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Beyond - Legends THE EIGHTH CORTEX (NJO: Anakin Solo, Jacen, Jaina, Tahiri, H/L, L/M, Kyp,others) Completed 5/12/04!

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  1. YodaKenobi

    YodaKenobi VIP star 6 VIP

    May 27, 2003
    Title: The Eighth Cortex
    Author(s): YodaKenobi
    Timeframe: NJO; post-Force Heretic
    Characters: Anakin Solo, Jacen, Jaina, Tahiri, H/L, L/M, Kyp Durron, everyone else whos ever been seen, spoken, or mentioned in a SW story :p
    Genre: Adventure, mystery
    Summary: Sequel to Revolution.
    Notes: The second of three stories.

    This is the sequel to my first fic, [link=]Revolution[/link]. I strongly suggest reading it before you read "The Eighth Cortex". It takes place after the Force Heretic books replacing the last two NJO books and giving the series it's proper ending ;) This is going to be really long, but I promise to complete it. Lots of characters! Hope you enjoy, heres the dramatis :) :

    Dramatis Personae

    Ackbar; retired Admiral (Male Mon Calamari)
    Alema Rar; Jedi Kight (Female Twi'lek)
    Anakin Solo; Jedi Knight (Male Human)
    Brand; Commodore (Male Human)
    B'wen Evathas; Pilot, Harbinger of Peace (Female Zabrak)
    Cakhmain; Leia's bodygaurd (Male Noghri)
    Cal Omas; President (Male Human)
    Cilghal; Jedi Master (Female Mon Calamari)
    Corran Horn; Jedi Knight (Male Human)
    C-3p0; Protocol Droid
    Danni Quee; Scientist (Female Human)
    Dest Ornax; Bounty Hunter (Male Human)
    Drathul; High Perfect (Male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Etahn A'baht; General (Male Dornean)
    Fen Kwaad; Shaping Adept (Female Yuuzhan Vong)
    Garm Bel Iblis; General (Male Human)
    Gelaa; Priestess, deception sect (Female Yuuzhan Vong)
    Han Solo; Captain, Millennium Falcon (Male Human)
    HK-22; Assassin Droid
    Jacen Solo; Jedi Knight (Male Human)
    Jagged Fel; Twin Suns squadron (Male Human)
    Jaina Solo; Jedi Knight (Female Human)
    Jakan; High Priest (Male Yuuzhan Vong )
    Jek Vynar; Peace Brigade (Male Human)
    Kunra; Former warrior (Male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Kyp Durron; Jedi Master (Male Human)
    Leia Organa Solo; Former NR diplomat (Female Human)
    Lowbacca; Jedi Knight (Male Wookie)
    Lomi Plo; Dark Jedi (Female Human)
    Luke Skywalker; Jedi Master (Male Human)
    Mara Jade Skywalker; Jedi Master (Female Human)
    Meewalh; Leia's bodyguard (Female Noghri)
    Nas Choka; Warmaster (Male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Neget; Smuggler (Male Rodian)
    Nen Yim; Master Shaper (Female Yuuzhan Vong)
    Nom Anor; former Executor (Male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Onimi; Shimrra's Jester (Male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Pylice; Peace Brigade (Male Devaronian)
    R2-D2; Astromech Droid
    Ruu; Shamed One (Male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Saba Sebatyne; Jedi Knight (Female Barabel)
    Sartoin; Csillan Military Guard (Male Chiss)
    Sien Sovv; Supreme Commander (Male Sullestan)
    Shimrra; Supreme Overlord (Male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Strift Zonn; Smuggler (Female Human)
    Tahiri Veila; Jedi Knight (Female Human)
    Tesar Sebatyne; Jedi Knight (Male Barabel)
    Traest Kre'fey; Admiral (Male Bonthan)
    Uhla; Shamed One (Female Yuuzhan Vong)
    Wedge Antilles; General (Male Human)
    Welk; Dark Jedi (Male Human)
    Wrev Caster; Jedi Knight (Male Human)
    Yal Phaath; Master Shaper (Male Yuuzhan Vong)
    YVH3-1s; Yuuzhan Vong Hunter droid
  2. YodaKenobi

    YodaKenobi VIP star 6 VIP

    May 27, 2003
    Chapter 1

    Dest Ornax checked his long-range censors and ran his hand over the stubble on his face. He was surprised to find it had been at least three days since he'd shaved, and from the smell in the cockpit, probably longer since he'd bathed. He hadn't been able to leave the pilot's chair for fear he would miss his mark... At thirty-nine, he was one bounty away from retirement. If he was able to capture her, he would be set for the rest of his life, and he could find somewhere to hide while the Yuuzhan Vong war blew over.

