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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Nov 27, 2013
    Strange and exotic pets bred for specific purposes
    Common household and office plants (plant breeding can be included)
    Research studies conducted in SW (any topic related to health, STEM or social sciences, but SW-style)
    Pointless SW consumerism items nobody really needs but everyone gets out of impulsive shopping :p
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    May 11, 2016
    Sure but given that they would have modern ones readily available there is kind of the question if the old ones would still be used. Though with the civil war lasting so long and escalting so much I think everyone broke out even the old equipment to just have something to arm their forces with.

    Well the Lorean where never highly loyal to the empire. The empire was beneficial to them so they stuck with them but they had no real love for them. Some individuals maybe but nothing else.

    Not sure if it really fits though, the sector is border territory and its kind of the point that there aren´t that many natives. Them having entire client races/systems seems a bit much.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Discussions: How do people do/think when trying to do non-humans psychologically something different then just "reskinned" humans?; What kind of things do people find missing from the SW canon that you have to fanon-up?;
    Challenges: What about having either groups/organisations from here interacting with Force-traditions, either canon or from this thread, or having OC or canon characters interacting with Force-traditions from this tread.

    The same reason you often can find the previous generations military weapons among the civilians or among less important parts of the military: it take times to replace everything and the old stuff is often sold (legally or on the black market) instead of being destroyed to people who can't afford the new stuff.

    I was not really thinking of their loyalty to the Empire but that you said that the lorean are not loyal the same way as humans are and I was thinking that the way the vargrs alien way of loyalty could be of interest.

    I was mostly thinking that since SW is a place where sentient life seems to be abundant and we are dealing with a sector (which are big, even the small ones) so would it not be surprising if there existed other native sentient species than the loreans and the graks, and they don't need to be of the same tech knowledge/capability. The there is also the tendency for the hyperspace capable races to travel to new worlds, colonise them and then forget how to space travel or even lose any tech more advanced then crossbows and wind miles.

    Now with that in mind since the loreans and the graks are the local superpowers (big fishes in a small pound) so do it feel a bit fitting (to me) that they would have declared themselves the protectors/masters of any non-hyperspace capable species they find (like how Russia become the master/protector of any land it conquered, people and all) in the sector and them then using the "client"-species for stuff. With the stuff being used for being something specific making the "client"-species something a bit different then just having them working/serving the loreans/graks with anything.

    But that's just my thoughts.

    Did not know that it was established in legends that they had castes. *read up on what the Wook' says* Okey, it says that "Before the Tofs invaded, Nagai society was comprised of a caste system consisting series of Circles, which were broken down into a series of sub-circles.[4] An individual's place in the Circles was determined by birth, but it was possible to move up the ranks through tests of physical prowess.[4] During the Tof invasions, this system broke down as Circles intermeshed for survival purposes.[4] With many Sub-circles eradicated by the Tofs, many lower levels moved up by default, and began mating with those previously above them; as a result, the entire system of Circles was no longer considered the solid institution it once was, with some radical thinkers urging its abandonment.[4]"

    Some questions @Anedon based on the new information: why no mentions of sub-circles in you fanon? What made you decide to go with only three Circles and the nobles/warriors/everybody-else lineup instead of any other lineup?

    Also, the Ultimate Alien Anthology supplement to the D20 RPG have a female nagai illustrating the Telepath prestige-class (open for Force users and natural telepaths only). Do you have thoughts regarding that?

    Aha, had not realised it was that far into the future, I thought it was more just post movie-era to just post NJO-era.
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    May 11, 2016
    Sure, I mean the supply with new equipment was the main limiting factor for force sizes in that civil war and should probably be in SW in general.

    I guess. Generally though for the Lorean the point is they are loyal to other people rather than loyal to an idea or concept(like a state for example).

    Will have to think about that, generally though even if it probably wouldn´t be that many.

    I actually mentioned that there is a growing number of Naga who stand against the system, though in my headcanon after the Tof war was over the Archons cracked down on these and restrenghted the system. There is still resistance to it but mostly in the shadows.

    I think I mentioned sub casts in my article, at least in regards to Warrior and Craftsmen.

    Because it kinda hard to find any non slave profession that doesn´t exsists as some form of these three. As I said, I did mentioned subcasts exsisting. Also I was inspired by the Dark Elves in Spellforce who are organized somewhat similiar.

    Not sure if they would call it that but sure powerfull telepath´s could be their own sub branch amongst the Archons. Generally they will see what specific force talents a child has and then have them be trained by masters of that specific skill. This makes the Archons much more specialized that the broader trained Jedi or Sith.

    Okay, though actually I also have a fanon story about another empire/threat exsisting in the unkown regions in the post movie/NJO time. Might put it into this months fanon post. [face_thinking]
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Do that. I'm just throwing out my thoughts and giving suggestions. All I can hope for is that it will be of inspiration to you and other that read them.

    :D You just gave me a reason to talk about something that I have been thinking about and collected thoughts/information about.

    First of I will be throwing around estates, castes, and similar in a huge bundle since while they are different things can they be used for inspiration or make an interesting alternative if you turn an estates-system into a castes-system or the other way around.

