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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Nov 11, 2014
    All righty doo, fanonistas! A new year has begun, so why not a new Fanon Thread challenge, too? :D Therefore I am pleased to announce...

    The Fanon "Back to Basics" Challenge!

    Because our previous challenge was admittedly a little on the difficult side, let's make this one very simple: choose a fanon element from the thread index and write a story that features it. Hence the name—because in its way, working with someone else's fanon is challenge enough.

    A few stipulations:
    • The fanon element may not be one of your own. (You knew this was coming, right? :p )
    • The fanon element must be a central feature of the story and not just be mentioned in passing. (You probably knew this was coming, too.)
    • The fanon element may be one you have written about before, but don't feel afraid to try something totally new, either!
    • Please identify the fanon element, with a link to the appropriate fanon post, in the headers introducing your story.
    • As always, be respectful in your use of the fanon element, and give due credit to its creator.
    • If you have questions about the fanon element, please PM its creator first. If the creator is no longer around or reachable, you can PM this sock and I'll do my best, but only as a last resort, please.

    Stories are due four months from today, on May 5, 2019 at 11:59 pm PST, after which we'll vote as usual. You may post your story (and a link in this thread) at any point between now and that due date. As always, if you have any questions, ask away! :)

    Challenge Index
    (to come)
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    Dec 16, 2012
    I was more thinking that the pilgrimages would come Dearan because it’s the origin of their faith.

    Will try to take time to look at Forefathers´Eve

    No problem, this is discussion after all to see what works and don’t works.

    Just for clarity’s sake, can you say why it don’t work?

    I can see people from each moving to the other to start a new life away from the problems with their own culture but with a lifestyle a bit similar to their own.

    Oh, I forgot about the slavers.

    A possibility is that the slavers have found out about the planet and allied with some of the more nefarious clans to give them high-tech (like weapons) in exchange for their captured enemies and the Terian priests are trying to work out how to stop this.

    Another one is that slavers routinely comes to the world but not that often.

    It is only controlling one large area on a planet and it don’t seem interested in expanding its influence (for now). It’s not a threat to anybody that’s not coming near it.

    I guessed that was your association, I wonder if it says something about me that Netherlands is rather low on my association list regarding greenhouses.

    Ok. That could work for me if it works for you.

    Here are some more concepts, tell me what works and what do not:

    * long, harsh winters with short intense summers. People live inside enclosed, heated cities originally built by the athenar. Beside the heating system and sunken fungi gardens (that provide nutritious, if highly bland food) has all the athenar technology left here been lost. Beneath each of the cities are large catacomb and tunnel complexes that some say were built by somebody other than the athenar.

    * green islands of grassy hills, rocky slopes and forested valleys, perfect for racing [space sheep]. People live mostly of fishing, agriculture and rockworks. Boats are used for fishing but hover/flying crafts are used for most kinds of longer travel. People dress like Wild West combined with some spacer and seafarer elements [guns are very common], buildings are mostly of the 19th-centery pioneer/boomtown style but with more use of rocks as building material.
    People live in larger family units - known as great-families - that can be between 20 to over 1000 strong. Each great-families control an area which usually has at least one village, sometime even town; the cities [which are small by our standard] are divided between great-families, newcomers and people who don’t want to mention their family name - no single great-family control a whole city. To protect against raiders and pirates so are most towns equipped with at least one weapons platform and/or some kind of bastion where the people can take shelter, the villages usually lack any kind of weapons platform but many of them has some kind of “bomb shelter” like structure/s beneath one or more of the houses.
    many of the natives go around armed, or at least have guns at home, to protect against wild animals and possible villains.

    * planet whose population is protected by a group of elite warriors that pilot mechas originally created by the athenar and left behind of some reason.

    * planets whose rotational speed and orbit are perfectly synchronised, resulting in a local day and a local year being of identical length. Life exist in the constantly moving twilight-belt with the native life either surviving by hibernating through the day-summer and night-winter, only living one season or in by being in constant movement. The people live a nomadic lifestyle on the back of animals and hover-towns.

    * mineral rich swamp-world with very little highland, making it so that nearly all mining operations has to be done directly in wet lands

    * landowner-nobility whose bastions/castles are built around the ancient colonization landing-ships that brought them here. High-tech is only allowed among the nobility.

