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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Corellian_Outrider , Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    Welcome to the Galaxy at War: Episode V: Emergence

    Games Managers: Pashatemur / Corellian_Outrider

    For those who came in late

    Unlearn what you have known about the war. The Clone War did not end, but waged long after that day... That day Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had declared himself Emperor... That day the Republic was reformed into an Empire. For all his craft and cunning, Sidious did not account for the drive and tenacity of the war machine he built and its leader, General Grievous. Shrewd and calculating, the Kaleesh warlord was prepared for Sidious’ betrayal and struck a coup of his own and lead the Confederacy against the “new order”.

    The molten planet of Mustafar, too, “conspired” against the Sith Lord’s grand design and erupted, violently separating Master and Apprentice and the fateful duel ended prematurely. As the war dragged on, there are those that are disillusioned by the Empire’s methods wish to see the Republic restored. The Clone War ravaged the galaxy for seven more years… until now.

    A long time ago in a galaxy far,
    far away…
    Episode V

    The Clone Wars is over! The final stronghold of the Separatist had been reduced to rubble as Imperial forces occupy the world of Kalee. The remnants of the Separatist are now scattered to the wind.

    Victory was not without cost as Emperor Palpatine had been slain in battle. With the Imperial throne of power vacant, Darth Vader has assumed leadership of the Empire as the new Emperor. However there are others who conspire to take the throne for themselves.

    Darth Vader returned to Coruscant to address the Senate about the new direction of the government. To commemorate the new leadership, a formal Reception will be held that evening and all are invited to attend.

    Rules and Guidelines

    To join, all Character Sheets (CS) and a rough draft/outline of the opening post must be submitted to the GM via PM for approval. Once approved, you may start posting.

    Returning players, please have a brief synopsis of recent events to accompany your updated character sheets.

    Here is an overview of the rules. More in-depth details will be provided in the Library thread.
    • No short hand
    • No God-Modding
    • Permission before statements
    • No creation or assuming of super technologies beyond the scope of character
    • Disputes to be resolved diplomatically
    • Allow common sense guide your actions
    • OOCs to a minimum
    • Power of play transferred if unavailability
    • Please follow the Terms of Service
    • Enjoy yourselves and have fun
    Character Sheet template:

    A short and long form of the Character Sheet Template is provided belong. Long form is helpful with developing the character. Some like to spend some time with the character to discover the specifics of them so the short form might be suited to that. A variation of the two are fine as well.

    CS Short Form

    CS Long Form
    Home world:
    ---Skin Color:
    ---Hair Color:
    ---Eye Color:
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details:
    ---Hyper drive Class:
    ---Sub light Speed:
    ---Max Cargo (kg):
    ---Interior Description:
    ---Other Details:
    The Force
    ---Light saber
    -----Handle Description(s):
    ---Force Abilities:
    ---Force Weakness:
    ---Other Force Object(s):
    ---Personal History:
    ---Military History:
    ---Traumatic Experiences:

    Important Links

    The OOC Thread:
    Any questions or discussions about the game can be done here.

    The Library Thread:
    More in-depth information for the series will be provided in here. It will be updated regularly.

    Have fun and happy writing everyone! May the Force be with you!
  2. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    GM Approved


    Name: duchess Jori Atreides
    --Age: 27
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Color: Bluish-grey
    ------Hair Color and Style: Blond
    -------Skin Complexion: Caucasian
    --------Clothing: Has a very large wardrobe of different clothes
    ---------Physique: 1.68 m high, beautiful and slender body
    ----------Personality: possessive, arrogant, intelligent, sometimes hypocritical, passionate, calculating
    -----------Quirks: trying to achieve her goals with any means necessary; has a strange illness; genetically modified to age slower and reach the age of 200; also modified to resist most poisons; loves playing the violin and gardening; craves experiencing normal life; doesn’t like being served and tries to do as many things herself as possible
    ------------Force Sensitive: No

    Personal Ship: she can commandeer every ship in the Union’s navy

    Born in the noble ruling house of the Union of the Great Houses, Jori was a special child not only to her family but to the rest of the Union. She bore the genes of every other house as part of a several century old project to create the perfect leader. So her childhood was designed so that the young Jori be prepared for the time when she will have to rule over the Union. During these years she befriended an outsider girl – Dennii Sunwalker. A Jedi Padawan who came with the Lightbringer, another Jedi who was Jori’s father best friend. Also at that time another girl was presented to her – Alia. She was the daughter of one of the handmaidens of the duchess Atreides-Corrino. The three formed a tight bond throughout the years until Alia was found to have the required abilities to become a Truthsaying Sister. Since then Jori believed her friend betrayed her by going to become one of the witches. One morning she was visited by her “crazy” aunt who wanted to protect her from the Sisterhood. Soon after Alia and Dennii left Kaladan, her mother was killed in one of the numerous attempts on the lives of the ruling family, which was orchestrated by her grandmother, who was banished afterwards. It was a bitter lesson on the harsh realities of the Union. Several years passed until the Sisterhood wanted that Jori to come on Wallach for further study from their behalf. There she had to endure a painful procedure that triggered something in her. Something sinister in her subconscious there was something in her genetic memories. Soon afterwards the whispers came, which identified themselves as the three ancient kings – Omnius, Khaine and Sigmar. There was only one positive outcome from the procedures – elongated life. Afterwards the young girl started exhibiting some strange quirks. She seemed to become more and more coldhearted and cruel with her peers.

    For a time her father managed to contain her, though he was unsure about her activities, as she seemed to disappear quite often. She and Dennii were running away from the Castle so that Jori could experience “normal life”. Their escapades were eventually discovered and the princess reached an agreement with her father to use adaptive masks and to be accompanied by CSS agents for protection also posing as normal people. Her father made her take up self defense classes and a tutor was presented in the face of Kal Jericho, who was actually a Death Cult Assassin. He was sent by the CSS to train her and to introduce her to the secret war that had been waged in the Union for centuries - the one against the secret cabal known as the Enlightened. At that point he believed that his daughter was occupied with her boyfriend – Erast Fandorin. Due to her strong intellect she was able to enroll in secret in Kala City University where she met Professor Eldanesh, who was actually an outsider xenos masquerading as a human. One day he revealed himself to her saying that he was collaborating with the CSS to stop the Enlightened. He became her personal tutor and advisor in the clandestine matters as well as the matters of state. While in the University she met her future aide Amberley Vail, who was also recommended by Eldanesh so soon after her graduation she received a job offer to become the personal assistant to the Princess, a dream job for a lot of people in the Union. She later also took part in Jori’s out of the Castle escapades and became a sort of a friend to her.

    She was forced to break up with Erast Fandorin as her father arranged an engagement with the son of his arch-nemesis the Baron Ordonnen. At that time she was 17 years old and she and Valerius were to be married on her 18th birthday. Jori hated the boy and her reciprocated that feeling but they maintained the facade of reconciliation until one day he disappeared. A terrorist group claimed responsibility for his kidnapping forcing his father to start a costly war which almost bled his House dry. But that was to no avail as Valerius turned up dead. The grief stricken father blamed Jori’s father and swore that he will avenge that death. This prompted the duke to look for suitable candidates from the outside, but this was a process which would require more time and negotiations. Jori protected her secrets quite skillfully. Growing up closely with Dennii their affections towards each other grew and for a time they were involved romantically.

    The rest of the Galaxy was in turmoil due to the ongoing Clone Wars. In the meantime she discovered an underground movement of dissatisfied with the status quo people. It was a big revelation for her that not every citizen liked the rulers. Jori heard little of her friend – Dennii as the young Jedi Padawan was sent across the stars on diplomatic missions with her Master. But war came home and during the third year of the conflict the Confederacy invaded the Union. During the battle for Kaladan Jori was reunited with Dennii as the Jedi was trying to protect her and her father from General Grievous. It was then when the Lightbringer was presumed to have died during a duel with the cyborg General. When the situation seemed hopeless reinforcements arrived and the CIS invasion was stopped. Jori took an active role in the restoration and humanitarian efforts. She also started creating her own power base.

    Somewhere around this time Jori offered her father that House Atreides should adopt Dennii as she had expressed her wishes to leave the Jedi Order for good. The Union renewed its isolationist policy for some time until Jori’s father decided to find a husband for his daughter. Leto III was a ruler who supported the idea for opening the Union for the outsiders so he and Jori traveled to Ursa system to consult with Lord Vader about a potential candidate. Unfortunately for them the visit did not give the results expected and they had to go back to the Union. Upon their arrival on Kaladan, Leto’s good friend the Lightbringer awoke from his state of coma that he had fallen into from the duel with General Grievous. Some time passed afterwards and it is not clear what Jori’s activities were during this period. At a point two outsiders somehow managed to arrive on the capitol of the Union, much to the shock of the defense force. The princess played the good hostess tending to the needs of the guests offering them to show them around Atreus City or also known as Kala city. While they were traveling towards the Union Museum they were ambushed by mercenaries who were ordered by Baron Ordonnen to assassinate her and the duke. Their task was half- successful, only Leto III was killed.

    It was then, when her quick rise to power began. She inherited the Golden Eagle Throne and quickly punished the traitorous baron. Afterwards, with a relatively small entourage left for the Ursa system to open negotiations with the Empire. Since the Union’s outsider contractors were reluctant to do business with them since the Union was not recognized by the new order. The negotiations didn’t go as planned and no treaty was signed, only promises for a future meeting were made. Meanwhile the archduke Moritani had made a plot to assassinate Jori’s cousin. As a token of goodwill Jori sent her cousin Lawson Atreides to become an ensign in the Imperial Navy. But in his first training with his new squadron they were attacked by Ordonnen pirates. The traitors were interrogated by the truthsayer sister Alia who uncovered who was behind the plot – Lawson’s grandfather archduke Moritani. Jori departed back to Union space promising Vader to send the “criminal” to him. The Lightbringer later known as the Truthsayer went to Naboo to seek the parents of his former apprentice – Dennii Sunwalker. The duchess left behind as observers of the final battles of the Clone Wars and the end of the CIS Lord Admiral James Xavier – who was stationed on-board the VenSD “Roadblock” and helped the captain with some advice; truthsayer sister Alia on-board Vader’s flagship.

    Back on Kaladan, Jori decided to take a couple of days leave and spend the time in her family’s island villa. While swimming in the ocean a strange vessel appeared out of thin air and crashed in the water. Soon after that a body washed out. With the help of the guards and staff they managed to resuscitate him. He revealed that he was called Rowan Halcyon, like the historical figure from the Union’s past. Jori was attracted by him as they had dinner. After that she went outside to play the violin and an unknown force destroyed the aircraft carrier which was stationed near the island for protection. Her guest had disappeared as well. The CSS director Aurelius informed her that he might be actually the Rowan Halcyon from the past, which created a lot of confusion in her as she was lead to know that time travel was impossible so there was a larger conspiracy afoot.

    While on the island she had a set of falsified documents implicating her in the plot to kill her cousin Lawson. Back in Castle Kaladan she received disturbing news about her Lord Adviser, who was in severe trouble on Naboo. Due to the incompetence of the pilots of the shuttle “Aquila” they were detained because they had violated the law by taking off while Code Yellow was issued. So the plan of the Lord Adviser to bring Dennii's parents to her was foiled. So he was asked to leave the planet and he did that but remained at the rim of the system. It was then when the Naboo Queen revealed in open channel that he is actually a Jedi and a chase begun. But before that the duchess Atreides offered the Naboo to pay them a visit, she intended to follow the old man's instructions to bring Dennii to her parents. The young woman used as a pretext to start diplomatic relations. But before she embarked on this journey a precedent occurred in the Union, she was elected as a leader of the House Ultima. While in the session of the Administratum (the Union's Senate) she issued the arrest of the archduke Moritani. Her intent was after the visit on Naboo she intended to head towards Coruscant to start the formal negotiations with Lord Vader and to sign a treaty. Being overly paranoid and mistrustful for the "outsiders" Admiral Helena Xavier (the sister of the Lord Admiral) issued that the duchess' convoy to consist of a larger number of battleships. This caused a lot of trouble as they hadn't coordinated the journey with the Imperials so the small fleet was interdicted in Derra system by an Imperial fleet.

    The situation in Derra system was worsening by the minute, there was a danger that war could start from this incident. Luckily sister Alia on Coruscant was able to talk with Vader about the situation and he made contact. The duchess went for the second time on-board the Imperial Star Destroyer under the command of Admiral Veroti, accompanied by representatives of the Ruling Council from the Union. Finally they had jumped into hyperspace heading towards Coruscant. While en route she got close with the Admiral as they were engaged in discussions regarding the Union and the current situation. She was informed that her personal guard and the Warmaster who were accompanying her won’t be allowed to meet with the Emperor, so she outmanoeuvred the rest of the Ruling Council and took their voting rights for herself to the displeasure of the Mother Superior and the Grand Inquisitor. When she arrived on Coruscant she was appointed a room in the Ursean embassy.

    --Military History: several assassination attempts, the battle for Kaladan
    ---Traumatic Experiences: the death of her mother, the awakening of her genetic memory, death of her father
  3. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Princess Jori Atreides, Director Aurelius, Valerius Ordonnen, Eldanesh

    Undisclosed location within the Union of the Great Houses, a couple of months before the First Battle of Geonosis

    I look inside myself and I see my heart is black
    • Jori Atreides’ Personal Journal

    A nondescript speeder stopped in front of a house outside the city of Kalypso in the middle of the night. The lights from the skyscrapers were visible from the distance providing a glowing halo. The house was nothing special, the architecture was similar to the ones in the region, a regular family home a bit to the side of the main roads. A girl in her late teens disembarked the speeder and was met by a middle aged gentleman who greeted her warmly as she was his niece coming to visit him from Kaitain. At least that is what a person from the side would hear. They exchanged some pleasantries and he picked up her luggage.

    Once inside things changed the man became distant and stood in attention as the girl peeled off her face revealing the features of the seventeen years old princess Jori Atreides. A rather skinny girl, who showed the first “symptoms” of the beautiful woman she would soon become. She was on the planet Tyran for a visit at the headquarters of the Committee for State Security, at least that was the official reason. The true objective was that she wanted to see the interrogation of her Ordonnen fiancee, whom she had imprisoned several months ago because he was a member of the secret cabal called the Enlightened. Ever since their existence had been revealed to her last year she had been trying to learn everything possible about that group. Then her father told her that she was to be engaged to Valerius Ordonnen, the sole heir of their arch-nemesis, as a way to start the long postponed reconciliation process between the two houses. It seems though that he didn't knew that young Valerius was part of the conspiracy. The CSS and some other organisations were on her side, they had been grooming her for the day when she was going to take the power. That was why the Enlightened suggested that marriage to hinder her ascension.

    The man lead her downstairs to the “basement” which was a long corridor leading to an underground bunker. That was where they held the young man. Of course officially a separatist group took the blame and the grief stricken baron Ordonnen did what she and her people expected he would do, he started a costly military campaign with dubious results. He started sending the family wealth so they started opening newer and newer fronts thus prompting him impoverish his people and to cause inner strife and discord. The idea was to destroy the House at last, one less rival on her way to power. The Corrinos supported her, the Moritanis were ambivalent so they would need to be convinced or they too would suffer the same fate.

    Her thoughts trailed towards Dennii, who remained on Kaladan. She listened to Director Aurelius and started grooming her for a potential spy within the Jedi Order. Jori truly cared for her friend but the wellbeing of the Union was paramount and there was no place for such sentimentality. For the last few months she had started working on excising all emotions and ties that could hinder her rule. An extremely difficult task for a lonely teenager such as her, but the princess had a very well developed sense of duty and personal destiny. It had been instilled in her that she will be the embodiment of the Union’s power and will, so she would need to transcend her humanity. With the help of the director and other people she started manipulating Dennii, which was painful to do, using her need to belong somewhere, using and twisting her weaknesses in her character. Dennii was a good girl, a bit naive and not very bright but she was her only true friend. At first it was sickening doing that to her, but it was something which needed to be done. Hopefully Dennii would understand and forgive her someday.

    The corridor was empty and brightly lit. The only sounds that could be heard were the electric hum of the lights and the clacking of her heels on the tiled floor. She reached the bunker door and it slid with a hiss as the person inside scanned her and verified her identity. It lead to a branching corridor. A CSS agent showed her the way to a room where Director Aurelius and the alien outsider known as Eldanesh were waiting. The alien was of the Loraine’s species, an alien race of near humans with long ears and extended lifespans. No one actually knows anything about them, but they had visited the Union numerous times for unknown reasons.

    Their species were on the “exception list” and were not considered as “filthy xenos” due to the fact that Loraine was of that species. The Bene Gesserit considered them divine for that reason. Besides you could mistake them for a human quite easily if they covered their ears. Another thing in their favor was their physical beauty, which was aesthetically pleasing for anyone in the Union. Also you can’t hate the race that started one of the most important orders in the Union, which shaped in part the current ideology and looked for impurities within the society. The flexible morality was also useful and using apt obfuscation techniques you can shove ideas down the throats of the masses. After all they had been conditioned who and what to hate without any question. So some aliens and outsiders are hated others are not.

    This was something that made the CSS and the Inquisition very uneasy as the implication was that the Union could be infiltrated by xenos and its development could be steered. The only ones that welcomed this were the Bene Gesserit as Loraine, their founder, was of the same species which made them almost divine in their eyes.

    For now Eldanesh and the Director had an uneasy alliance against the Enlightened. Jori remembered the day she had been introduced to him. He was masquerading as a professor in Kala City University and one she was brought to him. His motivation was something of a mystery and Jori was wondering why the CSS even tolerated listening to him. It seems that this struggle against the Enlightened had been going on for longer than anyone admitted. Jori was worried about the reasons of her “helpers” and “mentors” might not align as no one cared to reveal their own motivations to fight this cancer in the Union’s body. She would need to use the resources that were provided to her but not fully commit to their cause and to keep them at arm's length as they were equally dangerous. In her young age she had found that not everything was as it appears. But she had a duty towards her people, they needed someone to unite and lead them in these turbulent times. But the princess needed to learn and play the part of the good daughter, for now...

    Both men stood up to greet her.

    “Princess...” started the Director.

    Jori stopped him “Spare me the pleasantries...” she restrained herself from smiling as this was a phrase she had seen in a holomovie and always wanted to try it out. The Director did not seem unphased by her rudeness. She took a mental note not to abuse it as some people might not take it well despite her position.

    “Your Highness, I am glad that you could make it.” said the xenos with his deep and silky voice.

    “Is...” she paused to take a breath as the thought of the prisoner flared her anger “Is this the place you are holding him?”

    The Director nodded “Yes, but I don’t think it is a good idea to see him.”

    “I think it is necessary for her to do so. She is to become the ruler of the Union...”

    “But she is just seventeen!” the Director interjected.

    “Unfortunately history is not waiting for her to grow up and she must see for herself as I can sense her doubts as her conviction of what we are doing here is faltering.”

    Jori felt anger flaring as she hated when someone tried to make a decision in her stead but said nothing as she did not trust herself not to make a fool out of herself.

    “Did… did he talk?” she managed to say instead, trying to change the subject slightly.

    The Director frowned for a moment as he thought what exactly to say “Despite his position in the Union, the boy did not know much that we didn’t already know.”

    “I need to speak with him...”

    “I advise against that Your Highness!” exclaimed the Director.

    Jori sighed “I understand, but I need to do it, I need to see my enemy and not cower behind your backs. I need to know they exist and that I am not just fighting ghosts.” Though she was sure that her fiancee could have been manipulated and forced to say what she expected of him, but she was hoping that somehow she would sense the truth. If only Dennii was here, she could use her psyker’s abilities and tell her, but Jori was sure her friend could not stomach what was done and would reveal everything to her father and to her Master.

    “You see Director, she is ready.” the xenos stepped in.

    “Before I go in I want to ask something about my friend… Dennii.” Jori paused “I gave her the books you supplied me, are you sure that she is strong enough to heal me? I heard her saying that her skills as a Jedi are considered subpar and that she was to be sent to what they call AgriCorps if it wasn’t for her Master...”