    Now the Swedish estates system where: Nobility (originally landowning warrior elite, could ones lose their title if they could not provide the warriors and/or have them equipped to the standards that was expected; later they lost the need to provide warriors but they were still expected to provide officers and administrators for the state), Clergy (people that had gone through a clerical education and taken the vows, post-Gustav Vasa they were allowed to marry but there was a system to prevent them form becoming local dynasties. Anybody that had been able to pas the tests needed to be a clergyman could be one, no matter their estate origin), Burghers (people living in the city as merchant, tradesmen, craftsmen, academics or keeper of establishments), Peasants (farmers - worth to mention that in Sweden did there exist farmers who owned large areas of land and could be richer than many nobles or burghers; also serfdom did not exist). All four estates was represented in the diet.

    The "Four occupations" in classical China was, to my understanding, shi (originally warrior-gentry, later gentry scholar-official), the nong (peasant farmers), the gong (artisans and craftsmen), and the shang (merchants and traders). The four categories were not socioeconomic classes; wealth and standing did not correspond to these categories, nor were they hereditary.

    Regarding Japan do I think Wikipedia gives a good summary "In Japan's history, social strata based on inherited position rather than personal merit, were rigid and highly formalized in a system called mibunsei (身分制). At the top were the Emperor and Court nobles (kuge), together with the Shōgun and daimyō. Below them, the population was divided into four classes: samurai, peasants, craftsmen and merchants. Only samurai were allowed to bear arms. A samurai had a right to kill any peasants, craftsman or merchant who he felt were disrespectful. Merchants were the lowest caste because they did not produce any products. The castes were further sub-divided; for example, peasants were labelled as furiuri, tanagari, mizunomi-byakusho among others" and "In Japan, the Four Occupations was modified into a rigid hereditary four-caste system, where marriage across caste lines was socially unacceptable. In Japan, the Scholar role was taken by the hereditary samurai class. Originally a martial class, the samurai became civil administrators to their daimyōs during the Tokugawa shogunate. No exams were needed as the positions were inherited. They constituted about 5% of the population and were allowed to have a proper surname. (see Edo society).”
    from and respectably.

    Now, lets move on to fictional social stratification:
    The Loroi from the webcomic Outsider are divided into three main social groups — the warrior class, the civilian class and the men. Warriors are the ones running the society and making up the government, while civilians are secondary in importance and position and the men are essentially sperm banks with citizenships. The women's classes are further subdivided — the civilians are organized by profession in a similar way into groups that resemble trade guilds, while the warrior class is further divided into eight specialized castes: the Soroin (soldiers), Tenoin (spacecraft pilots), Teidar (psychic specialists), Torrai (commanders, admirals and generals, the title of Emperor being the caste's highest rank), Mizol (diplomats), Listel (scientists and analysts), Doranzer (medics) and Gallen (mechanics).

    Warhammer 40k's Tau are divide into five casts: the "Fio" (Earth-caste) performs manual labour (building, farming, crafting, etc.), both the planning and the performing of it (which involves many machines and drones since the Tau are an technological advanced race) as well as scientific research; the "Kor" (Air-caste) covers piloting and transportation; the "Por" (Water-caste) deals with politics, diplomacy and bureaucracy; "Shas" (Fire-caste) serves as the Tau military, ignoring piloting military-plains or spaceships which is done by the Air-caste; and finally the "Aun" (Ethereal-caste) who are both spiritual leaders and the final decision makers when it comes to governing.

    In Dark Heresy RPG the crow of the city-sized spaceship Misericord are divided into castes, described as: "Life on the Misericord is defined by the castes into which the crew are divided. There are dozens of castes, each one responsible for a particular function aboard ship. Crewmen are either born into these castes or assigned to them on the few occasions they join from outside. These castes range from the Scourhand Brotherhood (who scrub the filth from the floors of the engine decks) to the Company of Imbeciles (the ship’s entertainers, consisting of various clowns, actors and storytellers). The officers of the Misericord form their own caste and wear distinctive and rather sinister masks to mark them out from the rest of the crew. Each caste has its own leadership, which reports to the officer caste, and the officers in turn receive their orders from the twin captains Anapollo and Luneros. The captains believe that the caste system is the reason the Misericord has survived for so long and are quick to bring anyone opposing it to trial. Castes are insular and proud, and sometimes they can come into bitter conflict, such as the regular skirmishes between the Lamplighters’ Guild and the Followers of the Wire over who gets to change the glowbulbs. All have their own baffling traditions, from the large wood and paper animal masks of the Obeyers’ Guild (the ship’s lawyers and executioners) to the ritual removal of an ear from every member of the Enginists (who maintain the ship’s temperamental engines). This latter ritual is said to be born of respect for a mythological Enginist of ages past, the heroic Bessimer “One-lug” Jone, who supposedly saved the Misericord from “dire disassemblage and ventation”." and "The castes into which the Misericord’s crew are organised are insular, specialised and hereditary. It is impossible to change castes and most crew are born into them. Old castes can be dissolved and new ones founded by the order of the captain, but some of the Misericord’s castes are as old as the ship itself. The ship’s castes include the following:
    The Lords, Siblings and Officers is the full name of the officer caste. Members go everywhere masked, and assist the captains in making and enforcing decisions.
    The Merciful form the ship’s security wing, armoured in archaic plate and mail, and carrying ominous shotguns. They can change from impeccable politeness to extreme aggression instantly, even during the course of a mundane conversation.
    The Suturers’ Parliament is the Misericord’s body of medical personnel. The Suturers practise their procedures on the ship’s small complement of live animals, so cats, pygmy Grox and other creatures wander around their sick bays and surgeries.
    The Immortals recover the bodies of dead crewmen, conduct void burials and investigate suspicious deaths. They enjoy reminding other crewmen of the fact that one day, they too will require the ministrations of the Immortals.
    The Communion of Ratters is dedicated to tackling the Misericord’s constant vermin problem. There are only a few crewmen among the Ratters, with the rest of the Communion being made up of old, patched-up ratting servitors.
    The Renders are the Misericord’s cooks and they are also responsible for raising livestock raised on the ship for food. The caste’s members take great pride in their food and are extremely vocal and sometimes violent in proclaiming the superiority of their personal recipes. No one argues like a Render.
    The Bringers of Silence are the only caste not to have a generally known purpose. They answer to the twin captains and are occasionally seen walking purposefully through the ship in midnight blue uniforms, their faces painted with stars.”

