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    Summary Obi-Wan Kenobi's Padawan is being pursued by a Sith.Even more disturbing is the knowledge that the Sith Lord is a figure from Obi-Wan's own past.

    Author's note I will most likely regret starting to post this but if I don't it will never see the light of day!I will try for two or three posts a week but no daily ones.Too much stress! :D Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

    Disclaimer's Lucas and Watson own the characters and the loads of money they have made!I can only claim my very obsessed Xan state of mind! :p

    Dedication Well Cas I hope you are happy!You put this bunny up on Shan's plot bunny thread back on September 2 and it has been chewing on me ever since! Thanks so much for this major headache! :)

    Chapter One - The Face Inside

    It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back

    It's like a whirlwind inside of my head

    It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within

    It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin- Papercut by Linkin Park

    Palpatine shifted uneasily as he strained to see the figure that was sitting in the shadowed room.Although he had been serving the Dark Lord for several years now,he had yet to view the man's face or learn his true name.Because of his seeming hatred for all things Jedi,Palpatine had deduced that at some point he had received training.

    "You brought news?"The figure finally spoke.

    Palpatine visibly shuddered.The voice was what had kept him devoted.Deep,husky and with a smooth sensual undercurrent,it was quite simply hypnotic.

    "Yes My Lord.I'm afraid our Trade Federation allies suffered a major setback." He said hurriedly. "A Jedi team helped Queen Amidala thwart Gunray's plans."

    He could feel the wave of anger his words stirred and quickly continued his tale.

    "Your apprentice was able to kill one of the Jedi but I'm afraid the remaining one destroyed Maul."He finished quietly.

    "I felt his passing in the Force.He was a weak fool!" The Sith Lord stated coldly. "What do you know about these two Jedi?"

    "The one killed was Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn." Palpatine told him.

    The Senator gave a startled scream and scrambled backwards when the black cloaked figure materialized out of the shadows.A hand shot out and grabbed Palpatine's arm in a brutal hold.

    "Jinn's dead?" The Sith hissed.

    Palpatine nodded fearfully as he stared at the hand that gripped him.Pale and long fingered it was an elegant hand.

    "And the Jedi who killed Maul? His name?" The voice demanded.

    "Kenobi.Obi-Wan Kenobi.Jinn's Padawan learner." Palpatine explained.

    The hand released him as the figure drew back.Palpatine shivered as the figure gave a low throaty chuckle.

    "Kenobi." The Sith breathed.

    Palpatine watched curiously as the other man moved to stare out of the window.

    "What about the boy?" The Sith finally asked.

    "The Jedi Council has decided to allow Kenobi to train him." Palpatine informed him.

    That announcement seemed to shock the Sith Lord as he staggered and pressed a hand against the glass to steady himself.When Palpatine moved forward worriedly,he waved him off and seemed to gather himself.

    "You're telling me that the Council is turning a child with Skywalker's potential over to a newly made Knight?" He asked.

    "Yes My Lord.Apparently it was Jinn's dying wish.In light of his death the Council feel they must honor it." Palpatine explained.

    The Sith sighed almost sadly.

    "Pathetic fools! Thay have made a fatal error!" He whispered as he turned back to face the Senator.

    "I will handle the boy and his new Master myself." He announced.

    Palpatine couldn't hide his shock at the words.

    "You My Lord?" He asked curiously.

    He just barely caught a glimpse of the edges of a full mouth curving up.

    "Kenobi and I have a... history shall we say? I look forward to seeing him again." The Dark Lord explained.

    Nodding,Palpatine shifted nervously.

    "What should I do My Lord?" He asked.

    "You my friend will continue to gain contro
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    Yay! You started it! AND I got the first post! :D

    *does a happy dance*

    I'd never thought of Xani being the Sith Master. I'm sure you have other things planned to surprise, as well. Great beginning. Seeing Palpy so afraid is something you don't see often. You did it very well.

    I'm so excited about this, oe. :D I can't wait for more. Post when you can.

    EDIT: Oh, and it's dedicated to ME! Thank you! And you're welcome for the headache. [face_laugh]
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    Wonderful, chilling, tremendous beginning. I get the feeling that your evil Xan is going to be every bit as intriguing as your DDG Xan - and I can't wait to watch the fireworks when Jinn's ex-padawans collide.


