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    My one, sad, post is rather short (I wanna make another but I just don't have the time) but go ahead and use it for the challenge.
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    Thanks, Briannakin! And I don't think your fanon post is sad. :cool:

    I hereby give myself permission to use my own fanon elements in the roulette. :D
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    Great idea Findswoman =D= Of course you can use all my stuff, and I'll try to squeeze in the November-December fanon posts this weekend.
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    You may consider my permission granted.

    (And perhaps now I will manage to make those promised last few sections arrive--)
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    I would prefer the food/drink post I made be used for the roulette. (Use my booze :p).
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    Go for it. I gladly allow for any of my posts to be used.
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    Mausoleums and Mythosaurs

    A holo-top Roleplaying Game developed by Guron Gygax and Evad Arn now in its fifth edition.

    M&M, as it is known, is driven by the player’s imaginations guided by the Mausoleum Keeper or Keeper. The Keeper gives descriptions of locations and objects, while the players describe their actions, with their actions in mind the Keeper narrates the results of said actions. For some actions a randomly generated number is necessary to determine success.

    Generating a random number is called Gening. The most important random number is Generated between 1 and 20 this is often noted as rn20 or r20. Sometimes modifiers can be added to affect the outcome of the Gen.

    A r20 is called for when making an attack, moving out of the way of a dangerous spell, or using your abilities to overcome certain challenges. Other random number selections are called for in specific situations, like calculating damage dealt by an attack, these likewise are noted by an R followed by the upper boundary of their selection (r4 is a random number from 1 to 4).

    The first thing players must do is build their characters. They choose their race and their class then determine their ability scores. With these choices made players go on to describe their characters, their background, personal history and alignment. From these the Keeper can give limited gear and some proficiencies.
    Ability Score

    Each character's abilities are divided into Six categories

    Strength- A measure of the character’s physical power

    Dexterity- A measure of the character’s agility

    Constitution- A measure of a character’s toughness

    Intelligence- A measure of a character’s reasoning and memory

    Wisdom- A measure of a character’s perception and insight

    Charisma- A measure of a character’s force of personality

    Sholite- Stout subterranean race with large bonuses to Strength and Constitution

    Thrella- Short clever woodland dwellers with large bonuses to Intelligence and a slight bonus to Dexterity

    Seoularian- Average sized humanoids with slight bonuses to all abilities

    Zhell- Slender and long-lived with large bonuses to Dexterity and a slight bonus to Intelligence

    Half-Zhell- Outsiders not fully accepted by Zhell or Seoularian with large bonuses to Charisma and a slight bonus to two other abilities

    Drreelb- Tall Reptilians large bonuses to Strength and a slight bonus to Charisma

    Defel- Short cheerful but, stealthy with large bonuses to Dexterity and sleight a bonus to Charisma

    Half-Taung- Thick and strong looked down on by both Taung and Seoularian with large bonuses to Strength and a slight bonus to Constitution

    Ereesi- Feared by all for their dark past and darker bloodline, with horns that sprout from their foreheads they have large bonuses to Charisma and a slight bonus to Intelligence


    Sorcerer- Powerful spellcasters with an innate ability to control their Magicks that come from within.

    Je’daii- Righteous warriors that smite evil and protect good with both physical attacks and Magicks

    Scoundrel- Deceptive and stealthy thieves and assassins

    Tracker- Skilled solitary hunters good at tracking quarry, animal and otherwise

    Fighter- Tough experienced combatants proficient with all weapons and armor

    Palawa- Dedicated, unarmored fighters that focus their Magicks on strengthening their body

    Shaman- Spellcasters that use their Magicks to protect the natural world by being it’s agent

    Minstrel- Actors and musicians that wrap their Magicks into their words and songs to inspire and confuse.

    Scholar- Learned Spellcasters that have a wide range of spells available, seek to study and understand the world around them through the use and investigation of Magicks

    Enchanter- Spellcasters that are bonded to an otherworldly being that gives them power in exchange for them acting as their agent.

