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    Dec 16, 2012
    Gahmah Raan the Cranaquia remindes me of the Water Temple boss in Legend of Zelda, an inspiration?


    divapilot some questions regarding Mehr: How do the people dress? How do their architecture/s look like? Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them? Any unique superstitions? Any kinds of festivals/holydays of interest? What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use? Any ideas about the nearby animal and/or plant life? How is their food? What non-humans make up the larges minority groups? Any group/species that they have prejudice to? How has having the Jedi Agricultural Corp relatively nearby affected them?

    Also: if you are intrested so can I suggest some Force skills for your seers and some alternative names.

    B.t.w. where did you get the spelling for 'doter' from?
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    Yep, Morpha was one of the inspirations (the face formed in at least Hydrojus's serpentine form was inspired by Metroid Prime's core). And the ability to kill creatures with their insides was definitely inspired by bloodbending.

    On their homeworld, bigger fish just means bigger food supplies for them.
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    DC irony: "Marfa" can refer to both Superman's and Batman's Moms.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Venator88 this may be a stupid question but do you know of the games Warhammer 40k, Dust, AT-43, GURPS WWII: Weird War II?
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    Gamiel - I owe you some responses, but before that, I have two questions for you. This means I want to use your stuff in not one, but two stories, by the way. :D

    1. Regarding Munto Codru's Wild Wizards:
    - Are these wizards always Force-sensitive or are some of them con-artist, as it happens with, say, Ewoks and Duloks? Or do some of them just *think* they have the powers?
    - Are these wizards Codru-Ji or some other species?
    - If they're Codru-Ji, which I hope they are, do they start their training while they're still Wyrwulves? It would make sense to specify that, especially since their abilities include those that simply scream animal instinct. In my mind, a Wyrwulf could start training before metamorphosis through basic sensory abilities and then, once they have completed their transformation, hone those abilities using their minds and take them to the next level?

    If not, all these things would be my suggestions. ;)

    2. Regarding Gamorrean Fire Belchers:
    - Would all of them be required to be tattooed? I can see that they would give up on that to go stealth, especially given that they're kinda...scantily-clad.
    - Do they go on tasks off-world and infiltrate in societies, serve as assasins?

    Suggestion: use a word other than "sumo" and add that it's similar to Earth's sumo.

    divapilot - I love it how Mehr stands for "more" in German, yet the town is by the sea, which is "more" or "mare" in many languages, which is a homonym for the English more in return.

    More to come later. Loved the entry so far!
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    Feb 27, 2014

    And mer is indeed "sea" in French—given the St. Malo influence, I am guessing that is the namesake of the city. :cool:
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    Sev-Ersk and the UR-1060 System

    Here is all my fanon on the planet Sev-Ersk, which I placed in an uncharted system with an unnamed star. This planet was used in my Legends, Legacy Era fic, Convor’s Song. Since most of my other stories follow the new canon, the planet’s fate will be different – it most likely won’t be subjected to a genocide. The characters who gathered this data in-universe are two Legends characters, one of whom I already plan to insert into the new canon storylines, the other being very minor; and one of my own OCs.


    UR-1060 System

    tl;dr: An anomaly in so many ways.

    The system is located in the middle-left portion of this map of the Moddell Sector.

    Just like the rest of the Monsua Nebula, known for its hyperspace disturbances and high radiation, the UR-1060 system remains largely uncharted and a safe haven for pirates, smugglers and outcasts. And they keep their navigable routes a secret. In most Republic and Imperial navicomputers, the planets in the system are not even registered as such – the scanners instead detect anomalies such as atmospheric seas of cyclones and electrical super-storms. This might be due to heavy radiation of the Nebula, the unique properties of UR-1060 proper or the influence of the other anomalies in the Moddell Sector, such as the mystical and adored-by-sector-residents Din Pulsar residing in its own, smaller nebula, and the notorious Endor Gate wormhole. Conspiracy theorists such as those working for Galaxy Watch would be more likely to point out that the planets possess some sort of distortion systems or that the underworld beings visiting this dangerous area at the edge of Wild Space are so drunk and high on spice that they spread one space tale too many.

    There could also be a possibility of all governments aware of the Monsua Nebula and its star systems deliberately ignoring it in order to illegally tax the scum, that the area is being used to test superweapons, bioengineering and terraforming projects or all of those things.

    This system is one of the officially established borders between the Outer Rim Territories and Wild Space. Ironically, the nearest of the Wild Space systems were a blue milk run in terms of charting compared to UR-1060 and its surrounding celestial bodies.

    UR-1060 (referred to as "Blackgrass" by the ‘Skitees) is the young blue giant star of its system. Located in the notorious Monsua Nebula, it's less than 1 AU away from a Force nexus containing lots of dark side energy and is - ironically - capable of sucking up the radioactive material the whole nebula is full of to extend its own size. It also swallowed some of the nearby asteroids. Is this star, perhaps, the Zonama Sekot of stars?

