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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Jul 11, 2014
    A question for the FanonSock: can our challenge entries be part of a WIP?
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    Nov 11, 2014
    Yes, that is perfectly fine. Single-chapter, multi-chapter... it's all fine by me. :)
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    Dec 16, 2012
    (Most of the Force traditions below are were originally posted in my Force traditions post but they have been revised and moved to this post)


    The Ïa-Gao Advisors
    Originating as advisors to the ruling class of Megor-IV, the Ïa-Gao was trained from young age in both worldly, philosophical and spiritual matters to be able to give the best advices. As Megor-IV's influence grow and its rulers become trade-nobles of the Grima subsector so did also the Ïa-Gao's influence grow and sadly power corrupted. From their noble and well-meaning begging's they become more and more self-serving and their ones simple lifestyle become one of indulgence and decadence. No longer advicing just the nobles from Megor-IV but also nearly all governments and oligarchs in the Grima subsector, the Ïa-Gao was able to indulge in their every whim. They no longer used their knowledge of the Force (even if they did not call it that) to help or give the best advice but to increase their own power.

    Blinded by drugs and liqueur and their own hubris they did not see the signs. The people they were supposed to serve turned against them and called on help from the Republic and the Jedi. The cleanup was more of a great reformation then a bloody revolution (even if two Advisors was lynched, the lynchers was later tried), the Ïa-Gaos was stripped of all their power, most of their properties was confiscated and many of them was thrown in jail. This happened over a hundred years ago.

    The Ïa-Gao Advisors who was able to escape now found themselves without their powerbase, only a small portion of their riches, a price on their name and unable to give up their need for the good life. But they still had their knowledge, their cunning and there ambition. To continue the lifestyle they had gone used to they begun to offer their knowledge of politics, economics, and the mystical to anybody who was willing to pay, they themselves did not care who they worked for or what atrocities they did.

    There also exist a small group of Ïa-Gao Advisors who tries to return to the old ways of nobility and well-meaning for the people they serve. Those Advisors usually try to find some planet or group that they think would have good use of their advices and don’t know of their corrupt and decadent history.

    The Ïa-Gao Advisors, as a group, know the Force techniques: Aura of unimportance; Bind item; Blót; Danger sense; Detoxify poison; Farseeing; Good guest technique; Healing meditation; Magnify [sense]; Memory erasing glance; Sensory filtering; Short-Term Memory Enhancement; Weather sense; Closed Mind; Brain skimming;


    The Teräs Käsi masters of Tengil
    An martial arts Force tradition mostly found in the Lahara sector whose origin is shrouded in mystery. It is thought that they once were an elite fighting force to Tengil, but what exactly what Tengil was – a man, a title, a city, a planet, a system – is unknown.

    Now a-days (a.k.a. the movies-era) there only seem to exist a couple of dozens masters of Tengil in the galaxy, most of them found in the Lahara sector, but then again there is much space in Lahara that is seldom visited and the galaxy is a big place so there could be hundreds of masters out there.

    They know the Force as Virtaus (meaning ca. the Flow) and divided between “the inner Virtaus” and “the outer Virtaus”. The inner Virtaus means the part of the Force that flow through the body and the outer Virtaus is the part of the Force that is, well, outside the body. The Teräs Käsi masters of Tengil focus on the inner Virtaus and use it to enhance their fighting abilities.

    Unlike most versions of Teräs Käsi do the style that the masters of Tengil teach the use of weapons. Mostly truncheon, side-handle baton, knife, short-sword and short range guns.

    The masters don’t seem to have any real cause to fight for and have been known to hire out themselves to whoever is paying best or even act as bandits and warlords. A good example of the later was Årlin of Karmanjaka who terrorised the Lahara sector before being brought to justice by the jedi knights Jon-Tan and Skorpan.