    The Exalted RPG has the default protagonists, the Solar Exalted, being divided in five Castes*: Dawn (warriors, generals, weapon makers); Zenith (worldly and/or spiritual leaders, actors, holy men, judges); Twilight (scholars, sorcerers, artificers, investigators, scientists); Night (spies, assassins, hunters, bounty hunter, secret police); and Eclipse (ambassadors, diplomats, negotiators, and messengers).
    * Not really social castes but they are an interesting example

    With the examples given now we can just discuss/cast out thoughts. I’ll do this without focusing on what would fit your Nagai since I feel like I then would be telling you what to do.

    * Most made up caste-systems have a warrior-caste, what about a cast-system that don’t have one? Maybe the different castes are given different military duties when they serve? Or maybe they have droids or mercenaries to do the fighting for them?

    * What if the different castes have duties that combine things that seems unfitting by our standards? Like the priest-caste is also the mining- and hunting-caste; and the caste dealing with farming and foresting is also the accounting- and undertaking-caste.

    * Maybe have the castes be modeled after environments? A forest-caste, a mountain-caste, a wateray-caste, a grassland-caste, etcetera. With each caste having duties that symbolically fit within that environment – the mountain-caste are mountaineers, miners, stoneworkers, builders of stone buildings, and similar; the waterway-caste are transporters (since waterways was the main transport way in old-times), fishers, and similar; forest-caste are hunters, woodcraftsmen, builders of wood buildings, and similar; swamp-caste deal with water-filtration, and other stuff; etcetera.

    * I ones worked on a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic AU fic where Equestria’s society was divided into houses modeled after the Elements of Harmony (in a twisted way) with each house having different areas of society that only they may work in and/or control. I never fully developed it, and it was meant to be a faulty system, but here’s my notes on what the different houses areas of interest where: House of Magic – monopoly on all intuitions of higher magical learning; no matter what your profession or house belonging, if you need to practice higher magic for it you studied under the house of Magic. Also controls many other places of learning. Pride itself on all its schoolers and scientists, expects its members to also have basic understanding of chemistry, mathematics, literature and poetry.; House of Loyalty – the armed forces and bodyguards. To have a bodyguard not from the house of Loyalty is like shouting “I’m suspicious”.; House of Honesty – police, security police, general law enforcement, the censure,; House of Generosity – banks, establishments of hospitality,; House of Kindness – hospitals, healers, undertakers, soup kitchens,; House of Laughter – most kinds of entertainment.

    * A society with castes where each caste have specific duties and can’t do other castes’, but the position within the caste is meritocratic. No matter what position your parents had do you have to make your own place within the caste’s sub-society.

    * Maybe duties we think fit together are split among many castes? Like there is a caste dealing with hunting, raiding and guerilla-fighting but don’t deal with defensive warfare so all the sentinels, fortification-builders and guards belong to another caste.
    - and/or instead of a warrior-caste is there a caste for ground troops, another for tank fighters, one for air fighters, etcetera.

    * Or maybe the castes are built around one function and all the parts of that function, like there is a caste for those who deal with paper - including scribes, bookmakers, inkmakers, papermakers, etcetera. And another caste for those who deal with ground troops – including soldiers, hand weapon and body armour manufacturers, etcetera.

    * What about a caste system where it’s expected that a person chose one of the traditional occupations of the caste she’s born in and only some occupations outside of those are open for her to enter. It’s possible to change caste but only to a degree (f.ex. Water-caste member may move to the Earth- or Air-caste but not the Fire-caste) and some occupations are only open to those who are born in the caste. Some positions can come from any caste.

    The suggestion before given are more based toward pre-industrial and/or planet-bound societies, what about social stratification developed for societies that are of at least our technological level or fully space faring? Since some of the caste/estate/other suggestions can’t easily be summarized with one world will I be using Greek letters for their names, ignoring alpha, beta and omega since they have gotten such implication in their use.

    * A fully space based society could be divided into estates like: Gamma are ships’ pilots and bridge crew (beside the duties that fall within the domain of other estates); Delta are void miners and any maintains work that need spacewalks; Epsilon are diplomats (internal and external), merchants and lawyers; Zeta are undertakers, caretakers of the plumbing, water filtration, biological recycling, and farming; Eta are priests, holy-people, wizards, navigators, and sensors readers/caretakers, they are also the one calibrating and taking care of the ship-to-ship/planets communication; Theta are the fabric makers, tailors, the crafters of personal weapons, armour and spacesuits, and are also do take care of the ships’ weapons; Iota are all medical professions and the food preparers; etcetera.

