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Fantasy CLOSED The Final Game: A Story of Selenia

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by darthbernael , Dec 25, 2020.

  1. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Thank you again @darthbernael for this small joint post with Morrigan

    ~IC~ Enya + Morrigan
    Location: Central Hall - The Realm of the Gods

    Huitzilopotchi and Morrigan had spoken. Permission had been granted for them to take an intermission, to prepare themselves to salvage the situation.

    Enya closed her hand and the dancing wisps of light faded from sight.

    “I shall need some time to recharge my energy.” Enya stated. “How long before we are required to return to the chamber?”

    Morrigan looked up from a little aside to Huitzilopotchli when she heard the question from the other goddess. Her finger tapped her lips for a moment, "Considering all that is ongoing at the moment, that we know of, I'd believe we could allow a recess of a day," she glanced at Huitzil who nodded, "yes a day so that you all can refresh and prepare what you may need to aid your champions."

    “That is most gracious of you,” Enya bowed her head. “Thank you.”

    She turned to leave and looked sideways to Mystra, Cayden and Branka.

    “May we convene in four hours time?” She asked as she approached them. Her voice lowered to a whisper as she brush past Branka. “If you all agree so, I’ll meet you at Andrissa’s Hall.”

    Enya continued past then glanced back from the doorway to Morrigan and Huitzilopotchi... then to Dionysus. She smiled and inclined her head as farewell before slipping out through the grand doors.

    As the doors closed behind her, her thumb brushed over the smooth surface of the dice concealed with in her fist.

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  2. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Arienn, Zinnia, Nissa, Meili, Sagitar,
    Forest clearing, in the dome of light
    Thank you to @Corellian_Outrider @Ktala @TheAdmiral

    Zinnia had questions, not regarding so 'so called quest. "I have a question!" She stepped forward, "Are you trying to tell us the 'Gods'.." she looked upwards, "Are using us as pieces in some kind of game for amusement?" She hoped she was wrong.

    Arienn sighed, her eyes glistening for a moment. "Young one, they are as fickle and fallible as mortals. Some moreso than others. The one that caused your patron to die himself has mostly passed. He fights it where the others have chosen to accept and assist their champions. But simply put, yes, disappointingly so, the Gods have chosen to play a 'game' with the stakes being Selenia and all who live upon it."

    Zinnia was shocked, yes that was it, shock. She and those around her were no more than pawns in a violent game designed to amuse the Gods. That made her angry, her children were protected for now, or until some other god decided otherwise. She was powerless to stop ...well .....anything!

    "Then why should we play their game? The way I see it, if the gods deem it it is our time, it will be our time and we will have little or no say in it. Tell us why we should do anything, if it essentially matters not at all?"

    Arienn swelled, her form growing, until her head nearly brushed the top of the dome of energy. A light filled her form, her eyes darkening, as she looked down at the champions.


    “Child, do you believe I or Death would be here if we believed it was, as you said, ‘time’?” her voice rang like thunder in the closed confines of the dome. “Why do you think the Precursors would be here if we did not believe that our child, our children, had a future?”

    The massive form sighed, deeply, before shrinking back down to her normal size. In a more weary tone, “I abhor the destruction that has already occurred, as well as that which is to come. But, it has happened and we must move forward as necessary.”

    She sat back down on the stump, “You and all of you had been chosen before Rian and I involved ourselves. But you are the best choices to save our daughter, and your races.” she said quietly.

    Any trace alcohol remaining in his system quickly evaporated by the sudden display. He cussed silently, if only they could go back so that he could take a whiff of the beer air... "I am sure Branka does not play a game." he smirked "After all he is a Paragon."

    Zinnia stepped back, the display one she'd not encountered in many years of living on Selinia and she felt more anger. The reasons were vague to her and she still did not like being a pawn in a 'game'. The bigger picture was they were being forced to not only defend their home but save it from reckless Gods who'd see it destroyed for amusement.

    Nissa watched Arienn's display with awe, and she grinned wildly, as she stood, her wings still. She loved the display of magic. But more importantly, she agreed. It didn't matter how they 'felt' about it. The reasons why this had happened were out of their hands. Whining about it would not help things. Only the actions they took from now on, would be useful. Yes, this SUCKED that all of this death and destruction was the result of some ticked-off being or a badly played game. But there was nothing she could do about it.

    But that they had a chance...., Nissa was very much interested in that. Nissa looked back at Arienn. "It no longer matters why it started. But how do we end it." Nissa made herself speak in more proper terms.

    Having to travel north to the continent of Uthium. That sounded easy enough. But it was not this creature. It had minions also. That was going to be messy bad.

    She sat back slightly on the stump, “I recommend heading north west through the mountains, perhaps by the time you reach the coast there will be a better location on the Destructor. That and that all eight of you may come together for the first time, as a group. You may ask whatever else you will before we go but once we leave this dome I must remain Arienn, until such time as the Gods realize who has disrupted their ‘game’.”

    Eight? Interesting.

    Nissa flapped her wings. "What I want to know, is what is needed in order to stop this? Every game has a goal. A task that must be completed. This...‘Destructor’...?” Can we kill it with normal weapons? OR does it take something special? she asked. She knew Arienn could not maintain this dome for long.

    Sagitar gripped his staff as Arienn transformed before them. The power behind her words, her voice reverberated about the dome’s volume. The light cast upon them...

    He downcast his eyes.

    The gods were playing games... but whom was playing whom? This one playing against the others, manipulating the board...
    ‘The gods are a jealous group... full of pride and vanity.’ Enya had once told him so many aeons ago. ‘Some may let you believe they have your best interests at heart but usually there are more than one intention behind their guardianship. They may be powerful but they aren’t all knowing, see all and be all as everyone is lead to believe. Why is that, do you suppose?’

    He had been younger then, much younger. ‘Stories to placate the populous, rules to guide them and alter behaviour. The people’s prayers and worship gives power to their name and in turn, gives them power.’

    ‘In a way, yes... more so now than back when the world was born.’ There was a hint of amusement in Enya’s tone.

    ‘What happens if the people stop worshiping their chosen deity?’ It was a curious thing to consider.

    Enya took longer to respond, ‘They lose their standing amongst the hierarchy of the others. Depending on what role they serve, they lose all purpose and cast aside or kept to perform their basic functions until they are redeemed or replaced.’

    ‘I hope that day may never come for you Milady.’

    ‘I hope so as well...’ there was a hesitation as she answered. ‘though one cannot see all paths before them until after it is too late.’ She then smiled and he felt the caress of her warmth and light. ‘Don’t fill your head with worries of affairs that are beyond your power, that is my role. You have your own duties to the world you inhabit.’

    ‘I shall do what I can as best to my abilities,’ he had answered her. Oh the naivety of youth.

    Her smile was sweet as she responded in kind. ‘As shall I.’

    Upon the blink of an eye, the memory was over just as quickly as it came. A reminder of his patron and while Enya’s light was warm and bright, Arienn was cooler and subdued. A different aura which he sensed was far more ancient than the world itself.

    He understood how Zinnia felt. To learn that they are manipulated as pawns in a game. Some point in their lives they have stood out from amongst the countless others that inhabit this world. They have proven their valour, their bravery, their acumen and selected as the best representative of their deity here on Selenia... or at least that’s how they were chosen in the past. So there is eight so far to resolve this. Free will or not, they are bound together on this quest, to succeed or fall together.

    Sagitar kept silent as the dwarf, Miele, spoke proudly about his deity. How young or inebriated was this dwarf to naively speak of such things? Paragon or not, they can be manipulated into playing.

    Nissa hit the nail on the head with her queries. If they were to defeat this abomination... this destructor... they will need every scrap of information possible about it for there to be a chance. There was one thing, however, Nissa had not asked, nor any of them just yet.

    “And to add to what Lady Nissa had asked... has this happened before?”

    Arienn sighed, “Do you recall the destruction of your home and your people, Sagitar?” she asked, pain in her eyes. “Rian and I were not here, were on the other side of the stars then. Another of our daughters was in need at the same time. So the few champions that Selenia could must then could not prevent most of the damage. And many peoples were lost.” she said, sadly.

    "It is not always the Destructor, there are other dark forces abroad in the galaxy and, from time to time one world or another attracts their attention. Selenia is on the verge of advancing to another stage of development and that is often when they ‘visit’.”

    She looked over at the fairy, “You take a dangerous step Nissa but a courageous one.” Her finger lifted and a tiny stream of light leaped from it’s tip, touching right over the fairy’s heart, “A small piece of myself to stay with you, until you can rejoin us.”

    “But as to your questions, Zinnia has inherited her patron’s power and a large portion of her godhood. Two others have had similar things happen to them. As to weapons, the only weapon that could possibly still be found is hidden in this Forest, a bow and magical quiver of special arrows, that was lost when the last cataclysm happened.”

    “However,” she sighed, “I do not know if you all, together, have the power or ability to defeat it fully. But between those magics, the power at your disposal, and Sagitar’s knowledge of magic, I believe you could, at least, force it back into it’s own realm.”

    A devious smile crossed her face, “Oh, and Mieli, your Patron may be a Paragon but he does come close to Dionysus’s love of alcohol. Even though that doesn’t dull his care for his dwarves.”

    Mieli gave a hearty laugh at the comment about Branka and alcohol "That's him alright!" he grinned, several teeth were missing and a golden one gleamed. Then he became serious "We can pass through the mountains." normally the other dwarfs would not agree to such a thing but if what was being said about a Destructor they would have to swallow their pride. "There should be passages left clear."

    Arienn response had surprised Sagitar. The trauma had been so long ago, yet the memories came flooding to mind. The assault on his home and kingdom had been devastating. The protectors had failed, few had survived the calamity.

    If this was the return of the same calamity that had befallen Adweawyr, then... it is happening all over again and on a grander scale.

    If they fail...

    He watched as Arienn gave them some hope. A spark of godly essence for Nissa - was this the same blessing that had been given to his staff? Sagitar wondered.

    Zinnia currently possesses the inheritance of godly powers... as apparently two other champions they have yet to meet.

    Miele did provide a useful suggestion to cross the mountains via underground.

    “The passages under the mountains would be helpful, if they are still accessible. Given the recent upheaval of nature, I hope they have not become tombs.” Sagitar spoke thoughtfully. “We still need to unite with the other champions... and there is also the matter of this legendary bow.” He looked to the others. “There would be many stories and legends of fallen heroes, kings and champions. With those wielding bows... would narrow things down...” he shook his head. “... but I’ll need to consult with the archives. The College of Edocaster is too far and sadly the one at E’mathalas is no more. I could consult the one at Hazim. That might be the next closest one.”

    Zinnia was angry inside, she truly just wanted to transform and go to her children, protect them and hope for the best. But logic was invading her dragon mind. If she did that, and the God won, Selinia would be gone, along with her and her offspring. She hated logic. "If we must go, let us go and at speed." If she did have this power of her Goddess, then she might well be able to use it to stop this travesty.

    Nissa's wings flapped as Airenn told her story. She did not know what the destruction she spoke to Sagitar about, but the act that such things have happened before was a bit disturbing. THen Airen looked at her.

    "It is not always the Destructor, there are other dark forces abroad in the galaxy and, from time to time one world or another attracts their attention. Selenia is on the verge of advancing to another stage of development and that is often when they ‘visit’.”

    She looked at Nissa, “You take a dangerous step Nissa but a courageous one.” Her finger lifted and a tiny stream of light leaped from it’s tip, touching right over the fairy’s heart, “A small piece of myself to stay with you, until you can rejoin us.” Nissa's eyes went wide for a moment, and then she nodded. Her Goddess and now this? This was way past serious. It might have started as a game, but now it was much more. So much more.

    “But as to your questions, Zinnia has inherited her patron’s power and a large portion of her godhood. Two others have had similar things happen to them. As to weapons, the only weapon that could possibly still be found is hidden in this Forest, a bow and magical quiver of special arrows, that was lost when the last cataclysm happened.”

    Something here in the forest!?!? There was hope then. But then Arien almost dashed her hope with her next statement.

    “However,” she sighed, “I do not know if you all, together, have the power or ability to defeat it fully. But between those magics, the power at your disposal, and Sagitar’s knowledge of magic, I believe you could, at least, force it back into it’s own realm.”

    Well....forcing it back. That would be good. Better than the alternative. Nissa curled up her wings, wondering if her small friends were still in the forest. Nissa grinned when she heard them speak about the Dwarf's god. Nissa knew that Mystral was still there. She was the goddess of magic. Magic would not abate her passing well. That made her feel better. If they were entrusted with such an important, then she would do her best.

    When the dwarf mentioned something about caves and underground, her smile faded.


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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: The Gods Realm tag will be up later today

    Travelling through Qedraerhiel

    Arienn had nodded to the Einherjaren as the discussion came to an end, the dome collapsing after she had done so. Her aura had changed as that happened, closing in on itself and seeming no more than a high elf once more. She had given Nissa more encouragement and general direction as to where the hunt for the weapon she’d described could be found.

