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    Feb 21, 2005
    Welcome to the DownTime Pilot Index!

    Announcement 9/11/2010: Downtime is under new management! Say hello to your new index hosts, Lane and Myra!

    There used to be an index and discussion thread for writers and readers of pilot fics, here at [link=]<<The Downtime Pilots Lounge>>[/link] but it fell into disuse and the thread originator hasn?t been around for a while, so Jesina_Dreis and Myri_Antilles have decided to recreate it. Lane_Winree and Mirax_Corran are now handling the index.

    We have several goals in mind?

    [ul][li]An index of all Rogue, Wraith, and other squadron fics on the Jedi Council boards. We?re in the minority here (in case you haven?t noticed :p), so it?s just too blasted hard to find each other on the boards themselves.[/li]
    [li]A discussion thread about the pilots, their characterizations, tips for writing a good squad fic?whatever you all want to talk about, provided it pertains to pilot writing.[/li]
    [li]Once we get going, a challenge every month or so, with links to responses posted here as well[/li][/ul]


    If you have a pilot fic, or if you know of one we?ve missed (since there are likely some whose authors have left the boards), here's the information our index volunteers are looking for:

    [blockquote]Link and Title to your story
    Notes (if applicable)

    It would also be appreciated if you could submit this information in markup form. Please PM the following to [link=]Pilot_Fic_Index[/link], keeping in mind to replace "{ }" with "[ ]":

    [blockquote]{link=insert the link to your fic here}Insert the title of your fic here{/link}
    {b}Summary:{/b} Insert your summary here!
    {b}Timeframe:{/b} Insert the timeframe for your fic here!
    {b}Characters:{/b} Insert the characters appearing in your fic here!
    {b}Genre:{/b} Insert your fic?s genre here!
    {b}Notes:{/b} If applicable, insert your author notes here![/blockquote]

    If you need help submitting your fics please contact the pilot_index_sock, Myra, or Lane!

    A Note: Submissions do not have to be squadron-centric. They can focus on the characters themselves (for example, a story about Wedge?s life before his parents? death is perfectly includable). :D

    How about original characters? We love them! So long as they're pilots, they're welcome here.

    This is essentially a Pilot-fic/Squad-fic index. Does this all make sense now? ;) If not, feel free to PM.

    Post 2: Index A - I
    Post 3: Index J - 0
    Post 4: Index P - Z
    Post 5: Challenges and Responses[/blockquote]

    Currently: 85 fics in the index

    So, grab a barstool and a nice glass of synthehol ;) and... :D

    ~Lane and Myra~
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    Feb 21, 2005
    A ? I

    Alion_Sangre ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Halberd Squadron, Part I: Unlikely to Survive[/link]
    Summary: Commander Keyan Farlander is forming an elite composite raiding squadron to keep up pressure on the Empire as the Rebel Alliance settles on Hoth. Training time ends, however, when the Empire crashes the party - and a unit dealing with its own internal pressures is sent into situations that even the gutsiest snubbie jock wouldn't mess with.
    Timeframe: Shortly before and during events of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    Characters: Keyan Farlander, Misch'an, Naeco Casaras, Lynia Delline, Cal Omas, Ibitsam, Ton Phanan, OC's, cameo canon characters.

    Arin_Atona ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]This One's For You[/link]
    Summary: At a pivotal moment in the Battle of Endor, a hero of the Rebellion reflects on his past.
    Timeframe: ROTJ
    Characters: Wedge Antilles
    Notes: Just playing around with Wedge's character a bit and trying to get into his head.

    [link=]For All That Is Sacred (To Still the Fates, Vol. II)[/link] Summary: When Jev Atona leads Venom Squadron to join the Rebellion, he and his past are put onto a collision-course with the Empire.
    Timeframe: Classic Trilogy (ANH-ROTJ)
    Characters: OCs, Wedge, Wes, Hobbie, Vader, Mara, Artoo, Leia, Dodonna, and more...
    Genre: OC behind-the-scenes action adventure romance squadfic
    Notes: Canon in comparison to the movies and the most the EU (the parts I've read, anyway).

