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Fantasy CLOSED The Final Game: A Story of Selenia

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by darthbernael , Dec 25, 2020.

  1. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    A Combo between @Corellian_Outrider @darthbernael and Ktala

    Elvan Council, E’mthalas, Qedraerhiel

    As Nissa told her story to the council, she could hear the buzz of voices around her, as whispers and comments filled the air. Once she finished speaking, the volume rose, as they spoke to each other. She could hear the snippets of questions being tossed around the room, but she stood firm. Every so often, one of the Elves would look towards her, and she would simply offer a small nod. Nissa took the time as they discussed things to look back to the sprites who were brave enough to accompany her. She smiled at the sprites. She felt like a lone tree, as they hid about her. Nissa eyed the woman Arienn. She seemed to hold more sway than her title she gave her. A few times Nissa heard Mystra's name mentioned, and Nissa felt comfort in hearing the name.

    Soon the voices grew still, and an older, silver-haired male elf stood up. Nissa turned towards him.

    “The Sidhe thank you little Fair Folk. You are blessed indeed, chosen to aid in this time of need. I would ask, would you, could you represent the Sidhe in this, as well as your own people?”

    Represent the Sidhe? Did he not realize that all life was being threatened? Besides, the elves had need of the forest, just as her people did. He made to continue speaking and Arienn coughed gently, standing as she did so. “Lord, we must dispense with flowery, elaborate speech, as dearly as we love it all. Besides, it seems we have another guest.” She smiled and gestured, a ball of light dropping from the canopy, illuminating Sagitar as he was making his way across the platform. Nissa looked towards the newcomer, as she stepped aside, curious now how this new being was.

    Lifting her voice, Arienn spoke. “Welcome, honored elf friend, the Wizard Sagitar.”

    More wizards?! Nissa eyed the newcomer, as she turned and nodded her head to acknowledge the new arrival. What news could this new person be bringing?

    Mae govannen.” Sagitar bowed his head respectfully as he greeted the council. “You give me great honour to welcome me to this hallowed chamber. It saddens me to see such devastation that had befallen these sacred lands.” He leaned some weight on his staff, weary from his travels. “I wish my presence was a bearer of good news during these troubling times however we shall see what can be done.”

    “Honorna Sagitar, welcome.” Arienn stated as she moved toward him. “Selenia nha aul avae'mhaor, si will fall kerradun saren aid.” she said, quietly.

    A gesture and a foursome of Elven guards approached, a pair of lesser thrones between them. The council slid back in their thrones so that the new additions could be placed and continue the circle.

    Turning back to Nissa, she spoke in the common tongue, “Please, both of you, join us that we may discuss and find a solution.” She gestured at the two empty seats as she spoke.

    Returning to her throne, she sat, the others of the council staying silent as she took the lead, “Nissa, you have spoken about what you have already experienced.” She touched her medallion, “Much is distressing in the land. We asked if you would represent us, but perchance you and the wizard may make a more formidable duo.”

    She steepled her fingers for a moment, “It is fortuitous that you have arrived now, Wizard, Nissa has been chosen to aid our Lady, Selenia. Have you too been chosen?” she asked with a small glint to her eyes.

    Sagitar looked over to the petite lady whom Arienn had called Nissa and inclined his head in subtle greeting. A lady graced with some elven features, yet, from his vantage point, he could tell there was something about her that set her apart from the others-

    The focus shifted back to him. Sagitar returned his gaze to Arienn as she asked her question. He caught the glint in her eyes.

    “I believe you already have your answer.” Sagitar allowed a warm smile. “I go where the path takes me and it is of no coincidence that it had brought me here, so far from my intended destination. The great lady works in mysterious ways and I am but her humble servant.”

    Nissa perked up as Arienn spoke high elven to the mage. But she was surprised to see two more thrones be brought forward, and then offered to both Sagitar and herself. She was surprised. But she graciously accepted the seat as Arienn spoke.

    Sagitar nodded towards Nissa just slightly. She responded in kind, holding back a smile from now. Obviously, from the way they responded to him, they looked towards him with a measure of respect. Nissa also noticed how Arienn touched her medallion as well as she spoke. Nissa smiled slightly. She carefully sat down, not sure if the smaller sprites behind her had stayed, or had flittered off, but she shifted her cloak back to cover all. Nissa did ponder at their use of the words, Lady Selenia. She decided she liked it. She looked over towards Sagitar after his answer that he would go where the path would take him.

    Nissa nodded her head as well. "I go where the Lady wills it. And I will do all that I can to aid in protecting those within her realm."

    Arienn smiled as the little sprites hovered around or landed on the throne she’d provided for Nissa. The little ones were tiny but fierce and seemed to have bonded themselves to the fairy. She nodded sagely to Sagitar, he was one of the champions indeed. It would be good to have these two assist each other, begin to change the course of this disaster.

    She lifted one hand, turning it palm up, a bubble forming there, expanding and showing a scene within. It was the northern portion of the elven lands. Lava poured down from the mountains and darkness was crossing through the forest. She glanced at Sagitar then focused on Nissa. “There are larger concerns but before you can be guided toward them we have an immediate focus. The fairy realm, the great forest, and our people are threatened by several elements. There does seem to be another light there, as well, similar to the one you both carry, so adding to the band of champions is just as vital.”

    She let her gaze drift, but before she could speak, Wolf flew a little nervous path from Nissa’s throne to hers, landing on the arm of it, bowing so deeply he almost was prostrate before standing once more. “Lady, ken we help her?” he asked, possessiveness of Nissa seeming to sound in his words.

    Arienn looked down at him, judging his resolve. She gazed back up at Nissa, then at Sagitar. “Champions, I leave that decision to you, it is you who will shoulder the burden. Oh, and Sagitar, should the great roc in the courtyard so choose, he may be a swift transport.”

    Sagitar frowned as the bubble created a vision of the volcano’s destructive power which further threatened the realm and the lands further north of them. The flow would have to be redirected or halted in some way. Who was this other ‘light’ that was ‘chosen’ like them? Where are they currently? Someone they have to find and hopefully their goals align with theirs... and if not? Then hopefully they can be persuaded to. He sighed softly. There was so much to do in so little time.

    He observed with curiosity at the small sprite’s interruption and display of determination to assist Nissa. He then looked to Arienn as she addressed both Nissa and himself. It surprised him the suggestion of having the Roc to assist further.

    “Well... We will need to travel with haste. I do not want to put the Great Roc through unnecessary harm... however, as you suggest, if Primeclaw so chooses to assist in such capacity, then I shall welcome it. Has there been further news from the northern border?”

    A small rumble emitted from his stomach. Sagitar gave an apologetic smile. “I do have a small request... I wonder if I may trouble your people for some rations for our journey? Not much, just enough for the day, please.”

    Meanwhile, Nissa felt humbled. That Wolf felt so strongly, that he wanted to go with her, it was quite perplexing. She wondered why. Was it simply the desire to save one's home? Or was there something more? When Arienn left the decision to herself and Sagitar, she smiled. She would wait until after the court, to make sure that Wolf did indeed wish to travel. But she would welcome him, no matter. It would take all that they could muster, in order to turn away this evil. Nissa turned to look at Satigar, as he asked for rations.

    "A Roc? Does he need to rest before we can leave?" she asked him. She then turned back towards Arieen. "By your leave then, Mi'lady?"

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  2. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    Elven Council, E’mthalas, Qedraerhiel

    A small smile touched Arienn’s lips at the excitement in Nissa’s voice, at the thought of meeting the roc, Primeclaw. She raised a finger and an elf, dressed in the garb of a page or assistant appeared at her side. There was a whisper and the second elf vanished back into the shadows. She gazed at Sagitar, “What we know, to date, is that the lava continues to advance, that the Drow have infiltrated our lands. Our scouts further to the north are either stymied by the lava choking the passes or by a large presence of Drow that are maintaining a presence along the mountains and their border.”

    She sighed, one long finger tracing the medallion, “There is something to the North, occasionally giving flashes of its presence, but it is nebulous, at best, at the moment.”

    As she finished speaking the page returned, a cart behind him with hat appeared to be a set of saddlebags on the scale to fit across the back of a roc’s neck. She gestured at it, “Provisions for you and for the Roc leader. There are also waystations in the woods, should any of you need mor…”

    Her eyes narrowed, her head snapping up, gazing to the west. “Al nevae teu ethir its ya quor!” she almost cursed. A two toned whistle came a moment after her words and an elven warrior came rushing to respond. “Prepare them and Primeclaw. Apologize to the Great Roc but I must insist he aid them, if only to remove him from this location when the darkness comes.”

    The warrior escorted them outside where Primeclaw still held station in the plaza. He’d allowed the elves to fit the saddlebags over his neck and, upon closer inspection, there were a couple shallow saddles in the middle of it. His great eye looked down, “Wizard, I see you found who you needed to. The elves are rushing around, and I know why. I do agree why what they want and need.”

    His head dipped down and that dinner plate sized eye, bigger even than Wolf and his sprites that still clustered behind Nissa, captured both their eyes in its gaze. “It is time to go, I can feel the one we seek and I can feel the one headed here. It seeks you both, the elves do not need the destruction it brings.”

    With the speech, that seemed to bypass their ears and was heard straight in their minds, perhaps so as not to alert the elves, there was also an image, one that would be seared into their subconscious for the remainder of their lives with the sheer malevolence that radiated from it.


    Arienn came down the steps to where the tableau of sprites, fairy, wizard, and roc was taking place. As the moment was broken, she reached them. She pressed a disc, a smaller version of the medallion she wore, into Nissa hands, “The favor of Morrigan, you may call on her once.” Her fingers touched Sagitar’s staff, almost an outrage but in the circumstance she felt one that he would forgive. The staff seemed to become living wood, in his hands, the sap and life of the wood pulsing. “Win the day, wizard.”

    She stood to the side of the plaza as they boarded Primeclaw. He shrieked as he took several bounding steps, then his broad wings caught the air and they leaped into the sky. One last deep shriek of farewell cut the air as they sailed northwards. And then the plaza shook with a dark, trailing, bane sidhe wail of anger and terror. The dark one was almost upon the city.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Samhain
    Gods Realm

    The violence was simmering below, but Samhain was focused on something else, feigning interest in his cup of drink while his eyes fluttered from God to God.

    “Might I enquire as to the goal of ‘Bad Guys,’ in this,” he circled his drink with a gloved finger. “We destroy the world, we have no worshippers. I’m just querying the intentions of the nihilists among our number.” He flicked his finger dry, and shrugged.

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  4. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Anubis
    The God's Realm

    Anubis cast a side glance toward Samhain, the jackal god's eyes narrowing, clearly, he was annoyed by the trickster god's question. The god of death tilted his head in contemplation before opening his maw to reply.