    * the population on the planet consider its land to be holy and only clerics and holy-people are allowed to walk on it; the people live in flying, floating and/or underwater cities. There is a group of elite warrior-clerics whose most important job is to hunt and capture blasphemers who walk on the sacred soil, preferably while still on the planet and without damaging the land.
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    May 11, 2016
    Well keep in mind the Terian religion isn´t really organized or unified in any way. On each Terian world the spirits might be seen somewhere else. Like the Darvinites see them in the skys and the wind, while on Tyrek 4 they see spirits in their oceans. And these spirits are respected, worshipped by the respective locals with hope for their support so to say, so there isn´t that much intresrest to go to Dearan for this, as it would house very different spirits. Priests might go there of course, but the average Terian usually has different worries/dreams than going to Dearan.

    The main thing would just be the general feel of the place. My idea of the Teris sector is really about this unruly lawless place at the borders of civilization, like the wild west/wild north analogy we discussed way back when I posted the original Teris fanon page. And this idea kinda goes along with most places of population being smaller villages or in case of the towns that exsist as thrown together patchwork communities, consisting chaotic architecture with many different influences.
    So the idea of organized city states with walls and so on doesn´t really fit into this rough border territory.

    Yeah that makes sense.

    Hm sounds a bit hand waevy to me, why would slavers ally with primitives and pay for slaves when they could simply take them?
    An idea I would have is houses a dangerous bacteria that can easily be deadly for outsiders, while the Kadas´s Nikto inhabitants have over generations developed immunity or even symbiotic relationship with the bateria that makes them immune? Kinda that after the Hutts left them there many of them died to the bacteria but a few with a stronger resitance survived and over generations developed an immunity to it? This could explain why slavers don´t come to the planet and its generally avoided. In therms of the Terian priests maybe they can, subcosciously, use the force to protect themselves?

    Ah okay that would work.

    It should, I think.

    Intresting that could work though lets not have it very many of these cities, maybe just one or two, the Athenar have never been numerous and any working remaining tech of them should be pretty rare.

    Sounds a bit like Ireland in some ways, which is fitting, as is the wild west connection. I guess Terian villages would have such strong points for the people to retrat to, and if its just a slightly more fortifed normal building. Also keep in mind that the vast majority of Terians carry some sort of weapon with them and most are trained from teenage how to defende themselves and even earlier how/where to hide and what to do in an attack.

    As above lets not spread the Athenar tech too much. Maybe there are a handfull of these suits but I think its a bit much to have entire units equipped with them.

    Great idea, fitts very well.

    Intreasting idea could have connections to some of the other mining places we talked about.

    Hm that doesn´t really seem to fit. We already have Serian as the world inhabited by nobles, so I´m not sure if a feudal world would fit in the Teris sector. That said parts of this idea like the settelments being build around the landing ships could work for Serian. Maybe the nobles even brought some, loyal, servants of theirs with them when they fled, who still severe them?

    Maybe a bit too religiously crazed forTerians but maybe these people are members of a sect from the core that migrated to the Teris sector after coming into conflict with the republican law? Also maybe lower their tech level a bit, maybe instead of outright flying cities they life in ones build in and between large trees a bit like on Kashyyyk?
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Spacer surnames (canon and fanon):

    Brightstar @Cowgirl Jedi 1701's
    Moondancer @Lady_Misty's
    Moonstep @Cowgirl Jedi 1701's
    Starbreaker @Anedon's
    Stormbreaker @Cowgirl Jedi 1701's
    Stormrunner @CernStormrunner's

    also many of the terms found here could probably be used as a spacer surname
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    Jul 31, 2014
    I used Nebula as a first name. Wow!

    @FanonSock - This challenge is awesomesauce. <3
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  6. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Many of them (if not all) can probably be as first names
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  7. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    I mean, I used it long ago. :)
  8. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    @Anedon Have you seen Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust? I ask because it has some parts that really combine Wild West esthetics with high-tech


    I see.

