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Beyond - Legends The Flowers of Evil, 50 titles challenge, complete

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Title: The Flowers of Evil.
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: 139 ABY
    Characters: Mick Kerebuy, Peter Sloan and my other OC’s
    Genre: 50 titles challenge
    Summary: Flowers of evil are used as a means to escape
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm belongs to Disney

    AN: characters will be added after their appearance

    Dramatis personae in order of appearance:

    Rob Dalara, engineer, Dunai
    Kaagi Adin, surgeon and pilot, Dunai elder
    Soron Adameh, surgeon, Dunai elder
    Steve Magaron, police special ops, Dunai elder
    Jono Bel Hana, police special ops, Dunai
    Jeb Bel Hana, police officer, Dunai
    Dina Bel Hana – Herefa, doctor, Dunai elder
    Erdin Felaron, inspector firedept, Dunai elder
    Ivano Arvedai, inspector firedept, Dunai elder
    Peter Sloan, surgeon and pilot, Dunai elder
    Mick Kerebuy, surgeon and pilot, Dunai
    Lionel Keranan, firefighter, Dunai elder
    Jon Ethir, firefighter, Dunai elder
    Targo Harnin, firefighter, Dunai elder
    Carolin Mokovic, reporter Rondor News and TIE bomber pilot, human
    Volca Virine, archivist Rondor News and sniper, human
    Jim Kerebuy, surgeon, Dunai
    Jenna Kerebuy, baby, Dunai
    Karoun Aatifa, receptionist hospital, Dunai elder
    Aradan Mirdees, surgeon, Dunai elder
    Bret Chedokin, police inspector, Dunai elder
    Muia Warovan, director, Dunai elder
    Bran Atzerode, technical director, Dunai elder
    Kara Deyman, pediatrics nurse, Dunai elder
    Halla Majeski, pediatrics nurse, Dunai elder
    Esmeralda Cobes, student, human
    Rihan Shellan, anaesthetist, Dunai elder
    Tim Dereika, pilot, Dunai elder
    Tarko Shellan, ER surgeon and former Jediknight known as Tarko Sanek, Dunai elder
    Jesin Fialka, surgeon, Dunai elder
    Jason Guyet, anaesthetist, Dunai
    Kevin Kaol, pilot and nurse, Dunai
    Leslie Tualan, ER surgeon and former Jedihealer, Dunai Varankonin human
    Ger Adameh, surgeon and former Jedi-initiate, Dunai elder
    Jehna Er-San, anaesthetist, Dunai elder
    Dave Cullen, dispatch, Dunai elder
    Kath Kupaza, dispatch, human
    Calvin Greko, dispatch, human
    Tony Kehoe, police officer, Dunai elder
    Pat Huling, police officer, Dunai elder
    Tarhin Akhawi, NAS airport officer, Dunai elder
    Dick Ashwor, airport guard, human
    Andy Roskill, police officer, human
    Helen Deshazo, police officer, Dunai
    Alan Guyet, anaesthetist, Dunai
    Jadin Finn, surgeon, Dunai elder
    Aaqu Maerhin, surgeon and Jedi, Dunai
    Skon Peverin, nurse and Jedi-nurse, Dunai
    Jess Djarada, nurse, Dunai elder
    Jay Dalair, nurse, Dunai
    Beran Daranon, nurse, Dunai elder
    Kerlan Gulnare, nurse, Dunai elder
    Jilan Gherian, nurse, Dunai elder
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    Aug 21, 2006
    The Flowers of Evil.

    She had waited for almost four years. Now her revenge and escape would be set in motion. She had found the flowers of evil. One was a human, one was a succulent.

    Chapter 1

    Moniron, an obscure planet in a starcluster in the outer rim with four habitable continents, uninhabited Polar Regions and great expanses of water dotted with small habitable islands, was unknown to the galaxy since the time that Darth Vader had visited the planet. The dark lord had wanted to erase memories from his visits with Obi-Wan to a cabin in the wilderness and to kill one of the surviving Jedi-healers.
    Visions – in part due to the influence of the Dunai elder group who had saved the Jedi-healer getting him away before his cabin was destroyed – had him erasing the planet from the galaxy starcharts.
    They had been visions of the future now past.
    They were of the Yuuzhan Vong, who had invaded the galaxy and had left, never to discover Moniron.

    Only those knowing the coordinates or guided by the Force could travel to Moniron.
    The last three men to arrive in a MFS-six transport had been from Lingala and had settled in Noranan and Rondor on Monira.
    The last woman to arrive had been a passenger and had travelled with them when they left New Holstice, the now desolate planet once housing a large hospital during the clone wars.

    - - -

    The afternoon sun was casting Noranan city in a soft light. The city had been founded thousands of years ago beginning as a small village of cottages near an outcropping of rocks forming a natural harbour. It was now sprawling in a large area along the coast and up on the sloping hills to give a home to the increasing population. 70% were Dunai elder and Dunai but humans and various other species had found Noranan a nice place to work and live.

    Pastures and farms dotted the hills in the north. The orange tiled roofs of cottages stood out among the greenery of the forest. In that forest spreading to the north, were lakes and trails leading into the mountains. The north district of the city – large apartment buildings and a shopping centre – began just east of the forest and was separated by a canal and a road.

    Most of the inhabitants were busy with their work. Lights could be seen in the old harbour where fishermen were preparing their boats for the next day, in the south of the city where the large new industrial area situated near the south harbour and airport was giving work to most of her citizens, in the central area where four shopping centres were already gearing up for the weekly evening event and in the large hospital in the suburb of Noranan north district where the doctors, nurses and workers of the day-shift were instructing the evening-shift.

    Noranan General Hospital was built almost 200 years ago. It was a sprawling complex of buildings blending with their natural colours and roofs covered with grasses in the large garden. Lionellan trees gave shade. It was one of the big hospitals on Moniron to have specialised in trauma and child care. The hospital was situated near the long beach with dunes and greenery where many of her employees had their homes in the old cottages.

