Lit The Following Takes Place Between 35:3:8 and 39:3:7 of the GCW. Events Occur in Real Time.

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    Thanks. I'll look at that once I finish the middle Missions (almost done with the Grubba arc- didn't want to skip ahead to the droid one that you say is connected to SW Kids), however I do hope to keep The Rebel Thief early, since the dialogue would still align better (and it would fit better in proximity to Q-7N's introduction to the group), but if I have to move it up, I will later.

    Also, one change from my framework I posted the other day: I no longer have the Shadow of a Dark Lord Interlude happening just after The Hunter- I mistakenly thought the aftermath Vader was inspecting was the same facility Valance attacked in The Hunter (and, with there being a wounded survivor of the attack, assumed they had to have been in immediate proximity to one another), but they are, in fact, different planets it seems.

    So, I'll assume the Interlude occurs about the same time as the Wheel arc (which is probably what the original intention of the story was anyways, so that makes things easier) and that Valance didn't spend the entire 5 weeks on Junction, just most of it- he left at least once to attack that Rebel team prior to the Interlude.
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    Ah, the Grubba arc is complicated--because the identities of Luke and co. are well known, it kind of has to take place after Vader's Quest, which pushes it ahead of the other Missions books. I've seen other timelines place them a couple of years down the line, as Dengar seems to make reference to the events on Tatooine as having occurred within a year of TESB in Tales of the Bounty Hunters. But Dodonna and Yavin base are mentioned, so it has to take place somewhere in the first six months, but not during the time when Han has had the bounty suspended in of luck. ;)

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    Compared to everything else, that actually sounds pleasantly simple. :)
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    Just want to preface this with a big thanks to TC for providing a day by day breakdown of Scoundrel's Luck for me- though I read the story myself, my path ended up being very similar to his, which involves the shortest path through the story (fewest number of days, in other words) while also avoiding the continuity problems of having the Executor and Admiral Ozzel present.

    We should also publicly acknowledge the madness TC must suffer from to have been able to not only make that breakdown (as well as several alternate paths), but also provide it within, like, a day of my initial request here. ^:)^

    (I need to remember to ask Denning just how the heck he even managed to write that thing/plan it out...)

    As such, my summarizes below for that book are based heavily on (or outright reprints) TC's breakdown.

    (For those curious, the path that I chose, assuming I didn't forget to write down a section choice along the way, was: 1, 10, 5, 27, 54, 45, 49, 9, 79, 7, 61, 57, 42, 72, 99, 117, 100, 90, 71, 76, 125, 89, 144, 110, 77, 118, 96, 140, 119, 105, 137, 113, 148, 127, 138, 126, 155; though some of the minor choices may permit other branching paths that still maintain the same overall story timespan described below)

    The Rebel outpost on Stenos fails to check-in at it's scheduled time. (Marvel #70: The Stenax Shuffle, flashbacks)

    3 Months, 3 Weeks ABY

    After being punished by the Emperor for allowing Yavin Base to be established his sector, Imperial Governor-General Vellam ambushes Darth Vader with the Star Destroyer Eradicator after the Dark Lord retrieves his TIE Fighter from Vaal.

    Vellam targeted Vader because the Emperor's punishment was to turn over control of 5 of Vellam's most productive planets to Vader.

    The ambush leaves Vader comatose in the fighter. Loyal Imperial troops manage to recover the cockpit of Vader's fighter, with him inside. (Scoundrel's Luck, placement approx)


    Interrupting the on-going mission of trying to locate Darth Vader and his personal TIE Fighter of which, apparently, word got out about his mission to retrieve it), the Millennium Falcon, with Han, Luke, Leia and the droids, arrive at Stenos to investigate the communication silence of it's Rebel outpost. They find an important Imperial Governor, Quorl Matrin, present alongside Stormtroopers.

    While investigating the temple where the outpost was supposed to be stationed, they meet Rik Duel and his companions, whom claim that they have joined the Rebellion and chose to stay behind when the Imperials forced the others to leave, in the hopes of deciphering something important on the temple grounds: a statue of the Stenaxes god, Vol.

    The winged Stenaxes don't fly with their god missing, and it's believed that finding the statue (which they believe to be the actual avatar of Vol) would lift that taboo and turn them against the Empire.

    Bringing the Falcon into the temple, they spend most of the day digging through the temple ruins before finally discovering a wall carving Threepio is able to translate. Han makes a run into town to acquire some shovels to help with the dig. (Scoundrel's Luck, Marvel #70: The Stenax Shuffle, flashbacks)


    The dig for Vol continues through most of the day. Rik finally pitches in just before Luke unearths the statue. Rik and his crew then betray the others- revealing they've been working for the Governor.

    Stormtroopers then enter the temple and pin down our heroes- but are descended upon by flying Stenaxes, who force the troopers into retreat. Han directs the Stenaxes to where they can find the statue,

    Rik and his crew make their way back to their ship, intending to skip out on the Governor and sell the statue to another buyer- only to have Matrin waiting for them. Their meeting is interupted, however, by an attack of the airborne Stenaxes.

    The Falcon and it's crew depart Stenos. (Marvel #70: The Stenax Shuffle, flashbacks)


    With two Rebel patrols claimed by two roving Star Destroyers, General Dodonna calls off the search for Vader's fighter. Han takes the Falcon to the gambling world of Ord Mantell for some R&R (after 2 days of digging in a temple, who wouldn't need a break?). (Scoundrel's Luck)


    One day into their stay, Luke is ordered by Dodonna to join his wing in scouting for a new base site. After seeing Luke off, Han decides to visit the Fifteen Moons Casino to gamble the 20,000 credits from his reward for recuing Leia into the 225,000 he needs to pay off Jabba. This angers Leia, who wanted a chance of more elegant entertainment. She returns to the Falcon alone.

    At the casino, Han loses at sabaccc, crack-loo, and even pitch-and-toss. Down to the last of his credits (800 credits), Han decides to try the high-payoff fan-tan table. After an argument with the dealer droid, Han places his bet…

    After winning (or losing), and before he can continue placing bets, Han is interrupted by a droid, who informs him that Alfreda Goot wants to race him to the Dockside Café in Mos Eisley. He gives Han Leia’s signet—whoever Goot is, she has abducted Leia! After briefly considering leaving Leia to rescue herself, Han decides to go after Goot.

    After Han returns to the Falcon, he considers contacting someone who might know Goot. But that would take several hours. Han departs Ord Mantell and considers his options: taking a shortcut to Tatooine near Mon Torri would save him a week of travel time. It’s also a remote world—there will be no help if something goes wrong. Chewbacca spots a ship that is headed for Mon Torri, but it might not even be Goot’s.

    Valance's "vacation" on Junction finishes it's third week. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    The Millennium Falcon is in transit to Mon Torri. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    The Millennium Falcon is in transit to Mon Torri. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    The Millennium Falcon is in transit to Mon Torri. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    Four days later, Han and Chewie arrive at Mon Torri, having spent their transit time wondering who Alfreda Goot could be. They discover the Star Destroyer Eradicator attacking a small courier corvette. Strangely, the corvette has Imperial markings.

