, the past two hundred days had been rather uneventful, merged endlessly into a long, seemingly unending journey. All the crew were eager to finally land on the Red Planet.

    As the three Cosmonauts continued to diligently go over their checklists, the final Soviet Cosmonaut was certainly entertaining herself.

    Natasha Kuzmich

    She had curled up little balls of aluminum foil and had begun flicking them toward Semyon.

    “You here that little Simi…” she said mockingly as she flicked another metal ball toward him. “…better put your seat belt on” She laughed as the ball lodged itself into Semyon’s ear.

    “Natasha cut that out!” Yelled Feng from across the lander. His rather gruff and serious demeanor often rubbed the wrong way with Natasha’s more… ‘relaxed’ one.

    As Volk went over his checklist, he would come to notice that the landing gear had a slight error, one that could result in a potential crash landing if not corrected. Feng was too distracted to notice the error message being displayed, a rather small message relative to the numerous monitors displayed at the front of the ship. The other Cosmonauts were too far back into the ship to notice. If Volk wanted to, he could simply ignore the message, and no one would be the wiser. But surely a trained Soviet Cosmonaut would not do something so reckless.

    Seymon would also notice an error after going through his checklist although one not nearly as urgent. There was a small leak in the sanitation system. Particles of water could be seen coming out of a loose valve. With no gravity to make the water fall, the surface tension of the water caused it to cling to the pipe, creating a sort of bubble around the valve. Thankfully, it was not the pipe that carried human waste. All it would require was a towel to mop up the water and a wrench to tighten the loose valve. He knew all too well where they were located.

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var @Jedi_Ascension

    Command Deck, USS Mauna Kea: Part One

    Commander John Li drifted back towards his seat, strapping himself in as to not float away. He punched a few buttons on his primary control screen, ordering Patrol Delta One to dispatch to investigate the satellite. A Delta of course being the next level down from the central authority of the command deck. He then moved a second screen toward him pulling up information about the mysterious Russian satellite.

    “With its current velocity, and assuming it remains constant….” He paused, tapping a few more buttons before answering the Captain’s question.

    “Three hours… yes, three hours before it passes over Tranquility” His voice was calm and collected, Li was nothing but professional, even in a crisis. He peered back to the first screen inspecting Delta One's response.

    “Sir, It will take approximately twenty to thirty minutes for Delta One to make contact with the Soviet satellite”.

    Li began to set up a communications line with the Secretary of Defense but before he could a messaged pinged on his monitor.

    “Sir it’s…it’s Admiral Conrad”

    This couldn’t be good thought Li.

    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    The Oval Office, White House, Washington, D.C.

    Both men fell silent as President Roland cleared his through, they listened attentively to his orders. Both then reached for their cell phones. Even in this alternate world they had become the bed rock of communication. David walked toward the other side of the Oval Office, pacing up and down as he talked to the Secretary of Defense.

    “Secretary? Yes, I know you did not want to be disrupted but this is from the President”

    Susan Clark had been engaged in the final evaluation of a contract with the Sirsalis Corporation, a defense company that was responsible for much of the mining that took place on the Moon.

    “The Soviets, they are making a move around Shackleton” The urgency in his voice, coupled with the weight of the situation made it clear to Clark that she needed to get to Oval Office immediately.

    He hung up the phone and stowed it away in his pocket.

    “Mr. President she’ll be hear in five minutes”

    Admiral Conrad, who was still conversing with the Mauna Kea. Speaking softly, standing at the opposite end of the office still well within eyeshot. The Admiral half turned to the President, a look of concern buried deep within his eyes.

    "Mr. President, you'll want to listen to this."

    TAG: @HanSolo29

    Command Deck, USS Mauna Kea: Part Two

    John Li picked up the phone attached to his console and greeted the Admiral.

    “Commander Li. I am sure you are aware of the increased Lunar activity by the Soviets. Place the Mauna Kea on high alert and put second company on standby to deploy to Tranquility.” Spoke the Admiral with the authority that he had built over thirty years of service.

    “Yes Sir! There is a new development you should be aware of. I shall connect you to Captain Roland who will inform you of the situation”

    He transferred the call to the Captain as he began to send communications throughout the ship, informing the crew they were on high alert.

    "Captain Roland I'm putting you on speaker, I'm with the President. What is going on over there?"

    TAG: @Darth_Elu @HanSolo29

    Rim of Shackleton Crater

    Sterling nodded at Andy’s words and laughed at her comment of ‘good lucks and heavy accent’ He began to unhook the filming equipment, being mindful of his suit not to snag it on anything. He then passed it up to Andrea as they began to set up the camera.

