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    Xizor paused briefly in front of a gilded mirror to examine his face. It was truly a shame that this Hutt, like, apparently, every single one of the galaxy’s most skilled groomers, had to be such a vacuous chatterbox. The more prominent scales on his forehead were now smooth and shiny, like he wanted them to be, but he could not face the prospect of being subjected to Eliskandro’s yapping every time he needed a facial. Perhaps he should kidnap him, cut off his tongue and keep him as a slave, but this would expose him to retribution from the kajidics over an issue that was not worthy of his time. He sighed again as he resumed walking towards the grand function room. He would enjoy what grooming the Hutt had to offer today, but this was the last time the talkative slug was setting foot or tail in his palace.

    :eek: I hope Xizor does not dare to harm poor Eliskandro at all. [face_waiting]

    And he deserves what is coming and I hope the entire humiliation will humble him a bit.
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    I really enjoy the idea of Xizor being ridiculously fond of taking a spa day -- that seems very fitting with the way I remember him being in the books! :D The apparently quick turnover in makeover personnel also seems fitting, of course, and one has to wonder how many ex-fashion consultants end up in whatever Xizor keeps instead of a rancor pit. (Nothing so messy and lower-class, I'm sure.) And I love that he's accepted Eliskandro on the basis of recommendations from Bonvika and Peascodd -- with references like that, who wouldn't? ;)

    It is worrisome that Xizor is suspicious of Eliskandro from the beginning, just because Rhicos happened to mention him. Goes to show how paranoid his outlook is, when every new stylist is cause for concern! :eek: (Then again, his stylists may do well to be more dangerous than most given his thoughts on Eliskandro. "Well, I could cut out their tongue and keep them as a slave... nah, too much trouble.")

    Oh dear, somebody is in for The Best of Astromech Pranks, Volumes I-X at the very least. :p The image of Eliskandro trying in vain to talk over the noisy secret conversation from his earpiece is fun, and of course Rhicos would show up right at that moment.

    Well, given Chopper we know that some droids are very into murder and crime (possibly minus the fiction, but you never know)... so it's not that far-fetched. ;)

    "Outdated mastodon" is an insult that I'm going to need to hold onto for a rainy day. :D
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    Chyntuck - Ah, finally caught up with your use of the Special Tactics and Nuff Guns police unit.

    That was quite the operation that your Hutt and his/her friends launched against the two protection rackets operating out of the Alien Affairs Bureau. I liked how you incorporated all the STANG elements that I had presented, finding a use for the yellow stencilling on the black protective vest, and mentioning the comlink being stowed.
    I quite enjoyed your characterisation of their leader, able to appreciate the personage of the security officer, even with her being non human, and female.

    A good job there, and thank you for realising my agency.
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