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    Dec 16, 2012
    You need to do a hyperjump to travell between them but only a (realativly) short one. They (or rather Satarla and Valorum) are probobly part of eachothers nightskys
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Wookiee Retaliatory Technique

    Not too uncommon a retaliation by Wookiees against Trandoshans who enslave and/or making pelts out of them is scalping.

    This is typically done via vibro-weapon as it's one of the few melee weapons easily capable of tearing into a Trandoshan's tough, scaly hide.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    And once again, the chant goes up:

    PM! The! Sock!
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    PM! The! Sock!

    :D :D :D
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    Jul 31, 2014
    (removed, added to a different entry)
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    Nov 22, 1999
    A small, warm, arid Outer Rim planet located on the Hydian Way hyperspace route, near the Corporate Sector, approximate Galactic Map coordinates R4

    Climate: Weather is generally warm but pleasant, with an average low of around 60 F (15 C) and average high in the mid 70s (about 25 C), though temperatures can and do hit in excess of 100 F. Rainfall is sparse, only about 16 inches (415 mm) a year

    Architecture: Based on that of the country of Morocco, (especially Casablanca as depicted in the movie Casablanca).

    Major cities: The planet’s only major city is its capital, Merkesh City.

    Main Exports: Ecclessis figs, leather goods, decorative tiles

    Points of Interest:
    The Cafe Alderaan: Owned and operated by the fugitive Jedi, Domnic Jade, under the assumed identity Doran Blayne, the Cafe is the more reputable of Merkesh City’s two cantinas. The exterior stucco is always painted a gleaming white, and the heavy, brass-bound wooden doors are always polished. Inside, the floor and bar are decorated with patterned Merkeshian tile.While the Cafe does offer sabacc, rules are strictly enforced. Doran, his bartender Sascha and Haaz, the Toydarian doorman/bouncer make sure that even the dodgiest patrons behave themselves. Doran is neutral on politics; so long as they don’t make trouble, anyone is welcome. (c.f Rick’s Cafe Americain in Casablanca)

    The Azure Kroyie: Run by Verraro the Hutt, this cantina has a large casino where cheating is commonplace, both by the players and the house. Bar fights are therefore also quite common. In contrast to the Cafe Alderaan, the outside is faded, its gilt lettering peeling and its inside is dark, filled with cigarra and hookah smoke. There is indeed an azure kroyie bird chained above the bar, but it is ill-tempered and in a perpetual state of molt. The cantina serves as a front for Verraro’s less savory businesses, notably spice dealing and selling deathsticks. (c.f. The Blue Parrot in Casablanca)

    The bazaar: The main marketplace features both shops and open air stalls. Everything from fresh produce to power converters can be found here.

    L’Moko’s “Best Brewats in Merkesh City”: A food stand located in the heart of the bazaar. Operated by and elderly Ithorian, L’Moko’s is one of the most popular eateries in Merkesh City, famous for its brewats and bastilas (see below under Food).

    Bouskoura Forest nature preserve: “The natural wonder of Merkesh”. A forest of eucalyptus trees and conifers and a large grove of ecclessis fig trees.The ground beneath the trees is open, with well-marked, shady trails crisscrossing the gently rolling ground. A favorite place for hiking, picnicking and bird-watching.

    Spaceport/ Corporate Sector shuttle: With service to Beltooine, with connections to Lythos, Mallordian, and Bondan.

    Merkesh City Imperial Garrison: As a remote Outer Rim Station, the garrison was frequent used as a dumping ground for slackers, troublemakers, malcontents and others who didn’t fit the Imperial mold.

    Much of Merkesh’s local cuisine is based on Moroccon dishes

    Brewats: baked layers of thin pastry filled with seasoned minced beef, eggs, fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar

    Bastillas: baked layers of thin pastry filled with minced chicken and almonds, sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar

    Mint tea: sweet tea flavored with fresh mint. Served both Iced and hot.

    Caf: Merkeshian caf is strong and dark, often flavored with a touch of cinnamon


    Major factions:
    The Empire: Merkesh is nominally controlled by the Empire, though the planet is far enough on the Outer Rim that the Empire doesn’t really have much of a presence there. It’s represented by the garrison in Merkesh City, which is headed by the Prefect. Ari Renau, a corrupt gambler and womanizer, was the Prefect until he was murdered in 18 BBY. After his death, Vice-Prefect Raissa Baiard.was promoted. She, however was both disenchanted by the Empire’s unjust policies and Force-sensitive, secretly training as a Jedi with Doran Blayne, so she tended to ignore many of the xenophobic policies and endeavored to work within the system to make things better for the planet’s citizens.

