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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth , Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Island, Mustafar

    She met no resistance in her swing for there was nothing to give it, the katta went by with but a glance as her opponent jumped beyond her blades. As she turned backing up slightly with the motion, like a predator missing with it's first attempt will circle the prey looking for where the next blow should be dilivered.

    Perfection given form, a way given embodiment. That was what they were, both of them from certain points of illumination and shadow, she could see that now as she felt the electricity arcing into her body that he began to release. It stopped her in her tracks looking at him, as he looked at her...or through her with that negligent gesture that carried such hatred given electical form from those few outstretched fingers.

    Smelling within her own helmet the searing of her own flesh as she dropped to a knee, feeling as it knawed not only on nerve endings and clusters, but on the very fabric of her soul...that aspect of herself that was transcendant from this crude matter was as wracked with the lightning as her physical form.

    Neither, neither one could give in to the darkness nor light that waited for them, the chaos or infinity of the hereafter. Not when this monster that screamed and spat this energy at her yet lived, not this the embodiment of what had stolen and killed children...her children.

    "" She growled out in that interum through the pain and arcing lightning. A simple statement before she took her action as the lightning stopped, she reached out with the force, as she knelt with her lightsaber-staff secured in one hand.

    There was an old axium that applied here best: Oppertunities? They are all around us...there is power lying latent everywhere waiting for the observant eye to discover it.

    An old Ring Defender had made that statement to her back before she had armor, back when she was merely one of his children. She wondered if Orison Marden had ment it as she was about to use it. He was coming and nearly upon her, no time to think but to do, to use the oppertunity, the power...

    The lava rose bubbled and popped, but instead of falling back down into that melting river of rock and stone it flew. It flew to her, racing, covering, enshrouding her in the light of its glow and the shadow of it's awning. She felt as her seared form was stretched from the telekinetic feat but it was merely a step to injure her opponent, level the field more to her advantage.

    As the last gap sealed she plunged into the forced like a boulder into that river of lava. The lava about her shrank in closer, it's oppressive heat making each breath an effort to override her bodies desire to collapse as if it had been left in a desert for a month at a 100 degrees. Stars do not end that way and neither did this act as the lava reversed it's direction forcefully out bursting in all directions in its orange splendor!

    The reign of the quarra's fire was come, but she echoed these words as it flew forth. "Do you want to know the secret? Of life to death?"

    TAG: Fin

    Used Powers this round

    Telekenisis x1

    Wave x1(if cumulative then last use)

    Already used powers

    Battle Precognition x1
    Speed x1
    Force Pullx1
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Mustafar Island

    His anger failed him. And with it, did his muscles. He felt his own body collapse. And the armored woman claimed he had made her. No, he had not. He had created nothing. Ever. He was not a creator. He did not leave anything, never enough life to spawn any emotion, any movement in the oceans of destiny. He laughed out, a barking laughter, as his raging strength left him and he felt his body tremble with exhaustion.

    He wanted to say something. He wanted to make this fool understand. Again, no word left his lips. No thought was given form.

    All the air you need is in your lung,
    the word are there, you know, you know
    But all the songs you left unsung
    all the words you cannot let go,
    you there is a reason, though
    for you never made a silent vow
    You lost your tongue
    long time ago

    Hissing he raised to his feet, his muscles fueled by anger alone, while exhaustion and the remorseless heat made him ache. The enemy made his move. As expected it was most unexpected and aggressive. And as the fluid fire covered her body, the enemy expelled it and made it a weapon. What a sight to behold. Yes, this could finally be the one who killed him. With fire and blade . . .

    But not yet.

    "Do you want to know the secret? Of life to death?" The enemy asked. And Lorn threw himself into the sea of burning death that had been hurled at him. Splitting it, so he could make his way through it, like a saint. Unleashing his anger into the force. His anger met her attack. And the attack could not last against the force of his fear. He leaped through the wave he had send before him and charged. Unharmed. No. Not really. Unhamred except the small drops of heated death that touched his skin, burning it form his body.

    a suffering reign

    As he raised his blades once more he screamed out loud. Out of agony. His existence seemed to be the heart of all agony. He would forever be scared. But pain gave him focus, again. Clearity. Anger.

    He realized his body would not make an attack as powerful as he wanted it to. Felt him organs fail, his soul bend and scream out in fear . . . as it would soon break. And all this fear he unleashed in a second wave of power. To rip the woman of her feet and send her into the melted magma she seemed to like so much.

    Yes. He knew the secret of death. The secret was . . . more or less . . . soon the woman would be gone . . . and see . . . there was none, see there was none.

    And whoever believed there could be a meaning in all of this . . . whoever dared to even offer teaching him, would not be allowed kill him. This woman was unworthy to be his final judge.

    She would die. Then she could see what her secrets were good for . . .

    Tag: Mitth

    Used this round

    Push 1 (against the hurled magma)
    Push 3 (against Mika?sai?Jeisel)

    Already used powers

    Storm 1
    Rage 1
    Speed 2
  3. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Island, Mustafar

    She was tired, she was burning up, and if she ever made it out of this she was going to improve the cooling units in her armor. Not to mention increase the stability so that it could survive these sith accursed hyperspace force rifts!

    The laughter though, he was laughing the sith was laughing! That was fuel for her hate, something she did not shun for the strength it lended her in this her time of need. The sith had made her, every single one had made her who she is from the dawn of time to the last sith that ever lived...they all made her as surredly they were made by others or even themselves.

