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Beyond - Legends The Fields of Tesserone (AU,OC)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Vehn, May 25, 2014.

  1. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    Tesserone, Roon

    Vice President Gabrielle Senne stepped out of the armored speeder and casually waved her hand to let the security detail know to stand down. She wasn't needing their protection today even though protocol insisted they come along for the ride. Even still the security personnel maintained a vigilant eye on the horizon.

    "I wondered when you'd show up," Eleanor said as she opened the door for her long time friend and hugged her.

    "Eleanor, it's been too long," Gabrielle replied as she returned the embrace.

    "Ten years," Eleanor said as she guided Gabrielle into her study, "ten years and many life changes ago. Care for a drink?"

    Gabrielle shook her head as her eyes wandered over the rows of books. Some were collectibles. Some were signed first editions. Some were treasures of the Vehn family. This place was special and even Gabrielle could sense that. It was one of a kind. There was not another Tesserone in the entire galaxy.

    "So," Eleanor said as she sat down across from her friend, "how may I help you? You're clearly not here to chat about personal matters. I can tell this visit is strictly business."

    Gabrielle hesitated ever so slightly before collecting her thoughts. "I'd forgotten just how sharp you were. The Federation is finally secure domestically. Our territory expands west to Druckenwell, south to Tatooine, east to Kamino, and now north into the territory formerly known as Hutt Space. Our military has been tested in combat a time or two and our government has proven the ability to withstand internal challenges. President Ypres is secure in his term but we both recognize where we are short on experience, chiefly, foreign policy.

    "We have some big ticket items to deliver if we're to win re-election, mainly, our delivery of a free trade deal with the Republic and an ability to navigate the minefield known as the independent systems. Neither one of us is well versed in such matters and so far the Federation hasn't made a good name for itself beyond our territory," Gabrielle stated.

    "Surely there are experienced diplomats you can put into service with Foreign Affairs?" Eleanor asked.

    "The Department of Foreign Affairs was absolutely gutted of talent when the RTO collapsed. The war with Druckenwell only exacerbated a decades long problem of recruiting top tier talent. The universities in this particular quadrant of the galaxy don't have strong civil service programs and quite frankly some elements of the Republic universities would rather see us shrivel up and die than ask for help," Gabrielle explained.

    "I see," Eleanor explained, "and so you come to me."

    Gabrielle nodded. "You are the most experienced diplomat I know, Eleanor. You sucessfully convinced Naboo to rejoin the Republic which was no tall task. You negotiated the pitfalls of the Republic Senate. You also worked closely with Roon during the Speyburn crisis and I heard you played a pivotal role in securing Hutt Space for the Federation. You have everything we need to cement our vision of the galaxy."

    "What vision might that be?" Eleanor asked.

    "Equitable trade with the Republic. A guiding force for the independent systems. A return of this quadrant of the galaxy to a success few have seen before," Gabrielle explained, "we are on the verge of something special. Don't you want to be a part of that?"

    "You know my stance on equitable trade with the Republic," Eleanor said, "I argued for stronger protections, for taking fewer corporate shortcuts, for refusing to pander to the Supreme Chancellor's demands. I'll spell it out for you, Gabrielle. They don't like me in the Republic and the feeling is mutual."

    Gabrielle's eyes flashed with excitement. "Those views are precisely why you're perfect for the job. Those same views are held by the current administration. Besides, this position is held for life. Someone in this job could influence galactic politics for decades to come. Think about it, Eleanor."

    "I'm not so sure that this position and I are a match," Eleanor said.

    "I'm sorry to hear that," Gabrielle replied.

    She stood and turned to leave. She paused at the doorway and said, "The Eleanor Vehn I used to know would never have backed down from a challenge."

    Eleanor knew Gabrielle was right. This was her last shot to get back into politics. To get back into doing something meaningful and what better way than to be the voice and arm of Federation diplomacy in the galaxy. That carried some real weight. That carried some real meaning.

    "Name your terms," Eleanor said.

    Gabrielle barely concealed a smile as she turned to look Eleanor directly in the eyes. "Life term, as you know. In addition you'll be paid quite well for your services. You'll work closely with the President and myself to craft foreign policy. You will have independent authority so if you're in a tense negotiation you may choose in the best interests of the Federation, per the job. There's a few quibbling details but I think that about covers it, wouldn't you say?"

    "There's a catch, Gabrielle. Something you're not telling me," Eleanor said.

    Gabrielle's face hardened a bit. "Yes, I suppose I should tell you."

    "Tell me what?" Eleanor asked.

    "You are never to run for the presidency again," Gabrielle said, "that's non negotiable. You had your time leading the Federation, Eleanor. Now, you must let others lead."

    "Not a problem," Eleanor responded although inwardly she was seething.

    "Welcome to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Director Vehn," Gabrielle said as she walked away.

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  2. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Now this is interesting. Very interesting. :D
  3. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    Nime, Roon
    Executive Building
    Cabinet Meeting

    " be the first House of Bakura."

    Eleanor tried to push aside her thoughts and feelings regarding Declan Trieste moving into the revered and respected position of Taioseach of the Noble House of Trieste. It wasn't working. Her thoughts continued to dwell on her extended family and the repercussions of Declan assuming control of the Noble House. Declan's rise to familial power wasn't that big of a surprise for Eleanor. What did surprise her was how quickly Falene Trieste, after a mere 10 year of leadership, had stepped down from the sought after position of Taioseach.

    Perhaps there was more going on than I could have imagined... Eleanor thought as she powered her way up a flight of stairs to the presidential suite. Declan would make a venerable Taioseach and he had clearly defined leadership abilities. Still, the move bothered Eleanor, and she wasn't sure why that was. Perhaps it had to do with personalities.

    Falene had always seemed to Eleanor to be the most level headed member of the Trieste clan. The glue that kept their generation of family together whether they be immediate or extended and whether they lived near or far. Always fair, always honest, and always kind, Falene was the quintessential bridge between Trieste and Vehn clans at family gatherings. Despite the union of Verity Vehn and Oisin Trieste many years ago, ultimately uniting the two families, there still remained subtle differences between both lines that occasionally required smoothing out. That was Falene. The peacemaker.

    Falene's leadership of the Noble House had been subtle. None of the historical gravitas of her mother, Kerry, who seemed to refuse to retire from public life and was currently heading up the Bak10. None of the financial prowess of her Uncle Ronan or the judiciously sharp and cunning mind of her aunt Regan. No, Falene had taken a different tack. That much was clear with her foundation of the Adventurers Club and the subsequent reintroduction of the Kuurtzen into Bakuran society. Not to mention her many accolades in playing the beautiful game: Elite League Limmie for the Bakura Miners.