    "Attention, Corellian freighter: prepare for boarding. The Star Destroyer Eradicator approaches; resistance is futile!"​
    (Eradicator transmission, Scoundrel's Luck)​

    Han may decide to rescue the corvette’s crew. If so, he finds that it is commanded by Captain Sodarra, a man with “vaguely oriental” features. He claims that he and his crew of stormtroopers are deserters, on the run from Governor-General Vellam. He brings aboard an important piece of cargo. Han tries to evade the Eradicator by flying through Mon Torri’s rings, but ends up crash landing on Mon Torri.

    If Han chooses to flee the scene, he may still end up running through the rings and crash landing, whereupon Sodarra and his men find him anyway.

    With the Falcon buried under the snow, Han and Sodarra deploy the stormtroopers to guard against snowtrooper patrols from the Eradicator. They capture one or more prisoners, and Han grows suspicious when they are executed by Sodarra’s men.

    "Maybe we shouldn't have trusted Sodarra. he has a sneaky face."​
    "Really? We all look the same to you?"​
    (Han Solo and Chewbacca, Scoundrel's Luck)​

    Han is contacted by Goot, who allows him to speak to Leia. Leia and Goot saw the Falcon go down, indicating that they are in the system. Goot herself remains unseen, but still wants to beat Han in the race. She offers to drop off a vital component for the damaged Falcon the next day.

    Han explains the situation to Sodarra, who explains his own predicament: his group was assigned to transport a prototype for a new compact cloaking device to the Imperial labs on Rigoron. Instead, they decided to sell it to Ploovo-two-for-one, but the dealer double crossed them and they have been on the run from the Empire ever since.

    Sodarra offers to give Han four shares in the cloaking device sale, and to help him win the race in exchange for helping them deliver the device safely. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    After thirty-six hours of repairs, Goot’s ship drops a package containing the vital component and a warning that an Imperial walker is four hours away. Two hours and fifteen minutes later, the repairs are complete and the Falcon lifts off and escapes into hyperspace. Han is beginning to suspect that Alfreda Goot is really Leia herself. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    The Falcon comes out of hyperspace near the Aldo Spachain comet, only to discover that the Eradicator has followed them. After a brief battle, Han encounters Goot’s ship again. He accuses Goot of being Leia, but the woman merely laughs and tells him to meet her in Mos Eisley.

    The Falcon jumps to hyperspace. Six hours later, Han is reluctant to continue to Tatooine; if Leia is playing a trick on him he runs the risk of running into Jabba’s bounty hunters there. The Eradicator’s pursuit gives him pause as well. Sodarra offers to let Solo drop him off at Shador to draw Vellam’s forces away from the Falcon; but Han would rather use the cloaking device to evade the Imperials. Sodarra explains that the Falcon’s drive is not powerful enough to operate it.
    "The Empire can cloak fighters? Do you know how kuch the Alliance will pay for this prototype?"​
    (Han Solo, Scoundrel's Luck)​

    Han, ever the skeptic, opens the crate containing the “cloaking device” …and instead finds the comatose Darth Vader in his TIE fighter cockpit. Sodarra explains that they are not deserters, but Imperial loyalists protecting Vader from the vengeful Governor-General Vellam. They have been assured by the Emperor that Vader will awake when the TIE is opened. His charade over, Sodarra orders Han to take them to Shador…or he will kill Han and Chewbacca. Little does Sodarra know, Han and Chewie have attached a bomb to the fighter…

    Having stood near Vader and felt the darkness emanating from him, Han begins to better understand the cause for which Luke and Leia fight. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    The Millennium Falcon is in trasit to Shador. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    Two days later, the Falcon arrives at Shador. Sodarra and Han attempt to make contact with Vader’s agent there, only to discover that Vellam’s forces have gotten to him first—the Eradicator is in the system! Escaping from Vellem’s troops and the hostile natives, Sodarra decides to continue to Tatooine. Han tells Sodarra that they have attached a bomb to Vader’s fighter. Sodarra counters by revealing that he knows Alfreda Goot—she is a bounty hunter sometimes employed by Vader. Leia’s life is truly in danger.
    "Can you drive this?"​
    "Does it have an engine?"​
    "Of course."​
    "Then I can drive it."​
    (Sodarra to Han Solo, Scoundrel's Luck)​

    Han agrees to trade Vader’s life for Leia’s. Before continuing to Tatooine, Han figures out that one of Sodarra’s crew must be relaying their actions to Vellam. He manipulates Sodarra’s second-in-command Lieutenant Birdloe into revealing himself by abandoning the Falcon in an escape pod, which Han destroys.

    (Note: it is not stated how much time passes between the Falcon’s departure from Shador and its arrival at Tatooine.)

    After arriving at Tatooine, Han visits the Dockside Café with Sodarra’s men to meet Alfreda Goot. She appears with Leia, who is furious at Han for making a deal with Imperials. Sodarra’s troops pick off Alfreda’s forces, while Han takes on Alfreda himself. Goot reveals that she lured Han to Mos Eisley for an easy capture, and transport to Jabba the Hutt. Han defeats the bounty hunter, and removes her Mandalorian helmet to find out that she is a Togorian. He and Leia almost share a tender moment before being interrupted by Sodarra.

    Han offloads the crate containing Vader, and Sodarra may or may not betray Solo and be killed. Thanks to the terms of their agreement, Leia doesn’t find out what was in the crate—and may state that she doesn’t want to. Han, Leia, and Chewie quickly leave Tatooine before Jabba’s other bounty hunters discover them. (Scoundrel's Luck)


    Darth Vader returns to Coruscant aboard a Carrack cruiser, where he is greeted by Captain Mordak and some Royal Guards. He has repairs begun immediately on his TIE Fighter. He goes before the Emperor, who is recovering in a bacta tank while waiting for his next clone body to be ready.

    "It had occured to Termo that a single passenger might survive for another week in the pod. He had contemplated killing Officer Tix, but that would mean being stuck with a dead body in the escape pod. The pod smelled bad enough already,"​
    (Admiral Termo's thoughts, Missions #17)​

    Admiral Termo and Communications Officer Tix, still aboard the escape pod from the Liquidator, finally manage toc rahs land on an unknown red planet in the Unknown Regions (which we will much later find to be called Malagarr). They discover a communications relay on the surface and are able to use that to send a transmission to the Empire.

    As the Emperor emerges from the bacta tank, he expresses his concern over the missing data tapes Tarkin left Termo aboard the Liquidator. He is then informed of the received communication from Termo. Palpatine dispatches Vader to recover the datatape from Termo.