    Two women were waiting for the safe and healthy return of their husbands, now on a yearly mission to collect a dangerous mineral needed to make the Force suppressing drug draxinon.
    Two bachelors were boarding their groundspeeder. They had to help those two husbands.

    - - -

    Rondor was the capital of Monira and most of its inhabitants were preparing for the evening.
    In her bedroom a woman was cleaning her weapon. Meeting ‘her’ at a marksmanship competition had changed her life. She was waiting for her command. The comlink the woman had provided was set to buzz only. Her brother didn’t know what she was planning. And she liked it that way. She despised her brother and the success he had at his work. She missed her late parents, especially her mother who had always called her ‘little flower’ because of her great beauty.

    In the industrial district was the place before a large hangar showing some activity.
    Rob Dalara – one of the three men from Lingala – was strapping in after closing the cabin of the lime yellow medevac. He had – coming with new designs for a medevac – joined the Warovan Atzerode Aircraft Company. Medevacs used on Lingala and seen during a short stop on Corellia had him with new ideas now coming to reality in the craft now guided into the air by him.

    Smiling Rob buzzed over the office-building and the main factory. No workers present to protest. He had done that once and had to face technical manager Bran Atzerode telling him that dangerous stunts were not allowed. But he liked Bran. Bran had a kind character, was with shields always down easy to read and level headed. He was quite unlike his partner Muia – the financial and administrative manager – who could have his quirks and tempers and had always his shields in place. But that was to be expected from a Dunai elder with weak powers and only the shields developed.

    Rob had the medevac headed towards the mountain range. Acry had him looking through the forward shield. There in the distance was a Kerebuy eagle flying towards the snowcapped mountain. It was a volcano, dormant since ages and its slopes were covered with some vegetation. It was mount Moniron, the name-giver of the planet since the Dunai elder discovered it after being transported there by the Sheir-Irel. Dunai, their home-planet had been destroyed by the sun going nova. Close to mount Moniron was a rock and crevasse streaked wilderness with another dormant volcano and a murky lake in a lava covered valley.
    Rob avoided that valley and guided the medevac away and towards Noranan. He didn’t see the ripples in the lake.

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    Sep 6, 2015
    Excellent job bringing Moniron to life. It was weird looking up from my kindle and realizing I wasn't there, lol. I haven't read any of your other stories, so I'm pretty excited to get to know these seasoned OCs.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Je bent echt bezig gewest op een goede manier, hoor! :*

    Dang, I am writing in Dutch. Must be my constant fight for my rights as an EU citizen with your homeland.

    Therefore this new fanfic of yours, dear birdy, was a welcome distraction from my tough battle going on in the background. While I read this, I was feeling a bit like Glor. I thought I was actually on Moniron. For a short while I really was able to enjoy myself again.

    Anyway, also thanks for your help via e-mail with the Dutch letter of complaint. It helped me a lot.

    But what also helped me even more was to read a wonderful new fic like this! Please go on!
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    Aug 21, 2006
    A lot will be revealed about Moniron and the characters
    It will be an exciting ride

    Chapter 2

    A black clad human-shaped figure – a man of the Dunai elder species, wearing full body protection, with an air-tank strapped to his back – was busy on the shores of that murky lake. He had stored the last sack of a pile of black lumpy sacks in a durasteel container that was attached to the struts of a bright yellow airspeeder with markings NH 40 painted in black on its top and sides.

    Waves were appearing on the surface of the murky lake. They came from a second Dunai elder man – also wearing the same full protection – breaking the surface. Labored struggling brought the man towards the shore and his colleague.

    Sweaty faces showing intense strain could be seen through the clearplast faceplates. They were feeling the influence of the Force suppressing minerals on the shores and in the water of the lake. They were aware of the dark powers still present in the valley. They were doctors, working in Noranan general hospital and needed the minerals to make the Force suppressing medicine draxinon for the procedures.

    “This was the last bag filled to maximum,” Kaagi Adin sighed and dropped the bag with a big heave on the shore. What could be seen through the visor was an attractive, young looking face with silver grey eyes now dulled with fatigue and some wet strands of raven-black hair.

    “I will help,” Soron Adameh grabbed Kaagi Adin by his left arm and helped him to stand. Soron was equally fatigued, wet strands of blonde hair, clinging to a pale face with friendly blue eyes.

    With the aid given by Soron a very tired Kaagi was able to limp towards the speeder. He sat down with a sigh and saw Soron activating a scanning device.

    “Your suit is airtight,” Soron passed a scanner over the entire suit. “And mine too.”

    “No need for the dead midi chasing out of my body Midillamin treatment. Expedition number 99 is almost finished.” That came out with a small smile. Kaagi had experienced that treatment numerous times and wasn’t looking forward to it at all. It made you sick and nauseous for more than a week or if you opted for the hypothermia treatment for a day under full sedation and body-support and a few more days with nausea and weaning of the support.

    “Next year a celebration?” Soron quipped. He too was glad that he didn’t have to endure the treatment. He remembered the first one vividly, getting dressed and listening to the news that the Jedi had left Coruscant and that Wynn Dorvan was Chief of State. When he came back and went for a swim with Kaaginha – a Falgan friend – the Sheir-Irel had been there telling him about the entity called Abeloth, wreaking havoc in the galaxy whenever she appeared. ‘But we will continue to protect our descendants. You are safe Soron Adameh’ were the words when the Sheir-Irel shimmered in the Force and was gone again.

    “Nah there is nothing to celebrate, putting us as two ‘volunteers’ each year in a suit to collect the draxinon. Let’s get away. We have to go through decon. And I like to shed my suit and sniff some normal air.” Kaagi had connected a hose from a tank to his suit and was using both hands to guide his left leg inside. Due to an injury to his brain suffered when he was a Jedi-padawan and aggravated 98 years ago it was paralyzed from the knee down. Wiping his hands more or less clean with a towel he saw Soron getting the last bag and brushing that bag against a succulent with sickly looking leaves adorned with pink flowers and purple fruits. “Hey don’t harm that green guy. It didn’t choose this dreadful place to grow.”