    "How much longer, Kay?"

    HK-22 was a top of the line assassin droid and was the closest thing Dest had to a business partner. The HK line had existed for thousands of years, disappearing and then resurfacing again as times changed and new engineers fixed old bugs. Like all assassin droids, the HK series had been banned during the Empires reign and was only recently back in production. Dest was fortunate to get one so early, and found HK-22 to be infinitely more useful than his old IG assassin.

    "Captain Ornax, You know as well as I do that the vessel could arrive at any moment," the droid answered in it's typical monotone, synthesized voice. "Your sources told us that the bounty will be traveling the Lambass route towards Bilbringi this standard week, but there are many variables: The ship must hit the mine as the pilot has been bribed to. It was also tentatively scheduled to visit Kashyyyk first, which it must have, give that three days have passed already. Then you must allow time for diplomatic and mechanical complication..."

    Dest was no longer listening. He already knew that countless possibilities could lead to delays or a complete no-show of their target vessel. As long as the pilot did his job though, everything would work out.

    He took his eyes off the sensor screens and looked out his view port at the bright stars that littered the galaxy. They were at an unremarkable point on the Lambass hyperspace route. He had placed a few mines in the area to rip the bounty out of hyperspace and if everything went as planned they would link the ships with a cofferdam and capture her.

    He let his hands glide over the console. Dest loved his ship, Irike's Lunge ; it was a completely original design, made for a royal named Irike on Recee. Dest had procured the vessel over a decade before and it quickly became the best decision he'd ever made.

    The ship was perfect. The craft was the size of a small freighter, long and oval shaped, heavily armored and armed, with lots of storage space. It was also the fastest ship in the galaxy.

    The craft was worth millions, he could sell it and retire now, but he wouldn't. Dest couldn't imagine living without the Lunge, and he refused to even consider it.

    He drew his hands from the console and scratched his scalp furiously. His hair felt greasy and the itching was driving him mad. Perhaps I could take ten minutes to shower...

    "...A hyperspace miscalculation, the emergence of a black hole..." The droid jabbered on. He was a lethal device, but could be a little long winded at times.

    "Shut up, will ya? If there's a vapin' droid that talks more than you in this galaxy, I don't ever want to meet it."

    "Is there something the matter, Princess Leia?"

    Leia Organa Solo looked at C-3p0. The droid was as devoted to her as the two Noghri bodyguards that were also in her cabin on Harbinger of Peace , but sometimes she wished he would stay quiet.

    "I'm just thinking, Threepio... Missing Han and the kids."

    The droid seemed to accept this and then offered, "Perhaps I should power down for the remainder of our trek to Bilbringi."

    "That's a good Idea," Leia agreed. "You need your beauty sleep."

    "Princess Leia, a droid would not physically benefit from circuit rest, but his systems--"

    "I know, Threepio. Just power down, we'll work on your sense of humor tomorrow," Leia said with a hint of a smile. She was starting to sound like Han, probably because she missed him so much.

    She had been on Mon Calamari for less than a day when President Cal Omas sent her packing on yet another diplomatic errand. She had just enough time to see her son Jacen, her brother and sister-in-law, and make sure they were safe following their journey to find Zonama Sekot. She, Han, and their daughter, Jaina, had just returned from resolving various squabbles around the galaxy, and Leia had been hoping to spend some real time with her family-- but as usual, her duties called her away.

    It had been so long since the Solo family had been together, and they would never be whole again; not with Chewie gone-- not with Anakin...

    The pain was still too much. It had been nearly two years since her youngest child's death and she still could not think about him without breaking down in tears. Sometimes she would pretend he wasn't gone, just so she could look back on her fond memories of him without realizing she would never see him again.

    Other times she imagined he was only gone on a trip and would be back soon. Leia knew it was foolish, even unhealthy, but with the war still going on she hadn't time to grieve properly. Perhaps, sometime, when the war was all over, she could finally let go, finally accept his death.... But there was still a small part of Leia that believed her son Anakin was still alive, and would return to them.

    When Jacen had been captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and cut off from the force, many had thought he'd died as well. Everyone was sure he had fallen... Except Leia. She had always maintained that Jacen was alive, and she had been proven right. Yet, in truth, she knew that her belief in Jacen's survival had stemmed from her need to believe it. She had just lost Anakin and desperately needed to believe that at least one of her sons had survived the mission to Myrkr, and ignored everything else in the Force that told her otherwise.

