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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I don't borrow. I steal!

    I then refit it, give it a new paint job and use it how ever I want. [face_devil]

    For world building so do I steal from everything: works of fiction (books, comics, movies or other doesn't matter); roleplaying games; history books; culture studies; documentaries I see on TV; things that is reported on by the news; computer games; works of art; etc.

    (B.t.w. I have many and know of many books, movies and similar that can work as inspiration so if people want a suggestion list for what to look up as inspiration for things so could I probably help.)

    If I see something I like or think I can use, I take it. I then modify it to fit whatever planet/culture/species I thought it would be part of. Then there is also the problem with coming up why the thing is not used more, f.ex. if there is a Force technique that allows you to teleport why have we never seen any jedi or sith use it since they are supposedly the most knowledge Force traditions? Answer: teleportation is highly dangerous and can create havocs around you, therefor not considered worth the price by the jedi or sith, other Force traditions don't know this and teach this technique.

    Sometime I steal whole cultures/historical periods, f.ex. so is a fic I am working based on a story that take place in Japan's Meiji period and I want to keep as much of the Meiji feeling as possible while at the same time making the country something that are not just Meiji-era Japan with visiting SW characters.

    I can not really say that I have any real way of making my world-building consistent, as seen in my Force traditions post so are my world-building rather haphazard.

    Design, the small details and thinking about how the environment and/or species would effect the culture, its technology, design, etc.

    To me design is highly important when it comes to illustrations, comics and movies but not as important when it is just the written word, where you can get away with descriptions like "the city was made up by cubistic houses in red sandstone". Timothy Zahn is an expert of describing things and people with just a few words.
    Boring design, the reuse of already existing design or design that don't really fit the description (an all to of the occurring thing in SW) can easily damage the immersion in the story.

    The small detail are often what makes a culture alive, like what do they eat, how do they great each other, how do they swear (for me this is important, if they are just using something that sound like **** so do I easily lose my immersion), etc.

    How the environment and/or species being used effect how they think, do things and talk is important if you want something that is not just earth humans (usually westerners) in rubber suits or with a fancy backdrop.
  2. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Chyntuck how did the Empire handle Don-a-Karan’s New Jedi and how did DKNJ act under the Empire's rule?


    divapilot have the Barolian religion spread to any other world/group?

    Would you count the abilities above as being Force abilities?
    Do this technique have any mystical/spiritual effect or is it just used to mentally get your bearing?
  3. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Yes, absolutely, because they're part of the Gand Findsman tradition, which I consider a Force tradition. (Yes, I do know what some sources say about the Gand claiming not to use the Force; I have thoughts about that, but I'll spare you them for now because I can ramble about them for a while if given the chance. :p)

    It is mainly just used to get one's bearing, though I guess you could say it uses spiritual or mystical means to accomplish that.
  4. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Here is my list of Force abilities/powers/skills/techniques, they are both canon and fanon. When they are canon and there is a wooki-page for that power so do I link to it, if I can not find a page so will ‘[canon]’ appear after the presentation. In some cases the canon name will be different then the one I give them in my list, the reason for this is that I find the canon name unimaginative. In the cases where I have given a fanon name to canon abilities and can not find a page on the wook’ so will you find the canon name between square brackets.
    Some of the abilities are stolen from/highly inspired by non-SW RPG:s and in those cases I give the name of the work stolen from between square brackets.

    Some of the canon abilities will have part of my fanon in it, in those cases ‘with fanon’ will appear between square brackets after the presentation.

    I will use the term ‘adept’ to describe the person using the technique, the reason for this is that most of the techniques are used by many different traditions and adept is shorter then ‘Force user’.

    This is not a complete list but will hopefully work as an inspiration or as a navigation help to find Force powers.

    To make it easier to navigate so has this fanon been posted in multiply posts.


    Absorb/dissipate energy– This power allows the adept to absorb or dissipate energy, including light, heat, radiation and similar. Things like sunburns are among the basics while blaster bolts, and similar, can be dissipate by masters.

    Accelerated healing – the adept speed up his natural healing.

    Animal friendship– befriends a non-hostile animal, making it accept the adept as one of its own.

    Aura of attraction – using the Force the adept make himself appear more attractive then natural charisma, current appearance and manner would suggest.

    The range of the aura can be from less then an arms length to over 100 meters, even if the later takes some power to do. It is also possible to focus the aura in an direction so, f.ex., only the people in front of the adept are affected.

    Aura of awe – makes the adept seem more important then her natural charisma, current appearance and manner would suggest. At high level you get a “Bilbo Baggins! Do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks!” effect.

    The range of the aura can be from less then an arms length to over 100 meters, even if the later takes some power to do. It is also possible to focus the aura in an direction so, f.ex., only the people in front of the adept are affected.

    Aura of merriment – by projecting her own cheerfulness and joy into her surrounding things around the adept just seems merrier and funnier.

    The range of the aura can be from less then an arms length to over 100 meters, even if the later takes some power to do. It is also possible to focus the aura in an direction so, f.ex., only the people in front of the adept are affected.

    Aura of unimportance – makes the adept seem unimportant and not really worthy of any attention. At high level the Force user is practically invisibly.

    The range of the aura can be from less then an arms length to over 100 meters, even if the later takes some power to do. It is also possible to focus the aura in an direction so, f.ex., only the people in front of the adept are affected.

    Beacon – with this power the adept is able to create a small, fixed Force beacon that can only be “seen” with Force senses. With the beacon in place, the adept is able to determine how far away he is from that beacon as if it were a fixed point in space. The beacon can be “seen” by any Force sensitive with the right training, even if the adept who created it have easier to sense it.

    The strength of the beacon varies; some can only be felt within kilometres from it others can be used to navigate space travel. [Rogue Trader]

    Bind item – binds an item to the adept through the Force, making it a temporary artefact. This means that the item count as a focus (a small bonus when using Force skills/techniques trough the item); the adept gets a bonus when using the item for its purpose; using telekinesis on the item become easier (f.ex. to “summon” the bound item to their hand); techniques that imbound the item with the Force become easier and the adept always know where, or at least in which direction the item is.

    The downside is that the adept more or less sees the item as an expansion of himself and if it is damaged he often feels sympatic pain and losing the item would be akin to losing a limb. There is also that if an other Force user gets his hands on the bound item so can he then use the link between the item and the rangers to work her Force abilities on the adept.

    The item being bound has to be something that the adept is familiar with and have repeatedly used.

    Blood mastery – the adepts mastery of her body make it possible for her to make her blood to continue flow along the right patch when wounded. This means that as long as the adept is conscious so dose she not suffer any blood loss from her wounds.

    Blót: a technique that takes the escaping Force and life force energy of a dying being and use it for a quick power boost.

    Burst of speed – the Force allows the adept to move exceptionally fast for a brief period of time. It is only the adepts ground speed that is increased not his time perception or coordination, so anything but running in a semi-straight line is not recommended.

    With training can this technique be used to momentarily run on walls.

    Channel Vitality – by drawing on her own life-force the adept can temporarily increase some of her physical abilities.

    Consume Shape – by ritually consuming parts of one (or more) freshly dead member(s) of a species the adept is then able to assume the shape of that species. The species consumed can be animal or sentient, even if most groups who know this ritual would consider consume sentients something you don’t do.
    Most versions of consume shape also involve the adept personally hunting down the animal whose shape she want to be able to take. Done right consume shape is not a dark side-technique but it’s not always done right…
    The sith, and maybe other groups, have a version of consume shape that just involves absorbing the victims Force and life force.

    Construction intuition – the ability to intuitive understand how to best construct something to get the mechanical/architectural result that work best. This ability is, as the name suggest, usually only instinctive. [Gondica]

    Control pain – the adept can control his pain.

    Controlled seasonal adaptation – many species bodies go through physical changes between seasons and with this Force technique so can an adept from such an species control this change. F.ex. making winter fur grow before entering a cold environment.

    Danger sense – as the name suggest, a sense for danger. Usually only instinctive.

    Detoxify poison – the adept neutralize or at least weaken a poison that has entered her body.

    Direct electricity – the adept call upon already existing electricity and shape it after his will, for impressive lightshows, to strike an enemy, link together the broken parts of a energy cable, etc.

    Dopplegänger– this power creates a doppleganger of the adept using the power. The dopplegänger is an illusion, but to those who interact with it, it will seem real. The user can sense all normal senses through the dopplegänger, and the duplicate seems to have form and substance: the dopplegänger registers as normal on all droid audio and video sensors. Those who are with the dopplegänger believe it to be a real person. [Canon as of how the 'dopplegänger' power is presented in Dark Empire]

    Dramatic Entrance – some people got the ability to draw everyone’s eyes when they enter a room or a stage, and with this Force powers so do an adept have the ability whenever he wants. [Adventure!]

    Durability instinct – the adept have an instinctive ability to judge the durability of a material or a simpler construction. This ability is, as the name suggest, usually only instinctive. [Gondica]

    Enhanced Coordination – the use of this power allows an adept to coordinate the activities of a group in order to increase the group's effectiveness at a given task. [canon]

    Farseeing– the Force is in everything and by reaching into the Force the adept are able to see what happen in distant areas. It is also possible to see the past or even the possible future.

    Feeling for dynamic forces in mechanisms – the ability to feel how a mechanism at work is affected and realize what to do to prevent it from being strained.

    If people can come up with a better name so am I all ears. [Gondica]

    Fire shaping – the adept are able to shape and increase/decrease the strength of fire. Basically fire bending, without the ability to create fire.

    Flesh shaping – the ability to shape living flesh and bones, to make things like: claws out of nails, turn arms into leather wings, reshape facial structures, etc.. It is possible to change inner organs but that is considered a master skill and the creation of functional new limbs and organs are legendary abilities.

    The changes brought by ‘flesh shaping’ are not genetic and will not be carried over to the next generation.

    The process of shaping is uncomfortable at best and often very painful. It can also be used to heal by reknitting damage flesh and broken bones, you can even recreate lost limbs this way and some traditions only know of this aspect of ‘flesh shaping’. [ElfQuest]

    Good guest technique – by studding his environment and attunes himself to the pattern of social interaction the adept allow the Force to guide his response to social situations. As long as the adept keep this ability up he will reflexively respond in the appropriate and mannerly fashion for the situation at hand, even if he will appear a bit stiff. These manners are not deep, covering only simple things such as basic greetings, eating customs, gift customs and flirtation mores. But as long as the adept don’t try any deeper interaction so will he not make any unintentional faux pas. [Exalted]

    Healing care – as long as the adept is actively taking care of a person so do the healing process take half as long as normal.

    Healing meditation – a meditation that speeds up the natural healing.

    Phase – this power enabled the user to pass through matter, such as walls and doors. The adept can not phase through energy, so any amount of energy that would hurt or kill you in solid state would hurt or kill you when you phase. Phase is a master level ability. [with fanon]

    Instinctive diagnose – by doing a quick medical examination so can the adept come to a mostly correct conclusion to what is wrong with the patient.

    Item Concealment – the adept use the Force to make an already concealed weapon or other item on her person even harder to notice. [canon, weapon concealment]

    Liquid body – the ability to turn your body into a slimy fluid form. In this form the adept is able to move thought anything that allow liquid to get through and more or less ignore most physical attacks.

    ‘Liquid body’ is a master level ability and the adept need to have a deep understanding of his body to learn it.

    * Most jedi consider ‘liquid body’ useful but not really worth the time and effort it takes to master. The Kal-Dex-Ward alchemists on the other hand consider it one of the skills you have to master to be considered a master.

    Magnify [sense] – the adept to increase the effectiveness of one of her normal senses to perceive things that otherwise would be impossible without artificial aids. ‘Magnify [sense]’ can not make the adept’s senses take in frequencies that they normally can not take in.

    Magnify senses – as ‘magnify [sense]’, see above, but for all senses.

    Memory erasing glance – the adept focus for a movement and erase her targets short memory, usually leaving him confused and sometime with a light headache. Repeated use of this technique on the same target within a short time can leave permanent damage.

    Quick environment adoption – most species can adept to highly different temperatures but this usually takes time, with this technique the time taken are counted in minutes.

    Remain conscious – allows an adept to remain conscious even when he has suffered injuries which would knock him unconscious.

    Remove fatigue – the adept uses this power to combat the effects of strenuous work. By manipulates the Force, the adept causing bodily toxins to be ejected much more efficiently, thus allowing for greater stamina.

    Resist stun – allows the adept to prepare his body to resist the effects of stun damage.

    Sensory filtering – the adept is able to filter out everything but what he is listening to/looking for. She can din out a crowd to zero in on a single conversation, ignore everything that is not in a practical colour, pick out the smell of poison out of a dinner buffet, etc. [Adventure!]

    Shadow step – this power allows one to do a short range teleportation by for an instant stepping outside the normal reality and then repapering where she wanted. The problem is that there are things in the outer reality and in that instant the adept is there she is fully open for possession or being used for a piggyback into our reality.