    After seeing the young fairy on her way the Einherjaren had gathered around them, she had turned to Mieli, getting him to lead the way. They had begun the trek across the continent, following the Ranger. As they travelled she communed with the remnants of Andrissa that remained with Zinnia. Plenty had been learned, including why the goddess had chosen to shutter most of her power from the dragon.

    The trek through the woods had been...educational in regard to why and who had been chosen. She may be who she was but even then she couldn’t or didn’t know every being in existence personally. So she spent the time learning about each, talking to them, reading into their character and identity through their answers.

    Finally the forest opened up before them. In the near distance were the western edge of the mountains that lined the continent. A crenellated wall stretched from the vertical wall of cliff in the west to the same in the east, only a few hundred meters beyond the treeline. Directly before them was a portal in the wall, guarded by dwarves in mail, unfriendly expressions upon their faces.

    She turned to Mieli, “It is time to discuss things with your cousins, to work out passage through the mountains here.”

    Another nod to the Einherjaren and a large tent was erected as Mieli moved forward toward the entrance to the Sharakinb mines. She turned to the Sagitar and Zinnia, “While he works that out, perhaps you two should get to know each other a bit, working together means that you must be able to have the beginnings of trust. And, Mieli’s ‘cousins’ may not be entirely friendly.”

    TAGS: @Ktala (Solo but pm me and I can give you some directions for Nissa, or work as NPCs she may encounter), @TheAdmiral (combo with me, I’ll be Mieli’s cousins), @Adalia-Durron, @Corellian_Outrider (combo between you two, Arienn may have bits to add as well)
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    IC: Nyubis
    Venting Frustrations

    Nyubis had remained in great meditation as they continued their journey, his divine energies become calibrated and better suited underneath his control. Even more greatly since his physical transformation.

    He could feel the presence of Abeloth as it drew near, he was no stranger to the psionic creature. Afterall and creature that caused death he knew well.

    He flipped upside down, his feet strapped to the disc with his signature red ethereal substance. His mind reached out speaking to the creature.

    And what is it that you want exactly? We are a little preoccupied.

    Aboleth was a slimy creature at the best of times, and it flopped on the side of the deck, first a fishy creature, the next a beautiful women leaning on her forearms.

    Her robes and even skin were pale to the point of see-through, her lips crimson, hair golden, her nose aquiline, but the eyes gave her away more than anything she was inhuman, notwithstanding her transformation; they were black with a pinprick of light for a pupil, sparkling like an angular and angry star upon the backdrop of the night sky.

    “I followed the scent of the God-with-abs...” she licked a tongue across her glittering teeth. “The Dark Lord tasked me with tracking down you and your kin... but I taste others with you... could you feed me a titbit or two, and I’ll keep the Aztec God at bay?”

    Aboleth canted her head, and even more so than ever her more monstrous features faded away and she was a beautiful blonde woman, eyes soft and grey, her smile genuine and, for all intents and purposes, pretty.

    Nyubis chuckled, for some reason or another he liked this Abeloth. Chaos and Order, it was said opposites attract.

    "I'm pretty sure all gods have abs, well excluding the more animalistic ones, perhaps you should be a bit more descriptive next time."

    He gave a nod of his head as he contemplated Abeloth's request. He then looked her over, her beauty did not escape him. Nor did the hideous fish amalgamation a few moments prior.

    "Yes I think we can come to an arrangement, there is one I can think of, but is rather complicated I'm afraid and I fear the others may not like the idea of me throwing them for you to consume."

    He of course was talking about Samhain. He gave a slight huff as he looked toward the woman.

    "I'm sorry to disappoint but the decision is not mine to make, but I'm sure we can some other arrangement"

    A small warm smile presented itself on his face, the first smile Nyubis had ever given in this form.

    "Oh I am sure we can come to an arrangement, my dear." She hoisted herself aboard, hair of course dry as if she had never been submerged within it. Aboleth brought a hand softly to his face. "What ails you? You seem... frustrated, as if you feel unheard at present..."

    Her voice was sad on his behalf.

    Nyubis was slightly taken aback by this statement. Her soft hand rising to his face. Normally he would flinch or be offended at such a gesture, but he was not, just staring towards her.

    "Well...Samhain is possessing the body of one of our companions, and the others do not have the conviction enough to be rid of him, even though he poses a greater danger alive than dead."

    He paused, it felt good to be able to talk to someone about all this. As Anubis he would have done so with Isha and as Nyubis he would have done so with Sarathai. But she was gone.

    "The one that holds the responsibility, Samhain is his father. Xenos is his name. Too Mortal. He lacks conviction, and doesn't realize that to save Selenia we must be rid of his father."

    “Oh my,” Aboleth said, genuine to a fault. “That’s ridiculous. Surely they can see how dangerous Samhain is. Why, he’s a murderer? Everyone knows that.”

    She shook her head. “Can I help?” Her voice was artful, and then pleading. “Please tell me what I can do to... alleviate your stress.” She moved behind him, her body moving around his, as her hands found his shoulders.

    Nyubis raised an eyebrow. This was unexpected.

    He gazed down into the woman's eyes, his own looking questioningly into her own.

    "What is it want?"

    The intellectual part of Nyubis was strong, questioningly why truly Abeloth had come and what their agenda was. But part of him just wanted to shut his mind off and lose himself.

    Her hands drifted to his upper arms, then to his sides. “I just want to help you, my dear,” Aboleth said as she placed her chin on his shoulder. “Your pain, it called to me from across the sea. I seek nothing but to be a balm for your sores.”

    She kissed his neck lightly.

    Just once.

    “But I cannot stay - the others, they will not trust me because you do.” Her voice was sad, and she began to disentangle herself - slowly, ever so slowly.

    Would he want her to stay?

    Or to return?

    Would he make things right... for her?

    Nyubis closed his eyes, feeling her lips against her neck.

    He then looked down into her eyes, he was still shirtless, the wisps of the water had splashed onto his chest, the water trailing down them.

    "They don't have to know you are here"

    He then leaned down to kiss her and bring her closer into an embrace.

    She kissed him deeply. Her body pressed upon his, and her hands held his back, tight to her. When she broke for air, her voice was meek. “Can I stay with you? I don’t want to go back.”

    He looked into her eyes, his own fluttering slightly.


    And then picked her, shrouding them both in a red ethereal substance as he carried her off to somewhere private.

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    A brief combo with @Sinrebirth

    Xenos & Samhain

    Farther and Son

    Xenos followed his father’s trail, all the while wondering if he would regret speaking with him.

    He wondered if it would cause him more pain than he was ready to carry, for Xenos had come to love the Father he had never met, the Father his Mother had lauded at every turn.

    Now he only felt the initial taste of bitterness begin to well inside him. He couldn’t honestly explain why. Perhaps because he had 'stolen' Sarathai's body and....never mind. Despite this, Xenos resolved to meet. He was no coward and was made of sterner stuff. Besides, his Mother’s essence was literally at his side.

    Passing through the foc’c’sle, Xenos saw colors shift and blur as he entered a space manipulated by magic. He was not at all surprised, as such things were the providence of gods. He prayed he would never become so casual about the use of power.

    Within moments, the dilation ended and Xenos saw Saramhain’s form waiting for him.

    Xenos offered a reverent bow, despite the feelings brewing within him. He always led with respect, unless it was otherwise required.

    “I am here….Father.”

    He said, successfully keeping any emotion from betraying him- thus far.

    Samhain looked back to Xenos, examining her hand with a delicate eye. No scars so far.

    "My son," she said, turning to reach for him as warmly as he could muster.

    "I am so sorry, Xenos. You did not deserve any of this to happen to you." Her voice was soft. "It is not fair on you, not at all."

    Xenos nodded, not agreeing or disagreeing. There was no changing the past.

    "So, what happens now? He asked, wishing no disrespect, but not wanting attention on himself, but rather, focusing on anything else. Hopefully the mission.

    Taraziel hummed softly as it hung by his side.

    Samhain hesitated. “Nothing has to happen. We have a mission, after all, and I have sworn to help you stop the Destructor. After, well, I imagine Nyubis will take me down.”

    A shrug.

    Not a lie.

    Who needed something as simple as a lie?

    "No he won't." Xenos responded with stern conviction, his face hardened with determination, then softened slightly as he padded Taraziel.

    "You two will be reunited." He promised, and the sword hummed in confirmation.

    Xenos tried not to smile sadly, but could not help himself. He allowed the feeling to wash over him and pass through him. It was better than harboring it inside.

    "Fa....uh, Father? Were you ever good?"

    He asked, taking several steps closer, then looking over the edge, then back to Saramhain.

    Samhain was about finished when that final question took him by surprise.

    He flinched - hard.

    There were a hundred thousand things he could say.

    That he was still good, that he simply saw no need to cloud himself with sentimentality, that it was all a role, that the true enemy was the darker nature of reality itself, that this was merely a truth enfolded as a lie, a necessary sacrifice but nobody would be lost -

    Instead he turned away, and went to leave the room. It was simplest to answer just in one way.


    He left his son with that.

    Xenos watched as his Father left him standing on the spot. He'd listened to his words- but more importantly, he observed him.

    Without saying a word, he had hoped for a bit more conversation, the kind that would bridge other topics which were non-essential to the mission, but essential to him, despite them not being able to change the past, but perhaps affect the immediate future.

    The conversation never happened. He was fine with that. His Father remained a lauded figure in the stories his mother told. But he did get a final answer of sorts. Xenos did not just listen, but he was keenly aware of his Father's aura and the energy patterns that revolved around him.

    He would have seen the evidence of a lie should it appear anywhere on Sarathai's body, despite his words. The same was true for his own body now, he supposed.

    But there was no split, no wound, no scarring.

    Xenos got his answer. The being inside Sarathai's body may have committed transgression his young mind could not imagine, but there was a point in his life, where he had conceived him, and had loved his mother sincerely...had loved his son -sincerely. That was the point of connection, the pathway where ultimately, balance could be restored.

    Looking down, Xenos smiled sadly and patted Taraziel again, which hummed softly in response.

    "Yes, I know. It won't be long now." He said, then sighed to himself.

    Balance had to be restored.

    For the sake of everyone and everything.

    *** Not the End *** ​
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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Apologies for the late tag for the Gods Realm

    Gods Realm

    Morrigan turned, gazing at Huitzilopochtli, “We need to speak, my Husband.” she said, softly. She reached up, cupping his cheek, then turned, her long dress swaying as she walked toward an exit and their home.

    As the other Gods realized that the game was continuing but that they had a moment to relax, that there was to be no more drama in the chamber, they began to mutter, chat, and conspire, deciding which faction they would support. After all, Huitzil had shown a weakness and that tended to lead to the downfall of even more gods.

    The gods that Enya had spoken to saw that the hall was clearing and they could decide whether to take her up on her offer or not. When she had completed her business she made her way to Andrissa’s Hall.

    Opening the doors revealed a dark hall, seemingly larger on the inside. Colors swirled through it, pinks, greens, and purples. As they passed images were revealed of the events that had already taken place. It was almost as though Andrissa’s essence, that had fallen to Zinnia had left a tiny spark here and she was showing what she could.

    Once Enya saw that the images that appeared began to change, became possible future events, both of the saving of Selenia and of it’s destruction. Images of the past, of past calamities mixed with the possible future, showing that this had come before and possibly could occur again. Only occasionally did it show a pair of intriguing figures. One seemed made of pure light and one of pure darkness.

    During some of the calamities they showed up, guiding heroes and gods as they worked to save the planet. During others they were absent and Selenia was dealt major calamities, the surface rewritten, new species and races were born or older ones changed, rebuilt. The images showed that this was not the first time that Selenia had been under siege and the best chance they had were their heroes and whoever the two beings were that kept appearing. The images of the two, white and black, reminded Enya of the lightning that had flared and touched Morrigan’s finger when she attempted to move the map.

    When the other two arrived they would find Enya seated on a smaller throne, near the one reserved for Andrissa, lost in contemplation of the images that continued to swirl around her.

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    Update 14

    At sea

    As the various moments ended, each of the Champions chose where they would find themselves. The cabin on the Freedom’s Bow that both Nyubis and Aboleth occupied was strengthened by his magics and little noise left it. They had their private moment, time to get to know each other better, even as the ships travelled further along their paths. The one intrusion into their moment of solitude was when there was a blur of marine flesh outside the cabin window, a large eye gazing inside, an oversized dolphin clicking and laughing for a moment before diving back into the sea.


    As the moment between father and son ended and Samhain/Sarathai walked out on deck, he would find that it was empty, the sailors either high in the rigging or belowdecks. The quiet was eerie, only the sound of the distant seabirds, the water rushing past the hull of the Contemptuous, and the creak of the rigging making any noise. That was, until a splash sounded, in the water near the hull, opposite the side that the Freedom’s Bow sailed.

    When he went to investigate a long dark shape arrowed through the water. A tall, black fin emerged from the water before rolling to one side, revealing an enormous shape, reminiscent of an orca. Or should be except most orca had teeth instead of a mouth full of tentacles or glowing green dinner plate sized eyes. A mocking laugh seemed to come from the mouth, even though it shouldn’t be able to form such sounds.