    From the Jedi Larad Noon did the Jensaarai find their base, from his fall, his exile, and his created grace he formed the base of Saarai in his exile from Sith and Jedi alike. He set the path and from him and those that helped shape him the truth was planted as a seed in his journal that was forgotten until Nikkos Tyris, another Jedi who lost his way but was twisted by a Sith and thus twisted the truth in his dilussion but could not break it. Eventually the hidden truth was known and others learned and lies dispelled from clinging to them, it was a code of conduct and protecting others that truly mattered and through it she learned to protect...but not to loose.

    Never had the loss of so many been so real since she had known the Sith, under Krayt to return. The children...her children had fallen undersway and under heel, so she had fallen undersway but as armor at the forge. She would stand between the children and the sith, but she was not complete too many slipped through the cracks of her plating.

    Too many.

    Tears welled in her eyes to run down her cheeks, evaporating almost as soon as they left her eyes. The beast was at the door, the children were crying, there was no strength in the sword, and all she needed to do was stand...stand

    STAND! The thought reverberated through her head forcing her to her feet as the beast yelled, she saw as her attack was wiped away. Pulling she drew the force as her armor, to help with the coming assault.

    It was not enough as he batted at her, in ernest or in play she dared not say lest she underestimated him. She slid back near the edge, near that boiling furnace that was their personal hell and battle ring. Much as a training ring, defeat the opponent within the ring or whoever goes outside that ring is out, but in this the only out was death.

    Preparing herself she growled with the answer, "Life is to love or be loved without deserving." Stepping forward she brought her body erect, obeying the throbing command to stand.

    "Death..." she hissed as she stepped forward raising her bare hand.


    With that she sprang to action, her bladed staff rose to meet his two, one hand behind it as the clawed fingers of her reached for his throat, clenching briefly before passing his left arm. Her hate given an out, a form andn function.

    Within that moment a crunch resounded, the shattering and grinding of bone, a humorous had been shattered beyond recognition. A smile played upon her lips, whether or not she killed this foe he would not leave unmarred from her passing.

    And the children, the children could sleep tonight for she was the armor that barred the door. The bones were grinding, but they were safe tonite from the beast.

    A smile played across her features, dieing as it grew, as a simple question flittered through her mind.

    Does he know to arch his neck? To die to the Quarra with dignity, to die without an emotional display, to die with whatever honor a sith could muster from such a life? If only for those past...

    Will I?

    TAG: Fin/GM's of MODville

    Used Powers this round

    Shield x1

    Crush x1

    Already used powers

    Telekenisis x1
    Wave x1(if cumulative then last use)
    Battle Precognition x1
    Speed x1
    Force Pullx1
  4. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    Ding ding ding

    Time is up kids. Judges are now welcome to submit their opinions. Mine will be up probably tomorrow sometime. :)

    Nice duel you guys! :)

  5. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    OOC: I really should stop promising things. :p

    Match goes to [b]Fins.[/b]

    There were a few instances where I found some discontinuities between what Fins wrote and what happened in Mitth's post. Huzzah, I finally get to judge a match on dueling mechanics and not on capricious lame stuff. :p

    The first big problem I have comes up at Mitth's 8/22 post, at 10:23pm. In Fin's preceding post, he says he firsts shoots the lightning at Mika, then runs right after it, saber in hand. We know this was done in a short succession, as he says he starts running [i]as[/i] the lightning made their way to the enemy. In light of this, I find Mitth's next post guilty of doing some time stretching. Now, remember that Fins somersaults over Mitth, out of blade reach. But, especially as Force Jump was not used, this does not mean he was super far away. So, for Mitth's character to kneel, say something, and then to say that Lorn is "almost upon her" seems to have some serious time compression in my opinion. Then, how does the lava get to Mika without going through Lorn? From the other side of the island? If so, this was not clearly elaborated upon. Not to mention that this calling also takes time, and adds to the initial compression problem. There just seems to be a ton of fuzziness in this post.

    The second problem is Mitth's post on 8/27 at 1:39pm. Fins unloads his pushes on Mitth in the prior post, using three of them to try to get Mitth into the lava. This is a serious attack that needs to be given a lot of attention. And unfortunately, I do not see that in Mitth's post following Fins. I see Mika thinking that that she needs to get on her feet (though I don't see where she fell), and Mitth writes that Mika finds herself at the edge of the island. Now, I am aware it was never clearly put out as to where this duel started off. I will assume they're in the middle of the island. And, also, there is no mention about how big the island is. So perhaps a triple strength push would get you from the center to the edge of the island. But I don't see any mention of Mitth's character flying, I don't see any landing sequence, and I would have liked much better to see something creative put out where Mika flies into the lava and catch a floating something, or uses the force to give the herself a temporary platform to hop back, or something. I just think a big move like a triple force push should have been given much more attention.

    In any event, character play and creativity and all of that are only secondary afterthoughts for my judgment. And, as expected, you all do just great at it. Lorn is still the near perfect Sith personification I enjoy, and Mika is a very thoughtful character with a nice deal of back-story. Maybe even too much, as I have a suspicion the backstory distracted Mitth from the buisness end of this duel. Your moves were also very creative. The lava cocoon was very well executed, as was the attempt by Fins to use the lava to end the match. And everyone takes damage so that is nice. All in all, well done writing by everyone.

    So there you go. These two game-play elements decide the round for this judge.

