Lit The Following Takes Place Between 35:3:8 and 39:3:7 of the GCW. Events Occur in Real Time.

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    Ok, to start the new updates, let me jump back and revise what we have so far.

    What I'm changing is I am inserting the entirety of Rebel Force #1 and almost all of #2 (breaking before the last couple of pages jump to Yavin and X-7's bike bomb ponderings from #3) and using that to flow into Marvel #7's departure by Han.

    The benefits to this are several: Han and Leia's heated argument at the end of RF#2 makes for a much better launcing point for his departure from Yavin in M#7. This also allows the comments of Rieekan's several weeks since Alderaan on Delaya track. This will also help Rebel Force #3's reference to months having past track once we get back to this series in a bit and resolve the weird time reference discrepancy there.

    The only unfortunate part here is the added delay in keeping those Imperials in the escape pod from the Liquidator for over a month, but that can still fall under the "weeks" timespan mentioned in Missions #17- and I'll get to that book in the next updates.

    Needless to say, that escape pod is just going to be damn funky.

    But, with Scoundrel's timespan added to the timeline, we're simply not going to be able to make every "weeks" reference match up (that is one thing that has struck me- at how well things would fit together in a shorter timespan without Socundrels in there, but, I digress...).

    There's also the whole "month of searching for Vader aboard the Falcon" in Scoundrel's Luck to address... and, i think, because of Scoundrels (and Rebel Force), there isn't really a way to take that completely literally (even ignoring the implausibility of sending a Rebel leader like Leia out on a month-long scouting mission with only a chance of success) without pushing the search back into 3 months ABY, which I think we can agree just doesn't fit the text or intent of the story.

    I have to assume (and, feel free to disagree or offer a solution I'm not seeing), that it's been a month+ of missions that involved searching for Vader's TIE, but not a constant one. The heroes just took on these patrols between their other adventures when it was their turn to take on a Vader scout patrol, while other Rebels took turns when the Big 3 are doing other things. (or the Vader patrols were simultaneous objectives in a "while your doing this, scan for Vader" kind of way).

    It's the only way to really maintain the timeframe of events involved, IMO.

    I'll be posting the detailed updates for the new RF entries tomorrow (as well as what lays beyond Star Duel), but with the heroes hearing about Vader coming to Delaya at the end of RF#2, I'm going to assume that is Vader coming from Coruscant (after Savage Heart) on his way back to Vaal to recover his fighter (he may make a stop or two along the way though ;)) which will lead to the other upcoming events.

    But, for now, here's a brie list of everything so far, with their revised dates (I'll eventually be going back and revising my previous posts to reflect this):

    35:3:9 (Sat)
    -Yavin IV Celebration
    -Empire #14: The Savage Heart (majority)
    35:3:10 (Sun)
    -Marvel Illustrated: The Day After the Death Star (dawn after the party)
    -Star Wars Missions #1: Assault on Yavin Four ("day after Battle of Yavin"- slightly off)
    35:3:11 (Mon)
    -Star Wars Missions #2: Escape from Thyferra
    35:3:12 (Tues)
    -Star Wars Missions #3: Attack on Delrakkin
    -Star Wars Missions #4: Destroy the Liquidator ("several days" Skeezer)
    35:3:13 (Wed)
    -Empire #16: To the Last Man, part 1 (partially)
    35:3:14 (Thurs)
    -Empire #16: To the Last Man, part 1 (conclusion)
    -Empire #17: To the Last Man, part 2 (partially)

    1 Week ABY 35:3:15 (Fri)
    -Empire #17: To the Last Man, part 2 (conclusion)
    -Empire #18: To the Last Man, part 3 (majority)
    35:3:16 (Sat)
    -Science Adventures #1: Emergency in Escape Pod Four
    35:3:17 (Sun)
    -Science Adventures #2: Journey Across Planet X, Chapters 1-7
    35:3:18 (Mon)
    -Science Adventures #2: Journey Across Planet X, Chapters 7-8
    35:3:19 (Tues)
    -Science Adventures #2: Journey Across Planet X, Chapters 8-12
    35:3:20 (Wed)
    -"Science Adventures #3" (implied events)

    "Almost" 2 Weeks ABY
    35:3:21 (Thurs)
    -Rebel Force #1: Target (Ch 1-4)

    2 Weeks ABY 35:3:22 (Fri)
    35:3:22 (Fri)
    -Rebel Force #1: Target (Ch 5-9)
    35:3:23 (Sat)
    -Rebel Force #1: Target (Ch 10)
    35:3:24 (Sun)
    -Rebel Force #1: Target (Ch 10)
    35:3:25 (Mon)
    -Rebel Force #1: Target (Ch 11-16)
    35:3:26 (Tues)
    -Rebel Force #1: Target (Ch 16)
    35:3:27 (Wed)
    -Rebel Force #1: Target (Ch 17-19)
    35:3:28 (Thurs)
    -Rebel Force #1: Target (Ch 20-22)

    3 Weeks ABY 35:3:29 (Fri)
    35:3:29 (Fri)
    -Rebel Force #2: Hostage (Ch 1-10)
    35:3:30 (Sat)
    -Rebel Force #2: Hostage (Ch 11-12)
    35:3:31 (Sun)
    -Rebel Force #2: Hostage (Ch 13-19)
    35:4:1 (Mon)
    -Rebel Force #2: Hostage (Ch 20-22)
    35:4:2 (Tues)
    -Marvel Star Wars #7: New Planets, New Perils (partially)
    -Scoundrels (Ord Mantell drop. Qazadi arrives on Wukkar)
    35:4:3 (Wed)
    -Scoundrels (Han & Chewie arrive on Wukkar, are recruited by Eanjer)
    -Pizzazz: The Keeper's World
    35:4:4 (Thurs)
    -Scoundrels (Han begins recruit search)
    -Pizzazz: The Kingdom of Ice aka War on ice

    1 MONTH ABY 35:4:5 (Fri)
    Week 0 (5th)
    35:4:5 (Fri)
    -Scoundrels (Han continues recruit search)
    35:4:6 (Sat)
    -Scoundrels (Han continues recruit search)
    35:4:7 (Sun)
    -Scoundrels (Han continues recruit search)
    35:4:8 (Mon)
    -Scoundrels (Han recuits Bink and Tavia, Chewie contacts Lando)
    35:4:9 (Tues)
    -Scoundrels (Han recruits Zerda)
    35:4:10 (Wed)
    -Scoundrels (Han recruits Dozer)
    35:4:11 (Thurs)
    -Scoundrels (Team gathers at suite, breaks into Falleen hotel room)

    Week 1 (12th)
    35:4:12 (Fri)
    -Scoundrels (Caper prep)
    -Empire #18: To the Last Man, part 3 (epilogue) ("four weeks later")
    35:4:13 (Sat)
    -Scoundrels (Caper prep)
    35:4:14 (Sun)
    -Scoundrels (Caper prep)
    35:4:15 (Mon)
    -Scoundrels, Chapters 9-10 (Festival, Day 1 (Rock))
    35:4:16 (Tues)
    -Scoundrels (Festival, Day 2 (reset))
    35:4:17 (Wed)
    -Scoundrels, Chapters 11-13 (Festival, Day 3 (Air). Lando meets Villachor. Is kidnapped and rescued.)
    35:4:18 (Thurs)
    -Scoundrels, Chapter 14 (Festival, Day 4 (reset). Qazadi interrogates Sheqoa.)

