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    * * * The unorthodox structure of this thread was approved by the mods. * * *​
    Reviews are of course most welcome :)

    The Galactic Correspondent is a multi-author fanfic whose purpose is to retell the story of The Phantom Menace through newspaper clippings. There’s a small hive mind behind it, but everyone is welcome to join.

    Here’s how this thread will operate:

    1. A new prompt will be “activated” every two weeks. Prompts are one or more chapters from the TPM DVD (the entire list is posted below for those who like to plan ahead.) You may use any additional Legends resources you want (TPM novelisation and comics but also other SW books and stories) as long as the events you describe match the timeframe of the prompt.

    2. Each writer chooses a publication and covers part or all of the events depicted in the prompt. Entries may be any type of text found in a news publication (article, editorial, opinion piece, letter to the editor, advertisement, classifieds, etc.) and may be anything from a simple headline to a 3000+ word scientific paper for an academic journal.

    3. Entries should be posted in this thread within the two weeks allocated to each prompt. Don’t forget to include the publication’s title, the journalist’s by-line and any other relevant information. The sock will reserve an empty post before announcing a new prompt, in case someone finished writing their entry after the deadline for the previous prompt. In this case, please PM your entry to the sock and we’ll post it for you.

    4. There’s a list of proposed publications below, but feel free to create your own! We want to have every possible sort here, from serious, conservative newsflimsies to sleazy gossip tabloids, scientific journals and sports holozines.

    5. You can participate as often or as rarely as you want (e.g. one entry every three months, or multiple entries for the same prompt) and choose any of the following options:
    • You can select/create your own publication and journalist persona and write only from that specific perspective, OR
    • You can pick a random publication for every prompt you participate in, and change personas every time, OR
    • You can do a little bit of both.
    6. For your publications and journalist personas to be indexed, please PM the sock.Please include the publication’s title and a brief description, and make sure you specify whether you’re happy to share the publication you chose/created with other writers. For your journalist personas, please include the name, the publication they work for and a short bio (unless you’re a semi-whacko writing for a conspiracy nut holozine, in which case you may want to remain anonymous.)

    Most importantly, have fun and surprise us! As a Galactic Correspondent, you may be covering the main plot events, but also tiny background details. Tell us about Sebulba’s lunch in the Mos Espa market cantina for Galactic Wining and Dining, or about Nute Gunray’s love life for Cato Neimoidia Today! Nothing is off-limits as long as you stick to canon/Legends and don’t go AU.

    Reviews are of course most welcome :)

    The sock is managed by Chyntuck and Nyota's Heart.
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    Feb 2, 2015
    List of prompts

    You will find behind the spoiler tag below the list of all the prompts for this thread, with the dates when they will be open. Each prompt includes one or more chapters of the TPM DVD. To avoid copyright infringement, we will be posting videos for only two prompts at a time, but you can refer to your DVD or the time marks if you want to plan ahead.

    The current prompt is:
    Prompt 10 – open from 15 to 30 June 2015
    DVD chapters 18-22: A Wager with Watto – Meet the Podracers – “Begin the Race” – Lap Two – Home Stretch (from 00:52:05 to 01:10:07)
    Click here to watch the video

    Prompt 1 – CLOSED
    DVD chapter 2: The Phantom Menace (from 00:00:21 to 00:01:53)

    Prompt 2 – CLOSED
    DVD chapter 3: Short Negotiations (from 00:01:53 to 00:07:55)

    Prompt 3 – CLOSED
    DVD chapters 4-5: Queen Amidala – Landing on Naboo (from 00:07:55 to 00:11:19)

    Prompt 4 – CLOSED
    DVD chapters 6-8: Jar Jar Binks – Otoh Gunga – Boss Nass (from 00:11:19 to 00:17:14)

    Prompt 5 – CLOSED
    DVD chapters 9-10: The Planet Core – Invasion of Theed (from 00:17:14 to 00:22:25)

    Prompt 6 – CLOSED
    DVD chapters 11-12: Surprise Rescue – Running the Blockade (from 00:22:25 to 00:29:33)

    Prompt 7 – CLOSED
    DVD chapters 13-14: Tatooine – Watto’s Shop (from 00:29:33 to 00:35:52)

