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    Title: [UDC VII] The Drabble Is Joined!
    Author: brodiew
    Characters: Qui, Obi, Luke, Han, Jyn, Cassian, OC Lens, etc
    Timeframe: rollin' the dice!
    Genre: Humor, drama, action
    A/N: This is my thread for UDC VIII. I will be all over the map with characters, timeframes, cannon and Legends. It has been a while since have take up something like this so I did not wan to limit my options. I hope you enjoy.

    Week I - by Mira_Jade


    “Discretion is the better part-”

    “-of valor. I know, Master. Please stop saying it.”

    “When you can show that you understand it, I will move on to the next lesson.”

    “Where did the Jedi even pick that nugget of nonse- er…wisdom?”

    “It is not a Jedi teaching, but one I picked up as a Knight and have made my own.”

    “Then why do I have to make it my own?”

    “Because it is almost identical to the Jedi teaching of caution which is something of which you definitely need more. Perhaps, you will share it with your apprentice one day.”


    Qui-Gon Jinn and Qbi-Wan Kenobi sat in peaceful meditation as they watched the sun rise over Coruscant. Their perch, high atop the Jedi Temple, was perfect for clearing the mind. There had been silence between them for more than a standard hour when Qui-Gon noticed a tremor in the Force emanating from his padawan. He did not address it immediately because he could sense nothing wrong. He would wait for the young one to share his thoughts on his own. After a short time, Obi-Wan turned to the older man and said:

    “I am happy that you are my Master.”


    Qui-Gon smiled, ruefully, at his apprentice. Happy, sad, festive, gloomy, were emotions; and such were to be set aside in seeking the will of the Force. However, it had never been the long haired Jedi’s prerogative to follow the letter of the law. Had such rebellion cost him personally? Was it why he had never been elevated to the Council? Perhaps. But was such elevation what really mattered. Or was it the fostering of a youngling into manhood and to prepare him to be a complete Jedi Knight? The answer was obvious.

    “I am happy to have you, too, Obi-Wan.”


    Obi-Wan Kenobi suppressed a groan as he watched the holo-feed. ‘Uncommon Valor or Uncomfortable Vanity?’ was the title of the segment which featured film of his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, performing a daring rescue, all the while narrating his actions for the camera. The Jedi Master wondered the same thing as he puzzled over Anakin’s motives. Had the news organization contacted Anakin or had has his student sought them out? His gut tightened. Regardless, Anakin had made a self-serving choice even if the rescue was a success. It was an unnerving pattern that that the Council would surely want to address.


    “No, that’s not it,” Obi-Wan barked. “Try again!”

    Ten year old Anakin Skywalker went through the lightsaber kata for the eight time. He did not understand why Obi-Wan was being so harsh. It was nothing new for him to drill Anakin into exhaustion, but it as rare that he would get angry. He often calmed Anakin’s anger.

    “I might be out of line, Master, but do you want to talk about what’s bugging you?”

    Obi-Wan started, but relaxed instead. He placed his arm around his apprentice.

    “It is nothing for you to worry about, Anakin. But I appreciate you asking.”
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    Not my best set for Week 2, but I hope you have something better to offer in Week 3.

    Week II - by Briannakin

    6. Name
    7. Title
    8. Number
    9. Date
    10. Legacy


    Jasmine Kinodai was bored. As such, she rested her head of short pink hair on the bar inside The Salty Spacer cantina. Had Kron, the owner of the establishment, seen this surrender, he would have frowned and slapped just as pink dismissal slip on the bar next her. Fortunately, Kron didn't come in until 1530 hours. That left Jasmine all by her lonesome. When she said all by her lonesome, she meant it. The establishment was all but abandoned. When there were customers, they ordered and took their seats in darker reaches. It was hard not to take it personally.


    It was a rare busy night at The Salty Spacer. There were fifteen customers in a facility that could legally hold eighty-two. Jasmine wiped down the bar and tried to deflect the clumsy advances of an inebriated clone named ‘Dink’. He regaled her with stories of glorious battles and pile of mechanical waste they left behind. She mostly smiled, nodded, and tried not to roll her eyes. He would order Icktician Sunrise after Icktician Sunrise. After downing each one, he would claim it was for ‘The General’. She knew what ‘General’ meant. It meant the sooner he left, the better.