    “Sure it did and it is pink seducing mayhem,” Soron got serious. “Those are Darrinsoni with their omne lomin or in basic Darweed with evil flowers.”

    Kaagi focussed his eyes to observe the succulent. He had seen them before in the environment and along the stream that originated in the lake but never this close to the flat stretch of rock where he usually guided the airspeeder to a landing. “What’s evil about them?”

    “The extract from the seeds is a mind-influencing drug when injected in a Force sensitive like us,” Soron started for the passenger seat of the airspeeder. “I will tell you more about the darweed after we get back to Noranan central.”

    Kaagi waited for Soron to hop in and settle down, hit the switch that closed the doors and fired up the engine. He guided the airspeeder up in the air and felt the Force returning when he was passing mount Moniron on a heading towards Noranan. “Hey look at that.”

    Soron followed Kaagi’s gaze. “That’s Rob Dalara, putting the new medevac through a sharp turn. I think he likes to impress Mick and Peter with some fancy flying.”

    “No, they are already headed towards our destination. They will have their turn tomorrow. Today it’s cleaning us and helping with the draxinon.”

    “And beware of the pranks,” Soron grinned mischievous.

    “I know,” Kaagi laughed. “Kerebuy and Sloan are famous for their pilot pranks.” A big smile was on his face when he passed a valley with a waterfall. He had been there often with his wife or his friends riding their husans. He took the airspeeder in a low flying arc and wasn’t surprised to see a white husan grazing near the waterfall and a man looking up and waving.

    “Steve has seen us,” Soron waved with his hand.

    “And he knows that we cannot land,” Kaagi turned the airspeeder and headed towards their destination.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    A black clad human-shaped figure....

    First I thought that we would encounter a sith or a dark jedi.

    .... – a man of the Dunai elder species, wearing full body protection, with an air-tank strapped to his back – was busy on the shores of that murky lake. He had stored the last sack of a pile of black lumpy sacks in a durasteel container that was attached to the struts of a bright yellow airspeeder with markings NH 40 painted in black on its top and sides.

    But then I thought: "Yeah, it´s Kaagi!"
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great start and nice to see Kaagi :cool: Interesting background and details on the draxinon and the darweed. [face_worried] That latter could really wreak havoc on an unsuspecting person! :eek:
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    Aug 21, 2006
    he has to be in it
    darweed sure is evil

    here is the second part of the second chapter


    “Never knew it was this late,” Steve Magaron looked at his chrono. “That was the draxinon-express. Come Arano, we have to get home but drinks first.” He guided his husan towards the pond and reached with his hands to the clear water. A handsome face with short black hair and clear blue eyes was reflected in the water until the hands scooped up some water and sipped from it.

    Ripples disturbed the pictures of man and animal.

    Arano followed with his mouth, drank deeply and shook his head spattering his friend.

    “Arano, I will shower when I get home,” Steve hopped lightly on Arano’s back and took a tuft of long mane in his hands and felt the husan responding to the weight. “We don’t go to the beach today to swim with Kaaginha. I know you love the falgan but he has his family to care for.”

    The stallion began to walk, carefully first but when the trail and meadow was reached in an exhilarating canter.

    Steve had a big smile on his face. Like today his shift would begin and end early tomorrow. ‘I will ask Jono if he likes to go swimming. But maybe he will be again busy at his son’s home, helping to get the room ready for the baby and getting paint in his hair. He was decorated this way yesterday when he came in our office. And he deserved that speech from inspector Chedokin.’

    - - -

    Jono Bel Hana was indeed busy decorating a baby-room. As a single parent he had come back to Moniron with his son Jeb after he had lost his wife on Corellia due to tragic events involving Sith, Jedi and a holocron. That had been more than 90 years ago with the Jedi – led by Kyp Durron – providing him with a GMK seven transport. He had joined the Noranan police department and was often the partner of Steve Magaron. Paint was decorating his brown hair.

    “I like it brown mixed with white,” Jeb had a picture in his hands and gazed from his father to the open door of the master bedroom where his wife was resting. He had met Dina Herefa, had fallen in love, married her and now he was busy with his father because the first child would be coming soon.

    “Maybe Uncle Steve will see this tomorrow,” Jono put his brush in the can to get more white paint for the final part.

    “A long shower this time dad or…” Jeb smiled when his father mentioned Uncle Steve. The man wasn’t related to the two but had been there for them to welcome them when they landed the GMK seven transport at the Noranan air- and spaceport and had taken them in his cottage until a new home was found.

    “Getting even more dirt in my hair when we continue our work on the MFS-six transport,” Jono finished his painting. “And you know what Peter will say if we don’t keep it in shape.”

    “He will take it back,” Jeb laughed. He had been the one coming into contact with Peter and getting the transport when their old GMK seven transport broke down after a trip to the Moniron moon. Like his father and inspector Bret Chedokin he was an amateur investigator doing research on the old Victory class stardestroyer Korua Gem guided there by remote control after her crew had landed on Moniron shortly before Palpatine was defeated on Endor. And they had found more on the moon; intriguing objects leading to the old Rakata civilisation. They had read about the thwarted invasion stopped by the united tribes of the Dunai elder.

    “Not this time Jeb,” Dina opened her eyes. She had been following the conversation and liked the decorations put on the walls by a very creative husband. “My back is acting up and you should do the cooking.”

    “I will go home as soon as this is finished,” Jono wiped his hands on a rag, a slight disappointment showing on his face. With Dina loving to cook his son had never taken much interest in the thing and had always some ready to eat meals stored in the kitchen.

    “You don’t like my ready to eat meals,” Jeb had placed the picture in its place.