    * In an estate society based on today or a near-today: Psi are farmers, fishers and people living in the countryside who are not part of some other estate; Chi are transporters - like truckers, biker messengers, shipping crews, airline personnel; Phi are manual labor that don’t need that much training (like factory workers and cleaners); Upsilon are scholars, bureaucrats, scientists, economists, programmers and similar; Tau are traders, merchants, shop owners, craftsmen; etcetera

    Now I could go on but if I did that so would it take even more time for this post to appear, so I’m leaving it here and hoping that it will be for inspiration to somebody. If people have any thoughts of their own so would it be interesting to hear :)
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    Dec 16, 2012

    My fanon regarding Dathomir is mostly based on old canon from The Courtship of Princess Leia, the Jedi Academy-trilogy and Young Jedi Knights, because many of those ideas was seeded before I read any of the other stories where Dathomir appear. The later appearances of Dathomir and it's people (like the Republic: Infinity's End storyline, Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, NJO, DNT, LotF, and TCW) do contradict some of my fanon but I either ignore it or just say that those stories took place on a notably different area of Dathomir (maybe another continent), than the CoPL, JAT and YJK stories, thereby explaining why they don't fit together.


    Some new clans

    Crow’s daughter clan
    – One of the forest clans; decorate themselves with feathers, bird bones and black face paint. Known for their many shapeshifters and dark reputation – many clans consider them just above nightsisters.

    Raining Leaves clan – One of the forest clans; highly fem-chauvinistic, even by Dathomir standard; paint themselves as traditionalists but if you as the other clans it’s little traditional in the way they treat their menfolk. [The Raining Leaves clan is canon but I ignore the canon, just using the name and concept of a fem-chauvinistic clan]

    Yellow wind clan – live as horse bound nomads on the north eastern step.


    Unsorted stuff
    * Before the coming of Luke the Skywalker so was male magic users often known as warlocks and often considered as bad if not worse then nightsisters. The warlocks that actually exist are not organised.
    * The Dathomirians count their age in seasons, so a person that's just 10 years old would be said to be 40 seasons old [based on that CoPL refer to Allya's oldest daughter's age in seasons not years]
    * Beside the most skilled (not most powerful or talented, skilled!) among them do the witches need to chant and/or gesticulate to work their magic. This has begun to change as Luke's Jedi teaching and Brakiss' Dark Jedi teaching has begun to trickle down among the broader population. [This is fanon since most/all appearances outside of CoPL, JAT and YJK just have them using the Force in more or less the same way as Jedi and Sith]
    * At least in the area where CoPL happened and it's near land do the term nightsister means a which who was dealing in "dark magic" and is a synonym with outcast. Before Brakiss were the nightsisters there quickly physically marked by their use of the dark side and rancors would not allow them to ride on their back. They were not organised until mother Gethzerion come along.
    * Many of the Dathomirians (and others) recruited into Brakiss’ Shadow Academy who survived the attack against Luke’s Jedi Academy was given a second chance and were given the possibility to join Luke’s academy under supervision, to learn how to be real Jedi and use the Force without the dark side.


    Pan-clan groups
    There exist pan-clan groups (similar to how Christian religious orders are pan-national) who have special teachings and ways, open to members from any clan (not nightsisters).

    The Snake medicine society: A pan-clan society of healers among the witches of Dathomir whose members use special snakes and snake poison in their healing art. By feeding some of their snakes special diets do their poison bite have medical functions (this only works for certain breeds). A snake healer usually look no different from other witches beside their tendency to carrying around live snakes on their person and in bags. They usually also have a alchemy lab for preparing medicine and a large collection of bottled snake poison.

    The Skywalker society: Was created after the death of Gethzerion for the dathomirians who have left their homeplanet and later returned. Here they can discuss and trade stories with other who actually understand what they have gone through.


    Thoughts regarding TCW's Dathomir's mist
    Not really fanon since I have no plans to use it in my Dathomir-fanon, but an idea that other might use: FFG's write-up on the Nightsisters (the TCW ones) call Dathomir's mist "ichor", and ichor is the ethereal fluid that is the blood of the gods and/or immortals. That could mean that there is 'something' that could be called at-least semi-divine buried, or wounded and captured, beneath Dathomir's surface.

    If the mist is actually ichor so could it mean that it has some kind of empowering function for those who know how to use them, meaning that the TCW Nigthsisters are really powerful while on Dathomir (and possibly a short time afterword) but when they leave the planet they leave the ichor-mist and can no longer draw upon it to get a power boost. Making them very powerful on their home turf but not that powerful when off planet (with some personally powerful individuals as the exception).

    To continue with this thought so maybe the witches try to take with them some of the ichor-mist when traveling offworld for when they need a power-boost? But maybe it degenerate (or coagulate) when moved away from Dathomir? Meaning it can only be useful for a short time if taken offworld. A possible follow up on this could be that they can keep the ichor-mist fresh by keeping it in special containers. Containers that need time and special materials (and possibly a magic ritual) to be created.

    If this is possible so can I see the creation of those containers taking up some time for the Nightsister since they need to gather material and/or technological part (some which may not exist on Dathomir) for them. And the Nightsisters don't strike me as the kind of people that do menial tasks if they can get others to do it so they most likely raid or trade (or use slaves) to gather the material - it's possible that some of those sisters Mother Talzin sent away in the galaxy* at large was out there to gather martial for ichor-mist-containers.
    * FFG mention that she did that in the same write up that call the mist "ichor".