    The head lifted from the water and took in the female form with the male godly spark inside her. “You’re far from where you belong, godling. I admire the work you did in the Godly Realm. It is a shame you didn’t kill more of them before you yourself perished.” The voice sounded oily, dark, and sibilant. “You would do well if you could but abandon that form, take one that suits you better, and take your revenge upon the whole of Selenia and not just the gods.”


    The air and the sense of immense size to the crew quarters dwindled as Samhain/Sarathai left, leaving Xenos on his own. He only had a few moments to consider the recent, short talk with his father when the door opened once more. But it was not his father that entered but rather Seamus, in his true form.

    “Rian is a good man, a fell leader, and honorable. I am none of those.” the felinoid said as he leaned against a post holding up a row of hammocks. One talon snicked out, and he turned it back and forth, regarding it. “I understand your father but we’d all be better off if it were simply returned to your blade. And you’d receive the remainder of his power and knowledge.”

    The talon retracted once more and the vertical pupiled eyes looked up, glowing as they looked at the mercenary. “I never knew my sire, my dam killed him in combat when he tried to end the pregnancy that led to myself and my siblings. But anything could be better than the creature that I know will betray us all. I cannot end him, Rian has given me my orders but you can.” The last came out almost in a purr. “He’s not going to allow any of us to defeat the Destructor, or if he does, it will be when he’s removed almost every piece on the board that could help you and your companions, or keep them alive.”

    His teeth showed in a smile that split his maw before the talon flashed out again and he tapped it on one of the long, curved fangs that descended from his upper jaw. “And yes, I’d love to see Samhain get his end.”


    The map that lay on Malagath’s desk suddenly writhed, expanded, turned into a small creature with horns and leathery wings. “You’re going to let Davy Jones over there turn you away from your pirate ways? I’m sure a few of your dwarf forged cannons could put enough holes in his ship to let you sail away before he could repair enough to give pursuit, and then you’d be free, free to follow your own course, chart your own destiny, free from the chains of being a champion.”

    Its wings flapped and it rose from the deck, moving over to the porthole. “Already others of your companions are being spoken to, being noticed and evaluated. It’s only a matter of time before they too are offered what I will.” A chuckle came from it’s lips as it saw a shape swim by the porthole before it turned back to face Malagath.

    “The way the world is now, there are three choices: accept the guidance of the fool you’ve already been guided by, do as I suggested and live free, or...become even more free and throw off all shackles, join the Destructor and end the world as it is. What say you?”

    TAGS: @greyjedi125, @Sinrebirth, @Shadowsun, @galactic-vagabond422 (combo between Xenos and Seamus, combo with Nyubis and Aboleth, and the ‘dolphin’ if they notice it, and combo with Malagath and the imp)

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth and @darthbernael

    IC: Nyubis and Aboleth

    Tempted Once Again...

    Nyubis laid there his eyes closed, his mind awash. Is this how far he had fallen? Where chaos and order mingled like hapless spirits?

    He arose from the bed, feeling the wood of the ship, its construction, how old it was, the wear and tear, the victories and defeats it had undergone. It all felt surreal as if it wasn't there, as if nothing was there.

    Who was he know? The blend of a God of Death and some foolish Drow that wanted more? The memories of both played over each other as a separate and yet interlocking set.

    He gazed down at his hands, the light grey skin, smooth and perfect. A reach for his ears as he felt the jackal-like ears, their long-form protruding over his head.

    Once he had been Anubis, God of Death, judgment and order had been his aim, his only goal. To create a fair world, even if that meant destroying the old one.

    But just as so he had been Nyurel Guldor, the dispersed outcast of the drow. The one that had wanted to tear this world apart and reform it in his own image.

    Nyubis could feel as if two ethereal spirits were watching over him, both him and yet not him. Watching. Judging. Disappointed.

    He did not care for the large dolphin eye or the chuckle it gave. Who was it Poseidon taking a peek? Perhaps some other god or being, it did not really matter.

    Nyubis did not look back to Aboleth. He covered himself in an ethereal red shroud.

    "It would perhaps be wise of you to leave now"

    Aboleth sat up. "Wise?"

    Her tone was pinched. "Is that a threat, after I kept you warm?"

    She raised her voice. "Do you deny me? Me, who deserves love more than any?"

    Her words began to acquire the tone of many mouths, as if she held others within her roiling skin.

    Nyubis looked back to her, his face grim, unmoving. It was the same look he had before. The look of a man that didn't know who he was, he had a goal. One simple goal, save Selenia and bring back Isha. But the presence of Samhain had changed all that, his mind in disarray, isolated from his fellows that he barely knew and was now at odds with.

    "It is not a threat, you yourself said it would be dangerous for you to here. I'm...I'm sorry"

    He could barely look at her, his jackal-like ears twitching as he hovered by the entryway to the deck.

    Aboleth was touched, actually. She could not remember the last time someone had cared for her. Hesitatingly, she nodded. "Go, Nyubis. But know, as long as you are on the seas, you will be under my care and watchful gaze."

    She hadn't expected him to care, what was she to do?

    Not draping herself, she simply stepped to the entryway and kissed him fully.

    "Now go, Champion."

    As Aboleth drew near he continued to look off in the distance, his arms coming up to prevent her from kissing him. His hands placed gently on her shoulders.

    "I am truly sorry"

    And with that he ascended the stairs, flying high into the air above the clouds overlooking the ships. His eyes closed his mind elsewhere.

    As Nyubis tried to focus, to clear his mind he'd find an almost oily feel touching it, as though tentacles were sliding over his thoughts, leaving a trail of ichor in their wake. 'Yesss, yesss, annoy the little goddesss. Turn her away from you, oh formerly might god of death. It is not as though you were friendssss with that feathered headdresssed one that thought he could control my Massster.' the words twisted through his own thoughts.

    Below the 'dolphin' was almost standing on it's tail, body out of the water. One eye regarded the cabin Nyubis had exited and the other the floating half drow/half jackal. It's mouth was open and, like it's orca counterpart on the far side of the Contemptuous, it's maw was full of tentacles. Another thought came to the demigod, 'Look at her, sssshe isss not one to trifle with, even the idiot who sssstarted the game knowsss that. But you did, without another to watch your back, perhapssss.'

    Nyubis descended hovering in front of the dolphin. His face carrying the expression of one who was extremely exasperated. He was supremely unphased by the existence of this thing and in truth the number of unexpected guests was becoming tiresome to the jackal-drow

    "I am tired of beings lecturing me for my actions as if I am some blind child. As if you know what I am or what I want. Why do you grace me with your presence feral creature, and I swear by the gods if you speak cryptically I will lose it"

    The dolphin rolled it's eyes. "Letssss ssssee, a creature, hitherto unknown, appearssss in the sssea, right by your ssshipsss, taunting you about your goddessss friend, jussst asss you're headed north toward where the Dessstructor wasss lassst sssseen. Do I really need to ssspell it out more?"

    It splashed into the water once more before propelling itself back up before his face. "Fine, I'm here to offer you my own proposssition, on behalf of my bosssss." It said, the oily feel somehow still felt even though it spoke rather than sent the thought now.

    "There are plenty of beings that dwell within the sea, Aboleth is an example of this, so yes you did."

    Spoke Nyubis with a dismissive tone.

    "Well, while we are still young, what is this 'proposition'?"

    The dolphin gave off a harsh, buzzing laugh. "That'sss rich, you think I'm jussst a sssea being."

    It's head shook and what appeared to be saliva was flung from it's gaping jaws, steaming, hissing, and causing an oily film to form where it touched the water.

    "Sssimple, kill what is left of Sssamhain, or sssteal his essssenccce away ssso that we may ussse it. Either worksss. Then sssteal the sssword of the mercccenary and become a Captain among Captainsss of the new godsss that rissse when the Dessstructor remakesss the world."

    It's closest eye focused on Nyubis, "Unlessss you want the leavingsss of what the Precursssorsss will give ssshould you face the Dessstructor and," it gave another coughing laugh, "win."

    Nyubis went quiet as he looked down into the shimmering waters, his mind contemplating the offer presented by the 'dolphin'. With a slight sigh and a slow shaking of the head, the jackal-drow spoke.

    "No, it is not the way, it is not how Isha would have wanted things. I shall have my vengeance in time, but not like that, not in some self-serving manner"

    He gave a look to the creature, his eyes glinting in the wind as his hair flowed about him in a truly godly manner.

    "Is that all?"

    Aboleth watched the discussion from the shadows of the ship and then dove in the water. In moments she was more sea creature than human, and her limbs ensnared the dolphin.

    “Enough; bother not my love.”

    She smothered the creature and drew it in underwater. Within moments, it was gone, and and the bubbles ceased. Aboleth would speak with the dolphin alone.

    She still had to return to her master and tell him what she now knew…

    Nyubis stared for a brief moment in the swirling sea below, closing his eyes for a breath moment. He now knew what he needed to do. How he needed to proceed with saving Selenia. He needed to find the other two champions. He needed to explain, or else Selenia was lost, now and forever.

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    A brief, but very fun combo with our awesome GM, @darthbernael

    Xenos & Seamus
    At Sea

    Xenos had folded his arms over his chest as he listened to what Seamus speak, both what was said and what was left unsaid. Upon seeing his felinoid form, Xenos did not seem surprised. Not so much that his form was felinoid, but at the simple fact that he actually had ‘another’ form, a true form- and that appearing human was simply a guise.

    Still, what also did not come as a surprise, was the expressed feelings of rancor towards Samhain/ Sarathai. Unfortunately, he could understand those as well, however, feelings did not dictate the order of things- not even his own. Or so he hoped.

    There was a long pause after Seamus had shared his thoughts with the young warrior. It was true that to complete his final transformation, to seal his ascension, he would need what remained of Samhain's essence.

    The end of Samhain was not the issue at hand, for that was a forgone conclusion. The real issue was ‘timing’.

    Most of those present would argue that ‘the sooner’ Samhain was ended, the better for all concerned, yet, Xenos was not convinced of this, and objectively hoped it wasn’t because of any misplaced feelings he may have towards a father he never knew- a literal slayer of gods.

    “I appreciate your loyalty to Mors-Rian.” Xenos said in all seriousness, holding his ground as he spoke.

    “You would not act against him, but you would persuade me not to heed his counsel?”

    Xenos tilted his head, as if getting a better look at Seamus.

    “Not a very neighborly gesture, but understandable, given our current situation.” He concluded.

    Xenos exhaled, then took a single step towards Seamus, his posture relaxed and devoid of any tension.

    “I trust Lord Rian, he trust me to know the timing for when Samhain’s essence is to be taken into the blade."

    “When the time does come, it is critical that it be prompted by the need for balance. Not by anger, fear, greed, avarice, selfishness or any other vice.” The young warrior shook his head lightly.

    “I would hope you would understand. We cannot act preemptively or as a reaction- the moment is nuanced. It can occur a moment from now, an hour, a day, or more- but the moment will come. Can you not trust me to do what must be done?”

    It was clear that Xenos was determined to fulfill his part in the ever evolving drama, but there were other forces at work, seeking to prevent his complete ascension. Would they fail in their attempt, or succeed? Would they turn those Xenos would count as allies into undeclared enemies...?

    Only the Fates could answer.

    A feline grin crossed Cait Sidhe's muzzle. "The boss may be the grand woohoo of the universe, or one half of it but he does allow his people to have their own opinions." he stated. His claws slipped out then retracted, "I'll admit he didn't listen to me in regard to your father, but that's because he's actually a good being, regardless of his role in creation. I'm a bit more bloodthirsty. Andrissa was a favorite of mine."

    His eyes blinked lazily, "But he did say it was your choice and your timing, which he said he spoke to you about. I had to try. But you are the champion, the demigod at this point, and the son who must complete the deed. I know it will not be easy. So I must trust you know when it must be done. I just hope that he doesn't cause too many issues before then."

    A long fang showed in a smile, "Or do you mind if I carve a few chunks off if he acts up, without killing him?"

    Xenos took another step closer.

    "I will complete the deed." He asserted.

    "Samhain has already been sentenced, his fate made known. His essence is for the sword."

    The young warrior let those words resonate between them for a moment as silence rushed to fill the void of words.

    "You will not harm a hair on Sarathai's body. Selenia will be saved and she will be restored." A declaration.

    A humorless smirk appeared on Xenos face just then.

    "I'll have you know, you're not the only one who indulges in 'blood thirst'." He confessed, with absolutely no sign of boasting. Such things were not in the boy's nature.

    "You say you never knew your sire. Well, it turns out the sire I never knew, killed my mother." Xenos stated dryly, his lips tightening at the end of that sentence, but only for a moment.

    "Samhain will atone for his trespasses, those and many more, including Andrissa." A respectful nod is given.

    "I'm not asking you to be good, or honorable or anything that you're not. If Mors Rian can trust me with this task, I don't see why you cannot...." Xenos shook his head lightly.

    "Still...should I fail in my duty for whatever reason, doubtful as that may be, I pray it is not too late for Selenia, and that there's enough left of him, for you to exact your coveted pound of flesh. Samhain has no friends or allies in the realm of mortals...or that of the gods."

    Xenos' eyes narrowed as another single step is taken.