    Verraro the Hutt: A small time player as far as Hutts go, Verraro set himself up as a big fish in a small pond on Merkesh rather than struggle for a piece of the action on Nal Hutta. He controls most of the illegal activities on Merkesh and a large share of the legal gambling as well. Like most Hutts, he prefers to leave the actual dirty work to his enforcers; chief among them is a Gamorrean-like Human named Wilmot.

    The Idiot’s Array: a Rebel cell formed by Doran Blayne and his wife Raissa. They specialize in helping beings who have been persecuted by the Empire escape to the relative safety of the Corporate Sector. Each member of the cell has a unique sabacc card as their callsign
    • Doran Blayne (Master of Flasks)
    • Raissa (Baiard) Blayne (Mistress of Staves)
    • Mara Jade Blayne (Ace of Sabers)
    • Nick Blayne (Balance)
    • Annina Blayne (Star)
    • Sascha (Nine of Flasks)
    • Yvon Renau (Hazard)
    • Dev Breil’lya (Commander of Coins)
    • Keffria Breil’lya (Three of Coins)
    • Honorary member Ezra Bridger (Six of Sabers)
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    Dec 16, 2012
    @Ewok Poet what do your two terrorist organisations have for motivation (or alleged motivation) to doing acts of terror?


    @Raissa Baiard some questions regarding Merkesh: How do the people dress? Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them? Any unique superstitions? Any kinds of festivals/holydays of interest? What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use? Any ideas about the animal and/or plant life? What non-humans make up the larges minority groups (or was my impression that human's were the majority wrong)? Any group/species that they have prejudice to? I guess there exist people living between the cites, do you have fanon about them?
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    Dec 16, 2012
    I have done some updates on some of my posts:

    Have added a new planets to my post about Planets of the Mirgoshir hyperspace crossroads, Glom:
    Two new traditions to my Force traditions post, Frogebone and Star-Shugenja
    And a new corrupt tradition to my Force traditions with dark side tendencies post, The Ïa-Gao Advisors
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    Nov 11, 2014
    We have several wonderful new posts to announce:

    And some updates:

    @Voltron64, I see that you have posted a few new fanon entries recently, too. In keeping with the thread rules in the OP, I’d like to ask that you please send this sock a PM with their links and titles. Once you do, I’ll add them to the index. Thanks! :)

    And how about it, folks, what do you say to a new discussion topic? :D Try this on for size:

    The fandom is big, and there's a lot of fanon whirling around in it at any given time—which means different people may end up with different fanon on the same topic. When you've come up with fanon lore on a given GFFA topic, what is your reaction when you come across another person's fanon on the same thing? Do you accept some elements? Do you let it influence your own fanon at all? Do you ignore it altogether? Or does it depend on the case? (I'm guessing probably.) Feel free to share any anecdotes. :)
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    Jul 31, 2014
    @Gamiel pointed me out to a post about Deeply Religious made elsewhere on the board. I was...giddy, to say the least. The stuff was completely different from what I had come up with back in 2015, so I could not borrow any of it, but [face_love]

    Also, Gamiel - that would be a spoiler at this point. ;)
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Unless it's "this is completely going against my idea" it's usually "how can I use it" and sometime it's both, for even if I will not use these fanon ideas for my fanon so can I use them for other things
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    Aug 14, 2002
    What is your reaction when you come across another person's fanon on the same thing?

    I have thought long and hard about this for several hours, and apart from several writers' take on the Skellig Island meet-and-greet between Rey and Luke, I cannot think of an instance when I had existing fanon, then came across someone else's fanon on the same subject.
    Unless we count that EP and I have a different name or spelling for a type of fungus...

    So hypothetically then, since my characters histories are maintained across stories and roleplaying, whatever they have experienced, would be considered more concrete I suppose.

    Normally if I try to contact fanon creators to ask if I can use their stuff, they have usually disappeared offline, and are incommunicado.