    UR-1060 Asteroid Belt (officially UR-1060 I and then UR-1060 I-1, UR-1060 I-2…) – Possibly remains of a protoplanetary disk, possibly remains of a planet that either met its end when a couple of stars in the Monsua Nebula went nova, or yet another mystery of the Blackgrass Star’s capability to feed on other celestial bodies. The estimated number of asteroids in the belt keeps on decreasing, but it was estimated to be ~600 around the time of the Battle of Endor. The ‘Skitees call it “swarm of skybees”.

    UR-1060 II (referred to as "Sev-Ersk" by the 'Skitees) – Located 1.7 AU from its star, this is a terrestrial planet covered in steppes and marches, with a single large, narrow and deep sea covering its equator. Cigliutiis Vuulgariis (Scientific name in Oly Corellisi) or Ciglis (Colloquial name in Galactic Basic), the radiotrophic airborne algae species in its Ozone layer make the planet habitable, giving it a distinct neon-green colouring when approaching it from space.

    There is a possibility that Sev-Ersk is a Chthonian planet.

    UR-1060 III (referred to as “Silverthorn” by the ‘Skitees) – 6 Astronomic Units away from UR-1060, this brown dwarf (which is purple with burgundy stripes to a Human’s eye) was long thought to be a part of the protoplanetary disk that formed around UR-1060 itself. It was not particularly luminous either, leading the scientists observing from safe distances to think that it was just another “Mega Coruscant” that was too far from its star to be habitable. Later on, a scouting expedition’s results resurfaced after long thought lost and proved that this is indeed a brown dwarf. Its extremely eccentric orbit, however, continues to confuse scientists, because there are points where it looks like it’s a system of its own, or actually in the orbit of the neighbouring blue giant, UR-2650. The materials found in its atmosphere, still, hint that Sev-Ersk and Silverthorn have originated from the same protoplanetary disk.


    Sev-Ersk // UR-1060 II

    The Basics

    tl;dr: It sounds impossible that there could be any life here, but there is!

    Region: Outer Rim Territories
    Sector: Moddell Sector (Part of Inner Zuma Region under the reign of Galactic Empire)
    System: UR-1060 System
    Sun: UR-1060 (“Blackgrass Star”), a blue giant
    Moons: Not applicable
    Grid Coordinates: H-16
    Planets in the system: See above
    Rotation Period: Special (tide-locked)
    Year/Orbital Period: 306 standard days
    Class: Terrestrial
    Diametre: 8950 km
    Atmosphere: Type 1 to type 2
    Climate: Temperate, extremely humid to frigid
    Gravity: 1.03 standard
    Capital: Not applicable
    Demonym: Not applicable

    There is no complete map of Sev-Ersk or, for that matter, an estimate of its population. It is assumed that most of ‘Skitees live in smaller and bigger “stone hives”, forming rural communities. Some of their “hives” were made of Trindellan Oak, which is the only wood in the Galaxy that is hard as iron.


    Stone Hive Mountain is one of the known communities on Sev-Ersk. The ‘Skitees consider it sacred and offworlders are not allowed inside.

    (more soon)

    Sentient Species

    ‘Skitees, referred to as “Severskitees” by rare scouts that have visited their homeworld, are the only sentient species on Sev-Ersk. They are primitive thri-peds with short, spikey fur in a variety of browns and hazel, with two crooked horns doubling as olfactory organs and a straight, small patch of pink cartridge growth between their eyes serving as their auditory system. Skitees cannot detect stereo sounds, they live in mono. Similarly, their eyes are prone to eye strain, facing away from one another and therefore they also have poorly-developed stereo vision. They’re partially colour-blind. They have a cloaca. They do not wear clothes. Females have slightly larger auditory organs than males and no primary or secondary sexual characteristics.

    ‘Skitees are capable of running and walking long distances, as well as swimming really fast, due to their ability to use only one of their three legs to jump, switch legs when walking and cartwheel about when running or swimming.

    ‘Skitees’ language has not been added to the protocol droids’ standard programming patches, but the words “skanchu” (yes) and “danchu” (no), as well as “skanchu-danchu” (maybe, perhaps, possibly) were picked up by most spacers, as well as “Krutaya” (Blackgrass), “kadishon” (tree) and “glyaku-bade” (Silverthorn).

    ‘Skitees themselves are capable of learning Galactic Basic and will trade wood and Silverthorn seeds – a potent narcotic for some reptilian species, including Sanyassans and Trandoshians – for any outdated gadgets. They are more likely to wear these gadgets as jewels.

    ‘Skitees are vulnerable to raids of Zorbian Space Pirates from Zorbia II in the Zorbia System, on the edge of Monsua Nebula; as well as the other local criminals such as Sanyassan Marauders. The Galactic scum, on the other hand, mostly leaves them alone.