    Prompt 8 – CLOSED
    DVD chapters 15-16: Fateful Meetings – Dinner Conversation (from 00:35:52 to 00:44:16)

    Prompt 9 – Closed
    DVD chapter 17: Preparing for the Race (from 00:44:16 to 00:52:05)

    Prompt 10 – open from 15 to 30 June 2015 – CURRENT
    DVD chapters 18-22: A Wager with Watto – Meet the Podracers – “Begin the Race” – Lap Two – Home Stretch (from 00:52:05 to 01:10:07)
    Click here to watch the video

    Prompt 11 – open from 01 to 15 July 2015Upcoming
    DVD chapters 23-25: Collecting the Prize – Choosing a New Path – Darth Maul Attacks (from 01:10:07 to 01:18:08)
    Click here to watch the video

    Prompt 12 – open from 16 to 31 July 2015
    DVD chapters 26-27: The Queen’s Worries – Arrival on Coruscant (from 01:18:08 to 01:24:18)

    Prompt 13 – open from 01 to 15 August 2015
    DVD chapters 28-29: The Jedi Council – Senate Session (from 01:24:18 to 01:29:55)

    Prompt 14 – open from 16 to 31 August 2015
    DVD chapters 30-32: Testing Anakin – Palpatine’s Nomination – Anakin’s Future (from 01:29:55 to 01:37:21)

    Prompt 15 – open from 01 to 14 September 2015
    DVD chapters 33-35: The Queen’s Gambit – A Pleas to the Gungans – Battle Plans (from 01:37:21 to 01:44:42)

    Prompt 16 – open from 15 to 30 September 2015
    DVD chapters 36-37: “Wipe Them Out” – Retaking the Palace (from 01:44:42 to 01:48:08)

    Prompt 17 – open from 01 to 15 October 2015
    DVD chapters 38-39: The Conflict Continues – Duel of the Fates (from 01:48:08 to 01:56:48)

    Prompt 18 – open from 16 to 31 October 2015
    DVD chapters 40-45: Gungan Retreat – Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul – Capturing the Viceroy – Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul – Control Ship Destroyed – A Sith Vanquished (from 01:56:48 to 02:05:15)

    Prompt 19 – open from 01 to 14 November 2015
    DVD chapters 46-47: Chancellor Palpatine Arrives – New Knight, New Apprentice (from 02:05:15 to 02:07:23)

    Prompt 20 – open from 15 to 30 November 2015
    DVD chapters 48-49: Farewell to a Jedi – Naboo Celebration (from 02:07:23 to 02:09:53)
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    Feb 2, 2015
    List of publications and journalists

    Remember, this is a list of suggested publications, but you can add your own! Just PM this sock with the details of your publication and journalist persona, and we’ll add it here.

    Unless otherwise specified, you may contribute to any of the publications listed below.