    When it was time for me to tackle Kylo's destruction of Luke's Jedi Academy, I REALLY wanted to tie in with Aiel's take on the subject, her stuff was that good, but she was long-term offline, and I had to do my own thing.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Do anybody else her know of the The Gaean Reach RPG?

    I'm asking for I found the RPG's way of describing the native life on planets short and a good way to just give you a overview/feeling of the native life. Here are some examples:

    EDIT: I'm planing to use this way of describing flora and fauna in the future, and since we can link to the unusuall/fictive animals that we use as inspiration it makes it possible to refer to obskyr beings
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    Dec 16, 2012
    To illustrate, here is the fauna part of a future fanon post regarding the planet Yanibaree

    "Flora and Fauna
    Pack hunting voorcats are a returning threat to the Yanibaree and their livestock. Native myriapodas come in many sizes and fill both the niches they have on earth and the ones for snakes and eels, notable are the semi-domesticated auseoi which are used similar to cats to hunt rodents and similar pests. Catgator like malators live in the waterways and lakes, they are able to create hibernating-cocoons out of mud and slime in which they survive the summer if their water-homes dry out. With its 1.5 m high and broad bodies so are the furry, ankylosaurus-like ansadla Yanibar’s larges animal, they are highly territorial and attack sentients who come to close to them. Living from the planets and insects found in grikes are noffnoff, small tapir-like animals that are able to metabolize the many kinds of poisons found there, making it possible for them to eat what many others can’t, and making themselves poisonous to eat. The noffnoff are distantly related to the Archaeotherium-like vargris, whose shaggy winter pelt is used by the Yanibaree for warm and sturdy fur-coats. Domesticated variants of the sheep-sized and placerias-like farodlors are the Yanibaree’s main source for meet and leather, while the pangolin-like myrottes are kept for their eggs.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Raissa, do I understand this right that Merkesh City only has two cantinas for the whole city?
  15. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Hotels and resorts

    The Dry Schna Ibrix

    Oceanic hotel resort on the half-waterworld of Ibrix, in the Lahara Sector.

    Part of the interstellar Dry Schna hotel chain.

    Situated in the ocean, two hundred miles from the nearest shoreline, the resort both floats on the surface, and sits on a thick telescopic unipod embedded in the seabed, which both serve to raise and lower the resort to keep it level with the surface of the water, so that it is not above sea level, where the full weight of the place would be felt, and possibly crack or break around the unipod; or low enough that waves would swamp and flood the place.

    The footprint comprises three themed restuarants for the evening, multiple bars and eateries, an entertainment area and bar, an artificial beach, swimming pools, spa and massage, gift shops, and a conference centre that can be hired out to businesses.


    Surface view of one of the pools and pool bar

    Families are catered for, with the vibrant Pterosaur Club providing daytime activities for younglings, allowing parents and guardians to relax without worry.

    Pressurised single-height accomodation wings are corridor-sized white cylinders, with ten durasteel and transparisteel guest salon pods, five to the left, five to the right.

    At a certain time of the evening, the wings sink slowly into the water, to settle on the sea floor, providing guests with a unique view of the waters and aquatic life outside their transparisteel bubble windows, for a unique experience; and in the morning, slowly raise back up through the majestic, sun-dappled waters, to rejoin the rest of the hotel superstructure.

    For safety, each apartment comes with its own emergency escape
    Panic Vollock (TPV) pod.

    Each guest salon has a hermetically-sealed airlock going into the marble-floored corridor, as well as the same arrangement going to the external TPV.

    There is a bedroom with the usual amenities, double or twin beds, room for additional children's cots or beds; easy chairs, table and chair set; separate bathroom.


    Submerged guest apartment - Interior

    SGIS Agent Mitch Nifesta, and his adopted daughter, Baille Harte, stayed there in 5 ABY.

    * * * *

    The Pasarena

    Luxury hotel on the resort world of Pantolomin, in the Core Worlds.

    White-painted, six-storey main building situated in the coastal town close to the popular coral reefs.

    The grounds have pools, bars, and other amenities in the grounds.

    Samantha Irisa worked her Summers there, during her last high school years.


