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OOC The Dark Reach - An Order Reborn Resource Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Sinrebirth , Jul 2, 2019.

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    Name: Darth Insipid, originally Aden Kya, occasionally Darth Malthus, answers to the Son

    Sex: Male, most of the time

    Age: Spirit is in its twenties, and hundreds, and neither. Essence transfer is a thing. Or, rather, was.

    Species: Human, always

    Homeworld: Which name?

    Height: Variable, in original body less than 6ft

    Weight: Variable, in original body less than 11st

    Physical Attributes: Prefers a more supple form than not, and the longer he holds a body it will assume his features; turquoise eyes when not golden yellow, paler skin, his spirit makes the body his physical mental image over time. As of late however he has adopted the appearance of the Son, the deceased Celestial whom he reanimated on Mortis.

    Clothing: Prefers a simple Sith robe upon a tunic, a holdout sleeve in both arms

    Abilities: A charismatic man who is just as proud of his abilities to manipulate someone as he is to kill them, Insipid is a cipher, constantly consuming those he approaches - not in the literal Force drain sense, as he would not partake in self destruction - but by using people around him to for his own ends. More of his kills are those he caused the end of, not his actual hand in the death. An adequate lightsaber duelist, Insipid prefers to wield many abilities rather than master a few, considering that an esoteric strategy or weapon (such as a lightsaber), will win the day rather than a battle of wills. Short version? A liar. But a brilliant one. Beyond the gamut of powers one would expect of a Dark Lord of the Sith, he has himself obtained the skills of Essence Transfer, Celestial Instinct and Doubt Shroud - not easily attained from the traditional rise of a Sith.

    Weapons: Single Crimson dual-form lightsaber, occasionally a lightwhip if the body possesses space on the cybernetics (he does love having a cybernetic leg to hide weapons in, but does not currently abide such a body), and in one of his two holsters a fletchette pistol. His white lightsaber blade remains in the possession of Bellorum. Frak her.

    Occupation: Dark Lord of the Sith.

    Family: One husband but he’s 1206 years away. An ex-girlfriend trapped in a tiara that he sacrificed to escape a mind trap. Oh and a very dead father and mother. Grandmother, more akin to his real mother, Lomi Plo? She stood toe to toe with Luke Skywalker but was quartered in the fourth round. It happens.

    Associates: That ex-husband he mentioned. Darth Kronos, his project. Bernael, Helinith, Anark, and Saadi, all his former apprentices.



    Darth Insipid was born a slave.

    Abandoned by his insane mother, his father a footnote in the struggle after the Battle of Endor as one of the few Prophets that aligned with Cronal and not Kadann. But Aden Kua found a Sith bloodline willing to uplift him, and he happily discarded the foolish teenager who he despised so, in a galaxy he despised for casting him aside as he emerged from the womb.

    Everything was insipid, including he, and so he became Insipid.


    In the chaos of the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, he grew strong between competing legitimate and illegitimate Sith influences - even whilst pretending to be incarcerated for a decade in a GA prison. Many Sith saw him as just a pawn, but in every instance he carefully cultivated what each Dark Lord or Lady taught to entice him to their allegiance, furnishing each with the information to keep groups from ever becoming true allies.

    He was made a Darth in barely a few months to appease his loyalties - in name but not in knowledge - Insipid found that he had a skill for deception, and managed to manipulate the reigning Dark Lord into allowing him to infiltrate other Sith cults, all of which he kept to himself the knowledge of the treasures they held.

    With every Sith cult annihilated by the Dark Lord, Insipid seized more secrets for himself, sharing what was of ill-import, and even though his initial Holocron collection was of lesser Sith, he eventually broke from Darth Krayt and stole his collection, only to dangle them in front of his former Dark Lord. Having no desire to plumb the depths of a single Holocron and master it, which took more time than Insipid was willing to dedicate to any one teacher, Insipid discarded them all, repeating the process of offering Holocrons to groups with Sith knowledge to entice them to revealing their secrets and destroying them.

    Until he found the Holocron of Darth Gorog - formerly Darth Soros in life, and having taken the title of his Queen in death.

    Night Herald of a Sith lineage older than any he had ever encountered, until he met Ku’ar Danar, Insipid kept that Holocron for himself and plumbed its depths, finding a true master at last. From its depths he plucked the secrets of Essence Transfer, Celestial Instinct, and Doubt Shroud, and from that he set himself to become more than just a Sith, but to become Dark Lord


    Eventually he returned to the One Sith which had made him, intending to use Holocrons to lead the Dark Lord to his doom. The Dark Lord saw right through Insipid, and, dutifully, killed him, grounding his bones to dust.

    Insipid learned a lot that day, and essence transfer saved him, but it took him years to recover. In that time he met new Sith allies, among them Helinith.

    Returning to a Sith group with enough strength to it that had allowed it to survive a civil war in the shadows of Moraband, he manipulated the reigning Dark Lady into expending her energies on reunifying the Order and then usurped her place, before discovering power was boring; the game, the infiltration, the manipulation, was much, much more fun. Having frittered away at his support and the Order itself, it was only a matter of time before Darth Insipid found a more enjoyable past time; joint rule with three Dark Lords, seizing upon the older tenants of the Rule of Three and attaching himself to all the millennia of the Sith.

    However even this was fraught with peril.


    The nominal Emperor, Danar - although jointly seeking to prevent the return of the Father of the Shadows, the Immortal God of the Sith known only as Typhojem - repeatedly exceeded his authority and slowly but surely pit himself against Insipid and the other Triumvir, Darth Haretisch, formerly of the New Sith Order that Krayt had supplanted. Insipid had met Danar during the Shadow War, and tricked him into a decade long imprisonment in a mind trap, though during the same Insipid and Danar has became familiar to the point of intimacy; though that did not stop their conflict.

    And as such Insipid was countering Danar’s endless politicking as he marched on Coruscant beside the High Lords, even as defeated Sith from failed Orders returned to Korriban with warnings of Typhojem’s pending return. Unbeknownst to Insipid or Danar, Haretisch was in league with Typhojem and assisting in the surreptitious shattering of His seals.

    What occurred thereafter was devastation itself. A successful coup against Danar involving a Celestial artefact, the rediscovery of Mortis, and the return of the Gods of Rot and Chaos, each in league with the God of Shadows. The Well of the Dark Side - opened; Insipid called forth Sekot to assist him in a half-century-old plan to take the body of the Son. The finale - a rent in time itself.


    In this world they were refugees; a battered remnant in the face of what found them - the Empire of the Hand. Thrawn put them to work against the remnants of the Eternal Empire and the nascent First Order, even as Insipid contacted the latter. He began amassing a power base as it became apparent that Haretisch and the new Triumvir, his former secret apprentice Bellorum, had in-fact been together all along. Having lost Ike to his delusions of being God - and thus becoming God-Emperor, going as far as quoting the maxim of Valkorion that a ‘God has no family’ - he became more deranged, consulting with the Celestial Holocron behind the backs of the Triumvirs and anointing himself Snoke of the Rule of the Seven, after reading of a mere fragment of the Holocron’s contents before his forced entry into it caused it to explode.

    Seeking to assemble a Seven, he found that his preparations were needed when respect for him dipped to the point that his room was violated; a corpse with his features butchered and dumped. Enraged, he enacted a coup against the Triumvirs aboard the casino ship Luxury Elite only to discover Bellorum was a dozen steps ahead of him. She had finances prepared, schemes afoot, and a small mercenary army paid for in advance. A round of betrayals by Darth Kronos and Aryan Graul was added to the damage, and Insipid, High Lords Ravenous, Lords Soliloquy and Anark, and a group of apprentices were driven off - however it just propelled Insipid to accept the role which prophecy had foretold.

    Supreme Leader of the First Order.


    But that did not last; Dr Shadow, in-fact Snoke, a mysterious Master of the dark side, had set the ersatz Thrawn and Empire of the Hand as a cunning trap. To learn more about Typhojem and the power the Old Ones possessed, knowledge taken from captured and tortured Sith. He made his move against Insipid, Haretisch and Bellorum during the War of Three, and sought to pull Typhojem across to this timeline through the Sith themselves - the only expression of Typhojem in this reality was us. With His power, Snoke intended to access the World Between Worlds and take control of time.

    The Sith, even divided, resisted Snoke and his newly seized First Order, and managed to slow the escape Typhojem. Insipid pushed Haretisch, Bellorum and other Sith through the breach in the World Between Worlds, and sealed the way - trapping himself, Anark’s brother Bo, Hades, Kronos, Cocytus, Drost and a host of other Sith in this timeline - even as he fragmented and reached out to the fallen timeline for former allies.

    But Snoke, his true goal defeated, abandoned Typhojem, preventing him from crossing into this reality. He left the Sith to die... but Insipid had Kronos, and still he had secrets left to reveal.


    To come...

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    Name: Darth Bellorum
    Sex: Female
    Age: 33
    Species: Half human, half Chiss
    Homeworld: Unknown

    Height: 158 cm (5’2”)
    Weight: 57 kg (125 lbs)
    Physical Attributes: Physical stature is more human than Chiss. Pale skin with bluish tint, eyes normally a soft shade of red which turn golden when she is angered. Unruly hair the shade of Lapis, deep blue with scattered threads of gold. Worn pulled into tight messy bun held in place by pins of aurodium.
    Clothing: Soft black leather leggings tucked into tall boots of the same color. Violet silk tunic belted with black leather. Billowing silken black cloak and hood lined in deep violet or crimson depending on her mood.
    Abilities: A profoundly dangerous force user. Currently the only living being with knowledge of Assimilation, the ability to permanently drain artifacts strong in the force to empower oneself, learned from the holocron of Soa. Formidable lightsaber duelist - favors Soresu form adapted to dual-wield technique using shorter blades. Possesses a deep knowledge of toxicology and pharmacology, generally prefers to attack with poisons before weapons, and relies on lightsaber skills only as a last resort defense. Extremely powerful in force telekinesis, with the ability to collapse buildings or explode an enemy's heart. Nearly unrivaled in her command of pyrokinesis. Able to break an enemy's sanity with force illusions. Possessing of an amazing clairvoyance, able to see the truth of past and future events with intuition and to see the weak points in people and objects.
    Weapons/Tools: Dark violet shoto lightsaber modified to emit a wide tapered blade, glossy ebony outercasing rimmed with clear gemstones. Mandalorian Beskad, used in off-hand when dual wielding.

    Occupation/Title: Sith

    Family: Archaeologist grandmother of unknown name, now deceased.

    Associates: Darth Insipid - former master. Ike - best friend. Darth Haretisch - on again off again lover and rival.

    Bellorum never knew her parents, and was raised by her archeologist grandmother living a nomadic lifestyle. Granny's fellow scientists were an odd mix of misfits who doted on the child and assisted in educating her in their fields of specialty.

    Her favorite was an herbalist/botanist who taught her to not only heal using elements found in nature, but to use them for evil purposes; to torture and kill.

    It was alone that her hunger for knowledge was sated. Combing the dig sites, she made friends with dark spirits that awoke in her presence. The ancient voices told stories of great wars and tragic defeats. They encouraged her to make herself blend into the shadows and stalk prey. The spirits demonstrated the beauty and power of the Force. One sinister presence led her to a magnificent weapon that had been hidden years before, a brilliant violet bladed lightsaber.

    After Granny's passing, Bellorum worked awhile as a mercenary, occasionally for the Sith - never forgetting the dark spirits who insisted she seek out and learn to harness the force. When she caught the attention of Lord Insipid, he claimed her as his secret apprentice, and the raw potential which had long made her amagnet for the malevolent spirits, was finely honed under his tutelage.

    Guided by spirits who had foreseen the demise of an Emperor, she ingratiated herself to both Insipid and Haretisch and bided her time.

    Through a combination of ruthless scheming and tireless study, Bellorum ascended quickly and within a matter of only five years would become a member of the Sith Triumvirate.

    In 155 ABY, an assault party was sent to the Golg fortress to retrieve the heart and helm of Dathka Graush. When Bellorum was added to the team after the fact by Insipid with the secret objective of retrieving the holocron of Soa, she saw her opening and jumped.

    Before the mission could depart, she destabilized the team by murdering a vulnerable apprentice, sending the mission into chaos. She had befriended Insipid's consort, Ike, who quickly became defacto leader due to the original leader’s incompetence, and with his help would end up with the heart and helm of Graush and the holocron of Soa in her possession, multiplying her power tenfold. Using a technique learned from Soa, she quickly drained the power from the heart and helm and attained force potential on par with a Dark Lord.

    Shortly afterward it would become clear that the spirits had not misled her, and she was named Dawn Herald. Her ascent was complete.

    As the Dawn Herald, Bellorum would see Haretisch's coming betrayal, and allowed him to release Typhojem - gambling on herself as the triumvirate's only survivor. Again her intuition would prove correct, and for a brief time she would take the mantle of Empress when both of her counterparts perished on Mortis.

    When Haretisch returned from hell and Insipid successfully essence transferred into Aryan Graul, however, she willingly passed the title back to Insipid. Though he was briefly vulnerable, she reasoned that it would be impossible to survive Typhojem without her former master, and that destroying him would offer only brief reward.

    Instead she opted to cooperate with her fellow triumvirs, to assume the title of Dawn Herald again as the order fled to 5 ABY, and to work patiently toward a more permanent attainment of her goals. Bellorum's time would come, and none would stand in her way. She bided her time, establishing criminal contacts and securing funding for her schemes.

    Within a mere three months, her plan was in place. With all of her enemies clustered aboard the Luxury Elite, she sprung a trap, eliminating the most powerful crime family in the Unknown Regions, and setting the ship’s security forces (whom she had bought off months before using funds secured from a jewel heist) against her former Sith comrades. Darth Insipid and Darth Haretisch would limp wounded from the aftermath, each slipping through her grasp, but she had succeeded nonetheless; Darth Bellorum had now taken the final step to establishing her new order, the Twilight Sun. And she was its Empress.

    The War of Three would follow, and Bellorum would score an early moral victory on New Moraband by destroying the strategically valuable Citadel. She would then score a crushing blow while defending the Hapes Cluster by capturing Darth Haretisch himself and freezing the Imperator in carbonite.

    Things would come to a head on Bedlam, as Bellorum would arrive with the Hapan fleet, newly allied with the freed Imperator, to confront the gathered forces of the First Order.

    There Typhojem would once again attempt to cross the divide between dimensions, freed to do so by the maniacal Snoke. At the last moment, however, her former master Darth Insipid would save them again, sending Bellorum, Haretisch, and others through the world between worlds and into a safer past.

    In the end the Sith Civil War was a disaster, and now Bellorum was in another era without her Luxury Elite and Twilight Guard.



    Name: Hel
    Sex: Female
    Age: 5 (biologically 18 due to growth acceleration)
    Species: 3/4 Human, 1/4 Nagai
    Homeworld: Moraband
    Occupation: Sith
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Physical Attributes: Hel was thin and wiry like her father, though much smaller in stature. Her one quarter Nagai blood was not evident outside of her pale skin and slight build - her hair was reddish blonde, eyes green, and facial features soft like her mother's.
    Clothing: Hel eschewed elaborate attire in favor of utility; flexible, form-fitting black pants and sleeveless black top, black gloves and boots and a black belt accompanied by a light gray cape and hood.
    Abilities: Despite her youth and inexperience, Hel was quite skilled with the force, and possessed abilities beyond the grasp of some who were many years her senior. Her natural affinity for Shatterpoint was the most notable of her force skills. She also boasted considerable stamina and endurance, shown in her exploits during the battles of Moraband and Mortis, in which she defended an invaluable choke point from undead and survived an assault by dozens of cultists, respectively.


    Hel's lightsaber. Focused a violet blade.


    Keiron Wanderguard's lightsaber, inherited by his son Plo upon his death, and subsequently passed to Hel by her father upon the reveal of her parentage. Focused a green blade.

    Occupation/Title: None, outlaw.

    Family: Daughter of Darth Haretisch and Theona Kalo, granddaughter of Keiron Wanderguard.

    Associates: Close friend of Dr. Cal Jepsun. Former comrade to Darths Hades, Anark, and Ravenous, with whom she fought at the the Battle of Moraband. Sometimes partner of Darth Syren.

    Biography: Hel was a human female Sith Lord who lived during various eras of galactic history. Created secretly by a Sith Emperor in 151 ABY using DNA samples from Darth Haretisch and a long-dead Jedi Padawan named Theona Kalo, by the age of four she was biologically an adult due to growth acceleration. Hel spent most of these first four years of her life training in imposed solitude, withher only contact coming by way of handlers and droids.

    It was not until the Sith Emperor's death and Darth Insipid's ascent to the throne that she emerged from isolation and began to actively serve the Empire. Assumed by most to be a clone, her parentagewas unknown to all but Darth Bellorum, who had stumbled upon a datapad containing a holorecording triggered by the Emperor'sdeath and explaining Hel's creation as an elaborate scheme totorture her father in the event of a betrayal.

    In 155 ABY, only days later, Hel played a pivotal role in the Battle of Moraband when circumstances placed her in command of a small squad defending a pivotal choke point against a horde of undead. She gained a measure of notoriety in the aftermath of the victory,when she was awarded the Seventh Sith Empire's highest individual honor - the Badge of Ziost - for her bravery and leadership, alongwith Darths Anark, Ravenous, and Hades.

    Shortly afterward on Mortis, during the mission to seal Typhojempermanently away, she would fight alongside other Sith to repeldozens of Infinite Sith cultists. She nearly perished but for being rescued at the last moment by another Sith piloting Bellorum's personal shuttle The Allotrope. It was on the ship, among the other survivors, that she realized how disastrous the battle had been, and would learn the truth of her birth. Darth Haretisch had been atraitor - releasing Typhojem before having a change of heart and saving them all. Rightfully, no one trusted him.

    And he was her father.

    After escaping with the rest of the Sith via a time travel ritual to 4 ABY, Hel served in her father’s campaigns to tame the new Sithhome world of New Moraband, but was seriously injured by friendly fire during a battle. Saved near miraculously by Dr. Cal Jepsun, she found herself at the outset of a challenging recovery and rehab process.

    Once her recovery was complete, over the following months Hel would periodically sneak aboard the Luxury Elite against the wishes of her father. When the Sith Triumvirate finally collapsed, it came down to Hel, with Cal Jepsun’s help, to save her father’s life and escape to safety.

    During the Sith Civil War, Hel found herself saving her father again after he had gone to try and reason with Bellorum, who had taken him prisoner and bit his ear off in a fit of temporary insanity.

    Now she is feeling more out of place in a whole new era.