    Shift sense– the adept may shift her senses as to detect phenomena of a different type than normal; shifting eyesight to the infrared spectrum, setting olfactory nerves to detect specific chemical combinations, or hearing frequencies above or below normal range for her species.

    Short-Term Memory Enhancement – when an adept uses this power, she can replay recent events in order to more carefully examine images and peripheral occurrences. Using the power, a adept can freeze images and even scan memory tracks to recall details that were seen but did not register consciously at the time of observation.

    Soft to Solid – building to the adepts understanding how his bodies move and function, mastering this ability he can make normally soft parts of their body become incredibly rigid and tough, reducing the damage he would take from physical attacks.

    Substance analyse – the ability of sensing what substances a material is made of. This can f.ex. be used by smiths to create just the quality of steel he wants, since he feels how the metal is made up. [Gondica]

    Targeted lightening strike – the adept cal down a lightning that strikes a target of his choosing. For this technique to work so most the environment allow the possibility of lightning, it can not summon lightning from a clear sky.

    Transfix Animal – the adept makes an animal stop with what it is doing and instead just focus on the adept. As long as no sudden moments, sounds or similar happens so do the animal stand, more or less, still or slowly follow the adept. Better adept can transfix more then one animal.

    Animal that are frenzied can usually not be transfixed.

    Weather sense – this power allows the Force user to attune himself to the workings of local weather patterns. By sensing the movements of clouds, winds, tides, and solar bodies, he can discern patterns in the weather, and so make limited predictions regarding the behaviour of atmospheric phenomenon.

    The power does not lend itself to quick predictions however. It usually takes weeks for a Force user to so acclimate himself to local weather patterns and become familiar with unique features of the local topography that he can obtain accurate readings. Short term predictions are easier then long term.

    Weather manipulation – reaching out trough the Force the Force user change the weather pattern. To use this power a Force user first need to be attuned to the local weather patterns, see ‘weather sense’ above.

    The bigger the changes the more power and time is need and it is impossible to change the weather into something that can not appear in that environment, so no snow in hot deserts or tornados in cave systems. [canon]

    Wind over water – the adept sprint over water as if it was solid ground. The adept most concentrate while performing this technique and can therefore not do anything else but running. If the consecration is broken or she slows down so will the adept fall into the water. [Gondica]
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    Dec 16, 2012

    Battle reading – see the ‘Mind’ post

    Combat sense – this power helps an adept focus on the battle at hand. Everything else becomes dulled and muted as the adept's senses are all turned to the combat happening around him. All targets become mentally highlighted in the adept's mind, aiding him in attack and defence. [canon]

    Flurry of Striking Fists – thanks to her mastery of her body and how the Force flow through her so do the Force user increase her striking speed. The practical effect is the same as the ‘fists of fury (see the ‘Dark side’ post) but is harder to learn and just as hard to master, on the other hand so do practitioner seldom damage their bodies and are in full control of themselves.

    Enhanced impact – the adepts attacks stagger victims back several feet in pain an shock. [Adventure!]

    Enhance weapon – the Force user imbue a melee weapon (or really any handheld item) with the Force. This makes the weapon as an expansion of the Force user and she is fully familiar with its weight, balance and toughness, the Force user can also imbue the weapon with even more of the Force increasing its striking power and/or toughness. In the later case it makes it possible to parry a lightsabre, at least for a short while. [with fanon]

    Fists of stone – through special martial training and the Force so can the adept harden his hands, or feet, to enhance the impact and lessen the chance of damaging his limb.

    Forceful arrow – before firing his weapon do the adept imbue his arrow/bullet/other ammunition with the Force, making it strike with greater force. The technique only work on sold ammunition and it has to be fired shortly after being imbued.

    Guided shot – the Force user lets the Force guide her aim and shot, heightening the chance for hitting the intended target. Together with marksmanship mastery and good understanding of her surrendering so can this technique make it possible to predict the path of ricochets and plan for them.

    Mind blast – see the ‘Mind’ post

    Soft to Solid – see the above post

    Stunning Strike – a technique that use the Force combined with martial arts to stun foes with the Force users unarmed attacks. [Unarmed Force Stun]

    Thought Bomb – see the ‘Mind’ post.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    The abilities listed here could also be used by trained members of species who are natural telepaths.

    Battle reading – the ability to more or less subconsciously read your opponents mind and then instinctively react to their action before they do it. Usually a master level ability.

    Completely worthless against opponents without a mind.

    Brain skimming – the adept read a target’s surface thoughts to tell truth from lies or to find the answer to a question that the target is trying to avoid. This mind reading technique is seldom noticed by the people being read.

    Closed Mind– a catch all term for many different techniques to that makes it harder to read or effect the Force users mind.

    Mental bound – the adept create a telepathic connection between himself and another being. The two can now communicate without problems with each other even if the other one lack telepathic powers. If both of them are telepaths so do the range in which they can communicat increase. [Rogue Trader]

    Mind blast – the adept makes a psychic attack against her opponent’s mind. At basic levels it create light headaches and/or break concentrations, more power behind it gives migraine and/or black outs, at high levels it can put people in coma or kill.

    Mind probe– concentrating the telepath focus her mind on a specific target and pry one piece of information form the target’s mind. This process is felt by the target and usually rather uncomfortable.

    Psychic Avatar– this master level skill allows the adept goes into a deep mediation and project a mental image of himself – a psychic avatar across great distances. A psychic avatar is a translucent, three-dimensional projection of the Force user similar in appearance to a Force ghost. The avatar can be manifested anywhere the telepath have been before and can visualise.

    The avatar can not effect or be affected by the physical world but can be affected by mental and spiritual techniques/attacks.

    While using this power the Force user’s body is working at absolute minimum and can easily be mistaken for dead. In this state the body is completely irreceptible of its surrounding but if it is more then lightly hurt so will the psyche forcefully return to his body, a most unpleasant experience.

    Psychic Citadel – a greater version of ‘closed mind’, see above, that also protect against mind attacks, like ‘mind blast’. [with fanon]

    Sending – the ability to send your thoughts into the mind/s of another being or beings. Sending can usually be “eavesdropped” on by other telepaths.

    Synergy loop – the adept is able to turn the people loyal to her into an extremely well oiled machine that are able to do work without really communicating and seems to instinctively know what each part needs. The amount of people effected depends on the adepts Force strength/psychic ability and leadership ability and can be from half-dozen to hundred of people. For ‘synergy loop’ to work so must the underlings be loyal to the adept and it doesn’t work on droids. [Adventure!]

    Thought Bomb – the Force user can release a burst of psychic energy that scrambles the thought patterns of living creatures within range. In other words, a ‘mind blast’ (see above) that effects everybody around the Force user.

    Thought Sensor – a telepathy based technique that makes the adept sense the psychic vibrations of all living beings around her, making it impossible for anything with an unguarded mind to surprise her.

    [Needs a name] – the adept draw psychically upon the knowledge and creativity of the colleagues and assistants she work with, making ideas, plans and breakthroughs come easier. Even individuals who have no formal scientific training may be of great benefit in such an effort, for [Needs a name] can draw on any related knowledge they may have, no matter how little they may be consciously aware of it. [Adventure!]


    Beacon – see the first 'Force abilities' post

    Instinctive astrogation control – unlike ‘instinctive astrogation’, see below, where you try to feel the correct solutions to the hyperspace equations, the adept calculates them in his head. This is quite possible, and is often done as a training exercise, but the figures generated are rarely utilized because it is so easy even for a Force navigator to make a mistake. [canon]

    Instinctive astrogation – the ability to calculate astrogation routes without the use of a nav computer. The adept uses the Force to feel through the myriad hyperspace routes to determine the safest path, even if he do not always know where the path ends.

    This skill can be used with a nav computer to quicker calculate a routes then would be possible with just ‘instinctive astrogation’ or the nav computer. [with fanon]

    Tracks in the stars – when a ship travels through either real or hyper space it leaves a faint trail. A trail invisible to all but those adepts trained in what to look for, she can then track the trail to its beginning or end. [Rogue Trader]
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    Dec 16, 2012

    Aura of fear – the adept inspire fear in those around him. The fear is not natural and have nothing to do with the Force user’s appearance or how she accts.

    Aura of rage – the adept project a field of his own anger and rage around him, filling those around him with it. This turns calm gatherings to mobs just waiting for the pin to drop, brawls will turn into blood baths as the combatants can not stop fighting.

    Aura of uneasiness – this power allows an adept to project a field of vague discomfort and unease around him, which causes nonsenlient creatures to avoid him. [canon]

    Bolt of hatred – the adept creates in his hand a radiant sphere of pure hatred which he can hurl/blast at any target within his line of sight.

    Consume Mind – the adept absorb the victims memories; at the most primitive stage this involves consuming the living victims brain, more advanced versions leave the victim alive but amnestic and usually permanently brain damaged.

    Consume Likeness – by ritually consuming parts of a freshly dead or still alive person the adept is then able to assume the living likeness of the person. Depending on the version of consume likeness different amount of flesh need to be consumed, some versions just involve the parts of the important organs while other needs the adept to eat nearly anything of the body.

    The new form is permanent in some versions of the ritual, while other have the adept slowly returning to his original shape after some time and others give the adept the ability to shift between the consumed one and her original shape.

    Consume likeness can only be used on members of the same, or a near-related, specie, unless the adept have earlier used ‘consume shape’ on the victims specie.

    The sith, and maybe other groups, have a version of consume likeness that just involves absorbing the victims Force and life force.

    Electronic manipulation– the adept channel his anger into the electronic circuits of a computer, droid, or machine, and reprogram it by manipulating its physical and electrical components. The reprogramming can only restore original programming which has been altered, not actually rewrite a computer's programming.

    Fists of Fury – the Force user increase his striking speed by calling upon the anger that exist inside him as a focus and release it in a flurry of fist strikes. The practical effect is the same as the ‘flurry of striking fists’ (see above) but is easier to learn but hard to master and it is not unheard of that practitioner damage their bodies and/or fall into rage.

    Battle rage – the Force user channel her anger into a berserker fury, increasing her battle prowess as she let the dark side flow through her.

    Dark side Lightning – harnessing pure hatred and evil from the user and the dark side to create bolts of white or blue energy which fly from the user's fingertips, like sorcerous lightning. These bolts tear through the target, causing intense pain and injury.

    Life drain – the adept drain the life energy of another living being to use for different effects. Common uses for the drained life energy are:

    * using it to heal and revitalise himself. If more energy is drained then is needed to heal and revitalisation the adept get a short time power bonus.
    * to stave of the bodies need for sleep.
    * to youthen the adept’s body, for this is large amounts of life energy needed and the youthened body ages fast so it can return to its natural age.

    The corpses after beings killed by ‘life drain’ usually show signs of their unnatural death, f.ex. premature aging, mummified, ruptured blood vessels all over their body, etc.. [canon with fanon]

    Life draining aura – the adept drain the life energy from nearby nonsentient beings to boost his ability to go without sleep. As long as this power is kept up, and there are enough life around, the adept will not fatigue or require sleep. [canon, Drain life energy]

    Memory wipe – this dreadful power allows one to sift through a person's mind and destroy all knowledge of specific events or learned skills. Use of the skill usually requires direct contact with the target, and only one specified objective can be pursued per session. [canon]

    Raging wind – the adept manipulate and channel air currents to form powerful and destructive tornadoes that can lift people into the air and fling them about. [canon, Force wind]

    Strength steeling strikes – as the adept strikes her opponent with an unarmed attack, or with a Force imbound weapon, she also saps a bit of her opponents life force from him. Making him weaker and revigourating herself.

    Summon storm – the adept summon his own rage and spread it to the environment around him, changing the weather to the worst. The adept have no real control over the weather beside summoning it. [with fanon]

    Twist limb – a variation of ‘flesh shaping’, see the first 'Force abilities' post, where the adept just reach out with the Force and twist, creating a physical deformation.
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    Dec 16, 2012

    Confusing MistTechnique by which the Findsman releases electrical biofeedback by touch to deliver an electric shock (usually but not always mild). [Findswoman 's]

    Findsmans mark – by touching a person/object and concentrating the findsman leaves a “mark” on the person/object that the findsman can follow anywhere in the galaxy. Worth to remember is that just because the findsman know in which direction to go don’t mean he knows how to get there.

    Hand of Rescue – Technique used by a Findsmaster to interrupt an apprentice’s meditation. [Findswoman ’s]

    Hunting ceremonies – the findsman use elaborated and arcane rituals, which usually take at least three hours, to find their chosen prey. After the ritual is finished do the findsman find the Mist helping him in his hunt. The Mist usually only help with tracking/finding the prey but sometime also give insight on how to best catch or beat the chosen prey. [canon]

    Mist sense – as long as the findsman is a reasonably tick mist so do he have a seventh sense comparable to radar that works in all directions. The range of the “radar” varies depending on the mastery of the mist sense.