    [b]TAG: Sinre and/or Xan[/b]>
  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid

    [blockquote]The Sith Lord opened an eye, peering down at his opponents. It was somewhat clear to him, who had won. He had not been called upon to comment for some time, now, and it was a mild surprise that he was required at all. Lazy Moderators. Always need a Darth to do their work. Stretching his fingers and working out a kink from his shoulder, Darth Insipid spoke, slowly.

    "Two opponents, quite evenly matched, in reality. Just as good at dueling as the next." Insipid paused, as he tended to. "However, one had a sense of continuity from what had happened last. A building upon what was happening, and a fair reaction. The other was aggressive, but not necessarily clearly so, with some reminiscing to add flavour to events. Beyond that, a very well dueled engagement."

    "But I have to go with Lorn. His first post captivated me - and I genuinely felt that the character would indeed stab himself and end it all there. He was so angry, but with himself, not reality. Wonderfully done, and there were a few disjoints in the other prose which threw me too much..."

    The Sith shrugged. "Congratulations to you both."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Next Round
  7. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004


    Now... go, my son. Leave me.

    No. You're coming with me. I'll not leave you here, I've got to save you.

    You already... have, Luke. You were right. You were right about me. Tell your sister... you were right.

    Great Destiny. Sometimes the places of destiny are places of great light. It is fortunate for us all that this is the case, thankfully such is the way of the world! Light always seems to follow the shadow. For every place of damnation seems to be a place of salvation. And amongst the saved, Endor stands tall as a place of great redemption. For it was around the green forest moon that a Lord of the Sith returned to the Light, and the greatest Jedi of New Order was christened.

    On the surface, far away from the ruins of the Imperial Shield Generator Complex, there is a clearing in the forest. These clearing always seemed to be coming and going on this planet of life, but this one in particular had been open for some time. The reason for this was an unassuming pile of ash and a plaque upon the forest floor. This place, dominating the center of the clearing, shone in the force. It was on this now burnt patch of ground that Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith and Executor of the Empire, was burnt as a saved man. It was this structure upon which the feared black suit was destroyed. And it is this structure, energized in the light, that calls the semifinalists towards its remote location.

    [image=] [image=] [image=]

    TAG: Teegirloo then Gunship
  8. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Raven Lightstar
    Theed Reactor, Naboo - Conclusion

    [ul]"I think you have overestimated your resolve.......Lightstar."

    The Sith knew her name, this surprised her for she didn?t expect him to know her at all. Introductions were never made, yet he spat her last name out as if he it was a familiar taste that crossed his tongue, once before.

    "Let me prove to you that......indeed your husband is alive as you claim him to be so." The Sith began to say in low voice as the hum of his weapon began to spin as he took a step forward, keeping the double-bladed at his front spinning in his hand almost creating an hypnotic haze of red.

    "I can see it in your eyes......the longing for someone close to you and in your Jedi will come here specifically in search of a single Sithlord unless there was an emotional baggage."

    "Master Verrick, is still with us, his even in this very place," The Sith spoke softly in an almost innocent child like manner as his voice changed to a more deeper voice unlike his own, the intricate Rakatan pattern on his robe began to shift as if coming to life as the spinning saber gave them movement if one looked long enough.

    Raven blinked a few times as if something was caught in her eyes. She wanted to rub them, but concentrated fiercely on her opponent. It was then, that Raven thought she was hallucinating. A wild sensation came over her, one of adrenaline for her heart skipped faster than ever. Then like a hammer plowing down on her, it felt like her heart just sank, as if plummeting down toward the reactor core.

    The Sith was no longer there, he was now replaced by a man of thirty five with dark black hair and jedi robes.

    "Rav.....Raven? Is that you my love?" The man said trying to figure out why she was here. "Its me......Janus." He smiled a soft smile to her.

    "What are you doing here? You look wounded." He noticed the faint haze of smoke about her. He took a step forward in concern.

    "I heard you were looking for me? What brought you here." He asked genuinely.

    "How are the little troopers? You shouldn't have come here though, its too dangerous if the Sith Order or even the Jedi found out about this, it would be the end for you and the kids." He took another step close to his wife.

    "Or we both leave the Orders and go and make our lives together." A faint light of hope grew in Karn?s eyes at the prospect. "We don't have to do this, I care no longer for the Sith, just want to return to the family........our family...." He said openly to her as he took another step closer to her.

    ?Jan?..Janus??is it really you.? tears rolled down her face as the presence of her husband appeared before her. She started to walk over to him, wanting to run in to his arms, feel the tenderness of his touch. His smile had always warmed her heart and here he was in front of her with the smile she loved so much.

    Her feet moved so slow, it seemed to take forever to reach him. In the back of her mind she could feel a slight resistance, but it was faint. She couldn?t stop crying, it was as if she just lost all control of her feelings.

    It took awhile but her subconscious began ringing through and a little voice began to talk.

    No??stop??not real. Confusion set in before the realization of the situation. A sudden anger to over her, but she hid it deep inside. She continued with an over dramatic emotion of her love toward the pretend husband.

    ?My love??yes let?s leave everything behind and go off together.?

    Then she moved almost like the wind itself as her lightsaber caught the Sithlord and pretend husband by surprise. The blade went straight through the chest, the Sith had no chance to counter for the attack engulfed him.