    "I will reactivate myself when we reach Bilbringi, Your Highness," C-3p0 said before his bright yellow eyes dimmed and he went into rest mode.

    The shipyards at Bilbringi were a valuable resource to the Galactic Federation, that they only recently recaptured, and Leia had been sent there to discuss ship production with their diplomats to make sure the fleets were ready for their final charge at the Yuuzhan Vong. After the Battle of Ebaq, the Yuuzhan Vong had lost a significant portion of their own fleets, and the Alliance was hoping to up ship production, and make one finishing swoop at Yuuzhan'tar to reclaim their galaxy. She was also going to make sure Bilbringi's own defenses were sufficient to withstand a desperate charge by the Yuuzhan Vong. Losing the shipyards would be a devastating blow that could mean the ultimate defeat of the GFFA, and the end of their way of life.

    An explosion rocked the ship and sent Leia flying from her seat, into a durasteel wall. The alarms began to sound, but Leia could no longer hear them. Warmth and pain filled her face and crimson blood began to stain her eyes.

    Dest re-entered the cockpit, still dripping wet from a half-completed shower, pulling his tunic over his head. I knew the minute I stepped out of the cockpit that this would happen , he thought, as he shut the alarm off and jumped back into the pilot's seat. Looking over the scanner he saw that Harbinger of Peace had hit the mine and been ripped from hyperspace as planned.

    "What's the status, Kay?"

    " Harbinger of Peace has been deactivated and is now derelict. It appears the pilot did her job."

    The pilot was a Peace Brigade sympathizer who worked for the Alliance Military and had incurred large gambling debts. Dest had agreed to pay her well for her role in the capture. It was hoped that the Alliance would not recognize the pilot’s involvement in the operation.

    "Fire now, Kay," Dest ordered calmly.

    "As you wish, Captain Ornax," the droids mnemonic voice answered.

    Six large projectiles launched from Irike's Lunge towards Harbinger of Peace, and impacted without an explosion. They penetrated the hull and immediately began pumping gas into the diplomatic vessel. The gas would cause all living passengers unconsciousness, but not death. The bounty was much more profitable if he was able to capture her alive.

    Leia's head was spinning as she wiped the blood away from her eyes. A strange odor filled her cabin...

    Poison Gas!

    Her Noghri bodyguards, Cakhmain and Meewalh were unconscious on the floor and C-3p0 was still deactivated.

    Leia did what she could to concentrate and use the Force, sustaining her so she wouldn’t breathe the gas. She crawled across the floor to the sleeping protocol droid and reached out with her right hand to bring him to life.

    His eyes lit up again, and his head raised. "Princess Leia! What has happened?" He said in his high-pitched, worried tone.

    "Gas," Leia managed to croak.

    Suddenly her cabin door slid open and a metallic colored droid entered carrying a large blaster. His glowing red eyes cut through the poison mist that had filled the ship as he said, "Leia Organa Solo, identified."

    Leia could not see whom the droid was talking to; perhaps he was using a built in comm. As he approached her, Leia recognized the droid as an HK model Assassin.

    Her vision was blurring as the gas stung her eyes and formed tears. She was having trouble focusing on what was going on, but she saw C-3p0 stand up.

    "What is the meaning of this, you brute?"

    The assassin replied by leveling his blaster and blowing a hole through the prissy druid's chest, which sent him to the floor.

    Her body was screaming for oxygen, but Leia reached to her hip where she now kept her lightsaber. Before she could grab it, the heavy feet of the HK droid came down hard on it.

    She turned to look up at his menacing red eyes, when he pointed his blaster at her, and a blue stun blast emanated from the weapon.
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    Nov 21, 2001


    WHOA!!!!! Leia was the bounty!!! amazing post!!!!

    "Shut up, will ya? If there's a vapin' droid that talks more than you in this galaxy, I don't ever want to meet it."

    "Is there something the matter, Princess Leia?"

    LMAO LAMO LAMO perfect!!!
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    Very interesting.

    I'll check back as often as possible, in between my own work of course.
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    THREEPIO!!! [face_shocked]

    Amazing post, YK. This is getting interesting already. :D
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    Great post. I really liked Revolution, and this one's looking good already. Keep up the good work and post more SOON! ;)
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    Thanks for the heads up, Yoda. I'm having one of those crazy weeks - but I will read the first chapter later on tonight. Been looking forward to your continuation.
    [PS. Sorry - I haven't forgotten, just been busy. I'll send you the next lot of chapters of MHR asap.]
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    this is gonna be great!!!!!
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    It already is!!! I liked all the detail you put into everything. *whispers* Yog got the HK assassin droid from KOTOR, didn't you?

