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Beyond - Legends The Fields of Tesserone (AU,OC)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Vehn, May 25, 2014.

  1. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Yay! I've been wondering what's been happening to the others. :D
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  2. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Druckenwell Military Academy

    Commencement Speech

    Admiral James Vehn stood in front of the podium and surveyed the fresh faces of the class of 289. To him they were so young, so innocent, and so unprepared for what lay ahead in the galaxy. He fought back his nerves and knew that he had a duty to do and a speech to give.

    Two weeks ago, James had been requested to speak at the commencement based on how successful his training tours had gone in the Republic. Wherever he went, his knowledge of fleet tactics and procedures and his ability to publicly speak with little effort had netted him a great deal of interest. People paid attention when he spoke and there were rumors that the admiral may have been interested in seeking political office.

    "Good morning," James said his voice booming throughout the stands, "you may know me as the hero of Roon, the moderator of the Centrality crisis, and the great instructor of the Republic but I stand before you today asking you to view me as just a man. Nothing more, nothing less.

    "Today is your graduation from the Druckenwell Military Academy. A prestigious organization that has trained countless officers whom I had the privilege and honor of fighting against during the Federation civil war. Some of them are here today. These former foes are now good friends of mine. Let that be known.

    "When you leave these halls you become a part of something greater than yourself. You join a family. The best family you'll ever have," James said as he paused to collect his thoughts, "the only family you'll ever have."

    "You will step into a galaxy that is experiencing peace on an unprecedented scale. You will also step into a galaxy that is experiencing great suffering. You will walk a fine line between duty and loyalty. You will walk a fine line between personal and professional relationships," James instinctively looked over at his wife Tallia who'd retired from the military a few years ago and was pregnant with their first child.

    "There will always be problems that you cannot solve, that you cannot fix, that you cannot even comprehend. Learn to be flexible. Learn to adapt and overcome. Learn to know when to wield the power that is at your fingertips responsibly.

    "I fought in the civil war on the side of the Roon Federation. There's no hiding that. I fought against enemies whom I now respect. I watched from the bridge of the Federation flagship while the skies above Roon burned with the debris of Coalition ships. I did not revel in my victories or the lives I took in combat. I weeped for their lost souls and for the families who would never be whole again.

    "War is the greatest evil known to the galaxy. There are some in this room who will experience it and I pray that the vast majority of you never have to. War is a monster, a plague, a blight on civilization. Nobody wins and if there's one thing I can teach this class, this new generation, it is the one lesson that I have learned in my years of service: War has its own laws."

    "War has its own laws," James repeated as he scanned the faces before him.

    "Remember that when you are given your first command," James said, "remember that when you are questioned by the civilian government, the media, and in the darkness of the night by your own conscience. Best of luck to you all, thank you."

    Admiral James Vehn stepped away from the podium as a splattering of applause filled the chambers. He knew he wasn't going to be receiving high marks for his speech. He didn't come here to motivate the young cadets. He came here to give them a somber dose of reality.

    War has its own laws.

    "You were a bit hard on them," Tallia reminded her husband as the pair left the hall.

    "They don't know what hard is," James replied, "they have no frakking idea."

    "Helping teach the next generation of cynics?" Tallia teased as they got into a waiting speeder.

    "I'm helping teach the next generaiton of warriors that what I had to do in my career is nothing to be proud of or to worship," James replied.

    "The hero of Roon, the hero of the Federation's civil war," Tallia rambled on rattling off James' accomplishments, "and all you wanted to do was be left alone. Why do you like speaking at these events anyway?"

    "Because someone has to be honest about how it really is and nobody is being honest. Nobody. Not the Federation government, not the Republic, nobody. They all want to sugar coat this and call it heroic," James grumbled, "and frankly that briefing I received the other day about the Phantoms striking into Centrality territory was atrocious. It was a gross abuse of power. What was the President thinking?"

    "He wasn't," Tallia replied, "and he's certainly not interested in being re-elected. All the polls show Thaddeus Karr as the front runner in the upcoming elections. It's almost a shoe-in. Eleanor isn't going to run again. Her days in office appear to be over. The Federation is posturing itself to be a galactic power. That involves getting the hands dirty in affairs beyond our borders."

    "It's messy," James replied, "and if the public were to ever discover anything about these raids by the Phantoms they'd pull the plug. The Federation is tired of war. If they really wanted to end the Centrality crisis they would hyper directly above Tund and bombard the planet from orbit. End of war. Done."

    "You suggesting Eleanor is using the Centrality crisis to her own advantage?" Tallia asked.

    "I wouldn't put anything past her," James replied, "that woman can be cold as ice."

    "Has she been in touch with you?" Tallia asked.

    "Not yet," James said as he looked out the speeder windows at II Avali, "but she will be and when she does I will be required to serve."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    I think Eleanor just got a new theme song! :D

    Jack's not wrong though--not by a long shot!
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  4. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009

    The Wedding

    Tesserone, Roon


    Austin felt a nudge on his arm and took his attention away from the flowered archway to the end of the outdoor aisle. He felt his breath leave him as a beautiful woman in a stunning wedding dress came slowly toward him escorted by her father. Her blonde hair cascaded down around her shoulders as her face was framed by a thin veil of white lace.


    Addison Karr.

    Austin had never seen Addison look more beautiful, more regal, and more poised than she did in this moment. It was as if all the moments of her life had prepared her for today. Addison neared with her father, Thaddeus, in tow. Thaddeus gave Addison a quick kiss on the cheek, whispered in her ear, and passed her over to Austin's outstretched hands.

    Austin felt Addison's warm hands slip into his own and time seemed to slow as he gazed into her eyes. He quietly reflected on his journey. He'd grown up the middle child of the Vehn-Trieste trio of Eleanor and May. He'd grown up always playing in the background of his older sister's achievements and his younger sister's boldness and ambition.

    He had struggled to find his way in his teenage years. He'd spent countless summers repairing fences, changing irrigation pipe, mucking out stalls, and always looking to the horizon wondering what else lay beyond the acres of Tesserone. When it became time to choose a school he had chosen Druckenwell Technical University for the mechanical degrees that would help him return to Tesserone with the knowledge needed to help the next generation of farmers.

    Austin finished his degree just as war broke out between Roon and Druckenwell. Torn between two planets he loved, between two places, between countless friends who were quickly enlisting on either side, Austin ultimately chose family and graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Federation military.