    On Malagarr, Termo and Tix are confronted by eight floating droids- whom Tix identify as being similar to the droid that accompanied the Rebel that destroyed the Liquidator. They threaten the Imperials and claim their satellite weapon will prevent any other intruders from landing. (Missions #17: Darth Vader's Return)


    With his fighter repaired, Vader has it loaded, alongside additional TIE Fighters, onto a modified Carrack cruiser. His search team includes both Mordak and a Royal Guard sent by the Emperor. It departs Coruscant and makes the jump to hyperspace, after making some brief repairs to a faulty hyperdrive motivator.

    Arriving in the Unknown Regions near Malagarr, the Carrack encounters n asteroid field before maneuvering towards the planet. As they approach the planet, a large object, twice the size of the Carrack, rises up from the planet: not just a ship, but rather a large droid.

    "...maybe it's just another asteroid?"​
    "Asteroids do not rise away from planets, soldier."​
    (Imperial Copilot and Unidentified Imperial, Missions #17)​

    The droid-ship begins firing missiles at the Carrack, which deploys it's fighters. As the fighters break away, the Carrack is caught in a powerful tractor beam from the droid-ship. The fighters race to the surface, focusing on the mission of recovering the datatape from Termo.

    Locating Termo's escape pod, one of the pilots lands and investigates the wreckage. There, he is threatened by one of the floating droids, which the pilot manages to dispatch. Following Termo's footsteps, the pilot heads towards the relay tower.

    The footsteps suddenly stop as two axe-wielding, ancient battle droids emerge from the sand beneath the pilot's feet. The pilot manages to destroy the two droids. Investigating where the footsteps end, he discovers a hatch buried beneath the sand.


    Blasting through the lock, he descends down a stairwell into several booby-trapped corridors that lead to a chamber filled with a massive, ancient computer.


    By accessing (or damaging) the computer, the pilot is able to disable the droid-ship in orbit and free the Carrack. From there, he locates a cell holding Termo and Tix and, after confirming he has the holotape, frees them.

    Avoiding additional battle droids, they fight their way back to the surface, where the Carrack is now landing. Vader confronts Termo and Tix, with Mordak, the TIE Pilots and the Guard nearby. Termo isn't threatened by Vader, feeling his loyalty and importance to the Emperor and Tarkin's plans are more important than Vader's magic tri-cak, ack, gasp, gurgle, crunch...

    Vader orders Mordak to return the tapes to Coruscant while the pilots remaining behind destroy the transmission tower and underground chambers, to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Rebels.

    Below their feet, the surviving floating droids, fearing the invaders will cause more damage, decide to signal their long-lost friend.

    Meanwhile, on Yavin 4, Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie look over star charts for more ideas on possible base locations, noting that Rogue Squadron will have arrived on Space STation Kwenn by now. Threepio enters to inform them that Q-7N is suddenly warning them that his world is in danger and needs his help.

    Feeling Q-7N has been a helpful ally, Leia decides they will do whatever they can to help Q-7N's world. (Missions #17: Darth Vader's Return)

    Aaand that brings us back up to real-time! :)


    -There's no particular reason to place Marvel #70 here, but it does nicely help fill in, ever so slightly, the timeframe prior to Scoundrel's Luck and can conceptually fall under that Vader search net. But, as I commented above, it makes sense that they'd seek some rest after digging for a couple days.

    -Han still has his reward here but tries to gamble it away, instead of returning it to the Rebellion or having it stolen by Jack. Sigh.

    -So, as we've previously established, Han kinda thinks all Muuns look the same. Here we are told Chewbacca thinks all humans look the same. That's what you get, growing up on those backwater worlds... ;)

    -The quote I cited above about cloaking fighter prototypes can't help but evoke thoughts of Rebel Assault II from me.

    -Given the state of Vader's fighter here (and Vader himself), this has to take place before Missions #17 (where it's repaired)... also, can a TIE Advanced cockpit even FIT inside the Falcon's cargo hold?

    -Termo and Tix have been in the escape pod "for weeks", obviously, we've had to stretch that towards a maximum range.

    -Also, give credit where credit is due- Termo obviously chose one hell of an escape pod- if you look at where Malagarr is in the Atlas, not only did it escape the Liquidator, not only did it escape the Yavin system- it damn well nearly escaped the GALAXY, lol!

    -Termo uses blaster power packs to help boost the escape pod's shields. I really don't think they're compatible in that way...

    -Hard not to think that maybe there's a connection between Malagarr and The Keeper's World somehow...

    Marvel #70 Wook Summary:
    Following the revelation in the previous issue, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and Luke Skywalker make their way to the planet Stenos in the Millennium Falcon, hoping to find the bounty hunter that worked with Boba Fett during the search for the Millennium Falcon. The group hopes that the search will lead to Fett, who is still in possession of Han Solo, frozen in carbonite. Both Calrissian and Chewbacca's search for Bossk and Skywalker and Artoo's search for IG-88B have led them to the same location. Lando is uneasy about both searches ending up in the same place, and he expects a double-cross. Skywalker jumps on the mention of deception and begins to recount a story about how he and Han had been double-crossed on Stenos right after they joined the Rebellion.

    The story segues to several years ago on Stenos, where Leia Organa, Chewbacca, Han Solo, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, and R2-D2 have just arrived in the Millennium Falcon. The group is on a mission to make contact with a Rebel outpost that had dropped out of communication with the larger Alliance. As the group makes their way to the rendezvous point, they spy Imperial Governor Quorl Matrin, a former contemporary of Princess Leia in the Imperial Senate. The group duck out of sight of the Imperial commander, and eventually make their way to the Rebel outpost.

    However, when they arrive, they are greeted not by Rebels, but by the Rik Duel gang, a group of smugglers, former acquaintances of Han Solo. Rik Duel, Dani, and Chihdo explain that they have joined the Rebellion as well, to the disbelief of all around. However, Rik is able to convince the group by mentioning the name of the commander the Rebels had been sent to contact, Colonel Kindar. Duel claims that his group was left on Stenos to search for the statue of Vol, a sacred artifact to the native Stenaxes. Rik claims that finding the statue will earn the Stenaxes' eternal gratitude and that the Rebellion hoped they could recruit them as allies if they found the statue.

    Duel organizes the group in clearing away the rubble from the Rebel outpost, claiming that the statue is buried somewhere within the ruins. After a long day of digging, the group finally discovers the statue. However, Duel double-crosses them and reveals that he had been working for Governor Matrin, who hoped to add the statue to his personal collection.

    As the gang leave the Rebel outpost to rendezvous with the Imperial Governor, a large group of stormtroopers, sent there by Chihdo, arrive to attack the Rebels. The group is hopelessly outnumbered but are miraculously saved by a group of Stenaxes who have come to claim their idol. Solo sends them in Rik Duel's direction, and the Rebels prepare to leave the planet, lucky to be alive. As the Millennium Falcon departs Stenos, Rik Duel and his gang arrive at Duel's ship, the Moonshadow, hoping to escape with the artifact, and sell it to someone who will pay more than Matrin. However, the Imperial Governor had predicted the double-cross and cuts off the smugglers at their ship. As Matrin prepares to execute the traitorous con artists, a swarm of Stenaxes descends upon the Imperials. As the spears of the natives began to cut down the Imperials, Duel looks up into the sky to see the tiny silhouette of the Millennium Falcon, knowing that they were responsible somehow for his misfortune.

