Beyond - Legends The Drabble is Joined! (UDC VIII) (Qui, Obi, Luke, Han, Lens, etc.) Updated 11/14/17!

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    MOAR Lens! I loved this batch, observing his reactions when facing different people. It's kind of funny that he would be intimidated by Leia when he hasn't done anything in particular, while he finds his footing so easily with Kyp even though he was caught in the midst of some mischief. I also really enjoy how he has this childish streak to him – thinking of his dream as real is something small children would do :D
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    Lens really meets a lot of SW characters in a galaxy far away, but each meeting can stand on its own and is beautiful.

    Sorry, when I missed an update. RL has new trouble ahead for me, but reading your drabbles eased the pain a bit. Thank you!
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    @DARTH_MU: Thanks for supporting my drabbles, MU. Lens takes the women in life seriously. The men the men, a little less so. Han sees a little of Anakin in Lens, not Jacen.
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: I'm glad you enjoyed the Han and Leia drabbles, Nyota. Lens is definitely more respectful to the women in his life.
    @earlybirdobi-wan: Thanks for coming back, earlybird. I'm glad to know that you've enjoyed reading about Lens.
    @Chyntuck: You are very generous with your comments, Chyntuck. Thank you. Lens has always had more than a bit of a childish streak. But you are spot on about him being deferential to Leia, but poking the bear with. Kyp. Lens love his mother, Tionne, very much. I think he extend that to Ben's family as well (Mara, Leia).
    @AxureAngel2: Thank you so much, Azure. I am grateful that my drabbles are putting some light into your life. I really appreciate that you keep coming back.

    Week XVI - by Mira_Jade

    76. Mountain

    Lens Eli drummed his fingers against the back of the data pad he was using to write his journal. He told Master Tionne that he would write it long hand, but that folly was soon set aside as hand started hurting and callouses formed in the side of his fingers. It was hard enough to find things to write about and he didn’t need the pain doubled when he finally discovered them. Then again, there was something about dictating a journal that seemed to defeat the purpose. Try as he might, he couldn’t see a middle ground. Back to handwriting.

    77. River

    “A Jedi lets the Force flow through him,” Zekk said softly. He and Lens were sitting in the center of one of the sparring arenas cross-legged and eyes closed. “Breath in with your nose and out with your mouth, but minimize how strongly you inhale and exhale. This exercise is at once about slowing down and about feeling the Force.”

    Lens’ breathing had started at a faster rate than Zekk preferred, but the boy had slowed into a nice rhythm. The cadence had lengthen and deepened until the dark haired Master gave his apprentice a gentle Force nudge.

    “Wake up.”

    78. Tree

    “What do you mean you’re going home?” Lens said, sudden fear and apprehension rising in him.

    [I have to go, Lens,] mewled Shortaka the Wookiee. [My family needs me on Kashyyk. I don’t have a choice.]

    “Are you coming back?” the blonde initiate, pressed, fear morphing into dread. “I need you here, Shorty. You are my family too, my brother.”

    [You are my brother as well, Lens], the Wookiee growled. [I’m not leaving because I want to. I have a greater obligation. I will return as soon as I am able, if Master Skywalker allows it.]

    “I’m sure he will.”

    79. Earth

    The idea of going to Kashyyk had surprised both Zekk and the Grandmaster. When Lens, Ben, Kayla, and Jysella approached Lens’ master together, he soon agreed that this journey would be good for all of them. Luke agreed, but he asked the former Sith to make sure than Lens knew what it would entail. It would be hard work; perhaps the hardest Lens had thus encountered. Families were being relocated, homes were being rebuilt, and gardens were being replanted. The dark legacy of Caedus showed its face across the face Shorty’s homeworld. Lens would definitely be getting his hands dirty.

    80. Horizon

    The dirt was foreign to his hands; the texture of it and how it got under his nails, and even into the spiral grooves on the pads of his fingers. But, for a boy raised in a fairly antiseptic environment, it was a kind of cleansing. Not just the dirt, but the work. He could see the results of his labor in the rising structures. The cleansing continued. Not just the work, but the community. He could feel responsibility rising in him that rose above himself. Lens Eli saw a new future for himself; a new self for his future.
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    Great lessons for Lens in a nice set
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    This is a great growth arc for Lens. He's struggling to be and do what is expected of him in the temple (the punchline in the drabble where he falls asleep during meditation had me laughing out loud) but then he finds the right thing for himself, and the masters have a good sense of his needs and aspirations to approve of his plan. I like the idea that he was the one to mobilise his little group of friends on this project – another sign that he's growing up.
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    LOL on the "Wake up" line. Wonderful friendship and I agree Lenz has definitely grown up :) in wanting to help his friend's world recover.
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    @earlybird-obi-wan: thank you, earlybird. I appreciate you reading.
    @Chyntuck: thank you, Chyntuck. I look forward to your comments. They are always kind and insightful.
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: That was a funny one, Nyota. I like this set, because more than ever before, it did feel like Lens was maturing.