    Week 2 (19th)
    35:4:19 (Fri)
    -Scoundrels, Chapter 15 (Festival, Day 5 (Air). Han meets with Villachor)
    35:4:20 (Sat)
    -Scoundrels, Chapter 16 (Festival, Day 6 (reset))
    35:4:21 (Sun)
    -Scoundrels, Chapters 17-24 (Festival, Day 7 (Fire). Heist mayhem. Han's debt to Jabba raised to half a million credits.)
    35:4:22 (Mon)
    -Marvel Star Wars #7: New Planets, New Perils (conclusion)
    -Marvel Star Wars #8: Eight for Aduba-3 (partially)
    35:4:23 (Tues)
    -Marvel Star Wars #8: Eight for Aduba-3 (conclusion)
    -Marvel Star Wars #9: Showdown on a Wasteland World
    -Marvel Star Wars #10: Behemoth from the World Below
    -Marvel Star Wars #11: Star Search!
    35:4:24 (Wed)
    -Marvel Star Wars #12: Doomworld
    -Marvel Star Wars #13: Day of the Dragon Lords (partially)
    35:4:25 (Thurs)
    -Marvel Star Wars #13: Day of the Dragon Lords (conclusion)
    -Marvel Star Wars #14: The Sound of Armageddon
    -Marvel Star Wars #15: Star Duel

    Only about 1 month behind and we haven't even hit Valance's Vacation yet! ;)

    EDIT- Make some corrections to the above, dates should be correct now. Dates have also been revised for the past updates in this thread.
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    Jan 27, 2000
    Alrighty- I've gone abck and updated the whole thread to reflect the new dates and added the "new old" entries into the right posts. Below is what I've added.


    With General Rieekan expecting Leia on Alderaan's sister world of Delaya, General Dodonna tasks Princess Leia with a mission to undertake on their way there: travel to Muunilist and recover secret Alliance funds to help replace the significant loss of Alderaan's Rebel funds.

    X-7 infiltrates Yavin Base using older security codes (perhaps acquired through Rogen from SW Kids?) and determines that following Leia will be his best chance of discovering the identity of the pilot who destroyed the Death Star. He finds out the Falcon's destination before escaping the base.

    Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie and the droids take off in the Falcon while X-7 forms of the identity of Tobin Elad. He sets up a false Imperial ambush of the Falcon for "Tobin" to save them from. Though his efforts result in a crash landing on a moon near Muunilist, the Rebels (after fending off a Reek) recover Tobin and bring him back to the Falcon to recover. (Rebel Force #1: Target, chapters 5-9)

    "Look, Princess, I don't know what it's like where you come from, but where I come from, you shoot the giant scaly monster that's trying to eat you." (Han Solo, Rebel Force #1)​
    "[Threepio's] probably on his way back to the ship right now... unless he stopped to impress a reek with one of six million languages. Or fell in a ditch." (Han Solo, Rebel Force #1)​


    After "nearly a day" of medical treatment and recovery, X-7/Tobin Elad wakes up aboard the Falcon and begins his attempts to infiltrate their group as a reluctant ally. X-7 spends the day feigning weakness during recovery as the Falcon orbits Muunilist.(Rebel Force #1: Target, chapter 10)


    X-7 spends another day feigning weakness in orbit over Muunilist as the Rebels decide what to do with him. (Rebel Force #1: Target, chapter 10)


    Deciding to trust Elad, the Falcon lands on Muunilist. They arrive at their contact's, Mak Luunim's, apartment, where they are ambushed by Stormtroopers. After escaping they find that Mak has died and that Nal Kenuun has acquired his assets- including the datacard with the Rebel funds.

    "Now, I'm not saying all Muuns look alike, but just between you and me-" (Han Solo, Rebel Force #1)​
    (Remember this quote for later...)​

    After inquiring about Nal, they are attacked by a Dug and his street gang. Though successful in fending off the attack (killing the Dug in the process), they are brought down by tranq darts and shocked unconscious by forcepike-wielding Stormtroopers.

    They awaken in a dark chamber/holding cell with the troopers guarding them. (Rebel Force #1: Target, chapters 11-16)


    "Hours crept by. Maybe days" in the dark before they are visited by Kal. The troopers work for him, as did the Dug. He claims he'd normally be willing to return their property (the datacards) but since they took something of his (the Dug), they'll need to earn the datacards.

    Given little choice, Luke agrees to Kal's proposal: win a podrace for Kal 48 hours from now using the podracer that the Dug would have piloted and he'll return the datacards. (Rebel Force #1: Target, chapter 16)


    Luke practices with the podracer, but it overheats and explodes, forcing Luke to bail out. He spends the rest of the day at the campsite studying the track map while Han and Chewie get a drink at a bar with other racers under a large tent. Their involvement in the Dug's death eventually results in a bar fight. (Rebel Force #1: Target, chapters 17-19)


    Using another pod provided by Kal, Luke wins the podrace. Afterwards, the heroes go to Kal's apartment to retrieve their datacard. Kal tries to force Luke to stay to race more (under the pretense of repaying the cost of the lost pod) by trying to collect on the bounties posted on Han and "Tobin".

    After a firefight, and threatening Kal's pet baby Krayt Dragon, the heroes manage to escape with safe passage off the planet.

    "That's why you're such a softie about the dragon? Because it can make you money?"​
    "What other possible value could any creature have?" the Muun asked distainfully.​
    "Not everything's about money." Han said. Leia glanced sharply at him, surprise in her eyes. So that's what she really thinks of me, Han realized. She thinks I'm like him.​

    Having gained the Rebels' trust, (and asked by Leia to join the Alliance) X-7 reports in to Soresh- believing he has a lead on the pilot's identity. The Falcon jumps to hyperspace, heading for the Alderaan system. (Rebel Force #1: Target, chapter 20-22)


    Yoda converses with Obi-Wan on Dagobah about Luke's training. The Falcon exits hyperspace in the Alderaan system- but must contend with flying through the Graveyard asteroid field on their way to Delaya.

    "At least the situation can't become any more dire."​
    "Don't you know better than to jinx us with-" (alarm goes off)​
    "What was that?"​
    "That was the situation about to get more dire. A lot more."​
    (See-Threepio and Han Solo; Rebel Force #2)​

    On Delaya's surface, they meet up with General Rieekan, who has been organizing both Alderaanian refugees and attempting to form a Rebel cell from them on the planet for the past few weeks.