    Eldanesh smiled sardonically “Even Jedi can be wrong from time to time.” he paused “The Order as it is now is more concerned with midichlorian count and not in the person’s true potential. Dennii is strong and capable enough, but she will have to go through her personal journey but since you cannot predict the future precisely there are roughly three paths ahead of her, two of which will lead to unlocking her potential. The first one she will find someone who will guide her and love her, the second one is going through great suffering and strife and the third one is… well… death.” the last part hung in the air.

    “That is not… that is not very precise, isn’t it?” Jori could not hide her mistrust.

    “Unfortunately we live in the age of the Kwisatz Haderah, the Chosen One as the Jedi call him, for he had been found. His presence skewers my perception of the future. Besides sensing one’s path is never precise as it depends on one’s choices. These three options are a distilled version of how she could achieve her true potential. Of course she could find her own way or she may not even survive.” he shrugged, a very human gesture, which made it even more unnerving. “I truly hope that she will find happiness regardless of whether she will achieve it as she is such a sweet child and you...” he pointed at Jori “... You have been mistreating her, she is vulnerable enough as she is right now. You have a duty towards her as well, a deeper one as you are bound like sisters even if not related by blood. She will save you and you must save her.”

    “But...” Jori tried to interject, but he raised a hand.

    “No buts, find it in yourself to love her, this is what she needs. She is like a flower, you are a gardener, are you not?” he smiled warmly “She is a delicate flower that requires only one thing - love. When she blossoms it will be a beautiful thing, she is not a warrior, but not all warriors are great. But be advised she does not need the false adulation that your people are willing to give, she needs the real thing. This will benefit you as well as it will provide you with a balance through the dark path that you must go and believe me you will go through such darkness and insanity, you must not allow it to destroy you.”

    “Why are you telling me this now?” she asked not masking her worry from her voice “Are… are you leaving?”

    The alien nodded “Yes, after we are done here I will be leaving, no one from my species will ever set foot in the Union in the near future. We have interfered for far too long. It is time for you to lead your people, but you have to steel yourself as the tests will be great and each more difficult than the previous one.”

    “That surely sounds ominous...” Jori murmured. “Very well then, I hope that you won’t leave without saying goodbye.”
    He smiled warmly again, but said nothing.

    “My “beloved fiancee” is expecting me, let’s not keep him waiting.” she did not hide her sarcasm.

    Jori then turned and left the room. The Director did not hide his concern “You realise she carries a gun, don’t you?”

    The xenos nodded “Yes, she will have to make her choice what she is going to do with it. Besides the boy won’t be the last of her victims.”

    “But she is seventeen years old!”

    “I am aware of that, but she is old enough to choose and then will have to learn to live with it...”

    “You people are insane...” murmured the Director.


    Jori entered into a brightly lit room, the setting was sterile - there was only a table with a couple of chairs. A male figure was sitting on one, there was a stench hanging inside, the smell of an unwashed body. The once handsome heir of House Ordonnen was now a beaten and almost reduced to a pulp figure. The CSS was not a particular fan of that House so they overdid some of the torture. His head was hanging as if resting, but when he heard the noise from her entering he stirred.

    “Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged… Or should I say the Eagle as you Atreides like to say?” he croaked. His voice raspy, but strong enough.

    Jori did not take the obvious bait and moved silently towards the empty chair opposite of her fiance. When she sat down she gave a tiny sardonic smile “Looking good I see. How are the spa procedures here at this fine establishment? I hear they are quite good...”

    “You will find out soon enough… little bird.” the Ordonnen spat.

    Jori’s ire was growing but she decided not to let him get under her skin.

    “Is that so?” she snickered “Your Enlightened friends will do that to me?”

    He snickered, which was an ugly and frightening sight “More likely your so called Allies would do that to you.” he paused “You know, they had great plans for you… At least that is what they told me. Still not too late to repent...”

    “You mean they had great plans how to use and manipulate me.” Jori stated flatly.

    “As opposed to what your so called allies are doing?” his voice was venomous.

    Jori stopped herself from wincing as this was very close to the mark. She always suspected that her people were not helping her out of the goodness of their hearts and at a certain points will make their demands. Or simply they were doing exactly the same thing as the Enlightened wanted to do - to shape her into a tool that they could use. She had decided to find a way to distance herself from both and hopefully they will destroy each other. Anyway Jori could not ally herself with a group in which the Mother Superior was a member, she just couldn’t stomach it.

    “I came to ask you just one thing… Why?” she changed the topic.

    He was still smiling with that gruesome visage, drool mixed with blood was dripping down his chin.

    “The short and simple answer is because of your House’s love of the Outsiders and the fact that you are going to sell us off to them...”

    His answer was cut short by her sardonic laughter.

    “This is the bantha poodoo that they have been feeding you?”

    He seemed unfazed, probably his conditioning was that strong or he truly believed this idiocy.

    “The Masters must not lower themselves to the level of the slaves...”

    Jori almost groaned, he had been conditioned or he was just mocking her? Did the CSS made him say all this? Maybe coming here was a mistake. She would not learn anything from this wretch. Jori was losing her patience, there was no worthwhile information that could be extracted. Probably because even before his kidnapping he was a complete idiot and a braggart and the Enlightened are smart enough as not to entrust him with vital information, hence the name of their group. Hopefully the CSS interrogators managed to squeeze some intelligence from him. Given the state that he was left probably quite a lot, though she guessed it did not entirely had to do with the secret society.

    “You know, we will be coming for her...”

    Jori frowned “For whom?”

    “For your outsider witch friend. She will pay and you will get to watch her suffer for your disloyalty...”

    Jori’s blood started to boil, no one threatened Dennii and went unpunished. No one. She caught her reflection on the two way mirror and saw her eyes turning red, the whispers in her mind increasing in intensity asking for blood. A throbbing headache started to form. Her mouth was going dry as she reached for where she had hidden the pistol. She had to destroy him, there was no other way. He was going to be executed either way, but now he made it personal. Probably that was the point, but Jori did not care, not anymore. Her fingers found the butt of the pistol then she slowly grabbed it and pulled it out. Jori stood up sharply and pointed it at Valerius’ face. He did not flinch, which confirmed her suspicion that it was what he wanted her to do. She had prepared a little speech for the occasion but now it felt pointless and dragging it needlessly. Her index finger squeezed the trigger… a brilliant flash and the stench of burnt flesh followed by the splash of gore as the shot exploded in his head blowing its back.

    Jori felt nauseous and the pistol clattered on the floor as she bent and threw up on the floor. The choice was made, she had done it… There was no turning back. Drool and pieces of food were running down her chin as her knees buckled and she fell on the floor next to the still warm vomit. Aurelius and another agent ran in the room to help her. She could hear the Director calming her down as he used a napkin to wipe her face telling her that they are going to take care of everything and that they will cover it up. But the cold realisation remained that she might have inadvertently doomed her family. Yes the Ordonnen had been dragged into a costly war with non-existent enemy but he will find out the truth so they will have to be ready. With this swift act she might have destroyed the Union as it was. Good…

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    Co-GM Approved

    Art created by Corellian_Outrider

    Name: Ahsoka Tano
    -Age: 23
    --Gender: Female
    ---Species: Togruta
    ----Eye Color: Azure
    -----Hair Color and Style: N/A
    ------Skin Complexion: Rubicund/rusty colour skin. White markings on her face. White montrals and lekku with bands of blue.
    -------Clothing: Wardrobe usually consists of light, non restricting clothing.
    -Jewellery: Decorative headdress. A white-gold necklace with a japor snippet carving pendant.
    --------Physique: 189 cm tall, agile, lithe, fast. Always keeps active and fit. Two montrals on the crown of her head and three lekku - chevron striped, hip length.
    ---------Personality: Passionate. Kind and compassionate. Quick to rush into situations. Eager to help others. Always testing herself to the extreme.
    ----------Quirks: Racing, flying, has a sweet tooth and proud of it.
    -----------Force Sensitive: Yes

    - Brief History:
    Born on Shili, Jedi Master Plo Koon discovered her force potential and took her back to the Jedi Temple. A bright student that never shirked her studies and always eager to learn more.

    During the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Master Yoda assigned Ahsoka as Anakin Skywalker's Padawan learner, hoping to reign in Skywalker's 'renegade' behaviour and to teach him how to let go. As each time spent with her Master, the more his personality rubbed off onto her.

    At the twilight of the Republic, Ahsoka was forced to go into exile. She eventually returned to her home planet, Shili, to fit in with the rest of her species. Because of her training as a Jedi and upbringing at the Temple, she had difficulty integrating with her people. After an unpleasant experience, she left Shili to search for a new place to fit in, while avoiding the Purge. She hope to make a new life of her own.

    A mechanic on Rendili spots her loitering around the spaceport, malnourished and no place to stay. Taking pity on her, he took her under his care, looked after her and got her a job to help him at the port repairing ships to earn a living. Ahsoka tries to adapt to the new lifestyle and to avoid the temptation to fall back on the olds ways.

    She stayed there for a couple of years though her time on Rendili drew to an end after several instances that happened over the course of a few days. A vision from the Force regarding her former Master about a hidden threat… then at work serviced a ship belonging to a former Jedi (and declined his offer to join him) and then that night encountered skirmish between a scoundrel and some hunters which forced her to board and pilot his ship out of there.

    The ship travelled to Ursa, where Ahsoka learnt the news about the attack on the Senate building on Coruscant and the injured state of her former Master. She parted company and raced to Coruscant fearing for his safety without regard for her own.

    Upon arriving, she honed onto his presence and lead her to the Ursean Embassy. She had complications to be admitted to see him by the staff and a scuffle with Quinlan Vos. Anakin intervened and she had mixed emotions upon seeing his injured state. Anakin granted her a room to stay in the embassy. She was not allowed to be present during the healing process but she felt the frayed edges of their bond rekindled and strengthen. Later that night, she climbed down to speak with him privately for the first time in years before exhaustion caught up with her and fell asleep.

    -- Military History: As a way to get more Jedi into the battlefield, Ahsoka was rushed through training from Youngling to Padawan. She was assigned as Skywalker's Padawan learner and participated on missions during the Clone Wars. She accompanied Master Skywalker and Master Kenobi on their tour of duty to restore order and bring peace back to the galaxy.

    --- Traumatic Experiences: Experiencing the harsh, gritty bloodshed of war. Leaving the Jedi Order after feeling compromised. Witnessed the attack on the Jedi and the end of her life as she knew it. Difficulty fitting in and urns to become part of something.

    Lightsaber: (Broken)
    -Lightsaber Blade Color: Emerald Adegan Crystal
    --Lightsaber Type: Single 1.4 metre long blade
    ---Hilt Description: 30 cm long, bone-white, cylinder shaped hilt. Bulbous pommel cap with small studs around the hemispherical perimeter, with jet-black band separating it from the main hilt. Activation switch located at the lower portion of the hilt. Power dials near the blade emitter.

    Synopsis of recent events:
    The morning after the eventful reunion with Anakin Skywalker. She was accepted back and made a Commissar. Her first task to prove herself was to track down the errant Cadet Solo for Master Vos. During the course of her hunt, she met the Queen of Naboo and was reunited with Artoo-Detoo. She was present at the arrival of the new Empress and briefly met her before continuing her search for Solo and saved his life from a felon.

    After returning an unconscious Solo back to the Embassy, she was present during the arrival of Palpatine’s remains and the debriefing of Captains about what had happened during the battle. Afterwards she left with Anakin to the senate building where he addressed the senate about the future of the Empire.

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    OOC: I would like to thank Corellian_Outrider for the wonderful character portrait of Dennii



    Name: Dennii Atreides-Sunwalker | Drakoniss
    --Age: 25 | approximately 4000
    ---Gender: Female | Male
    ----Species: Human | Human (ghost)
    -----Eye Color: Blue though made Crimson by Drakoniss


    ------Hair Color and Style: Straight long blond | Straight long white
    -------Skin Complexion: Pale
    --------Clothing: Brown-green Jedi Robes | usually he appears in his ancient armor
    ---------Physique: 1.71 m. slender | Muscular
    ----------Personality: (Dennii) naïve, compassionate, always ready to help the ones in need | (Drakoniss) sometimes cruel, curious, joker
    -----------Quirks: (Dennii) too emotional and insecure | (Drakoniss) wants to return to the light side of the Force, sudden emotional outbursts
    ------------Force Sensitive: Yes | Yes

    Personal Ship: None


    -Brief History:


    Born approximately 20 years before the Mandalorian Wars, Drakoniss, whose real name he had deleted from his memory, was discovered that his midichlorians were in enough quantity for being trained as a Jedi so he was brought to Dantooine for training. From early childhood he gave indications for his future downfall towards the dark side. The young Jedi considered himself being above his peers and that he was destined for greatness and power. Another thing that made the Masters cautious with him was his talent for creating powerful Force-Illusions and Mind-Influencing abilities that made his "creations" very vivid and tough to break even for a trained Force-user.

    The young Drakoniss in his early years had only one friend - Loraine - a near-human with striking beauty and pointed ears. In her he found an intellectual equal, even a superior. As years passed they grew very fond of each other and sparks of their shared love flew around them... Drakoniss thought little for his Master and always considered himself above the rest of the Council even though he was still a Padawan. When the Mandalorian War broke out he was knighted. He believed that the Jedi must take a proactive stance against the threat. Because of his "talent" in creating illusions he was approached by Revan and Malak to aid them in their struggle against the invaders. Soon after that he left the Order to fight in the war. During the parting Loraine revealed to him that she was part of the secret organization within the Jedi Order - the Covenant - her role in it was to collect and catalogue Jedi and Sith artifacts.

    His exploits during the wars are kept a secret and the darkness within him was growing by every battle he fought. When Darth Revan was ready to invade the Republic he sent Darth Drakoniss to the Union of the Great Houses to try to recruit them to their cause. He had another task, a secret one, to find the hidden artifacts that Loraine (who had fled during the war to the Union) had brought with her. Drakoniss alongside Malak failed to fulfill the mission and Drakoniss was forced to kill Loraine?

    Drakoniss considered himself a student of Revan so from the start he had forged a bitter rivalry with Malak. As always he underestimated his nemesis and this was his undoing. Somehow he had obtained information for Malak’s future plot to kill Revan but Drakoniss was away with his apprentice and a large detachment of Sith forces on the ice planet of Polus. Where he fought against the Republic armies where he was murdered by his apprentice. Luckily for him he knew the ability to retain his “self” when dead and not become one with the Force. This permitted him after the battle to take control over the body and the mind of a Republic soldier and secretly managed to get to Korriban. It was too late, Malak had done his deed and Lord Revan was believed to be killed by the Jedi. So as the only person knowing the truth behind Malak’s treachery Drakoniss was once again "killed" and his ghost trapped inside a temple as one of the Sith Masters where he observed the subsequent rise and fall of the Sith Empire.

    Nearly 4000 years passed when an archeological team arrived at the site of his burial. The professor and his students were about to leave the planet when one of the pupil accidentally opened a sarcophagus with the inscription – Darth Drakoniss the Illusion-maker. He found only a dusty old skeleton and didn’t notice that a shadow was moving. Suddenly the student lost his consciousness for a few more moments... But he was not himself; his place was taken by Darth Drakoniss.

    The Sith managed to keep a low profile for some years until the Jedi Order found out that he was back with the living. So Master Yoda sent the Jedi Knight called Eddard Dondarion (who will later be known as the Lightbringer) and his Padawan learner – Adrias Stark. They both managed to track Drakoniss’ ship in orbit of the planet Dagobah. In a fierce battle he was defeated and his spirit was doomed to dwell until he met a very interesting girl whose name is Dennii Sunwalker. Somehow he knew their fates will be intertwined.

    (Dennii Sunwalker)

    Born on Naboo in the family of teachers, she was discovered by the Jedi Master known back then as the Lightbringer or Eddard Dondarion. The Jedi brought her to Coruscant for training. She didn’t have an exceptional childhood. Due to her natural kindness she made a lot of friends within the ranks of the Padawans and Younglings. Her talents were considered mediocre and she was about to be sent to the agricultural squads as no Master chose her to be their apprentice. Luckily for her Master Dondarion came and took her as his Padawan learner.

    So this way started her training as a Jedi. Her Master took her to various planets to solve diplomatic disputes and problems. They both spent a lot of time in the Union of the Great Houses where she befriended the future heir of the leading house – Jori Atreides. Both were inseparable, Dennii learnt everything about the Union and even spoke the language fluently. She told her friend everything she knew about the Jedi Order. She and Jori were in a brief relationship. Little did Dennii know that there was something dark and sinister behind the pretty face of Jori…

    Years passed and the Clone Wars begun, Dennii and her Master resumed their roles as mediators and managed to convince a lot of planets to remain within the Republic. She saw not many battles during the war. The most notable conflict in which she was involved was when the CIS invaded the Union of the Great Houses. Dennii and her Master took part in the defense of the capitol planet of Kaladan. The Separatist forces managed to break through the defendants’ lines and General Grievous himself entered the castle of the duke. Dennii and Eddard Dondarion took the duke and his daughter Jori towards the hangar when the cyborg General attacked. Her Master remained to hold him off. It was then when Dennii believed that Master Dondarion was dead. The Republic was victorious as reinforcements arrived and drove the CIS away. Dennii was recalled back to the Jedi Temple for meditation, they feared that this loss could drive her to the dark side due to her being more emotional.

    She spent the last months of the War in the Temple helping others. When Coruscant was under attack Dennii assisted the Republic Forces to drive the droids away. At the point when she accepted the harsh reality that her Master is no more the Temple was attacked by not other but Anakin Skywalker. When she felt the deaths of the Jedi within she utilized the trick that her Master had taught her – she disappeared in the Force and hid in her dormitory and pretended to be dead. She was later discovered by an unlikely ally – a Clone – more precisely an ARC Trooper. Later she understood that the man was a Commander from the SpecialOps and had disobeyed Order 66. He hid her in his quarters – a place where no-one was going to look for a Jedi. While on Coruscant she met other fellow survivors – Aayla Secura and Anaron Nexon with whom she fled to Kashyyk. On the homeworld of Wookies their group was joined by Master Ki-Adi Mundi and Lohr Thal. When Alpha and some of his men arrived on Kashyyk the joint-Jedi and Clone group moved to Kamino to meet with Master Yoda and some of the surviving Younglings.

    While on Kamino Dennii became Master Mundi’s new apprentice. He started instructing her in the ways of the Force Healing. A dramatic moment for both Dennii and Alpha was the discovery of the hidden “Temple” by Vader. It was the moment of the death of Ki-Adi Mundi and Lohr Thal and of the 30 clones under Alpha’s command. The surviving Jedi fled to Ossuss, it was where Alpha realized, with her help, that he was no more a Clone but a person with his own dreams and views. Dennii found a Master who could teach her in the art of Force Healing - Geordie Kilderney. Afterwards Sunwalker and Alpha accompanied the Jedi on a mission in the Ursa system, where Alpha was severely injured by Vader, on this mission she played mainly a supportive role – healing injuries, etc.

    After the mission the Jedi had to move again – this time to the distant planet Degobah. It was there where she conceived a child by Alpha (the existence of whom she will learn later). Alpha had to leave as he was called by General Grievous for a meeting. While on Degobah Dennii started experiencing strange moments – she was hearing a whisper calling her. It was the ghost of Darth Drakoniss. They fought a short battle and Dennii was assisted by Geordie, Fei’Ona and Aayla but Sunwalker lost the battle so the ghost tried to take over her body and mind but something unexpected happened the Padawan somehow managed to split the spirit in two parts. For several days she was like “drugged” and could not tell the difference between reality and visions. She was able to defeat the darkness within her and for her astonishment the part of Drakoniss who wanted to redeem himself. She recovered when the encampment was attacked by giant spiders and the Order was forced to flee again. Dennii lost another Master, but was reassigned to Jorus C’baoth. She was to move with the part of the Order that was going to Ryloth…

    On Ryloth Dennii was sent on a recon mission with a fellow Padawan – Irisa. They were to track some disappeared slaves and investigate a destroyed warehouse. It was the first test for Dennii for humility because despite being older and more experienced the younger Padawan was made a team-leader. During their investigation Dennii/Drakoniss made contact with the Sith’s former Master – Darth Revan and asking forgiveness. It was then when Dennii understood that Alpha had rejoined the Empire. During the adventure on Ryloth she fought Zuckuss, 4-LOM and Aurra Sing. Afterwards Dennii discovered that she was pregnant. When she rejoined the rest of the Order on-board the Interdictor cruiser another blow was dealt to her... when her dear friends Fei’Ona and Aayla Secura were killed. Later she was tested by her Master – C’baoth who decided she was ready to become a Knight, but Master Hett did not agree on that issue. Feeling offended by this Dennii in an impulsive act left the Order and went to visit her dear friend – the duchess Atreides. It was there when she discovered that her first Master was alive and learned of the demise of the old duke Leto. Later she accompanied her friend on her journey posing as her assistant. Jori though decided not to take her to Coruscant fearing that Vader might arrest Dennii as she is a Jedi fugitive, so Sunwalker remained with Admiral Fandorin on-board the Galactica- class Carrier “Hyperion”. There Drakoniss sensed a Force sensitive presence who induced Force visions. Later she performed a religious ceremony on-board for the crewmembers and during the dinner with the staff she was presented with an option to become a member of House Atreides as Jori’s adopted sister, which she accepted.