    Back in the present, Luke Skywalker finishes his tale by telling Lando that he assumes that Governor Matrin and the Rik Duel gang were all killed by the rampaging Stenaxes. Calrissian asks Skywalker if he thinks the Stenaxes will be thankful and help the Rebels find the bounty hunters they are looking for. Luke responds with a wry look, causing Lando to respond with, "Uh…maybe we'd better park the ship out of sight of the city."

    Scoundrel's Luck publisher summary:
    It started as a simple planetfall on Ord Mantell for some rest and relaxation. Han wanted to gamble his reward money into a sum large enough to pay off Jabba the Hutt. Leia preferred more sophisticated entertainment. But now the princess is missing, and a knee-high Droid is challenging the smuggler to a transgalactic race—with Leia's life as the prize! What will Han do?

    Han Solo—mercenary smuggler, reluctant hero, and pilot extraordinaire—stars in this fast-paced tale of quick wits and tough decisions. You'll chose his best options and fight his opponents. Sometimes logic is your best tool as you analyze the situation as Han sees it. Sometimes you just have to trust his phenomenal flying skills. And sometimes Han's destiny must be left to luck itself!

    Missions #17 Wook Summary:
    Darth Vader arrives on Imperial Center in a Carrack-class light cruiser following the Battle of Yavin. He orders that Captain Mordak have his ship. Meanwhile, in deep space, Admiral Termo and Communications Officer Tix have spent weeks in an escape pod, and are about to make planetfall on an uncharted planet.

    Vader meets with his master, Emperor Palpatine, who stipulates that he not move against Yavin IV. Back in deep space, Termo and Tix crash on the planet, and locate a transmission relay tower.

    Tix and Termo are able to contact Imperial Center, and Palpatine dispatches Vader, Mordak, a Royal Guard and several TIE pilots to the uncharted planet. There, they are to retrieve Tarkin's secret holotape from Termo.

    Upon reaching the planet, the Imperials are attacked by a droid ship. One of the group manages to get to his TIE craft, and land on the planet below, but the Carrack is ensnared in the droid ship's grasp. Encountering Termo's escape pod, the Imperial ventures further through the planet, searching for the elusive Admiral. Spotting the relay tower, the Imperial journeys towards it, and investigates the interior. While at the tower, the Imperial is able to free the Carrack from the tractor beam, and then rescues Termo and Tix, before meeting with the Carrack.

    Vader, displeased, executes Termo, and retrieves the holotape. He orders three TIE pilots to remain at the planet, and destroy the relay tower, to prevent it falling into Rebel hands. The floating droid inhabitants of the planet, in a panic, contact their "brethren", Q-7N, who has joined the Rebels on Yavin 4.

    Star Wars #70 was reprinted in Classic Star Wars- A Long Time Ago... Volume 5: Fool's Bounty and in Omnibus A Long Time Ago... Volume 4.
    Scoundrel's Luck has not been reprinted outside it's original publication, but can often be found second hand on ebay or Amazon, etc.
    Star Wars Missions #17: Darth Vader's Return has not been reprinted outside it's original subscription availability, but can often be found second hand on ebay or Amazon, etc.
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    Scoundrel's Luck is arguably one of the craziest of EU stories. Han Solo, of all people, is the one who rescues Darth Vader? And then never mentions it again? And it gets a Selective Continuity Award for name checking Ploovoo-two-for-one from the Han Solo novels, but ignoring previous stories about Han's reward and the bounty hunter on Ord Mantell. [face_dunno]

    And like most other Ord Mantell stories, it jumps the gun a bit. "The bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell changed my mind." "What bounty hunter? The one we ran into over two years ago?!?"

    It seems odd now, but I don't think we'd even had our first galaxy map when the Missions books were being written--so putting the Unknown Regions near the Yavin system might have been plausible then. Perhaps Termo's escape pod passed through one of those convenient GODV wormholes? ;)

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    Oct 23, 2004

    I always figured they were talking about something above or below the galactic disk at that point. After all the Unknown Regions are not uniformly all on the same side of the galaxy, just a large chunk of it.
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    Now that I think of it The2ndQuest, do you know of the two Star Wars Science Adventures books? As far as I can tell, they happen, well... "soon after the Battle of Yavin."
    *Please don't freak out and hurt me :p*
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    Malagarr is actually not too far from Yavin, if you look at the Atlas- it's on the extreme right of the map, in the (unlabeled) V column. It's still a large, interstellar distance- but it's roughly in the same galactic region.

    Lelal- Already covered! :) I got them out of the way as soon as possible. :p

    (also, looking back, it seems kinda obvious that the unresolved Imperial spy subplot from that series should probably be Rogor from SW Kids...)
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    D'oh! I should have read it all, but I got lazy. Mea culpa. :p
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    Like many movie spaceships, the Falcon's interior sets would never fit inside the exterior anyway--every blueprint and cutaway we've seen cheats the issue somewhat. But that's no excuse for treating the Falcon like the TARDIS, as some authors tend to do. [face_laugh] I think it's almost plausible, though certainly not in the giant box shown in the illustrations. It's not quite as bad as in Shadow Games, which acts as if the Falcon has multiple decks (!) and plenty of cabins.

    I think a lot of authors aren't really aware that the Falcon is extremely small for a cargo ship. The most accurate depiction of the Falcon's cargo capacity may be The Second Kessel Run, of all things, which shows crates stacked everywhere on the ship with little room to move around them.

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    Granted the gunnery wells and hidden storage sections should properly count, as would the half deck that is clearly below the engine (which should be on the same level as the hidden compartments). Though I could have sworn there was actually one time that the Falcon has an X-Wing land inside it, which really should simply not be possible. External clamps, no problem, but inside?!
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    Unfortunately I don't have enough time tonight to do a full update of all of today's events, so here's a partial update of today to start off with, and I'll post what remains alongside tomorrow's update.


    Darth Vader returns to Coruscant aboard the Carrack cruiser, where he delivers the holotape to Palpatine (so much for that mission he gave Mordak...) and news of Termo's demise. They view the contents of the tape, where a recording of Tarkin presents his project to build a powerful gravity well generator capable of being deployed from a planet's surface.

    Wanting Vader to travel to Fondor to oversee the construction of the Executor, Palpatine tasks Mordak with directing the project using non-Imperial ships and resources arranged for on Bonadan in the Corporate Sector to maintain secrecy.

    Promoting Mordak to the rank of General, Vader arranges for a non-Imperial freighter from Space Station Kwenn torendezvous with Mordak on Bonadan.