    Despite using the word “hive” to describe their dwellings, there is no evidence that ‘Skitees have a hive mind or that they are in any way related to insectoids.

    The species practices polygamy – one female may have up to dozen partners. The reasons for that lie in high male infertility. The infertile males remain as the female’s servants and each of them takes care of one ‘Skitee youngling.

    Flora and Fauna

    Presence of Trindellan Oak trees on Sev-Ersk indicates that there might have been a plan to use the planet as a lumberworld in the past. This may date back to the days of Czerka Corporation, which is contradictory to the official data on when the Moddell Sector was first explored and declared a part of the Outer Rim Territories, as opposed to the Unknown Regions.

    Blackgrass is the most prevalent herb on Sev-Ersk, and due to its mystical silver glow, the core object of worship of Skitees’ Imminent End cult. They named UR-1060 after it.

    Silverthorn is a parasite species that feeds on dying shrubs of Blackgrass. The 'Skitees named UR-1060 III after it and they indeed fear that it could eat Blackgrass somehow.

    Rujo is a common beast of burden.

    Reports gathered by Noa Briqualon and Salak Weet cca. 31 years before the Battle of Endor, later expanded by the Ecclesis von der Agar Fund around the time of the Battle of Starkiller Base. Additional research on the planet’s history by Senior Anthropologist Mammon Hoole, Senior Archaeologist Doctor Taide Lambrin of the University of Vagran and Higher Custody of the Corellian History Museum of Sacorria Maris Inesedam-Vorr to be added.

    Alternate History

    * This section is only relevant to the Legends continuity.

    Sometime during the Sith-Imperial War, Sev-Ersk was one of the locations chosen for the Ossus Project. What the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance did not know was that Darth Maladi of One Sith secretly sabotaged the project on her Master, Darth Krayt’s, behalf. This was her test ground for how she would poison the other planets. In Sev-Ersk’s case, Maladi turned some Trindellan Oaks into psychotropic, carnivorous trees and manipulated the radiotrophic algae in the planet’s atmosphere to destroy its protective layer and cause devastating acid rains that killed most of the population and offworlders in exile. (source)

    Sources and Inspiration

    Wook Links
    Moddell Sector - This article established the overall properties of the Moddell Sector, its subsectors, Inner Moddell Systems and Outer Moddell and the Zuma Region during the reign of Galactic Empire, when Moddell was a part of its sub region, Inner Zuma. It also explains Moddell Sector’s history and its former inclusion in other Galactic Regions (namely Wild Space – for a short time – and Unknown Regions). Too confusing/ Weird? I agree.

    Monsua Nebula - One of the three biggest anomalies of the Moddell Sector, characterised by high radiation and illegal activities.

    Trindellan oak - A tree species from the moon of Trindello, also in Moddell Sector. Hard as iron.

    Rujo - The beast of burden around the sector (probably not Endor, which has Bordoks and Aworrs). It originated from Annaj, Moddell’s capital.

    Czerka Arms - Used to be called Czerka Corporation during Revan’s prime, suggesting that they attempted to exploit the system at some point...a very long time ago.

    Zorbia II - A planet located in a system on the edge of the Monsua Nebula, close to the other, Din Nebula. Inhabited by Humans, most of whom are Zorbian Space Pirates.

    Sanyassa IV - A “stormy and gloomy” world inhabited by the reptilian Sanyassians, whose society has only reached feudal level of technology and is notorious for the criminals known as Sanyassian Marauders.

    Unnamed planet (Monsua Nebula) – This planet served as inspiration for how most planets in the Nebula (cannot be properly) detected. Plus, it made Monsua Nebula canon again!

    Noa Briqualon - The old man who saved Cindel Towani. He was a scout and he was on a mission to further chart the Moddell Sector, with his friend.

    Salak Weet – Noa Briqualon’s deceased travel companion.

    Ecclesis von der Agar – An eccentric spacer whose mind has been failing him.

    Mammon Hoole - A renowned and prolific Shi’ido intellectual who travelled the Galaxy and specialised in numerous fields. Fanon: he knows Taide Lambrin, who then introduced him to Maris Inesedam-Vorr.

    Wiki Links
    Chthonian planet - Basically, a gas giant stripped off everything but its core, which is essentially some kind of a terrestrial planet.

    Brown dwarf - One of my favourite space things: a sore loser that failed to become a star, but isn’t actually a Bespin/Jupiter type of a head honcho, either.

    Brown-dwarf desert - Information in this article suggests that a Brown Dwarf cannot be located less than 5 AU away from the system’s star.

    Radiotrophic fungi - Yes, they are a thing.
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    Apart from any typos that I belatedly detect, my challenge entry is complete.