    ?Tell me where he is?
  9. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Grush Terk

    The purpose of his visit to the forested planet of Endor was very clear; however, it didn?t quite sit too well with Grush Terk as he exited his starfighter. The Jedi Council had sent him on this mission to prevent one of their own, Raven Lightstar, from turning to the Dark Side of the Force. Raven was a respected member of the Order, and the Council had expressed great urgency in keeping her safe from temptation that could cause her complete ruin. Grush was not sure exactly what he was to do when he finally found Raven, but he knew that it might not be so easy to come to terms with her, and thus had brought his lightsaber with him in case it came down to blows, which he hoped would never be necessary.

    Closing the canopy of his fighter, Grush started to survey his surroundings. Trees stretched skywards, their green foliage lush in the dense atmosphere and well-nourished by the rain. Ferns and other ground vegetation displayed their colors vibrantly, covering the floor of the forest with a nice green mat. However, the Togruta Jedi master was not there to see the scenery; actually, he despised him, because it would make his journey, already tedious enough, even that more difficult. He did not want to have to use his lightsaber as a means to cutting down plant life in order to make his way through the forest, especially since that meant killing unnecessarily, something that the Jedi frowned upon. He tuned in to the Force, hoping for a trace of the wandering Jedi, but could find nothing. Thus, he started his way through the forest, keeping a sharp eye out for his quarry and staying alert in case there was something dangerous lurking behind the bushes.

    As he trekked through the thick foliage, Grush thought about what significance the planet had to him and all the Jedi; the Rebel Alliance had dealt the Galactic Empire such a blow during the Battle of Endor that the Imperial command structure imploded. Legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker was with the Rebel forces on the planet prior to the battle, but had been transported to the Death Star, and, in a great act of valiance and bravery, was able to convert his father, the much-conflicted Anakin Skywalker, back to the side of the light before his death. However, Grush was here to prevent, not convert, a Jedi from falling to the evils of the Dark Side through her feverous search for her Sith husband and the trials it took her through. Again he checked the Force, but this time he felt something, a presence that seemed . . . familiar. He wasn?t sure if it was his target, or if there was a trap on the planet. Regardless, he knew that he would have to keep moving if he wanted to catch up with Raven and try to talk some sense into her before she got herself into mortal peril.

    Crashing through the last fern, Grush eyed a ship that looked very familiar. It was Raven?s ship; he was close. Emerging from the underbrush, he approached the ship, noticing that the Jedi Master was standing on the landing ramp, waiting for something. Grush decided that he had better not say anything; he didn?t want to be the one to make the first move, especially if Raven was not exactly right in the head at the moment and would attack him for interfering with her search. Thus, he waited, hands on his lightsaber hilt, waiting for her to make a move.

  10. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    OOC: I am so sorry, I have been too busy to be able to reply. I am going to have to pull out of this. Please forgive me. I was hoping I could continue but things didn't go as I hoped.
  11. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    GM's OOC: Alright well, I'm very sorry to hear that Tee. But it happens, no worries, I'm sure you would have done very good work. :)

    In that case, RPF has successfully shut out EUC, and it will be an in-house three-way duel for the final!

    Sith-I-5 vs. DarklordoftheFins vs. JEDIGUNSHIP

    And what a fascinating array of different styles of RPing this will be.

    Contestants, get thee ready. The three way duel will begin tomorrow for all the marbles!

  12. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    * * * *

    IC: Moe the Sentinel, Inquisitor Nelf / Yavinelf
    Location: Mustafar

    ...and re-materialised on a slightly sloping riverbank, except the river was one of lava, and glowed several shades of red and gold as fragments of super-heated rock flowed downstream on the constantly moving magma.
    The maroon-robed Inquisitor appeared to be perched on the circular convex shape of a Vellious Ice Shield, the crystalline barrier protecting him from the burning rock.

    "Where the heck have you been?" Nelf asked.

    Moe gestured vaguely over his right shoulder. "I took a paying gig in Dimensions Collide over on the NSWRPF. Uh, didn't I leave you on Hoth?"

    "You said to meet you here." Yavinelf bit out.

    "Reasonably sure I did not."

    The Inquisitor hopped on the steaming shale and glower
  13. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004


    "Imperial Center was a world with enough diversions for just about anyone."
    -Mara Jade Skywalker

    0.0.0., Imperial Center, Yuuzhan'tar, The Queen of the Core. If there was one place around which the galaxy turned, it would be Coruscant. A planet paved over with city, this mythical place has held galactic government since before the Old Republic. It is exceedingly fitting that the final match of this lightsaber tournament happen here, at the heart of the Galaxy Far Far Away.

    The scene is the Grand Convocation Chamber of the Galactic Senate Building. It is late at night, and the building is empty. The security is not anywhere to be found, perhaps a prophetic signal beckoning those who are destined to cross this way inwards. The repulsorpods are each parked in their bays, and the podium stands proudly in the middle of the chamber, for some reason not retracted in for the evening. As usual, it was the mysterious flow of the force, its siren's call, that drew our last three duelists to this place.

    The Grand Convocation Chamber is a place as much steeped in history as it is in the Force. It was here where Chancellor Valorum was voted out of office, here where Order 66 was announced, here where Palpatine and Yoda fought for the future of the Republic, here where Jedi Knight Ganner Rhysode met his untimely end, and here where the Yuzzhan Vong World Brain for Coruscant nested. Perhaps more importantly than all that, it here where thousands of senators over thousands of years sat and decided the books upon books of law that still affect every single sentient in the Galaxy.