    Leia's captured!?! :eek: And Threepio is as ignorant and funny as ever.

    More Please. :p
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    May 27, 2003
    Thanks, everyone! :D

    Glad you liked it, Tahiri-Solo [face_love]

    Star-lead, good to see you again, what everhappened to that fic you were writing?

    Whitey, you know you're wanted to shoot threepio since you first saw him too :p

    FamouAmous: Never seen you around before, but I love your name! those cookies are delicious :p thanks for reading

    Tahi, there's no rush :)

    _Jedi_of_Destiny, thanks for reading, glad you liked it :)

    *whispers* Yog got the HK assassin droid from KOTOR, didn't you?

    yup ;) wanted an assassin droid and all you ever seen in OT EU are IG droids :p

    Leia's captured!?! And Threepio is as ignorant and funny as ever.


    More Please.

    Do you even have to ask? You know another post will be up in no-time ;)
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    Great stuff YodaKenobi!

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    Awww, 3PO got smoked?
    ...really, who hasn't wanted to see that? I'm sure he'll be back in his golden glory though. ;)

    Good start YK. Nice set up. I'll try and keep up this time. ;)
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    Threepio in pieces, Leia (apparently) captured? ?[face_plain] :eek:

    Brilliant! :D [face_laugh]

    - The Imperial Ewok
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    Thanks, JainaDurron, Moff_D, and Thrawn McEwok!!! More to come :)
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    Star-lead, good to see you again, what everhappened to that fic you were writing?

    Crusade? I'm working on it, but time constraints and the fact that I managed to loose all my info on the Tau spacefleet means that the next chapter may take a while.
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    "What is the meaning of this, you brute?"

    LMAO!!! THAT WAS PERFECT! Aww, but poor Leia, being captured and all. I wonder if Anakin'll be the one to save her 8-} Wonderful post, and a great start to a new epic! Cheers! 8-} Can't wait for more!
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    Great bit of dramatic tension withholding who the baddies were after. :) Poor old C3PO. I hope he can be reactivated.

    I liked the description of Leia's thoughts about her family - boy is she in for a surprise.

    So Ornax thinks he has the fastest ship in the galaxy does he? I think Han might disagree. ;)

    Very exciting start. :)
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    May 27, 2003
    Thanks, Star-lead, Tahiri, and Tahi! :D

    Star-lead, look forward to seeing it again ;)

    Aww, but poor Leia, being captured and all. I wonder if Anakin'll be the one to save her

    That would be nice :p

    Great bit of dramatic tension withholding who the baddies were after. Poor old C3PO. I hope he can be reactivated.

    We'll see.....i've secretly wanted to kill him for a while [face_devil]............ :p

    I liked the description of Leia's thoughts about her family - boy is she in for a surprise.

    Hehehehehe [face_devil]

    So Ornax thinks he has the fastest ship in the galaxy does he? I think Han might disagree.

    Yeah, that bit of foreshadowing was pretty obvious, huh? :p

    Thanks everybody! haven't even started typing the second chapter but its twice as long as this first one :D
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    We'll see.....i've secretly wanted to kill him for a while............

    Since AOTC, right? ;)

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    Just a little UP to attract some new faces.
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    Where is the new post, YodaKenobi?? I need a new post :mad:
    Throw me a bone here 8-}
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    Thanks, JOD ;)

    New post is coming tomorrow, FamousAmos :D it's a longer one, lots of dialog to move it along though :p
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    May 27, 2003
    new post coming in a bit :D
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    May 27, 2003
    Chapter 2

    "You're doing the right thing, Cal. The Jedi are proud or your decision and will stand with you," Luke Skywalker said Striding down a decorated corridor on Mon Calamari.

    "It was not only my decision, Master Skywalker. The Senate Intelligence Sub-Committee and the military have agreed to this as well. I only hope we have made the right decision," President Cal Omas responded as he scratched his graying hair.

    "I still worry that Director Scaur will not abide by this order," Jacen Solo interjected. "He has been adamant about the use of Alpha Red as a legitimate tactical strike."

    "He voted against the measure, but I'm confident Dif Scaur will fall in-line with the rest of the Committee.

