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Beyond - Legends The Fields of Tesserone (AU,OC)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Vehn, May 25, 2014.

  1. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    The end of the Kattan Doctrine? Oh yes. It might be time. :D
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  2. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: This story is placed on hold due to the author feeling ready for a different adventure. I shall return to this story soon.
  3. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: And now the much anticipated return to present day. With this return there's a new look for Eleanor as much has changed since we last were with Fields of Tesserone.

    289 ABY

    II Avali, Druckenwell

    The Hall of Peace


    Director of Foreign Affairs Eleanor Vehn stood before a round table of twelve assembled delegates from throughout the galaxy. She made eye contact with each and every one of them to send them a message that their presence today meant a great deal to her. Every delegate present was from an industrialized world that was committed to building a cohesive and peaceful galaxy. Some of the delegates came from as far as away as Coruscant, some came from as close as Druckenwell, but all came with the common goal of building a new era of cooperation amongst developed worlds.

    The Federation media was calling the assembled meeting the D12. Colloquially that meant the Daring Twelve but officially it meant the Developed Twelve. The press had gathered outside the Hall of Peace, built to commemorate the war between Roon and Druckenwell from 279-282, despite temperatures being below freezing and a copious amount of snow being on the ground. They weren't about to miss history being made.

    Large holovid screens had been erected in front of the marbled steps and columns of the Hall of Peace. The live feed of the meeting inside was being broadcast throughout the galaxy in a welcomed gesture of transparency. The Federation was eager to showcase this meeting as a way of showing the galaxy that it was prepared to take a larger, leading role in the galaxy's future.

    "Delegates of the twelve," Eleanor said as her voice echoed around the lofty chambers, "on behalf of the Roon Federation and on behalf of beings around the galaxy, welcome to the first meeting between our great systems. I stand before you today with open arms and true intention. It is my sincere hope that this meeting shall be the first of many that will truly change the very nature of our galaxy."

    Generous applause went up from the delegates around the table.

    "The road to this historical meeting has been paved with the blood of patriots," Eleanor said, "the sweat of hard working families, and the tears of a generation that was nearly forgotten when the old RTO collapsed."

    The room was deathly silent.

    "I stand today in what is now known as the Hall of Peace. A peace between Roon and Druckenwell that is stronger now than ever before. A peace that commemorates the millions who lost their lives in a war that should never have happened," Eleanor said, "I pray that such a war never happens again in our time or the time of our descendants."

    More applause.

    "When President William Ypres was elected to the highest office in our government I made a decision to step away from politics. I needed a rest. Ever since I was a little girl I have had politics and leadership thrust upon my shoulders from my earliest days as Queen of Naboo, to Republican Senator on Coruscant, and ultimately President of the Roon Federation. That's a lot of responsibility in a short amount of time.

    "As the weeks and months dragged on following my retirement from public life I was dismayed at the direction the Roon Federation was heading in," Eleanor stated, "the Federation wasn't engaging its traditional allies. Wasn't forging ahead into territory unknown. We were, for all intents and purposes, being lazy. We'd just won an internal war, our economy was booming, why did we need to look beyond our borders? As long as the coffers continued to fill up with coin the leadership of the Federation was fit to do nothing."

    The press outside hurriedly made notes. They'd never heard Eleanor Vehn publicly call out her successor like this before.

    "Here's what doing nothing looks like," Eleanor said as a holographic display fired up images of Eastern Centrality death camps and war atrocities. The delegates around the table murmured and shook their heads in disgust. Others looked away. The images were too graphic, too real.

    "When I heard of the atrocities being committed in the Centrality I knew that something had to be done. I went straight to the top and used what little political power I had left to form the Office of Foreign Affairs so that inconvenient situations such as these would never go unnoticed again. I put my political career on the line because it was the right thing to do.

    "2.3 million people. Men, women, and children. That's not counting armed combatants. Innocents have lost their lives because great powers like the Federation, the Republic, the Tion Hegemony, the Corporate Sector Authority, and independent systems have failed to do what is right. Because we were scared. That's the truth," Eleanor said punching the podium with her finger, "we were scared to do what is right."

    "I have nothing to lose standing before you today and calling out the faults in our governments. We all share in those deaths. That blood is on our hands. Help me end the fighting in the Centrality. Help me secure a lasting peace that will span generations. Help me fight fear and do what is right!" Eleanor said as the members of the D12 pounded the table and clapped their hands in approval.

    "Diija the Hutt, where are you?" Eleanor asked as she looked out across the table.

    Diija the Hutt, former leader of the Hutt clans, now Ambassador of Hutt Space in the Roon Federation, raised a hand.

    "Diija fought against the Hutt clans, and attacks on his life, to sign the articles of union between the Roon Federation and what was then known as Hutt Space. He did an act of courage."

    "Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, there you are!" Eleanor pointed out, "you and I have worked hard to restore relations between our two governments. You fought an insurrection in your own party to not only form lasting bonds between us but also to work on repealing the Kattan Doctrine. You did an act of courage."

    The applause continued. Eleanor had them in a fervor.

    "I vow to those present, to those watching, and to those yet unborn that I will not stop until every being who can be saved from war, from poverty, and from economic strife has had every opportunity to succeed. It starts with the Centrality. It starts here at home. We can do great things! We can do so many great things! Thank you!"

    Eleanor waved and shook hands with each delegate around the table. She was sending a clear message to the Centrality but also one closer to home. She hoped President William Ypres and his conniving Vice President Gabrielle Senne took notice.

    Eleanor Vehn was gunning for them.

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  4. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: For those of you wondering what Tesserone looks like, well, this is my best attempt ;).



    Verity Vehn rose from her seat and extended an hand to her guest, Thaddeus Karr.

    "Welcome to Tesserone, Thaddeus," Verity said, "I trust your journey from Druckenwell went well?"

    "Very well, thank you," Thaddeus replied and took a seat opposite Verity. "I suppose you've heard the news."

    "Yes," Verity replied, "I have. I think its a good match."

    "So do I," Thaddeus replied, "because he's the only man I'd ever want my daughter to spend the rest of her life with. The way he protected her, watched over her, kept her safe when Gryffyn tried to supplant her position in our family. I owe your son a great debt. Austin is a good man and will make a good husband."

    "I am pleased to hear that," Verity replied, "and now we work out the details."

    "Indeed. The bride price for Addison is a seat in the Federation Senate," Thaddeus said. "The current Senator from Druckenwell is serving out his final days and the position comes open soon."

    "You want me to buy you a seat in the Senate?" Verity questioned.

    "I want you to buy influence, Verity. Your family is powerful, yes, but it is not the most poweful family in our union of planets. There are others who don't always use their influence for good. Federation Senators are awarded seats based on their merits and service. They aren't subject to the will of the people." Thaddeus explained.

