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    Given that there is a second Event thread with more posts, locking this one.

    Hi everyone,

    Anyone watching the new TV show "The Event"?

    If so, what are your thoughts so far after 6 episodes? Pretty intriguing so far, but I am yet to work out what The Event actually is. Sure, there have been a few things happen that are Eventish, but not something that the show would center around yet?

    What is The Event?

    The Presidents intended announcement to the world about the existence of the human looking aliens?

    The Airplane being transported out of the sky?

    Also, I am not sure where the story is headed, ie: there seems to be two major plotlines at the moment - the President / Sophia plot, and the dude and his girlfriend being kidnapped plot.

    The only thing (so far) linking the two is the father of the Sarah Roemer's character (he was flying the plane, that was due to hit the President's compound, before it was 'transported' out of the sky).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.