    My idea was that the planet was one of those belonging to the earlier wave of colonists, giving the population time to buildup small cities and defences. Just wondering, would it work if we said that there was only an area, around the size of Europa/China, where the city-states existed and the rest of the planet was wildlands (where possibly new wave colonists have taken root - probably creating conflicts between the Athenar taught old people and the new people that are not as respectful against nature). Asking just to be certain, because I feel we think a bit different so what’s obvious for one of us is not for the other.

    Because it so much easier if the slaves are already captured and shackled when you get there and you only have to pay in practically table scraps. That’s what European slavetraders usually did: they paid African slavetraders to get the slaves for them and then only needed to ship them.

    That’s a possibility.


    It’s inspired by costal Scotland actually, as I remember it looking in the Wicker Man (1973). Part of my inspiration for this concept is the interesting image of having Wild West ascetics in a environment you are not used in seeing it, I like that kind of things. (There is probably some kind of word for it.)

    I can see something like the bank value in Serenity being used or a keep.

    Okey, then I do some more with this concept.

    Good to hear.

    Maybe. There could be some kind of interstellar corporation/s that are trying their luck in the sector

    I’ll work with that :)

    The reason why they do not want people on the land don’t need to be religious, it’s just forbidden for some reason.

    Regarding the cities would floating and/or underwater work?[/QUOTE]
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  9. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Haven´t seen that one.

    Again I don´t think it really fits astetically. The old Terians are usually small tribal communities or villages, nothing larger or as organized as city states, its if anyone the newcomers who build the few cities that exist in the Teris sectior. Also I don´t really think the medival style would fit.

    Sure but I don´t think the european comparison really holds up here. They worked with inbetweens because it was considerably harder for them to scoure the african hinderlands away from the coastline. This problem doesn´t really exist for Hutt send slavers who can use their ships to get everywhere on the planet and attack every tribe with little effort.
    Also secondly I doubt the Terians or even the Athenar would allow any real collaboration with slavers, cause this could lead to them gaining allies, a foothold in the region. Especially if this collboration comes from primitive tribes the other Terians can easily defeat. Any clan who would try that risks destruction if this would get discovered.

    Maybe I went a bit to far with mentioning the wild west directly. I was more refering to it as a lawless border place with a few scattered towns and tribes than any direct astetic comparison, which is certianly possible on some worlds but isn´t a Teriam standart.

    Don´t know that refernce so I can´t say anything about it.

    Well I´m not sure if going by "that´s just how it is" is a really good way to explain something. Lets at least establish some kind of reason.
    As for floating or underwater cities be carefull not to make the technologically advanced as the Teris sector is somewhat backwards, maybe an underwater town could be build in an old abbandoned underwarter mining station or something.
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  10. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I recommend it, in nothing else then for the visuals.

    Okey, then are we at the same page.

    I did not concisely chose Wild West aesthetics (maybe subconcisely) because of your Wild West/North comparison, I did it because I wanted something that was not "fitting" with the environment and was shorthand for quick-built, ergo: Wild West/North aesthetics

    Will think about this a bit

    Short version: Serenity (2005) is a Space Western movie that also function as a overall end to the Firefly TV-series (you don't need to have seen the TV-series to get the movie). One of the early scenes involves the main characters robing a bank where the vault is a rather large underground room with a heavy door and metal plating all over. Some people hide inside it when the town/village is attacked by Reavers (mad killers and raiders of the worst sort) and are thereby able to survive.
    Its a good movie if you like Space Westerns or SF actions with some good world building.


    I don't think you have stablished how advanced is "too advanced" for the Teris sector. Can you give some examples of planets/cultures in SW (or other settings) that are around the levels you was thinking as around standard? And/or some examples of too advanced tech?
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    Jul 31, 2014
    I thought for a bit while cooking tonight and I realised something: this might be the best challenge ever, at least to us who attempted to contribute to previous ones, but failed miserably. Basically, anything can be recycled, continued etc.
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  12. TheRynJedi

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    Jun 20, 2018
    I'm already planning some stories using some Fanon more extensively. So hopefully I will get them finished.
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  13. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Ah okay.

