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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Never been very into this whole "Chtullu in space" I´ll admit. But there might be some intresting ideas here, given how remote the Terian´s are its certianly possible that some rare and secretive races plague them as well. Though depending on how long this has been going its possible the Terians might begin to look for a way to retaliate.
  2. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Just realised that this is a far better and more realisable reason for the Empire to have aquatic stormtroopers, than having to wait till you happen by a waterworld.

    All Calamari-built starcraft, rather than simply having different controls for their own species - I believe that it was background data to explain all the Mon Cal bridge officers in ROTJ - should have a good amount of waterfilled corridors, and I think with Lord Vader's capture of the Raddus over Scarif, that should have been a reason to break out the aquatic troopers.
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    Mar 11, 2019
    Yeah, the MC80 had waterways(or artificial lakes) to facilitate travel for aquatic species. Even the MC85, whose interface was designed from the onset to be more human-friendly, still has this feature.
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  4. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    @Pons - Thank you for all that; I had no idea.
  5. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Some questions:
    I take this to mean that there are many lesser cities, towns, and villages.

    would not acacia, date palm, and tamarisks also be fitting?

    Played by Elisha Cook Jr., in a suit that makes him look bigger?

    More questions:
    * How did the government look like before the empire took over?
    * Is there a local camel equivalent? And is it native or implanted?
    * do the local nomads use animals or motorised vesicles?
    * is shipping done using air-travel or caravans?
    * how is the local fashion?
    * any fauna that deserve mentioning?

    Do you know that there is a Secrets of Morocco supplement to Call of Cthulhu? It's not as good as their Secrets of Tibet or Secrets of Japan book but do give an overview of 30's Morocco for use in RPG:s but I don't know how much you already know or are interested in so I don't know if it would actually be useful.
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  6. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Sorry I didn't answer this earlier! This is a really, really good question that I blush to say I haven't had occasion to think much about except in a very curory say. In general, I too pretty much imagine Lasan being a dead, empty world floating there in space (I agree that it's probably not the only one, either), and that most remaining Lasats are indeed going to go directly to Lira San, without either passing Go or collecting $200. :p I'm certain that erosion, time, tide, and nature in general would do their part in wearing down (and perhaps, in some cases, completely hiding) whatever ruins, remains, etc. are left, and it's not out of the question that some kind of other colonists or visitors might eventually come along in the far future. I have indeed thought about having the characters I often write about coming back there for a brief visit of reminiscence, perhaps en route to Lira San, to get one last look at the world that gave them birth. @};-

    So, I hope that helps at least start to answer this—again, a super good question. I think your "dead worlds" idea definitely sounds like it would stand up to being put down to writing, and I would definitely be very interested to see it materialize! :cool:
  7. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Just to be clear: when we are talking about "dead worlds" do we mean worlds that once populated but now abounded or once living planets that are now dead or at least unable to support anything but the hardiest of life?
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  8. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    I should probably let Pandora answer this, but I think the bolded bit in her quote above makes it clear it’s probably more along the lines of the former: a world whose population was wiped out and is now unpopulated (at least by sentient beings) and pretty much abandoned.
  9. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    If i's the former can I give some reasons to why a planet is still alive but abounded by it's former population.
  10. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    OK, I'm quite not sure what you mean here; are you saying that the term "dead world" is an inaccurate way to describe a world like Lasan, because there still technically could be life there (animals, vegetation, etc.)?

    Also, I'm guessing you mean "abandoned" instead of "abounded"? Though the Lasat didn't willingly abandon Lasan by any means—they were systematically wiped out.
  11. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012

    :oops: Yes, meant 'abandoned'

    Well I think that still count as 'abandoned' since abandoned mean "no longer maintained by its former owners, residents or caretakers", in this case the abandonment happened because of death/threat of death.
  12. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    @Raissa Baiard how large is Merkesh City? Since you use Casablanca as a reference do I all the time think that it's around the size of that city in the 1930's/40's but that don't really fit with it being just a "two cantinas town". Or is it so that it only have tow cantinas but lots of other serving establishments?

    Also have I understood it right that it is used as a transit port for people moving to (or wanting to move to) the Corporate Sector from Imperial Space?