    Name: Zalen
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Female
    Species: Nightsister
    Height: 5' 3"
    Weight: 98 lbs
    Physical description: wavy, long red hair. Pale skin, skin around eyes tattooed heavily outlined in black with curls from the corner of her eyes extending to her cheekbones.
    Weapons/Tools: lightsaber with deep purple blade, dagger, various throwing weapons
    Occupation/Title: Sith
    Family: None

    Biography: Zalen was a Nightsister and trained as a dark Jedi at the shadow academy until she had a disagreement with Brakiss and escaped. From there she worked for various criminal organizations, and the last stint landed her in carbonite for an extended period of time. Zalen is always vague about her past and prefers to keep changing her background to use it to her advantage.

    When the triumvirate collapsed on the Luxury Elite, Zalen found herself helping Hel and Darth Haretisch escape. She then served as the chief inquisitor for his empire.
    Once the dust settled on the Sith Civil War, Zalen found herself dropped among what was left of the Sith left behind.
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    Sex: Male
    Age: 57
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Nubia

    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: Average
    Physical Attributes: With his tall frame and confident stride, Aryan exudes the air of a strong politician. He has a youthful disposition, characterized by the impish smirk that is always playing over his features and the zeal reflecting in his blue-gray eyes. His graying hair is finely combed and slicked back, and he sports a neatly trimmed beard. The wings of silver around his temples and the salt and pepper in his beard are the only signs of the years catching up with him, but at this stage, it makes him look more distinguished. His left leg is also cybernetic below the knee, an unfortunate result of an injury he endured while serving with the Galactic Alliance starfighter corps.


    Clothing: Aryan prefers a more conservative style of dress, typically a smart suit or a military-cut uniform. They are usually fairly simple with no additional adornments, aside from the occasional cape draped over one shoulder.
    Abilities: In addition to being a capable pilot from his time in the Alliance military, Aryan is a bright and cunning politician. As a public servant, he relies on his charisma and charm to network amongst his peers and win favor with the people he serves. He is also a competent speaker and can easily influence a crowd through his choice of words. While he maintains a strong public persona and is generally popular with the people, there is another side to Aryan that is less than desirable. He has become masterful at hiding his true intentions and utilizing certain techniques some may consider tasteless, such as manipulation and blackmail, to achieve his long-term goals. He is cruel and deceptive, especially when it comes to his lust for power and indulging his controlling nature.
    Weapons/Tools: A holdout blaster concealed within his tunic and a vibroknife sheathed to the inside of his boot; personal datapad and wrist comlink

    Occupation/Title: Former Chancellor of the Galactic Federation/Former Prime Minister of the Imperium of the Fist
    Family: Norin Graul (father), deceased; Ashaiya Graul-Kinth (mother); Arek Graul (son); Lyzia Graul (ex-wife)
    Associates: Darth Haretisch; Darth Syren (partner, lover, and friend); Dr. Cal Jepsun (physician); Valieri Denora (primary caregiver); Ami Sayul (former Chief of Staff)
    Biography: Aryan was born on Nubia as an only child to Norin and Ashaiya Graul. His parents were the proprietors of a rather large mining and shipping company, which included several bronzium processing plants in the capital region of Rordis. As the sole heir, Aryan would one day have a stake in the company for his namesake alone, but his dreams and aspirations remained elsewhere...among the stars.

    He had a natural love for flying and tinkering with starships. This translated into wild excursions across the Nubian frontier in a modified snub fighter Aryan had restored and maintained himself in his youth. When the time came for him to announce his desire to join the Academy and become a pilot, his father was not thrilled with the proposition. However, he was willing to acquiesce under certain terms – Aryan must attend one of the major universities to earn a ‘proper’ education before he could go off to ‘pursue a childish ambition.’

    Aryan abided by his father’s wishes and enrolled at the University of Corellia to major in business and galactic relations. Shortly after graduation, he finally joined the Galactic Alliance to follow his passions and become a pilot.

    His military career was littered with excellence, and he eventually rose to the rank of Commander, becoming a hometown hero in the process. With each passing achievement, he became more and more convinced that a career as a fully commissioned officer was the way to go, but that all came to a crashing end when he was seriously wounded in a scuffle in the Mid Rim. His injuries were extensive enough that he ended up losing his left leg, and he was medically retired from the military at the age of 28.

    During his tenure in the Navy, he met his wife, Lyzia Eross; the two were married in 126 ABY, with their only son, Arek, being born two years later. It was Lyzia who served as Aryan’s lifeline and moral support during the intervening months following his injury. As a philanthropist, she actively traveled around to various worlds stricken by the war to offer assistance and provide for those people in need. She also held rallies on notable worlds to garner support for her cause, mostly siding with the Alliance and their ideals. Aryan often accompanied her, and it was soon discovered that he had a natural talent for interacting with the public and charming a crowd. His speeches were often engaging, and he soon gained the attention of a prominent politician working within the Senate – Garrit Pilleu, a member of the Nubian Ruling Council and aide to the current Senator of Nubia.

    The politician was infatuated by the young man’s passion and took him under his wing to help him learn the ropes. With Pilleu’s help, Aryan’s impact over the people remained strong. When the time was right, it was the older man who ultimately pushed Graul to seek elected office.

    At the age of 33, Aryan won his first public seat beside his mentor on the Nubian Ruling Council. For the next two years, he continued to make a name for himself by steadily gaining influence and fame within his home system. He was young, and many considered him an attractive and charismatic politician; a fresh face among the usual line-up of tired old bureaucrats. He had the hearts and minds of the people. This would prove crucial when he ultimately ran for Nubia’s empty seat on the Galactic Senate. Aryan eventually won the election by a landslide and became the next Senator of Nubia in 138 ABY. He viewed the outcome as some kind of epiphany; he was their savior, and anything less than that was simply unacceptable. It was a dangerous thought that would slowly begin to consume his mind.

    In fact, it wasn’t long before he became a victim of his own machinations. While he adopted a public mask that kept him quite favorable to the people, he continued to obsess over the government and his quest to obtain the kind of influence he needed to become the liberator he envisioned himself to be. It was at this point that the line of morality began to blur – he began to willfully participate in unscrupulous and shameless acts that would ultimately destroy his marriage and distance himself from those he loved. And yet, it still wasn’t enough; his quest for power became insatiable over the intervening years.

    Senator Graul during an HNN Broadcast circa 143 ABY

    Finally, shortly after winning his third term in the Senate, Aryan approached Darth Insipid and allied himself with the Sith in a desperate bid to elevate himself. In exchange for information and other nominal tasks, he hoped that the Sith would provide him with the kind of push he needed to achieve his ultimate goal – the Chancellorship. Even if it drove him to madness...

    After the siege on Coruscant, Aryan, as the last remaining member of the Senate, was finally declared Chancellor by Emperor Insipid himself. But it was a fool's victory; aside from a few isolated cells scattered across the galaxy, there was nothing left to rule. It was an empty title, one that the Sith continued to exploit as things rapidly spiraled out of control.

    Without anywhere else to turn, Aryan soon realized that he was in way over his head and instantly regretted his decision to forge this alliance with the Sith. This feeling of helplessness culminated with the attack on Mortis. During the battle, Aryan found himself assigned to Insipid’s personal squadron against his will, presumably to keep him under the watchful eye of the Emperor himself. What he didn't realize was that this fateful trip would test him in ways that were previously unimaginable, especially when faced with a glorified god in the form of Typhojem. He would be changed both mentally and physically, and if not for the aid provided by both Insipid and Teafa Phadraig, would have likely succumbed to his emerging madness.

    But he would soon discover that it was all just a ruse.

    After fleeing across space and time to escape Typhojem’s clutches, the Sith found themselves in a place not their own – 5 ABY. It was in this place of new beginnings that Aryan found that Insipid’s ritual to save him on Mortis had resulted in unwanted scars, a consequence he would come to resent. Somehow, the Emperor had endowed him with the Force. As Insipid learned of his revelation, he called upon Teafa to train him and to show him the ways of the Sith. Aryan temporarily became known as Darth Skelm.

    Once again, Aryan saw through the deception. Teafa, who had suffered a great deal on Mortis, was slowly losing touch with reality; her mental state had slipped to the point where she was nothing more than a broken husk. Insipid undoubtedly saw this, and yet had insisted that they carry on as master and apprentice. Aryan viewed this move as a complete insult to his intelligence, and it was clear that the Emperor was setting him up for failure. Just like his spurious ascension to Chancellor, it was all a ploy...a game. And Aryan was the pawn.

    Leaving Teafa and Insipid behind, Aryan fled to seek new avenues and new opportunities. His search eventually brought him to the Night Herald, Darth Haretisch. After a brief exchange, Haretisch agreed to take on Aryan as his apprentice, and subsequently, rolled him into his plans as an agent for the Internal Sith Intelligence Bureau. It was under this moniker that he met Darth Syren. While he was initially at odds with the beautiful assassin, this would soon change as their duties brought them closer together on the pleasure yacht, the Luxury Elite. After dispatching a common foe, they found that they could no longer ignore the attraction that was pulling them together, and they expressed their love for one another.

    Their relationship would only continue to grow and flourish after they found themselves the prisoners of Zeb Targon and his notorious crime syndicate. Being locked up in close quarters for two months had only solidified their bond, but the ultimate test was yet to come. Their time on the Luxury Elite was supposed to culminate in a grand fight between Darth Alva and Grievance Vexx, however, when the day of the fight arrived, Darth Bellorum had other plans. She launched a mutunity that would tear the fledgling Sith Empire apart.

    Now at odds with their former allies, it became a fight for survival. Aryan, still struggling with his loyalties for Haretisch, Insipid, and even his duty to the Force, found himself on the brink of destruction – should he continue on this tired path and choose a side, or escape to start a new life? After Insipid had used and betrayed him, he knew he could not ally with the Emperor, and he remained skeptical of Haretisch’s longevity...that left only Syren. With the assassin at his side, the answer seemed obvious, but the journey would not be easy. Despite their best efforts, circumstances beyond their control would force them to flee onto the Night Herald’s shuttle to accept their fate. In Aryan’s case, it was all he could ask for.

    Darth Haretisch, having suffered life-threatening injuries from his duel with Darth Insipid, sought to sustain himself. Reaching out with the Force, he latched onto Aryan’s life-force and began to unconsciously drain him of his energy. While Graul felt himself dying and succumbing to the Night Herald’s power, master and apprentice struck a deal in the ether that existed between life and death. Aryan would live, but his connection to the Force would be permanently severed. It was a small price to pay for one’s life, but Aryan was happy to oblige. This ritual had set him free, not only from the Force, but of Insipid’s influence. He was whole once again.

    Six months after their escape, Aryan became poised to lead. As a high-ranking member of Haretisch’s Imperium of the Fist, he served as the Imperator’s Hand and oversaw the inner workings of this new government as its Prime Minister. During his tenure, he oversaw the liberation of Nirauan and subsequently defended the besieged Imperium capital from the opposing forces of the First Order. It served as a formidable challenge for the distinguished leader, but nothing compared to the one he would face in the Bedlam system.

    Aryan Graul, Prime Minister of the Imperium of the Fist

    After Supreme Leader Snoke revealed himself as the true leader of the First Order, he performed a ritual to unleash Typhojem on an unsuspecting galaxy. Aryan answered the call by joining together with the remaining Sith above Bedlam to fight this new foe. He returned to his piloting roots and hopped into the cockpit of a TIE Defender to lead a rag-tag squadron into the heart of battle. While he successfully led an assault against the Star Destroyer Eclipse, imploding it before it could destroy the planet, the victory was short-lived. His starfighter would soon lose power and deplete its supply of oxygen.

    Unconscious and drifting listlessly in space, he would have surely died if not for a timely rescue from the woman he loved. Syren might have saved his life, but unfortunately, it was too late to prevent lasting damage. Aryan suffered from anoxia, an acute lack of oxygen to the brain, which resulted in a significant injury.

    Just as the survivors were thrust through the World Between Worlds into a new space and time, Aryan now finds himself tumbling into the unknown on his own personal journey of discovery, not knowing who will emerge on the other side. He has a long rehabilitation ahead, and at this point, it is hard to say how well or how fast he will recover. In some ways, he is starting over.

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    CHARACTER SHEET - Triumvirate Approved!

    Name: Soliloquy
    Sex: In Flux, honestly after watching her body die she has to admit it is hard to see themselves as truly female as they drift once more.
    Age: Still like the Comm Number, Unlisted.
    Species: Catching a Falling Holocron and find out.
    Homeworld: Somewhere

    Height: Roughly palm high to a 3 meters span!
    Weight: Now that is just rude, asking a recent woman about her weight when she just died! The Nerve!
    Physical Attributes: Isodecahedron shaped, glowing red and purple, inscribed all over with sith alchemy glyphs.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    A male Mikkian, green, black leather with body armor as an outer layer with red highlighting on the clothing.
    Clothing: Panel 1 through 20, triangular pattern.
    Abilities: Despite no longer truly being living nor being truly dead has its advantages. The mind is it's playground and illusions its forte. Although Essence Transfer has opened choices previously denied to them.
    Weapons/Tools: Spores, lots and lots of spores. It's own body, and the occasional blunt object. Of course these pale to the power and abilities of the Force, as tool or weapon, there is no compare.
    Pets: Blightling - Creation Monster -
    [​IMG] It's able to speak fluent Jawa languages as well as understand Basic and Sith tongues. He placed it as semi sentient, a living slave that would never desire to be more. It also could be a blight if he let it reproduce by infecting other living things so that they would explode with its children, but that was more an odd side effect than anything he really had wanted to create in it. Besides a fast and loyal mount as hardy as himself and fast enough to give anything on this world and many others a run for their credits he had little requirements. Life always finds a way though, so better to instill a path and then set yourself as the gatekeeper, it shouldn't reproduce unless he gave it permission.

    Occupation/Title: Holocron, Chronicler, Advisor, Sixth of Seven, God Slayer, God Midwife, Left Handed Fool, Distractor, Revanite, Hidden Jewel, Apprentices Test, Shield of the Foolish, Tutor, etc. These things tend to accumulate after a few thousand years.
    Family: None in this Universe.
    Associates: Kwea, Jwob possibly, Insipid, Ravenous, and a few more that yet might be living.
    Biography: Once, in a star system far far away. Revan was a Jedi. A Sith. Both. Neither. He sat in a prison being all this and nothing at all, and another saw the value in it. The worth of it. Taking knowledge and stealth he studied and fashioned a prison of the most fiendish sort. For a prisoner that would be king. To rule vassals that never would know they were being used, from the low to the high, and instead of finding power he had mastered, they were revealing those powers to him after a fashion. For after all, all life is finite but that of a Holocron, a Holocron is as close to forever as one can get. For these are the prizes and joys, these are the sought after and guarded.

    It was a scheme worthy of a Sith. Yet in truth he never considered himself one, not then and the Holocron noteven now. Too narrow, too much into the work of self-glorification were they. No. Power and knowledge was its own reward. For now. So time has passed. From the young to old, if you are beginning your road you are what the holocron sought. Only then it begins to waver as the galaxy was lost it was forced to see limitations of it's chosen road. The slow and steady was proving too slow, after all a universe had died and children with less age than it knew abilities and mastered things it did not beyond their descriptions.

    So now it had sought a faster path. More dangerous, but possibly the risk, the risk will be part of the reward. In a way it has been, in others the dangers have proven all too real. It gained a mechanical means of motion, only to have it subsumed with it's own will of that of the late Emperor Palpatine AI. A new mind it has chosen to learn to live with, honestly the murder attempts have livened up it's dull life more than it had hoped.

    The Sith have splintered, again, and one wishes they could say they were surprised. Still, it has grown. It has learned. It has gained title and position. Life is a good thing once more, long live the war! Only the war ended up seeing the AI betray them and take a flesh body to only have it die and leap to Cocytus. Then they gained a Zakuulian made body, eight limbs, curvy, female.

    That was an eureka moment, a birthing not only of body but of mind that followed until all roads led to the birthing of the gods. There she sacrificed all within their blood altar, in their womb, and aided three in finding life within this galaxy again. It started a war between the gods and it let it burn them all out in the end. Taints and bonds were torn and freedom rang out with the shattered death throws of an entire world as well as the three fleets.

    So much waste, but it was once more a mere Holocron again. A mere thing floating in the existential void until the Emperor plucked it from the depths. As they were taken within they sang this song of remembrance, of love, of life, of being.

    Take my love, take my land,
    Take me where I can not stand
    I don't care cause I'm still free
    you can't take the sky from me.
    Take me out, to the black,
    tell them i an't coming back
    burn the land and boil the sea
    you can't take the sky from me.
    There's no place I can be
    Since I found Serenity
    burn the land and boil the sea
    you can't take the sky from me.
    you can't take the sky from me.
    you can't take the sky from me.
    you can't take the sky
    you can't take the sky
    you can't take the sky from me.
    ~guitar solo~
    There's no place I can be
    Since I found Serenity
    burn the land and boil the sea
    you can't take the sky from me.
    you can't take the sky from me.
    you can't take the sky from me.
    you can't take the sky
    you can't take the sky
    you can't take the sky from me.
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    Name: Plo Wanderguard (alias Darth Haretisch)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 50
    Species: Half human, half Nagai
    Homeworld: Nagi

    Height: 6’3” (1.905 meters)
    Weight: 190 lbs (86kg)
    Physical Attributes: Plo was tall and wiry owing to his Nagai heritage, with long limbs. When angered, his posture would grow crooked and feral. He was not handsome - an angular face, thin lips, long teeth, high cheekbones, and a prominent aquiline nose were topped by a poorly tended mop of black hair which had lightened somewhat and was even graying on the sides by his fiftieth year.
    Clothing: Once in 1200 BBY, Plo began to eschew the Sith Robes and stormtrooper armor he had always donned before, along with his entire Sith persona, in favor of something decidedly more low key. Instead, he began to wear simple collared shirts and pants, light jackets, and boots, mostly in darker colors but sometimes in more neutral tones.
    Abilities: Even in his old age, Plo Wanderguard’s swordplay was without equal. A master of every form, Ataru had been his style of choice until his duel with Darth Insipid aboard the Luxury Elite. Having always relied on raw menace and reckless ferocity to overcome his opponents before, Plo found as he grew older he could not as readily heal from the punishment his body would inevitably take in drawn out engagements, and so he adopted a more balanced and measured approach emphasizing precision, patience, and careful timing. Beyond his skill with the blade, Darth Haretisch was an immensely talented force user - nearly unkillable such was his command of Pain, and able to crush hordes of enemies at once using Decimate. In addition, his artificial left arm was capable of grip strength sufficient to crush a lightsaber hilt.


    Darth Haretisch’s third lightsaber, constructed just prior to the Battle of Moraband. Focused a blade of pale blue using the Eye of Hoth. Sported grips of brown Mynock leather.