    It is at this place of decision-making that the best lightsaber duelist shall be crowned

    [image=] [image=] [image=]

    TAG: I-5 then Fins then Gunship

    [b][color=green]GM's OOC:[/color][/b] I'd be happy to have this duel go for two weeks if you guys want it, but the decision needs to be unanimous between the three of you. Let me know what you guys think on this. If its not unanimous, one week from today it shall be. :)>
  14. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    0.0.0., Imperial Center, Yuuzhan'tar,

    "Bless you!"

    Yeah, I was thinking, to fit three of us in, two weeks would be better.

  15. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: Agreed to two weeks.

    Sith-I-5, whenever you´re ready.
  16. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    OOC: Two weeks will work.

    I'm ready whenever you two are.
  17. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Moe the Sentinel, Inquisitor Nelf/ Yavinelf

    The Senate Chamber was quiet. Too quiet.

    Senatorial pods once again adorned the sloping walls, surrounding and looking towards the central podium, upon which the House Speaker and the Head of State, whether Chancellor or Emperor spoke from.

    Behind the curved burnished metal barrier upon which the array of voice-pickups stood, the air, and the view of the apparently sterile backdrop squeezed inward to a floating stop, then straightened as the figures of Moe and Nelf materialised, Yav? releasing his bear hug on the other and dropping a foot to the deck, backing off and coughing heartily as he held a palm to the front of his tunic.

    ?Frag, that was rough.?

    The Sentinel looked down upon his client. ?Lightweight.? He chided.

    The Inquisitor quickly calmed, taking deep breaths and and letting the dark spots swimming in his vision, start to clear. He took the round crystalline shield, that was one of his favourite possessions, off his back, and placed it on the Speaker?s plush seating. He looked around and up. ?Whoa. Now that is what I?m talking about. Do you know where we are??

    ?Do I look like a stoopa?? Moe countered, using the Huttese word for ?fool?. ?I know the Imperial Senate when I see it.? He spotted Nelf reaching back under his soot-holed zeyd-cloth cape, and retreated a metre, allowing the Inquisitor to draw his lightsabre and quickly fan it, the circular white blur reflecting on the visible strips of Moe?s platelet armour, before he extinguished it and slotted the rag-wrapped hilt back into the rest of the Finely Crafted Sheer Blade. ?Was it worth it?? He asked sarcastically.

    Nelf looked up from his preparation. ?I was testing it. Who know what the heat on Mustafar could have done.?

    ?Well next time give a warning. ?Fire in the hole?, or something.?

    The half-elf was now looking studiously over the microphones towards the nearest set of pods. ?That?s for thermal detonators.?

    ?Blade in the hole, then.? He looked on as the diminutive former Rescue Ranger sprang onto the nearest pod, quickly clambering up the glossy exterior, while tensing to leap to the next highest. ?Alright, now what on Oseon are you doing??

    Yav? looked back at his friend. Admittedly his friend who had betrayed his choob? by volunteering him for this tournament in the first place, but the ranger was a forgiving type, and Moe had gotten him off Mustafar.
    ?When the next fighter arrives, I want to be on the high ground.?

    The nine-foot humanoid shrugged expansively. ?And they don?t have stairs in the Citadel Inquisitorius?? He referred to the Inquisitors? secret Prakith headquarters, though to be honest, when they had named the place, it really had been a case of ?does what it says on the tin?.

    ?Nope. We have to scale the outside of the tower just to get anywhere. Hard on the arms.? The half-elf leap-frogged two pods in quick succession, getting three levels off the Senate floor, dropping full length to arrest his slide so that he did not fall off. ?Really glad I can cast Levitate on myself, which, in hindsight, I probably should have done when I was down with you.?


    Tag: DarklordoftheFins
  18. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Grand Convocation Chamber

    He felt like screaming. He had felt like screaming for over a week. But he did not think he could endure any more noise except the death-screams. Those in his head. Of all those he had killed. Endless screams. They had reminded him of being alive. Alive. He was disgusted even by the word. A torture worse than actually being alive. Still.

    His hands would have loved to take up his saber, hold it to his heart and feel the pain of it melting, as it was pierced by flow of burning plasma. But he knew he would only fail. Whatever kept him from salvation would win again. And he could not take it anymore.

    Therefore he remained where he was. Unmoving. Looking for something. Anything. Inside this chaos.

    He knew he wouldn´t find it. There wasn´t anything to find. Only lies.

    His mouth opened. And he wondered. Had he tried to say something? Was there a word that tried to escape his silent domain? It could not. Obviously. For so long there had been no words. As if they had left them. Lorn knew why. They weren´t holding any meaning. Nothing did. It was all empty. All a lie. And words were needed to tell lies.

    Like the screams in his head. They were also lies. Nobody screamed. They were all dead. Gone. Nothing. They had been nothing and they had become nothing. All Lorn had done was destroy their lies. Their deception. Being alive. A lie. You were only temporary not dead.

    A pain build somewhere in him. One he did not felt vanished in his hatred. A rare sensation. His body felt little anymore. Covered with burns and bruises, his anger kept him alive, while his physical condition should have killed him days ago. But he didn´ die. He actually grew stronger. Death did not show up to take him. Not the Jedi, not this armored girl on Mustafar had delivered any message from it. They all could not tell the truth. The truth was that Lorn was as much a lie as everybody else.

    Lorn was a lie. Only his death was true.

    Why could none of these pathetic creatures end the deception?