    Also, it would be really interesting to hear if @Findswoman or any other gand-fanon creator have any thoughts regarding if the gands, with their mist-based religion, have any thought about TCW's Dathomir's mist and if it has any relationship to their Mist?


    Any thoughts or comments?
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    May 11, 2016
    One question? Was this mentioned in the lore somewhere? Cause I feel it was, but can´t remember where. If not then we would have had the same fanon idea independently of each other.
  8. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Don't think so. I think it's my own idea that I created for an non-written fic to give the mother to a male dathomirian character who was a student of Luke's something to thrown in his face and why he was not allowed back into the clan.

    possibly, great minds think alike after all ;)
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    May 11, 2016
    Then I guess its a coincidence, though I guess it is logical warlock is the male form of witch.

    The warlocks are actually one of my current projects/ideas for a fanon post.
  10. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Here is the article on the Warlocks of Dathomir I mentioned earlier this month, kinda summing up some of my ideas on them. Actually wanted to publish this next month but @Gamiel ´s Dathomir post just made it fit here I think.

    OOC: The further notes also include some ideas form @Adalia-Durron, @Darth Invictus and last but certianly not least @Warrior_Goddess with whom I discussed some of this before. Also just saying that, like @Gamiel I tend to largley ignore the Clone Wars when it comes to Dathomir.

    Warlocks and Nightsisters of Dathomir

    Over the thousands of years that the Dathomirian society existed some men actually managed to learn the ways of the force. After all it is said that Dathomirian males are as force sensitive as the women but being abused and mistreated kinda keeps them from using their potential. But occasionally a male might be born stronger than usual or simply manage to learn a few tricks himself or from a sympathetic witch. Sometimes these men rebel against their living conditions and flee in the wilderness, there alone and hunted by the witches their only hope is to improve their skills and knowledge so they might survive, thus they become warlocks. Sometimes these men run into each other building small communities to survive and grow more powerful together.

    Warlocks are generally less physically trained than witches or nightsisters and instead rely solely on the force and their smarts. They can get several centuries old just like the witches can and so, they manage, despite their small numbers to actually become pretty powerful, using potions and force related artifacts to strengthen their power.

    Force Powers

    In general the Warlocks use and have mastered many of the same skills that the witches or nightsisters have. Though they most of the lack the bond with Rancor´s displayed by the females of their world. That said due to being more focused on studies and learning skills in the force they tend to display some abilities most other Dathomirians do not. Among others they are able to suck the life-force out of both nature and animals to temporary boots their own power, the weaker the target is the easier the process but also the lesser the gained energy. This ability is considered dark side and many warlocks might feel differently about its use.

    Speaking of their alignment most Warlocks know and have struggled with the dark side, though in contrast to what the witches claim, that they are pure evil darksiders, their outlook on things like this differs greatly from person to person. Due to living in a hostile world where most of the inhabitants want them dead a warlocks life is a constant struggle to stay alive and strong enough to continue doing so. Some utterly embrace the dark side, becoming the very monsters the witches see in them, while others might resolve to stick to a moral code for their entire life's, resolving to be better than those who once enslaved them. Most warlocks tend to be somewhere in the middle, probably easiest comparable to the grey Jedi as they despise the cruel acts of the Nightsisters and some of their own brothers but also often have troubles trusting and caring for other people outside a few possible companions.

    Warlocks also tend, like the Witches and Nightsisters have a pretty strong affinity to their homeworld and it is said that the spirits of the deceased warlocks tend to linger in the wilderness after their deaths. Some warlocks, particularly those not too deep into the dark side have even developed the skill of communicating with these spirits and learn from them, which is actually one of the main ways how warlocks are able to become stronger.

    Outside Interactions

    As for procreation some of the darker warlocks occasionally interact with nightsisters and sometimes have children together in which case boys would be taken with the father while girls stay with the mother. A few warlocks even have secret relationships with witches, usually those a bit more sympathetic to males. If a witch is discovered to be in a relationship with a warlock she is usually considered a traitor to her clan and might even be outright murdered by her sisters for her "crime".

    Another way to replenish their numbers is to kidnap/rescue young male slaves from Dathomirian tribes.

    Many witches hate the warlocks but often deny they exist as to not give their slaves the hope that a life outside of slavery is indeed possible. In the rare cases the witches might admit the warlocks exist they will tell only the most horrible stories about them, describing the warlocks as murderous, cruel darksiders who make the nightsisters look good by comparison, which as described above is not at all the truth for most warlocks, though some individuals might fit that description. Its generally considered a great feat for a witch to kill a warlock and many young witches tend to leave their clans to seek out and fight them.

    As for the warlocks themselves they have a hard time trusting other people, especially females due to the struggles they go through to survive and the abuse they have often suffered during their time as slaves. Several warlocks tend to live alone while some others have united together into small essentially survivalist bands trying to compile as much strength and resources together to protect one another. These attempts can lead some of the these bands to attack the witches to try and rescue/kidnap other young male slaves from the tribes to raise as their own kids. Again as mentioned above these small communities can be very different in terms of morality from rage driven darksiders seeking to fight the witches to essentially families of warlocks who just want to be left alone and life in freedom.