    Pasarena bar and relaxed seating area


    Ibrix pics are based on the Posiedon Undersea Resort - Fiji (undersea), and Riu Montego Bay, Jamaica (surface)

    Pantolomin holo-image based on Riu Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Ibrix is a @Gamiel ' creation.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Have added a new space nomad group to my Spacer Nomads post:
    EDIT: realised 'karnival' was a better term then 'kumpania' and have changed that
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    Jun 20, 2018
    Hey, btw, I'm going to use the Kull in some of my stories, brief mention at the least, maybe more, do I leave a quick link to the Fanon post and credit @Gamiel in the notes for the story?
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Technically you just need to mention that the Kull are originally my creation but a link would be good for everybody who want to look them up. Which remind me that I need to take a look at some of my old fics and see if I actually linked to this thread or just mentioned it back when it was such a task to create a link
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    Dec 16, 2012
    [as presented here they are thought to be in the OT-era but people can use them in other eras but for some that would probably mean some changes. They have already been posted earlier in the Fragments from the Rim thread in Lit]


    The Flayed Hand
    highly feared pirate band of unknown size that has somehow evaded all traps laid out to catch them. The Flayed Hand give its prey two opinions: give up and they will leave the crew and passengers unhurt (except for one person, who they will take with them); resist and they will only leave one survivor to tell the tale.
    On many ships that resisted have it been found that survivors of the attack was killed off in ritualized manner, as if some kind of offerings to dark gods. This seems to go together with the strange pattern that covers the Hand's ships, the amount of fetishes they carry and their tendency to leave some kind of small alters, fetishes and/or patterns on the ships they have plundered.


    Junkers Questors
    A group of ugors fanatics that believe that the amount of rubbish in the galaxy is not gathering up fast enough and have decided to quicken the increase by attacking older ships and scraping them. If people dump their cargo they usually take those “offerings” to their holy scrap collection instead of continuing harassing the ship since cargo once dumped count as rubbish.
    Are known to attack junk dealers and salvages when meeting them, the reason being that the Junkers Questors see them committing sacrilege by taking rubbish and not bringing it to one of the Holy Trash Collection Points.


    Obe d’Mar Xhi
    [seen earlier among Spacer Nomads, presented here in a different way]]
    An ancient and inbreed clan of duros space-nomads, with an contempt toward the Republic and its laws that goes back at least a thousand years. This contempt is just as strong for the Republic’s successor: the Empire.
    As such they have no problem breaking Republic, and later Imperial, law. Known mostly as smugglers, the Obe d’Mar Xhi also attack unprotected ships and settlements. Striking fast, taking what they want and then disappearing in to the deepspace. Beside food, technology, medicine, material riches and sometime slaves, so do they also take young duros children (if they are found) that they adept into their clan and train in their lifestyle.
    How large the Obe d’Mar Xhi clan is is a mystery, since its members are extremely tightlipped toward outsiders, it’s is spread out all over the galaxy and ships have been known to go unrecorded for decades and then reaper. The lowest guesses are around ten thousand while the highest believe that there can be billions of Obe d’Mar Xhi clan-members out there.


    Poisoned Knife
    Pirates and shipjacks, that are known for highly planed attacks on ships where they seem to know everything about the ship, its rut and schedule. Many times the attacks have been helped by a saboteur aboard the crew or among the passengers.
    Xian-Pu Daystar, the Knife’s pirate-admiral, is known to take a likening to cute or beautiful men (she likes them fair, not rugged), especially if they are spunky.


    The Eclipse Peacock
    Your better kind of pirate scum, they give ships a chance to give up, try not to hurt noncombatants, don’t take slaves and treat people taken for ransom well. They are still pirates and have no problems killing people who resist.
    The Eclipse Peacock gets its name from its pirate-admiral, Beru Eclipse, and its crews tendency to take all fine looking clothing and jeweler they find on-board ships they are plundering and dress up in it, usually without caring about clashing fashions, colours or size.


    Queen Breha’s Revenge
    A Rebel aligned privateer band made up by Alderaan survivors and their close allies. Only attack ships from the Empire or their contractors.
    There have been talk about removing their leader, the charismatic and tactically cunning Thatch Blackhole, since he has shown himself more and more bloodthirsty against imperials and more and more willing to take risks to hurt the Empire.