    "So if I help you get a seat what do I get in return?" Verity asked.

    "A secure marriage for your son, for starters," Thaddeus replied, "and I'm willing to throw in something else. Something you need."

    "It better not be money. I have plenty of that," Verity replied.

    Thaddeus shook his head. "I have something far greater in mind. I know for years you've been eyeing up the 160 acres behind Tesserone. It's prime farm land, good ground."

    "Go on," Verity said liking where this was going.

    "My gift is the land directly behind Tesserone," Thaddeus said. "I've got everything drawn up. I only need your signature."

    "I've tried to buy that property for years. How ever did you manage?" Verity asked.

    Thaddeus smiled and replied, "I made the family an offer they couldn't refuse."

    "I believe we have a deal," Verity said extending her hand as she rose from her seat.

    "Excellent," Thaddeus replied and shook her hand, "may our children's lives be full of happiness and success."

    "Indeed," Verity replied.

    Executive Office
    Nime, Roon

    "You need to reel her in," Vice President Gabrielle Senne said as she looked out the floor to ceiling windows at the city of Nime sprawling out before her.

    "Don't think I haven't tried," President William Ypres responded, "but she's gone rogue on this Centrality issue. Now she's involved the Republic and countless other star systems in a direct violation of Federation foreign policy. She needed presidential approval. I didn't establish the Office of Foreign Affairs to reach out to the Republic. I established it to dictate our policy in the independent systems."

    "In the hopes of acquiring more territory and resources?" Gabrielle asked.

    "Precisely," William replied, "the Roon Federation likes to talk a good game about democracy and all that but what we really are is a stronger, and more militarized, version of the old RTO. Sure, we have a Senate that passes legislation but the real power is in the executive branch. I can't have her going rogue when I'm about to solidify my legacy."

    "There are ways to fix this problem," Gabrielle said, "no one would ever know."

    "Assassination? Please. The people would burn me alive if I went that route. No, I'm afraid she's got us by the belt on this one. The Centrality issue will be her triumph and there's not a damn thing we can do to stop that," President Ypres replied.

    "Fair enough," Gabrielle said conceding defeat on the Centrality, "but I know there are quite a few people who are concerned about how closely she communicates with the Minister of State on Bakura."

    "Declan Trieste? He's not a threat to us," President Ypres replied.

    "How can you be so sure?" Vice President Senne responded.

    "My daughter, Corrie, is married to that family. They're good people. What's good for the Triestes is good for the Vehns which in turn is good for other influential families from Druckenwell," President Ypres explained.

    "That's the problem with all of you out here," Gabrielle replied, "you all know one another. Let me take care of Eleanor. You can go about your business and never be the wiser."

    President William Ypres sat behind his desk and reached for a blaster pistol which he promptly pointed at his Vice President.

    "That escalated quickly," Gabrielle said.

    "I'm beginning to rethink our arrangement," President Ypres said, "and suddenly I'm realizing how this little agreement isn't working in my favor."

    "You going to kill me then?" Gabrielle asked.

    "You don't realize what I'm up against in this job. If the Vehn family goes down, I go down. If the Triestes are rocked by scandal and intrigue I myself do not go unscathed. Everything in this galaxy is interconnected. Well, I take that back. Not everything," President Ypres said. "What I'm about to do next is simply good business."

    Gabrielle tried to run for the door but was gunned down by three precise shots from President William Ypres. As she fell a blaster pistol clattered from her power suit and out onto the floor. The President casually placed the smoking blaster pistol on his desk and called security.

    "Security, yes, we had a problem up here. I'm afraid the Vice President has been incapacitated."

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  5. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Gabrielle pulled a Ron Burgundy there! "That really got out of hand fast!" William is right though--politics are like the Force: everybody's connected.

    Of interest to me is that Quentin and Corrie eloped on me! (Don't worry, I was thinking of getting them hitched soon anyways.)
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  6. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Federation Space

    Federation Diplomatic Cruiser

    "Is this call secure?" Eleanor asked as she keyed in a direct line to President William Ypres.

    "Secure," William replied.

    "Has the Vice President been eliminated?" Eleanor asked.

    "Three shots did the trick," William replied, "and you were right. She was packing heat."

    "Federation Intelligence came through for us again. It appears that Gabrielle Senne was a sleeper agent working for the Corporate Sector Authority," Eleanor said reviewing the dossier in front of her. "I hope she didn't transfer any sensitive materials to Bonadan."

    "Agents are reviewing her files now for any transmissions, encrypted or otherwise. If she sent the CSA anything we'll find out about it. I owe you a debt of gratitude, Eleanor, for your insight," William said.

    "My pleasure, William. It's in my best interests to keep you as President of the Roon Federation," Eleanor said, "it keeps any unwanted attention off of my family."

    "I had a report come across my desk that she had mobilized a fleet along the borders of Republic space. I'm seeing troop transfers, supply routes, munitions depots, the works. It was almost as if she were trying to incite a war between our two governments. If she'd succeeded..." William allowed his voice to trail off.

    "The Federation would lose any war with the Republic. We don't have the military capacity to go toe to toe with them in an armed conflict. After all the work I've put in to restoring relations with the Republic such a war could've been disastrous for all sides," Eleanor replied.

    "Indeed," William said.

    "William, there may be something else, something of greater concern," Eleanor pointed out.

    "Go on."

    "There may be more sleeper agents operating within Federation territory. I suggest we deploy the Phantoms and have them root out suspected cells," Eleanor said.

    "That may blow their cover," William warned, "if the nature of the Phantoms were to be discovered it could throw our foreign policy into disarray for decades."

    "I'm well aware of the risks. You let me worry about the foreign policy ramifications," Eleanor replied, "you focus on what needs to be done at home. I also would suggest we redeploy the Third and Fifth fleets away from the borders of the Republic and send them to the fringes of Hutt territory to the north. I want the CSA to pay for any potential strikes within Federation territory."

    "That would leave us defenseless against any Republic incursion," William pointed out.

    "The Republic is the least of our worries. The CSA and their agents are operating freely throughout our territory. One even worked her way into the Vice Presidency. That's not good, William. We need to strike back against the CSA," Eleanor replied.

    "I hope you're not suggesting military action," William cautioned.

    "Hardly. The CSA lives and dies by their accounts abroad," Eleanor said.

    "Sanctions?" William asked.

    "You got it. With the power of the D12 I can punish the CSA far more effectively than any military strike ever could dream of achieving," Eleanor said.

    "That's very ambitious," William said.

    "It can work," Eleanor replied, "besides, with the CSA out of the picture, the Eastern Centrality won't last long."