    Mist shaping – the findsman is capable of creating shapes and falls moments in the mist around him, he is also able to make the mist ticker or thinner, but not dispel it.

    Mist step – a legendary technique that is supposed to make it possible for a findsman to make a short range (or long range for the truly legendary findsmen) teleportation, usually just 3-5 m, as long as he appear in the same mist bank as he disappeared from. May be a variation of Shadow step, see the first 'Force abilities' post, in which case we should be thankful it is now a legendary ability.

    No tracks – the Mist helps findsmen to find but it can also help with hideing. The rituals outsiders call ‘no tracks’ makes it harder to follow, track or find the findsman.

    Ritual of Wayseeking – Meditative technique used for orienteering in unfamiliar places. At its basic form just used to get one's mental bearing, at higher levels the Mist begin to guide the findsman. [Findswoman ’s with fanon]

    Sensing Vortex – discipline in which all of the Findsman’s neural energy is concentrated on a single sense, enabling that sense to be temporarily heightened to the exclusion of all the others. This technique must be used with great care, since it can cause neural damage in the less experienced. [Findswoman ’s]

    Sneaking Mist – technique enabling the Findsman to move without being heard. [Findswoman ’s]

    Summon mist – as long as the air condition allows it so is the findsman able to call upon a mist that fills the area before/around him. This technique was not developed by the findsmen until after they left Gand and found worlds not within the mist.
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    Sounds similar to Force Liquefaction over in my post for Abnormal Force Abilities. Does it have any of the same drawbacks if the power isn't used properly?
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    Skakoan Commandos - Note: Even though these guys are set in the Legends continuity, they do incorporate elements of the current continuity, namely those of unreleased TCW episodes.


    After the end of the Clone Wars, Skakoans - a race of strange humanoids with a single flagellum instead of legs (I'm going by the logic of Wat Tambor's ILM model) from Skako - faced a lot of discrimination due to the species' publicly known association with the Techno Union (the TU making Skakoan pressure suits accessible only to TU associates didn't help matters, and neither did patenting the rights to build suits) , a corrupt technology firm that not only allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but performed inhumane bio-experiments on sentient populations such as the people of Nelvaan and the Poletecs of the Skakoan sister-planet, Skako Minor (the base mostly used for public relations with non-Skakoan clients and experiments on standard-pressure organisms). Due to this widespread resentment towards the species, Imperial Overseer Mared Vontik took this opportunity to enslave the species and used them for a purpose as twisted as the Techno Union's experiments: Skakoans were forced into being suicide bombers to use against enemies of the Empire.

    Overseer Vontik would have electric devices attached to the pressure suits and overload on the press of a trigger, causing the suit to breach and the Skakoan to explosively decompress, not only killing the Skakoan, but those around him/her as well.

    Having witnessed enough of his people sent to their deaths out of senseless cruelty, one particular Skakoan, Sol Takis, decided to rebel, albeit subtly. When the Overseer was asleep one night, he was able to get the EMP device off of his own suit through careful manipulation and then integrate the components for the device into the inside of the Overseer's cap. When the day came that Takis was to meet his death against another rebel cell, Overseer Vontik accidentally fried his own brain when Takis met up with the rebels. With his life no longer in immediate danger, Takis asked the rebels to help him liberate his people after convincing them that he wasn't rigged to blow up.

    With Overseer Vontik's compound raided, the Skakoans there were freed and they now decided to join the fight against the Empire (even joining the formal Rebel Alliance once it was formed) and undo their species' negative reputation. With stolen Imperial-licensed pressure suits, the Skakoan Commandos were formed. One of their first victories after their formation was forming an alliance with the Poletecs (which was not all that easy, again, thanks to what the Techno Union did to them).

    After the Battle of Endor and the formation of the New Republic, some Commandos continued to serve loyally while others took up work as mercenaries, often marketing their unusually high understanding of computer systems and technological prowess as incentives for hiring them, but trying to use them as suicide bombers hurts trust between them and their clients. One Commando, the bounty hunter Bom Pintor, earned other Commandos' ire by blackmailing his prey into submission on the merit of being too dangerous to hurt. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, they protected their homeworld on the logic that since the Vong hated crafted technology, their livelihood was threatened since progressive Skakoan society was dependent on technology (this was true even for other races reliant on technology away from home, such as Kel Dors and breather Gands). However, the Yuuzhan Vong had trouble trying to conquer Skako due to the planet's atmosphere; even their bio-technology couldn't handle it.

    By the time of the Valkoran War, a few Commando cells were hired as soldiers or slicers by the Valkoran Empire. One of these cells, led by Tey Hasha - who admired Sol Takis since she was a child - enlisted full-time after being inspired by Machinus's inventions.

    They sided with the half that would become the Seferite Order after the annihilation of Christophsis, as Valkor's actions on that planet reminded those old enough to remember the foundation of the Commandos too much of the Galactic Empire.

    While most Skakoans stay on Skako due to xenophobia, most of the ones outside the planet are Commandos. Unlike the Elders of the Power Mounds and the Boolmide religion, the Commandos were far more secular, some even accusing the Elders of being overly conservative and causing their society to stagnate. In fact, they believe this conservatism (and the Techno Union being the most well-known representatives of their species) was a catalyst for the galaxy not helping them when the Empire oppressed them.

    Despite what they were used for by the Empire, some Commandos were willing to self-destruct if they felt it was the only option they had left (This was mostly true during their Rebellion days). Contrary to the observations of some non-Skakoans, not all of them try to carry out suicide attacks on a whim. Those that do are suspected to be mentally ill.

    Despite the Commandos' disdain for the Techno Union, some disillusioned former employees served in their ranks during the Galactic Civil War. In fact, some of the inventors, researchers and engineers provided the Commandos with their earliest technology.

    Due to their cultural practices, the Skakoan Commandos have been compared to the Mandalorians, and even earned respect from them. This is unprecedented because Mandalorian warriors usually view the isolationist Skakoans as weak-willed cowards who are unfit to fight, both physically and emotionally. Perhaps the Commandos' determination and bravery in spite of their obvious physiological disadvantages got them their respect.

    The standard commando pressure suit has significant upgrades over the Techno Union's (and then the Empire's after it claimed the Techno Union's assets and patents after Wat Tambor's death) model. Due to the inevitability of combat, engineers added more armor to the suit's plating, lowering the risk of their suits getting breached from a single blaster shot. If their suits were to get breached, they had emergency containment shields to keep their deaths from endangering their allies. They often wore helmets to cover up their exposed heads (one of the only parts of a Skakoan that doesn't need protection from foreign atmospheres). During the reign of the Empire and the Galactic Civil War, the commando pressure suits were illegal under Imperial law due to violation of the (stolen) pressure suit patent. Said patent was dissolved after the fall of the Empire and the formation of the New Republic

    To increase mobility, their suits were outfitted with robotic legs and a socket for their flagella (on their own, Skakoans are physically weak, so the pressure suits double as exo-skeletons; they can't even speak Basic without the suits) in lieu of the original's rather sluggish "scooter skirts" (a repulsorlift device - functionally a single foot - that appeared as a skirt extending down to the floor, but others would notice a lack of visible moving legs underneath, hence the nickname; it also had trouble with stairs and ladders).

    They also took what was left of the Techno Union's inventions, such as the Octuptarra Droids, Crab Droids and D-Wing Droids (also nicknamed Pseudo-Geos due to being even more identical to Geonosians than the B1 battle droids). As far as ship types go, in the days before formally joining the Rebel Alliance, they favored modified versions of the Techno Union's Hardcell-class transports due to the pressurized cabins designed with their species in mind. Once they joined the Alliance itself, base ships inhabited by other species were outfitted with these same types of cabins accordingly.
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    B u y S A Y G O

    Here is all my fanon on Sacorria, in response to the current theme. Since I know that at least two other authors mentioned this planet in their stories, I will gladly edit this entry to add anything that they may have come up with. The planet is yet to appear in new canon, but based on what Jason Fry and Pablo Hidalgo said, the map of the Galaxy used in the new canon is basically the same and most planets are there/won’t change placement.

    So, why Sacorria?

    I was impressed with how much stuff about this planet was similar to the various totalitarian and authoritarian ideologies of the XX century. This is - by any means - not to say that my Sacorria is a direct clone of any particular Cold War-ish country. I do not want to be that person from what was a semi-free country mocking those from controlled countries. I’d rather mix’n’match.

    Not much on Wook, but my fanon does not contradict almost anything seen there, it just expands on it, up to eleven. Whatever you don't see over there is my creation.

    Apparently, I contradicted one thing from Coruscant and Core Worlds already, because I only used the Corellian Trilogy, Cracken's Threat Dossier and Edge of the Empire: Suns of Fortune. CACW states that Sacorrians are not interested in the intrasystem exploration and colonization – I thought that was fairly stupid. I also overwrote the idea of Sacorrian Selonians living in dens and came up with something fairly disturbing instead.

    Sacorrian System

    tl;dr Not much to see, pretty standard.

    The Sacorrian System, formerly known as the original “outlier system” is located in the Corellian Sector, just off the Corellian Trade Spine, roughly halfway between Corellia and Duro. The system’s star is a subgiant named Sacorria, known to the locals as Sacor and often referred to as “orange giant” and a “yellow star” by various older sources. Two planets, Sacorria and Noleria, with a total of three moons – Sarcophagus (S), Taranya and Roofus (N) are located in the system’s goldilocks zone. The rest of the system’s planets are one searing rock, one volcanic world with a single moon, two gas giants with a total of thirty moons and one frozen rock.

    Slag – A small, searing rock world located 0.35 AU from Sacor. No atmosphere, no moons, no potential of any kind.

    Arcadia – A seemingly deserted volcanic planet 0.8 AU from Sacor is actually the centre of numerous mining operations and a seemingly endless source of geothermal energy. A plan to build a mighty power plant backfired around 70 BBY, when – ironically, a triad of volcanos erupted at the same time and caused five thousand workers, mainly convicts, and fifteen thousand droids to fall into lava, when the gigantic repulsorlift platform housing the operation headquarters collapsed. The survivors perished in the orbital bombardment that followed in order to hide this incident from general public. Only a handful of them escaped in runabouts.

    --- Arcas – Arcadia’s only moon is now used to house the experts supervising the mining operations and the actual workers on the planet proper are construction and GR-class droids. Since the moon’s atmosphere is type 2, the sentients live in an artificial facility by the name of Arcas City.

    Sacorria – A terrestrial planet roughly 1 AU from Sacor. No oceans, a couple of shallow seas (“moderate hydrosphere”), a couple of mountain ranges, but mostly forests and arable land interspersed with rivers. Humid equatorial regions, normal polar caps, four seasons. (More below)

    --- Sarcophagus – Sacorria’s only moon is habitable, temperate and used as the planet’s graveyard. Mausoleums, graves, catacombs and burial caves are scattered around the planet and the Central Databank provides the database of every being ever buried there, as well as navigational help and maps. Shuttles to Sarcophagus can be boarded from all of the planet’s large cities, as well as outposts of farming and lumber communities.

    Noleria – A terrestrial planet roughly 1.2 AU from the system’s star. Initially an almost bare-world with thin atmosphere, it was first subjected to terraforming around 5 000 years before the Battle of Yavin and a legend about an explorer and scientist by the name of Nole Quickhitter was presented to the Sacorrian public in order to attract potential settlers. This is a tidally-locked world, with one side always facing Sacor, and the other side always facing away. Noleria's atmosphere is specific - the light side is type 1, the dark side is type 3 and only a handful of species can survive outside of domes and intersecting corridors. (More in the appendix)

    The planet’s two inhabitable moons were named after the Drall and Selonian representatives in the First Triad, much like the way Sacorria’s capital city and the area around it were named after the Human representative.

    --- Taranya is Noleria’s first moon.

    --- Roofus is Noleria’s second moon.

    Titanicus – Gas giant with 14 moons, 6 AU from Sacor. The largest planet in the system.

    Leviathan – Gas giant with 16 moons. 12 AU from Sacor.

    Vo – Frozen rock at the very end of the Sacorrian System 24 AU away from Sacor is well-known for the numerous spacer tales about shrines and artefacts located below the surface, as well as the galah grass, the only carbon-based organism capable of surviving the cold. Given the relatively small interstellar space between Sacorria and Vagran, there have been times in the past when Vo was observed to be close to Kolki, the fellow dwarf planet of the neighbouring system.

    In addition to all this, it’s well-known that the Sacorrian Triad attempted to buy (!) the first two planets of the Vagran System, Terop and Laoda, and use them for exploitation of their resources, by mining. The Vagranites held referendums in both cases, and 84% of public said no for Terop, and 99% for Laoda.