    --Military History: Drakoniss: fought in numerous battles during the Mandalorian Wars; Dennii: fought in several battles during the Clone Wars
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Drakoniss: when had to kill his lover – Loraine; experiencing death several times; Dennii: the deaths of her Masters, the destruction of the Order, Alpha’s betrayal.

    -Lightsaber Blade Color: Silver
    --Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Hilt Description: Curved (like Dooku’s)
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    Name: Captain Scyther Vectis
    --Age: 24
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Color: Brown
    ------Hair Color and Style: Shoulder length, brown
    -------Skin Complexion: White
    --------Clothing: Standard olive green Imperial uniform, with cap, black belt, standard Imperial black boots
    ---------Physique: Tall, quite slim
    ----------Personality: Can be stern when the need arises, faithful, follows orders to the letter, smart, intelligent
    -----------Quirks: Bringing order to the galaxy.
    ------------Force Sensitive: No

    Personal Ship
    -Name: Roadblock
    --Class: Venator-class Star Destroyer
    ---Exterior Description: Wedge shaped, gray. 1, 137 m in length.
    ----Interior Description: Basic for Venator class.
    -----Weapon Systems: 8 heavy turbolaser turrets, 2 medium dual turbolaser cannons, 52 laser cannons, 4 proton torpedo tubes, 6 tractor beam projectors., 1 SPHA-T cannon
    ------Crew Compliment: 7,400
    -------Hyperspace Capability: Yes
    --------Misc. Specs: Can hold various fighters and ground vehicles.

    Biography -Brief History: Scyther was born on Coruscant, and joined the Republic navy when she was 16, as she felt she had to fight for peace and order in the galaxy, and to avenge her parents deaths, when they were killed by assassins working for the CIS, as they were working in the Republic military. Now she fights for the empire, trying to bring order and justice into the galaxy.

    --Military History: Imperial Navy training, promoted to lieutenant at 20, was promoted to Captain after the commanding officer was killed by CIS assassins.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Seeing her parents and commanding officer die right in front of her.

    Synopsis: Captain Scyther Vectis recently joined Lord Vader's sub-fleet Onslaught after having her Venator class star Destroyer modified. She undertook in the rescue of a squadron of Imperial pilots who had been caught in an asteroid storm above Coruscant. Since then she has taken part in the battle of Serapin, and in the battle at Dantooine against the Rebel Alliance with her newly formed group of Star Destroyers nicknamed the Vectis AllStars, where the traitor Grand Admiral Grant was killed.

    Scyther has met up with the Lord Admiral Xavier of the Union to gain information from him about the Union and her ship was successful in capturing a Union freighter which tried to destroy the pilots of the 917th squadron, with special interest in one of her pilots. She has recently taken part in the Battle of Mygeeto, where working with Captain Perrinaw and his ships and troops, she helped to destroy a CIS outpost and fleet there. Unfortunately, one of her group’s ships, the Obdurate, was destroyed in the battle, and has been replaced temporarily by the ISD Danger Zone.

    After returning to Coruscant, the AllStars group were given an important task by Lord Vader. Their mission was to escort the Emperor’s remains, as well ans the Queen or Ursa and their daughter down to the surface of Coruscant, accompanied by the ISD Krayt’s Fire.

    With that mission successful, Scyther now looks forward to a lavish Reception, a chance for her and the other members of the group to unwind and relax.

    And now a quick introduction to the others of the AllStars clan

    Captain Zack Madison (VenSD Empire’s Will): A Fondorian with a nervous demeanour but makes up for it with quick thinking. Is prone to getting into sticky situations, but when the need arises can prove himself.

    Captain Milos Terric (VenSD Unstoppable): Corellian ladies man with a cheeky sense of humour, has a knack for defeating the odds. Is also the group's tactical master.

    Captain Eamon Bahari (ISD Peace Keeper): A nobleman who is gaining in confidence despite his nervous personality. Has great experience in battle and is a good friend of Scyther?s. Assisted in the elimination of the Imperial traitor Grand Admiral Grant.

    Captain Dimitri Ivanov (formerly VenSD Obdurate): A very tall Ursean known as "Ice Man" because of his icy demeanour and stern personality. Tends not to show any emotion at all outside, but cares a lot for his crew. Second in command of the AllStars.

    Captain Sergei Arazov (ISD Danger Zone): A very small Ursean with gentle tones. A temporary addition to the group but hoping to become a more permanent addition. Proved himself by rescuing troops from Mygeeto?s surface, now hoping to prove himself in battle.
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    Name: Senator Aryan Graul
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Nubia
    Affiliation: Galactic Empire/Five Worlds Coalition of Corellia (FWCC)
    ---Traits: Tenacious, ambitious, a desire to dominate, has a penchant for manipulation, and an overwhelming sense of pride; on the flip side, his public face is very cordial and compassionate, a real ‘go-getter’ whom the people have fallen in love with
    ---Likes: Honesty (from others), testing people to see how far he can push the limits, the sound of his own voice, a good smashball game, and piloting
    ---Dislikes: Arrogance, obvious bids for attention, being upstaged by people who are less qualified than himself, droids, and slow traffic in the fast lanes
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian
    ---Hair Color: Light brown with some graying
    ---Eye Color: Greenish-gray
    ---Clothing: In accordance with someone in his position, he owns a variety of ornate robes, but he prefers to keep things simple with a clean-cut military look. He also has a habit of wearing a cape –– either worn traditionally, or draped over one shoulder – the only piece of formal wear he doesn’t feel uncomfortable in.
    ---Other Details: Stands about 6’2” with an average build; his left leg is cybernetic, which results in him walking with a slight limp on occasion (mostly when he is fatigued), but for the most part, it is hard to tell.
    Weapons: A holdout blaster attached to a shoulder holster and concealed within his tunic; a vibroknife sheathed to the inside of his boot
    ---Name: Stringent
    ---Class: Corellian Engineering CR90 Corvette
    ---Hyperdrive Class: CEC subspace hyperdrive; Class 2.0
    ---Weapon(s): 2 duel turbolaser turrets (1 dorsal/1 ventral); 4 single turbolaser turrets (4 turrets mounted on dorsal escape pods: 2 port/2 starboard)
    ---Shields: Phoah-Kingsmeyer 484-J4E screen control and shield projector
    ---Sublight Speed: 2,100 G; 950 km/h atmospheric speed
    ---Crew: 30-165, depending on configuration
    ---Passenger(s): Up to 600
    ---Max Cargo (kg): Up to 3,000 metric tons, depending on configuration
    ---Interior Description: The pristine white bulkheads of the interior have been muted with a charcoal gray; as a consular ship, amenities have also been made to accommodate a large conference room, control center, and stately rooms for the Senator and his family. There are also several smaller cabins designated for members of his staff and special guests.
    ---Other Details: The exterior has been painted a matte black with a green pinstripe and matching accents to honor its Corellian origins.
    The Force:
    ---Sensitivity: No
    ---Personal History:
    Aryan was the youngest of two children born to Norin and Ashaiya Graul on the planet Nubia. His parents were the proprietors of a rather large mining corporation and shipping company, which included several bronzium processing plants in the capital region of Rordis. While it was reasonable to assume that Aryan would one day have a stake in the company for his namesake alone, it was his older brother, Amaraih, who was so often lauded as the favorite and sole heir to their father’s legacy. Naturally, this was the subject of much strife and resentment between the two brothers, and as the two grew older, their animosity for each other continued to grow as well.

    Fortunately for Aryan, his sights were not set wholly on running the family business; he had a natural love for flying and tinkering with starships. This translated into wild excursions across the Nubian frontier in a modified snub fighter Aryan had restored and maintained himself. And so, it came as no surprise when he announced his desire to join the Academy to become a pilot. His father was not immediately thrilled with the proposition, but he was willing to acquiesce under certain terms – only after attending one of the major universities to earn a ‘proper’ education would he be allowed to ‘pursue a childish ambition.’ They struck a deal, and Aryan eventually enlisted in the Republic Starfighter Corps.

    Aryan's military career was littered with excellence, and he quickly proved his worth by becoming a sort of hometown hero. For once, he was attracting the kind of attention he so desired, and he basked in its glory. With each passing achievement, he became more and more convinced that a career as a fully commissioned officer was the way to go, but that all came to a crashing end when he was seriously wounded in a scuffle in the Mid Rim. His injuries were extensive enough that he ended up losing his left leg. As that harsh reality began to set in, he decided to resign and return home to tend to his bruised ego.

    Back home, things continued to deteriorate as Amaraih continued to excel, garnering all the necessary attention afforded to him, and becoming an increasingly larger thorn in Aryan’s side. There were times where the elder Graul attempted to reach out to offer assistance to his brother, but Aryan was too full of his own pride to accept it. The animosity between them culminated in an argument (and family controversy) that would forever drive the two brothers apart. No longer feeling welcome, Aryan left home for good to start anew.

    The experience with his injury and his ailing brother left him a more hardened and embittered man. He blamed the Republic and its inadequacies for all of his misfortunes, now actively seeking retribution for everything they've taken from him. He felt compelled to enact change, and he would start on Corellia, a world rife with individuality and silently stirring for the call of independence.

    He began by revealing idle acts of negligence he had observed during his tenure in the military and showing how the seeds of corruption had already been sown. His words became a rallying point for the people, and he soon found himself speaking out about his revelations from different public venues within the system. Accusations and exposure soon led to calls for change, and in response, Aryan began to diligently lay out a plan for action. While he was only one man, he duly believed that he alone could make a difference.

    But he would soon receive help.

    At a rally in Coronet City, he caught the attention of a certain congressman and member of the Corellia Ruling Council, Garrit Pilleu. The bureaucrat was infatuated by the young man with a clear disability expressing so much passion for something he seemingly believed in. It made him appear more human, someone the people could trust. It was the perfect outlet for his own campaign, and so Pilleu approached Aryan afterward and convinced him to come under his wing. And with that partnership, Aryan’s career into politics began.

    Over the coming years, Aryan would find himself elected to serve on the Corellia Ruling Council to work closely with the Diktat and her advisors. In addition to his duties within the Five Worlds, he also had a responsibility as liaison and assistant to Pilleu during his tenure as Senator of Corellia. With his presence split between Corellia and Coruscant, Aryan gained the kind of exposure needed to become an influential voice among his peers. He also became a well-respected face with the general populous, their support an invaluable tool he planned to use to ascend the ranks to higher office.

    Unbeknownst to Aryan, that opportunity would come sooner than he anticipated. The Senate bombing would prove fatal for Senator Garrit Pilleu, who was present within the rotunda when the terrorists hit the structure. Not only was it a huge blow to Corellia and the Galactic Empire as a whole, but it proved to be a personal affront to Aryan as well, who had lost a mentor and a friend.

    In the wake of such a tragedy, a special election was held by the Ruling Council to replace the late Pilleu in the Senate. It came as no surprise when the numbers came in, and Aryan won the vacant seat by a landslide. He viewed the outcome as an epiphany; he was their savior, and anything less than that was simply unacceptable. It was a dangerous thought, which would slowly begin to consume his mind.

    Aryan is married to Valeiri Eross-Graul, a congresswoman and verdant spirit from Talus. The couple are currently expecting their first child.

    ---Military History: Aryan served as a pilot in the Republic Starfighter Corps prior to the Clone Wars, rising to the rank of Commander before suffering an injury that rendered him unfit for duty. While he was offered the option to continue his service on board a capital ship, the incident left him in a bitter state of mind, and he ultimately decided to resign.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: The loss of his leg in the line of duty left him with both physical and mental scars; he was psychologically impaired for several months after the accident as he tried to cope with the hand he was dealt. He even initially refused to use a prosthetic, preferring to hobble around or confine himself to a hover chair so that it would exemplify his pain and generate sympathy. However, a long recovery soon led to enlightenment when he met Garrit Pilleu and discovered the world of politics.

    In addition to the injury, Aryan is also harboring anger and resentment over a failed relationship. In a sense, he has become borderline obsessed with this individual – his ex-fiancée –, never truly finding the strength to move on.
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    ~OOC Message~
    Please excuse my absence, DRL had hindered my presence on the boards. Things are going forward and I want to thank everyone for their patience.

    GM Approved (by me)
    Name: Mitth'raw'nuruodo
    -Rank: Grand Admiral
    --Gender: Male
    ---Species: Chiss
    ----Eye Color: Red
    -----Hair Color and Style: Short Blue-black.
    ------Skin Complexion: Pale blue
    -------Clothing: White Grand Admiral Uniform of the Imperial Starfleet: Grand Admiral rank insignia plaque on chest, golden epaulets on shoulders, black leather belt with the Officer's disc attached to the buckle, black leather boots.
    --------Physique: 182 centimetres tall.
    ---------Personality: Calm and calculating. Deductive skills. Formidable tactician. Awards initiative among those under his command. Mindful of the resources available to him. Leads by example.
    ----------Quirks: A connoisseur of the arts, knowledgeable of cultures and species.
    -----------Force Sensitive: No

    - Brief History: Only a few knew of his origins from the Unknown Regions. After being discovered on at the edge of the known space by Captain Voss Parck, he was brought back to Coruscant as a ‘gift’ to the Emperor. He was recognised for his brilliant mind and made an officer of the Imperial Military.
    After being promoted to Grand Admiral, was assigned to be the protectorate of the Chommel Sector.
    -- Military History: The youngest Force Commander of the CEDF before the time of his exile. When made part of the Imperial military, he excelled at what he does and quickly rose through the ranks. Awarded the rank of Grand Admiral, Supreme Commander of the Chommell Sector.

    Current Flagship:
    'Chimaera', Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II

    Thrawn’s Armada
    25 Star Destroyer class warships (Imperial-class, Victory-class, Venator-Class, etc.)
    60 Medium support vessels (Strike-class, Escort-class, Frigate-class, etc.)
    110 Light support vessels (Carrack-class, Corvette-class, Lancer-class, etc.)
    160+ TIE Squadrons

    Noteable Officers:
    Captain Pellaeon -ISD Chimaera
    Lieutenant Garston -Aide to Thrawn
    Captain Dorja -ISD Relentless
    Captain Brandei -ISD Judicator
    Captain Aban -ISD Bellicose
    Captain Harbid -ISD Death’s Head

    Summary of Recent Events:
    Naboo. Thrawn’s investigation of a crashed CIS Shuttle at Theed was interrupted by a series of circumstances relating the Queen of Naboo, a representative of the Union, a treasonous Imperial and a double agent.

    Thrawn orchestrated his assets as pieces on a Dejarik board to resolve each situation. Care has been taken of the treasonous Imperial and double agent, while the Judicator, Stormhawk and the Relentless have mopped up and plugged the final leak, and Lieutenant Garston continues to assist with the investigation and the feud between the Queen of Naboo and the Union Representative.
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    Mar 9, 2002
    Another character returning. GM Approved (by me)

    Name: Riyo Chuchi

    Gender: Female
    Age: 29
    Species: Pantoran
    Home world: Pantora
    Affiliation: Galactic Senate / Pantoran Assembly
    Personality: Kind hearted, caring, has a mischievous streak.
    ---Skin Color: Blue
    ---Hair Color: Violet
    ---Eye Color: Golden
    ---Other Attributes: Twin curved yellow markings on her cheeks

    *Image via Wookieepedia, sourced from FFG’s The Jewel of Yavin
    ---Name: The Eirika Renais
    ---Class: Courier-class Yacht
    ---Hyper drive Class: 2.0
    ---Weapon(s): Twin forward mounted blaster cannon (firelinked) and a turreted blaster cannon (firelinked).
    ---Shields: Equipped
    ---Sub light Speed: 75 MGLT
    ---Crew: Minimum 4 Maximum 19 crew members.
    ---Passenger(s): 25
    ---Max Cargo (kg): Up to 100 Tonnes
    ---Interior Description: Crimson and gold, art deco style.
    Private office, Personal suite, Several cabins, Living suite, Galley, Head, Cargo hold (Small), Storage, multi function main hold with antechamber (interchangeable configuration for different purposes.) Workshop, Tech Stations and Engine Room
    ---Other Details: Crimson and gold exterior. R3 Series astromech droid assists with the repairs and maintenance. Crew size fluctuations, depending on the needs and role the yacht will play, from running errands to entertaining guests. Main hold can serve as a formal function room, a workout gym, meditation space, etc.

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: None

    Before the outbreak of war, Riyo Chuchi became the Senator of Pantora. She was young at the time and timid, deferred more to others than her own opinions. A few months into the Clone war, the Republic Outpost on Ord Plutonia went silent so two Jedi and a task force was sent to investigate.

    The Pantoran Assembly sent Chairman Chi Cho to coordinate with the Republic forces and asked Senator Chuchi to accompany him. His request was less than noble as he pulled authority over her and used her as a means to try and force the two Jedi to follow his orders. They found a secret Separatist outpost on Ord Plutonia. However, the droids were wiped out by an unknown force. It was discovered that the frozen world was inhabited by the Talz, who want to live in peace. Chairman Cho was disgusted by the discovery and wanted the Talz eradicated. Chuchi informed the Pantoran Assembly about Chairman Cho’s actions and given permission to overrule the Chairman.

    However, it was too late to prevent a confrontation between the Talz and Cho and that brought about his death. With a gentle nudge from Kenobi and Skywalker, Chuchi found her own voice and stepped forward to represent her people, made the first step for peace between her people and the Talz and resolved the confrontation. She made a friend of Kenobi and Skywalker and promised Kenobi that she would do all she can to end war.

    When she returned to Coruscant, She became more assertive in her duties and did her best to represent the people of Pantora and kept the best interests of the denizens of the galaxy at heart. Her change was noticed by a few of her colleagues and several friendships developed.

    As the years went on, the days grew darker for the war ravaged Republic as more power given to the Chancellor at a cost to civil liberties to end the conflict. Chuchi became wary of those around her and held her views close to the chest. She watched as the Republic became an Empire, those she considered friends were lost or killed and more and more became ‘slaves to the machine’ all in the name of peace.

    Instead, the war escalated. Her attention became divided between the galactic scale and home as dissension grew amongst her people. She worked closely with the current Chairperson, doing all they can to keep their people united while keeping the Empire’s attention away from them.