    One more thing: is the natives human or some other species?
  13. Pandora

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    Apr 13, 2005
    Returning to the matter of those worlds left to float abandoned and alone in space:

    So @Gamiel is correct. The term "dead worlds" isn't accurate for those worlds that were (to quote myself) depopulated, but remain capable of supporting life--and which would likely still have plentiful flora and fauna. It would be more technically suitable for those worlds--and I can think of several from the Legendary EU-- that have been literally decimated during one galactic crisis or other; which I realized, of course, only after I wrote my previous post. So I have decided that it originated as a slang term for those worlds, and then the usage shifted, over time, into its present meaning.

    The thing is, if a planet has been turned into a blasted wasteland, it is dead in a way that makes sense. It is literally dead. But these other worlds, like Lasan--that once had life, that could have life still, but which remain empty for decades, and even centuries--must be also dead, but in other less obvious ways, ones you can't see. Call it what you will, and there would probably be any number of variations on "bad spirits," and similar concepts, across the galaxy to do just that. I suppose I could have come up with another name for them, and perhaps someone else could if I don't. But there was a reason that "dead worlds" was what came so naturally to mind for me.

    And then there's this: people--and organizations such as Gamiel's which he mentioned in a post on the previous page--can work on rebuilding an environment that has been badly damaged. But how can you fix something as nebulous as "bad spirits?"

    As for the concept making an actual appearance in the far-future set story I mentioned: it's really more part of the worldbuilding background (as in, the iceberg to the story's tip of the iceberg) so I don't know if there will ever be a reason for that to happen. It may just remain fanon-for-fanon's-sake.


    @Findswoman Regarding Lasan in particular: Yes, I think it's obvious (and no doubt what the Rebels show creators intended) that the surviving Lasats won't be returning to their world of origin. After all, they have little reason to--when they would be all but alone on Lasan, and they have Lira San, the world of their ancestors, with millions of their kind, to be their new home. And maybe they have the right idea about that--time only goes in one direction, and it's best to go along with it. You can't ever really get back what you have lost, and this deserted Lasan is not the same world they knew.

    (As a somewhat related aside, this is why I think, more and more, that New Alderaan--as a replacement for the Alderaan that was lost, right down to the near identical New Aldera--is a bad idea. But that is probably precisely why it would happen. And anyway, I have the impression the New Disney Overlords have left that one out with the trash.)

    And yes, time and tide and nature would indeed take everything back. Eventually, there would be almost no sign that anyone had ever lived on Lasan. What happens besides that, as the Saga recedes into the long ago past, is anyone's guess--and a place those creating the CANON aren't likely to be interested in going, so looks like that's our job--but you have some good ideas. Lasan could well still have some importance in Lasat culture, and since they colonized the world once before, there is no reason they might not eventually do the same again.

    But if not: Lasan would eventually become this empty desert world in the outer rim that lacks the natural resources that would attract the attentions of either governments or corporations. (And well, if you learn nothing else from Star Wars, it is that desert planets--exemplified by Tatooine and Tatooine 2.0 sorry I meant Jakku--always suck.) Worse still, there are the rumors of rumors that the place is "haunted." Even the name "Lasan" would be long forgotten to those in the wider galaxy.


    @Gamiel: If i's the former can I give some reasons to why a planet is still alive but abounded by it's former population.

    Have at it. I would be interested in reading what you've got.
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  14. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I would use 'abandoned worlds' since to me 'dead worlds' are something else.


    That's the reason for most of my fanon

    Bullheadednes. It's not a good reason but an all to common one.

    Ok. Will post it soon
  15. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    EDITED: OK, I’m not sure “bullheaded” is the word you want here... I could understand why the few surviving Lasat from Lasan might not fancy going through the trouble of resettling a world that was so thoroughly ravaged and desolated by the Empire that there’s pretty much no one and nothing left there at all, especially now that their ur-homeworld is available to them. That is not to say that they would completely forget Lasan and what happened there; how could they, since that was their home for so long? Nor is it saying that they would immediately fit in on Lira San without any sort of challenges or period of adjustment, or even that some of them might never feel quite the same there. But I don’t think they would necessarily be interested in trying to resettle or recolonize Lasan after what the Empire did, at least not without letting some time pass.
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  16. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Sorry if I was a bit to short in my reply. My comment was to give a possible reason to why some lasats would return to Lasan but I did not mean that all, or even many, of them would try to do it.

    The reason why I can see some lasat try it is that it's not unheard of for people in RL to try to stay in the area they consider home or try to resettle it if their settlement have been destroyed, even if it means lots of hard work; danger to themselves, there own and their property; and they would get little out of it. As I said, it is not a good reason to why some of them maybe would do it, but it's possible.
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  17. Pandora

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    Apr 13, 2005
    @Gamiel: I would use 'abandoned worlds' since to me 'dead worlds' are something else.