    His military career nearly sank underneath the burden of media expectations as he was the only Vehn to have served directly on the front lines. He fought on Herdessa and Mon Grappa and in places that he couldn't even pronounce. He went over the top, leaving behind the mud and lice infested trenches, to take the fight directly to the Coalition. One day the fighting stopped as relief supplies arrived from a non profit on Druckenwell. There he met Addison for the first time and it gave him hope. Hope that he could live, hope that he could survive. He skirted death many times and ultimately was pulled from the front lines by an executive order from his sister, Eleanor.

    Austin wandered for a few years before finding his way to the Jedi on Ossus after discovering he had a sensitivity to the Force. There he trained under Master Adain before Adain disappeared and left the Order. Years would pass and ultimately Austin would depart the Jedi Order when he was forced once again to make a choice between duty and family. This time he dedicated himself to protecting Addison Karr and protect her he did.

    Now Austin felt he had come home again as words fell from his lips. Promies of fidelity, honor, and sacrifice. An oath was made. A young man was reborn. He felt tears slip down his face as he said the words that would resonate in his mind for all eternity, "I do."

    Austin watched with unbridled emotion as the ring was slipped onto Addison's finger. She in turn made her vows and said with all her heart, "I do."

    "Then with the blessings of Almighty Maker," the man officiating the wedding said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss one another."

    Austin needed no further introduction and scooped Addison close to him to share a kiss that was for the ages. A kiss of union. A kiss of love. A kiss that was born many years ago and destined to be placed on the lips of his one true love.

    "Long live Austin and Addison! May the Maker grant you many years!" The crowd roared.


    Later that evening as the wedding reception wound down to its natural conclusion, Verity Vehn cornered Thaddeus Karr to talk about business.

    "They will be happy for many years I believe," Verity said.

    "Yes, they will," Thaddeus replied, "they are a good fit for one another."

    "Have you had time to think about our agreement?" Verity asked.

    "Yes and I agree to all terms," Thaddeus replied, "but there's one thing I need."

    "Name it," Verity said.

    "I need the Vehn family's support if I am to make my presidential run," Thaddeus said.

    Verity sought out Eleanor in the crowd. She found her eldest daughter passionately talking with her cousin, and Bakuran counterpart, Declan. Eleanor was being very expressive and adamant with her hands which meant that the conversation had to be serious. She wondered what the two of them could possibly be talking about and why it seemed so important.

    "Verity," Thaddeus said, "do we have a deal?"

    Verity knew Eleanor was unlikely to run again and Thaddeus was a good candidate. A strong candidate. He would owe the Vehn family a great deal and would definitely be in their pocket. It would be like running the Federation government from afar.

    "You have my support and backing," Verity replied as she continued to keep an eye on Eleanor who was now making her way over to her.

    "Thank you," Thaddeus replied disappearing into the crowd.

    Verity headed to the open bar and got a drink. She didn't have to look over to know that Eleanor was standing next to her helping herself to some spirits.

    "That was quite a conversation you were having with Declan," Verity said delicately, "everything alright?"

    "We just needed to work out a few things," Eleanor replied, "resolve a few differences. We're good now."

    "Are you?" Verity probed.

    "Declan and I are fine," Eleanor snapped, "I wish I could say the same about the frakking Republic."

    "What's wrong?"

    "I have nothing to my name. I have no free trade deal, I have no political victories, I have a mess in the Centrality, I have nothing but fires to put out," Eleanor cursed.

    "You have more than you realize," Verity replied, "and let me remind you that you did not start the war in the Centrality. They did. They are at fault. If they can't make peace than nobody can. Free trade will come with time, Eleanor. You can't expect the Republic to move fast overnight. They have decades of separation from the Outer Rim to work against. Give them time."

    "I don't have time," Eleanor replied downing her drink, "time is against me."

    "I think you're being hard on yourself," Verity said.

    "Not as hard as I should be after we botched the operation," Eleanor grumbled.

    "What operation?" Verity asked.

    Eleanor explained everything to Verity whose eyes went wide with shock.

    "What are you going to do about this? You can't sweep it under the rug especially once the families of the dead start asking questions," Verity said.

    "I'll figure something out," Eleanor replied. "I always do."

    Verity looked over at Austin and Addison and an idea came to her. "I might have a way to help you out of this predicament."

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  5. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Oh, the Noble House would definitely be there in numbers. Even if he chose the Vehn name, he is still a Trieste to them. ;) And yes, difficult days ahead politically!
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  6. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009

    South Fork, Roon

    Twin Meadows School


    The school bell rang loud and clear as the children scooped up their belongings, let out cheers, and ran out of the main hall to scholarly freedom. The school room, beautifully restored by funds from the South Fork town council and generous donations from community members, was now empty. Kasey Vehn had been instrumental in gathering funds to revive the old school and prevent future generations of children from having to travel the long distance to Nunurra, the next major metropolis.

    Lilly Vehn watched with a twinge of sadness as the summer break took the last of her children away. This was to be her last year assisting Kasey Vehn at the small school that had made quite a name for itself over the years. The school now had a waiting list as more and more families poured into South Fork to contribute to the economic revival of rural Roon. Eventually, Lilly knew, the school would need to expand.

    Lilly would miss the children's smiling faces and eagerness to learn. She would miss helping those who fell behind in their studies get caught up. She would miss seeing that spark in a child's eye when they knew they were special and had the ability to succeed. She would miss a lot of things as she realized that her destiny lay elsewhere beyond the comfortable confines of the school.

    "I don't suppose I can talk you into staying?" Kasey asked.

    "I've stayed long enough," Lilly replied.

    "And what a positive impact you made," Kasey said. "You will be greatly missed. Where will you go from here?"

    Lilly paused ever so slightly as she reflected on where she'd been. She had been orphaned at eight when her parents died in a horrific speeder crash on Nar Shaddaa. A crash that had left her disabled from the waist down. Kaitlyn Vehn, who'd narrowly survived a shuttle crash, was at the same physical rehabilitation facility and the two immediately hit it off.

    Kaitlyn, being her kind self, had adopted Lilly and promised that Lilly would one day be healed. Kaitlyn made good on her word and taken Lilly to the Jedi Temple for a healing. When the Jedi were through with Lilly she could walk again. She had a new lease on life and she swore to do all she could to help those in need. That was, in part, how she found her way to South Fork after having a high profile career as the owner of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    "You're not thinking of going back to Nar Shaddaa are you?" Kasey asked.

    "I was actually thinking about Empress Teta," Lilly replied.

    "What's there for you?"