    Author note: This set is AU, OOC, and S-N-A-R-K-Y! I had some issues with the official trailer for The Last Jedi and needs to vent a little. Plus, these theme words were kicking my hind end. So read on, if you dare. Perhaps, you will snicker. Even if you won't admit it.

    Week XVII - by Briannakin

    81. History

    History is said to cyclical, but we can all hope that the cycle, especially a bad one, will not repeat in our lifetimes. This is bad luck for Luke Skywalker. He was born amidst the Jedi Purge under Emperor Palpatine, responsible for that regime’s fall, only to be caught in the same cycle of megalomaniacal madness he ended as a young man. I can see how a Sith Lord for a father and a Sith Apprentice as a nephew could take a tole. But, crying in an island cave and shrinking in fear is not what The Chosen One does.

    82. Write

    Kylo Ren, or should I say the Terrible Toddler, is back in the news this week. The man, or shadow of a man, or child in a man's armor, continues to destroy company property. He appears to have learned nothing, by 'killing the past'. The murder of his Father was supposed to solidify his Dark Side Destiny, but there still appears to some hesitation. What? Skewering dad was ok, but blowing Mom up is making your lips quiver? Kylo, are you a man or a mouse droid? On the other hand, Vader would never have killed his mother. Just Saying.

    83. Archive

    I know you all recognize this face. It is the magnanimous mug of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. You may notice that this image is a little dated as no one has seen the erstwhile Force Fanatic in the wake of the Reign of Ren which cost the lives of many Jedi apprentices. If the rumor mill is accurate, Skywalker was crippled by the murder of his students at the hands of Kylo Ren. That guy is another story altogether. But, Back to the Wizard in the Well or the Coward in the Cave or the Footstool of the First Order.

    84. Artifact

    Hello Gentlebeings around the Galaxy! My name is Pupet D’Order and I am here live at the archeological dig that has uncovered the long lost, ever sought after, Back Bone of Luke Skywalker. The Back Bone disappeared around the time Skywalker closed his new Jedi academy. It has never been revealed why he closed new school, but I am certain that there are more skeletons in the Jedi’s closet than he cares to admit. Once the catacombs are opened, the vaunted vertebrate will be in the hands of the First Order. The charges had been set. Let’s witness history together!

    85. Memory

    My name is Luke Skywalker. I used to be a Jedi. Well, technically, I am still a Jedi, though inactive. Can I really be inactive? Or, is it once a Jedi always a Jedi. These are questions I should know the answers to, but ever since my nefarious nephew decide my dad's dark side was cooler than his dad's, I've been in hiding. Why am I hiding? That evil nephew of mine not only went to the dark side, but he brought some of his friends with him. They killed everyone else. All of my students. Wouldn't that scare you?
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    You are capturing the new 'verse' brilliantly. EU with Luke, Mara and Ben, Leia, Han and their three kids is far more exciting.
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    Yuppers, it wasn't broke but they decided to fix it anyway :rolleyes: I won't draw the obvious parallel to U.S. health care [face_laugh] :p [face_not_talking]
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    [face_laugh] I'm among the fans who have no problem at all with the direction the new continuity is taking, but this made me laugh out loud, especially "Write" and "Artifact". I just love the idea of tabloid-style news outlets commenting on Luke and Kylo's personalities and choices and calling them the Terrible Toddler or the Footstool of the First Order. There's an entire satirical retelling of the ST waiting to happen here, it would be a blast for us readers and it would probably allow you to vent to your heart's content too *hint hint*
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    Kylo Ren. That guy is another story altogether. But, Back to the Wizard in the Well or the Coward in the Cave or the Footstool of the First Order.

    That set of drabbles is so much fun, because you juggle round with words in breathtaking and funny ways. It is a pleasure to read your text.
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    Well, came here to help you get through Week XVII, but I see you handled it yourself.

    This is fairly deep, and I detect an undercurrent of dis-satisfaction with Luke Skywalker's choices...

    I like how you addressed Write with your target being in the news, and some of the views on the characters' histories. Luke was never the Chosen One, in any of the media I read, so your thing about crying in an island cave and shrinking in fear is not what The Chosen One does, stands, because Anakin Skywalker is not doing that.