    Also here is @Charlemagne19 's thoughts on how he would use them:
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    Nov 11, 2014
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Reworked canon Force traditions - Matukai, Zeison Sha, The Blazing Chain, Kilian Rangers
    Most of this has earlier been posted in the Fragments from the Rim: A look at Galaxy Guide 9 w/ Charlemagne19 thread over in Lit.


    Many Force-users require some sort of focus to concentrate their power. The Matukai, a sect of Force-users spread throughout the galaxy, teach how to reach out to the Force, which they know as Bob, using their own bodies the primary focus for their ability.

    The first Matukai was a female from the world of Karvoss II who discovered her ability to touch the Force inside her while practicing a form of meditative martial arts, over a thousand years before Palpatine. Eventually, she become a relatively strong presence in the Force and began teaching other Force-sensitive students. Dutifully trained, these pupils continued to refine her teaching and in time begun to spread out into the galaxy to teach more.

    One of the unique aspects of Matukai training is that it allows any being with otherwise negligible inherent strength in the Force to develop it into something formidable using their body as a focus. Through basic meditative martial arts, physical exercises, and somatic rituals, they fan the spark of the Force inside them, hoping the spark will one day become a flame.

    With the passing of time, the Matukai way waxed and waned, and sometime splintered. During the Imperial-era there were five great monastery-schools known of, two who did not speak with the other three. There were also unknown numbers of lesser dojos spread out allover the known Galaxy.

    Sadly the main monastery on Karvoss II, in the part of the land were the original master is said to have come into her insight, was destroyed some years in the Imperial regime by an explosion. Officially it was a malfunction in the power generators, which completely destroyed the temple with surroundings, killing at least 90 people. Many believe that this was not an accident but sabotage, something that is not unlikely since the explosion was much bigger then what’s possible for generators of that size and power.

    The basic philosophy of the Matukai revolve around a balance and harmony between the spiritual aspect of the Bob and physical aspect of the body. The general tenets of the Matukai include keeping the body clean and strong, purifying themselves through physical activity, focusing on the Force through exercise and ceremony, and avoiding any bodily or spiritual taint.

    They also teach a sort of flexibility of spirit. This belief entails never allowing oneself to become flustered of upset; keeping oneself in a natural state of relaxation and rest to give the body the greatest channel for using the Force; and ensuring that nothing causes anguish, fear, apprehension, or other forms of stress that have negative physical side effects.

    The typical training methods of the Matukai often seem very simple when observed by the untrained masses. Through each Matukai’s training differs based on the instructor’s decisions, most involve the learning of a complex series of martial arts forms, slowed down to act as a form of physical meditation. Matukai trainees are frequently required to push themselves further than they normally could physically while drawing upon their inner Bob for strength and healing. Each lesson taught to a Matukai begins with some feat of strength or stamina but results in a lesson in their way as well. A Matukai apprentice frequently spends hours or even days at a time holding one pose or stance in an attempt to let the Bob flow into him, often in harsh weather or while under some other great physical strain.

    Those who complete the training and become Matukai are in good physical health thanks to both the influence of the Force and the rigorous training they undergo. Additionally, Matukai are identifiable by the distinct tattoo that covers part of the forehead and the side of the face at the eyes. It is a symbol adopted when a Matukai completes her training.

    The Matukai emphasis on the body as a focus for channeling the Force has allowed many who would not otherwise be able to tap into the Force to do so consistently. Many who have mastered the way of the Matukai actively seek out others to train, while some simply prefer to focus on their own training.

    * I imagine the monasteries on Karvoss II to have a Minoan look and this have been copied by later monasteries and dojos on other planets.
    Rules: A disciple of Matukai can only begin with dices in Control and cannot learn Sense or Alter unless she find a teacher or similar, most people can’t even then but they are not PC:s. She also has to begin with at least 1D in Acrobatics, Brawling and Stamina and her Control cannot be greater than the highest of those three skills.

    Variation: Since the Matukai tradition is over a millennium old and is spread out so can a player just as well be a martial art specialist (putting most points in Brawl) as one who only use the teaching and the Bob to keep themselves pure and balanced (putting only one dice in Brawl), and can come from most kind of cultures and technological levels.

    [Creator’s comments: most of this is copied from WotC’s Hero’s Guide with some changes and removals. I mostly remove the parts mentioning Jedi and that they had a signature halberd-like weapon since I did not really feel they added anything worthwhile. I changed the presentation so it felt less “gamey” to me and made the Matukai a larger and more split organization so it felt more likely that the PC could be one or meet one (the original text had them at less than 100) and we could have Matukai with different philosophies, just as we have martial artist with very different outlooks and styles. The D6 rules for the Matukai are all mine.]