    The Prime Minister and Deputy Minister takes Leia on a tour of the refugee areas when an orphan attempts to lure Leia away. Luke goes in her place and is kidnapped.

    "Creating orphans was the Empire's specialty." (Luke Skywalker's thoughts; Rebel Force #2)​

    He is brought to a warehouse, revealed to be one of the actual refugee camps- a warehouse stuffed with a thousand people in terrible conditions. The kidnappers had hoped to grab Leia to show her the truth here. Luke manages to convince them to let him go, promising he'll bring Leia to see this.

    "Alderaan was a peaceful planet, until the Princess and her father dragged it into war. Now we bear the consequences of her rash actions." (Halle Dray; Rebel Force #2)​

    Han and Leia go to meet with Luke at the warehouse, but are confronted by a gang of youths. They're assisted by the surprise appearance of Fess Ilee- an Alderaanian courtier Leia knows well (he's secretly Ferus Olin, who has been watching over Leia as Obi-Wan did Luke).

    After meeting with Luke (not revealing the kidnapping part of today's events to her) and meeting the refugees, Fess is introduced to Luke (and is offput by Luke's surname) and is given the devastating news of Obi-Wan's death.

    Later, he confers with Obi-Wan's spirit, who convinces Ferus not to reveal Luke and Leia's true heritage to them yet. (Rebel Force #2: Hostage, chapters 1-10)


    Leia holds the Alderaan memorial service for the refugees, providing a touching speech before opening a capsule for the survivors to place objects in, so that the capsule can be sent out into space in memory of Alderaan.

    Halle Dray confronts Leia, upset that she'd be recruiting more Alderaanians to die for the Rebels.

    That night, Halle heads a meeting of individuals, including Fess, who plot to disrupt a meeting of Rebels with Leia the next day by kidnapping her. Fess later warns Leia. (Rebel Force #2: Hostage, chapters 11-12)


    Though the Rebels rescheduled their meeting as a precaution, Leia is still kidnapped- Halle's group having counted on Fess's betrayal. Halle makes a deal with the Imperials to hand Leia over in exchange for a New Alderaan for the refugees to settle on.

    Despite a near-successful escape attempt, Leia is taken into Imperial hands- though the Imperials betray Halle and kill her. Leia is handed over to an Imperial interrogator, who prepares to use a strong (and dangerous) truth serum on her.

    Luke, Han, Chewie, Ferus and Elad manage to track down Leia's position and fight their way through the compound to rescue her. X-7 gets to Leia by himself first, before the interrogator can use the serum.

    X-7, however, injects her with the serum himself without her realizing it (using the burn from a blaster bolt used to free her to cover the injection). She confirms to X-7 that the pilot who destroyed the Death Star is Luke.

    The others arrives just after this and take her to safety. (Rebel Force #2: Hostage, chapters 13-19)


    Having recovered some from the drug, and with word of Vader arriving the next day, the Rebels get ready to leave- but not before Leia confronts the Delayan leader with the conditions of the refugees, threatening to connect him to Rebel actions and leak that knowledge to the Empire if he doesn't give in to her demands. Ferus also declines to join the Alliance.

    "I'm sure Vader wouldn't blame innocent Delayans for the actions of its leader, but then,,,"Leia's chest tightened so much she could barely force the words out. Saying it out loud doesn't make it true, she promised herself. "The Empire didn't hesitate to fault the people of Alderaan for my actions, did they? I brought down their wrath on my planet...what makes you think I couldn't do the same to yours?" (Princess Leia; Rebel Force #2)

    Afterwards, Han and Leia have an abnormally angry argument. Elsewhere on the Falcon, X-7 reports to Soresh with Luke's name. (Rebel Force #2: Hostage, chapters 20-22)

    "Where's all this coming from, Highness?"​
    (exploding) "Stop calling me that!"​
    (wanting to apologize, smirks) "You want me to stop calling you that? Then how 'bout you stop sitting up there on your throne and judging us peasants?"​
    (truly angry) "I don't have a throne anymore! The Empire blew it up!" (Han taken aback at the anger) "I fight for something greater than myself. So does Luke. Elad. But you? Nothing's greater than the great Han Solo, right? You don't care what the Empire does, if it doesn't directly affect you. Who knows if you care about anything."​
    (growls) "Don't tell me how I feel."​
    "Do you feel? In that case, I guess I'm wrong, you're not heartless.There's only one other reason for you to behave like you do. You're a coward."​
    (slams fist down) "That's what you think, princess?"​
    "That's what I think, captain."​
    "I don't know who you're really mad at, princess, but it's not me. Deal with it, don't deal with it, I don't care. But leave me out of it." (walks away)​
    (Han Solo and Leia Organa; Rebel Force #3)​


    Back on Yavin 4, Han and Chewie, wanting to pay back Jabba the Hutt and avoid Imperial hits (and, probably with Han motivated by his recent heated fight with Leia), say their farewells and depart the Rebels. (Rebel Force #1: Target, Star Wars # 7: New Planets, New Perils!)

    (rest of this entry is as was posted previously)


    4 weeks after his battle on Maridun, Sunber reports before a review board on Carida, where his field promotion is taken from him, returning him back to his rank of Lt, with a special commendation added to his file.

    Some Rebel Force #1 notes:

    3PO: "Still, we must get the lasers back online, Captain Solo. Otherwise I'm afraid I estimate our odds at seven thousand, three hundred thirty-six to-"​
    Han: "What did I say about quoting me odds?"​

    To which my reaction is "Nothing. You don't tell him for 3 more years." ;)

    -Muuns are given special privileges in the Empire. I wonder if that's because of Plagueis?
    -Muunilist is said to be the first big city Luke has ever visited (though Marvel will have another first time for this experience later on).
    -Someone comments that the "whole galaxy heard about the Death Star".

    "A lightsaber's not a weapon," Luke said, echoing what Ben had told him, "It's a tool, to focus the Force."​

    Whatever happened to "this weapon is your life!" & "This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight..."? ;)

    Rebel Force #2:
    -First appearance of Yoda and Dagobah, as well as Obi-Wan's spirit communing with anyone other than Luke.
    -I think this also the first asteroid run we've had.
    -Han dwells on their crazy plan of infiltrating the Imperial facility dressed as Stormtroopers- but that it had worked before. Between ANH and SW Missions, he ain't kidding. ;)
    -I'm postulating that there is a break in time on page 186, when it jumps to Yavin IV with X-7's bike bomb ponderings that we'll see happen in Book 3 later on. Luke's various missions while Han is away keep him and X-7 apart (or X-7 simply didn't have an opening he could take where Luke's death could look like an accident until later- he's a patient fellow).
    -Even though there is a mention of Vader in this book, we never see him or confirm his presence.

    Soresh is convinced Vader is involved, and Leia is told that Halle dealt with an imperial who reports directly to Vader. But there's nothing to directly confirm Vader is around, especially to the Rebels (the Imperials don't really matter).