    Many thanks to Findswoman for the feedback and inspiration to possibly add material.
    Raissa and Yav got a late callback, because of it. :)
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    1) They are always Force sensitive, even if not that many of them are Jedi level of Force sensitive.
    2) they are Codru-Ji. In theory a wizard could be from another species but then s/he would have to be a) on Munto Codru at a young age; b) be discovered and taken in by a wizard; c) having guardians who are okay with a wizard taking the juggling or being not there. So theatrically possible but not very likely, especially since Munto Codru don't have much contact with the wider galaxy
    3) Yes, they start their training while they're still Wyrwulves

    1) no, it is not required.
    2) infiltrate... :) [face_laugh][face_rofl] ouch my side... Okey I'm back in control now. Ahem, you need to remember that the Fire belchers are Gamorreans, Gamorreans with much more control then most of their kind but they are still Gamorreans. Their idea of stealth is hiding behind something big or similar and then jump or rush their prey/enemy.
    Regarding assassinations - if we mean sneaking around and stabbing somebody in the back/poisoning their food, then no. If we on the other hand mean contract killings, so yes; but the person that's going to be killed either has to be able to fight back (at least a bit) or look tasty for a Fire belcher to finish the contract. More then one Fire belcher have gone like a rhino through a targets home, beaten all guards in their way and then not finished the job when the target has been reviled to be a weakling. The best way to use a Fire belcher in a killing job is probably as part of a team with the Fire belcher being the bruit and the other supporting and directing* him and maybe also finishing the job if the belcher don't find the target worthy of his skills.
    * Gamorreans are not that smart and can begin to focus on the wrong things or go the wrong way.
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    I have heard of Warhammer in only name, but everything else is unknown.
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    So, we are approaching mid-month with not one but two wonderful new posts on fanon planets...

    Sev-Ersk and the UR-1060 System by Ewok Poet
    Marfa by divapilot well as a mighty fine new post on the defibrillator gun by yahiko.

    All of those will be added to the index right away. If I've forgotten anything, just let me know!

    And here is a friendly reminder that there are now TWO DAYS LEFT before stories are due for the Fanon AU Challenge! Voting will follow, and will last about ten days, after which 72 hours of colors will be awarded to the winner.

    Finally, don't forget the current discussion question: what draws you to fanon?

    Thanks, and as always, happy fanoneering! :D
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    Warhammer 40k, Dust and AT-43 are all miniature games that have some armies with aesthetics similar to USSR. I was thinking you could use them as an inspiration.

    Here are some links:

    GURPS WWII: Weird War II is a supplement to GURPS: World War II RPG that details many of the different crazy things that people believed in during WWII or are often used by pop-culture to spice things up. The parts about the different things USSR believed in/worked on, can be of interest for you.

    Also, do you know that USSR had, or at least in pop-culture had, programs to create psychics (like Irina Spalko in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) you could have your version of USSR have psychics (or Force users who's powers they interpret as of psychic origin) and/or you could have them interpreting the Jedi's Force skills as psychic powers.
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    Gamiel - Awww, Y U laughin' at me? I don't see what's wrong with my question. There must be SOME Gamorreans out there who are good at infiltration—it's a big galaxy.

    I've been feeling quite bad about this for the past day or so and if that bit could, say, make a jump to hyperspace, I'd feel better. There are different ways to explain things. Especially to somebody who's genuinely interested.
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    Oh, I did not mean to laugh at you Ewok Poet, I was laughing at the combination of your choose of words together with my mental image of gamorreans. Now if in your fanon gamorreans are capable of infiltration then I would say that some Fire belcher probably are among the gamorreans that can infiltrate.
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    Choose your words wisely next time and think of context - because it did not look that way. All OK now. :)
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    The Teris sector

    This is mostly about the sector several of my OCs come from. It also has some connections to my first Fanon Entry: The Athenar

    The Teris sectoris located deep into the wild space far away from any major galactic power and just too unimportant to be bothered with in the eyes of the galaxy. Shrouded by myth and known as a place where criminals dark Jedi and even Sith went to hide the sector has a bad reputation and very few people from the core world would ever travel there. No central government exists and there is little to no authority in the Teris sector. Instead most of the small communities have their own local leadership and laws. Effectively ruling themselves most of the Terians have a deep mistrust against centralized governments which is one of the reasons they never joined the republic.

    The population of the sector can roughly be divided in two parts. The locals who are mostly descendants of the original human colonists who life more or less like their ancestors thousands of years ago. Most of them follow a simple lifestyle based on small communities. While they are very traditionalistic in terms of their religion and culture most of them use modern technology and are their standard of living is not worse than on most other colonist worlds.

    The other group are the newcomers, while some have adapted the culture of the locals most still follow their own ideals. They are made up out of refugees, adventurers and asteroid miners who came to the sector to find a better life. The relations between the two groups vary from planet to planet, on some they work closely together while they mostly leave each other alone on others. On some worlds there is even conflict.