    Zeison Sha
    "In the heart of Outer Rim, there is a tribe of warriors known as the Zeison Sha. They strike fear into the hearts of all they cross. The Zeison Sha are masters of the throwing knife, wielding blades said to have been blessed by the Force itself. Their aim is so murderously accurate, they can decapitate *three men*... with one strike."
    - Free-trader and entrepreneur Amar

    If there ever was a sect of Force-users built for survival under harsh conditions, it is the Zeison Sha. On the harsh world of Yanibar they developed: a planet of seasonal extremes – dry, blistering summers and frigid, wet winters – with fickle weather and hardy native life.

    Believing that their ancestors was abounded there by the Jedi around two millennia ago, Zieson Sha and all other Yanibaree look upon them, their ways and their work with nothing but mistrust and suspicion. They fully believe that the Jedi kidnapped children to train and was behind the Clone War, even if they have no love for the Emperor and his Imperium.

    The Zieson Sha are the guardians, protectors and sometime leaders of the people of Yanibaree. They use their talents to fend off the dangers native to Yanibar and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Whether protecting a home from a violent storm or fending off a pack of wild Voorcats terrorizing an outlying region, the Zeison Sha train to ward off any threats.

    Their teachings are focused on self-reliance and independence. To survive on Yanibar the Zeison Sha came to be completely self-sufficient, and passed on to their descendants the ideals that allowed them to survive such harsh conditions. The Zeison Sha philisophy centers on being able to take care of oneself and one’s family, teaching not only autonomy but also ways to manipulate the Force for one’s own defense.

    In addition to the independence that is such a large part of their philosophy, the Zeison Sha encourage helping those in need; though each member of the community is expected to take care of himself, using one’s powers to assist someone else is a noble and honorable pursuit.

    Unfortunately, their philosophy of self-reliance has caused a number of losses to the dark side over the years. Self-sufficiency can quickly turn into selfishness, independence transforms into bitterness, and their knowledge often lend themselves well to attack rather than defense. Fallen Zeison Sha are not common, but every few years one or two trainees are lost to the dark side and must be turned back or eliminated.

    Unlike some Force traditions, like the Jedi, do the Zeison Sha stay part of their family and often create families of their own. Children who show talent in the Force are usually taught by their parents or a close relative if possible. When a Force-sensitive child is born to non-Zeison Sha parents, the youth is assigned to an experienced member of the organization for training while still remaining at home to grow as an individual in a normal setting. The child stay with their first master until they are considered old and educated enough (this is typically around 14 years) and are then handed over to another Zeison Sha under whose tutelage they will be expected to learn the higher arts while also facing harsher and more dangerous situation than before.

    The Zeison Sha use the Force to be masters of their domain, they know how the weather is going to be, predict coming natural disasters and to guide their knives against threats. An integral part of training is the use of the throwing blades, the chosen weapon of Zeison Sha warriors. The throwing blades are a focus for their discipline and telekinetic ability, and come in many different shapes, from simple throwing knives to large, multibladed kpingas.

    Roles: A Zeison Sha begins with 1D in Control, Sense and Alter. They begin with Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Danger Sense, Predict Natural Disaster, Telekinesis, Weather Sense, and four other Force powers that are chosen by the player. The PC also has to begin with at least 1D in Thrown Weapons and Survival.
    All Zeison Sha ad their amount in Alter when using their Throw Weapons skill and when using Weather Sense always count Yanibar as Difficulty: Easy.

    Rudimentary understanding of the Force: Once the game begins any Force skills the PC have (or don’t have) count as Advanced Skills.
    The Zeison Sha don’t know any Force Powers that involves space travel (like Instinctive Astrogation) or any powers affecting electronics (like Electronic Manipulation) but may later learn them from teachers or similar.

    Variation: What species the Yanibaree are made up of to have been left open so the player can choose what they want but it shouldn’t be any species that don’t have a long history as space travelers.