    The Basics

    tl;dr: Agriworld of the Corellian sector, ruled by three individuals of unknown identity, population consists of 40% Humans, 30% Drall, 30% Selonians. The planet's only moon, named Sarcophagus, is also its graveyard.

    Region: Core Worlds
    Sector: Corellian Sector
    System: Sacorrian System
    Sun: Sacorria [known to locals as Sacor], a subgiant
    Moons: Sarcophagus
    Grid Coordinates: M-11
    Planets in the system: See above.
    Rotation Period: 23 standard hours
    Year/Orbital Period: 343 standard days
    Class: Terrestrial
    Diametre: 11 500 km
    Atmosphere: Type 1
    Climate: Temperate
    Gravity: Standard
    Capital: Dorthus Tal City
    Demonym: Sacorrian

    Out of 600 million registered Sacorrians at the time of the Battle of Yavin, a great deal live in rural, farming communities. A large number of city dwellers lives in Saccorata, with Sublata and other small cities lagging far behind. Dorthus Tal is permanent residence only to about 250 000 beings working there and those strongly associated with the regime, while Curheg is a closed factory city.

    Almost all of the significant cities are located in the Northern hemisphere’s provinces of Berssia (Saccorata, Curheg), Racottia (Dorthus Tal City) and Corelle (Sublata, Maborri). The tensions among these three provinces are sometimes unbearable.

    Sacorria is mostly covered by forests and plains converted to arable land, with a couple of larger and a couple dozen of minor mountain ranges. It’s dotted by small and shallow seas and there are ten major rivers, the largest of which is Priga. The planet also has cold areas near its polar caps and a humid area on both sides of its equator.


    Sacorria was colonised before any other world in the Corellian Sector; after the Five Brothers had agreed to make use of a previously discovered planet with plethora of arable land. Initially, it was to serve as a penal colony, where the convicts were to produce food for the growing population of the main system. This is estimated to have occurred significantly before 25 000 BBY, thus the Sacorrian system being originally referred to as "the Outlier System", which is nowadays a common term for numerous other systems in the sector.

    The first generation of settlers on Sacorria consisted of Human thieves and smugglers, Drall caught in political and gambling scandals and a whole dishonoured Selonian den, renamed from Kadorusz to Kaldo. Tensions were numerous and the three species were quickly caught in a conflicts. Terrorist groups and criminal organisations sprouted like mushrooms. The Colonial Civil War began and escalated to the point where a military intervention on Corellian System’s behalf was inevitable.

    With the Colonial Administration’s blessings, a group of three mysterious individuals, one of each species, offered to bring peace and stability to the planet and the system for good. Over the next three standard months, their rivals were killed, the majority of criminals banished from the system and these three beings ended up leading a political and military movement called “Sacorrian Progressive Party”. Their followers quickly named them “the Triad” and this new alliance managed to send the Colonials away, after the bloody Battle of Priga.

    By the time the Five Brothers sent an expeditionary force to regain the control of the system, the Triad had establishes agricultural production on the entire planet and united the three species in a pursuit of the now-independent system’s new core values, PROGRESS AND UNITY.

    The identities of the first Triad were known to general public, but in order for the stability to be preserved, those of every subsequent one are kept secret.

    B u y S A Y G O

    Planetary Anthem

    Fields of Golden Grains

    I’m a child of progress and unity,
    I serve my duty to the society,
    From the day I’m born to fields of golden grains,
    To the day the shuttle carries me away.

    I am Sacorrian and I am proud,
    The only thing I would say out loud,
    My voice salutes Their Leaderships
    My sweat powers our mighty ramships!

    I live for our world’s immense beauty,
    I value order, obedience and sobriety,
    From the moment I wake up to boldest of sunrises,
    To the time when I call it a day.

    I am Sacorrian and I am proud,
    The only thing I would say out loud,
    My voice salutes Their Leaderships
    My sweat powers our mighty ramships!

    The First Sacorrian Triad

    Thousands of individuals have ruled the planet since its colonization, but their identities are rarely known to general public and their graves and mausoleums are located in a section of Sarcophagus not open to public. However, the first-ever Triad holds a special place in the heart of every proud Sacorrian.

    Taranya, the Drall

    The story for Sacorrians: Taranya was selected from a pool of thousands of Drall intellectuals to be sent to Sacorria and pioneer intellectual skills.

    The true story: Taranya was the exiled Duchess of the R'vanye clan from Drall, caught forging documents and DNA samples against her most likely heiress, Kavi. Continued her clan in the city of Saccorata.

    Roofus, the Selonian

    The story for Sacorrians: Roofus was trained to communicate with the other species, when the Kaldo den from Selonia volunteered to relocate to Sacorria and begin a new life following a disaster where their quarters under one of the planet’s seas were flooded.

    The true story: The Kaldo den was banished from Selonia for having tried to take over control of the Overden. Roofus herself was rumoured to have assassinated the actual Queen, who perished in the riots prior to Triad's establishment.

    Dorthus Tal, the Human

    The story for Sacorrians: Dorthus Tal navigated the first colonial ship to Sacorria and thanks to his effort, anything that's even remotely important on the planet will be named after him.

    The true story: Dorthus Tal was a Human smuggler from Tyrena, Corellia with an affinity to strategy and weapons was deported to the Sacorrian prisons for having attempted to assassinate his city's major. He was the prisoner who provoked the riots that led to the civil war and eventually, ended up arresting beings himself. Not only that, but the planet's capital city and the infamous prison were named after him.

    Sacorrian Triad around the time of the Galactic Civil War

    Roula, the Drall

    By day, Roula of Pelayn is the Dean of Arts at the University of Sublata. By night, she is the de-facto leader of the group, its bitter mastermind. Her main duty is indoctrination of the population through culture and art. She may or may not closely watch the artists whose work she deems subversive, trying to mentally break them. Just like all members of the Pelayn clan, she wears a ring with a large white gem.

    Quote: "Reshaping history, in whatever way, is a progressive thing to do.” (From Nolevorution, Of Course!)

    Eeris, the Selonian

    By day, an engineer at AARIS in Sacorrata. She worked on construction of first ramships and what she works on nowadays is a secret. Simple minded, rash, abrasive and annoyed by fine art, don't let her anywhere near any. Her main duty is taking care of the production of weapons and important exports on Sacorria.

    Quote: "Do you have a problem with that?" (Everywhere, to everybody, all the time)

    Yvar Trindello, the Human

    By day, the Fleet Admiral of the Sacorrian Navy. He's from a family so famous for being in the military of the Republic and later the Empire, that a system in the Outer Rim was named after them, which he likes to point out, a lot. He is old-fashioned and snobbish. Has a wife named Karlina, a blonde bombshell romcom starlet, and he used to have a daughter named Mariklare, who died of alcoholism shortly before the Battle of Yavin.

    Quote: "Mind you, a system in the Outer Rim was named after my family!" (From Nolevorution, Of Course!)

    “By Progress and Unity, we salute Your Leaderships!” followed by getting down on one knee and looking down is standard way to greet the Sacorrian Triad. Offworlders are not expected to be aware of it. Similarly, Your Humanship/Drallship/Selonianship is a standard way to great each of these three mysterious beings separately.

    B u y S A Y G O

    Excerpts from the Book of Law

    Otherwise Arable Land tax is the tax paid for each plot on Sarcophagus, the graveyard moon, with no particular reason behind it other than to take more money from the denizens.

    As of 14 BBY, keeping a diary is forbidden and a bogus government body called “Official Registry” allegedly gathers all the information an individual needs to remember.

    Marriage laws are strict. Human females are not allowed to marry without their father’s permission. Selonian and Drall males are not allowed to marry without their mother/Duchess’ permission. (Canon, apart from the “mother” bit – see the very beginning of this entry)

    Other Legislative Bodies and Some Companies

    The Sacorrian Central Committee (TSCC) is a puppet of the Sacorrian Triad. Composed almost exclusively of influential individuals, who pass their powers to their offspring, it should be an equivalent to a Parliament on a world with parliamentary democracy, but it only serves the needs of officials and oligarchs. It presents itself as something that would enforce ideals that we know as socialist and communist, but it’s only a mask.

    Censorship, Education and Scholarship Agency (CESA) is one of numerous agencies with the headquarters in the Square Building, these folks interfere with young beings’ desires and goals a little bit too much.

    Sacorrian Security Police (SSP) is what it says on the tin and composed exclusively of Humans and Selonians, because of their physical advantage. Canon.

    Sacorrian Intelligence (SI) is what it says on the tin and almost entirely composed of Drall individuals, because of their high intelligence and logical prowess. Canon.

    Sacorrian Meritorious Incentive Program (SMIP) is a program that every single agricultural and logging operation on Sacorria falls under. Private ownership is allowed only when goals are met and this is evaluated on a quarterly basis. Otherwise, the operation is placed on probation for one quarter and if the goals are still not met, the business is immediately nationalised. Most former private owners end up working on their own operations as plain workers. Everybody working on these operations is reviewed, together with their bosses. The only industry that does not fall under SMIP’s jurisdiction is the alcohol business. Canon.

    Sacorrian Navy (SN) was affiliated to the Republic and then the Empire. They are likely to switch the sides when it suits them, just like about any governing body of the Sacorrian System.

    Sacorrian Special Forces (SSF) is a special unit of SSP and its existence is unknown to general public.

    Young Comrades and Comradettes Committee (YCCC) is an organisation similar to pioneers in the former communist countries and today’s China. All younglings are its members, by default.

    Sacorrian Holocast Network (SHN) is the equivalent of public TV in our world. Its tendency to reprise the same stuff over and over is another affectionate parody to my own country's national television.

    DustCornFarms Inc. is one of the state-owned Sacorrian corporations. Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Agricultural Appliances Research Institute of Saccorata (AARIS) should be exactly what it says on the tin. Should be.

    SacorNet/SacorriaNet is the Sacorrian version of a system-wide network. The censorship is tighter than on the Imperial BybloNet, let alone HoloNet proper. The selected few, however, have the access to HoloNet and BybloNet through option #4 on their datapads (SacorNet is #2). Skilled slicers are capable of “fixing” this.

    Those Sacorrians LOVE their acronyms, don’t they?


    The Colour System

    Students in Sacorrian schools are all given yellow shirts and black trousers, overalls, apron-dresses or skirts on their first day at school and their progress is evaluated – initially every semestre and later on every school year. They are expected to wear their colours until done with their studies, including university. Sometimes, they get into the role so much that they wear matching socks and undergarments.

    Red Shirts - The most desired students in the Sacorrian society. Extremely obedient. Likely smart enough to see everything that is going on, but choosing to remain with the power and close their eyes at outside influences.

    Orange Shirts - May be more academically talented than the reds, but are not considered to be particularly obedient. Subjects to surveillance and removal from the planet if not obedient enough. Otherwise, likely to be employed in intelligence, slicing and jamming divisions.

    Yellow Shirts - Most students remain yellow. Of average intelligence, but perfectly obedient. May be employed in factories, as supervisors at the farms and at various institutions necessary to keep the system functioning.

    White Shirts - Grounded, expected to fail, caught cheating on tests. They have even more issues with discipline than Orange Shirts and are nowhere near as gifted. The planet's intelligence may arrest anybody older than fourteen and younger than twenty wearing a white shirt. This is the planet's working class. White Shirts may be denied access to certain groups, such as Drall clans' ta'sharra. White shirts may be given jobs that would normally be intended for droids and non-sentient beings. This is done in order to keep them under control.

    Specific Subjects in Sacorrian Schools

    Sacorrian younglings and adolescents are required to take some uncommon subjects, such as “Studies of Progress and Unity, commonly nicknamed SOUP instead of SOPU. The word “progressive” is also added to common subject’s names.


    Saccorata Tech is the most famous tech-oriented university on Sacorria. It’s hard to get in there, notoriously hard, and even harder not to give up. AARIS engineers are commonly recruited from this place.

    Dorthus Tal University is a comprehensive academic body located in the planet’s capital.

    Sacorrian University of Progressive Arts of Sublata (SUPAS) is exactly what it says on the tin.

    There are many other universities, but these three are the most famous ones. In addition to that, Sacorria has an exchange programme with the University of Abatore, Vagran (UOVA) – oddly enough.

    Misc. *

    Young Comradettes’ Centre (YCC) is commonly found in every community on both Sacorria and Noleria. Exactly what it says on the tin – a club for young women.

    Progre55 is a newsflimsi for progressive young comrades and comradettes. It’s meant to be “cool”.

    Grotlo County Writing Camp is a creative workshop for Lyceum and Farmschool students.

    Bio Research Institute CenSacc is exactly what it says on the tin. Or is it?

    Dorthus Tal Research Clinic is exactly what it says on the tin and it’s closely affiliated to the Dorthus Tal University.

    System-Specific Customs

    Demographic Terms

    Arcadia Progresslings is a term that refers to everybody born between 75 BBY and 55 BBY. Ironically, the progressive operations on Arcadia were preceded by a catastrophe.

