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The Fanfiction Interview Thread - Current Interview: Ihsan997

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by devilinthedetails, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    If we don´t count what happens post NJO I would say Jacen/Tenel Ka, afterwards it becomes kinda dodgy. Like with Tenel more or less forcing him to sleep with her at one point and her whole wanting to have her cake(a child with Jacen) and eat it too(not marry/aknowledge him to not offend the Hapan nobles), as well as how readily she abbandons him in LotF without makeing at least an honest attempt to redeem/reach out to him really sour the whole relationship.

    On some others I found Raynar/Lusa always pretty cute, and just hate how they destroyed that in NJO, Lusa dying offscreen Raynar makeing out with a one of character in that same book like a day after learning of her death.

    Also Obi Wan/Siri, wich is yet another pairing I like that later SW works have kinda destroyed, when they brought Satine into the mix.

    If we include rpg/fanfic I would also add Adrian Malek/Marie Firestone, at this point probably my OTP. :)

    Hm, probably less than most people, actually grown quite apprechiative of stories without a pairing in recent times. Some I tend to ship are: Shepard/Samara(Mass Effect), Garviel Loken/Mersadie Oliton(Horus Heresy), Tullus/Sirona(War of the Eagles), Arkhan the Black/Queen Neferata(Warhammer/Age of Sigmar), Haleth/Caranthir(Silmarillion), Eskel/Triss(The Witcher).

    Not really into that though if I had to pick one Illidan/Maiev(Warcaft) which actually has some hints for it, even if it would be rather unlikley. Also Daala/Isolder from one alternate universe rpg I once played with friends.

    Ben/Vestara would be one in SW, because it would be based on utter hypocrisy. Generally not fond of hero/villian pairings, these can be done well but sadly often boil down to "the villian is mainly redeemed/left of the hook because the hero wants to have sex with them".
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  2. Starith

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    Apr 5, 2020
    Do you prefer more Earthy-sounding names for SW characters, or names that are more outlandish?
  3. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    In therms of first names defenetly more earthy sounding ones, some of the SW names can become kind of silly, especially when not in english. Like Poe is litterally one letter away from the german word the german word for butt. Or Boba Fett litterally translating to Boba Fat, makeing it pretty much impossible to take the character seriously.
    As for last names I generally more open and either go with the SW tradition of Nounverbers, like Starbreaker for example, use earthern ones, or even purely fantasy based family names.
  4. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    If I remember right so did Belisarius Cawl say something alone the line that he had fixed all the problems with the gene-seed - but based on what we have seen regarding the Space Wolves and the Blood Angels and their successors so was he mistaken.

    But as long as he believes he has fixed the problems so would he probably have no problems with creating chapters based on traitor gene-seed.

    I think you could go full Achaemenid Empire if you wanted, as long as you did not have any Egyptian elements. Maybe going with a different colour scheme than the red with gold trims of the old TS or the blue with gold trims of the current... maybe making it easy and going with gold as the main colour and using red or blue as the spot colour - if the chapter have the TS arrogance can I see them thinking that gold as the main colour is fitting.

    A way to make them a bit different if you are interested is to have them culturally Persian (you could maybe have some references to the Prince of Persia games/movie, maybe have them as allies to Ordo Chronos?) but make their homeworld a very different environment - iceworld, waterworld, asteroid belt, forest world with giant trees, etcetera.

    There's also a chapter concepts list that you can roll on (or just read to get ideas) for ways to make your homebrew chapter a bit different than just the first concept, that I can show you if you are interested.

    I have to admit that I don't associate the War Hounds with chainswords any more than other chapters and have no recalls of them having a good relationship with the Guard (if I remember right so was they known to kill guards regiments that they did not think fought good enough)

    Have you read the Jedi vs. Sith comic? If so, what did you think of it?

    What kind of Force traditions would you like to see appear in the new canon? And why should that be your next fanon post? :p
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  5. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    I believe that the bad awakening for that is still to come, especially as now Fabius Bile will get his hands on primaris geenseed.

    Sure, just think that a Timurid inspired chapter(who had strong Mongolian and Persian Influence) could make it easier for them hide their true gensires and provide something different. Also feel that since they made the Necrons into Tomb Kings in Space they kinda diled back the Egyptian elements in the Thousand Sons.
    You you can give me the link tough I think I´ve seen this table before.

    That was after Angron took over and they became the World Eaters, as far as I know the Warhounds had a good relationship with the guard.

    Don´t have, just seen a few images. Like Farfallas design there.