    “No son. They are nutritious but not very tasty. I will visit Uncle Steve. He is a great cook. See you tomorrow.” Jono headed downstairs and to his groundspeeder.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    I always do wonder where you get your names from, bird. Might you be willing to tell us?
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    Aug 21, 2006
    working in the archives at the townhall you come up with many names

    Noranan central station was a sprawling complex of buildings situated near the airport and the new industrial district. Fire- and police dispatchers had their work in one of the buildings. Police special ops had their offices. Another one housed the offices and workplaces of the officers of the fire-department.

    Two of those officers were sitting behind their desk, reading the incident-reports of the day and previous night.

    Erdin Felaron – with blue eyes set in a wrinkled face topped with close cropped black hair streaked with grey – was the oldest with 827 years and never with a need to retire because he loved his work. He had been in the distant past the mentor of the younger Ivano Arvedai, a funny man sporting short brown hair, brown eyes and a moustache.

    “The draxinon express will be coming soon,” Ivano put down his almost empty cup of caf when he saw a red and yellow speeder coming to a stop next to the building that housed the decon unit of the Noranan fire-department. Doors opened and two blue-green clad men walked to the entrance where a uniformed fire-fighter was waiting for them. “I will lead the team and make sure they will behave.”

    “Just like last year,” Erdin roared with laughter. “I will come too.”

    “Kaagi expects nothing else,” Ivano grinned. “We have had Soron and him under our care since the hospital transferred the decon-procedure to us after the draxinon disaster.”

    Erdin nodded. 69 years ago he had – with Ivano – been in charge of the incident. The hospital hangar became contaminated when a droid collided with the airspeeder and the durasteel container with minerals was ripped open. Kaagi and Soron had declared the emergency but had run out of air and had to open their suits before the disaster team arrived and the decon procedure was set in motion. It had been a harrowing event with more contaminations and six men needing the midillamin treatment.
    The two officers headed downstairs, passing colleagues with some giving them a wink or just telling to behave. Those colleagues knew.

    - - -

    “Come commander,” Peter Sloan was grinning mischievous when he jumped out of the speeder after tapping his companion on the cap that covered his blonde hair and started for the entrance of the building.

    “Lieutenant Sloan,” Mick Kerebuy followed close on his heels. He had been delighted to hear that Peter was coming to Moniron and had been there at the airport to welcome him and Rene and Rob Dalara. He had been there when Peter guided the MFS-six transport into a hangar but had sobered up and comforted him when he heard why Peter and René Dalara with his son Rob had come to Moniron. Kim Sloan and Glenda Dalara had been killed in a speeder accident during a thunderstorm in Ifaan National park. Glenda had died in her husband’s arms after getting a promise that her ashes would be given to the sea on Moniron.

    “Lionel,” Peter was the first to shake hands with the uniformed man “nice to see you on the team.”

    “You made a promotion,” Mick shook hands, laughter in his green eyes.

    “To be on the bucket brigade and the receiving end of pranks,” Lionel Keranan headed inside, mischief gleaming in his dark brown eyes. He had been promoted and had joined central station only a week ago. “I hope you told Kaagi and Soron to behave when you were dressing them up. Jon and Targo are waiting for you.”

    “We did tell those docs but you know,” Peter entered the changing room and took his cap and sailed that to a bench where it landed on a neatly folded towel. “Jon, Targo,” he greeted the two men in decon suits, grabbed an orange bundle from the floor and turned to Mick “dress up commander.”

    “Yub yub lieutenant and behave,” Mick doffed his cap and began to don the one piece orange decon suit over his hospital greens. In a distant past – during the clone wars – he had been the commander of the New Holstice based hospital squadron flying Eta-actis interceptors. His brother Jim, Alan Guyet, Peter Sloan, Jan Kirn, Grant Bryjic, Sjon Saffy and Jason Beeler had been on the team. Jason had offered his life protecting New Holstice. Jan, Grant and Sjon had escaped with the squadron to Lingala and had died of old age. Mick, Jim, Alan and now Peter were back on their home planet.

    “I am always known to behave,” Peter – revealing his ginger hair – sailed his cap towards Mick. “You are entitled to fun and tomorrow…”

    “I am the pilot on the first test,” Mick zippered his suit and waited for Jon to help him with the blue gloves.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Chapter 3
    “NH 40 you are clear to go in.”

    “OK,” Kaagi toggled the switch. A rectangular box with an open door was his destination. He settled the airspeeder down on the tiled floor of the box and waited.
    The big door closed. An appendage came out of the wall and took the durasteel container.

    “Draxinon safe and secure and yours to handle,” Kaagi began to smile when he saw the container disappearing in the processing unit.

    “Now us,” Soron took his air-tank and exited the speeder. He guided a wheelchair towards Kaagi’s place and helped him to settle down.

    Kaagi had placed his air-tank in his lap, wheeled towards the backdoor of the box and waited with Soron.
    Nozzles opened and the airspeeder and men were hosed down.
    Kaagi and Soron waited for the deluge to end.
    A green blinking light indicated that the backdoor could be opened.

    “More showers to come,” Kaagi wheeled through the backdoor and waited for Soron to close that door. “My air-supply is depleted to 20%.”

    “Enough to last,” Soron saw a masked man appearing before the round glass in the next door. “Sloan is there.”

    “How do you know it’s him watching our suffering,” Kaagi began when another deluge of water began to obscure his vision.

    “He is ginger and has a moustache.”

    “I bet it’s one of Arvedai’s men,” Kaagi grinned. “Almost all of his firefighters have a moustache. They are copy-felins you know.”

    “We will wait and see,” Soron saw the green light on the panel beginning to blink, indicating that the next part of the procedure could begin. He saw Kaagi wheeling outside and being surrounded by three men.

    “I told you,” Kaagi inhaled a deep breath of fresh air when his mask was lifted by an orange clad man. “Jon was watching us. Sloan is there waiting with his sponge pranks.”

    “Ivano, cleaning material,” Peter threw a sponge.

    “Only dry sponges this time,” Ivano held out his hand when he helped Kaagi to stand and a sponge came sailing towards him. “Funny shapes!” He caught the running-figure sponge expertly and began to wipe Kaagi’s suit dry.