    "A speech, a bronze bust, and a tribute to a hero," Lilly replied.

    "All noble pursuits," Kasey said, "and then what?"

    "I'm sure I'll land somewhere," Lilly said as she gave Kasey a fierce hug.

    "I know you will," Kasey replied as she returned the embrace. "I for one am going to miss you a great deal."

    "I'm going to miss you, this place, all of it," Lilly said as she pulled away.

    "You come back anytime," Kasey said, "there will always be a place for you here."

    "I know," Lilly replied with a smile.

    Lilly took one final look around the school house before departing. A chapter had just closed in her life and she could feel a new one begin. Where it took her was anyone's guess.

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  7. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Nime, Roon

    Federation Security Briefing

    "This better be good," Eleanor said as she strode into the central briefing room of Federation High Command, "and worth interrupting a Smuggler game against Mando'ade."

    "Directon Vehn," Commander Myles Khyden, commanding officer of the Phantoms, said, "I believe you'll like what I have to hear. It's about the Centrality."

    "What isn't about the Centrality," Eleanor said as she crossed her arms.

    Commander Khyden remained unphased by Eleanor's comments and continued with his briefing, "Federation intelligence has learned that Eastern Centrality forces have begun packing up their weapons and countless divisions are heading for home. A significant amount of their fleet is now being grounded on Tund and one message continues repeating over and over from their central broadcasting system: our Supreme Leader is dead. All forces are to cease fire and return to Tund at once."

    Eleanor perked up. "Reyna Heraat is dead? Can we confirm this?"

    "We're working on it at the moment. All information points that Heraat was killed sometime after the botched raid on the villa. That's when the transmissions started going out. When the fighting started to cease. When their units broke their formations and ran. Our liasons in the Western Centrality have been working hard to prevent their forces from crossing into Eastern space until we know exactly what is going on as we don't want the destablization spreading," Commander Khyden said.

    "Who is in charge?" Eleanor asked.

    "Difficult to ascertain," Commander Khyden said, "but we have a message that is for your eyes only."

    Khyden handed over a datapad to Eleanor who quickly accessed the message. Her eyes flew across the text and when she was done she felt an icy chill slip down her spine. "Mobilize the fleet. Inform my brother that we're leaving at once for Tund. Have the Phantoms on standby."

    "As you wish, Director," Khyden replied.

    I have an opportunity to end this war once and for all. I'm going to take it Eleanor thought as she strode out of the briefing room to catch her shuttle.


    Austin felt his comm. unit buzz. He glanced down and saw that it was a coded message from Eleanor. This was the secure channel. Something big was going down and she needed his help. He kissed Addison goodbye and was about to leave when he felt a twinge in the Force. A whisper of suggestion flowed through him. He quickly went to his grandfather's study and reached for the old lightsaber.

    "I might need you," Austin whispered as he leapt into his speeder and took off in the direction of the spaceport.



    Master Tel Adain sat atop the throne that had once belonged to Rayna Heraat, Supreme Leader of the Eastern Centrality. From his perch, he surveyed the landfall of numerous capital ships, transports, and other weapons of war that had been recalled from the front lines. The war was coming to an end. It had served its purpose.

    "Long range sensors detect a moderately sized Federation fleet exiting hyperspace," an aide whispered in his ear, "they are heavily armed. They are requesting an immediate audience."

    "Bring her to me," Master Tel Adain replied.

    Two armed guards emerged from a dark corridor dragging a battered and beaten woman between them. The guards threw the woman down at Adain's feet where she lay facedown against the cool marble floor. Adain rolled her over with the tip of his boot and sneered.

    "So weak," Adain said, "you had one simple task and you failed. I thought you were up to the challenge. I thought that you, of all people, could light the spark that would burn the galaxy down. That would pave the way for my accession."

    Rayna Heraat's ragged breathing filled the throne room. She looked into Adain's eyes and felt a genuine sense of fear as the dark powers of the Force emanated from the fallen Jedi Master's lips. A trickle of blood escaped the corner of her mouth and slid down her cheek. She was broken. A shadow of her former self.

    "There is still time," Rayna weakly protested, "give me one more chance. We can still finish what we started."

    Adain spun, cloak flowing freely around him, as he headed to a nearby holograph emitter. He flipped a few switches and the emitter powered to life. He stepped back so that he wouldn't show in the transmission. With one outstretched finger he pointed at the emitter and said to Rayna, "Redeem yourself."

    Rayna struggled to her feet and limped over to the holographic emitter. She struggled to gather her thoughts, to figure out what to say now that her entire military had pulled away from the front. It was not her choice and she was perplexed as to why Adain had thrown away the Eastern Centrality's greatest advantage.

    "Transmitting," a computerized voice said as Rayna stood on the emitter and began to speak.

    Adain watched from several feet away before whispering to an aide, "Bring in the thirteen."

    It was time.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Noooooooooooo. And we know who one of the Thirteen is! Not that!
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  9. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    RFS Rowena

    "Holographic message from Rayna Heraat," Admiral Karr said turning to Eleanor, "she's requesting a meeting with Director Vehn."

    "I thought she was dead," Eleanor replied.

    "Our sources indicated that she was-" Admiral Karr said.

    "Nearly," Austin interjected reaching out with the Force, "but I can feel a darkness around her that reminds me of something I have felt before. There's another presence down there as well. A trapped presence."

    Austin's eyes went wide, "I've felt this soul before...."

    Austin's voice trailed off as he broke the connection and looked at Eleanor who stared at him with a curious expression. "Are you sure you want to go?"

    "I've been trying to forge a peace in the Centrality for years. I'm not going to miss my opportunity," Eleanor replied as the pair headed for the shuttle that would take them to Tund.



    The Federation shuttle carrying Eleanor and Austin landed without incident in the capital of the Eastern Centrality. A heavy Federation military escort , including starfighter cover, remained around the shuttle as the pair disembarked in case the situation took a nose dive into the unpleasant.

    "The capital has seen better days," Eleanor remarked.

    "When all of your political wealth goes into fighting a war you cannot win," Austin replied, "you're willing to make a few concessions."

    "You mentioned you felt a familiar presence," Eleanor said, "what did you mean by that?"

    Austin nearly hesitated as the pair entered the People's Hall, a long and narrow room once used for political rallies. He felt the old guilt return. He'd never told Eleanor that he had seen Grace and nearly rescued her a few years ago. The weight of knowing Grace was alive, of lying to his sister every time she asked about her daughter, was nearly too much for Austin to bear alone.