    That all life meant nothing. That it was a passing moment to be voided by death in the end. That even he, Lorn, to whom all this was revealed mockingly by the cruel forces of destiny, could not use his wisdom to make his life more than that. To give it sense? Or at least some purpose. That even killing hundreds, thousands did not mean anything. Because you ended something that was irrelevant at the first place. Existence was. Why? Why could he not end his own EXISTENCE!?

    [i]Something.[/i] In the force.

    Lorn´s eyes snapped open.

    How long had he sat there, he did not know. Nor recall how he had travelled there.

    He sat on the highest level of the empty, giant chamber. It was empty. Empty like all things. But in it´s obvious emptiness it was much more silent and calm. Quiet. It was quiet. Only the screams in his head. His body still ached, his wounds still burned, but his nerves did not feel it. Not really. Too much. [i]Anger.[/i]

    Air hissed out of his lungs. Blood dripped to the floor and he realized it was his nails clawing into his hands, as he closed them to fists. It was red. The blood. But it did not hurt.

    His clothes had never lost the smell of Mustafar. He realized that, as he pulled his hood over his head. He did not know why. Nobody was here. It did not matter. Just like everything else.
    The presence. There was one. [/i]

    What few clothes he was still wearing could only be considered rags. A simple robe and a torn tunic with simple black trousers. Both covered with dirt and holes, as he sat there and waited. His hairless body was scarred and covered by ashes still. His muscles tensed. No fat was left to burn inside his body. He sustained himself from his own rage and the occasional death of others. Starving was nothing he feared.

    Wait and see,
    patience is a virtue
    unexpected of me.
    is never getting what you really want.
    Now stick to the plan or go beyond.

    A Voice.[/i] Lorn´s hand dropped to the two hilts of his weapons, without thought. And a pre>
  19. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Grush Terk

    Something was amiss in the chambers of the Galactic Senate hall; Grush could feel the darkness that enveloped the place, knowing that something was occurring inside that he would be swept into whether he liked it or not. However, the Force was not yielding any more information that that, deciding that the Jedi Master should find it out for himself. As the speeder Grush was driving reached the stairs leading to the grand building, all of his learning about he building came flooding back. The thousands of senators that had passed the very spot which he was about to land, the controversy, the threats of bodily injury and death that had been made over various decisions, the amount of anger that had been taken out on other worlds had been convened here, a place that had also witnessed the end of the Jedi Order and the birth of the Galactic Empire and a final fight between the Sith Lord behind the Clone Wars and a grizzled old Jedi Master over the fate of the galaxy. Indeed the Senate chambers had witnessed it all, and Grush was sure that he was about to join this famed fight in the upcoming minutes.

    As he parked the speeder, he made sure that all of his gear was packed into a small knapsack that he always had with him before exiting the vehicle. Standing out in the sunlight, he stared up at the gigantic structure dwarfing him and his speeder with its massive arches and statues, looking for a place of entrance. Although he reasonably could walk up the main staircase and go in the front door, that usually wasn?t such a good idea on a covert mission as this. He had never really wanted to go by the book, and doing such a predictable thing would lose him an advantage over any foes inside the chambers that might be waiting for him. Echoes of the past abounded in the air around Grush, the long-forgotten discussions and idle chit-chat that were once had by long-dead Senators from far-flung planets, casualties of the passing years and changes all over the galaxy. For some reason, the place itself had an almost warming glow, the site of such discussion and friendship, but also was covered in menace and traces of evil that had loomed over the hall for many years after the dissolution of the Galactic Republic. And the questions and the mystery continued to flood Grush?s mind as he made his way up the stairs towards the main entrance, both sides adorned with sky-piercing pillars of stone, each one an elegantly-crafted masterpiece in its own right. It truly was a place of beauty, and it was sad that such conflicts had had to occur in a grand place such as this one. Noticing a balcony several hundred meters above him, Grush bent down and took a leap, letting the Force guide him in his ascent. As he rose, he grabbed the side of one of the pillars and gave himself one final push to reach the balcony above, on which he landed feet first and alert for any signs of danger. After taking a quick mental survey of the area, Grush stood up and proceeded to enter the door into the hallway, sliding it open with help of the Force.

    Entering the hallway ringing around the Convocation Chamber, Grush could feel the presence of several other individuals, each with their own distinctive auras. One seemed to be joking with a friend as he ascended the docked senatorial pods, the other an enigma, his presence covered with rage and an anger that pulsed through his veins like ice water. A shiver went down Grush?s spine momentarily; this man wanted blood, and was eager to do so. A red flag popped into Grush?s mind; he decided that messing with the menacing figure was not a good plan, so he decided to stalk around the main hall while he made a plan. Then, he felt the angry man sensing another presence, that of the talking person ascending the pods, but he himself had not been identified as of yet, which gave Grush the advantage. If this comes down to downright war, I?ll be ready. More anger pulsated through the man, and something large, a pod, shot out of its docking bay and hurtled towards
  20. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Inquisitor Nelf / Yavinelf

    You ever have one of those days?

    Yav had made further progress in the leapfrogging ascent, up to about the eigth or ninth circle of pods, which was nothing compared to the countless levels of them surrounding the Podium, when he sensed bursts of hot, no boiling, anger from above somewhere, though he could see nothing in the glare of overhead lumis, as well as the reflected glaam of hundreds of pod noses between him and the distant ceiling.

    And then he'd lost his right boot. Well, perhaps "lost" is the wrong word, for he knew where it was, cemented in a splash of rancid pink, to the grey upper hull of an eighth level pod, while he was on a ninth level one, looking back down at it.

