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Star Wars The Epitaph Between: Prologue

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Jun 16, 2019.

  1. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Jin Long
    Clock Tower Temple

    There was both Light and Sound as the crystal spoke its answer to the Protector Monk. A new harmonic tone joined with that of the soft wind, creating a new harmonic chord, while a beam of white light appeared, bright, yet soothing.

    In that moment, Jin Long knew the crystal and his Forcesaber, and they knew him. The bond was formed by their free will and of their mutual choosing. A peaceful joy encompassed the monk, a feeling made evident by the sustained white glow now present in his conductive tattoos.

    With gentle grace, the forcesaber settled in the palm of his outstretched hand, even as he opened his eyes at the moment of contact.

    A powerful charge in the force went through him then, suffusing him, offering him bits of revelation as he regarded the blade colors of his fellow Protectors. Purple, Red and Silver. The words of the Master also lent him understanding of things present and things to come.

    Light was the whole, comprised of many colors. Different wavelengths and different points of view were still part of the whole, and just as necessary. They each had a part to play, something to Protect. But Dark; it was the absence of color and the absence of light.

    Jin Long looked in wonder at the others and smiled faintly, as he shared, at least in part, in their feelings, even as they dwelt upon their own revelations, for Light revealed mysteries, while darkness concealed them, but even those came to light in due time. The Master himself hinted as much.

    The monk took a moment to bow his head and silently thank the village Abbot, as well as his brothers and his sisters, for setting him on the right path; the path of a Protector.

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  2. QueenSabe7

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    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: Her
    Clock-Temple, Nouane

    She felt the energy build within her heart, her mind, her soul. Muscles clenched as a final surge raced through the very marrow in her bones, her fingers beginning to throb as they squeezed their tightest over her chosen forcesaber hilt. Voices – human and otherwise – echoed in her thoughts, none of them familiar. And in some dimly lit place of logic, she attributed them to the act she was currently instigating - the pairing of herself to her crystal.

    There she sensed it; an emotion emanating from the mystical stone, one of… sadness? No, uncertainty. Maybe she was projecting too much. But everything inside and around her abruptly quieted, noise snuffed out by her concentration and a singular focus on what she felt. It became more defined and understandable, sifting out the unreadable so that she could hone in on one thing, and one thing only.

    A single tear rolled down her cheek, prying free from her closed eyes, tracing a damp line to her jaw. It hung there, before finally dropping away…

    The hilt vibrated intensely, heating her fingers to the point of jerking her back to reality. Her eyes flew open and for the briefest moments all she saw was red. Her vision sharpened but a second or so later, revealing a crimson blade that stretched out before her, originating from the weapon held fast within her grasp.

    “Mine,” she whispered in awe, unsure as to what this particular hue signified but it was without a doubt hers.

    She did not look back to the Master’s holographic form as it wrapped up its lecture, nor to her Holo that still hovered lightly in place - its glow amplified curiously as it mingled with its matching color of her blade. Her lips parted as she had many, many thoughts on what had just been bestowed upon her, some of them encouraging, and some of them rather frightening.

    Red seemed rather ambiguous to her. Did it symbolize great strength?

    Or great fear?

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    Mar 9, 2002
    Sheel Ix
    Location: Market place - in a strange city in southern Nouane (north of Pala Que)

    Sheel Ix nodded as she regarded the holocron. The description Vydra had given the Force... elements reminded her of tales from some of the elders from the different villages. Inner sight, second sight, hunter's vision. Whatever it was, there was some consistency between them and some of her own experiences. She didn't know how it works or why but she had found it… elemental. A part of her and also by instinct. Second nature.

    And this was the Force?

    She held up her hand, took a few deep breaths and bit her bottom lip. Her eyes flutter then closed.

    The sea of movement about her, a noisy distraction and the holocron presented itself as a bright beacon, shining from amongst it all. She gently stretched out, her hand lightly touched the surface.

    Smooth, ridges, tiny details… patterns. Cool at first, then warming. Tingling… energy… Something moved… turning… kinda reminded her of a key... unlocking some mechanism…

    Her eyes slowly blinked open, looking to the holocron. She thought she saw a faint glow emitting from inside… or maybe it was a trick of the light. Her gaze shifted to Vydra for verification.