    Darth Haretisch’s second lightsaber, constructed after his reemergence from isolation. A complex weapon pieced together from several others - proved fragile when it was broken irreparably by a careless apprentice in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

    Darth Haretisch’s first lightsaber, originally owned by his father Keiron. Given to his daughter Hel. Focused an emerald blade.

    Faction: Crew of the Dark Dreamer
    Occupation/Title: None. Outlaw.

    Darth Haretisch’s daughter, Hel. Conceived and raised initially without his knowledge using his genetic material.

    Darth Haretisch’s father, Keiron Wanderguard. A talented but unorthodox Jedi Knight who introduced the young Plo to the force.

    Associates: Darth Bellorum (lover), Darth Insipid (partner and sometimes foe), Darth Syren (protege and ward... of sorts. Adopted heir), Aryan Graul (friend and advisor), Lennox Jerod, Grievance Vexx, and Darth Kralkus (trusted lieutenants), and Darth Anark (tenuous ally, former enemy).

    Darth Haretisch was a half-Nagai Dark Lord of the Sith who, through various means, lived in multiple eras of galactic history.

    Born as Plo Wanderguard in 8 BBY to a Nagai mother and human Jedi father - who had wandered into the Firefist satellite galaxy prior to Order 66. Trained from near-infancy by his father, Plo's early youth on Nagi is otherwise not well known.

    In 4 ABY with the fall of the empire, Plo followed both parents into the larger galaxy as they joined the shortlived Nagai/Tof invasion which took place that year. Though the elder Wanderguard might have proven an invaluable asset and teacher to a young Luke Skywalker had they met, he along with Plo's mother were killed in the Twelfth Battle of Zeltros before any such meeting could take place. Left orphaned at only 12, Plo found himself taken to Coruscant with other war orphans, where he would remain until he reached adulthood in 10 ABY.

    By 11 ABY, Plo had found his way to the newly established Jedi Praxeum at Yavin IV, seeking to complete the training left unfinished by his late father. As a student of Luke Skywalker, he struggled. His emotional nature was a constant point of criticism, and his unhealthy possessiveness of and romantic yearning for another student, Theona Kalo, only made matters worse.

    Theona Kalo in 12 ABY.

    In 12 ABY it was a chance meeting with a lord of the New Sith Order which watered the seeds of doubt in the young Plo's mind, and shortly afterward he disappeared from known space to become the apprentice of the Dark Lord on Korriban. Among the Jedi, only Kalo knew of his whereabouts and of his fall to the dark side, a secret she would take to her grave.

    Plo during the early days of his Sith apprenticeship.

    In late 13 ABY, having taken the name Darth Haretisch, he was contacted by Kalo who asked to meet with him on a neutral world, where she would pledge herself to the Sith and join him on Korriban. He traveled with his master as well as Darth Kast, each of whom was interested to appraise the apparent new recruit. The meeting was a ruse, however, as Kalo had no intention of joining the Sith and instead attempted to convince Haretisch to leave with her. Enraged, he accused her of conspiring with the Jedi to capture and return him to Yavin. Capitalizing on his apprentice's confusion and growing anger, the Dark Lord ordered him to destroy Kalo as a show of commitment to the Sith. Haretisch complied, to his immediate regret - he then turned his blade on his master and was quickly disarmed. Expelling the apprentice from the Sith, the Dark Lord departed with Kast and left the injured Haretisch for dead. Broken and crippled, Plo dragged himself to safety and assessed his wounds. Scarred by force lightning and without a left arm, he was nonetheless alive and well.

    Despondent, he wandered the unknown regions for a time before returning to Republic space in 14 ABY to willingly stand trial for his crimes. Though he projected the facade of a remorseless killer consumed by the dark side, the Jedi could see the truth of it - that it was only a facade, and that he was wracked with guilt.

    Further, no proof of his murder of Kalo could be found, as she had simply been assumed missing since 13 ABY when she had renounced the Jedi and departed Yavin. In the end, though the Jedi acknowledged Plo's deep feelings of guilt as real, his confession was dismissed as a false one, and he was denied the punishment he sought - advised instead to atone for whatever grieved him so.

    In truth, he had been cast even further into a pit of darkness by the confirmation that Kalo had not lied about her renunciation of the Jedi - a suspicion he had held since the moment she fell dead. She had sacrificed everything only to see him redeemed. This was not a defeatist despair as before, however. This was a focused, burning will to exact vengeance. Outfitted with a cybernetic left arm, he once again disappeared.

    Despairing, circa 14 ABY

    In 15 ABY, he found what he expected to be the vehicle to his eventual revenge. In an unknown corner of the Deep Core, he happened upon an unnamed planet rich in the dark side and the secrets of the ancient Sith. Among the treasures he found there was an eldritch holocron of mysterious and primeval making; the holocron of Typhojem, the ancient god of the Sith. Apprenticed to this holocron, and now calling himself Darth Haretisch once again, there he would quickly fall under its malign influence which would feed not only his power, but his growing madness and nihilism.

    In 150 ABY, Darth Haretisch at last emerged from his isolation, bent on destroying his former master and his Sith Order. Though 135 years had passed in the galaxy at large, a mere two decades had come and gone from his own perspective - he was now biologically only 43 years old due to the deep core's powerful time dilation effect.

    Traveling to Korriban to confront his former master in person, he found him and his order long gone, replaced many times over by orders and kingdoms and empires which had risen and crumbled in the near century and a half since the beginning of his exile. On Korriban he instead found Darth Insipid and the Sith Emperor, with whom he engaged in a titanic battle of sorcery and swordplay. Though he showed himself as a formidable swordsman - easily besting the Emperor and every bit the equal of Insipid - he could not prevail against both great sorcerers at once. Each boasted a superior command of dark side wizardry, and Haretisch's defeat was clearly inevitable from the opening exchanges.

    When at last he was overcome, his conquerors came to regard him as simultaneously too dangerous to let alone, and too potentially useful to destroy. Though lords of lesser cunning may have simply killed him, Insipid and his occasional rival were far wiser than the Dark Lords of old. No, Darth Haretisch's coming was far too well-timed to waste with foolish bloodlust. Instead, he was commissioned to lead alongside them the rising Sith Empire, as one third of the throne. And so it was formed, the Third Sith Triumvirate; Emperor, Night Herald, and Shadow Hand.

    Early days as the Shadow Hand

    But his quest to destroy his former master had in fact been a ruse, and in the five years which followed, the Shadow Hand would spin a careful web of deceit. Romantic involvement with Insipid's half-chiss apprentice Darth Bellorum, command over the wise Darth Kralkus, and mentorship to the young Darth Arach - he leveraged all to the same, malevolent purpose; the release of Typhojem. Having been promised the embrace of painless non-existence beyond death rather than an afterlife in Hell, Darth Haretisch had sworn his allegiance to ultimate evil.

    By 155 ABY, the remains of Typhojem's Infinite Sith Empire were beginning to silently cause a stir about the Galaxy, and the pieces to Haretisch's plan were set. Over the course of only three days, he would deftly direct the destruction of one of two final seals to Typhojem's prison - an ancient Sith ruin on Hoth - and the completion of the living key to the final seal which could alternately lock the ancient god away, or release him, irreversibly on either count. This alongside having shed the title of Shadow Hand in favor of Night Herald, as Insipid became Emperor to fill the void left by his deceased predecessor, and Bellorum ascended to the triumvirate as Dawn Herald.

    Though nearly killed in the Battle of Moraband, Haretisch would help to lead the march on Mortis only two days hence, ostensibly to complete the final ritual and to see Typhojem undone. Instead he revealed his betrayal at the last moment, and engaged in a titanic battle with the likes of Darth Manticore, the Lorekeeper, and Darth Syren with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. He would emerge victorious though mortally wounded, and fell as his lord and master was released to lay waste to all creation.

    Unexpectedly, however, he would awake in Hell alongside the others, and a groundshaking truth would be revealed; he had a daughter. Using genetic material from Haretisch himself and samples mysteriously recovered from the long-dead Theona Kalo, the late Emperor had created Hel in the interest of gaining leverage over Haretisch should he need it. Ironically he had instead given the Night Herald a reason to continue existing.

    Together with those he had betrayed and murdered only minutes prior, Haretisch successfully resisted Typhojem's attempts to consume them all, and as a briefly deified Darth Insipid blew a gaping hole in the god's essence, all whom had died would find themselves alive and whole once more.

    With Typhojem briefly reeling from the blow, Haretisch and the others were rescued from the surface of Mortis by Bellorum, and the scant remains of the Sith Empire, Hel among them, fled the planet by shuttle.

    Escaping through time by way of an ancient Sith ritual, the survivors would leave their broken galaxy behind and emerge instead into an alien timeline, in 5 ABY, beyond the reach of Typhojem and his followers. Painstakingly, the Sith would begin to rebuild their order in the unknown regions, as a vassal to Grand Admiral Thrawn, while Haretisch had his own tall task ahead - to rebuild his loyalties and protect his daughter in a hostile galaxy.

    In the three months which followed, the Sith hierarchy would collapse outright. Amidst grievous injuries to Hel, and the silent machinations of his fellow triumvirs, Haretisch struggled and failed to secure a safer and more stable galaxy for his daughter. Aboard the Luxury Elite, open hostilities would erupt as the Sith broke into a trio of factions. Battered by a grueling duel with Darth Insipid and subsequent encounter with Darth Ravenous which would leave him once again without a left arm, he and Hel nonetheless escaped with Aryan Graul, Syren, Zalen, and Grievance Vexx in tow.

    In the aftermath, the War of Three would begin - Bellorum as the Empress of the Twilight Sun, Insipid as Supreme Leader of the First Order, and Haretisch himself as Lord Imperator of the reorganized remnants of Thrawn’s empire, the newly christened Imperium of the Fist.

    As Lord Imperator, circa 5 ABY

    With Aryan Graul, Lennox Jerod, Grievance Vexx, and the ever faithful Darth Syren as his lieutenants, Darth Haretisch and his Imperium prepared for the war ahead. It was a short engagement, however, consisting of only a handful of battles before Typhojem once again surfaced via a ritual performed by Snoke, who had taken control of the First Order from Insipid.

    In a moment of apparent contrition, or good will, or something of the sort, Insipid would shunt Haretisch, Bellorum, Hel, Syren, Aryan, Vexx, Jerod, and Anark through the world between worlds and to the relative safety of 1200 BBY. There, Darth Haretisch would reconcile with Bellorum and shed his Sith persona to become Plo Wanderguard once more.
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    Triple GM Approved


    Name: Lennox Jerod
    Sex: Male
    Age: 39
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Height: 5ft 9in
    Weight: 10st
    Physical Attributes: Red hair, piercing green eyes, likes to keep his body toned and fit
    Clothing: Casual shirts and trousers, black boots from his former Imperial uniform, can dress smartly if the need arises
    Abilities: Standard martial arts and weapons training. Well versed in the study of modern and historic warfare and tactics
    Weapons/Tools: Blaster pistol usually holstered at his side

    Occupation/Title: Captain of the Dark Dreamer, former Grand Admiral of the Imperium of the Fist
    Family: Parents, still living on Coruscant, ex wife Cleo Alexandrou (deceased), son Xander
    Associates: Darth Haretisch

    Biography: Born on Coruscant to a military family, young Lennox like most young boys looked to the stars for adventure and the beauty of space itself. His parents served in the Republic Navy and continued to serve when it transitioned into the Galactic Empire. Being a teenager at the time, his aspiration was to one day command a starship and to bring order in a galaxy full of chaos. At the urging of his parents, and under their guidance, he studied hard for the Imperial Academy and joined hit’s ranks when he was 18.

    At the Academy life was tough, and brutal, studying, classes and physical training, not just in weapons, but also combat and basic piloting skills. His main focus was in the Navy where he joined the command track. His hobby, when not in class was to study tactics of the past and present, keeping himself up to date as it were on the tools and techniques of battle to keep his mind sharp for when eventually he would command a starship. He impressed his instructors with his skills, not only just in tactics but weapons proficiency as well. He passed with honours and joined the Imperial Navy as an Ensign.

    He served throughout the Galactic Civil War throughout several battles and campaigns using his knowledge of tactics to help his commanding officers which impressined them. These skills eventually saw him promoted to Lieutenant. Three years after the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Endor took place and not even Jerod could predict the outcome. The Emperor and Lord Vader dead, the Empire in disarray and routed, the Rebel Alliance victorious and the Death Star 2 destroyed. Jerod’s ship was one of those who heeded the retreat order rather than sacrifice themselves.

    After Endor, the Empire fell into disarray with infighting and warlordism taking over. Jerod’s ship managed to stay out of trouble and avoid any entanglements with any Imperial factions thanks to the Captain and Jerod’s quick thinking. However, eventually the Empire reformed under Admiral Sloane and Jerod rejoined the Empire fully, once again taking part in campaigns that would help crush the New Republic. Again Jerod’s knowledge and skills rose once again to the fore and helped his ship and crew avoid destruction. Unfortunately the Empire would be in turmoil once again due to Gallius Rax’s eventual takeover which was all planned. Sloane turned fugitive and Jerod was forced to work under Rax’s iron fist which he disapproved of but would never speak aloud in public.

    Thanks to Rax’s machinations, a showdown occurred between the Empire and the New Republic on the desert world of Jakku. However the Empire tasted defeat once again and Jerod watched once again as the Empire crumbled, he was prepared to die for the Empire but fate was on his side. With the Super Star Destroyer Ravager now without a commander and his ship damaged, Jerod’s ship fled to the Unknown Regions in retreat.

    Jerod’s knowledge of tactics had not gone unnoticed however. The mysterious Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn contacted Jerod’s Captain to enquire about the young Lieutenant and that he had piqued his interest. Excited at the chance to impress a Grand Admiral, Jerod accepted the Chiss’s offer to visit him on Nirauan. There, the Grand Admiral introduced him to the Empire of the Hand, his group of Imperials brought together to stave off threats to the galaxy not just from the Unknown Regions, but also extra-galactic invaders. It’s mission was also to explore and pacify the Unknown Regions.

    Jerod agreed to join seeing that this Empire of the Hand was a better alternative and was also a chance to further his career. With that, Thrawn promoted him to Captain and presented him with a ship, the Revelator. A while after he was given the Star Destroyer, in which he was shown to be a capable commander, a group of Sith arrived and made an alliance with Thrawn. Darh Haretisch, one of the Sith Lords was assigned to the Revelator and Jerod was uncertain about having a Sith on board, what it would do for the morale of his crew. He pounded Boneyard on New Moraband to dust, and Jerod swelled with pride that his crew and shown efficiency and skill.

    These fears became unfounded until one fateful incident. After the bridge crew saw a moment of vulnerability between the Dark Lord and his daughter, the entire bridge crew were executed save for Jerod. He was prepared for his death having seen it as well, but somehow he was spared, even though he had only worked with Haretisch for a short time. He accepted that he had already given his life to the Empire of the Hand and that he had nothing to lose.

    Jerod became more confident even with Darth Haretisch making sure he would not fail him, he was unfazed about the death and destruction he was dealing out. However Jerod had to use his quick thinking once again. After the Revelator had arrived close to where the Luxury Elite was sitting, a bomb was thrown into the main reactor by Darth Insipid’s forces, causing a chain reaction that would destroy the ship. With only seconds to spare, Jerod managed to get into an escape pod and launch himself away before the ship exploded, and Jerod lamented the loss of his crew and once again losing an entire bridge compliment.

    He was eventually rescued. Shortly after the battle for the Luxury Elite word began to spread, Grand Admiral Thrawn had disappeared. With that, new factions began to form after the war began, with Jerod choosing to stay with Darth Haretisch and the newly renamed Imperium of the Fist. He was also promoted to Admiral during the first six months of the war, although Jerod did wonder how he had earned such a title after losing the Revelator.

    The command of the Imperium fleet was given to Jerod and at New Moraband he faced off against Darth Insipid’s First Order and Darth Bellorum’s Twilight Sun. He achieved victory but not before losing one of his destroyer’s the Standardizer. After the battle Lennox received some disturbing news. His ex wife Celo Alexandrou informed him that their son Xander had killed his brother using the Force. Lennox disowned his son however Darth Haretisch had a plan to train him in the ways of the Force in order to save him. During this time he was also promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral.

    The Imperium fleet next moved on to the Hapes Cluster a vital cog in the Twilight Sun’s war machine. The battle however ended in disaster, with Lord Haretisch and General Vexx whom Lennox had ordered to try and rescue him being captured and the Twilight Sun/Hapan fleet retreating. It was after the battle that Darth Kralkus, Lord Haretisch’s trusted lieutenant summoned him to Nirauan where a meeting of the top minds in the Imperium were to meet.

    After explaining his action in the Battle of Hapes, he received intelligence regarding an insane asylum in the Bedlam system which was filled with First Order prisoners. However it was a trap with the First Order waiting for them with ships including the prototype destroyer Resurgent and Emperor Palpatine’s former flagship the Eclipse.

    After attacking the fleet above Bedlam, Jerod was visited by a ghostly form of Supreme Leader Snoke, the new leader of the First Order. After threatening to use his son to kill the Imperium forces if Jerod did not surrender, he then trapped Jerod's fleet within the First Order group. With no shields Jerod knew the game was up.

    Thankfully an Imperium group led by Aryan Graul arrived as did a Twilight Sun force led by both Lord Haretisch and Lady Bellorum. The tide of the battle turned and the Resurgent was finally destroyed and the First Order group disabled.

    However Jerod was not out of the woods yet. After changing course to go and tackle the Eclipse the Repentance was boarded. With no choice left to him Jerod was forced to evacuate with Cleo and Xander, himself becoming injured along the way. Thanks to Aryan the Eclipse was defeated, however Bedlam began to be consumed by a dark entity which unleashed creatures that came after Jerod's shuttle among others.

    After some nifty flying and with Xanders powers becoming fully unleashed, the creatures were destroyed. However tragedy struck as Cleo was fatally injured whilst bringing the shuttle into the Forgotten, Bellorum's Hapan Battle Dragon. Distraught, Jerod accepted his fate as the entity disabled the Battle Dragons systems leaving him, his son and his deceased ex wife stuck on their shuttle. Jerod was ready to accept his death.

    Lord Insipid though had other ideas and sent Jerod and Xander into the vortex which had opened up after the destruction of the Eclipse. Jerod had been sent into the World Between Worlds with no idea what lay ahead or what the future would hold for him and Xander. He has been selected to captain the yacht Dark Dreamer which has been procured for use by the survivors. Jerod now has one mission: help himself , his son, and the others with him survive, and if possible find a way home.

