Star Wars The Continuing Adventures of Canes and Invadator

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    IC: Reiis Invadator

    They might be very close to testing the new distance for the implant, but that hardly made Reiis feel any freer. It didn't seem to bother Kryss as much, though. Whatever.

    She limbed the ladder after him, following close behind. Her previous question was answered by the droid. Four more minutes to freedom. It would be her time to run, run far enough until he exploded and then escape on his ship. Four more minutes...assuming they didn't die getting there.

    Her musing were interrupted by his request that she not "hover." Begrudgingly obliging his request, she sat down on one of the seats and gazed out of the cockpit window, keeping an eye out for any asteroids she'd had to move out of their way. "Let me know if you need me to move one of those," she said pointing out. "In case your piloting skills aren't as good as you'd like to think."

    All that was left was waiting.

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    Darth Canes

    "Two minutes until reversion," T.C. said, adjusting something on the flight data panel.

    "I didn't answer your question, before," he said, looking out at the surface of his ship. She needed a few patches again, and could use a general scrubbing; he liked his ship tidy and organized. "The one you didn't ask. I smuggle because one, it's profitable, and two, I have an edge like none other. I have the Force, and none of the Jedi to bore me with their petty politics about misusing the Force for personal gain, and blah, blah, blah." He scoffed, remembering how the old days used to be. Too many years, too many memories, too many scars.

    He flicked on several exterior floods on the surface of the ship, then scanned the exterior absentmindedly, noting all the work he still needed to do on the her. "I make a lot of money very easily, and there are worse fates in life than being rich. I happen to know a medical specialist, which is where we're going after this to remove this implant, and this guy is something else." He laughed. "You'll see."

    He could sense in her the desire to run, and it made him smile ever so slightly. He'd rigged the Rock with so many traps and worse that even if she ran and killed him, she'd never get out. "Forget trying to run, Reiis, dear," he said, grinning at her sweetly. "You'll never make it out alive."

    "Reverting to real-space," T.C. said as the event timer beeped and the purple-black swirls of hyperspace gave way to the white streaks of stars snapping into place as the ship completed reversion. "Reversion complete. We have arrived at the Tasrov Cloud." He activated ray and particle shields and trimmed their power outputs, then checked the holo-chart. "Deviation is less than zero-point-zero-zero-three. Current bearing is zero-six-two-point-nine, attitude seven degrees on the positive. Haven Base is on a bearing of zero-four-one-point-seven, nine-point-five degrees negative."

    He sighed. "Why do you insist upon doing that, T.C.?" he asked, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

    "Do what, sir?"

    "Call out information as if you're on a flaming capital ship!"

    "I do not understand the nature of your query, sir," the droid said, sounding flustered. "I know of no other way to relay that information."

    "Forget it." He shook his head in frustration. The droid's neurotic nature was annoying, but not harmful. "Here we go," he said, taking the control yoke as they approached the edge of a dense asteroid field. There was no primary star to light the way, and it was very dark.

    The Tasrov Cloud was the remnant of a dead solar system whose primary star was the blackened cinder of an extinct red dwarf. From what he'd gathered, the system had harbored a fairly advanced civilization eons ago, but the planets that the system once had were broken up and scattered across almost an entire light-hour of space. How the planets had broken up was as much a mystery to him as was who the ancient civilization had been in the first place.

    Now, it was a hyperspace hazard and only fools tried to navigate through the field. The dangers were many. There was no primary star to provide light to navigate by, and there was no drift chart of the field. Worse, there were still active weapon emplacements drifting through the asteroids that would fire on any passing ships, and though they were ancient beyond imagining, their plasma-based ordnance was still capable of a lot of damage. On top of that, the high metallic content of the asteroids themselves played hell with the sensors, and he'd quickly learned to home in on specific asteroids and weapon emplacements to navigate by. This would have been impossible--if the field wasn't static with very little movement.

    He put the ship into a dive and zipped past the first huge asteroid and chunk of rock that only the sensors--and his eyes through the Force--could see. The Force guided his path fairly easily, but those weapon emplacements were still dangerous. He flew the ship past the side of another large asteroid, within a few dozen meters of the surface.

    "Coming up on a weapon emplacement, sir."

    The warning light and alarm went off as a weapon system locked onto the ship.

    "Hard lock confirmed, sir."