    Difficult question. The general idea is that they are not primitive, yet have no real high tech either. In general I would say they have what they need, but little more. For example while blasters and vibroblades are common for protection advanced weaponry would be rare and only be found here and there. Spaceships are prevalent but generally older models bought, stolen, brought by newer colonists(though even their stuff would likely be nothing special), captured from pirates. The Terians don´t have any warft capacitiy to build their own ships but should be able to maintain and fix the ones they have, for the most part. I would say the more advanced a tech is as harder is it to keep maintiance and find spare parts and the more rarer it would be in the Teris sector. Same goes also for Athenar tech which the Terians would likely be completly unable to repair or maintain, thus makeing it rare(remember the Athenar themselves have forgotten some of their knowledge and struggle keeping the more basic things working).
    So basically basic tech should be readily available, anything advanced rare and few and far between. Does this make sense?
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  14. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Maybe. Would you say that many people live like the Lars' do on Tatooine (regarding technology) or do they have less?

    Also, how large can a town be before it's to large?
  15. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Hm honestly I don't think the Lars family was either poor or only relying on simple tech. They had a complete droid repair station inside their house and owned multiple droids over the years, when they buy R2 and 3PO its not treated as an extraordinary purchase. And they apparently had the money to send Luke to the imperial academy, at least at some point. So they seemed to be pretty well of all things considered. My guess is that most Terians would be beliw this, certianly not able to repair droids beyond simple checks, or own several of them.
    Also of course the Terians or at least most of them wouldn't live as isolated as the Lars family.

    Difficult question which is hard to answer as it would vary from world to world and SW in and of itself has some weird scaling that its hard to get a good answer. My guess would be they hardly go over the level of a town, no real cities and the number of these towns wouldn't be very high, as I would say the general population of the Teris sector is pretty low overall.
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  16. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    The reason I use the Lars as measuring rod was because my impression is that they are supposed to represent SW's version of a small time farmer in the outback of Kansas/similar. So we get what's in many way standard by seeing what they have.

    What's the level of a town? Asking because I could not really find a definition
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  17. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Yeah, I tried to answer that town level question, and could not either. It is clear that all over the Earth, population numbers do not relate to what your settlement counts as.

    So I will describe what I believe happens in Britain, to get a town to a city, then my idea for how one of your towns can get too large.

    My general understanding for the UK, is that can grow to literally any size in terms of population, and the only way to promote it to city status, is either by royal decree, or if there is a cathedral built in it.

    British history indicates that killing a member of the royal family has consequences, so, off-topic, we have a Royal Air Force, a Royal Navy, but a British Army because our ground forces once took out a king or queen.

    Similarly, I remember hearing that we have a town big enough to be regarded as a city, but it never will be, as someone royal was once executed there.

    So, to me, for a town to be too large, feels like an exercise in the Sims' computer series. Work out a resource, eg. water table or supply; transport links; food; etc., and when your town has scaled up enough for it to outgrow those resources, that is when it is too large.

    You could look up population and geographical footprint for Los Angeles, as I have been hearing recently that has a water shortage.
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  18. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Again to me they come of as rich farmers and not really what the people in the Teris sector would have( they would maybe have one or two droids or speeders per village/tribe not family).

    I don't really know wether there is really a good answer to this question. In general I would say not that large, keep in mind these cities are largley disorganized, filled with numerous people of different backgrounds, causing conflicts and shortages not prospering well organized city states.
    So the problems @Sith-I-5 mentioned will be much more severe without a clear cut leadership.
    If you must have numbers I would say not much higher than a few tenthousands I would guess.
    Some of the bigger settelments like the capital of Asterian that are stronly frequented by many criminals, pirates and general refugees are maybe in the lower hounderthousands. But they would be extremly rare and likely disorganized messes.
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  19. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    @Anedon you said the medival style would not really fit with your idea and I was wondering: if there are any other styles that you directly can say don't fit and if there are any styles that do fit with the Teris sector

    (a longer post will appear later now when I have done my Russian test and have some more free time.)
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  20. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    Hm though question, will say I don´t really like things that are to close to/inspired by Earthern culture in SW. Part of the fascionation of it is too me that unlike pretty much every other sifi where humanity came from earth, here it is completly detached from anything in "our" RL world. So any directly copied cultures and so on I wouldn´t really like.
    Even the celthic(as in Scottland, Ireland) ideas I mentioned are very broad I would say, there are certian nods to it here or there but its not everywhere.
    Generally I think culutures is pretty hard to generalize in the Teris sector because it really is a border territory, not many people live there and those who do are a mix of most other galactic culutres, and this is seen in their atsetics as well, houses that are basically old colonial buildings that have been expanded upon by its inhabitants, or houses made from whatever resoucres a planet would offer that are harvestable without an high tech. Or in therms of clothing its simple fucntional armor and equipment are salavged for example I describe Nev´s armor as being basically pieced together, while she uses an old heavy blaster as her main weapon.