    "We need to be cautious about forcing the Eastern Centrality to collapse," William pointed out, "they have some very powerful weaponry that could be quite devastating in the wrong hands."

    "One step at a time," Eleanor replied, "and for the record I think we need to let the Vice Presidenc remain vacant for awhile. We need to sell Gabrielle's death to the people as an act of treachery. Disclose just enough to sow the doubts in any future relations with the CSA."

    "Are you sure you should've stepped down? You are quite good at all this," William asked.

    Eleanor laughed and shook her head, "I'm right where I want to be. Hang in there, old friend. We're not out of the woods yet."

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  7. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    I guess you can't trust anybody in the Federation. It's a lot more lawless than I gave them credit for!
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    II Avali, Druckenwell

    "Vice President Gabrielle Senne was killed early yesterday morning when she attempted to take the life of President William Ypres. Security forces responded quickly to the scene. Federation investigators looking into the incident have determined that Gabrielle Senne was secretly working for the Corporate Sector Authority. This information, if true, would represent the largest security breach in Federation history-"

    Jack Vehn, 19 years old and the son of Kaitlyn Vehn, killed the comm. unit in his speeder. He shook his head. Unbelievable. The few times he'd met with Gabrielle Senne he'd had an uncomfortable feeling. Something was off about her. Their last meeting had seemed to suggest that she was preparing a secret invasion of the Republic. It was a foolish plan and one that was certain to fail. He still wasn't sure what she had been trying to accomplish with that plan. Now, he would never know.

    Jack jerked in surprise as the door to his speeder flung open and a man in a tactical uniform threw a black bag over his head. He tried to struggle but he felt strong arms all around him haul him out of his speeder and throw him into the back of another vehicle.

    His journey was short and in a matter of minutes he found himself hardbound to a chair with a bright light shining in his face.

    "Whoever you are I can tell you right now you're messing with the wrong man," Jack said.

    "I think we have the right man," a voice called from the darkness beyond the light. "Jack Vehn, son of Kaitlyn and Liam Vehn, born on Druckenwell in 270 ABY. You spent your early years growing up on Tesserone and since becoming an adult you have branched out into information gathering, most of which has been illicit material. You make sure you're hard to find and don't leave a trail of at all possible. Sounds to me like you're good at being invisible."

    "Anybody could've gotten that information," Jack said.

    "Perhaps," the man replied.

    The man leaned forward so that his face was illuminated by the hanging light.

    "We've decided that you have a brighter future with us, Jack," the man said, "a future where you can truly make a difference."

    "Who are you?"

    "Specialist First Class Sean Riggins," Sean said, "and welcome to the Phantoms. The first day of your new life begins now."


    Private Quarters of the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic

    "Director Vehn, welcome back to Coruscant," the Supreme Chancellor said with a warm smile as he greeted Eleanor in his private quarters.

    "Coruscant is as busy as when I last served the Republic," Eleanor replied.

    "Your service to Theed was admirable," the Supreme Chancellor said as he took a seat.

    "I'm afraid I needed an executive pardon before my time was done," Eleanor said.

    "I read about that incident when I took the office. I feel you were justified in your actions. Rhom Cardaas was an evil man, a corrupt individual who did not hold the highest ideals of the Republic," the Supreme Chancellor said. "I was saddened to hear of the loss of Vice President Gabrielle Senne. She was a talented senator but a little ambitious if I remember correctly."

    Eleanor didn't miss a beat, "Her death was tragically necessary. In the interests of being totally honest with you, Supreme Chancellor, I must tell you that Gabrielle Senne had positioned Federation fleets to strike at the heart of the Republic's communications network. We would be at war, right now, Supreme Chancellor, had she remained alive."

    "Why doesn't any of this surprise me. Did you kill her?" the Supreme Chancellor asked.

    "I did not," Eleanor replied.

    "Then I will ask no further questions on the matter," the Supreme Chancellor said.

    "On to business. I called you here because it is time that we dismantle the Kattan Doctrine, once and for all. I have the political support in the Senate to end decades of foreign policy in one fell swoop. What I do not have is a physical face to show to the galaxy why ending the Kattan Doctrine is a good idea. I can stand before the Senate and talk about my ideas for the post Kattan Republic but you must understand how important your role will be in all of this," the Supreme Chancellor said.

    "Chancellor, I know how hard you've worked these last few years to slowly erode at the political base for the Kattan Doctrine. This has cost you a great deal of political capital and respect in the Senate. From where I'm sitting such erosion can only mean one thing," Eleanor said.

    "Go on," the Supreme Chancellor replied.

    "You are not planning on running for re-election. Therefore," Eleanor said, "anything we are able to get through the Senate must be absolutely binding. I do not want to enter into any agreements that could be potentially overturned in the future."

    "How observant you are. It's almost as if you know my own mind," the Supreme Chancellor replied, "and as far as items being overturned it sounds like you are referring tothe free trade agreement that once existed between the Republic and the RTO"

    "Precisely," Eleanor said.

    "That deal collapsed because the RTO collapsed," the Supreme Chancellor pointed out.

    "Not entirely true," Eleanor corrected, "the free trade agreement collapsed because the political factions that supported it were suddenly without a voice in the Senate. That agreement was nearly ironclad. It could've stood the test of time had there not been a clause, written in fine print, that outlined a way out of the agreement by the Republic."

    "It's never good to paint oneself into a corner," the Supreme Chancellor stated. "Why are you bringing this up now?"

    "Because the Kattan Doctrine and a new free trade agreement go hand in hand," Eleanor replied, "and because that loophole should never have existed."

    "What are you proposing?" the Supreme Chancellor asked.

    "The Federation is willing to drop all tariffs on Republic goods coming across our borders. This will hurt us financially but we feel it is in our best interests to demonstrate to the Senate, effective immediately, that we are serious about free trade. The military and I have discussed the immediate dismantling of all outposts and security stations along the Federation/Republic border as a means of cooperating with your government. "Citizens may travel back and forth betwen our two spheres of influence without harassment. Essentially, Supreme Chancellor, there are no political checkpoints or customs stations between our government. The border is open," Eleanor pointed out.

    The Supreme Chancellor sat back and nodded in agreement. "You would risk the Federation's security in order to secure the final dismantling of the Kattan Doctrine and the birth of a new trade agreement?"

    "Our wars, our troubles, are not with your government," Eleanor said, "our focus, much like the Republic's, now lies beyond our borders in the independent systems. There is where the new threats shall arise. There is where the dangerous elements must be brought to justice."

    "What's to stop me from annexing Federation territory and dissolving your government?" the Supreme Chancellor asked.

    Eleanor paused. It was a good question and one she could answer in so many ways. Only one word came to mind. One word that she knew could stand the test of time.