    "Now!" he yelled, pulling back on the yoke and feathering the throttle. The ship sailed a few meters over the top of a smaller asteroid that seemed locked into a spin.

    T.C. set the rear deflectors to max.

    Large yellow streaks of plasma shot past the ship as he flew it down under and around several smaller asteroids, blocking the emplacement's view of the Glory Days. The weapon emplacements were nothing more than blackened emitter tubes sticking out of the face of asteroids, and had probably been part of some type of planetary defense grid.

    "All clear, sir."

    He laughed. "Only another hour or so of dodging asteroids!"



    OOC: Now that I have a little more time to dedicate to this...Also, here are the schematics, drawn by yours truly:



    1. Starboard Engine Room
    2. Hyperdrive
    3. Starboard Engine
    4. Escape Pods (One Man, 4)
    5. Main Corridor
    6. Upper Hatch Lift
    7. EVA Suit/Equipment Lockers
    8. Crew Quarters
    9. Refresher Unit
    10. Sani-steam
    11. Medical Bed
    12. Smuggler's Compartments
    13. Circuitry Bay
    14. Starboard Hold
    15. Boarding Ramp
    16. Docking Ring
    17. Port Hold
    18. Main Hold
    19. Maintenance Access
    20. Holographic Game Table
    21. Aquarium
    22. Refrigerated Storage
    23. Galley Area
    24. Laundry Unit
    25. Jukebox
    26. Bookcase
    27. Algae Bubbler Tubes
    28. Engineering Station
    29. Turret/Cockpit Access
    30. Port Engine Room
    31. Port Engine
    32. Freight Elevator
    33. Aft Hold
    34. Life Support Systems
    35. Emergency Supply Storage
    36. Access Corridor
    37. Cockpit

    In spoilers because I don't know how to shrink them on a mac or on this site! lol

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    IC: Reiis Invadator

    Reiis listened to Canes' excuses about smuggling as he addressed her unasked question, now wondering more about his experience with the Jedi than his smuggling activites. "You knew Jedi, then?" she asked. "I was one of them, once," she added a matter-of-factly. Kryss seemed the type that had seen and done just about everything there was to do in the or not. It could be an advantage after the trauma passed, but it seemed the scars still lingered with Canes. She nodded silently and automatically as he mentioned removing the implant, but Reiis didn't intend to give him the chance.

    He seemed to get this.

    "Forget trying to run, Reiis, dear. You'll never make it out alive."

    She snarled at him, partly for reading her thoughts and partly for being so cheeky. "I do what I want," she snapped. "And the Force will guide me." She fell silent again as he bickered with his droid.

    He clearly had put a lot of time and thought into this security system of his. Some of the fragments of rock weren't visible until you almost hit them, and they narrowly missed a blast of plasma from one of his weapons emplacements. Reiis wasn't phased, but she was slightly impressed. Slightly.

    "Only another hour or so of dodging asteroids!"

    "An hour?!" she exclaimed. "Oh kriff." Reiis let herself fall back onto the chair, not bothering to look at the view before them. If they were going to crash, the Force would tell her. No need in expending the energy...she'd be running soon.

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    Darth Canes

    "Flaming hell," he growled, putting the ship into a dive--where in the flaming void did that asteroid come from? And of course, it just had to have a weapon emplacement. The ship dove under the asteroid as the weapon emplacement fired, splashing plasma all over another asteroid passing nearby as the Glory Days nimbly shot away.

    "Mark that on the drift chart, T.C.!" he said, yanking back on the control yoke as another weapon emplacement fired, this time exploding as the ancient cannon overloaded itself.

    "The next one is mine," Iggy's voice said over the comm. "Tired of sitting down here like a gleb ration in a can."

    "You don't get tired," he said exasperatedly. Where in blazes was he learning to talk like this from? He'd have to monitor the droid's holo-drama intake--Iggy seemed to enjoy watching trashy shows about sleazy celebrities getting their well-deserved come-uppance.

    Sure enough, another asteroid at least three kilometers away suddenly lit up as the weapon emplacement fired, and suddenly, the ship reverberated from Iggy squeezing off a burst at the asteroid, which promptly broke apart in a flash of fire and smoke that the ship streaked through moments later.