    "What is it?" Eleanor pressed.

    "There's something I need to tell you," Austin said.

    "Go ahead, I'm listening," Eleanor replied.

    Austin opened his mouth to speak when he felt the darkness return. A chill slipped through Peace Hall that wasn't prompted by a weather change but a change in the energy of the space around him. His hand cautiously reached for his lightsaber while his other senses remained alert.

    "Welcome," Master Tel Adain said as he emerged from the shadows of the hall. "I've been expecting you."

    "I didn't come here to talk with you," Eleanor snarled.

    "But you will talk to me," Adain insisted.

    "Where's Reyna?" Eleanor asked.

    "Safe," Adain replied.

    "Is she alive?" Eleanor pressed.

    "For now," Adain replied, "I see you've brought my old apprentice with you. Austin, I wasn't aware you've returned to the folds of the Jedi?"

    "I haven't," Austin honestly replied, "they haven't earned my trust."

    "Does that mean you've reconsidered my offer?" Adain asked.

    "I'll never join you," Austin replied.

    "You may wish to reconsider before our time is up today," Adain said, "I've brought you here to discuss a peace."

    "The Federation government will only negotiate a peace with the leader of the Eastern Centrality, Reyna Heraat," Eleanor said.

    "A pity," Adain said as he motioned with a hand to Reyna resting on her knees, head sagging, "as you can see she's hardly in a position to negotiate much less rule her government."

    Eleanor quickly strode across Peace Hall and moved up the dais steps to the main platform. She was within arm's reach of Reyna when a force field knocked her back several feet. She skidded to a stop and looked at Adain.

    "She's dying," Eleanor pleaded, "lower the shields!"

    "I wish I could," Adain replied, "but the decision isn't up to me. You should ask her."

    Adain pointed to a masked figure wearing black armor and robes facing away from Eleanor and Austin. She was slender, yet muscular, and young based on her stature.


    "Take off your helmet, child," Adain commanded, "let them see your face."

    The teenage girl reached up with a gauntleted hand and began to pull off her helmet. Her brown hair tumbled down around her head as the helmet was pulled off. She dropped the helmet to the floor as she settled both hands on a nearby Force pike. She activated the weapon and cautiously turned to face Reyna and in so doing her guests.

    Austin knew who was underneath the helmet. He knew the identity of the assassin before him. He felt a sickening feeling in his stomach as Eleanor looked on with muted interest and shock. He knew what needed to be done and Eleanor wasn't going to like it.

    "Is that...?" Eleanor began to ask as she brought a hand up to her mouth in shock.

    Austin called upon the Force and tapped into a power that he rarely used. A power that Master Adain himself had taught him not so very long ago to get into difficult situations. Austin heard the chilling coldness of the Force call to him as he waved a hand near Eleanor's head. Austin caught Eleanor on her way down to the ground.

    "Austin, my dear apprentice, you ruined my surprise," Adain said slightly irritated.

    "I swore an oath a long time ago to protect my sister from the truth," Austin said as he looked up at 13 year old Grace Vehn.

    "She will find out, one of these days. And when she does she will hate you for hiding the truth from her," Adain replied.

    "I'm willing to take that chance," Austin said as he returned his attention to Grace.

    "Grace, don't do this, don't listen to him!" Austin shouted.

    "You can't reach her, Austin," Adain taunted, "she can't be saved. She's mine!"

    Adain gave a nod of his head. The signal to kill was given.

    Grace nodded and then thrust the Force pike through Reyna's chest. Reyna screamed and fell to the floor. Death came quickly after that. Grace stood over the body as Reyna twitched slightly as her systems shut down and death took hold. The work was done. Her first kill as a pupil of Master Adain was complete.

    Austin screamed, his cries echoing around the chamber, as Grace retreated into the darkness. His lightsaber flashed to life and he turned to charge Adain but Adain had disappeared. There was no one else in the room except for Eleanor, who slept peacefully, and the dead body of Reyna Heraat.

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  10. jcgoble3

    jcgoble3 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2010
    Why yes, Adain did just do that. He did just use Eleanor's own daughter to stop Eleanor's plans. I'm shocked, and at the same time, not surprised at all.

    I look forward to Eleanor demanding to know what happened when she wakes up.
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  11. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Somehow I bet @Vehn has it all worked out. ;)
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  12. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    RFS Rowena
    Orbit Above Tund
    Medical Bay

    "I'm fine," Eleanor protested as the medical droids wharbled and whirred around running their tests and diagnostics.

    "Eleanor, perhaps you should-"

    "Leave us," Eleanor commanded as the droids took note and vacated the room.

    There was a heavy silence that filled the room. A silence that threatened to create a chasm between them. Austin wanted to speak but knew better than to push the issue. Eleanor was about to come after him. He could feel her tension. All he could do to prepare himself was to start thinking of his responses now.

    "What happened down there?" Eleanor asked.

    "My old master, Tel Adain, orchestrated the execution of Reyna Heraat, leader of the Eastern Centrality. He seems to command a loyal following of bodyguards who have a trace of Force sensitivity in their blood from everything I've felt," Austin replied.

    Eleanor curled her hands into fists and punched the bed in frustration. "Don't mess with me, Austin. That bodyguard, that assassin, looked an awful lot like my daughter, Grace. I could see the resemblance in the eyes, in the hair. The mannerisms. They were mine!"

    I can't lie to her, Austin thought, not anymore.

    "Do you know something?" Eleanor pressed as she looked hard at Austin.

    She's got you dead to rights, Austin thought.

    "I have suspected for some time, Eleanor, that Grace is alive," Austin began, "and I believe that she has been apprehended by a sinister darkness. I don't know if she's training under Master Adain, or where she is at all, but I do know that the Dark Side of the Force is very strong with him. He would say or do anything to distract you from the real goal of this mission: a peaceful resolution to the Eastern Centrality conflict."

    "She looked like me," Eleanor insisted, "if that wasn't my daughter than who was that?"

    Here goes, Austin thought.

    "I suppose now is a good time to tell you what I know," Austin replied. "You remember when I left the Jedi Order? Course you do. I never told you why. I never told you the details. I only said that they had asked me to choose between family and duty."

    "Go on," Eleanor said.

    "A few weeks before I left the Jedi Order I was tasked with finding Master Adain and bringing him back to justice before the Council. They sent me to Tarhassan, a planet in the independent systems, with a small Jedi strike team. We found Adain, we fought him, and he defeated us without so much as breaking a sweat. It was during my encounter with him that I realized how far he'd fallen to the Dark Side. His teachings were always radical, mind you, but the anger and darkness flowing through him had corrupted his soul," Austin explained.