    "Trust," Eleanor replied.

    The Galactic Senate

    One Hour Later

    "It is my honor and privilege to introduce Director Eleanor Vehn of the Roon Federation. Director Vehn has worked tirelessly these last few years to secure a voice for the Roon Federation in the Galactic Senate. Please welcome Director Vehn as she takes to the podium," the Supreme Chancellor announced.

    Eleanor took a sip of water as she approached the podium The less than enthusiastic applause fell away into silence as she gazed upon the enormous chamber that was the Galactic Senate of the Republic. Seeing the Senate brought back memories of her time serving Naboo. There had been some happy memories here and some that she fought back the urge to destroy. The nerves inside her started to settle down.

    Show time.

    "Senators of the Third Republic," Eleanor said using the formal title of the government, "I come to you today in the spirit of friendship and cooperation. I come to you today, representing the Roon Federation, to ask for a way forward into the future. A way forward for both our governments so that we may truly work together to solve the greatest problems our galaxy faces."

    "As many of you are undoubtedly aware the Roon Federation has been working tirelessly with various regional governments throughout the independent systems to reign in the blood bath and killing that is going on in the Centrality. This effort alone is not enough. Thousands are losing their lives every day while the greatest power in the galaxy does absolutely nothing, hiding behind an outdated doctrine. A doctrine of fear. A doctrine of protectionism. Look, Republic, where this doctrine has gotten you?" Eleanor challenged.

    "The independent systems are in chaos. Order hasn't reigned there in nearly a century. Warlords and crime lords and all those in between have absolute power over their subjects. Where once the bright light of democracy and security reigned now there is only ruin. The Roon Federation can do a great deal but we cannot solve the Centrality crisis on our own! We must work together! We must end the war in the Centrality," Eleanor said.

    "Someone once said," Eleanor added as she concluded her opening remarks, "that the only thing necessary for evil to exist is for good beings to do nothing. 2.3 million souls have lost their lives because we have done nothing. Think about that."

    Eleanor stepped away from the podium and made her way to the nearest exit. As she began to leave the Senate she could hear a roaring crescendo of applause and cheers. She paused at the exit and looked back into the Senate chamber. There was renewed energy in there and something else: hope.

    Today, Eleanor Vehn, had done a good deed.

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  9. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009

    Tesserone, Roon

    Austin Vehn stood in his grandfather's study and quietly examined the crowded bookshelves that were now collecting dust. The room had been locked decades ago out of respect for his grandfather's memory. Austin had awakened in the middle of the night and felt a calling in the Force. Something, somehow, someway, was driving him to enter the room. A wave of his hand had unlocked the door. When he crossed the threshold he had stepped back into time.

    Rows upon rows of the great classics of the galaxy sat resting on the shelves begging to be read once more. He knew that some of these books had been his grandfather's favorites. To him, they were memories of a man whom he'd hardly known. A man with a past. A man with a story of his own. A man who had once been a Jedi, long ago, in a different time.

    Austin reached underneath his tunic and pulled out his lightsaber. He activated the blade allowed his eyes to adjust as the yellow hue immediately illuminated the darkened room. The same blade that his grandfather had made decades ago. The same blade that had protected Addison Karr, the love of his life. The same blade that had gone toe to toe with his former Master Tel Adain. The same blade that was coming to its final resting place.

    "Do you always illuminate rooms with your lightsaber?" Addison asked from the doorway.

    "Only those which I need to see clearly," Austin replied deactivating the blade. He flicked the lights of the study on with a wave of his hand.

    "Having a hard time sleeping tonight?" Addison asked, concern etching into her voice. "The nightmares haven't returned, have they? If they have we can get you some help, Austin. I know a really good counselor on Druckenwell that works with veterans. You're not alone in this."

    "It's not that," Austin said shaking his head, "I don't know how to explain what I'm feeling."

    "Try me," Addison said as she approached Austin and placed a hand on his cheek. "Trust me."

    "I don't believe I can be a Jedi any longer," Austin said.

    "I thought you talked with the Order. They were willing to take you back, especially after my father vouched for you. I thought you worked everything out?" Addison said.

    "I did," Austin replied, "but it's not enough. Their apology is not enough for me to go back to the way things used to be. I don't trust the leadership. I'm not sure I even trust myself."

    "What's brought all this on?" Addison questioned.

    "I received an encoded transmission the other day from Jack. The message was short, terse, but apparently he's been tracking Master Tel Adain for some time now." Austin explained.

    "Jack didn't say why he was tracking Adain but apparently he's beginning to wonder what I have long suspected: that Master Tel Adain is behind the Centrality crisis. Adain is using the war as a distraction to acquire Force sensitive children for his plans. As you know, when I nearly rescued Grace, I discoved other apprentices who were strong with the Force. They were being trained for secret missions, Addison. Missions that frightened even me."

    "What kind of missions?" Addison asked.

    "Assassination, destabilization of galactic governments, and ultimately the hunting down of dark side artifacts," Austin replied. "What's more is that the Jedi Order lied to me when I returned from that mission. You see, I went after Adain with other Jedi Knights. The Order insisted that I was lying and had gone by myself. That is untrue. Adain felled all of them and was a lightsaber slash away from ending my life but he didn't."

    "Why didn't he kill you when he had the chance?" Addison asked.

    Austin looked down at the lightsaber in his hands and then returned his gaze to Addison's eyes. He knew the answers now. Answers that had failed to come to him before. "Before we are to wed you must know that my grandfather, Joaquin, was a Jedi student in the early years of this century. He was the first force sensitive to bear the Vehn family name. He got his sensitivity from his mother, Erisi Wessiri. He fell to the Dark Side in the early part of the Neo-Sith War. Erisi went after him and saved him but the darkness never truly left his heart or his lightsaber."

    "That's your grandfather's lightsaber, isn't it?" Addison asked.

    Austin nodded. "There is great darkness in this weapon. Master Adain warned me about it when I was first given the weapon. You see, some Jedi believe that their lightsabers call to them. Others believe that one must make their own weapon and forge their own path. This lightsaber, " Austin held it up so Addison could see, "called to me the very moment I first laid eyes on it. I could feel its power coursing through the metal. I could feel the darkness even though I stood in the light."

    "You aren't your grandfather, Austin," Addison said, "you're different. You're a different man."

    "I know," Austin replied, "I know that about myself now. I realize why Adain spared my life."

    "Why?" Addison asked.

    "He spared my life because he could not lay claim to the darkness inside this weapon. That darkness belonged to my grandfather's soul and by blood rights belongs to me. Had Adain bested me in combat and taken the lightsaber as his own it would not have worked for him," Austin explained.