    "For a trickster god you are certainly lacking in the details, but I cannot say I am surprised, you are you after all," Anubis gazed off back to the game and his champion, and then to Xenos, it would be an awful shame if he...

    "Do you even have any worshippers to be worried about in the first place?"

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  5. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Mieli Hartsson
    Deep Woods of Qedraerhiel

    Mieli was grateful for what the fairy warrior was doing. The light should be useful. Though being a dwarf he was used to the darkness, but so were the drows. Hopefully that would be enough to keep the shadows away.

    The only downside was that it was getting hard seeing outside of the light circle. When the fairies left he felt alone. Not a pleasant sensation when you were about to face an army of drows.

    Mieli grimaced and spat on the ground. If only there was some good ale around here… The dwarf sighed, then something caught his attention.

    The sudden appearance of thirty drows, but there were more in the forest, that was for sure. Things were not looking good, but when did they ever? Mieli stood there waiting for them to approach him.

    Ugh, will they ever learn? The drows showed a weakness, they were too self assured, not that he could blame them, given their numerical superiority, but still.

    “Oh you know boyo, I intend to kill you one by one...” he checked his nails and grinned “Unless you are eager to die, then I can take several at a time.” Mieli smirked.

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    He was being ignored once again, those tall people, never looking down at the short ones. Typical arrogance. He took a swig of ale and belched. Wiping the foam from his beard he placed the mug back on the table, but was not careful enough so the remaining contents were spilled on the surface.

    “Oops...” he grinned, was that an accident or on purpose? Who could tell?

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  6. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Zinnia and Falcons – Combo with @darthbernael, thanks mate.
    In the Forest, among the burnt trees.

    Stepping back, she listened, her head tilting to one side as the cattle appeared. She had questions. "Save Selinia? From who?" She asked. As a dragon few questioned her, and honestly, she questioned little about her world. "Or what?"

    Falcons smiled, a brittle expression on such a face. "Currently they believe that they are saving it from you. Or most of them have been led to believe that. What those who do not know don't realize is that there is another threat, one you are peripherally aware of, or have you not realized why you have avoided the seas north of Tiocreron in recent times?"

    She glanced to the north and back. "There is danger there, I know not what." Her voice reverberated. "I would not be the destroyer; it is not in my nature." She lowered her head to eye level to gaze at him. "Am I to be used to distract the saviors from their task? What of me and mine if I do that and the destroyer carries out their sinister plan?" She narrowed her golden eyes.

    His eyes met hers, another smile, this one more honest in its expression. "Yes, you are the distraction, for now." He gazed toward the north, a chuckle as he sensed what Fishes was doing, before turning back to face her, "The Destroyer is aware of your role and what the reward will be for you. At the minimum, the majority of Klemea will be depopulated, if not fully, leaving all the resources, to be your range. You will have the entire continent for you and your children to live freely upon."

    She considered this as she pulled back. "Without the humans, there will be no free supply of food." she stated knowing the cattle she stole had been an easy source of food for her for some time. She looked to the offering. "These will last but a few days, what am I do to long term, what are we to do? The food supply is somewhat depleted by the human’s presence."

    Falcons head cocked to the side for a moment, as though in thought. When he looked up at her once more, "With the humans and others gone the natural life of the continent will return, in force. As well, just because the races that have reduced your range to nearly nothing will be gone does not mean that their livestock will be gone as well. And when those continue to breed you will have wild stock of those to hunt."

    A sage nod of understanding and comprehension. The loss of the humans did niggle at her conscious, the great circle of life she knew would be broken for a time. How much time she'd have to wait for? "I agree to your terms." She said with a good deal of caution, as she felt she had been making deals too much of late and her magnificence was being abused.

    He gazed at her still, "Your kind will have space to grow, to return to the pinnacle of the sentient species of Selenia. But good, the agreement is set. do you feel about the High Elves and their territory?" he asked.

    She swung her head back from her meandering thoughts. "They are an arrogant race." She responded, anger building. "They are the enemy of dragons; my kind are rare due to their teachings of the hunt." Once again, she lowered her head to view him better. "Why do you ask?"

    Sharp teeth showed in his mouth when he smiled this time. "Because those champions I mentioned, that were the next that needed to face you, are aiding the elves, are currently in E'Malathas, preparing."

    She watched him and his teeth, he was enjoying this, maybe too much so. "So, you wish me to stop them from aiding them? What are the risks to me?"

    "That area is close to where the volcano has erupted. So full of ash and lava flows are descending. As to the champions, should you decide to check on your offspring, which is important of course, by the time you arrive, they will have already faced a creature that will have weakened them. But the greatest danger, save the natural ones, will be the king of the rocks, who is aiding them."

    Zinnia had seen and knew of the King of Rocks; she was suddenly unsure. "This challenge may well be a step too far Falcons." She advised.

    He nodded, his eyes dimming for a moment, as though he'd stepped away, even from his physical shell. When the gold in his eyes began to shine once more his smile might have been called disturbing. "I have been informed that one of the Master's compatriots has done something, which will cause other things to happen that they did not expect, including threatening the home range of the Rocs."

    Zinnia didn’t quite understand. “What things?”

    He hesitated for a moment, "I was not informed of what the original cause is but it seems there will be massive storms blown up over their roosts, far to the south of Klemea from your own nest."

    She considered. "So, I would be required to .........." She paused, the correct dialogue was necessary, "distract the Champions for a time?"

    "Distract, destroy, po-ta-to, po-tat-o," he said. "If they cannot survive your 'tender mercies' then they would not stand a chance against the Destructor."

    She gave a nod. "It shall be done." She gazed toward the mountain where her offspring hid. "I will feed them first.”

    He nodded, "Of course, Reverence, that is why the oxen were provided, for you and them."

    She gave a single nod before extended her shimmering wings and with a single set of flaps lifted off the ground and wrapping her talon like claws about the oxen each. Moments later she carried her cargo away, it bellowing as she went.

    Sometime later she approached the falls and saw that the guard she'd left was still present, they'd kept their word and her children were protected. Bursting through the cascading water she dropped the oxen before walking toward her children. They were happy to see her of course and the offering she’d brought did not last long. Once they’d eaten, she settled with them, and soon they were suckling at her milk, they’d be asleep soon.

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  7. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Realm of the gods

    Mystra stood up silently, and casually circled the table, and the playing board, as her sharp eyes carefully looking and calculating the different places of the board. Several events seemed to be happening, and it was quite easy to see that several alliances were being forged. Whether they were formed for convenience, or for safety, she noted them.

    As the trickster god asked who was the bad guys in this game, Branka seemed not amused. He took a swig of ale and belched. Wiping the foam from his beard he placed the mug back on the table but was not careful enough so the remaining contents were spilled on the surface.

    “Oops...” he grinned.

    Mystra looked at the map. The 'accidental spill of ale could work in her favor. She leaned over and gently blew over the board, as a deep sigh, sending the foam towards the flowing lava. She then reached over towards Branka. "Is the ale not to your liking, Branka? Try this perhaps?"..She gestured, and a huge mug of the dark ale she knew he liked appeared, a huge froth on top. "Well, wine can be a fine thing, but some things demand stronger stuff." She smiled at him, as another cup appeared next to her.

    She then looked over at Samhain, giving him a nod. She looked over at Anubus. "It is a fair enough question. No worshipers, many of you would be out of a job." She waved a hand. "Yes, yes, I know you could simply restart, but for some of you, your powers would be...less. Have to go through the effort of teaching them all over again. Boring." Mystra shrugged. "You could have just made a world with only your worshipers...oh, but then you would be bored again." Mysta gave a fake sigh. "Oh, what shall we do...?

    Mystra took a swig from her mug, watching the board.

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    Nissa Taneefoot
    Elven Council, E’mthalas, Qedraerhiel

    As Nissa spoke with the group of sprites around her, they walked to meet the Roc, Primeclaw. Oh, she had seen one before, but never really that CLOSE! When she saw him, she smiled slightly, he was huge. Nissa listened as Arienn told them about the lava and the Drow. And of something else to the north. The act she couldn't identify it, was not good.

    A huge cart showed up then and placed something across the back of the roc's necks. She began to tell them about provisions when suddenly she let fly a stream of elven words, that made Nissa's eyes grow wide.

    “Prepare them and Primeclaw. Apologize to the Great Roc but I must insist he aid them if only to remove him from this location when the darkness comes.”

    The darkness? Nissa wanted to ask more, but the elves escorted them to where the huge Roc was waiting for them. His great eye looked down, “Wizard, I see you found who you needed to. The elves are rushing around, and I know why. I do agree why what they want and need.” He looked down at them.

    “It is time to go, I can feel the one we seek and I can feel the one headed here. It seeks you both, the elves do not need the destruction it brings.”

    Again, Nissa'e eyes went wide. And then she saw it. An image that seemed the burn into her mind, that would never go away. She jerked back hard against it, no words come form in her mind. And evil and darkness so foul, it made the Drow seem tame in comparison. Never before had she felt such darkness.

    That....that thing was after them?!?! She was barely getting past that thought, when Arienn came down to where they were. She pressed a disc, a smaller version of the medallion she wore, into Nissa hands, “The favor of Morrigan, you may call on her once.” Nissa looked down at it, and nodded, as Arienn touched the wizards' staff. “Win the day, wizard.”

    Nissa watched as Sagitar climbed upon the great Roc. Nissa followed his movements, gathering the sprites that were going with her, and having them to hold on, as she tucked her cloak close to her. He shrieked as he took several bounding steps, then his broad wings caught the air and they leaped into the sky. One last deep shriek of farewell cut the air as they sailed northwards. And then the plaza shook with a dark, trailing, bane sidhe wail of anger and terror. The dark one was almost upon the city.

    Nissa looked down at the medallion that Arienn had given her, and she tucked it into her clothing. "I hope you dont mind, Mother Weaver, but it seems we need all in order to save fair Selina." She clutched tightly onto the harness she was sitting on. "So..are we traveling north?" Nissa asked over the strong winds as they traveled.

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  8. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 6

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Ma’at
    Realm of the gods

    Things were developing at an increasingly faster pace, narrowing the reaction time between events. The Dark Ones were trying to run away with their ambition, this caused Ma’at to frown as she studied the board of Selenia.

    Even as she did so, she listened to what was being said, noted how pieces were moved, the increasing imbalance being created at every turn.

    The banter between the gods was becoming more ‘pointed’, no thanks to Huitzil’s prodding. They were playing into his hands. The more strife he created, the more control of the board he could have.

    Anubis was attempting to play a strong hand to show dominance on the board, that is until Huitzil showed that he was willing to encroach upon another god's sphere of influence, something he demonstrated by asserting control over some of Anubis’ fallen Jackal Warriors.