    After two minutes of recording Andy would begin to notice a small drone float toward their rover below them.

    Soviet Scout Probe

    If this had been on Earth, they would have been able to hear it long before it had approached their rover. Not to mention its weight would have been far too heavy to get off the ground with the way it was propelling itself above the lunar surface.

    It seemed it had not yet noticed them but was paying close attention to their vehicle, about ten feet below them, as if it were inspecting it. It was not clear whether it was being remotely controlled or was preprogrammed to scout.

    Sterling had not noticed the small, round Soviet drone and continued to film. He was muttering to himself several expletives about the Russians below.

    A loose pile of rocks sat next to the pair of Astronauts, a possible source of ammunition. Not to mention they both had their flare guns attached to their hip in case of an emergency. To say the situation had gotten more complicated would be an understatement.

    TAG: @SirakRomar

    The Kremlin, Moscow

    Antonov and Yaganov both stood as the leader of the Soviet Union walked out the door. The Chief Designer briefly looked over to the Lunar Commander before nodding and following the General Secretary out of his office. Antonov felt a slight buzzing in his pocket it was a phone call, from Zeus.

    Turgenev would come across to the main central hall of the Kremlin, a large open area where many conferences and meetings were held of the utmost importance to the State. His chair remained open, waiting for him to take his seat.


    The various state officials gathered sprung up upon Turgenev’s arrival. They had begun a long and complex renegotiation with China. One that could prove extremely beneficial to both parties, both on Earth and the Moon. Their ally however was proving to be ever increasingly fickle.

    Antonov burst into the room, quickly moving toward Turgenev before being stopped by one of the bodyguards. He gave the guard a cold, thrashing look, exchanging a few curt words before he swept right by and whispered into the General Secretary’s ear. His words where few and to the point.

    “Zeus is compromised, US Ravens spotted, in bound in twenty minutes. How should we respond?”

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var (Ravens Explained in OOC Thread)

    Secret Research Lab, Mauna Kea


    “Attention crew, we are on high alert, I repeat we are on high alert. Second company prepare for deployment”. The calm, commanding voice of Commander Li could be heard throughout the ship, played through the numerous speakers installed in every nook and crevice.

    The two researchers, one male and the other female, looked up listening to the voice of the commander before turning their attention back down to the glass box erected between them. The lab was a jungle of robotic arms and wires coming to and from the box. After the commander had finished speaking, they resumed their conversation.

    “How long till you think we are able to roll it out in mass quantities?” inquired the male scientist.

    “We have some final tests to conduct, we need to ensure it is stable and can be controlled once released.” Replied the female researcher. He raised an eyebrow at her response. They both knew full well millions and countless manhours had been poured into this project.

    “More tests? From the sound of things better we have it soon”

    “Yes of course sir, I understand the gravity of the situation. We will speed up the final testing process”

    He nodded in approval, before turning and gliding out of the room.

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  19. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Captain Marson Roland IC:
    ~Command Deck, USS Mauna Kea~

    “With its current velocity, and assuming it remains constant….”

    Commander Li was in the middle of answering his question, Captain Roland having closed his eyes in thought and openly listening while doing so; when the answer came.

    “Three hours…yes, three hours before it passes over Tranquility.”

    Three hours. That was all. Just a few hours to potentially figure out what this thing of the Soviet’s was before possible catastrophe. And if they couldn’t find out its purpose in time, what did they do? They certainly couldn’t risk anything major occurring…

    “Sir, it will take approximately twenty to thirty minutes for Delta One to make contact with the Soviet satellite.”

    “Three hours to Tranquility and nearly a half hour just to begin scouting…” he murmured displeased. Not at one person, but just at the situation in general.

    The Captain heard the ping, but allowed himself to continue thinking. They needed to cut that time down, even just a little. They would have to be fully prepare for any eventuality, it was what they were trained for.

    “Sir it’s…it’s Admiral Conrad.”

    His eyebrows rose. The Admiral beat them to it, yet they had only just discovered the satellite. There was even more going on then. This was not good. A thought he was probably not alone in having within the Command Deck of the Mauna Kea.
    As John began speaking to his superior, the Captain of the USS Mauna Kea turned to look at those truly piloting his ship.

    “Helmsmen, I need this ship to shave off some time toward that satellite. Get us closer, trim the flight time of our fighters from hangar to satellite to no greater than ten minutes. Keep pace with the thing if possible.”

    Turning his head once more to look at the Commander after noticing him finish conversing, he nodded to him to give formal affirmation.