    To win you have to be passionate Eleanor thought as she entered the presidential suite. She wasn't sure that Falene Trieste had been passionate about being Taioseach otherwise she would never have stepped down. Eleanor could identify with a lack of passion when she lost her election for Queen of Naboo and when she went to Coruscant having been chosen as the Republican representative to the Senate on behalf of her people.

    Eleanor turned her thoughts inward. She alone had led the Federation out of a vicious war with an old ally. She alone had setup the succession to which she now found herself employed. She alone had to live with the consequences of stepping down from presidential power when she could have ruled out the rest of her years in a pseudo-democracy. To her, though, it was all about passion. She wasn't passionate about being president of the Roon Federation. She was passionate about diplomacy.

    "Director Vehn, care to brief us on the state of the galaxy?" President William Ypres asked.

    Eleanor keyed a map of the known galaxy. OOC: (Keep in mind Federation space, in orange, now stretches into what was formerly Hutt Space. The rest of the map remains unchanged.)


    "Mr. President," Eleanor began, "the Federation stands at a unique crossroads in our history. Our economy is booming, our domestic disturbances are falling away, and our acquisition of Hutt territory has gone peacefully and without a shot being fired. Now is the time for us to focus on our foreign policy. I've devised a two prong plan that should bring the Federation to center stage on several key hot spots around the galaxy.

    "The first plan of attack is to open negotiations with the Republic. As you are well aware, the Republic hasn't formally recognized the Roon Federation as a legitimate government. They see us as upstarts, possibly even a rogue state, that just won a war over another sovereign planet in a bid for territory. I am here to remind them that we are legitimate and that we are the rightful successors to all the failed governments that came before," Eleanor said.

    "And your second plan of attack?" Vice President Gabrielle Senne.

    "The independent systems, shown here," Eleanor said as she zoomed in on the less organized territory beyond the borders of the Republic and Federation, "are a collection of warlord fiefdoms, peaceful agricultural worlds, and smaller, highly organized, system governments such as the Corporate Sector Authority, Tion Hegemony, and the Centrality. To the extreme ends of the independent systems lies the remnants of the Galactic Empire known as the Imperial Remnant. Our contact with them has been lost for several hundred years."

    "Any risks to Federation interests?" President William Ypres asked.

    "There are quite a few, specifically, the Corporate Sector Authority," Eleanor explained. "Their business interests clash with ours and they are directly responsible for the extermination of an entire people known as the Trianii. Fortunately, a few years ago, several family members of mine participated in an operation to have the Trianii people returned to their homeworld. That was a success though much work remains to be done."

    "The CSA has the ear of several powerful senators in the Republic Senate," Gabrielle Senne added, "and they have made some serious in roads regarding a future free trade deal. They are not to be taken lightly. The CSA, although small, has one of the most highly trained militaries in the galaxy. They are fierce fighters and they are also capable of undermining their oppositions economic goals in the region."

    Eleanor nodded in agreement. "The Aimes family is not to be understimated."

    "What of the Tion Hegemony?" President Ypres asked.

    "They are an ancient collection of worlds that have known great wealth and despair. Their space was also heavily contested during the Galactic Civil War but they have had a resurgence in the last two centuries as the Perlemian Trade Route has once again boomed with commerce. They are an independent people but have also reached out to the Republic to become a sort of satellite state. They have had a few squabbles over territorial claims in the independent systems with the Centrality and I feel they are open to trade negotiations for the right price," Eleanor explained.

    "So that leaves the Centrality," President Ypres said.

    "Sixty years ago, the Centrality experienced a brutal civil war. An armistice was signed and ever since then the two sides have been effectively divided between Western Centrality and Eastern Centrality with a heavily fortified and defended demilitarized zone separating the two regions. Western Centrality is a democracy and Eastern Centrality is a totalitarian regime that has been known to cause trouble in the region," Eleanor explained.

    "By trouble you mean what exactly?" President Ypres asked.

    "This is an old region of space, Mr. President," Eleanor said, "old hatreds, old fears, old scars run very deep. Eastern Centrality is bitter enemies with the Tion Hegemony and have somewhat lukewarm relations with the Corporate Sector Authority. Diplomats have gone in to Centrality space to unify the two sides and been chewed alive. It is a sector of space that is constantly on the brink of war. Eastern Centrality regularly threatens to destroy Western Centrality and has several long range strike capabilities that threaten to destabilize the region."

    "Rumor has it they're working on a super weapon," Gabrielle pointed out.

    "Correct," Eleanor said, "and they have tested several elements of the weapon individually. Our best estimates place their technological capabilities as being several years, possibly decades, away from a fully functioning planet killer."

    "Still, they try and are a threat," President Ypres said.

    "Only if you make them mad," Eleanor pointed out.

    "I see," President Ypres replied moving to look out on Nime, "thank you for that briefing, Eleanor. I have a better understanding of what we are up against."

    "Where would you like me to go first?" Eleanor asked.

    "The Republic, I think," President Ypres responded. "I need that trade deal to go through."

    "I imagine it will be difficult returning to Coruscant after your last time there ended poorly," Gabrielle Senne said. "The good news is that now your name is in the clear."

    Eleanor bit her lip. That was a bit low especially coming from someone who knew what Senator Rhom Cardaas had done to her. Done to both of them. She wasn't sure what kind of game Gabrielle was playing but she wasn't about to get involved. Not that way, at least.

    "Water under the bridge," Eleanor replied, "and I've always liked Coruscant this time of year. If it's all right with you, Mr. President, I'll pack my things and leave at once."

    "Sounds like a plan," President Ypres said as Eleanor left.

    Once Eleanor turned to leave the room, Vice President Gabrielle Senne looked into President William Ypres' eyes and said, "I hope she doesn't screw this up. We need the Republic on our side if we're to do what we have dreamed of achieving."

    "She won't," President Ypres said, "I promise you that. Eleanor Vehn has never let me down."

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  4. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    Heart of the Third Republic
    Office of the Supreme Chancellor

    "The view from up here is incredible," Eleanor commented.

    "And yet you've seen this view before," the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic replied.

    "Yes, 10 years ago," Eleanor said, "feels like another lifetime."

    A quiet silence filled the space between them. Neither being spoke. There was still so much to be said and so much to be left unsaid.

    "What brings the chief ambassador of the nascent Roon Federation to the Core?" the Supreme Chancellor asked.

    "Recognition," Eleanor said, "we need recognition from your government."

    "I assume what you really want is a free trade agreement like the old RTO enjoyed," the Supreme Chancellor parried.