    Novaborns is a term that refers to everybody born roughly between 55 BBY and 32 BBY.

    Noleria Conference Younglings is loosely used as a term for everybody born between 32 BBY and 19 BBY. The Nolerian Conference Younglings proper were, however, a result of Sacorrians adopting exclusively Human Clone Wars younglings and indoctrinating them.

    Imperials is a term that refers to everybody born from 19 BBY on.

    Days of the Week

    Sacorrians have a seven-day week and they outright refuse to use the weekday names used in large systems such as Coruscant and Corellia. Days were named after other celestial bodies in the system and the last two are the equivalent of Earth's weekend.

    Titaniday (after the largest planet in the system)
    Levithaday (after the second largest planet in the system)
    Arcadiaday (after the volcanic planet)
    Slagday (after the searing rock planet)
    Nolerday* (after the other terrestrial planet)
    Sarcoday (after the moon)
    Sacorday (after the sun)

    It should be pointed out that no day was named after the last planet in the system, Vo. It is speculated that Vo was hiding behind Leviathan around the time the First Sacorrian Triad made up the month and day names.

    * Nolerday is also the name of a public holiday, the date the colony of Noleria was founded.

    Denizens’ Names

    Names related to the planet's "Progress and Unity" doctrine and most famous exports are common (e.g. Progressina, Unitoo, Graina, Ram, Agro, Seven). The words "progress" and "unity" themselves are not allowed as names.

    Misspellings of last names are common, too. Antilless is the same last name as Antilles on other planets, the last name Vorr started as a bastardisation of the more common Korr. Ironically, the planet’s largest city of Saccorata probably had its name initially misspelled, as well.

    Humans go by their full names (e.g. Doria Vorr, Tendra Risant). Some may have more than one name (e.g. Red Karnal Zhoorka, Joak Bluestar Shykrill Glisse), but a maximum of five names cannot be exceeded.

    Human women are expected to take their husband's last name upon getting married and women who just add the husband's last name are being closely watched as potential rebels (e.g. Maris Inesedam Vorr). It's forbidden by law for the woman to keep her maiden name only. It’s also forbidden by law to add a hyphen between the two last names.

    Human men are not expected to change the last name or add the woman's last name to theirs.

    There are exceptions to the above rules. For example, the limmie player Joak Bluestar Shykrill Glisse, more commonly known as Code: Blue added his wife's last name to his and is commonly referred by it. They would have, however, not been allowed this if they had not married in Abatore, Vagran, during the limmie player’s tenure with Abatore Magnets.

    Drall typically go by their first name (e.g. Dyeke, Ekram, Rogla), though they may use the names of their clans when necessary, in order to differentiate from one another and in official documents. Drall of high status, typically from clan-ruling families, are expected to be referred to that way by default (e.g. Roula of Pelayn, Branna of R’vanye).

    Selonians go by their first names (e.g. Saride) and, for official documents, they all have a number next to their last name, which is always Kaldo, as they're all the descendants of the dishonoured Kaldo den from Selonia proper (e.g. Korunas Kaldo 478-252). There has been some criticism over this system, as it sounded prison-like, but the Sacorrian Triad didn't change the law.


    Grain Night is a local holiday in Saccorata, dedicated to the first harvest on the outskirts of the city, carried under the jurisdiction of the R'vanye clan. Not officially observed anywhere else on Sacorria.

    Nolerday is the day the colony of Noleria was founded.

    Worker Holiday is the equivalent of May 01st in most countries and Labour Day in the USA.

    The Triad Day is known for its Triad Day Parade.

    Day of the Departed would be an equivalent of All Saints’ Day, Day of the Dead and the like – just not religious.


    Food and Beverages

    l is meal made of dustcorn. Basically dustcorn flour.

    Nerf lard savoury pastries is something I based on cuisine of many Balkans countries, where using pork lard for cooking is perfectly normal. There are even cookies using pork lard (vanilice) and dessert pastries with pork fat (salčići).

    Pethusks are a GFFA take on Smoki - a snack made of corn husks and peanuts, popular all over ex-Yugoslavia.

    Dusties are candies shaped like dustcorn seeds.

    Nerf rind buns are a take on pork rind buns that we call pogačice sa čvarcima.

    Ta-ya nuts are the seeds of the conifer ta-ya trees growing in colder places on Sacorria and Corfai. They’re edible and used in both sweet and savoury meals.

    Chocolate-covered snowgrapes rolled in ta-ya nuts is a fancy dessert. Fanon.

    Barriaga Sparkling Water is named after Barriaga, one of the six rivers that flow into the seventh, Priga, in greater Saccorata.

    Sacorrian Sliders are made with dustcorn buns, using both bantha and nerf ground meat

    Raccot hard cheese is a hard cheese produced exclusively in Racottia. Note the spelling error similar to the one in “Saccorata”, compared to “Sacorria”.

    Nerf and/or Bantha kabobs are a GFFA equivalent of plain pork ćevapčići.

    Snowgrape oil is made from the grape species produced near the Southern Pole of Sacorria that can stand freezing temperatures. It’s a GFFA equivalent of the grapeseed oil.

    Suri-bean stew is made with suri-beans soaked in water overnight and then cooked with smoked meat and pieces of racott hard cheese.

    Coogaflower and ground bantha casserole with cheese is yet another delicacy.

    DoTal brand string cheese is exactly what it says on the tin and it rivals the popularity of ANGRY MACE products on Sacorria.

    Sunlettuce is lettuce.

    Grotlian shrimp in a light red nebula onion and ryoo sauce is a delicious dish made with grotlian shrimp and the equivalents of red onions and basil.

    Dustcorn bread pudding is a common dessert every Sacorrian youngling likes.

    Seven Rivers Whiskey is a very strong alcoholic beverage named after the seven rivers of Saccorata. Otherwise produced in Curheg.

    Snowgrape wine is produced by the Grotlo Drall clan near the planet’s southern polar cap. Comes in many variants and, unlike any other wine, best served ice-cold.

    Snowgrape wine-flavoured ice cream is served only to beings older than 18.

    Iris honey is made of Sacorrian Iris. Of course, there’s a mildly narcotic variant for the residents of Curheg, which is also sold offworld as a recreational drug, unbeknownst to Sacorrians themselves. It’s stronger when used for baking, as a filling. Think “space cakes”.

    Popular Culture

    Pretty Dadanna

    Sassy singer of considerably trashy songs, who has a couple of surprisingly good ones. Real name: Dadanna Sarkle.

    Saygo jokes

    Sacorrians do not normally use these, but they’re a popular meme outside of the star system.


    Prog - Hello/Hi (short from Progress and Unity)

    Landcar - land speeder

    Den rat – How Selonians from Sacorria call their ancestors

    Sacor – How Sacorrians call their Sun, usually referred to by the same name as the planet itself outside of the system.

    Sacorrian grey bear – Common insult directed at tall Human males, not heard outside of the Corellian Sector.

    Sacorrian grain fly – Common insult directed at Sacorrian Human females who emigrated to be in a relationship with an offworlder. Used by Sacorrians and foreigners alike.

    Inventing a new Triad Mountain – Common Sacorrian proverb, similar to our “inventing the wheel”

    Proclaiming someone the fourth member of the Triad – A forbidden, albeit not unheard of saying among the Sacorrian youth. Essentially, a great honour.

    Progaway – A nice way of saying “kriff off”

    It's more common to hear "Progress and Unity" than any other greeting.

    When disagreeing with somebody, many Sacorrians are likely to call their views non-progressive.

    B u y S A Y G O

    Spacer Legends


    Some offworlders believe that each Sacorrian receives a chip in the front lobe of their brain upon birth, in order to be indoctrinated from day one and controlled.

    Status: Not true. Debunked as a myth from an issue of Galaxy Watch.


    It's rumoured that the planet used to have an ocean, but that it was dried out and its floor was subsequently terraformed to mine Solari crystals, which were never found. This was done by the Celestials.

    Status: Possibly true. Likely unrelated to Celestials and likely done to maximise the amount of arable land.

    Sacorrian Iris

    It's rumoured that genuine Sacorrian irises from Curheg are hallucinogenic to the point where smelling them for a while is worse than using a deathstick. This is just one of the things that makes Curhegers' lives more bearable.

    Status: True. Works only on Humans, Drall and Selonians (when the Duros Anra Renek and Ortolan Koobalt Nubes give it a sniff in The Black Star, nothing happens).

    Viewscreen Programmes

    The Saamans – Your Favourite Nolerian Family! Is a Sacorrian, progress-friendly remake of the Galaxy-wide popular comdram, The Saamans – Your Favourite Coruscanti Family!

    The Steppes of the Corn Valley is one of the romdram series that was showing on Sacorria at the time before the Battle of Naboo.

    Dear Qleebold is a teenage romdram staring Karlina Yaihe.

    Sacorrian Holocast Network News (SHN News) is a news programme.


    Circle-dance is a GFFA take on hora and kolo.

    Tale of the Brave Pioneers is a Sacorrian song for younglings, about the alleged brave pioneers that discovered their planet.



    ProSper is the company behind Saygo speeders and other vehicles. Its factories are located in Curheg, while the offices are in Sublata.

    Curheg Lava Processing Inc. is the company responsible for dealing with processing lava acquired in mining operations on Arcadia and leftover lava from the Dorthus Tal Geothermal Power Plant. The lava is typically used for decorative purposes, though there have as well been talks about giving Curheg its own mountain.

    DustCornFarms Inc. is one of the state-owned Sacorrian corporations. Exactly what it says on the tin. Its offices are located in Saccorata, right next to AARIS offices.

    Saygo Models

    Saygo lightspeeder is a cheap Saygo vehicle made out of recycled landspeeders (or "landcars" in Sacorrian slang), an equivalent to our bicycle. It can be used as a very light speeder, carrying maximum two beings. In some models, the repulsorlift technology can be turned off, the aerodynamic parts can be tucked in and it can function like an exercise device. Think of it as a bicycle with superpowers.

    Saygo Triad is the flagship Saygo landspeeder, uncommonly luxurious for Sacorria.

    Saygo Greybear is one of Saygo models, named after the planet's most dangerous predator. It's some sort of a small speeder-van.

    Saygo Circledancer 45 is an affordable, cheap model of Saygo, the planet’s most infamous export and the one the Saygo jokes are usually referring to.

    Saygo Sarcophagus is a funeral shuttle.

    Saygo Sublata is one of Saygo’s mid-range models.

    (the rest of the post is down for revamp as of February 25th, 2018 - back in a bit!)
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    Dec 16, 2012
    I would say that you can not suffer evaporation but there is the risk of dehydration, there should also be a low risk of getting stuck or becoming half transformed since anybody able to learn 'liquid body' is already a master of their body.

    My main inspirations for 'liquid body' were the mystical shagulit sect from the Drakar & Demoner RPG adventure Svavelvinter, and an American youth TV-series, that I don't remember the name of, about a girl who got super powers after a chemical spill, one which was turning into a poodle of slime.
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    I guess the difference for my version of this ability then is high-risk high-reward, and thus any power incontinence can be dangerous to the user.
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    It feels like you are missing a word or two here.

    I agree.

    Also, regarding your Skakoan Commandos, do you know of Kul Teska?

    EDIT: have also added a point below 'liquid body'
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    Excerpts from the Guide to Kuat

    Kuat—It’s not just a planet, it’s a way of life.

    --from STAR WARS: DARK EMPIRE by “ImperialSolo”

    This is an incomplete, and intemperate, guide to the version of the Expanded Universe/Legends planet Kuat[1] I have created for several stories I have written. Some of the following may very well contradict things you can read on wookieepedia—the only “canon” sources I have used are Daniel Wallace’s 1998 The Complete Guide to Planets and Moons and bits from the wookieepedia and one X-Wing novel, and I don’t even play very nice with those. I have never been able to take the EU very seriously—and well, it’s all legends now.

    This is certain to be revised—many, many times.


    A Perfect World

    Kuat is one of the many hundreds of temperate planets in the galaxy—and like more than a few of those, it was terraformed, and deliberately designed, to be that way by the original founding settlers from Coruscant. No one knows now what the planet looked like when they first scouted it out, thousands upon thousands of years ago, though they must have noted it in their records. But then, they wanted their descendents to remember it as they had made it: a calm, or peacefully dull, green garden of a planet, where the weather is always obediently perfect.

    Well, mostly perfect: there is snow on the northern pole, which most Kuati view as a sort of novelty. Vacations in the islands near the pole are popular with both the aristocratic and middle classes. Most of the northern hemisphere has a short, humid, and miserably hot summer. And at various times of the year, depending on the location, every place has its “rainy season.” It rains frequently throughout the year, but then, even the aristocratic members of the council in (the rather predictably named) Kuat City, understand this to be necessary: a planet this green can only stay that way with rain.