    The smoke gave way suddenly to clear space, revealing an asteroid directly in front of them. "Kriff!" he swore, banking the ship sharply to port to go around it, and then back up and over. The remainders of the asteroids were more spread apart here, so they'd be easier to maneuver around. Additionally, the combat thrusters he'd installed, and then modified, made the ship move like a fighter, and while the inertial compensators might have removed the inertia, it was still a bumpy ride.

    He sat back and breathed. "Well, that was a bit of fancy flying," he chuckled, "if I do say so myself." He grinned at her. "And I do." He put the ship into a gentle dive, veering easily around some of the larger asteroids.

    "Shields holding, sir," T.C. said. "Energy bleed is minimal."

    He focused on his guest, though. Clearly, she was impatient to run. To kill him, or to run from something else...? "Where are you planning on going once we resolve our current situation?"


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    IC: Reiis Invadator

    Reiis leaned back in the chair, absently kicking the wall in front of her as Kryss continued his ship's acrobatics around the asteroids. It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but Reiis had felt far worse before and trusted a little bit more that he knew what he was doing. She got up despite all the motion, straightening her tunic and about to speak when the droid blasted the asteroid in front of them. She gave it a few seconds of her attention before turning back to Kryss.

    "I'm goin--"

    A hard bank around a newly appearing asteroid sent her flying. Reiis shrieked as the far wall of the cockpit rushed towards her, and she hit with a thick thump before slumping to the ground and sliding around the floor as Kryss continued his crazy maneuvers around his death trap. It was only when she reached out to grab the bottom of her chair that she was able to hoist herself back into it, glaring at him as he grinned.

    "Where are you planning on going once we resolve our current situation?"

    "Wherever the Force takes me," she replied, as if she'd said it many times to many people before. It was what she told people now, since she no longer received missions from the Sith Hierarchy. It was as good an answer as any. She was well aware he knew -- or at least suspected -- her intentions to run, but did he really think he could stop her?

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    Darth Canes

    He sensed a brief flicker of subterfuge in her words, but he was too busy keeping an eye out for more weapon emplacements to be able to devote the focus necessary to pick apart her dissimulation. "Come sit up here in the co-pilot's chair so you don't get bounced about." He hadn't meant for her to go flying like that. He trimmed the inertial compensators to add a bit more internal stability. "Besides, the view is better."

    He spent the next half hour deftly flying the ship around asteroids and avoiding the weapon emplacements' plasma-fire. That slop stuck like glue; he'd seen it melt completely through smaller asteroids. He didn't need a drift chart to navigate, though. By orienting on the still-present but greatly-diminished gravity well of the dead star, and on the "landmark" asteroids he'd learned to recognize, he could find his way to the Rock, as he called it, and avoid the nuclear torpedoes all together. They weren't neat and surgical like proton torpedoes roughly were; they'd explode like a star being born and scatter radioactive dust all over the hull that he didn't care to scrub off.

    "That's odd," T.C. said as they approached within the last hundred kilometers of the base. "I keep spotting intermittent radio frequency noise, sir, almost as if there's another ship out there."

    "Can you get a lock?" he asked, recalling stories of ghost ships prowling the Tasrov Cloud.

    "No, sir. I'm not even sure that what I'm seeing is indicative of ships. It's very strange."

    "All right. Stay on it." He toggled the comm. "Look alive. We may have company."

    "Look alive?" Iggy asked. "Are you trying to be funny?"

    "I only meant stay sharp." He cut the comm off before the IG-86 droid could respond, and pulled back on the throttle a little, activating the thrusters and braking. The ship slowed to a crawl.

    There were two emplacements near the Rock, but they were on the other side, opposite of their approach vector, and he doubted T.C. was confusing them for ships. If someone had found his little base, he wanted to get the drop on them and figure out whether or not he had to kill them. If nothing else, he could always activate the self-destruct sequence for the Rock remotely.

    "Strange. The RF noise has vanished, sir." T.C. adjusted the sensors. "Even on the high-gain antenna array, the signal is gone."

    "Did you get a recording of the noise?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "Run it through the sensor computer later and see if an analysis algorithm can't figure out what it is."

    "Very good, sir."

    "Last asteroid," he said to Reiis, pointing it out. "That one is nasty. Has torpedoes instead of a plasma cannon. Only, they're very messy ones, probably because they're thousands of years old." He laughed. "Let's see how dangerous we are in a thousand years."