    Just when could not seem more bleaker, she felt a glimmer of hope. It started with the news regarding the death of the Emperor and the end of the war with the Confederacy. A few of her colleagues and herself were invited to bear witness to the autopsy of the late Palpatine. When she returned to the senate building, there was the special session where a new Emperor gave his speech for his vision for the galaxy’s future…

    She could feel a change in the winds… for better or worse...
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    Mar 9, 2002
    Return of another character, GM approved (by me)

    Name: Dash Rendar
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    ---Skin Complexion: light, slightly tanned.
    ---Eye Colour: Green
    ---Hair Colour and Style: shortish reddish brown; unkempt at times
    ---Clothing: Depends on situation. Usually coveralls, shirt, utility belt with holster on his right side. Carries a Blast Tech DL-44 Blaster.
    ---Physique: strong, well built, keeps in shape.
    Personality: Confident in his skills, may appear cocky on the surface but deep down knows what he is doing. Good-natured rogue.
    ---Quirks: Excellent pilot, not always serious.
    ---Force Sensitive: No need

    Personal Ship
    *Image via Wookieepedia, sourced from FFG’s X-Wing Miniatures
    ---Name: Outrider
    ---Class: Corellian YT-2400 light stock freighter
    ---Hyper drive Class: 0.75
    ---Weapon(s): 2 Concussion Missile Launchers (Capacity: 6), 2 Dymek Heavy Dual Laser Turrets. Countermeasures: 10
    ---Shields: Equipped
    ---Sub light Speed: 75 MGLT
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot
    ---Passenger(s): 6
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 120 Metric Tonnes
    ---Interior Description: Well maintained, Dash takes pride in the ship’s appearance and performance. Interior configuration allows for a balance of jobs, from a sizable Cargo Hold to carry freight and couple of cabins for ferrying passengers. Dejarik table allows for entertainment in the Main Hold. Circular hallway around the centre of the ship too allow quick access from any point of the ship to the dorsal and ventral turrets. Couple of undisclosed compartments for smuggling.

    ---Other Details: Reinforced armour plating gives the hull a dark chrome radiance to it. Leebo maintains and services the ship. Several components that are installed on the ship are military grade; from the defensive shields, KGDefender ion engines, sensors, targeting and stealth packages.

    -Brief History: Corellian born, Dash was the youngest of two sons. His parents owned a successful shipping company called RenTrans. He got along well with his older brother Stanton, who worked for their parents as a freighter pilot, until he died in an accident.

    While making a delivery on Coruscant, Stanton's freighter lost control and crashed into a building, killing him instantly. The building that was destroyed was a private museum belonging to Palpatine. Outraged, Palpatine forced the mourning Rendar family from the Core Worlds. Dash was suspended from the academy, the family company was seized from them and their names were blacklisted. Prince Xizor stepped in and claimed RenTrans for himself and merged it with his Xizor Transport Systems (XTS) Company. When news of that reached the Rendars, they suspected sabotage from Xizor's part but no proof was ever found.

    Years passed and Dash struggled to make a living to help his family. He was fired from every job he got once the employers learnt of his surname to avoid ramification by the Empire. After a string of failures, Dash turned to ‘freelancing’. Shortly after, he was taken in by Rackus. Under Rackus' employment Dash met Jula Selmur and they teamed up on jobs together.

    Complications arose when a Jedi named Eme-ma Himou showed up. Jula and Dash's employer Rackus ended up dead. Thus terminating their contracts and Dash and Jula went their separate ways. The Outrider passed onto him.

    In need of a co-pilot, Dash found one in a LE series repair droid that was owned by a Rodian comedian. Goes by the name of LE-BO2D9, the droid was given to Dash as payment for a job. From time to time the droid's dry sense of humour got on Dash's nerves but deep down Dash knows that he will not find a more fitting co-pilot than Leebo. The two of them scratch a living by doing odd and completely random jobs to just about anyone that can pay them and his loyalty is to those that can pay him the most.

    --Military History: Gain his piloting skill from working in his family's business before it was taken away by Xizor. Brief time spent at the Imperial Academy on Carida.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: The loss of his brother Stanton. The ill treatment and banishment from the Core Worlds, that was placed upon him and his family by the Emperor and his 'New Order'.

    Summary of recent events:
    Dash went to Ryloth to answer a plea for help from a person from his past, Jula. His last ditch effort to find her had him infiltrate one of the slave cartels, just in case she was there, though was unsuccessful. However, fate brought Dash and a mysterious lady together after he found her encased in a malfunctioning cryopod. He freed her from her frozen slumber and made a daring escape on a skiff with a foul, double-crossing ‘scum’ in tow.

    Unbeknownst to Dash, Imperial forces arrived in system to hunt down Jula. Leebo broke the Outrider from cover to recover Dash and company. After a minor incident with the scumbag and a successful air-to-air transfer, they picked up some Imperial company. After a chase through a ravine, they had to go to ground to get them out of sights of the Destroyer in orbit overhead. Once they lost them, they made a mad dash to the far side of the planet and jump to lightspeed.

    While in hyperspace, Dash and Leebo properly introduced themselves to their new passenger, the mysterious lady from the damaged cryopod. Unfortunately, extraction from the damaged pod had given her a case of amnesia in regards to her identity and background. After giving her a temp name of Jenifer, they allowed her to tag along with hope that something would trigger her memory.

    After several jumps, they made their way to the Vergesso Asteroids to where Ororo Transportation has a shipyard for repairs. The cost of repairs would put a dent in the funds Dash has to survive which leaves him with some desperation for work...
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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: GM approved. Also would like to thank Corellian_Outrider for the amazing character portrait.

    Name: Adrias Stark
    --Age: 47
    ---Gender: Male
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Color: Grey, one blind eye
    ------Hair Color and Style: Black with white streaks, shoulder long hair
    -------Skin Complexion: pale
    --------Clothing: long white robes, always wears his hood, collar with numerous daggers
    ---------Physique: 1.75m, fairly muscular, extensive scarring on his face conceals it with the hood
    ----------Personality: strong sense of honor, loyalty to the Jedi Order and the Republic
    -----------Quirks: sometimes brutal, despite that he’s a Jedi
    ------------Force Sensitive: yes

    Personal Ship
    -Name: “Righteous”
    --Class: YT-1760
    ---Exterior Description:


    ----Interior Description: standard
    -----Weapon Systems: Quad laser cannon turrets (2)
    ------Crew Complement: Standard crew 2, passengers 8
    -------Hyperspace Capability: Class 1.0, Backup Class 15
    --------Misc. Specs.: Shields

    -Brief History: Adrias was one of the first students of the Jedi Master known as the Lightbringer. Together they’ve traveled across the Galaxy trying to bring more light throughout it. One of their first missions was to bring peace in the Union of the Great Houses. Its leader duke Leto Atreides called for help to bring down his archenemy the baron Ordonnen. The Jedi Order forbade the Lightbringer to interfere with the civil war in the Union. For the first time he listened what they said to him, so he gave only advices to the young duke. Nevertheless a strong friendship was starting to form between them. Adrias was a mere spectator to these events, even though he became friend with the leader too and with some of the other nobles and influential people. His Master and he stayed for a while as their relationship with the secretive society deepened. Adrias was being assimilated slowly by their culture, their discipline, obedience, martial prowess fascinated him.

    A few years later the Lightbringer and his apprentice were called to investigate the disappearance of an archeologist who was investigating a tomb of an ancient Sith Lord known as Darth Drakoniss. Eventually they found out that he was possessed by the evil spirit of the Sith Lord. They tracked him down above the planet Dagobah, where on-board Drakoniss’ vessel they dueled. Drakoniss used Force Lightning and burnt a part of the face of Adrias creating deep scars and blinding his eye. Despite the disfiguration he continued fighting and with the help of his Master managed to defeat the ancient Sith.

    Soon after that he became a Knight, he took for a Padawan a young girl, Maya. Both shared a passion for justice and fairness and could not stand the situation in the more impoverished parts of the Galaxy. Adrias harbored a resentment towards the Jedi Order for turning a blind eye on all the problems. The Master and Padawan toured the Outer Rim trying to right all the wrongs fighting crime, slavery and injustice. Adrias slowly started to fall in love with his Padawan and one day she was killed on one of their self imposed missions to free a group of slaves.

    Adrias felt ashamed and angered so decided to leave the Order and went to the Union as he had uncovered a clandestine organization called the Death Cult. Using his Master’s connections he managed to convinced the then duke Leto to connect him with them so that he could receive training. It took some convincing but the organization was intrigued to have a Force trained trainee. He received a personal tutelage from the master of that order and he became one of the best students. His training also involved assassinations of enemies of the Union and other targets selected by them.

    When his training was over he was allowed to leave and he became a vigilante posing as a bounty hunter whose targets called him the Smiling Death, due to the mask he was wearing representing a human face smiling beatifically, but only accepted jobs which involved assassination of corrupt politicians and other officials, gangsters, and slavers. He wanted to correct the Galaxy’s injustices.

    Later he was called from the Order to track down his Master because there was startling news that he was slipping towards the dark side. He found him on Naboo, he sensed the darkness inside the once-proud Jedi Master. He challenged him, but instead of killing him, he helped him and directed him towards the path of redemption. Later he found out that his master had found a Force sensitive baby girl called Dennii.

    He started building his image as the Smiling Death and he also created an alter ego setting slave free and whom his benefactors called, "the Liberator.". He freed a lot of slaves throughout the Outer Rim and assassinated a lot of gangsters and corrupt officials. He became a judge, jury and executioner.

    During one of his liberation missions he saved a Togorian warrior from slavery. Thorn, the name of the warrior, pledged his allegiance to him and his cause. Together they caused havoc to a lot of criminal organizations. The second crew member of the “Righteous” was the former dancing girl, the red-skinned Twi’Lek beauty, Nyll, whom he liberated from an establishment in the Red Lights Sector in Coronet. Then the Clone Wars started.

    They underwent numerous missions during the Clone Wars, mostly covert operations, espionage and assassination of high value CIS targets. Due to not being directly involved with the Jedi he and his crew managed to evade Order 66 and went into hiding, using his numerous alter-egos for protection. During one mission he met his former Master on Naboo. This was a shock as he had heard that the old man was dead, killed during the third year of the war. He sent him on a mission to find Dennii and the other Jedi. Soon after their departure they heard of his Master’s arrest and tried to come up with a plan to rescue him, but were intercepted by a group of pirates. “Righteous” was damaged in the fight and were forced to land for repairs on Rendili where a peculiar Togruta mechanic helped them patch the ship up. It was revealed that the girl was Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice Ahsoka Tano. Adrias tried to convince her to help him, but she refused leaving him frustrated. After their departure they Vandor-3 in the Coruscant system to wait for permission to land at the capital.

    --Military History: he took part in the Union Civil War as an observer, took part in the Clone Wars, while being deep undercover
    ---Traumatic Experiences: his disfiguration by the Sith Lord Darth Drakoniss, the death of his apprentice, his master turning to the Dark Side, Order 66 and the death of the Republic.

    -Lightsaber Blade Color: silver
    --Lightsaber Type: single
    ---Hilt Description:



    Name: Nyll
    --Age: 28
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Twi’Lek
    -----Eye Color: Violet
    ------Hair Color and Style: none
    -------Skin Complexion: Red (Lethan)
    --------Clothing: Usually wears whatever is fashionable and looks good on her
    ---------Physique: slim, athletic
    ----------Personality: naive, good, friendly, careless and carefree
    -----------Quirks: wants to learn to read and write, sometimes low self-esteem
    ------------Force Sensitive: No

    Personal Ship: She travels with Adrias in the "Righteous"

    -Brief History: Nyll was born in the family of an accountant on Ryloth. Her father was forced to work for the Black Sun to protect her from slavers due to the rare red color of her skin. When she was seven his father was murdered and thus voiding his agreement with the criminal organization. Nyll and her mother were captured and sold into slavery. It did not take much time for them to be separated. She was purposefully held illiterate and had changed masters a lot of times.

    As she grew up Nyll ended up in an establishment on Corellia where she was forced to be a dancing girl until one evening a mysterious figure entered the building and killed all the guards and criminal patrons, along with corrupt CorSec Officers. It was the Smiling Death, who was revealed as Adrias Stark, whom she joined and partook in a number of his operations. She became the heart and soul of his crew and she slowly fell in love with Adrias, who did not pay much attention to that fact.

    On Rendili she befriended the kind Togruta girl who helped them with the repairs of the “Righteous”. Currently is on Vandor-3 bored to death while expecting the permission for them to go to Coruscant.

    --Military History: Assisted Adrias during the Clone Wars, no direct action
    ---Traumatic Experiences: the death of her father and her life as a slave and dancing girl
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    ~OOC~ Quoting previous post by Pashatemur and myself from GAW IV to set the stage. The session of the senate had finished and leaving the rotunda. New post follows after the quotation. Side note, you're welcome TheAdmiral regarding the character portraits. :)

    ~IC~ Ahsoka Tano
    Location: Senate - Coruscant

    Ahsoka followed Anakin and his family to the shuttle. She hung back to allow everyone to go first before boarding. and then found a spot to sit down alone towards the back of the cabin. Staring at the bulkhead, her left hand clasping the midsection of her right lek, caressing along the length while reflecting over what had just happened.

    ‘Had I done the right thing?’ She had replayed the encounter with Governor Tarkin back over again in her head. Her stomach churned, she did not like that man and she was not sure if she had said what she should have. She breathed slowly to not let the anxiety build.

    She understood that something like this encounter was bound to happen. Anakin even had alluded to it last night… or was it this morning? Did not matter when. He had warned her. Just that she had not anticipated it would happen so soon.

    No, there was not much else she could have done. She had been on Coruscant for not even a complete day… Already she had found and reconnected with her former master, Anakin Skywalker… who everyone else calls the lord Darth Vader or Re… and now the Emperor.

    Was this a dream? Brought about by overtiredness and desynchronosis? Probably, but she had held his hand. He is real. It all is. Just that… It felt strange… strange is not quite the right way to express. He was him but not as how he once was… the light had somewhat dimmed… haunted by a tremendous weight. No doubt her presence brought that about as a reminder of the past. Of the stories that were told of his deeds… the mired dark ‘cloak’ he wrapped about his presence… and what he had confessed to her… She did not know what to make of all that, and now, even more so. However, she could tell that he was trying to push her away, projecting an illusion and all she saw was someone who was hurting and afraid to ask for help. How could she live with herself if she turned away now? It was not in her nature.

    Their psychic connection, their bond that they had shared had severed years ago and somehow, last night, it reconnected again. It came so naturally and so fast, that for a moment or two, it felt like a dream and the rest felt as though there had never been several years between the last they had seen each other. He was still Anakin, still in there… He just needed to find a balance. He must also think so as well about their restored connection otherwise he would not have made her a part of his… part of his what...?

    She had to wonder. She was not an aide, she was granted the title of a Commissar and that is more than just an administrative position… It was more personal… A part of the family. His family. She had always thought of him as hers even though it was a surprise to learn on her way to him that he had made a family of his own, Ursean Royalty at that. ‘I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. At times Anakin had always a way of drawing people to himself as though there is a magnetic attraction kind of what he’d said of me.’

    What of herself? She had not been so fortunate and tried the last few years to keep people at arm’s length. Hiding who she was, going against who she was and it had been hard. It was necessary to shield herself, as trust was difficult to come by and as the days grew darker since she left the Order and the Purge ensued. She had come a far way from scratching a living and keeping a low profile on her travels. Despite her best efforts, there had been a couple people who had looked out for her.

    She started stroking down the length of her right lek.

    Rendili. There’d be people there wondering what had happened to her. Her last moments there had lead to an unexpected encounter with hunters and scoundrels. She was forced to leave with one and with not much else than the clothes on her back. There was a bit of guilt there. Not like she had planned for this to happen. She’d been swept away, following her feet and found herself here. The will of the Force as Master Yoda and Master Kenobi would say.

    ‘I’m glad to be back, though. There’s no regret with that decision.’ Still, Ahsoka felt unease at being thrusted into the spotlight. And you cannot get a more bigger spotlight than being on the podium of the Galactic Senate alongside Anakin… oh… ‘I cannot believe I did that!’ She resisted the impulse to cringe and took a few deep breaths to calm herself, reminding herself not to freak out. It was pretty neat though. However, she had to wonder whether it was selfish or selfless of her for the return or if there was an underscoring reason which she had yet to consider...

    From mechanic to Commissar.... Whatever she is now, she vowed to do as best she could. Even though she had tried her best to be active, she had been so long out of the game that she felt like she needed to shake off the rust. Would have to develop a schedule and ask about the facilities the embassy had to offer her… if she was allowed to stay there long term, that is.

    ‘Of course I will be allowed. Don’t know why that thought came to mind.’ she sighed. ‘No, yes I do. He has a family, a beautiful wife and child who love him dearly. He would not want to be smothered as his newfound position alone will be smothering enough. Just… just…’

    She could not continue that train of thought without feeling her eyes starting to well up. She dipped her head down to hide her expression from being noticed. There was that emotion coming back from last night when she had stood in the foyer of the Royal suite of the Embassy and saw the portrait of Anakin’s family. The doubt that she was needed and that everyone had moved on. A ridiculous notion, she knew, yet it just dredged up the guilt of how they last left things all those years ago. Should she have left the Order? Yes. At the time if felt like the right thing to do.. for her at least. Was it selfish? She did not know. All that she knew had been shattered, betrayed by her family and friends and he, Anakin, was the only one who was anchored and kept by her. She would do the same for him now. She closed her eyes, felt a hot tear squeeze out and trail down her cheek.

    She flicked it away quickly. Did not want anyone to notice nor draw attention to herself and that would not do. Everyone should be happy and excited for the reception tonight and there she is at the back of the shuttle on the verge of tears. She sniffed and tried to compose herself.

    ‘Then why am I thinking like this?’ She asked herself. ‘You know why. You are exhausted and overtired from lack of sleep and still not recovered from the urgency of coming here... of travelling from one end of the galaxy to the other to get here while encountering every single roadblock. I made it... though it has taken a lot out of me.’

    There had been the sense of helplessness. The emotions running high as trying to overcome each hurdle thrown at her, figuratively and literally as in the case of the scuffle with Master Vos last night.

    There was also that message she had received through the Force that had set her on this path. The one warning of terrible things to come in which she caught the underlying call for help. Not that Anakin and herself could go more indepth about it last night. There was so much to talk and convey… they had barely made progress before her body had shut down and she blacked out due to exhaustion and lack of sleep.

    Only to wake to go out again to track down someone for Master Vos, the young cadet Solo. Ahsoka risked a glance in the young man’s direction. She would have perceived the request as a test of her resolve if not for the personal stake Vos had invested in Cadet Solo’s safety. A test in which she assumed she had passed. He was banged up when she found him and had to fend off a large repulsive man who was after him.

    In between that, she got swept up in the crowd and thrusted to Anakin’s side to greet the arrival of the ruler of Ursa. There was some trepidation in meeting the one whom had captured Anakin’s heart and married him. Her first impression of Celeste is that she is such a lovely person and her daughter is an absolute sweetheart that they moved her heart and took Ahsoka off guard how they welcomed and readily accepted her.

    She did end up completing that task for Master Vos. Upon returning with Solo, she had to be by Anakin’s side for the arrival and autopsy of the late Emperor Palpatine. Grizzly enough to turn one’s thoughts off food though that did not dissuade her from having a light snack for lunch on the way to the senate with Anakin. The shuttle ride… the discussion of the senate and expectations… their lips had connected… it wasn’t a proper kiss, unintentional, he did not mean it… did he? … No. She shook her head and pushed that thought away. It was an accident caused by the sharp turn of the shuttle and momentum brought them together. It was not intended… though that had brought up another discussion… Anakin mentioned that he had another apprentice. That there was someone else. It should not be a shock that there had been another since her. There is so much to catch up on and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

    ‘I have been away for so long...’

    TAG: Anakin, Vos, Celeste, anyone else who might be on the shuttle.
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    IC: Dennii/Drakoniss Sunwalker

    on-board Galactica-class Carrier “Hyperion”, Derra system

    Drakoniss heard a whimper coming from Dennii. She had shut him off her feelings so he was not sure what exactly was going on, but for the last few weeks she had been crying herself to sleep. This worried him a lot as she was growing more and more unstable by the day. Maybe it was his darkness seeping in her, or maybe it was the recent trauma that she had experienced. Nevertheless she needed attention fast, he managed to keep things together for now, but he was not sure for how long. Hopefully in the near future there won’t be any dramatic or traumatic events that will plunge her back into the abyss that had opened in her heart. Dennii needed time to heal before she gives birth so that she could take the role of a mother. The blasted Jedi did not prepare her for that, not that anyone was born ready to become a parent but usually in the process of growing up children learn about babies and meet some, also some of the games that little girls play usually reflect their future roles as parents. All of this was denied to Dennii, though her Padawanhood was unorthodox being Jori’s friend did not help much and she got some skewed views of what it entailed.