    "I know not to ask for that," Eleanor said, "all I want is for the Republic to formally recognize and honor the sovereignty of the Roon Federation. That means no more random border incursions. No more sending refugees our way and acting like nothing happened. No more undermining the Hutts who are now Federation citizens and no more selling weapons to our enemies. Weapons, I might add, that end up killing our citizens on places like Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine."

    The Supreme Chancellor's eyes widened at the implication. For a second, Eleanor thought that he was going to end the meeting right then and there. She could tell that he did not realize how much Federation intelligence had been able to uncover. She did her best to control a smile but she knew she had the Supreme Chancellor dead to rights.

    "You know that I am newly elected," the Supreme Chancellor said, "and I've yet to have a full legislative session under my belt. Let us wait to act until I can gather support in the Senate."

    Eleanor shook her head. "You're stalling. You have the support. Your coalition of member worlds is the strongest its been in decades. I am not leaving this room, Chancellor, until I have exactly what I want. My government is stable. The Federation is here to stay."

    "Stable?" the Supreme Chancellor said. "You call having a coup against the legitimately elected leader of the Federation stable? Do you call acquiring Hutt Space and having the Hutt clans murdered in a meeting stable? The galaxy is worried about the Roon Federation and rightfully so. Wherever your military goes, wherever your foreign policy takes you, it brings the region ever closer to an endless war which the Republic will not be dragged into."

    "All of those events you named were caused by outside forces," Eleanor said putting a bit of spin on the facts. "President Ypres didn't order a coup against his own government. He didn't ask Diija the Hutt to wipe out his kinspeople. Our foreign policy is built upon a powerful defense force. In one hand we carry the branch of diplomacy and in the other we carry the sword of righteous endeavor.

    "The war you speak of, the war you fear, Supreme Chancellor, isn't going to happen on the battlefields of the Outer Rim. It's going to happen in the shopping centers, the speeder dealerships, and in the bank accounts of trillions of beings who call themselves citizens.Watch as your precious Republic crumbles from the inside out," Eleanor pointed out.

    "If you're talking about a trade war, Director Vehn," the Supreme Chancellor replied, "rest assured it would be most disastrous for the Federation. You don't have the industry to keep up with our production. You don't have the means to raise duties on every cargo vessel and container that breaches your territory. You would be isolating yourself politically from the only government that can make you independent. Bottom line: you need us to survive."

    "It's no wonder why my forebearers left the Core and moved to the Outer Rim," Eleanor replied, "because I see now that the Core cares little for anything beyond their immediate vicinity. I knew coming back here was a mistake. Good day to you, Chancellor."

    "I understand your daughter went missing a few years ago," the Supreme Chancellor said as Eleanor was about to head out of the room. "Shame what happened to her. It'd be unfortunate if more incidents were to occur. They might if we aren't able to work out an agreement here today."

    Eleanor paused at the door and replied, "That matter is no business of yours."

    "I'm afraid that matter is my business as well," the Supreme Chancellor replied.

    "How do you figure?" Eleanor asked her demeanor softening.

    The Supreme Chancellor poured two glasses of brandy and gestured for Eleanor to take a seat.

    "Because my daughter, Nara, was taken as well right around the same time as Grace Vehn," the Supreme Chancellor said taking a gulps of his drink.

    "I'm sorry to hear about that," Eleanor said, "I know how that feels. The despair."

    "The feeling that you might never see the ones you love again," the Supreme Chancellor added.

    "Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot," Eleanor said as she finished her drink.

    "Perhaps we did," the Supreme Chancellor said, "and I believe we can work something out, if you're interested."

    Eleanor leaned forward slightly and replied, "That would mean a great deal to me, Chancellor. A great deal. What did you have in mind?"

    OOC: A few posts back, when Austin Vehn was heading to rescue Grace from Adain's clutches, it was revealed that Grace had a friend named Nara. This is the same being in case the name didn't pop out at you on first read.

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  5. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    This is a much different Chancellor than we've seen in the past! I like it. :D
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  6. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009

    Borders of Federation Space
    Seventh Fleet
    Flagship Kyriad
    Quarters of Admiral Vehn

    Admiral James Vehn rubbed his temples as he finished reviewing the latest orders from High Command. He was to move his fleet into position to launch a preemptive strike against the Eastern Centrality if the Eastern Centrality continued to threaten its democratic neighbor to the west as it had promised to do on numerous occasions.

    Typically the Eastern Centrality, a totalitarian regime, would fire missiles into interplanetary space and rattle their collective blasters to remind the galaxy that they were to be taken seriously. Now, the rhetoric was getting more serious as rumors were flying that the EC had developed the capability of a surface destroying weapon. Most analysts had the EC as being a few years out from such technology but Admiral Vehn knew better than to take his chances with the regime. When they said they could do something, usually, that meant they could.

    The neighbors to the north, in particular the Tion Hegemony, wanted nothing more than to have Federation aid in keeping the peace. The Corporate Sector Authority, however, had been propping up the Eastern Centrality for years with military hardware and domestic supplies once the galactic sanctions had been placed on the EC from its democratic enemies.

    We're going into a real tinder box Admiral Vehn thought as he straightened his uniform and headed out onto the bridge.

    "Admiral's on the bridge!" a junior officer announced as the crew snapped to attention.

    Admiral Vehn did a brief review of the bridge personnel. They were highly trained. Many were veterans of the war against Druckenwell. He'd even called back a few veterans that had left the service with the opportunity to serve aboard the Kyriad, a ship with a rich war history of its own.


    The Kyriad had been built during the time of the Clone Wars first as an Acclamator class transport. It served admirably on Geonosis and numerous other worlds before being phased out of the Imperial military as a transport ship. For nearly a century the Kyriad languished in the graveyard of old Imperial vessels before being discovered by Derek Vehn, a native of Ord Mantell.

    Derek refurbished the aging vessel and used it to transport supplies to the Jedi Temple on Ossus. When the old Galactic Alliance broke apart in the early 200s ABY, Derek Vehn scrapped the old Acclamator and instead acquired a Venator class starship once it was certain that war was coming. For the next decade the reborn Kyriad fought well and hard against Sith forces in the Neo-Sith War before being partially destroyed in 214 ABY at the Battle of Taris when all hands were lost including Derek Vehn.

    The survivors of the Vehn family spent the next years scrounging the battlefield hoping to resurrect the Kyriad to its former glory. That mission was completed in 280 ABY when Admiral Vehn was presented with the reborn Kyriad as the flagship of the Federation Navy. It was a stunning achievement in perserverance and one that did not fall on unappreciative shoulders. Admiral Vehn promised to take care of the ship and its crew and so far that worked out quite well. Now, for the first time in Federation history, a fleet was traveling beyond Federation territory to project power and influence galactic politics.