    Ryastraad- Reckless attackers that fly into a rage in combat using it to increase their abilities

    Crusader- Noble healers clad in armor looking to spread and defend the light they carry


    Alignments broadly describe a creature's moral and personal attitudes, this is made up by two factors one is morality (Light, Dark and Gray) the other is attitude towards society in general, (Orderly, Entropic, Impartial). These alignments are not set in stone nor do the creatures always act in harmony with their alignments, no one is perfect.

    Orderly Light- Will always do what is right and just in society’s eyes

    Impartial Light- Will do their best to help others according to their needs

    Entropic Light- Follow their own conscience on matters without much care for rules

    Orderly Gray- Follows laws, traditions, or personal codes of ethics

    Impartial Gray- Prefer to say out of moral choices and do what seems right at the time

    Entropic Gray- Act on their whims and hold personal freedom above all

    Orderly Dark- Methodically take what they want while staying within the bonds of tradition or their personal code

    Impartial Dark- Do whatever they can get away without compassion or care for anyone else

    Entropic Dark- Do what they want spurred on by their own greed, hatred, or bloodline

    Beastlord- Large Gundark like creature with a scream that frightens others.

    Gargantelles- Enormous six armed giants with a single eye from which they can inflict psychic damage.

    Grimtaash- Skeletal creatures that guard tombs and treasure vaults rather agile their claws can inflict poison damage

    Mantabogs- Flying ray like creatures that envelop their prey smothering it.

    Marsune- Huge lizard like creature with a tough hide and heavy feet that prefers to crush attackers.

    Mythosaurs- Massive scaly beasts with sharp claws that tear through armor and can take days to defeat.

    Nightmare Demon- Small but dangerous creatures that can charm or frighten even the most strong willed of individuals.

    Nharqis'Al- A hidious four legged beast that spits acid from it’s mouth.

    Slith- Slithering reptiles that can paralyze with their poisonous fangs.

    Swoophawk- Large flying creature with a scream that can deafen and enough power to lift even the strongest fighter

    Tenticulon- Large tentacled beasts that live in frigid waters.

    Wharls- Semi-sentient horned beasts that can turn characters to stone with their gaze.



    Checks are Gens that are used to decide outcomes of certain challenges like kicking open doors, picking locks or persuading/intimidating others and, gleaning information from the world around them. Ability scores have an effect on rolls, if the player has a high score in the necessary ability they gain a bonus, if they have a low score in the necessary ability they take a penalty.


    Combat begins when I group attacks another, the order in which they attack is dictated by Dexterity checks of all combatants. A r20 gen is used to decide whither or not each attack hits. A successful attack is a gen, plus other modifiers, that is greater than or equal to the targets protection rating.

    Protection Rating (PR)- is the measure of how well a creature avoids taking damage, be that by wearing heavy armor and carrying a shield or by being very agile.

    If the attack is successful then the character gens the damage using the stats for the weapon they’re holding. A Greataxe does 1r12 of damage, meaning the player generates a random number between 1 and 12 and that plus the character’s related modifiers is the damage done to the target.

    When any player gens a natural 20 on a r20 gen, meaning that the number that is generated is a twenty without any modifiers added, that is considered a Critical success and will usually succeed whatever they were attempting. In combat when a player gens a natural 20 they either gen additional numbers and add them to the damage or double the generated damage, depending on the rule set used by the Keeper.

    When a player gens a natural 1, meaning that the number that is generated is a 1 without any penalties added, that is considered a Critical Fail and the character automatically fails whatever they were attempting. In combat when a player rolls a natural 1, on the attack gen, they automatically miss.

    Each of the spellcasting classes (Sorcerer, Je’daii, Warden, Shaman, Scholar, Minstrel, Enchanter, and Crusader) have a limited number of spells they can cast and a limited amount of times they can cast them per day. The number of spells known and, amount of times they can cast vary by level and type of caster.