    There was that Force influence on-board who was messing with Dennii’s mind for some reason. All in all returning to the Union was a mistake. Jori was very hard to read, if he was not sharing Dennii’s mind it would have been impossible to read the duchess’ as she had such great self control. For a non-Force sensitive Jori had enviable skills in masking one’s thoughts and feelings. There was something off, he had been analysing Dennii's memories and the Union worried him, but there was no way telling her that it was a bad idea coming back. Though now that she was a princess had its perks, will have to wait and see whether the positives will outweigh the negatives. One thing was clear Dennii was not yet safe, but given the state of the Galaxy there was hardly any place where their lives won't be in danger. Will have to wait and see.


    Dennii woke up from a sudden noise of blaster fire. Castle Kaladan was under attack! She could smell the acrid smell of smoke and she could see it billowing from underneath the door. The Princess rushed to it and went to the corridor, there were bodies sprawled around, scorch marks on the walls, burning paintings, curtains and carpets. Jori! She had to save her! Someone had invaded the Castle! Blaster fire and shrieks could be heard coming from the different levels, as well as muffled explosions followed by shaking of the floor.

    Dennii reached a window and could see that Kala City was on fire too. Shots and missiles were being exchanged thus increasing the destruction. What was going on!? She felt confused, nothing made sense, there was a vague recollection of being on a ship, but maybe that was just a dream? No time for such deliberations, must save Jori!

    There was an almost dreamlike sensation to it all. The movements felt kind of fluid and a bit unreal. Maybe it was because she was suddenly woken up. She passed some bodies sprawled around, but could not focus on their faces. That was odd, also could not feel Drakoniss!? Maybe he was not real? Everything was confusing. Dennii reached Jori’s office and opened the door. There was her sister standing in front of the window. She was a dark and imposing figure. Dennii could feel the madness of the dark side seeping off her. When did this happen? Jori surely had some bad streaks but being plain evil? Maybe she hid it too well, but Dennii had been in her mind and aside of that connection with the planet Necromunda there was nothing to indicate that she bore the dark side in her heart. Of course there were some aspects that was some ambivalence as to which side, but this was normal for someone who was not trained as a Jedi and lives outside the Order, but generally Jori leaned towards the Light despite what she thinks about herself.

    “Isn’t it beautiful?” Jori half turned her head towards Dennii.

    “What do you mean?” Dennii asked cautiously as she stepped forward.

    “The building of a new order, my order!” there was a hint of madness in her voice.

    “Jori...” she paused “Are you feeling alright?”

    Her sister turned towards her, Dennii could see clearly that she was not herself. What was going on?

    “I am feeling more than fine! This is my crowning achievement! I destroyed them all! My enemies and the Union are broken!”

    “But all those innocents… dead!” Dennii exclaimed.

    “There is no such thing as innocence, only varying degrees of guilt. Besides you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.”

    This was not Jori, it can’t be, an impostor maybe? She extended her senses and what she felt puzzled her even more, the person in front of her did not feel like her sister. She felt empty, manufactured… also non-corporeal. It all made sense, she was in a dream, but the fact that she was in control of herself changed things. Dennii recalled that Drakoniss was observing an unusual Force presence which might have induced all those recent visions while she was on board. Probably a Truthsayer Sister, only they knew how to manipulate one’s dreams. Thanks to Jori Dennii learnt those techniques in order to help her heal the damage of the botched ritual so many years ago.

    “The Union is just a beautiful lie…” the Jori lookalike continued.

    It all made sense now, it used this weird phraseology as it was intended to implant ideas in her mind. These ideas must be expressed clearly and must not leave room for interpretation as the target could misunderstand and do something else entirely. Someone was trying to turn her against Jori. Dennii sent a mental attack towards whoever was doing this and a shriek came which shattered the world that was built.

    “Dennii! Wake up there is someone here!” Drakoniss sounded worried.

    Probably whoever was doing that as they needed a physical proximity for a greater effect. Dennii's eyes were wide open as she saw the female figure who was still reeling from her mental attack. Using the Force she summoned her lightsaber as she jumped from the bed and the silver blade appeared illuminating the dark room. It was a woman alright, wearing a crewman’s fatigues. She could see her glaring and could hear a crunching sound coming from her mouth. 'No, no, no…’ Dennii thought as she realised that the woman probably had a fake tooth filled with poison. Even though she was a Healer she could not perform miracles as this poison was very fast acting. It was rare to see someone in the Union to use that as most members of the Houses were immune, probably will need to take a sample as this one might be a new type which could tip the balance.

    “You are not safe here…” these were the woman's last words before she died. Dennii pressed the panic button to summon the guards as the ones that were supposed to protect her were either incapacitated or were in collusion with the unknown assailant.

    Another sleepless and eventful night.

    TAG: To be continued
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    May 17, 2004
    OOC: GM APPROVED - thanks for letting me join you again!


    CS Short Form
    Name: Magnus Carthaginian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Race: Human
    Personality: Aristocratic nobleman. Brilliant, passionate, honor, pride and entitled.
    Weapons: A holdout blaster in his boot. Standard issue weaponry beyond that
    Ship: HIM Imperial-class Star Destroyer Halcyon
    Bio: Born on Coruscant in the upper level. Magnus came from a highly respected family of the then Grand Republic. His family could trace their lineage through the ages of the galaxy. Though not one of the few remaining ruling Houses, the Carthaginians had enjoyed power and prominence.

    In the later days of the Republic, Carthaginian galas and political prowess (as well as funding) was legendary.

    Magnus grew up in the seat of power. In his childhood home were a constant array of Senators, generals, commanders, merchants, philosophers, biologists, heroes and villains. He’d known Jedi personally that were killed during the Great Purge, and been to the Senate numerous times with his Uncle, a Senator of Coruscant, and his grandfather was a local magistrate. Much of his immediate familiar still owned property and power through the Empire.

    As Magnus grew, he came to understand people and how to maneuver the political and pseudo-political world of Coruscant.

    He joined the Great Clone War almost at its inception, eager to prove his birthright and his own prowess on a larger stage. In himself, he was not disappointed, as he achieved military success in the Navy throughout the war.

    Magnus’ career took him deep into the Clone Wars, and eventually as Captain under Lord Vader on Ursea, then the Re of Ursa. Magnus was placed in command of the Imperial Sub-Fleet Onslaught. There, with a fleet under him, he was able to truly put his lifetime of training to good use. A principle responsibility of Carthaginian’s was to overseer the Imperial Subfleet as well as work in constant liaison with Admiral Lietman of the Ursean Navy, a worthy ally and friendship.

    Military success here saw him later promoted to Grand Admiral by Vader himself, as opposed to the appointment coming from the Emperor as was the norm. Continuing his command of Onslaught subfleet, he also took oversight of the Imperial Third Fleet.

    The war with the Separatists raged on with Magnus at many of the climatic theaters - even on a few occasions fighting directly against Grievous himself in defense of Ursa. Magnus would later take place in the final battle of the Clone Wars of Kalee that saw the death of Emperor Palpatine.

    Returning to Coruscant along with the rest of Onslaught, Magnus was part of the debriefing to Lord Vader along with Captain Scyther Vectis and others, regarding the final moments of the war.

    As Emperor Skywalker was installed as monarch of the Empire, Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian was eager to continue his assent granted by birthright and bought with his own blood and sweat throughout his life.

    CS Long Form
    Name: Magnus Carthaginian
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Home world: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Empire
    —Traits: Honorable, strong-willed, intelligent, sees the world as a stage, appreciates nobility and sees it as a birthright. Hates anyone who doesn’t respect it - either those with it that squander it or those that don’t recognize it means something. Can be ruthless when duty requires. Part of the social elite, he knows how to handle himself.
    —Likes: Respect, fine things, honor, recognition, success.
    —Dislikes: Failure, weakness, indecision.
    —Habits: Fine whiskey, dressing down everyone as a potential obstacle, manipulation and observation
    ---Skin Color:White
    ---Hair Color: Dark brown with grey
    ---Eye Color:Blue
    —Clothing:Grand Admiral’s white uniform
    ---Other Attributes:Scar on his cheek from the early days of the clone wars when he saw hand-to-hand combat with battle droids, as they boarded his Venator
    ---Other Details: Thin, tall. Noble.
    —Name: Halcyon
    —Class: Imperial Star Destroyer
    —Crew: 37,000 (9,253 officers and 27,850 enlisted personnel. Starfighter core and 9,700 stormtroopers.)
    ---Passenger(s): yes
    ---Interior Description: Imperial grey.
    ---Other Details: Magnus’ office was a replica of his study on Coruscant - rich hard blood tree woods, tapestries and fine art from across the galaxy. The office was slaved to his Coruscant home, so that he could continue to care of the affairs of his family while away.

    The Force - No.
    ---Personal History: Born on Coruscant in the upper level. Magnus came from a highly respected family of the then Grand Republic. His family could trace their lineage through the ages of the galaxy. Though not one of the few remaining ruling Houses, the Carthaginians had enjoyed power and prominence.

    In the later days of the Republic, Carthaginian galas and political prowess (as well as funding) was legendary.

    Magnus grew up in the seat of power. In his childhood home were a constant array of Senators, generals, commanders, merchants, philosophers, biologists, heroes and villains. He’d known Jedi personally that were killed during the Great Purge, and been to the Senate numerous times with his Uncle, a Senator of Coruscant, and his grandfather was a local magistrate. Much of his immediate familiar still owned property and power through the Empire.

    As Magnus grew, he came to understand people and how to maneuver the political and pseudo-political world of Coruscant.

    ---Military History: He joined the Great Clone War almost at its inception, eager to prove his birthright and his own prowess on a larger stage. In himself, he was not disappointed, as he achieved military success in the Navy throughout the war.

    Magnus’ career took him deep into the Clone Wars, and eventually as Captain under Lord Vader on Ursea, then the Re of Ursa. Magnus was placed in command of the Imperial Sub-Fleet Onslaught. There, with a fleet under him, he was able to truly put his lifetime of training to good use. A principle responsibility of Carthaginian’s was to overseer the Imperial Subfleet as well as work in constant liaison with Admiral Lietman of the Ursean Navy, a worthy ally and friendship.

    Military success here saw him later promoted to Grand Admiral by Vader himself, as opposed to the appointment coming from the Emperor as was the norm. Continuing his command of Onslaught subfleet, he also took oversight of the Imperial Third Fleet.

    The war with the Separatists raged on with Magnus at many of the climatic theaters - even on a few occasions fighting directly against Grievous himself in defense of Ursa. Magnus would later take place in the final battle of the Clone Wars of Kalee that saw the death of Emperor Palpatine.

    Returning to Coruscant along with the rest of Onslaught, Magnus was part of the debriefing to Lord Vader along with Captain Scyther Vectis and others, regarding the final moments of the war.

    As Emperor Skywalker was installed as monarch of the Empire, Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian was eager to continue his assent granted by birthright and bought with his own blood and sweat throughout his life.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: Swearing himself in allegiance to Vader against his better judgment. Facing death as a young man in the Navy face on. Hand to hand combat has become a passion after he nearly lost his life in one his first battles out of the academy.
  15. Kalio_Dynkos

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    Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian
    Commander of His Imperial Majesty Lord Vader's Onslaught Fleet and the Third Imperial Fleet
    Great Senate Chamber, Coruscant


    Magnus softly brushed some black specs from the knee of his stark white uniform. He sat cross-legged, alone but for his aide in his stationary viewing pod amidst the Senate Chambers. Around him clamored the voices of thousands of beings - both in the chamber itself and filing out.

    Only just finished was the first Imperial Address of His Majesty Anakin Skywalker, Lord Vader, and Re of the Ursa system. The details of Emperor Sheev Palaptine I's demise on the battle field was already known to Magnus, himself there at the final theatre of the Clone Wars over Kalee.

    The Emperor had entered the battle and died there. Ships were lost in the fighting, men had died, and, in the wake of such a monumental battle, the war was finally over. The Confedacy of Independent Systems no longer had a leader - both Grievous and Dooku having been dispatched in their turn throughout the war.

    As Emperor Skywalker had stood upon the slowly spiraling pod in the center of the Senate Chamber, he'd stood as one on a precipice before a tempest.

    Changes were coming to the Empire.

    Skywalker had outlined reform after reform in his inaugural speech, letting the Senate know in no uncertain terms that with the war over, the Empire built on the sacrifices of its people was finished, and so were the presumptive departments and positions that made gain through the period.

    Upon that precipice, Anakin stood not only looking into the tempest, but the conjuror of the very same storm. He was hailing a typhoon so great and powerful that it could at once be felt on the very skin. It could be tasted. Throughout his speech, senators had applauded and at other times their silence was just as deafening.

    "Well," Magnus said again, slowly standing up, and smoothing his crisp white jacket.

    His aide took a step back in acknowledgement and opened the security door to the main hallway.

    Senators, lobbyists, military commanders and countless aides and secretaries littered the halls. Most, obviously enough, were heading in the direction of the Emperor and his family, as the entourage made their way to the reception. Where they stood on the Emperor's goals didn't matter. That they wanted to cement their funding, their position and their power, however, did. Palaptine was known for having his sycophants. Apparently, Skywalker was well in line to receive his own.

    Magnus nodded at a Grand Moff as he strolled in the opposite direction. The Moffs had been particularly targeted by Anakin's speech, as sector governors that were of the old way. At the eye of the Tempest would be the Moffs, Tarkin chiefly dangerous among them. The sustained Clone Wars of the last decade had allowed for a strong Military and the ends justified the means to allow them into power with their own brand of ruler ship. Magnus him self had dealt with Moffs as a Grand Admiral and knew the beast Anakin was poking.

    As Magnus and his aide turned the halls of the senate building, he called back to mind his first meetings with then Chancellor Palpatine in the final days of the Republic. Magnus was hosting a gala at his home that the Chancellor had been invited, as a friend of the family. The Carthaginians were generous hosts, and powerful in the Core Worlds. His Uncle, Claudius Carthaginian, had often remarked that Palatine was a director. He'd seen him turn enemies into allies, seemingly overnight. And he always was on the right side of a conflict.

    Whereas Palpatine was a director, the master of one of the galaxies best space operas, Anakin was the consummate field general, and he'd just launched a preemptive strike across every bow that thought they had safety under Palatine's Empire.

    Magnus has served with Anakin for years now, since the height of the Clone Wars. It was under him that he received his promotion from Captain to Grand Admiral - a position usually reserved for appointment by the emperor himself. However, come to think of it, it had, with Anakin now on the throne.

    Magnus had joined the war early, and been instrumental in a number of campaigns. His most memorable, though, were facing Grievous with Vader's Onslaught Fleet, working to fight economic warfare with Ursean Admiral Leitman, and this final battle that ended the war.

    It was an honor and a career he'd been born for, but it was a destiny he'd nearly lost.

    [I demand loyalty, Captain.]

    Vader's deep baritone had echoed in the Ursean palace those years ago as if it had been through a vocoder instead of his own mouth. The man was no monster, no matter what the media tried to say. Vader hadn't coerced him, but he left him few options.

    That isn't to say that Magnus had sworn his allegiance easily.

    Born and raised to be sure of his own place in the galaxy, Magnus would bow to no one, but he had agreed that day to be loyal to Vader. He'd allied himself to him and in his service. No man was his Master, but Magnus was content to think that he'd placed himself in the proper realm. Vader had shown that when he demanded loyalty, he also was loyal. Reformation had nothing on Magnus, of that he was sure.

    Still commander of the Onslaught Fleet and the Third Imperial Fleet, Magnus was safe in his position as if he'd been born to it.

    Nevertheless, the Tempest was coming. Reformation of an Empire was nearly impossible.

    Anakin is no fool, but he is naive, thought Magnus, entering his skycar.

    "Well," repeated Magnus a third time. "It seems we have work a head of us. Be sure my office sends me the information I've noted here, Sinjir."

    Magnus handed the datapad to his aide, who received it with a nod and no reply.

    "Also see that his Imperial Majesty is made sure of our respects. Send a bottle of Whyren's Reserve for the Re. There's a collection of rare books on my desk that would be appreciated by the Reina. I believe her grandfather is mentioned in third volume. For the Infanta..."

    Magnus paused. He knew nothing of children, except that he was one at a time. He'd been an uncle, even a godfather, but could never connect with children.

    "Perhaps, we leave mother and father to congratulate their daughter," he reflected, to another nod from his aide.

    Sinjir looked up from the datapad after some moments.

    "Most of the items on the list are fairly accessible. The rest I can have by later this evening, after making some enquirieres. Would that do, sir?"

    "Well, enough."

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    NPC - Information Officer Ram N’dir; Bureau Chief Erris Harro
    HoloNet Sub-Station 1138
    Outer Rim Node

    "No, please. We're a peaceful system! We have no weapons, you can't possibly," the princess struggled against the heavy grip on each arm.

    Turning toward her, the commander squinted his eyes, his pointed noise was seemingly sharp enough it could cut.

    "You would prefer another target, a military target," he asked, rolling his r's heavily. "Then name the system. I grow tired of asking this, so it will be the last time."

    He stepped closer, so that she could feel his rank breath on her skin.

    "Where is your base," he asked, biting each word.

    Silence from the princess. Anguish wore on her face. The commander raised his eyebrows. Nothing. He watched her mouth, knowing she knew what to say, willing her to communicate it to him.

    "Gagh," she sighed heavily. "What's my line?"

    "Oh, for goodness sake!"

    "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Let's go again, alright?"

    Hitting the pause switch, Information Officer Ram N'Dir smirked.


    Ram swung a dial on his console, causing the actors to move quickly through their scene to the next take. The Holofilm was taking longer than he'd expected, and he was on his 23rd hour. He'd need more caf soon.

    This film was a special assignment from his bureau chief for the next broadcast of the HoloNet to the Core Worlds. It was a dramatization of the events leading up to the recent victory from the Kalesh System. The CIS had deployed a "Killing Moon", a reported super weapon, into battle and a massive strike force led by the Emperor himself took it down.

    The commander, played by a toydarian, was made up to look like an Ishi Tib. His green skin, large eyes and beak-like mouth had been especially difficult. But with some holomagic, you'd never know. The princess was a local actress here on the Outer Rim. Blonde, beautiful, with lips that wouldn't quit - good publicity in a nutshell. If that didn't scream join the Empire, Ram didn't know what did.

    Ram's superiors were working on a broadcast to cover the details of the battle. His assignment was to play first as b-roll through the broadcast, and later an-depth look at the events.

    The Ministry of Information, based on Coruscant, had been busy today. From what he heard, the entire bureau had been called to work since the early hours of yesterday.

    Initially, a freighter captain had captured some footage of the Imperial and CIS forces clashing off Kalee, and alerted the HoloNet of the events. At least one capital ship had been destroyed, all hands supposed lost, but of course, no comment from the Ministry.

    Ram rotated the dial, and with a few keystrokes had input a rendering of the Killing Moon as told by observers into the the Holofilm timeline. Not the most impressive looking of weapons. It was smaller than he imagined and could easily be mistaken.

    "That's no moon..."he mumbled to himself.


    "It's a fragging space station!" Eris Harro yelled to the holoprojector in front of him.

    The Bureau Chief of the Outer Rim HoloNet slammed his fist on his desk. His office had been flooded with calls all day. From every tipster, clandestine source and wannabe reporter calling the front desk to reporters from the Imperial Press Cores and his superiors from the Ministry of Information.

    He'd spent the better part of his morning checking stories, redacting confidential information and supplying quotes from officials when necessary. Now, as they were nearing broadcast, the office of the Ministry of Information saw fit to threaten a kill-order on the whole run.

    "Listen," he said to the young human facing him. "I understand what the Minister is saying. However, it's too large a story to dismiss. The Galaxy is a small space, and we need to be sure the appropriate information is getting to the public."

    "Mr. Hux doesn't share your enthusiasm in this particular case."

    "Well, he'd better as frag at least accept it, because if this story gets out before we broadcast there is no telling the ramifications."

    "The issue has worsened since we assigned you this, Mr. Harro."

    "How so?"

    The young man on the other end feigned indifference as he moved back from the holoprojector. His form flickered and he brushed his hand in his hair.