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  4. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sek'nos Rath
    Purple, Lesson Two

    The Sith teen turned the beautiful blade a few times.

    "There you go. Your colours. There were a few the same so it's kinda difficult to work out. Maybe a couple of whites? A couple of purples? I mean, purple is a shade of red so that doesn't really help me much but I have your names on a list so it's all fine. Either way - the colours reflect a part of your personality, so I am sure you can work it out yourself. Good and bad colours are all relative to yourself. We have a good, balanced spread, so I wouldn't worry too much. But know that the Dark will seek to be active in the New World, and you will have to attend to that. Protect, until it is time for the Third Lesson. It will become obvious what you must stop in time."

    Sek'nos grinned to himself, and then sought composure as he regarded the others and their colours.

    There was the white blade of Jin Long, and the silver blade of Atreus. He shared a nod with N'Tael and his purple blade, matching his. Then Sek'nos saw the red blade of the nameless woman, and frowned. There was something there that he recognised, and yet did not.

    With a shrug, the Holocron powered down, and they knew that the second lesson was over.

    Adopting his grin anew, Sek'nos allowed his greeting to wash into the Force. "Well this is exciting. Not quite as heroic a colour as I wanted, but..."

    A claw stroked his chin. "I heard that the Master Protectors had their own colours - Master Vydra had green, and Master Dunkeel," he said, gesturing to Jin Long. "He had a white blade too, and I heard he was among the most balanced of the Protectors." The others would have minimal knowledge of the Protector Masters that had preceded them, but suffice to say that they were no longer here. "Master Vale and Joren, they had a blue blade like us, I heard" Sek'nos said, gesturing to his fellow Protector apprentice.

    Sek'nos had lived in the City for the entirety of the preceding year, while the others had not - well, No Name had been in the Clock-Temple, which is in the City, but had not left it, according to her memory, so it hardly counted. But of course, Sek'nos didn't have absolute knowledge of the Protector Masters, nor the Master of those Masters, the black-robed man before them in the Holocrons. Thus his seeming error about the blade of Vale...

    "Isn't this cool?"

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    IC: The Master

    Elsewhere, some months ago

    In short order, Master Vydra nodded to Sheel Ix and went to go.

    "You have it, apprentice, the way is there." The historian had to go, and get back to the City. With a glance back, Vydra smiled dryly. "May the Force be with You, Sheel Ix."

    With that, Vydra vanished into the Force, leaving Sheel and the Holocron...

    Which activated.

    The red Holocron glowed, and a tiny projection appeared. It was translucent and blue, and clearly fabricated. It was an approximation of the Master, cloaked in black and his face not shown. His arms were tucked behind his back, and he wandered back and forth as if pacing.

    “Protector apprentice; greetings - I am the Master, as you well know. I bequeath this message to you as a promise of what is to come. I am an ill omen, I am afraid.” He lifted his arms into a shrug.

    “By the time you watch this, most of the disaster will have began. The Twilight War. All will be lost. Responsibility for starting over thereafter will be placed with you.” He pointed at the watcher; at Sheel. “Those that Master Vydra bequeathed the five Holocron's of Heresies. You may have heard rumours of a Holocron of Prophecy, which detailed what was is to occur. The Holocron of Heresies is the opposite; it is about what happens after the first wave of devastation. Sublime stuff, right?” He sounded sarcastic.

    “After, the great darkness of the Seven will emerge, and it will be your task to prepare the world for that fight. To create a refuge from the Twilight Wars. Once you have come to know your comrades, the Second of the Three Lessons contained in this Holocron will direct you how to create the new world.”

    A shrug. “I fully expect you to stay out of the way for now; what happens between the Protector Masters to stop the War will be beyond you - stay safe; stay alert.”

    “Before the Old Ones return. There are other entries in this Holocron; entries about the past. About the Cosmic Wars of Protector Legend, which some of you may know. Of the great battles between the Celestials and their children the Architects, and the Old Ones that they spawned. This is what we face the return of; that is what we must we must prepare for the defeat of.”

    He bowed. “I thank you for your attention and your service. May the Force be with you, my friend.”