    Jacen was in a state of restrained jubilation after the Intelligence Sub-Committee's decision to abstain from the use of the virus, Alpha Red, against the Yuuzhan Vong. The virus had been engineered by the Chiss and would wipeout the entire Yuuzhan Vong race if it was unleashed.

    The Jedi had been united in their opposition to the use of Alpha Red since it was introduced in a Jedi Council meeting nearly a year before, but Cal Omas and several other high ranking officials had thought it necessary. Vergere destroyed the virus before it could be used and was once again being developed by the Chiss.

    With the recent victory at Ebaq Nine, the Recruitment of the living planet Zonama Sekot, and the apparent uprising of the shamed ones on Garqi and Ombi'taer, the committee had decided to postpone the virus' use until there was no other choice. Several other options for defeating the Yuuzhan Vong, and the complications of shamed ones being new allies of the Galactic Alliance, Cal Omas and the Committee had finally changed their minds and Jacen was greatly relieved.

    The young Jedi had learned much from his time in Yuuzhan Vong captivity, as well as from his teacher Vergere, and he knew that there must be a better solution to the war than the total extermination of the invaders.

    Jacen had hoped that the solution was Zonama Sekot. Vergere had told him of the planet before her death, and believed that Zonama Sekot held the secret to a non-violent resolution. However, after meeting the planet and it's Magister, Jabitha, he was afraid it would become yet another weapon.

    Jacen glanced at his Uncle as the three of them strode down the corridor surround by four guards. The Jedi Master was in his forties now, and his short hair was lightly speckled with gray, giving him a very distinguished appearance. Luke and Jacen had disagreed on whether to accept the help of Zonama Sekot when it offered it's help as a military weapon against the Yuuzhan Vong. Luke had accepted the offer, while Jacen declined, fearing that something so powerful in the Force could be corrupted if used that way. Zonama Sekot was still in transit to Mon Calamari from it's hiding place on the Outer Rim.

    They reached the end of the corridor and the door to the President's private meeting chamber slid open. The room was decorated in artwork, much of it from Alderaan, Omas' and Jacen's mother's home planet. What was left of the great world that had been destroyed twenty-five years ago was absolutely priceless.

    The floors were carpeted with a thick white fabric and the walls were designed in lavender and crimson, as the well lit room was filled with a desk and much more comfortable furniture. The furniture and color of the room complimented the sculptures and paintings well, so much so that Jacen took notice of it, when his mind was rarely preoccupied with such triviality.

    Far from empty, the room contained eight Jedi who had been summoned for a small meeting. Mara Jade Skywalker stepped forward to greet her husband and nephew. She grabbed Luke's arm and gave Jacen a pat on the shoulder.

    "Just heard the news, congratulations."

    "Probably shouldn't celebrate yet," Luke said. "It only matters if we're able to stop the Yuuzhan Vong some other way."

    "May I ask how you came across this news, Mara?" Cal Omas interrupted. "That meeting was supposed to be secret. If word gets out about Alpha Red--"

    "Relax, Kenth Hamner commed us," Mara answered, cutting the President off. "However, even if he hadn't, I'm sure I would have found out from my other sources," She added with a wink.

    Omas didn't appear to relax with Mara's joke, but Luke cracked a smile.

    "So you've finally managed t reign in Dif Scaur, perhaps now would be a good time to bring the Jedi Council back," Kyp Durron said with a smirk.

    The council had been placed on a brief hiatus following a fumbled attack on them a few weeks prior. The Jedi on the Council had not gotten along well with the Intelligence Director, but none more so than Kyp Durron.

    Kyp, now in his thirties, had become one of the most influential Jedi in the order, and a highly regarded pilot--but Jacen knew he was dangerous. Kyp had fallen to the Dark Side as a teenager and the consequences were catastrophic. Throughout the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, the Jedi Master treaded far to close to the Dark Side, once tricking Rogue Squadron into attacking an enemy ship womb. Though, Jacen had to admit Kyp had seemed more sensible since Jacen’s return from Yuuzhan Vong captivity and even opposed the use of Alpha Red as strongly as anyone on the Council had.

    "As I was just telling Master Skywalker, I believe Scaur will abide by the committees orders," Cal answered, clearly missing, or ignoring, the intended humor in Kyp's remark. "You Jedi now have what you want; a chance to end this war another way. However, if you fail, Alpha Red will be used. If it comes down to us or them, I will choose for our survival."

    "We understand, Cal," Luke assured.

    Jacen wanted to object and explain how the Yuuzhan Vong lives were just as important as those of GFFA citizens, but it was pointless. They had what they wanted; now they needed to concentrate on succeeding.