    "We've been given our marching orders," Admiral Vehn said into the fleetwide comm unit, "and they are taking us to hostile territory. We are to take up station just inside Eastern Centrality space where we will partner with ships from the Western Centrality and frigates from the Tion Hegemony. There we will run joint operations in a show of force that should catch the attention of the EC. If everything goes to plan we'll be back home in a month. NavCom, you have the coordinates, take us out."

    Admiral Vehn felt a rumble as the sublight engines engaged. The mighty Kyriad, along with other ships, slipped toward the hyperbuoy as the fighter screen roared on ahead in a picket defense. One by one the engines of the fighters disappeared into hyperspace. In a matter of seconds the Kyriad disappeared as well.


    Eleanor felt her comm. unit buzzed as she was walking up the landing ramp into the cargo area of the shuttle. She took one quick look at the message and knew what she had to do.

    "Pilot, we have a change in direction," Eleanor said, "we're not going back to Roon. Take me to the Western Centrality. There's a fire that needs putting out."

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  7. jcgoble3

    jcgoble3 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2010
    Hmm. The Eastern Centrality here reminds me of North Korea. Perhaps that's intentional? I wonder if they are technically at war with the Western Centrality but under a 60-year-old truce. :p

    At any rate, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.
  8. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009

    They are. Same sort of situation.
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  9. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009

    Fourth Borough, Nar Shaddaa

    Lilly Vehn walked down the stone steps leading from one of the great lecture halls on the campus of Vertical City University. Tucked under one arm in a leather bound jacket was her degree. She was in awe. Absolute awe. The orphan girl, adopted by Kaitlyn Vehn, had done the impossible. She'd gotten an education. She'd pursued a dream.

    "That's quite an achievement," Professor Aiden Bhairn said as he folded up an umbrella. "Especially given all the challenges you overcame to get to where you are today."

    "I suppose you're right," Lilly said as she reflected on her journey, "I was once paralyzed from the waist down after the speeder accident which killed my parents. If it hadn't been for my physical therapy classes at New Vertica Hospital I wouldn't have met Kaitlyn Vehn. I never would've seen a Smuggler game. I never would've been adopted. I never would've inherited the Smugglers. I never would've come to VCU like this to finish my degree. I wouldn't be where I am today without Kaitlyn. I'm sorry she's not here to see this."

    "She would've been proud of you," Professor Bhairn said as he ushered Lilly into a waiting speeder.

    "I know," Lilly replied.

    "Any thought as to what you're going to do next?" Professor Bhairn asked.

    "I'd like to give back to the community," Lilly replied as she stared out the window of the speeder.

    "There's always the Valor Foundation," Professor Bhairn said.

    "No, I don't want to do anything like that here. I want to travel someplace I've never been. Someplace where I can start fresh and truly make a name for myself," Lilly said. "I'm ready to make my mark on the galaxy."

    "What sort of service would you like to provide?" Bhairn asked.

    "A school for youth. Not just any youth. Youth displaced by trauma or war or who simply need someone to believe in them," Lilly said.

    "I see," Professor Bhairn replied as the pair neared the spaceport. "What if I told you that a school, very similar to the one you mentioned, was already in operation? My wife, Kasey, she's a teacher in the small rural community of South Fork on Roon. She spends a good deal of her time fixing the place up but I imagine she could use a hand. The kids she teaches aren't exactly easy."

    "No," Lilly said in deep thought, "I suppose not. Where are all these children coming from?"

    "Veteran families looking for a fresh start away from the cities. Being outside in the Roon frontier has a way of keeping the horrors of the war at bay for those who served. Their children need an education. We provide that for them at no cost. Our school is entirely funded with grant money. It's hit and miss. Sometimes the work is hard. Often times its not always the most rewarding. Quite a few of the children don't have any parents at all. They stay on at the dorms," Professor Bhairn explained.

    "Sounds incredible," Lilly said.

    "Are you interested? We'd love to have you on board," Professor Bhairn said.

    "I'd love to come!" Kasey replied, "thank you! Thank you for this opportunity!"

    "My pleasure," Professor Aiden Bhairn replied as he guided Lilly to his waiting shuttle.

    Thank you, Kaitlyn. Thank you, Lilly thought as she boarded the shuttle.

    A new journey had begun.

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  10. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    I don't suppose there are any ruggedly handsome mounted policemen in South Fork, are there? :D
  11. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009

    Federation Raceway
    Bay # 2


    Carley "Cici" Vehn downshifted and eased her wheeled demon into bay number two. The pungent smell of oil and exhaust punched through the ventilator in her helmet as she killed the engine. She was exhausted having pushed the limits of her machine in a display of her racing talents to her fans. The pit crew helped her clamber out of the wheeled beast as they began their usual post race maintenance checks.

    Carley took off her helmet and felt her sweaty, wet, hair stick to her face. She could feel the impressions of the cushions of the helmet against her forehead like a vice grip that had just been released. She casually took off her gloves and looked down at her hands.

    Both the left and the right hands had been amputated in a brutal racing accident six months ago forcing her to quit racing pods. Cybernetics had been installed in their place and with that change came a change in career as Carley moved to wheeled vehicles. The transition hadn't been easy at first as it had taken months of training to learn how to control the new implements. Now, however, Carley didn't notice the difference.

    The wheeled vehicles were slower, more prone to overheating and fires, hugged the ground, and generally offered less of a thrill but there was something nostalgic about racing technology from millenia past. Roon, and a select few other planets, were one of the few still using wheeled racers in official racing circuits. That was just fine with Carley. She just loved to race and it didn't necessarily matter what vehicle that activity took place.

    "You did well out there today. I've never seen someone master the corners of Federation Speedway the way you did just now," Vice President Gabrielle Senne said with a smile.

    "Madam Vice President," Carley replied, "I wasn't aware you followed professional racing."

    "Just enough to keep my feet wet," Vice President Senne replied, "but I'm not here to talk about the race. I'm here because the Federation needs you, Carley."

    "Needs me?" Carley repeated, confused, "I'm just a race car driver."

    "No," the Vice President replied, "you're more than that. You inspire the youth of the Federation, young women, to take chances, to be bold, to play in a world of men and succeed. I think its time you consider your future. I think its time you opened a racing school right here in Nime."

    "A racing school," Carley replied, "I don't have that kind of money."

    Vice President Gabrielle Senne pulled out her datapad and pressed a button.

    "Now you do," she replied.