    "What happened?" Eleanor asked.

    "Adain had found the lost cloak of the powerful Sith Lord Deran," Austin said.

    "The villian of the Battle of Obroa-Skai," Eleanor said recalling her knowledge of galactic history.

    "Precisely," Austin replied, "and he was using the cloak to funnel his own darkness as well as start a school."

    "What kind of school?" Eleanor asked.

    "A school consisting of Force sensitive children to teach them the art of assassination and covert operations," Austin admitted.

    "Grace wasn't Force sensitive," Eleanor pointed out, "so she musn't be with Master Adain."

    "Sometimes Force sensitivity blossoms at a later age," Austin reminded his sister.

    "I had hoped that in finding Master Adain, maybe, just maybe, I would find Grace as well. You see, there were numerous children ranging from 8-11 years old training with all kinds of weapons and tactics. I reached out with the Force, fought away the darkness, and searched for her," Austin explained, "and I didn't find anything. If she was there, and she could have been, the darkness was obscuring my ability to detect her."

    Not entirely a lie, Austin thought, Grace was gone to me. At least the Grace I knew. She was there though but I can't tell her that. It would destroy her.

    Eleanor ran a hand through her hair. Austin could tell she was exhausted. He hoped his explanation was enough. He hoped he could, at least for now, call off the dogs. He hoped, in the long run, that she would forgive him for withholding everything.

    "Reyna Heraat is dead. The Eastern Centrality, by its own leadership, has ceased to fight their war," Eleanor said, "and I must be thankful for the victories we have achieved. I'll deal with Adain later, for now, let's focus on the road ahead."

    "Where do you need me?" Austin asked.

    "Where you have always belonged," Eleanor said as she left the medical wing, "by my side."

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    Austin walked a very fine line there, but succeeded. Eleanor must not know the truth about Grace yet.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    My memory is hazy--based on adventures that take place later in the timeline, how much lying did Austin do there?
  15. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Just enough to put a seed of doubt in Eleanor's mind. Just enough to make her pause and question what she saw. Eleanor knows Grace is alive. She knows that she was abducted by sinister forces. She has not, and will not in this story, make the connection that Master Adain trained Grace to be a ruthless killer. She has her suspicions but she is an individual that lives in cold, hard, facts. Not speculation.

    The problem with writing a sequel to a story not yet finished isn't so much that the sequel isn't good or that they can't be connected. It's that when I re-read Shadows of Tesserone, which I absolutely enjoyed writing from start to finish because of the scope and intensity of the story, some details do not jive. For example, Austin and Grace reunite on a mission to take down Adain in Shadows but Austin doesn't know the adult version of Grace. Given what I've written here, that trajectory is harder for me to believe as Austin has met Grace at least two times in Fields while she is with Adain and actively harbors a secret from his sister.

    I also write about a different encounter for Grace's first kill. Reyna Heraat wasn't even created until this whole idea of the Centrality issue popped into my head. Doesn't mean that the Shadows version of Grace's first kill as a pupil of Adain isn't still poignant or important. Could be that maybe the kill she talks about in Shadows was the one that actually stuck with her.

    Again, we still have about 10 years to go before Fields becomes Shadows. A lot can happen between now and then and although I can get on a roll with Adain, Eleanor, Austin, and Grace, the further I write and go into that story, the more it could potentially foul up Shadows.

    Thank you both for the feedback. I see now why the burden of writing a 'prequel' to a sequel is so challenging.
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    That's a very insightful analysis of the challenges you face as a writer! The truth is that the very fact I ask the question shows that those devils in the details aren't distracting from my enjoyment. ;)
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    OOC: And now to setup the final act of Fields of you read the last line of this post I hope some of you remember what happens to Adain in Shadows....

    Eastern Centrality Space

    Master Adain towered over the wreckage of his private shuttle and watched with muted satisfaction as the shuttle popped and burned from the missile that had struck it down moments before. His eyes shifted over to where the ground lay furrowed for nearly a mile from the impact of the shuttle plowing into terra firma with excessive speed. He was even thrilled to note that a few bodies lay strewn about here and there to add to the sense of destruction. It was a perfect plan, it really was.

    "They'll never know what really happened here," an aide pointed out.

    "Good," Adain replied.

    Adain walked over to a robed figure lying facedown in the ground. The dark robes that adorned the figure were charred and smoldering. He could tell that the individual was a Cerulean like himself. A pity he had never gotten to know this individual. He'd died nearly a week before and his body had been snatched from the morgue to use in this great deception. A long cylinder hung near the body's waist. His lightsaber. Well, a replica anyways.

    "Very convincing," Adain commented, "almost too convincing."

    "Any tests that Federation security forces will run on this body will pull an exact match with existing records of your own blood. This will lead the Federation security forces to only one conclusion," an aide explained, "that you died when your shuttle was shot down over Tund by rogue elements of the Eastern Centrality armed forces."

    "Payback for the death of their leader," Adain mused.

    "Precisely," the aide replied.

    "Have my apprentices been moved to Tarhassan?" Adain asked.

    "They're enroute as we speak, my lord," the aide replied. "Our plan is going exactly the way we want."

    "Prepare my flagship for my arrival," Adain instructed, "and tell Captain Pyllarus to set a course for Tarhassan."

    "As you wish, my lord," the aide replied with a nod and hurried off to carry out the order.

    Adain surveyed the wreckage once more and knew that an era had fallen for him. The curtain had come down. His time being so overtly out in the open was over. Now he must prepare for operations in the shadows. Operations that could develop and grow beyond his tutelage into something potent, fierce, and deadly.

    "It is time for me to disappear," Adain remarked to the wreckage around him, "and may the galaxy forget that I ever existed. One day I shall strike and when I do I shall bring the house of Vehn to its knees."


    Nime, Roon

    Commander Myles Khyden looked up from the latest situational report from the Eastern Centrality. The war was entering a new phase. Western Centrality forces had overrun the front lines and were closing in on Tund. An occupation was imminent. Equally disturbing was the last probe pass of the system which revealed that Eastern Centrality forces were retreating into the hinterlands to carry out a guerilla war. That would mean peace would be nearly impossible to achieve. Eleanor would not have her victory. The Federation would not emerge as the premiere power in the region.

    Fortunately, Khyden thought, neither would the other powers in the region.