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    IC: Darth Caedus

    Target found, Nouane City

    "There it is," Caedus said, eyes alighting upon the projection in the City northern district.

    The Clock-Tower.

    That was where he was supposed to go, and go he would.

    Once he was through the marketplace.

    The Force was rustling already, and Caedus had no desire to be telegraph his arrival. Keeping himself cloaked in the Force, he donned his hood, drawing it upward. He sidestepped a stall, and then a horse-drawn cart. Drawing a deep breath, he focused on keeping his temper under control for now. Ducking through the crowd, he brushed against passerby's, his focus resolutely upon where he was going.

    As soon as he killed them all, it would be fine. Their terrible lineage had to be stopped here and now.

    Somebody was watching him, though.

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    The Clocktower Temple, Nouane

    The silver color of her blade did not surprise her much. She had dreamed of it in the past. In those dreams she was holding a burning sword, but the flames were made of silver. The village shaman and the elders did not know how to interpret it. After all there were limits to what they could see or understand. The Force had guided her to this moment and it had concealed the meaning from them.

    Lagertha was aware that this was only the first step on her journey. Technically the third one, given that she had met that Vydra character and came to this Temple. Either way, she was in the beginning. Her life before that was… to use one of the fancy words the city folks liked… a prologue. See! She is not the uncultured barbarians those pampered people thought of her! She restrained a grin.

    She was getting aware that she was feeling unlike herself, or to be precise unlike her current self. She had not felt so giddy since childhood. Outwardly she tried to keep a calm and composed appearance. The problem was that she was surrounded by Force users and they could read emotions. Lagertha hoped that there was a skill to hide them. Something to think about and explore.

    She looked around and saw a couple of purple blades, a white one and a … red one? She felt unease coming from that one. Maybe it was from the confused woman? She took note that she should keep an eye on that one. The Master mentioned that there were good and bad colors, which was kind of strange, hopefully he will reveal more in due time. How could a color be good or bad? Yes, people attached meanings to these things, maybe it was a symbolic thing?

    Another mental note, more things to research. If only her tutor, Torvi, could see her now, thinking of doing research. Hopefully there would be more books than the “sacred texts” (OOC: :p) she had her study. The red-skinned alien started speaking, what he said… or the manner he said it almost made her roll her eyes. Another over-eager hothead. Great…

    Despite herself she listened and smiled thinly at the mention of Vydra. Green suited him. Hopefully they would meet again… He would be able to help her with her research and filling the gaps in her knowledge. The last question took her out of her thoughts.

    “Cool!?” she tried to keep her annoyance out of her voice “We as Protectors must not care for such trivialities.”

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC N’Tael
    Interesting conversation

    ‘Hmmm the Protector Masssterss, they each had different bladesss asss well?’ N’Tael thought. ‘Makesss sssenssse though.’ the thought continued as he listened further to Sek’nos. The Sith seemed quite talkative and his final words confirmed that.

    "Isn't this cool?"

    A slight snort blew out from his snout before a small grin began to crease his reptilian features. Only one of the other’s, so far, had recovered from their reverie at the revelation of their blades colors and she could not be any more different in outlook from Sek’nos, if she tried. Especially given her retort to the Sith.

    “Cool!? We as Protectors must not care for such trivialities.”

    Another lesser snort blew out from the slits in N’Tael’s snout then. He’d only recently come to the city, his kind were still very reticent to appear around any of the other species that lived upon this world. They knew, intimately through their racial memories, the history of this world and the history that stretched back over the eons. His own experiences added depth and color to those memories and filled in some of the blanks that existed. The information the Holocron had shared likewise expanded his knowledge base, even if it was more concerned with the future than the past.

    Realizing he’d not interjected but had been silently contemplating their words his head swung first toward the warrior woman and then toward Sek’nos, his now purple eyes catching theirs as he began to speak.

    “Yessss, warrior woman, cool. He hasss hisss own outlook assss a Protector. We mussstn’t think we mussst be one being in our waysss. If we were, then all our bladesss would be one color.”

    As his eyes turned toward Sek’nos he continued. “And ssshe’sss right too, Sek’nos. We have a ssserioussss tasssk before ussss. I’m guesssing she believessss that meansss one, unified, homogonoussss forcccce to fulfill our misssssion. Which, to a degree, might be needed. But we are each our own beingssss. Ssssso don’t lossse your enthusssiasssm.”