    “Commander, I want all ships prepped and ready for immediate take off. We need to be prepared for swift action if it comes to it. Go ahead and patch the Admiral through to me now, Commander.”

    “Captain Roland I’m putting you on speaker, I’m with the President. What is going on over there?”

    Marston gave a wry smile before settling into a normal mask of professionalism regardless of the fact that the call was purely audio.

    “Greetings, Admiral Conrad, Sir…Mr. President. I have some potentially very bad news.”

    His eyes flicked over the screen closest to him, displaying all the information regarding the situation now developing.

    “We have come across a Soviet satellite of some kind. Intel believes it’s military grade and I believe them. Furthermore,” he sighed grimly, “It’s carrying a payload of some kind and on a trajectory to pass over Tranquility itself in three hours. We’ve already sent a recon ship, but it’s going to take twenty to thirty minutes just to get there.”

    The Captain licked his lips a moment, feeling particularly parched. “I’m putting all ships on standby as of this moment and attempting to get the Mauna Kea a little closer to shave off travel time toward the target incase we need to move quickly.”

    Tag: Commander John Li, Admiral Mark Conrad, Chief-of-Staff David Mitchell, & President Kurt Roland (Sorry for the heavy news bro!) @Shadowsun @HanSolo29
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  20. Jedi_Ascension

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    Jun 20, 2020
    Gurkovsky Semyon Dmitrievich

    Semyon rolled his eyes as both Volk and Natasha started acting up again with their little Simi antics. Absently, he got the aluminum ball the woman cosmonaut had tossed at him from his ear and then flicked it back at her.

    “Yes, well, make sure to actually park well. Tired of cleaning up after all you all the time, Volk.”

    He said it good-naturedly though, while their antics were annoying on occasion, it wasn’t poor in intention and so he could play it off. Feng didn’t need to come to his rescue, though he liked him trying to keep all in order. For now, they were at an important stage so he kept professional. Going through his list he realized there was a leak in the sanitation system. Semyon had been looking forward to a flawless list! But when did that ever seem to happen?

    Sighing, he went to retrieve the wrench and a towel. Priorities first. He tightened the loose valve to get the leak to stop before getting the towel to start mopping up the loose water. At least they weren’t major problems.

    “How is it over there, Natasha?”

    Tag: @Master Vo'Un'Var and GM @Shadowsun
  21. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Character Sheet

    Name: Raul Alberto Salvador




    Nationality: American

    Occupation: Technical Advisor

    Personality: Raul has learned to listen and observe, then analyze and deconstruct. He’s been called a ‘Vulcan’ because of his literal way of speaking and seeing things. He shows little emotion outwardly, but there is something always going on inside his mind. Despite how he feels about the divided front on space exploration, he wishes that humans one day put their differences aside and reach for the stars as one people. Maybe they need a little 'push' towards that goal.

    Biography: Raul was the third of five children born to immigrant parents from Latin America who came to the United States for a better life. His parents worked very hard, but could only manage low wage employment due to their language barrier. They made sure their kids went to school and spoke proper English. At an early age, Raul demonstrated an aptitude for science, one that his teachers noticed and encouraged. His 'near obsessive' thirst for science and knowledge did alienate him from other kids his age, as well as his siblings, but he did not mind much.

    During his early teens, Raul was found to posses an IQ of 145 though it's likely closer to 150, as he claimed he wasn’t trying to ‘impress’ anyone. Soon after, Raul built a perfectly balanced 8 legend, fully functional, multi-jointed, robot-spider from toy motors and scrap metal parts during shop-class. That particular feat got him noticed, and eventually got him accepted into MIT. He even managed to graduate at age 20 with a degree in Applied Physics.

    Raul’s love for space exploration and man’s destiny into the stars prompted him to seek out a job opportunity on ‘Tranquility’, where his knowledge could be put to good use. He was quite certain they could use a helping hand from a 'Vulcan'.
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  22. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: President Kurt Roland
    The Oval Office, White House, Washington, D.C.

    A short nod was all Kurt afforded his Chief of Staff to acknowledge the statement about Secretary Clark’s ETA. While five minutes could feel like an eternity in the midst of a potential crisis, he knew it likely wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, especially when he had plenty to occupy his time.

    As if on cue, Admiral Conrad stepped forward and signaled for his attention, a relatively grim expression etched over his features. Whatever the man had to share, it wasn’t particularly good news. It wouldn't surprise him if there was some correlation with the illicit activity already being conducted by the Soviets around Shackleton.