    Roll on Week XVIII.
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    In the words of Cleveland Brown..."Oh, that's nasty." :p

    Okay, not really, it's actually quite funny and straight to the point...a quick volcanic roasting instead of a slow burn. :D
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    @earlybirdobi-wan: Thanks, earlybird. I think we agree that the past is better than the present in this case.
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Amen to that, Nyota! Thanks for reading.
    @Chyntuck: Thank you for the review, Chyntuck! I'm glad the absurdity of it worked.
    @AxureAngel2: I am so glad the my writing pleases, you AzureAngel2! This set was full of zingers. I was in a weird mood.
    @Sith-I-5: Thanks for stopping in, Sith-I-5. I'm glad you got a kick out of 'Write'.
    @leaimoody: I'm here to serve, leiamoody. I'm happy to oblige the occasional volcanic roasting! [face_skull]

    A/N: You will notice that 'Life' does not fit within the rest of set character wise, but I'll ask you please forgive the minor detour.

    Week XVIII - by mavjade

    86. Air

    One of the many things Kyp Durron enjoyed about being a Jedi was that they didn’t skimp on mission accommodations. The Jedi may live like monks at home, but they did not have to on the road. Force forbid that a highly respected diplomatic entity such as the Jedi house their members in a midlevel overnight express, much less a low level dirt pad. Not only would it be bad for morale, but public perception was important, whether the council said so or not. The Golden Griffin was a place that took your breath away before it took your credits.

    87. Life

    It is hard to describe what led me to act that day. I didn’t like interacting with other initiates. Truth be told, I didn’t like being around anyone other than my family. The Force was a Scalorish Wildebeest just waiting to devour me. I kept it hidden. But, what I saw in locker room that day sparked something in me that wouldn’t be ignored. I had heard about the foundling, Lens Eli, but never imagined that he needed a friend as much, or more, than I did. When I saw Lens, blood trickling from his mouth, heads had to roll.

    88. Hair

    Kyp never liked the term mane. He never wore a beard and manes, at least those of the proud Galandrion Lions, not only covered their upper back, but their chins and cheeks as well. If his hair had to be compared to a magnificent beast, there were few better than the lion. And yet, mane implied something raw, wild, and free. Untamed. Unruly. Kyp stopped and shook his head. He thought he was making an argument against mane, but every word that emerged in his mind made mane sound more of a magnanimous match. Kyp Durron, Lion of the Jedi.

    89. Conviction

    It was while travelling on Xona Prime, that Kyp entered the bar of the Hotel Hamogar. It was not long before he was buzzed and deep in conversation with a Falleen beauty.. Flattery, genuine interest, and a dose of both natural and unnatural attraction, led the green skinned woman to suggest they retire to her suite.
    Suddenly aware of this predicament, the Jedi Master waved a hand of denial toward the woman. “Oh baby, no baby, you got me all wrong baby. My baby's already got all my love.”*

    The spurned Falleen turned up her nose and left the bar.

    90. Sunshine

    Love had a funny way of bringing the child out of most beings. There is something light and airy; bright and optimistic about understanding someone and being understood. Kyp fought furiously against the idea of skipping down the steps of the Jedi Temple as he departed for a meeting with Wedge. A feeling of weightlessness rose within him and he realized that he was being lifted, literally, from the steps. He turned to see Terris, his lady love, lifting her hand slowly. Exerting his own power, he returned to the steps. Bowing deeply, he turned and skipped the remaining steps.

    * 'Honey, I'm Good' by Andy Grammer
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    Wonderful droolicious Kyp focus for these. :D
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    Fun with Kyp, one of my favorite characters of the EU
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    I owe you a few more reviews, I see. :p But, I'm catching up now, my friend!

    Alrighty, here we go . . .

    Week 15 - I really enjoyed the format of this, looking in on Lens interacting with characters we know and love. I love that Luke had to prepare himself for patience. And of course Leia would vet out Ben's friends herself. [face_mischief] Han thinking of Anakin - a great comparison - was an especially poignant moment. (A small point, but where the galaxy says Caedus, and Han says Jacen just bit in to the quick, too.) The banter between Kyp and Lens was spot on awesome - it added to a great range of moods in this set!