    "His end is at hand, no matter what happens."

    Seamus's felinoid face split in a toothy grin. He nodded, standing from the seemingly relaxed pose he'd affected, "Yes, I agree. You know, he told me you'd not deviate from your path, warned me in fact. But I didn't get where I was by stepping back from a course I'd set without being absolutely sure."

    He turned, his head turning back to the man, feline eyes glinting in the candle light, "And, damnit, now I owe him a dozen pieces of silver." a purring laugh erupted at that.

    "I trust you, young one. Rian does as well, and that is high praise. I know you will do what must be done, when it must be done." His paw came up and thudded over his heart in a salute.

    Xenos looked down and hid a sudden blush and small smile, before composing himself and looking back up to Seamus. The stoic hardness building up in his features were no longer visible, but a great deal of respect now shone in his eyes. For Xenos, one who was not raised by his parents, the fellowship of warriors was his bedrock, the foundation for his social compass.

    The young warrior- turned- demigod made a fist and pounded his own chest over his heart, returning the genuine gesture.

    "The naked blade does not lie." He intoned, speaking familiar words.

    "Thank you. Thank you both for your support."

    Inwardly, he was pleased that he'd passed Seamus' test and was found trustworthy. This only served to truly double his determination.

    "Selenia will be saved, even if that's the last thing I do..." The young warrior chuckled in mild amusement.

    "So don't worry. Mors Rian didn't look worried to you, did he?" Xenos knew his attempt at humor was atrocious, but this was an indicator that any tension had fled, and he was feeling more relaxed.

    "Ok, Ok, maybe a little worried then." He conceded, pinching his thumb and index finger together.

    A coughing laugh came from the feline face, "Most of the time I see him in his guise as Death and others I see him in his true form so expressions...I don't usually see them. But if a skull could be said to appear worried, not so much. He was sure he'd win the silver."

    He paused, "May your blade always strike true."

    Xenos laughed along, actually enjoying the humor. A laughing skull. Wasn't that Jolly Roger?

    "As the Fates see fit." The young warrior added for good measure.

    After a moment, he found it prudent to ask a question that had been at the back of his mind for sometime now.

    "So, the Contemptuous...” He began, an expression of curiosity coming to his features.

    "Is it faster than a....well...a Kraken?”

    This, he figured, was a good question.

    Another barking laugh came, "She, well, kraken have learned, over the years, to avoid her. But those that have fallen under the influence of our foe may try. And find the old gal has both teeth and a very decent turn of speed." Seamus admitted.

    Xenos raised an eyebrow in surprise for the briefest moment, his mind wondering if the Contemptuous was actually a living mythical creature disguised as a ship, given the running theme of the vessel. He hadn't considered that possibility until now, the thought prompted expressly by how Seamus so casually declared that the ship had 'teeth'. The warrior shook his head lightly, not wishing to take that concept any further, outside of treading lightly while aboard.

    "Well, in that case, that's a good thing I suppose." He managed to say aloud. A change of topic did seem suitable at this juncture as well.

    "Have you any idea who the other Champions might be?" he asked as casually as possible.

    Now that the 'Samhain' question was answered to Seamus' satisfaction, the two could move forward with mutual understanding and trust, that they held the same goals for the future of Selenia.

    Seamus chuckled, he'd seen the expression that crossed Xenos's face, and had seen it a thousand times before, many thousand, when new crew joined them. An air of mystery was not a bad thing. But then he turned his attention to the question at hand.

    "I know what they are but names, not always the best with those. There is a fairy, a dwarf, a wizard, and," he didn't know how the man would react to what Zinnia was so he thought quickly, "a fourth that likes to remain a mystery as to what she is." His teeth showed in a smile, "Rian's wife is with them currently and, as of the last he told me, they are near to crossing the mountains so will be near the shore we should meet them, in a week at most."

    "A week?" Xenos echoed in surprise, then fell silent for a moment, considering.

    "Well, I guess we'll have to do our best to keep the world from ending before then." He observed dryly.

    "And a wizard, you say?" He intoned with a great deal of approval in his voice. "We could certainly use a mighty wizard on our side." He said nodding to himself. "...And the Great Light goes with them, then there's still hope." He declared, his countenance brightening.

    "I say we do a bit of celebrating then, if you think it appropriate." Xenos gave a short laugh. Clearly, he was feeling much better about their chances, now that more had been revealed.

    "A week, at the outside." Seamus said. He wasn't sure of the exact timeline but he hoped that 'finagling' by Rian or Arienn could reduce the amount of time it took.

    At the celebrating comment he gave a feline laugh, before he shimmered slightly, returning to his more human appearance. When he did, he pulled a wineskin from his belt, "Rum, the good stuff." he said as he tossed it to the man, "Should start off the celebrating right."

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    A quick update since Xenos and Nyubis comparing notes right now would be good.


    Seamus and Xenos continued to drink, to celebrate the path forward. At least until Seamus tilted the wineskin back and not a drop emerged. A frown crossed his face. Turning to the man, “Hmmmm, no more rum.” He tossed the wineskin to the deck before he laughed, “Of course, the Coxswain’s mess. I always keep a barrel in there for the junior officers, test how well they work when drunk.”

    He led Xenos out of the crew quarters, heading across the deck. He stayed between Xenos and Sarathai, hoping in his drunkenness the man wouldn’t notice his father by the railing. Several paces later they entered the cabin space by Rian’s cabin, set there in case the Captain cared to pay a visit to his junior officers.

    Cracking the lid of the cask of rum he dipped two cups in it, handing one to Xenos. “That was well done, Xenos, let us hope your companions are doing as well as we are right now.”

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    OOC: A fun and consquencial combo

    IC: Nyubis and Xenos

    Onboard the Contemptuous

    As Nyubis flew to find the other champions to converse with he would spot Xenos and Seamus coming out from down below. Flying down he settled before them, his eyes calm but focused, his jackal ears twitching at the subtle sounds of the sea moving along the ship. His fine hearing was able to pick up the last few lines Seamus spoke before Nyubis landed.

    "Xenos, Son of Ma'at, if we are truly to work together I wish to converse with you, alone if I could" He cast a glance to Seamus as he said this.

    Nyubis could sense the intoxicated state of Xenos, his eyes fluttering slightly. He was noticeably calmer, perhaps graceful even. His light grey skin shimmering in the sunlight as he awaited his fellow champion's response.

    “Awww….” Xenos playfully lamented and pouted, seeing how the rum had run out. He looked to Seamus, hoping the man could produce more of the stimulating liquor. It wasn’t often he got to celebrate much, and less with such fine drink.

    Seamus explained he had a barrel full elsewhere, which caused the young warrior to smile in response.

    “We should relieve the junior officers of such temptations, should we not?” he suggested as he steadied himself somewhat.

    The two men laughed as they left the crew’s quarters and were on their merry way to continue their celebration. If Xenos did notice Samhain, he gave no indication in that moment.

    In mere moments, the two had arrived at the prized barrel near the Captain’s cabin, Xenos’ smile widened as his anticipation rose. Seamus drew two cups and filled them, one which Xenos accepted gratefully.

    “Here’s to the company of Champions!” He toasted in response to Seamus’ encouraging words. But before he could take even a sip from the cup, a sudden presence caused him to halt.

    Xenos felt Nyubis, even as the Jackal eared demi-god approached, flying as it were.

    Nyubis’ greeting sounded curt and officious, yet devoid of any ill-intent. He wished to speak with Xenos. Alone. The glance the Elf-Jackal cast towards Seamus underscored as much.

    Xenos let out a long exhale, as he did not hear any immediate objection from Seamus, he understood the decision was being left to him. How curious this was, especially after the conversation regarding ‘timing’. Xenos hadn’t figured out how to go about it, but he too desired to speak with Nyubis, even though he did not expect him at that very moment. Within himself, he understood that the moment would not be one of his choosing, and turning away the fellow gosling now would not bode well, given the seriousness and commitment he sensed from him.

    “Very well,” Xenos responded, before carefully setting down the filled cup.

    He then nodded to Seamus, a silent ‘thank you’ given. Then closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep inhale. Xenos brought both his arms over his head, then lightly clapped his palms together, before exhaling while bringing them down before him and down the middle until his hands and arms formed a pyramid shape in front of his torso.

    At the end of his long exhale, Xenos opened his eyes and his intoxication had been purged from his system. There remained a small satisfied smile on his face as he shook his arms out to his sides.

    Gazing at Nyruel, Xenos took note through his enhanced senses at how far his fellow godling’s transformation had progressed.

    “Alright. I’m ready when you are,” he said in an easy and casual tone.

    Seamus laughed, "You beat me to it." His eyes flared a bright, glowing blue, and then his smile was clearer. "You two obviously need some time alone." He cocked his head to the side as though hearing something, "And it sounds as though the crew is slacking. Just don't drink all the rum. Or perhaps I should say it is not possible to drink all the rum."

    He turned, pulling open the door forcefully, stalking out onto the deck. As the door shut the two champions could hear his raised voice yelling orders at the deck crew.

    Nyubis gave a nod at Seamus's exit, inwardly grateful as his eyes then shifted to Xenos. How best to convey his thoughts, as Anubis he had watched Xenos for so long, it was difficult to describe that, and odd when mingled with Nyurel. With a slight sigh, his light blue eyes fell to the corner as he began to speak.

    "Firstly I would like to apologize for my outburst earlier, it was unseemingly of me and beneath how I should have acted"

    Anubis had no difficultly apologizing when it was warranted, which in this case it was, but the pride of Nyurel still existed in the jackal drow's heart, so apologies were not exactly something he was accustomed to.

    “Accepted.” Xenos intoned genially and honestly. While being courted to be raised as a palace aid, he had observed many individuals who carried themselves proudly, and understood since then, that such persons found ‘apologizing’ to be an exceedingly difficult task, mostly due to their enslavement to diverse vanities and vices. This was not the case with Nyubis, and for that he was glad.

    Needless to say, court life would not have gone well for the young warrior.

    “So, what exactly do you want to speak to me about?” He asked, eyeing his fellow champion curiously.

    He looked to Xenos, a small nod in thanks of his acceptance. Nyubis paused for a moment, contemplating on how best to proceed. A quiet gesture as he looked back to his fellow champion. He gave a wave of his hand a small red needle, constructed of the signature ethereal energy of Nyubis appeared between his fingers. With a small motion, he pierced the skin on his right thumb, blood running down it.

    Xenos would feel the same sensation, Nyubis looking to him, an almost apologetic look in his eyes.

    "When Samhain revealed to Anubis that he had poisoned the gods Anubis created a bond between himself and you so that your fates would be linked. If Anubis died so would you, and if you died so would Anubis."

    He paused, looking off to the side as he continued.

    "Anubis is part of me, he is part of who makes me, me, his blood runs through my veins. Along with that enchantment. When you feel pain so do I, and visa versa."

    Nyubis then chuckled looking back to Xenos as his eyes sparkled

    "It would seem our fates are linked, Anubis is the one that placed the spell I cannot undo it, and if forcibly severed we both die. Despite this, you should know that Anubis deeply respected you, and only did this because he saw no other way."

    Xenos did observe Nyubis, watching him with interest. It was curious that he would fashion a needle, for what purpose. Still, he observed and actually jumped at the sensation of being pricked. It wasn’t the pain that had caused him a sudden surprise, it was the fact he hadn’t expect to experience the ‘harm’ Nyubis had caused himself in his demonstration.

    Xenos immediately looked to his own finger curiously even as he listened. He could see a reddish dot, but his skin had not been pierced.

    So, this was Anubis’ doing? What a strange bond he’d created, but it could not be undone?

    Xenos mulled over the information Nyubis had shared.

    “Anubis is part of me…” Nyubis had asserted.

    “I think I understand what may have prompted him….” Xenos mused aloud. “…self-preservation.” He concluded.

    “Though I do wonder how deep this bond runs…..” He started his gaze already back on his fellow champion. “If Anubis is part of you, as you say, and you posses his power and knowledge, certainly you should be able to undo this…’ bond’.”


    “Perhaps you have yet to discover how to perform the deed.” Xenos ventured to say, as he began to gesture with a hand. “Your own transformation is not yet fully complete, from what I can see.”

    Of course, the same was true for himself.

    Nyubis looked chuckled slightly. Watching slowly as he healed the small wound on the tip of his finger.

    "I suppose you can look at it in terms of self-preservation but he did it because he knew Samhain cared about you and was the only way he could force an antidote to cure Isha, Ma'at, and the other gods, he was unsuccessful as you can tell"

    He gave another chuckle looking deep into Xeno's eyes.

    "You see while he would never admit it, he loves, or should I say loved, Isha. Well, we both do." He let out a sigh, looking to the ground, a slightly awkward look on his face and a look of discomfort.

    "Paradoxical I know but life and death are after all a symbiotic relationship. You are correct however I do not have full control over my divine powers, perhaps in time I will be able to lift this curse but now is not that time"

    Nyubis's eyes then hardened as he now looked to Xenos, his tone becoming more serious.