    The life in the Teris sector is often harsh and many communities have to struggle to survive, but the Terians are proud of their freedom and independence.

    On some of planets old ruins of the Athenar can be found and even today it's said that the ageless aliens are still traveling through the sector from time to time. The elders as the Terians call them are still treated with respect in the sector, although they rarely show themselves to the humans.

    (I will probably add more later)


    Darvin is the first world most outsiders reach when they enter the Teris sector. The world is composed of one gigantic landmass filled with numerous bigger and smaller lakes. The spaceport is the only standing settlement on the planet and mostly inhabited by travelers merchants or refugees. Some of them stay a while on Darvin before traveling further in the sector. The main population on Darvin is composed of nomads descendants of the original human colonists. They follow the great herds of Gronx across the planet. A species of large aliens whose meat, bones and fur are the main export good of the planet. While the nomads follow a simple lifestyle they are by no means primitive, they use modern equipment and several of them even learn how to fly spaceships. The tribes are known for their hospitality and even take on strangers into their group if they wish to join.


    Learan is located near the center of the Teris Sector but mostly ignored or even feared by its population. The planet is covered by seven continents which make around half the surface the rest is a dark ocean most living beings avoid. The planet was largely unnoticed until the year 3956 BBY when a group of Sith who had survived the downfall of Revan and Malak came to the world to create a new Sith academy there. But only two years later the republic learned of it and the academy was destroyed by orbital fire, killing all Sith inside. Since then the planet is filled with a presence of the dark side that seems to affect anyone who isn´t a local. The local are very distrustful to strangers and prefer to stay alone, although they hold the Jedi in high regard for helping them more than once against a mysterious sickness that seems to plague the planet regularly. Another noteworthy place on Learan is the Phaeron a dark temple in the mountains which holds ancient secrets.


    Asterian is one of the more populated world in the Teris sector and consists mostly of endless forests in between countless small villages are located. In-between are a few cities which house most of the planets population. While the villages are mostly inhabited by the original settlers the cities have been created later by refuges most of them pirates or dark Jedi. The planet has a bad reputation in the sector as it was the heart of the corsair group that plagued the sector from 5 ABY to 36 ABY. These corsairs lead by a mysterious dark Jedi had taken over most of the sector and oppressing and enslaving the inhabitants.

    Tyrek 4

    Tyrek 4 is a water world, most of its surface is covered by an endless ocean. It is called the sea of tears as an old legend claims it was created by the tears of the Athenar after they were driven away from their home worlds. The planets inhabitants are known to be very peaceful which has made them a target for pirates and slavers for a long time.


    Caren is a night world at the far edge of the sector where outsiders are almost as rare as light. Most of the population lives in gigantic subterranean caverns, a network that is said by some to be larger and more labyrinthine than the under city of Corusant. During thousands of years the locals have carved beautifully underground cities out of the rock. On the surface one can find herds of aggressive animals who resemble Krath hounds but with claws that seem to cut through everything. Only very few hunters have ever managed to kill such a creature.


    Serian is the probably the most open and "civilized" world of the Teris sector. Colonized by humans from the core world with the same name in the year 965 BBY, Serian bears more resemblance with a typical core world than the rest of the Teris sector. Most of the original colonists were nobles who fled from their homeworld after a civil war seeking refuge in the outer rim. The Serians are very proud of their heritage and still follow many core traditions and lifestyles which most other Terians find odd. But having themselves proven honest, but a little eccentric, allies to the locals the Serians are now highly respected by their fellow Terians.


    Dearan was an Athenar world for many centuries and the world were the Athenar trained the first Terian priests. Although the last Athenar have left the planet long agao many ruins of their cities there remain, some of them are used as place of worship by the Terians these days. The planet is covered almost completly in ancient forrests in which one still can feel the spirits of the planets original inhabitants.

    Bran-Mak-Mon (created by Gamiel)

    Like so many other Terian worlds Bran-Mak-Mon has been originally inhabited by the Athenar, whose ruins can still be found on the planet. Though unlike many other Terians the locals on Bran-Mak-Morn tend to be more superstitious and stay as far away from the ruins as possible. Especially from the cursed city they call Cromm-Cruaich.


    While most of the main galactic religions, like the force worship are present in the Teris sector most locals follow a different believe. They believe in spirits, old spirits of nature and life. These spirits vary from planet to planet. The people on Darvin see them in the endless sky and the wind that blows over the endless prairie while the inhabitants of Asterian see them in the deep of their oceans. These spirits are usually worshiped in a simple manner through respect and certain rituals. Some of these rituals may seem superstition to most outsiders but the Terians refuse to give them up.