    Sooo, Luke's later revelation on The Wheel that Vader is alive can still track- it;s just confirming existing suspicions/theories. Afterall, the whole Scoundrel's Luck hunt for Vader would precede that anyways, so there was always the suspicion he was still alive.

    Rebel Force #1 publisher summary:
    The Death Star has been destroyed. But back at the Rebel base, the celebration is over. The Alliance has intercepted a coded transmission, indicating that the Empire is determined to discover which pilot was responsible for the destruction of the Death Star. New security protocol is in effect: The details of the Death Star mission are now top secret, and no one is to know that Luke fired the decisive shot.

    But that's hardly the Alliance's only problem. Almost all their finances were lost with the destruction of Alderaan – and they are out of money. Their last hope is to access the secret accounts on Muunilinst, the former home of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and the financial heart of the galaxy. So Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and the droids head for Muunilinst.

    The Empire's top assassin will be waiting for them.

    Rebel Force #2 publisher summary:
    The deadly assassin contracted by the Empire, X-7, is closer than ever to discovering the identity of his target. He's already infiltrated the top levels of the Rebel Alliance and gained Leia's trust. But he still hasn't been able to get Leia to give up the classified information he needs.

    After all, Leia Organa is unbreakable: the youngest, toughest member of the Galactic Senate, and after its dissolution, the fiercest opponent of the Empire. She's survived kidnapping and torture under Darth Vader, but she's never had to do anything more difficult than her latest mission. She is going home.

    And X-7 knows it will be the perfect opportunity to destroy her.

    Star Wars #7 was reprinted in Classic Star Wars- A Long Time Ago... Volume 1: Doomworld and in Omnibus A Long Time Ago... Volume 1.
    Rebel Force #1: Target is still available.
    Rebel Force #2: Hostage is still available.
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    Another bit to chew on as I prep the next update: given that the Starkiller Kid and Merri know she's pregnant in Marvel #16, at least 14 days (generally the minimum timespan required to detect a pregnancy with any accuracy) have to pass between Marvel #8/9/10/11 & Marvel #16.

    One might argue that there might be some kind of advanced medical technology* in the GFFA that could detect it accurately sooner than that, but I don't think Starkiller and Merri would have access to it on a backwater like Aduba.

    *Like Pollis Masa:
    "I'm feeling sick every morning."
    "Medically, you're fine- but your cells have gained the will to live."
    "You ARE a Doctor, right? Can I see a degree or certificate or something? You know what? Never mind. I'm going to see Dr. Ball instead."
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    Oct 23, 2004

    They could always ask a local shaman / Sith Sorcerer ;) this guy can’t have been the only one.
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    Jan 27, 2000
    I think they'd be better off on Polis Masa :).
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    That's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Don't other in-between sources take up about that amount of time anyway?

    Does anyone else like to think that Q-7N and X-7 were hanging out together while Luke, Han, and Leia were doing other stuff, killing time until their story arcs came up again? Maybe they teamed up together to find a serial killer or something. :p ;)

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    With help from the Science droid!

    Heh, you have your lead man (Elad), the quirky sidekick (Q7B) and the forensics (science droid).

    Yeah- RF3 fits in there real nicely. Unfortunately that's several fewer days of events left to fill in the Valance 5 weeks with.
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    Which would lead right into the sequel, Star Wars: XXX, featuring X-7, 4B-X, and X2 from Elite Squadron! :D I would love to see an illustration of the Massassi Base mess hall with all of these random supporting characters hanging out...

    Hmmm...we can get that down to twenty-five days assuming a five day week...

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    Not within the premise of this project. A 5 day week would shave off 10 days and probably fit things rather nicely- but it's clear that LFL is no longer operating under an IU calendar.

    (though maybe one could argue that the bartender who makes that statement is...)

    (on the other hand it might just be useful to have room for other stories down the road if any emerge)
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    Ok, to help bring us back up to real time, I'm first posting the framework for the past month's events that I fell behind on. I'll be posting the individual update details over the next few days. Unfortunately, Valance's vacation still has 17 days of emptiness (on the upside, that does allow for the month long Vader search from Scoundrel's Luck if you count some of the overlap with SW Kids and RF3).

    I'm still looking into filling some of those days with other misc content or CSW arcs, however.

    I've also split up SW Kids, putting Rebel Thief concurrent to To the Last Man, immediately after the first set of SW Mission books. I think it flows better and makes the dialogue about Vader's TIE by Luke make more sense.

    Some nice things line up with this order of events:
    -Luke's thoughts of Biggs in Crucible's framestory now follows the memorial on Tatooine in RF3.
    -SW Kids The Imperial Spy is a ridiculous headache. I'm operating under the assumption that this is a partial evacuation of key personnel and equipment, and that the last 2 panels with Vader and Rogor are set later on.

    It also annoyingly has Luke acting like badass Master Skywalker, taking down a TIE with his lightsaber in the middle of a Force somersault. This is out of sync with the rest of his Force ability depictions in this era, so take it as you will 9maybe his experiences in RF3 charged him up for a bit, or Obi-Wan just needed to stretch his SOTME body possessing powers ;)).

    Either way, with Q-7N here, its gotta go before SW Missions #17- and it makes sense for a "top brass evac" to happen sooner rather than later, thus it's placement.

    I also set it after RF3 because the "accuse Han of being a spy ploy" doesn't make sense with "actually accusing Han and him proving himself" in RF3 if it takes place beforehand.

    And, with Scoundrels' Luck, I've gone with what appears to be the shortest path through the story (and avoids the most continuity issues).

    So, with that in mind, here is where we are, and where we will be by next Saturday:

    35:4:25 (Thurs)
    -Marvel Star Wars #13: Day of the Dragon Lords (conclusion)
    -Marvel Star Wars #14: The Sound of Armageddon
    -Marvel Star Wars #15: Star Duel

    Week 3 (26th)
    35:4:26 (Fri)
    -Rebel Force #2: Hostage (chapter 22)
    -Rebel Force #3: Renegade (chapter 1)
    35:4:27 (Sat)
    -Rebel Force #3: Renegade (chapter 2)
    35:4:28 (Sun)
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    35:4:30 (Tues)
    -Rebel Force #3: Renegade (chapters 4-8)
    35:5:1 (Wed)
    -Rebel Force #3: Renegade (chapters 9-14)
    35:5:2 (Thurs)
    -Rebel Force #3: Renegade (chapters 14-16)

