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Saga The Furloh Wreckage (Ben Solo and Tai)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by CakeR, Aug 21, 2020.

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    Aug 10, 2020
    Title: The Furloh Wreckage
    Author(s): CakeR
    Timeframe: 19 ABY / 7996 CRC
    Characters: Ben Solo, Tai, Snoke, Luke Skywalker
    Summary: Ben Solo helps his fellow Jedi Tai investigate an ancient wreckage.

    “Good news, Master Luke gave the go ahead.” Ben said.

    “Really? I didn’t think he would let us tackle this one.” Tai responded.

    “Yeah, I think he realizes how powerful we’ve become. It’s about time we tried a mission like this. Anyways we better leave quick. We don’t want to leave those Rimusses waiting.”

    Ben looked around to make sure nobody was watching and practically shoved Tai into the ship. The ship lifted up into the atmosphere and then jumped to hyperspace.

    “So while we’re waiting, will you remind me exactly what it is we’re doing?” Ben asked.

    “It’s part of a project I’ve been working on. There’s this planet called Rimus that was once chock full of resources. The Rimusses prospered in the ancient Republica Galactica. But when the Sith took over they stripped Rimus of all of it’s natural resources. For the past 1,000 years the Rimusses have lived on a dying world that can barely sustain them.” Tai said.

    “And the wreckage?”

    “The wreckage we’re searching for is from an ancient Rimus refugee ship. It was one of the old Olympic class cruisers that were sectioned off into cabins. Back in the day the Rimusses paid a scout to search for a planet that was similar to their own. Supposedly they were traveling to their new home which they preemptively named Furloh when something went wrong.”

    “The Sith attacked. But they couldn’t slice into their hyperdrive so Furloh has been lost to the galaxy this whole time.” Ben said.

    “You catch on quick.” Tai said. “I’ve been trying to figure out the path the ship was on so I can find the wreckage, slice into the hyperdrive, and find the Rimusses a new home. Problem is we don’t know the coordinates it was traveling to.”

    “But we do know of legends about some cursed Olympic wreckage that people seek out only to never return.”

    “Correct. And all those legends point to…”

    The ship exited into open space. For a moment they thought they had failed, but then they turned the ship slightly to the left and saw it. The wreckage.

    “You wouldn’t believe the amount of data you could find in wreckage like this. Holoprojectors, dataplaques, datascrolls, holoperiodicals, you name it.” Tai said.

    “Maybe we’ll find some old databones and holodust. Then later we can go to a cantina and get some holosoup and datajuice.”

    Tai looked at Ben for a moment and started to smile. “You’re making fun of me.”

    “Oh no, I would be much too frightened to tease a Jedi.” Ben said.

    They docked the ship with the cabin at the very back of the wreckage. Ben and Tai entered into an eerie room covered in various trash and holoperiodicals. The ship was completely silent aside from a malfunctioning song that was apparently recorded with some alien percussion instrument in a style that was no longer popular in the modern galaxy.

    At the end of the room there lay the mummified body of a Twi’lek slumped over on the floor. Tai bent down, reached into the Twi’lek’s coat and pulled out a pocket-disk which then lit up with a gray and beige hologram.

    “24,803 HRC. This thing stopped working correctly 350 years ago.” Tai said.

    Ben walked to the end of the room and opened the cabin door. He was stunned to see a faded gray holo-image of a dapper looking Draethos wearing a top hat and datamonocle.

    “Why hello there good sir!” the Draethos said.

    “Hello?” Ben said.

    “Ahh a Jedi I see.”

    “Yeah, umm, who are you?” Ben replied.

    “No… no that’s not the lightsaber of a Jedi. That’s a crimson blade! Everyone run! They’ve found us! They’ve-” said the Draethos before the holo-image was cut in two.

    “It’s a recording from the Sith attack. The holoprojectors must have turned on when we entered the room.” Tai said.

    All around Ben and Tai they saw various aliens, mainly Rimusses, all running in a commotion before being killed as holograms of Sith cut each of them down one by one.

    “It’s such a shame. All of these good people searching for a new world only to be cut down when they were so close.” Tai said as the holograms blinked off. “Mothers trying to build a new life for their children. Workers hoping to continue their craft on a world worth laboring for. All of them cut down by the same people who drove them from their planet.”

    “If only they were strong enough to defend themselves. Then they may have never had to leave their homeworld in the first place and none of this misery would have ensued.” Ben said.

    “True. Maybe if we can get them back on their talons the Rimusses can build a planetary defense-” Tai said before looking beyond Ben.

    Ben turned around to see one of the Sith warriors still standing behind him. It hadn’t turned off with the other holograms.

    “Weak little Jedi boy wants power hmm? Maybe- Maybe- Maybe- Maybe- I can give him the power he seeks if only he joins m- m- m- me.” the holo said.