    "The Emperor is dead," he said simply.

    "Bantha Spit!"


    "Is this public yet?”

    "The Senate just convened to hear a speech by Anakin Skywalker. He's declared himself the new emperor."

    Eris leaned back in his chair and let out a deep sigh. What he wouldn't give for cigar right now. The Emperor dead? A regime change was a huge story.

    "How's it being portrayed," he asked.

    "We're still working on it. The Coalition of Progress has set a meeting in an hour. In the meantime, you're asked to delay your broadcast until we know the full breadth of the news."

    "Give me the highlights," Harro said, grabbing his pad.

    "Skywalker is Emperor. He's talking reform. It may be politics..."

    "Vader is a blunt instrument," Harro waved. "Direct shooting. Count on that."

    Harro himself had been tasked with Vader's public image in the early days of the Empire. What was it Palpatine had called him in that speech? Ah, yes...Executer of the Empire. Harro had always loved the turn of that word. Executer, as one executes a will...or an enemy.

    The boy warrior, Skywalker was famous through the war. The right hand of Palpatine...strong enforcer. And now emperor.

    "Alright, alright. But, it's a fragging space station. Give me at least a lead in. We spin this right and depending on where the Ministry decides to sit with the Emperor story, this is the backdrop. 'Heroic Emperor Sacrifices Life to Protect His Empire.'"

    He emphasized each word as if on a headline.

    "I'll ask Mr. Pax."

    "See that you do."


    The cascade explosion was grand, if Ram N'Dir did say so himself. Probably his best work. Field reports were that the CIS weapon had been using the planet of Kalee as a factory or energy plant. It blew, the entire mantel of Kalee was destroyed killing both Grievous and the weapon. Whether any of it was true or not, and Imperial patrols not letting outsiders into the Kalesh System, it was hard to verify.

    Still, with a little fireworks and an imagination, Ram had rendered an explosion that would put the Empire Day celebrations to shame.

    He pulled up the ship list.

    The battle had been a who's who of the Navy. Most of the names he'd recognized from reports throughout the Clone War. Among others, Vectis' All-Stars were there. Onslaught fleet, so Grand Admiral Carthaginian. Vader himself. The Emperor.

    He keyed in a few strokes to insert b-roll of some of those ships from earlier footage, slowly leaving the battle theatre with the planet and weapon disappearing into stardust behind them. Too bad they couldn't get a droid to shoot video right at the battle sites when they happened.


    "You have the go-ahead, Mr. Herro. 'Emperor Palpatine the hero of the Empire, sacrifices himself for his people."

    "Great. Broadcast in an hour. You still leading into the Skywalker story?"

    "Local news already hit up an interview with him prior to accepting power. We'll run this first, catch it in the next cycle and see where the dust settles."

    "Great. Send my love to the wife and kids."

    "I'll do that."

    The hologram flickered and powered off.

    Harro placed the cigar back his mouth and chewed on it, not taking a drag. He'd only just seen the notes from the speech. COMPNOR was expressly, verbally, targeted as on the chopping block when it came to funding and responsibility.

    The Ministry of Information on Coruscant was overseen by the Coalition of Progress, which in turn was a division of COMPNOR.

    "I have a bad feeling about this."

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    Jun 21, 2004
    Co-GM Approved


    Name: Quinlan, of the clan Vos
    Age: GSY- 42 (Galactic Standard Years)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kiffar of the planet Kiffu
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color and Style: Black w/ dreads
    Skin Complexion: Bronzed from the Suns of Kiffex
    Clothing: Unique, Sith-Armor weave shimmer-cloak acquired on Korriban, trousers, utility belt, and black reptilian leather boots.
    Physique: Muscular, Extremely Fit
    Personality: Gruff, Dry Sense of Humor, Driven
    Quirks: King of the “One Liners”, lacks patience for the slothful of mind. He is loyal to those he feels are worthy to receive that honor.
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Unique Ability(s): Psychometric telepathy, the ability to read the memories of others from any object they touch, living or dead. Anzati spell of invisibility.

    Personal Ship
    Name: Mortis Stellarus
    Class: PROTOTYPE: Ursean Bird Of Prey
    Exterior Description: Comparable to Theta class shuttle, but in a more organic and efficient design created by the Re Mavrat of Ursa (RMU), Lord Vader, now Emperor of the Empire of the Free System of the Galaxy
    Interior Description: Decked from floor to ceiling, as it was a gift from Celeste
    Weapon Systems: 2 Ion Canons, Two dozen mini E.M.R’s (Electro-Magnetic-Rockets)
    Crew Compliment: Pilot and Co-pilot, room for 4 passengers
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes
    Misc. Specs: Handles like a dream. Vos hasn’t really checked out all the other bells and whistles on it yet.

    Military History: Former Jedi Master who served as a Commander in the Clone Wars. Sheyftain of the Guardian’s (Tribal Leader) of Kiffex and Kiffar. Master of Shuh-Toh Munh’ Raah.
    Traumatic Experiences: Psychometrically read his parent’s murder, which was orchestrated by his aunt, Sheyf Tinte. Avenged his parent’s murder. Deaths of many, many friends via Order 66. Amnesia. Torture and betrayal at the hands of Count Dooku, and his conversion to the dark side, left indelible marks, however, while he was brought back to the light, he never again was not fully accepted by the Order and the Jedi Council that sent him to infiltrate Dooku’s acolytes and required him to “go deep.” He has a wife, Kahleen Hinz, and a son, Korto Vos. They, however parted to keep Korto safe during the purge. Unfortunately, while his Devronian friend Willie was supposed to have kept them safe and report to Quin on their whereabouts, Amurle’ah, one of Quin’s trainees and smugglers, tricked Willie, with the use of the Dark side Force to convince him that Quinlan had been killed. Before her cruel act could be discovered, she betrayed Vos in a fit of jealousy, working intrigue of the most dangerous sort that connected her to Palpatine. Amurle’ah did not survive. Kahleen and Korto are still missing.
    Rogue Jedi Master
    Light saber Blade Color: (Red, Silver, ViridianGreen)
    Light saber Type: (Single, Dual Sabers)
    Hilt Description: Ornate red metal Hilt, Classic Vos Hilt, Hilt made in tribute to Master Temuri Ahab’asha
    Affiliation: Imperial, Ursean, Jedi

    Brief and recent history: Vos, survived Order 66 by having the good fortune to be leading a
    campaign in snow, the extreme cold, masking his heat signature as he lay covered and wounded under the snow. After mending, he, like many, became part of the underworld and with his dealings amongst that quarter, took a young boy under his wing, removing him from the indenture of a vicious and vindictive pirate.

    It was in the early months of the Empire that Vos felt a nudge in the Force. At first, he ignored it, but it’s persistence drove him to Ursa, to Celeste and to Anakin, now the be-knighted dark Lord of the Sith. The Force had a purpose for Vos to serve, as reluctant and jaded as he had become. Only one who had fallen to the dark side could undertake the task before him...

    He has served beside his fallen brother in defense of Ursa, in finally vanquishing Dooku in Ursa and General Grievous, on Malachor, in winning the ultimate battle of the Clone Wars at the battle of Kalee, and in conveying the injured Vader back to Coruscant to prevent a military coop. Finally, he was instrumental in the healing of his spirit brother, Skywalker and lead the Ursean special operative corp, once a militant group, the “Kavalad,” as their “Ledaren.”


    Name: Marie-Celeste Eugenie Isabeau
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: Golden brown almost olive
    Hair Color and Style: Waist length reddish black, worn either down or pulled into a top knot
    Skin Complexion: Light olive
    Clothing: Formal court attire for Kavala Palace, Highly stylized corseted bodice with decorative stomacher in the manner of latter half of Earth circa 18th century,Europe, Deep square neckline, tight fitting sleeves, with full cartridge pleated skirts falling to the floor in an oval with short train. The color of the Matriarchy is silver and thus she is almost always arrayed in silver, gray, or blue. If performing contemplative ceremonies, she will wear the simple red robes of a Kavala abbess as Celeste is the Matriarch, and thus religious leader of Ursa. Occasionally other colors, but rarely.
    Physique: 5’4” long slender neck and waist, yet curvaceous, dark but
    childlike visage
    Personality: Highly intelligent, strategic and analytic, strongly focused,
    searching, quiet, regal, possessing a practiced reserve but inwardly playful and engaging, musician, very active mind, well versed in economics, politics and philosophy.
    Quirks: Tends to become aloof under stress, bites nails, favors her right side due to an assassin’s failed attempt on her life.
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Personal Ship
    Name: The Sampo
    Class: Ursean Star Clipper, Malovian Royal Ship Wrights, Malove.
    Exterior Description: Sleek, blue-gray, mottled with iridescent silver markings, with distinctive up swept amorphous “wings”; organic wedge shaped core fuselage and articulated wing extensions or foils curving abruptly to 60 degrees in short and pointed extensions ( like the wing tips of starlings) from the plane of the wing base. “Beaked” prow angled down at 35 degrees. Anterior dorsal wheelhouse and bridge.
    Interior Description: Varied and luxurious. An antique, it is nonetheless sleek, highly ornate and plush appointments.
    Weapon Systems: 6 small H9 Turbolasers cannons
    Crew Compliment: 60
    Hyperspace Capability: class 1.2; 60,000 light year effective range
    Misc. Specs.: Dimensions – length 160 m; wingspan 110 m; height 40
    maximum acceleration – (in open space) 2,900G /class 0.9 (as with all Ursean craft, very easily maneuverable); 4 escape pods ; cloaking capabilities, albeit crude

    Marie-Celeste’s system is an important source for ores used in the smelting of durasteel. A ward of Ursa’s honorary Executor and former Minister of Finance, former Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and deceased Emperor who used her as a "prop" supporting his persona as "kindly statesman." She was raised living most of her life among her tutors in the palace of her deceased family and bearing a strange Force anomaly, an “illness” kept hidden from the people. For several years, Celeste was afforded domestic anonymity, living with her cousins in a large family on a bucolic idyll of a world called Gripsholm, a natural preserve, and seat of the Marques of Gripsholm, Senator Vanya Federov.

    At the beginning of Galaxy at War, Palpatine found himself in need of reestablishing his “good” name and rallying the disintegrating Republic. Palpatine brought Celeste to Coruscant to present a civil and warm face to his administration and as a distraction. During her absence from Ursa, the system became the object of a savage and punishing Separatist assault. Sweeping changes had thrust Ursa System into this growing conflict. Ursa was far flung and had escaped the ravages of the Clone Wars, previously. A system of incredible store and wealth, the Urseans wielded great influence in the galactic economy. A peaceful system and strongly isolationist, the Urseans were ruled by constitutional democracy. The people were effusive, exuberant, and proud of their governmental system. Though Urseans tend to be Force sensitive, they believe that the Force should be felt but left undisturbed. Any use, whether for good or bad can have unintended consequences and therefore, should only be accessed by one of consummate wisdom.

    Celeste is the Matriarch (religious leader) and Reina (Queen) of Ursa System. Her haunted childhood saw the brutal assassination of her family and an isolation, devoid of warmth and the touch of others due to her mysterious affliction. With little filial contact other than occasional holograms from her patron, a sudden reversal of fortune brought her to a period of short lived happiness in the house of her Uncle, the Marques of Gripsholm, Vanya Federov.

    Newly crowned, Reina Marie-Celeste is befriended by Anakin Skywalker, who sensitive to her peculiar Force anomaly, teaches her how to subdue her acute and unexpected seizures and manage her ability in the Force. Assigned in a stop gap measure only, by the Jedi Council, the young knight became the Queen’s security advisor for a brief period. Having lost his young apprentice and friend, Ahsoka, and estranged from Padme and the twins, Anakin found his new situation a relief from the rapid descent of his happiness and the loss of his family and his companion, and also, the constant scrutiny and doubt of the Jedi Council. On Kavala, with the Queen’s confidence, he gained a taste for the autonomy and power of authority his position afforded. His native mechanical creativity experienced a flowering that produced many innovations for the System’s Security Forces. The young queen, showed herself to be a keen mind, analytical and incisive, able to abstract and coordinate. Thus, they cultivated a friendship from their shared admiration and sense of isolation. However, the Jedi was required to return to the Temple and was reinstated to command Republic troops against the CIS.

    While Celeste accepted the absence of her friend, she had bonded with him and heart sore, she looked always for his return. He did return, but now, a Sith. His manner changed, he nonetheless was beholden to show Palpatine’s ward, every deference his new master had bound him to show Celeste. Sidious encouraged Vader to consider that he could improve his fortunes by taking Celeste as a life mate and become Re of Ursa. Vader would then have a key system, a military, and great influence immediately. Eventually, with Palpatine’s perverse encouragement, the newly knighted Sith, Lord Vader and the Reina were wed.

    Celeste’s marriage proved to be harsh and painful at first, however, her plight was for her people who now suffered no small privation from the loss of tiny but verdant Jupe, at the hands of General Grievous. The Kaleesh General, had decimated the bread basket of Ursa, and now the stores of foodstuffs became strained. The changes wrought by the necessary incursions of Galactic Military and bureaucracy also took their toll. The Duma, the seat of democracy in Ursa railed against Imperial constraints to Ursean self-rule, but Vader was adamant.

    Over time, against Palpatine’s vision, the couple influenced one another and evoked quiet and hidden changes that eventually allowed the two to renew a kind of friendship, though not without sacrifice or pain. The Re and Reina, now Emperor and Empress, have a daughter, the Enfanta, Sophia Anastasia, to whom Vader is greatly attached. The seeming loss of Sophia to a rebel bombing of Ursa’s Kavala Palace, provided Sidious with the opportunity to bind the couple to him. Sensing the two were “straying from the path,” Palpatine saved the Enfanta through the use of the dark side that nonetheless restored the child princess.


    Name:Sophia Anastasia Isabeau
    Age: 7, nearly 8
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: Deep blue
    Hair Color and Style: Waist length chestnut, slightly curly, worn down or in 2 large braids tied together or pinned up.
    Skin Complexion: Light olive, almost fair
    Clothing: Formal court attire for Kavala Palace, Highly stylized corseted bodice with decorative stomacher in the manner of latter half of Earth circa 18th century,Europe, Deep square neckline, tight fitting sleeves, with full cartridge pleated skirts falling to the floor in an oval. Often wears overalls when not in a formal setting.
    Physique: 3’11” long slender neck and waist, yet curvaceous, oval face, big eyes, very limber and strong
    Personality: Precocious, mechanically apt - likes to build models and tinker like her father, playful, curious, and emotionally intelligent, none is a stranger.
    Quirks: Makes friends easily, can ask difficult questions at inopportune moments, not always but sometimes very talkative..
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Personal Ship: NA

    The daughter of Celeste and Anakin, she is the Princess or Enfanta of Ursa and now is Imperial Princess. Born in turbulent times and raised in Ursa, Sophia was mortally injured by a bombing raid by the resistance on Kavala Palace. She technically died but Palpatine had foreseen the event and had her body cloned so that he could transmigrate the child from her dying body to the clone. The procedure was of an ancient Sith alchemy which Anakin would not permit unless he was present. Though subjected to the dark side, he has not seen sign that Sophia suffered any lasting effects. Due to this event and his reticence about Anakin is very involved with Sophia, though reticent about her education as a Force wielder, concerned about what he might transfer. It is still too soon after his healing to see clearly.

    The Enfanta has the ability to charm people with her playful spirit and curiosity, even Master Vos. Upon meeting the young man Master Vos extricated from a smuggler’s ring, she took an instant liking to Han. She also immediately liked the new Commissar, a student of her father’s from a long time ago. However, Sophia longs for a friend on Coruscant, a world, she senses, that is both exciting and dangerous.


    Name: Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color and Style: Shoulder length, Brown
    Skin Complexion: Fair
    Clothing: Black synth-leather surcoat, knee length tunic, trousers, utility belt, boots, but varies according to occasion, though, seldomly.
    Physique: Tall, athletic
    Personality: Assertive, aggressive in battle, quick, powerful, resourceful, tenacious, keen sense of irony, earnest, loyal, deeply empathetic to the point of being overwhelmed, frank, speaks his mind sometimes to his detriment, idealistic , impatient (less so than in his past), exacting, committed to family, “good at fixing things.”
    Quirks: Bites lip. Tends to tuck his head, and walks with a very strong gait favoring his left hip, gesticulates when emphasising, or giving commands, is somewhat claustrophobic, can be overbearing, animals are drawn to him..., still loses his lightsaber and is all too human, tucks thumbs in belt, and if a vehicle is a lemon, somehow, that’s the one he’s flying
    Force Sensitive: a little bit...born of the Force

    Personal Ship
    Name: The Mavras Maelstrom
    Class: Ursean Curved Wing, Star Destroyer of Anakin’s design, Malovian Royal Ship Wrights, Malove.
    Exterior Description: Sleek, Grey, mottled with iridescent darker, though subtle gray spots, with distinctive upswept amorphous “wings”; organic wedge shaped core fuselage and articulated wing extensions or foils curving to 85 degrees from the plane of the wing base. “Beaked” prow angled down at a 35 degrees housing missile guidance, and tracking systems. Low profile dorsal tower rises in a streamlined crest and houses bridge and communications.
    Interior Description: Pale grayish blue and graphite interior. Sleek, it is utilitarian with little ornamentation, except in fundamental supports and openings, which are shallow arches with ogee turned edges.
    Weapon Systems: Similar compliment to the Venator Class Star Destroyer - 8 heavy and 2 medium turbolaser cannons; 50 point defense laser cannons; 4 proto torpedo tubes; 6 tractor beam projectors
    Craft Complement: 150 Ursan "Bird" starfighters; 180 ETa-2 Actis Interceptors including Obi wan Kenobi's for Vader's personal use;30 ARC-170 fighters; 20 military walkers; 30 LAAT/i(Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry)gunships; various shuttle craft.
    Hyperspace Capability: class 1.0; 60,000 light year effective range
    Misc. Specs.: Dimensions ? length 1,200 m; wingspan 565 m; height 2oo maximum acceleration ? (in open space) 3,900G (more agile than the Imperial counterpart but less stable for extended periods at maximum speed.)

    Once a Jedi, once a Sith, Lord Vader has extensive combat and tactical experience and many hours flying as a pilot of superlative and unmatched skills.

    Lord Vader, though he suffered the loss of his right forearm and hand, had numerous deep burns and other wounds, including a fractured skull, has undergone an intensive healing and is now whole and free of cybernetics and a chip implanted at the Emperor’s command. (In GAW, Lord Vader does not suffer defeat on Mustafar as Obi wan and Anakin were separated during their duel by massive tectonic movement of the planet.)

    All history of Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, RMU and now Emperor, applies up to the several years leading to the beginning of Palpatine’s reign as Galactic Emperor. During those years, Anakin married in secret to Padme Amidala who bore him twins within a year of their marriage. Amidala hid her pregnancy and the twins were passed off as children of one of her handmaids. However, Padme, aware of changes in her husband’s temperament, became alarmed and unsettled, formally trying to extricate herself from a marriage she began to regret and for which she felt much grief, believing that she stood as an impediment to Anakin’s true calling. The separation proved a tipping point and source of great pain for Anakin, as Palpatine had foreseen. Using that pain to advantage, the Sith further complicated matters by manipulating Anakin’s assignment as Republic Security to his ward’s system of Ursa, knowing the Jedi’s need to be needed. In Ursa, he found friendship with the young Reina that helped mitigate the loss he felt, but Anakin longed for his family and hoped for an opportunity to reclaim Padme’s affection and his children.

    Padme, experiencing a change of heart, endeavored to reunite her secret family, but Palpatine’s plans had progressed too far and all of the puzzle pieces of his elaborate scheming fell neatly into place. The reunion came too late and finally, Anakin was trapped, when Palpatine finally revealed himself as the Sith and the one who could bring resolution to “needless” confusion and pain that kept his potential apprentice from becoming the powerful Force wielder he was meant to be and prevent the death of his children and Padme. Yet,though Anakin had secured Padme and the twins at the Naboo Embassy, Padme decided to flee with the children, all perishing when their ship was destroyed, as Palpatine reported, for, as he said, the Jedi believing Padme expendable, targeted the ship, believing that the Sith was aboard. In actuality, Padme did escape with the children, Palpatine knowing this, but his deception played into Anakin’s worst fears and the Jedi yielded to Sidious’ clever innuendos and manipulations.