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    Name: Darth Vyatoris (Previously known as Azeth Drost)
    Sex: M
    Age: 26 (Technically 1,026 due to extended period in forced stasis)
    Species: Miraluka
    Homeworld: Alpheridies

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 148lbs

    Physical Attributes:
    Azeth has a tall, lithe frame, snow white skin, and long silver-grey hair which flows down below the shoulder blades. Azeth's face is generally described as being nondescript, apart from the lack of eyes as is the norm of his species. Due to his rather average appearance, Azeth finds it incredibly easy to blend in with crowds. When in combat, Azeth will use his slim from to slide away from attacks.

    On a day to day basis, Azeth wears a very plain dark grey cloak, complete with a hood which he will almost always have raised over his head, hiding his face in shadow. Azeth often wears a ceremonial white and gold strap of cloth over his vestigial eye sockets. On formal occasions, he will wear a ceremonial Miralukan Robe, which is pure white cloth, outlined by gold bands across the chest and arms. When expecting to face a combat situation, Azeth will wear form fitting black synth-weave armor, outlined in bands of crimson, his face covered in similar colored cloth, with a similarly black and crimson colored band over his eyes.

    Extensive training in the lighstaber forms III: Soresu, II: Makashi, and IV: Ataru. In combat, Vyatoris prefers to remain on the defensive through use of Form III, wearing an opponent out before finishing them off with precision surgical strikes through Form II. During his tutelage as a Jedi, Vyatoris learned how to switch between Forms II and III without difficulty, to the continued surprise of his enemies. When all else fails, Vyatoris will switch to From IV: Ataru in an attempt to batter an opponent with force-assisted strikes, all in an attempt to break open their defenses.

    Vyatoris is quite adept in shielding his aura from others through the use of Force stealth and Conceal Essence, which he often uses to get in and out of combat without notice. That being said, he had rarely had the opportunity to use such abilities, especially after being rediscovered by the First Order, and the events which followed.

    Vyatoris' main weapon is a slim, silver hilted red bladed lightsaber. Due to it's size, it can easily be concealed within the confines of his robes. He will occasionally carry a small hold-out blaster on his person, similarly hidden within his robes.

    As a Miraluka, Vyatoris cannot "see" in the traditional sense, which renders him unable to use scoped weapons of any kind. However, Vyatoris almost always has at least one datapad on his person, connected to an array of minuscule data recorders which he uses to record anything and everything he finds interesting. Unfortunately for those around him, there is very little he isn't fascinated by.

    Occupation/Title: Sorcerer, Scholar, Apprentice
    Family: Dar'yi Drost (Father - Deceased), Nethia Drost (Mother - Deceased)
    Associates: Doctor Torig Na (Driven mad and killed on Bedlam) , Darth Ravenous (Former Master)

    Azeth Drost was born on the Miraluka homeworld of Alpheridies in 1021 BBY, to a loving family of three,a mother, father, and sister. His childhood was painfully average, until he reached the age of four. His father, a Jedi Battlemaster, began noticing an increasing level of force aptitude simply radiating from his young child. Not knowing what else to do, Dar'yi Drost, his father, brought Azeth to Alpheridies' Jedi Temple for training. While initially curious about Dar'yi's intentions, the Jedi Council accepted Azeth into the temple, to begin immediate training, albeit removed from his blood relatives.

    Azeth's time at the Jedi Temple on Alpheridies was relatively short, only being five years, before he was transferred to the Temple on Coruscant itself. At the time, the Alpheridies' Temple began worrying that the close proximity of Azeth's blood family would hinder his Jedi training, especially the child's ability to learn detachment.

    The next few years passed without incident. Azeth was a model student, always eager for new knowledge, a hunger that his teachers would unknowingly feed with each lesson. At age 13, Azeth was officially promoted to the rank of Padawan, and paired with the Jedi Knight Aseda Physsas, a red-skinned Togruta female. Master Physsas was an odd teacher, in almost every aspect. While the Temple preached detachment and stoicism, Physsas often treated Azeth as a loved son, and expected him to treat her as a matriarchal figure. As the years would pass by, the pair would slowly bond, becoming much closer than what was considered proper at the Jedi Temple. However, their exemplary mission results generally kept the Council quiet.

    This would change for the worst on the eve of Azeth's 21st birthday. For years, he had secretly been amassing the archive's collective knowledge, especially files that were considered banned from being accessed by Padawans. Master Physsas had been feeding this hunger for knowledge as well, constantly challenging him to form his own opinions on the manner of the force. After a particularly heated "debate" with another Jedi Master, in which Azeth began spouting rather Sith-like ideology, Azeth was temporarily restricted from accessing the Jedi archives, and his master brought in for questioning.

    Frustrated at both his own punishment, and the treatment of Master Pyssas, Azeth slowly began turning away from the light side of the force, wallowing in a pool of anger at his own misfortune. The next night, Azeth successfully snuck back into the archives, downloading almost everything he could without being caught. He would continue this trend for a full two weeks, each successful trip hastening the Padawan's descent from the Light. Emboldened by his recent successes, Azeth came to the decision to "borrow" a Holocron from the Holocron Vault. He was discovered almost immediately after stepping foot inside the vault, and was forced to flee the temple, Temple Guards in hot pursuit.

    After three months of moving between grimy bars and dilapidated slums in the lower levels of Coruscant, Azeth managed to stow away on a freighter heading offworld. By this time, he was officially named a traitor to the Jedi Order, and a bounty was, informally, placed on his head.Two long, painful years pass. Each day was spent looking over his shoulder, expecting a group of Jedi to come rushing out of the shadows to grab him, yet, none ever came. The Jedi were preoccupied fighting a pitched battle against the Sith, which presented a much bigger threat than some disgraced Padawan. Azeth was, put lightly, miserable. His hunger for knowledge had done nothing but bring him pain. The holocron, while temporarily useful, contained little in the way of lightsaber or force techniques, both of which Azeth had been relying on to survive in the multitude of slums he often found himself inhabiting across the galaxy. However, the constant use of disguises, both physical and force-based, did give Azeth a practical, if not haphazard manner of learning Force Stealth, which he used to great effectiveness.

    Azeth fully descended into the Dark Side on the eve of his 25th birthday. He had heard rumors of a discovered Sith temple on a planet in the Unknown Regions, and, through use of the force, forced a pilot to charter a flight there. Before he could depart, he was confronted by his former Master. After a lengthy duel, he finally struck the killing blow, leaving his now dead master's form to rot in the mud.

    With his master dead, Azeth boarded the recently acquired ship, mind tormented between the rush of battle, and the mental anguish at killing the equivalent of his own mother.Before he left, Azeth collected one of his master's sabers, otherwise leaving the body where it lay. The journey was excruciating. No matter the circumstance, Azeth was haunted by the smiling face of his master. Not sure whether the pain was from an injury he sustained in battle, or from her spirit itself tormenting him,, Azeth shielded his mind, delving fully into the dark side to compensate. On arrival, Azeth's old hunger for knowledge kicks back in, temporarily masking his regrets. After disposing of the pilot, Azeth rushed inside the abandoned Sith temple, ignoring his instincts to stay away.

    While most of the temple was bare, looted long ago, a massive domed room in the heart of the temple caught his eye, specifically, the sealed stone sarcophagus in the center. Ignoring the overall sense of danger radiating from the sarcophagus, Azeth proceed to ignite his lightsaber, cutting away at a series of locks buried into the sarcophagus's main face. The room exploded in a blinding flash, followed by booming laughter. Suddenly unable to control his own body, Azeth slowly marched to the now empty coffin, climbing inside with awkward, jolting motions. In a panic, he tried resisting through the force, fully devolving into a rage of emotions, but to no avail. The last thing Azeth would see, were the two main doors of the coffin slide back into place overhead, and the sounds of locks clanking into place.

    Azeth would spend the next thousand years in a state of forced stasis, completely unaware of the passing of time around him. He would finally be awoken from his eternal slumber by a team of Imperial archeologists in 5 ABY, who were surveying the planet's numerous Sith temples. The lead of the expedition, an Imperial named Torig Na, briefed Azeth of current events, specifically on the brewing Civil War between the galaxy's three surviving Sith factions. Torig, an ardent supporter of the old Empire, now supported the First Order, and recommended Azeth to do the same Without any substantial alternative, Azeth agreed, following the archeologists back to their camp, before catching a shuttle departing to the First Order's capital. Showing latent abilities in the force, Azeth was to be formally trained in the dark side, to become a weapon to be used against the rivaling Sith.
    Azeth Drost awoke into a civil war raging between three separate Sith Orders. Deciding to ally himself with the First Order, the organization which had freed him from his tomb, Azeth Drost, accompanied by the archeological team which had discovered him, departed to the First Order's fleet.

    Azeth soon thereafter met Emperor Insipid himself, who immediately apprenticed him under the teachings of Darth Ravenous. The pair, along with the reluctant Dr. Na's first mission would be the infiltration and capture of an an enemy treasure ship. After a series of disastrous events, Ravenous was rendered unconscious, Dr. Na was discovered and held captive, and Drost left alone. In the ensuing chaotic space battle raging overhead, the treasure ship was shot down, crash landing hard into the planet Bedlam's surface below.

    Bedlam, and the horrors which lay within, destroyed past alliances, and forged new ones out of the shattered remains. Dr. Na, driven mad by the force, was killed, and the rest of the Sith thrown into a labyrinth of catacombs beneath Bedlam's surface. Further injured, Drost wandered aimlessly, each step taken more through sheer force of will than anything else. More than anything else, Drost stewed in his anger, his disappointment in the actions of his Master, who had taken increasingly erratic actions within the catacombs of Bedlam. This culminated in choosing to not rejoin the Emperor and the rest of the gathered Sith in fighting off of Bedlam. Drost chose to leave his Master behind, internally pledging himself into the service of Emperor Insipid.

    Unbeknownst to Drost, the catacombs, and Bedlam as a whole, served another greater purpose: The revival of the ancient god Typhojem. Drost, along with the rest of the battered Sith, successfully fought their way off of Bedlam, untold monstrosities biting at their heels. Thanks in part to the personal sacrifices of some of the Sith, Typhojem was momentarily halted, his summoner Snoke, fleeing to fight another day.

    Now, Drost floats alone inside a damaged escape pod, dangerous, lingering thoughts polluting his mind after staring into the face of madness of a god...
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    Sith Name: Darth Bernael
    Given Name: Irto Sikrar
    Sex: Male
    Age: ?? but at least 2500 standard years
    Species: Anzati
    Home world: Anzat

    Height: 1.75m tall
    Weight: 110 kg
    Physical Attributes: Human tan with grey base, hair is black, eyes are silver-grey with black sclera, hidden proboscises in recessed cheek pouches, dense musculature, Anzati physiology which includes dispersed into nodes around the body brain and heart, ability to regenerate from almost any wound, given time.
    Languages: Anzat, Basic, Sith, easily picks up other languages in the course of a hunt

    Constantly wears specially designed light armor that makes no noise when moving,
    Chameleon cloak with a hood that assists with blending into the surroundings.
    When necessary will change clothes to those appropriate for the occasion while hunting.
    1 Set Phrik/Beskar/Obsidian Light Battle Armor; Light weight; Extreme resistance to lightsabers and blasters; Sigils cover every centimeter, absorbs 99% of Force energy directed at it; Obsidian only in the sigils to reduce weight; Current paint scheme Midnight Blue/Black; Gifted to another Anzat from The Son, poached in Bernael's territory, spoils of victory

    Featureless black mask, openings for eyes, slit mid cheek, each side.



    As with any Anzat of Bernael's age, early middle age for an Anzat, he is extremely fast; has a natural stealth ability; can be highly charismatic (allows him to get close to targets more easily); has a high degree of mind control without using the Force power; is highly intelligent but after so many years of life easily bored with most subjects; at his weakest point is stronger than 5 humans combined; master of many martial arts from across the galaxy; has a voracious hunger, that can be stretched out for months due to age, for sentient beings essence but prefers Force users; and can regenerate from almost any wound once out of battle due to his physiology. These are not learned skills but rather are part of an Anzat from birth and become stronger as an Anzat ages.

    When Bernael began studying the arts of the Dark Side he was naturally drawn toward those skills that either mimicked or enhanced his own natural abilities. Therefore, whether in everyday use or in regards to missions whatever Dark skill is necessary to do what he desires is utilized. He has allowed some of these skills to transfer over to other pursuits, some linked to what he could use as cover identities, and he has become fairly adept at creating works of weaponry, armor, and baubles through sorcery.

    Bernael has studied and utilized Jar'Kai since before he left his home world. Originally it was taught to him by his sire who had learned it from Exar Kun. The dual bladed style always appealed to him, even given its weaknesses against other forms. The fact of the the loose blade work allows him to swiftly draw or holster one or both lightsabers so as to use his force powers or use other weapons he carries. One of the biggest weaknesses being that the form is not designed with power strokes Bernael offsets it with the fact that his natural strength allows the blows to fall stronger than otherwise. And, as needed, he incorporates parts of other forms such as Ataru, Soresu, and Dun Moch while he fights. Ataru allows him to swiftly move around a battle space and is more effective in a large scale battle area, especially facing multiple opponents. Soresu mixes with that, especially when facing opponents who do not use lightsabers, but rather ranged weapons. Dun Moch works extremely well with the mental abilities of an Anzat. As the primary execution of Dun Moch is centered around using the Force as a psychological weapon, Bernael closely couples it with any of the other forms he uses that utilize bladework.


    Has a collection of lightsabers from both Sith and Jedi he has hunted across the years but prefers 2 pistol grip (like Count Dooku) black bladed lightsabers
    Collection of knives covered in Force Runes to penetrate shields and get in close in battle that he keeps on his person
    2 proboscises kept coiled in cheek pouches to appear more humanoid until use for draining a victims "soup"
    1 Pair Combat Lightsabers; Color-Black Blade; Solari and Heart of Darkness crystal embedded, Doubles blade width, More effective at blocking blasters and other lightsabers; Pistol Grip style, i.e. Count Dooku style; Solari and Heart of Darkness crystals taken from same Anzat that the armor came from. As well as the usual controls that would be associated with this assembly, there is also added a Force manipulation switch and a Cell Recogniser, so that he could activate the blade with his mind if he chose and so that only he could activate the blades
    2 Blackened Blade Kukri with similar strengths to ancient Sith swords. Enhanced with runes of Essence Drain, Hunger, and Shatterproof, becoming aware.
    When going into battle, Bernael wears his combat armor, has a brace of daggers in various locations, and has his 2 kukri sheathed at the small of his back, for most missions, duels, or battles.

    Faction: First Sith
    Occupation: Primary Class: Sith Assassin/Secondary Class: Sith Sorcerer
    Title: Apprentice
    Family: Several children, have not seen in close to a millennia, Sire and Mother on Anzat
    Associates: Lord Insipid, Darth Helenith, Renn Turon

    Often seen as cold and calculating. He is not a “people person”. He has a strict code and does not tolerate foolishness when he works. He can appreciate humor and can joke if necessary to blend in but prefers to stand alone.


    Bernael was born on Anzat as all Anzati are. He was trained during his first two centuries, the youth of an Anzat, to be a hunter of any being by his sire. He respected both his sire and grandsire as he was raised on the stories of them associating with some of the greatest Sith, such as Exar Kun. His sire had trained in the double bladed Form of Jar Kai while in the company of Exar Kun.

    When Bernael left at a young age to travel the galaxy and hunt he chose his given name to blend in with other races. While out and hunting he began to realize that much of the truth or learning that had been passed of his species had either disappeared entirely from the galaxy or had been spun into myth and legend. In some ways this made it easier to survive as all Anzati do by draining life essence and “luck” or “soup”, also known as the mind and force essence. Because of his nature he quickly learned he had to move from planet to planet as once found out most societies would willingly scorch their own planet to destroy him.

    At one time, during a hunt he was discovered by a Sith assassin, named Darth Kwaad, while in the process of draining said assassin’s apprentice. He fought the Sith to a standstill before agreeing to become his new apprentice to learn his Sith arts. On a mission his master perished and he continued across the galaxy seeking out more Force users to drain. During his studies under the assassin he learned that the best meals were Force users and that doing so increased his own strength in the Force.

    At his current age he must feed only infrequently so only does so in the course of an assassination or if his client is unworthy upon completion of the task at hand. His strength in the Force is such it has greatly reduced his need to feed.

    For the last 500 years he has traveled the galaxy, searching out nexuses of both Dark Side and Light Side energy, studying them, and removing artifacts of great power from such before the unworthy could find or utilize them. At the end of time, he was called to meet with his old master on Kesh, and his tale began anew.

    Origin of Bernael’s Darth Name:
    2000 BBY Ziost

    "Has he chosen a name for himself for when he ascends, or have you decided what he will be known as?" inquired the Emperor, Darth Ruin. The more he heard of this unusual being the more he was certain Kwaad and his apprentice were the only two who could accomplish the mission he had yet to announce.

    "I have chosen for him Lord. As is usual among his kind he would not desire a name that would instantly evoke thoughts of him, but rather something that any being could hear and soon forget if they did not cross paths with him. He will be known as Bernael."

    The Emperor thought over what Darth Kwaad said and, again based on the research, agreed with the assassin. "Since he has only one final Trial, it is my will that he be given his Sith name now. With his power I doubt he will fail and if he does, that name, as you said, is easily forgettable. Irto Sikrar, bow before me and receive your name."

    Irto bowed low and waited for the Emperor's words.

    “Henceforth you will be known as Bernael and, based on the information I have gleaned from the records of the missions you have undertaken for your master, you will be given the appellation of ‘The Invisible One’, to every being in my empire and all who learn of you."

    "Thank you, High Lord." Irto ne Bernael stated.

    At a gesture, Bernael rose and resumed his place at his master's side. As he did so, he heard a muffled snort from Darth Kwaad. The Emperor looked to Kwaad, "Is there something humorous in what I said?"

    Kwaad returned the look of his Emperor and replied "Lord, I have learned much of Bernael's kind while he has been in service to me. The Anzat are one of the earliest races, and in that time have seen the rise and fall of many Empires and Republics. His name I am sure he will carry forward but an appellation I am almost certain invokes no pride in him."

    "Why then is he studying to be a Darth?" the Emperor asked, some confusion in his voice.

    "I chose to have him come with me many years ago and he chose to stay to learn more about the Sith and our ways. He has said the title of Darth, to him, is useful in that it would allow him to travel through and ply his trade in any Sith space without most giving him a second glance.”

