Lit The Force as Time (The 12 Kowakian Monkey Lizards Philosophy!)

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    There are many ways to view the Force and put it in metaphors and comparative descriptions. It is all that and always more. Often described as a current, a sea or a web, I'd like to present a new interpretation that features interesting paralells that may make sense of some aspects the past analogues did not fully yet: The Force as Time itself!

    Time is viewed by many as linear (like a current), some even would add other timestreams and you get a web of forking paths to a multiverse to complete the picture. A sea of moments through which we travel from past to future, each picking his/her own path forging our individual timelines. Time is one universal element of our universe and connects all, it is essential for without it there would be no birth, no death, no evolution, no change. Time is what differentiates all life from god or however you want to call the unity where all is one, unseparated, would not time separate it into past and future, you and me, etc.

    The Force has a will. The Force wants balance to be restored. The Force takes an active part in achieving that goal and even assists in creating a Choosen One to do so.

    Time, if you follow many timetravel stories, wants to preserve itself and the timeline. In that it has a will and goal and even wants to keep its balance and course. Time fights back against anybody trying to alter it. And in the most extreme, time might loop in on itself to keep any change within the loop and not affect the normal timestream outside of the loop. Until the loop is resolved and any change is undone and the loop rejoins the timeline proper. (12 Monkeys, Doc Who, Lost are prime examples, but there are many more!)

    The Guardians of Time want to keep a low profile and not change it, like the Jedi try to not act (TLJ Luke) unless forced to. Even then they know the risks of getting involved, of emotional attachement. Any timetraveler knows living too much in other times than your own risks you find friends there, love even and worst case sire children out of time. No attachement is a prime rule for timetravellers as much as it is for the dogmatic Jedi.

    Those who seek dominion over time though, intending to create utopia or else as they see it, and change the timestreams, are selfish and like the Sith. Even with best intentions, they force their will upon time and try to alter it.

    Time itself is timeless and beyond death and life, an endless sea of moments. Only timelines string them up in chronological orders. The Force too is transcending life and death both yet seems to favor certain timelines it sees as status quo and balance, the time-veins that keep the universe together.

    Thus with the Force as time, it having a will of its own, attempting selfpreservation, which is balance, we have a new model to work with that also explains Jedi and Sith views well. If time creates a loop and people that only exist within the loop to resolve any paradox, that would paralell the Force creating a Choosen One that only exists because of the ones that unbalanced the Force (Plagueis and Palpatine) and who through sacrifice resolves his own existance as well as that of the imbalance.

    Maybe the new canon timeline is the last iteration of the Force Loop that will resolve it and reach balance and breaking the wheel, whereas previous ones (Legends, Infinities, etc.) were merely a way towards the last final loop? Choosen Ones after Choosen Ones getting ever closer to victory?

    Loops and repeated Choosen Ones we saw in Avatar: Legend of Korra, the Matrix trilogy, 12 Monkeys (tv show) and many other places, even myth and history of the real world. Cycles and returning heroes, some awaited for 2000 years, some longer even!

    With loops, we often got timetravel tales of those who wanted to break the loop and those who wanted to preserve it. Those who would cease to exist if it were resolved/broken, of course want to keep it for selfpreservation. So, if Jedi and Sith began with the first loop, the first imbalance, they need the loop to exist. Yet modern Jedi would rather serve the Force and sacrifice themselves having learned from past mistakes. Sith still try to preserve their way and life. Life eternal is not enough, they need to become gods, transcend time and space in order to break time and rule forever. The World between Worlds is essential to Palpatine. As is other means to godhood he seeks yet most come at a price not even the Sith are willing to pay... false lures perhaps of the Time-Force itself promising eternal life at the cost of control, or other such tricks up its arsenal.

    Discuss! :D
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    Bumping this now post TROS for in hindsight it is relevant again, especially regarding as to why the Skywalkers had to be born from the Force as Choosen Ones and in the end all die by sacrifice.

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    A little add on: If the Force is time, then what are Force Ghosts? Force Ghosts help the Force's will, they advise, interact but never spill it all, never despite their power do it all for the heroes. They are nudging more rather than taking the burden off the heroes. That is for they are not removing the price that is to be paid for altering the flow of time, rather they nudge some heroes to realize it is worth to be paid and attempted. In a similiar way, if death/transcendence is timeless, they know and see what heroes can't yet and from a timeless pov can not interfer in the events much to not risk altering it in a way they did not intend but rather affirm to the living that their path is right or nudge them in a different direction merely and subtly.