    2 MONTHS ABY 35:5:3 (Fri)
    Week 0 (3rd)
    35:5:3 (Fri)
    -Rebel Force #3: Renegade (chapters 16-18)
    35:5:4 (Sat)
    -Rebel Force #3: Renegade (chapter 18)
    -Marvel Star Wars #17: Crucible (framestory)
    35:5:5 (Sun)
    -Star Wars Kids #6–10: X-Wing Marks the Spot
    35:5:6 (Mon)
    -Marvel Star Wars #16: The Hunter (partially)
    -Star Wars Kids #11–15: Imperial Spy (partially)
    35:5:7 (Tues)
    -Marvel Star Wars #16: The Hunter (partially) (min 2 weeks since Aduba to account for Merri's pregnancy)
    -Valance's "Vacation" on Junction begins.
    -Star Wars Kids #11–15: Imperial Spy (conclusion, minus last 2 panels)
    35:5:8 (Wed)-35:5:24 (Fri)
    35:5:25 (Sat)
    -Marvel Star Wars #70: The Stenax Shuffle (flashbacks, partially)
    35:5:26 (Sun)
    -Marvel Star Wars #70: The Stenax Shuffle (flashbacks, conclusion)
    35:5:27 (Mon)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 0"
    35:5:28 (Tues)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 1"
    -Valance's "Vacation" on Junction has finished it's third week.
    35:5:29 (Wed)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 2"
    35:5:30 (Thurs)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 3"

    Week 4 (31st)
    35:5:31 (Fri)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 4"
    35:6:1 (Sat)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 5"
    35:6:2 (Sun)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 6"
    35:6:3 (Mon)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 7"
    35:6:4 (Tues)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 8"
    -Valance's "Vacation" on Junction has finished it's fourth week.
    35:6:5 (Wed)
    -Scoundrel's Luck: "Day 9"
    35:6:6 (Thurs)
    -Star Wars Missions #17: Darth Vader’s Return (pages 3-15)

    3 MONTHS ABY 35:6:7 (Fri)
    Week 0 (7th)
    35:6:7 (Fri)
    -Star Wars Missions #17: Darth Vader’s Return (pages 15-72)
    35:6:8 (Sat)
    -Star Wars Missions #18: Rogue Squadron to the Rescue
    -Star Wars Missions #19: Bounty on Bonadan
    -Star Wars Missions #20: Total Destruction
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  11. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    Star Wars Missions #9-12 take place at approximately the same time as Rebel Thief--IG-88 and other bounty hunters visit Zio Snaffkin spaceport after learning that Han Solo recently visited there to meet with Sprool the trader. Jabba contacts the bounty hunters, stating that his meeting with Sprool has concluded. Boba Fett is at Zio Snaffkin with the other hunters; he was last seen on Tatooine in the final panels of Rebel Thief. Boba Fett must have left Tatooine for Dennogra immediately after the end of Rebel Thief, placing that comic and the first part of Missions #11 on the same day.

    I don't think there's anything to preclude moving these Missions books that far back; though Luke has a surprisingly good understanding of the Vactooine metal delivery schedule for someone who's only been around the base a few days. Also, would Boba Fett's appearance still track with his activities in Scoundrels?

    Rogue Squadron also appears, which would make this their first chronological appearance. I don't think Tycho Celchu shows up; so no contradictions with Rebel Strike.

    Exactly! Didn't we get a statement that both calenders are in use in-universe, even if one is no longer used by LFL? I like the wiggle room that different week and month lengths allow for, especially when events have to be ridiculously compressed like this.

    Oh, just wait till you hit the 3-D comics... ;)

  12. The2ndQuest

    The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 27, 2000
    Ah, so that's the connection between the two. Focused on the problematic Q-7N stuff first, was hoping to use those "middle" arcs to fill some other spaces in with. Hmm. Ill play around with that- I don't think it'll be impossible.

    Tycho is in Missions, so some RS content may have to be slipped in then.
  13. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    He doesn't show up until the final four books, though, so assuming the Rebel Strike Yavin evacuation is the same as the Imperial Spy evacuation, it should be fine.

  14. The2ndQuest

    The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 27, 2000
    Hmm- was hoping to avoid that since there are no Imperial ships during the IIS evac (thus allowing it to be set early) and we haven't even gotten to the blockade yet, and still have all the "Why haven't the Imperials attacked yet?" comments being made.
  15. Plaristes

    Plaristes Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    Is this when Luke decides to spend some time at the New Academy for Space Pilots? :p
  16. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    Yeah, there's no perfect solution for most of the Yavin evacuation stories, no matter how you slice it. :( IIRC Dodonna escapes Yavin in Rebel Strike and continues to give mission assignments afterwards, but I haven't played the game and can't confirm this. The missions after the Yavin evacuation are the ones that feature Tycho's defection; and Sarkli's presence during the evacuation precludes trying to place them in a different order.

    It's possible that Tycho defected to the Alliance, flew briefly with Rogue Squadron, then returned to the Empire to find out more information about Ralltiir's shield generator program. Given that it's his presence in Missions that is anomalous (Wedge's Gamble specified from the get-go that he defected after the Yavin evacuation), that's a potential solution. But since Imperial Spy forces two evacuations on us, I prefer to combine it with Rebel Strike's storyline. It's strictly a matter of personal preference, though, since the Yavin evacuation has been moved around so much.

  17. The2ndQuest

    The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 27, 2000
    I'd rather just lean towards considering Tycho in Missions an error like Poof on the Jedi Council in that one issue of Republic.

    (Or, as you say, have Tycho helping Rogues before he finally defects or is discovered)

    Otherwise you're inserting major Imperial assaults before Imperials attack or officially setup the blockade or rearranging a bunch of other sources just to accommodate an impossible name check.

    You're right that there's no real solution here- so i'd rather go with the lesser evil.
  18. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    Maybe they'll correct it when they finally do the long-awaited Missions/Adventures reprint omnibus. :p

    Adding to the roster of characters running around Yavin seems there are several Imperial spies present at more or less the same time: X-7, Rogor, Sarkli, possibly Blackhole or one of his agents...were any of them aware of the others, do you think?

  19. The2ndQuest

    The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 27, 2000
    I would lean towards no in most cases (unless my theory of Rogor indirectly providing the codes that X-7 uses pans out). Rogor seemed to be one of Vader's agents. X-7 was clearly Soresh's agent and Sarkli was a Storm Commando agent & Blackhole agents would be Intelligence- all with separate directives (though I could see Intelligence knowing about Sarkli even if he didn't)..
  20. Plaristes

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    Jul 2, 2007
    Quest, it just occurred to me to wonder if you plan on covering the story scenarios for the Galaxies card game in this thread? I haven't read all of them (I have pdfs of most of them, but just haven't gotten around to reading them all yet), but I know that some important characters, like Luke and Vader, appear in some of them, and I believe at least many of them are set during the gap between ANH and TESB.
  21. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    I'm willing to cover whatever I can- once we hit 1 ABY, things start to get much more sparse so finding things to fill that gap like the SWG material will help.
  22. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    Which story scenarios involve the main characters? (Luke, Vader, Lando, Han, Leia, etc...)

  23. Plaristes

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    Jul 2, 2007
    Like I said, I haven't read all of these yet, but a quick search shows the following. There may be other important characters in these that I didn't think to search for.