    Meanwhile on Malagarr, the Falcon and it's crew have arrived after Q-7N received the transmission hours earlier. They come upon the wrecked communication relay tower on the surface.

    Q-7N locates the hatch and briefly enters it before returning the surface, claiming there is nothing of any value below- just a storage area filled with junk. Just then, an Alliance message droid arrives for Leia from Wedge (she apparently informed them of her destination), in which he informs her about the Empire seizing an Action VI freighter, the Stellar Manx, on the station. He requests they contact him on the station.

    Han estimates it will take him only 90 minutes to get to Kwenn (though it would take other pilots 2 hours) and they get back to the Falcon and take off.

    Prior to discovering the situation with the Manx, Rogue Squadron's mission on the station was to investigate trade routes that the Rebel fleet might use to navigate the Outer Rim. Now, at 4am, Wedge, Wes and Probably-Not-Tycho survey the freighter and the troopers boarding it when they are discovered by additional troopers.

    The pilots manage to fight their way past the troopers, but are pursued into the shopping complex section of the station. The chase leads to (presumably) Wedge and a trooper wrestling underwater in a large aquarium pool of an expensive restaurant. After fending off a tentacled creature, Wedge blasts a hole in the aquarium, allowing him to spill out into the restaurant as the armor of the trooper plugs the hole behind him.

    (Quest note: who doesn't want to see the above sequence rewritten by Allston right now? [face_laugh])

    Departing the wet patrons and displeased bartender, Wedge makes his way to the detention facility and rescues the freighter crew, including its Captain, Kar Lamoran. He sends Kar and the others to contact the rest of Rogue Squadron in a docking bay on the station while Wedge heads back to where the freighter is berthed via an air duct shaft (riding and confusing maintenance droids along the way).

    After reaching the freighter's docking bay, Wedge finds that Kar has followed him- having sent the rest of her crew to contact Rogue Squadron. After taking care of more Stormtroopers that try to ambush them, they plan to board the freighter through a secret ingress hatch. However, the ship starts to take off before they can get there.

    Peeling back his garments to reveal his pilot suit underneath, Wedge rushes for a nearby emergency vehicle. Jumping into the cockpit, he takes off in pursuit of the freighter. Pulling up behind the ship, Wedge docks to (or ejects into) the ingress hatch.

    Aboard the freighter, Wedge finds Imperials changing into non-Imperial disguises and overhears Vader's connection to the operation (which stuns Wedge). Distracting them with an unarmed thermal detonator, Wedge manages to trick several troopers into shooting each other in the confusion before opening an airlock and sucking them out into space.

    After overpowering the remaining Imperial officer on the bridge, as well as a wonky ASP droid, Wedge rendezvouses with the Falcon, the Rogues and Kal. Intending to pose as the Imperials taking the Manx to Bonadan, they load the Falcon aboard and set course for Bonadan.

    In the late afternoon on Coruscant, Vader sends off Mordak and Tix aboard the shuttle that will bring them to Bonadan. Vader himself departs in his TIE Fighter for Fondor. (Missions #18: Rogue Squadron to the Rescue)

    Not much in the way of notes, other than Tycho's presence here is likely a error (or, in a best case scenario, was somehow working unofficially with the Rogues prior to his actual defection).

    There was an amusing description to one choice in the game though: "Either the squad leader can't hear through his thick helmet or he thinks nerf herders smell ok."

    Missions #18 Wook Summary:
    On Imperial Center, Darth Vader meets with Palpatine, and delivers Wilhuff Tarkin's holotape. The holotape stipulates the concept of gravity well projectors and indicates how they can be created. Palpatine, intruiged, appoints General Mordak head of the Gravity well scheme, and dispatches Vader to Fondor, to oversee the creation of the Executor.

    Meanwhile, on the Uncharted red planet, Q-7N and his Rebel allies assess the damage done by the Empire. Q-7N finds nothing of value, however. A message pod, sent by Rogue Squadron, arrives on the planet, with a message from Wedge Antilles, who requests that Leia Organa and her friends join him on Kwenn Space Station.

    At Kwenn Space Station, Antilles, Wes Janson, and Tycho Celchu are investigating a Action VI transport that the Empire has detained, the Stellar Manx. While snooping about, they are set upon by a squad of Stormtroopers. The Rogues split up, and one of them eludes the Imperials by swimming through an aquarium.

    The lone Rogue encounters Captain Kar Lamoran in the detention cell, and frees her, along with her crew. Making their way back to Lamoran's Action VI, the Rogue encounters more security droids. The ship, however, takes off before they can reach it, but the Rogue pursues it, boards it, and takes it back to Space Station Kwenn. During his expedition, the Rogue also finds out that Darth Vader is in charge of the Imperial operation, and that the freighter's destination was Bonadan.

    Star Wars Missions #18: Rogue Squadron to the Rescue has not been reprinted outside it's original subscription availability, but can often be found second hand on ebay or Amazon, etc.
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    Jan 31, 2001
    So I finally got my Wild Space omnibus, which meant that I was able to read all of the Star Wars Kids comics for the first time ever. And you are right, and I am wrong; Rebel Thief does fit better right after the first couple of Missions books. :p Luke and Leia remain on Yavin, so that more-or-less tracks with the two-weeks-more-or-less on Yavin from Rebel Force. No one besides Han and Chewie are on the Falcon. And the lead-in to X-Wing Marks the Spot isn't nearly as direct as I thought it was. The status of Han's reward is still confusing, but it was only my memories of a SWFA discussion that led me to think that there was a logical progression from Marvel to Scoundrel's Luck to Rebel Thief. (Headcanon can be a terribly misleading thing.)

    Maybe Leia was exaggerating about having already spent the reward Han returned (after all, it's only been a couple of days!) and gave it back to Han after he donated the 500,000 he got from Sprool? After all, one can afford to be generous with 20,000 credits worth of metal when you have 500,000 credits lying around...

    Placing Missions #9-12 here isn't an issue either, as they only take place over a few days, and Boba Fett and Luke don't enter the picture until the last day, so at least two of the books can take place during earlier Missions books and Rebel Thief. There are no extra passengers in the Falcon, and Luke need only take a day away from his two weeks at the base. It may throw Scoundrel's off by a couple of days, depending on when Fett is supposed to have arrived on Wukkar, but it's not too bad.