    Among the Force abilities the masters have been known to know are:
    Common: Absorb/dissipate energy; Accelerated healing; Burst of speed; Control pain; Danger sense; Healing meditation; Remain conscious; Remove fatigue; Resist stun
    Combat: Combat sense; Enhanced impact; Enhance weapon; Fists of stone; Soft to Solid; Stunning Strike
    Mind: Closed Mind
    Dark side: Fists of Fury; Battle rage

    How to use them
    The Teräs Käsi masters of Tengil is an elite fighting force just like the Sun guard, Death Watch and the Morgukai and can be used in any way you would use them.
    * They look like


    The illtravellers
    A guild of Force using freelance navigators that can take you or guide your ship anywhere in the galaxy, and fast, as long you are wiling to pay the price…

    Most of them are, if not outright darksiders, tainted by the dark side and they have no problem with using drugs, artefacts or life sacrifices to temporarily raise their Force ability if that is what it takes to get a job done.

    Most illtravellers have their bodies covered in tattoos of all kind and often dress morbidly flamboyantly with items and cloths from the farthest and/or hardest to get places in the galaxy – after all if you have been there you better show it. They are the kind of people who you would see toting around Vong weapon before NJO together with a lightfoil and carrying worrite items, dress in a combination of chiss and hapas clothing, have tof equipment and similar.

    As a group so have are the illtravellers not combat oriented, even if there are some space fight aces among them, but most of them know at least basic self defence since the environment they operate in often is violent one.

    Unlike most other Force traditions so did the illtravellers grow in strength and power with the rise and fall of the Empire, after all with all the other interstellar Force traditions crippled or destroyed so was there few that was good enough to actually hunt them down and stop them when they break the law. And now there are lots of people desperate enough to agree to pay what they ask for…

    Their Force abilities and techniques are focused on navigation and survival in both deep space and in hyperspace and the caretaking of their navigation instruments and the ship they are on. Many of them also know other Force secrets that they have picked up here and there and there are tales of illtravellers capable of breaking bones with a snap of their fingers; controlling electricity, even throwing it from their hands; teleport; mind trick both men and droids; turning full-grown men into blabbering idiots by staring in their eyes; killing and then reanimating clients who did not fulfil their part, so that they in death pay the dept they were unwilling to pay in life, there are also tales of illtravellers who have used those undead servants to crew whole ships but thankfully so are all that just stories. Or at least that’s what most spacers tell themselves…
    * If nothing else so do the illtravellers know all Force abilities related to space navigation. If anybody who uses them wants to give them more powers feel free.

    How to use them – there are many ways to use the illtravellers:
    – As guide/navigator for the characters when they need to travel somewhere dangerous/hard to get to, or just get there fast and they are desperate enough to not think about what they actually need to pay. If used in this way so is it good too emphasize how strange and creepy the illtraveller is: strange chanting and the smell of blood comes from her cabin; strange symbols etched into the navigator instruments; that the way she grin more resemble a predatory show of teeth then a smile; etc. [I am open for suggestions for more creepy habits if people have them.]
    – As an pirate’s/smuggler’s/free trader’s ace in the hold , with the illtraveller doing the navigation so can the mynock[#] break through any blockade, attack a trade rut from seemingly impossible angles and then disappear into hyperspace as ghosts and make it possible to trade with planets beyond known space.
    [#] here mynock is used as meaning a person of a dishonest profession.
    – As a anti-hero main character or maybe a dark past for your main character to angst over.
    – As the main bad guy. The illtraveller could be after the same thing as the main character/s; leading a vicious pirate band; kidnapped a Force sensitive child to make it her apprentice (a variation could be that the child was payment for service rendered);
    – As an organization your Force using bad guy joined after going bad; or if already bad, joined to get more knowledge. Not every bad Force user need to try to join/become a sith after all. I think members of the wardens of the sky, findsmen, the Dathomir witches and blazing chain would make good (or rather bad) illtravellers.
    – Just as flavour. Something your spacers can talk about in a cantina; something your law man pot on her list of suspects/reasons how the suspect escaped; have one passing your main-characters when in port; etc.

    PotC’s Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbarossa, Tia Dalma; LotR’s Gollum; Long John Silver comic’s Moxtechica; Bhuti Sangkha (Ong Bak 3); Navigators (Warhammer 40k); Saynay Clan (Rogue Trader);


    Disciples of Gouki
    Martial arts masters who believe that fighting is a reason in its own and a true warrior should seek perfection in his art. To reach this goal they follow a path that have them balancing on the edge of the dark side and sometime go beyond. Too many disciples have been lost to the rage that they thought they controlled.