    Each spellcaster has a innate Challenge Rating, a measure of how hard their spell attacks are to avoid.

    Saving Gens

    Saving Gens or Saves are made for the character to attempt to avoid some or all the damage caused by certain types of damage like spell attacks, poisons, and acids. Each one will have a Challenge Rating the Saving Gen is an r20 gen + the associated ability modifier, dexterity to avoid a powerful spell, constitution to fight off poisons and acids, wisdom to defeat mental attacks, and Charisma to fend off charms. The if the number is equal to or greater than the Challenge Rating the character makes the Save and takes either reduced damage or no damage.

    Last Update 12-8-2015 changed 'Warrior' class to 'Ryastraad' changed 'Warden' class to 'Tracker'

    Any suggestions to make this post better are welcomed.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Now I want to create some RPG:s for SW of my own and don't have time for that, it is all your fault galactic-vagabond422 :p

    Some comments:

    * I would not use Entropic as an analogy for Chaos since to my understanding so is entropy the (usually) slow destructions of things not something chaotic but that is just me and I can have misunderstood entropy.

    * To me your Classes feels a bit to much like D&D's standard classes, but maybe that is what you are after. I would probably had tried to introduce some variations but once again that is just me.

    * Do you have any kind of game world settings for Mausoleums and Mythosaurs?
  9. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Ok Gamiel I'll try to address you points in order.

    #1. To the best of my understanding Entropy a measure of disorder in thermodynamics, and also means a lack of order or predictability. So it is a clear antonym to Orderly.

    #2 Yes each of the classes is a direct parallel to a class in D&D, I tried my best to give them somewhat Star Warsy names but, in the end they are the same. Yes that was what I was going for but, if you have any suggestions for new classes or adjustments I'll gladly take them under advisement.

    #3 Not sure what you mean but, everything is set on one planet with many different areas to be explored, again if you have any ideas of your own you can share them and can I see about adding them. Edit: No I don't have any set game worlds I'm just giving a framework. You guys can make them up as you go along for your characters to play.

    Edit: Sorry for giving you brain things to think about, but mine wouldn't let me think about anything else until I got this done.

    I'm going to take a step back and marvel at the very Meta thing that is happening here.
  10. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Okej :)

    Will return to this when I have time.

    With game world settings I meant like D&D's Greyhawk, Dark Sun, Eberron or Forgotten Realm.

    Using Wikipedia do it seems the word I meant was 'campaign settings'.
    No problem :)
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    Jul 31, 2014
    I fully allow the stuff from my second fanon post to be used in the challenge. I am pretty sure that the first entry would create a lot of problems as it would require the story to be written in a post-Battle of Endor setting.

    Oh, and I promise to finish both the November and December entries by the end of the year and ask others some Qs. These are some busy times!
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    Dec 16, 2012
    If they supposed to direct parallels to D&D's classes then I don't really have real problem.

    Some suggestions, fell free to ignore:

    * I would rename 'Shaman' into 'Nature warden', 'Warrior' into 'Battle rager' and 'Warden' into 'Trapper'.

    * I would change the description of 'Scoundrel' into "Deceptive and stealthy thieves and rouges' since assassins, to me, don't feel like something you just call scoundrel.

    Also: which class is 'Crusader' supposed to parallel?
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    Jul 11, 2009
    The Crusader Class is the parallel of the Cleric, I couldn't find a better word for a slightly religious Healer class that suited a fighting person in the Star Wars Universe. Again if you've got ideas I'm all ears.
  14. Goodwood

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    May 11, 2011
    There is (Legends) canon justification for the term "crusader," for example the Pius Dea Crusades, which lasted for nearly a millennium.
  15. Sith-I-5

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    That is my understanding of entropy, as well, so like rust happening slowly to metal, or a spatial object losing momentum, or bits of it falling off, or maybe the gradual effect of gravity on a geostationary artificial satellite, eg. when the old Skylabs and Salyut space stations' orbits decayed and they fell out of the sky.