    "Abandoned worlds" is technically correct (and in fact, I am now imagining that these worlds might have the designation A in official star maps to reflect this), but it doesn't quite have the casual quality of everyday speech/slang that I'm looking for. I have thought of a few alternatives: ghost worlds, haunted worlds, orphan worlds. Basically, a hundred different names for the same thing in as many languages.

    But how can you fix something as nebulous as "bad spirits?"

    So you just bring in a pair of Jedi and start some cleansing.


    As for being "bullheaded:" I can see this one old Lasat, who survived the siege of the planet by luck and by wit, having difficulties adjusting to life on Lira San (and while it is a generality, the older one is, the harder it is to adjust to major changes), and deciding they would rather live out what years they have left in the place they never wanted to leave in the first place. The Empire's gone now, and the New Republic looks likely to ignore Lasan. Who's going to stop them? Well, their fellow Lasats (none of whom would be their actual family or friends, who all died in the siege) would--they wouldn't understand why anyone would want to leave the bosom of this new world.

    But this hypothetical old Lasat is "bullheaded," after all, and if they have to liberate a ship and sneak off in the dead of night to get home again, so be it. And once the word gets out to everyone else, they might not even be the last Lasat left standing on Lasan after all.
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  18. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Please write this story. I want to read it.
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  19. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Fanon regarding the KIFFAR & the KIFFU SECTOR
    [much of this is a repost of old stuff that I realised took up enough space for it's own post]
    * Kiffars are slightly more resistant to electricity then standard humans. This comes from that in times of old so did the kiffars who could not take a lightning strike survive long enough to have that many children.
    * Their psychometric ability is actually psychic ability, not a Force based one but they can enchant it with the help of the Force just like with other senses. All kiffar have a latent psychometric ability even if only around 1% are naturally strong enough in it for it to be useful.

    * Kiffu sector = an geographical area that share the same sector senator and administration. The sector's Sector Rangers are the Kiffu Guardians.
    * Kiffar space = all planets where the Kiffar government is highly influential. Mostly kiffar colony planets.
    * Kiffar space try to keep blasters in low circulation, since they are very helpful in violent crimes and encourage vigilantism, and do this by having restrictive blaster laws and going down hard on blasterrunners.
    * Kiffu government is in many ways the Kiffu Guardians (making Kiffu in practise a police state) and there have been a tendency for authoritarianism and treating law breaker harshly. This have more then once created conflict between the Kiffu government and the Republic.

    * "Kiffu was known for its textiles and metal artifacts, much of which was produced by forced labour on the prison planet Kiffex. [...] Another major source of revenue was the technology developed to harness the energy generated by the electrical storms between Kiffu and Kiffex and the export of batteries and other energy-storing devices to low-tech worlds." [Chyntuck’s]
    * "The electrical storms became an important element of Kiffar culture -- with a religious/superstitious component in earlier times, but also as a source of artistic inspiration. Kiffar music in particular used various instruments powered with energy harvested from the electrical storms." [Chyntuck’s]

    * There exist 42 great clans who claim origin from time of the first colonist (history keeping and politics being what it is so are there some debate about the truth of this claim for some of the great clans).
    * Beside the 42 great clans so do the also exist numerous of lesser clans who are decedents from outcasts, splinter families and “half-breeds”. The lesser clans make up majority of Kiffu’s middle and lower classes.

    * I see the kiffar as matrilineal, this comes from that when we see Quinlan’s parents so is it his mother who have the Vos qukuuf. I know there are indications that they are patrilineal in the canon but I ignore that.

    *Here are some clans, both canon and fanon

    Alexy their qukuuf is a vertical black line on the left side of their face: going from the brow, over their eye and ends below the chin.
    Kas qukuuf is a thick, vertical line in green going from brow to shin. [canon.]
    Konshi have a blue chevrons on the cheeks as qukuuf. [canon]
    Malki whose qukuuf is a vertical red lines on the forehead. [Chyntuck’s]
    Moxla’s qukuuf is a black pattern on the cheeks. [canon]
    Mun whose red qukuuf cover their whole chin.
    Tarev 's qukuuf is read and covers their eyes, with a design resembling the eye markings of the Yuyan archers. [from the SW Fanon wiki]
    Varté [from the SW Fanon wiki]
    Vekslé have a red disk on each cheek as qukuuf. The majority of the clan live on the planet Pseuvoss.
    Vel have three black stripes on each cheek as qukuuf. [canon.]
    Vos’ qukuuf is yellow lines across the face over the nose bone. A majority of the clans members are member of the Guardians which make them the most politically powerful clan. [canon]
    Wyn [from the SW Fanon wiki]
    Zhin [from the SW Fanon wiki]