    Won´t be my next fanon post as all of my other fanon is in Ledgends and I would prefer it all interworking with each other. So I´ll give some of my ideas here, basically make these force worshipping monks of Jakku an order, who maybe believe in balance and staying largley out of the Jedi/Sith conflict. Possibly also expand on these dark side/Sith cultists we see in Aftermath, assuming they don´t just become the Knights of Ren(who lets be honest where an utter waste). Or as mentioned they should have made their "Nightsisters" a different group on a different planet instead of retconning the Dathomirian lore appart. Maybe have Ashoka found her own order/group at some point.
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  6. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    We know that many of SW's non-humans can be described as a humanised version of an Earth animal (cats are really overrepresented) and I was wondering what Earth animal/s would you like to see being turned into SW's non-humans? And why?

    What non-SW but Disney created/owned non-humans would you like to see in SW? And why?

    What non-SW non-humans that are in the public domain would you like to see in SW? And why?

    Here: its has 250 suggestions (yes, I'm that Gamiel there that posted the last 150 of them) and here you have suggestion 251-300, behind the spoilers:
    251. A Chapter that officially fully follow the Codex Astartes but are actually much larger, something they hide with double-entry bookkeeping.

    252. A Chapter that considers swords and powerclaws illfortune weapons since it was those that Horus used to wound the Emperor.

    253. A Chapter that refuse to retreat, even when their chances are almost nil.

    254. A Chapter that doesn’t have a Chapter-Master, instead its lead by a council consisting of the Chapter’s Chaplains.

    255. A Chapter that heavily modify their wargear sometime edging on tech-heresy.

    256. A Chapter that have a high amount of Artificer Armour.

    257. A Chapter that has made enemies out of one of the 1th Founding Chapters.

    258. A Chapter that has made a lasting impression on a ork Waaaaaagh!, that now try to imitate the Chapter’s look and tactic.

    259. A Chapter that threat non-Space Marines humans as if they were blacks in the Jim Crow South, no matter how important, experienced or knowledgeable a person would be.

    260. A Chapter that shares it’s homeworld with another Chapter.

    261. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery was built near, or even on top, of something believed to be (or could be) a great threat against the Empire. As part of their holy mission the Chapter’s first duty is to prevent the threat from rising.

    262. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery originally belonged to another Chapter.

    263. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery is so large that even a fully numbered Chapter with all needed support staff leaves large parts of the fortress-monastery empty.

    264. A Chapter that use cherubs in great amounts.

    265. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery was built around a piece of archeotech. The Chapter may or may not know what it is and how to activate it.

    266. A Chapter that, when it can, hires xeno mercenaries to help them fight their current enemies.

    267. A Chapter that a Navigator House have declared a vendetta against.

    268. A Chapter that has a high amount of Terminator Armour, enough for their full First Company and then some.

    269. A Chapter that don’t have one grand fortress-monastery, instead they have a number of lesser fortress-monasteries spread out over an area that might be a planet, an asteroid belt, a star system or even something as large as a sub-sector.

    270. Thuribles hang from all of the Chapter’s battle-brothers belts and/or weapons.

    271. A Chapter that’s disturbingly similar to one of the traitor Legions.

    272. A Chapter that has an unusual high amount of Chaplains.

    273. A Chapter that’s specialized in fighting the forces of one of the minor Chaos gods.

    274. A chapter whose colours, and possibly even their symbol, are almost identical to another chapter.

    275. A Chapter whose colours, and possibly even their symbol, are almost identical to a renegade chapter.

    276. A Chapter that seal themselves away in vast stasis crypts when not on a campaign.

    277. A Chapter that have a large number of ancient war relics of weapons that are rarely seen in the 41st Millennium.

    278. A Chapter that have a large number of ancient war relics of vehicles that are rarely seen in the 41st Millennium.

    279. A Chapter that doesn’t recruit from any world, instead all their aspirants are secretly vat-grown in clone chambers.

    280. A Chapter that communicates only when necessary and always use their own cryptic battle tongue amongst themselves.

    281. A Chapter that don’t seems to have any arms, armour or other technology that’s older than half a century.

    282. A Chapter that don’t use servitors.

    283. A Chapter that distrust servitors and destroy them if they come to close.

    284. A Chapter that only has one functioning Warp jump capable void ship.

    285. A Chapter that lacks functioning Warp jump capable void ships.

    286. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery is inside a Titan.