    Again its really hard to say and I myself have trouble really getting a clear astetic together. Its probably easier with other parts of the galaxy because the only real universal thing about the Terian astetic is that its simple and functional.

    But if you want some RL cultures, I would generally say people who live in small communities in harsh relativley unciviliced lands. The non roman parts of germania in the atinquity, the vikings to an extend, Bedouin´s possibly, Mongolians in the past and today could also fit, also druidic culture as seen with Celts or Germanics, or shamanism which is seen all over the world could fit into the Teris sector, especially with the traditionalists.
    For the newcomers I would look at places like the pirates republic I mentioned before or the attempts at an anarchists society during the spanish civil war and other times. Though again genereally I think nods and inspiration from these would fit while it simply being "X in space" is something I don´t really like.

    Stuff that doesn´t fit would be things coming from imperialistic culutures, like the Roman, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian or Jappanese empires, or any feudal scoieties like middle age Europe.

    Hope this was at least a bit helpfull and thanks for your continued intrest in my fanon, I really apprechiate it. :)
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  21. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    So, I’m going to return to this slightly oldish discussion topic just for a moment, because I’ve recently had the experience at least some of a different writer’s fanon about another alien planet I happen to like quite a bit. Not long ago I read a very cool and interesting story on AO3 that took place just after the siege of Lasan and had some wonderfully detailed descriptions of the landscape. It was of course totally different from the landscape @Raissa Baiard and I have envisioned in our own Lasan fanon—ours is more like Colorado or the American Southwest, while this version of Lasan was very Mediterranean, with expansive seasides and beaches—kind of akin to @divapilot ’s Marfa. But I still appreciated how well thought out it was and well implemented in that particular story, and I feel I can do so while still appreciating and being very fond of our version, too. @};-
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  22. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    In my language we don't have a word for "town", we have "village" (by), "city" (stad), "great city" (storstad), and "city with a cathedral" (köping) so "town" is a bit of an alien concept for me. There is also that my country is rather small when it comes to population (and that I often work with historical cities), so to me a population ten thousand strong is a absolutely a city, and I would say that at least half that would make a city (at least in a less populated area) since that's Stockholm's population numbers when it got a city privileges.
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  23. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    Well in the german language the distinction between city and town also doesn´t really exsist either, we basically only have village (Dorf)and city (Stadt). That said I think the additional disctinction between twon and city can be usefull.
    For example the place I grew up has around 15.000 people living in it. On paper it was called a city yet compared to the city I live currently with its 500.000 inhabitants I don´t really think both are the same thing. So I would call the place where I grew up a town, and I would say 15.000 or so would already be the maximum for most Terian settelments. While I would say half a million would be the absolute maximum for a handfull of cities, I guess we should call them, on places like Asterian.
    Though keep in mind they would largely disogranized and there probably wouldn´t be more than a handfull places with the population in the hundrethousands in the entire sector.

    Again I find it hard to really work with numbers in SW when some soucres state the entire clone army was around 1,5 million soldiers which is incredibly little compared to even real world wars. And yes I know other sources take the "units" as battalions and have a greater troop count but the whole things still feels messy. Also really hesitant with the numbers regarding to the Teris sector because it should really be a border territory, where aside from a few anarchists, nobody would go volunteraly.
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  24. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

    Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 21, 2016
    Pop Culture


    Symphony In Cerulean, by Geh'Schwinn - Literally Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue moved to the GFFA.


    Correllia Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Urn
    - Correllia Smith is in a race against time to find a mysterious and powerful artifact. Will he find it before the bad guys do? And what will happen when it is found? (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark ...In Space!)

