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Science Fiction Thriller OPEN The Coldest War

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Knight star 1

    Jun 26, 2017
    T h e
    C o l d e s t
    W a r


    An Alternative History Roleplaying Game
    “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”
    - John F. Kennedy

    “It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice really; it’s an imperative.”
    - Michael Collins

    For millennia, humans have dreamed of landing on the Moon. And at long last on a quite summer night in 1969 we did….
    June 14th, 1969. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Lands on the Moon.

    The year is 2012, The Space Race never ended. In this alternate history, technology has increased at an unprecedent rate, the world has become fixated on Space. The Iron Curtain never fell, the world is divided in two. The powers in space are numerous from the space powers of old: The United States and The Soviet Union to the newer space powers the European Federation and The People's Republic of China, to be considered a world power one must be a space power.

    "Tranquility" The NATO moon capital

    The Moon has been colonized. With the two major powers of the world, leading their respective alliances, having erected large cities on the lunar surface which are filled with a mix scientists, engineers, corporations, and military personnel. Tensions grow on the silver celestial body as both NATO and The Warsaw Pact seek to expand their influence on the moon.


    The world focuses now on Mars, both major powers have sent expeditions to begin colonization. The world and the moon wait with baited breath to see what unfolds on the surface of the red planet.

    “Mars is there, waiting to be reached.”
    - Buzz Aldrin

    Welcome to The Coldest War, an alternate history where the world as we know it is torn between ideologies. The Cold War rages on, taken to heights beyond what we could have dreamed, the Iron Curtain remaining a steadfast divider of the world, and soon, the universe.

    The character opportunities are endless. Perhaps you are a spy in a foreign land, the leader of a powerful empire, or a colonist or scientist discovering the new frontier in the name of their country.

    There are three major areas of the game:
    • Earth
    • The Moon
    • Mars
    Each one presents vastly different challenges, obstacles, and antagonists. Players are welcome to have multiple characters up to a maximum of three. (There are expectations for instance the same player cannot be President of the US and Leader of the USSR)

    As stated above the character opportunities are nearly endless and I am more than happy to discuss possible character ideas.

    For more details or questions you can either PM the GM or consult to OOC/Reference thread.

    Character Sheet:

    1) Be respectful and follow TOS
    2) PM your character sheet to me before posting
    3) No God-Modding
    4) Multiple Characters are allowed with some exceptions (Max 3)
    5) Have Fun!
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  2. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    ГМ Approved :D!

    Name: Viktor Artemovich Turgenev
    Age: 54
    Nationality: Russian
    Occupation: General Secretary of the United Soviet Socialist Republics
    Personality: Calculated, determined, and proud. Turgenev will not stand down when in the name of his nation.
    Biography: Born in 1958 to Artem Turgenev and Masha Turgeneva, Viktor's life had always been surrounded by the political intricacies of the USSR. His father Artem, was a member of the KGB and held multiple state secrets, leaving him with little time for Viktor, whereas his mother was constantly looking after him. Viktor idolized his father, as his family told him often of the noble work he did for their beloved nation.

    In school, Viktor was a top student and a steadfast citizen to the USSR. He was loyal, but no idiot. When he was 16 he had a firm understanding of the work his father did, and this shaped his strategy and decisions as a politician. By 25, he was working in the government. His loyalty was rewarded, and by 35 he was a high ranking official in his land. At 40, his mother and father passed away in a fatal car accident, which scarred him, but ultimately pushed him to become the General Secretary of the USSR. At 45 he became the Leader of the Soviet Union, soon becoming a feared name in the United States of America.

    Viktor Turgenev works only for his motherland. He works for the greater good of his country, no matter the cost. Many consider him ruthless. But, after all, what can be expected, as heavy is the head that wears the crown of the USSR...
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  3. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    GM approved

    Name: Andrea „Andy“ Schneider

    Age: 29

    Nationality: German-American

    Occupation: Astronaut - Engineer (Security)

    Personality: Calm, collected and concentrated, the perfect astronaut. Hiding her more vulnerable emotional side

    Biography: Andrea always wanted to go to the moon. Since her childhood she looked up to it and wanted to be there. Daughter of a German astronaut and an American Air Force officer she had the perfect start into the career. But connections only got her in, they did not get her up there. She worked feverishly to achieve her goal, always best in every exam, always picking up extra-duties. She was almost too obsessed with it and psychological tests were her biggest obstacle. Engineering was not her first pick, it was what was most likely to be send up there. So she digged deeply into it, learning every aspect of spaceman’s the moon.