    It was then that a droid’s arm lifted up from inside the hologram, and the holo Sith’s arm lifted up only a moment later. Then, before they could process what was happening, a bolt of energy shot at the Jedi.

    “Run! It’s using a holographic disguise matrix!” Tai said.

    “A holowhat?” Ben said.

    “Holographic disguise matrix! It puts a hologram over someone to make them look and sound like someone else! Some bounty hunters used these back in the Clone Wars when they tried to kill Palpatine.”

    “Well at least we-” Ben paused a moment to deflect a blaster bolt. “At least we know they weren’t that effective!”

    “They actually got pretty close. Snuck onto Naboo and got into an exclusive meeting between Palpatine and some higher ups. If it weren’t for the Jedi these things would have almost certainly killed the most protected man in the entire galaxy!” Tai said.

    “Not helping!” Ben said as the two boys ran into the next cabin.

    As they bolted past a couple of personal rooms for passengers the doors creaked open, likely for the first time in many years, and even more droids disguised as Sith came running out at them. Ben shouted for Tai, then yanked a food tray towards them. The two Jedi leaped above the tray which then crashed into one of the droids.

    “JOIN US. JOIN US. JOIN US.” the droids said in unison.

    “How long have they been here?” Ben said.

    “Apparently long enough to go crazy! These guys need their memories wiped!” Tai responded.

    One of the droids picked up a nearby pipe and began swinging it at Tai as the hologram surrounding it’s body glitched between images of a Sith, then a Rimus, then a Gran, then back to the Sith.


    Tai cut the pipe in two, grabbed one half mid-air, and plunged it into the neck of the droid instantly disabling it. “No thanks!”

    “Do you have a plan?” Tai said.

    “I thought you had a plan!”

    “I planned on you coming up with a plan!”

    “Well wasn’t it your plan to come here in the first place? I would have thought that Master Professor Tai would have read about this in some databank somewhere!” Ben said.

    “I am not a professor!” Tai responded.

    Then, just as clear as the voices of Tai and the holograms, the voice of Snoke entered Ben’s mind.

    I sense that you’re in danger.

    Kind of in the middle of something Snoke! Ben said inside his head.

    Oh I apologize for intruding at such a moment. I just thought that I could help. Tell me your problems so that I may help come up with a solution. The kindly voice said.

    Well for starters we’re on an ancient Olympic class freighter and we’re fighting a bunch of crazy droids who think they’re Sith Lords! Ben thought as he threw a nearby plate like a throwing disk into the head of a droid.

    That’s not your only problem is it?

    No, that’s it. I’m not here for a therapy session, I need to get rid of these droids!

    You must clear your mind of all debris my friend. That is the only way you can focus enough to think yourself out of a situation like the one you’re in right now. I only intrude so that I may guide you towards the solution you seek. Snoke responded.

    I… I do have a problem… Some problems… I thought I was ready for a mission like this. I thought I could protect Tai if something went wrong. But I can barely protect myself. Ben thought.

    I thought attachments were forbidden by the Jedi.

    Jedi are allowed to have friends, Snoke. Ben thought.

    I don’t sense friendship between you and Tai. I sense something… stronger. Snoke responded.

    Look, I don’t know what it is, but Tai is special. I need him. I can’t live without him.

    A droid kicked a table into Tai’s gut. Tai only barely managed to lift his lightsaber to deflect a laser bolt that would have otherwise hit him in the face.

    Why do you want to protect him? Maybe he’s meant to die here. Maybe it’s the Force’s will.

    Tai will not die here. I don’t care if the Force itself wants that to happen. Ben responded.

    Exactly. And that’s where your Jedi training falls short my boy. A Jedi must listen to the will of the Force, even when good people will die. But the Jedi also believe that the Force can be influenced and destiny can be altered. Forgive my bluntness, but it is utterly insane that many Jedi of the past allowed great atrocities, like the one you’re in the midst of right now, simply because it was the ‘will of the Force’.

    So what do I do then? The Force is all I have. Ben thought.

    Oh no my friend, you are much more than the Force. You are quite unlike any other Jedi I’ve ever seen. You have a mind of your own. Use that mind, Force be damned, and save your friend. Snoke said.

    I never thought of it like that. Thanks Snoke, you’re a good friend. Ben responded.

    As they got closer to the next cabin door Ben’s eyes lit up. Good my boy. That’s it. He began to point at the door and say something but he was so out of breath that nothing comprehensible came out.

    “What? What about the door? What are you… Ohh. Don’t worry I got it.” Tai said.

    Right as they entered the next cabin they abruptly turned around, held their breath, cut the connecting pieces between the next cabin and the last, then pushed the last cabin away with the Force. They then fell down as the door shut and oxygen returned to the room around them. For a moment they were out of breath but soon enough they were laughing and congratulating one another.