    Padme faked her death and that of the twins, escaping Coruscant with the children and going undercover, moving about with proponents of the beginning of the Alliance to Restore the Republic as one of its founders. When trying to contact Anakin, her ship was blown up by paid assassins of the Black Sun contracted by Sidious though her death was attributed to Vader.

    There were many reminders of his past, in fact too many to destroy that prevented Anakin from embracing the dark side in toto.

    With the Clone Wars continuing, the distraction of military campaign and his talents as a military leader required, Lord Vader was not able to pursue Jedi and execute the purge with the degree originally planned by Sidious. Grievous and Dooku, proved too strong a force to be controlled by Sidious. They joined forces and survived to build a formidable enemy to the young Empire in the CIS. Life had not much changed in that regard, for Vader was still working and fighting with many of the same comrades with whom he’d fought before he took on the position of Imperial Executor and became Lord Darth Vader. He was fighting a clear enemy of the Empire once called a Republic, though his reputation was much exploited and reported, as both hero and guarding and arm of Imperial law. He was not only the Empire’s saviour, he was also the dread executor of draconian rule.

    Yet, Lord Vader was also Re of Ursa where he proved to be an advocate for Ursean self-rule and with the help of Quinlan Vos, he was able to absorb the militant Kavalad without great upheaval and keep the Imperial system from eclipsing that of Ursa. Additionally, Vader, of necessity, in ruling Ursa, began to accept and learn diplomatic negotiation and governance under the guidance of the Prime Minister, Lord Neuwald.

    However, as the chief enforcer of Palpatine’s rule, Vader had to prove himself a true Sith and was responsible for the brutal and swift application of “the law.” However, over time, it was increasingly hard to deny the twisted existence for what it was and slowly, Anakin bridled under the yoke of the Sith. Whether a happy coincidence or true hubris on Sidious’ part, the Emperor was “destroyed,” at the Battle of Kalee, and Anakin, rightly so, surmised he had to return to Coruscant to prevent a military coup by Tarkin and his supporters throughout the Imperial military.

    At Kalee, he sustained serious injury and with the aid of his Usean doctor and Quinlan Vos, he underwent a Force healing. It was a dangerous undertaking but Anakin was certainly fortified by the return of his one time Padawan and companion, Ahsoka Tano, who, sensing him in the Force and knowing she was needed, undertook an arduous journey to return to his side.

    Anakin is aware of the enormity of the task that lies before him and the danger it will prove to himself and his family, he is nonetheless driven by knowledge that a war ravaged galaxy has not and he is committed to turning the tide, believing he has come to understand his true calling.

    Affiliation: Imperial, Ursean
    Lightsaber Blade Color: Red
    Lightsaber Type: Single blade
    Hilt Description: Silver Chromed base with black duraplast grips
  18. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Dennii/Drakoniss Sunwalker

    on-board Galactica-class Carrier “Hyperion”, Derra system

    A mountain of a man entered the room clad in Navy Trooper uniform. There was a clear concern on his face.

    “Are you alright milady?” he asked as she stepped towards him, sidestepping the body of the unknown woman lying on the floor.

    “Yes, I tried to apprehend her but, she killed herself.” Dennii tried to cover the trembling in her voice as she was still shaken and when the adrenaline drained the uncontrollable shaking came. She exerted herself in her attempts to try and prevent it from showing.

    The man nodded and moved towards the body. Dennii couldn’t read him, he had some sort of mental block, which was odd for a regular trooper. Something was wrong, so she stepped towards the door. The fact that he was alone and there was no sound of anyone else coming made things even more suspicious.

    He noticed her movement and she could see him tensing a bit. Dennii licked her lips holding her lightsaber tight. Her palms were sweaty and the smooth hilt was sliding a bit.

    “Is there something wrong milady?” he asked, she was not sure whether he was faking his concern or she was getting paranoid.

    “Nno, just shaken...” she managed to force a smile as the guard stepped over the body.

    There was an alarm blaring in her head. She could sense Drakoniss tensing too, that was not a good sign, it meant he was sure there would be violence. ‘Take control.’ she said to him as he had more experience ‘But be careful… the baby...’ he gave a silent confirmation that he understood. Then a sudden movement took her out of her thoughts. ‘Stupid… stupid...’ were her thoughts as a strong hand was holding her throat squeezing tightly.

    The sudden asphyxiation made it hard for her to concentrate. She tried to move her hand so that she could stab him with her saber, but the man’s free hand grabbed her wrist and with a swift motion twisted it forcing her to drop the hilt. ‘You are a Healer...’ came Drakoniss’ voice in her mind. She managed a brief moment of concentration, she could sense an old wound in his ribs and Drakoniss took over with a swift motion of her good hand struck directly at the breaking point.

    The trooper screamed in pain and released her. Dennii took a deep breath and the haze in her mind started to lift. Her wrist still hurt from being twisted, she would have to use her left hand to hold the saber. But before Dennii could do anything the world blacked out for a moment and when she opened her eyes she was lying on the floor. Her cheek was numb and there was a liquid trickling down her lips and chin. She could taste the metallic taste of blood. The man had struck her before she could focus enough to summon her saber. He was trained to deal with Force users…

    Every breath through her nose was painful, he probably broke it, but now was not the time for such trivial concerns. She tried to get up but couldn’t muster the strength to do so. He was not using a blaster as probably he was hoping to kill her and then disappear after removing all the evidence or planting false one. ‘Get up… get up!’ there was urgency in Drakoniss’ voice. She must have forgotten to give the control over to him. Everything happened so fast. There was something she could do, but would need to do it quickly.

    Dennii rotated on her back just as the trooper was standing over her bending, probably to pick her up by the hair. Her sudden movement startled him and with a swift motion she blasted him with a Force Push sending him up and back. He struck the ceiling breaking the lamps, plunging the room into a semi-darkness then he crashed on the bed, knocking off her belongings lying on the cupboard next to it.

    This gave her enough time to stand up gingerly and opened the door to the corridor. She couldn’t run as she felt some vertigo, probably hit her head hard when she fell on the floor. Dennii made her way through the corridor looking back to see whether he was chasing her. She passed her new maid’s cabin. She managed to knock hard on it. The girl opened soon afterwards, she could see her sleepy face turn into a mask of surprise and shock.

    “Milady!? What happened!?”

    Dennii pushed her inside and close the door behind them “No time, call security, call the Admiral. Someone is trying to kill me.”

    To the girl’s credit she obeyed her. All they needed was to wait until Admiral Fandorin came. Dennii could concentrate enough to start the healing process, but she could not afford to go into a trance just yet.

    A couple of Death Guards came, their faces covered in their traditional masks that resembled gas masks of old, Dennii sighed relieved as she knew they were fanatically loyal and would never try anything to harm her, unless Jori ordered them to. They said that they were ordered to take her to the infirmary and informed her that the Admiral is going to contact Her Ultimacy. Dennii almost groaned as this was not what she wanted as this would definitely mean going to Coruscant, something she wanted to avoid. Despite that Dennii nodded and followed the men, would have to face the problems one by one. First she needed to heal a bit, then could probably think straight. Hopefully...

    TAG: To be continued
  19. Kalio_Dynkos

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    May 17, 2004
    ISB Officer Fouche
    Hyperpace - Inner Core
    Cargo Freighter Modesta

    The point of his blade pulled out from the flesh of his victim with a soft thek. It had gone in without a sound into the Dug’s hide, but the leathery skin hadn’t been as willing to release it as easily. Fouche slowly dropped the mercenary’s lifeless body to the ground and kept moving.

    As he came to a corner, he paused. Footsteps were coming from down the hall, two sets. One of them was something big, the other likely humanoid by the bipedal rhythm he could feel against the wall.

    Thankfully, the ship was in night-mode and running lights were all that lit the halls. He wasn’t complaining.

    The footsteps passed on.

    Fouche crouched, placing the blade back into his boot, and peaked around the corner.


    He peeled around the edge of the bulkhead and down the hall, walking on the balls of his feet to reduce the sound.


    A Mouse droid chirped as brushed by his ankles, clearly as surprised to see the human as Fouche was to see the droid. He smirked at his own reaction, loosed grip on the handle of his blade and turned the next corner, only to walk straight into the chest of a large Houk.


    Fouche didn’t wait. Keeping his head down, he ripped for his blade and thrust it into abdomen of the Houk. Surprised, it let out a grunt before grabbing his arm and wrenching the blade out. Fouche lost his grip and it fell to the ground. The Houk’s other hand grabbed Fouche by the neck and lifted him high off the ground so that his polished boots hung a good meter from the deck.

    This wasn’t what he’d planned. It was supposed to be in and out.

    The Houk didn't seem to care what the plan was as he tossed Fouche’s head against the bulkhead. Stars started forming in his eyes, and his head starting to pulse. After a second forced contact with the wall, Fouche braced for the third blow.

    The Houk grunted again, loosed his grip and fell forward instead. It took every ounce of Fouche’s strength to hurl himself backwards to avoid being crushed by the large creature. It landed with a thud, blood pooling from the wound in his abdomen.

    Took long enough.

    Fouche attempted standing, using the bulkhead to steady himself. He still saw stars, and the brass band that had taken residence in his head from that last blow seemed to decide it was time to up the tempo. Looking for his small blade, he ducked and continued forward, scooping it up as he passed.

    The mission had been simple recon of Confederacy resources leaking into the Core Worlds. There were rumors of insurgents working with the Confederacy - partisan groups was the term - to unsettle the Empire. ISB Agent Fouche had been placed on the freighter as a merchant, hoping to get in with the suppliers but had stumbled across something larger.

    The freighter had slipped into a communications blackout. Every message he sent couldn’t go out, and he couldn’t reach his handler. The HoloNet was being blocked and every channel was being scrambled.

    Fouche stopped short as he came nearest the Captain’s cabin. He’d eaten dinner there the night before, and found her pleasant enough. Neimodians weren’t known for their hospitality, but CIS collaborators could be generous when hoping to turn a mark in their favor.

    He slipped his data-encoder over the door, and it started beeping softly. What seemed like an eternity passed and the ISB agent was finally rewarded with a green light on the display and the door hissed open.


    The crew was smaller than Fouche had recollected. Having subdued the Neimodian captain in her own cabin, he locked down the rest of the ship and moved to the bridge. His body count was increasing, but with each kill came one less surprise.

    He hadn't tried to hide the bodies. There wasn't time, and he didn't intend to be here long after he'd finished.

    Before him was a display, and he plunged the hilt of his knife into the console so that the decoder concealed inside could get to work. Communiques from around the Outer Rim flooded the screen. What ISB had figured was a simple merchant ship that supplied the CIS, or at least carted around some of its insurgent members, was in fact a courier ship.

    The messages were all encoded and in ancient Mon Calamari script - if he was reading that correctly. His was rusty.

    Was the war over? If so, why the communications blackout? Where were they headed?

    He opened another database, and attempted to access hyperdrive control. It looked like the system was slaved to a navcomputer outside the ship. A recall subroutine had been activated, but the destination wasn't visible. A shame he'd already dispatched the captain, but his rendezvous hadn't allowed for prisoner transport.

    Another few strokes of the console, and he could at least see that he was still in the Inner Core and two hours from his destination. What awaited him there was another challenge. More Separatist forces? A port of call? Or was the courier ship on a self destruct path if the CIS had finally been defeated? The Droid General was known to fanatical, and the ISB and the Admiralty had all expected a contingency plan by the CIS to destroy their own forces in the event of a massive defeat.

    No one believed it would actually happen, though. Even if the war was won, there would be mop-up work to be done for a while yet.

    Nevertheless, this was all speculation. With the hyperdrive locked to its destination, the ISB agent had few options.

    The next two hours would answer some of his questions - either with his own destruction or arrival at wherever the navcomputer was taking them.


    The Modesta punched out of hyperspace and immediately started to list on the port side. The inertia from hyperspace propelling it forward.

    In the last two hours, Fouche had managed to unlock the communication system, but had blasted helm control to pieces. Whatever link brought him here, wasn't able to keep his ship on the tether after he'd arrived. This could be a problem if another jump was supposed to happen. For all he knew, the initial jump to hyperspace was just one in a series of jumps to their destination.

    A dull thud hit the blast door leading to the bridge. The remaining crew had finally appeared.

    They'd been at it for about a half hour.

    “Now who is going to clean up this mess,” Fouche asked aloud, looking at the maze of wires and blinking lights in front of him.

    He keyed his blade to finish downloading the content of the communiques. He’d have time to decode them later. Right now, guests wanted in, so he might as well let them in.

    Tag: no one yet, but open to anyone.

  20. pashatemur

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    Jun 21, 2004

    IC Quinlan Vos, Ahsoka Tano, newly named Commissar, Lt. Mira Solinova of the Ursean Security Forces (USF), Imperial Princess, Enfanta Sophia Anastasia, of Ursa, Empress and Reina Mavras of Ursa, Marie Celeste Isabeau, Imperial Academy Cadet, Han Solo, Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa

    Location: Coruscant

    The day was waning, though the light glinted brightly on the angles and spires of Coruscant's unending skyline. Helmets and heads jostled with each little current in the eddying crosswinds along the path the transport flew. Vos, having inspected the interior and performed a preliminary scan on the occupants, shut his data pad and handed it off to Lieutenant Solinova. Aside from the retinue, a rather large contingent of the 501st stood 5 to 1 in number of occupants in the hold. He couldn’t miss the deafening silence emanating from Padawan...Commissar Tano as she lowered herself to a jumpseat in the back. He raised a thoughtful brow as he observed her montrals now and then from between the troopers, tilted forward, her head tossed as one who is lost in thought, her posture, lax.

    Vos glanced out of either side of the ship to see the flanking fighters, 2 of 4, which included one forward and another aft of the Royal Transport and the following LA-AT, filled half and half with Black Guard and more of the loyal 501st. The Sheftain sighed and nodded here and there to those he passed as he made his way back through relatively quiet the hold.

    The traffic checkpoints were still active in the transit lanes below and even more so, the checkpoints on the VIP lane the transport traversed back to the Ursean Embassy, now serving as Imperial Palace. From the windows opposite Ahsoka, one could spy the still smoking rubble that had been Palpatine's pyramidal folly.

    With the sun lowered in the heavens, the towers were casting long shadows and the interior of the hold flickered light and dark, in rhythmic succession, increasingly more so as the modified LA-AT gunship banked toward the Embassy District.

    Anakin hardly noted the view, engrossed as he was in reports from the two aides that stood next to him. All in wide stance, the tight trio swayed with the action of the buffeting turbulence. Leaning along the length of his right leg, Sophia rested her head against her father's side, and as the transport jumped suddenly, he put his arm about her shoulders to steady her, his low-toned conversation uninterrupted, punctuating his sentences with a nod of his head, not having a free hand with which to gesture, as was his custom, by jabbing the air with his index finger.

    Lieutenant Solinova and the other Ursean aid, both of them holding data pads and taking notes or making calls, nodded, eyes intent upon the Re of Ursa, Lord Vader, Emperor of the Free Systems of the Galaxy. Sophia sighed and nuzzled against her father, clearly experiencing a lull after traveling across the Galaxy and attending the Senate.

    The troopers and Ursean Guards in the cabin stood sentinel, peering out across the skies as they listened for the first crackle of a transmission that might alert them to a change in the security status around Coruscant, for the threat level still stood at high with the attack of the previous day.

    Han sat next to Celeste, though unto himself. Sophia sat with him when they boarded, but though he was brotherly and tolerated her with a crooked smile, he was not interested in hearing about the gown she was going to wear to the reception and Sophia, truth be told, became as disinterested as Han, now finding herself all run-out. So, she lazed, arms circling Anakin’s waist and eyes closed, resting comfortably against the warmth of her father, her dark curls jumping with each bounce of the LA-AT.

    A lingering shadow fell across Ahsoka, partially blocking her view. “Room on that bench for one more?”

    “Oh...” Ahsoka sat more upright as she looked away from the bulkhead. The voice had startled her and she tried not to let it show that she was lost in her thoughts. She shifted a bit to allow more room. “Of course…”

    The Ledaren’s chiseled features curled into the semblance of a smile, his green eyes, intense and staring out from the shadow his dredlocks cast about his face. He lowered himself, sitting next to the quiet Togruta. “You are, Commissar Tano. He would not have lectured me for testing you and if he did not want you here, you would know. Be where you are!,” said Master Vos, quietly, tossing his locks over his shoulder, two jade spheres commanding her gaze.

    Her azure eyes shifted as they studied his face for a moment before her lips lifted into a small smile. “Thank you…” She whispered. Her gaze locked onto his. “I...suppose you needed to know… for sure. That was why you were testing me… and I do not blame you for wanting to make sure.” Her gaze lowered to her lap, her hand left her lek.

    He nodded, “yes.” “You can’t have missed completely the exploits of “Lord Vader.” There are many who have been tested, but not all, in the same manner, and many found lacking. We had that conversation earlier, as you may recall. The Kiffu gave Ahsoka a crooked grin as he recalled the vision of Skywalker and Tano speaking in the day's morning light. He glanced down at her arms to see they still bore the imprint of her test, her ruddy tone dark in spots. Had he himself made those bruises or not? So far, Ahsoka had proven herself to be what she claimed, a loyal friend. The evening was still to come and he would remain vigilant, but even as he proclaimed that to himself, he felt the faint pentimento of a bond that evoked memories that were both his and not. He took a sharp breath and for a moment, he regarded her with a gentleness that was not typcal of Quinlan.

    Who can say what kiln will make a worthy vessel and which, a blood-sucker, that dries up all that is poured into it. Some of us have firsthand knowledge of the way of the dark. When you walk in light, your face taking in warmth, the shadows are behind you. We forget that they are part of us, the shadows, that where there is light, a shadow will always be cast, even if only tucked beneath our feet. Our brothers and sisters...they have forgotten this. I came back, because ...I remembered it...all too well. I have ... been obstinate, my brother spirit,” and he gestured to Anakin “...showed me my shame hidden in my own shadow, even when I believed myself...superior, believed that I had come to teach him. We understand one another. He is light and dark, a place of much wisdom. People are

    stubborn and he will be one big idiot sometimes. For instance, he will never quit that name- 'Vader.' It is the name of his shadow, and to deny it, for him, is dishonorable. It is to live, your face turned to the light, dragging your shadow behind you, pretending it does not exist. Yet, he must run with hyenas. They are a political pack, a cauldron of tricksters and scavengers. They will bite at his heels till he fall and devour him or leave him for the bitter to tear apart. Many will not understand this honor to which he klings. In nature, there is no use for honor, that is why he needs us,” said Vos, placing his palm on his chest. “He is one big idiot.”

    “Well…” Ahsoka moistened her lips and tilted her head to regard his face. This was a different tone from Master Vos, less abrasive than how he was with her earlier, he was more… open, sincere. It was a welcoming change. His remark about Anakin at the end caused a big grin to blossom on her face. “Of course he needs us. Was there any doubt?” She pursed her lips to try and compose her face but the grin was too hard to suppress completely. “I am both surprised but also grateful that he has got this far with you… he does need the company of someone who understands him better than himself…” Her grin faltered slightly as it brought up in her mind, how it was years ago. “It is one thing for the media to say about ...his exploits… but what do they know of ...truth? They take footage, edit it out of context to drive a narrative they thought up and then present it as a reality. They do not know, nor care…” Her gaze left

    Master Vos and looked through the now moving troopers to where Anakin was and she could make out his daughter, Sophia, leaning against him and Celeste not far off. A quiet moment for them. Her hand found the tip of her right lek and clasped it as she turned her head back to Vos. “...nor do they want to understand.”

    “I would agree, but the holos are the favorite food of the masses...and if the adage is true that one is what one eats,” we have our work cut out for us...Ah, we are here,” he said looking up. “Commissar, I’ll come for you when it is time to leave. You and I will be the leads on security for the Royal Entourage.”

    Vos studied her for a moment, as if he was appraising her, and then, he rose and reached up to grab a hanging strap as the transport began a deep descent.