    You could never tell what level of business would come to The Salty Spacer. Jasmine was attending to her sweeping duties when the Spacer’s front door burst open. Standing in the doorway, backlit by blinding sunlight, was an Imperial officer. Imperials were known for their lack of finesse. It comes from being trained to believe they are masters of all they survey. The man’s grey uniformed blended with the establishment’s interior causing him to appear ghostly as he approached. He shoved a flimsy in her face.

    “Have you seen this man?”

    Glancing at the flimsy, Jasmine said: “You’re kidding, right?”


    Kron was a being who like throw his weight around. Unfortunately for him, his spindly Rodian frame did not accommodate his ambitions. None the less, he was her boss and that made it her part of her responsibility to make him feel important.

    “Did you hear about the Empire?” Kron asked, dropping galaxy wide news like he was asking about a change in space port regulations.

    “No,” I lied. “Is there a new shop in town?”

    He stared at me silently for a moment, deciding whether to share the real news or make a crack about how ignorant I was.


    Jasmine hoped she would not be a cantina girl forever, but it was hard not to despair with so few opportunities available. Kron certainly wasn’t offering to make her partner and her customer service skills weren’t exactly the kind desired by the holocom industries. Sometimes she fantasized about being an Imperial agent or a spy for the rebels. Entertaining such thoughts led her into dark places she wasn’t sure she wanted to go. Were they any worse than shell of her life. Perhaps, she would contact the Imperial Lieutenant after all. Perhaps, giving up the clone would be her salvation.
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    Week 1 - I really liked Valor, it made me laugh as I could totally see that happening!
    Victory was great as well. I loved Anakin realizing that something was wrong with Obi-wan and wanting to help. It was a nice bit of relationship building for them we never really got to see.

    I really enjoyed the story you were weaving with Week 2. Even though we only get 500 words of story due to the challenge, I really feel like we got so much and saw a really well developed story! Date was my favorite, if only for this line: Unfortunately for him, his spindly Rodian frame did not accommodate his ambitions. That was great!

    Great job with this drabbles, Brodie! =D=
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    Brodiew, this forum uses [] instead of the regular <> in standard html. I don't know why. Thought you should know.

    I hope Jasmine Kinodai doesn't betray that general.
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    Your characters always come out nicely. No matter if they are canon (like your Obi-Wan) or your OCs.

    I wish I could write something more clever, but I am hurting all over after my 1st self defence class given by a policeman from special forces.

    I was only able to forget about the pain, when I started reading your drabbles and had to laugh out loud several times. Then I was reminded again that I was strangled several times by my instructor and the other folk of the self defence course. So I stopped laughing and went on reading.

    But my poor brain cannot get enough English words together for a more coherent comment.

    Its good to know that you are back and that you catch up wonderfully with the drabbles.
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    Brodie!! I'm so excited to see these up. :D [face_dancing]

    Valor: [face_laugh] The thing I love the most about this one - beside's Qui-Gon's teaching sassiness - is that it just as easily could have been a dialogue between Obi-Wan and Anakin, or even Anakin and Ahsoka. It's . . . interesting how history keeps repeating itself between masters and apprentices. :p [face_thinking]

    Honor: [face_love] Oh! That's really what drabbles are for - to capture a thought, a feeling, in a hundred words, and you certainly did that here. Beautiful. [face_love]=D=

    Sacrifice: A perfect companion. [face_love]

    Defeat: Poor Obi-Wan - Anakin certainly gave him a few grey hairs, even before that messy Sith business. :p

    Victory: Now I am very curious about the context of this one! [face_thinking] But I do like seeing a very early point in Obi-Wan and Anakin's relationship. [face_love]

    As for Week II - you've introduced us to another fascinating OC, one that I hope we get to see more of in the future. Her frustration and ambition definitely make for interesting catalysts, and I'm wondering about the choice she'll make here - hopefully it's a good one. Her temperament, and a well placed circumstance or two, is what rebels are made of, more often than not. [face_mischief]

    As always, it's great to see you writing again, and I look forward to whatever your muse churns out next. :) =D=

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    Mavjade: Thanks, mav. It’s good to be writing again. The drabbles are my wheelhouse. I’m glad you enjoyed the Obi-Ani drabbles. I wanted to be a good moment between them and it fit well with the youngling vibe I had in the set. Jasmine has already taken on a life of her own. I wanted her to be more whimsical, but she is has turned out more solemn. We’ll see what she does next.

    MartyAvidianus: I appreciate he tip, Marty. Jasmine has a mind of her own and he is desperate. Wait and watch. 