    Ma’at scoffed despite herself.

    Of course, Anubis’ objection was quickly rebuffed, as expected, but that was not all. Huitzil leveled an indirect insult by calling Anubis the ‘Balancer of Scales’. Did he think she would not notice or care? Better for him to believe that was the case.

    More Abyssal creatures were made to appear on the board, much to Ma’at’s silent dismay, yet, she was determined to rise to the challenge.

    Branka seemed resolved to be in his cups, but it was heartening to see Mystra rise to the occasion and utilize Branka’s spilled foam to a benefit.

    At Mystra’s quip, Ma’at simply smiled and gave the goddess a light smile, but upon seeing the dragon and learning of her purpose, her smile slowly faded. However, Anubis’ earlier taunt did give way to an idea.

    Ma’at did take a small sip from her cup before speaking.

    “If our chosen champions are to rendezvous in the Land of Tu, then we must agree to afford them sanctuary there for them to do so, if only a temporary one at best. Do we concur?”

    As she began to take a second sip from her gleaming cup, Ma’at looked to Isha, Samhain and finally Anubis.

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  9. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Sagitar
    Location - E’mthalas, Qedraerhiel

    Sagitar wondered what enchantment Arienn had bestowed upon his staff. As much as he wanted a moment to pause, there was no time. He observed Nissa and the sprites from the corner of his eye as he approached Primeclaw. There was plenty of time to get acquainted on the journey.

    “I appreciate you doing this, my friend.” He said as he drew his sword out halfway from the scabbard. He noted how it glided smoothly, that the effects of the water earlier had not afflicted it. He smiled and let it slide back into the scabbard.

    “Unfortunately we will have to make haste so soon after arriving.”

    Sagitar unshouldered the sling which kept his bow and quiver safe in his travels from the elements. He frown. The quiver was mostly empty, the arrows must have gotten loose when the great wave assailed the convoy south. He’ll have to make do with the five he still had left.

    Primeclaw was all set to depart and Sagitar climbed aboard the harness the elves had fitted upon the great Roc. He turned to help Nissa though she already had gracefully followed him without need of assistance.

    With a few bounding steps and flaps of the great wings, they were airborne.

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    ~IC~ Enya
    Location: Central Hall - The Realm of the Gods

    Even though her drink was finished, Enya held the crystal stemware as she intently focused on a specific quadrant of the map.

    And now there were two. Two champions leaving with the blessing of the Elves. Yet, the darkness was approaching fast, as though honing in on their scent.

    Enya took a moment to regard Mystra. The blue goddess’ champion was in danger too. Did she also feel concerned about the abominations intentions? It did not show on her face... although, Enya did catch the subtle interaction with the board. The nonchalant remark about worshippers was more to hide her true intentions.

    What of her own?

    What power of the sun and the earth to draw upon for her to exercise...?

    If she was callous like some, she could scorch the earth with the intensity of the sun’s rays or shroud it in darkness by drawing the moon across the path and in turn, affect the tides, and be done with it all!

    But no... That was not in her nature. Her purpose is to nurture life, not to enslave and take delight in its misery.

    She sighed gently.

    And if she was to leave this hall and go to help them?

    Regardless of how dire the consequences would be to do so, deep down she knew Sagitar was too stubborn allow her to aid in such a way. Brash, too brash. She would have to be patient and trust in the work of others for the moment...
    And bide her time until the right opportunity...

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    IC: Samhain

    "Do you even have any worshippers to be worried about in the first place?"

    He cast a glare at Anubis, but then Branka knocked over one of his alcoholic drinks, and he glanced at Huitzil. He tensed somewhat, and just as suddenly found that Ma'at was looking at him.

    “If our chosen champions are to rendezvous in the Land of Tu, then we must agree to afford them sanctuary there for them to do so, if only a temporary one at best. Do we concur?”

    "Yeah, sure," Samhain said, attempting to recover. "That." He glanced at Enya, but she was being silent, and offered no reprieve.

    He glanced back at Mystra, who had made the same point as him, but at least, potentially, the Good Gods were outnumbering the Bad Gods...

    ... but with that spillage... his own dice would be cast.

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    An enjoyable combo between myself, the awesome @galactic-vagabond422 , and our Masterful GM @darthbernael

    Malagath, Xenos, Captain Rain, and Seamus O’Hallan
    HRH Contemptuous

    Xenos wore a heavy brow, knotted by dark ruminations. There was much in his mind, not to mention that he could somewhat sense, if only faintly, that some greater game was afoot. The smell of magic permeated the very air that blew across the sea, needless to say, it even coursed through the very ship they sailed upon.

    Still, events and situations needed to be dealt with in sequence, for that was all mortals could do.

    The banter between pirate captains was in a strange way, heartening. It inadvertently made him miss the camaraderie of his slain companions, never mind that they'd been a crude lot. It was his inner desire to avenge them which caused him to act as he did at the moment.

    Xenos heard Captain Rian's wisdom, he perceived a measure of reluctance still lingering in Malagath.

    That's why he stepped to this man, the one who had kept him from drowning.

    "Hear my words captain..." He started respectfully, despite seeming eager in his delivery. "I cannot offer you what I do not already posses, but I can offer you a plan. The prisoner mentioned this drow, this Guldor Zauviir, help me take my vengeance, then his treasure chest, and all the gold within it, can be yours."

    Xenos searched Malagath's face, his eyes fixed and steely.

    "All of it." He declared with greater emphasis.

    The young sellsword waited a few breaths, hoping Malagath would at least consider the idea.

    "What do you say...Captain?" he prodded.

    Mal held up a finger to the captain of the other ship giving his full attention to the former or possibly current mercenary. Corydon just gave the cursed pair of Captain and Coxswain a steely glare saying nothing. Malagath just smiled as he looked on Xenos.

    "I'll take the gold that you're offering, I can understand vengeance and I'll help you take it." The Pirate and the Merc weren't that far apart, in age or in temperment. Though it was more likely that Mal would indulge in certain activities that would turn Xenos's stomach. However they were alike in the fact that they cared for those around them. Mal could be vicious and violent man when needed but, he always kept his crew in mind.

    "Though I can always use a good strong hand on my crew, a good fighter like yourself. Could be useful in the coming days...Champion." The smile deepened on his face as he then turned to the other Captain.

    "Well, if we're all asking questions here, then who hired you to pick up this man and my dashing self...As well as who are this drow and wood elf we are sent to collect? And can you get your crew off my ship? my crew don't take to outsiders well, unless I introduce you."

    Rian smiled, a slight expression, at the byplay between the pirate and the mercenary. They seemed to be getting along quite well. Which boded well for the plans in place. One eyebrow lifted at the questions from the one called Malagath.

    He glanced at Seamus and the Coxswain nodded, a weirdly harmonic three toned whistle sounding from his mouth. Like a pack, the few members of the crew of Rian’s ship bounded over the side of Malagath’s, leaping back onto their mother craft, disappearing back amongst the crew as they worked.

    Turning his gaze to the pirate, “Aside from that I will take your questions in order. First, I am not taken to being hired. I have a...patron, as you both do, for a lack of a better word, or one that wouldn’t irritate your First Officer more. When the Uthium Navy sends us on missions we follow those orders within the strictures of our usual orders. But this request came from another source, one much higher.”

    He lifted the weights, the map rolling up once more, then handed it to the sailor who had brought it, who seemed to just appear as needed. Resting a hip against the table he went on, “The wood elf is named Sarathai, a very talented elf, although at odds with her own Council because she knows of this disaster to come and they do not accept it. The drow is named Nyruel and is quite typical of his kind, although he does not worship the Spider Goddess. When we arrive it will be easy to tell who they are as either they will be alone or, more likely, squabbling.”

    He chuckled, “Elves and drow, always a volatile combination…” His gaze sharpened slightly, “I have been given notice that once this retrieval occurs you are on your own, although I am to remain close, interfering only at the most dire of circumstances.”

    "Orders from on high, I'd never let someone else tell me what to do." He gently slammed his fist into his chest. "I follow this, and the winds. I'd make a terrible champion. But, you've piqued my interest with these two...Sarathai seems a woman after my own heart, and Nyruel is fascinating, haven't had much contact with drow." Corydon just rolled his eyes a slight down turn of his lip. "Would we be taking the pair on board the Freedom's Bow? You seem to talk about them like they're important or something."

    Rian chuckled again, “When I say on high, I mean On High, they're the type of orders if you desire to survive you don’t ignore.” he stated, his hand drifting to the medallion under his shirt.

    He laughed deeper then stood straight, “They’re not the only important ones, Malagath. Like it or not you’ve been chosen too.” His eyes glowed that deep blue, even in daylight, for a moment, “If you don’t like it you might want to take it up with the Accidental God. But yes, they will be joining you and I will not be keeping Xenos from your company.” The glow left his eyes as he finished speaking.

    "Well, so long as you don't do anything to harm us we can be friends." Mal said with a final smile wrapping his arm around Xenos. "Looks like we'll be getting to know each other..." The pirate didn't acknowledge the fact he was a champion because he really wasn't. Only a fool would choose him, a true fool.

    Xenos lit up for a moment at the mention of the female wood elf, then scoffed defensively at Malagath's enamored pronouncement, but before he could add a playful quip of his own, his expression immediately soured again at the mention of another drow.

    Wasn't the one trying to get him killed for reasons beyond his knowledge bad enough?


    Xenos eyes tracked Rian's hand as he spoke and touched his amulet. The young mercenary was trying to get a good look at it, for it wasn't yet known that he was somewhat familiar with arcane lore, that's why he wasn't unnerved by Captain Rian and his crew. If only he could get a closer look.

    Inwardly, Xenos was pleased that Malagath was staying, for he was honor-bound to repay his debt. Although he himself was not a sea man or a pirate by trade, Xenos was a fast learner, plus he was already an 'elite' combatant. In truth, there was nothing left of his old life, and from the portents he could see, there would be no life to return to, if something wasn't done about the growing 'troubles'.

    No, he didn't consider himself a champion either, but he was definitely a fighter and he would fight! Until his very last breath.

    In his mind, he hoped that Malagath would come around however. Mere mortals that defied the gods unwisely did not end well. Rebelling for no good reason was simply chaos and Xenos had great issue with that- still, there was no point on getting ahead of oneself.

    Xenos didn't shy away from the Pirate Captain's familiarity, rather he simply shook his head and chuckled. It was just like being with a band of sell swords again, but on a boat.

    "You help me get Guldor's head on a spike and you'll get your gold." He reminded, still trying to relax. Maybe if he had a bit more ale.

    "And don't go offending any gods either..." he warned. Xenos knew the stories. They weren't pretty at all.

    Mal just laughed, guiding Xenos towards the Freedom's Bow. "If the god's were offended by me they would have struck me down already..."