  14. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    Yeah, the "almost 2 weeks" thing can certainly be fudged by a day if need be. And I'll have to double check my Scoundrels notes when i finish the Mission books, but I don't think Fett necessarily has to stay in disguise for the entire time prior to meeting Han.
  15. The2ndQuest

    The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 27, 2000
    35:6:8 (cont'd)
    "Don't fly behind me, you flying ball of trouble!"​
    (Threepio, to Q-7N, Missions #19)​

    The Stellar Manx exits hyperspace near weapons-banning Bondadan as a Lambda shuttle drops off the disguised Mordak and Tix near the docking bay they are expecting the Manx at. Their Imperial contact meets with them there. After the Manx lands, Chewbacca, R2 and Q-7N stay aboard the Falcon as the others disembark to meet the waiting Imperials.​
    "This mission is so secret, I doubt even our comrades in that Corellian freighter know what they're doing!"​
    (Mordak to Tix, Missions #19)​
    "Don't worry, sister. I know exactly what I'm doing."​
    (Han to Kar, Missions #19)​
    Unfortunately, the Imperial contact recognizes Leia and the Rebels are forced to flee. In the brief encounter, however, Han manages to hide a weapon on the contact. When he attempts to pursue, the weapon is detected and he is surrounded by Corporate Sector Authority police (Espos for short).​
    "What they found was my Luxan Penetrator."​
    (Han Solo, Missions #19)​

    Leia reveals that the Imperial contact that recognized her was Frap Radicon, an Imperial Engineer that worked with Grand Moff Tarkin and Bevel Lemelisk on the Death Star. Meanwhile, Tix and Mordak contact Darth Vader at Fondor, informing him of Radicon's arrest. Vader informs them he will send a bounty hunter to free Radicon and Mordak will pay the hunter a reward of 10,000 credits.​
    3 pages (1 with actual text) later, the bounty is 50,000 credits.​
    The bounty hunter (whose identity is later mentioned in gametext to potentially include Boba Fett or IG-88, among others, as possibilities) arrives at Bonadan, having been near the Corporate Sector after completing a mission for Jabba the Hutt that involved a spice dealer stealing from the Hutt.​
    After dispatching with a rival hunter in orbit and making his way past CSA droids, checkpoints, weapons scanners and even an Anzati, the hunter arrives at the detention facility holding Radicon (after determining it's location from two off-duty Espos in a cantina).​
    "Frap Radicon?" you ask.​
    "Ha!" the thin man retorts. "You'll never get my name out of me!" You hate him immediately.​
    (Missions #19)​
    Breaking Frap out of prison, the hunter escorts him back to the docking bay where the Manx is berthed. Upon his arrival, the Imperials have finished loading the freight aboard the ship. Contacting Vader to inform him that they are ready to depart, Vader instructs them to return to Malagarr, which he feels will make for a good test site. After the transmission concludes, both Mordak and Tix begin to have inner doubts about their future in the Empire.​
    After attempting to scrounge up some information on Radicon's plans in a local cantina, Solo returns to the group of Reels in time to watch the Stellar Manx- with the Falcon (and, by extension, Chewbacca, Artoo and Q-7N) still aboard- take off for orbit.​
    After receiving a transmission from Artoo revealing the Manx's destination, the Rebels quickly begin a search for a starship to pursue in. Han and Kar select a Marauder-class Corvette owned by the CSA police and modified with a hyperdrive and begin to hotwire it.​
    And if he couldn't escape, Chewbacca would hunt the Imperials down, one by one.​
    (Missions #20)​
    As they take off from Bonadan, the Manx lands on Malagarr along with a Y4 shuttle that deploys troops, ground vehicles and AT-ST walkers. Unloading and setting up the equipment commences.​
    "It's uninhabited but, as you can see, it is capable of supporting life."​
    "From what I've heard, this planet didn't support Admiral Termo's life for very long."​
    (Mordak and radicon, Missions #20)​
    Mordak demands an explaination of the project from Radicon, who elaborates that they intend to connect the gravity well projector to a gravity well generator, despite the danger of causing a gravitic implosion.​
    The original test site was supposed to be Delrakkin before the Rebels interfered, forcing the equipment to be kept on Bonadan until Vader could locate a new test site in the intervening weeks (I'm assuming it wasn't his top priority, heh).​
    After hearing of the madness behind the project, Mordak and Tix express their doubts over the Empire's actions here and plan to take the Falcon as a venue of escape. Since Frap identified Leia on Bonadan, they suspect the ship might be hers, so they intend tor return it to her in the hopes of joining the Rebellion.​
    Overhearing their conversation, Chewbacca and the droids emerge from the smuggling compartment and help the Falcon take off, where it docks with the Rebel's just-arrived commandeered Maurader in orbit.​
    Once assembled, they plan to disable the projector, destroy it using two IRD-A fighters aboard the Marauder (piloted by Mordak and, most likely, Luke) and rescue the Stellar Manx (if possible).​
    After navigating a field of space mines left in orbit, Luke discovers Q-7N has stowed aboard his fighter. Upon passing through an electrical storm, Luke is forced to land and discover Mordak has also crashed. Pulling Mordak from the burning craft, Luke drags him to safety before the fighter explodes.​
    His knee injured, Mordak returns to Luke's fighter while Luke presses on (making up some ground by making use of a large worm creature). Q-7N reveals that the transmission tower was meant to send a distress signal in the event of an invasion.​
    After being discovered by a scout trooper, Luke manages to subdue the solider, taking his armor to once again use as a disguise to infiltrate the Imperial camp because, hell, this is the last book in the series, what's one more trooper disguise cliche?​
    In the test camp, Luke witnesses the completed projector being loaded aboard the shuttle for an orbital test. With a carefully aimed shot at a power coupling, Luke disables the generator. Q-7N helps Luke avoids the subsequent Imperial pursuit by directing him into an underground hatch.​
    As Luke marvels at the underground technology, Q-7N clarifies that the Imperials only destroyed one undergroudn sector, out of hundreds. He then enters a code that activates an auto-destruct.​
    He explains that, thousands of years ago, the original inhabitants of Malagarr turned the entire planet into one giant reactor before the resulting radiation killed them off, leaving only the droids behind.​
    Deeming the planet too dangerous for organics and not wanting the planet to kill any more civilizations off, Q-7N will blow the planet up (o_O)- the initiation code for which only he had.Q-7N stays behind to complete the detonation sequence.​
    Luke races to the surface for the Stellar Manx, only to realize it was a trap left unguarded so that the shutle could capture it in a tractor beam. Luke manages to destroy the tractor beam, disable the shuttle and free the Manx, heading for orbit (and ordering Mordak to do the same) as the planet begins to rumble.​
    As the ships get clear, Luke says his goodbyes to Q-7N as Malagarr explodes, "sending shockwaves through the galaxy".​
    On Coruscant, Darth Vader has returned from Fondor and appears before the Emperor. They discuss the sensed destruction of Malagarr and decide to not hastefully return to the gravity well projector project, despite still having the plans for it. Instead, they will focus their efforts on the construction of the second Death Star.​
    With Kar planning to return to Space Station Kwenn, Mordak and Tix intend to return the Marauder back to Bonadan and begin recruiting for the Alliance. After speaking well of Q-7N's bravery, the heroes set a course in the Falcon back to Yavin 4. (Missions #19: Bounty on Bonadan, Missions #20: Total Destruction)​
    Chewbacca punched the controls and the Millennium Falcon blasted away to new adventures.​
    (Missions #20)​
    Meanwhile, back in the Yavin system, something else has happened..what was it, hmm.. oh, yes: The Blockade of Yavin has begun! (finally!) (Marvel #25: Siege at Yavin)​
    And, as it turns out, if you look at your Atlas, there's something else to take note of: something is on the way "home" to Yavin from Malagarr... The Wheel. [face_thinking]
    -It's implied during the journey to Bonadan that this might be the first time Leia has seen Luke practicing with his lightsaber and remote (albeit with Q-7N filling in this time), as she emphasizes that he be careful while doing it.​
    -Frap Radicon joins the ranks of awful character names introduced in this series. ;)
    -Artoo comunicates wirelessly with Threepio here using 3PO's broadband antenna. I don't think we've ever seen them communicate this way before, but I could be wrong.​
    -One mode of transportation made available to the bounty hunter as an option is a"Sky Slicer" swoop- which, as described, seems like it is a hoverboard.​
    -The bounty hunter, at one point, punches a DIanoga in the eye. This amuses me.​
    -Radicon's breakdown of events implies Vader had already returned from Vaal by the time the Delrakkin incident went down (or shortly thereafter), for him to have been involved in locating a new site.​
    -Every trooper encounter in this series seems patterned after the Holiday Special: just shoot at the heroes already! You have a gun!​
    -The start of the Blockade is established by the comment in Marvel #25 of the events of that issue being the 3rd day of attack. Given that all other sources up to this point have been filled with "Why hasn't the Empire attack us yet?"-type comments, let alone no mention of the blockade (only the Emperor's intentions to set one up), there's really no other option (unless there was some kind of waider blockade established previously, but it isn';t tightened in full force until now- but it'd have to be pretty damn ineffective for the Rebels to have not even noticed it's existence).​
    As we'll see in the update for tonight (which hopefully will be posted tonight), the Wheel arc is a single day (as far as I can tell), or, at the very least, can conceivably take place over a single day. Which places today as the 1st day, if they are all consecutive (which I propose they are).​
    Missions #19 Wook summary:​
    The Rebels, in Kar Lamoran's Stellar Manx, approach the rendezvous on Bonadan, disguised as Imperials. The Imperials, in turn, are also disguised, and wait for the arrival of the transport. General Mordak meets with a Frap Radicon, who assures him that Palpatine's merchandise is secure. When the transport lands, Radicon recognizes Leia Organa, and starts a fight. Han Solo slips a Luxan Penetrator onto Radicon's person, before escaping, causing the Espos to bear down on the Imperials. Radicon is arrested, and Mordak contacts Lord Darth Vader at Fondor Shipyards. The Dark Lord, livid, dispatches a bounty hunter to Bonadan to retrieve Radicon.
    The bounty hunter braves several dangers on Bonadan, including swoop bikers, Espos, and Anzati. Eventually, the hunter reaches their destination, Spaceport Southeast II. There, the hunter learns that Radicon is being held in Blue Level. The hunter then rescues Radicon, and collects their reward.​
    Radicon is then able to escape, taking Lamoran's freighter to the Uncharted red planet. The Rebels quickly learn its destination, and prepare to pursue.​
    Missions #20 Wook summary:​
    Learning that the Stellar Manx has been taken by Imperial forces, Han Solo hijacks a Corporate Sector Authority Marauder-class corvette, and pursues it. Meanwhile, in the hold of the Manx, Chewbacca, Q-7N and R2-D2 are holed up in the Millennium Falcon.
    Upon reaching Malagarr, Frap Radicon explains to Tix and Mordak the concept of a gravity well projector. Concerned that Radicon is insane, the two Imperials decide to defect, and resolve to steal the Falcon. The encounter Q-7N, who warns them not to upset Chewbacca. The Wookiee, along with the turncoat Imperials, escape the planet, and meet with Solo's Marauder. Solo questions the Imperials, and is convinced they can be of service.​
    Two of the Rebels pilot IRD-As down to the planet, evading Imperial space mines. Q-7N stows away on Scout One's craft, which subsequently makes a crash landing. Scout Two also crashes, but Scout One is able to save them. Scout One then proceeds to disable the gravity well projector, and escapes. Q-7N then explains that Malagarr is highly dangerous to organic beings, and that the planet must be destroyed. With only Q-7N having the ability to destroy the planet, Scout One and Scout Two quickly flee the planet in the Manx, while the small black droid destroys Malagarr.​
    Star Wars Missions #19: Bounty on Bonadan has not been reprinted outside it's original subscription availability, but can often be found second hand on ebay or Amazon, etc.
    Star Wars Missions #20: Total Destruction has not been reprinted outside it's original subscription availability, but can often be found second hand on ebay or Amazon, etc.
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    Jan 27, 2000