    The disciples consider range weapons and having others fighting for you nothing but cowardly and using manipulation, mind tricks and similar in combat or to have others fight for you is a blasphemy.

    A disciple is always looking for a fight but try not to fight those who are not at their full capacity, after all an easy victory don’t lead to enlightenment and can even lower your skills.

    Style: they are martial artists of the 'Street Fighter', 'Mortal Combat', 'Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple' school. Expect superhuman (or what ever species they are) feats of strength, speed, balance and dexterity with masters capable of dodging bullets/blaster bolts, single-handily beating hundreds of opponents, punching holes in tank armour by focusing their inner energy into their limbs, grandmasters are even able to block blaster bolts, […]


    Ordo Aurorae Aureae
    The Ordo Aurorae Aureae are primarily a gentlemen’s club with secret handshakes and rituals, but with an occult background that the invited has a chance to delve into. Most members don’t. Membership is primarily about connections and distribution of power; a secret sect with wealthy connections, but for those few with the talent there are mystical secrets to be learned.

    Has it's own post here


    Sorcerers of Rhand [CANON]
    * The Sorcerers are incapable of learning any Force ability/skill/Feat that are used for healing or mending, beside healing techniques based on draining the life/Force from others, since that is just against their way of thought. For the same reason do they have problems with using the Force to help with things that falls in the category of creating, mending and healing, f.ex. trying to make it easier to do repairs by using the Force to see the weaknesses in the item.

    * The sorcerers home space, the Nihil Retreat, lay somewhere in Central Unknown Regions.

    * I imagine much of the Sorcerers technology to resemble the technology of Granbretan from The History of the Runestaff saga by Michael Moorcock



    Gamorrean fire belchers
    The gamorreans have many fighting traditions and warrior societies, among the most respected of them are the sumo wrestlers, and from the ranks of the sumo wrestlers comes the legendary fire belchers.

    Few outsiders know of the fire belchers and fewer still think they are anything but a sumo sect with an vastly exaggerated reputation – after all who can believes in tales about gamorrean wrestlers who can belch fire, split rocks with one punch, run on molten lava or jumping meters into the air to land in the midst of their enemies. But those who have seen the fire belchers in action know that the stories are true.

    Force philosophy
    The fire belchers Force philosophy is linked to the gamorrean medical theory that believes in the proper balance between the body fluids. The Fire belchers work hard to create the right kind of balance by only eating the right kind of food and drink and practising a healthy, balanced living. Of course so is the gamorrean idea of a healthy, balanced living something rather different from most other species and involve a lot more of fighting, eating, fighting, drinking, fighting, mating and fighting.

    Appearance and equipment
    The usual fire belcher is a well trained and well feed gamorrean pig (there are fire belcher seaws but they are in notable minority) who is covered in fire themed tattoos - f.ex. the sun, open flames, burning items, salamanders, dragons, comets, etc. - and burns scars.

    Like the normal sumo wrestlers so are they lightly dressed, beside their usual loincloth do they seldom wear more then a vest, kilt and/or cape. They are rarely armed and then usually with a heavy staff, a club or similar non-blade weapon, this is not because they have any taboos against fighting with weapons but because they take pride in being able to take down their enemies with nothing but their hands and fire.

    A fire belcher is usually followed by a student and/or slave who do all menial tasks for the ‘belcher while he trains or fight.

    Skills, techniques and abilities
    The gamorrean fire belchers are highly trained wrestlers and close combat fighters and have the training and self-discipline needed to follow the strict rules that sumo wrestling have – most gamorrean would quickly begin to just slug each other for all their worth – and all that pent up aggression come in excellent use in the times of fighting outside the sumo ring.

    The ‘belchers use the Force to enhance their physical capability, their fighting ability and to withstand the elements but they are most famous for their ability to belch out a ball, or cone, of fire. They do this buy combining advanced gastronomy with their burning fighting spirit.