    Corydon did not share in his captain's exuberance. Serenely walking across the deck back across the gangplank and letting out a calming breath once his feet touched the elven wood of his ship.

    "I do not trust that ship..." the first mate replied.

    "I can tell," Mal replied. "But we are caught in the same wind, we might as well see what happens...though make sure to keep the cannons ready...just in case."

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    Nyruel and Sarathai (combo with @Shadowsun and @darthbernael )
    The Forest of Tu


    Sarathai gritted her teeth, singing forth more power - and water - from the ground, to strengthen her buckling dome of protection formed from the Sapphire Geyser. The horror dawned on her that the dragon’s fire would be too much… and then…

    Then she was blown away, through the woods, away from danger. Something had snapped, the competing magical energies exploding and the dissipating energy had hurled her bodily into…


    Sarathai could not believe her ill fortune. She was upon his sorcerous red disc, pressed up against him. The last place she wanted to be.

    She tried to leap away, but something else had happened. She caught the disorienting scent of the entity that had taken to stalking her and making her life a misery. She thought she heard his cackling laughter in her ears.

    And she could not move away from the Drow. Invisible claws gripped her ankles and held her in place. Leeta buzzed around his head, trying to stop him from attacking Sarathai.

    But the fairy gave up soon enough and Sarathai bid her to go into the forest and protect herself. She looked up defiantly into the cruel eyes of the one that had imprisoned her.

    Whenever he ceased the red disc, releasing her, Sarathai would immediately dart into the forest. But the invisible claws would grab her again – around her neck, her shoulders, arms, legs, and ankles, and drag her back to a newly conjured disk, right into the Drow’s clutches again.

    She tried it again and again.

    She tried crossing water. She tried climbing trees. She tried running between trunks and summoning the Hidden Path. She tried racing away as fast as she could. She tried sneaking slowly. She tried crawling, walking backwards.

    Every time, she ended up back pressed against him, held in place by the unbreakable grip of those invisible claws, scowling up at him.

    Then she began trying all the methods again.

    At last, he yelled at her. “What is wrong with you? Are you too stupid to understand logic at all? It is pure insanity to keep trying the same thing and expect different results!”

    Quivering with helpless rage, she decided to watch and wait for the next opportunity. When he stopped and built a fire, she glared at him from the other side of the glade, thinking furiously.

    She had to do something that burned every fibre of her soul. But she was truly desperate.

    Finally, she spoke to him.

    “Alright! I promise I will listen to what you have to say, but please release me from this curse...” She looked away, pouting. “… I don’t like it.”

    There. She had begged a Drow to show her mercy.

    The drow smirked to himself. He remained silent, contemplating on how best to proceed. The elf was a fickle one, to say the least.

    "I'm not keeping you hostage little one, if I could dispel this magic I would," he looked up, a rustling noise followed by a bark, two great hounds burst outward one for each of them. Their souls pure, devoid of evil, after all Anubis did judge the worthy.


    Nyruel knew instantly who these were from, he gazed up to the heavens.

    "Thank you my Lord"

    He rubbed behind the back of the ear jackal, he sat as it curled up beside him, his expression softening, there was no reason to be annoyed with this little wood elf, he supposed if their situations were reversed he would act in a similar manner, although he suspected he would be a tad bit more logical.

    "Let's start with names I am Nyruel Guldor champion of Anubis and who are you little wood elf?"

    Sarathai almost wept when he said he was not responsible for the curse. She wanted to ask him more, but instead started with alarm as the jackals entered the firelit glade. She sprang to her feet but through bitter experience managed to resist fleeing this time, knowing she would be thrown against the Drow and held in place again.

    She squinted at the dog. This was not an evil creature, but it was not of this world either. One bounded to the Drow as if to an old friend. The other approached her more warily, sniffing, but not with ill intent, she sensed. She sniffed back.

    The Drow asked her name.

    Isha, please guide me, she prayed with desperation. She knew she had to play along.

    "I am Sarathai, of Tu," she said, sulking.

    Only then did she register the rest of his utterance, which suddenly now made sense with his aura.

    "You are chosen by the god of death, not the spider goddess?"

    Nyurel tilted his head in interest, contemplating for a moment, he smiled slightly. This elfling was not scared no merely annoyed, for some reason he respected that, she certainly was a persistent one.

    "A pleasure to meet you Sarathai of Tu, indeed I do not serve or worship the spider goddess, in truth many of the practices of my people, I have come to despise I hope in time I can reform my culture to a more prosperous one."

    What he said was true, he did hate the structure of his society, what he left out was he still thought the drow should dominate all other races and that he was trying to wipe out her kind, a mere half-truth.

    "And who is your patron Sarathai? I have my guesses but I am not one hundred percent sure"

    Sarathai blinked. Finally, something came out of his mouth that rang with truth - although clearly there was more untruth and levels of deceit behind it, as was the way of the dark ones. He was the Champion of Anubis.

    It had never occurred to her that one of his worthless kind would be amongst the champions. Isha had not warned her of this.

    Or had she?

    Sometimes the words of the Forest Spirits were laced with deeper meanings. Still, Sarathai was not sure how much she cared to share with this Drow, just yet, so she ignored his question.

    "Who are those entities that stalk me? There was one with you when you crossed the plains." He perhaps had under-estimated the keen eyesight of the wood elves. "Are they responsible for binding us together?"

    Nyruel narrowed his eyes, at first seemingly annoyed and then he gave a light chuckle, at least now she was actually talking to him rather than trying to run away.

    "Only fair you answer my question in order to answer yours, don't you think?"

    He gave a friendly smirk, or at least his best approximation of one. He was somewhat surprised that the wood elf was not as stupid as he thought she would be, well she is a champion after all maybe she is on the smarter end of her kind.

    Sarathai sat and brought her knees up to her chin, hugging her legs and watching him. So, he knows the answer to my question, and considers that worth bargaining for. She weighed up the value of this information against revealing her own patron, and decided he would probably know - or suspect - anyway.

    "I serve Isha."

    The drow gave a nod, another smile creaking out.

    "Ah as I suspected, we are quite the duality indeed then, life and death,"

    His face turned firm as he gazed off into the distance thinking how best to address her question.

    "They are naagloshii, bringers of the coming calamity, I'm sure you too have had visions of the end times, I also was blessed with a vision with the appearance of each of the eight champions, I'm guessing you were not granted such a vision as you did not take kindly to my appearance, your kind has often hated mine, not that I can blame you for that."

    He turned to meet Sarathai's gaze.

    "As for whether they were responsible for bringing us together, you mean this magic around us? Perhaps, but that would serve against them, I know as much as you as to what their plans are, but what remains clear to me is we need to find the other champions to prevent the coming calamity,"

    Wind began to pick up, coming from down the trail they had been on, blowing toward the coast. With the wind came the howls of Canim, squads of them traveling through the forest, hunting. The fire began to lean in the wind as it picked up. And then hollow, mocking laughter came from the edge of the clearing. The two hounds raised their heads, growling at the sound, their hackles rising.

    Behind Nyruel, in the woods, a pair of golden points became visible, as did another pair opposite where the red disc still stood, just off the ground. A whisper began to float through the clearing, "Little champions, you thought you'd escape us. And yet you sit there, as though there weren't a care in the world..."

    As the whispered picked up, beginning to echo around the clearing a tide of small forest creatures erupted from the edge of the wood. It was not until they drew closer that it became clear that they were not their usual selves, that each and every one of them had glowing yellow eyes. Several of the smaller ones threw themselves into the fire, their bodies piling up until it smothered the flames. Others raced toward their supplies, and the remainder made straight for the two beings.

    "Run, little champions, run...or the big, Bad, Wolf will catch you..." came from the edge of the clearing, mocking and promising destruction.

    Sarathai sprang to her feet and prepared to dash away into the forest. Only at the last moment did she remember what would happen if she tried that. She cursed and turned to face the onrushing horde, pulling her dagger ready to defend herself.

    The nature of the enemy made her feel like her weapon would be useless against so many claws and fangs.

    She scowled at Nyruel. She did not want admit that she needed his help.

    "Any ideas?"

    Nyruel narrowed his eyes, this was not part of the plan, what else was at play for Fishes to make such an action? Something was off, it unsettled the drow. Nyruel could not help himself, he was a drow, he believed strongly in the supremacy of his species in the might they had over all other mortals, even if Fishes was trying to bring them close together he would turn to flee, for he was Nyruel, Champion of Anubis, the greatest of the Drow and soon to be the Arch-Patriarch, he would not kowtow to this insignificant creature, even if it was pretend, he had stomached all he could.

    Having had the chance to recoup and regain his magical supply Nyurel brought his staff up with both his hands, banging it on the ground, red sparks flew out underneath. As he did this he looked up to the sky bellowing aloud.

    "Lord Anubis, greatest of the Gods, Master of Death, lend me your power so I may smite my enemies and send their hearts to be weighed by your scale!"

    Upon his actions and words, the red aura would seep into the minds of all things that existed there save for Sarathai. An image was cast, along with a feeling, that of power, that of their own deaths, that of Anubis.


    Even for the mighty Canim this was sure to cast great fear within them, doubtless, even the heartiest of them would feel the urge to flee, their deaths a whisper on the wind. Those that foolishly decided to stay would be met with Nyruel's jackal warrior, this time he only summoned one, but it was far stronger than the others he summoned before, it would not be so easily killed by the Canim, in fact, it was probably comparable in size, but in power far above.


    As the Canim would inevitably die, Nyruel would proceed to raise them onto his own undead will, making sure he that his dominance over them was strong he would not allow a repeat of what happened before with the naagloshii taking control over his minions. He turned his gaze to Sarathai, only now answering her question.

    "We fight"

    The flood of little creatures raced around them, trying to crawl on them, even as Nyruel and Sarathai kicked at them and tried to bat them away. The oversized jackal warrior howled as the rodents began to swarm up its legs. It had been created to fight the Canim but its master had not taken into account that the Canim were still a couple kilometers away, at least. The howl, even for an undead creature, turned into a shriek as the tiny creatures disappeared under the kilt it wore, biting and clawing at it. The jackal began an awkward dancing hop around the clearing trying to shake loose the aggressive little beasts

    And then the sky darkened significantly, not the blood red clouds of the ritualists but full, overfull, rainclouds. The fire spluttered its last as the rain began to fall in sheets. It was cool, had an earthy scent to it, almost like hops, and it turned the clearing, churned up by the hundreds of tiny feet not to mention the paws of the jackal, into a muddy soup.

    One of the smaller rodents made it to Nyruel, racing up his legs, avoiding his swatting hands, and reached a shoulder, the one opposite where Sarathai stood. It nipped his ear then a tiny voice piped up "Idiot, don't you have a date with a ship? And how in the names of the Gods are you going to get there by sitting around talking, at a fire? Think, little drow, think..."