    I'm not sure what my source of that meaning of entropy was.

    Oh yeah, entropy fields were being used at Star's End as a sort of time freeze, so items outside the field would continue to degenerate naturally.
  16. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    The problem for me is that neither the real life crusaders or the Pius Dea once really make me think of how the clerics are usually represented. I think paladin would fit crusader, or at least some of their pop-cultural interpretations, better.

    I don't remember where I read it but I have read that D&D's cleric were actually modelled after Van Helsing as he appear in Hammer Horror.

    Also if work with that the people behind M&M have more of a pop-cultural idea of history could you use 'Jal Shey' as name for the 'Schoolar' class. The Jal Shey were a non-physical tradition who studied the Force from a purely intellectual perspective, forsaking the more spiritual paths.
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  17. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    I contemplated using Jal Shey for the Wizard class but, it didn't seem like they used their force powers only studied them.

    The Je'daii are my parallel to the Paladin since the at this point, modern Jedi are especially Paladins themselves.
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    Hooray, discussion! =D=

    Thanks to all of you who have given permission for the fanon roulette so far. I'm still waiting to hear from a few more folks, namely:

    Cushing's Admirer
    Raissa Baiard

    Again, please let me know whether you allow your fanon posts to be used in the fanon roulette challenge (and specify if there's anything you don't want included). The challenge will be a go as soon as I have all the necessary permissions, so the sooner you weigh in, the better. :D Thanks again!
  19. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Permission granted
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Some SW RPG:s

    First Age
    An originally nautolan RPG that take place in a stone age tribal society. The standard campaign settings is a large archipelago with villages and nomadic tribes both above and below the surface. The overall culture and technology can be described as a combination of pre-colonial Carrabin, Hawaii and Polynesia.

    The game system is skill based and what the skills and skill level the character gets depend on their Species, Origin and Path, you also have Free points to heighten your current skills even more or pic new once.

    The current corebook have rules for five Species, four Origins and seven Paths.

    The Species are: nautolan, mon calamari, selkath, vurk and human.

    Islander – People living on islands.
    Surface nomad – People living most of their time on boats travelling between islands or on the open sea.
    Nomad – People who are in near constant travel below the surface, following the currents and schools of fish
    Settled – People who live in permanent or semi-permanent villages or towns on the sea bed.

    Artisan – a person who specialize in crafting, using one material (wood, bone, stone, coral, etc.)
    Brave – warriors.
    Hunters – as the name suggest people that hunt.
    Medicine man – healers that uses primitive medicine together with rituals that chase away sickness spirits.
    Sailors – people who are masters of traveling by boat.
    Shaman – people that communicate and negotiates with spirits.
    Windfinder – sailor-shamans that specialize in reading the weather and communicating with wind and weather spirits.
    Villager – jack-of-all-trades that begin without any real high skills.

    Taris: New Dawn
    This RPG take place on Taris around 60-200 years after the Sith bombed the surface and destroyed it’s civilization. The players are part of a community of survivors and the game is mostly about exploring the surrounding, helping the community and surviving for another day.

    The game setting present Taris as highly dangerous, with radioactive zones, poisonous air, toxic water, many dangerous animals and then there the other survivors…

    Beside what still functional high-tech the player can find on their expeditions so is the communities technology around 18th-centery level with things like black powder weapon, distillation apparatus and wind/water mills.

    Inspired by Mutant: Year Zero

    Rebel Cell
    A RPG created by the some members of the Rebellion for those nights when there was nothing to do, it was later secretly distributed as a propaganda tool.

    The player characters are rebel agents who are operating a rebel cell, that are doing missions against the Empire. The missions can be things like: helping people around them; freeing slaves and political prisoners; infiltrating the empire and preventing whatever they are doing; recruiting new rebels; etc.. This is made harder by a system that makes it easier for the empire to find them the more public or important missions they do.