    "Samhain upended the cosmic balance, his actions led to half the gods dying because he has the misguided belief the world is better off without them. I want nothing more than to save Selenia, to bring Isha and Sarathai back. But we cannot do that with Samhain, his fundamental beliefs run in discord with our own, his objective runs in opposition to our own. Xenos let me make this clear, in my mind Samhain is the greatest threat to Selenia's existence more so than this abstract Destructor we have yet to meet."

    Xenos eyes became downcast for a moment when Nyubis mentioned Anubis caring for him. Xenos was reminded of the many time he had honored the Death god with offerings at a local shrine in his homestead. His mother had taught him to honor all the gods, great and small.

    That Anubis looked to him favorably was a great and humbling honor, which made Samhain’s betrayal sting all the more.

    Though verbally shared, the young warrior could empathically feel the deep affection felt when Isha was mentioned by Nyubis. For this, he could understand the sentiments the godling still carried within himself.

    Indeed, Selenia, Isha, Sarathai. They all needed to be saved by the champions, in this, they could not afford to fail. Moreover, Xenos planned to acquire the knowledge of both the poison and antidote once his father’s essence was claimed- if only to safeguard such dangerous knowledge from falling into the wrong hands.

    In that instant, Nyubis brought up the topic of his father and the threat that he posed. Nyubis presented an argument he could not defend against.

    Xenos reminded silent for a long moment, gathering his thoughts and considering his words.

    “Yes, I agree with your words. My father is a great threat, to say the least. His crimes are unforgivable.”

    Xenos paused, gathering his composure. Talking about ‘killing’ his father was not easy for him, or casual. No one else took it personally because they were not related to Samhain.

    To think that Malagath also believed the world was better off without the gods. That in itself conjured implications Xenos did not wish to consider at present.

    “So….” he started after clearing his throat. “Would you say the Fates allowed all this to happen despite possibly having pre-knowledge? Was all this destined to happen then?”

    Xenos shook his head. He was going off-topic. Free will was not the issue here.

    “What I mean to ask is, what are you proposing.” He finally managed to say, now meeting Nyubis with an equally determined gaze.

    Nyubis dipped his head, a quiet breath uttered as he listened to Xenos's words. The man was pure of heart, an honest and earnest lad, which is part of the reason Anubis favored him so. He would ignore the rabbit hole presented regarding free will, that was a discussion for another time, although responses flowed naturally to Nyubis's mind.

    He gave a sigh, this was harder than he thought it would be, their fates all entwined up, the mish, mash of emotions and loyalties. An entangled web that they were both trying to navigate through.

    "I think you already know what I am about to propose. You need to absorb your father in the sword. I know it is hard, I know how this weighs on you, part of me watched over you during your life so I know the struggles you have gone through. The pain you must feel of what you thought your father would be compared to the reality of who he is. If there was an easier way Xenos I would have done it by now, but I'm sorry, delaying this only delays the inevitable."

    He let out a sigh, moving to place a hand on his fellow champion's shoulder.

    "He sealed his own fate the moment he decided to poison the gods, it is your unfortunate duty, the legacy of Ma'at, that you have to see this through"

    "Then trust me to do the deed....." Xenos rasped after a long silence. He did not move a muscle. He was too busy holding it all in. He did not mean for his voice to sound as harsh as it did, but it did just the same.

    "I will not satisfy anyone's vanity or fantasy. I will not go up to my father and simply plunge Taraziel into him for the applause and accolade of a captive audience."

    Xenos forced himself to look at Nyubis. His eyes were slits, but they were not enough to hold back unshed tears of youthful anguish. That he should 'end' the father he longed to meet in such a fashion, that his progenitor was a reviled slayer of was simply inconceivable, unacceptable even.

    Samhain had expressed a desire to save Selenia as well, and Xenos had believed him. Now everyone sought to change his mind, to insinuate that his father was a liar, that he should not trust him. But they did not know what he knew, they had not seen what he had seen.

    Sarathai's body had suffered no wound. His father had not lied- at least technically. Samhain truly believed he could help save Selenia, but Xenos was no fool. He did realize his father's sincere idea of help could very well be the very opposite of what the champions required. It all depended on the interpretation.

    "Will you trust me...?"

    Nyubis moved back slightly in surprise at Xenos's tone. It was the same as before, there was doubt plaguing his mind, it was too much to ask a boy to kill his own father. Nyubis's eyes hardened his tone calm but perhaps a little stern.

    "You think of me as vain or trying to fulfill some fantasy? Have my words fallen on deaf ears Xenos? You think I take some kind of sick pleasure in this?"

    Nyubis's eyes looked back to Xenos, the expression a mixture of concern and focus.

    "It is a simple calculus Xenos, one that is hard and emotional I know but Samhain... he is a god of trickery and deception, do not allow him to cloud your mind because you are his son. I am not saying this is easy, I am not saying it will not be filled with anguish, but I am saying the fate of Selenia lies in this decision"

    Nyubis let out a small sigh, oh how he wished he could simply do, to alleviate this burden off of young Xenos. He did not deserve this.

    "Let me state this plainly if you do not do this, I cannot bring myself to travel with the champions. Not out of some personal vendetta, although I would be lying if that did not play a factor, and I never lie...but because as long as he remains among us we are destined to fail"

    Xenos listened, but could not help but shake his head. He had not meant Nyubis specifically, though perhaps it was implied.

    "Fine." he said with finality.

    "Don't trust me then." His features hardened.

    "I have repeated myself several times, not only to you but to Seamus as well. I will do the deed. Am not sure how else I can make that clearer, however...."

    No more tears, just determination was left on his face.

    "You will not dictate when the deed is to be done, and if that does not satisfy you, then so be it."

    Xenos half-turned then, but stopped himself.

    "If you abandon the gathering of champions, it is by your choice alone. No one has power over you here. Not I, nor Samhain. Mors Rian declared that we must remain together, but perhaps Nyruel's pride is not fully gone out of you."

    Here he turned back.

    "Stay because you truly wish to save Selenia. Stay because you wish to see this to the end. Stay to witness the end of the slayer of gods at the time appointed- not by you, but by the Fates. Do you not trust the Fates, either? If not, then I question who is it that you trust. If you trust solely your own counsel, then that speaks for itself Nyubis."

    Xenos voice softened just a bit, now that he was past the unbidden annoyance.

    "It is not simple calculus as you claim, because as you said, the deed would have been done already, otherwise. If you leave the party, then your calculus is correct. It will be you who dooms Selenia and everyone as we are 'destined' to fail without you. So, there it is. The pivotal role."

    A long sigh escaped the young warrior's nostrils, this was taking more energy than he had anticipated, but it was too crucial a conversation not to resolve.

    "I was not asking you to compromise or to do anything different. I was simply asking you to trust me, which clearly you do not, unless events transpire according to your 'calculus'. Well, your calculus did not gain you foresight enough to keep us from reaching this moment -and now we are bonded."

    "None of us are all-knowing Nyubis. Sometimes you simply have to trust. Isn't that what we expect from mortals?"

    There was a long pause after that as Xenos just regarded his fellow godling.

    "So what will it be?"

    Nyubis shook his head slightly, his eyes hurt as he looked to Xenos.

    "I never said I did not trust you. Our fate is not predetermined Xenos, this is a choice you in turn are making. There is not a set time when Samhain's fate is, you are just choosing not to do it now because of your own sentiment."

    He gave a sigh as he away for a moment and then back to Xenos.

    "Shifting the weight of Selenia's fate unto me is foolish and erroneous as you are the one that holds the key to it, my only role is to see it through after that point. I cannot help save Selenia while Samhain is still among us"

    "I am a being of logic and reason. If you give me a hard, logical reason, one not based on your own emotion or that it is 'not the right time' an answer given by those that have no argumentation to offer, then I shall stay and do everything in my power to support you."

    "It is risk management Xenos, I am not all-knowing, I never made such a claim, but I do know based on the intrinsic forces and motivations of Samhain that the chances that he betrays us once again is almost guaranteed. So tell me Xenos, give me a reason to trust you, give me a reason why Samhain's fate should be delayed, one other than 'the time is not right"

    "Because I'm asking you to."

    That's all that needed to be said. There was no science to it. Fate, Faith, and Trust were not based on mathematics or scientific data. They were gods, and this god seemed to require an answer that could be calculated on an abacus. Nyubis spoke of simple cold logic, mere moments after suggesting 'love' for Isha. It almost made Xenos chuckle, almost.

    Nyubis was convinced that sentiment was the reason Xenos stayed his hand from marching to his father that very moment to collect his essence, because 'delayed' suggested the event would not take immediately.

    "You declare that you will not stay while Samhain remains. That is a choice you are making yourself. Did not Anubis bind Nyuriel and Sarathai together due to a similar issue? perhaps you should ask him for advice, yes?"

    Xenos shook his head as he waved his hand, not wishing to go down the path he was going.

    "Listen, clearly we won't change each others minds. I'm not going to slay my father at this very moment, no matter what you say. You on the other hand, are more than capable of abandoning our mission this instant, despite us being on a ship. If you choose to go your own way, perhaps the Fates will have you join us again at the right moment, perhaps that is exactly how things should unfold, but I wouldn't know."

    Xenos took up the cup of rum he'd set down and drank it in a single gulp.

    "I've already made my choice, now it's your turn."

    Xenos swiveled his head, looking for another cup so he could offer Nyubis a drink. It appeared their enemies need not lift a finger to succeed in destroying Selenia after all. Ego, if left unchecked, could become a power to end worlds and snuff out the lives of countless innocents. Who would have thought an impasse would be the catalyst to their own doom.

    Nyubis could not help himself, he burst out laughing.

    "You have to be joking? You make it appear as if I am inflexible when you stubbornly refuse no matter what I say. All I asked for was a reason, one simple reason why Samhain should stay alive. The fact you cannot produce one is laughable. Asking me to stay is like asking oil and water to mix, the two items are incongruent."

    He looked back to Xenos, eyeing him as he viewed him looking for a cup. He settled down from his laughter looking back at the champion.

    "I have the memories of Anubis, I think am I well aware of any actions he took and his judgment of the situation. Xenos I do not want to leave, but it is the hand I am being forced into, it is just the reality of the situation one I am able to grasp and for whatever reason, you cannot."

    He sighed as he looked at the man, it saddened him that they could not see eye to eye.

    "The only alternative solution I can think of that I would accept is if Samhain was kept under lock and key until you decide to follow through with the inevitable"

    He looked to Xenos his light blue eyes glinting.

    "I am offering you to reason with me, my friend. You cannot play the card of me sealing Selenia's doom when from my perspective you are doing the same. Surely you can see how illogical that is, we both have a choice in that matter but one forces the other. Do you honestly think we can save Selenia with Samhain with us? I just do not understand Xenos, that is all I'm asking, is the only reason you are not doing this is that you cannot bring yourself to do it? Because you feel the time is not right?"

    Xenos froze and stopped looking for the extra cup, then slowly turned to regard Nyubis. He did so for a good moment before sighing, visibly tiring from their exchange, but not faltering in conviction.

    "I understand you Nyubis." he said simply.

    "But have you not listened to a word I said?" He shook his head, then chuckled lightly.

    "To use your own phrasing, when did I state that I wouldn't do the deed, hmmm?"

    Xenos was familiar with semantic traps. He didn't believe them necessary between honest and honorable beings.

    "The reason is that right now is not that moment. Plain and simple. But you wish me to give you a dissertation as to why that is beyond me simply telling you that it isn't."

    Xenos nodded to himself, he did understand.

    "Well, you won't get a dissertation. You don't trust my reasoning, because there isn't one in your estimation. I accept that. Then accept my 'timing' because I've asked you to, but you won't do that either."

    Another long sigh.

    "Then I can't help you Nyubis. If you don't want to leave,don't, if you do, then by all means. It is that simple. The issue isn't that complicated like you make it sound. We have yet to collect the other champions, wouldn't you agree that our path will become more defined once we are all together?"

    This really wasn't going anywhere, if he was honest with himself, which he was.

    "I'm unwilling to do the deed now, not due to sentimentality, but because, as I said, the time is not now. As Nyubis, certain things pertaining to you are clear to you and 'only to you'. The same is true for me. No amount of reasoning or explanation can convey that."

    A sad smile came to his features then. So this is what it felt like, not being able to agree with someone you wished to gain as an ally. It was a strange sensation, one which he could not clearly see what it would portend.

    "I think I'll be off to my cabin. I feel the need to mediate on our conversation."

    This time, he did turn to walk away.

    "Thank you Nyubis, for testing my resolve. I needed ti be certain if I would stay the course."

    A respectful nod is given, however, Xenos pauses, in case Nyubis has something more to share. After all, new godling or not, the warrior would still observe what little social graces he had been taught.

    Nyubis's eyes narrowed. So that was it, all of Selenia was doomed because one man felt like the 'time wasn't right'.

    "So not only do you continue to dig yourself deeper into this stubbornness when I offer an olive branch to come to some sort of understanding, but you ignore my other suggestions that would accommodate Samhain staying alive for now. And now you run off, satisfied with your own self-righteousness that lacks any grounding into any sense of order or grace."

