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    So the time has come. IGN will no longer be able to support the boards, so we have to move the whole FanForce/Jedi Council forum system. If you haven't seen the announcement on top of the forum, here are some points you should be aware of:

    [li]In order to ensure you can still log into your account after the move, please make sure you have an active private email address in your profile. If you don't, you may be locked out of your account after the move![/li]

    [li]The boards will still be on, but instead of being hosted by IGN, we will be hosted on a new server on TFN.[/li]

    [li]We are doing everything we can to make sure nothing is lost in the move. However, we can't guarantee anything. At the very least, we hope users, posts, forums, and private messages all transfer. But just in case, if there's any threads you want to save, DO SO NOW. One of the managers, DarthXan, created a thread backup program, which you can find [link=]HERE[/link].[/li]

    For more information read the [link=]FAQ[/link]

    Also it should be noted that IGN has done the first test with the data export, so the move should occur as soon as the new forums are ready for it.

    How to do this:

    Look to see "logged in as: (your user name)" above. somewhere to the right of it is a link to "Options" - click on it. Then click on "Change your User Details" link

    or just click here:

    and make sure you have an email address listed for private email address then click "Update Details" button.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.