    287. A Chapter that don’t have any Librarians.

    288. A Chapter that built a shrine-bastion on all worlds they have helped conquer/retake and leave at least one battle brother to guard the shrine-bastion

    289. A Chapter whose scouts use animal mounts instead of scout bikes.

    290. A Chapter that has many teleportation devices and uses them often.

    291. A Chapter created to fill the role of an older Chapter now lost to destruction, heresy, the Warp or similar.

    292. A Chapter that’s more interesting in engaging the enemy in ways that bring them glory than what’s strategical best.

    293. A Chapter that when interacting with other parts of the Imperium’s armed forces always put themselves under the command of the highest ranking officer instead of themselves taking command or working outside of the command structure.

    294. A Chapter that use hunting beasts.

    295. A Chapter that’s been declared renegade but they still fight for the Imperium

    296. A Chapter whose name and colours are a lie, they are actually a Renegade Chapter but have changed their name and appearance so they can continue to operate within the Imperium.

    297. A Chapter that salvage all older and/or rare technology they find/save from the Imperium’s enemies.

    298. A Chapter that punish any survivors of any Imperial world that they save/liberate since the natives have proven themselves week by needing the Chapter’s help.

    299. A Chapter who’s homeworld, recruitment world/s and ways to resupply are unknown to the Imperial authority.

    300. The battle-brothers of the Chapter ritually inflict corporal mortification on themselves and their fellows.

    (I just never found myself interested in posting the rest until I had a round number and now when FFG don't have the license it just don't feel worth it).
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  7. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Maybe humanoid Deer or Elk? Could be like race inspired by nordic culture, wether that is skandinavian or like norther Russia/Siberia or even Canada. Think could be intresting with their Antlers maybe they have ritual fights that involve them. Maybe they raid as Vikings do, or at least used to do that, maybe they once fought the empire almost to a standstill due to using the terrian and hit and run attacks like the Fins did in the Winter War. Maybe they also have explored/colonized parts of the satellite galaxies like the Vikings did in the new world. Could also have very oral tradition with Saga´s and stuff. And if one wants to get really goofy they would today run the SW equivalent to IKEA.

    Not actually well versed with many Disney properties like their anmination stuff. So maybe Davy Jones Crew esque beings? Maybe inthially hailing from human colonizing a water world who over centuries turned into these hybrids of humans and sea creatures?

    Hm, not really into this because its essentially a crossover which I tend to avoid. If I had to choose one maybe the Tau from 40k but even then more because of their culture than their biology as a species. So doesn´t even need to be them could also be intresting to just have exsisting SW species kinda develop an ideology close to the greater good and begin spreading that.
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  8. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 8

    Dec 16, 2012
    Maybe something like this?:


    In the RPG MUTANT: Genlab Alfa (German edition name Mutant: Genlabor Alpha), where you play humanoid mutated animals in a post-apocalyptic setting, are one of the races elk-mutant (they appeared in a supplement in the original edition, I don't know if they were in the rules/setting box in the German edition or appeared in the supplements there also). They are presented as decorating their horns with all manner of stuff, and usually travelling alone or in small groups but once a year gathering in large numbers where the males fight with their horns and do other "manly stuff" to win the right to mate.


    You misunderstood me, I wrote "non-humans that are in the public domain", that is non-humans whose copyright has gone out or never was, like mythological beings, many fantasy creatures or Lovecraft's aliens, for example.
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  9. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Oh okay, I mean Lovecraftian Horros could be intresting if used correctly. I think if they appaer as villians for like one book series and are then killed it would utterly miss the point. Instead I would go with the Lovecraftian way that these things can´t really be understood/killed by mortals. Yeah their shemes on a particular world might be foiled and some of their followers killed, but in general they always remain out there, if probably dormant for large periods of time so that its not them showing up all the time.
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  10. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    What other fandoms are you highly interested in?
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  11. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Fallout, Warhammer Fantasy/40k, AoS as well to bit lesser extend, Warcaft, The Witcher, Lost, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Tolkien amongst others but these would be the major ones.
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  12. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    What would you like to see in the future of SW?

    What kind of things would you like people writing about in the fanon-thread?
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  13. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    As I said Disney really doing their own thing, prferably moving away from Jedi vs Sith. Doing different kinds of stories, tough that said in general I´m not that intrested in it. For me SW was and is the old EU, for me Jacen, Jaina and their friends are what for many others the big three. And as these characters don´t exist in the Disney canon I´m not that intrested in it. Might be if they really do something new and suprising that they can hook me back in but currently I haven´t really seen anything in that direction. Will probably have half an eye on that High Republic Project and would be intrested if Jacen Syndulla shows up again where they go with him, or if there is something related to Tarkin I might have a look, but these two are probably the only characters that intrest me in the New Canon.