    Then just as soon as it was over, it began yet again. Two of the droids apparently had rocket boosters built into their legs. The droids then blasted a window from the outside and climbed back into the ship. Ben and Tai held onto the cabin’s seats for as junk flew out into open space and the droids advanced on them.

    One of the droid holograms had the image of a Sith warrior wearing a face mask with horns protruding out the metallic mouth of the mask. The mouth made no movement as the droid said "BECOME ONE WITH US WEAK BOY. TAKE OUR POWER FOR YOUR OWN."

    The Jedi deflected laser bolts and held their breath while climbing up each piece of furniture. When they thought they were nearly done for they made it to the door, opened it, and ran in. The droids ran in after them.

    Tai and Ben sprinted down the hallway which thankfully had gravity. They jumped over old holoperiodicals, pieces of junk, and the bones of various alien races who had found a horrific death at the hands of the very ‘ghosts’ that were chasing them. When they came to a door they tried to open it to no avail. Tai desperately blocked each bolt with his lightsaber, however it was clear that he couldn't hold on for much longer.

    “Open the door!” he shouted.

    “I’m trying!” Ben said as he fumbled with wires that were popping out of the door. Come on. Come on.

    The droids slowly made their way towards the two Jedi. Tai pushed a table towards them with the Force, but they simply tossed it aside and continued on.

    “Ben.” Tai said. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

    “Save it for later.” Ben said.

    “I don’t know if there will be a later at this rate.” Tai said. “I… I think I-”

    And with that the wires emitted a spark and the door opened. Ben ran inside, yanked a surprised Tai through the opening, and shut the door before a single droid could follow them inside.

    “Well, it’s later now. What were you going to say?” Ben said.

    Tai looked on in shock. “I... Nothing. It’s not important now.”

    They were finally inside the navigation center. Inside the room they could see the two things they had been searching for this whole time. The hyperdrive, and a datawriter. As Ben watched for droids Tai connected the datawriter to the hyperdrive and sliced it to find the Farloh system. The keys on the datawriter then furiously typed the coordinates as the top of the machine spit out a piece of durasheet.

    “We got it.” Tai said.

    “Oh we got it alright. We got a whole lot of it.” Ben said.

    Tai looked out the windows to see what Ben was talking about. Outside he saw at least 15 droids flying towards their position. Right before they could start tearing the ship apart another ship, the ship of Master Luke Skywalker, flew in and destroyed the droids with it’s cannons.

    “Oh no… Uhh Tai, I may have exaggerated Master Luke’s willingness to let us go on this mission a tiny little bit.” Ben said.

    “It’s ok. I saw Tekka trying to flag the ship down as we lifted off.” Tai said.

    “You knew?”

    “Yeah. I guess I just wanted some time away from the Temple. Some time alone with you…”

    Ben gave Tai a smile before the ship docked with the cabin and the door hissed open. “Well, here comes another stern talk from Master Luke.”

    Luke bolted into the room. "Ben, what did I tell you? Sites related to the Sith are dangerous. I don't know what I would have done if I lost you or Tai."

    "I'm strong enough to handle myself now.” Ben said.

    “Apparently not. If I hadn’t been here you two would have been killed!” Luke said.

    “Wasn't your very first mission as a Jedi sneaking onto the Death Star? That's more dangerous than any old wreckage."

    "That's not the point Ben."

    "Then what is the point? We already went to the wreckage. We already have the coordinates. I thought you would be happy that I actually got out of the Temple and did something useful…"

    Tai sensed the tension and interceded. "Look, Master Luke, it's partly my fault. I was the one who wanted to go on this mission in the first place. Admittedly my craving for knowledge put us in unnecessary danger and I realize that now."

    Luke looked up from his frustrated contemplation and smiled at the boys. "I do have to admit you two learned a lot here. It's not every day that someone uncovers an ancient mystery like this.”

    “The Rimusses will be happy at least. They can finally have a new home.” Ben said.

    “Yes, but don’t think I’m letting you two off the hook so easily. I expect a lengthy datareport from both of you by the end of this week." Master Luke said.

    Ben smiled at Tai. "I think we can handle that."

    Luke exited the room and Ben shyly turned to Tai. "I'm sorry I got you into trouble. I just thought this would be a chance to prove to Master Luke that I could protect myself... That I could protect you. But I guess I'm still not as strong as I would hope."

    "You are strong Ben. Look at what we did today, we managed to tackle a mystery that people had been trying to solve for the past 1,000 years. We saved the people of Rimus. What's power if not people coming together to do something good." Tai said.

    "Come on, Little Starfighter." Luke said.

    "That's not my name! Stop calling me that!" Ben responded as him and Tai ran into the ship.

    "What? You used to love that name."

    "Yeah, when I was 8!"

    "I like it. Little Starfighter and Master Skyguy." Tai said.

    "Hey come on now. That's Master Skywalker to you, apprentice." Luke said.

    "Whatever you say, Skyguy." Ben said.