    As for non Dathomirians: The Empire interacted a couple of times with some of the warlocks during their presence on Dathomir, though more than once tended to betray their agreements and fight the warlocks for their artifacts as well as dragging some young off world to train them as Sith Inquisitors.

    The horrible stories told by the Singing Mountain clan tainted the Jedi´s image of the Warlocks for quite some time after coming to Dathomir seeing them as little better than the Nightsisters. Though in later years with more and more tribes relenting on their stance towards men the warlocks have carefully begun to reconnect with Dathomirian society and with the Jedi again. With these developments the warlocks of Dathomir have begun to disappear as males can now life in the their tribes as free people no longer having to flee into the wilderness to hide. In the centuries after the battle of Yarvin the title warlock has simply become the male equivalent to witch in the Dathomirian society.


    The warlocks of Dathomir have over the centuries developed a number of customs, though which ones are how deep followed by any given group or individual varies quite a lot.

    Like the witches the warlock clans that exist tend to have their members bear tattoos, often made over and extending the simple slave marks and instead resembling the beautiful tattoos of the witches.

    Warlocks generally tend to have one student at the time, the nicer ones in a sort of father son relationship, the darker ones closer resembling Sith during the rule of two.

    Despite their apparent hatred for each other, witches and warlocks have fought together in the past against both Nightsisters and other threads on occasion, sometimes these brief alliances would end in a betrayal form either side but sometimes they would also honor their alliance and depart from each other without violence once the conflict is over.

    There is about one warlock on a couple hundred male slaves on Dathomir.

    While generally considered all male there are very few instance of female warlocks, the most common being a young witch hunting a warlock might develop sympathy for him and stay with him or his clan, though it often is a difficult process for them to fully accept each other. The witches consider these women vile traitors and will go to great lengths to hunt them down.

    Even rarer there have been Warlocks allowed to live as part of a Dathomirian tribe, usually when performed a great feat such as saving the matriarch or the entire tribe from danger, being considered an honorary, male, witch by the tribe. Though these cases are so rare it's at best one in a century.


    As with the, Warlocks the word Nightsister is very broadly used one by the Witches, in general referring to any force using women who don´t follow the rules of Allya, though this can have various reasons. Women who disagree with the ways of Dathomir and openly revolt against it, women who fall in love with a slave and run away with him, women who are for one reason or another ostracized from their tribe and various other reasons can lead to a witch become a Nightsister. Yet as with the warlocks many witch clans won´t really differentiate on the reasons and instead consider them all evil darksider, and as with the warlords the fact that they are now hunted by most people on their planet this can drive many who might have had totally non evil reasons to become outcasts into darkness. Also on some occasions during interclan wars witch clans have declared their enemies Nightsisters to discredit them, even if they still followed the code of Allya, this makes defining what an "actual" Nightsister even muddier, especially for outsiders.

    While Tamith Kai and the hard core of her Nightsister clan where darksiders and survivors of Gethzerion´s coven, many of the younger members where just desperate Dathomirian youths trying to get out of the strict rules of Dathomirian society(and literal slavery in case of the males). With the Jedi, as mentioned above, not trusting them many saw their only hope in becoming the darksiders everyone said they were.

    Warlock Clans (Might get expanded in the future)

    Shadow Streams Clan
    A group of warlocks who live down river from the Misty Falls clan, manly made up of freed slaves from their clan. Like the Misty Falls they tend to wear ellaborate tattoos(their leader was once the helper of the MFs tattoo arists and so he picked up some skills) and are able to understand their meaning. Generally one of the more reasonable clans, but they harbor a strong, and not completly unjustified, hatred of the Misty Falls clans matriarch.

    Lone Winds Tribe
    Possibly the largest warlock clan on Dathomir, they where a nomadic group often moving through the wilderness to stay ahead of the Witches and other dangers. Comprised of men from various different clans they would on occasion attack the Witches close by to free some of their young slaves to raise as their own. As a unique trait they would often dye strands of their hair in various colours that showed a persons profession and role within the tribe, special honors they had earned or the bond between friends/lovers. They where eventually destroyed though not by the witches but by the empire, during the early days of their occupation they offered the tribe an allaince, which the leaders accepted without thinking, hoping to with the help of the outsider to be able to finally get a place to live of their own, if not be made the rulers of Dathomir. They severed as trackes and scouts for the empire during the first years and helped the imperials recover various artifacts and destroy some more troublesome clans of witches. But in the end the empire saw them as nothing but savadges and thus they where eventually betrayed by their "allies", most of the tribe was slaughtered but some of their youths where dragged away to be made Sith Inquisitors, while other managed to escape into the wilderness, now alone and hated by everyone else on the planet.

    Link to my Post on the Witches of Dathomir
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    Mar 3, 2001
    @Anedon and @Gamiel, these are some wonderful Dathomir fanon ideas! =D= Especially liked the idea of pan-clan organizations and warlocks (that's so interesting that you both had the same idea, and that really does seem like it'd be the perfect name for a male Force-sensitive there). And Anedon's idea on how rancors work meshes really well with what I'd been imagining. :)
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  12. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Have updated my Dathomir post with some stuff


    @Anedon interesting concept, your warlocks are much more organised than mine who are usually one lone male that seldom take a student

    suggestion: change "the dark side" and "darksider" to some other term since CoPL establish that the dathomirians don't know of the dark side and I don't think we saw the TCW Nightsisters use that term either.