    Die Coruscanter Allgemeine – a serious, conservative newsflimsi whose lead article is signed “staff and agencies”
    Lead article written by Chyntuck​
    Interstellar Fashion Weekly – the Galaxy’s leading fashion holozine
    Written by SabyneAmberle as Farla Fraabhal​
    The Droid Tech Journal – a scholarly journal focusing on droid technology
    The Banking Times – a financial daily affiliated with the Inter-Galactic Banking Clan
    La Repubblica Galattica – a daily general-interest daily, usually fairly critical of the Chancellor and Senate regardless of their politics
    The Tatooine Suns – Tatooine’s local daily
    Written by Chyntuck as Het Nkik​
    The Gungan Inquirer – Otoh Gunga’s local daily
    Live holostream reports by Ewok Poet as Pollo Dorks.​
    Pollo Dorks is always open to collaborations, live debates with fellow journalists and interviews with prominent citizens of Naboo and beyond. :p
    The Daily Holonet – the print version of HoloNetNews
    La Galaxie Diplomatique – a monthly publication providing in-depth political analysis
    Galactic Wining and Dining – a monthly holozine dedicated to food and wine
    The Naboo Morning Mail – Naboo’s leading daily newsflimsi
    The Jedi Circular – expounding on the activities of Jedi teams on missions and at the Temple
    Written by Nyota’s Heart as journalist Calionna Farrell​
    Galactic Geographic - a semi-scientific weekly discussing the many wonders of the Galaxy
    Cover photoshopped by Chyntuck, readers' letters written by Ewok Poet​
    Neimoidian News - Cato Neimoidia’s pro-government, pro-Trade Federation newsflimsi
    Written by skygawker as Mira Tymone​
    Cato Neimoidia Today! - Cato Neimoidia’s main opposition newsflimsi
    Galaxy Watch - a lunatic, conspiracy nut sludgenews newsflimsi
    Written and occasionally photoshopped by Chyntuck​
    The Judicial Record - in-house publication of the Judicial Department, also available to the wider public upon subscription
    Note: written by Goodwood as Almonin deSait-Exubre​
    Corellia University Student Press - university holozine that has multiple sections; the writers are all students
    Written by Kahara as Anthee Zethiafor.​
    Everyone is welcome to join and you can even borrow Kahara's persona :)
    Crevasse City Communal Post-alert (CCCP) - AI/programme for the citywide feed covering a wide variety of items that would interest those living in Crevasse City
    Written by Viridian-Maiden - please PM her before contributing so she can give you the code.​
    Juicy Blabber - the celebrity session of Lightyear Holo
    Written by Ewok Poet as Yilda Lami​
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    Feb 2, 2015
    And it’s away! Prompt 1 is up as of right now until 14 February 2015 (DVD chapter 2: The Phantom Menace -- from 00:00:21 to 00:01:53). Remember to include the following information in your post:
    Publication title: (e.g. Awesome Newspaper)
    Article title: (e.g. “Funny or not-so-funny title”)
    By-line (e.g. “by Fareed Blitzer-Kristof in Coruscant”)
    ... and whatever else you think is relevant.
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    Jul 11, 2014
    From the front page of Die Coruscanter Allgemeine

    Staff and agencies

    The Galactic Senate remains bogged down in endless debates as reports indicate that the Trade Federation launched this morning a blockade of the Mid-Rim planet of Naboo to protest Chancellor Valorum’s plans for taxation of trade routes to outlying systems of the Republic. The Chancellor has convened an emergency session of the Senate to discuss this unexpected move and seek a way out of the current impasse.

    It is widely assumed that the Chancellor’s purpose in introducing this piece of legislation was to weaken Neimoidian influence in galactic politics while recouping funds for his cash-starved central administration. The outcome of the Trade Federation blockade cannot yet be assessed; however, Naboo being one of the Galaxy’s major exporters of plasma, it is clear that (continued on page 3)
  6. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    The Jedi Circular
    A Mission Begins

    by Calionna Farrell

    The Jedi Council unanimously decided to send the most adaptable & resourceful team, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to the crisis at Naboo. This team is known for their stream-lined teamwork, flexibility and adaptability with the unexpected. (Jinn is the diplomatic one, and Obi-Wan... the bold one.) Both these complementary frames of reference wil be needed, according to Masters Windu & Yoda. The Council is, naturally, tight-lipped about what (if any) hints the Force is giving as to the outcome of this venture.

    We can only hope that Jinn & Kenobi will not need the ministrations of the Healers... again.
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    Mar 3, 2001
    From the Entertainment Section of Corellia University Student Press

    by Anthee Zethiafor

    Time for a catch-up on one of our favorite holofilmed reality shows here at the Holodrama and Multimedia Entertainment Appreciation Society. Now running for 27 full seasons and one in-progress, May the Best Flunky Win has enjoyed great success. This is in keeping with the marketing strengths of its main sponsor and host: the Trade Federation. (Side note: long-time Appreciation Society member Ra’yolta’ther asked me to inform you that it is through his intervention that you are not reading about “another monotonous Dolomar art film where unlikeable people start to grow lace and ribbons out their noses, and yet nobody notices.”)

    The show follows real-time holovid footage of two opposing teams of business-beings in training as they compete against the opposing team, and each other, to win the ultimate prize of an advanced position in the Federation. The exact job opening in question varies every season, depending on where an opening can be found. With the high rates of food poisoning and death by falling gargantu-accordion strikes in the upper levels of the Trade Federation, they will probably never run out of such opportunities.

    One of the qualities that make this show either addictive or annoying depending on your view is the playful attitude of the participants towards the reality element of reality holovision. Actor/business-being Axel Ottle has become known for his favorite catchphrase: “Not that door!” His realistic acting of sheer panic when the show’s teams stumble across supposedly secretive events behind the scenes is a work of art – although one that has begun to wear on some viewers.