    “This hand is wet,” Targo Harnin caught a hand shaped sponge and had to wait for another before he could wipe Soron’s suit dry. “Lionel is a copy-felin.”

    “Peter must have told him to order figure sponges,” Ivano – helped by Mick – began to remove Kaagi’s suit. “And my mentor is helping.”

    “He sure is in for some fun,” Kaagi saw Erdin Felaron busy with a bucket, waited until Jon removed the diaper and urine-collector and limped with help from Ivano towards a changing cubicle.

    And both men grinned when a barrage of sponges, thrown by Erdin, Peter and Lionel landed on Soron’s head.
    Ivano helped Kaagi to sit on the bench in the shower-unit and left. He enjoyed the scene. Old Erdin was having great fun.
    Jon and Targo stayed dry, caught dry sponges and began to help a sputtering Soron.

    Mick grabbed the wet sponges and ran towards Peter jelling “Lieutenant Sloan, you’re dry.” And arriving before the culprit – now held in a fireman’s grip by Erdin and Lionel he began to squeeze the sponges atop of his friend’s head.

    Kaagi showered, toweled himself dry and hopped to a second bench. He dressed in a comfortable shirt and pants and donned his brace. Now he could walk unaided and went to Mick to endure his medical examination. Turning his head he observed the dripping orange clad man. “One of your Sloan-pranks has backfired on you?”

    “I knew he was up to something new,” Mick wrapped a BP-cuff around Kaagi’s left bicep.

    “I got the idea this morning,” Peter was taking a blood-sample and saw Mick nodding ‘ah that.’

    “You are only a bit dehydrated,” Mick removed the BP-cuff and gave Kaagi a bottle with water.

    Peter inserted the blood-sample in the analyzer and waited. “Midi’s are OK. You are cleared for duty tomorrow.”

    Kaagi gulped down the water and was busy with a second bottle and a sandwich when Mick was ready with the examination of Soron.

    “And now you want to hear about the darweed,” Soron accepted a bottle with his favorite fruit-juice and took a sip.

    “What’s darweed?” Mick had a questioning look on his face.

    “Soron meshed with a nice succulent and told me that it is known as darweed,” Kaagi started to peel a muja-fruit.

    “Darweed,” Erdin nodded, grey eyes turning dark and serious. “I have read about it during my study. It’s evil. I have seen victims of the mind-influencing extract made from the seeds. They didn’t know what they had done in the previous hours before they were found. Leading a hazmat team I have been to a lab where criminals used chemicals to make the extract. One of my men was injured when a booby-trap set the lab on fire and threw him back. Those chemicals are harmful when dropped in the environment.”

    “I will tell you more,” Soron started and wove a tale about the ancient history of Moniron and the valley of the Darrin where dark powers were found and used by the tribes of the Dunai elder until they were united and chose to embrace the light.

    - - -

    “See you tomorrow,” Peter halted his groundspeeder before a nice cottage.

    “I am flying the first test,” Mick opened the door on the passenger-side and grabbed the item lying on the seat that had bothered him during the ride. He had hopped in too distracted by a tale told by Peter to notice it.

    “You won the Mirdees race this morning but I am the commander and tell you where to go,” Peter had a smile on his face remembering going to work in the hospital and the playful banter he had with Mick. Aradan Mirdees – always in for some fun – had heard their talk during the morning brief given by the chief surgeon and had suggested a challenge to determine the pilot for the first test. Mirdees – one of the senior-surgeons and in for something different – had taken the two to the swimming-pool of the hospital and had told them to go swimming until he came with an order. Peter had been too distracted making waves when Aradan had told the two test pilots to grab the sponges on one side of the swimming-pool and to take a sprint from one end to the other. And with ten tests to be flown he knew he would have his share.

    “See you Commander Sloan and no wet sponges this time.” Mick threw the now slightly dry sponge towards his friend.


    With this chapter added now at 4587 words
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Ivano & Kaagi are a good team. And never fail to make me smile!
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    Aug 21, 2006

    Chapter 4
    This was the day.

    Carolin Mokovic saw her face reflected in the mirror. She was attractive with long brown curly hair inherited from her father Ael Mokovic, an engineer working for the Imperial military forces. Almond shaped grey eyes were an inheritance from her mother, the sister of Admiral Krion Grail. Being the niece of Grail and as ambitious and calculating as him she had her career in the military, climbing fast up into the ranks of the Imperial military forces. She served with distinction on one of the ships of the Outer Rim Third Fleet and was a skilled pilot.

    She wiped the last vestiges of sleep from her eyes, washed her face and arranged her hair in a neat look resembling the profession she had taken up to be able to search for that what she craved; escape from Moniron.
    A turn of events starting more than 3 years ago had her as a spy assigned to a TIE-bomber squadron when admiral Grail suspected treason in the ranks. Two years later she became stranded on New Holstice – now a desolate world after the Yuuzhan Vong had destroyed it – when her TIE-bomber was disabled during a fight with the Galactic Alliance Remnant. She had no way to contact her uncle because her emergency beacon and comsystem were destroyed. A short exploration of the ruins of what had been the New Holstice grand hospital during the clone wars had her with shelter, a working holonet receiver and enough drink- and food-rations to last a lifetime. With increasing rage she had seen the attack of the Empire, Remnant and Jedi on the capital Coruscant where the Sith Imperial forces were defeated and the Sith leader killed. She hated the now formed Galactic Federation Triumvirate. She didn’t know if her beloved uncle had survived. She wanted to find out.