    When she was 23 years old she finally made it and was among the 27th cohort of personal to be send to the moon. She had returned for three one year journeys since then and is currently in her last month of her third term. She knows nobody has ever been send up there a fourth time, but she is obsessed with actually being the first one to do so.
  4. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved:

    Kurt Roland
    Age: 42

    Nationality: American
    Occupation: President of the United States
    Personality: Kurt is a hard-working, ethical, and conscientious individual, driven by the need for accuracy. He is also tenacious, ambitious, and exhibits confidence in his actions. As a public servant, he relies on his youthful idealism and charisma to network amongst his peers and to win favor with the people he serves. He is also a competent speaker and can easily influence a crowd through his choice of words. Throughout the years, he has maintained a strong public persona and is generally well-liked by the people. To his constituents, he is compassionate and cordial.
    Biography: Kurt was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania to James, a project manager for a commercial construction firm, and Joanne, a secondary school teacher. Growing up in the shadow of his elder brother and two sisters, Kurt was taught the value of kinship, of responsibility and service, and of the Catholic faith – lessons he carries with him to this day.

    This proved beneficial when he applied to join the U.S. Space Force upon graduation of high school. His recruiter, recognizing the leadership qualities in Kurt even at a young age, encouraged him to aim higher than regular enlistment. He followed through with this advice and visited the office of his district’s congressman to secure his nomination for the Academy. It was here that he took his first real interest in politics, having caught a glimpse at the inner workings of the government, both local and federal, that shaped his community. He had found his calling.

    After four years in the Academy, Kurt graduated as a Second Lieutenant with a degree in engineering. His first deployment was to the moon, where he served his country as a pilot, conducting routine patrols and escort duties around the lunar base and its various space satellites and fleets. He would eventually work his way through the ranks to command his own ship in the 2nd defense fleet, the USS Auburn.

    But Kurt could not ignore the enticement of the political world he had seen years before. He returned home to the Philadelphia region and quickly immersed himself in community service. His primary achievement was the founding of a neighborhood watch program for the surrounding Philly suburbs.

    Two years later, Kurt was elected to the U.S. Senate and served as the junior Senator from Pennsylvania from 2007 to 2012. This set up a historic run that would soon garner him national attention – using his military experience and ‘hopeful youth’ as a platform, he launched his presidential campaign. In the 2012 election, he narrowly defeated his Republican opponent to become the next President of the United States.

    Now, as Kurt enters his first term in office, he faces many challenges and obstacles ahead. While he won the election based on his idealistic youth and progressive ideas – a welcome change after years of the same corrupt system – there are many that remain skeptical of his abilities, often quoting his meek outlook and inexperience in politics as a cause for concern. Nevertheless, Kurt remains diligent and intends to prove them wrong, but only time will tell whether he can achieve that goal.

    Kurt is married to Beth Roland, and together, they have two children, six-year-old Melanie and two-year-old Samantha.
  5. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Knight star 1

    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: Thank you to those who have joined, I look forward to the story we weave together!

    The game is very much so still open, and I expect I will post possible roles in The Casting Couch, but I am open to any suggestions.

    I wanted to clarify an aspect of the game, there is as overarching story for all characters, one that will shift, and change based on actions characters make. So, it is not a complete “open sandbox”.

    ACT I: Rising Tensions
    The Oval Office, Washington DC

    The air was bitter, tinged with cold sadness of the loss of a national treasure. It was a solemn start to Kurt Roland’s presidency. On the resolute desk a newspaper sat, the headline read:

    “American Hero, Neil Armstrong, dies at 82”

    President Roland had been scheduled to give a press conference about the esteemed astronaut later that day.