    He turned toward the others, wondering what they might think of what was already being discussed, what their outlooks might be on what a Protector meant or entailed. The irony, he knew, was that aside from meeting Master Vydra none of them had any true clue, yet, as to what they must do as the next generation of Protectors.

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    Mar 23, 2001
    IC: Her
    Clock-Temple, Nouane

    "Well this is exciting. Not quite as heroic a colour as I wanted, but..."

    She looked up, startled at the red-skinned man’s words, just in time to catch her Holo from the air as it shut down and was posed to drop to the floor. Her crimson blade hummed loudly as it whooshed down to her side at the same moment, an involuntary reaction that jarred her even further. A defensive maneuver, but what was she protecting herself from?

    She deactivated it quickly, nervously shoving the hilt into her jacket pocket.

    "Isn't this cool?"

    Her head shook quickly side to side in dissent, her dull-hued locks beginning to come undone from the haphazard bun at the nape of her neck. She dare not speak, for how suddenly sick she felt, the floor rippling like water beneath her feet. One of the others, the woman with a blade of silver, did express her dismay at the other’s choice of words but she was calm. Too calm.

    And here she was, unable to subdue the rising panic she felt clenching at her heart.

    Cool, she thought, now fully pulled inward on her own thoughts so far that she didn’t hear the hissing creature’s response that followed. Terrifying, she corrected. Her world had been so confined and small up until this moment, dreams and tales from her holocron suddenly becoming reality. Her stone walls had kept her safe, even if she felt trapped at times they had kept her safe. And now she had climbed up from the depths to discover… all this?

    There was so much she just didn’t know.

    And now there was a mission, a purpose she couldn’t grapple with, and a blood saber - that was what she would call it now, because she decided right then that she didn’t approve of the color she had conjured from the crystal.

    Crumpling down into the nearest chair, she wiped a sheen of sweat that had appeared on her cheeks, suddenly feeling very hot.

    Breathe, she instructed herself. Just breathe…

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    Mar 9, 2002
    Sheel Ix
    Location: Market place - in a strange city in southern Nouane (north of Pala Que)

    Vydra had reassured that she was doing it correctly, that she was capable of accessing the holocron. She returned the smile as he moved away and returned her eyes to the holocron.

    What a curious thing...

    She looked back up to Vydra but he was already gone. One moment he was there and now... his presence seemed to have-

    A glow erupted from the holocron, it produced an image which startled her.

    "Ute mei-aui!" Sheel Ix hissed and caught herself from dropping the holocron.

    She glanced about though no one took much notice of her. She stepped away from the street and around a column of the colonnade. Boxes of supplies were haphazardly stacked as a make shift supply room for the market vendors, it gave some privacy as she studied the holocron and the glow that came from it.

    She wasn't familiar with such apparitions, only observed from a distance. They usually belonged to those so called archeologists and treasure hunters when they come to her territory looking for some lost things. 'The Lost Kingdom'… 'The Lost City'… 'The Lost Treasure'... Lost is how they usually end up.

    The figure in the glow paced back and forth, the attire was a representation of the 'Master' but was it really him? The Master spoke. The voice was unmistakable his as he greeted her and proclaimed himself an ill omen as he shrugged. Her eyes narrowed a fraction as the 'spectral' representation went into further detail.

    The War of Twilight. Holocrons of Heresies... Holocron of Prophecy. Darkness of Seven. Names. She did not know the meaning behind it all, only that there were some significance.

    Comrades...? The others Vydra had mentioned? Were they like her? Who were these 'Old Ones'? The chance to learn further of what came before and what it was all about is welcoming. Maybe buried in these archives are clues to how she came to be.

    The miniature figure of the Master bowed. "I thank you for your attention and your service. May the Force be with you, my friend.”

    "May the Force be with you, my friend." She repeated his words. Many things to ponder until further instructions. "I will keep it safe." She avowed and placed the holocron in the cloth sling and felt it slide and nestle against her abdomen.

    "What are you doing here?!" A hand fell on her shoulder and pulled out into the sunlight.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Caedus
    The Clock-Tower entrance

    He arrived with not much more than the bump with the said passerby to account.

