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    So the time has come. IGN will no longer be able to support the boards, so we have to move the whole FanForce/Jedi Council forum system. If you haven't seen the announcement on top of the forum, here are some points you should be aware of:

    [li]In order to ensure you can still log into your account after the move, please make sure you have an active private email address in your profile. If you don't, you may be locked out of your account after the move![/li]

    [li]The boards will still be on, but instead of being hosted by IGN, we will be hosted on a new server on TFN.[/li]

    [li]We are doing everything we can to make sure nothing is lost in the move. However, we can't guarantee anything. At the very least, we hope users, posts, forums, and private messages all transfer. But just in case, if there's any threads you want to save, DO SO NOW. One of the managers, DarthXan, created a thread backup program, which you can find [link=]HERE[/link].[/li]

    For more information read the [link=]FAQ[/link]

    Also it should be noted that IGN has done the first test with the data export, so the move should occur as soon as the new forums are ready for it.

    How to do this:

    Look to see "logged in as: (your user name)" above. somewhere to the right of it is a link to "Options" - click on it. Then click on "Change your User Details" link

    or just click here:

    and make sure you have an email address listed for private email address then click "Update Details" button.

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    Dec 4, 2000
    And here's what you need to know:

    All right, you've undoubtedly noticed that for the last two years, we have been discussing, on and off, the Move i.e. the migration from the boards hosted by IGN to a new website. Initially vbulletin, we're going with Xenforo. IGN have been snowed with their other million boards while doing the same, and as such various facilities have been stopped e.g. password recovery, and the access of new users.

    Or you may not have noticed, and this is the first you've heard of it, at which point I'd recommend you read this thread [link=]here, in Communications.[/link]

    The Gist

    Here's what IGN is going to do: IGN is planning to export our forum data at some point in the coming weeks. We have not yet decided on an exact date.
    Here's the effect it will have: The JC is about to undergo a major upgrade. After the move, all the current glitches like new user registrations and email notifications will finally work again.
    Here's how you'll get to the temp board: Once the boards are officially shut down for the move, will automatically forward you to the temp board.
    Here's how the temp board will work: This will basically just be a place to hang out until the move has been completed. The temp board is going to be a brand new board - nothing from this board is going to be transferred to it, which means you will have to register a new temporary account in order to post. No threads or posts will be transferred either. After the move is completed, the temp board will be shut down.
    Here's how the conversion will work and how long we expect it to take: IGN will be exporting all the data from these forums and converting it into a database compatible with Xenforo. They will then mail us the data on a hard drive, which will then be imported into the new board set up on TFN's servers. We expect it to take somewhere between 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how long each step of the process takes to complete.
    Here's how the boards will go back up again: When the move has been completed and we've had the chance to verify the import process, will automatically switch over to the new board.
    Here's what you can expect when the new board opens: Your password will not be transferred, so in order to log in for the first time, you will need to have your password emailed to you via the email associated with your account.

    Questions Asked Elsewhere

    So just so I've got this right: when the new boards (not the temp boards) come up, a new password will be automatically sent to the account I specified while I was still on these boards?

    The password will not be automatically sent. You will have to initiate the password recovery when you attempt to log in for the first time. (More in-depth details on how this process will work will be provided in the near future once we've had a chance to test out the process for ourselves.)

    Just to emphasize:

    You MUST have a working email address in your profile.

    Your username will be transferred to the new boards, BUT your password will not be.

    The ONLY way you can get a new password will be to have it emailed to you.

    In short, if you have no email address in your profile YOU WILL NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO THE BOARDS (unless you have a new username)

    Any other questions, PM me and I'll do my best to answer them.