    The Corporate Sector Authority had done significant damage to Federation interests in the region. Their open support of the Eastern Centrality regime had nearly led to an actual altercation between the two powers. Fortunately, cooler hads had typically prevailed and although a few unfortunate incidents between the CSA and the Federation had resulted in unnecessary casualties, the conflict had not widened any further.

    Since the death of Rayna Heraat had become public knowledge, the CSA had pulled back its support for the Eastern Centrality on the grounds that their position had been undermined. The Federation, unable and unwilling to be sucked into a larger conflict, waited tensely on the sidelines while their allies in the Western Centrality started to celebrate a potential victory even though the signs of a long, drawn out conflict were written as plain as day.

    "I read the latest report," Eleanor said startling Khyden.

    He hadn't heard her come in much less the doors open and close. He studied Eleanor for a moment, choosing his words carefully, before opening his mouth to reply, "Not the way we had envisioned things to play out."

    "Life has a way of happening," Eleanor replied.

    "Peace will be hard to come by," Khyden observed.

    "It was never about peace," Eleanor replied, "it was about saving lives. Now that the Western Centrality has moved in to finish Tund off for good the mass executions of civilians should become an item of the past. The Federation won't be able to take credit for brokering a deal and for that I'm disappointed. Still, at least the other powers are just as impotent."

    "So you suggest our forces wait it out?" Khyden asked hoping for clarification.

    "Commander," Eleanor began, "when have I ever been one to sit on the sidelines? We're going to use the Phantoms to continue to exert our influence in the region."

    "That could get expensive. Besides, there aren't enough Phantoms to do that kind of military operation," Khyden pointed out.

    Eleanor shook her head. "I have an executive order from President William Ypres to create teams of Phantoms. Twelve operators each plus supply crew. Teams One, Three, and Five will operate out of Klatooine and Teams Two and Four will operate remotely from the RFS Rowena."

    "I believe you missed a team," Khyden pointed out, "what about Team Six?"

    Eleanor let a barely perceptible smile tug at her lips, "What about them?"

    "Where will they be stationed? What is their assignment?" Khyden pressed.

    "They are to do the personal bidding of the Director of Foreign Affairs," Eleanor said, "and that is all I am at liberty to discuss."

    "Are you going to give me a roster? I need to know which men and women I will not be pulling for my own missions," Khyden said.

    "Vehn, Riggins, Delvore, just to name a few," Eleanor replied.

    "Those are some of my best operators," Khyden fumed, "what makes you think you can circumvent the military and create your own private task force?"

    "It's perfectly legal," Eleanor replied.

    "Nothing about the Phantoms is legal," Khyden reminded his superior.

    "Precisely," Eleanor said, "which is why Team Six has a very special mission."

    "Go on," Khyden said.

    "I received news this morning from Team Six that Master Adain is deceased. It seems that Eastern Centrality forces turned on him and shot down his shuttle as he was attempting to flee Tund," Eleanor said.

    "And?" Khyden asked.

    "I know Master Tel Adain and he would never let himself be so easily killed," Eleanor replied, "he's alive and he's gone into deep hiding. I've assigned Team Six to track him down, free the young children he has abducted, and end his little operation once and for all."

    "That could take years," Khyden replied, astonished, "decades, even."

    Eleanor leaned forward and that dangerous glint entered her eye. "I don't care how long it takes. I don't care how much money is spent. Master Adain is going to be found and when I do finally track him down there will be a reckoning."

    "Why is it so important that you find him?" Khyden asked.

    Eleanor returned her attention to the map of the galaxy displayed before her. There was Republic space, there was Federation space, and then there was so many open worlds in between. They were prime hunting ground for Team Six. They were also vulnerable to political influence from the two great powers. Her eyes slowly wandered back up to meet Khyden's.

    "It's important that I find him," Eleanor replied, "because I know the truth. I know what my brother Austin tried so hard to hide from me all these years. I know what I have always known deep down inside my gut, inside my very soul. My deepest fears were confirmed when I went to Tund, when I entered Peace Hall."

    "What?" Khyden asked as the room suddenly squeezed in all around him.

    "Grace Vehn is alive," Eleanor replied, "and I suspect, but cannot prove, that Master Tel Adain has her under his control. You see, when I find Master Adain, there will be a great reckoning. I don't intend to kill him. No, you see, I want him to suffer. I want him to think about all the things he has done to my daughter. How he has corrupted her. How he has nearly destroyed the good inside of her. When I get my hands on Master Adain I am going to send him to the one place that will terrify him most."

    "Where's that?" Khyden asked.

    "The Prism," Eleanor replied with a smile, "the one place where even the Force is dead to the galaxy."

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    Corporate Sector Authority

    "Director Vehn," ExO Veronica Aimes said rising from her seat of power. She was the great granddaughter of infamous ExO of the CSA: Kati Aimes and daughter of recently executed ExO Selena Aimes.

    "ExO Aimes," Eleanor replied extending her hand for a brief handshake.

    Eleanor could feel the chill in the room and it wasn't emanating from the floor to ceiling windows just behind ExO Aimes' desk. The chill was coming as a direct result of the challenging relationship between the Federation and their CSA rivals both of whom unofficially supported opposing sides in the Centrality crisis. The two of them sat down at the same time and exchanged a quiet look of contemplation. Neither was sure how to begin.

    "I trust you've heard the news by now," Veronica began, "Reyna Heraat, leader of the Eastern Centrality is dead. Western Centrality forces have already overrun the border and have started to land their forces on Tund. There's fear in the Eastern Centrality of reprisals, brutal assaults, of an occupation."

    "There's fear in the Western Centrality of a guerrilla war," Eleanor replied referring to reports she'd received indicating that the Eastern Centrality armed forces, although politically defeated, still possessed the ability to wage a brutal and lengthy insurgency.

    "Our two governments have no love for one another," Veronica admitted, "and we have just indirectly fought a war against one another with neither side gaining any ground or political influence. Yes, the Western Centrality has landed on Tund but there's no guarantee of victory, is there? Besides, there's a bigger concern: the galactic economy."

    "Go on," Eleanor said.

    "I don't know about your markets but ours have absolutely tanked since we openly started supporting the Eastern Centrality. Fear of being
    dragged into an open war with the Federation has kept the markets down and the shareholders are not happy. They're out for blood," Veronica said.

    "Our markets have suffered as well," Eleanor admitted, "our support of the Western Centrality, and their human rights violations, has called into question the very arm of our foreign diplomacy. I feel that the Centrality issue as a whole has been more trouble than its worth."