    As the words finished the little creature jumped, landing on the ground and scampered off into the inky darkness of the downpour.

    Sarathai's eyes widened as the living carpet of claws and fangs swarmed up her bare legs, biting and scratching all over her body. She writhed and whirled with the torment. Then, in desperation, she fell into a crouch and slammed a hand to the ground. Once more calling upon the winds of magic, she weaved the words of two spells with her supernatural voice.

    The falling rain coalesced into a sphere of water, and a sudden miniature hurricane of wind blasted this right at herself. Sarathai placed herself in the centre of a ferocious whirlpool, whipped by the wind and spinning so fast it lifted her bodily from the ground.

    She held her breath as the powers of nature blasted the beasts away from her body.

    She landed, soaked and dizzy, but critter-free. Then she turned to the Drow. Her upper lip curled with extreme displeasure, but until they figured out how to undo the curse, she would have to put up with this. She ran up to him and offered herself to him.

    "Come on, conjure your red disc, and take us both away from here..."

    * * *​

    Nyuel grabbed the rodent on his shoulder, squeezing it so it squealed he looked into its hapless eyes.

    "Your impatience disgusts me, I warn you not to take me as some common fool, if I show up to that ship and she still does not trust me it only makes our goal that much harder,"

    He squeezed tighter the animal crushed in a messy and gruesome display, he tossed the carcass to one side, his attention then turning to his jackal warrior, he had made a miscalculation. With a slam of his staff, the jackal warrior dissipated back to the nether world.

    Nyurel looked up to the sky, the alcoholic rain pouring down, soaking his clothing and hair. His attention turned as the wood elf came running up to him, asking to conjure his red disc to flee.

    Causally, and with no sense of urgency, he banged his staff once, the red disc forming beneath them, they rose as they hovered about ten feet in the air. Nyurel was furious, the naagoshli had insulted him, he did not care about the ship, it could wait, no what was far more important was that these meaningless creatures be taught who was in charge.

    He tapped his staff once more, it disappeared into nothingness as he raised his hands up once more, now too far above the little woodland creatures for them to reach him. Like a grand maestro, he waved his hands, a grand ocean of red spikes forming all around him, with a flick of his wrists they went barreling downward, each off to find their own target. Another flick, another wave, and the now-dead rodents now rose up to his command, off to fight any stragglers that had remained. A sickly smirk spread over his face at the sight of all this, of his power, of his grandeur. Nyruel, greatest of the champions!

    The hordes of forest rodents took off in all directions. However, soon Nyruel would begin to get impressions from them that they could not find their prey. The creatures scampered all over the forest, their undead strength meaning they could race further than a flesh and blood creature could possibly flee in the time it had taken.

    A noise began to rise over the sound of the pouring rain. It was not intelligible at first, but as it rose in volume the very air began to shake. Laughter, deep rolling laughter. And then the rain seemed to part as an enormous sweep of wings flew through the downpour, a long, sinuous neck reaching forward, saucer sized eyes looking directly at Nyruel, eyes a deep red with yellow irises. A thought reached out from the dragon, ‘The greatest champion, little mortal? Is that so?’ entering Nyruel's mind with a cutting bite to the thought.

    What went unnoticed was a ragged shadow that flew under the disc, until the moment it touched the disc. The disc screeched, red flashing to yellow and then back to red. Suddenly the disc was half the size it had been, both of them, wait...all four of them, on two small discs, forced to press tightly together. Two Nyruels, two Sarathais, and to make matters worse their perspectives constantly shifted back and forth between the originals and the clones, the discs circling, until it was impossible to know whether they were in their original bodies or in the clone ones.

    The dragon roared, fire piercing the bellies of the clouds and the rain changed. It truly was alcoholic as the rain began to burn as it fell. The great head dipped back down, “Run, fly little mortal champions and perhaps you will find your true selves again before you reach the coast.”

    The two Nyruels clutched their heads in annoyance, both of them yelling in unison.

    "Get out of my head!"

    After a brief moment of pain the two of them looked to each other, and then to the two Sarathais. With one voice the Nyruels spoke.

    "You! You imposter! Stop that!"

    The two glared at each other as the burning rain came down. Then one of the Nyruel's looked toward the other, the anger in his eyes clear. Neither of them paid any attention to the dragon, the moment Nyruel got flustered, despite all his outings of being extremely intelligent, acted supremely irrational, his own hubris getting the better of him.

    "You naagloshii, I'll kill you!"

    One lept to another, the red discs fading as they began to speed along in the opposite direction of the dragon, but more by coincidence than design, they began to fall as the two Nyruel's wrestled, one getting on top of the other beginning to pummel the other, before being twisted around and pummeled in kind. His consciousness slipped in and out between the two, his sense of direction becoming nonexistent, flowing in a soup of pain and torment, with only a single thought traveling through his head...




    They would come crashing down, having moved at most half a mile from where they had been, the two of them still engaged in there distorted wrestling.

    * * *​


    Sarathai's head spun. Suddenly she was in two places at once - two red discs. And pressed against her, the tall, darkly armoured form of Nyruel. Times two.

    She quailed as the dragon roared down at them, and the rain began to burn.

    Then the two Drows began to fight each other.

    The discs faded, releasing her temporarily from the torment of being held so close to him. She landed catlike on the forest floor and quickly took refuge from the hot rain beneath a wide-leafed oak. That is, both of the Sarathais did. They exchanged an exasperated look at the antics of the two Drow wrestling in the mud.

    Sarathai raised a hand, and so did the other. They touched hands and looked into each other's eyes, like mirror images of each other. It was a fascinating spell.

    Then she saw beyond the effects and witnessed the lattices of magic hanging in the air, like gossamer strands of a spider web, glinting with dew on an autumn morning. She narrowed her eyes, sight beyond sight, looking into the spectrum of the winds of magic. The mirroring spell was overlaid with Nyruel's discs. The knots were becoming tangled. That dragon, too, had left a trace; like the slimy trail of a slug. That is no dragon, she realised.

    Too much magic had been cast here, and too carelessly. The weight of the layered matrices made each spell fragile and liable to breakage. Sarathai studied the knots and strands and patterns, frowning.

    She weaved a pattern of her own with her hands, whispering her words of magical undoing. A supernatural breeze gusted around her, lifting her red hair, as the magical energies whirled at her call.

    There. A nexus. A shatterpoint. A place where a single dispel would send the whole lot unravelling. Not just the discs, or the mirroring spell... Sarathai's heart leapt at the thought. She could be free of the curse!

    Her mirror-self joined in the action. Together they sang, then at the same precise moment made a chopping gesture with their long fingers, and attempted to pick apart the magical knot that would make all the madness fade away...

    * * *​

    The two Sarathais attentions focused on the magics, neither of them noticed the being silently approaching from behind them. They did notice when a hand fell on a shoulder each. “Pretty magics, little elf. It would be a shame if you went too far with your spell. You don’t know what side effects I placed as traps.”

    It leaned forward, and a wolf’s head appeared between them, glowing yellow eyes telling them who or what it was. It morphed slowly into a relatively humanoid face as it turned to face one and then the other of them. “I will allow you to end all the magics save that that keep you and Nyruel together. You see, he is right, you are both champions. And you need each other.”

    It lifted its hands, slowly fading backward into a shadow. Before it disappeared completely one final phrase drifted out of the darkness, “But you may want to stop him from killing himself, whichever one is the real Nyruel, before it becomes near impossible to save Selenia without him.”

    A flash lit the ground beside the wrestling drow. A mocking laugh filled the air and the two of them froze in mid wrestle. A figure emerged from the flash, kneeling down until its mouth was next to one of the figure's ears. In a whisper it spoke. “You are a fool, little drow. I have walked this planet for millennia, know magics deeper than you could even know, and have dealt directly with the gods, including your own. You have strength but waste it on me and you will be no good to the Destructor.”

    The figure shuddered for a moment, its eyes turning into deep voids of black. A deep whisper came from the figure’s lips, “This one is who now assists me? He cannot even control himself.”

    The figure shuddered, eyes turning golden once more, “I hate when he does that.” it muttered.

    Standing once more, “Resolve this, now.” it commanded, to both pairs, “You are useless to Selenia remaining here, on Tu.” before it vanished in another flash.

    * * *​

    The red-haired wood elf froze as the wolf appeared. She became very still and watchful, listening to his words. Then the sinister entity thankfully left. She let out a breath.

    Sarathai looked across the glade again. Yes, his warning was correct, now that she knew what to look for; a second string to the gossamer strands of magic, leading to dark places. A trap, for those who would wander into this spider's web unwary. She left the undoing spell unfinished.

    She carefully listened to the words that passed from the entity to the two Nyruels, and marked these carefully. She was still bound to the Drow, but here there were clues to her eventual escape.

    Sarathai looked at her mirror image. The mirror image looked back.

    "I do not really mind if they do kill each other," said Sarathai.

    "Neither do I," said the other Sarathai.

    They looked at the men, wrestling in the mud.

    "There is only one result when you try to wrestle with pigs," said Sarathai.

    "You both get dirty, and the pigs love it," said the other.

    They sighed in unison.

    * * *​

    The two Nyruel's viewed the figure, listening. They stopped, eyeing it. Together they spoke as one, their minds clear.

    "You speak of my strength working against you and being wasted, but it is you who have altered things beyond what I had expected, you rush things, and do not although, for my own agency, that is why I fought back because you insulted me, I am no fool I know your power is greater than mine, but I am not some plaything for you to throw around at your whim, this is an alliance, not servitude,"

    The drows locked eyes, before turning to the Sarathais. Again in tandem they spoke, twin red discs forming beneath them. The Sarathais, knowing what to expect now, let their bodies go limp as they were dragged back to the discs by the unseen hands.

    "Come let us go, there is nothing left here except lies,"

    To say Nyruel was furious would be an understatement, the Naagoshli and the destructor saw him nothing more as a tool. They had disrespected him, and with him no longer able to contact the Canim without going through them, he no longer trusted them to relay his orders. The plan was still vague and unknown to him, infiltrate the group and tear it down, without killing them? What sort of nonsense was this?

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    Apr 15, 2019
    Update 7 Part 1 of 2

    The Gods Realm

    Huitzilopochtli and Morrigan sat, both watching the byplay between the gods, considering the balance of those supporting saving Selenia to those whose champions now supported it’s destruction. And then a flash on the map drew both their attentions. Where the city of E’Malathas had been there was now a mushroom shaped cloud growing over it and the sense of loss of thousands of lives.