    Barefoot_XO ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Daddy Don?t Cry[/link]
    Summary: The story of Piggy?s creation
    Characters: Piggy, Tuzin Gast, Edda Gast, Zsinj

    [link=]An Instant Family[/link] Summary: Gavin and Inyri babysit Gavin's sister's kids.
    Characters: Gavin Darklighter, Inyri Forge

    BlindMan ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Piggy and Slim[/link]
    Summary: Jek ?Piggy? Porkins becomes a detective
    Timeframe: Pre NJO
    Characters: Jek Porkins, Handmaiden Rabe, Slim Sleazebaggano
    Genre: Humor, Mystery

    boady22 ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Chronicles of Corran[/link]
    Summary: Corran's adventures before joining the Rebellion
    Timeframe: Saga
    Characters: Corran Horn, Gil Bastra, Iella Wessiri, Deakon Rohan (OC), Zek (OC), Kirtan Loor

    Calandria ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Sister Winter, Brother Hope[/link]
    Summary: Winter finds the love of her heart again.
    Timeframe: roughly during the X-Wing series
    Characters: Tycho and Winter
    Genre: Vignette, utter and complete romance

    CodeName_Targeter ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]I like his rear end[/link]
    Summary: The wedding of Wes Janson has come.
    Timeframe: sometime post SoA
    Characters: Wes, Shalla, Kell, Hobbie, Tyria, Wedge, Tycho
    Genre: one-shot... romance
    Notes: Remember all those kill Wes challen
  3. Pilot_Fic_Index

    Pilot_Fic_Index Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 21, 2005
    J ? O

    Jade_Max ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]The Worst Assignments[/link] Added 7/28!
    Timeframe: Set during the OC/Rogues Fic Angel_9 and I are writing, A Star Too Far, A/U and in the middle of the X-Wing book series
    Characters: Lance, Wes, Wedge, Face, Kell
    Genre: Humor, challenge
    Notes: I apologize in advance for the use of the word ?fracking? from Battlestar Gallactica ? it?s the best substitute I could find for the earthism

    Jade_Max ([link=]Profile[/link])
    and Angel_9 ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]A Star Too Far, Part I[/link]
    [link=]A Star Too Far, Part II[/link]
    Characters: Rogues, OCs

    JaersteinCysse ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Jaerstein Cysse: Reunion[/link]
    Summary: A chapter in the tale of Jaerstein Cysse a student who ran away from his home to become a pilot. He know finds a family member from his past thrust back into his life. During a heated battle from EU canon he makes a daring reunion.
    Timeframe: Can't recall exactly, but sometime during Thrawn's campaign
    Characters: Jaerstein Cysse, Dallows, Ryhen Kairs, Kiesthen Cysse and some canon characters
    Genre: an OC canon-melded chapter of a long-fic

    JainaSticksSolo19 ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Searching for Her[/link]
    Timeframe: a few weeks after Starfighters of Adumar
    Characters: Wes, Inyri, Hobbie

    [link=]A Day Off[/link] Added 7/28!
    Summary: Wes, Inyri, and Hobbie babysit Wes's sister's kids.
    Characters: Wes Janson, Inyri Forge, Hobbie Klivian
    Notes: Like the other baby-sitting stories popping up here, mine is also a response for the same challenge response. its been a wile since i posted anything here. i hope you guys like.

    Jane Jinn ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]We?re Doomed[/link]
    Summary: A lighthearted look at how Pash Cracken finds out what his squadron really thinks of him, when a practical joke goes awry.
    Timeframe: post-ROTJ, pre- Wedge's Gamble
    Characters: Pash Cracken, original characters

    Jaya Solo ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Before There Were Ewoks[/link]
    Summary: This is a background story on Wes Janson explaining how he became the prankster that we all know and love.
    Timeframe: Before Wes leaves for the Rebellion.
    Characters: Wes Janson, some OCs
    Genre: Short Story

    [link=]Birth of a Playboy[/link]
    Summary: This story explores Wes? life with the Tierfon Yellow Aces and his transfer to the Red Squadron at Yavin.
    Timeframe: Before and during the Battle of Yavin
    Characters: Wes Janson, Jek ?Piggy? Porkins
    Genre: Pilot Fic, Short Story
    Notes: This is the sequel to [link=]Before There Were Ewoks[/link]

    Jaya Solo ([link=]
  4. Pilot_Fic_Index

    Pilot_Fic_Index Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 21, 2005
    P ? Z

    padawan lunetta ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]I, Rebel[/link]
    Summary: Hal Horn survives being shot and joins the Rebellion with Corran
    Timeframe: OT ? ESB and RotJ
    Characters: Hal Horn, Corran Horn, Luke Skywalker, Rogues
    Genre: Action, drama

    [link=]I, the Jedi?s Daughter[/link]
    Summary: This is a story on Jysella Horn?s life.
    Timeframe: Post NJO
    Characters: Jysella Horn, Corran Horn, Luke Skywalker
    Notes: Well I was inspired to write this after having read "Onslaught" and finding out Corran had a daughter!! (It made no mention of looks or personality, so I gaver her one! ) This isn't my first fanfic, but it is my first attempt at writing in first person point of view, so please bear (sp?) with me and comment if you'd like!