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  12. jcgoble3

    jcgoble3 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2010
    That is a perfect post for today, what with the Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500, and Coca-Cola 600 all happening today. :D

    Also, given that today is the one day each year that I make a special effort to get up early to watch all three of those races, I think it's safe to say that I will be following this storyline with great interest. ;)
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  13. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    I'm glad you enjoy the storyline. I know earlier on I said I wouldn't expand upon the adopted Vehns but I just can't resist. The potential material is too good. Besides, even they are going to play an integral role as Fields of Tesserone continues forward....
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  14. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009

    Capital of the Western Centrality
    1800 Hours Local Time

    "Director Vehn, welcome! It brings me great pleasure to have you here in our beautiful city," Prime Minister Shyl Vynko said as he guided Eleanor to a nearby chair.

    "Erilnar is definitely more beautiful than I could have imagined," Eleanor said as she looked out the window. "The architecture is stunning."

    "They say its the city of a thousand generations," Prime Minister Vynko said with a smile, "a thousand lifetimes under the sun. Some of these buildings are very old. Some even say older than life in the Centrality itself."

    "I see," Eleanor said as she surveyed the cityscape before her. "Most impressive. Even the traffic has a certain orderliness to it. Does everything operate so smoothly here? I noticed my passage into Centrality territory was effortless."

    "We pride ourselves on our efficiency. It's one of the main reasons our way of life has been able to survive these last 60 years since the cease fire. And now I suppose I should tell you why we summoned you here," Prime Minister Vynko said as he pressed a button underneath the table. Shades came down across the windows and the lights dimmed immediately darkening the room. A hologram sprang to life showcasing Centrality territory with a heavily guarded demilitarized zone running north/south between the two governments.

    "Six weeks ago the Eastern Centrality successfully tested a surface killer," Vynko stated, "and since then we've sent numerous agents into the Eastern Centrality to find out more about their capabilities. None have returned. No information has gotten back to us. Equally troubling is the political situation on the ground. Last week, the military and the oldest son of the current ruler launched a coup. They were successfull. Now the oldest son is firmly in power but eager to make his mark on the militaristic minds that surround him."

    "Enter the surface killer," Eleanor said. "With one strike he could achieve overnight what it took decades to plan before. 60 years of conflict solved with the press of a button. I imagine he's targeted Erilnar with this new weapon on top of contemplated an all out military strike across the demilitarized zone."

    "Precisely," Prime Minister Vynko replied, "so you can see why we asked you to help."

    "Are they open to any negotiations?" Eleanor asked. "I need you to be honest."

    Prime Minister Vynko shook his head. "We've tried to open a direct line. Nobody answers. They don't want to talk with us."

    "What outcome are you wanting here?" Eleanor asked.

    "Peace, of course," Prime Minister Vynko stated.

    "I see just how committed you are to such a peace," Eleanor replied, "when I passed several large fleets conducting combat readiness drills on my way into the atmosphere."

    "That's unfair," Prime Minister Vynko said, "we have a right to defend ourselves. To defend our way of life."

    "It's so easy when you have a defense force, with offensive capabilities, to overlook the moral responsibility of avoiding a war," Eleanor pointed out. "Let me paint a picture for you, Prime Minister. Scenario one: The Federation stays on the sidelines while your government and the Eastern Centrality obliterate one another in mutually assured destruction."

    Prime Minister Vynko squirmed in his seat.

    "Oh, yes, don't sit there and think I don't know about your military capabilities," Eleanor said, "scenario two: the Federation gets suckered into a war with the Eastern Centrality which destroys everything we have worked so hard to build throwing the Outer Rim once more into the dark ages."

    "And the third scenario?" Prime Minister Vynko asked.

    Eleanor leaned forward, "Reunifaction. True and lasting peace. No war."

    "Impossible," Prime Minister Vynko said. "What makes you think you can solve 60 years worth of conflict in the matter of a few days?"

    Eleanor stood and smiled, "Because the leaders of the Eastern Centrality haven't met me!"

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    I'm sure Kim Jong-un, er, I mean the Supreme Leader of the Eastern Centrality will be happy to see you, Eleanor. [/sarcasm] :p
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    If anyone were to ask the Triestes about plans for reunification, they'd have a pretty helpful idea. :D
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    Capital of the Eastern Centrality


    "I swear by the Holy Maker this sacred oath, that I shall render unconditional obedience to Rayna Heraat, the Supreme Leader of the Eastern Cenrality, supreme commander of the armed forces, and that I shall at all times be prepared, as a brave soldier, to give my life for this oath."

    Eleanor watched in muted disgust as the soldiers below the dais swore their oath to the totalitarian ruler of the Eastern Centrality. She'd arrived hours earlier and had been immediately rushed to witness the ceremony. It was only then upon her arrival that she realized the intelligence gathered by the Western Centrality was faulty. It wasn't the son of the former ruler who'd conducted the coup: it was the daughter.


    Rayna Heraat surveyed the endless ranks of soldiers before her. She gave the salute of the Eastern Centrality. The soldiers cheered and returned the gesture. She was arguably the most powerful woman in the far reaches of the Outer Rim boasting a military that was not to be underestimated despite the Eastern Centrality's political isolation.

    "Come," Rayna said to Eleanor, "we shall talk. "

    The pair made their way to a secure conference room. Once there heavy bulkhead doors sealed them in blocking out the outside world. Eleanor studied Rayna closely. She was a formidable woman. A woman who knew how to survive. A woman who knew how to make the galaxy sit up and pay attention.

    "I know why you are here," Rayna said as she surveyed the movements of her military from the observation windows. "I've heard a great many things about you, Eleanor Vehn. Some are incredibly flattering and others not so much. You would be mistaken if you thought you could solve the Centrality's problems in a few days. "

    Eleanor shook her head, "I'm not asking for days. I'm asking for a lasting solution that will reunify the two nations of the Centrality. I'm asking for an end to a war that has consumed generations of your people."

    "I suppose you would have me cede our territory, our political system, our military, to the Western Centrality?" Rayna asked.

    "I would have you contact Prime Minister Vynko and work toward building a new Centrality. One not based on the sins of the past. One built on the promises of tomorrow," Eleanor redirected.

    "Easier said than done. We are more different now than similar. Our two societies wouldn't be able to co-exist. What you are talking about, Eleanor, is a dream, nothing more. Besides there are some irreconciable differences between us," Rayna said.

    "What do you mean?" Eleanor pressed.

    The door to the conference room burst open with a hiss. Armed guards entered and a military officer whispered in Rayna's ear. Rayna's disposition turned from mild reflection to anger. She shot a look in Eleanor's direction.

    "It seems that the Western Centrality has called in those barbarians from the Tion Hegemony to do their dirty work for them. Two Hegemony fighters crossed the demilitarized zone seconds ago. We have destroyed them. Our sensors have also detected a Hegemony fleet massing near the DMZ, most likely preparing for an attack. We will respond with appropriate measures," Rayna explained, "get the ambassador out of here!"