    Another important part of their religions are the ancestors. The Terians believe that the spirits of their ancestors stay around their families after death, protecting and aiding them. Most Terians tend to spent a short moment of silence and memory before every meal in respect to their deceased family members. On several planets there also exists a custom called the Forefathers eve where once a year people from several different villages and tribes come together at old ritualistic places (some of which are old Athenar ruins) to honor their ancestors in rituals.

    This religion is led by a group of priests or shamans. They are usually chose among children who bear a certain connection to the force, although they never get much training in that regard. Their force use is far more instinctive and indirect than the Jedi or Sith. They are trained, usually by older priests, as healers and lore keepers. Some of the live as hermits and only visit the villages when there is a need for them while other live as nomads traveling from place to place.

    These holy men and women are usually treated very respectful by their brethren due to their great knowledge and wisdom. In modern times due to the spreading of advanced medicine even in this distant worlds the role of healer has become more that of a pastor who concentrates on healing psychological wounds instead of physicals. The priests also usually lead wedding ceremonies and funerals.

    They are also usually the humans the Athenar will speak too in matters of importance.

    The Teris sector has no standing army but most of its inhabitants are able to defend themselves. As they follow a rough lifestyle and are often threatened by pirates or slavers most of them learn as teenagers how to use blasters and vibro knives. They are also said to be fierce warriors who refuse to give up even against the strongest enemies. Next to the local defenders the different communities also tend to unite when they find themselves under attack and there are even a few instances where almost the entire sector has fought side by side. In this times they are usually lead by a chosen warlord who is expected to give up his command as soon as the crisis is over. Such temporary leaders are, if they are successful often revered as heroes by later generations.

    Outside Relations
    As they have no central government the Teris sector has no real foreign relations, there is trade of course but it mostly works between single clans and merchants from the main galaxy. As the sector has often been a hideout for dark Jedi many of the locals have some respect for the Jedi order as they have more than once fought side by side against the darksiders. The Jedi have tried to several occasions to include the Teris sector into the galactic republic but the Terians always choose their independence. On the other hand are the Terians among the few outsiders who have kind of an alliance with the Athenar as both have come to the others aid on some occasions.


    Millions of years BBY the phaeron is build on Learan
    30000 BBY A group of Athenar refugees fleeing from the Rakata comes to the Teris sector and establish colonizes on several worlds
    29500 BBY More refuges arrive in the sector the colonies start to flourish
    20000 BBY The first human colonists arrive in the Teris sector, many of them hoping to find a better life outside the expanding republic they create a few colonies at the borders of the sector
    18000 BBY The first contact between the colonists and the Athenar
    17000 BBY Slavers and pirates starts their first raids against the weakened Athenar worlds, some of them using the human worlds as base of their operations. The Athenar population beings to cease as many of them are dragged away as salves to the core. (Through interbreeding with humans the descendants of these salves later become the Sephi)
    16500 BBY The Athenar ally themselves with the original colonists driving the slavers off. During this time the Athenar train the first priests. In the following 10000 years most Athenar leave the sector and humans resettle their worlds.
    11000 BBY During the Pius Dea Crusades the Terians fight at the side of the non humans even sending expedition forces to the main theaters of war. It's the only time in their history the Terians take an active role in the history of the galaxy.
    10000 BBY After the end of the Pius Dea era the Jedi try to integrate the Teris sector into the republic but are declined
    7000-5000 BBY During the Manderon period refuges from all over the galaxy come to Teris sector to escape the wars that destroyed their home worlds.
    3963 BBY Some Mandalorian Neo Crusaders rampage through the Teris sector pillaging a few worlds until the Terians unite and defeat the invaders. In revenge for several destroyed settlements and slaughtered civilians the Terians kill all their mandalorian captives but one, who is sent back to Mandalore.
    3956 BBY A group of Sith flees to Learan after Malak´s defeat, they build an academy there
    3954 BBY The academy is destroyed by the Jedi
    1671 BBY A Dark Jedi fleeing from the pursuit of the order comes to the sector and establishes himself on Asterian turning the planet in a slave world.
    1651 The Jedi order supported by a few mandalorian mercenaries cleanse Asterian and free the slaves. Again there are plans to integrate the Teris sector into the galactic republic but the Terians remain independent.
    965 BBY The noble class of the core world Serian is overthrown in a civil war. Many of them leave their homeworld to find a new home in the outer rim. They colonize a planet in the Teris sector they name after their lost homeworld.
    917 BBY With the support of the Hutts a great number of slavers and mercenaries invade the Teris sector with the goal of integrating it into the Hutt space. When the Terians unite again the Serian colonists fight at their side, providing much needed technology and spaceships which earns them the respect of the sector. The defeat of the invaders is so massive the Terians are left alone for the next 900 years.
    23 BBY Shortly before the begin of the Clone Wars a massive disease breaks out on Learan, the Jedi travel there and managed to stop it from spreading.
    18 BBY After the establishment of the Empire rumors come up that several surviving Jedi were hiding in the Teris sector. The empire sends troops to search for them but find nothing.
    12 BBY The imperial senate discussed the possibility of invading the Teris sector but it is deemed to cost efficient for too little gain.
    4 ABY A dark Jedi arrives in the Teris sector and begins takes control over the planet of Asterian. In the following years he builds up his strength.
    12-17 ABY The pirates attack the sector conquering pillaging and enslaving it population. Their great organization and technological superiority give them a great advantage above the locals. Many worlds decide to pay tribute to them to avoid being attacked.
    17 ABY On Darvin a 17 year old boy, Gaven Seral, manages to fend off a pirate attack almost completely on his own, in the following years he stars uniting the Terians against the pirates.
    36 ABY After almost 20 years of guerilla warfare the Terians ally themselves with the new Jedi order pursuing the pirates back to Asterian. The pirates are completely crushed and the sector is freed.
    37 ABY The galactic alliance offers the Terians to become a part of their community but are declined.
    44 ABY A rumor that the deceased Jacen Solo has been spotted in the Teris sector is deemed an old wives tale by the rest of the galaxy.