    AzureAngel2: Hello AzureAngel2! Thanks for stopping in. I’m glad my drabbles could get you to laugh, but I’m sorry the laughing made you hurt. Self defense can be grueling mentally and physically. Thank you for leaving a review!

    Mira_jade: Mira! Thank you so much for your ongoing support. I thought you might enjoy the Qui-Obi. Expect more of that. I like those two. There are at least a couple of things that might cause Obi-Wan some consternation. Anakin aside, there is that strong-willed blonde.
    As I mentioned above is turning out be something I may not have intended. But that is ok. Let's see what she does. Rebel Spy? Imperial informant? Double agent? The possibilities are endless. I am glad that you find her intriguing.

    Week III - by mavjade

    11. Helpless

    I can see that your heart is broken, your joy crushed. One parent is in the ground and the other, though living, may as well be dead to you. I can sense the hardness that will protect your heart beginning to form. Try to understand, to remember that he loves you; that you and your mother were his whole world. He would not have gone if he had a choice. Even now, he does not. I know that your heart longs for him, that you reach out for him, but you have only this old, broken warrior to cling to.

    12. Satisfied

    It was not an easy transition from farming to hit and run rebellion. It is no less spare; just as much a life of having less to call her own. After all, she was a child. Was she much of a farmer to begin with? Now, she would be a warrior. Not immediately. It would take time. Where with her parents love filled the gaps, with Saw, it was training and preparation So, as she sat at Saw’s feet, listening to his lessons, she knew she was safe, knew she would be prepared. And in that moment, she was satisfied.

    13. Enough

    The breakfast of hard boiled Minjie eggs did not appeal to Jyn at all. She sat defiantly at the table and stared at blue tinged, translucent out mass and the sun orange yolk within. It was beautiful, but she would not put it in her mouth.
    “Eat!” Saw bellowed as he entered the kitchen. The statement was somewhere between bombastic encouragement and a frustrated command. Unclipping the mask from his breast plate, he took a deep breath. He drew close to her face. Dropping the mask, he added: “Whether you like it or not, it will be enough for you.”

    14. Non-stop

    Part of her understood Saw’s choice to isolate her, to shield her from the work. The other part resented him as a surrogate father who would teach his child the theories of his life’s work, but would not allow her to share its practical application. She knew Saw had vowed to protect her; that he made that vow to her father. However, her father was worlds away, if still alive. This was her life and Saw should have fully embraced her as part of his family. He had not. So, she decided to take her life into her own hands.

    15. Burn

    It was not that Jyn had visited so many worlds, but the worlds she had visited had also been visited by the Empire. It was the rare world that folded without a fight, but even those that did were subject to the brutal reminder that disobedience would not be tolerated. Smoking holes and burning edifices, pockmarked landscapes and crumbling homes would be hard for her to ignore forever. The callousness of the Empire did not shock Jyn. It was part of her history. Not just the murder of her mother, but the abduction of her father, and life with Saw.
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    May 14, 2017
    Oh Brodie.

    Me hurt... JYN!

    Ach. I'm not crying, honest.
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    Helpless: Oh, Saw. :( His POV here was heartbreakingly tender and empathetic. I love the voice you gave him. =D=

    Satisfied: That really is quite the transition for Jyn. But for the unconventional childhood, Saw really did hand her the tools to survive in a dangerous galaxy.

    Enough: [face_laugh] What a great bit of day to day parenting, I love it! [face_laugh]

    Non-Stop: I loved this one. In the end, I understand both points of view here - with Saw realizing just who she is and how dangerous it could be to have her front and center with his work. But Jyn has had very little agency in her own life, and she needs to have control - and, deeper down, she wants to feel fully accepted, not kept at arm's length, even if it's for her own good. She'll head out on her own to find both.

    Burn: Sobering, but a great way to tie all of these drabbles together. It really is a great look at life under the Imperial regime, and a backdrop as to what makes a rebel, in the end.

    Fantastic work, as always, my friend! =D==D=
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    MartyAvidanus: Thanks, Marty. I'm glad these had the desired effect. I had a wonderful time writing them. I hope you enjoy the new set.