    The Falcon drops out of Hyperspace to make some brief repairs, only to unexpectedly come upon two Imperial TIE Fighters. After taking a hit, the Falcon sets off an explosive charge modification to lure the fighters into thinking the ship has been disabled, making the fighters easy targets for the Falcon's guns.

    As Han and Chewie effect repairs, Leia tells Luke a story of General Kenobi during the Clone Wars. (Marvel #24: Silent Drifting)

    Though the Yavin Blockade has been established, Major Brenn Tantor is informed by Grand General Brashin (aka David Freaking Warner) that several Rebel transports have already managed to escape the system. After the Star Destroyer Inquisitor arrives in the system, Tantor commands an Imperial incursion onto Yavin 4 to rescue remaining Death Star survivors that have been hiding out on the moon since the destruction of the battle station- including Colonel Maximillian Veers.

    Tantor succeeds in rescuing Veers and destroying a Rebel outpost in the process. His acts gain Lord Vader's attention as the Inquisitor departs the system to return Veers. (Force Commander: The Trap at Yavin IV)

    "All aboard the smuggling ship are tired. A multitude of adventures lie behind them."​
    (Narrator, Marvel #18)​

    Luke falls unconscious while training with his lightsaber and Force meditation (a result of, we'll find out later, making contact with Darth Vader's mind in the Force) as The Falcon encounters yet another Imperial fighter (this time an Advanced x1, though not Vader's)- the wreckage of a House of Tagge merchant ship in it's wake.

    After destroying the fighter, they rescue a surviving Rebel pilot from the debris, who informs them that it was Imperials who attacked the ship- but were leaving captured Rebel bodies behind to try and implicate the Rebels. (Marvel #18: The Empire Strikes!)

    (TBC later today)

    -In this context, the unexpected Imperial presence is likely a result of the Imperial actions taking place near The Wheel, as it is on he way home to Yavin 4 from Malagarr.

    -Force Commander implies a greater proximity between the conclusion of the Sarapin campaign and the Yavin 4 mission, as if this takes places days after the Death Star at most. That's obviously just not feasible. We'll just have to assume that, despite being informed of the Death Star's destruction on Sarapin, the actual mission to Yavin hits several delays (perhaps they intended to strike at Yavin 4 more directly until the Emperor's "no, we don't want to make them martyrs" command trickled down. Or just chalk it up to delays in government bureaucracy getting the blockade assembled.