    A suggestion, change to: "As for non Dathomirians, the Eempire" or "As for non Dathomirians: the Eempire"

    (not the bold part, that's just there to show the changes)

    Why would a female be considered a warlock and not a nightsister?

    Suggestion: put "Rancors" in bold above this part
  13. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Well those certianly would exsist for me as well, just thinking that by banding together they would have greater chances at survival.

    Well this lore is written from an overall perspecive not a Dathomirian one so I think its easier to use the commonly used therms, cause that´s what it is. Not knowing the word or concept doesn´t stop it from being that way.

    Because Nighstsiters are a seperate entity to the warlocks, they have their own tribes and while they may ineract with some warlocks on occasion they are not interlinked. Witches might call women living with Warlocks Nightsisters but they themselves would probably not see themselves as ones.
  14. FanonSock

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Hi folks! Dropping in for a brief update or two. Looks like have some fantastic new Dathomir lore from two of our distinguished regulars, Gamiel and @Anedon. Gamiel has a new comprehensive post on Dathomir, and Anedon’s is specifically on the Warlocks of Dathomir. Glad to see these crazy times have not slowed down the fanon productivity here! :cool:
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    Dec 16, 2012
    I can see the organised Nightsisters having problems with that, but I don't think the normal clans would consider the difference between a evil witch trained by a warlock compared to one who was a fallen clan member or one who was from a Nightsister group - they after all don't make any differences in their naming of the last two parts.

    B.t.w. it would be interesting to see your fanon about the Nightsisters. Also, any special reason to why you used "tribes" for Nightsisters? Since the normal witches are organised in clans and the Nightsisters seen in Infinity's End use the term coven for themselves and rival Nightsister groups
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    Yeah as I said above witches tend to use the therm "Nightsister" on pretty much every woman on Dathomir who doesn´t follow the old clan rules. So they would even call a non evil witch living with non evil warlocks a nighstsister, and of course refuse to accept that anyone not following the rules of Allya could be not evil.

    I could add some things about the Nighsister to my fanon post if you want to see that. @FanonSock would it be possible to update the post to a Warlocks and Nighsisters one? Or even just a generally Dathomirian?

    As for why tribe, I tend to use it because its more neutral than Coven(which kinda sounds dark and shady by itself), don´t think all Nightsisters are evil too, a bit like the warlocks I think at least of them are just demonized by the witches.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    I don't think that would be problem, she have done that for me before.

    And it's comments like that that's why I want to know the rest of your fanon regarding Dathomir.

    Also, should I take the last part together with your avater that you belong to team "Magnus did nothing wrong" :p
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    Okay then I will see to get to it in the next few days, though might be a bit more fragmented than the warlock stuff.

    Sure, will put it up then, generally my take on the nightsisters is that the Witches call all women who don´t follow Allyas rules that, like they also call basically all male force users warlocks.

    I would say he did two things wrong, first standing aside when the Wolves came if he had stepped in earlier he might have turned the tide, secondly banishing Ahriman, though he has at least rectified this as of Gathering Storm so its getting better.
    But yeah the Thousand Sons really have become my favourite 40k faction in the last few years.
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    Dec 16, 2012
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    Might have more of an eye on it from here on out.
  21. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    So just updated my Warlocks article, and renamed it to: Warlocks of Dathomir (and other bits and pieces of Dathomirian Lore) as the new stuff is largley unordered. There is also possibly still more to come.
    Also includes some things I talked about with @Gamiel, @Adalia-Durron and @Darth Invictus in the past though want to credit them as well.
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    The Mukdar
    The mukdar is a humanoid reptilian species now thought extinct, that was once famous for their tradition of mage-eaters. They are very human-like in appearance and has been mistaken for near-humans but are not in anyway related.

    They are slightly above humans when it comes to the physical department to most parts, but often appear even more because many mukdar are highly trained, with the exception of their jumping ability where they can go down on all fours and from a stand still makes inhuman jumps - a bit like a frog - they can't do this from a standing position (it's a question about how their muscular structure works) but can give some mean kicks. [TBC]
    Just to make my references clear: the Mukdars are the Mukthar from Disney's Aladdin series.
    Clothing is Turko-Mongolian-in-SPACE-ish.

    It's up to anybody that uses them to decide if they are actually extinct or have just been good at hiding their presence.

    The mage-eaters are/were special trained Mukdar’s who were able to absorbed spells, jedi tricks and other Force abilities used against them. The greatest of them could even ‘eat’ the powers of Force users, leaving them week and without a tangible connection to the Force, usually only for a short time but sometime forever.

    The way I have thought their abilities is that any attempt to directly use the Force on them (throw them with telekinesis, mind trick, psy-blast, Force-lightning, etc.) don't work on them, and they absorb the Force energy of the "attack" from the Force-channeler that's trying something on them. They can be sensed with the Force, so Force-channeler's danger sense do work against them. If you have a master mage-eater are they able to suck the Force-energy out of people with their touch, making the Force-channeler unable to draw upon so much Force as they usually do until they can't call upon the Force at all - this is also mentally tiring for the Force-channeler and they often faint if "sucked dry". I would say that they probably can't absorb all the Force-energy from a powerful attack so if a Jedi level Force-channeler really put his mind to it so would they affect a mage-eater, if not as much as they energy they put behind what they did would suggest - the more powerful the mage-eater the more Force-energy he can absorb in one go.