    Half a year ago she had been able to escape from New Holstice. An old transport landing and three men beginning to explore the ruins had given her the means. The pilot – Peter Sloan – had allowed her to go with them. ‘You must be craving for a nice and comfortable home. Come with us. We are going home.’ And she was 22 hours later on the planet Moniron finding out after getting a decent meal and new clothes and going away from the spaceport that it had been a one way ticket to another boring planet. Now she hated the three men, especially the pilot. He hadn’t told her about the one way journey and the impossibility to return to Anaxes where her father had his estate. He had to suffer. She had used her escape and evade package to forge a new identity and had found a way to live in Rondor, a city quite near Noranan and the air- and spaceport. Becoming a reporter for the Rondor news gave her all the access to Intel needed for her revenge and escape. Following the careers of the three men had been easy. She had even guided Rob Dalara to a meeting with Bran Atzerode. The Warovan Atzerode Aircraft Company was a small one with little or no recognition by the government until Rob came with his new designs for a medevac. Approval and orders to design followed soon by the government after she had published an article about the excellent work.

    Meeting the young and disgruntled woman on a marksmanship competition had set things finally in motion.
    The woman – Volca Virine – was craving for power and love.
    Carolin had discovered the unpredictable behavior and mood-swings. She had been able to distract Volca when she saw the anger in her eyes when she was told by the officials that her scores were disqualified and her weapon-license void. Volca’s brother Nico – a successful and self-made business man – had been glad that she had intervened. Nico feared for the health and sanity of his sister since he had taken her in his home after their parents had died. He had called her a spoiled brat. Now his sister had a friend.

    Carolin had praised Volca and taken her under her wing, taking care that the weapon-license was renewed. She had led her to her new job, working under her supervision in the archives of Rondor news.
    Volca was a natural with the Blastech 300 slug-rifle and a killer without conscience. She would be very useful after her escape. Admiral Krion Grail would be delighted.

    And during a trek with Volca through the Moniron Mountains she had found the flowers and their seducing seeds.She had read about the darrin, beasts of dark evil – flourishing during the days of the celestials, killed by the Rakata who took away their eggs to conduct experiments on Kreyfon. She had read about that planet, destroyed 245 years ago by a Jedi turned to the dark side after becoming the apprentice of Darth Plagueis. The apprentice became the mother of Dooku, another Jedi turned Sith and destroying Irellion after discovering a weapon of mass destruction. She had read about the Force suppressing minerals found in the lake and the mind influencing properties of the seed extract on Dunai or Dunai elder.

    She needed this drug. She had no financial means to buy a transport. She had to interrogate Peter Sloan, the Dunai man stranding her here on Moniron to know the whereabouts of his transport and escape with it after getting the codes. His transport had the coordinates for Corellia programmed in its navcomp and was able to withstand another passage through the Moniron nebula. She had found out all about that engine-wrecking nebula.

    Selecting a skirt and a blouse came next. She was invited by Muia Warovan, the man responsible for the contracts for a new medevac with the government. She had been following his work closely after she had guided Rob Dalara to a meeting with his associate Bran Atzerode during a technical seminar at the Rondor University. Rob had joined the company and would suffer as well, seeing his friends come to grief. He had sped up the designing of a new medevac and the upcoming tests.
    She just had to keep Muia convinced that she had to be present during that test. She had met him again yesterday. She had met him before after he had introduced Rob Dalara to the first responders of Rondor. Muia had been searching for test-pilots and she had given him an article about the famous medevac-pilots working in Noranan, some of them being famous clone wars pilots from New Holstice. A new arrival – Peter Sloan – had been reason for the Noranan daily to write about the pilots. She was delighted when Peter Sloan was selected. He was her main target.

    She smiled. Muia Warovan would be a willing subject. One of the syringes prepared with the extract from the darweed seeds was for him. He would grant her wish and even lead her to the medevac and the two test-pilots.
    Carolin knew the names for the first day of testing. Moniron was a very open society. She had to be there. Peter Sloan was the man she wanted. The other – Mick Kerebuy – would become the target of Volca.

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    This is such a great use of your title! I'm happy to finally read a story involving your Dunai OCs (I've been meaning to catch up on Kaagi's diaries, but DRL and all that) and I did spot the connection to the First Sentence Challenge entry you wrote a while back. I'm curious to see how the two storylines will entwine -- I suspect that the draxinon and the flowers are more tightly linked than what one would guess at first sight.

    I'm very interested in Carolin too. She comes across as a nasty piece of work ;)
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    =D= Wow, Carolin is ambitious and ruthless. [face_worried]
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    Carolin knew the names for the first day of testing. Moniron was a very open society. She had to be there. Peter Sloan was the man she wanted. The other – Mick Kerebuy – would become the target of Volca.

    Almost a sithly lady, that Carolin. Poor Mick!
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    She sure is
    And will do anything to reach her goal
    You will see

    The first part of the next chapter

    Chapter 5
    Volca Virine was early. She had passed very silently the bedroom-door of her brother, had made breakfast and something to go for the unlikely event that the departure would be delayed. She checked her gear one more time before loading it in the old groundspeeder.

    ‘Disable the tagged man only and keep the shots coming.’ The instructions were clear. To see her target suffer added to her pleasure.
    She activated the controls and guided the groundspeeder out of the parking-lot and onto the road leading to the highway to Noranan. Her destination was programmed into the navcomp. She liked the scenery when she departed from the highway and began to ascend a winding road into the mountains.

    She had been there before, guiding Carolin towards the darweed. She knew about the hideous effects on Force-sensitive species. She would be able to blend into the environment after she had set up the trap. Rounding a sharp turn in the road she saw in the distance the snow capped peak of Mount Moniron.

    There, this valley with narrow rocky walls and a stream was the place where the medevac would be diverted when the emergency-signal was active.

    There – with the darweed present – a Force sensitive species would have no warning of the inpending doom.

    Volka smiled when she parked the groundspeeder in the middle of the road and began to uncover the package in the passenger-seat.

    - - -

    “Morning Karoun,” Jim Kerebuy – younger brother of Mick – greeted with a sleepy voice the receptionist when he was entering the main entrance of Noranan general hospital. He was carrying the basket with his baby daughter Jenna and lugging a backpack. He placed the basket on the counter.

    “Good morning Jim,” Karoun Aatifa greeted back and looked in the basket. “Oh my, she is lovely. Akina has the early morning shift?”