    "And I would like to discuss these possibilities now, informally. The Jedi Council will commence on the matter later, but I would like to get an idea what you're thinking now," said the human President.

    "We now have alliances with the Empire and the Chiss, strengthening our military. Whatever help this Zonama Sekot will provide has yet to be seen, and now, apparently, you Jedi have been able to use the shamed ones against the Yuuzhan Vong," Omas continued. "I would like to hear the details of that."

    "As would I," Luke agreed. "I haven't had a chance to speak with any of the Jedi at Ombi'taer since our return."

    The Jedi in question were all in Cal Omas' office. Kyp, the Twi'lek Jedi; Alema Rar, Tesar Sebatyne; a Barabel, and Wrev Caster, who had recently returned from a two year stint behind enemy lines.

    "We were sent to Ombi'taer to investigate the disappearance of three supply ships and a number of civilian vessels on the Vaunta Trade Route. The Yuuzhan Vong had taken over the system, and were holding the ships hostage while growing millions of coralskippers on Ombi'taer. Alema was shot down, and we were subsequently stranded on the planet," Kyp explained.

    Jacen glanced at Alema. She had her own troubles with the Dark Side, and was not the ideal Jedi to put under Kyp's command.

    "Wrev was able to make contact with the shamed ones as he had on Garqi, and they allied themselves with us because of their belief that Jedi our their saviors," Kyp continued, moving a few stands of his long black hair out of his eye.

    "After we sent a transmission to Sien Sovv to inform him of the Yuuzhan Vong occupation, we decided to take action against the Vong and rescue the civilians they had enslaved."

    Jacen knew that the residents of Ombi'taer were mostly criminals who used the system as little more than a hide-away.

    "Given Ombi'taer's lack of animal and plant life, we decided that burning the coralskipper fields was the best approach to diverting the Vong's attention while our fleet attacked. With the help of the shamed ones, we were able to rescue the slaves, and hold off the warriors until help arrived," Kyp finished and folded his arms across his chest.

    Jacen and Luke had already heard a bit about the shamed ones uprising on Ombi'taer, and found it distressing that Kyp neglected to mention the large amounts of shamed one and slave casualties suffered in the reckless rebellion.

    "We were told as much when we arrived," Luke said. "Tell me, whose plan was this?"

    Kyp looked puzzled. "I don't really remember, Master Skywalker," he admitted.

    Luke seemed unsatisfied with the answer, but Wrev Caster interjected, speaking for the first time. "It was a mutual decision."

    "I see," Luke said. Jacen was confused.

    How could they forget whose idea this was originally?

    "How do you feel about what happened on Ombi'taer, Kyp?"

    "I don't understand what you mean, Master."

    Luke sighed. "Was your mission a success? Did you make the right decisions?"

    Kyp's green eyes squinted as he tried to find the answers. "I don't know. Many beings lost their lives in the insurrection, but at the time... It seemed right. We didn't know what the Yuuzhan Vong had planned, but, we knew it couldn't be good. They had ships held hostage and people enslaved... What were we supposed to do?" Kyp asked.

    He had a look of guilt and weariness that Jacen had never seen on the Jedi master.

    "I don't know either, Kyp; I suspect that's the problem. You four jumped headfirst into a situation without having all the facts about the Yuuzhan Vong occupation."

    Kyp's jaw clenched as he held back a rebuttal.

    Cal Omas stepped into the exchange. "The Yuuzhan Vong made no demands regarding the hostage ships as they had a Talfaglio and all our intelligence points to the Yuuzhan Vong having too few pilots for their existing coralskippers. It would appear your assumptions might have been wrong, Master Durron."

    Kyp said nothing and tried to look solemn, but a scowl forced it's way onto his face.

    Again, Wrev stepped in. "We could not have known that. We knew our fleets would arrive soon, and that would mean more innocent deaths. We did what we had to, to save the slaves and shamed ones."

    "I understand your reasoning," Mara jumped in, "but I'm also inclined to believe this was your idea, Wrev, given what we've heard happened on Garqi. Surly you can see how reckless such a plan appears."

    Wrev Caster had been stranded on Garqi for over a year with the local resistance. The Jedi was able to rally the support of the shamed ones and overthrow the Yuuzhan Vong in the system. The similarities in the two situations were undeniable.

    "Yes, Mara. I knew we would get shot down on Ombi'taer and stumble upon shamed ones who worshipped Jedi. Everything went just as I planned." Wrev said sarcastically.