    Outsider’s perspective
    The few Force scholars who have studied the fire belchers have been surprised how advanced their Force techniques, most of them think that this shows that the gamorreans Force tradition have a long history of test and trail that have given them this insight. This theory is disputed by those who think that it is impossible for a species as simple as the gamorrean to have developed something so advanced and instead put forward the thesis that they most have learned the majority of their skills from some outside Force user.

    E. Honda (Street Fighter); Dai-Bakemono (Confrontation); Ogre Firebelly (Warhammer);


    The Red suites
    A red dressed tong that controls all organized crime on [planet/system] were fire weapons are outlawed. Their secret fighting school teaches the basic principles in using your internal Force to enhance your physical ability and its elite warrior – the 88 killers – are all formidable fighters.

    Their Force teaching is most likely derived from the Matukai tradition even if it is not that advanced.

    The leader of the Red suites is known as the Nikola


    Black Church
    In the last decades have the government on the kiffar colony planet Tashtego had problem with an religious cult who worship an pantheon of gods, the highest being the fertility goddess known, at least by the non-members, as the Black Mother which is also is the reason they are called ‘the Black Church’. The cult was declared illegal after showing subversive tendencies and one too many “accidental” deaths happened at their bacchanalian holy rites.

    After being declared illegal so did the member go into hiding, either in the cities or in the wilderness. What makes the Black Church more then a minor threat is that they seem able to control the monstrous shibacks[*], who usually live in the deepest forest and swamps and seldom wander into open land. The Guardians have come to the conclusion that it is most likely that the Black Church have Force users among their ranks but as of yet have not contacted the jedi since that would mean that they admit that they cannot do their job. (When “yet” is can be anytime you want.)

    [*] Shibacks are large treelike monster with branch like tentacles (or is it tentacle like branches?), their roots ending in hooves, and trunk have numerous drooling maws. Their strange biology makes them hard to kill, they have been known to shake of hits by blaster canons.
    They usually live in the deepest forest and swamps and seldom wander into open land or near the cities when they are not being ordered to by the ‘church’s witch-priestesses.

    The Black church can be as powerful as the story needs them to be: from just strange radical religious cult who have stumbled upon some Force secrets that are enough to make them dangerous to something like the Nightsisters that could be far older and larger then the Kiffar Guardians even suspect. Beside their Force abilities so do they also know of many of Tashtego’s natural poisons and medicines and they usually have a home-turf advantage in the area they live in.
    - As a low level threat they probably have very little true Force skills/abilities outside of summoning/controlling shiback, some fertility rituals and probably weather sense.
    - If they are a high level threat then they could be something like the nightsisters from CoPL or TCW (most of their other appearances I have read make them too much like the jedi/sith) on top of controlling the shiback. They are also likely to be powerful weather manipulators and can probably control all animals in their territory

    Inspiration: Verbena (MAGE: the Ascension); Maenads (Greek mythology); Lovecraft’s witch cults (Dreams in the Witch House; The Horror at Red Hook);

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    OK, everyone! Just a heads-up to let you know that this is the final week for submissions in the Fanon Roulette, which are due Sunday, May 1. We've got several fantastic fanon-centric stories in the works already, and I can't wait to see more!

    (And again, it's OK for these to be works-in-progress or portions of longer works. The main thing is that the fanon-element containing part(s) be up by May 1. :) )

    And Gamiel 's newest post has been added to the index, and his Ordo Aurorae Aureae post has been updated. :)
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    Chyntuck do Don-a-Karan’s New Jedi also sell Antarian Rangers inspired clothing together with their jedi collections?
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    Jul 11, 2014
    I hadn't planned for that! But you could make it up -- I haven't used DKNJ in a story yet, so I didn't flesh it out very well.
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    Just by way of clarification: those participating in the Fanon Roulette have till 11:59 pm PST today to submit their stories—and then the voting will begin! More on that to come soon. :)
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    Nov 8, 2005
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    Jul 31, 2014
    I only have the prologue and I'm sorry, but I promise that it will be a solid story, worth reading.