    -There's definitely a pattern of the Empire trying to disguise itself as Rebels during attacks to sway public opinion- Delrakkin in SW Missions, the ice planet "Rebels" in the Pizzazz sotories, and, now, this...
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  17. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    (or maybe a little later than"today"- got caught up in E3 and some games)

    35:6:9 (cont'd)

    An Imperial light cruiser led by Commander Strom picks up the Falcon and begins pursuit. Though outpaced by the Falcon's speed, TIE Advanced x1 fighters attempt to intercept them, but are lured into the fire from the cruiser, leaving the Falcon free to escape into the immunity sphere of The Wheel (a place Leia's father fought against the creation of).

    Strom, however, dismisses the regulations regarding the lack of Imperial presence in the Wheel's vicinity as a courtesy he's more than willing to suspend.

    The Falcon blasts into a docking bay aboard the station and the group splits up to avoid the eventual Imperial pursuit- Han and Leia going one way, Chewie taking the body of the now-having-perished Rebel recovered from the wreckage and the unconscious Luke left with the droids.

    The Wheel's administrator, Charles Bronson, er- I mean, Simon Greyshade, is informed by Strom of his pursuit, lying that the ship "destroyed by the Rebels" was carrying Wheel profits in order to get his cooperation with the effort.

    However, surveillance by The Wheel's computer/droid aide to Greyshade, Master-Com, allows the former Senator to identify Leia, spurring him into action- sending Wheel security to capture Han and Leia first.
    "Those robot bodies are expensive. Besides... I hate talking to walls."​
    (Simon Greyshade, on Master-Com's droid bodies, Marvel #19)​

    Meanwhile, Master-Com's observations also focus on the curious devotion of the droids to their unconscious master as they make their way to a medical facility. Elsewhere, Chewbacca gets involved in a casino brawl and is thrown into the gladiatorial pits to pay off the damages and fines he's incurred.

    Strom confronts Greyshade over Leia after letting Solo go, the two arranging a partnership towards the Imperial PR plan to take over the Wheel as a result of the "Rebel" attacks. Han is left to gamble on the Wheel to try and pay off his docking fees. However, his luck is not good and is left no other alternative than to enroll in the gladiator to-the-death matches to try and win the amount he needs.

    Elsewhere, the most asymmetrical, confusing-looking "X-Wing fighter" (if you could really even call it that- I swear this thing was inspired by an Escher painting or something, because the longer I stare at it trying to figure out just what engines are supposed to be where, it folds in upon itself... it's a Calabi-Yau-Wing because you need to be able to see 10 dimensions in order to look at it without going cross-eyed [face_hypnotized] ) claims another victim near The Wheel. The "Rebel" attack is broadcast on the Wheel as Imperial forces swoop in to stop it, continuing to sway public opinion amongst the Wheel's customers.

    Greyshade arranges for Solo to be placed in a higher class than he would normally- pitting him up against opponents much more powerful than he. Likewise, he arranges for Luke's treatment to be fatal.After Master-Com helps the droids out, they return to the medical facility only o find that Luke has awakened and escaped. (Marvel #18: The Empire Strikes!, Marvel #19: The Ultimate Gamble & Marvel #20: Deathgame)

    More Wheel arc to come...


    -Wookiees are apparently a rare sight on the Wheel.
    -Han mentions the Wheel security undoing years if special modifications when searching for the supposed Wheel profits aboard.
    -Even though this is a pretty massive arc, it all appears to be taking place on the same day, with a lot of concurrent events taking place. Though the lack of a day/night cycle for the Wheel, combined with the stylized coloration for the starfield and sun make it difficult to say for certain.

    Still, the only reference to time passing in this arc are a "sometime later" tag in #19 and the "several hours earlier" reference in #21 to Luke's escape in #20. Combined with the obvious parallels to the events aboard the Death Star in ANH, and I think it's safe to say it can be all one day- and time compression where possible is always welcome.
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    Jan 27, 2000
    Can anyone point out what page in Vader's Quest is the first page of issue 2? I only have the TPB handy at the moment and need to verify something.
  19. Gorefiend

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    Oct 23, 2004

    Should be this one.
  20. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    Thank you.
  21. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    So I've been going through the original Star Wars daily comic strips for the first time (previously I'd only read the Classic Star Wars versions, and noticed an interesting timeline reference in this Sunday strip. The last panel states that several weeks passed between Vader's meeting with Griff and the other admirals and when the Alliance received the message from Griff on Yavin. The Classic Star Wars version choose a panel with similar dialogue from a daily strip, but without the "several weeks" reference, which made it appear as though there was never a break in time. So the entire Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell storyline and the Imperial meeting part of Darth Vader Strikes can be detached from the main Goodwin run and placed several weeks before.

    This is useful, as it resolves a couple of problems I'd had with my timeline for awhile: Skorr ends up hunting Solo while Jabba had lifted the bounty during the Marvel comics, and Vader goes to Fondor in Star Wars Missions to supervise construction of the Executor before announcing his intention to the Admirals. This allows the Ord Mantell adventure to be placed before the Wheel arc; either before Vader arrives at Vaal to pick up his fighter or before he arrives at Coruscant to meet with Palpatine in Missions #17. (Either would require Vader to be in a different TIE Advanced during the Falcon test part of the comic, but that's a relatively minor point.)

    I know this may disrupt what you have planned for the next couple of weeks... ;) But it adds flexibility to the sequence of events without adding to the total number of days, which is useful.

  22. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    Good to know- I'll see if I can accommodate it, though I don't want to throw the pace of the thread off too much if it ends up taking me too long to look back at this point.

    So, basically, we're looking to insert some of that content, more or less, during valance's vacation? That shouldn't be too difficult, I think.
  23. TalonCard

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    Jan 31, 2001
    Pretty much--I don't think it's more than three days: Luke and Leia's scouting mission, their rescue by Han, the two days or so they spend on Ord Mantell, Vader's test and meeting with the Admirals, and their arrival back on Yavin. The CSW version does note that some undefined amount of time passes between this and the arrival of Griff's message, but since they're discussing the events of the scouting mission and Ord Mantell during the next few panels, it would be hard to know that week had passed if Vader hadn't mentioned it.

    I've gone ahead and moved it all the way back before Scoundrel's Luck, assuming that Vader stopped off at Jovan after Delaya but before arriving at Vaal to pick up his fighter. This stretches the "weeks" comment quite a bit, but Luke and Leia act as though this is their first trip to Ord Mantell in Classic Star Wars, whereas they all visited it in Scoundrel's Luck. Your galactic mileage may vary. ;)

  24. _Catherine_

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    Get excited.
  25. Plaristes

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    Jul 2, 2007
    Ugh. :rolleyes:

    On a different note, Quest, since Abel referenced "Perfect Evil" in his most recent blog article, will you include that story's events in your project in this thread?