    Appreciation Society member Hikrawas calls the Nemoidian’s antics “mind-numbing” and furthermore threatens to inflict bodily harm on the next individual who assumes that they share a species. Another of our guests who wishes to remain anonymous commented that the scene from last week where a “battle droid” – very cleverly constructed to resemble those from recent conspiracy theories of the Federation bringing an invasion force to the blockade of Naboo – wanders into the room (“Uh oh. Pardon me. Bye!”) is really not very amusing to those from nearby systems who have been affected by the restriction of the hyperspace lanes.

    In any case, where the show really shines is in the cleverness and frantic pacing of the challenges that multiply each week. Most require both teamwork and the ability to evaluate when turning on one’s teammates is more beneficial. The team dynamics and the twisted, charismatic yet often deeply sinister psyches of the fresh-faced trainees really make the snack-while-watching qualities of Flunky.

    This season’s players belong to Team Gundark and Team Kreehawk (continued on page 7)
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    May 25, 2014
    On page 6 of Nemoidian News:

    Op-ed by Mira Tymone

    After months of failing to respond to Trade Federation protests against the new taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems, unjust taxes which have greatly impacted the economy ever since they were imposed, the Republic has finally deigned to send ambassadors to meet with Trade Federation representatives thanks to the bold actions of Viceroy Gunray. As a protest against these unfair burdens on free trade, Gunray is currently overseeing a blockade of the planet of Naboo. All shipping has been stopped to the planet - an example of what might be the inevitable end of the slippery slope this galaxy might be headed down, should the people's right to trade freely continue to be impinged upon!

    Over a month into the blockade, it appears that the Senate has finally realized that they cannot afford to ignore our cries any longer. Gunray's courageous and dramatic actions have forced their hand, and reports reveal that two ambassadors have been dispatched to speak with the Viceroy. While there has been no word yet on who these ambassadors may be, one can only hope that they will be beings capable of listening to reason. If so, it is entirely possible that the matter will soon be resolved - and that the Republic will rescind the outrageous burden on galactic trade before irreparable damage is done to our economy.
  9. Goodwood

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    May 11, 2011
    From page three of The Judicial Record, intended for internal circulation only:

    by Almonin deSait-Exubre

    Some time ago the Trade Federation conducted a series of upgrades to its trade and protection fleet, beginning in the years following the Stark Combine incidents, in an effort to vouchsafe their cargoes in the wake of rising pirate activities in the Outlier regions. Analysis of these trends reveals that they were pushed rapidly forward as political tensions have risen in recent months, such that more and more of the Federation's Lucrehulk-class freighters can now be compared by the less-informed to "battleships"—a term which this author stresses is in no way an earned one. Recent information has put to rest speculation on the armaments, defenses and compliments boasted by these vessels, however these same reports have also revealed glaring weaknesses of design and usage.


    The Lucrehulk-class battleship—again, this is the nomenclature used by the Neimoidians themselves and not indicative of true power—is large, armed with anti-ship and anti-fighter laser batteries, and houses up to a thousand droid starfighters and upwards of ten thousand battle droids and associated landing and support craft. Each of these warships were converted from freighters, and as such they do not possess the same quality of design as purpose-built military craft. The Federation's capital ships are defended by ray and particle shields, though due to structural limitations they are not as strong as they might be. Therefore, it has been determined that despite being more than five times as large as the Dreadnought-class heavy cruiser, in a stand-up fight it will take only a three-to-one positive ratio to defeat such a battleship.

    Their starfighters are a non-issue in such an engagement, as they are only armed with paired laser cannons; it would take all of them operating in concert to threaten the shield integrity of a single Dreadnought. This should be taken as an imperative to close with such a vessel with all haste, as the placement of their weaponry leaves sizable gaps in their zones of defense. Your commanding officer will have been briefed appropriately, and will know what to do if your vessel is forced to engage with a Federation battleship; trust in him or her to know what you are up against even if you do not trust this author's words.