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    Cas Glad the beginning pleased! Hope I can maintain it! This one has really given me the fits from day one! But it also won't go away so let's see what happens! ;)

    Cyn Thank you as always for finding time for my scribblings! [face_blush] Evil Xan in the chaps I have written allready is showing signs of those underlying themes that all my fics seem to contain! I think you know what I mean! ;)
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    Awesome beggining!!! Xanatos is one of my favorites too. Palpy cowering in fear was pretty cool as well. Anyways, I'm looking forward to more. :)

    Oh yeah, and I love that song too!
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    Robiwankenobi :eek: A new face on one of my threads! * waves * Nice to meet you! Not only do I have a major Ewan McGregor fetish but it has expanded into a Xanatos and Linkin Park one as well! I decided to just lump them all together in my last two fics! Glad you like Xan as a meany! This is a new way for me to write him so I hope I can pull it off! ;)
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    Oh my OE . I was just thinking about how much I miss looking for your story everyday and you go out and load up a brand-new one! :D :D :D

    I just loved this first post. First of all, I have never read a story with someone besides Palpy being THE Sith master. Great idea to make it Xani. Obi-Wan having a history with him makes it that much more insideous. And having Palpy portrayed as a minion who is somewhat afraid is priceless.

    No problem with less than daily updates. I never knew how you kept up with that anyway, not that I minded in the least. [face_laugh]

    I am so pleased that you are back on the boards so quickly and look forward to reading this intriguing fic. :)
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    Yeah, nice to meet ya too. A Ewen fetish eh? Hmmmm, I *suppose* he's a decent looking guy, but judging guy's looks isn't really my area of expertise. ;) And as far as you being able to write Xan as a bad guy, so far so good. Keep it up. :D
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    Yay! It's here!

    I loved the first post. I knew Xan was going to be evil, but a Sith Master? Very interesting.

    I can't wait to read more.
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    *remembers that obi-ew said we'd be lucky for weekly posts on the other thread*

    Is evil Xani all there mentally? Not that I mind either way, I just want to know...

    It seems that Xani still held the buckethead in great esteem...his mistake, I guess.

    I can't wait to see where you go with this!
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    Oh yeah! This sounds awesome! Can't wait for it to be continued... :D
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    Starting off with a bang. Great opening.
    More please
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    Oh wow, OE! That is positively brilliant!

    I have a guess who this dark lord may be... but it interests me none the less to see if my suspicions are in fact true.

    Ahh, and Obi-Wan... poor guy- Master dead, stuck with Anakin... and already got the bad guys after him... never gets a break...

    not that I'm complaining.


    Excellent! I can't wait for more! :)
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    Sheila * obi_ew jumps up and down excitedly * Yeah! You read and liked! :) Glad you liked the twist with Xan being the Sith.Originally I had him as Palpy's apprentice but scratched that and went this direction! Oh and for all the Obi fans ,don't worry! Obi and Xan have alot of interaction with one another! ;)

    Robiwankenobi decent looking? That's kinda like saying the Statue of Liberty is a little statue! ;) I'll let ya slide this time! :D Xan will have a smidgen of goodness,buried deep down!

    jedi_nayru You followed me! :) I decided if he was going to be evil he might as well be the top dog! :p

    JKH Is evil Xan all there mentally? I would say yes BUT he has some major issues from his past that have pushed him in the direction he went! One of those may be feelings of some nature he has for a certain Jedi. ;)

    Kikeriki Thank you new reader! I love seeing new faces! :)

    Ewanfan 51 :eek: WOW! See you at a lot of my fave fics so I'm honored that you read this first post!

    Sheleigh * waves * Hi stranger! I lost you on my last fic! :( Hope you stick around for this one. Poor Obi certainly is abused isn't he? :D

    Not sure when next post will be up.Written and ready but I figure everyone will be busy next few days so I may hold off till Friday.Thanks to everyone for reading and reviewing so far! :)
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    Wow. Chilling and dark and very foreboding... so of course I love it! 8-} I can't wait for more! :D
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    LuvEwan [face_blush] Shucks! Coming from someone who's work I have lurked at and loved for some time I'm truly honored! :) Hope it won't dissappoint but there will be some lighter moments!
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    Well, well, well, so Xani's in charge of Palpy?

    *laughs hysterically for a minute*

    Sorry, that's just a great image. Hope you have more soon, master. :D
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    * glares suspiciously * Are you mocking my Xan, Padawan? :mad:
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    I would never mock Xani, master. I feel quite proprietary towards him, if truth be told. Telling his story in a fic that's turning into my magnum opus of strangeness does that to you. :p
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    Aw what the hell! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D


    Obi-Wan Kenobi slowly trailed behind his new Padawan as they made their way through the crowded marketplace.He watched in amusement as Anakin stared wide eyed at all of the sights and sounds of Coruscants teaming streets.