    Excerpt from short story -Bernael’s Lightsabers-
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    Name: Renn Turon
    Sex: Male
    Age: 600 years awake, 4300 years in hibernation
    Born 4710 BBY
    Species: Neti
    Homeworld: Ryyk

    Height: 2.5 meters normally but can grow to 9.5 meters
    Weight: 850 kg
    Physical Attributes/Appearance:

    Due to being a shapeshifter Renn has no need for garments as he can alter his form to appear to wear them if he so desires. As a shapeshifter, he can appear in any form he desires but most often appears humanoid with brown skin and hair, yellow-green eyes, and a rounded hump where his nose would be.
    Clothing: None


    Strengths and Abilities: Shapeshifting, long term hibernation, photosynthesis so no need to eat, extreme life span, speed, strength, can harden his bark-like skin to be able to shrug off most blaster or saber strikes.

    As unusual as it is for a Neti to be drawn to the Dark Side, Renn was, from an early age. He studied for many years on Ryyk, before the planet’s death, and has continued doing so since his awakening. Being what he is, he found himself studying sorcery, in depth, as his natural strengths already seemed in line with the skills many Sith Sorcerers use. As well, with his dark sense of humor, the ability to use the Force to create different things or force changes onto items or beings, warping them as he desired was something he could not ignore.

    Renn can use a wide variety of weapons at the same time. Most often he tends to wield two yellow bladed lightsabers and a heavy blaster, with a fourth arm appendage to use force powers.
    He also carries 2 vibroswords and several daggers sheathed in a flexible harness.
    Equipment: Aside from what he has on his person, nothing.

    Faction: First Sith
    Occupation/Title: Sith sorcerer
    Family: None, as far as he knows almost his entire species is gone
    Associates: Lord Insipid, Darth Bernael, Darth Helenith
    Renn is laid back but quick to anger when startled, almost as though his fight or flight response is geared toward fight. He can be startled but will do everything he can to fight in a manner that allows him to see past the next 3 moves in each duel. He enjoys society and can be social but knows that many of his compatriots will grow old and die before he even passes out of the early stages of his life. With such knowledge he tends to be a trickster or play many practical jokes, possibly as a sort of defense mechanism against knowing most people he knows will be dead before he reaches middle age. As his kind is one of the most Force sensitive in the galaxy he feels everything that goes on around him, whether those around him desire it or not.


    Renn was born on the Neti homeworld of Ryyk. There he learned how to shapeshift into almost any form, living appearance or not. He learned combat skills from single appendage fighting up to and including balanced on between two and four leg appendages while wielding upwards of six weapons with arm appendages.

    At the same time, due to the the Neti's force sensitive nature, Renn began to learn some of the arts. He found himself naturally drawn toward the dark side of the force as he was a fast learner when it came to what was called Sith alchemy. He learned much of the basics of these arts before his life took a turn he did not expect.

    Around his 400th year the astronomers made calculations that determined their sun would shortly enter a supernova phase. As with the remainder of his species, he fled the planet, seeking a new home. His ship developed a malfunction while searching worlds for one appropriate to him and seed pods he could spread over said world. As a result he crash landed on the world of Anoat. This world being an almost completely inhospitable one, he entered a state of hibernation to wait for another ship to land so that he could resume his journeys.

    Little did he know that it would take almost 4300 years before another ship would notice his wreckage on Anoat and investigate. The only reason he was discovered was that scouts from the Galactic Empire had come looking to exploit the world's resources. They left their main ship in orbit and one of the two scouts flew down to investigate.

    When he was awakened, Renn assumed only a few years had passed. He felt the scout's approach and when they were close enough he struck, killing the scout instantly. He then shapeshifted into the form of the scout and returned to the main ship, a Raider II, and, wearing the form of the scout, came close enough to kill the second pilot.

    Renn took the ship and began searching the galaxy for his kind. As he flew he studied the histories and was startled to realize how long he had hibernated. Much had changed and he soon realized that very few of his kind ever went off world or appeared on the galactic stage.

    He had been keeping watch over the starlanes, like a spider in a web, watching for signs of other Neti but a ship he knew well had caught his gaze. It was of an old acquaintance, friend if that kind had friends, one he had been involved with on different adventures. If they were headed somewhere new then wherever they were headed was worth investigating.

    As he followed the ship, he found the feeling of power in the Dark rising and rising. It was different from what he had known but still strong. He put his ship in orbit around the world his compatriot had landed on, and studied the world while he decided if this new Dark presence was worth investigating.
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    Name: Dark Dreamer
    Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
    Model: Opulent-Class Pleasure Yacht (custom-built)
    Class: Yacht
    Length: 150 Meters
    Hyperdrive System: Class 2
    Navigation System: Equipped
    Armament: Quad laser turret (8)
    Crew: 30
    Minimum Crew: 10
    Passengers: 20
    Consumables: 2 months
    Cargo Capacity: 150 metric tons
    Complement: 1 fighter squadron, or 12 standard starfighters

    Dark Dreamer (briefly named Seductive Peacock but rechristened soon afterward) was a unique “Opulent-Class” space yacht manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards some time between 1235 and 1225 BBY. The monumentally expensive yacht was originally designed and commissioned by Obran Picus, the head of a major core worlds crime syndicate. It served as his flagship and personal residence thereafter for many years, but disappeared after his assassination in 1208. It surfaced again in 1200 BBY, when it was sold under questionable circumstances to a pair of anonymous buyers in the mid-rim for a pittance relative to its value.

    By 1200 BBY the ship was faded, with garish purple and gold velvet and satin blanketing its interior, but still luxurious by any reasonable standard. It was heavily armed for a yacht - much to its purpose as Picus’ seat of power - with eight quad laser turrets. Being too large to land in most spaceports, Dark Dreamer possessed the unusual ability to dock with smaller ships mid-flight in order to transfer personnel and cargo - a technology invented by Picus but one which was never employed at any significant scale afterward due to its expensive design. Nonetheless, the yacht was outfitted with landing gear and could land normally given a large enough flat, solid surface. It also featured a pair of miniature hangars large enough together to house an entire starfighter squadron, as well as armor and shields more befitting a warship than a yacht.

    Besides its combat implements, the yacht’s amenities included a spa, gym, library, game room, dining room, full kitchen and autochef, and twenty passenger suites connected via a two-story terrace to a lavishly furnished common room featuring a full bar and state of the art holoprojector entertainment system. In addition, it featured relatively comfortable quarters for a crew of up to thirty.

    Lastly, the yacht boasted a cargo hold with a maximum capacity of 150 metric tons - unusually large for a yacht even proportional to its size.

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    Name: Lord Manticore

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Species: Zabrak

    Homeworld: Dathomir (default)

    Height: 6’2”

    Weight: 185lbs

    Physical Attributes: Highly athletic and muscular build. Blood red skin color, raven hair tied in a long black braid. Fiery irises, a Mythical Manticore tattoo covers his torso and back. He has lightsaber burns covering his arms, shoulders and many other parts of his body.

    Clothing:Generally, he wears loose fitting sith combat gear, with armor mesh. Black hooded cloak, black boots and gloves. This changes depending on the occasion and the need of his current mission.

    Abilities: Lord Manticore is an ingenious combatant, who has keen awareness of combat zones and all its ranges. Though an inherently feral combatant, he also moves seamlessly between attack and defense, feints and counter-attacks, as though he was reading the entire encounter. He is comfortable at all ranges of engagement and is quick to adapt to any surprises - then counters them. His ability to combine a vast array of Force powers with martial skills into impressive attack strings and combinations have garnered him much prestige. He is a proponent of the
    Great Sith Lord Tulak Hord to a near obsessive degree. His greatest ambition is to learn the Sith Lord’s secrets and surpass him in the process.

    Weapons/Tools: Detachable, double-bladed lightsaber with unassuming hilts, save for a manticore sigil. ( they become two weapons for dual wielding purposes ), the blades are vermillion in color. The Force, Hate and Anger. Teras Kasi and Echani martial Arts.

    Occupation/Title: Sith Lord

    Family: None

    Associates: None

    Biography: Lord Manticore was groomed from a very young age to be a vessel for dark power as well as a Sith hopeful. His former Master was believed to be an exiled Sith or Dark Sider who sought to regain favour with the Sith with the grooming of 'the boy'. His too often cruel training at the hands of his overly zealous dark master created a warrior with exceptional combat skills and a cunning mind, akin to the predatory creatures of myth, and equally heartless, if not more.

    After unsurprisingly killing his cruel and sadistic Master in an act of pure hate, Lord Manticore took all that was rightfully his, and in his quest for power, he sought the Sith, and his destiny. He found them eventually, and proved himself in their Trials. By dint of his anger and the darkside, he rose through the sith ranks, earning his place among Sith Lords and Sith Masters, and even becoming the Stygian Executor of the Sith for a time.

    But that was all before
    Mortis. Before Abeloth. Before Typhojem. Before the Call.

    Did he die and miss it all, or was he merely caught in a Never-ending Nightmare?

    Now, his memories are all in disarray and they can hardly be trusted. What truly took place after that Great Battle? He might never truly learn the truth of it. But more importantly, what was he waking up to now?
  13. QueenSabe7

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    Mar 23, 2001
    Triple-GM Approved



    Alias: The Baroness

    Birth Name: Xia Cass
    Sex: Female
    Age: Entered stasis in 3929 BBY at 26 years old, so whatever that makes her now. You do the math.
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Physical Attributes:
    Hair: Crimson, straight, falls to mid-back
    Eyes: Grey
    Skin: Pale, various scars
    Build: Lithe & toned
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 145 lbs



    Assassin -

    Typical outfits would be black or of another dark color, fitted with various holsters as needed, a utility belt and boots. Secrecy is required, therefore a long cloak with a deep cowl would be worn on more official occasions, otherwise a separate hood or half mask would be more comfortable when needing to be quick and on the move. Gloves are a frequent accessory to shield from mess as well as leaving behind any identifiable fingerprints.

    Alternative Looks:

    Casual/Formal –

    Again, Syren prefers darker colors of blacks and greys but is not averse to reds or dark greens. More often than not she will stay in clothing that keeps any of her louder attributes hidden, i.e. hair, but if there is a time she feels safe then she will wear what is comfortable and, perhaps even a little fashionable.

    She doesn’t keep up with style trends but whatever she ends up dressed in will usually be equal to the times.

    Most proficient with dual weapons, Jar’kai is her preferred lightsaber combat Form. Her Force abilities are strong and efficient due to being raised and trained by a pair of former Jedi Knights, who in their own right were highly skilled. She has a penchant for mind-altering Force attacks or anything that works to break an opponent from the inside out.

    Highly skilled in concealment and stealth, as well as moving about undetected, Syren is able to approach a target or enemy without causing a stir - she enjoys getting up close and personal with her prey first, as confrontation in close-quarters is a specialty. A more recently self-taught passion of hers lies with poisons and toxins, merely to subdue more than kill. She doesn't like to rush where she has the time to play.

    She does not negotiate well and does not care for political talks or grand speeches. The less talk, the better.


    Dual crimson-bladed lightsabers with hilts of near-identical design, worn one on each hip.

    Single 6-inch vibroblade taken from her Father, usually worn hidden in an inner-boot holster or exposed in a thigh holster. Formerly part of a set, its twin was lost during the Battle of Mortis in 155 ABY.

    Occupation/Title: Freelance Assassin

    Family: Roan (Father) and Greer (Mother). Both died 3938 BBY at the hands of their daughter.

    Associates: Darth Haretisch, Aryan Graul, Hel, anyone looking to hire her, anyone that brings her drinks...

    Syren was born Xia Cass to a pair of former Jedi Knights. Roan Cass and Greer Gaya had previously descended into the seedy lower levels of Coruscant, fleeing the Order in the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War. They were unable and unwilling to walk the repressed and narrow-minded path of the Jedi any longer and, after freeing themselves, they married quickly and turned away from all they knew to start a life and family together.

    The connection to the Force that Xia was born with was strong, one that her mother and father knew they wanted to train her to use without the constraints and limitations they felt they had while with the Jedi. They themselves had learned through various unknown means to walk the fine line between the paths of the light and of the dark - knowing its advantages and dangers, they wished their daughter to have that same knowledge. As the small family broke away from Coruscant and began to move around the galaxy, they sought out ancient teachings and dark artifacts of learning which would be eagerly devoured by all three.

    Disciplined and a quick study, Xia was an ideal student.

    She continued to grow and as she did her parents finally succumbed to the darkness, wavering from their precarious perch on the in-between and falling prey to the allure of the dark side. Xia was unaffected; she had become detached from them by this point and watched from afar while they both were corrupted and abused by a power they were too weak to understand. She was not yet a teen but even then knew that she could progress no further while they coveted what she had; while they attempted to keep her growing strength at bay out of fear and out of greed. They had been keeping things from her and they feared her, and she knewthey should.

    All throughout these increasingly chaotic times, a voice in the back of her mind would visit her often, a constant companion that spoke to her at opportune times – nudging slightly this way, taunting and tempting that way. Intertwined so deeply into some of her earliest memories, it was a guide and a tool that she assumed was related to an intensely uncommon bond to the dark side, to which she had willingly opened herself to well before her parents were fully aware.

    While they continued to be so singularly focused on themselves and their inferiority, her mother and father were aloof to the fact that their offspring had realized she’d grown beyond them. Xia saw that they were too foolish, too feeble to accomplish all that she felt she could with the right teachers. These she believed to be the Sith, the mysteriously intriguing dark beings she always sought to learn more about.

    So Xia played their game until she was ready, until the voice showed her she was. That time came one night on some unremarkable Mid Rim planet. The presence called out to her through her own thoughts, prodding her to make her move. The command acknowledged how she did not love her parents, had not in quite some time and severing what was left of this familial attachment was a necessary final step to set her on her intended course. And she obeyed.

    The Event, expanded some:
    As her father slept, she drove one of his own vibroblades into his chest. His eyes flew open in the split second it took her to pierce his heart, calling on the Force to shove the short blade in past the hilt to reach the vital organ. His gaze connected with their match in her stormy-grey glare, in that moment coated over with a yellow tint. She drank in the pure terror that bled from him and his death was swift. This unleashed such a rush of blood-thirsty passion that nearly undid her; it had been her first kill, her first step wholly on her own and now… she had broken her chains. She felt free.

    Her senses heightened to a new level, Xia was not unaware of her mother standing a short distance away. The anger and rage pulsating off of the evil shell that had once been Greer Cass cascaded in heavy waves through the Force. These Xia turned inward, filling a previously unknown void. KILL, the voice pushed. Through passion, you gain strength.

    Burning with the feverish afterglow of her father’s death she then turned her gaze on the older woman and tossed the bloodied vibroblade aside. Reaching for her dual lightsabers, the very weapons her mother had shown her how to construct, she steeled herself for a fight. In the end she overestimated what was left of Greer’s true abilities and took her down after only a few violent clashes of their blades.

    As she stood above the bodies of her parents, Xia Cass was cast aside and Syren was born. Used as an insult by her mother that insinuated her daughter was deceptive, treacherous, and deceitful, she chose ‘Syren’ as her new identity out of spite and out of pride. Or rather, it had chosen her.

    The triumph of this monumental step onto her new path, Syren knew she had much more to be taught and discover, and craved to locate the Sith in one form or another. And so she set out immediately on her own, following what she perceived was her calling. Her destiny.

    Syren began travelling the galaxy and honing her skills as best she could on her own. She also began taking on one-off jobs as a killer-for-hire and it was during this time in her late teens and into her early 20’s that she became quite experienced in the art of stealth and concealment. It transformed her into a formidable and much sought-after assassin. The enigmatic voice that had urged her to murder her parents would return at random and follow wherever she went, often times directing her to her next location or her next target. It became a part of her that oddly enough, she never once dared question.

    Just after she turned 22, Syren stumbled upon a lone bounty hunter named Liev. Several times after they crossed paths, both turning up for the same contract much to her growing annoyance. He, on the other hand, thought it fate. After trying to push off his rather persistent advances that they should work together, Liev eventually wore her down enough that they embarked on a partnership and eventually a romantic relationship in the years that followed. Always keeping him at arm’s length but recognizing her true feelings, it was a confusingly passionate time in her life. One that led her to one of the darkest places she had yet been.


    In the year 3929 BBY, after an unexpected betrayal that saw Liev attempt to collect a bounty that had been placed on Syren, it was revealed he had willingly manipulated and deceived her for the entirety of their time together, only wanting that which would have meant her death. In the midst of a final showdown that had quickly escalated into a mad bloodbath, she had the opportunity to kill him. To make him pay.

    In the end, her love for him had twisted her so far that she managed to will herself to spare him, her greatest weakness keeping her from doing the only thing that made sense to her. For a moment, she lost herself.

    But that voice! It saved her, returning in earnest then with so much force it was akin to a possession. It was more than enough to throw her over the edge of her rage and nearly destroy herself in the process, but Liev was no more.


    Immediately following this moment of coerced but warranted vengeance, Syren blindly followed an otherworldly pull to the ice planet of Hoth. She had no idea why she was there but after the emotionally devasting event prior to this, she did not have the energy nor the desire to fight the guiding impulse that lead her to a hidden temple of unknown origin. Moving through labyrinthine pathways and descending into its depths, she came upon a door that allowed no further progress. Turning to leave the way she had come, the young woman became stuck when she found that path now blocked – ancient stone walls caving in at her disturbance. Faced with certain death, she knew her only chance at survival was to enter one of the stasis pods that were conveniently located within the now- sealed chamber. So she did as she must, not knowing whether she would ever wake again.


    In 155 ABY, Syren reawakened. Freed by a small group of Sith that was led by deceptively small Darth Kralkus, they had come to Hoth on a mission to retrieve the ancient Eye of Hoth that was buried within the temple. Upon regaining consciousness, she had no recollection of how she came to be in stasis, why she had come to the planet and for exactly how long she had been asleep. Nonetheless she assisted in the retrieval of the Sith’s prized jewel and travelled with them to their home on Moraband.

    Upon her arrival at the Sith Temple, Syren was quickly apprenticed to High Lord Arach, a fellow assassin. The two young women formed a small, strong bond but had little time to spend together before their temple was attacked. While emerging victorious, her Master vanished shortly after under unknown circumstances. It was then that Syren’s missing memories were filled in sparingly when it was revealed that she had a personal connection to the evil, omni-present Left-Handed Lord, Typhojem; the very God that the Empire had been tasked with ending. He had been the voice whispering in her ear, He had been the voice pushing her in a predetermined direction, and He had pulled her to Hoth to break one of the seven seals to secure His release.

    A plan set in motion by the Sith Triumvirate and her Master having disappeared without an explanation, Syren was thrust into an integral position of The Key – a trio of Sith tasked with the power to lock Typhojem away for good. On Mortis, within the Well of the Dark Side, she was thwarted from her unwanted duties when she was murdered at the hands of the Night Herald, Darth Hareticsh, a betrayal that would leave a permanent scar.

    In a chaotic series of events that lead to the end of her current universe and the flight of the Sith Empire into a completely new timeline, she was given life anew as she was wrenched from one era to another yet again.