    [link=]I, the Jedi?s Daughter Special Edition[/link]
    Summary: This is the special edition of ?I, Jedi?s Daughter? and is follows Jysella Horn?s life.
    Timeframe: Post NJO
    Characters: Jysella Horn, Corran Horn, Luke Skywalker
    Notes: Yep in honor of the holidays, I am reposting the first Jysella fanfic. But like Mr Lucas, I've found somethings I thought were a little incomplete, not to mention it could use a good spell check. That's what makes this version SE (Special Edition) So to the old readers, there'll be new scenes, and editing. The new scene's will be marked with "*"s just so you know. And to any new readers I might pick up, Hope uou like it!

    [link=]Ten Seconds[/link]
    Timeframe: post-NJO
    Characters: Corran, Jysella
    Genre: vignette

    [link=]What Does It Want?[/link] Added 7/28!
    Summary: Wes and Luke babysit the Solo kids.
    Timeframe: Jaina and Jacen are babies
    Characters: Wes Janson, Luke Skywalker, Jaina and Jacen Solo, Inyri Forge
    Genre: vignette
    Notes: this was originally posted as a challenge for two babysitting pilots in another forum that I thought you guys would enjoy.

    Perator ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]X-Wing: Battle for the Unknown [/link]
    Summary: X-Wing: Battle for the Unkown is a story about Wedge Antilles, and several other pilots, including Tycho, Janson, Hobbie, and Kell and Tyria trom the Wraiths. I hope to post every few days.
    Timeframe: 14 Years After Endor
    Characters: Wedge, Wes, Tycho, Hobbie, Kell, Tyria, Iella, Cheriss, others

    Qurinas ([link=]Profile[/link])

    [link=]Blastsword to Lightsaber Chapter 1[/link]
    [link=]Blastsword to Lightsaber Chapter 2[/link]
    [link=]Blastsword to Lightsaber Chapter 3[/link]
    [link=]Blastsword to Lightsaber Chapter 4[/link]
    Blastsword to Lightsaber Chapter 5[/link]
    Summary: This story is rated PG-13 for mild violent content. This story is based on characters and actions that take place in the X-Wing series. This story takes place immediately following Star Fighters of Adumar and contains spoilers for almost every book in the x-wing series and others.
  5. Pilot_Fic_Index

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    Feb 21, 2005
    (Reserved for future use)
  6. NYCitygurl

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    Jul 20, 2002
    I'm so excited to see this!! I've never written a squad fic, though I've read several and liked them a lot. Wedge, Tycho, Wes, and Hobbie are awesome!!! Anyway, I'll be checking in here often, and maybe I'll even participate in a challenge . . .
  7. Jaya Solo

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    Jul 12, 1999
    Woohoo! Good to see the thread that started me writing back up! :D
  8. DreamingIce

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    Aug 8, 2005
    It's baaacckk! :D

    I really should send some of my links in...
  9. Pilot_Fic_Index

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    Feb 21, 2005
    By all means, send your links in! I plan to update this thread 2-3 times a week, so keep me busy!
  10. Killik_Twilight

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    Apr 6, 2005
    I need to send you another story, Lane? I'll PM it to you shortly.

  11. Jade_Max

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    Jun 28, 2002
    Wow, this thread is alive? I'm thrilled :D So glad someone could take over the reigns.

    It's looking awesome, guys! I guess that means I should go kick Angel 9's butt so we can finish that story [face_whistling]
  12. Astronut

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Ooooooo. Reading material. And I don't have to hunt for it. Nice.

    <Begins to hunt for something on list to read while waiting for Lane to hurry up writting>
  13. Lusa_Thul

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    Sep 9, 2004
    Ooh, I suppose I have a few things to send in! Lemme go do that...
  14. djcati

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    Mar 20, 2004
    Mmm. Thread.

    Tastes like Whyren's.

    Iiii should get some more pilot fic written. *wanders off to do that*

  15. alhana_antilles

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    Aug 16, 2002
    Hey, a new Downtime! We should probably get some character discussion going to help inspire fic ideas. Can anyone think of a topic?
  16. Astronut

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Since there's a request for discusion, here's something I've been wondering about.