    Of course, a black garbed individual with a cape was something to notice, notwithstanding his pallid skin and golden-yellow eyes. The aura of do not mess with me was useful, and Darth Caedus had long found the threat of violence to be more useful than the actual violence itself.

    To rule by fear was to rule with a soft hand that was omnipresent but never cruel or callous. It was merely exacting in who it touched.

    He could sense them now.

    Five Force users, each different in their spectrum, but undoubtedly not Sith. He may as well go on as he intended. Reaching up with his hands, he drew deep on the Force and gave the Clock-Temple a shake, announcing his arrival as only the Dark Lord could. The structure was intact, resisting him, and Caedus grinned, flicking his fingers to rip at the clock-face itself, pulling it free and sending it crashing to the ground.

    Had Protector Master Dunkeel been here, he would have lamented the destruction of the clock he had laboured so on.

    "Protectors!" Caedus shouted out as people fled. "I come with your Destruction."

    "I am Darth Caedus, the Dark Lord of the Sith." He held out his hands, lighting crackling up his arms. "Come out, or I shall start the killings."

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    @Mitth_Fisto, mentioned only
    IC: The Narrator

    The southern regions, weeks later, months upon months ago, around the time of Master's disappearance

    There wasn't much else that occurred in the time after his meeting with Vydra, until, of course, something did.

    The Force rippled with a moment of violence.

    Since accessing the Holocron, it had chimed in with varying snippets about being open to the Force, to channeling the flow, and generally low-level non-aligned usage of the Force. Nothing as fancy as healing, or using the Force aggressively, just how to be a Force user, and to maintain your strength. Sheel Ix had a life, and the conversations she'd had with the Master and Vydra became less relevant than not, it could be said.

    But now.

    Something had happened.

    Something terrible.

    The Force told her that; but it was north of where she was, leading towards the City, and not close. Just... close enough to be sensed, but far enough way from the City that it would not be, seemingly.

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    IC: Ben Solo


    He was down, on the rocky floor, gasping in pain.

    Then, with a malicious sneer, he was lifted, and he flew, words battering his mind, soon joined with the battering of the rocks he slammed into and off as he fell.

    And then -

    He hit the floor.

    The grass...?

    Gasping, he looked up, sweating, pained, bruised -

    "Where am I?"


    He looked pulled himself to the edge of the grass, and looked down at the city before him. A circular design that swelled to the south, a valley on either side and the hills to the north, it reminded him of somewhere he had dreamed about, and for a moment of disquiet Ben Solo knew how Rey had felt when she visited the island where Luke had hid; she had dreamed about that place, too.

    A clock-tower was the central edifice of the City, and Ben's eye was drawn to it.

    As he did, the Force shook with violence, and the clock-face exploded outwards, and Ben's eyes widened.


    What was going on?

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Jin Long
    Clock Tower Temple

    For the moment, Jin Long chose to keep his peace, as he basked in the feelings his fellow Protectors radiated forth in the Force. Indeed, he would get to know them by their words and later by their deeds, now they had been gathered together. But for now, he wanted to ‘feel’ what they felt, to crystalize this moment within his mind.

    Though they were all individuals, with their own distinctiveness, as evidenced by the various colors of their shining blades, they were still well in balance, in harmony, and part of the greater whole.

    At least that’s how this moment felt to him.

    The Master had bestowed upon them a great charge. It was only natural that they still had questions, despite the lessons - still, as Protectors, he could sense that they were unified in purpose.

    Hearing the growing banter and exchange between the others brought a faint smile to his face. The blue reptilian, he spoke wisely. Jin Long nodded in silent agreement at his words as he extinguished his blade, then rose from his lotus position.

    The monk took two steps towards the few who were gathered, but before he could take a third, he felt a palpable shift in the Force.


    Not only did it cause him to pause, but also to frown reflexively; he felt himself go on ‘alert’ and ‘on guard’.


    Suddenly and without warning, the clock-tower shook.

    “A quake?”

    No. Not a quake.

    The Clock came crashing violently to the ground. A voice was heard shouting in that same moment.

    “Protectors! I come with your Destruction.”