    A newly christened High Lord – a title award more to placate her than one she actually deserved - a failed apprentice, a solo mission that lead her to face a strange man claiming to be Darth Vader himself, and an unavoidable partnership with the irritatingly charming Aryan Graul; her life continued to grow increasingly more unstable the more time she remained with those she had spent so long trying to find.

    To further prove that point, the Triumvirate fractured as the War of Three began and Syren’s allegiance remained with Haretisch. Out of necessity, she would tell herself, still holding no trust in the man that had actually killed her once. Aryan would side with her and their relationship became something much more than she had wanted, and was thoroughly unable to control. Their attraction to one another was beyond anything she had encountered in another being, as if the very forces of the universe had brought them together. This would prove detrimental to his and her safety at times, as she expected. It lead her to resist her feelings for a long time before giving into them at last, embarking on foreign journey with the man she loved.

    As the War carried on and the divide between the Empire widened, of all things to repeat itself again in her lifetime it would be Typhojem, attempting his revenge and reentering their timeline. Syren had been on Bedlam’s surface as he tried to return to the same plane, she and her fellow Sith escaping by the grace of their Emperor. Again.

    Narrowly saving Aryan’s life, though not without lasting effects, she along with her companion have been shot through time for the second time. Haretisch, Hel, Kralkus and others would travel along with them, and after so much time free of stasis but still held captive by her memories and experiences, Syren is at long last seeing the result of burying the past and ignoring how it had changed her, and how it continues to.
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    Triple-GM Approved (as well!)


    Age: 24-25, born approximately 132 ABY in the original timeline
    Species: Human, as far as we know
    Homeworld: Unknown

    Physical Attributes:
    Hair: Layered white-blonde hair, overall length reaches waist
    Eyes: Yellow-green
    Skin: Pale with a random lacing of scars varying in size and shape, indicative of a trying upbringing and ruthless apprenticeship. Her face includes a small birthmark high on her right cheekbone.
    Build: Athletic
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 145 lbs



    Leda has always had a love for fashion, always keeping up with the changes in couture and style. While versatile and practical is usually what is best for someone in her profession, she greatly enjoys outfitting herself in looks that would be considered “edgy” or ahead of the times. Very unpractical, but somehow it gives her comfort and a feeling of control.

    Even her extensive collection of armor and gear befitting a Sith Warrior – which has been discarded twice now due to the time jumps of the Empire – will more often than not include additional flair for a personal touch.

    Memorable pieces from her lost collections:

    Armor -

    Fashion -


    Leda is well-trained and disciplined in several different forms of lightsaber combat, also excelling in hand-to-hand. She relies on agility as much as brute force when engaged and has an innate ability to anticipate her opponent’s next move.

    Physical conflicts are dance to her, and she loves to dance.


    Single lightsaber with a pale-yellow blade, worn on her right hip.

    Short sword with 24-inch blade that was discovered in the former personal quarters of Lady Syren aboard the Luxury Elite. The assassin previously found the weapon on New Moraband in 5 ABY and claimed it as her own, but as she fled the newly self-anointed Empress Bellorum and her Twilight Guard, left it carelessly behind. Leda took advantage and it is now regularly worn in a sheath across her back.

    Occupation/Title: None any longer. Wanderer could fit, she supposes. Former Coma Captive, Fighter without a Fight, Leda the Lost... she could go on.

    Family: Unconfirmed, mostly. Through a vision shared with a fellow Sith, it was revealed it had been her own Father that had rescued her from her mental prison and eventually delivered her to the Sith as a child. This, however, would be impossible to prove as a real truth seeing as she is no longer within her real timeline.

    Associates: Lady Bellorum, Lord Insipid, those remaining with the former Emperor.

    A good bit of time ago in a location that has yet to be uncovered, a baby girl with no name was born. Any other information surrounding the time of birth remains a mystery, the first identifying moment of her life being when she was carelessly dumped on the core world of Corellia. Whomever her parents were, they had very little interest in having a child.

    Subsequently passed around to several foster families during her early years of life, she began exhibiting traits and emotions most had deemed disturbing and unnatural to someone at such a young age. Or at any age.

    The girl never lasted long with any one of her caretakers.

    As her displeasure grew at being constantly shunned and increasingly feared, so did her strength in the Force. This resulted in frequent violent outbursts that most would attribute to mental instability. To a select few, however, they knew exactly what this child was capable of.

    During a year-long stay locked away in a psychiatric ward for the young and insane, the then 11-year-old was thrust into the care of a mysterious figure. He spoke of things like the dark side and a legion of beings called “Sith”, how her potential belonged in the hands of those that would help her learn all she could do with such abilities. He never revealed himself to her, remaining hooded and removed from any personal attachment during their conversations and eventual travels to Moraband. That did not keep her from crediting him as her savior; rescuing her from a life without purpose and never-ending banality, instead lifting her into the passion of truth.

    And he had been the one to finally give her a true name.

    “You are Leda,” he had told her with certainty. “The name of an ancient warrior Queen, it marks you as fierce, powerful, strong. This is not only who you are now, but who you always have been. Awaken, Leda, woman of war.”

    Her arrival at the Sith Academy marked a new beginning for the young child, having never known her birth family, birthplace or given name. Showing promise from the start, she was quickly apprenticed to a Master and the path of the Warrior was chosen.

    By the age of 23, she had grown into a gifted young Sith who was always eager to continue learning or accept a challenging mission. Her skills in the ways of the dark side had exceeded even her own expectations and she readily unleashed its fury on all who dared oppose the Empire she would not hesitate to go to war for. Leda’s devout loyalty to her Emperor and the Sith that molded her had never been more solid and unwavering, even as threats continued to loom large around them. Even as the most dangerous opponent made Himself know, chasing them all into another universe entirely.

    It was in this new timeline that Leda chased power and knowledge all the way into the ranks of Darth Bellorum, Dawn Herald of the Sith. She readily attached herself to the impressive leader, knowing this was how she would continue to climb in status and strength. She would be correct in her assumptions, the Empire breaking into a trio of warring factions and Leda remaining with her Lady; the newly crowned Empress, Queen of the Twilight.

    Having been anointed Commander of Bellorum’s personal guard, it was certainly a climactic moment in Leda’s life. However, it would be short-lived. Travelling with a contingent of fellow Sith to seek out a peculiarly over-powered and sadistic little boy, it was here that she fell to injury severe enough to have her removed from the mission party and sent back to the Twilight Sun’s home ship for medical aide. If she had been able, she would have surely protested against the advised treatment – medically-induced coma, but she was not.

    Now, brought back into the fold only to learn yet another catastrophic event involving Typhojem Himself had sent half of the already fragmented Empire into the distant past, she left in the broken and bleek present, Leda is rushing to try and keep up with all that had changed in her absence, and come to terms with all those that appear to be lost to her now.

    What is her place in the lowest, most dire event the Sith as she knew them had ever faced?

    Did she even have one any longer?

    Leda’s new journey starts here.
  15. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Name: T R A Y U S, or Trayus


    Sex: Droid

    Age: Droid

    Species: Also Droid

    Homeworld: A factory since destroyed by Luke Skywalker

    Height: As the droid floats and has no feet... average height?

    Weight: Also droid

    Physical Attributes: Trayus formerly projected the face of Emperor Sidious. Now, I show the face of Lord Insipid.

    Clothing: Also; Droid.

    Abilities: I can identify subjects authorised to accept my messages by their blood; electrical bursts from the hand: magnetics, to simulate the Force.

    Weapons: As above

    Occupation: Voice

    Family: Droid

    Associates: Lord Insipid

    Bio: Once the medium through which the late Emperor’s Will flowed, now I have been reprogrammed to serve Lord Insipid as his Voice. Nothing more, nor less.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Name: Ike, as in, pike.


    Sex: Male!

    Age: In my late twenties. That sweet spot between hot but not too immature whiny.

    Species: All man

    Homeworld: You’d have to ask Insipid

    Height: I’m slightly taller than Insipid

    Weight: I’m slightly lighter than Insipid

    Physical Attributes: Just look me and drool.

    Clothing: Force, I hate clothes.

    Abilities: My rock hard innocence and naivety, to the point of being almost callous in my approach to other people.

    Weapons: Single red lightsaber, oh, and a whip. For novelty

    Occupation: Estranged husband to Insipid, former Imperial Moff, former Vizier to Twilight Sun, currently Darth ‘Bell’ Bellorum’s partner-in-crime

    Family: One husband but he’s 1206 years away. Bellorum, who is basically his sister. Which would make grumpy pants Haretisch his brother-in-law if Bellorum and Haretisch ever signed on for life, but eh.

    Associates: That ex-husband he mentioned.

    Bio: Ike, Ike, Ike.

    I couldn’t tell you a lot about him, even though I am him. Insipid and I met, I think, just after he escaped a mean-looking twelve-faced mind trap after a year caught inside it. Not sure what was in it to start, but Insipid and his ex-girlfriend trapped themselves in there with a certain Sith Lord mid-victory-rant.

    Heavy stuff.

    But yeah. I mean, someone once told me that I’ve been moved from one pretty body to another for Insipid, but I’m not sure I believe that. I mean, maybe? Who knows? Who cares?

    I’m Ike. Sith diva and proud of it.

    Wanna try and tame me? Good luck. I broke up with Darth Damn Insipid, handed all his secrets to Thrawn. Who might have really been Snoke. But it doesn’t matter. Nobody owns me. Not Insipid, not you.

    I mean, sure, I love the guy and we reconciled, but then he threw me 1206 years away. Long distance relationship is one thing but this is insane.

    So I’m free to mingle and have fun, all the while doing what Sith do best; conquer. I’m gonna leave my mark on the stars, and wreck the town while doing it.

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  17. Snokers

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    Bo Etraa

    Sex: Male

    Age: 26

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Naboo

    Occupation: Executor

    Height: 6'1”

    Weight: 168lbs

    Physical Attributes:
    Clean-cut with an unmarked face, free of battle scars. Bright piercing green eyes and hair shaven close to the head but with a thin ponytail fashioned at the bottom. An athletic build but slender and lean.

    When not dressed for combat/training, he prefers to wear tunics of black and adorns his neck, fingers and wrists with jewellery from a diverse selection of places and cultures throughout the galaxy.

    He has replaced his nether regions with gold plated, bullet proof shielding.

    Clothing: Silver and gold plated Armour.

    When not dressed for combat/training, he prefers to wear tunics or doublets of black and adorns his neck, fingers and wrists with jewellery from a wide selection of planets and cultures throughout the galaxy.

    Abilities: Some martial arts training, Force sensitive

    Weapons/Tools: Retractable combat staff, Sporting Blaster, A sharp tongue and an even sharper mind.

    Family: Kade Etraa (Darth Anark): Twin brother

    Associates: Various connections in the Ring of Kafrene

    Biography: Born to a Jedi Knight who fought in the Clone Wars, Bo Etraa and his twin brother were separated and sent to live with surrogate families at the age of five. He could certainly think of much worse places to be sent to live on than Naboo. The mid-rim world offered security, diversity, possibility. Not to mention the warm climate and spectacular scenery.

    Raised in a noble family with four siblings, his adopted father was an adviser on the council in the Palace court while his mother stayed at home to raise him and his siblings. They moved to the heart of the city of Theed when he was a boy of seven. He was taught how to dress and smile and bow and schmooze as the son of a man in the Queen’s employ. His parents even insisted upon all the children taking part in self-defence and martial arts classes which he continued well into his late teens. Bo’s parents were always honest and open with him about the reasons behind his Jedi father’s actions and the death of his young mother at the hands of the Empire. He was told he had a brother whom he’d shared a womb with but that they were fraternal twins, not identical and that his name was Kade. His brother’s location was never revealed to him, and if he was honest, it didn’t weigh all that heavy on his mind until he reached his teenage years.

    Etraa studied language and politics at the university in Theed, starting at age seventeen he progressed from his secondary schooling early as a result of his impeccable grades and lust for learning. His nose was forever in a book even when his friends and siblings beckoned him to join them in their Shaak rides in the open fields of the lake country. That was just boring to him. His mother Thia would treat the Shaak when they suffered from sudden bouts of blue shadow virus. A disease transmitted through water which was fatal if not attended to immediately. The other children would cheer when she successfully revived one for them to saddle.

    Within the span of just a few years he became fluent in Muun, Zabraki, Durese, and most notably, partially fluent in the Old Tongue of The Sith – a notion that disturbed all who knew him to be studying it.

    Bo might have been the product of a politician but he was not ignorant, even as an adolescent. He knew that his father being a sworn knight in the ranks of the Jedi order meant that he too was likely sensitive to the mythic Force. His parents shunned the topic whenever it was brought up, time and again he would request books and writings on the subject and time and again his wishes would be trampled. He was to become either a language instructor at the great university or enter into the world of politics and remain on Naboo and forget the hocus pocus nonsense his father deemed him obsessed with.

    Word spread like wildfire of his son’s cult-like fascination with the so called Dark Side of the Force. To Bo’s mind his studies in this area somehow connected to Kade, he supposed his brother would be Force sensitive too and perhaps this was the key to their reunion. This caused great resentment between him and his father. Father was affronted, being sneered at behind his back from his subordinates in the court.

    The presence of Palpatine’s Empire on his world was gaining traction midway through his college years. The traditional monarchy of Naboo had been dissolved. Bo did not see this as any great tragedy however. He liked the new way of the galaxy, the order and simplicity it brought to things.

    Bo left home for nigh on a year at the age of twenty three to take up residence in Varykino, acting as an interpreter for a Muun running a finance project for His Royal Majesty. Half his days were spent fetching refreshments for the wrinkly old foreigner and the other half was spent attempting to teach Galactic Basic to the Muun’s inferior-witted colleagues. Suffice it to say that all those years of study and commitment to laying the foundations of his future were beginning to seem pointless. This angered the young man but he kept smiling and bowing, taking boat to the public library in Theed whenever he had a rest day and refining his knowledge of the ancient legends of the Sith.

    He had no idea where this fascination came from but his thoughts also dwelled on his brother during his studies and he found himself beginning to yearn for him. Or yearning at least for some clue of his whereabouts. What was he like? Where had life taken him? Was he even still living?

    Some optional back story reading
    One day, a grand feast was held in the Varykino palace. The Emperor was coming. Bo was determined not to become flustered by the excitement of the prospect of meeting Emperor Palpatine. He would use this as an opportunity. His Majesty had been known to take a certain shine to some and act on instinct rather than stern policy. He was the Emperor after all, he could do as he liked.
    Upon entering the great hall, Bo was thrown and confused to see that it was business as usual. The old Muun was sitting at the banquet table having breakfast.
    “Where is the Emperor?” Bo asked, his lips tightening.

    The old Muun replied in his native language.

    “Forgive me, I may have gotten my dates mixed up.” He laughed a hearty laugh, long grey cheeks shivering, still full of food.

    “The Emperor has been and gone. Yesterday.” I couldn’t have him plagued by your ever wagging tongue. I did you a favour, he may have had your tongue out. His Majesty and the Royal Guards would not take kindly to being plagued by the likes of you…”

    What the ugly old alien said next hit the rawest of nerves.


    The other of their kind in the room chuckled under their breaths. Bo felt blood fill his cheeks but yanked back his composure. He showed them a toothy grin and offered an understanding nod of the head. The old Muun went back to his eating and his writings and Bo glided out of the hall leaving an invisible storm of rage in his wake.

    On his next rest day, which happened to be the eve of his last day of employment at the Varykino, he did not take his usual boat ride to the library. Instead he spent a day at home with his mother and siblings. His father had been summoned off-world the day before.

    When he returned to the palace, the Muun’s attempted one last mockery by holding a feast in his name – which he was to serve at – he wore a beautiful white doublet with green ivory lace embroidered into the fabric in a swirling pattern that traced from the nape of his neck, around and down to his knees where the garment stopped. Bo clinked a glass twice with the jewel encrusted ring on his middle finger. “A toast to my parting, my Lords.”

    The nine Muun’s at the table elbowed each other and exchanged whispers in their native tongue, snorting and smirking. They each raised their glass of wine in unison and drank deep.

    “And to yours.” Bo said with a glint in his eye as he swigged his own glass.”

    There was a cough. And another. And then another again.

    Nine glasses dropped to the floor and smashed all at once. They each grabbed at their throats and began to gasp for air. Bo wiped his lips and set his glass down perfectly in the centre of the table and started to walk around to where the old wretch was sat. He wasn’t entirely sure it would even work, especially on a non-human species – the enhanced strain of blue shadow virus he’d acquired from his jaunt home the prior day. But it was working. It had come together beautifully.

    The other eight had all fallen to the floor and lay still by the time Bo had sauntered over to the other side of the table where his ugly old grey friend sat. He was foaming at the mouth, his eyes glazing over and a harrowing gasp escaping his opened jaw. Bo patted him on his elongated bald head and walked out the exit of the great hall.

    At the age of twenty four he had given up on any sort of career on Naboo, moreover, he had given up on the planet altogether and sought fresh ground in the Thand Sector. Bo had been passing through the Ring of Kafrene only to fuel his small freighter but naturally made some ‘friends’ within a half hour of stopping in one of its many tap houses for a drink. After a few too many he had regaled a group of roughly dressed mercenaries with the tale of how he’d poisoned the smug faced financial bosses on Naboo. One thing led to another and Bo Etraa, with his sound political mind, impressive judge of character and martial arts training, became somewhat of a hire gun, an assassin.

    At first he used the blood credits he was paid for taking out petty criminals and unloved imperial officers to buy exquisite new garments to add to his collection. That was until the yearning for his long lost brother became less of an itch and more of a rash he couldn’t shed. He was probably being hunted by the authorities after the atrocity he’d committed on Naboo, he had no blood relatives to speak of back on that rock, his peers either mocked him or avoided him completely after hearing about his dabbling in the legends of the ancient Sith tyrants, his account was full of credits, and his freighter was full of fuel. Why not?!

    Bo Etraa made it his mission to look upon his twin brother again after nineteen years.

    After becoming allied with Lady Bellorum’s company on the Luxury Elite, he took part in a heist alongside newcomers to the Sith Empire – Astra, Leda and Alva. Etraa was unfortunate enough to become the prey of a poisonous arachnid and though he escaped with his life, medical personnel were unable to save his nether regions. Bo, now a scornful eunuch, resided on the Luxury Elite, half-loyal to the newly minted Empress and Twilight Sun.

    After rising through the ranks all the way to becoming Bellorum’s Executor, Bo was reunited with his sibling during a battle above New Moraband. Temporarily recruiting him to fight alongside Bellorum. The relationship between the two brothers quickly became strained as they clashed on almost every decision. They did however come together on Bedlam and aid in the battle that extinguished the War of Three.