    Lowering his gaze toward the floor, the President reached idly for the back of his neck and listened as they established an audio link to the Mauna Kea. Typically, Kurt would’ve been ecstatic to hear the sound of his brother’s voice filtering over the speaker, but today, he remained reticent. He did not even offer a simple word in greeting; it was strictly business.

    “We have come across a Soviet satellite of some kind. Intel believes it’s military-grade and I believe them. Furthermore,” Mars paused for a moment, the feed picking up his audible sigh, “it’s carrying a payload of some kind and on a trajectory to pass over Tranquility itself in three hours. We’ve already sent a recon ship, but it’s going to take twenty to thirty minutes just to get there.”

    The President inhaled deeply, his jaw muscles bunching together at the news. Marston’s account proved that he had been correct to suspect the Soviets of devising another plan. What he hadn’t expected was for it to take the form of a high-grade weapons satellite. It almost seemed a little too convenient, as if they were toying with them to redirect their attention elsewhere. But if that was the case, which was the decoy? The mining operation around Shackleton or the satellite itself?

    Or were both incidents merely poorly timed and executed examples of Russian incompetence? Either way, they needed to uncover more information to know for certain.

    “I’m putting all ships on standby as of this moment,” Mars continued in a tone that underlined his military professionalism, “and attempting to get the Mauna Kea a little closer to shave off travel time toward the target in case we need to move quickly.”

    Kurt straightened his posture and finally gave his assent, his eyes darting surreptitiously toward the Admiral. “I’d like to see that time cut in half, Captain. We’ll need those reconnaissance reports, along with the technical analysis, to determine whether it’s safe to capture, divert, or even exterminate this thing. Under no circumstances can it be permitted to enter our containment zone near Tranquility. I’m confident that you understand the risks, and will handle the situation appropriately.” His tone might’ve been a little forward for addressing his own brother, but Kurt had vowed never to grant special treatment while he was working in an official capacity...even if he was family.

    As he waited for Mars to acknowledge his instructions, the President silently turned back to Conrad. “Admiral, do we have a contingency plan in place for Tranquility – an evacuation strategy that we can implement in case things get tense up there? I want to ensure that our people remain safe.”

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  23. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Tatyana Viktorovna Miheeva
    Age: 31


    Nationality: Russian
    Occupation: Pilot, Cosmonaut
    Personality: Cold, reserved, loyal, bookish, strong sense of duty

    Biography: Born in 1989 in Leningrad in the family of a Physics Professor and a high ranking Military Officer. She graduated high school with a gold medal (straight As), was a model pioneer and a model member of the Komsomol. After graduating she decided to pursue her dream to follow in Valentina Tereshkova’s footsteps and become a cosmonaut. So she attended "Air Force Academy named after Professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin", located in Voronezh, in the USSR. A model student, she graduated and with the help of her father she was assigned to the Akhtubinsk Air Base as a MIG-31 pilot. That was a stepping stone for her to start her training to become a cosmonaut. Now she lives in the so called Space City, finishing her training and awaiting her next assignment.
  24. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    GM Approved! Also, @HanSolo29 approved!

    Character Sheet

    Name: Beth Roland
    Age: 41
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: First Lady of the United States
    Personality: Cool-headed, collected, and graceful, Beth sees the good in others and is truly happy lending a helping hand. She is passionate about making the world, and other settlements, a better place. She believes hard work, kindness, and patience are just a few keys to make that happen.
    Bio: Beth was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and lived an easy and simple life as an only child. Her father was a history teacher and her mother worked as a nurse in a hospital. She worked hard in school and graduated at the top of her classes, and eventually earned her way into Harvard University. It was a great honor and something she took with pride.

    During her college years, she became more aware of the social divisions and injustices in the world. Growing up, she lived a sheltered and safe life, but as a young adult, she saw that not everyone had that same right. And so she spent her time between her studies of becoming a teacher, like her father, and volunteering at women’s shelters to help with abuse victims and their families. It was a tough, but defining period for Beth, as she witnessed the troubles of others and tried balancing her strict studies at Harvard. Luckily, she was determined to push through and do all she could to improve the lives of others.

    This also was when she noticed someone. His ideas were fresh, innovative, and his charming way with words quickly captured her attention. This man was a good man and his future ahead was bright. She could tell that much back then. She had no idea when they first met, sitting at the same table in the student union building, that he would end up becoming the President of the United States.

    Beth worked as an educator for many years, and while Kurt was deployed, she kept herself busy teaching and working with the community, always remembering the goal she set for herself to make the world a better place. When Kurt returned, he also spent time in community service. With his natural leadership and people skills, it was clear to both of them that he should be in politics. She gave her full support and spent many late nights helping his campaign.