    "There's still a chance for peace!" Eleanor cried out as armed guards escorted her out of the room.

    "Peace died over 60 years ago," Rayna replied as she turned her attention to a holographic display. She turned to her aides and said, "Prepare the weapon!"

    Seventh Fleet
    Somewhere near Tund and the Eastern Centrality

    "Sensors are detecting enormous thermal activity on the surface of the planet, Admiral!"

    Admiral Vehn peered over the shoulder of the young technician and gazed at the screen. He muttered a few curse words as he examined the readouts. This wasn't good. The weapon he had long feared had come alive.

    "Orders, Admiral!"

    "Send in the Phantoms," Admiral James Vehn commanded.

    The Phantoms

    1845 Hrs, Eastern Centrality Time


    "Charges set," Sean Riggins whispered into his comm. unit as the strike team slipped away from the reactor.

    "Let's get out of here," Team Lead replied as the group of eight soldiers slipped away into the sunset, stepping over a sea of dead EC guards.

    Their shuttle took off just as a massive explosion ripped through the Eastern Centrality's weapon disabling it permanently.

    Mission complete.
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    I think there should be about...100 Phantoms. Wouldn't you agree Vehn ? ;)

    Did I miss it, or do we not know what the weapon is?
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    The Kyriad

    "You're positive the weapon was disabled?" Eleanor asked in a private meeting with her adopted relative.

    "The Phantoms never make a mistake," Admiral Vehn replied, "not when the stakes are high."

    "Frak!" Eleanor cursed, "If that thing had gone off it could've wiped out the entire fleet."

    "Or worse," Admiral James Vehn pointed out.

    The weapon Eleanor referred to was decades in the making. Scientists from all over the galaxy had been recruited by the EC to develop an electromagnetic rail cannon. One blast could wipe out all the power on Erilnar. Rumor had it that the weapon even had a range as far as Nar Shaddaa.

    "How are the negotiations going?" Admiral Vehn asked.

    "The problems between the Western and Eastern Centrality won't be fixed overnight. I had hoped that by arranging a temporary peace between the two I might be able to gain favor with the Chancellor of the Republic. The Federation needs recognition if we are to secure our economic future but now that's a distant dream," Eleanor replied.

    "The problems are growing as we speak," Admiral Vehn said, "I've just received a transmission from the Western Centrality. They are requesting that all outside parties leave the area at once."

    "Why?" Eleanor asked.

    "The Centrality is now officially a war zone," Admiral James Vehn replied. "It seems long simmering problems have finally reached a head. We need to leave soon or we'll be caught up in the fighting."

    Eleanor pounded the table in frustration. Nothing had gone to plan. This entire trip had been a waste of her time. Now she would have to report back to President Ypres that she had nothing to show for her efforts except a war that could have been avoided.

    "Has our embassy on Erilnor been evacuated?" Eleanor asked.

    "Ambassador Chalkodaar is safe and sound with the fleet. We need to leave now, Eleanor, if we're to secure our borders," Admiral Vehn replied.

    "Sound the retreat," Eleanor said, "and make sure they never know we were here."

    "As you wish," Admiral Vehn replied.

    One Month Later

    Nime, Roon

    "I am honored that you have chosen to come to Roon," Eleanor Vehn said as she rose from her seat to shake the hand of the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

    "It is my honor to be the first Supreme Chancellor of the Third Republic to set foot on Roon," he replied.

    "Surely you would like to keep this meeting short and meet with President Ypres," Eleanor said as she gestured for the Supreme Chancellor to take a seat.

    " I actually came to deliver my news to the one person who will appreciate it the most,"" the Supreme Chancellor replied.

    "Oh?" Eleanor asked, "and what do you have to tell me?"

    "The Senate has formally recognized the Roon Federation as a legitimate power in the eastern Outer Rim. Your actions in trying to resolve the Centrality crisis were commendable and we have noticed a sharp decrease in the amount of unsettling incidents in the independent systems since the Federation expanded into what was formerly known as Hutt Space," the Supreme Chancellor remarked.

    "I personally thought we dropped the ball with the Centrality," Eleanor said, "our negotiations were less than successful."

    "You can't win all the time and some governments cannot be helped, " the Supreme Chancellor said, "but there's one final item I'd like to discuss."

    "Go on," Eleanor said.

    "Free trade," the Supreme Chancellor said. "There was a time when such a deal existed between the Republic and the old RTO. I'd like us to revisit this idea in the coming months. There's support for the idea in many quarters of the Republic especially from your ally, Queen Ione Sylleste of Naboo."

    "I know Vice President Gabrielle Senne is fully supportive of normalizing relations between our two governments," Eleanor admitted, "and I for one am tired of struggling to stay competitive against the Republican economy. It's time we lowered barriers, Chancellor."

    "Agreed," the Supreme Chancellor replied as he rose to his feet, "let's start today."

    Eleanor stood and said, "I think together we can build a beautiful future."

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    If I can find the time to write, this will be interesting. :D
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    Federation Speedway

    Carly "Cici" Vehn looked at the wide eyed students sitting in front of her as she turned away from the diagram outlining the proper way to navigate the course known as Federation Speedway. The former pod racer turned race instructor had a wealth of knowledge to pass on to her students. She hoped they would all learn from her mistakes but knew that was wistful dreaming. Only a few would retain the knowledge she passed on today. The rest, well, they would most likely quit before they graduated.

    "If there's one lesson I can teach you," Carley said, "is that you can be right out there but you can also be dead."

    Carley could tell that had rattled most of them save for one who sat up a little straighter and focused her attention on the lecture. She was only a year or two younger than Carley but she had proven she could race with the best. She'd gone head to head with her instructor and nearly won. That was remarkable.

    Carley could tell that her young protege's career would be taking off very shortly.

    South Fork


    Kasey Vehn wiped her dirty hands on her apron and looked up at the finished school house that had taken nearly two years of her life to renovate. The paint glistened and glimmered in the dying light of the day dressing up the quaint building and making it a permanent fixture of the growing town of South Fork.

    She was proud of the impact she'd had on the kids in this working class town. Fortunately, she wasn't having to teach them on her own. Several months earlier she had been joined by Kaitlyn Vehn's adopted daughter, Lilly. The pair had immediately struck up a strong rapport and formed a bond that translated to a quality education for the kids who attended South Fork's one and only school.

    "I never thought we'd be done," Professor Bhairn stated with a smile.

    "My first graduates in a few days," Kasey said as she wrapped her arm around Professor Bhairn.

    "You did it, my love," Professor Bhairn replied.

    "No, we did, all of us," Kasey said as she turned to look down the hill toward the town that had grown exponentially in the boom of the post war era. "This school will change this town."