    Agents of the Emperor's Hand
    The empires answer to Rebel Cell where the players take the role of agents of the secret imperial elite force: the Emperor’s Hand.

    The first editions are known for barley play tested rules and a blatant core human chauvinism. Anybody that were not a core born human was described at best as bad stereotypes. This was later fixed but it was not until the 5th edition that most people agree that it become a playable game instead of something you just read because of how bad it was.

    Inspired by games like James Bond 007: Role-Playing In Her Majesty's Secret Service


    I think you could go for it since the IU creators probably don't have any real knowledge about the Jal Shey.

    Also I think it was here I read about Van Helsing being the main inspiration for the cleric class:
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    Jul 11, 2009
    How about 'Ryastraad', for the 'Warrior' class, it's also called Calian Battle Madness, in this case it would be used as a noun, like Berserker. Which is kinda the feel I'm going for with the 'Warrior' class.

    Maybe 'Tracker' for the 'Warden' class?

    Also What about 'Kirki' for the 'Shaman' taken from the Virtuous Circle of Nature or Flik'a kirki of the Ho'din nature worship.
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    Mar 3, 2001
    (Replying to tag up-thread): Sure, I would love to see something from my fanon stuff included in the roulette thingy! :)
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    Aug 21, 2006
    permission OK
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  24. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I like the idea of using 'Ryastraad' :)

    'Tracker' sounds good for me.

    My suggestion of 'Nature warden' instead of 'Shaman' for the druid class is actually partly a reference to the druid like class 'Beast warden' from WotC's Ultimate Alien Anthology. I should have mentioned that [face_blush]

    If you are going to use prestige classes do I suggest that you use 'Mystic agent' as a counterpart to 'Assassin'. 'Mystic agent' is another SW D20 RPG class introduced in Ultimate Alien Anthology

  25. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    I am running something past the Fanon Sock and mods before I post my entry.


    Sith-I-5's law enforcement creations - free to use (apologies if you find anything offensive)​

    Meerian Vice - cop pairing for the Ithorian Hammerheads, enforcing laws on their floating herdship thingies.
    Based on Miami Vice' Crockett and Tubbs, but no necessity for anyone to include my particular detectives.

    STANG - SWAT variant for the Coruscanti Police. Rather than meaning Special Weapons and Tactics, STANG stands for Special Tactics And 'Nuff Guns.
    I haven't worked out anything for them, however one of my Merc' npcs in a roleplaying game, possesses one of their bulletproof/blaster resistant vests - rough black material, few pouches, including for a comlink; and STANG stencilled on in yellow letters.


    S.T.A.N.G. vest

    ARS (Anoat Revenue Service) - Revenue enforcement unit operating out of Bespin Cloud City, and willing to pursue people into space if they have committed a crime against the city state.

    ARS:E (Anoat Revenue Service: Enforcement - the space wing, six pilots (or more) using Incom Corporation Z-95s and Republic Seinar Systems' Dagger-class starfighters.
    Following the defeat of the Galactic Empire, TIE Interceptors were taken off them and donated to planetary security forces. ARS:E got some, and phased out their earlier craft.

    A.R.S.O.L. (Anoat Revenue Service: Operations and Logistics) - administrative side of the Anoat Revenue Service, equivalent to the command centre that assigns missions, etc.

    S.A.G.E. (Sebris Alpha Greenery Enforcement) - From the planet, Hays Minor, this is a regional law enforcement agency protecting the forests and state parks bordering the major city of Sebris Alpha, as well as the residents of, and visitors to, the hundreds of square klicks that make up those lands.
    Its field officers are known as 'agents'.

    One of their cases involved tracking missing hikers in the nearby forests, and finding them about to be eaten by the media-dubbed "Vindictive Slitch Woman of Cowpat Mountain", Rose Tico. The suspect escaped justice by going offworld with her sister, and joining General Leia's Resistance.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2019
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