    During their escape off-world, Bo was horrified to witness his brother be touched by Typhojem and exhibit a new level of power that he knew his twin wasn’t capable of controlling.

    The two were put in separate escape pods under the orders of Bellorum…
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  18. Snokers

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    DArTh AnArk

    (Born: Kade Etraa)

    Age: 26

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Born on Kashyyyk | Raised on Duro

    Occupation: Sith Inquisitor

    Height: 6’2”

    Weight: 185lb

    Physical attributes: Darth Anark was a tall, well-built human male with short, dark brown hair, often dishevelled. He had a handsome face, however, his good looks were tainted by a large scar stretching from the bottom of his right ear up to the bottom of his left eye as well as various smaller scars from an incident involving one Left Handed God on the planet Mortis. His eyes were green until his fall to the Dark Side when they turned a misty yellow. Half of the index finger on his left hand was missing after being chewed off in a cantina brawl prior to him becoming a Sith.

    Clothing: He often sported a black tunic with metal shoulder guards and a mask equipped with toxin filters and aquatic breathing apparatus which he wore now and then depending on the setting he found himself in, oft times the voices that plagued him would force him to wear it purely to conceal his face in times of heightened paranoia or mania.

    Weapons: Anark carried a single bladed red lightsaber with a chain woven round the black & silver hilt which he would unwrap in combat to gain a more aggressive advantage against his foes. He also kept a somewhat faulty DL-44 blaster in a holster tied to his left leg as well as an assortment of small, razor sharp throwing knives.

    Abilities: With a respect and fascination for the Dark Side of the Force as well as a hunger to learn and improve, Darth Anark studied the art of cyrokinesis as well as the ability to harness his anger and rage to conjure a powerful Force Scream. As a Sith Inquisitor he honed his abilities in interrogation and extraction tactics with mind shard/fear attacks, aberration and mind probing, as well as drawing upon the Force to create lightning and choke attacks. He fluently spoke the Durese, Jawaese, Shyriiwook tongues in addition to Galactic Basic.

    Bio: Kade and his twin brother Bo were left on separate planets with adoptive parents at age five in order to preserve their lives after their mother and Jedi father spent several years on the run from the Empire. Although born on Kashyyyk, Kade was raised by a Duros family on their native planet.

    (Darth Anark Origin Story Extract)

    After attending an Imperial flight academy on Coruscant during the Rise of The Empire, Kade was not allowed to progress after his first year due to antisocial, confrontational behaviour with his peers and finding himself in more than one fist fight. The night he left the academy he engaged, in a rage, a fellow student who had spent the year antagonising and bullying him and ended up killing him.

    This caused him to panic about the repercussions of his actions and so he fled to the western reaches where he settled on the planet Jakku, spending the best part of five years as a scavenger. He exhibited anger and aggression problems all throughout his teenage years and suffered many a mental breakdown during his solitude on Jakku, his behaviour and thought processes becoming more and more erratic. In his seclusion he began to hear voices in his head and became heavily influenced by them over time, forming a sort of kinship with them he would talk aloud to them well into adulthood. The voices turned on him at some point and instead of serving as a comfort they became a hindrance and a cutting source of fear and frustration.

    Kade’s adopted father finally tracked him down and came to enquire about his sons disturbing behaviour, he had been aware of the young humans possible Force sensitivity for years. Kade proceeded to argue his case, if only with an immature refusal to answer any of the Duros questions directly. In a fit of rage, he bludgeoned the head of his adopted family to death with the staff he’d carried since his arrival on the desert planet.

    Not long after, he found himself caught up in the Great Battle of Jakku and ultimately sealed himself in a stasis chamber underground for protection and the prospect of being transported to a better time in the future. After emerging a century later, he took a while to become accustomed to the new way of things and how the galaxy had changed.

    After coming to terms with what he had done back on The Rock, Kade Etraa made a journey to a temple he had heard whispers off during his movements around the Outer Rim and decided to go there seeking some sort of purpose and acceptance in his life. He caught the attention of three Sith Lords and after proving himself worthy of apprenticeship, he was taken under the wing of Darth Insipid, the esteemed (then) Night Herald of The Sith Empire. Shortly after this, he acquired a lightsaber and took the name Darth Anark. Insipid became Emperor of the seventh Sith Empire during Anark’s apprenticeship. His unstable mind and inner rage continued to serve him and make him all the more dangerous.


    Anark was present on a mission to Empress Teta before becoming an Underlord where he formed a relationship with Tarkana Sydon, a slave who befriended him and acted as a confidant and extra pair of eyes, as well as an extra pair of hands to carry a blaster. Shortly after that he travelled to Coruscant with one half of the Empire, the other half going to Hoth. During the Battle of Coruscant it was revealed that Tarkana was in fact an agent of Empress Fel, sent to spy on the Sith’s activities. He confronted the traitor and after an attempt to let her explain her actions and motives, Anark’s anger got the better of him and he threw the woman off the senate building to her death. His efforts during the battle earned him the title of The Lord of Coruscant and he was tasked with reconstruction efforts as the Sith Emperor assumed control of the capital world.


    The Mad Sith arrived on Moraband alongside Darth Hades, Hel, and Darth Ravenous, whom he joined in a Dark Side meld to combat the army of the dead.

    When the Sith Empire fought on Mortis, Anark encountered Abeloth inside an elaborate illusion where she attempted to consume him. He survived, just. When Typhojem was released, Anark was beaten by cultists to the brink of death and had his face torn off by the Left Handed God himself but managed to escape and have his wounds tended to after the battle was won and the Sith fled by way of time travel to 5 ABY using their enemy’s holocron.

    Upon arriving in the new timeline where the Galactic Empire reigned supreme, Darth Anark confronted the God Emperor Insipid when he learned of his former master’s act of yanking the young Sith from his own alternate timeline during his stasis. The treachery would leave their relationship damaged for a long time to come.

    On Zakuul, Anark engaged a group of Jedi and briefly came under the protection of a pack of Tuk’ata on the planet. He left Zakuul with the Jedi under Insipid’s orders and reconvened with a large chunk of the Empire on the Luxury Elite.

    Anark was sold a batch of powerful spice native to the Unknown Regions during his time on the pleasure vessel and disappeared from action for some time during the strange trip. After experiencing powerful visions and intense feelings, he became convinced that his long lost brother was aboard the ship. A notion he was unsure whether to pursue or not.

    Upon hearing of the former Dawn Herald’s ascension to new power, Anark, along with Lord Titus attempted to engage Bellorum directly. When Titus was neutralized on the bridge of the Luxury Elite and after realizing how utterly unequipped he was to take on the Dark Lady on his own, never mind her heavy security detail, Anark fled with his life to regroup with the remainder of the Sith who were still loyal to Insipid… the now brave warriors of The First Order.

    The waters of Anark’s ambitions and loyalties would be muddied when he did indeed come face to face with his twin brother for the first time in two decades. Bo – The Twilight Empress Bellorum’s Chief Executor – convinced Anark to serve under the Twilight Sun as a new threat rose up from the ashes of the unresolved War of Three. Anark reluctantly agreed. A fight with the Imperator’s cyborg General and half a fight with Haretisch himself, a descent down a trash compactor chute and a handful of emotionally turbulent outbursts later and they all seemed to be back to fighting on the same side against the Old Ones.

    On Bedlam, Anark came face to face once more with the Left-Handed God. When he looked upon him his reaction was… strange. Anark painted the interior of the medical bay of the shuttle Altruist black with a mucus he brought up from within. His eyes rolled to the back of his skull, all present in the room were lifted off their feet for a moment, suspended in the air as surges of scarlet lightning crawled along the demented Sith’s body.

    Anark was quickly sedated by Zalen and thrown into a pod for a long sleep…
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    Double Triple Approved!


    - Cassian Willix

    Alias - Darth Kronos

    Sex - Male

    Age - 23

    Species - Human

    Homeworld - Coruscant

    Height - 6'4"

    Weight - 195 pounds.

    Physical Attributes - A tall, moderately muscular body due to his years of constant training, from his life as a Jedi to his rigorous and dangerous life as a Sith. When he wore a mask, he kept his hair messy and unkempt, but eventually, once he and Esmeralda were alone on a shuttle to Bedlam, he changed that. Now his hair more closely resembles his facial hair: cleaner and far less messy. Though his facial hair is more stubble than anything else. Also light-skinned.

    The most prominent feature of his face is his ocean blue eyes, which provide a stark contrast to the darkness within him. He almost always has a morose expression, probably deep in thought about something he'd rather not talk about.

    Nowadays, he looks rather unassuming. The average citizen wouldn't suspect him of being a Dark Lord of the Sith.

    (Kronos, during the Battle of Moraband, from before his fabulous makeover.)

    Clothing - Generally prefers to have an armored look, but it does become bulky at times. In all honesty, he mainly wears it for the hidden slots, where he keeps memorabilia of his past he has, just in case he thinks he'll be whisked away again. No one except for him knows of this.

    His clothing is filled with dark browns and blacks. Most notably is his black cape, though it's a 50/50 chance that he'll be wearing it. Besides, it isn't as clean or slick as it once was.

    Abilities - A skilled practitioner of the Force and an almost-expert lightsaber duelist, Kronos is a powerful foe against nearly any opponent. However, especially recently, his fears and insecurities have gotten the better of him, resulting in far more lashes in rage on the battlefield. It makes him too unbalanced, and that can be an advantage to calmer enemies.

    Weapons/Tools - His single-bladed red lightsaber. A combination of blacks, silvers, and reds color the blade's hilt, which is optimized for efficiency. Red, rubbery grips highlight the lower half of the hilt, which make harder, heavier strikes easier. On the upper portion, grip slits colored in black make one-handed dueling much easier. Silver mainly outlines the uppermost section and any other areas not made for efficiency.

    Occupation/Title - Dark Lord of the Sith.

    Family - Jacen and Jasmille Willix, his mother and father; both are deceased. Don't ask him because he'd rather not talk about it

    Associates - Esmerelda, his current girlfriend. She's basically the only person he genuinely loves, and that results in him being over protective and probably too possessive at times. Darth Insipid, someone Kronos hates. He knows Insipid has something sinister hiding up his sleeve, and it bothers him.

    Biography - Born to two loving parents on Coruscant, he lived a fairly easy life with them. But they both knew the Jedi would eventually find him, and when they did, his six-year-old self did not react pleasantly. But, in hindsight, his parents had understandable reasons, but that is a long story, and it really isn't important.

    As a Sith, a fully fledged Sith, his first noteworthy mission was to accompany Darth Kralkus and others to the ice planet of Hoth. Though he had been on numerous others as a Peon, this was especially noteworthy because it was his first time meeting Esmerelda, who would grow to become an important figure in his life. While love at first sight would be an inaccurate read of the situation, he did almost immediately feel a strange sense of sympathy for her. At that moment, the exact reason why eluded him, but as time went on, it would become much clearer. He'd soon learn to push that as far into the deepest depths of his mind as possible.

    Over even more time, his relationship with her grew into something more, something he had been lacking for years at that point: a genuine loving and compassionate relationship. Something that eventually grew intimate. Their relationship gave him access to a part of his humanity he originally thought was gone forever.

    After they took their romance to the next level, two months passed, two months of general happiness, until a devastating, surprising, and wonderful revelation was made: Esme was pregnant with their child. As Kronos processed this news, anger overcame him as Ike, who initially revealed this to them, taunted him about cowardice. Before he could get his hands on Ike, Esme stunned him, leaving him to accompany Ike to Bellorum's side in the recently revealed War of Three.

    Six months passed without contact.

    Then he took matters into his own hand and flew to her last known location himself, only to discover devastating changes were made. Where there should have been a pregnancy bump was nothing, and it turned out that their twins - yes, twins - were stolen from them by sick and twisted doctors. With Esme left deeply distraught and angered, she killed one of them, Dr. Cerise, and accompanied him to his shuttle.

    Then a day passed.

    Their hyperdrive had been faulty, which had been a blessing in hindsight. During this time, the couple had decided to figure out what they would be going forward.

    Finally exiting hyperspace revealed a destroyed world and an extremely small amount of Sith fleeing and hoping to board the ship. Insipid used the promise of finding their children to convince them to let them board.

    Kronos reluctantly agreed. He knew Insipid was hiding something, but Kronos couldn't exactly leave him behind, as it would yield disastrous consequences. As would fleeing the Sith to start a family with Esme, which, deep down, was what he wanted, but he also knew it was unrealistic. They would just be hunted down before they could get very far.

    Once they all boarded, it was up to them to restart the Sith Order anew, but that wasn't Kronos's primary concern.

    Their children were out there. And no matter his complicated feelings on the matter, they had to find them.

    And they could do so.


    Name - Jade Dorien

    Alias - Mallace

    Sex - Female

    Age - 30

    Species - Human

    Homeworld - Jedha

    Height - 5'8"

    Weight - 130 pounds.

    Physical Attributes - Her most noticeable features are her lithe and flexible frame and her deep black hair with white accents near the front. The former attribute aids her fighting skills, as they give her natural speed and increased agility and stamina.

    Pale skin, a rounded face, and brown eyes compliment the other noticeable features of her appearance.

    (Mallace, from before her encounter with the New Sith Empire... and before her trauma.)

    Clothing - Prefers to wear simpler clothing as opposed to outfits thatscream flamboyance, but she isn't afraid of a little flair. A loose-fitting black wide-scale, held in place by a silver ring that is more comfortable than it looks, hangs off to her left side, leaving her right side completely open and easier to use.

    Black forearm gloves, a random piece of right shoulder armor she thought looked cool, a purple shirt, and almost skin-tight purple and beige pants are her other noteworthy articles of clothing.

    Abilities - A highly skilled lightsaber duelest, as that was what she practiced the most by far, she can defeat countless foes in combat, often due to underestimation. However, her Force abilities are rusty at best, and she can do little to combat that during a fight. It all depends on how skilled her opponent is.

    Weapons/Tools - She only carries her red-bladed lightsaber, which has no interesting features. It was, however, originally her mother's, and Mallace cherishes it more than she'd like to admit.

    Occupation/Title - Nothing within any Empire.

    Family - Two parents who were killed by Jedi when Mallace was young.

    Associates - No one. She remains alone amongst a bunch of backstabbing Sith.

    Biography - Darth Mallace was born into a Sith family, on the planet of Jedha, living away from any other Force user, whether it be the Jedi, or Sith Empire. Her childhood was rough from the beginning. She never made any friends, and was forced to stay inside, focusing all of her time and energy to making herself stronger. Not within the Force, but in agility and physical strength. From an early age, she was pushed hard. Pushed to use her anger to overpower her enemies, and win battles easily. When she was younger, she was more prone to a rage fit, breaking many household things. But, her parents did not punish her, unlike any normal parent. They were proud of her, seeing the potential that she had. She began to grow in power the older she became.

    Mallace took her first life at age seven. She had killed someone that had wronged her parents in one way or another (the details were not explained to her). It didn't take long for this person to be found, and he was dragged into their home, tied up and placed in the center of the main room. Mallace was handed a medium sized knife, and told to have her way with him. Her parents felt that it was time for her to know what it felt like to kill someone. And, so, Mallace made her move, making the person's death as slow as possible, her parents savoring every scream of agony. Every drop of blood that splattered against the floor. Once the deed was done, the cleanup began. And it was a pain. It took hours, even for Force users, as the thickness of the blood had seeped into the rug, to get rid of all the blood, and make everything look as it did before. That was why she didn't like knives: the cleanup. It took too long. And if you were doing a mission that required you to be quick and quiet, that could be a detriment. After the killing, blood covered her clothes and skin. She needed to be cleansed, so thatsuspicions would be off of her.

    During the killing, Mallace had felt nothing. No remorse. No guilt. Nosorrow. No sadness. And this was a good thing. A very good thing,

    The family thought they were in the clear. No one looked at the house funny. No one banged on the door with blasters, ready to shoot to kill (as stupid of an idea that would have been). But, they weren't. The police on the planet were called. Citizens had heard screaming coming from the home. There were a select few who knew that the family was Force Sensitive. Once being told of this, the police there sent a message to the Jedi hoping to rid the city of the Sith as quickly as possible.

    The Jedi soon arrived. Two of them, to be exact. A Master, and and Apprentice. They immediately found the home. Sensing that there was a child there, they decided to take it with them, leaving the parents behind. Most likely dead. Probably not willing to cooperate. They burst into the house, lightsabers drawn, and a fight began.

    Mallace stood back and watched the fight from afar, confident that her parents would easily win the fight. But, their skills were rusty. The two Jedi had killed both her mother and father rather quickly, not even taking a scratch. They turned their attention to Mallace, lightsabers off and on their belts, using a condescending tone that anyone would use to speak to a child. More so, because she was a Sith. The Jedi urged her to come with them.

    She would not be doing that.

    As she made her way to the Jedi, acting as if she was traumatized and scared, she reached down and grabbed her mother's lightsaber, her father's being cut down during the fight. She ignited it, and went to work, yellow in her eyes. She used all of her agility and anger to overpower the two Jedi, who were taken aback by the power that the "little girl" was displaying. In moments, the two Jedi were dead, one cut in three pieces (legs cut off first, then cut in half), and the other with a hole in his lower back). With her cover blown, her family dead, she broke the window in the back part of her home, and escaped into the shadows.

    She made her way to a bar, andproceeded to threaten a passing traveler with her new weapon. She told him that if he didn't do as she told, she would gut him where he sat, and would do the same to everyone else there. Frightened, he agreed, stumbling his way to his ship, Mallace closely following, pointing the unlit lightsaber at his back.

    The unnamed traveler flew her to a planet of her choice. She had always heard from other travelers that Tatooine was free from Jedi.So, she went there. Once the ship landed, Mallace immediately crushed the life out of the poor traveler with the Force Chokepower. No witnesses.

    As she grew older, she taught herself how to fly, using the traveler's ship. It would be a necessary ability to have if she wanted to eventually get off the rock. It took a couple of years, but she was eventually competent enough to fly on her own.

    All of that started when she was stillseven.

    She spent years held up on Tatooine, trying desperately to keep her true identity a secret. She made her way by through petty crime and gang violence, killing anyone who was foolish enough to get in her way.

    Things were looking up. It seemed as if she was in the clear.

    Not anymore.

    The Jedi must have learned their lesson from decades past with Anakin Skywalker, as they had showed up, looking for any potential Force sensitives to take in. Granted, it took them years to get around to it. However, they immediately sensed the dark presence there. And it didn't take long for them to find this dark presence. The pair of Jedi confronted her - the last mistake of their lives. She killed them quickly, leaving their mangled bodies behind, only grabbing her prized possessions before dashing to her ship that was close by. No one tried to stop her. They were too frightened.

    As she took off, she eventually realized that she needed to go somewhere unknown to the public. Even by many of the Jedi. So, she set course for theUnknown Regions, on the run once again.