    I will add more planets later.
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  17. Venator77

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    May 2, 2013
    Stakhanov System

    For my fanfic "Cosmonaut"

    The Stakhanov System was a star system deep in the Unknown Regions of space. It was a two planet system with a blue main sequence star in the middle called Stakhanov.


    This planet is the first planet of the Stakhanov system. It is a red-black gas giant that orbits extremely close to the star. It has a radius of 86,000 miles and has an orbital period of three standard days. The planet has no moons.


    This is the second and last planet of the system. It is a deep blue gas giant with an orbital period of 382 standard days. The planet has 19 moons, which six of them are habitable.
    (2, 5, 7, 12, 16, and 18)

    The Stakhanov System was first discovered by fledgling Rakatan Infinite Empire thousands of years before the formation of the Republic. Secluded from most civilized star systems, the Rakatans chose this system to build the first Star Forge.
    It was later renamed to "Stakhanov Station" by the Soviet Union of Planetary Republics.

    The first Star Forge had all of the features included in the Star Forge in the Lehon System, with an addition to a hospital, a cloning facility, and a communications center.

    After the fall of the Infinite Empire, the first Star Forge was abandoned, never to be seen again until 369 BBY, when Jedi Master Ik-Go accidentally found the ancient shipyard idling above the star Stakhanov. Ik-Go resolved to guard the Star Forge with his life to prevent the events of the Jedi Civil War from happening again, cloning himself multiple times to keep the station guarded.

    Anything after this point is a major spoiler. They will be revealed in time.
  18. divapilot

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    Nov 30, 2005
    In answer to your questions, Gamiel:

    How do people dress? Being an inner core world and having so much interaction with Coruscant, Marfan citizens dress according to current fashion. In Mehr, where tourists come to experience a (sanitized and romanticized) version of an exciting past, people often wear traditional clothing as part of their workday. Men wear loose trousers with simple shirts and long, loose “sail jackets.” Women wear comfortable loose blouses with ankle-length straight skirts, gathered at the waist. Unmarried young women wearing their hair in single braids while unmarried men are clean-shaven, and married women wear their hair up and married men grow full, neat beards. Outside of tourist work, Mehrine citizens wear clothing that reflects popular fashion.

    What does their architecture look like? The architecture in Marfa varies from region to region. In the agricultural areas, vast corporate farms intermix with smaller family-owned farms. In Mehr, most buildings are extremely old. The city is laid out in a seemingly haphazard way, with narrow streets cutting through the city and buildings situated very close together. Outside of the city, away from the tourist areas, more modern-looking skyscrapers house offices and businesses. Again, the style follows that of Coruscant.

    Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them? Not really. They are very modern and they adapt easily to new technologies.

    Any unique superstitions? Mehrine are very superstitious about the weather. A sudden storm is often a sign of bad luck. Bright sunsets are considered excellent predictors of romantic success.

    Any kinds of festivals/holydays of interest? Because there is a tradition of arranged marriages for the purpose of retaining property rights in Mehr, it became logical to have the marriages performed at the same time. Traditionally the marriages would take place at the end of the misty season, right before the merchant vessels set sail for the shipping season. The young couples, who have now graduated from their schooling in the middle of the misty season, have a few months to set up their married homes. On the wedding day, the couples have a brief civil ceremony at the town hall, sign the marriage documents, and then all the couples go to the town square. The square is decorated with flowers, banners, and lanterns; musicians perform for hours; shops and businesses shut down; restaurants open for meals; and families intermingle to celebrate. The celebration runs late into the night, when at last the couples head to their new households. Tourists have discovered this tradition and are starting to try to attend, but the Mehrine families are determined to keep it a private celebration, exclusive to residents. It is considered highly disrespectful for uninvited guests to appear at the wedding celebrations.