    "It will change all of Roon," Lilly Vehn added as she arrived having finished setting up for the graduation ceremonies tomorrow.

    "Thank you for coming out here Lilly," Kasey said.

    "My pleasure," Lilly replied feeling for the first time in a long time that she genuinely belonged.

    Deep Space
    The Kyriad

    "Are you serious?" Tallia Vehn asked as she sat up in bed.

    "Dead serious," James Vehn replied, "with the thaw in relations between the Republic and the Roon Federation I am being asked to teach a class on Presbelt IV."

    "I can't believe they invited you to speak. That's the most prestigious naval academy in the galaxy," Tallia exclaimed.

    "The academy of them all," James said as he finished adjusting his dress uniform.

    "I'm so proud of you," Tallia said as she kissed her husband on the cheek.

    "And where I go so too does the Kyriad, " James said, "at long last the Republic shall see the return of a legend."

    "A legend in name as well as in the flesh," Tallia said as she squeezed James' hand. "You're a hero to Roon, James. You're a hero to us all."

    "The real heroes are the ones who didn't survive the war," James replied in a dark tone. "I did my part."

    "Now you have the opportunity to reach out to the youth of tomorrow," Tallia reminded, "and I am thankful you survived."

    "When you put it that way," James said, "it's a damn good thing I did."

    Executive Office

    Nime, Roon

    "We have an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen our position in the galaxy, not by military force, but by diplomatic action," Eleanor said in her weekly cabinet briefing with President William Ypres.

    "The Republic is genuinely open to negotiations?" President William Ypres asked.

    "More than open. I think if I play our cards right I can secure us a trade deal for the ages," Eleanor said.

    "They're not going to hold the Centrality failings against us?" President Ypres asked.

    Eleanor shook her head. "The Outer Rim is largely at peace, thanks to us. The Centrality issue was around long before we came into being. Wasn't our fault war ignited like that. Our decision to use the Phantoms might've saved more lives than we realized."

    "How good of a deal are we talking?" President Ypres asked.

    "The kind that generates revenue for years to come," Eleanor replied.

    Nar Shaddaa

    Austin Vehn awakened from another nightmare. Another hellish dream of living in the trenches of Mon Gazza. He had to remind himself constantly that he was safe. He had to remind himself that the war was over. For him, however, the war waged an eternal battle for his mind.

    So far it was winning.

    Austin's torso was drenched in sweat as he rolled out of bed and walked to the floor to ceiling windows of his apartment. He folded his arms across his chest as he stared out at the endless lines of traffic. The city that never slept. He looked down into the depths of the city. A sea of lights. A sea of activity. A sea of beings all with their own thoughts and concerns.

    He felt terribly alone.

    His family hadn't reached out in weeks.

    The Jedi had abandoned him.

    Addison was pulling herself further away.

    Austin reached out with the Force and called his lightsaber to him. He could still hear himself giving orders to his men as they slogged through the mud. He could still hear the incessant pouring of the rain and the violence that both sides committed against one another. He was tired of being alone. He was so very tired.

    He placed his lightsaber hilt underneath his jaw. His thumb crept upwards toward the switch that would activate the blade. One small flick of his thumb and his agony would be over. One small movement and he would have eternal rest. It was time.

    "Austin?" A female voice called from the next room over.

    Austin flinched and put away his lightsaber. His breathing had become ragged. His mind had become distracted. The old fears had returned. He knew he was better than what he was feeling.

    "Austin? You awake? I need your help," Addison called, "this situation we're in just got bigger than you could've imagined."

    "On my way," Austin replied as he slipped into his clothes.

    You're right about one thing, Austin thought, this situation just got a whole lot bigger.

    [FONT=Times][SIZE=14px] [/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times][SIZE=14px] [/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times][SIZE=14px][SIZE=4]Verity Vehn put down the holobook she was reading and sipped her iced tea. A nice breeze had whipped up from the south cooling down an oppressively hot day. She surveyed the land her father had claimed for the Vehn clan and couldn't help but feel proud. Proud of the land and proud of her family. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times][SIZE=14px] [/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times][SIZE=14px][SIZE=4]She'd raised three wonderful children who were all so very different from one another. Each one had their own strengths and weaknesses and each one of them loved the home they called Tesserone with all their hearts. Deep down, however, she knew that only one of her children felt that Tesserone was home. That particular individual had arisen from the ashes of her own life and built something worth fighting for. That particular individual stood to gain quite a bit in the coming years despite losing the one thing she loved more than anything in the galaxy: her daughter. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Times][SIZE=14px] [/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=Times][SIZE=14px][SIZE=4]Verity Vehn smiled as she sipped her tea. She'd built an empire. She was enjoying watching the various pieces go forth and conquer. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]
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    I'm a sucker for a good montage post, so this was my catnip. ;)
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    OOC: And Now We Continue......

    Fringes of Federation Space


    Jack Vehn watched as the orbital defense station swam closer into view. Powerful turbolasers jutted out from support arms as the station slowly spun in orbit above an inhospitable moon. In the distance the speckling light of a stormy nebula cast a frightening glow on the structure making it seem downright intimidating. Adding to his own anxiety was a steady stream of fighters making patrols and a few capital ships lazily lounging about resupplying for their next mission.

    He recalled what he had been told about the space station. It was only 2 kilometers from Republic space. A short distance. A dangerous distance. The reason it was so heavily armed was because the Federation and the Republic never quite trusted one another especially when it came to ensuring the safe passage of trade vessels. Both governments fleets were particularly active in ensuing that all cargo was inspected and properly routed to the appropriate planet. Any deviation was a dangerous mistake to make. The two governments had not come to blows, yet.

    Jack felt the deck below him shudder as the shuttle passed through the magcon field of the main hangar bay. He watched in muted awe as the wings of the shuttle folded upward into landing position. He felt a slight jolt in his legs as the shuttle made contact with the hangar floor. He had arrived. The trip had taken three days from Trianii space in the Coporate Sector. He was exhausted despite having a meeting to attend.

    "This way," a Federation soldier instructed as Jack scooped up his belongings and disembarked.

    Armed patrols walked around the hangar carrying heavy blaster rifles. He stopped in mid-track while a droid frisked him and then waved him on. Jack noticed that the security in this facility was tight. The Federation military wasn't just checking on cargo coming in and out of Federation space. They were preparing for something.

    The soldier brought Jack to a set of heavy durasteel doors where he keyed in an access code. Jack stepped back slightly as the great doors opened revealing a sleek conference room with floor to ceiling windows that gave a magnificent view of the nebula and beyond: Republic space. Dominating the conference room was a woman wearing a business suit. She had her back to him but her demeanor made her powerful, made her someone of great importance.