    “She has and I have a lecture scheduled and that’s why I am taking Jenna to daycare. I would have stayed at home but you know Koranar.”

    “He wants you to listen to his great lecture about grueling courses in field surgery,” Aradan Mirdees tapped Jim on his shoulder. “Koranar has planned this for months. I too have to be there. And Jenna is in good hands. Come let’s go.”

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    Loved Jim with his daughter - awwww. Nothing like bringing a youngling to work and your coworkers all gushy [face_laugh] [face_mischief] And then what a contrast to the first scene with Volca. :eek: =D= Ruthless scheming [face_nail_biting]
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    I also found Jim extremely sweet as a dad. Now I can go to bed, smiling myself into sleep.
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    the ladies are up to no good
    Jim is sweet

    second part of the chapter

    Steve Magaron was reading a report and sipping from his caf when the door to the office he shared with Jono Bel Hana opened.

    “Morning Steve and...”

    Steve looked up and barely suppressed a laugh when Jono entered and sat down behind his desk. “Good morning Jono, you failed to follow up on my instructions to get a long shower, you slipped past the inspector unnoticed and…”

    “He didn’t,” inspector Bret Chedokin – grey eyes twinkling with mischievous laughter – was in the door-opening. “But he had the lecture yesterday and he is incorrigible but so was I when Imara was expecting. But next time when you come here covered in paint after some baby-room decorating for your son…”

    “And dust from the Moniron moon,” Steve began, leading the conversation to another topic, loved especially by Chedokin. “Ah oops…”

    “We are wearing suits on that moon and I don’t recall giving Jono a lecture about moon-dust,” Bret grinned.

    “You did give me one. After we got the new transport from Peter Sloan, I was the one to find that piece of Rakata equipment and had it stored and...”

    “Ah yes, that piece,” Bret interrupted. “You were taking it out of the transport when it cracked and showered you with sticky dust. I would love to find more. When is the next expedition to the moon?”

    “After my baby-room decorating business is over,” Jono reached for the stash of files on his desk.

    “I can help,” Bret said. “I need the practice.”

    “Mari,” Jono and Steve replied at the same time.

    “Yes my daughter told me yesterday that she will need some baby-room decorating,” Bret grinned. “She is six weeks pregnant.”

    “Congrats Bret,” Steve said and emptied his cup of caf.

    “Congrats and you can help,” Jono opened the first file.

    “And now get working,” Bret left the office in a jubilant mood not minding at all that there was some paint in some hair. He had just needed the excuse to tell his colleagues and best friends about becoming a grand-father. And he had seen Steve reaching for the next file. The man would sure pay some attention to that one. It was an invitation to a new training.

    - - -

    Muia Warovan was early. He parked his airspeeder and headed to the door of his office. He still savored the nice evening, dining with his wife in the harbor restaurant. A complimentary drink from Carolin Mokovic sitting at the bar had his wife questioning him. But he had told her that he knew the reporter and her famous articles. ‘She was essential for the government order and she came with the idea to use those famous Clone wars pilots. She wrote that article about the first test and was delighted that I chose the hospital squadron pilots Peter and Mick.’ He even had invited her to see the launch of the first test by medevac pilots. She had been essential for his success bringing the Warovan Atzerode Aircraft Company in the spotlight after more than 200 years in a marginal place barely giving enough work to keep twenty persons at work and support their families. Airspeeders and transport-craft were their specialty.
    Muia was like Bran – his friend from the time since they attended the same technical school – a Dunai elder but weak in what the Jedi called the Force. He couldn’t sense what other beings were up to. He therefore preferred to get human employees and was delighted when he met Ms Mokovic. Bran could access the Force but had never met Carolin because he was the technical manager leading the seventeen employees in the factory.
    Muia was the man meeting the officials and supply companies and responsible for the administration.
    He wasn’t surprised that Rob Dalara was late. The man had been working late on the medevac, testing all the systems after a final flight and installing the monitoring package. But he would be there; ready to receive the first recordings and analyze them with Bran after the first test was completed. Bran Atzerode was early. He had seen Bran’s speeder on the parking-lot before the factory.
    Muia was sipping from his first cup of caf and looking at the final reports from Rob when he saw the speeder with the logo of ‘Rondor news’ coming to a stop. He had the door open before she was there. “Welcome Ms Mokovic. Some caf?” He walked to the kitchen-unit.

    “With sugar,” Carolin smiled when she followed him. Reaching in her handbag she took one of the syringes. For sugar the man had to search in a cabinet and he was reaching with his right hand inside when she bumped against his back and pressed the syringe against his thigh. “Oops!”

    “Ouch,” Muia had the sugar in his hands and turned.

    “Sorry,” Carolin gave an apologetic smile. “That was my handbag.” She showed the spiked decorations.

    “We will drink our caf first. We have to wait for Rob and the pilots.”

    Carolin nodded. The drug would take some time to get working.

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    =D= Great news from Bret and nice teasing and reminiscing and then wow, Carolin's plan goes into action! :eek:
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    Carolin is evil

    Chapter 6

    Peter Sloan had guided the ground-speeder to a stop before the large building and opened his door.

    Mick Kerebuy was out and headed to the open door of the building where voices could be heard. One was female. His sharp ears picked up the conversation.


    “Muia, it is the first test. You know. I have been working on the medevac. Things can go wrong. You never know.”

    “You have installed the monitor?”

    “Yes Muia but…”

    “Nothing can go wrong. We have the top-pilots for the first test. Kerebuy is the pilot and the monitoring is done by Sloan. You just have to wait for the return of the data.”

    “I will be silent.”


    “You just have to be patient. She will be on the first test run only.”


    “Thank you Mr. Warovan.”

    “Rob never told us about girls working for the company,” Mick saw a woman arguing with Muia and Rob at the far end of the building.

    “No he never did. He just gave his ideas to a small engineering company after being introduced to them. Bran Atzerode was the main designer of a new medevac for the first responders,” Peter followed Mick inside, passed him and headed to the threesome with a smile appearing on his face. “She doesn’t look like a technician at all. And hey I know her. She is Carolin Mokovic and came with us from New Holstice. She is a well known reporter for the Rondor news.”