    The only ocean on Kuat is on the northern hemisphere below the pole. While it has a decent population of (most of it originally transplanted off-world species) aquatic life, there is very little fishing on the planet. Kuat receives nearly 90% of its food supply from other worlds in the Kuat Sector. The ocean is only there, like most of the planet, to look pretty.

    That would be how most of the off-worlders who come to the surface--usually as high class tourists, or workers at one of the off-world embassies--would describe the planet: pretty. Most Kuati, if asked, would agree with them. There are numerous parks, and larger nature preserves, that are open to the public year round, with at least one in even the smallest towns; and people from all classes enjoy spending time outside, whether they're walking through their neighborhood park, or sitting in their private garden.

    The animals are all pretty and tamed, and several species, including the drebin and dreb-rats, are useful in keeping the gardens pretty. It has also been a trend, most recently during the later years of the Galactic Empire, to have specially engineered pets meant to be both unique looking and docile--and yes, some of the older aristocrats really did have them made to match their hair or their personal parlour decor. And best of all, there is not one single natural large predator on the entire planet---the founders made certain of that.


    The Kuati

    The people known as the Kuati—and while according to the official planetary demographics, between 2.5-6% of the population are “off-world aliens,” they are indeed almost entirely human—are descended from multiple waves of Coruscanti settlers. And most Kuati accents are quite similar to the upper level Coruscanti accents; the few exceptions are the dialects spoken in some of the more remote pine forests in the southwest hemisphere. As a result, for obvious reasons, Kuati are frequently mistaken for being from Coruscant when they are off-world. This never happens, for obvious reasons, on Coruscant.

    Yet despite this connection, Kuati culture has developed to the point where it has only a surface resemblance to its motherworld. Most of its distinctive and notorious traditions—such as the use of breeders, known as telbuns, by the aristocratic houses—were only developed on that world, and there is no equivalent on Coruscant. There is no language on Coruscant that even resembles Kuati—but it is possible that there was when the first settlers left, and its remnants have been lost to history.

    Of course, by the last days of the Old Galactic Republic, the Kuati spoke the language of the galactic government: Basic. It was rumored that there were still people in the most remote places, including the smallest of the polar island chains, who only spoke an older version of Kuati, but that was only ever a legend. It is only the scholarly community who keep Kuati as a living language, if just barely—and that is why most children study it in school, even if only for a term, even if they never speak it again.

    The majority of the population live in the urban areas, though their pretty cities, with tree lined streets, and artificial, but beneficial creeks, with tumbling rapids, could not be less like Coruscant. Kuat City—predictably and arrogantly named by Gyar Kuat Ling, one of the founders--is the largest city, located in the southern hemisphere on the Sing River.

    It is no easy thing to immigrate to Kuat—while the dockyards are full of off-worlders, including the “off-world aliens, most of them only see the world below them from orbit. For that reason, they have their own distinct culture. If they ever do reach the surface—most likely through promotion, or marriage to a Kuati resident—they are usually in for a culture shock in a world they hadn’t really known at all.


    “Business is business, and business runs in the family”

    The main, and some might say, nearly the only, industry on Kuat is apparent even from orbit: it is surrounded by the rings of the shipyards it has been famous for since at least the early part of the Old Republic. The Kuati may not be known, as the Corellians are, to have starship fuel instead of blood in their veins, but they are known for dominating the starship market in a large part of the Core, and this has kept them in a powerful position with a succession of galactic governments. The ruling families have always been led by businesspeople, and they will always do what is best for business, which is knowing who is in power and sticking with them: when the Old Republic was around, they were with it; when it changed to the Empire, they were a loyal Imperial World; and when they saw the Empire going down, and another Republic crawling up into power, they knew to join up with it.

    Kuat has two moons—Liin and Ronay[2]—but the main lights visible in the night sky are the glowing ones moving about the shipyards. It is common to see a “shooting star” there—but it is only ever just trash dumped from the yards and burning up in the atmosphere.

    From an outside perspective, the shipyards, known as the Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) offworld and simply as the yards on it, appear as a solid and united front. Anyone who spends more than a few days on the planet knows this could not be farther from the truth: each of the main ten aristocratic families has their own part of the yards, and they are engaged in constant bickering and rivalry. These conflicts even trickle down to the engineers, and further down to the dock workers in orbit. It is not uncommon for rival dock workers to mix it up in one of the orbit-side pubs.

    While each of the house-yards has at least several design specialties they are known for, they also focus on having variety in their releases. It's only good business--the more ships a house can offer, the more markets they can make money in. And the houses are especially vigilant about all of their developing starship plans; there are frequently rumors, even when there are never outright accusations, of theft. It only takes two houses to release ships with similar designs around the same time to start things up, and even if it was a natural coincidence, it might not matter—at least several aristocrats, most notably Lady Ozma Kohlvalt of the House Kohlvalt, have taken suicide pledges for less than that.

    The houses have ways of dealing with the possibility of theft and other issues. They all have their personal spies, known to the general public as the feared black dogs. These spies blend in with the worker population, and no one, other than the managers they report back to, know this side of their identities. It’s said that you can never tell who might be a black dog. It’s the people you would never suspect—and the ones you would. That might be the point.


    Life on Kuat

    Kuat society is matrilineal—descent is counted through the mother, and children take their mothers’ surnames. While women may receive some slight preference, men have the same opportunities in education, business, and culture[3]. The vast majority of men in all classes do not take their partners’ names when they marry—the only reason anyone, male or female, would take their spouse’s name would be if they were marrying into a higher socially ranked family. For the aristocrats, marriage is always a complicated affair—they seldom enter into an official marriage without politics in mind, even if it isn’t an arranged alliance between houses. They can seldom even enter into affairs lightly, though most aristocrats find a way to manage both their duties to their house, and the relationships they actually want.

    Most of the aristocratic house heads pick one principal heir amongst their children not by birth order or by gender, but by aptitude—they chose the child who shows the most business and technical potential. This child is as likely to be a boy as a girl. There are always at least several others in the main branch, and the side branches, of the house who will go into either local, or planet-wide, or even galactic politics—but otherwise, aristocrats, particularly the women, are known with good reason as socialites. They have nothing else to do with themselves except throw garden parties, gossip, and create dramas with each other or their servants.

    The main hierarchy on the world, at least to the Kuati themselves, revolves around class. The few favored off-worlders who come to live on the surface are with the shipyards industry, and are easily fit into an existing category. Everyone knows how it is supposed to go: the aristocrats run the planet and the shipyards, the middle class are the engineers and tutors and scholars who work for them, and the lower classes are the store workers, and the slummers are housecleaners for the middle class, and the droids do nearly everything else.

    (This ignores that fact that despite the shipyards, Kuat still has a permanently unemployed underclass amongst the lower classes. It isn't particularly large--especially in comparison to the enormous, seething unemployed classes on Coruscant and Eriadu--but it is still there. This is what happens when the droids quite literally do nearly "everything else.")

    After centuries of dominating the starship markets with their shipyards, the ten main aristocratic houses are very, ridiculously, and stupidly rich—and since they continue to add to their wealth faster than even the socialite members can spend it, they expect to remain that way. The aristocrats may sometimes resemble their own stereotypes (the spoiled, bored woman who is shocked, shocked to learn that it is she who will be carrying her baby to term, and not her telbun[4], and the cold machine minded man who has a rat-droid for a pet, rather than something messy and organic), but they are still human. All too human.

    Since most of the other classes, like “common people” throughout the galaxy, never leave their world, it is not surprising that the aristocrats are the only image most beings have of the Kuati. Of course, those aristocrats tend to have a flock of servants along with them, but no one is going to see them. It does explain why offworlders will often ask a middle class woman, offworld for her one and only holiday on the nearby world of Alderaan or its sister-world Delaya, about her telbun—completely unaware that only members of the aristocratic houses, and not even all of them, would have one.

    Ultimately, the common people of Kuat are ordinary—and not so different from those one might meet on the other Core worlds. They don’t provide the entertainment value of an aristocrat throwing a public temper fit in a Coruscanti space port while flinging orders to her waiting lady, or telbun, in a dramatically commanding voice—and all because her cream gin drink was lukewarm. It might be a stereotype, but that would be because it is sometimes true.


    "I am Telbun. I understand."

    [Follow this link]


    Appendix: Varied Cultural Notes

    A selection of the Ten Great Houses of Kuat[5], and (as of 3059 KE (Kuati planetary calender)/42 ABY) a few of their more prominent--and infamous--members:

    House Darsk[6]

    Loisa Darsk (the first senator to represent her world and sector in the New Republic senate).

    House Monet

    Liliana Monet (became the head of her house's yards around 3015 KE, when it became clear she needed to take over from her notoriously incompetent mother, who was then free to continue spending her time with her drinks and her well-paid boy toys).
    Annachie Monet (Liliana’s younger brother, and known as a talented engineer. After his political marriage to Gailesia Darsk ended, he ran the yards with his sister).

    House Kohlvalt

    Ozma Kohlvalt (known mostly for taken the suicide pact in 2817 KE as the dramatic finale of the scandal over the leaked plans for two of her house yards' newest starships).

    House Kuat Ling

    Gyar Kuat Ling (one of the founders, both of the planet and Kuat City, which he named for his family, and where his family house continues to make both ships and money).
    Allista Kuat Ling (Gyar’s cousin, and known mostly, by the time of the late Old Republic period, for her extensive library of ancient literature. Thanks to the work of her grandson, it is scattered across both public and private libraries across the planet).


    [More to come here. Keep watching the skies, and this post.]

    [1] There are several minor characters in the prequel trilogy—most notably, Senator Giddeon Danu, who appears in the deleted scenes with the Delegation of 2000 in The Revenge of the Sith—who are revealed elsewhere to be from Kuat, but since the planet never appears, or is even mentioned, in the movies, it is still really an EU world.
    [2] Ronay is canon, and Liin is my own creation. Apparently, I just wanted to stick it to the EU at the time I came up with this detail, and I don’t feel like changing it for the canon one now.
    [3] Yes, I contradicted the wookieepedia entry again here--but Kuat didn’t feel, at least from the sources I used, like an all out “mirror universe” matriarchy, and really. It isn’t as though the extended universe needed another one-dimensional matriarchy full of evil, evil aristocrats and oppressed men. Wasn’t Hapes bad enough?
    [4] This one was inspired by a bit in Michael Stackpole’s X-Wing novel Wedge’s Gamble.
    [5] Or: only the ones I have so far had the need to name in a fanfictional work.
    [6] The name Darsk is from Wedge’s Gamble—it’s the name Corran Horn and Erisi Dlarit use when they are impersonating a Kuati noblewoman and her telbun, and it would make sense for them to use the name of a real aristocratic house to make their disguise more effective. However, I don’t know that is actually meant to be the case, and everything else about House Darsk and its members is my own invention.
  16. Gahmah Raan

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    Yes. Unlike the Commandos, Teska is a heavily modified cyborg (if he had a flagellum, it would have been blown off in his accident; and thus, my addition of a flagellum to Skakoan biology would make him even more crippled) that's a bit larger than the average humanoid. The legs the Commandos use are attached to them like a harness while their flagellum looks like a lizard tail.

    I started wondering if Skakoans actually had legs or not when I noticed Wat Tambor's peculiar "walking" animation in the Ryloth arc. At first, I assumed it might have been animation laziness, but then the episode commentaries noted that his ILM model in Attack of the Clones didn't have legs either, so it was intentional.

    I did take Teska into consideration when I was deciding on whether Skakoans would naturally have legs or not, and since his legs were clearly mechanical, it just added more mystery to their biology in both canons (some Legends works did seem to suggest the idea of them having legs, but bipedalism among humanoid aliens is one of the quickest assumptions for artists, and Tambor's leg movement wasn't that easy to notice in AOTC). For the most part, I was applying artistic license since Wook gave me very little to go on (however, my idea of what they look without their suits is a bit different than what that short story depicted; for example I imagine their mouths being on their necks in relation to the suit's vocabulator).
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    Feb 2, 2015
    Yes. Unlike the Commandos, Teska is a heavily modified cyborg (if he had a flagellum, it would have been blown off in his accident; and thus, my addition of a flagellum to Skakoan biology would make him even more crippled) that's a bit larger than the average humanoid. The legs the Commandos use are attached to them like a harness while their flagellum looks like a lizard tail.

    I started wondering if Skakoans actually had legs or not when I noticed Wat Tambor's peculiar "walking" animation in the Ryloth arc. At first, I assumed it might have been animation laziness, but then the episode commentaries noted that his ILM model in Attack of the Clones didn't have legs either, so it was intentional.