    Hm hard to say, don´t really want to tell anyone what they should write their fanon about. So the best thing I could think of is, that I would be most excited to be suprised, if people do fanon to stuff I didn´t really think about before, or have a clever idea for a species that I never considered. If its something similiar to what I´m working on like with your Dathomir post that´s of course intresting too as it allows to compare and contrast.
  14. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 8

    Dec 16, 2012
    What kind of things do you think the old EU was bad at creating or providing information about that you think would have existed or you find yourself needing for stories?

    Any German food that you would like to recommend?

    Since we just passed Easter, what kind of German Easter traditions do there exist?

    What did they translate 'Night-Monkey" to in the German dub of Spider-Man: far from home?
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  15. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Hm, I think one thing that was lacking was non human species who truly feel alien. In the old EU most non humans where not only humanoid but also behaved and tought largley like humans, with maybe a cultural hat or two. We really rarely saw a species that had utterly alien concepts and viewpoints. Would say the Vong where really the only major example of this, their views of life, death and things like that where truly different. Tough even they where then undercut as our main PoV on then Nom Anor had redjected their mindset and was such very human, in fact dare I say it very Sith like, with his selfishness, his arrogance and backstabbing tendencies.

    Other things I wish we had seen more would have been more common soldiers/peoples perspectives on the events, I mean really common not elite soldiers like the rouges. Think the Aftermath novels did that very well in the NEU by sprinkling in chapters inbetween the main story of just other people in the galaxy and how they experiencing the events.

    Also as for bad at creating I would say villians, sure there where great ones like the Vong or Kreia but the majority in the end boiled down to the ever similiar Sith, basically endless variations of Vader and/or Palpatine with a few different gimicks.

    Well the Currywurst with Fries would be my personal favourite, its called 'Chancelor's Plate' due to being the favourite meal of pervious Chancelor Gerhard Schröder. Speatzle are also very good, especially in southern germany, once ate it in a traditional restaurant near Munich and its still one of the best meals I ever had.

    Oh, not sure what specific traditions exists that doesn´t exist in the rest of the world. In general it has children looking for eggs, sweets or other little gifts either outside in the garden or depening on the weather inside. Also there is the easter fire, which is just a large fire burned down in every villadge, city distric, usually by the firebrigade either on the friday or saturday before easter, usually also includes a barbecue and depedning on the place alcoholic drinks. Not sure wether these only exsist in germany tough I should also say that the era I live in is generally considered the most "vanilla", straightforeward in the country, to the point its become synonymus with boring things in german. Aren´t many old traditions left here.

    No idea haven´t seen that movie.
  16. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    - What is your favorite meal?
    - Do you write in any other fandoms?
  17. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Hard choice, especially if we consider restaurants. Probably changing somewhat depending on my moot, today I was daydreaming quite a bit about a fine steak at a restaurnt in town, with garlic bread, a mixed salad, and fires for the main course, followed by an ice with hot caramel sauce afterwards. Though sadly not only is the place currently closed due to Corona but its also currently too expensive for me to eat there.

    At home as I mentioned I have a certian taste for various, not very healthy, fingerfood and also like Tortellini tough as with the above both of those tend to be quite expensive so I don´t have them very often.

    My first, published fanfic, after an attemtpt at a 40k story that I wish I could delete from my brain, was a Hunger Games based one, following a character only briefley referenced in the first novel. With the second one being an AU where said character survived into the present day of the series. There should still be a third part to conclude the story but its now on ice indefenetly. Its in german tough.

    Really got into publishing fanic here and have written a few OS related to Tolkiens writing over the years.

    Also have an orginal fiction project that I tend to work on from time to time. That said its pretty fractured as I tend to rewrite, rethink and redo quite a lot of it regulary.
  18. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    @Anedon [face_dancing]

    TOLKIEN! [face_love]

    Favorite character/culture/bit of history in Tokien's worldscape?

    When you write, do you need to have music in the background to set the mood, or does it need to be quiet?
  19. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    As for characters, quite a few actually. If we go chronologically I would first name the Sons of Feanor, their story is in my opinion the best Tolkien ever wrote(tough I think while reading it I took their side more often than he had intended), just how he gives each of them their own distinct personality and storyline, and most of them tend to have both symathetic and unsymapthetic traits, which makes them much more human than many other Tolkien characters. As for favurites amongst them I would say Maedhros and Caranthir.

    Also have kinda of a soft spot for Gil-Galad who is one of the most important characters lore wise but we actually know so little of him, like I mentioned in a post above even his parentage was never really clarfied.