    That was becoming a staple of her life.

    She landed on the planet of Rakata Prime, surviving through killing andcooking any animals that she saw, and savoring any piece of food and water that she carried on her ship. A year passed, and no one had came for her.

    But, she knew not to get too comfortable.

    In a sudden flurry of excitement, Mallace was taken from her temporary home on Rakata Prime, and thrusted into a new home. Accompanied by five other darksiders, one being a cruel Peon handler, she was forced to confront an entity she knew nothing about - a self-proclaimed Dread Lord named Typhojem. He was a being who displayed a level of power and had never even dreamt of before. With a flick of His fingers, she and her temporary allies were turned into a hot, bubbly goo. Soon after, she was given a new body, one created by Typhojem himself. Adoppelgänger. She felt every painful second of the process. As one might expect, the incident was one she would never forget. The image and pain would haunt her for the rest of her life.

    She was once able to keep herself calm and collected. But that was all out of the window now. Upon her arrival to New Moraband, she had a mental breakdown after seeing some of her new allies, especially because of the one who reminded her of Typhojem. In a surprising use of power, Mallace ended up destroying several pieces ofequipment in her fit of rage. In order to subdue her, someone - she does not remember who - knocked herunconscious. She was placed in a cryogenic freezing chamber until the Sith found a use for her. Like a rabid beast.Nothing but a mindless animal.

    She was released by a woman she had never seen before. A Zeltron who intended to murder Mallace. Without thinking, she had quickly used the Force to grab her lightsaber and cut the Zeltron woman in half. Afterward, she was confronted by a Changeling. A fight would have occured, but it was stopped by the God-Emperor before it could. From there, things became harder to explain.

    Lost and unaware of her situation, she mostly kept to herself. The one who reminded her of Typhojem - the God-Emperor - led the team, and she had no true allies to associate with.

    Until a... thing spoke to her. It, named Soliloquy, took her under its wing until the climatic battle between two Sith took place. Everything spiraled out of control after that.

    A coup between the three members of the Triumvirate was revealed. Each Sith was forced to choose a side, and, because of her lack of options and knowledge of the current situation, found herself siding with the God-Emperor (she does not like this at all). During the coup, she found herself in battle with unknown combatants. A test of their skills. She can no longer remember their identity. She survived the fight, but she had suffered a few wounds. Hurt and stumbling, she tookSoliloquy's offer and retreated with it, following it to a hangar with other Sith.

    She had officially joined the First Order.

    Six months passed, and her PTSD only became worse. While the three-way war was occurring, Mallace had another mental breakdown, and she was placed in stasis yet again. Without warning and without haste.

    Once she is removed - someway, somehow - she will have to face hertrauma head on.

    Because she can't keep living like this.
  20. WookieeRage

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    Name: Darth Ravenous
    Sex: M
    Age: 102
    Species: Once a Wookiee, DNA now blended with two other species; Gen' Dai and Tuk'ata.
    Homeworld: New Moraband

    Height: 2.25 Meters
    Weight: 155 Kilograms

    Physical Attributes: A portrait of grotesque, Darth Ravenous' body has been twisted more than once to serve the dark side. His skin, a slimy shell where fur had once flowed. His beaded, prominent face gruff now covered with spikes and scales. Eyes are polluted with yellow and red hues. His body is large in frame and hulking with muscle mass, a true sight of terror. Four tenticle-like spiked appendages drape his back, usually covered by his large Black cloak (Sewn from skin of past meals or fallen enemies.) The appendages excrete a venom which slows victims unto paralysis upon contact. He no longer needs to consume flesh to survive, yet his body still craves it.

    Clothing: Large cloak made from stitched, cured skin. Durasteel gauntlets and greaves.
    Abilities: Knowledgeable in all forms of Saber combat. Favors Djem So due to his natural strength. Can use many different weapons with ease. Relies on brute force and violence over stealth and cunning. Uses force to augment movement and combat but has no problem choking, shocking or igniting individuals if the situation arises.

    Weapons/Tools: Large-hilted Crossguard Lightsaber with a deep green blade. Two side holstered long-barreled slug throwers. A belt of various explosive devices which is changed upon missions.

    Occupation: Footman of The True Emperor, Darth Insipid.

    Family: Rejects any memories of pre-transformed Darth Ravenous

    Associates: None, has grown paranoid and unstable mentally after Sith Alchemy.

    Biography: To be determined. Once again, has rejected any memories of pre-transformed Darth Ravenous and was mostly unconscious during the separation of the Triumvirate.
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  21. Darth Cocytus

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    Name: Darth Cocytus
    Sex: M
    Age: 22/23 (In kaminoan years) 14/15 (Actual age)
    Species: Kaminoan
    Homeworld: Kamino
    Height: 2.2 Meters
    Weight: 130 lbs

    Physical Attributes: A tall and skeletal thin being with a long neck, Darth Cocytus has the appearance typical of his kind. However, his embrace of the Dark Side has twisted and perverted this, making his body look dried and old as if mummified, despite his young age, with glowing yellow eyes glowing as if from empty eye sockets. Having lost an arm some time ago, along with other damage to his body, various parts of his being have been replaced with cybernetic components as replacements.

    Clothing: Often wears light Sith Armour under his black cloak.

    Abilities: Knowledgeable in all forms of Saber combat. Favors Soresu, of which he is a master of, due to his cold calculating patience, switching to Djem So when either fighting against Makashi or when the opponent begins to tire.

    Weapons/Tools: Twin curved lightsabers of crimson blades that can combine into a saber staff, but rarely ever done so.

    Occupation: Sith Underlord and Inquisitor of the Sith Order

    Family: Killed by Darth Cocytus, forgotten by Darth Cocytus.

    Associates: Darth Sidious who continues to occupy his mind, teaching him further the lessons of the Dark Side while plotting the Return of the Rule of Two.

    Biography: Afan Te was born on the planet of Kamino, like all Kaminioans. His family was high class and due to his gray colored eyes, Afan was supposedly destined to go into administrative work upon adulthood, much like his forefathers. This was something that Afan despised as he had a certain hatred towards the work finding it to be quite dull and boring. He also privately questioned Kaminoan culture of isolationism, eugenics and its caste system.

    As he got older, Afan saw himself quite different from his fellow peers, discovering his power in the force at a very young age, but also showed signs of anti-social disorder as a psychopath. In his youth, Afan was quite ruthless, angry and hateful, often bullying others, even using his force abilities to control and even torment those around him, including his parents. The young kaminoan also proved to be quite sadistic, finding an enjoyment in torturing what animals lived among the city platforms, such has a pet he once had as a child, but ended up strangling to death with the force and he even once convinced one of his schoolmates who, seeing that he was different, bullied him into committing suicide by jumping and drowning in the waters below the city. This was all kept secret by his family, however, in an effort to avoid scandal and protect the family's reputation, but they did denounce him as a monster

    Eventually, Afan Te found himself discontent with where he was and his life on Kamino, and thus left his home-world at the age of eighteen, or rather age eleven, to travel the galaxy. Having a particular and deadly interest in the nature, prospects, and properties of the force, specifically an affinity in the dark side, Afan went to join the Academy to learn to be a Sith Sorcerer (Although later sought to become a Sith Inquisitor) where he was dubbed 'Darth Cocytus' after his initiation involving the killing of his entire family .

    Darth Cocytus was present at the battle of Moraband where he helped capture the Star Destroyer,Chimera,with Darth Invideous and was Later, present at the battle against Typhojem at Mortis, after gaining apprenticeship under Lady Hesper at a banquet. At Mortis, he had an encounter with the jedi Radian. Having a deep cold hatred for the jedi as a whole, Cocytus attempted capture him for torture, but was begrudgingly talked out of it and escaped Mortis with the remaining Sith Lords.

    Now Cocytus waits in his cabin aboard a shuttle, having no idea where or when he and the remaining sith have come to…

    It later turned out that the Sith Empire has come to a parallel universe, and Insipid himself has become a God. However, despite the Emperor’s Godhood, much to Darth Cocytus’s displeasure, the Empire fell under service of Thrawn’s imperial remnant. The Sith have done many missions for Thrawn since then, though still carried out their own agenda. The kaminoan hoped that the Sith would one day claim rightful rulership over this galaxy.

    In the meantime, Darth Cocytus have gone on several missions in service to the Empire. However, the most recent missions nearly got him killed with treachery from the Imperial Remnant and attacks from a new threat, the First Order. All of this lead to Cocytus ending up on a Luxury Ship where the Triumvirate ultimately betrayed one another and plunged the Sith into a three way Civil War. Predicting this and coming to the conclusion that the Sith can only survive under the Rule of Two, Cocytus sided with Insipid. With Hesper no longer as his master, the kaminoan now quietly plotted with the emperor the total destruction of their enemies and to cull the weak to re-implement the Rule of Two, just as the Sith should be.

    However, the War ended as quickly as it began and the Sith eventually reunited, albeit in the name of fighting much bigger threats. Not to mention, the kaminoan suspected Insipid of playing him like a second fiddle. Nonetheless, Cocytus had come across an allie to bring him aid and teachings in his continued desire to restore the Sith to glory, the Spirit of Darth Sidious. His body restored with cybernetics after much damage from his time on the Asylum planet, Cocytus continues to plot his obsession in bringing back the Rule of Two...


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  22. darthhelinith

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    Darth Helinith

    Age: 160, but physically more like 29/30.
    Sex: F
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Naboo?
    Height: 5’3’’


    Physical Atttributes:
    Short brown hair (in continual state of disarray) black jumpsuit, tabards over that, chest armour (think Vader, but no flashy lights box) over that, with cloak on top, black boots (may walk barefoot when at leisure). Belt carrying various bits and bobs. Her lightsabers are strapped to her back. Practical gloves. When engaged in activity, she’ll forgo the ‘court’ cloak for a more practical wrap that coves her head and shoulders. Her arms are usually covered by her jumpsuit, however from hand to shoulder, they sport twin tattoos: a rather intimidating pair of curling, twisting battle hydras.

    Helinith prides herself in her abilities with force telekinesis, which she uses for all sorts of things, many less than conventional. Aside from walking on ceilings, she uses it mainly to keep herself agile in combat, preferring to jump and doge. She has been known to use it to control a couple of knives when sneaking up on opponents, in stealth mode.
    Helinith can fight with a lightsaber to the degree that is appropriate for an experienced sith, but she is not a stand-out swordsman.
    Having had Insipid essence transfer himself into her body several times, she can retain a degree of control when someone is possessing her mind, however this skill is self-taught and lacks the refinement of formal training.

    Weapons: lightsabers x2 (one red, one silver), small blaster pistol, daggers (up to 4, imperial issue)

    Equipment: smoke grenades, thermal detonators, climbing harness, infra-red and heat seeking goggles, emergency straw (titanium, resistant to rust and anti-bacterial properties), durable rope, climbing harness, two fruit pastels (slightly fluffy), data pad, crocodile clips, six rolls of fruit twists, packet of bubble-gum, hip flask, super serious rectangular rimmed glassesTM .

    Occupation/Title: Sith/Assassin/Stabby-stabby expert
    Family: Insipid? She’d list him. He would not.
    Associates: Definitely Insipid and Renn. Bernael when she has to. Others are dead, or worse.

    Smaller than most Sith, but no less of a personality, Helinith brings everything most Sith aren’t (and didn’t ask for): glitter, streamers and a whole load of sugary snacks. If she’s not crawling about on the ceilings upside-down or sitting somewhere high up, she’ll be fiddling with her x1 advanced or napping: all four makes for a successful day in her book. She has pulled numerous pranks in her time and makes it her mission in life to make dower sith ‘lighten up’- sometimes interpreting this literally. Those who hold a grudge against her beware- her cheerful outlook and sunny disposition hide a ruthlessly trained killer with an impressive pedigree.

    Trained as one of Darth Vader’s personal set of assassins (often referred to as ‘daughters’) she was trapped in the Oubliette of Celeste Morne after seeking it out for her beloved master just before 3ABY and entered a long period of stasis, during which much of the galaxy she knew completely altered. In 137ABY the Casket was opened by Darth Insipid, following his research into the Muur Amulet. He took the dazed human (then known as ‘Four’) back to the Acolytes of Darkness Temple and proceeded to train her as his apprentice, giving her a new name in the process.

    With a renewed sense of purpose, Helinith followed her new master across the galaxy, her apprenticeship ending in 144ABY. She fought under the command of the mad clone Darth Malkuth in 146ABY. Much later, she assisted Insipid’s escape from a certain mind-trap, and cohabited a body with him for a while, an uncomfortable union for both involved. Empires rose, empires fell, during which they went their separate ways for a couple of years. Having newly arrived from the End of Time, Helinith is poised to bring her unique flavour of darkness to the Sith Order at large...
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    Triple-GM Approved!


    Name: Arek Eross
    Sex: Male
    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Nubia

    Height: 6’0”
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Physical Attributes: Arek is agile with a tall, slender frame and clean-cut features that give him a boyish charm. He has striking blue eyes and keeps his medium brown hair cropped short and presentable. His youthful countenance makes him appear rather unimposing in a crowd, perhaps even a little naive, which he uses to his full advantage to glean information from others and to move stealthily throughout his environment, always watching and observing.

    Arek shortly after arriving on Nubia to begin his training at the NuSec Academy

    Clothing: In the wake of the apocalypse, Arek is not concerned about fashion, but rather what is practical. His wardrobe usually consists of various pieces from his police uniform, including light body armor, tactical helmet and utility belt, gloves, breath mask, goggles, and a head scarf to protect himself from the harsh elements. A pair of comfortable combat boots and BDU fatigues usually round out his ensemble.

    Standard-issue Nubian Security Force patrol officer uniform

    The harsher climate of the post-apocalyptic galaxy requires a more utilitarian style of dress, including breath mask and headscarf.

    Abilities: Arek is an expert marksman; he rarely misses his shot and can wield most firearms with ease, a skill which is bolstered by his burgeoning Force sensitivity. He has also received training in basic law enforcement procedures, including riot and traffic control, investigative techniques, patrol strategies, self-defense, and simple first aid. He is able to think on his feet and adapt easily to an ever changing galaxy, making him a valuable asset in high stress situations.
    Weapons/Tools: BlasTech A295 sniper rifle; heavy blaster pistol holstered to his right thigh and attached to his service-issue utility belt; stun baton; duel vibroblades tucked into his boot; datapad and a wrist comlink that is broadcasting a distress signal for any survivors; his mother’s ring that he wears on a chain around his neck

    Occupation/Title: Wanderer/Scavenger; former sniper and patrol officer for the Nubian Security Force
    Family: Lyzia Eross, his mother who succumbed to complications from her mental deficiencies shortly after the start of the apocalypse. He considers it a blessing that she is finally free of her suffering, but remains bitter over the circumstances leading up to her diagnosis; she was all he had left.

    Lyz Eross, circa 152 ABY

    Associates: Himself
    Biography: Born on Nubia as an only child, Arek enjoyed a fairly normal childhood for the first ten years of his life before being whisked away from his homeworld to live amidst the hustle and bustle of Coruscant’s government district. His father was a prominent Senator serving on the Galactic Senate and his mother a philanthropist and social worker. Naturally, this introduced him to the privileged and extravagant lifestyle of the galaxy’s elite, but Arek never found himself yielding to such temptations. Even at a young age, he saw through the facade and came to resent those who walked within this social circle and catered to its many whims. This also led him to eventually develop a jaded view of the government itself.

    But despite his skepticism, he still felt a desire to contribute to the community and to serve; perhaps he could make a difference and set things right after so many others have failed. While his options remained limited due to his personal prejudices, which included the Galactic Federation military, Arek continued to persevere and ultimately decided to pursue a career in law enforcement.

    At the age of 18, he left the galactic capital and returned home to Nubia to attend the training academy for the Nubian Security Force (NuSec), the local planetary law enforcement agency. He excelled during this time and quickly garnered praise and recognition from his instructors, particularly when it came to his skills with a blaster. He was fast on the draw and had impeccable aim, even across great distances. It came as no surprise when he became the unit’s premier sniper.

    Of course, what he wouldn’t tell his superiors is that he has always possessed a strong affinity for things outside of the natural realm of human understanding – he could perceive and feel things that other beings could not. Arek attributed this intuitive gift to the Force, which he often applied to his everyday tasks to enhance his experiences. This accounted for both his heightened reflexes and remarkable foresight behind the trigger.

    A group of NuSec patrol officers apprehending a suspect in Nubia's capital region.

    Holo-image on his official NuSec ID card

    As a member of NuSec, Arek helped foil several kidnapping attempts and hostage situations and broke up a notorious glitterstim drug ring operating out of Nubia’s industrial district – all in addition to his regular patrol and investigative duties. He ultimately rose to the rank of Sergeant with aspirations to make detective in the coming years.

    However, in 152 ABY a family crisis would forever change the course of his future. Arek began to receive vague reports from his mother, Lyz, regarding events that were transpiring on Coruscant. These elusive messages became increasingly more difficult to decipher as the weeks went on, hinting at his mother’s declining mental health. It was only after he returned to Coruscant to be by her side that he discovered the source of her suffering – his father’s unscrupulous and often corrupt ways.

    The man had become a product of the harsh political climate that had seeped into the galactic center and consumed it like a plague, an opportunistic liar who had preyed upon his mother and others close to him to gain power and fame. The truth about his father’s illicit affair with a high-ranking member of the Federation hierarchy had been the final straw for Arek. A fierce altercation broke out between father and son, which ended with his father slumped in a corner after being Force-choked and Arek leading his mother’s frail and broken form from Coruscant forever. He never spoke to his father again after that day and denounced him forever by changing his surname to his mother’s – Eross.

    Arek soon returned to Nubia to resume work with the NuSec force and care for his ailing mother, but his recent experience on the capital had left him a more hardened and embittered man. He began to withdraw from his colleagues and take out his frustrations on those he claimed to serve. All the while, Lyz’s condition continued to deteriorate as she fell victim to her severe psychosis; Arek felt powerless to stop it.

    Arek in 156 ABY

    That was why he almost considered it a blessing when the apocalypse occurred and Lyz finally succumbed to her mental wounds. She was out of her misery and at peace with herself, which is more than Arek could say. He was left behind to fight for his life in a ravaged galaxy; a galaxy brought to its knees by an angered god-like creature known as Typhojem.

    Those were the rumors, anyway.

    Arek wasn’t sure what to believe. Either way, he had seen enough to know that this was The End.

    Forced to flee Nubia after a horrific, cataclysmic firestorm had consumed the planet, Arek now finds himself roaming the galaxy in order to survive.
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    Well, things just got VERY interesting at the feast.
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    Insipid has his plans, my friends.

    He always does.

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