    Kiffu Guardians
    * the title of the Guardians commander, who's also the the ruler of the planets Kiffu and Kiffex, is Sheyf
    * Beside being the law enforcement body on Kiffu and Kiffex so are they also the Kiffu sector's Sector Rangers

    * Standard equipment for a Kiffu Guardian is a blaster, with stun setting as standard; vibro-halberd and/or stun baton.
    * Inquisitive are the name for the Guardians criminal investigators; many of them have been trained to enhance their rudimentary psychometric ability. Their mark is an open hand in yellow with a stylised red eye in its palm. Are sometime know as 'yellow fingers' and 'palm eyes'.

    Kiffar slang
    Palmed = getting caught because a ‘guardian used psychometry
    Star = Kiffar guardian, referring to they yellow star that is their mark.
    Starman = Kiffar guardian, referring to they yellow star that is their mark.
    Yeller = Kiffar guardian, comes from the slang word Yellow, see Yellow
    = Kiffar guardian, referring to they yellow star that is their mark.
    Ink = Inquisitive (what I call the Kiffar guardian who have been special trained in criminal investigation, comparable to police detective).
    Tickie = Derogatory expression for non-kiffar Guardsmen or non-kiffars who is partnering with a Guardman. Comes from the name of the fictional Kiffar Inquisitive Sax Agaton’s pet. Is usually considered highly insulting.

    Sax Agaton = A fictional Kiffar guardian inquisitive that is well known within Kiffar space and at least heard of in its near-space. His stories have been told, retold, deconstructed, parodied and reconstructed for over 500 years. He (sometime she) is usually accompanied by August (who in most incarnations is some kind of droid) and his pet (often a dog) Tickie. Comparable to Sherlock Holms for how well known he is, at least in the Kiffar Sector.

    Planet in the Kiffu sector

    * Have been move to this post
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Sounds like GFFA version of Australia! [face_laugh]
  21. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    That's a fair dinkum. Follow the link given at the head of the Oradongia pahrt n' see just how bloody aussie it is.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Oi! Ain't nobody there to kriff spiders, is they?
  23. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Would like to mention that neither the Moon-beasts nor the Mi-Go don't fall in to the "Chtullian" category of Lovecraft's creations.

    Non seen in the movie and I have described any but that don't stop anybody from fanoning up some

    * Notable environmental change, don't need to be quick, and the people can't cope with it and either die out or move away from it.
    For example:
    - the planet getting to hot or to cold.
    - the air-pressure dramatically increase or decrease
    - something takes away a large amount of the world's water
    - the water level quickly getting higher
    * a plague kill of everybody
    * war, either internal (there are possibly many planets whose natives developed weapons of mass destruction and used them in a war of mutual annihilation) or some interstellar one.
    * on a planet with little land and the population not being amphibious or living under water could just a really heavy storm or tsunami possibly kill them all of.
    * asteroid strike.
    * sudden heavy volcanic activity cover the sky with sot, turning away the sunlight and creating an era of famine and cold
    * something mutated the population into new, non-sentient forms. They are still there in a way but now as animals - the Kwa is a good example of this.
    * the world is full of poisons that the settlers did not know about (f.ex. high amount of heavy metals in the water; notable radiation levels; 90% of all flora is poisonous), that killed them of after some time (but long enough for them to establish something).
    * raiders come and kidnapped everybody that they did not kill.
    * something happens from time to time on the planet that drives some, or maybe even all, of its animals wild and they have killed of all the humans (see the movies Pitch Black and Riddick).
    * religious/philosophical belief have the people forsaking sex, leading to no new generations to populate the settlement/s
    * mass suicide.