    "I thought you just flipped a switch on the hilt and it worked," Addison said.

    "Most of them work that way," Austin said, "but there are a few lightsabers throughout history that are bound by more than electronics and kyber crystals to those who wield their power. This lightsaber is special. This lightsaber is unique and it belongs in a safe place. That is why I must leave behind my old life. I am afraid of what is to come."

    "So you are stepping away from your life's calling because you are afraid?" Addison asked.

    "Hardly," Austin replied, "I am stepping away from the life of a Jedi to protect the remaining good that exists in my niece's heart. As long as this lightsaber remains hidden, from my thoughts, from those looking to find it and possess its power, Grace shall remain alive. Adain recognizes that Grace has enormous potential. Whatever darkness he is growing inside of her can never truly extinguish the light."

    "What if Adain finds you?" Addison asked.

    "He won't," Austin replied, "because he knows that when the time is right, I will find him and when I do there will be a reckoning the likes of which the galaxy has never seen before. I made a promise to Grace, Addison. I made a promise that I would save her life and return her to her family. I intend to uphold that promise no matter how long it takes."

    Austin opened the drawer of his grandfather's desk and slipped the lighstaber inside. He closed the drawer and drew Addison close to him.

    "I love you," Austin whispered in her ear. "Trust me that all will be well."

    "I know," Addison replied, "somehow I've always known."

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    Adain possibly behind the Centrality crisis? Intriguing. Good on Austin for recognizing the darkness and making the decision to ensure it never rises in him. I first thought that Grace had already been rescued, but then I realized that that happened in Shadows of Tesserone, which takes place in the future.
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    A future that is rapidly approaching.....only ten years away in story time.
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    I was just about to ask when we were going to hit convergence! 299 ABY is probably going to arrive sooner than we think!

    Also, are you sure that lightsaber wasn't made by Ollivander? [face_laugh]
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    RFS Rowena
    Seventh Fleet
    Border of Federation Space and the Independent Systems


    "Attention!" Admiral Elara Karr barked.

    Director Eleanor Vehn strode down the shuttle landing ramp and heard the smart snap of thousands of boots coming together. She gazed out upon the endless rows and columns of Federation solders and couldn't help but realize the magnitude of the meeting she'd called with Federation High Command. A meeting that would decide the fates of so many of these young men and women who were eager to serve the Roon Federation.

    How many wouldn't be coming back? Eleanor thought.

    "Impressive showing. At ease, Admiral," Eleanor said as she shook hands with the commander of the Federation Seventh Fleet.

    "A pleasure to have you aboard the Rowena, Director," Admiral Karr said as she walked in step with Eleanor toward the conference room.

    "Your service to the Druckenwellian Coalition during the civil war was inspiring," Eleanor said, "I was surprised at how close your side came to winning the final battle over Roon."

    Admiral Elara Karr stiffened ever so slightly though her cadence didn't miss a beat.

    Eleanor barely supressed a smile. " I read your memoir, A Ship Too Few, on the shuttle ride out here. Moving, powerful, and particularly poignant. I believe you write, toward the end of the book, that had the Coalition Navy employed droids to control the turbolasers on the Coalition capital ships the final battle may have turned out very differently."

    "I wasn't aware my past was under review, Director," Admiral Karr replied in a short tone.

    "As Director of Foreign Affairs of the Roon Federation I meet a great many beings on a daily basis. It's best if I know a little something about them before business begins," Eleanor explained.

    "Droids would have helped," the Admiral replied as the pair entered the conference room, "they don't get tired. They aren't afraid. They don't second guess orders when their friends die around them. They only know what they are programmed to do. Druckenwell had countless droids ready to serve but leadership was foolish and failed to see the writing on the wall. I lost too many men and women in that battle before the retreat was sounded," Admiral Karr replied.

    "Would you have really won, though?" Eleanor asked.

    "I'm a warrior, Director," Admiral Karr replied, "it's in my nature to serve. I fought with distinction in the final days with the old RTO, during the hardest battles of the civil war when my home world was threatened, and I serve faithfully the Roon Federation. If it is my loyalty you judge then I ask that you leave my ship or I will have you escorted out."

    Eleanor nodded and replied, "I wasn't questioning your loyalty, Admiral. You will find that I am your greatest supporter here in this room. Besides, I suppose before long we'll be family," Eleanor said.

    Admiral Karr's stance softened ever so slightly. "Yes, that's my understanding as well. I'm happy for Addison. She chose well. Austin fought hard for the Federation on Mon Gazza. I for one couldn't have done what he did. The mud, the trenches, the endless slaughter. He is a hero in my eyes."

    "We are all certainly fond of the two of them," Eleanor replied.

    "That we are. Now, let's start, shall we? Director Vehn," Admiral Karr announced, "may I introduce you to the Phantoms?"

    The operators in the room turned to look at Eleanor. A heavy silence dominated the space. Eleanor wasn't sure how to react so she did the only thing she knew that was safe. She hung out near the door. She didn't want to make a false move for fear of being shot. These were professionals. These operators were the knife edge of a secretive and deadly foreign policy that Eleanor personally championed.

    "I'll take you around the room to meet them," the Admiral said.

    Eleanor then began the challenging task of making eye contact with each operator. As she moved through the ranks she began to settle in to her role and began to understand why the Phantoms were so good at their job. It wasn't their physical training or their prowess with the various weapons at their disposal. They were the best because they believed they were the best and data from their various operations throughout the galaxy backed them up.

    "I believe that covers everyone," Admiral Karr said.

    "I think we missed one," Eleanor pointed out to a young man with his back to Eleanor who was studying a readout.

    "Ah yes, it would seem we did," Admiral Karr admitted.

    Eleanor strode over and cleared her throat. The young man turned to face her. Eleanor stumbled back and nearly lost her balance.

    "Hello, cousin," Jack Vehn said.

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    RFS Rowena

    Jack's mouth fell open. He wasn't expecting Eleanor to be here. He wasn't expecting anyone to know about his new life with the Phantoms. He knew he was caught dead to rights, knew he had to explain something, anything, to his cousin.

    "I was apprehended on the streets of II Avali," Jack said. "I was minding my own business when a van pulled up and men got out and threw me inside. You might say that a new way of life was forced upon me."

    "Well if you're unhappy why don't you leave?" Eleanor asked.

    "Because that's not our way," a voice said nearby.

    "Once you join the Phantoms you are here for life," Specialist Sean Riggins explained.


    Eleanor turned her attention to the young soldier. He must've been barely 20 and yet he had the demeanor and visible fatigue of a man who'd commanded others in combat. There was a seriousness in his eyes, a lethality, a killer instinct that Eleanor knew came with the territory with these operators.