    Writting a Cannon Hobbie: The Ultimate Continuity Problem

    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him....Better than he was before. -Six Million Dollar Man

    As most of us know, Hobbie is a minor character in the Star Wars Universe, but often a major one in pilot-fic. Usually, a rough character can be assembled from the scraps that profic gives us and pieced together with imagination to form a functional 2 or 3-D character. Hobbie is a little more problematic given that there is very little available on him and what is available contradicts itself.

    In his first appearence in profic, Hobbie dies a honorable death, smashing his snowspeeder into AT-AT to save a group of ground troops. All of this is left out of the movie, leaving Hobbie resembling Shrodinger's Cat. Fortunatly, he has a brief appearenc in the Thrawn Triology, resulting in his reserrection by Stackpole. Even in the original X-Wing novels, Hobbie only appeares in passing. Allston presents him as a competent pilot, leader, and trainer that jests with a straight face and gives Wes someone to play off of. It isn't until IF that the term "mournful" begins to be prevelant in Hobbie's description. In its first instance, its used to emphasize Hobbie's straight faced appearence while speaking of the "mighty defenders of Lavisar." After this, the term 'mournful' shows up in almost every description of Hobbie by both Allston and fan-fic writers. SoA gives us the best novel description of Hobbie. He is the "dour one" who still tells his jokes straight-faced and still provides a straightman to Wes' comdedian but he also presents a side that could be considered blood thristy, wanting to lead a surpise attack on the Cartann blades. Tycho remarks that this is the most he's heard out of Hobbie in years.

    While Hobbie gets little page time in the novels, he gets slightly more in the comics. Plourr now uses him as a comedic target, while Wes fades into the background. The bacta jokes become prevelent, and Hobbie spends at least two comics in the bacta tank. After one soak, he even returns to flight before he is fully healed. His piloting skills are also not the best, as he has trouble several times shaking fighters, but his leadership skills remain intact, commanding the squadron in sims. Reference to his time in the Imperial Academy is made. Hobbie also spends alot of time chasing females, and ocassionally instigates comments before Wes does. He is on friendly terms with squadron's females, but hits on any females outside the squadron, including Iella. He does have his mournful momments, such as his obession with his bugbite, but only when they provide humour.

    Perhaps the most page time Hobbie gets is in the Empire comic Darklighter. Here, Hobbie is presented as an overachiever at the Academy, who often sucked up to superior officers. Later, we learn his leads a Rebel cell. His leadership is further demonstrated when he takes command of the Rand Ecliptic. During the course of the comic, Hobbie obtains multiple injuries and looses limbs (one of which contradicts one of the above bacta soaks), but still flies through the pain. Biggs considers him annoying, yet they manage to become friends. The comic ends with Hobbie in a state of mourning for Biggs. Little of his lines reflect humour.

    Hobbie has also been mentioned in video games and other things. Rogue Squadron even provides a brief summary of his past before Hoth, most of which is contradicted elsewhere.

    So, my questions to anyone out there:

    -Who is your Hobbie? (Characteristics, personality, past, ect)

    -Which sources do you use as a base for the character, if any?

    -Is it possible to consolidate all sources into a single charcter, or is it nessary to ignore some and not others?

    -Has the character evolved any over the years? (In both real time and Star Wars time)

    -Is Hobbie 2-D or 3-D in profic?

    -Is Hobbie 2-D or 3-D Hobbie in fanfic? Which do you prefer to write? to read?

  17. alhana_antilles

    alhana_antilles Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 16, 2002
    Hobbie's so underdeveloped in profic that I don't have a grasp on his character, but I'll try to answer as fully as I can.

    Hobbie has obviously evolved very little because he's underused. The comics have provided very little about his past; almost everything written about him relates to Rogue Squadron. As a resul he has yet to be a fully realized 3-D character and is often written as Wes's mournful sidekick fanfic.

    I hope that A.A. will include Hobbie or at least mention him in the upcoming Legacy series because I honestly have no clue as where his character is likely to end up.

    What does everyone else think? I'm quite curious since his character is so hard for me to grasp.
  18. Mirax_Corran

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    Jan 25, 2005
    Dang, Nut! I don't have time to reply to that right now, though ...

    I'm mostly here to bug Lane to put up some challenge - any challenge! I need inspiration! :p
  19. DarthIshtar

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    Mar 26, 2001
    I'm here wanting a challenge as well.
  20. CarrKicksDoor

    CarrKicksDoor Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 16, 2005
    I think as far as Hobbie's concerned, you really have to make Hobbie your own person. You can't go too far out of line with what's in profic, but for me, that means you can't get too far from Starfighters of Adumar's descriptions of him. He's a very 2-D character, and it's really been up to fanfic authors to put Hobbie in as a real character. He's got depth that hasn't been used, and unfortunately, I think he's one of those forgotten characters that no one thinks about and no one will write about anymore. It's too bad, really, because I think there could be a lot of fun stuff with Hobbie.