    A district looking man in black robes revealed himself, hands out, lightning crackling about his arms.

    “I am Darth Caedus, The Dark Lord of the Sith.” he declared ominously.

    “Come out, or I shall start the killings.

    It would seem the troubles the Master had spoken about had come to find them much sooner than expected.

    Jin Long’s conductive tattoos glowed yellow as did his aura. Without hesitation did the monk move, graceful and with incredible swiftness, even as he came to stand before their uninvited guest.

    “HOLD!” He announced.

    “We are here, there is no need for bloodshed, Dark Lord.”

    “Peace be with you.” he stated with utmost sincerity, hoping to disallow the onset of needless violence.

    “I am called Jin Long. How can we assist you?”

    The monk was uncertain as to how the other Protectors would react to this man and his aggressive posture, but if he could be an example to them, perhaps more could e revealed before coming to a conclusion.

    At least that was his hope.

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  11. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    The Clocktower Temple, Nouane

    Lagertha bit back a retort towards the lizard man. Begrudgingly she admitted to herself that he had a point, but was proud enough and stubborn enough not to admit it. Though she still kept the belief that their role as Protectors was not to be taken lightly. It was not about having fun, they had to beat the encroaching darkness.

    Then something happened, the building shook. She almost jumped when the the clock was knocked down, crashing on the floor. She could see the tiles cracking. That was exactly why she was there. They were to defend all that is good and beautiful. The dark brought only ruin and destruction.

    They were approached by a dark figure. It… he reminded her of a twisted version of the Master. This self-proclaimed Lord of the Sith surely loved theatrics. But before she could do anything the bald tattooed man stepped in front of them, facing this Darth Caedus. What was he doing!?

    Lagertha drew her shield in front of her. She reached for her sword, but decided against it. Lagertha activated her lightsaber instead. It felt weird as she was used to the weight of the metal sword. The shield felt redundant but she was used to it. She would use it for both defense and offense. Lagertha would slam her opponents with it and then cut them down with the sword. The problem now was the weight difference as the hilt of the lightsaber was much lighter than her older weapon and the shield weighted a lot. Hopefully she would manage to deal with the enemy.

    She circled behind the bald man looking for an opportunity to strike at the enemy…

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC N’Tael
    Destruction of the Clock Tower

    Barely had the words gotten out of his mouth before N’Tael felt the energies around the Clock Tower shift. Before there had been a sense of Light, that that side of the Force was in preeminence, but now the Dark was intruding, was taking a higher place in the air.

    Mere seconds after the shift in energies, the ground began to shake, energies rent the air, and a cracking sound began to fill it. Glancing up, N’Tael saw the clock itself being pulled free from the tower, falling, in pieces, to the ground. As the pieces bounced from their collision with the ground N’Tael sensed the presence that had caused such a disruption behind him, closing on this second class of Protectors.

    Protectors! I come with your Destruction.”

    “I am Darth Caedus, The Dark Lord of the Sith.”

    “Come out, or I shall start the killings.”

    The stripes up and down his body flared into a deeper blue as he turned. The monk was already in motion, as was the warrior woman. N’Tael kept his hood up for now, refraining from speaking but tasting the air with his tongue. The Darkness that surrounded the figure that the monk was now speaking to had a familiar taste. The long line of ancients in his memories began shrieking about the Old Ones.

    However other facets of his consciousness nodded, as though something here was necessary, even if it hadn’t been foreseen or shown to him before. He stepped to one side, staying out of the line of direct fire, between the monk and the cloaked man. His eyes flicked to the side and saw the warrior woman circling. As she reached a point on the opposite side of the newcomer, N’Tael reached a point that, should the other two join the three of them, the entire group would be at equidistant points in an invisible circle around the man.

    The sleeves on his cloak allowed him to keep his three fingered hands hidden, the saber cradled in one, unlit. The monk was taking the lead so N’Tael decided it was best that that one seak and see if the situation was resolved through one point of confluence with the intruder. He watched the crackles of lightning play between the intruder’s fingers and knew this being was one of power and….he tasted the air again…..not of this time. ‘Interesssssting’ he thought, ‘How isssss thisss going to affect everything the Protectorsss were ssset up to do?’

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