    “Carolin Mokovic,” Mick searched his memory and knew. “She has written a series of articles about the anniversary of the Rondor Noranan relay 40 K run. We collected a lot of credits for the research of the danka-virus and a possible treatment thanks to her articles.” He saw the recognition on the face of the woman and turned to Rob. “But what’s she doing here?”

    “She has to be on your first test Mick,” Rob said with a neutral voice.

    “I heard something like that coming in,” Mick shook hands with Rob and turned to Muia. He nodded and was a bit surprised when Muia gave only a neutral stare when he wanted to shake hands. But he knew from previous meetings. The man was quirky and unreadable.

    “Carolin,” Muia didn’t reach for the hand. “We have to start. Get dressed up in that coverall and come as soon as you are ready.”

    “That coverall,” Rob pointed to an open changing cubicle where a folded orange coverall was resting on a bench when Carolin headed deliberately to the office.

    “I have to get my bag,” Carolin hurried. “You know…”

    “There are puke-bags inside the medevac,” Rob enhanced his voice with the Force. He still had his reservations.

    “And medicines to get her sedated if she doesn’t like my flying,” Mick whispered, winking with his left eye and saw a small smile coming on Rob’s face. Like Rob and Peter he was dressed in orange fire-retardant coveralls.

    “Come with me,” Rob headed with Mick and Peter to the medevac and waited for the two pilots to get seated. Instructions followed. Rob saw the knowing looks. He had provided the manuals to the two and had guided them on a tour through the factory after they were chosen. Turning to Peter – who was donning his lime yellow helmet – he continued with laughter in his voice “Commander Sloan, feed the data into this box and monitor him closely.”

    “And you are in for some interesting results before you can have a go,” Mick gave Peter a friendly pat on his helmet – marked with an adhesive patch with a black C – and reached for his unmarked helmet. Peter was the commander.

    “Your call sign is WAT one. I will wait for the data,” Rob pointed to a small green light at the nav-console. “The auto-distress is active.”

    “That’s comforting,” Mick secured his helmet and adjusted the mike. “Does it alert to puking passengers too?”

    “No and don’t pay attention to her,” Rob grinned. “She is only squirming weight.”

    “And has to hurry,” Peter had secured his straps. “I am eager to see your performance commander.” He activated the coms-monitoring-unit and the cabin was filled with the soft chatter of first responders and the occasionally beep of a distress signal. “I hope we have a real emergency on our run.”

    “That will have her fainting,” Mick turned his head to the changing cubicle.

    - - -

    “There we are,” Aradan entered before Jim the daycare and headed to the central playground.

    Jim followed, put his backpack on the table and placed the basket with his daughter next to it. He was reaching for his daughter when Kara Deyman and Halla Majeski – the latter holding a toddler came to the table.

    “Hey Jim, showing Jenna your workplace for the first time,” Halla put down the toddler.

    “Hmm yes and she is for you to care,” Jim lifted Jenna and cradled her against his shoulder. “My wife has the early morning shift and director Er-Quin has a lecture planned.”

    “And we have to be there,” Aradan looked at his chrono “in ten minutes.”

    “I can take her,” Kara reached for the baby and took her.

    The baby began to murmur softly, opening smiling eyes.

    “She is sweet,” Halla observed.

    “No problems at all,” Kara saw the gentle look of the father reflected in the baby and felt the comfort in the Force coming from the child.

    “I will be back as soon as possible,” Jim felt that his child was comfortable and was relieved. It was for him the first time to give his baby to someone else to care. “I have to go.”

    “Hurry Jim and we will see you,” Kara headed with Jenna to one of the cribs.

    Jim hurried after Aradan “caf first?”

    “Sure,” Aradan began to run.

    “Caf magnet,” Jim – smiling – shook his head when he saw the man disappearing around a corner in the corridor. Aradan was always faster and could be quite grumpy without having his cup of caf during a lecture.

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    I am no coffee drinker at all, but I have family members, friends and colleagues who cannot go without it.
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    caf is for Aradan;)

    now the next part of chapter 6

    “Hurry Carolin,” Muia stared with a dull look to the closed door of the changing cubicle.

    “I am.” A skirt was draped over the door.

    “She has to come now,” Rob shouted.

    “Ready,” Carolin opened the door with a bang and ran – bag swaying against her shoulder – to the medevac and climbed inside, stumbling against the man in the right seat and brushing with her hand – holding a small and sticky IR-patch, color matching the orange flight-coveralls – against his left shoulder.

    “Get seated miss and be quiet,” Mick grumbled. He was busy with the switches. “Close that door Rob. We have to get started. We don’t want to keep the air-space occupied that long. Two hours is what Rondor has given us.”

    Muia had followed her and he was standing next to the medevac when the passenger door was closed by Rob. “I will go to my office. I think I need some caf.”

    Rob headed outside. He wanted to see how Mick handled the take-of and had to go to his workplace to activate the monitoring equipment. It would be ready for the first batch of test-results. And he wasn’t surprised when Bran Atzerode was standing before that workplace. Bran sure wanted to see the medevac taking of with another at the controls. He smiled. ‘Bran is in for some heavy words when he sees what Mick is doing.’

    - - -

    Volca Virine was satisfied when she toggled the switch that activated the beacon. The body on the ground next to the ground-speeder looked real.

    The auto-distress signal would be picked up by any craft nearing the sandy country-trail. And from what she had heard from Carolin it would only be her target, getting clearance for that specific air-space.

    She only had to wait for the medevac to arrive and the two pilots to disembark. They had only one place to land the medevac safely. Carolin would be there. She would have marked her target.

    Volca hurried to the selected place between the bushes and donned her rags blending in with the environment. She took the Blastech 300 slug-rifle from its cover and made sure that her scope was ready to pick up the signature.

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    :eek: [face_worried] The trap is sprung!!!!