    Agents of Deception: Lando, Han, Chewie
    Galactic Hunters: Boba Fett, IG-88
    Squadrons Over Corellia: Luke
    The Nightsister's Revenge: Han
    The Price of Victory: Vader, Lando, Boba, Wedge
    The Shadow Syndicate: Luke, Xizor, Dash Rendar
    Threat of the Conqueror: Luke, Renegade Squadron, Vader

    Also of interest:

    Booster Shot: Booster, Mirax, Karrde
    Destroy All Droids: Bane Malar
    Double Trouble: Tonnika sisters
    Followers of Baba: Ponda Baba
    Punish the Pirates: Dengar, Nym
    The Shaman's Staff: Terak, Logray
    Utinni: Wuher
  24. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    Filling in more days (if some things have to get tweaked in terms of actual date due to unread material, I'll do so down the line- with the room we have to play with due to Valance, we should be ok) to get us closer to real time again (since that should really be where the focus is on the thread, even if I'd like to dwell over the timeline noodles in more detail (and I still will), I don't want to hold up the broader strokes and intention behind the thread's concept).


    After returning back to Yavin 4 (and presumably getting some rest), Luke trains with his lightsaber that evening in the jungle. Afterwards, he narrowly escapes a bomb planted on his speederbike by X-7 and is rushed to the medcenter, where medical droids work on him til sunrise. (Rebel Force #2: Hostage, chapter 22; Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapter 1)


    Medical droids take all day and night to finally stabilize Luke from his injuries, including using bacta tank submersion, with Leia staying at his bedside the entire time. (Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapter 2)


    After detonite (the explosive used in the explosion targeting Luke) is found in Han's quarters, he is taken into custody. Leia interrogates him. Later that night, Chewie breaks Han out of his holding cell. They make their way to the Falcon and, after some Rebel pursuit, escape Yavin 4 to try and clear Han's name. (Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapters 2-3)


    Luke awakens from his injuries, where Leia convinces Luke to leave Yavin 4 to get him away from whomever is targeting him. He agrees on the condition that Leiaaccompany him and the destination is of his choosing. They make preparations to leave for Tatooine immediately.

    That night, X-7 enters the medcenter with the intent of poisoning Luke, only to find that Luke is gone. (Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapter 3)


    Luke, Leia and the droids arrive on Tatooine, under the cover story of being smugglers. Luke plans to attend a memorial for Biggs with his friends. On the way to Tosche Station, they stop at the remains of the Lars moisture farm. Afterwards, at Anchorhead, hey meet up with all of Luke's friends- including a guy named Jaxson (who is NOT a giant green Bucky O'Hare-lookin' fella). Luke argues with him over Biggs, the Rebels and the Empire, which leads to a fight in the station. It ends with a challenge of a Skyhopper race the next day at sunset to thread the needle in Beggar's Canyon.

    Elsewhere on Tatooine, Jabba is informed of Luke's arrival. Believing Solo won't be far behind, Jabba summons Bossk (whom he believes will arrive by nightfall).

    Elsewhere in the galaxy, Han meets up with Lore, to recruit him in helping him steal information from an Imperial satellite station. The mission, however, has been setup by Ferus in disguise, under direction by Obi-Wan's spirit. (Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapters 4-8)

    "I know, I know, rule number one-"​
    "Always shoot first. And I always do."​
    (Lore and Han Solo, Rebel Force #3)​


    At sunset, the Skyhopper race takes place- however it ends with both pilots losing control and crashing to the desert floor, where they are pulled from the wreckage and captured by Bossk. Though many of his friends believe Luke is dead in the explosion, Leia is sure Luke is alive.

    The droids detect traces left by Bossk's speeder. Leia, Windy, Fixer and the droids go after him into the Jundland Wastes. As night falls, they encounter a Krayt Dragon, which Leia manages to gundown single-handedly.

    Luke and Jaxson awaken in a cave that Bossk has made camp in. Luke manages to use his lightsaber to free them. When Bossk arises, Luke and Jaxson fight their past him- Bossk losing an arm and a leg in the process from Luke's saber. Bossk remote self-destructs his speeder before they can get to it. They take off into the desert night.

    Leia and the droids later find the speeder remains and continue on Luke's trail. Meanwhile, Luke and Jaxson avoid Sand People tribes by Luke scaring them off with a Krayt Dragon howl, imitating Obi-Wan. Leia and co locate Luke and Jaxson just before dawn

    Meanwhile, Han, Lore and Chewie infiltrate the Imperial satellite station. They are, however, doublecrossed by Lore. During their escape, besides freeing a few Wookiees, Han overhears a communication between Soresh and X-7, revealing both "Elad" as the assassin and their knowledge of Luke's whereabouts on Tatooine. (Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapters 9-14)


    As dawn breaks, Leia and co find Luke and Jaxson. Later that evening they all travel to a cantina in Mos Eisley (not Chalmun's) to celebrate their survival into the night. (Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapters 14-16)


    As the sun rises, Bossk (with a sawed-off blast rifle barrel attached to his leg stump... me thinks he was watching Planet Terror recently) and two Gammoreans attack the cantina. Leia and Jaxson manage to drop the pig guards as Luke advances on Bossk, using the Force to guide his lightsaber, blocking Bossk's barrage of fire "as if Obi-Wan himself was present, guidng Luke's hand".

    As Bossk hobbles out of the cantina, X-7 lines up Luke into his sniper rifle's scope from a rooftop across the street... only to have Han's DL-44 pressed against the back of his head. When Luke and Leia arrive on the rooftop, X-7 tries to convince them that he was the one who stopped Han from trying to kill Luke- only for Luke and Leia to put their trust in Han.

    Han: "You barely know this guy. Don't know anything about him. And you're going to believe him over me?"​
    X-7: "And what do they know about you? Other than the fact that you're a smuggler, a criminal, and wanted in twenty different star systems. Go on, ask him if he has any evidence. Ask if he has a shred of proof that I would ever be a threat to the Rebellion."​
    Leia (without hesitation) "He doesn't need any."​
    Han: (surprised) "I don't?"​
    X-7: (surprised) "He doesn't?"​
    Luke: "No. He doesn't. If Han says you're a threat, then you're a threat. All I need is his word."​

    Despite that, Han then produces a recording of X-7's conversation with Soresh. X-7, his cover fully blown, strikes at Han and manages to escape using a hidden jetpack.Once they're satisfied X-7 isn't coming back, they head out into the desert to a cemetary just in time to attend Biggs' memorial.

    In the middle of the night, Bossk attempts to escape off planet, but is intercepted by Jabba's agents. (Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapters 16-18)


    After having left Tatooine, Luke pilots the Falcon on the way back to Yavin 4 as Han catches some sleep. Luke thinks back to an adventure he and Biggs had on Tatooine.

    Back at Jabba's Palace, Bossk is denied a second chance by Jabba, who then summons Boba Fett. (Marvel #17: Crucible, Rebel Force #3: Renegade, chapter 18)


    On Yavin 4, the Falcon is packed up with the pirate treasure Han recovered almost 2 months earlier. They set course for a remote planet where escaped Incom designer Vors Voorhorian has setup an X-Wing production facility, from which they intend to purchase new X-Wings to replenish those lost during the Battle of Yavin.