    "Is this where you want to be, Jack?" Eleanor asked.

    "I was born for this, Eleanor," Jack replied.

    "Stone cold operator," Sean teased.

    "Something like that," Jack added.

    "Briefing commences now," Admiral Karr shouted.

    The room went dark as Eleanor and the operators turned to the sudden light emanating from a holoprojector in the center of the table.

    "Our mission is for the capture or assassination of General Gretyl Arhellan of the Eastern Centrality," Admiral Karr explained.

    "Federation intelligence has determined that Arhellan is the perpetrator behind a number of civilian atrocities. Most recently, Arhellan was seen near Tund overseeing the mass execution of political opponents to the Eastern Centrality regime. The twelve of you have been chosen for this mission based on your experience and your ability to get the job done," Karr stated.

    The lights came back on.

    Eleanor stepped forward drawing the attention of the twelve operators. She surveyed their faces before she spoke. They were all so young and yet so determined. The gravity of the situation weighed upon her. The Federation, for only the second time in the Centrality conflict, was about to embark on a mission that would put Roon directly on a collision course with the most dangerous regime in the galaxy.

    "I don't need to tell any of you how serious this conflict has become. This war, between the Western and Eastern Centrality, must end. This mission will ensure that the war will end sooner rather than later. With the capture or death of General Gretyl Arhellan the Eastern Centrality leadership may be forced to come to the negotiating table whereby peace can be achieved," Eleanor said.

    "The insertion will be difficult. The Eastern Centrality is one of the most heavily militarized regions in the independent systems. That's why we're calling on you: the Phantoms. Only the best have been given this assignment. Only the best have been chosen to represent the Federation. Fortunately," Eleanor paused as she thought of how to phrase her next few words, "we don't have to go it alone. The Republic, in particular Bakura, is sending help in the form of Bakuran Marines. At last the galaxy is moving to end this horrible war. At last we shall have peace."

    "You have the plans. You have the equipment. Any questions before we mobilize?" Karr asked.

    The room was silent.

    "Good. Then May the Force Be With You," Admiral Karr said.

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    The Eastern Centrality

    Specialist Sean Riggins crouched low on one knee, weapon at the ready, as the transport hovered a half meter above the ground unloading the rest of the Phantoms. He held his breath as dust and wind swirled all around him. He was used to the tornado effect. He was used to being the first one out the door.

    "Snipers in position," two voices called out in his ear comm.

    "Roger, stay alert," Sean responded.

    Sean felt a hand squeeze his shoulder indicating it was time to advance. He began to breathe normally as the low rumble of the transport engines faded away into the black of night. He moved forward, a slow, steady pace scanning left to right in tightly controlled arcs with his weapon. Any sudden movement, anything unexpected, and it would be game over for the bad guys.

    He made his way to an exterior door built into the south wall of the villa. He could tell from its make that it was of Eastern Centrality origin. The materials reflected the poor state of the Eastern Centrality economy and the workmanship left something to be desired. He signaled to the rest of his team to prepare to breach. He was about to place the breaching charges on the door when he heard the lock mechanism disengage.

    Sean and the rest of the Phantoms ducked out of sight as the door opened. Two Eastern Centrality guards came through smoking death sticks. They left the door open. It was the last thing they ever did as it was lights out for both of them with a double tap to the head.

    "Go! Go! Go!" Sean whispered.

    The Phantoms burst through the entry and filed their way down a narrow corridor at the end of which was a spiral staircase snaking its way up toward the rooftop. Sean cautiously made his way up the staircase, being careful to adjust his weight, so as not to make any noise. Reaching the top he discovered another narrow corridor at the end of which was a blast door. The blast door was not perfectly sealed. In one corner light emanated from the other side.

    "Snake it," Sean whispered as Jack Vehn emerged from the rear of the formation with a camera.

    Jack fished the snake like camera through the hole and studied his small datapad screen. The job only took a few seconds but when he was
    done Jack knew everything there was to know about the room beyond the blast door.

    "It's the command center for the villa," Jack explained, "and it's heavily guarded."

    Sean lightly tapped on the blast door. The material was too thick to blow through. He quietly cursed himself. They were at a dead end. He was about to order the team to go back through the hallway when he heard the cacophony of blaster fire erupt to the north. That wasn't good. That meant that something had gone wrong.

    Horribly wrong.

    Sean heard the blast door pull apart as steam shot everywhere. Apparently the system hadn't been maintained in years. He activated his thermal scanner and readied his weapon as the blast doors pulled apart. He could make out armed soldiers beyond getting ready to deploy. The blaster fire to the north intensified. He knew action had to be taken soon.

    "Open fire," Sean ordered as the Phantoms quickly dispatched the guards.

    Sean stepped into the command center and noticed that from the transparisteel windows a series of bright lights was shining on the Marine contingent to the north. They were under heavy fire but making progress toward the villa. All in all, the mission was becoming a real cluster.

    "Fan out and cover the entrances. Jack, kill those lights. Someone find me Arhellan!" Sean barked.

    "Sniper Two Six, Prime Suspect sighted," one of the snipers overlooking the villa reported.

    "Can you confirm?" Sean asked.

    "Positive identification. Prime Suspect is the real deal," Sniper Two Six replied.

    "Location?" Sean asked readying his weapon.

    "Directly above you," Sniper Two Six replied.

    Sean noticed a flight of stairs exiting the command center. He motioned for two other Phantoms to follow him as he made his way up to the rooftop. The door leading out onto the rooftop had been left ajar. Cautiously, carefully, Sean tapped the door open with the tip of his blaser rifle.

    He spotted Prime Suspect overseeing a squad of soldiers who'd taken up an enfilading position against the Marines.

    "Flash'em and frag 'em," Sean whispered to the men on the stairwell.

    Sean quietly set his weapon aside as he carefully deployed two flash grenades. A blinding flash and a loud pop erupted along the rooftop. Sean heards moans and cries from those caught by the blast. As he entered the rooftop he saw one figure, armed, unphased by the attack.

    General Gretyl Arhellan turned to look at the operators and her eyes reflected everything that was to transpire. She carried a blaster rifle, low, against her hips. She couldn't run, she couldn't hide but she could do one thing: fight.

    "By order of the free galaxy, the Roon Federation and the Republic I hereby declare you under arrest!" Sean yelled.

    General Arhellan stared for the longest time at the three operators before her. He could tell what she was doing. She was weighing the risks of fighting or surrendering.

    "Don't do it!" Sean warned as he saw a slight twitch of Arhellan's hand.

    "I surrender!" Arhellen declared.

    "Get on your knees," Sean ordered. "Hands where I can see them!"