    [Creator’s comments: most of this is copied from WotC’s Hero’s Guide with some changes and removals. I removed most of the backstory and compromised it since what really happened nearly 2000 years ago is not that important for how the Zeison Sha think about it and just take up space. I also changes the presentation of their powers to be more focused on what’s I think should be really helpful on a world like Yanibar than cool and combat useful telekinesis. I also took away their signature weapon the discblade and instead had them using throwing knives, this because I found the discblade unaerodynamic and not as cool or practical as real world throwing weapons. The D6 rules for the Zeison Sha presented here are all mine.]


    Have been move to here


    Kilian Rangers
    Far less widespread than the Jedi, the Kilian Rangers are a tradition of Force adepts from the isolated system of Kilia. This system is not on any major trade route, and no one visits on a regular basis; in fact, on most astrogation charts the star system is registries as unexplored. Kilian IV, the only habitable planet in the system, is a harsh world of mountains and rocky badlands. The Kilians, Humans who came to the system long ago, have no starship technology and have had no prolonged contact with the rest of the galaxy in over a thousand years. They have settled a lush great valley between two mountain rangers, where they have built a central town with outlying farms that surround a series of keeps and castles. Most of the Kilians lead simple lives as farmers and herders, using technology no more advanced than iron tools and oli lanterns. Among the few items of high-tech that the Kilians have are communicators that are spread around among the Rangers and the noble houses.

    The noble houses control the colonised parts of the planet, serving as feudal lords over the farmers and herders. A small band of elite artificer-warriors, the Kilian Rangers, defend the noble houses and protect the common people. Force-users raised in a tradition different from that one of the Jedi, the Rangers are Force adepts of varying ability.

    The great valley where people make their home is covered in jungle and rainforest with many rivers and lakes. The Kilians are divided into serfs (bound to the great farmers and nobles on whose land they work and live), free men, nobles and Kilian Rangers. People mostly live in stilted wooden longhouses; the older noble houses live in stone fortresses while the younger houses have wooden fortresses. Clothing is usually rather minimal.

    The Kilian Rangers function as travelling protectors and justice bringers, either as judges or as warriors hunting down threats. They defend their people from predators, outlaws, and offworld slavers and smugglers who sometime find their way to this uncharted world. The Rangers also protect the noble houses and their charges from the Renegades, outlaws who were cast out from the Kilian community. The Rangers use the Force to increase their fighting and craftsman capability. They are able to feel the material as they craft it making it possible to make materials and items that should be impossible with their level of technology.

    Kilian nobles and the Range fight using spears and swords, protected by large wooden shields and light armour. The Rangers, knowing the secret of gunpowder, use flintlock revolvers and rifles and gift nobles with gunpowder for their own fire arms. Any noble who go against the judgement of the Rangers will no longer be gifted with more gunpowder.

    * Kilian IV is an old Kwa colony world.
    * the animal life in the lush valley is similar to the one found in the jungles and forests of the Indian subcontinent but there is also rancors and a frazetta man-like species of blue lizardmen that have evolved from the kwa.

    Primitive: a character from Kilian IV can’t begin with any skill dices in any skills related to space travel or technology more advanced then the common technology on their world, the exemption are Kilian Rangers, who may begin with Communications Repair and/or any other skill the GM allows since they are the caretakers of the worlds dwindling supply of high-tech.
    They can also not use any of their Knowledge skills for anything outside of Kilian-IV unless the GM says so.

    Kilian Ranger: A Kilian Ranger begins with 1D in Body and Sense and cannot learn Alter unless he find a teacher or similar. He begins with 6 Force powers, one with has to be Substance analyze (see below), and he can get extra Force powers by spending a D+1 of his skill dices starting pool.
    A Ranger only has half the amount of skill dices that a normal starting character to place out but on the other hand he begin with 1 free dice in Archaic Guns, Brawling, Command, Melee, Law, Shield, Shield crafting, Stamina, and Weaponsmithing.

    New Force Power
    Substance analyze
    – the ability of sensing what substances a material is made of. This can f.ex. be used by smiths to create just the quality of steel he wants, since he feels how the metal is made up. This means that the Force user ad their Sense to any rolls involving a crafting skill.

    [Authors comments: some of this is copied from WotC’s Rebellion Era Sourcebook with some changes and lots of ad ones – the original version of the Kilian Rangers was rather poor in describing Kilian IV or the culture there, I have tried to give them some more life.