    I always see Hobbie as one of those really good guys. He's probably easy going, and yes, he tells all of his jokes with a straight face. He could probably always get people going, and if the story was real enough, they'd have trouble wondering whether or not he was joking. But there's hidden depths to him too. There has to be, because he joined the Rebellion, and that says that Hobbie was passionate enough about it to get up and join, rather than to just sit and let the Empire run all over him.

    Also, I could use a challenge too!

  21. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Chosen One star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    What drove me crazy at first was that the profic authors would take one dimension of the characters because that's all we got to see in the movies. Hobbie was the one who was skeptical about surviving against a Star Destroyer, so they made his entire character be about being dour.
  22. Astronut

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Oh, Lane...Come out, come out, where ever you are....

    Grand Master of the Pilot Index, the People of the Pilots need a challenge.

    In the meantime, I suppose I should put my thoughts on my own questions.

    -Who is your Hobbie? (Characteristics, personality, past, ect)
    I try for a bit sad, but willing to act moreso to provide a comic contrast to Wes. I think he has a potential to be a good leader, but prefers to slip quietly into the background.

    -Which sources do you use as a base for the character, if any?
    I've been debating whether to start adapting to the Empire version of Hobbie, but I prefer the X-Wing comics version the best.

    -Is it possible to consolidate all sources into a single charcter, or is it nessary to ignore some and not others?
    Heck no. Have to ignore something or Hobbie is offically dead!

    -Has the character evolved any over the years? (In both real time and Star Wars time)
    From the real time side, there seems to be more intrest in the character and some of the profic authors are taking notice. We have an new comic featuring Hobbie heavily and he's been promised an appearence in the LotF series. Star Wars time, probably only in my mind.

    -Is Hobbie 2-D or 3-D in profic?
    2-D!!! Paper Hobbie.

    -Is Hobbie 2-D or 3-D Hobbie in fanfic? Which do you prefer to write? to read?
    2 or 1 D in most, with the ocassional stellar preformance that fleshs him out into 3-D (and maybe even 4!) I can't state a preference for reading/writing it one way or another. It depends on his function and how well it's written.

    -And, given quickly approaching profic, what do you think is in Hobbie's future?
    Perhaps a nice counsulting/teaching job somewhere before heck breaks loose. Actually, he and Wes really need to buy a bar somewhere. I picture them as old men serving drinks, insults, and old stories to a younger generation of pilots. (No!...nice bunny...Run!....AHHHHHHH!!!!)

    Someone want to pick on new character? Battle? Event? Ship(mechanical)? Ship(relasionship)?

    Ugh. I need spellcheck hardwired to my brain.
  23. Jesina_Dreis

    Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2004
    Well, this response is coming from someone who cared very little about Hobbie until she killed him off, so take it as you will.

    I wrote a fic - still in progress, on hiatus - that played significantly on traumatic background for Hobbs, which was the reason he is how he is. I went basically with what you see in SoA; the comics just aren't as fresh in my mind, and even right after I read them, they just weren't at the fore.

    I've also written him in a relationship with Inyri - the fic where I killed him off. Same with the SoA basis, but I had him a little more upbeat, Inyri bringing out a different side of him.

    I think you can look at book-Hobbie as an evolution of comic-Hobbie. He's been through a lot, seen a lot. And, granted, he saw a lot even early in the war. But he's become a seasoned, hardened soldier, even moreso than in his youth, as time has passed. It may be a little hard to reconcile the two variations of Hobbie completely, but I think it's possible in part.
  24. Mirax_Corran

    Mirax_Corran Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 25, 2005
    Well, what I have to add is that Hobbie is certainly not above a wisecrack. In IR he says in response to a query to Wes about living long enough to be a Major (with three pips) "he never thought he would be old enough to count to three pips."

    [face_love] Hobbie [face_love]
  25. alhana_antilles

    alhana_antilles Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 16, 2002
    I have question to throw out. Which Rogue (or Wraith) Squadron period do you perfer to read or write about? The movie, comics, x-wing book series, New republic Era, NJO?

    I perfer the New Republic Era when Starfighters of Adumar occured. I like it because Wes and Hobbie are back in Rogue Sqaudron with Wedge and Tycho along with Gsvin and Corran. It's when all my favorite pilots are flying together. Not to mention Wraith Squadron has been established with a reputation with its own.
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