    She turned on her husband, a sharp tone to her voice, “Your toy had better not have killed them all…”

    He raised a hand, gently stroking her long, dark hair, “Lady wife, of course it did not. Besides, your priestess and her companions, the great tree even, survived. I would not take from you.”

    Her eyes sharpened as she reached out, touched Arienn, realized that Huitzil had spoken true, “You had better not my Lord Husband or you know the others here, even those who support you now would turn against you.”

    Huitzil nodded, a smile upon his face, “Of course, of course.” a touch of humor in his reply. “Now would you like to rile our female friends or the male ones this round?”

    She returned her gaze to the other gods, “Hmmmm, perhaps I take the boys and you take the girls this time?” she replied almost playfully.

    A kiss to his cheek and she rose from his lap, slowly circling the table. If no one knew her they would believe she was just viewing the map from all angles but those who did would shudder as she had the appearance of a predator sniffing out prey.

    As she moved Huitzil remained seated but turned his gaze first to Isha, “Your champion displays a great deal of courage for one who is stuck with someone of a race that she has always considered a foe. It will be remembered, whether she succeeds or fails in this mission of hers.” He raised his flagon in a salute, it had never been said that he wouldn’t play the game to give honors where they were due.

    Morrigan’s first ‘victim’ was revealed to be Branka. She knelt close to the dwarven god, whispering, “Help is on the way, if they can reach you and you hold out. By the way, the beer was a nice touch, even if it created some interesting rains and fogs.”

    A current of thought drifted through the air, making Huitzil’s head turn. He found his gaze focusing on Enya. A wry smile came to his face, ‘One of them is thinking, thinking deeply.’ he thought as the smile reached his eyes and he raised his flagon in a salute to her, one she would understand the reasoning for.

    The jackal headed god suddenly found a female presence by his side, the raven haired goddess, her dark eyes almost smiling as she looked up at him. “Your champion almost made a fatal error but he drew back just enough to avoid that fate. I know where his course is leading and my husband will be true to his word, as long as Nyruel does not go overboard. But I am well pleased that you drove Samhain off balance.”

    Huitzil turned his attention to Andrissa, the quiet one, the one who could influence things without even a word, with just a glance, “Zinnia will receive the reward the deal has promised. I miss the dragons, have been ill at ease with their beauty all but gone from the world.”

    A beer slammed down onto the table by Cayden, suddenly having appeared in Morrigan’s hand. “You may want to find some way to get a message to your champion. I believe the exact words he used were ‘a true fool’ to describe you…”

    Huitzil’s gaze drifted more, another current of thought reaching him. His eyes next found Ma’at, a small smile. A thought reached her, ‘Yes it seems imbalance currently, but you of all know that the balance can shift in even an instant.’ He sipped from his flagon and then spoke, “I believe the four champions are going to need some time to get to know one another.” He snapped his fingers and a campsite suddenly appeared on the beach approximately where the champions would all meet, large enough for all four to have separate places to rest and gather.

    The last god to find himself under Morrigan’s scrutiny was Samhain. She approached him and leaned in closely, lips by his ear, “You are very lucky, Mr Entropy, that I arrived late.” she whispered before sharp teeth nipped his earlobe and she pulled back after, her eyes telling him that she knew. Huitzil chuckled at the little byplay. She glanced at her husband then back to Samhain, “Your little act of not knowing what the situation is here is also noticed, such a good little actor.” she chuckled too before returning to Huitzil, taking her place on his lap.

    Dionysus squawked when Mystra circled the table and produced an ale for Branka, “Hey, Irm the host here…!” he mock protested.

    Huitzil chuckled deeply at Dionysus, then looked to Mystra, he’d caught her thoughts as well. “Win or lose the world would not be fully depopulated. I would not deprive any of you of all your followers. And a new world would offer opportunities for new followers and regrowth.” he suggested.

    Clearing his throat, “Mystra’s concerns are a good point. Should I win, the Destructor completes his work, I would discuss with each of you that survives what the final outcome will be for those who worship you.” He raised his flagon again, “To the champions, dark and light, may the paths cross and the adventure continue.”

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    The Woodlands, Tu

    As the two Nyruel’s stepped on the disc a unseen wind began to blow through the clearing. The rain continued to fall but the droplets ceased to burn. The animals, great and small reverted back to the mostly docile creatures that they had been previously. And then one of the two drow grunted before he and the disc began to fade. In the last instant one last snare in the web of magic was tripped, one that Sarathai hadn’t seen. The second Nyruel, the second Sarathai as well, disappeared and a flash of light lit the clearing.

    She couldn’t see it but there was now a ridged tattoo that adorned the upper chest, under the blouse that Nyruel wore, in the shape of a Canim head. A whisper of a thought came to him, ‘So distrustful, who said I would leave you unable to communicate with your new allies. Merely think of the one you wish to send commands to and the message will be sent, mentally.’ It didn’t mention the pain that might come from such communication but that was the way of the dark figures.

    Sarathai joined Nyruel, still not entirely trusting of the drow, on the disc, and it sped off down the track toward the sea. In the distance the sounds of Canim hunting continued, fading slightly the closer they got to the sea and further from the immediate invasion.

    Finally, the treeline came to an end, white sand coming into view. Far enough from where the tides came in there was a campsite already set up. ‘We have not been notified when the ships will get here so you have time to rest and get to know each other more, before the ships arrive, possibly.’ the voice whispered in Nyruel’s head.

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    HRH Contemptuous and the Freedom’s Bow
    Enroute to Tu

    The plank retracted and Seamus turned to Rian, “How long do you think that crew has before they earn their passage here?” he asked the Captain.

    Rian snorted, “They have already earned their passage, only time remains before they join the crew, willingly or unwillingly but they know the price of piracy and who comes to collect.”

    He gazed down at the side of the elven made ship, then snorted. “Although that time may come sooner rather than later if they have an accidental discharge of one of those cannon.”

    Seamus laughed, almost doubling over before he stood, slipping his pipe between his teeth. He looked up at the sails, “How long do you think it will be before we reach Tu?”

    On the other ship the same thought was occurring to the crew there. The ship beside theirs brought out fears in the crew much as it had in the first officer. And the sooner they could put distance between themselves and it would clear the air onboard even more.

    Both ships sailed in a course determined by the wind pushing them, for several hours. Soon a smudge on the horizon began to resolve and a call came from high in the rigging of both vessels, at almost the same moment. “Land ho!”

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    Update 7 Part 2 of 2

    IC Nissa, Sagitar, The Abomination, and Sprites
    Winging their way North from E’Malathas

    Primeclaw began to race northward, he’d found one thermal that still flowed in that direction, thanks to Mystra blowing on the map. Behind, the city began to fade into the distance. The teakettle shriek of the Abomination sounded from the city and just as the city became a dot in the distance the sky turned white then dark then white again, a huge, fiery cloud rising from the city. Outlines against the cloud was the creature.

    It was turning, head seeking before the sickly green glow of it’s maw opened and another roar sounded. Suddenly the shape leaped forward, it had sensed them...

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    Deep Woods of Qedraerhiel

    A light, even at this distance, grew on the horizon. It was far enough that it would take several minutes for the sound to reach Mieli but it was as though the sun had burst through the clouds again. It seared the sky before it began to fade once more, to a dull, angry red glow in the distance.

    The shock of it stilled the drow into immobility for a moment. And then a sound reached the ears of everyone in the clearing, from the direction opposite the glow, a cracking, grinding, groaning, and explosion loud popping sound. It was far enough away that none saw it but a wall of fog had blown up between the village and the lava, flowing rapidly over it. And what happens when you introduce a cooling element quite rapidly to an extremely hot surface?

    Chunks of still fiery hot lava ‘bombs’ spewed forth from the flow, some disappearing back into the lava behind it some bouncing into lakes and ponds to sink and cool, but others were shot out at high speed. One such made a cloth ripping sound as descended at high speed, to land, crushing one of the fairy homes near the center of the clearing.

    It sat there for several long moments, both the drow and Mieli once again shocked by the development. And then a susurrus of sound warned the Ranger that a flight of arrows was incoming. He was quite lucky to get his shield up because the lava bomb took the opportunity, in that moment, to burst. His shield began to melt away as burning hot rock, still 1000 degrees hit it. The drow, a third of them were not so lucky, hit by the liquid rock they cooked from the outside in.

    Which still left 34 of them in the clearing, now enraged by the sudden deaths of their comrades to be roused from their immobility and charge the dwarf, almost as one.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral (Combo if it works, if not pm me and we’ll discuss casualties, possibility of @Adalia-Durron joining in)


    Zinnia’s Nest, the Skies of Selenia

    Zinnia’s offspring finished their feeding, their milk and one by one they fell asleep. As any good parent would, she stayed with them until they had each drifted into a deep slumber. Once she was sure they were resting she slipped from the nest. Her first decision was the easiest. She slipped free of the waterfall and followed the trail of the essence of the one who called himself Toels.

    When she found him, he stiffened when she drew near, telling her that the Einherjaren could sense things beyond what normal senses should be able. He turned, greeting her formally. Not given to small talk, especially with such creatures she made her intentions known. The other allies had been able to procure such large cattle and she asked to see that he could as well. He beckoned for her to follow and the clearing he led her to was filled with a large herd of cattle.

    “Zee, ve hav all de vood de kinds need.” he said.

    She didn’t give an outward sign that she approved but it was one more proof that the deal she had made was being kept on both ends. He looked up at her, “Svift hunting Reverence.”

    A burst of air filled the clearing as she cupped her wings and leaped into the air. Gaining altitude she could see more and more of the chaos that Selenia had become. Winging her way eastward she reached out to see whether the Roc had been diverted yet or not as she had no true desire to face that beast.

    She felt the dark creature that was pursuing the roc and the two passengers it had, knowing that battle was ongoing but one slightly further north drew her attention. There was another bright source nearer to the lava flows. And it was surrounded by darkness. The screeching of a giant bird, an albatross of sorts, drew her attention as she flew over Shelrior Holm. It drifted on the winds, closer and closer to her.

    When it got close enough she noticed the golden eyes the bird had and realized it was one of the creatures, if not the same one, that she had met when she faced the drow and elf. The bird's mouth opened and words flowed forth, “The Roc has not yet been diverted, as you can tell. A dwarven Ranger is further north, another champion, and one that is, as yet, unaware of your presence. He would be a good target and the ones you were sent after are headed for him as well so the other targets will also join you soon if you do so.”

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    Apr 26, 2016
    The Realm of the Gods


    Isha struggled to maintain her composure. She trembled with fury and her eyes smouldered as she gazed at Huitzilopochtli. Around her the other gods and goddesses laughed and frolicked, or splashed carelessly onto the map. Each life taken, of an innocent animal or bird or tree or flower, cut her like a razor.