    Wait in the Fire...
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    Nov 11, 2014
    All right, everybody! First of all, apologies for being so tardy with this—awards business had me pretty tied up for a while there, but I'm free as a bird now that that's out of the way. :)

    It's time to vote on the Fanon Roulette Challenge, in which we have six entries (listed here in alphabetical order by author's name):

    divapilot: The Shadow Caster
    Ewok Poet: Wait in the Fire... (removed from competition at author's request)
    Findswoman: Two Girls and a Man in Red
    Gahmah Raan: Odd Partnerships
    Gamiel: Searching for Lost Irellion
    leiamoody: The Bitter Girl

    Please PM your vote to this sock (the FanonSock) by 11:59 pm PST on Monday, May 16. Anyone may vote, but only one vote per user, please, and don't vote for yourself (though by now you all know those things ;) ). The winner (who will be announced on Tuesday, May 17) gets to come up with the next Fanon Thread story challenge!
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    Gulp! I need to actually update mine.
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    Update apropos my most recent post on the voting deadline:

    Since it's now May 16 and only one (1) vote has come in, I'm going to extend the deadline another week to Monday, May 23, at 11:59 PST. But not beyond that, so do get your votes in, good people! :p
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    And once again, I don't look for winning or anything, but MOOSE, STRIKEEEEE. I want to do justice to these elements. Gah! And yes, I said moose. More fitting to the story.
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    (This entry is under construction!!! Check back soon!)


    Here is all my fanon on Vagran so far. This will be expanded as the planet is featured in almost all of the longfics I'm writing and a couple of shorts. I have no knowledge of anybody else ever mentioning this beautiful place yet, so if you wrote about it, please do tell me about your fanon. Perhaps we can combine it. As of May 2016, Vagran is yet to appear in the new canon.

    Beautiful Vagran, as it appears in Edge of the Empire: Suns of Fortune

    Next to nothing on Wook for the planet and essentially a placeholder page for the system. There are two pages on Vagran in Suns of Fortune, but it's little to nothing.


    Vagran System

    tl;dr: Somewhat like ours, albeit with an über-Jupiter that swallows far more than ours does.

    Iasonné is the yellow dwarf star of the Vagran system, named after the planet’s mythical founder, who may or may have not existed in the first place. It is estimated to have reached about 1/3 of its life-cycle, making it slightly younger than some of the nearby stars (e.g. Sacorria).

    Terop is close enough to Iassoné to be absolutely impossible to inhabit. The Sacorrian Triad tried to buy it from Parliament of Vagran and attempt to mine it, to which Vagran responded with a referendum, where 84% of the public answered with no.

    Laoda is assumed to be a former terrestrial planet. High pressure and atmosphere type 4 make it almost impossible for surveying. The Sacorrian Triad tried to buy it from Parliament of Vagran and attempt to mine it, to which Vagran responded with a referendum, where 99% of the public answered with no.

    Vagran is a pleasant terrestrial planet with two moons, Aedem-01 and Aedem-02, the latter slightly larger than the earlier. Its axial tilt and favourable position – far enough from Iasonné and protected by outside influences by Magnus prevent it from getting destroyed by wandering celestial bodies.

    A line of repulsors modelled after those used in the Corellian System serve to keep Vagran and Magnus away from one another. A space station, Aurah is located in this zone. Typically, it serves as a transit point for cargo deemed too dangerous to Vagran’s ecosystem and various smugglers. Aurah is widely known for its nightclubs, gamblers and a cantina named Granno Exile.

    Magnus is a gas giant close to the size of a brown dwarf. Its gravity pull is so strong that it swallowed a whole asteroid belt between itself and Vagran and scientists are assuming that it will pull and swallow the barren rock world of Kolki at some point.

    Kolki is, at this point, presumed to be a barren rock world, known for its yarn-like surface and golden hues. Legends say that Magnus pulled it from the neighbouring Aurea System because it needed to be close to Iasonné. Once it has been determined if the dwarf planet is worthy of preservation and if Magnus swallowing it would result in the whole system becoming unstable, repulsors may be used to keep it in its current orbital position. As of the Battle of Endor, this hasn’t happened. Given the relatively small interstellar space between the Sacorria and Vagran systems, there have been times in the past when Kolki was observed to be close to Vo.​

    tl;dr-planet: Corellian sector's eco-planet, government is parliamentary democracy, the population is 780 million and it consists of 84% Humans and 16% others. Two moons. All kinds of terrain. Extremely restrictive laws on nature protection, extremely dangerous wildlife. EXXXTREME HIPSTERS (pejoratively referred to as “grannos”) EVERYWHERE.