    “Mr. President, there have been recent reports of increased Soviet activities around Shackleton.” The speaker was David Mitchell, the white house Chief of Staff.

    David Mitchell, White House Chief of Staff

    Strong, loyal, and politically savvy, he had stood by Kurt Roland ever since he had been elected to the senate and had played an instrumental role of getting Roland to the Presidency.

    Beside him stood a uniformed man, Admiral of the Space Force.

    Mark Conrad, Chief of Staff of the Space Force

    “Sir, our surveillance indicates that they are expanding their mining operation around the southern rim of the crater.” Mark Conrad was a man of discipline and focus, one who was keen to expand the United States capabilities in space.

    Spanning 21 kilometers, Shackleton is a key strategical crater on the southern pole of The Moon. The depths of the crater are perpetually in shadow, which allowed for the preservation of ice within it. As such Shackleton served as basis for both the US and Soviet lunar bases for decades.

    Admiral Conrad paused for a moment before continuing:

    “The European Federation is already preparing to send out an expedition to investigate what the soviets are exactly up to, there is a chance they may move into NATO territory.”

    David Mitchell glanced at Conrad before chiming in. “Mr. President we need to send a response to the Soviets and the European Federation, we can not allow the soviets to expand on the Moon.

    TAG: @HanSolo29

    The Kremlin, Moscow

    A new red dawn rose in the heartland of the Soviet Union. Various state officials had been engaged for several hours in an intense meeting on the prospects of the USSR’s numerous space operations.

    “Comrade Turgenev, our ice production has not greatly increased with the minor expansions we have conducted along the southern rim. Lunagrad’s water supply is almost completely depleted, and our production of rocket fuel has slowed especially after the launch of the N-7 rocket to Mars.” Damir Yaganov, head of the soviet space program, more interested in the scientific aspects of space exploration than military application he still understood that the US was the enemy.

    Damir Yaganov, Chief Designer of Interkosmos

    “Needless to say, Comrade Turgenev we need to expand further along the southern rim of Shackleton, this will not only allow us to resupply Lunagrad but will deny NATO from these resources.” spoke Sergei Antonov, the soviet official in charge of all lunar operations. He did not always see eye to eye with Damir, wanting more often than not to rapidly expand the Soviets claims on the Moon.

    Sergei Antonov, Lunar Commander of the Soviet Union

    “Comrade Yaganov how much longer can we expect the water supplies for Lunagrad to last?” inquired Sergei.

    Taking a moment to shuffle through his large assortment of notes Yaganov responded:

    “With the help of the recent Chinese shipment we can expect Lunagrad to have enough water for maybe seven more days, fourteen if we cease all manufacture of rocket fuel and while it is imperative we expand our mining of ice at the same time we do not want to antagonize the United States.”

    Both Antonov and Yaganov paused, their eyes locking for a brief moment before they turned toward the general secretary, waiting for a decision.

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var

    Moonwalk outside Tranquility

    “Beau’iful day, inni’” wistfully spoke Charles Sterling to Andrea, completely ignoring the fact that a lunar day was thirty earth days.

    Charles Sterling, British Astronaut
    The two had been sent on a surveillance mission by their commander to investigate reports of recent Soviet Activity around the Shackleton crater.

    The cold, vast vacuum of space surrounded them. They were protected only by their spacesuits. The lunar rover they rode on shook and vibrated violently along the rocky lunar surface.


    “So, what da yer fink the damn commies finking? Stealin’ our precious wa’er! The slimy maggots, as if they would get away with it” Sterling had a thick cockney accent that was difficult to decipher, it was sometimes a wonder how he got selected to be an astronaut. He was friendly and passionate though. Certainly, the sort of person to cheer you up after you had a rough day.

    They had just passed by the large NATO mining rig that excavated much of the ice used by Tranquility, entering what had was a no man’s land. A buffer between Lunagrad and Tranquility, at least it used to be. Andrea knew all too well how crucial this mission could turn out to be. It could be the difference between her stay on The Moon being extended by another year or not.

    TAG: @SirakRomar
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