    Isha felt deep within her bosom the same helpless distress as Sarathai. Once again she found herself encircled and gripped by the constricting serpent that was death. She could not bear to look at Anubis.

    She had to remain calm. She could not scream and rage against this injustice. She faced the king of the gods and her voice shook with every whispered word.

    "That is not fair. Sarathai was not fooled. It is a sin to cage such a free spirit. Please, please release her..."
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    IC: Samhain

    He decided, very firmly, that he did not like Morrigan.

    It was bad enough when Branka tipped over his drink, but it hadn't been wine so that was fine.

    His eyes found Isha, who was clearly struggling. Samhain cut his gaze to Huitzil, with Morrigan back on his lounge.

    He found himself whispering to Ma'at. Cover for me.

    The cloaked man wandered to obtain a drink from Dionysus, whispering into the ear of Anubis. Nyruel is right. Huitzil is using you. Don't let him.

    He reached for an espresso martini - a fanciful drink at the best of times, and turned back to his seat.

    His wine remain undrank.

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    IC: Anubis

    Anubis was displeased, the actions of Huitzil's naagolshii had made Nyruel look like a fool, his complaint was not unfounded or unfair, still, his arrogance had gotten the better of him and nearly cost him his life. He eyed the raven-haired goddess, he had the distinct impression that he was lectured to, a mistake by Morrigan.

    "You should tell your husband to allow his minions to key Nyruel into their plan rather than surprise attack him, not to mention he was attempting to build trust with the wood elf that was rudely interrupted, how is he supposed to infiltrate the group without the opportunity to build trust, and do not say trust built through combat the wood elf has already proven too fickle for that to work, he was insulted, and his own plan was overridden by your own, did he perhaps get a bit carried away...well yes, I would say so, but remember Lady Morrigan an insult to my champion is an insult to me,"

    He then turned to face Isha who was clearly distressed about the whole affair, not that the jackal god could blame her particularly for that. Her champion had been ridden of any sense of agency, something the jackal god did not approve of.

    "I would be inclined to agree Isha, the lack of agency of your champion and indeed my own I see as an error that could do with correction. Although your wood elf is far too mistrusting, I do hope you are not speaking to her secretly about Nyruel's true intentions..." he tapped a finger against the side of the table, red sparks flung out from it as Sarathai and Nyruel would feel the curse lifted from them both.

    Samhain then whispered to Anubis, a warning that he was being used.

    "As if I would believe the word of a trickster god," barked Anubis, dismissing his claim altogether.

    The god of death then turned to Isha, viewing her sorrow at the loss of life.

    "You seem not to grieve when your precious little champion snuffs the life of the drow, despite her calling them 'souless' ones the do indeed have souls, I would know. Their life just as precious as any other being, but when she kills them you know she serves me at that moment, giving me strength and not you? The contradiction of your mortal, some life is precious others are not, I do wonder how she sleeps at night with that bed of lies,"

    He viewed Ma'at, turning his attention back to Selenia.

    "Yes, refuge is more than acceptable,"

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    Apr 26, 2016
    The Realm of the Gods

    …your wood elf is far too mistrusting, I do hope you are not speaking to her secretly about Nyruel's true intentions..."

    Anubis said this as he finally lifted the binding curse. Isha turned and glared at him, eyes flashing in fury. It was not the right moment to make such frivolous accusations at her.

    “And what would I whisper?” she said, her voice dangerous. “That a drow would approach her directly and the very first words he would say are, ‘Help me, wood elf?’ It would be too incredible to believe, for such words have never passed the lips of a drow, ever.”

    She folded her arms. “From that moment, Sarathai knew he was a liar. Next, he feigned concern for the forest. All of Selenia knows the drow care for nothing and no-one but themselves. And your champion is a perfect example. Next, a dragon appears to her as a dryad. For what purpose would such a creature do such a thing? Your champion did not even raise an eyebrow at this.”

    Isha was in full flow now, the anger gushing. “And finally… and worst of all… your champion has done nothing to undo the curse put upon them. He has spent the entire time smiling, leering, laughing. He is enjoying the bondage that forces them together. I dare you to deny it!”

    Isha exhaled. “You must truly think her a fool.”

    Samhain whispered something to Anubis, but the muscular deity of death dismissed the trickster angrily, intent on his confrontation with Isha.

    It was a violent dance they had danced many times.

    He said, "You seem not to grieve when your precious little champion snuffs the life of the drow, despite her calling them 'souless' ones the do indeed have souls, I would know. Their life just as precious as any other being, but when she kills them you know she serves me at that moment, giving me strength and not you? The contradiction of your mortal, some life is precious others are not, I do wonder how she sleeps at night with that bed of lies."

    Isha narrowed her eyes at him.

    “Kurnous may not be present here now, but do not pretend to forget the Lore of the Hunt. The hawk preys so that she and her chicks may feed. The deer tosses the wolf with his antlers so that he and his doe may survive. As long as the sanctity of the Hunt is respected, any soul that dies is only ever yours temporarily. When the time comes, you must return them to me, and it is I who judges if they are to be reborn as predator or prey. Thus the circle of life necessarily includes death and reincarnation of the spirit. The humans, dwarfs, even the Canim know of and respect the Hunt with their prayers over their kills.”

    Isha stepped closer, “So as you know full well, if a thousand goblins came after Sarathai and she killed every last one, she is doing so to protect herself and the forest. If the drow never trespassed in Tu, never tried to enslave the wood elves, not one of them would be killed.”

    She shook her head. “The drow contribute nothing to this cycle. They kill for sport, not for survival. You say they have souls; they have chosen to sell these to the spider goddess, and then stave off the payment by feeding her with torture and despair of others, becoming addicted themselves. They have taken the path of parasites, all their souls are forsaken to me. No wonder the Destroyer chose to approach one of these worthless ghouls. And no wonder your champion turned so easily!”

    Isha’s usual serenity was evaporating as she became impassioned. “You said you do not care what victory looks like. Well, you and your champion had better start caring soon, damn you!”

    She quieted, realising she had let her emotions run over. Anubis always had a way of doing that to her.

    She stared at the table, at her piece next to the drow, and suddenly a realisation came to her. She wiped away her tears of passion and a small giggle of laughter escaped her, as an insight and flash of the future came.

    Oh my, but even I have underestimated my little Sarathai, too!

    At that moment, her love for her suffering champion deepened even further than she could have imagined.

    She could not, dared not share her realisation with Anubis. At some point he would find out for himself.

    @darthbernael @Shadowsun
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    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: Done with Approval from @darthbernael

    IC: Anubis

    Life and Death

    Anubis remained unfazed by Isha's fury, having grown accustomed to it over the centuries.

    "My, my Isha so many erroneous bits of information I do not even know where to begin, the details, seems everyone lacks in the details, but no matter, a thank you would have been appreciated I did not have break the curse," he tilted his head, seemingly uninterested in the conversation as he went on, gazing down into Selenia.

    "Firstly Nyruel never laughed at their bondage to one another, merely at her responses to his questions. Secondly, the curse was far beyond his capabilities he realized this and stopped trying to struggle and made the best of the situation that he could. Thirdly, dear Isha I will dare to deny it, after all, how could a drow such as Nyruel bear being bonded to a lowly wood elf?"

    He tilted his head, waving his hand dismissively. She would know that he did not think of Sarathai as lowly and merely was framing it from his champion's point of view.

    "Now unlike you, I do not see all wood elves as inherently good nor as inherently evil, the same goes for the Drow, each is judged on their merits and not judged for which elven race they herald from, really Isha, I expected more from the goddess of life than to dismiss an entire race as inherently evil. It does not matter whether their souls are forsaken to you or not as that is under my domain once they die, all are equal, under my purview, unlike your pettiness,"

    He drummed his fingers along the edge of the table, scanning Selenia still, clearly not used to speaking at this length, the authority of it still carried the same.

    "But what troubles me most Isha is how you liken the drow to wild animals, these are sentient beings, capable of love, creation, and life yes more often than not they cause destruction and misery. You made a bold claim that all drow are the same, and while I agree that most are 'evil' mortals, my champion alone is proof that not all worship the spider goddess, but make no mistake I know the judgment of a righteous heart and if Nyruel's heart was to be weighed on the scales I would not be surprised for him to be cast into nothingness,"

    Anubis spoke this matter-of-factly, not showing any care for his champion.

    "But if that means I win, then so be it, ah yes I have found what I was looking for, Isha come to view this"

    He tapped his finger again, red sparks flying out once more, an image appeared before them both. That of a drow family, with several infants running in fear, the mother tripping and falling. A looming specter appeared over them, that of a wood elf, their sword swung high. An elderly drow man rushed up in front, shielding the family, begging the wood elf to spare them. He was only met with a look of deep-seated hatred.

    "Die Drow Scum"

    The sword fell finding its mark.

    "Not so black and white is it? I do indeed care Isha, but it is not my duty to reshape the world, only to judge the dead but the systems of the world wheater they are drow, wood elf, or otherwise have led to nothing but hatred and misery, maybe the world does need to be made anew"

    He eyed Samhain as he spoke the next part.

    "Afterall not all the mortals will die, that much is guaranteed, perhaps this new age can lead to some prosperity,"

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    Gods Realm

    It seemed the chaos of the mortal sphere was less confined to it than it had appeared. Or so thought Huitzilopotchli as he watched the other gods that were playing. In the background, other gods that were minor allies or friends of those involved were becoming a constant hum of noise. About half the gods playing were quiet during the exchanges.

    Andrissa he understood, she was always a quiet one, that enigmatic smile on her face as she sipped her water. Ma’at seemed to be letting Samhain carry the conversation for them both, which he was doing, trying to intrigue as well, or so it seemed from the exchange between he and Anubis. That did bring a small smile to the chief god’s face. He tipped a finger to Samhain then smiled even more broadly, “The wine not to your taste, Entropy?” He raised his finger again, Dionysus appearing at his side, “It seems our friend there doesn’t like the vintage, so keep him supplied with the martinis.”

    Mystra and Enya were likewise quiet, but possibly conferring in their own way as to how to aid their champions with the abomination that had been sent after them. That was understandable, paying more attention to their champions. As much as he desired to win, he didn’t want it to be simple or easy. Branka looked worried for his champion, between the drow force and the lava and mist, things weren’t looking the best for his dwarf. Catching the dwarf god’s eye, Huitzilopotchli touched the map delicately, near where the Ranger was located, a whispered “Soon…” reaching the drunk god's ears, a promise of a sort of aid.

    To Cayden, he tilted his head, wondering what or how the little man was going to make his champion aware that he truly was one. Morrigan had been less than polite in reminding the god that his champion thought it foolish that any god would choose him.