    Region: Core Worlds
    Sector: Corellian Sector
    System: Vagran System
    Sun: Iasonné, a yellow dwarf
    Moons: Aedem-01, Aedem-02
    Grid Coordinates: M-11
    Planets in the system: See above
    Rotation Period: 23 standard hours
    Year/Orbital Period: 329 standard days
    Class: Terrestrial
    Diametre: 11040 km
    Atmosphere: Type 1
    Climate: Temperate
    Gravity: Standard
    Capital: Vagran City
    Demonym: Vagranite

    Most of 780 million registered Vagranites at the time of Battle of Endor live in the metropolitan areas of the three large cities - Vagran City, Abatore and Thaeme. The planet was colonised around the same time as Sacorria, but it was nowhere near as easy to sustain life at first.

    The first wave of settlers on Vagran resulted in a lot of pioneers being mauled or eaten alive by the planet's deadly predators or succumbing to the illnesses they were not prepared for. The surviving people had to come up with a strict set of laws, in order to protect themselves from Vagran and protect Vagran from themselves.

    Planetary Anthem

    The World in Green

    Until the seas run dry
    Until the steppes are bare,
    Until the mountains collapse,
    This will be my home.

    For all the sisters
    And brothers
    That fell during
    Their piligrimage.
    For all the lovers
    And dreamers
    In endless peace
    May they engage.

    I love Vagran
    And I am proud,
    I love it silently,
    And I love it loud.

    I love Vagran,
    With two moons in the sky
    I love Vagran,
    Beautiful on a fly-by.

    Lyrics: Kaslotte Kysirgey, 6439 BBY

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    Dec 16, 2012
    EDIT: Ewok Poet should I ask my usual questions regarding planets/cultures now or wait a bit?



    A Force artefact is an item imbued with the Force in one way or another giving it a presence in the Force and usually some kind of extra abilities. An artefact can be temporary or permanent; a temporary artefact only works as long as its creature is alive and can often only be used by her.

    There exist many ways to create an artefact the most common is that an item is, consciously or unconsciously, imbued with the Force by their user, usually creating a temporary focus of some kind, but some time, usually in the case of really strong Force user or an item that have been handed down from master to student for generations, do the artefact become permanent and can even be a rather powerful one.

    The quick and dirty method (that still usually takes years to master) to create a artefact is to use life force as part of the ritual, in other words live sacrifices. This usually create dark side items since the life force that is used mark the artefact that is being created and most beings are filled with fear, anger and/or hatred when their life is ending in a violent way. Some driven artisans also sacrifice their own life force to make their last work their Magnus Opus.

    Types of artefacts
    Focus – an item that focus the user’s skill, making it easier to use them. Most focuses are just psychological crutches but some are actually real Force artefacts. It is important to note that a focus don’t enhance the wilder’s power, just her precision and not all focuses are universal but only works for just one or a specific set of Force skills/techniques.

    Catalyst – there exist two types of catalysts: those that makes it possible for the wilder to draw upon more of the Force then she ordinary could, and those that seems to enhance the output of the wilder’s Force making her Force techniques stronger while she don’t draw upon more of the Force than usual. It is important to note that a focus don’t enhance the wilder’s skill, just her power nor her ability to withstand the amount of the Force she draws in her. Also not all catalysts are universal, some only works for just one, or a specific set of Force technique/s.

    [Needs a name, any suggestions?] – a artefact who through one way or another gives its bearer a set of skill or an understanding of a subject.

    Protective talisman – by many seen as a subcategory to the focus type, the protective talisman increases the bearer’s resistance against certain types of “attacks”, usually mind tricks and/or mind blasts.

    Use and opinions among different traditions
    The Jedi consider Force artefacts something that are sometime useful but overall only work as crushes and could weaken a user by making her overrelying on it instead of mastering her own abilities. This doesn’t mean that the Jedi order did not teach how to create Force artefacts, just that it was not part of the standard curriculum. The order did actually have a division of artificers who specialised in studying and research all manner of different Force artefacts in the Galaxy and the different kinds of ways of creating them.