    Despite Nyubis's words the jackal drow's tone and demeanor did not convey anger, disappointment, and frustration perhaps but he was still relatively calm.

    "If I truly wanted to Samhain dead would you not think I would just do it myself? I have gone out of my way to accommodate your desire to 'wait' Xenos and yet you still refuse to come to some middle ground, and you call yourself a champion of Selenia. Fine I am done playing this little charade, I'm no longer asking, no longer bowing to the whims of some mortal that thinks they know best when they repeat the same line over and over again with no validity to their statements."

    "Resolve is not worthy in and of itself Xenos, do not be proud of this moment, of this retreat, of this lack of argumentation. Even Samhain would have the decency to give some explanation, even if it was a fabricated one."

    "Like I said Xenos I cannot operate with a man that took everything from me, that caused my heart to crack into a thousand pieces, you pretending that this is a choice I have some will over is insanity. It is not the same as your choice, one that you seemingly claim is based on this whimsy feeling of 'not the right time'. So what's the game plan Xenos? We find the other champions and then what? We casually explain we did not kill Samhain because you didn't feel like it? Yes I'm sure they will take that well. You know one of them is a dragon? Did you know that? Try explaining what you're saying to a dragon Xenos. And for the record Samhain killed their patron too, don't expect them to happy when they meet. You think the Destructor will care when Samhain offers us up because he wants the gods dead? You think the universe gives two damns that you don't feel that it isn't the right time? Why don't you tell that to Sarathai? Oh right you cannot because Samhain stole her body. Tell that to your mother or did you forget that your father murdered her?"

    Nyubis stopped and gave another deep glare to Xenos.

    "I will leave Xenos, not only because I cannot work with Samhain, not only because he is the great evil that has caused all this chaos. Not only because he killed Isha, Ma'at and so many other gods. Not only because he stole Sarathai's body but also because you are a foolish, foolish man and I overestimated your judgment. And this discord cannot be simply ignored until the so-called 'right moment'."


    Xenos was surprised that he had remained to listen to Nyubis' tirade. He was surprised that he didn't feel like lashing out at his insults. Perhaps because he had grown too tired of their exchange and was himself, deeply disappointed. No, Nyubis couldn't understand Xenos and Xenos couldn't understand Nyubis. That simple fact had become abundantly clear.

    So, there was a dragon among the other champions.

    How long did Nyubis know about this? Did Seamus know? It only made sense that Mors Rian would know, for he knew many, many things. However, only know was this being revealed?

    So, Nyubis didn't lie, but he would withhold information, omit certain truths....

    "Just find a way to 'undo' this bond; or I will."

    The glare Xenos leveled against Nyubis made his meaning quite clear.

    The two godlings did not see eye to eye in this matter and the fate of Selenia was in the balance.

    Had the Fates foreseen this moment, was this the destined outcome? And what of Selenia?

    Much was still unknown, possibilities still abound. However, from that moment on, the philosophical divide between Xenos and Nyubis was likely to increase with every moment Samhain remained alive.

    Xenos gave his back and retreated away from enduring more insults. From childhood he understood that he was destined to walk alone. Despite all the upheavals and the encroaching chaos and cataclysms, that single fact still remained the same.

    Nyubis remained silent, a slight scoff at Xenos's empty threat. What was the self-righteous man planning to kill himself just to spite him? How humorous indeed.

    With Nyubis's splinter from the group all but sealed, he summoned the familiar red disc, stepping unto it as he flew away, off to elsewhere, far from the twin ships. The further he was away from Xenos and the, more importantly, Samhain the better. Perhaps Selenia was doomed? Nyubis had tried to compromise but Xenos did not want to, it was sad really, in a different time, in a different place under different circumstances he suspected the two of them could have been friends. But because of the actions of Samhain that reality would never come to pass.

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    IC: Samhain - with the GM, of course
    The deck; the Orca; goodbyes

    “A shame?” Samhain said with some bafflement. “Revenge?”

    “Was I pursuing those things?” He took a pithy tone. “The deaths are necessary, not what I want. You’re tempting the wrong guy, Orca or whatever you’re really.”

    He shrugged. There was something tugging at his senses; something else, but he wasn’t sure. But he wanted to keep his focus on the Orca. “I mean, do you have something specific you have in mind you’re offering me or is this generic manipulation?”

    A gurgling laugh came from the orca, “Bold as brass are you not. Necessity and desire are often the same thing. And, to do so as well as you did needs elements of both.”

    It swam closer, the eye looking even more huge as it did so. “Do you honestly believe I would show up here, of all places, if I did not have something specific in mind?”

    Samhain leaned on the edge of the ship, on two elbows. “Well, go on then, hop up it. I do so like the thrill of being teased.”

    The orca surged from the water, the scent of fish, blood, and death being pushed higher into the air by the movement. "You are stuck in someone else's body. Yes I can sense it but not who has done so. Unable to complete the task you set yourself."

    It fell back into the water, before resurfacing, "I am willing to bet your 'friends' are planning the moment of your death. I would have you live again. My master respects your mission and agrees with it."

    The tentacles whirled and spread, "Leave these 'Champions' behind and my master will give you form again, give you the tools to finish your mission. Simply enough put for you?"

    “You want me to become an Agent of the Destructor?” Samhain said, wondering aloud. He resisted the urge to pinch her nose, simply regarding the Orca. “And the Destructor wants to kill all the Gods?”

    He hesitated. “But what about himself? Is he not a God? I don’t want to elect ‘one’ God anymore than a whole host and Council of them.”

    Samhain wanted to turn around, link his hands behind his back, and pace, but he didn’t want to expose himself. “You want me on-side, obviously, so that means I want to get something back.”

    That gurgling laugh came again. "The Destructor, a God?" The plate sized eye blinked, "He is not of this reality, he goes from world to world, relieving them of their gods, giving their peoples freedom from the oppression of the gods. Before he returns to the home reality until the next world."

    The sound of it's voice had a touch of humor, "Of course you desire something in return, state your desire."

    Samhain narrowed her eyes openly, but he still stated his piece. “My son does not come to harm.”

    It was simple, and to the point.

    The orca itself seemed to shimmer, to blink as though in and out of reality for a couple moments before it firmed back up, gave the sense of being fully present again.

    When it spoke the voice was different, "ACCEPTABLE..."

    He held out her hand. “Well, alright then. I’m on-board, but only on that basis.”

    “New body me up, my fishy friend.”

    Samhain's last act as Sarathai was to do something arguably treacherous, but it was not part of his original agreement with the Orca; he released a pulse of energy and intend towards Rian. Death should know what is going on...

    ... but the bonding was undone, and Samhain allowed himself a sly grin...


    His soul leapt, abandoning Sarathai's body.

    ... and then he watched Sarathai drop to the deck from a new set of eyes, outside her body, and he looked at the his new hands. "Well that's weird. This isn't a duplicate..." He peered at the Orca. "It's something... new."

    He rolled a shoulder, his voice as it was before. "Nice work on those bonds, though, I have to say."

    "Someone beyond even my master set them but every lock has, or could have, more than one key." the orca replied with what could, generously, be described as a smirk.

    In his cabin Rian felt the 'message' from Samhain. He slumped in his seat, relaxing, or was when the message came. He thought to emerge from the cabin and confronting the god and who else was there but the knowledge alone was good enough for now. He smiled though, concentrating.

    "OW!!! The ship just bit me!" the orca howled before it dove back into the water. Circling, it faced Samhain, "Do you need assistance to depart or not?"

    Samhain watched the Orca go with some amusement. But then he took a step out into the air. With a flex of his fingers to experiment with his magicks, he carved into the wood where he had just stood and flexed his fingers to strengthen the ships bonds and ties and bolts.

    “Lead me to the Destructor, my friend. I shall serve as so asked, and lead the Gods to destruction.”

    The Orca turned, arrowing through the water, away from the Contemptuous. It began to track northward, heading toward a rendezvous that it hadn't mentioned to Samhain, whether with other Captains or the Destructor itself. Just before it would become impossible to tell figures on the deck of the ship, should Samhain look back he would see a single figure standing there that, for a moment, appeared as a cloaked, hooded figure. The hood dipped and then disappeared from sight.

    Samhain did look back.

    But he wasn't doing it for Rian.

    No, he was reaching out a spectral hand, to caress Xenos's face.

    Goodbye, my son.

    He knew he would not see him ever again.

    He also sent out a mental jab at Nyubis.

    Look out for my son, he will need you.

    He wondered after the dwarf.

    I wouldn't trust my departure is a good sign, if I was you.

    At that, he turned aside, and focused on heading after Orca.

    He was aware of another black shape darting through the water as well; Aboleth, but he did not see any need to draw it to attention, in-case the Orca had not noticed... Samhain needed to experiment with precisely how much his new allies knew, or did not know, or saw...

    ... and did not see.

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    IC: Nyubis

    As Nyubis floated in the air speeding away he felt the mental jab from Samhain.

    Look out for my son, he will need you.

    Nyubis froze for a moment his eyes narrowing.

    I do hate being right he thought to himself. His body churning as he sped with full speed in the direction of the message. He was not about to let the man that had betrayed not only the gods, not only the champions but now his son too, get away. Samhain had confirmed everything Nyubis touted to be true of the man. If only he had killed the man when he had the chance. If Xenos felt this was not the time now, when his own father had betrayed him, then Nyubis would know he would have to do the deed himself.

    Nyubis of course knew that the Orca was an agent of the Destructor the fact Samhain was leaving, along with the message and his desire to slay the gods made it oh so obvious what he now wanted to accomplish. Could he really not contain himself? Was he that keen in betrayal when he agreed to stand by them mere hours before. Truly Samhain's words were worth less than dirt.

    The jackal-drow let out one hand in the image of a red-feathered owl, the red crystallized structure of Nyubis's magic making it up.

    Inform Xenos that his father has betrayed as I predicted. I am in pursuit.

    The creature flew off to the ship Xenos was on, off to complete its task. As this was happening Nyubis remained in pursuit of Samhain, even if he did not catch him, he would lead him somewhere.

    And with the bond between himself and Xenos still firmly in place, he was confident the champion would be to track him down.

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    IC: Samhain
    Well alright then

    Nyubis was coming, and he turned back to face him.

    He was rage incarnate, and he simply gestured down to Orca and technically to Aboleth, though he knew not what the second presence was. "Do not interfere."

    Both would likely remain, for their own reasons, but perhaps they would sense each other and deal with it.

    Samhain, standing his circle of incantation, held out his hands. Incredibly large spheres of energy appeared in his palms, and at least four times his size.

    "Nyubis," he whispered, almost sadly.

    "I really don't want to have to do this."

    No scars appeared on him.

    He found he was telling the truth.

    He had another set of words he wanted to say, but they would betray himself, betray everyone, betray it all.

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    God of Death


    "You dare mock me Samhain?"
    Red ethereal magic swarmed around Nyubis, his transformation had greatly increased the magical attunement of his divine energy. While still not capable of the full power of Anubis he was still more capable than Nyurel was or even might have been able to achieve. Samhain was likely also not at his full capacity, perhaps not even close.

    Six red spears formed around Nyubis each pointing towards Samhain, their length of that of a human, the magic of the god of death inherent within them.

    They hovered in anticipation as Nyubis spoke, the disdain and hatred painted on his face. He stood on his red disc, overlooking Samhain and his newfound form. A red aura gathering around him in a display of power.

    "With whatever decency remains within your so-called being Samhain, do not pretend you care for me or that you ever did. If truly cared for Anubis you would have never taken everything I love and hold dear away. Destroying the very order and life that had been known to me since Anubis came into this world. Or have you forgotten Samhain that the blood of Anubis runs in my veins? The very blood bonded to your son who you claim to love."

    Nyubis's face remained etched in a stoic judgment. The 'godling' as Xenos thought of him giving one last grace to Samhain, a singular last chance to the man he despised.

    "If you harm me you harm your son. If you slay me you slay your son. If the bond is forcibly severed both I and your son shall perish Samhain. Is that what you want? There is no version of this where you win, no possibility of your victory. Your doom is all that awaits you for that is what you have chosen. That is the destiny set before you, manufactured by your own folly"

    Red ethereal jets of energy swarmed around Nyubis, forming a torrent of energy that plunged into the sea churning it behind him. His eyes locked on Samhain as the magic flowed in and around the demi-god.


    "Your deception and lies Samhain will leave you alone and forgotten. A man despised by his very son for betraying him and murdering his mother. Is this what your quest entails? Is this what you wanted to achieve? For it is what you forced into existence."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Samhain

    The words were like hammers upon his skin, more sharp and unpleasant than even the lies he cut himself with.

    Samhain winced hard.

    It hurt.

    But his words did not reflect that.

    They could not.


    His eyes blazed yellow behind the hood, and then white, and then, finally, red.


    ”Do you not think that my death at your hands will wound my son more than anything I have ever done?”

    I said that no harm may come to my son. That thought he hurled at Orca.

    It was not his problem if fighting Nyubis would break their pact.

    It was Orca’s issue to resolve.

    ”I care more for my son than you could ever understand!”