    The original Kilian Rangers used modified blasters with an inbuilt bayonet, known as Siang lances, and a small force field shield, called a shield gauntlet, that they could use to parry melee weapons or deflect blaster fire. I decided to ignore both of those since the Kilians are technological primitive (relatively speaking) and don’t have any contact with more advanced planets; I felt that that blasters should have run out of ammunition long ago and I just feel that if the GFFA had the shield gauntlet tech when Kilian IV was colonized and it was sturdy enough to be able to survive until now on (without new high-tech parts or batteries regularly coming in) we should be seeing others using them in the Movies-era. Since we don’t see something like that being used I just decided to ignore the shield gauntlet.

    I wanted the Rangers to be something a bit different from just low budget Jedi with other weapons (which WotC Force Adept class in practice was, if not in presentation so in the rules) so I decided that they were artificer-warriors, not just fighters but also craftsmen who used the Force to be the best craftsmen on the world and therefore the people with the best gear. This was inspired by the Weapons-Crafter template from The Artisans Handbook book to MAGE: Sorcerers Crusade RPG and the Mekanurg mage type from the Swedish RPG Gondica. I gave them guns as a reference to the Siang lance and as I felt it fitting that an artificer-warrior group know how to make gunpowder. I felt that there was no need for them to know Alter so they only know Body and Sense; the Substance analyze Force Power is taken from Gondica to give them rules that justify that they are artificers. The high amount free dices in starting skills come from that I felt that Kilian Ranger needed to have at least 1D in all of that to be accepted as a fully adequate Ranger by his pears. Since many of them will not come in that grate use once in space I felt it was ok to give them that but at the cost of having fewer skill dices to put in whatever they want to.

    Regarding the people on Kilian so is my main inspiration regarding their looks and armament (even if it probably can’t be seen since I was rather short worded in my descriptions) the Dayak people on Borneo.]
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    It looks like we have exactly one month to go before our current challenge, the Fanon Planet Challenge 2.0, comes due on November 12, so I thought I would check in and see how folks are doing with their prompts for that challenge. Good? Not so good? Somewhere in between? And of course, if there is any way I or any of us can be of help, just say the word! :)

    Also, don't forget that even if you don't make the deadline, you can still have a story inspired by this challenge listed in the challenge index after the fact, even though it won't be part of the voting.

    And finally, one update for this month so far: @Gamiel 's new post, just above this one, titled Reworked Canon Force Traditions.
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    If I have not already pulled out of the planet challenge, I do so now.

    Too many of my own projects to update.

    Revisiting the What is your reaction when you come across another person's fanon on the same thing? discussion.

    Although not the same thing, I have an idea brewing (and partially written) which had a member of Pui-Ui royalty, named Indupar, with a background connection to the Induparan Crown Worlds, I have subsequently seen a story title indicating that someone else has gone with the Indupar name, for someone.

    While it shouldn't be odd for two people in the same galaxy to have a shared first name, I admit that seeing that continues to be disconcerting, and I don't want to seem like I am copying.
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    @Sith-I-5, do you mean @Jedi_Lover 's current Marcus Indupar diary? If so, I think it's the character's surname rather than his first name anyway, and I think it's totally fine for the same name to crop up in more than one place in a galaxy this size. After all, aren't there several million Jax Pavans in Coruscant alone? :p

    Here's a "someone else's fanon" situation from my own experience that I had in mind when proposing this discussion topic. As several people here know, I have a bunch of fanon of my own concerning the Gand (posted elsewhere in this thread), and much of it goes back a good number of years. At one point some years back, I came across some very different Gand fanon lore, particularly in the area of the Gand religion, that had been established by some players of Gand characters in an online RPG. My first thought was to look through it and see if any of it could potentially be useful to me in my writing (in which case I would try to get in touch with the people who came up with it), but upon looking at it more closely it looked to me like much of it had just been borrowed from a RL religion with some names and terms changed (and some of them not even all that much), with a few established Gand terms (janwuine, ruetsavii, etc.) sort of cobbled in. So I ended up leaving it alone. I'm willing to share more details by PM, though I didn't want to do so here in order not to seem like I'm badmouthing anyone too much.

    (That's potentially another discussion topic: what constitutes too much borrowing from RL when creating fanon. Maybe that will come next... :D )
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