    Arhellan knelt before the operators and allowed her hands to be seen clearly. Sean's eyes caught sight of something strange in her right hand. It looked like a detonator. That meant she was wired. That meant she was packing some serious heat.

    "In the name of Reyna Heraat!" Arhellan yelle referring to the leader of the Eastern Centrality, "I give my life to the cause!"

    Sean's eyes went wide as Arhellan pressed the detonator in her hand and a blinding white flash erupted before him.

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    Well, Arhellan is dead. That's a good thing, right?
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    RFS Rowena

    Specialist Sean Riggins stood at attention in the cargo hold of the military shuttle as it slipped into the cavernous hangar bay of the Rowena. Four caskets, draped in the flag of the Roon Federation, dominated the cargo hold. Each one of them contained the body of a friend, the body of a fellow soldier, and the body of fallen heroes who had died during the botched operation to kill General Gretyl Arhellan.

    Sean blinked hard as the light from the hangar bay flooded the cargo hold as the shuttle's landing ramp descended to the hangar floor. An escort of Phantoms, smartly tucked down in parade dress uniforms, somberly began offloading the caskets of their fallen brethren one by one. Sean felt his throat tighten as he recalled the operation and the mistakes made. Mistakes that had taken the lives of countless Bakuran Marines and their counterparts in the Federation military. Mistakes that could've been avoided.

    What a waste, Sean thought to himself as he gathered his gear and disembarked the shuttle.

    He watched as the caskets were taken away out of sight but never out of mind. He felt a wave of sadness for the families who would never be told the truth about how their sons, brothers, and fathers had lost their lives. The mission was totally black. There could be no acknowledging what the Federation had done, no press release, nothing. The truth would never be set free.

    Fifteen minutes later Sean found himself standing before Admiral Elara Karr, Director Eleanor Vehn, and a few other members of the military brass he didn't recognize as he was debriefed. Sean did his best to explain the mission, what went right, what went wrong, and what ultimately became of the prime suspect and target: General Gretyl Arhellan. That he had survived the suicide bomb had been nothing short of a miracle. Unfortunately, the two Phantoms with him, hadn't and had taken the brunt of the blast losing their lives in the process.

    Questions flew, a few accusations were made, and in the end the operation was chalked up as an utter failure of men and material. Most of the blame would be laid upon the feet of Federation intelligence but Sean knew that some of the heat was being directed at the Phantoms. There were even some questioning the purpose of the Phantoms and whether military funding should be allocated elsewhere to more effective means of foreign policy.

    "Specialist Riggins," Director Vehn said, "before we finish today I'd like to get your thoughts on the future of the Phantoms."

    Sean cleared his throat and replied, "Director Vehn, I believe that the Phantoms are an essential part of Federation security. We go where other
    unit are too afraid to go. We fight when others would run. We protect those who cannot protect themselves. Our mission is to operate beyond the borders of Federation space to protect our ideals and security interests abroad. We musn't let the failure of one operation determine the outcome of our fight."

    "I lost four of my friends out there on that mission," Sean explained, "and I refuse to believe they died for nothing. The war in the Centrality continues to rage on but I hope that somewhere, somehow, Eastern Centrality High Command is revisiting the idea of killing mass quantities of civilians. They know now that we can strike anywhere we like, whenever we please, and that's going to always be in the back of their minds. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Eastern Centrality start to shift how they prosecute the war."

    "Thank you," Admiral Karr said, "dismissed."

    Sean headed back out into the hangar. There he noticed the honor guard was carefully folding up the flags above the caskets as a military chaplain read the final passages of a funeral sermon. He snapped to attention and saluted as the caskets were loaded into a nearby airlock for final burial in space. He fought back tears as the caskets were released into the depths and nearly lost it when the honor guard fired three blank shots from their rifles. The haunting bugle calling out the final notes of the day reverberated around the hangar deck and then there was silence.

    Endless silence.

    Nime, Roon

    "What the frak happened out there?" President William Ypres demanded as he pounded on his thick oak desk.

    "It was nearly a slaughter," Eleanor replied, "Federation intelligence failed to properly assess the situation. That bad intel cost the lives of four Phantoms and an untold number of Bakuran Marines. I've talked to my counterpart on Bakura and we are in agreement that its best if both our governments lie low for awhile and keep our distance from the Centrality crisis."

    "So now we walk away?" William asked.

    "I think that's the best course of action. Military strikes are off the table, Mr. President," Eleanor said, "and Supreme Leader Rayna Heraat is more protected now than she ever was before. If there's going to be any change to the war in the Centrality I feel it must come from within."

    "So you showboating throughout the Republic decrying the Kattan Doctrine, asking for direct support from the Republic military, it was all a sham? It was all for nothing?" William pressed.

    "It wasn't for nothing. Our ties with the Republic, our strong ties are what kept our military alliance intact," Eleanor pointed out, "and I intend to keep those ties as we move forward into the coming decade. The Kattan Doctrine may or may not be repealed. I gave it my best shot when I talked to the Galactic Senate. This operation was a failure but it will not decide the outcome of the war."

    "Then what will?" William asked throwing his hands up in frustration, "What is going to land me my foreign policy victory?"

    "Absolutely nothing," Eleanor replied rather bluntly, "because you don't stand a chance in hell of being re-elected. Your foreign policy is strong and there's been some victories but domestically you're hurting in the polls. You've got some great ideas but in other areas your ideas have stagnated in the Senate. Overall, I don't think you're the right kind of leader to carry the Federation forward."

    "And you think you are?" William challenged.

    "I'm not going to run again, William," Eleanor replied, "those days are behind me. If you want an idea on who is going to play the field as we near your final days in office, that I can do."

    "Run the names by me again," William grumbled.

    "Thaddeus Karr, former CEO of Karr Pharmaceuticals...." Eleanor began.

    Tund, Eastern Centrality

    Supreme Leader Rayna Heraat surveyed the damage to the villa. She was surprised to see that much of the villa was still standing. There was evidence that the battle had been fierce. Dark blaster marks dominated the north wall where the Marines had assaulted. The ground was still red with the blood of the fallen.

    The southern entrance suggested that a very different kind of attack had taken place. One of stealth, one of focused intent, and one of assassination. Nowhere was this more evident than the rooftop where General Gretyl Arhellan had given her life to the cause. Reports from eyewitnesses had indicated that Arhellan had resisted to the end and that her death had taken the lives of two Federation soldiers.

    Rayna knelt beside the blackened ash and charred remnants of explosive near where Arhellan had sacrificed herself. She ran a gloved hand through the human debris and watched as the ash slipped through her fingers. Part of her wanted to grieve for Arhellan's death and the other was preparing the state funeral to recognize a hero of the Eastern Centrality.

    "The results could've been far worse," a voice said behind her.