    Week 16 - Oh Lens! At first I thought that this would be another excellent showcasing of Lens getting into mischief - and it was, in a way. The line about him falling asleep during meditation was an awesome punchline. :p But I truly loved the glimpse we had of him maturing in order to help out his friend - the last drabble, with the organic senses he's employing, along with his experiencing a sense of fulfillment and belonging was just beautiful. A wonderful round of character growth. :)

    Week 17 - [face_laugh][face_laugh] So, you've long known my issues with the ST, and this hit a few of the high points nicely. I love that you chose the style of trashy space tabloids as the way to voice your roasts! The Darth Vader wouldn't kill his mom line, and the buried backbone of Luke Skywalker really had me snickering, in particular. I loved it.[face_mischief] :cool:=D=

    Week 18 - Your detour in Life was probably my favourite of the set! I loved the tone of it, and the First Person POV. It's a drabble that I truly wouldn't mind seeing expanded on! ;) Then, what a fun look at the inner workings of Kyp's mind. I especially enjoyed his thoughts on travel accommodations, and the last one was just all sorts of sweetness. Wonderfully done.

    Excellent work, as always! :) [:D]
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    I'm here! A bit late to review, but I blame DRL and the boards lag.

    Nice little set about Kyp here with Air, Hair, Conviction and Sunshine. He's often described as a dark-eyed, brooding type but you make him such a fun character! He's not above being a bit vain or childish, but he's still a gentleman :D

    Life is very different, but it's a little gem in its own right. It's again one of those drabbles that imply a whole story behind the hundred words, and it goes a long way to show that, as different as these two younglings are, this first encounter was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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    I am sorry for these late responses, but StarWars inspiration dried up for a while. Blame Stranger Things!
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thanks, Nyota. I'm glad you liked the Kyp focus. He's a lot of fun and enjoy writing him as the rogue.
    @earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks, earlybird. Kyp is better with a lighter treatment. glad you liked it.
    @Mira_Jade: AS always, I appreciate the time you take to write thoughtful reviews. They are much appreciated.
    @Chyntuck: Hello Chyntuck. Thank you for coming back. I like Kyp he's fun to write humorously. As for Life, that story has been very lightly drizzled over a few different drabble threads. Perhaps, it's time write a full one or two shot on it.

    Week 19 There Be 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Spoiler below.


    "It's about time you got here," Han said, with the old edge mixed with some of the newer self-consciousness. "Do you know how long I've been waiting?"

    "Pardon me, Flyboy," she replied, voice still gravelly with age. "I had a Resistance to run."

    "I thought we got past your resistance a long time ago," he jabbed, playfully.

    "We have, now, for sure," she replied, gazing upon him lovingly, like she hadn’t done in years.

    The years melted from their forms as they embraced, transporting them to the place where they fist kissed.

    “No droids to interrupt us this time.”


    Kylo Ren reached out to Rey as if to grab her, grab the Falcon, grab a hold of the entire kriffing Resistance. It was already too late. Through gritted teeth, he contacted her. “Where are you going?”

    From the pilot seat, Rey saw him. Chewie was at her side and Leia and Threepio were behind them.

    “Not a good time,” she said into the forward viewport. “Kind of Busy, here.”

    “You made the wrong choice, Rey,” he seethed. “You turned your back on unimagina-”

    “You done?” she quipped. “I thought Snoke was dead.”

    “We could have ruled-”

    “Still sounding bisected.”


    Kylo Ren fumed as he reclined on the throne previously occupied by his Master. How could she be so short sighted? How could she not see that they are more powerful together than apart? They could achieve so much as a team.

    “You’re fooling yourself, Ben,” came the disembodied voice of Luke Skywalker. “Rey is not concerned with ruling anything. She is concerned, though. Concerned about you.”

    Kylo raised his head in rage filled disbelief. “Silence!”

    “That doesn’t really work on Force apparitions,” Luke said, suddenly appearing Kylo’s side. This time he was bathed in a shimmering blue light. “Sorry.”


    Luke Skywalker and Han Solo sat in their booth at the Mos Eilsey Cantina. Familiar music plays softly.

    “I guess those delusions of grandeur were right after all,” Han said, magnanimously. “Didn’t see that coming.”

    Luke smiles genuinely. “It only took me 35 years to live up to your expectations.”

    “Expectations are overrated,” Han replied. “We shouldn’t waste time on them. You showed Ben what he needed to see.”

    “So, did you, Han,” Luke said.

    “Not like you, Kid,” Han deflected, brushing metaphysical dust from his shoulder.

    “But, it was equally important,” Luke said. “Now, we’re both in his head.”


    “You can what, now?” Finn shooting Rey a concerned, disbelieving look. “Force spy on people?”

    “I can see him in the Force,” she repeated. “Like person standing in front of me.”