    He had been at the Imperial Senate the same day that Anakin Skywalker had declared himself Interim Emperor, deftly over-riding the same message from that Pestage upstart. The day some malcontent had hit the Senate Building with a concussion missile, and he, Inquisitor Nelf, had been charged with bringing the perpetrators to justice.

    That was his era, his history, his knowledge of this place. He did not know that the Yuuzhan Vong World Brain had kicked back here. That it had died here. That the subsequent cleanup crew had missed a bit.

    Squatting on his pod, palms flat to the smooth metal, and intent on his shoe, Nelf forgot about the presence he had sensed, ignored the gathered rumbling, assuming it to be a passing maglev train outside.

    Moe's word's echoed up faintly up from the Speaker's Podium; Yav' failed to catch it.

    "Ava-, what?" The Inquisitor called down.


    What in Tunare's name, is an avalanche? The half-elf wondered silently, evoking his Norrathian diety, then sensed the danger, multiple pods snapping away from the walls, nosing down into the durasteel cascade of the already falling, towards him!

    Yav dropped into the seating area of the pod he was squatting on, focussing his telekinesis ahead of him as he bolted between the quartet of seats to the oval hatch at the rear, sliding the door aside as he dove headlong through it, a falling sister pod slamming down into his like a fist hitting a cupped palm, ripping it down the inside wall of the Convocation Chamber, to clatter deafeningly into a pool of others at the bottom of the chamber.

    Nelf gasped in pain as he landed hard on his chest, knocking his elbows on the polished black floor of the Ninth level external corridor. The crescendo from inside the hatch, continued.

    Tag: DarkLordoftheFins

    Powers used:
  21. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    Senate Chamber

    The pod caught more pods and even more and chaos spread beneath him, like a rumbling, thundering reflection of his need. The man had not been hit. He felt it. He was still there. Good. Too easy would make no sense.

    Nothing actually did. But if the illusion was all left, he would give himself to it. For now. Only until he could have his kill. Until he could feel death. Once more. Once more. He just needed it to get through this stage. Until he felt better. One more kill.

    Pathetic you have become,
    you beg for relief,
    cry out of grief
    and once you fool thought you
    were the one.

    Lorn hissed out. His voices were no longer his own. Demons. Laughing in his head. Closing his eyes, pressing them so hard together they should have hurt, he tried to feel pain. It did not happen. It made him even more angry. And his anger made him only more numb. Was his body dead? Had he finally died and just not allowed himself to pass away? Afraid of more lies? Why? Because he felt he deserved it? The curse of the living? The void that was being alive? The painful absence of the only order - the only sense - the galaxy knew? Death!

    He almost trembled from fear at this thought and he knew only one thing could make such horrible visions go away. He needed a kill. A good kill. A kill.

    His muscles tensed and moved before he ever decided they should. Maybe the same demon laughing at him, now guiding his actions. He would call him hunger for now. Just because it was easier to name things for what they were. He leaped down, from one pod to the next in rapid speed, accelerating himself with every time his feet touched down on the cold slippery metal of the senatorial seats of power. Few were still in place, but enough to serve as a giant stairway down.

    His kill. Where was his kill? He had left the chamber and was hiding somewhere. Somewhere. Lorn felt him. His demon called hunger felt him, too. Somewhere near the ninth circle of pods. Leaping down Lorn landed on the pod nearest to the entry-point to the external corridors. The pod did not hold him. It had been damaged by a falling twin and the repulsorbay broke as the scarred, half naked Lorn set down. He was in the air again, somersaulting into the hatch in front of him, as this pod joined his brothers in their downward spiral. Becoming a voice in the growing thunder of destruction.

    And there he was. The kill. Dark tunics, brown hair. Something almost human. Killable. That was all that counted.

    Lorn´s blue blade jumped alive and he send a wave of his anger through the corridor. Hitting the man hopefully before he realized the danger. If not, even better. He needed a fight. A worthy kill. A kill. Any. Kill.

    Oh how sweet this could be. How very, very . . . satisfying.

    Tag: Sith-I-5

    Used Powers:

    Speed 1
    Jump 1
    Push 1

    Used Before Powers:

    Telekinesis 1

  22. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Grush Terk
    Convocation Chamber

    The evil individual was in the midst of jumping to another floor of pods, the hatred filling his leap and mind. Grush watched as he descended onto one of the pods, only to have it break apart and fall along with its bretheren to the floor of the chamber, sending the being along with it. Somehow it didn't seem fazed, instead igniting the crystal blue lightsaber it held in one hand and sent out a wave of anger towards who Grush presumed was the other figure who had previously been jumping up the pods. Something about it wanted to kill, the get the satisfaction of taking another being's life for pleasure; it made Grush almost sick to think about. He never understood how someone could get so twisted and derive pleasure out of such a thing, because it was just so morally wrong. The Dark Side is truly the evil force in the galaxy; it bends the wills of all creatures to do its bidding.