    It was at that moment that Morrigan decided to make her presence felt again. She raised her eyes, locking them with Samhain’s. A lazy smile, but one full of teeth, crossed her face before she stuck out her tongue, uncurling it. What it revealed was a crystalized golden gem, the center seemingly liquid. A slow wink followed before she turned her attention to Anubis, where her eyes met his as well. Her free hand lifted, taking the gem and then opening the palm, where it revealed a coarse black gem, with what looked like short straight striations inside.

    She smiled again, a chill seeming to wind around both of the gods, she’d bitten Samhain’s ear, had run her hand over Anubis’s fur. The Supreme Witch, most powerful magic user, mortal or not, had sample of their beings, Samhain’s blood and Anubis’s fur. With that she could do whatever she wanted with or to them. As the smile faded, she tucked the gems into her dress.

    Huitzilopotchli turned his gaze to Isha, out of the corner of his mouth speaking to Morrigan, “She seems to have found a deeper level of care for her champion, which could prove good or bad, in the long run.”

    He reached to his belt, pulling a pair of daggers that would return to him if used other than how he’d intended, tossing them toward Isha and Anubis. “You two are certainly getting caught up in the emotions of your champions, are you not sure theirs are filtering to you as well? If so, I’d rather you not start a full blown war up here, handle it by blood between you two.” The daggers stopped their motion, handles next to the closest hand of both the god and goddess.

    “As to your two champions, do either of you think they would have made it to the coast, let alone worked to save Selenia, if I hadn’t had my minions ‘encourage’ them along their way?” he asked pointedly.

    “Anubis, you may want to impart some of your balance to your champion, he has a path and is following it but is allowing it to go to his head, to the point he’s challenging immortals that can stand up to adult dragons with no effort. Yes they are direct in their actions but that is how they are. Nyruel needs to remember he is but at the beginning of his mission and that he needs their aid still to achieve that.”

    Turning to Isha, “Sarathai is about to meet people and beings well beyond her experience. Well, she already has in the dragon and the naagloshii but these others are as beyond those as they are beyond her. Many things depend on how events continue to occur there, on the beach, not just for the champions but for Selenia itself.”

    That was all he was going to add to their feud though. He settled back, letting the others work through all he’d said, or left unsaid. Taking up his flagon, he tapped the rim against Morrigan's flute of champagne, then sipped it, waiting for the fallout to begin to occur. Leaning his head close to hers, in a whisper that didn’t travel, “If Malagath and his crew are concerned by Rian and his, he’s going to freak out more when She gets there.”

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  21. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Zinnia - Dragon

    Zinnia spread her wings to glide over the mountains, the updraft was exhilarating and she savored the feeling. In the distance she could see the plumes of smoke from the eruption, but it did not distract her. She had a destination in mind, a place to go and her singular focus. A Ranger, she sought a Ranger and one of the Dwarves. An unusual combination to be sure, but she had to trust her information was correct.

    The question was now, did she attempt to lure him in with a disguise or simple appear as herself. She allowed a toothy smile. She glided over her target area, just past the spine of the mountain range, a deeply forested area. Zinnia circled a few times before extending her legs and landing in a small clearing. She walked around in a semi-circle, assessing her surroundings, and they were perfect. Pulling her wings in again she began to transform into a likeness the Ranger would find pleasing, one he’d not be able to resist the urge to help. Once done, she lay herself on the cold earth, closing her eyes. He would find her soon.

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    IC: Samhain

    He could see what was happening.

    That bitch.

    He refocused, and scowled beneath his hood.

    "Well, Anubis," he said drily. "As much as a discussion about apoptosis would dazzle me, it behooves me to play my card, my friends." He gestured to the wines they had drank. Enya, Ma'at and Isha had drank the wine, which he'd definitely spiked when aboard the servers tray. He'd chanced it with the Andrissa's water and Mystra's tea, and of course Anubis's scotch and souls, but it was a wine-based poison, designed to interact with the grape-content. It had to be done. He could hardly get the beer that had been conjured.

    "I sprinkled poison within them, because I don't think you understand that it is a war between the Gods and the mortals that you have all courted. It will be destructive, it will be ruinous, and it will see nobody win." He slammed a fist on the board. "I shall launch that first strike."

    His other hand pointed. "With your deaths."

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    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: GM Approved

    IC: Anubis

    The Fury of Hell

    Anubis eyed Huitzilopochtli with a calm annoyance, he had a point Anubis had to admit Nyruel was an upstart, nevertheless, the naagolshii had acted in a baffling manner, and the champion had admitted even to the naagolshii that they exceeded his power.

    He viewed the dagger that sprung up in front of him, his eyes narrowing and then looking to Huitzilopochtli.

    "I have no desire to kill Isha, we are linked, although perhaps with her attitude of not seeing all life as equal she could do with people replaced as the chief goddess of life, after all with that view she is failing her most important duty breaking the cycle of life and death,"

    A matter for another time, but her attitude towards the drow had been noted. There was no lost love between the drow and Anubis, in fact, he despised most of them and how their society was structured, there was a reason after all many were cast into nothings, their hearts consumed by Ammut, but he still saw them as living things, the individuals should not be discarded based on the sins of their society.

    He caught Morrigan's eye, flashing a mysterious gem of some kind, the purpose of which he did not know but caused him a great sense of unease. What tricks was she up to? He did not appreciate the feeling of being a puppet on strings, an unnecessary wedge of mistrust had now been firmly placed between the two of them.

    What happened next Anubis could not believe, the revelation that he had been poisoned by Samhain. He slammed his fist on the table, not thinking through the consequences of such an action the table shaking once more. He then levied a finger at Samhain, the red magic of Anubis swirling around him in a litany of anger, the normal calm and collected jackal god now a beacon of pure and utter death.

    "You dare poison the gods!?! Your death is now sealed for you have brought this game into imbalance, unfair and unjust to all players!"

    He then snapped his fingers, a red aura floating down to Xenos, it would penetrate him, his soul and Anubis's becoming linked, a bond that if severed would kill them both unless Anubis decided to do so.

    "My fate and the fate of the Champion known as Xenos Jehuty are now linked if either of us dies so will the other,"

    The infuriated Anubis then whipped its head to Huitzilopochtli then back to Samhain. The extraordinary aggression for Anubis was largely a result of the poison but also just the sheer audacity of the situation, he staggered, the poison gripping it's claw around the jackal god. He continued to speak, his voice no longer booming across the table.

    "I am willing to unleash all the very depths of Tartarus itself until an antidote for myself and the other gods poisoned is granted,"

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Ma’at
    The face of Imbalance…


    Ma’at was well aware that Samhain was capable of a great deal, some of which would surprise even her. Secretly, he had been her only escape from the dreaded ‘Age of Ennui’, in all honesty. He had been ever so mysterious, yes, unpredictable, yes, uncharacteristic- at least as far as she could tell- yes. But this…this was sheer an utter madness.

    To poison the gods!? To poison her???

    “Samhain….” Ma’at said in complete disbelief, stumbling back, her goblet falling to the floor and spilling its content, one hand rising to clutch at the base of her neck.

    “What have you done….!!??”

    Her voice trembled, her eyes were wide in abject incredulity. She wanted to be angry, but it was too late. Samhain’s inconceivable act was beyond reproach….it was simply, irredeemable. He had doomed the all.

    Her ears were filled with the sound of Anubis’ raging protest, but she could not focus on that, she had to get away before…..

    Ma’at stumbled as she tried to leave the map room, but her legs would no longer respond to her commands. Suddenly, she doubled over, even as Anubis proceeded with his own gambit by joining his life force to that of Xenos.

    A soft chuckle escaped her lips as a shimmer engulfed her, then faded. Her clothing had darkened as well as her skin. When she unfurled, her vestments had changed, for they were modified to the pleasure of another.

    “Well, that was certainly an interesting way to summon me….”

    The voice was no longer light and sincere, but more measured, a bit huskier, rife with controlled modulation and hidden meaning.


    Isfet stood now, the goddess of Injustice, chaos and violence. The concordant opposite of Ma’at. Justice, Injustice, Order and Chaos, were two sides of the same coin.

    With a smooth motion, Isfet removed the White Plume from her head piece and gave it an annoyed look, before it disappeared within the folds of her garments.

    Dionysus, a drink.” She demanded with a snap of her fingers. After taking a few steps, she stopped, bringing a hand to her chest, then looking at Samhain.

    “Poison? really habibi?”

    She gave a shrug.

    In that moment, Isfet took the opportunity to read the room, taking stock of the gods present, as she allowed Ma’at’s knowledge to flood her conscious mind.


    Her eyes went to the table with the map of Selenia, which she approached, regarding it with great interest. "Those poor elves." she mocked.

    “Cute destroyer.” She observed after a beat. For a moment, she seemed amused at what she was seeing, then she paused, turning to Anubis.

    “Well, aren’t you the clever god of death.”

    From the way she phrased it, it was hard to distinguish whether she said this in annoyance or as a compliment. Turning her head, her eyes fell on Huitzilopochtli.

    “Well….” she intoned, tilting her head, then extending her arm, hand opened.

    “If it’s the end of everything, don’t I get a dagger too?” she exclaimed sarcastically, punctuating the question with a sly disingenuous smirk.

    Clearly, she was up to something. Then again, who wasn’t. Of course, she was also ready in case Huitzilopotchli ( or anyone else ) attempted to cut her first. If things had escalated to the point to make her appear, then she would make the best of her circumstances.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Enya
    Location: Central Hall - The Realm of the Gods

    Enya froze.


    Warmth flushed her cheeks as her pulse quickened. She traced a finger around the rim of her glass and sniffed. Her tongue flicked in her mouth, swishing saliva, to try and pick out what type of poison it might have been.

    What are you really trying to attempt with shattering the delicate equilibrium here, Samhain? She wondered as Anubis railed at the god - so much for maintaining the decorum of the chamber.

    Her blue eyes flickered briefly with a glow. She felt her emotions bubbling to the surface.

    They were all meant to work together. How could he do this to them!? This has to stop!!

    Her long blond hair unbraided itself and cascaded over her shoulders.

    The threat has to be eliminated. It has to be cleansed.

    Enya’s eyes shine golden light as she rose up and stood back. There was a heat growing inside as she drew upon the power of the sun. Her loose hair started billowing as looked to Samhain. Her hands raised, her fingers curled around imaginary orbs. A swirl of particles wrapped about her wrist and converged in the space between her fingers, forming balls of light.

    Enya’s legs bent as she elevated herself a metre off the ground. The searing energy within herself burned brilliantly causing her figure to glow blindingly bright - and her seat to melt into slag upon contact with her foot.

    Her lyrical voice reverberated within the chamber.

    “Samhain, this act of yours is treacherous.
    How could you be so reckless?
    To take us all out of play is dangerous
    And I don’t think you’d like that...”​

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