    "A weak Outer Rim eventually leads to a weakened Core," Veronica pointed out, "and I see that neither one of our governments enjoys a free trade deal with the greatest economic power in the region: the Republic."

    Eleanor wondered just how much she could trust Veronica. She was being so honest, so open, and usually that meant that the other party had an ulterior motive. Not this time. Perhaps war fatigue could bring about peace in a way that neither side realized. Perhaps there was an opening here for something else, something unexpected.

    "The death of Reyna Heraat frees the Corporate Sector Authority from all military obligations and commitments to the Eastern Centrality," Veronica said.

    "I will admit that the Federation frowns upon an occupation of Tund to force reunification. This was not the strategy the Federation discussed with Prime Minister Shyl Vynko of the Western Centrality. Personally, I am upset that he so quickly sent his military forces to the Eastern Centrality capital. The situation just got a lot worse."

    "I have a proposal," Veronica suggested.

    "Very well," Eleanor replied.

    "What if our two governments ceased all financial, political, and military support for the Centrality? What if instead we pulled away from any interests in the region and let the Centrality figure itself out?" Veronica said.

    "That would definitely make Federation citizens a lot happier about our foreign policy decisions," Eleanor replied, "and I think the markets would reflect that in a matter of time."

    "War has not worked out well for either one of us, Eleanor," Veronica said, "perhaps its time we stopped fighting one another."

    "I am willing to take that idea back to President Ypres. He'd like to score a political victory before his term runs its course," Eleanor said, "but before I leave you mentioned free trade and the Republic. It seems both our governments have a bone to pick."

    "Our two regions used to enjoy significant economic benefits with the Republic. Since the Kattan Doctrine the Outer Rim has had to fend for itself. I propose that our two governments sign a separate trade pact, one that mutually benefits both sides, in exchange for peace," Veronica suggested.

    "All in the name of business and profit," Eleanor replied.

    "Precisely," ExO Veronica Aimes said. "Besides, it doesn't look like the Kattan Doctrine will be repealed anytime soon. Even it it were I can assure you that our trade arrangements could be most beneficial to the Federation."

    "Likewise," Eleanor replied.

    "For peace?" Veronica asked.

    "For peace," Eleanor replied.


    One Week Later
    Nime, Roon

    Holocameras flashed and clicked away as President William Ypres shook hands with ExO Veronica Aimes as the two heads of state officially met for the media. Minutes later the two heads of state officially signed the terms of the agreement in front of a packed room of foreign dignitaries.

    The media would call the newly signed pact the Bonadan-Nime Peace Accords.

    Eleanor Vehn would always refer to the accords as the day the Federation began a quiet takeover of ExO Veronica Aimes' holdings. Eleanor's private bid to neutralize the CSA as a political, economic, and military threat to Nime was now coming to fruition.

    Besides, Eleanor thought, I needed a way to fund the secret operations of the Phantoms and what better way than to use the credits of my enemies?

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    Trying a corporate takeover of the Corporate Sector Authority? Now that's ambitious.
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    OOC: This is to be my final post involving Eleanor/Austin and a few of the adopted Vehns. Any further into these stories and I run the risk of ruining all that I have written in Shadows of Tesserone. This story, as it enters its final decade before Shadows of Tesserone, will have a new focus on a couple of select characters.

    Thank you for your patience and your continued support.

    290 ABY
    Nime, Roon

    Director of Foreign Affairs Eleanor Vehn stood quietly off to one side as former President William Ypres gave his farewell address. Thousands packed the square in front of the Presidential offices to see him off into a new adventure. William would be returning to Druckenwell and retiring from political life. His decades long political career was finally coming to an end.

    Eleanor caught a slight hitch in William's voice as he turned to address his youngest, and only surviving daughter, Corrie and his wife, Sabra. The audience roared and clapped as William thanked his family for their endearing support through the most difficult portions of his political career. He briefly touched on how much it would've meant to him to have Kaitlyn here as well and how he knew that somewhere in the heavens she approved of all he had done for Druckenwell and for the Roon Federation.

    More applause. More cheers.

    It was the changing of the guard.

    Incoming President Thaddeus Karr, who'd successfully corralled the nimble and light Roon Senate into action, stepped before the podium and shook hands with former President William Ypres and his wife before launching into his speech. A speech filled with rhetoric about securing the borders of the Federation, about cracking down on illegal immigration, about balancing the trade deficit with the Republic, getting out of pointless foreign wars, and so on.

    Thunderous applause from the raucous crowd that favored protectionism and a strong foreign policy.

    Thaddeus had been elected on a conservative platform and planned to dismantle a great many advancements the Federation had made in the preceding decade since the end of the Roon-Druckenwellian war. Eleanor had deep reservations about Thaddeus Karr, another powerful individual from Druckenwell, who also had a bitter corporate feud going on with the Ypres Initiative. He was brash, thought too highly of himself, and had filled out his cabinet with power hungry young men and women too keen on reforming the galaxy.

    The independent systems would be their sandbox. The markets would be their tools and their harsh rhetoric towards those who thought against their policies would be their weapons. They were the new generation. The post war generation. The generation that relied upon baseless vitriol, state media, and unbridled fear to extend their powerful political philosophies.

    This new generation had inherited a booming economy, painstakingly rebuilt by Eleanor and William Ypres, a thaw in relations with the Republic, and a sense that the Federation could do no wrong in the lawless independent systems. There was talk of ramping up military spending of truly projectiong the power of the Federation military in places that it had never dared to go before. There was lots of talk in those early days. Talk that did not bode well for the future.

    Eleanor, ever the diplomat, had called upon the Karr administration on election night to congratulate them on their victory. Thaddeus had been professional through and through and even offered Eleanor the same position in his cabinet due to her experience and political accumen. Eleanor had declined stating that she was exhausted from several years of captaining the foreign policy of the Federation and that it was time to once again retire from political life.

    The truth was that Eleanor Vehn loathed Thaddeus Karr and everything he represented. She had been stunned on election night to note that Thaddeus had won in a bitter political campaign that saw his very own daughter, Addison, run against him. Addison held to a broader platform that would've gotten her elected on any other world, any other planetary government, but fringe elements within the Federation had found their political voice and political champion in Thaddeus and road his revisionism to delirious heights and ultimately victory.