    In the third age I really like Thorin, because he just like the sons of Feanor is a conflicted character and a very flawed one. Same with Boromir and Denethor in LotR, the later I really dislike how the movies portrayed him, especially as they did a pretty good job on both Boromir and Thorin in my opinion. Actually once acted as Denethor himself performing his final speech in school theater.

    Also I think Prince Imrahil is pretty cool, and lastly Gandalf because of his dry humor, determination to his cause, but also that despite being essentially the centerpiece of the free peoples war against Sauron he still enjoys sometimes just having a good time with his friends like Bilbo or perform fireworks for the Hobbits, which makes him very human.

    As for culture, I really like the Dwarves who sadly tend to often get the short end of the stick in most stories outside of the Hobbit. Like there is only one non evil named Dwarf in the Silmarillion who only is in one scene(which to be fair is one of the most awesome in all of Tolkiens writing) and then only one in LotR(barring Gloins cameo). Find it intresting how they in a sense create a lot of the modern day dwarf sterotypes but also have certian elemets we rarely see in many others, like the melancolic attitude expressed in songs like the Song of Durin or Over the Misty Mountains Cold.

    Also like the Dol Amrothians tough much of their lore and design comes from fanon sources so I´m not sure how much it counts here. Still its a pretty cool place this elven influenced Numenorean Colony who already exsisted before the Kingdom of Gondor was formed. And who doesn´t like brave knights in shining armor?

    Probably the first age in general, mainly because it was much more ambigious and multi layered while the second and third ultimatley boil down to "Free People vs Sauron". The first age had much more strive and conflict of the free people amongst each other which I always found very intresting. Also just how it sets up so many things we see in later ages, like the Elves vs Dwarves conflict and the prefered standing of the Edain amongst the humans. Not to mention the battles of this age sound so much more awesome like anything we see in the later books, with Balrogs and Dragons in considerable numbers facing of against the heroes of that age.

    Depends, sometimes music helps set the mood, but sometimes, especially in somber scenes it can also be a bit distracting. That said I usually listen to music more and more as of late while writing. Usually try to use fitting music but sometimes also can use sometimes else entirely.
  20. devilinthedetails

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    Jun 19, 2019
    Just a friendly reminder that we have one week left to ask @Anedon all of our questions!
  21. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Favourite Age of Sigmar faction?

    A continuation of the above, in which realms do you prefer to see them?

    Do you know of Garagehammer podcast?

    Any podcast you would like to recommend?

    German movies/TV-series that you would recommend?
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  22. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    Hm probably Legions of Nagash, has several characters I like in it. Also closest thing of the Vampire Counts in the new setting. Also intrested in Beasts of Chaos as I like the Beastmen as a concept in Warhammer Fantasy so its intresting to see they are still there, might look more into them in the future.

    Don´t know, would say Beasts can probably fit anywhere, Undead in Shyish because its theirs and fits in therms of astetics.

    No, never heard of them.

    In therms of Warhammer, Adeptus Podcastus from Tactica Imperialis and 40k Theories is fun to listen to. Quality sometimes depends on what guests they have, find some better than others. But its very well done. Also the Theoreticus Heresy from 40k theories is probably my favourite fanfiction overall, very well done.

    Hm hard to say, there is a lot of crime stuff but most of that kind of relies on knowing the locations and local culture to get most of the refernces/humor. Der Baader Meinhof Komplex is a very good movie in my opinion, probably my favourite german one.
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  23. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 8

    Dec 16, 2012
    It's a Age of Sigmar podcast (that begun as an Warhammer Fantasy pod.) that I can recommend both for its rules discussions and lore discussions.

    Cool. Any non Warhammer ones you would like to recommend?
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  24. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    Might have a look at that one then at some point.

    Hm used to like the Two Bad Neighnors Podcast that is Simpsons realted, where they would go through the seasons from the start, tough sadly as it continued they really lost track of the simpsons spending more and more time talking about current movies, or often engading in old and tired SW prequel jokes/bashing that everyone has heard like a million times by now, instead of actually talking about the Simpsons so I really lost intrest.

    There is also the Game of Thrones Podcast, from the youtubers Preston Jacobs and Red Team Review which is pretty intresting, they not only talk about the show but also the books. Though at this point they really go very slow as they have decided to do podcasts on some other popular TV series, where they don´t really have the lrage knowledge they have for ASOIAF thus aren´t that intresting.
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    Jun 19, 2019
    @Anedon Two more questions:

    1) What was the most enjoyable thing you did over the weekend?

    2) What is something that made you smile today?
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