    What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armor do they use? Mehr is predominately naval. Young citizens are expected to know how to sail and navigate the treacherous waters of the northern sea. As a result, many Mehrine youth develop a strong self-confidence. Those who chose to join the military (in the Republic and later in the empire) often quickly assume leadership roles, and many become officers.

    Any ideas about the nearby animal and/or plant life? Like most planets, Marfa has a wide variety of animals and plants that reflect the various climates of the planets.

    How is their food? Being a mainly agricultural planet, Marfans enjoy exceptionally fresh food, creatively prepared. They are very skilled in the use of spices. Seafood is popular on the coast. Marfan wine is considered to be of exceptional quality.

    What non-humans make up the largest minority groups? Marfa is overwhelmingly human. However, the AgriCorp farms have been the home of Jedi from all over the galaxy, and farm residents tend to be those who are attuned to the Living Force, such as the Ithorians. The southern shorelines, where many Coruscanti have vacation homes, also has a more diverse population, reflecting the population of Coruscant.
    The population of Mehr is almost all human. The only way to become a citizen of Mehr is to marry into the population. These intermarriages are almost exclusively to humans or near-humans, and the immigrants embrace the Mehrine culture enthusiastically. In fact, one of the most famous pirates in Mehrine history was a Twi’lek man who married a Mehrine woman.

    Any group/species that they have prejudice to? Marfans tend not to have any prejudices toward particular groups or species. Because they have such a close relationship to Coruscant, they are often exposed to various cultures. By contrast, the people of Mehr tend to be stubbornly suspicious of anyone who isn’t Mehrine.

    How has having the Jedi Agricultural Corp relatively nearby affected them? Interesting question. It has affected their attitude towards the Jedi. Instead of thinking primarily of the Jedi as swashbuckling heroes or as military leaders, they instead think of them as pacifistic farmers who are more likely to keep to themselves. Most of their interactions with Jedi are economic, as the Agricultural Corp often engages in commerce with local communities in addition to their role as a provider of food to Jedi-related activities. When a Marfan thinks of the Jedi, their first thought isn’t someone who is a great duelist or an adventurer; they think of a quiet, monk-like person who spends their time communing with the Living Force in the fields. As a result, after the implementation of Order 66, it took much persuasion on the part of the Empire to justify the execution of entire communities of peaceful farmers.

    Also, to answer your question about
    I totally swiped it from Icelandic nomenclature.

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    Nov 11, 2014
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  20. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I try, but as all human don't always succeed [face_monkey]
    I guessed something like that. Just as you know, it is supposed to have two 't'. :-B No really, that lone 't' irks me. Ignoring Finnish, so is that word spelled with two 't' in all civilized languages (Icelandic, Danish, Sweden, Norwegian :p ), that lone 't' in doter looks just wrong.

    But that's just me so you can completely ignore that.
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    I watched a film recently, quite possibly Rogue One, and there were a LOT of doters or dotters in the credits, and I thought it was two t's as well.

    Curious that from Britain, there are a lot of 'son suffixed names, so many that they are readily accepted surnames. But to find that they are only half the equation, and there should really be a sizeable population of 'dotters out there; I have never encountered any.

    Don't they get exit visas or passports?
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    Nov 30, 2005

    For you, Gamiel, I fixed it to the Icelandic suffix -dotter (without the accent mark). (It isn't that big a deal to me but seeing as it's your culture, I can see how that would be irksome.) Now we are civilized. ;) At least I know you read it. :p [face_laugh]

    Edit: actually, it's a good thing you sent me in there. I had misspelled her last name in the first chapter. :rolleyes: Fixed.
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    My moose's hooves wants to work on something else instead of finishing this story. So, while I am still going to post it, it will be out of competition and slightly late. The two existing entries are smashin', either way. :)
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    I have a bunny for the AU challenge too, but I'd rather not try to make the deadline and work on it at my leisure. Assuming that it cooperates at all, of course. Bunnies are easily distracted creatures and hard to direct.
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    Aaand now... I am pleased to announce that VOTING HAS BEGUN for the Fanon AU Challenge!

    There are two stories in the running:
    "I" Division Intervenes by Sith-I-5
    Pale Iris by Pandora

    Here's what to do: PM your vote to this sock by 11:59 pm on Saturday, February 25.

    Here's what not to do: vote more than once, vote for yourself, vote using a sock, vote for something that's not on this list, etc., etc. I'm sure you all know the drill by now.

    Here's when the winner will be announced: the February 26 or 27 (barring all RL catastrophe).

    And here's what the winner will get: 72 hours of colors, your story announced in the thread title for a week, and the opportunity to come up with this thread's next challenge!
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