    I did take Teska into consideration when I was deciding on whether Skakoans would naturally have legs or not, and since his legs were clearly mechanical, it just added more mystery to their biology in both canons (some Legends works did seem to suggest the idea of them having legs, but bipedalism among humanoid aliens is one of the quickest assumptions for artists, and Tambor's leg movement wasn't that easy to notice in AOTC). For the most part, I was applying artistic license since Wook gave me very little to go on (however, my idea of what they look without their suits is a bit different than what that short story depicted; for example I imagine their mouths being on their necks in relation to the suit's vocabulator).
  18. Gahmah Raan

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    Gah. Accidentally double-posted while I had too many tabs up (and mentally side-tracked). Someone, please delete this post and the one above.
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    I was originally planning to make a fanonpost about an Unknown Region species but I'm is still waiting for my beta reader to give it back. Instead I will give you some stuff to be used when you just need your heroes/villains to look for something/win/fight over.

    This was inspiered by Gorefiend asking for suggestions what he should have as the grand price in a Sabacc tournament in his RPG if his player actually won.


    Sometime you need something for your story and it is not that important, at least right then, what it is. Maybe just some stuff for the characters to pass by in a museum or on a auction. Maybe you want something out of the ordinary to be the price of the Sabacc tournament you have Lando taking part of. It could be what Prince Xizor want in exchange for allowing the main characters go. Etc.

    Instead of having to come up with your own stuff so am I offering a list of stuff that might work as that thing.

    Some of the things are given a history and/or a use, while other are just suggestive. You don’t need to use them as presented.

    MacGuffins, Artefacts, Thingimagings and Whatsits

    "The head of Medusa. That's what's in the box and who looks on her will be changed not into stone but into brimstone and ashes. But of course you wouldn't believe me you'd have to see for yourself wouldn't you."
    - Dr. G. E. Soberin, Kiss Me Deadly

    * A fully functional clockwork replica of a human (or other species) head, covered in precious material, that can talk through a beautiful arrangement of gears and miniature organ pipes. It can be connected to computers to work as a speaker.

    * A silver key of unknown age, inscribed with archaic symbols that translates as: show me the portal of sleep.

    * The corps of a member of Yoda's species, preserved in alcohol.

    * A 1x1x1 m large holocron like devise that reanimate all corpses and body parts within 100 m to a twitching, spastic falls-life.

    * The closed logbook of the infamous trade-admiral and master explorer Sala Skywalker. Nobody have, as of now, been able to open it.

    * A half meter tall statue from Mimban, holding an egg sized crystal in its hands. The crystal seems to glow with an inner light.

    * A kwa skull made of crystal. Any talk about it being hunted is nothing but superstition and the way the eye sockets sometime seems to glow blue is just a trick of the light. Right?

    * An ancient lightsabre. Its handle is twice as long as a normal 'sabres, it need four times more energy then a modern ‘sabre and the batteries probably needs changing if you plan to use it.

    * The remains of Sebulba's personal podracer.

    * A cracked mandolorain helmet with the inside covered in dried blood. Supposedly belonged to a Mandalore.

    * A fiddle, or similar instrument, made of gold with silver strings.

    * A polished, bronze coloured wooden staff crowned by a stylised cobra head that once belonged to a feared sorcerer of Tund. It is actually a Force artefact that give bonuses when you try to hypnotises people with help of the staff.

    * A Morgukai staff, fully functional if in need of a battery change.

    * A barrel of Bugman’s Castle XXX XXX XXX, the best beer the galaxy have ever seen.

    * An ancient bottle of sherry wine, found in the hands of a skeleton that was discovered in a sealed value in the deepest levels of Coruscant.

    * A pearl, the size of a bantha’s heart, that seems to pulls with an inner life if you hold it.

    * A mythosaurus skull the size of a light freighter.

    * A black sword whose blade is covered in strange hieroglyphs that sometime seems to glow. It is covered in talismans and prayer sheets trying to keep the demon, that supposedly exist in the sword, from breaking free. A big sign hangs from its crossguard on which is written: “Don’t Touch”

    * The stone pediment broken away from whatever wall and large door it once belonged to. On it is written in ancient language: Go away. This is not a place to be. If you do try to enter here, you will fail and also be cursed. If somehow you succeed, then do not complain that you entered unwarned, nor bother us with your deathbed prayers.; and is signed, The Gods.

    * A human, or human like mask carved form one piece of ivory belonging to an unknown species. It have yellow markings and carved in the brows inside are written: “Le Roi en jaune. Act 1, scene 2. Stranger.”

    * A simple headband of orichalcum in the center of which gleam a single red jewel. Supposedly belonged to one of the pharaohs - semi-divine priest-kings - of ancient Byss. The legends tale that the pharaohs could control the weather and strike their enemies down with a thought, among other things. If it is the real deal it could be a Force artefact.

    * A muzzle-loaded, musket like slugthrower with strange, high-tech components of unknown origin crafted into it. Shots fired from the “musket” somehow ignore non-organic armour, no matter how primitive or advanced but are hindered by organic armour may it be natural or worn, like a leather harness.

    * A mummified head of a full-blooded sith with jewels for eyes.

    * A white bow and quiver full of arrows, just as white, suspended in a block of transparent crystal.

    * A decorated, master crafted wookiee war-shield.

    * A six fingered hand, seemingly petrified in some unknown way.

    * A master crafted cybernetic arm with shoulder. It is strong and durable and the hand can be fired from the rest of the arm, linked to it with a 10 m wire, to be used as a range weapon or a help when climbing.

    * A collection of carved crystals and bones with strange runes on them. If baptised in blood and thrown they will stay in the air, moving in a slow pattern.

    * A master crafted slugthrower pistol that uses magnetic fields to accelerate the ammunition. It is decorated with small and tasteful carvings. Along the right side of the handle are 20 names carved in, the names are all of (in)famous gunslingers. Are they former owners or victims?

    * A stylised kwa skull made of silver with jewels for eyes. Supposedly it is one of three – one made of silver (this one), one made of gold, and one made of jade. If all three are brought together they'll produce a supernatural force more powerful than anything the jedi or the sith have wielded.

    * The sorcerer of Tund Ibnnag Gazar was one of the greatest mages in Tund’s history but considered mad by many of his peers. With the creation of his great grimoire this was proven right. For no rational mage would create a book inked on the skin of his closest family.
    The grimoire itself is a large leader bound book with two advanced puzzle locks in metal, the pages are of parchment and is full of information regarding Ibnnag Gazar’s spells, experiments and observations. There is no ‘content’ or ‘index’ page and Ibnnag Gazar’s did not follow any real system when he wrote, making finding what you are looking for really hard.
    Something that is easy to miss is that small hologram generators can be found in the book’s binding, there to create 3D holograms of whatever pictures there’s on the open page. How the hologram generators know what page is open is unknown and they are in need of a battery change to function.
    The real grimoire, there are many fakes circulating around, would be of high interest to the jedi order, sorcerer of Tund, many other groups and any self-proclaimed delver in the forbidden art or master mystic.

    * A smaller book about tactics and war strategy, probably from a primitive world since there is not talk about any more advanced weapons then muzzleload canons. The exact world it is from is unknown but the author, one Malus Morimaica, talk about air support from beasts, alone or with people riding them, and the use of great land beasts as part of the war machine. There are also returning mentions about the use of wizards, witches and magic, as if it was something that was part of many armies, and one chapter is fully dedicated to how to best fight daemons.
    Any reader will get a feeling that author lack no real respect for life or ethics but don’t believe in wasting his resources needlessly and will find that he has sprinkled his writing with a dry sense of humour.

    * A meter high statue of Palpatine, as he appeared before the senate when he declared the birth of the Empire, made out of one whole life crystal.
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    The index has been updated with, ahem, some delay [face_blush] Please double-check that your entries have all been listed in the right place (cough cough Gahmah Raan I hope I got yours right, I promise I'm not doing it on purpose!)

    Also, even if you have no entries here, have a look at the index -- lots of amazing stuff in there, and some writers added things to older posts (e.g. divapilot added Zeltrons to her alien species post), so even of you read this thread earlier, there might be new things for you to discover!
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    A little announcement: as of today, 16 October 2015, the Fanon Thread and its associated sock are being administered by Findswoman.

    To start with, would people be game to resurrect the worldbuilding discussion begun earlier (as in, July [face_blush])?

    I'm always glad to hear more ideas for future discussion topics and challenges, so feel free to PM those to this sock. And new fanon posts and additions to old fanon posts are always welcome—just don't forget to PM this sock when you make either one.

    Many thanks,
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    For this mouth fanon post I present a naganoid species from the Unknwon regions: lindorm

    If you have problem understanding what I’m trying to say just say it the comments and I will try to make it clear :)

    Also regarding world building, maybe Sandy's Soapbox #219: FanFic, GMing and Worldbuilding could be of some interest


    The lindorm are a sentient race of reptilian creatures with a snake-like lower body and vaguely humanoid torso, though they sport multiple arms and a snake like head. This species has two pairs of strong arms which work independently of one another, meaning a lindorm has a great deal of dexterity and can even use multiple weapons at the same time. Lindorm are hairless and covered with thick, iridescent scales that come in two to three colours, usually some variation of blue, purple, red and black. Even if colours like yellow, orange, green or brown appear. They lack visible signs of ears outside of a small hole on each side of their head and have large, wide-set eyes and instead of a nose, they have a pair of nasal pits. The lindorm’s lipless mouth holds a set of huge fangs that protrude from the upper jaw, along with a host of smaller sharpened teeth. A thin forked tongue flickers from its mouth, constantly tasting the air for prey. The senses of the lindorm are overall quite advanced, displaying a far better sense of smell than humans, but with less-developed hearing. They are naturally farsighted, see more into the red spectrum than humans and rely more on smell than sight when close up.

    The lindorm’s lower body provides locomotion, with wide flat scales that allow the creature to grip the ground and pull itself along. Since so much of their body touch the ground they do they easily feel vibrations in the ground. They can move quickly and with good speed over most types of terrain, and their multiple arms along with their lengthy torso allow them to climb rapidly when needed. The scales are larger on its back and sides, and can be surprisingly thick.

    There is little outward physical difference between genders but the lindorm themselves have no problem telling each other apart since they use smell to identify one another.

    They are warm-blooded but have a lower standard body temperature than humans, which means they are more affected by cold. They are carnivores that can eat raw as well as cooked meat and have no problems with vegetables together with their meat.

    Lindorm have a seemingly racial tendency for the good things in life, they want the best and are not unwilling to work hard and/or kill to get it. If they cannot have it all, they usually choose one thing that they invest most of their money in for it to be of as high quality as possible.

    The lindorm have their own language made up by rasps, hisses and click sounds. They are able to speak basic, if usually with a lisp (thought that can be trained away).

    Homeworld & Society
    Their homeplanet is unknown but they comes from somewhere in the unknown regions, probably near the Blazing chains current territory, since so many, relatively speaking, lindorm can be found among the Blazing chain.

    They usually travel in group and sometime settle in their own quarters or small towns on planets, these small societies are known as ormbo. They seem to dislike right angles and modify houses and ships they take over so any right, or near-right angles disappear. Their own ships usually resemble large concrete eggs with an engine and windows, or a cluster of eggs.

    The lindorm’s own houses are usually partially underground and lack any real straight lines but beside that do it not exist any real governing architectural style among them, even if many resemble the Barbapapa familie’s house.

    They like to take hot baths and/or visit saunas and as a rule do a ormbohave at least one communal bathhouse and/or sauna.

    The lindorm lack marriage practices, males and females stay together or split depending on moodes and children are usually reared by the community instead of just the immediate family.

    Poison play an important part of lindorm society and unlike some other species do they not see any problem with using it on their weapons, during warfare or hunting. All lindorm know at least the basics about poisons and they can debate for hours about the benefits and disadvantages of different types of poison, which situations they’re the most suited for, the best way to apply them and what antidotes are the best to counteract them.

    An important part of lindorm society are the poison sages. The poison sages – called so by non-lindorm – have a place in society that seem to combine the role of medic and spiritual leader. They are masters of poisons, something they usually only use for healing but can also be used for harm, usually against the enemies of the ormbo. Many sages have a area of expertise regarding their poisons, f.ex. animal or vegetable poisons, or poisons from a specific world.

    There seems to exist a sub-group to the poison sages who are highly specialised and have mastered a rather small area of poison use, f.ex. all the different uses of one specific poison or all the many ways to use poisons on a specific race.

    Many lindorm usually sell their service to the highest bidder and seem to have no qualms about working against their former employees, even if they usually always fulfil their contract before switching sides. They after sought after as master poisoners, medics, and warriors among the groups that are wiling to hire them.

    Many of them keep pets, especially poison sages who specialise in animal poisons. Among the returning animals are: snakes and spiders of all sizes; krikik (a large, six-legged turtles that are often used as pack animals); hudung (winged hounds); inkeye (apes with ink-black eyes that can squirt ink from their tear ducts to blind predators) air lantern (flying jellyfishes that are naturally glowing)

    The lindorm art is lacking in that kind of fine details that you can only see up close, since they are farsighted. When it comes to painting and sculptures do their main styles resemble primitivism, psychedelic and naïve art in different combinations. There also seems to be a wave of cubist like art coming up. Recently a wave of art resembling cubism has been coming up amongst some artists.