    He pressed the two spheres together, condensing the immense energy into a fixed point between his gloved palms -

    And instead it appeared as a sphere around them both, an immense ball of crimson, murderous, energy that split into a hundred small parts, held by him in readiness to crash down upon them.

    ”If I must die to prove my words, then so be it.”

    He did not want this fight.

    But he dare not abandon it.

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    IC: Nyubis
    Above the Sea

    Nyubis tilted his head at the Orca and then a glance back to Samhain's magic, a scoff escaping the jackal-drow's lips.

    "Do you honestly think this pathetic creature can undo the magic of Anubis? Is that what you think Samhain? Perhaps I was not clear, Death and Life alone can break this bond but they will not as that would interfere with their gift of Free Will. Which leaves only Anubis who lies dead within me."

    The red whirlwind behind Nyubis continued to spin, becoming more intense as it gushed down to the seafloor, killing the sea creatures buried within. There was a movement of Nyubis's hands as red energy descended from his hand to form a Khopesh that was then pointed at the trickster god.


    "I never said I was going to kill you Samhain, that duty lies with the one you have betrayed the greatest, that of Xenos who wields the sword forged from you and Ma'at"

    Nyubis had sensed the energies within the sword prior, the shrewd mind of the demi-god was able to quickly piece together what had likely occurred.

    "But what I now know is the greatest lies you weave, Samhain, are those that you addled your own mind with. For your words and actions conflict, I judge a man by his deeds, his actions not his empty declarations that remain unproven. You slew his mother, you left him at the first opportunity to fulfill your own selfish goal and now you tout that you will die in his name. What delusion is this Samhain? What madness has crept into your mind? If you truly loved your son you would do the one thing you and Ma'at seemed to have agreed to. To embolden and support your son in saving Selenia. To help him with his own goals, but instead, you show your coward's back, fleeing so you can finish what you started. Are these the actions of a man that loves his son?"

    Nyubis remained poised, waiting in anticipation for Samhain's response.

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    IC: Samhain

    He could try and kill Nyubis.

    He would rather not.

    He could attempt to force Orca to step in, and stop them.

    Or, perhaps he would untie the bond between Nyubis and Xenos.

    Perhaps the dwarf would read the dwarvish script he had scrawled into the ship before he departed.

    The mines; the mines are the key.

    Perhaps Rian would do something suitably ominous.

    Not a God, yeah, right.

    He held the globe of red energy, panting slightly.

    He stepped closer to Nyubis, keeping his hands up to support the energy above them.

    In the middle of the air, of the confrontation, he simply stood before Nyubis.

    Just let me go.

    His voice was soft, almost as if it was in touching Nyubis' eardrum.

    "Stand down or die."

    Those were the words he used aloud.

    Don't trust me, I cannot be trusted. But I was trapped in Sarathai, I did not intend to take her. I have left her, for when her soul returns to her. I will save everyone I killed. But they cannot be Gods. There cannot be Gods.

    "I need only decide, and it will end. You threaten my son, and I will end you."

    Let us settle this when the Destructor is done.

    His gaze bored into the man.

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    (A combo post between @darthbernael and myself)

    Malagath The Black
    Freedom's Bow

    Mal was still in deliberations looking at the map seeing where his foes where was quite the boon. Even if the crew was being a little worried about the ship that sailed next to them.

    "Should we even trust this map?" Corydon asked coming to Mal's side. "You know the creator of it."

    "Yes, the boogyman of the seas." Mal joked a smile on his face. "But, I have seen death. He's a very lovely lad, has good rum." Corydon did not share the same mirth. Despite being put in a position of authority over some of the most powerful beings on the face of the planet he was playing the adventurous swashbuckler. A leopard can't change its spots.

    As he looked over the map he started to chart his corse, heading directly to the western coast of Tiocreron would speed things up, there wasn't time to waste with the Destructor looming around. But, that would make them easy targets for all the monsters of the sea. They needed to keep on the move never really showing their hand, and also get there before the world ended. There was also the combustible situation with the others. Things in the meal with death had not gone well, and that would be something to deal with and soon. Looking at the map they would have plenty of time to deal with that.

    "Set course for…" As he turned back he saw the map shift and change a red faced leathery winged being crawling out of it.

    The little being made it's pitch Mal nodding his head.

    "Freedom is nice, I'll grant you." He said turning his head to Corydon who didn't leave his side. Mal gave a little wink, patting the boarding axe on his hip. "But…" In a flash Mal drew his axe swinging in at the small neck of the beast while Corydon lunged in with his long dagger.

    The imps head ducked backward, a spurt of blood as Malagath's axe sliced through it's skin. And then howled as Corydon's dagger took it in the gut. It staggered backward, deep red blood slashing all around. It's wings flapped and it clawed for air, reaching the ceiling of his cabin. There was a flash and it seemed smaller but now whole again. "That was, unfortunate. Now I owe Dolphin and Orca a hundred gold each. I told them you'd be the easiest convinced."

    Its head cocked to the side. And then spat on the floor. "And worse, now Orca is going to be crowing to the heavens, he convinced his." Its black eyes met Malagath's own, "I thought a human, with no god's power or blood in him would jump at the chance to have power." Its wings moved again, making it fly around the cabin, in case the two men attempted to hit it again, "Who wouldn't want to be the Pirate King?" it growled as it looked at him, "Except you, it seems. Why is that?"

    "Because I've got all the power I need." He spat back drawing his hand crossbow and letting off a bolt aimed at the creature's wing planning to pin it ot the ceiling. "Don't need to make deals with gods, or demons or monsters." With a smirk on his face he let out a little chuckle. "And who pray tell did you manage to claw out of my clutches huh..." His hand already drawing his second handbow.

    The imp fell as the bolt flew, the only thing it could do to avoid getting pinned. Still the bolt clipped the arm of its wing, drawing a shriek before there was a thump as it hit the floor. It rolled, coming back to it's feet. It was even minisculely smaller after the bolt hit. Emerging into sight it growled, "All the power you need, right..."

    It flapped its wings, rising up, mounting the desk, "Oh, you don't know." a wide, toothy grin crossed its face. "Information doesn't come free, human. You tell me who it is who has been aiding you and I'll tell you who it is that now works for us."

    "Well, there's only so much of you left." Malagath gave a toothy grin. "It can't be pleasant to have bits taken from you. Sure you're healing and likely will go right back to where you came from, but you're already out 200 gold do you also want to be the one that got turned into a pincushion by a lowly human?"

    "And half-elf." Corydon replied a throwing dagger in his hand.

    "And half-elf." The pirate's finger held on the trigger, "So just tell me and I'll let you on your merry way."

    The grin faltered on the imp's face for a moment. It shrugged, 'Kill away, I won't have to pay up, at least not until they find me, if you do."

    It opened it's wings, "200 gold is a good amount but...I'd wager knowing exactly who was willing to give up your cause is more important to you."

    It stalked forward, across the desk, toward the two. "I would like to know who it is helping you but either way we either both win or both lose."

    "He makes a good point." Mal said with a shrug of his shoulders, "What do we have to lose right." Corydon furrowed his brow. "How about this, you go first, and I'll tell you who's helping us...Swear on me mum..."

    The imp frowned, looked around the cabin. Taking wing it flew over to the window, making the back opaque for a moment before turning back around, "Nope, I don't see the word chump on my forehead, had to be sure first though."

    It ran a finger along a horn, "How about this, you're the captain so you must be literate. You write yours down, I'll write mine down, and we pass them and go our separate ways."

    Mal shook his head. He had to try at the very least. With a slight chuckle he looked back to the imp.

    "You clearly give me more credit than I do." The grin never left his face. "You think I need to read and write to lead some drunkards that can hold a sword and load a cannon." Another laugh. "I don't know my letters, I wouldn't even know where to start. 'Dear Imp, as per our agreement...'. I don't even know how to spell any of those words..."

    Corydon remained silent.

    "So, any ideas my learned friend?"

    The imp sat on the edge of the desk, tail waving across the surface of it. "Then we seem to be at an impasse. If you can't write and I'm not giving away info," it may down on the desk, wings spread, arms outstretched "go ahead, kill me. It's simpler and faster."

    "Oh come now friend, surely there is something you can think up. Imps are known for their cleverness." Mal dropped into a chair putting his feet up on the desk the Imp was splayed out on. "Is dying so much more preferable than just giving me a name?" He chuckled a bit. "How about this I guess the name and you tell me if I'm right or wrong."

    The imp sat back up, chuckling. "It was worth a try." Closing it's eyes it seemed to dim for a moment before returning it's focus. "You have less guesses to make than I would need. But sure, try your hand at it." It said, tail curling around one small horn.

    He sat up looking right into the face of his tempter that mischievous smile on his face. "Hummm...let's see..." he thought back to the meal, to all the ones gathered around the table. Xenos, no he was far too noble and forthright to deceive Mal or join the forces of darkness. Nybis was possible, he seemed very put out by having to work with the trickster, though he was also not one capable of deceit and he was a god so killing all of them didn't seem his style. No, that fell to one man and one man alone...

    "Samhain" He said it was the likeliest of his choices.

    The imp rocked back, laughing. "Of course you'd choose him. He's an impotent, little godling who wants more than he can possibly do." It smiled, a very happy smile. "But...if you check out on the decks, two of them are missing. And who had the most hate against Samhain?"

    "Well, yeah but, the God of Death wouldn't bring about his own demise." Mal said with an arched brow. "My measure of him is forthright and more honest than a fresh faced sailor on a Pirate Hunter. He might not like Samhain, but he's not going to throw the whole quest away. And you won't turn him away from his crusade, not with simple words."

    The imp chuckled, "He's a paragon of virtue. But even paragons have tarnish to their armor. And he truly, passionately, hates Samhain." The imp replied.

    It sat forward, "Dolphin even said that if that little floozy hadn't stopped him he might have convinced him to end Samhain right here on the deck of your ship."

    "Well, that isn't surprising and I'm glad I've given up nothing for this. You have just told me nothing of use. Yes Nyubis hates Samhain and offered to kill him several times. While I would prefer not to scrape blood off the deck of my ship I would understand. I wouldn't like it but I'd understand. That's not him turning against the mission just one of the people on the team...I'm guessing he's not willing to bring this issue to me and talk this all out. Much like a god. I would have hoped to find some peace between them but alas not..."

    There was a knock at the cabin door. The noise was followed by one of the crew speaking, "Cap'n, that big bluee eyed bastard of a Cox'n from that thing next to us is on the gangplank, says he has news. Needs to talk to ye now."

    The imps eyes went wide and it began to bang around the cabin, "No, no, no, no, no." It fluttered wildly, "No, I'm out of here." It seemed to be searching for an exit, in it's fear. "No, not getting eaten by that thing." it wailed.

    "Come here friend." Mal smiled grabbing a bit of canvas throwing it over the fleeing beastie and tying it up. "Lets go meet my very good friend." He pulled the makeshift bag over his shoulder heading up the steps to the deck.

    "What news do you bring us o' hand of death." Mal called out the shifting bag still on his shoulder.

    The bag rustled and shrieked as Malagath walked on deck. Seamus saw the captain approaching and he smiled, the smile elongating as he shifted into Cait Sidhe. "Hello captain," he began. The tone of voice Malagath had used told him the man was enjoying annoying whatever was in the bag.

    "Did you bring me a present as a gift for passing along the news I have?" He purred, his claws extending, one reaching out and piercing the side of the impromptu bag just to heighten the terror of whatever beast it was inside.

    "Well, I just wanted you to meet my new best friend." Mal smirked feeling the jovial atmosphere. "No offense Cory." He replied to his first mate. "He appeared right in my cabin with out even asking permission to come aboard, the little scamp. Wanted to make a deal with me. I was quite illuminating." He chuckled handing the bag out to Seamus, "I think you two will get along famously."

    "Now," He started after handing the bag off, "What was this news you wanted to bring?"

    Seamus took it in one paw, the arm and the rest of him slowly shifting back to the large blue eyed Coxswain. "I believe you're right, he's going to give hours of fun, if he's what I think he may be."

    Pausing, he sobered, hitting the bag hard enough to break off the squeals and squawks, knocking the imp out. "Better, quiet." He shook his head. "More like this thing, larger cousins, came and attempted to coerce both Nyubis and Samhain."

    He looked back at the deck of the Contemptuous, tossing the sack to one of the crew, "Put that in my quarters, in the safe." Turning back to Malagath as the crewman disappeared, "They failed with Nyubis. And succeeded with Samhain, sort of. That'd why that thing needed to be gone when I told you."

    He ran a finger over the railing of the Freedom's Bow, "Samhain seems to be trying to play both sides. But Nyubis only saw that he betrayed us and has given chase after him."

    Mal let out a long, long breath pinching the bridge of his nose. This day never ended did it. "Where are they?" He asked looking around finding them not on his deck. "I don't have time to play peacemaker but, we need as much help as we can get." He shook his head feeling more like a Governess than a Captain at the moment. "I only hope I don't have to fire on them. But, we've seen how the words of mortals work on gods."

    Seamus's eyes glowed a deep blue as he turned, as though he were sniffing out where the others had headed. He finally settled on one direction, his arm lifting.