    Mira_Jade: You are so kind, Mira. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Helpless and Nonstop were my favorites of the set. I'm glad Saw's voice stood out in Helpless. I could hear his sad inflection from the film as I wrote it. An older, but still not adult Jyn in Non-stop has learned the skills taught her, but is bitter about being protected. Seems about right. ;)

    Week IV by Mira_Jade


    Lens Eli's stomach growling audibly. On most days this might be embarrassing, but today it was simply a result of his preparation for a test. What test, you ask? The Second Annual Correllian Flapjack Eating Contest. The event had not yet reached galaxy wide appeal, but the for the Jedi on Coruscant, it was a big deal. Lens was in the Apprentice Division, where the competition was fierce. None other than his friend, the Wookiee Shortaka was the defending champion. Shorty was at his left. On his right, was his past and present nemesis, Duster. Time does not always heal.


    After the first round, Lens was dying for a for a fizz pop, a glass of blue milk, or even some water, but he knew that drinking anything would only expand the flapjacks already in his stomach. He motioned Kayla to him from the crowd of onlookers.

    “Talktome,” he said in an oddly manic cadence. “I can drink anything or I'll lose for sure.”

    Kalya searched the table for the offending beverage, but found none. “Don't be a dope,” she replied, as she tightened and smoothed the seams of his tunic. “There's nothing her to drink.”

    “Please, just talk.”


    Han Solo was usually only a stickler for detail when it came to the Falcon. Well, there was his marriage. However, Leia payed attention to so many details, he didn't have to worry about any of them. Until today. This was his event, using his recipe. He was the host, and he was not going to let Lens Eli, Ben Skywalker, or Shorty, make a mockery of it. Not this time. The fist round had gone smoothly. Ben had been eliminated. Now, for the sake of his reputation, the Corellian had to watch the other two like a Gildaran hawk.


    Kayla was not keeping his attention, which was disturbing in and of itself. But, he could not distracted at the moment. Or could he? Wasn't that the point of calling her to the table. His thirst was becoming all consuming. There were nothing to drink in sight. He didn't want to forfeit the competition, but he was losing control. He tried to call on the Force for calm. No good. Probably because he couldn't concentrate. There, off to the side of the staging area, was a mop bucket. The mop was there so there had to be water as well.


    The inside of Lens' mouth was dryer then the Dune Sea on Tatooine. It was more parched than Correllia's brief period of Prohibition. There was so little moisture present, the young apprentice felt his tongue might crack like the soil in Dantooine's Dust Bowl. Dust. Duster. He absolutely could not give into his thirst if was to vanquish his sworn enemy. He dodged past Kayla and ran toward the mop bucket. In stead of dunking his head into it, he kick it over. His relief was short lived as recognized the boots which he had just doused with mop water.
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    Week III:

    It was a very intense experience reading those. You gave the "Rouge One" characters an intense background.

    Week IV

    Your OC Lens Eli seems a fun character and I hope to be able to read more about him in future.
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    These are all great! Love the flapjack contest and Han's watchful eye. No syrup on the flapjacks? That would get them down easier.

    I want more Jasmine, too. She could be a full story. The Jyn vignettes were great; growing up under Saw must have been scary for a girl who was accustomed to being surrounded by love and security.
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    Arrgh! The double posts must END!!!
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    May 14, 2017
    Of Set IV, Yearn was my favourite. It had thirst and there was mention of a romantic interest. Also Humor.
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    Excellent sets--liked especially the ones with Qui/Obi and Jyn =D=
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    Bwaha! What a fun set! [face_laugh] The trials the apprentices put themselves through for fame! And Han having none of their shenanigans when it comes to a piece of his heritage. It cracks me up that even the mop water looked appealing at the end, there. :p

    As always, I quite enjoyed this, and look forward to where your muse takes you next! [face_love]=D=
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    AzureAngel2: Thank you for reading, Azure. I appreciate you stopping in. Yes, Jyn did not have it easy with Saw. I'm proud of that set. As for Lens, he will definitely be back. I'm glad you enjoyed him.

    Mistress_Renata: Kind words. Thanks Renata. I'm sure there was syrup, I just forgot to mention it. I liked adding Han because I have never had Han and Lens in the same fic before. I'm sure Han sees too much of himself or Anakin in Lens. Uh-oh. bunnies bouncing... You'll see more Jasmine below.She's complicated.

    MartyAvidianus: I'm glad you liked it, Marty.:)

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thanks for coming back, Nyota! I like Qui/Obi too. There will be more to come. I'm glad you liked the Jyn. set.