    “And he didn’t have a shirt on?” Finn said, his tone rising frantically.

    “Relax, Finn,” she admonished, lightly. “There was nothing inappropriate about it.”

    “Did he put his shirt on?” Finn asked. “I thought he was scary before.”

    “No, but the conversation ended quickly anyway. Master Skywalker walked in on us.”

    “I should hope so,” Finn replied, overwrought with overprotectiveness.

    “Worry about your own shirt, Finn. You’re being ridiculous.”
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    Funny one with Han and Luke in Compliment and Finn and Rey in Confide
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    @earlybird-obi-wan : Thanks for reading, earlybird! I appreciate. I'm glad you liked those. Finn can be a little excitable at times.


    WEEK XX - by Briannakin and Mavjade

    96. Outrage

    From town to town, person to person, Han Solo was hero and outlaw, friend and foe. When he rode into the desert town of Tatooine, he saw something so despicable that even his hardened senses were shaken. In the middle of town, there was a woman in stocks being whipped by an opulently well dressed older man. Other townspeople watched, some in horror, others in sadistic glee while two young children, a boy and girl, wept bitterly near the stocks. Seeing no Sheriff and no reason such a beating should occur, he drew his pistol and shot the man dead.

    97. Outright

    The spectators scattered to a safer distance all the while watching him intently. The leader’s henchmen came out of their shock just long enough for Solo to dispatch each with a single bullet. All resistance put down, he tethered his grey horse, Falcon, and approached the weathered stocks. The back of the woman’s dress was ripped open and the stripes left by the whip glared at him. He opened the stocks and helped her free.

    “What is your name, ma’am?” he asked quietly, guiding her to the steps of the general store.

    “Padme,” she replied, choking back tears. “Padme Amidala.”

    98. Maps

    The two children ran to her side and, heedless of her wounds, hugged her fiercely. Solo watched, a tick in cheek all the empathy he could spare for woman hurting before him.

    “What’s this all about, Padme?” Solo inquired. “Women aren’t beaten in the streets for no reason.”

    He watched her take in the crowd; her mouth a hard, thin line. The intensity of her gaze gave him a second pause in last few minutes. She shook her head tightly. “No.”

    “I just killed four men, Miss,” he prodded. “Information would only be a kindness.”

    “Books,” she whispered. “Magic books.”

    99. Keys

    “Sounds hokey to me,” Solo said, wondering if getting involved had been such a good idea. “Never been much for the fantastical.”

    “The books are important,” she continued to whisper. “The keys to defeating the Sovereign.”

    Solo’s eyes widened at the name of the Sovereign. “Not my fight Padme. I don’t like seeing women beaten, but I’ve had enough warring for a lifetime. Where is your husband? Did he leave you here to take the beating for him?”

    “No!” she exclaimed, standing, despite the pain. “He’s protecting us by not being her. That probably makes no sense to you.”


    100. Home

    Padme invited Solo to her meager house for a hot meal.

    “Thank you for coming to my rescue,” she said, earnestly. “Tarkin would not have stopped until I was dead. He is the Sovereign’s chief thug and was sent for the books and to kill my husband, Anakin.”

    “Anakin?” Solo said, surprised. “Anakin Skywalker, former Hero of the Republic?

    “Yes, that’s him. But, when he opposed The Sovereign, that old life was gone in an instant. This is out home, now. Or, was.”

    “I appreciate the meal, ma’ma, but I best be moving on. I suggest you do the same.”
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    Fascinating AU. Familiar names in different settings! =D= Congratulations on finishing the drabbles.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Interesting AU like an old Western.
    Congrats on finishing the drabbles
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    Jul 11, 2014
    Catching up, catching up...

    Week 19

    Some neat TLJ stuff in here! I love snarky!Rey, both when she speaks to Kylo and when she speaks to Finn, but what I enjoyed most was the ghost appearances of the OT Big Three – especially Han and Luke sitting at their favourite table of the Great Tavern Beyond and discussing how they're going to haunt Kylo Ren. And it looks like Luke is off to a good start already. Once again, there's a series of crack!fics waiting to happen here.

    Week 20

    This was a cool little Western-style AU. I started out thinking that you were going for a reference to Indiana Jones when Han just went ahead and shot the man dead, but then it turned into something else. Is there a particular fandom you're referencing here? At any rate, this was a fantastic transfer of these characters and locations in a new environment, so to speak, with Tatooine being a desert town and Falcon the name of the horse. And, again, it's a series of drabbles that immediately give the reader the sense that there's a wider story behind it all.

    Congrats on completing the challenge!
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