    Rayna turned and squinted against the sunlight as her eyes zeroed in on whom had spoken to her. She softened her face ever so slightly as she lowered her guard.

    "Master Tel Adain," Rayna said, "I wasn't expecting you here so soon."

    "My affairs were faster to wrap up than I anticipated," Adain replied, "and I read the report of what happened here on the shuttle ride over. It seems the Federation and the Republic are finally working together. They sent two separate teams each one suffering casualties in their own right. The northern approach is clear to me but the southern approach was conducted by members of the Federation military I am not knowledgeable about."

    "We have informants gathering information on the strike group," Rayna replied, "I imagine we'll have a clearer idea of who led the attack in a few days. What brings you to Tund?"

    "The war," Adain replied.

    "What about it?" Rayna asked.

    "End it," Adain commanded.

    "My forces are getting closer to total victory. Reunification by military force is nearly complete. In a matter of months I will walk right across the front lines, march my armies right into the Western capital, and declare myself Supreme Leader of the entire Centrality!" Rayna said.

    "You're dreaming," Adain said, "your forces aren't any closer to victory than the day hostilities started. What do you have to show for your efforts? Millions of Centrality citizens dead, inflammatory tensions with the great powers of the galaxy, and a weak ally in the Corporate Sector Authority which is hardly eager to see a continuation of fighting that's bad for business."

    "Lies!" Rayna hissed, "All lies. You told me that it was my destiny to rule the Centrality! You encouraged me to wage war on the West. To push against them adn the galactic community until I had enough political capital to leverage a cease fire or a peace. Now you tell me that the war will never end? You are a charlatan, Master Adain. An illusionist. I don't need you any longer. I can finish this war without you."

    "I was afraid you were going to say that," Master Adain replied as he reached out with the Force and wrapped an invisible hand around Rayna Heraat's throat.

    The darkness of death closed in around Rayna as Adain tightened his Force grip on her throat. Rayna coughed, choked, her eyes began to turn bloodshot as she collapsed to the roof. She tugged at her throat but to no avail. Her armed escort had noticed that she was in trouble and stood by doing absolutely nothing. It was in that moment that Rayna realized her entire control over the Eastern Centrality was a sham. A dream. A lie.

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    ADAIN?!?! :eek: :eek: :eek: Will somebody please kill that guy already?!
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    We may be stuck with him for over a decade more if I remember other stories correctly. Booooooo on continuity. :p
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    Yep, you remember correctly ;)
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    Dammit. Though he does make such an excellent villain... ;)
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    OOC: And now for a break in the Centrality tension......for the remaining decade of this story I'll focus on the other Vehn's, with a few pieces of Eleanor thrown in for good measure to keep the galactic politics in the story. For those who read Shadows of Tesserone, the next installment of the Tesserone series, the other Vehn's were presumably killed by Master Adain. I ended up revealing that they had all indeed survived Adain's attacks as they were rescued ahead of their planned deaths by the Phantoms.

    I thought this would make a great opportunity to enhance these characters who were not born into the Vehn clan but have taken the name on in honor of those who have come before.

    The Year is 289 ABY and Shadows of Tesserone grows ever closer by the day.....

    Apex Driving School
    Nunurra, Roon


    Carley Vehn's artifical hands whirred and clicked into motion as she assisted the ground crew in rotating the heat coils out. She wasn't like most instructors. She needed to get her hands dirty. She needed to feel like she still had skin in the game. She needed to feel like she still had that special touch.

    "Clear!" the crew chief yelled.

    Carley stepped back as the racer shot out of pit row and out onto the track. She inhaled burnt oil and fuel and couldn't help but smile. The money she'd invested into creating a driving school on the outskirts of Nunurra had paid dividends. She was reaping the rewards. She had a waiting list for her classes and a rotating slew of guest instructors who specialized in open wheel racing from all across the galaxy.

    A year ago she'd moved to Nunurra leaving behind the familiar haunts of Federation Speedway, owned by her adoptive parents, Kurt and Victoria. Her parents were sad to see her go but encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Carley had hit the big time but knew deep down that her school, and her dream, would not have been possible without funding from former Vice President Gabrielle Senne.

    Now the Vice President of the Roon Federation was dead. The news had hit Carley hard and she'd canceled all training events at the track when the story broke. The circumstances surrounding Gabrielle's death were suspect, to say the least. Carley wasn't sure what had happened to the Vice President but she knew what the media had released wasn't entirely true. It never was and especially not with something this big.


    "You were pretty fast out there," Dyrk Ryvers said crossing his arms over his chest.

    "Have to be to make the grade around here," Carley replied.

    "You could still shave some time off. Federation speedway holds the record at 1.92 seconds," Dyrk suggested as one of the open wheeled racers roared on by.

    "I've got six guys out here sweating in the heat, six guys willing to jump over the wall and keep my racers going. They're well trained, Dyrk. They're some of the best in the league. You start trying to shave seconds off and you could be liable for mistakes," Carley pointed out.

    "Just saying, Federation speedway did it in 1.92," Dyrk replied.

    Carley shook her head. "They cut corners. Somewhere, somehow, they cut corners. I'm not willing to do that. My school would be shut down if someone got hurt out here. As it is the insurance on this track is astronomical."

    "I see you had an opening for another instructor," Dyrk said.

    "That why you dragged your sorry ass all the way out here?" Carley asked.

    "I was hoping you'd be willing to give me another chance," Dyrk said.

    Carley held her tongue. She was still pissed off with Dyrk for bumping her out of the last professional race they ran. She'd done the right thing and taken the inside corner of a hairpin turn when Dyrk, somehow, blasted beyond the apex, moved out in front of her and then sat on his brakes the entire time. She'd given him a hand gesture he'd always remember right as the smoke from his brakes obscured her vision sending her spinning wildly out of control into the wall. Race over.

    "I'll give you another chance," Carley said hoping she wouldn't regret her decision, "if you tell me why you did it."

    Dyrk smirked and looked away at the track. The racers were coming in now, wheels hot. When he looked back at Carley the smirk was gone. There was a seriousness in his eyes, a sincerity. "I did it because I knew you had me dead to rights. I couldn't beat you, Carley. I had to cheat. It was the only way."

    "I could've been killed," Carley said stepping closer to Dyrk.

    "I'm sorry," Dyrk replied stepping away, "I made a mistake."

    "Save your apologies for someone who wants to hear them. You start tomorrow. Make sure you're ready because we are going to put our trainees through their paces," Carley said.

    "Yeah, okay," Dyrk replied as Carley walked off, "frak, I'm sorry."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    For those of us with hazy memories, when did the supposed assassinations take place with regards to where we are in the story now?
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  25. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Ten years from now in galaxy time.
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