    Mira_Jade: Thank you for the years of support, Mira. I greatly appreciate it. I love writing Lens. He's so fun and fearless and cocky and lazy and loyal and romantic and frustrating and brilliant and vulnerable. :p :D:cool:o_O:rolleyes:[face_laugh] I'm glad you've enjoyed him as well over the years. More to come.

    Week V - by Briannakin

    21. Dinner

    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan approached a wooden picnic table. It was littered with the droppings of local avian life. It would not have been Obi-Wan's first choice, but, sadly, it wasn't his choice at all.

    "This table is disgusting, Master. There are not only dried droppings, but I think I see a fresh one as well."

    Qui-Gon looked up from his plate and shrugged his shoulders.

    Obi-Wan stood, defiantly, and attempted to eat his meal without the benefit of a solid surface below his plate.

    "You should have a seat, young one, or soon the droppings will be from your plate."

    22. Theater

    There were times in Lens' life when he had to entertain himself. Shorty was occupied. Ben was away. Kayla was not happy with him. Lens was not the kind of guy to sit and sulk. He would make his own fun.

    As he entered the commissary, he noticed a group of new initiates, fresh from their graduation from the Crèche. He approached the group boldly and asked if they had heard of Darth Vader. The wide eyed novices nodded in unison.

    "But have you seen the Dark Lord in person?" Lens demanded, dramatically raising his fist and lowering his voice.

    23. Pint

    Even as she sat across from Jack boot Jesyr Ruk, Jasmine was unsure what to do. She had contacted the Imperial Lieutenant under the guise of meeting for drinks. She was surprised when he accepted without demanding information about the erstwhile clone. At least he had the good sense to arrive in civilian attire rather than his uniform. Not that his casual clothes deflected his imperial bearing. He was handsome, but rigid, friendly, but secretive, alluring, but distant. Whether she threw Dink to this wolf or not, she would be taking him to her bed. Of that, she was sure.

    24. Shot

    The ale had led to shots which led to Jasmine laughing at jokes she would normally condemn. Dinner followed and, later, well, she did the deed. Twice. And, in the process, sold the old clone down the river. She had no loyalty to the republic commandos, Jedi generals, or a previous way of life. For her, life had not changed. Life had stayed agonizingly the same.

    Jasmine had no illusions about seeing Jesyr again, though she would not pass on the opportunity if it presented itself.

    Nor would she likely see Dink again.

    A cold shiver snaked up her spine.

    25. Alcohol

    “You’re drunk!” Siri exclaimed as she pushed Obi-Wan out of her personal space.

    “And whose fault is that, Youn Glady,” her friend replied, running his words together.

    “Don’t blame me for this, Obi-Wan Kenobi,” she defended. “I thought it might be nice to try some wine and you tried to get me drunk. But, look what happened, you’re the one looking like a fool!”

    “I tried to get you drunk?” he answered with incredulity. “I surely recall your hand on the decanter more than mine.”

    “I wouldn’t trust your recollection, at the moment, for all the water front estates on Naboo.”
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    Dinner was a hoot. Theater [face_mischief] Pint & Shot -- more bitter than sweet. :( Alcohol an :oops: Obi/Siri moment. :p
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    Dinner: Well, Qui-Gon is nothing if not practical, that's for sure. [face_laugh] Really, he is all sorts of good for young Obi-Wan. :p

    Theater: What a jester. :p I love Lens the more and more we get to know about him!

    Pint & Shot: I really want to know more about Jasmine, too. What a bitter line of work, and a cynical outlook on life. You definitely have me intrigued, however; and I wonder for the connections she made here lasting her. [face_thinking]

    Alcohol: [face_laugh][face_laugh] These two will never fail to warm my heart, and this was a great, light hearted moment in their friendship. [face_love]

    This was a fantastic set, Brodie! As always. :D =D=
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    Jun 14, 2005
    A drunk Obi-Wan. Thanks for making me smile with that one. I had a hell of a day today and reading your drabbles felt good! For a while I got lost in a galaxy far, far away.
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    Oct 11, 2005
    WarmNyota_SweeAyesha: Thanks, Nyota! I think my Favorite of the lot was 'Dinner'. I love to have Qui teach Obi or visa versa.

    Mira_Jade: I appreciate your comments, Mira. Thank you for taking the time to comment on each one. Jasmine doesn't know who she is or what she wants. I guess we'll see where her guilty cynicism leads her. Siriwan is always a blast. You know I love the snark and banter. [face_laugh]

    AzureAngel2: I'm glad I could lighten up your gloomy day, AzureAngel2. Siriwan and Qui/Obi are bound to have fun in my hands. Lens, too!