    "Your sarcasm serves no purpose," Saba Sebatyne said. The Barabel Jedi was the mother of Tesar, and rarely spoke up in debates.

    "Saba is right, everyone needs to cool down for a moment," Corran Horn agreed. "I was with the fleet when we attacked the Vong at Ombi'taer and the fires these Jedi set distracted the enemy forces enough for us to get an easy victory. It may have been rash, but it worked."

    Luke nodded his thanks to Corran and laid a calming hand on his wife's shoulder. "I didn't say what they did was wrong."

    "Well, I will!" Jacen blurted; he could no longer hold it in. "Such recklessness is of the Dark Side, and what about the shamed ones? I don't think it's the role of Jedi to feed into the delusions of the oppressed and deceive them into believing we are gods."

    "I had similar concerns, young Solo," Clighal said. The Mon Calamari's large, watery eyes, turned to encompass Wrev. "I believe we discussed it in the last council meeting."

    Alema appeared to have had her fill of the argument as well and stepped forward with her lekku twitching angrily. "You two were not there! Innocent beings were going to die if we did nothing! What were we supposed to do?"

    "That may be so, but there might have been a better way," Jacen shot back.

    "Jacen, Alema, please. If we can’t hold this discussion without fighting, we’ll call everyone before the council individually when we reconvene,” Luke threatened. "It will take considerably longer, but perhaps we'll be able to come to an agreement if there is less yelling."

    Jacen yielded to his uncle's wisdom. He shouldn't have let his emotions get the better of him. The young Jedi nodded to Luke and shot an apologetic look to Alema, who maturely returned the gesture.

    Mara stepped back into the conversation with a cooler head as well, and addressed Wrev. "Why don't you tell us about the shamed ones and your own experiences with them so we can understand?"

    Wrev folded his hands in front of himself, and began speaking. "The shamed ones believe that the Jedi will lead them to redemption because of the story they tell about Anakin Solo and Vua Rapuung."

    The mention of Jacen's slain brother stunned him for a moment, but he had heard of the shamed ones tale.

    "On Garqi we were able to rally the shamed ones, as well as on Ombi'taer, because of this belief. I never pretended to be godly or confirm their tales," Wrev finished.

    "But by not telling them the truth, you're feeding it, Wrev. You have to look at the long-term affects of your actions," Jacen argued.

    "But not at the expense of the moment, Jacen," Wrev fired back. "You said yourself that the shamed ones are oppressed, eventually they are going to have to break their chains as your uncle did with the rebels against the Empire."

    Jacen did not know how to respond to that, but thankfully Clighal interceded.

    "The Rebels was armed with the truth against the Empire, w here you would have the shamed fighting under false pretenses."

    "What is false, Clighal," Alema asked. "We are trying to save them after all."

    The Mon Calamari's large eyelids closed for a moment, then turned her attention back to Alema. "But your definition of save , is far different from the shamed ones'. They want to be redeemed in the eyes of their gods; something we cannot promise."

    The Twi'lek Jedi had no answer for Clighal's charge.

    "How is it that the shamed ones are so easily rallied, Wrev?" Mara asked, her dark flight suit accentuated her fire colored locks. "The last we heard, these stories they told were just tales, not a call to action."

    "That's actually something I've wanted to discuss with Luke and the Council since I arrived from Garqi," Wrev answered. "The shamed ones now have a leader name Yu'shaa. He appears to have organized them and is spreading the stories about the Jedi."

    "What do you know about Yu'shaa?" Luke asked, clearly intrigued.

    "Only that he is a shamed on and that he is on Yuuzhan'tar."

    Yuuzhan'tar was the planet know as Coruscant before the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed and shaped it.

    "His name is derived from Yuuzhan Vong mythology, a story about a prophet named Yu'shaa who leads the Yuuzhan Vong to the true way."

    Luke seemed to take it in, then smiled. “You already have a plan. Don’t you, Wrev?”

    “Not a plan, so much as a suggestion. I think it would be wise for the Jedi to make contact with Yu'shaa and cement the shamed ones' rebellion."

    Jacen wanted to object, but he could see the logic in it. What better way to spread stories about the Jedi throughout the shamed ones... But at what cost? Before he could voice his concerns, Mara surprised everyone.

    "I'm inclined to agree," she announced. "I think this might be the best possible solution to end the war, and limit the number of casualties."

    "It would also go a long way to creating harmony between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Alliance in the post-war galaxy if they fought along side us," Luke agreed.