    He was glad he had brought the boy here,away from the Council's watchful eyes.

    Anakin caught sight of a shop that specialized in selling used droid parts at discount prices and turned an excited face toward the Jedi.

    "Obi..Master!" He quickly corrected himself. "Can I go in there?" He begged.

    Fighting back a smile,Obi-Wan nodded as he tucked his hands into the sleeves of his robe.

    "Yes you may.I'll wait out here." He told the boy.

    Smiling gratefully,Anakin hurried into the shop.Nodding briefly at several passerby who gave the Jedi curious looks,Obi-Wan allowed himself to dwell on the events of the last month.

    His beloved Master was gone,cut down by a Sith.The Sith gone by Obi-Wan's own hand.He had only recently confessed to Master Yoda that the kill had not been defensive.

    He had killed in anger and rage.Desecrating the Sith's body by cutting him in half.He had killed not as a Jedi,but as an all to human male.And in doing so had briefly touched the Darkness that resided deep in a hidden part of his soul.

    Master Yoda had been quick to assure him that as long as he recognized his weakness and faced it there was no shame in how he'd felt.But he did feel shame.He had feared the anger inside of him for as long as he could remember.It was an unacceptable flaw in his personality.

    Caught up in his inner musings,he failed to sense the ripple of darkness in the Force until it was too late.A body came up behind him and a pair of lips brushed against his ear.

    "Greetings little one.Long time no see." A familiar husky voice whispered.

    Obi-Wan's hand quickly dropped toward his lightsabre but was caught in a bone crushing grip and stilled.

    "Ah we'll have none of that.Wouldn't want any innocent bystanders to get hurt now would we? Maybe even your new little puppet." The voice insinuated.

    Obi-Wan clenched his teeth at the man's hypnotic tone.Something about this man had always gotten under his skin.At times in the past he was sure the former Jedi could see into the darkest regions of his heart.

    "What are you doing here Xanatos? No planets to plunder or innocent children to corrupt?" He demanded.

    The man's warm breath washed over his face as he chuckled softly.

    "Little one! I'm truly wounded.Here I am trying to give my condolences on your Master's death and you accuse me of having ulterior motives!" The man chided him.

    At the mention of Qui-Gon,Obi-Wan abruptly pulled away and spun around to face his old foe.He hadn't changed a bit.Tall and handsome,the older man's gaze skipped over Obi-Wan's face before he reached out.When Obi-Wan pulled his head back,Xanatos sighed and shot the younger man a wounded look.

    "You've grown up nicely little one.How proud Qui-Gon must have been!" He murmurred.

    Obi-Wan clenched his fists as he struggled for calm.

    "Don't talk about him!You have no right to even sully his name by speaking it!" He hissed.

    A dark flush spread over Xanatos' face at his words.

    "Let's not forget that I was once his Padawan.For as long as you were if I'm not mistaken.I have every right!" He snarled.

    The younger man stepped forward until he stood toe to toe with the fallen Jedi.Tilting his head back he glared up at the taller man.

    "You lost that right when you betrayed him and the Jedi.Take your fake platitudes and get out of here Xanatos!" He warned.

    "Or what little one?" Xanatos asked just as fiercely.

    "Master?" Anakin's voice called out worriedly.

    Stepping back,Obi-Wan turned to find the young boy standing in the shops doorway clutching a piece of machinery in his hands.His gaze skipped nervously between the two men.

    Xanatos turned to eye him with interest before smiling widely.

    "Aren't you going to introduce us Obi-Wan?" He asked pleasantly,earning a c
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    Jun 18, 2002

    Great, explosive post detailing their first meeting after Qui-Gon's death. That was just great. I half expected them to leap into a full blown lightsabre battle right there in the square.

    Really, really well done! CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!!

  22. Robiwankenobi

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    Sep 10, 2002
    I agree. That was a great confrontation! Loved the tension there. But what was that little remark about Obi being an all too human male? Hey, I resemble that remark... I mean resent! I resent that remark! :p

    Great stuff.
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    Shaindl [face_blush] You are much too kind for words! * raises a glass in salute *

    Robiwankenobi [face_laugh] * picks self up off of the floor * Well we all know how the average human male is! ;) Just kidding! :D * dodges flying debris *
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    Oooh, very chilling . . . and dark. Love it! Xanatos has some nerve talking to Obi-Wan that way. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    Thank you for the New Year's Eve post! Happy New Year! :D
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    Good ol' Xan. :D I liked their meeting. :)

    *sniff* I hope you write Anakin sympathetically, like you did in Destinies Collide. I hope so. :_|