    The developing crisis may well prove these numbers correct, however news of a recent dispatch of Republic ambassadors to the Federation fleet in orbit of Naboo has at least temporarily calmed the situation. This should not put you off your guard, friend. The Federation has shown themselves to be ruthless before, and though the Neimoidians themselves may not have the stomach for a protracted conflict, they are known to employ impetuous punitive measures up to and including the violent seizure of "delinquent properties." This author regrets to say that this is merely a euphemism for annexation of territory up to and including entire star systems, under which the Federation places its own laws and authority.

    May the Force be with you.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Super duper contributions Kahara, Poet, and Goodwood! Each was spot-on with regards to tone and content. Great detailing and commentary. =D= =D= This is revving up to be oodles of fun! ;)
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    Jul 31, 2014
    You meant skygawker, not me. ;)
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh, guys, these are just golden! [face_laugh] Made my morning already. From the funny "reporters' names" to the whole range of possible "journalistic" tones, super work turning the meh-est of the prequel films into something really super fun. =D=

    I love the concept of a "gargantu-accordion." :D

    You guys are inspiring—I'll have to turn over some possible contributions in my mind. I'm glad to see they can be short if needed. [face_thinking]
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    Jul 31, 2014
    [live holostream]






    [live holostream interrupted]

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    Jul 11, 2014
    So. I open this thread to read and review the entries so far, and the first thing I see is Ewok Poet 's entry for The Gungan Inquirer Holonet edition ^^^ [face_rofl] (I added you to the index btw)

    Nyota's Heart I loved the slightly gossipy, "we love you but be careful" tone of the Jedi Circular :)

    Kahara Long-time Appreciation Society members making snarky comments? Falling gargantu-accordion strikes?!?!? Conspiracy theories of the Federation bringing an invasion force to the blockade of Naboo? I like! [face_laugh]

    @skygawker You never told me that you could read Greek! That's exactly what our pro-government newspapers sounded like... until the elections :p

    @Goodwood This is just so perfectly the tone I imagine for a Judicial department publication! I loved the technical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Federation battleships, as well as the "this author regrets to say" political snark [face_tee_hee] against the Trade Federation.
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    Jul 31, 2014
    You can also add that Pollo is always willing to work with another Gungan reporter, interview whoever is present or have a live debate with other journalists. :D In-character personas and OCs from this era would make for good collabs.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Yup, I meant skygawker above because Ewok Poet -- I seriously do not think there could be anything as funny and as Gungan-perfect as that! [face_rofl] [face_rofl] =D= =D=
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    May 11, 2011
    Ewok Poet It's even funnier because "pollo" is Spanish for "chicken." ;)
  18. Viridian-Maiden

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    Aug 14, 2013
    Uggg.....I need to get in on this...too much to do! This is awesome.
  19. Goodwood

    Goodwood Jedi Master star 5

    May 11, 2011
    Welcome aboard!

    There's no need for formalities (yet, haha! [face_laugh]), just pick a publication and run with it!
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    Sep 16, 2004
    Page 2 of Interstellar Fashion Weekly, the Galaxy's best source for celebrity and fashion gossip.

    Farla Fraabhal, Senior Celebrity and Fashion Writer

    Hello, readers! Farla Fraabhal here, your fearless investigator of the glitzy and glamorous. I do apologize for the tardiness of this article, but you would not believe the mess I had to endure to get this scoop here in my lovely office on Coruscant! So, here's the scoop. I sent one of my eager young assistants to Naboo in the hopes of obtaining an interview with the fabulous Queen Amidala. Can you all imagine what an honor that would be? I don't know what would be more fabulous, an interview with Her Majesty, or a chance to see the rainbow of gowns she must own. I've fielded reports from so many sources about those gowns; the silks and jewels she dresses herself in are supposedly to die for!

    As you can all imagine, dear readers, that interview never panned out. We had all the arrangements finalized when what should happen? A blockade! I'll tell you, readers, the timing of this could not have been worse. My poor, poor assistants have been stuck on that planet for the last five months, with no way home! I told them they should stay on that planet and relay as much information to me as possible...and of course, try to get as many photos of Her Majesty as they could. Can't have a celebrity and fashion column without celebrities or fashion, now can you? I'm still waiting in giddy anticipation for those photos to download so I can add them to an upcoming column. Seeing the new Queen of Naboo in all her finery is a new favorite pasttime of mine!