    The banite Sith’s attitude to artefacts were similar to the Jedi’s.

    Ordo Aurorae Aureae teach the how to create all kind of artefacts and many members use them to increase their own powers or abilities. The creation of a temporary Focus is actually considered to be among the things a member has to master to rise above the rank of Fellow and to gain the rank of Master a order-member have to create a permanent artefact of some kind.

    Munto Codru’s Wild Wizards TBC

    The Order of Ororo TBC

    Jal Shey TBC

    Examples of Force artefacts


    A homunculus is a lifeform created through bioalchemy from a tissue sample, often taken from the alchemist. At its most basic form so is a homunculus nothing more than an unfinished shape of biological matter and organs, incapable of life outside of the nutrition tank it is grown in, and it will quickly die if its maker stop “feeding” it Force energy. There are debates among the more academic scholars in the Force about if homunculus counts as some kind of biological Force artefact or not.

    Homunculus are often created to work as dumb muscles or assistants to their maker, something made easier by the fact that homunculus that are created from a tissue sample from their maker have an instinctive understanding what she wants.

    Since the homunculus form is shaped by the bioalchemist who creates it so can they look in highly different, even if most of them take after their tissue donator in some way, and since many of their creators don’t care for giving them more then what is needed for their designated task do many homunculus have a rather “unfinished” look. They are often between one to three feet tall, even if larger and smaller examples have been known.

    There are two forms that can be said to be usual for homunculus: the first one is that of an unfinished humanoid with just enough organs and fine manipulation to be useful; the second one is that of a miniature man, often a perfect copy of the person whose biomaterial was used beside its size. The later type of homunculus is usually created by the bioalchemist to show of her mastery of her craft.

    A homunculus can be brain dead, non-sentient, semi-sentient and even sentient. In the later cases they are often lacking in creativity and have and tendency to go mad, in one way or another, after some time.

    One of the benefits with homunculus, at least to some alchemists, is that the alchemist can easily drain the life force from the construct to heal or revitalises the alchemist. Therefore can you find some alchemist with nutrition tanks full of simple homunculus, for use in emergency situations.

    Opinions and uses among different traditions
    The Jedi consider the creation of homunculus to be philosophically wrong and try to keep tabs on all traditions that practice it. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have a huge collection of information regarding many different homunculus, their use and creation.

    Many Sith have practiced bioalchemy and mastered the creation of homunculus. Most Sith only consider the creation of homunculi to be a stepping stone for greater knowledge and they seldom use them. And among the banite Sith could a homunculi be considered a security risk, even if non dispute their use as emergency backups of life-force.

    The Kal-Dex-Ward alchemists are divided regarding the creation of homunculus; part of them consider it a falls path on the road of enlightenment while others say that it is an important stepping stone to understand life and through that reach enlightenment. Among the latter group is the creation of a perfect miniature copy of a person that is at least no-sentient one of the things an alchemist has to do to be considered a grand master.

    The sorcerers of Tund TBC
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    Jul 31, 2014

    You didn't ask me anything, ever, so to me, they are not usual! In fact, I'm flattered that you want to ask. :) The rest of the document is a draft, so you may even help me add a last minute something to it. Go on!

    And, of course, you can always ask more when I'm done.
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  18. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Okej, here they come [face_devil]

    Regarding Vagran: How do the animal life look like? Any "big five" that is a most see for tourists? How do the flora look like? Any plant or fruit that is well-known? Any unusual kind of terrain or terrain that is unusually common?