    Grush could not allow the being to strike down the other individual; he had to intervene. It was part of his mandate as a Jedi, and he intended to follow it. Although it would consitute putting himself in a very dangerous situation, he knew that it was the correct thing to do. Never would he just stand there and let someone else suffer for indecision on his part; he would be proactive and get into the thick of the fight, even if it meant jeopardizing himself. Here goes nothing he thought as he ignited his lightsaber, the twin green blades flashing to life like demons awoken from year-long slumbers, their green hues shining brightly off of the gray walls of the chamber. Closing his eyes to concentrate, Grush decided that it would be to his advantage to climb up a couple pods in order to reach the ninth floor. Springing up, he landed on the first pod without a hitch, using it as a springboard for the next jump. Must prevent this madman from performing his kill. Must get there in time. Another jump landed him on the pod on the next floor; however, the pod instantly gave way, tumbling towards the floor below. Grush made his final jump right as his feet were seperated from the pod, his momentum slowed slightly by the pod's descent. The anger of the evil being was approaching, and the Force screamed in Grush's ear to take caution, for this being was very powerful and was willing to have a grueling fight if it meant getting a kill. Landing on another pod, he looked below himself. The being was there, scarred and half naked. He truly looked like a vessel of evil, and Grush was determined to take him out.

    TAG: I-5, Fins
  23. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Yavinelf / Inquisitor Nelf

    He could feel the ?Ger coming for him. He did not know right now, if was Anger or Hunger he was seeing through the Force, but this drokker was definitely radiating one of the ?Gers.

    The half-elf gamely tried to regain his feet, ignoring the pain in his elbows and the hurt that had blossomed over the front of his torso.
    The toes of his bare foot ? Norrathians, unless they could pay for, or make their own silk, tended to ignore socks ? pressed hard against the polished floor of the dark corridor, to push him into a half-kneel.

    He shoved into the floor to raise himself up, and could sense that the assailant was descending rapidly, the creak of another breached pod, a closer one, punctuating the being?s movement.

    Yav? raised his right hand off the floor, ethereal orange flame writhing round the black glove as he summoned Combustion, casting a warm glow to the floor beneath him.

    There was the sound of something landing on a perch or pod outside the open hatch he had come through, and the Inquisitor turned to meet the threat, catching sight of an actinic blue flare from the doorway as the silhouette filled it, just before a wall of Force caught him as he tossed the Combustion towards his attacker lower limbs, the Force power unintentionally combining with his own skills to manifest as a fireball.

    There was no discomfort from the Force Push itself, but it re-sprawled him across the floor again, giving his assailant, who had already drawn his light sabre, the advantage.
    Nelf kept his chin on his chest to keep his head up, and slapped the ground hard on both sides just before landing, to absorb the impact, and flung his boot back over his head to take him into a roll that brought him up into a half kneel three or four metres from Lorn, and his right hand darted behind his hip, bringing the jagged metal of his Finely Crafted Sheer Blade horizontally in front of himself, level with his temple.

    "I gotta stop doing that." He chided himself, and pressed the release button beside the activator slide, the metal clattered along the floor a metre to his left and Lorn's right. A twitch of the thumb and the solid rose luminescence in it's containment field grew between the combatants in it's place.

    Rising slowly, he adjusted his stance into the Soresu opening stance, the point of the lightsabre facing the enemy as he drew his weapon hand back.
    "If you hurt Moe," he warned, pausing as he remembered the Sentinel's betrayal, "actually, I will buy you a beer, but I will be looking at you disapprovingly while you sup it."

    Tag: DarkLordoftheFins

    Power expended: Combustion

    Sorry for delay. Y'know, I don't think a fortnight will be long enough!
  24. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    Here it is . . .



    It was perfect. The kill ignited his blade and preapred. To struggle. To fight the inevitable. It was a miniature of the galaxy itself. The living in an eternal struggle against death that would inevitably be lost. And therefore it made no sense fighting it.

    The numbness of his body gave way to the bristling excitment of the nearing death. The fury of his thousands of victims seemed to crawl through his body, like tortured screams over his skin.

    Rage. Rage was rising within´ Lorn. He felt it, threatening to consume him, to take what little Lorn was left in his numb, scarred body. Yet, he did not fight it. Did not avoid it. Only another way to die. Another way to lie. In the center of existence was not fury. There was a void. An absence of all.
    Hissing out he began to charge, his blue blade rising and dropping to his side, into a running variant of his opening stance. Every step made him stronger and his burning blade left a glowing mark in the wall, where it touched it. A second presence. It was somewhere nearby. Somewhere above. His mind could hardly concentrate on it. More to kill. He needed this one kill. First. He would not mind any more. He was sure, in time he would appreciate it.

    Once I am with this one done,
    I´ll kill one more.
    And more and more.
    One by one.

    Sweet, how sweet.

    His charge never slowed down, but a grin appeared on his face a second before reaching his enemy. And with all his anger he sommuned the force. Wrapping it around him. Through his anger he acted now and leaped forward, to land just without the other man´s reach and push himself into the air with the force. Guiding his jump as the force crew around him, he felt only the need. To kill. The force was enslaved to this need. Not his mind but his dark soul acting through it. Diffusing his presence, his very existence. Making him vanish, while he somersaulted above his enemy, seeting down right behind the man and strike one handed at his head. The anger forced him to reveal his physical existence again. He had no more control over it. He gave himself to the flow.
    All I need. A kill, a simple kill.
    Into his second hand jumped his shoto, igniting itself without his mind ever giving the command to do so and it was send stabbing for the enemies heart in a simoultaneous move with his right hand. The world growing so much slower - suddenly - as he unleashed a final hiss.

    Tag: Sith-I-5, JediGunship

    Powers Used:

    In the order I used them
    Jump 1
    Cloak 1
    Telekinesis 1 (lightsaber to hand)
    Speed 1

    Used before:

    Speed 1
    Jump 1
    Push 1
    Telekinesis 1

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    Apr 2, 2007
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