    He slowly edged around the side of the monolithic ball of rock.

    Straight ahead was the large, lopsided asteroid he'd built his base into the side of, it's surface dark gray and pockmarked with craters from millennia of impacts. About a half-kilometer in diameter at its widest point, it was surrounded by about ten kilometers of clear space. The blast doors were built into the wide end of the asteroid and lead into the hangar bay, but were currently sealed shut, as was the external airlock next to it.

    No ships were in sight as he oriented the ship on the side of the asteroid in front of the Rock. He had to time this just right. "T.C., get ready to send the open command." He punched the throttle, launching the ship, then cut all power, leaving the ship dead as momentum carried them past the torpedo launcher, drifting towards the base. The doors were lined up, and grew larger as they approached. "Send the command," he said.

    T.C. activated the remote, and the airlock blast doors began to open. A thin line of light appeared between the blast doors, which expanded to reveal a brightly-lit, well-maintained hangar bay big enough for two ships. Approximately sixty-five meters wide, forty deep, and fifteen high, it had an odd appearance from the low-ceiling. There were a series of doors at the back bulkhead leading to air, fuel and water tanks, and some storage rooms, and airlock door leading into the base itself, and a wide alcove that served as a machine shop and storage area for tools and parts.

    The Glory Days floated placidly through the doors, and he activated the forward thrusters, which hissed loudly but braked the ship. The doors began to close behind them as he spun the ship around to face outward, and as he looked about inside the spacious hangar, he didn't see anything to suggest that the secrecy of the base had been violated. Still, his cautious nature, and a tickle in the flow of the Force, urged him to proceed with care.

    "Turn off the shields," he said, and as soon as Reiis did, he activated the landing gears and set the ship down gently with a soft thud. As soon as the blast doors closed with a boom that he felt reverberate through the deck of the ship, there was a thin hiss, growing louder as the hangar bay pressurized. "T.C., leave the ship on until I give the all clear. Once I do, then have the ASP droids start refueling."

    "Right away, sir."

    "Home, sweet home," he said to Reiis. "We'll get fuel, rest, and I'll get the money together for Gordo, and then we'll be on our way to sunny Tatooine. Should only take a few hours to get there." He still had to rebuild his lightsaber, too; he wasn't going to walk around without it in Gordo's court, regardless how friendly he was with the Hutt's majordomo, Niko. He stood up and stretched his legs, then moved to the back of the cockpit. "Just stick close, Reiis." No need to tell her he suspected someone was here already; strange, though, that he didn't sense more danger through the Force. Still, between the two of them, they should be more than a match for whoever was here, if someone was here.

    Of course, this was assuming she didn't just take off across the hangar; he had no desire to fight her again, at least until he rebuilt his lightsaber. He could sense a whirlwind of emotion from her; what in the flaming Maw had they taught her inside that arena? Emotional instability and constant physical pain came through strongly when he reached out through the Force to probe her defenses, not to attack, but to make sure she was ready should anything attack them.

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    IC: Reiis Invadator

    Only when she thought the ship was stable did Reiis cautiously claw her way to the copilot's seat. It was a better view, indeed, but Reiis wasn't focusing on that part, really. Her attention was drawn back to present matters only when the droid reported radio frequencies when they were not far from the base. Reiis straightened, looking out the viewscreen as Kryss pointed out the final asteroid.

    And before long, they were there, and all in one piece.

    Whoever might be there, Reiis was sure that she and Kryss could easily beat them...whoever they were. In fact, Reiis was pretty sure she could do it herself. They left the cockpit, and Reiis seriously contemplated shoving him out of the ship and flying away. No...not yet. Now was not time. Although she felt adequate to face nearly any threat, a ally might prove useful in a skirmish, even if she just took cover behind him. Reiis didn't respond as he asked her to stick close; her mind was on her surroundings. Still, she didn't walk but a few few away, frowning as a slight tremble in the Force came to her, but no threat, per say. And there was something else....

    The kriffing fool was probing. As if rehearsed, Reiis threw up a leg and kneed the taller Force-wielder in the stomach. "Do not dare probe me, Canes," she said dangerously, grabbing his collar and using his Sith name to put distance between them. "You have no business in my mind." She jerked her grip before letting go and walking in front of him. She didn't need him to lead.
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