    "There, north about 30 leagues. There Samhain and Nyubis are facing off, a little goddess of the sea and one of the Destructors lieutenants circle them, at the surface." He informed Malagath.

    "Great more gods." Mal muttered under his breath. "Come about." He called out, "Twenty points port, full sail." Around him the crew sprang to life loosing the sails more and gathering what wind they could. The ship lurched and swayed as the elven crafted ship pointed true north. "This job just keeps getting better." He said moving to the helm to take a heading.

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    Cayden Cailean
    Gods Realm

    Cayden had stopped merely sipping on his rum and just downing each overfilled flagon as soon as he filled it up. It all felt so hopeless, the heroes were getting together yet were fracturing just as quick as they were brought together. It was becoming apparent that the gods were next to useless with this enemy pulling strings and sending out his little minions to do his bidding. The former mortal, turned god of drunks was leaned over the table downing yet another flagon of rum before resting his chin on the edge just looking at the map. The battle of the gods happening out at sea, his champion moving with all due haste to the location, more divine or feindish influence happening all around. They were given a day to think of something but, Cayden didn't move. If the world was going to end he wanted a front row seat. It took quite a lot to get him drunk but, with how fast and how much he was drinking he was well into his buzz just absentmindedly drawing designs on the edge of the table with his finger as he watched the scene play out. What to do? What to do? What to do? Shrugging his shoulders he touched the cannons on board the Freedom's Bow, blessing them. They would already kick like a mule and hit like an elephant, the Dwarves did nothing by halves, but the shots sent from these cannons would have something special. A bit of a fog that would accompany their impact.

    The fog would smell and taste like rum, and give them a soothing buzz that should calm things down, or at least make them more open to conversing than least that was the hope. Or it could turn into a drunken brawl, at this point what did they have to lose.

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    IC: Nyubis

    Nyubis simply laughed at the man, the red ethereal energy dying down around him. The spears dissipated as did his Khopesh. The red storm that was churning the storm also disappeared as he looked to Samhain.

    "Pray tell when I threatened Xenos? There only exists the bond between us, one that does not harm him or me unless it is forced out of existence. I do not care what sick reasons you have for doing what you did, even if I did agree with your goals the ends do not justify the means"

    He gave a quiet breath, his eyes softening to sadness as he looked to Samhain.

    "I never wanted to kill you Samhain, but you brought this upon yourself, there are consequences for your actions."

    A pause as he looked deep back into the eyes of his foe.

    "I think you do not understand Samhain, you are a far greater threat than this measly destructor, who seems to send endless temptations but does nothing. While you have done far more evil and damage since this game began. This isn't about putting aside differences to stop a larger problem, you are the larger issue."

    "So what will it be Samhain? Will you kill me? And in turn, killing your son? Will you run to support and betray the destructor deluded that somehow redeems your actions? Or will wait here and allow Xenos to draw you into the sword?"

    Nyubis folded his arms, looking to Samhain, there was no arrogance here, no smugness of victory, just a calm grace that awaited his opponent.

    "I don't need to fight you Samhain, because regardless of what you do, you still lose. So decide Samhain, I am part god after all, and in time your son will likely be as well. So kill me and prevent both gods from arising. It's all for the plan right? It's all justified because you see fit."

    The god of death then laid out arms stretched, his body defenseless as he awaited Samhain's response.

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    IC: Xenos
    Tempestuous Seas

    Xenos hadn’t realized his expression was still hardened as he mulled over his intense exchange with Nyubis, when he was distracted by something he could not see.

    Without any warning whatsoever, an unseen hand caressed his face; he was suddenly startled by it, yet did not react outwardly in surprise. A heartbeat later he understood why.

    Goodbye, my son.

    “Father…?” Xenos heard himself saying aloud as he swiveled his head, looking all around from where Samhain could have spoken those words, or the reason they sound so final.

    Immediately, the young warrior ran to the last place he had seen Samhain, who had been standing by the ship’s railing. What he saw surprised him even more, as he gazed at the female form laying on the floor. A female form which he recognize as Sarathi’s but….

    Xenos moved closer, eyes wide in momentary disbelief.

    Sarathai’s body. It was empty. There was no aura. His father’s aura was gone, which meant there was no essence present for the sword to absorb. Taraziel would remain incomplete, Ma’at would be forever alone, and his own ascension would be stilted; forever incomplete.

    “FATHER!!!” Xenos roared into the air.

    None of that mattered. How could he do it? How could he betray him? He’d given his word. That he would help save Selenia. But now….

    There was simply no explanation. No justification. None.

    'You can’t change who you truly are', someone told him long ago, in regards to his own origins.

    Once a trickster god always a trickster god…?

    Xenos felt shame and anger wash over him. Shame because Nyubis was proven right by Samhain’s actions. Anger that Samhain’s actions had made him look like a fool. A deluded and naive child defending the indefensible.

    And now, Sarathai’s body lay empty, a dying shell of a once vibrant and noble wood elf, discarded so easily, just another unfortunate victim in the schism of ‘greater beings’.

    It wasn’t right. None of it was right.

    Xenos was split between his desire to search for his now missing father and preserve Sarathai’s body by brining her to Mors- Rian. If anyone could keep her body from perishing all together, 'He' could. In that moment of indecision, a reddish magical aura caught his attention.

    A magical Red Owl reached Xenos, who recognized the magical signature as one belonging to Nyubis.

    Xenos was still on the ground, cradling Sarathai in his arms when he turned to face the flying construct, its eyes glowing bright red, evincing much intelligence.

    “Tell me what you know.” Xenos intoned with renewed purpose.

    As he said this, Xenos felt the ship beneath his feet, not so subtly change course.

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    OOC: I really intended this to go up at the usual time but a minor incident at home pushed it back and then I just remembered.

    Update 15

    Freedom’s Bow and Contemptuous

    Aboard the Freedom’s Bow Seamus sighed, "Orca and the sea goddess both wanted away from our ships. I have a feeling that when we arrive, the sight of both ships will drive them away." His hands turned to paws, "If that's not enough, I'll have words with them while you deal with the 'children'."

    He paused for a moment, glancing around the ship as he felt power flow into it. When he turned back to Malagath there was a smile on his face. “You are blessed. It should prove...interesting when, or if, you fire the cannons now. I, however, look forward to how you handle this situation.” Stepping back, he stopped by the railing, eyes in the distance where the two gods hovered over a churning sea.
    The shining red owl hovered over Xenos as he cradled Sarathai’s body. At the aft of the ship a door opened and a figure stepped out. In this moment, this close to Nyubis and Samhain, but more the two figures in the water, it appeared as Rian. His eyes glowed a bright blue, almost as bright as the sun high in the sky.

    He stood away, waiting for the Owl to deliver its message to the young paladin. His brow was furrowed in a touch of grief at all that had recently transpired. He fully understood the pain of family, of children and parents being driven apart and he would give comfort to the young mortal but, for now he simply sent a thought. ’Xenos, Sarathai will be well cared for. I will ensure that neither her spirit nor her physical body are harmed.

    His attention focused further out, facing the tableau that was swiftly approaching. His disappointment, not in any one being but in general, mounted. But...he turned and gazed at the deck of the other, smaller, ship. Malagath had been given leadership and unless it became necessary to deal with those stirring the pot, he would otherwise observe and offer advice when asked for such.

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    TAGS: @Adalia-Durron, @TheAdmiral, @Ktala, and @Corellian_Outrider (combo ongoing)

    For the Gods Realm the previous tag is ongoing as well, I will share it again though. Cayden, Branka, and Mystra have been invited by Enya to meet at Andrissa’s Hall.

    Gods Realm

    Morrigan turned, gazing at Huitzilopochtli, “We need to speak, my Husband.” she said, softly. She reached up, cupping his cheek, then turned, her long dress swaying as she walked toward an exit and their home.

    As the other Gods realized that the game was continuing but that they had a moment to relax, that there was to be no more drama in the chamber, they began to mutter, chat, and conspire, deciding which faction they would support. After all, Huitzil had shown a weakness and that tended to lead to the downfall of even more gods.

    The gods that Enya had spoken to saw that the hall was clearing and they could decide whether to take her up on her offer or not. When she had completed her business she made her way to Andrissa’s Hall.

    Opening the doors revealed a dark hall, seemingly larger on the inside. Colors swirled through it, pinks, greens, and purples. As they passed images were revealed of the events that had already taken place. It was almost as though Andrissa’s essence, that had fallen to Zinnia had left a tiny spark here and she was showing what she could.

    Once Enya saw that the images that appeared began to change, became possible future events, both of the saving of Selenia and of it’s destruction. Images of the past, of past calamities mixed with the possible future, showing that this had come before and possibly could occur again. Only occasionally did it show a pair of intriguing figures. One seemed made of pure light and one of pure darkness.

    During some of the calamities they showed up, guiding heroes and gods as they worked to save the planet. During others they were absent and Selenia was dealt major calamities, the surface rewritten, new species and races were born or older ones changed, rebuilt. The images showed that this was not the first time that Selenia had been under siege and the best chance they had were their heroes and whoever the two beings were that kept appearing. The images of the two, white and black, reminded Enya of the lightning that had flared and touched Morrigan’s finger when she attempted to move the map.

    When the other two arrived they would find Enya seated on a smaller throne, near the one reserved for Andrissa, lost in contemplation of the images that continued to swirl around her.

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    IC: The Owl of Nyubis
    The Fates

    The Owl of Nyubis flew down by Xenos, its red feathers tucked in as it looked inquisitively at the champion. Its voice was low, a creature created of the red death magic of Anubis.

    "Samhain has betrayed us as Nyubis foresaw. He will not slay your father for that is your duty. Your father's weave of lies has left much muddled and his crimes cannot continue to go unpunished. The Fates approach Xenos, Son of Ma'at. Nyubis will support you in your destiny, for that his destiny as yours is to slay Samhain"

    The Owl of Nyubis turned its head to view the way they were moving, the divine magic filled the air as the owl turned back to Xenos.

    "It would be unwise to fire upon two gods, Nyubis knows that at present they are of roughly equal power, he does not want to fight Samhain if it can be avoided. Such a confrontation would be unwise. You are the key Xenos, when you are ready feel the bond of Anubis within you and command me to turn into a disc so that you can confront your father."

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    Malagath the Black

    "I hope I do not need to fire them." Mal said to Seamus, looking out into the distance seeing glowing red in the distance. They were already putting on a light show. This should prove to be very very interesting, and taxing. With a sour expression the captain moved as close as he dared to the confrontation. The power washed over the ship and crew causing some to understandably flinch but, Malagath the Black did not waver. He was here for a reason and he would see that through.

    "Oi!" He bellowed in a voice that could be heard across the waves. "Do we mortals mean nothing to you high and mighty types? Or do you just think you're above all of us? A bit of warning would have been nice. An opportunity to discuss this mess? But no, the Gods must do what they must do and damn anyone who dares try to rein them in. And you with the slick tongue and slicker hair, could you not wait one week to try and sink this whole thing. You are costing us time at a point when we don't have much left. The hourglass is moving quick and once it's out, everyone dies. You want that, your boy, all the mortals you claim to want to help, everyone, gone. Or do you only think about your little schemes, your little plans to make everything right and damn anyone else to the deep. You selfish bastards both of you."

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    IC: Xenos
    Wake of evidence

    All Xenos could do was cradle and rock Sarathai’s ‘sleeping’ form as he tried his best to compose himself. It appeared that Samhain was intent in making matters as complicated as possible, that he would use his ‘newfound’ freedom for his own agenda.

    That’s when Nyubis’ Red Owl appeared before him, imparting news of what now transpired.

    The words ‘betrayal’ and ‘duty’ followed too close to each other for his liking. But there would be no need for ‘patricide’ if there was first ‘sacrifice’. However, which of the two acts would take place? Only the Fates knew.

    Before Xenos could answer the Red Owl, he was grace by a message from Mors Rian concerning Sarathai. No harm would come to her, either to her body or her spirit. Xenos sighed in relief, for he could trust the word of the Captain of the Contemptuous.

    After carefully laying down the wood elf, then rising, Xenos felt power course through the ship once again, though the vessel still moved through the seas with, ( dare he say it? ) ‘contemptuous’ ease.

    Xenos moved along the ship’s railing, for he could both ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the cresting energies of both his father and Nyubis, their power signatures rising with each passing moment, not unlike two warriors sizing each other, as they circled one another.

    It wouldn't do for these two to fight each other, as that would complicate matters beyond repair. Yet, a confrontation seemed imminent.

    “Father, why?” Xenos heard himself say bitterly, as his mind struggled to search for possibilities that simply were not there.

    In truth, the young warrior was tempted to take up the owl’s offer, mount up on scarlet discs, fly over to his father and end the cycle of anguish, but his keen senses perceived Captain Malagath, even where he was, who’s words gave him pause.

    Indeed, mortals had a ‘say’ regarding affairs which affected them, for it was only right.

    “Hold.” Xenos instructed the owl as he became wrapped in the unfolding scene, so much so, that at that moment, he hadn’t come to notice the ethereal form of Ma’at standing just behind him, her gaze also fixed upon the event few had the privilege to witness.

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