    They are/were probably armed with swords, bolas, shock-weapons, maybe short range blasters, any kind of capture-weapons. I can see shurikens being used, maybe poison tipped and/or heat seeking. Maybe whips, if used as they often are in the pulps and matinee-movies - could be shock whips.

    As I image their fighting style is it focused to tier out their target, with lots of faints, jumping around, light cuts rather then trying to go for the kill. If there is a mage-eater master so would he like to get in close and touch the Force-channeler - grapplings, light punches, throws, etcetera - so he can drain the Force-channeler of the Force. The Force-channeler should probably not realise what's going on until they have been partly drained.

    They are not Jedi/Sith-hunters so they should probably not have anything specific against Jedi or lightsabres.

    Should maybe ad that the mage-eaters ability is not some kind of unnatural* ability, it's a very specialised use of the Force. So anything that only target Force-users also targets mage-eaters.
    * by SW standard.

    Feel that I should also ad that the mage-eaters' ability are not something that's a species specific ability unique to the mukdar, anybody strong enough in the Force with the right training can theoretically become a mage-eater. It's just that the mukdar are the ones who developed the teaching, they would probably be amused or insulted if people suggested that their "mage-eating" was some kind of biological/untrained ability.
    Just so nobody misunderstand


    Creator's comment: will rework this better when I have the time.
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    Just one quickie announcement for this month: @Gamiel has a new post: The Mukdar.

    If there is anything or anyone I've left out, please let me know! :) And I'm wondering if I should cogitate on the possibility of another challenge, too... [face_thinking]
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    Just wondering, why slave marks? Since it seems that all males are slaves and we see no mention of female slaves* and the dathomirians don't seem to live in anything larger than a today town so should there be no real need to mark them out as slaves.

    * which, linguistically speaking, makes it strange that they have a word for slave, they should just call them men and everybody know that they have subservient position.

    Linguistic question, why do you use the term clan for the warlock groups?

    Should that not be "somebody else's slave and run away with him" since just because the men are the women's property don't mean that they should have problem with them falling in love. Look at societies where women are considered properties of their husbands, it's still expected (if all to often not happening) that they should love or at least respect each other.

    What we saw of CoPL so was the Nightsisters not so much hunted as not allowed into the community, making them exiled outcasts that had to fend for themselves.

    Why should other clans mistrust the Jedi if they were allied to one of the most "by the book(of Allya)" clans?

    I can see the tattoo artists being a kind of "Force Artisans", that uses the guidance of the Force in their craft.

    Personally I would have it that the dathomirians consider the Jedi outside of their social structure and not bound by many of their ways.

    My money is on the later.

    Okey, your warlocks are way more numerous and organised than my warlocks, who are alone males found here and there outside of the clans territories, or trying to stay hidden in them. My warlocks are much more prominent in stories and legends than on actual Dathomir.
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  25. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    The main reason is to indicate where and to whom a slave belongs. When growing up they will be given a mark of beloning to their family, and one for the tribe itself. Some slaves never really reach beyond that, just spend their days as working slaves for the tribe. If a witch does buy them she will have him marked in some way to indicate he is her proterty. And further what position the slave has to his owner, a lover/bedslave has different, more intimate markings than workers.

    Maybe that´s what they did before getting into contact with the rest of the galaxy, but various stories imply there was always some contact. Also there are the warlocks who are also men so I guess having a word to distiguish the slaves makes sense.

    No real reason, can say tribe as well.

    Might be a bit fanon on my end but Adalia and I generally follow the idea that the witches don´t like it if some of them treat males better, because they fear this would give the other slaves of the tribe ideas. Like Marie is able to have a lifemate and employ several males as workers but this is clearly upsetting to many witches in the tribe who seek to undermine her at every turn. Thing is its hard for a witch to truly love a male on Dathomir or for a slave to truly love them back. Which is why I think much love on Dathomir is homosexual and amongst equals instead between slaves and slavers.
    As for the witches who run away with their slaves these are the ones who openly rebel against the Dathomirian customs because they want to live truly free with their lovers.

    Guess it depends on the tribe or the situation at hand, warlocks and nighstsisters might occasionally be tolerated in a "live and let live" mindset but the tribes clearly still hate them. Only difference is that a Nighsister might be able to find forgiveness and rejoin the tribe, a warlock can only expect death.

    I meant this more as in "All non witch Dathomirians": Nightsisters, Warlocks, considerably more liberal tribes.

    Might be, would direct that question to @Adalia-Durron tough as the tattoo aspect is mainly her creation.

    Not sure of that, they seem perfectly happy to enslave strangers they come across, including Jedi so it seems they don´t really see them outside. Again might be fanon as well but I don´t think the witches have more respect for males from other worlds.

    Could be, but of we look at the cruelties some tribes as the Raining Leaves are capable of(litterally purdging all men in the tribe over the age of ten after some of their slaves tried to escape), I wouldn´t be suprised if it has a least some truth to it. Maybe less "feed men to Rancors for sireing boys" than "feed men to Rancors who displease their owners".

    Then they are kind of the oppositte yeah. In my fanon the main reason we never hear of them is that the witches don´t really speak about the warlocks, especially when talking to strangers. Yes the witches know they exsist but they don´t know much more than the prejudices that their are all evil darksiders.
    Also just to clarify in therms of size the Lone Winds where with the largest and they where around maybe 30 to 40 members and they are probably all dead now save one who doesn´t reside on Dathomir anymore.
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