    Jack entered the room and heard the doors close and lock behind him. He had never been on a space station quite like this one before. Something about the configuration was unsettling. The archaeologist in him wanted to know which species had built the station because it was also really old. Older than the Republic, perhaps. Definitely older than the Federation.

    "Did you bring what I asked?" The woman inquired.

    "I did," Jack said as he pulled the disk out of his pocket.

    Gabrielle Senne, Vice President of the Federation, turned to look at Jack and smiled. "I knew you'd come through for me."

    "It wasn't easy," Jack replied, "I had to breach four systems to get this information."

    "Did they track you?" Gabrielle asked.

    Jack shook his head, "I was invisible."

    "Hand it over," Gabrielle said.

    Jack slid the disk across the smooth table in her direction. Gabrielle caught the disk with her hand and slipped it into her datapad. She read the report attached to the video. Her eyes went wide in surprise as she finished examining the disk's contents.

    "Is this everything?" Gabrielle asked.

    "Everything I could find," Jack replied, "everything worth having."

    "You did well," Gabrielle said, "and now you shall be rewarded for your efforts. Is there a name I could wire these funds to?"

    "We agreed to no names," Jack reminded his employer.

    "That's right," Gabrielle said. "A shame I won't know who to give credit to when the time comes. Oh well, the money is on the way."

    "I'm sure you'll think of someone," Jack replied as he turned to leave.

    "Before you go," Gabrielle said, "I have one last question."

    Jack turned and looked at the Vice President of the Roon Federation. "Yes?"

    "Did you kill anyone?" Gabrielle asked. "Did you kill anyone to get this information? Answer me, it's very important."

    Jack smirked and replied, "If I do my job correctly I should never have to take a life."

    "You realize what this disk means, right?" Gabrielle asked.

    "I didn't analyze its contents. I'm just the delivery boy," Jack replied.

    "It means that the Republic is vulnerable. It means that with one blow the Federation can shut down all Republic communications in the quadrant. It's possible that a person could even get the servers on Coruscant to download this information. Imagine, if you will, the lights going out on Coruscant one by one. The panic, the terror, the chaos. The Republic would be defenseless. The Federation, by right, could swoop in and take command. We could create a new order. A new vision. A new galaxy. We wouldn't need the Republic. We wouldn't need them any longer. We would be independent, self-sufficient, and most of all, victorious!" Gabrielle explained.

    "I'm leaving. I've had enough of politics to last me a lifetime," Jack said as he gave a curt wave of his hand.

    Jack walked briskly out of the conference room. The last words were burning in his mind. I've had enough of politics to last me a lifetime...he thought as he boarded the shuttle that would take him back to Trian. There was a reason he felt the way he did and there was a reason that he saw in politics the very darkest nature of the galaxy at work every day.

    He was, after all, the son of Kaitlyn Vehn.

    A woman who had been absolutely destroyed by politics.

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    Snap! You know, it occurs to me that if the communications grid did go down, the Republic doesn't yet own the West Rim HoloNet network. A certain family on Bakura hasn't yet negotiated it sale. Some beings might find advantage in their continued, uninterrupted communications...
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    Theed, Naboo

    "I wondered when you would arrive," Queen Ione Sylleste said with a smile.

    "Thank you for seeing me on such short notice," Eleanor said to Queen Ione Sylleste as she courtseyed in the style of the court of Theed.

    "Your visits are never an inconvenience," Queen Sylleste replied, "besides, I find that your visit provide a welcome distraction from the troubles of my realm."

    "What kind of troubles?" Eleanor asked.

    "Naboo must forever juggle its role in the galaxy between the Federation and Republic. Our path, our destiny, is forever intertwined with peace between your two governments. Without peace, without open lines of communication, powerful warlords, dangerous systems like the Centrality, are set to prevail. Naboo needs the Federation to lead," Queen Sylleste explained.

    "Your system is part of the Third Republic. The Federation has no jurisdiction here," Eleanor pointed out, "I'm not sure what good it will do if the Federation steps in to ease your concerns."

    "You miss my point," Queen Sylleste responded, "I am telling you that the Federation needs to lead the Eastern Outer Rim in its diplomatic affairs. Your government may be a fledgling democracy but its the only democracy on this side of the galaxy. Quit rattling your military and step forward as a true leader. End the conflict in the Centrality. Broker an official peace deal with the Republic. Help steer the galaxy on a new course. A responsible course."

    "You're asking a lot. I'm just one woman," Eleanor poitned out.

    Queen Ione Sylleste shook her head. "That is where you're mistaken. You're not just one woman. You're a Vehn."

    "I wish my family name could end all the conflicts in the galaxy but that simply isn't possible," Eleanor replied.

    "Indeed," Queen Ione Sylleste said, "there's someone I'd like you to meet."

    Eleanor followed Queen Sylleste out onto the balcony overlooking the private gardens of the palace. The first thing she noticed was that security out on the balcony was extra heavy. The second thing she noticed was that an imposing figure, wearing the formal robes of the office of Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, stood before her.

    "Chancellor," Eleanor said with a slight bow of her head.

    "Director Vehn," the Chancellor replied, "we meet again."

    Eleanor shot a sideways glance at Queen Ione Sylleste who purposefully avoided Eleanor's gaze. This meeting had not been arranged by mere coincidence. The powers that be were at large here and Queen Sylleste had a heavy hand in arranging all that took place today.

    "What brings you to Theed?" Eleanor asked the Chancellor.

    "The same reason you are here," the Chancellor replied, "to solve our mutual troubles."

    "The Centrality?" Eleanor asked.

    "Amongst other things," the Chancellor replied. "What are you prepared to offer?"

    "Cooperation and peace," Eleanor replied.

    "Eleanor, I journeyed all this way from Coruscant and you deliver a canned response," the Chancellor complained.

    "I'll stop delivering a canned response when your government stops delivering canned actions. It's all fine and well to stand here speaking of lofty goals and dreams when I know damn well you will not break with the Kattan Doctrine," Eleanor fired back, "I need more than speeches to end the war in the Centrality, Chancellor. I need true support. I need the Republic to step beyond the safe confines of your borders and work with the Federation. A sign of solidarity between the two most powerful governments in the galaxy would send a clear message to both governments of the Centrality to cease fire."

    The Chancellor stood up a little taller and smiled ever so slightly, "I've been waiting for you to show up, Eleanor. The Republic and our Senate will do everything in our power to end the war."

    "The road to peace won't be easy," Eleanor said.

    "Then let us start strong, right here, right now," the Chancellor replied.

    "Are you with me, Chancellor?" Eleanor asked.

    "Always," the Chancellor replied.

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