    However, they are followed by an Imperial patrol, who attack the facility shortly after their arrival. Luke manages to take down a TIE with his lightsaber, but the heroes race to the Falcon after Vors reveals the facility is a decoy and the actual X-Wings are stored elsewhere.

    Vors directs the Falcon to a seemingly derelict transport in space where the X-Wings are. As the TIE's pursue them, they manage to lure the TIE's too close to the transport- where the ship's shields have been activated. The fighters slam into the shields.

    The Falcon activates a tractor beam (the Falcon has a tractor beam?) and tows the transport back to Yavin IV. (Star Wars Kids #6-10: X-Wing Marks the Spot)


    The hunter Valance leads an attack on an outworld medical station where Don-Wan Kihotay is being treated and where his medical history with the Rebels and as a Borg are being held. He recovers a data tape from there before destroying the building. Following a lead on Han Solo overheard there, Valance and his crew head off to track down Jaxxon.

    Some of the hunters manage to capture Jaxxon, but he is rescued by Amaiza. Thinking the hunters are after Solo and the Starkiller Kid, they head to Aduba-3 to warn the Starkiller Kid.

    En route to Aduba-3, Valance views the tape he recovered- which shows the heroes escaping the Death Star.

    Meanwhile on (and above) Yavin 4, the Rebels shuttle pilots (apparently via some kind of orbital Skyhopper) into orbit to take X-Wings from Vors's transport down to the base throughout the day and into the evening. Han convinces Leia to get the first real sleep she's gotten in weeks as a corvette from Alderaan, the Bail Organa, arrives in orbit, carrying Alderaanian survivors (maybe some from the Delaya efforts?).

    Luke then discovers that someone has been riffling through their nav charts and base site scouting reports in the main computer- making him suspect there is an Imperial spy at work.

    Leia accuses Han of being the spy, saying he wanted her out of the way so he could get the files- thus him not waking her after those events. Han and Chewie "escape" in the Falcon.

    With Q-7N's help, Luke and Leia coordinate with Han in the Falcon (accusing Han was just a ploy to try and flush out the real spy) to trace down a beacon the real spy was using to send a communication with- however, they are unsuccessful in finding the spy himself/herself.

    With the threat of the Imperial spy, Leia orders an evacuation being organized. (QUEST NOTE: I'm operating under the assumption that this is just getting some key personnel or equipment off Yavin, not the final-final evac- we never see any Imperial ship presence) (Marvel #16: The Hunter, Star Wars Kids #11-15: Imperial Spy)


    Arriving on Aduba-3, Jaxxon and Amaiza warn the Skiller Kid and Merri (who is now pregnant) that the hunters might be coming after him. Upon Valance's arrival, the two sides shoot it out until Valance realizes the Starkiller Kid is not the boy on the Death Star transmission tapes.

    Valance departs for Junction.

    Luke argues with Leia that they can't launch the evacuation without finding the spy first. Leia claims they're out of options- to which Luke counters that he can use the Force to trace the recovered beacon back to the real spy. This bluff flushes out the real spy- communications Lt Rogor, who attempts to flee in an X-Wing.

    The X-Wing is, however, one of the older ones that has fallen into disrepair and promptly forces Rogor to land in the Yavin jungles, where he escapes out on foot, where he'll hide out for the next few months..

    The Falcon leads the (partial) evac, including many of the new X-Wings, off of Yavin 4 to safety. (Marvel #16: The Hunter, Marvel #21: Shadow of a Dark Lord: Interlude, Star Wars Kids #11-15: Imperial Spy)

    -In Rebel Force #3, Leia is referred to once as "General Leia Organa". She's very rarely been referred to as General, to my knowledge- especially at thus point in the timeline (closer to ROTJ would seem a more common usage of her military rank). Even if that weren't the case, I'm certain this is the first time we've come across it, chronologically (unless it pops up in one of the Missions books I haven't covered yet).

    -Luke makes mention of the events of the past "few months" in regards to what he can't talk to his friends about. This is one reason why I've broken up the RF series like I have- it's now been almost 2 months since ANH with this placement, so that tracks- and allows Rieekan's comments of mere "weeks" in #2 to stand as well.

    -Leia visits Luke's home, kinda seems like a running theme of lost homes and family between #2 & #3 here. Leia also first finds out about Luke's nickname of Wormie here.

    -Leia can't tell Deak and Windy apart. Who can? ;)

    -A Ryn is present in the Tosche Station brawl. Given how its kinda a "small town" type dive, I wonder how this seems in context to his reaction to Ryns in NJO?

    -Luke buried Owen and Beru. May seem obvious, but it's nice to have confirmation there.

    -It'll take "a long time" for Bossk to regenerate his limbs.

    -This is Luke's first time back in Mos Eisley since ANH.

    -Earlier, in The Rebel Thief, Han mentions he returned his Rebel reward. Not sure how to rectify that in light of the more common "Jack stole it" explanation. Maybe he only gave back part of it?

    -Luke is uncommonly badass in X-Wing Marks the Spot- doing a Jedi somersault through the air and taking down a TIE Fighter with his lightsaber. One reason why I put this after RF3- even though Luke's wobbly Force usage in that series doesn't fully line up with his full-on Jedi Luke in ROTJ skills here, we can at least stretch it to say Luke was still feeling some of that Obi-Wan Force guidance he felt on Tatoooine or something, or it at least gave him some more confidence, if temporarily.

    -The ploy of fake-accusing Han in the SW Kids arc only really makes sense if it's after the "real" accusation in RF3. It actually makes even more sense that they'd basically turn that mistake into a trick, IMO.

    Rebel Force #3 Publisher summary:
    Deadly assassin X-7 has infiltrated the Rebel Alliance. Trained by ruthless Commander Rezi Soresh, X-7 is the best there is: he feels nothing and sees everything. Now, he's gunning for the ultimate prize: Luke Skywalker, the pilot that destroyed the Death Star. The seemingly clueless kid from Tatooine proves more resourceful and difficult to eliminate than X-7 could ever have imagined. Surrounded by friends and allies, and with a connection to the Force that grows stronger every day, Luke seems all but impervious to the usual tactics.

    But X-7 isn't done with him yet. This time, he knows how to bring Luke down. He'll shatter the trust that holds the Rebel Alliance together -- and manufacture the ultimate betrayal.

    X-Wing Marks the Spot Wook Summary:
    After receiving 500,000 credits from Sprool the Trader for a crate of Sith treasure, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, and R2-D2 set off for the Incom Factory in the Millennium Falcon. When they enter the system of the unknown planet on which the factory is located, they receive an advertisement from a certain "Gears" Gilhooey from a nearby beacon. Leia realizes that the advert is a message for those intending to buy the T-65 X-wing starfighters, and orders Han to follow the coordinates sent by the advert.