    Correllia Smith and the Temple of Doom - Correllia Smith must infiltrate a dangerous Dark Side worshipping cult in order to retrieve an ancient artifact they have stolen.....before they can unleash its power for their own nefarious ends. Will he make it out alive? (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ...In Space!)

    Correllia Smith and the Blade of the Revanchist - Once again, Correllia Smith is in a race against time....And the bad guys! This time he is on a quest to find the legendary Blade of the Revanchist. And to complicate things, there is a traitor in his ranks. Can he discover them in time to keep the Blade from falling into the wrong hands? (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ...In Space! The Blade of the Revanchist itself is not my invention. Credit for that goes to @Raissa Baiard - I think. I was having trouble coming up with my own MacGuffin for this one, and the Blade of the Revanchist seemed like it could be a rough GFFA analogue for the Holy Grail, at least in this context.)

    Correllia Smith and the Kingdom of the Crystal Orb - Correllia Smith is back again, in his greatest adventure yet! At the center of the excitement is a mysterious, intricately carved crystal orb, which has apparently caused one of his friends to go mad! A legend claims that a great treasure of ancient knowledge awaits the one who returns the orb to its rightful place. But when his friend is kidnapped by a cold hearted villainess who wants the prize for herself, his quest for answers becomes a rescue mission. Throw in an old flame, and the son he never knew he had, and Correllia Smith is in for nine Hells of a wild ride! (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ...In Space!)


    Zonnaba - Zonnaba follows the adventures of a thrice widowed father and his three sons on their nerf ranch outside Girvinia City. The species blind cast stars Loh'ren Gren as family patriarch Ben Shipwright, and Perrey Ro'Betts, Danblacca, and Mitch L'Andan as the three sons, Ah'dem, Hoss, and Little Joe. (Basically Bonanza in space)

    Int3gers - Mathematician Harley Zepp, and his older brother, Security Officer Dane Zepp, team up to solve perplexing puzzles and catch devious crooks on the streets of Coronet City. (Numb3rs ...In Space!)

    Books and Periodicals

    Beings - People in the GFFA

    Galactic Enquirer - National Enquirer in the GFFA

    Nebula - Star magazine in the GFFA
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  25. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    [This fanon rewrite parts of the canon information]
    Nearly two millennia before the rise of the Empire, a group of families fleeing the wars between the Jedi and the Sith escaped to a remote Outer Rim planet known as Yanibar. The group consisted mostly of families and friends of Jedi and some young padawans, who were all potentially targets of Sith attacks. The plan was to set up a home on the out-of-the-way world and wait for the Jedi to come for them once it was safe. However, the Jedi who set up the refuge were all killed in battle, and, as a result, the colony on Yanibar was left alone and forgotten.

    Yanibar was a harsh world of seasonal extremes - dry, blistering summers and frigid, wet winters. Once their original equipment and resources begun to fail and run out the struggled for survival begun: many succumbed to an environment so extreme and fickle that most would consider to colonies the planet. However, they were able to survive through cooperation, hard work and guidance by the Force.

    As the centuries passed, the original reason for colonizing Yanibar faded into myth. Unaware that their original protectors had been killed, began to see their isolation as abandonment by the Jedi. Over the generations, the Jedi came to be viewed not as protective but as uncaring. Having already become rugged and self-sufficient in their life’s trials, the people of Yanibar developed a philosophy of self-reliance and rejection of the Jedi. What was once a colony full of Jedi descendants became the roots of a philosophy that rejected the Jedi as protectors.

    This philosophy, the lessons taught by Yanibar’s harsh environment and half-forgotten Jedi teaching became the basis of a new Force tradition: the Zeison Sha. The Force flowed easily through members of the society, and the Zeison Sha honed their skills to help the colony not only survive, but eventually to grow and prosper.

    In time the planet’s isolation lessened. It was discovered and occasionally visited by fringe travelers, traders and, too often, raiders. In time, Yanibar developed into a small outpost between known space and the Unknown Regions. Visits were infrequent but grew over the course of centuries.