    Regarding Vagranites: How do they dress? Do the "hipsters" dress the same as the rest of the Vagranites? How do their architecture/s look like? Any group/species that they have prejudice to? Any unique superstitions? Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them? What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use? How is their food? What non-humans make up the larges minority groups? How is their music? What do they think about the rest of the Corellian sector? What about spaceship design? Do they have the stereotypical Corellian dislike for authority? Is there any large scale organised crime?
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    Jul 31, 2014
    So, the amount of work to do did this thing. Not that anybody was going to vote for a 200-word-anything, but count me as a non-competitive entry. I will finish my story by the end of the month and give respect to the elements I got, but I can't get a proper chapter/whole thing up by the voting deadline.
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    Nov 11, 2014
    Ewok Poet, that's totally fine. I've marked it out in the voting list post above, and of course we look forward to seeing the rest of it whenever it's ready. :)

    Just a couple quick bulletins. First, the index with the following two new fanon posts:
    Second, there are now just two and a half (2 1/2) days left to vote on the Fanon Roulette entries, so please get your votes in! And remember that anyone can vote—anyone at all, not just those who contributed stories. :)
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    Nov 11, 2014
    Apologies for the double post: just a friendly reminder that you now have just over 24 hours left to vote in the Fanon Roulette—the voting ends tomorrow, 5/23, at 11:59 PM PST. We have had 7 voters so far—any chance we can get to 10? [face_batting]
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    So, the votes have been counted, and it looks like the winner of the Fanon Roulette challenge is:

    @Findswoman: Two Girls and a Man in Red

    =D= ! And a big congratulations and thank you to all who participated—we had some really fantastic entries. :cool:

    By the way, there are a few logistical/housekeeping things I wanted to poll you all about regarding challenges:
    1. Shall we keep doing 'em?
    2. If so, any particular themes, topics, etc. that you would or wouldn't like to see?
    3. What do you think is a reasonable amount of time for a challenge deadline? Did you feel like there was enough time for this one (which ran 12/11/15–5/1/16)? Too much? Too little?
    4. What do you think about the winner-gets-to-choose-the-next-challenge format (which I shamelessly cribbed form the OC Revolution Thread)? Is there another type of prize or recognition you'd prefer? (Thing is, a regular old forums member like me doesn't get to hand out colors, so that's likely out unless the mods say otherwise).
    Do let me know—everyone's input is appreciated. Thanks much! :)
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    Congratulation Findswoman
    1. Yes.
    2. No idea right now.
    3. For me the time we had worked fine.
    4. Sounds like a good idea.
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    Thanks so much, Gamiel! I was really thrilled to see you take part in this challenge as a writer, and I hope it will not be the last time. :)

    Now, on to the poll:

    1. Does a bantha, um, do its business in the desert? :p Yes, most definitely! The more challenges, the better, I say.

    2. Hmm. This is a tough one, because the way this thread is organized any challenges kind of have to involve posts previously posted in the thread by others, and those are of all different lengths and levels of complexity, and whatever we do will require the OK of the people who wrote said posts. Just by way of brainstorming:
    • Fanon posters pair up and write stories incorporating elements of each other's fanon posts;
    • Fanon drabble race: Writers have some semi-short-ish time limit to write at least X number of drabbles, each one incorporating one of X fanon elements on a list (or if we're feeling really ambitious and the fanon posters allow, it could even be all the ones currently existing!);
    • Other roulette-type challenges: (a) writers get a fanon post and a canon character and have to incorporate both; (b) writers get a fanon post and a canon location and have to incorporate both; (c) writers get a fanon post and some iconic SW quote (things like "I have a bad feeling about this," "No, I'm your father," "I'm kind of a big deal," etc.) and have to incorporate both, etc.
    Do any of these sound feasible?

    3. Four months or so seems all right to me; honestly, I too often wait till the last week or so to really get cracking, so I'm not the best person to ask. :p

    4. I like it fine, but again, just because it's so difficult to come up with challenge themes in a thread of this type, maybe also have an option of something like a story promotion/advertisement opportunity of some kind? (Subject to the approval of the mods, Briannakin and mavjade, of course.) Just a thought; I'm open to virtually anything here.
  25. Ewok Poet

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    Congratulations! :)

    1. Yes.
    2. Inventing a culture for a planet with little to no backstory, inventing a species, etc. Also, like all three of yours! Please, ANY of them, NOW NOW NOW. They're quite challenging and we need that!
    3. In most cases, three or four times per year is OK. And consolidate this with OC Canon sock or any upcoming socks, so the deadlines don't match.
    4. Choosing the next challenge is fine.
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