    Eleanor privately wondered that had former President William Ypres run for re-election if the result would've been far different. The Ypres name wasn't synonymous with establishment. Addison Vehn, wife of Austin, had the burden of carrying a name that had long dominated political interests in the region. The results of the most recent presidential election had proven to Eleanor that the establishment had lost to something far more rogue and dangerous. Her resignation, therefore, had seemed like the logical choice.

    Eleanor's declination had reverberated far and wide throughout the Federation and the Republic. It was a clear signal that this new administration, however conservative, had failed to land one of the most valued and experienced political minds of their generation. Suddenly the government on Nime looked frail and insecure. They had failed to land their heavyweight blow. Now they would recover and find another person, someone more in line with the current administration's way of thinking. Someone that wouldn't be afraid to do what had to be done in the name of peace and security.

    The crowd roared snapping Eleanor from her quiet reverie. President Thaddeus Karr had just been sworn in as the third president of the Roon Federation. Eleanor quietly said a prayer to the Maker. She did not know what the future held but she knew the next decade of Federation politics and policies would never be the same. At least, she thought, her political goals could remain intact.

    The funding from the Corporate Sector Authority had gone swimmingly well. Eleanor's slicers had been able to secretly snatch several million credits from the enlarged exchequer of the CSA to fund the secret military operations of the Phantoms. An operation that incoming President Thaddeus Karr would never have knowledge of as any evidence pertaining to the Phantoms, its members, and its overall purpose had been thoroughly purged.

    Eleanor said a quiet goodbye to a few aides who had tears in their eyes, gave one final wave to the adoring crowds, before slipping into the black, armored, speeder that would take her back to her family and Tesserone. As she headed away from Nime for the last time in her life Eleanor reflected on how much she'd gained and couldn't ignore what she had lost: her daughter.

    I will find you again, Grace, I promise you that, Eleanor thought as a chapter in her life came to a close and another, far more quiet and secretive, began.


    "You did all you could to challenge your father," Addison consoled his wife, "and for that I am proud of you."

    "It wasn't enough," Addison replied. "I underestimated the support he could generate for his cause."

    "You aren't defeated. Not by a long shot," Austin replied, "there will be another opportunity."

    "I hope you're right," Addison said and then after a quiet pause, "have you made your decision?"

    "I have," Austin replied, "and I have been in touch with the Jedi Temple on Ossus. They'd like me to return as an instructor. My experience in diplomacy as well as confronting Master Tel Adain was what sold them to bring me back."

    "Did they issue a full pardon?" Addison asked.

    Austin nodded as he buckled his utility belt and lightsaber around his Jedi robes. "They did and they understood why I left the Order. They are eager to have me back and I am eager to rejoin their ranks. I have much to learn and also much to teach."

    Addison drew Austin close to her and kissed him. "There's other news, my love."

    "What other news?" Austin inquired of his wife.

    "I am with child," Addison replied as Austin smiled and laughed, "and now you have another reason to come home more often."

    "I most certainly do," Austin replied as his hand instinctively reached down to rest on Addison's abdomen.

    Austin would teach for many years at the Jedi Temple on Ossus. He would impart his knowledge of fighting the temptations of the Dark Side, of how to seek out those who would hide in the darkness, and ultimately, defeat them. He would always keep an eye out for his niece, Grace, but as the years wore on and the decade of the 290's grew old he began to doubt he would ever find her again.


    Lilly Vehn would go on to establish an art school on Nar Shaddaa. She would work closely in conjunction with the Valor Foundation to identify at risk youth who could benefit from learning a different method for channeling their problems. She would go on to win several prestigious awards from community partners and live a long life of giving back to the community and healing those whose hearts had been wounded by life.

    She would be the keynote speaker at Kaitlyn Vehn's Elite League Limmie Hall of Fame induction in 290 and was famously quoted as having said, "Kaitlyn Vehn changed my life. She adopted me as one of her own. I owe everything to her. My education, my wealth, my name, but most importantly, my life. She healed me. Before I was broken and now I am whole."


    Kurt and Victoria Vehn would remain heavily entrenched in the racing scene at Federation speedway. They would remain heavily involved in the day to day operations of their racing empire but as the years wore on they became focused on the research and development side of the industry. They would champion several innovative ideas for pod racing and open wheel racing that continue to be used for decades to come.


    Former Admiral of the Federation Navy James Vehn and his wife Tallia would retire to Nime. James would occasionally teach at the newly constructed Nime Military Academy as a guest speaker and discuss his role in the Roon Civil War and various field operations thereafter.

    He would be the author of several memoirs about his long career in the Federation navy, and the old RTO before that, and fight a decades long legal battle against the survivors of the Leritor massacre of which he took part. An operation that remains classified to this day.


    Kasey Vehn would continue to teach in South Fork and watch with pride as each class graduated and went out into the galaxy to make a difference. She ended up marrying the sheriff of the town and settled down to a quiet rural existence. Her success in teaching eventually led to her being promoted to run the entire rural school district for Roon in a newly created cabinet position at the planetary level.


    OOC: And now the reveal.....

    Jack Vehn, son of Kaitlyn Vehn and Liam Vehn, opened his eyes and stared up at the bunk above him. He'd been pounding the ground hard with the Phantoms as their data analyst/slicer and filled in from time to time as an operator. Killing wasn't his thing. He'd grown tired of taking lives. It seemed the operations never stopped. They came from an undisclosed source, were rerouted through command, and sent straight to his desk to give to the others.

    He had made his decision. He was done fighting. He was done killing. He resigned his position with the Phantoms and disappeared into the
    night. He wasn't sure where life was going to take him but he knew that he wanted one thing in the galaxy and one thing above all else: the Kyriad.

    She'd been stolen from him above some nameless world by a powerful pirate warlord. The ship was his birthright. Had once belonged to Derek Vehn who'd fought in the Neo-Sith War, been destroyed, and reborn anew. He vowed to find the ship no matter what it took.

    It was his destiny.

    Jack couldn't find the Kyriad alone. He needed help. For that he turned to Carley Kolvaard, a former racing champion who'd raced under the name Vehn, and knew the criminal underworld well.

    Carley had been adopted by Kurt and Victoria Vehn but had rejected her adoptive parents when she discovered that they had taken her from her birth mother without ever going through the legal adoption process. Kurt and Victoria had said it was to protect Carley but she didn't believe them. She hated them. She'd run away and disappeared deep underground only running into Jack Vehn at some backwater bar in which the two had discovered a common interest.


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    I sense a heist storyline coming... :D
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    Well, this sounds fun. :D