    In 2006, Beth and Kurt had their first daughter, Melanie, and a year later, Kurt was elected junior senator. She kept up her community work at the women’s shelter, in between teaching and being a mother. It was very rewarding work for her and she knew she was where she was supposed to be. In 2010, during his time as junior senator, they went on to have a second daughter, Samatha.

    Working together and merging their talents, Kurt ran for president. It was a challenging time, but together, and with the help of countless people, they made it happen. He was elected president! That night went down as one of the greater memories in her life as they celebrated Kurt.

    But the work was not over. They were given four years in office to commit to a greater good and now the stakes were ever higher.
  25. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Shackleton Crater, The Moon
    Tatyana Miheeva
    was well aware of the importance of the Soviets expansion along Shackleton. The thirst in her throat was a constant reminder of that. Lunagrad's water rations had been dramatically cut and all of them were craving to get more. Standing next to her was one of her comrades, the bulky and proud Boris Ivanovich.

    Tatyana was one of the ones that had been sent to oversee and help set up the new soviet mining station. Having helped set up some of the recon drones, she was responsible for making sure the base was secure and well defended. Boris stood next to her, observing her work. He wondered to himself if she liked her assignment on the Moon. He thought it likely she had larger aspirations but he would have to wait and see.


    As she continued to go over the various safety protocols, her comrades were still in the processing of setting up the mining equipment. Boris opened his mouth and headset to say something and then stopped himself. He noticed a large, red flare protruding from behind a hill.

    "Tatyana isn't that were the last drone was headed?" He motioned toward where the red smoke was coming from. "We need to check that out"

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    Conference Room, Tranquility, The Moon
    Tranquility was truly a testament to the achievements of mankind. A large, powerful city sustaining a few hundred souls. To think less than fifty years ago it took the might of nations to just set foot on the Moon. It was a marvel to say the least. The station was wild with activity. It often was, but more so today. Reports and rumors had been circulating across the base that the Soviets were encroaching around the rim of Shackleton.

    In a small corner of the station technical advisor Raul Alberto Salvador was giving briefing on the new procedure on EVAs, along with the new entering and exiting procedure for the base. One of Salvador's duties was making sure all the airlock systems were operational, and ensuring that a swift exit from the base would be available should a disaster take place.


    Sat in front of Raul were three astronauts, one American, one European and one Japanese. Representatives from each of the three major contributors to Tranquility.

    "In case of an emergency we need to be prepared to evacuate everyone quickly and effectively, our procedures are out dated and antiquated." Gruffly spoke the American Astronaut.
    Dan Cooper

    Before Salvador would be able to answer however a ping came through the conference phone. A worried and frantic voice spoke over the speaker. Raul knew him well, he was another technical advisor that helped over see the various civilian and military response teams.

    "Raul, you need to prepare and alert the entry response team. There....there has been a casualty. Andrea...she's.....she's dead."

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    Shackleton Crater, The Moon
    would come to notice the hovering drone as well. He slowly reached for his own flare gun, preparing to fire the projectile to damage the drone. Andrea, knowing full well how unwise it would be to fire a flare gun less than five hundred feet from a Soviet outpost would be. She went over to grab and snatch the gun out of his hands.

    "What are you thinking!?!" She bellowed through her built in head set. Sterling moved away from her, pushing her hand away. Fighting in space suits was a bad idea, they both knew this.

    "The slimy git's gotta die, we can't let it get back to ta Commies!" he retorted back, Sterling was known for being a bit brash at times but this was something else. Sterling began to aim back at the drone, still whirling and unaware of the two there. Andrea yelled "NEIN!" as she brought her arm crashing down on to the flare gun, but it was too late. Charles squeezed the trigger, missing his mark due to Andrea's inference.

    The drone had not noticed them till now, sound detection not built into its capabilities as that was rather pointless on the Moon. The large flash of red some it did however notice. The flare of course modified to work with out the use of oxygen in the atmosphere, producing smoke as opposed to burning.

    It seemed to vibrate, unused to and not programmed to deal with the large increase of light. It whizzed around erratically before swerving round to see where it had been fired from. It spotted Andrea, then accelerated at an incredible speed. It was like a football sized bullet. There was no time to react, it smashed directly into her space helmet. A helmet being smashed in and of itself was a death sentenced but the drone had lodge itself in her skull. She was dead almost instantly. It stayed there, buzzing slightly before powering off.

    All Sterling could do was scream in horror.

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