    The people
    The Yanibaree are rugged, self-reliance and independence, they focus on taking care of oneself, one’s family and one’s community. They have a strong family focus where the whole family stay together in all-weather and help each other out when needed. This, together with their already existing animosity toward the Jedi, made them take the Jedi tradition of taking in babies to train without contact with their biological family in the worst possible way. The Yanibaree’s close knit communities also often lead to a distrust of outsiders, a tendency to keep bad stuff within the community (“outsiders have nothing to do with this”) and/or a heavy peer pressure.

    [What species the Yanibaree are made up of to have been left open so the writers/players can choose what they want but it shouldn’t be any species that don’t have a long history as space travelers.]

    The Yanibaree dress similar to the Apaches during the 19th-centery, usually with amigasa-like hat and a mino or a sturdy fur-coat during the winter. Many of them also have protective googles and/or some kind of mouth protection against the dust picked up by the wind or the cold (usually a scarf but sometimes a respirator mask).

    There are no domesticable animals on Yanibar that are useful as mounts and there is no tradition of using wagons as personal transports (except for the old and sick) this means that people have walked when they wanted somewhere. Now a-days when mechanized transports are available so do the people of Yanibar still often walk, if it takes one hour or less to get somewhere by foot so do you walk. Taking a transport for such a short distance is just something that milk-blooded offworlders do.

    Yanibaree houses are usually one to two store buildings built out of stone with thatched roofs. Houses are mostly built in small villages with each dwelling having a barn; the houses are often built wall to wall or connected by stone walls, between 1-2m high, to protect against the wind and the wild animals. Most village houses and walls are hundreds of years old but are taken care of by their inhabitants and sometime also expanded. Many villages have green houses to help them get food through the hard parts of the year.

    Those villages are built to keep them as protected by the wind as possible but at the sometime above any area in danger of flood during the winter and near arable land

    The overall technological level is advanced pre-industrial but the Yanibaree have thought the centuries imported technology from the outside so all villages have at least communicators, heaters and some advanced medications at hand.

    Yanibaree art resemble traditional Tibetan and Hindu art.

    Sha Kalan
    Yanibar’s only city and spaceport is Sha Kalan, which is built in the crater of an extinct volcano and the original landing point for the ancestors of the Yanibare. As with the other buildings on Yanibar so are Sha Kalan’s buildings made out of stone but here are the stones many time built around old spaceships or hab-containers that has been left by, or confiscated from, visiting spacers. In most cases those ships are gutted for most of the tech not needed to make them living areas, beside their larger canons and engines, which are used for defense against pirates and power the city’s technology respectively.

    The city is built in the crater of an extinct volcano and function as the main gathering place for the Yanibaree when making decision affecting the whole planet, which happen every fourth year unless something comes up.

    As stated earlier so is Yanibar a harsh world of seasonal extremes - dry, blistering summers and frigid, wet winters. Storms are common and can appear with little to no warning; strong winds are the most common weather.

    Most of the land is made up by rocky hills, semi-desert, steppe and savanna, much with turns into desert during the summer. Life survive summer either by hibernating, only living one season or spending the summer around the surviving rivers and lakes.

    Yanibar lack any native tree species, instead most vegetation is grass, reed, shrubbery, cactus or succulents based. Much of the flora protect itself by thorns, sharp leafs, thick bark, foul taste and/or poison.

    Pack hunting voorcats are a returning threat to the Yanibaree and their livestock. Native myriapodas come in many sizes and fill both the niches they have on earth and the ones for snakes and eels, notable are the semi-domesticated auseoi which are used similar to cats to hunt rodents and similar pests. Catgator like malators live in the waterways and lakes, they are able to create hibernating-cocoons out of mud and slime in which they survive the summer if their water-homes dry out. With its 1.5 m high and broad bodies so are the furry, ankylosaurus-like ansadla Yanibar’s larges animal, they are highly territorial and attack sentients who come to close to them. Living from the planets and insects found in grikes are noffnoff, small tapir-like animals that are able to metabolize the many kinds of poisons found there, making it possible for them to eat what many others can’t, and making themselves poisonous to eat. The noffnoff are distantly related to the archaeotherium-like vargris, whose shaggy winter pelt is used by the Yanibaree for warm and sturdy winter fur-coats. Domesticated variants of the sheep-sized and placerias-like farodlors are the Yanibaree’s main source for meet and leather, while the pangolin-like myrottes are kept for their eggs.
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