    Lindorm’s are an interstellar race but their hyperdrives and astrogation systems are only capable of short jumps with, relatively, long preparation time and they seems incapable of producing small hyperdrives since all their ships are the size of a corvette or lager.

    When it comes to their arms technology so are their shard guns rightly feared. Using solid crystals as ammunition, the guns force a powerful electrical current through the crystal, causing it to tear off small shards from sheering torsion pressure and ejecting them at great velocities. The shards can rip open armour and tear into flesh with ease but what makes them truly feared is that the crystal comes out coated with poison. This poison seems to be a natural by-product from the creation of the shards and is highly painful and lightly paralyse the bodypart hit.

    The lindorm also use slugthrowers and boltcasters, usually poison tipped. They lack blaster-tech, but have no problems using modified blasters belonging to other species.

    Since the lindorm are four armed so are their larger guns designed to be wieldable by more than two hands.

    Most of their close combat weapons are equipped with different kinds of gadgets that automatically cover their edge in poison.

    What are they interested in

    As stated earlier do the lindorm have a seemingly racial tendency for the good things in life. This usually mean good food, drink and clothes but also intoxicants, gadgets, music and/or being taken care of in different ways (massage, spa, manicures, etc.).

    Most lindorm also have at least one master crafted item related to their profession, or are working towards getting one.
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    Gamiel, thanks so much for introducing the Lindorm. Naturally you had me at the poison sages—you know how I love a good alien Force tradition [face_love] (they could go in your Force Traditions post too). Now one of the things in most curious about here is the Lindorm concept of "poison." It seems that term must have a very different connotation there than most places, given that it's apparently used among the Lindorm for healing as well as harming purposes? Which figures given their snake-like nature—they secrete it as part of just being alive. Or is this something akin to the Yuuzhan Vong worship of pain? Do they have multiple words for it (as do the Inuit for snow here on Earth)?

    I have to say, I thought the saunas and bathhouses were a fun touch, too. Are they used for ritual purposes by the poison sages at all?

    Thanks also for sharing that article about worldbuilding, which was enjoyable and raises some good points. But I think in some ways the "what if?" case the author brings up is only part of it. Worldbuilding is good for much, much more than repairing in-universe inconsistencies like the Transformers thing the writer mentions—one of its biggest uses is for filling in things that are just plain missing from the universe in its canonical state. Also, worldbuilding isn't solely the province of fans trying to interpret and explain existing universes—original-fiction writers do it too (Tolkien is one of my favorite examples and I'd be interested to hear what others' favorite profic worldbuilders are). But again thanks for sharing, and I'd love to hear your own and others' thoughts on it too. :)

    Ewok Poet, after revisiting your Ewok Astronomy post, I have a renewed curiosity to see you explore some of those ancient Ewok sages and astronomers in fic form—what a new and different "Before" that would be! Even the humble Tambo sounds like he has a deep and interesting story behind him.

    Very curious about the hypothetical Tana too: she must have been a great person indeed to merit the tribute of having the Endor gas giant named for her. Just the whole succession of sages passing on this arcane knowledge about the stars is so very Ewok somehow, and so very Ewok Poet. And of course A Certain Feather-Capped Ewok Poet culminates that succession! [face_love] I wonder who, if anyone, will succeed him.

    I'm intrigued by the idea of Force abnormalities being causes by sidereal events like this. That too is an idea that strikes me as being very EP, but I wonder if there are official Legends examples too (in the Ewoks cartoon or elsewhere)? Or if you have in mind any other things like that besides the Gorax King/Fire of the Eternal event? Also, the brass telescope jumped out at me, given how rare metal is among the Ewoks. Certainly there must be a story behind that, too—either one in Legends lore somewhere or else in your imagination. Would love to hear more. [face_batting]

    I am also kicking myself for not taking a better look at your Sacorria post earlier, because now that I have I understand some things in Black Star better than I did before—e.g., the shirts business, the effects of the Sacorrian iris, the general geography, etc. It would take me eons to go through all the fantastic details and ask about them, but for now I'll say that if anyone asks me to show them an example of really good, thorough worldbuilding that seamlessly integrates real-world concepts, this is where I'll point them. :)

    Now, addressing the discussion questions on worldbuilding:

    As to where I borrow from (fanfic/profic, other fandoms, real life), I would say mostly from real life—I have a bunch of borrowings from various RL cultures and religious traditions, or at least from those I know well for one reason or another. In general I don't borrow from other fandoms except in a very general way, just because I don't feel like I know other fandoms as well as SW.

    That said—I've seen RL-based worldbuilding out there that is ineffective, too. If all one does in developing [FILL IN ALIEN CULTURE OF YOUR CHOICE] is take an encyclopedia article for [FILL IN WHICHEVER WORLD RELIGION OR CULTURE HERE] and just changes a few names (and I've seen that done), that's just lazy. One has to do at least a bit of work to integrate things believably.

    I value worldbuilding that's both (a) internally thorough and harmonious and (b) consistent, or at least harmonious, with what's already present in established sources. Thus I do my best to try to keep at least kind of up to date on how established sources handle my areas of interest (fortunately not too hard thus far, but we'll see :p ). Much of what I do just amounts to riffing on tidbits from canon sources—e.g., coming up with ruetsa'iiv as a singular form for ruetsavii or deriving talwuine as a related concept to janwuine. And if those riffs end up expanding into something bigger, I won't say no—but I'll always be mentally checking it against what I know from canon to make sure it at least harmonizes. A lot of this was instilled in me by my good friend and very first beta reader, Beedo, and I never cease to thank him for it. @};-
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    Well, since it's October, I thought this would be the right time to delve on this one. (And for Paranormalities readers, think of this as a slight preview for things that will crop up in Episode III)


    According to Jedi, it is said that the Force flows from all life. These creatures are an exception.

    Not tied to one particular world, Forceless (as they are labelled in this galaxy) are created when a wound in the Force is created. When a creature dies, it is no longer giving off the Force, but that lost flow is quickly replaced when another creature is born. However, if too many creatures die at once, a wound is created, and Forceless are allegedly the Force's rushed patch-job at creating replacement lifeforms. They can try to resemble living creatures, but they don't flow with the Force. Not really living, but not really dead either (so from a Jedi's standpoint, they shouldn't be able to exist, yet they do).

    This is one of their attempts at mimicing a humanoid. Key word "attempt".

    In its default forms, the main Forceless symbiote created by whatever catastrophe and born in the catastrophe's origin point resembles an amorphous black blob. However, it is capable of generating more blobs with only a slight degree of independent thought, often dubbed Black Matter. On the otherhand, some self-replicated Black Matter don't have this degree of independent thought, making them essentially avatars for the original symbiote. A group of Forceless tied to a head-symbiote is called a Forceless Collective.

    Because of their lack of a Force-connection, they are often attracted to other lifeforms with Force connections. The first time it makes contact with a living creature, it will try to enter their body (usually through any orifice) and analyze their thoughts. The first creature it possesses becomes a Herald, and the symbiote will serve the Herald and follow its example. The symbiote may also keep the lifeform from aging and provide beneficial mutations (this includes recreation of lost tissue) if the Herald wishes. The symbiote's personality development is typically dependent on who its Herald is. The symbiote's eye color will also glow to reflect the Force aura and nature of its Herald (for example, a Dark Side-natured Herald would result in the symbiote having glowing red eyes). If its Herald were to die before it, it would find a new one while retaining personality traits from the previous Herald.

    Forceless Collectives have a pecking order among the symbiotes with the Herald and origin symbiote being at the top. Anything a lower-ranked Forceless (both symbiotes and hosts) sees or hears can be sensed by higher-ranked Forceless (for comparison in Valkor's Collective, most of the Archfiends are high-ranked unless they're too stupid or barely functional to benefit from intel), but it doesn't work the other way around unless the higher-ranked officer willingly shares the information

    As far as some of the more malicious Collectives go, other creatures possessed to serve them might not have it so lucky. They can potentially be mutated in a way that would force them into service and make them dependent on possession to stay alive. If the host is unwilling to serve, the symbiote can forcefully take control of its body, but leave the host conscious. Forceless possession is often reflected by their skin color changing to dark shade of gray similar to the symbiote (chemical alterations to the symbiote not withstanding; in rare cases, the host may retain their original pigmentation or be a really pale shade of gray), having their eyes match the symbiote's eyes, and other random mutations.

    This is a human female, by the way.

    However, some creatures have developed an immunity to Forceless possession, whether it be resistance through sheer will (though it often ends up with both the host and symbiote being killed) or an immunity that develops with every generation. These degrees of immunity may include benefiting from mutation without being body-jacked (and keeping the symbiote from just ripping the body apart) while still looking like a Forceless host or being able to convert the symbiote into Force energy by channeling it with the would-be-host's Force power (unfortunately, that one also has a high risk of insanity).

    With Forceless possession sounding like a horrific fate, it would seem that death is a mercy to possession victims.

    Contrary to what it may seem at first, not really. While the symbiote may mock the victim's suffering, what they might not tell them is that if they die while possessed or with some Black Matter around their body, the remaining Black Matter - either while the host is dying or after they die - will devour the corpse not long after and trap their consciousness within a rather bleak pseudo-afterlife (normally appearing as an infinite void filled with many disembodied Forceless eyes - actually other creatures who've been devoured - communicating via a static-like sound and no way for them to sensually shut each other out), keeping them from becoming one with the Force and can resurrect them whenever and wherever they want, and not always with their original body (if they do recreate the original body without being made of Black Matter, there may be some nefarious purpose behind it).

    Despite most of what's been described above and their somewhat disturbing origins, Forceless are not evil by nature (and they're not going to stop being born, considering the cycle of creation and destruction, and the nature of sentient beings). In fact, they are born completely amoral. It all depends on who the Herald is. Theoretically, a benevolent Forceless wouldn't try to abuse these traits.

    This is an example of a worst-case scenario if the lead symbiote or Herald becomes ambitious enough.

    Other notes: Even though Forceless are obviously unconnected to the Force, some are capable of powers sometimes mistaken for Force powers. According to some of them, it's just an unconnected form of magic (but the difference between the Force and magic is a debate for the philosophers). However, others suspect that in cases such as imitating Force Lightning, they temporarily form electrical-energy-generating organs based on other creatures they have seen or devoured and that the claims of it being magic are fraudulent.

    Some Forceless symbiotes are capable of going into a dormant state while inside the bodies of potential hosts - neither possessing nor affecting their bodies -, making them undetectable even to Force-sensitives until awoken (they may not be connected to the Force, but Force-users can still sense Forceless because of their outstanding emptiness in the Force). These are known as Sleeper symbiotes. Some already-possessed creatures can invoke this state as well when used for long-term surprise attacks (for instance, the possessed Planara Manos in Valkor's Collective can lay dormant under a planet's surface for centuries before being woken up to attack). Some of the more sinister Collectives put Sleeper symbiotes into hosts sometimes directly as a means of leverage or sneak them into hosts either when they aren't paying attention (such as being asleep) or smuggled in grafted body parts.

    Some have theorized a connection between Forceless symbiotes and the necrotic Unknown Region-dwelling entity, Mnggal-Mnggal. They both take the appearance of a black ooze, but Mnggal-Mnggal slowly kills the possession victims and keeps using their corpse until it completely rots while Forceless tend to preserve them. It's unknown if there actually is a connection.

    Where the idea for Forceless came from: Originally, Forceless started off as straightforward Sith demons (called Darklings or Sithlings), but eventually, I decided them Dark Side entities or constructs was a bit too cliche and decided tackle another spectrum of the Force: a total absence of it. The name "Forceless" didn't come until later (I was originally going under the idea that the people of the galaxy had trouble comprehending anything beyond the usual Dark-Light spectrum of the Force). The inspiration for the symbiotes came from the Ing in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
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    First of: the lindorm are actually not poisonous even if it is unusual among them to use cybernetic claws and/or fangs that have poison in them.

    Regarding using poisons to heal so do you have to remember that many antidotes against poisons are made from that same poison and the lindorm would argue that when you use things like penicillin so are you poisoning the bacterial infections. Many poisons are medicine in small doses or when mixed the right way.

    I would not classify the poison sages a s a Force tradition, even if there are Force users among them so are most them just really good at their job.

    One of inspirations for the poison sage was the Soroka Poison Oracle class from the D20 RPG supplement Nyambe: African Adventures. If anybody is interested so could I quote the description of the Soroka.

    No, (unless somebody makes up their own fanon where they do) the lindorm just like to lay in them like lacy cats in the sun.


    @Chyntuck how did the Empire handle Don-a-Karan’s New Jedi and how did DKNJ act under the Empire's rule?


    @divapilot have the Barolian religion spread to any other world/group?
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