    So, five months since that terrible day, I receive even more bad news from my assistants. Now, there's an invasion going on. Unbelievable! Being an elite member of the press, I had heard of rumblings between the Senate and the Trade Federation over taxation or somesuch, but I never imagined things would escalate into all-out conflict. Both sides ought to be ashamed of their behavior! Now, I heard the Senate secretly sent a couple ambassadors to try and fix things between them and the Trade Federation. Seems they sure did a lot of good, didn't they?

    Well, I hope my assistants make it through this messy 'invasion' business. But I'm not too worried even if they don't. All I have to do is walk through Coruscant's Entertainment district and offer a few bright-eyed youngsters the chance to intern with the great Farla Fraabhal. They'll fall all over themselves for the chance to rub elbows with celebrities. Assuming they do survive this mess, I'll pass along any and all celebrity gossip and fashion news my assistants are able to transmit to me direct from the streets of Theed itself.

    Be sure to read tomorrow's column, dear readers! I'll be talking to the all-Sullustan cast of the new opera opening here on Coruscant tomorrow night, straight from the red carpet. I've never talked with Sullustans before, so this should be a real treat! And just you all wait for next week's exclusive sneak peek of Coruscant Fashion Week. I can't wait to see all the latest designs parading down that runway. It's better than my lifeday!

    Until tomorrow, dear readers. Ta-Ta!
  21. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Sabyne, that was a hoot! I could just! imagine she's the type that would literally talk your ear off and never let you finish a sentence before saying something like: "Oh that reminds me! You'll never guess!" [face_rofl] =D=
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  22. Viridian-Maiden

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    Aug 14, 2013
    Crevasse City Communal Post-alert (CCCP):

    {}Notices>>> X - Vaporator 12 mal. alert, 30-hr cleartime | N bridge lx10 - Droid traffic excepting PO models restricted pending magna-lock maintenance | {}House Alderaan>>> HRH Breha & Prince Bail Organa Celebrate Residence | 2-day Holiday Declared to Mark {}News>>> Anonymous Astromech found in Lx13 Planthouse Sent to Aldera U. Robotics Dept. | CCCP Datasort Protocol Update Proposals Now on Filenet | Lev-rails Increased to and from Aldera to Accommodate Celebration Travel | Senate Core Contingency Continues Filibuster of Rim Worlds in Taxation Debate | {}Sen. Antilles Voting>>> Trade Fed. Droid Enhancement Measure !4 - | Senate Holonet Relations !2 - | Trafficking Rehabilitations /in abs. | Special Prosecutor Appointment + {}Natalis>>> Triya Antilles Maxima lx5 | Jad Antilles Maxima lx5 | Chani Qel-Lonta lx36 | {}Mortis>>> Sunrider lx7 | Antilles lx4 | Kiliiqliik lx28 | {}Events >>> Collegium Oration Finals; Topic: Core-world Roles in Reg. of Gal. Trade Taxs., Mstrss Rieila Cortess, Deara Antilles, Summer’Rain Thul-Rist versus. | Inghen Theosophic: lx15 N Sanctum post-chimes Beg. & Int. w Adv. Indiv. Instruction following, yrs. 9+only | Aldera U. Student Forum, chime 3, Crispin’s Holo-caf @1days&. Applicants Welcome | CCCP Protocol Update Hearing, lx20 Gathering, post Sunrise-chime @4days&. {}Publicized >>> Maxima-Antilles Circle Ceremony - off. Raymus Maxima, Inghen superv. | Citywide Silver-light for H&HRH Antilles-Organa Residence Celebrated @2days&., Fireworks post-chimes. |
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    Mar 27, 2005
    What a great concept, and loving the responses so far! I might finally understand what the whole Naboo blockade was actually about :p
  24. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    SabyneAmberle I laughed my socks off from the "fearless investigator of the glitzy and glamorous" bit until the end. You've got quite a character there, and I can only imagine what you'll come up with for future prompts. Padmé in peasant dress seen by Farla is going to be quite something [face_laugh]

    Viridian-Maiden That automated feed is such a brilliant concept! I love how you slipped in-between local news items the tidbit about the senate and Senator Antilles's vote. I'll be reading carefully your next posts to find the juicy detail every time :)
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    Jul 11, 2014