    "What?" Jacen blurted again.

    Over the course of the Yuuzhan Vong war, Jacen had come to realize that he and his uncle did not agree on many issues. He hadn't lost respect for his Jedi Master, but knew that they saw the galaxy, and more importantly, the Force, in different ways.

    "You can't seriously be considering this! We would be misleading the shamed ones and basically asking them to die for us. You have to think about the far-reaching affects of this course," Jacen pleaded.

    "If you spend too much time thinking about the future, Jacen, it may well pass you by," Kyp interjected.

    Corran came to support Kyp. "Jacen, I respect your decisions and your approach to this, but eventually you're going to have to realize we're in a war. Nothing about this is going to be pretty," Corran took a moment, then continued. "I'm not talking down to you because of your age; you've been through more battles than any twenty year old should, but your uncle has been through more than this one fight. I think you should hear him out."

    Jacen swallowed the knot of emotion growing in his throat and turned to Luke. The ocean of Luke's eyes encompassed Jacen and pleaded for the younger Jedi's trust.

    "Jacen, this is our chance to make allies of the Yuuzhan Vong. It could be the solution that lets the least amount of blood. You don't have to agree, but I ask that you keep an open mind."

    Jacen ran his fingers through his beard and looked around the room for support. Saba and Tesar were both seated silently.

    "I agree with Jacen," Clighal reinforced. "This is not the role of Jedi."

    "We don't have to pretend to be gods, or feed the lies about redemption," Wrev argued. " We can explain the Force and our roles as Jedi to the shamed ones. If we teach them, perhaps we can come to a greater understanding and end this war. I would like to volunteer, now, to spearhead such an operation."

    Jacen felt his stomach tightening nervously. He did not know Wrev well, but remembered him as a headstrong young Jedi, much like Ganner Rhysode or Wurth Skidder. Jacen had not seen him since the Battle for Ithor.

    "What exactly do you have in mind, Wrev? How do you intend to make contact with Yu'shaa?" Luke asked.

    Wrev turned his attention from Clighal to Master Skywalker. "The only way to contact Yu'shaa is to travel to Coruscant," he answered flatly.

    A collective sense of unease filled the room that Jacen was able to feel amplified by the Force strength of the nine other Jedi.

    "We haven't had a lot of luck sending Jedi into occupied Yuuzhan Vong planets," Jacen reminded Alema, thinking of Myrkr.

    "We were able to infiltrate Coruscant during the Battle of Borleias," Luke argued. "Wrev, your expertise with the Yuuzhan Vong would make you an obvious choice to go, but I would like to see one of the masters accompany you."

    Kyp Durron stepped forward. "I'll go."

    Luke shook his head. "The Jedi Council will be re-assembling soon; I don't want any council members leaving Mon Cal."

    Kyp looked as though he might argue when Saba spoke. "It will take more than two Jedi to enter Yuuzhan'tar."

    "How many will it take?" Clighal asked.

    "It depends on how you go about it," Alema offered.

    "I'll go," Mara said, clasping her arms behind her back. "I'm not on the Council, and I don't have much to do around here." She finished, self-deprecatingly.

    "Mara," Luke began, before he was cut off.

    "Luke, I'm the most qualified. I'm the only other Jedi Master who's been on Coruscant since the Yuuzhan Vong captured it, "she argued. "Wrev and I will put together a team and make our plan."

    Luke Skywalker's eyes darted around, searching for an objection.

    "You can count me in," Jacen announced, as the sense of surprise in the room reached a crescendo. "If this is going to happen, I want to be there."

    To watch you, Wrev, he thought.

    "I would like to remind you all, that whatever decisions you come to will have to be cleared by the military, and myself," Cal Omas interrupted. "You will need some military personnel to help plan such an operation, as you did with Wraith Squadron the last time you infiltrated Yuuzhan'tar, Luke."

    Jacen was amazed by so many in the room calling Coruscant, Yuuzhan'tar, after it being the galactic capital for thousands of years.

    "Of course," Mara agreed, as a mischievous smile crept into her face.

    Jacen knew Mara had felt slightly left out, even useless in their mission to find Zonama Sekot, and was probably itching to do something more in her field of expertise.

    Luke allowed himself a resigned sigh. "Alright, you three should get together and decide what you want to do. It will have to be cleared by Cal, Sien Sovv, and the Jedi Council, before anything happens," Luke stressed.

    Jacen sighed. He had been on Yuuzhan'tar when he was captured, and was not looking forward to returning.
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