    Here are some quotes from the RPG Eldritch Skies describing some planets that have gone throng some civilisation killing cataclysms:
    [...] a large, dry, rocky world with a thin atmosphere and deep canyons. !e surface of Eridanos is an enormous, cold dezert: far from inviting. !e air pressure is less than one &fth of Earth’s, and the landscape is bleak, dry and cold. !ere is little liquid water, and even the ice caps are relatively small. Life survives here, but only slow-moving animals and hardy plants make their home in this harsh environment. The air pressure on the surface is only 18% that of Earth, which is equal to the air pressure almost 13 kilometers above Earth’s surface. Humans require breathing masks to survive on the surface.
    Approximately 600 million years ago the elder ones or some other species seeded Eridanos with Earthly life. At this time, this world had an atmosphere almost as thick as Earth’s and water covered almost two thirds of the surface. This all changed approximately 110 million years ago, when some ancient catastrophe ripped away most of the planet’s atmosphere and three quarters of its water. The removal of the majority of Eridanos’ oceans meant that what little atmosphere remained was thicker in the ocean bottom, three kilometers below the previous sea level. Eridanos’ ocean bottoms cracked and buckled in a reaction to the sudden removal of the billions of tons of water that had previously occupied this planet’s ocean basins. Within 50,000 years slightly over one eighth of this world’s surface was covered with a network of deep rifts and trenches. Most of these cracks connect with at least a few other rifts, but some are entirely isolated.

    [...] 19,000 years ago the Mingans were a technically advanced culture who had explored their solar system and were starting to explore the stars beyond their world. 16,000 years ago, the Mingans destroyed themselves in several disastrous wars that used both anti-matter and hyperspatial weapons. In the end, all inhabited areas of Wei-Ming were reduced to huge regions of molten glass and the few Mingans who survived this holocaust died from radiation and the resulting climatic catastrophe as the dust raised from the various blasts obscured the sun for many decades. Over the next several thousand years, the ecosystem on Wei-Ming largely recovered from this disaster, but the Mingans were extinct within a century of their final war."

    Cinder circles a red giant star. [...] it was thriving and filled with life, but as its star aged and expanded, the increased heat first boiled Cinder’s oceans and then baked the rock. Today, the surface temperature is almost 150 degrees Celsius during the day. However, life endures deep below the surface. When the star first began to expand 150 million years ago, Cinder was inhabited by a highly advanced technological species. They refused to work with hyperspatial technologies and could not travel to other stars, but they dug a network of huge caverns far below their world’s surface. Here, protected from the heat above by more than four kilometers of rock, on a world where most geothermal activity faded hundreds of millions of years before the star expanded, these beings constructed a subterranean refuge for themselves and much of the world’s life. Today, all life on Cinder is contained in a series of caverns between 100 meters and 10 kilometers in diameter. These caverns all interconnect, forming a complex network that stretches for thousands of kilometers. Access to the surface comes through vast tunnels 50 meter across, drilled through the rock. Humanity has found five such tunnels, two of which still have functional elevators.
    The aliens vanished almost a million years ago, but the strange ecosystem they created remains."

    Pellucida used to have an atmosphere half as thick as Earth’s, but 200 million years ago, during an ancient battle between elder one genetic engineers and a Great Old One, the world gradually lost most of its atmosphere. This loss occurred over the course of 60 million years. Life on Pellucida dapted, evolving brilliantly colored, jointed silica shells and silicone skins to protect it from evaporation and ultraviolet light. Today, life on Pellucida is somewhat sparse, but it is also brilliant and striking. Some of this life can survive for days or even weeks in the vacuum of space and researchers are currently studying these creatures to gain information for new augmentations and new space suit designs. [...]
    Pellucida also contains ruins of an alien civilization. These aliens appear to have died out approximately 1,800 years ago, just as they were learning to use electricity and artificially generated power. They were killed off by a series of powerful solar flares."
  24. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    "Ain't here to [Kriff] spiders" is an Aussie figure of speech. I would recommend googling for more information.
  25. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    It's been a while. No new entries yet, but I have updated the post on Forceless in general based on some upcoming story-developments in Paranormalities.

    Minor one, I carefully reworded the description of traits exhibited by possession hosts for tactful reasons (and that's all I will say about that).

    The major one, is that (not counting chemical mutations to the symbiote) Forceless don't always have red eyes and their eye color is reflected by their Herald's nature. I'll add further context later after the upcoming chapter comes out.

    Another minor one addition was a theory about how Forceless can imitate certain Force powers despite being disconnected from the Force. Specifically, they can imitate Force lightning by temporarily creating an organ that produces electrical energy and that the magic claim is just nerfshavit coming from a Herald or symbiote with a god complex. Again, it's only a theory on the mysterious nature of Forceless. Nothing is set in stone in that regard.
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