    Author Note: I know I'm not supposed to post more than once in a day, but here I am. I am striking while the muse is hot! I hope you enjoy!

    Week VI - by mavjade

    26. Dream

    When Lens opened his eyes and moved to turn on his side, he noticed that something felt different. His legs felt longer and heavier. At first, he attributed it to latent soreness from his sparring lesson. Before he could examine his legs, his chest and arms started itching. In scratching the itch he felt thick coarse hair covering his chest! Bolting upright, and tossing his covers aside, Lens saw that his arms, legs-his entire body was covered in hair. He ran to the fresher to look in the mirror. Lens gaped in horror that he had turned into a Wookiee!

    27. Stars

    “Stars, Lens,” Ben chastised as they exited the commissary. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Uncle Han so mad. His face was so red.”
    Len covered his face with his left hand and mumbled. “I know. I know. I know.”
    “Uncle Han can get mad, but it takes a lot. He’s usually pretty easy going.”
    “I know, Ben!” Lens barked in embarrassed frustration. “You think I want to look like an idiot in front of Han Kriffing Solo!”
    Ben was taken aback by Lens’ vehement response. “Lens, Chill. Maybe offering to shine his boots will make you both feel better.”

    28. Barricade

    Eight year old Lens Eli would not be bested by girls. In the Creche, he and Shorntaka the Wookiee had created a barricade of upended tables and blankets that would hold against any attack by Kayla, Jysella, and Iklyt. The girls had set a similar fort on the opposite site of the learning center. The sock closet had been raided by both parties, and, in this battle, would substitute for real ordinance. Simply roll the matched pair into a ball and launch. Lens peered over the edge looking for sign of the enemy. A preemptive strike was definitely in order.

    29. Rain

    Lens Eli stacked shipping containers in a driving rain. It was another of Master Zekk's character building chores. He was really getting tired of taking his Master's abuse. To make matters more sadistic, Zekk did want him using the Force. He was cold. He was exhausted. He was frustrated. Just once, he would like to take a swing at this Master rather than a giant side of Nerf; see his Master swim unknown kilometers without a rebreather, or have Zekk stack shipping containers without the Force. Where was the peace, the harmony, or the serenity? Where was their supposed bond?

    30. Home

    Sometimes Lens wondered what it would be like to live with his original family. He had names and faces for his mother and father and brother. He could see their faces clearly. His family would own a grocery store and he would grow up running up and down the aisle. As he grew, he would play hide and seek in the different departments. Eventually, he would be working. After hours, he would set up blue milk jugs and use frozen fowls to knock them down. His dad would only lightly admonish him even he set up the jugs for another round.
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    Dream reminds me of Kafka.

    Barricade: FORT WAR!
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  23. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    DARTH_MU: Thanks, MU. You got a rather diverse look at Lens in this set.
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  24. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    This was all beautiful -- the Qui/Obi master/padawan interaction, Jyn's childhood :_| Lens Eli's pranks -- but to me the character that really stands out is Jasmine Kinodai. I'm not sure why you said that week 2 wasn't your best set because that was a powerful bit of writing. In just a few words you gave us a perfect idea of the state of decrepitude of the Salty Spacer and of Jasmine's life as a cantina girl. Without mentioning any timeframe particulars you also conveyed from early on that this was a very dark time indeed. And then, when you followed up on the story with "pint" and "shot", it all became even more sinister.

    Is this a character that you've developed in other stories? Because I'd love to read more about her.
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  25. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Barricade, a lot of fun. Home, awww, dreams of a "normal" childhood. But Dream [face_rofl] =D=
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  26. Mira_Jade

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    Oh, I loved this multifaceted look at Lens! :D

    Barricade was such fun! Boys vs Girls in the best of ways. [face_laugh][face_laugh]

    But Rain was my favourite of this set. Lens may not realize it yet, but there is quite a bit of character building going on, no matter that he's unconscious of it. Even so, I enjoyed his youthful seething as he berated his Master in his mind. :p On the other side of the coin, I love seeing the patient teacher Zekk has grown up into! [face_love]

    Home was just sobering, and so heartfelt. A beautiful cap to this set, and a great way to round out a great range of emotions. [face_love] =D=

    Fantastic work, as always! :) [:D]