    The coordinates take them to an unknown planet, where Han is confronted by "Gears". "Gears" bests Han at hand-to-hand combat, and reveals his true identity—Vors Voorhorian, the designer of the X-wing. He takes them to the Incom factory, where Leia is taken to a conference room to negotiate price.

    Meanwhile, Han and Luke, along with Artoo, discover that the X-wings in the Incom Hangar are nothing more than empty shells. Setting off to confront Voorhorian, they are confronted by four guards. The three manage to disarm the guards and burst into the conference room. Voorhorian sets them straight, informing them that even the Incom Factory might not be safe from the Empire. At that very moment, four Imperial TIE Fighters attack the base.
    Fearing destruction if they take off in the Falcon, Luke causes a distraction by using a piece of flexible metal as a trampoline, flipping through the air and cleaving through the underbelly of the lead fighter with his lightsaber. The damaged TIE crashed into another, buying the Falcon time to escape.

    While flying away from the planet, Voorhorian directed them towards an old, hollow, derelict GR-75 medium transport. He revealed the contents: an entire fleet of X-wings crammed in tightly. Just as the fighters were revealed, the remaining TIEs found the transport, and attacked it. The Rebels acted quickly. Han boarded the Falcon and used it to ward off the fighters while Leia and Voorhorian drained power from the new X-wings to get the transport operational. Due to the GR-75's lack of proper armament, the Rebels improvised and caused the TIEs to crash into the ship's shields. The Falcon then towed the transport back to Yavin 4.

    Imperial Spy Wook summary:

    With the new X-wings purchased from Vors Voorhorian, the Rebel Alliance plans to evacuate Yavin IV. Several months have passed since the deal with Voorhorian, but the Alliance realizes that the Empire has waited long enough. While Luke Skywalker and Vors Voorhorian are shuttling pilots up to the modified GR-75 medium transport in which the new X-wings are stalled, a CR90 corvette, Bail Organa enters the system, requesting asylum.

    The ship lands on Yavin IV, when it is discovered that it is a refugee ship, carrying Alderaanian survivors from the late planet. Han Solo, on discovering this, orders C-3PO not to tell Leia Organa, the former Princess of Alderaan, citing that she needed sleep after her numerous other escapades.

    A few days later, Lieutenant Rogor, an Alliance officer, discovers an unauthorized intrusion, and notes that someone had been though the Alliance's plans for re-location. Skywalker comes to the deduction that they have a spy on their hands. Leia starts berating Han for ordering that she not be woken up, and then greets the Alderaanian refugees. She is thanked by Tolok, an aristocrat and apparently the leader of the refugees. Leia then discovers a woman named Darlen amongst the crowd. Darlen and Leia had been friends back on Alderaan, and had probably not seen each other in the three years since the Destruction of Alderaan.

    During their reunion, Leia has an idea, and storms off towards the Yavin control room, where she "accuses" Han Solo of being the spy. Solo tries to "make a run" for it, and strikes Skywalker. Taking off in the Millennium Falcon, Solo patrols the skies of Yavin IV. The "accusation" had in fact been a ruse by Leia to draw the real spy into a false sense of security. Solo and Chewbacca discover an unauthorized transmission emanating from the jungle around the Massassi base. Q-7N triangulates the readings back in the control room and leads Luke and Leia to the source. On getting to the location specified, the three of them find Tolok and Darlen in each others arms.

    Tolok explains that he and Darlen were married, though they had kept it a secret, because they did not feel the right to talk about their happiness with the other refugees. Meanwhile, Luke and Q-7N scout the surroundings and find an autobeacon, which detonates upon their discovery. Han and Chewbacca, in the Falcon, get another signal and track it to one of the many outposts around the Massassi Temple. They try to shoot down the shadowy figure atop the outpost but miss, and the spy escapes. Back at the base, Luke offers to discover the culprit by using the Force on one of the fragments of the destroyed autobeacon.

    Meanwhile, Darth Vader receives a transmission from the spy, who advises him that now is the best time to strike. Vader agrees, and takes the Death Squadron to the Yavin system. The Evacuation of Yavin would begin in mere hours.

    While the Rebel ships were preparing for take off, Luke insisted that by using the Force, he could discover the identity of the spy. As he did so, Rogor, who had been the spy all along, burst out and tried to kill Luke, before running into the main hangar and clambering into an X-wing. Little did he know that it was one of the old X-wings, whose parts had been sacrificed to make the new X-wings operational. Rogor's craft crashed in a swamp near the main temple. He escaped and wandered through the jungle for several hours, before chancing upon the Imperial ground force assault led by Darth Vader. Vader, displeased by the fact that many of the Rebels had been able to evacuate, struck down Rogor with his lightsaber, and the Rebels successfully relocated to Hoth.

    Marvel #16 Wook Summary:
    Beilert Valance, bounty hunter and droid-hater, leads his mercenary gang on a merciless attack of the Anglebay medical station on Telos-4. There they find a patient called Don-Wan Kihotay in residence who, in his delirium, recounts his adventure with the Star-Hoppers on Aduba-3. But the gang mistakes the Star-Hoppers for the group of Rebels who destroyed the first Death Star, thinking the young farm boy Jimm is actually Luke Skywalker.

    Thinking of the huge reward for capturing the boy who destroyed the Empire's greatest weapon, as well as the personal enjoyment of punishing someone who favors droids, Valance immediately sets off to find the boy. Jaxxon and Amaiza find out about his plan and go to Aduba-3 to warn Jimm that the bounty hunters are after him.

    A battle ensues when the gang arrives, and most of them are killed during the fight with the three Star-Hoppers. It is only then that Valance, the lone survivor of his gang, realizes that he was after the wrong boy the whole time, but he makes good his escape by using the blaster built into his cybernetic arm, taking the others by surprise and leaving the planet in his ship Kill Switch.

    Rebel Force #2: Hostage is still available.
    Rebel Force #3: Renegade is still available.
    Star Wars Kids: X-Wing Marks the Spot was reprinted in Omnibus: Wild Space Volume 1.
    Star Wars Kids: Imperial Spy was reprinted in Omnibus: Wild Space Volume 1.
    Star Wars #16 was reprinted in Classic Star Wars- A Long Time Ago... Volume 1: Doomworld and in Omnibus A Long Time Ago... Volume 1.
    Star Wars #17 was reprinted in Classic Star Wars- A Long Time Ago... Volume 1: Doomworld and in Omnibus A Long Time Ago... Volume 1.
  25. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    You know, while I'm not completely sold on some of these exact placements, I really like the way you've intertwined the events of Rebel Force with the Star Wars Kids comics. I'm afraid I'm biased towards pre-2000 sources and have a tendency to just shoehorn them in wherever they'll fit instead of trying to work them in organically like this.

    I wonder if Jabba's intention to hire Boba Fett here could be tied into Fett's appearance in The Rebel Thief and subsequent (but soon interrupted) search for Han in Star Wars Missions'd require moving Rebel Thief up with the rest of the Kids comics, but it might save some time later on.