    TAG: Ahsoka and Han
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    OOC:: Firstly, thank you everyone for your encouragement and please excuse my ‘rust.’ I am so happy to be back, but it is to C_O that I give the greatest thanks. Without him, this RPG would not have reappeared. It was a true labor of love to put this mammoth back together-so very much work.

    Next, I am searching for information on Dr. Molita, Mira Solinova, and Admiral Colten and a few other characters so that I may post their Character Sheets. Until then, Dr. Molita’s first name is a mystery! It’s been a few years..

    IC: Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa, Imperial Princess, Enfanta Sophia Anastasia, of Ursa,, Lieutenant Mira Solinava , Lt. Mira Solinova of the Ursean Security Forces (USF), Admiral Harkon Colten, USF, Dr. Molita, Ursean and personal physician to the Ursean Royal family

    Location: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy and Imperial Palace

    The LA-AT gunship’s pilot announced their imminent arrival at the Ursean Embassy and the scratchy metallic sound of the same transmission to black or white helmets throughout the hold and then echoed over the ship’s com was juxtaposed to Sophia’s giggles. The Enfanta dangled, arms out-stretched and fingers laced together over her father’s arm. Anakin smiled as he watched her enjoying the gravitational pull that put her at an odd angle to the rest of the passengers, who like him, were holding onto the tough red woven straps or bracing themselves in their seats. He smiled at her fun and wistfully wished he could let go sending forth commands and preparing for the long evening ahead and, like his daughter, dangle his feet.

    The tips of two silken shoes peeked from under the Imperial Princess’ blue satin skirt and batted the air, her silver lace apron and sash, fluttering in the current. Anakin interrupted his informal briefing and laughed with Sophia. “Hold tight,‘Halfling’ or you’ll be flying and I’ll never hear the end of it,” he said, noting the stern glance Celeste gave him from her seat near Han, his smile disappearing momentarily. One or two troopers were grateful for their helmets as they twittered to themselves.

    Returning his attention to his work, “Stay with me, Lieutenant Solinova. I have one or two more details to cover with you. While we return to the Residence, make sure all detail escorts for the Embassy guests are in place to escort and return them from the Senate. If any decline their invitation, be certain Ursean Palace Guard have them on their security list for the duration of the evening.”

    With a sigh of disappointment, Sophia interjected for the LA-AT was leveling off to ‘land’ or rather hover over the pad at it's destination, the Ursean Embassy.

    “See,” said Anakin as he felt Sophia’s legs encircling his waist and he put an arm about her as she clung to his neck, “you report between the UPG and Ledaren Vos and Commissar Tano, they are ‘point’ on retinue security at the Senate.”

    Mira smiled at the Princess and answered with a click of her heels and a bow, “Yes, Minn Arri.”

    The bay doors opened and the oranging light of afternoon spilled into the low lit interior of the modified LA-AT’s hold. He could see Admiral Colten and Dr. Molita waiting on the tarmac. He’d forgotten the Doctor wanted moment to look him over. It was not yet, a day since the healing. He blew against the inside of his cheeks so they ballooned out, but before he could deflate them himself, Sophia had “punctured” his makeshift “balloon” with one little index finger. Bemused, Anakin harrumphed at her before jumping down lightly, Sophia in hand, the Reina, set down with more ceremony by a storm trooper. He plucked a kiss for Sophia and sent her off with Celeste and Han, as Dr. Molita approached. “You thought I’d forget.” said the doctor with a wry smile. “I had hopes,” muttered Anakin, Re of Ursa. He looked over his shoulder to Ahsoka as she disappeared into the ancient castle’s arches and he smiled a little. Gesturing for Molita to lead the way, he said, “Let’s get this over.”

    “Your Majesty?” queried Admiral Colten, coming up close behind.

    “Yes, Admiral, you have news from Teshik concerning military communications in and out of Sector 1?”

    “Yes,” said Colten, out of breath as he kept up.

    Anakin was handed a data pad to peruse, which he did and handed it back to the bearer.“Is there anything needing my personal attention?” he asked Colten without slowing his step.

    Colten coughed and answered,“No, Minn Arri..We remain vigilant ....but so far, nothing untoward.”

    “Good to know, see you this evening,” The Emperor half saluted and continued, leaving Colten behind.

    “Right, ...Minn ...Arri...”

    As Dr. Molita and the Emperor strode into the vestibule, Solinova following close behind, many of the officers and clerks from there to the residence bowed and cheered as their new Emperor passed. Anakin smiled and nodded. He hadn’t really given much thought to the sense of change his personal household and system would have and certainly did not expect much fanfare from the Imperials. Molita interjected in the silence of the lift, looking into the palms of his hands, clasp before him,“You’re eager for this period of shock and grace to end.” Anakin lifted his head from thought and gave Molita a hard stare, but the doctor kept his eyes forward and continued. “All this applause and parade puts you off. You don’t trust it.”

    Anakin’s jaw worked for a moment. The doctor had gotten to the heart of matters with no turn or dissembling. “I...” Vader stood straighter and Mira tried to become one with the walls of the lift.

    “You don’t have an exit strategy,” surmised Molita.

    “No...there is option...Doctor- This line of questioning has nothing to do with a medical examination,” said Anakin, becoming annoyed.

    “On the contrary, Minn Arri. I have been taking your readings since we entered the lift.” He brought one palm up to show a disc-shaped com nestled there. “I am concerned with your well being, that is my function. Your body is functioning better than can be expected, but...we both know that these bodies are simply temporary vessels. Nonetheless, they can be very indicative of what is going on with YOU.” he looked the Re in the eye, “Your sclera are very slightly discolored...a grey, pale blue. Are you experiencing anything unusual?”

    “Yes, the impertinence of my physician!” said Anakin placing his hands on his hips.

    Molita allowed himself a chuck, or half a chuckle. “Nothing unusual in that. Throughout history, physicians are granted the license to be so. It is part of our charm and bedside manner.”

    Anakin folded his arms.

    The lift came to a stop and the three exited to mayhem in the apartment.”Packages, Minn Arri. They were delivered here for Miss Tano,” said a protocol droid of platinum as it bowed and ambulated past the Re with stiff movement. Mira looked 'round the tall and imposing Re to the droid, but stood at ease till she had been addressed.

    “Thank you, Minn Arri. Your body appears to be in splendid health. I’ll see you time tomorrow for your next appointment and we can talk about this ‘No exit strategy’ problem”.

    “ they are!...” “Papa....” “Oh dear! There are three boxes in here....”

    Tag: Ahsoka, Han, Vos, Sophia, Celeste, Mira Solinova, Urseans, and people at the Embassy
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    IC: Duchess Jori Atreides

    Two months ago, early morning after her coronation as duchess, throne room Castle Kaladan, Kaladan

    Jori was sitting on the steps of the platform on which the Golden Eagle Throne was standing. Almost twenty hours ago she had become the new duchess Atreides, leader of the Union of the Great Houses. She did not feel any elation from that fact as she felt responsible for what happened to her father, besides it was not part of the plan to be crowned so soon. But as usual plans never come completely to fruition and you have to be adaptable to survive. She felt empty inside, but there was no turning back now, her people needed her to lead them into the future. If only it was not so uncertain, from that moment on she needed to be extra careful and consider all the possibilities. From now on her mistakes would cost even more lives.

    She heard footsteps on the parquet, it was the CSS Director Aurelius approaching her. Of course it would be him, aside of her, he was the only person who could countermand her orders or at least modify it in such a way that her subordinates would still think they were following the orders strictly. In some capacity he was the most powerful person in the Union. When you look at him it was too easy to underestimate him, a stately gentleman in his early sixties, but when you look into his eyes you see that it was you who was in danger. That is why he never resorted to any overt violence or aggression, he didn’t need to. Jori was the one of the few people in the Union who did not flinch when talking with him.

    “Can’t sleep?” He asked as he stopped in front of her. He seemed genuinely concerned.

    “I think you know the answer to that.” she did not hide her bitterness.

    “The coronation went better than anticipated, good thing that we sped it up as we would have been muddled by procedures and infighting.”

    “Yes, all things considered it went well, eventless. At least the people will see that the power is still monolithic and there is a continuation.”

    He nodded “Precisely, it is too early for the public to know about the inner struggle. The semblance of order must be maintained or the Union will dissolve pretty quickly.”

    Jori sighed and stood up.

    “It is not your fault...” the Director started.

    Jori raised a hand to stop him “No, it is, don’t try to comfort me. I must remember this, it was I who pulled the trigger back then and started this chain reaction. I need this reminder. I cannot allow myself to repeat those mistakes...” She paced, the parquet floor clacking from her steps.

    “Your Majesty...” he started but then stopped and nodded “I understand, it is good to know this.”

    Jori wondered whether this conversation was recorded and her confessions would come to haunt her someday. But she would have to deal with it when this crisis has been resolved. “Good. What about the Lord Advisor?” she did not hide her derision. “Does he know or suspect anything?” The old man had woken from his long lasting coma and had reappeared just as her father was killed.

    “No, at least there are no indications that he does.” the Director did not sound very convinced “He was very inquisitive in the past in regards to your fiancee’s kidnapping and sudden execution, but I don’t think he has anything that can be substantiated.”

    “He is a problem that needs to be dealt with.” she hissed “I don’t know why my father tolerated him, but he is a walking troublemaker. The fact that he is actually a Dondarion makes things even harder. My father had suspicions but was too afraid to press things, at least there is that. He would have caused a furor a Jedi head of a long lost House.”

    “Also the current issues between the Empire and the Jedi, we could be accused of harboring enemies of the New Order.” the Director added, they were in an agreement regarding the old man.

    “Speaking of him, is there any luck in finding Dennii?” Jori regarded him.

    “Only rumours, you know how hard it is to find a single person in this Galaxy.” he paused, unsure whether to proceed “Besides we cannot confirm whether she is alive or not...”

    Jori closed her eyes for a second and sighed. Should have expected such an answer “Yes, yes...” she kept pacing “If she is alive and cannot make contact with us, we need to find her before the Empire does.” this was the only thing she wanted to do that was against her plans, but she cared for her childhood friend, her only true friend she ever had and she wanted to save her, she owed her that much.

    “We are doing everything possible to find her or at least any information as to whether she is still alive.” The Direction assured her.

    “Her Master claims that she is alive, but you know his trustworthiness.” She gave a dour look.

    “What are we going to do with him? Given his status as a Jedi he is a potential problem and combined with being a Dondarion…” he did not finish the sentence.

    Jori paused for a moment and turned toward Aurelius “I will take him with me to Ursa, maybe Lord Vader will deal with him, either way we are not looking good and must be careful.” They were planning another journey to Ursa as Coruscant was more dangerous as she was not prepared to face Palpatine so had to approach the Empire in an indirect way, at least Lord Vader seemed a very reasonable man with whom it would be possible to negotiate.

    “Though this course of action bears risks, but you are right either way it will look bad, we must not look like as if we are harboring enemies of the Empire even if they are in a higher position in the Union.” He paused and gave an unreadable expression “But on the other hand it will make you look bad in the internal front, as the heads of the Houses might get worried that you are serving the outsiders and that you will betray them as soon as the Emperor or Skywalker ask.”

    “At least they will be afraid to cross me, but you are right as fear can be a powerful uniting force that can consolidate the positions of my enemies.” She smiled humorlessly “Will have to put up a fake fight if the need arises.”

    She moved towards one of the large windows overlooking the city. The first signs of the waking life were starting to show, more and more lamps were lit and she could see the tiny specks of the moving vehicles, some people were going to work. She could see a vehicle approaching one of the side entrances of the wall. Possibly a hoverbus bringing the people who worked in the Castle and taking the ones whose shifts were over.

    “Is the deal involving Lawson over?” Jori half-turned towards the Director. The negotiations were started by her father and the deal involved her cousin Lawson, who was an ace pilot in the Union, was to join the Imperial Navy as a form of exchange. Jori was not sure whether it was the Director’s idea all along since in that way her cousin was out of the way and effectively out of the game. At least for now.

    “Yes, he will be transferring as soon as you leave for Ursa.” the Director nodded.

    “Good.” Jori looked at his reflection. “Since you are here let us talk strategy.”

    “You need to rest…” the Director started to protest.

    Jori stopped him “Now is a good time as any.” she started calmly to cover her annoyance “Everything is arranged for my journey I presume?”

    “Yes, Miss Veil and your team had done the preliminary preparations and you will be expected on Ursa.”

    “Excellent…” she smiled “I hope Lord Vader is as reasonable as we assess him to be.” They had decided not to try and deal with Palpatine directly, especially now as things will surely go bad in that case. The CSS analysis is that he is a master manipulator who had been systematically cutting the Union and there is possible involvement in the internal struggle. Lord Vader or also known as Anakin Skywalker seem more approachable even though he too could be dangerous. Dennii had told her a lot about him and the CSS followed his exploits during the war and his subsequent rise.

    They were hoping for a deal with the Empire. It was her father's legacy, his project, the gradual opening towards the rest of the Galaxy and not only towards their partners, who were unreliable enough as it was. They needed to have more clarity and needed to know where they stood. Jori also needed to secure her back so that she could focus on the internal problems that plagued the Union. After she stabilizes the situation they were going to start rebuilding, so they will need partners, increase trading. They needed to modernize and improve their society. To enter into the new era renewed and proudly go there.

    There was a darker double purpose. They were going to look for weaknesses in this new order. If there was a way to erode the Empire and help its dissolution they were going to find it. Just smile and nod, accept all the criticism, even humiliate themselves. They were to adapt and improve. The alternative was to be assimilated, but for the Union that was equal to death. But one step at a time. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

    “Will that be all?” she turned to the Director.

    He understood the meaning “No, we will talk at the official briefing today. I know I am overstepping my boundaries, but you will need your strength.”

    Jori nodded and turned back to the window observing the sun rising. She wanted to observe the new day, in a sense this was a new beginning for her and she couldn’t just sleep. Especially when she was at the precipice.

    The newly crowned duchess did not notice the CSS Director leave. She was transfixed by the marvelous vista that opened before her.

    One step at a time…

    Present time

    Her suite, Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    Jori watched the new Emperor’s speech at the Senate. It was very compelling and expertly made. She wished him luck as she could read between the lines of some of the articles on the HoloNet. Of course, like in the Union they could not criticise the Emperor directly, but she was used to reading what is not included. But all in all it was a success, which worried her as a strong Empire could be a problem for the Union. That could delay their plans with decades, even a century. No matter, at least that would give her time to rebuild and strengthen the Union in the meantime.

    At least her visit will be eventful, which was somewhat welcome as she despised tediousness. Not a very good trait for a ruler, but no one is perfect. She flicked through another article, no changes in the “Union front”, which was good, at least her people did not do something idiotic like igniting a shooting war.

    Her communicator started beeping. Jori frowned slightly, she did not expect any call, but stood up to pick it up from the nightstand. She took it and sat on the edge of the bed.

    “Your Ultimacy, this Admiral Fandorin calling!” came the voice of the newly promoted Admiral before she could even say anything. Something was wrong as he broke all the protocols. “There had been an accident. Unknown agents, who were planted among the crew tried to kill your sister. She is alright and is under guard by the Death Guard, sustained just minor injuries. We believe it was done by the Bene Gesserit.”

    Anger flared inside of her. The Witches have the audacity to do something like that. She had to act quickly, she was going to reveal Dennii’s presence on-board a bit later when she could ensure her safety, but it seems her people made the decision for her. All in all Dennii would be safer on Coruscant than staying on-board “Hyperion”. Hopefully she could spin things in her and Dennii’s favor. Maybe it was for the best? Revealing her presence sooner might be beneficial, hopefully Lord Vader will understand.

    “Keep her safe, I am holding you personally responsible for her safety.” Jori said with an even voice, trying not to show her anger. “Standby for further instructions. Have her maid pack her things as most likely she will have to travel to Coruscant sooner than anticipated.” Jori proceeded “I will contact you with the instructions.”

    “Understood, the Death Guard will keep her safe.” the Admiral confirmed.

    At least their loyalty was unwavering and no one dared to engage them in combat. If there was someone who could protect Dennii that was the Death Guard. Jori stood up and moved to the comm unit. She needed to contact Lord Vader’s office to schedule a meeting as soon as possible.

    TAG: To be continued
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    IC: Lt. Mira Solinova, Sr. gr., Jori Atreides, Duchess, House Major Atreides-Leader of the Union, Vader, Mother Mohiam, Admiral Erast Fandonin, Aid to the Duchess, Amberley Veil, Union’s Director of the CSS

    Location: the new Imperial Palace, (Ursean Embassy), Coruscant

    Mira sat on the counter, for the moment, in the small personal fresher temporarily installed in the Embassy's newly enlarged communications offices. She was not hiding per se, simply...availing herself of the facility. Her comlink had been silent for the last consecutive five minutes, affording her a moment to sit in silence, even if it was in the refresher.

    She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, dreaming of Kavala City in summer. The green bows of the trees tossed in the breezes from the sea. Wouldn't it be nice to take the sailboat out and..."beeeep, beep, beeeep."

    Mira slid from the counter, her black boots hitting the nubbly floor with a thwack!

    A harsh knock came at the door. "Hey, do you mind hurrying things up in there!"

    Brushing her blond hair neatly back and splashing her face with water, the Lieutenant straightened the coat of her Ursean uniform pale blue before opening the door and stepping calmly from the fresher answering her com to shoulder around the Junior Grade Imperial.

    “Oh, pardon me, Sir!” said the young man with a deferential salute.

    “...Majesty, right away, Minn Mavrat,” said Mira in answer to the voice on the com as she saluted and nodded crisply to the Imperial. She closed the communications and ran and waved off another one of her communications comrades, as she raced in long strides down the marble hall. “I’m on his Majesty’s service.”


    Jori paced around her room, she was furious. The Bene Gesserit had the audacity to attack Dennii while on a mission of peace between the Union and the Empire. This was beyond insane and idiotic from the Sisterhood’s side. She had contacted the Emperor’s office as soon as she heard about the incident on-board the Hyperion.

    Jori had to ask for a favor from the man whom they had alienated by jumping in the Imperial territory with a whole armada, this combined with the idiotic stunt the Lord Advisor had pulled at Naboo. It was fortunate that the Emperor was in a good mood and probably she would get the “bill” at a later date, but Dennii was worth it. Jori would grovel if needed to protect her friend, now sister. Lord Vader did not seem surprised to find out that Dennii Sunwalker, a former Jedi was with Jori. Nor did the Duchess note any hint of a threat from him. He even smiled, but looks could be deceiving. Either way, Coruscant seemed safer for Dennii than the Union, at present.

    Jori brushed a strand of her flaxen hair from her brow and smoothed her gown, approaching the receiving room of her suite to await an Imperial escort. She had gotten the message that an Ursean officer would conduct her to meet with His Imperial Majesty, Vader. There was a chime at the door. That must be them. She glided forward, directed the door be opened, and was met by an attractive woman dressed in a smart uniform. If she was in a better mood she would have considered some innocent flirtations, but the moment was not right.

    “Your Grace?” said Mira, snapping a curt bow and salute. “Lt. Solinova, Ursean Secutiry Forces, I am here by order of the Re Mavras...His Imperial Majesty. I have the honor of being your escort. Please follow me.” She gestured to the door and fell-in beside the Duchess at a discrete distance and a little in front of her. Outside, 4 Imperial Storm Troopers stood in escort, to flank the Duchess and Lieutenant Solinova.

    Jori was unfazed by the appearance of the stormtroopers, her Death Guards and Royal Guards were scarier, not to mention, Mitternacht, who was literally, a walking corpse. Besides she was used to such things, having to walk around with an army of guards, even she had to go undercover. She was focusing on the task at hand and there was no time for sightseeing. Hopefully, that time would come soon.

    They were making quite an impression as people were sidestepping to let them pass. Quite a few heads were turning in their direction.

    The clang and thwack of the storm troopers’ armor rang aggressively throughout the stone-laid interior of the elegant Ursean Embassy now turned Imperial Palace. People they passed both looked in curiosity and covered their ears as the escort passed. They made a checkered entourage, two regular troopers of the 501st in white and the special Imperial troopers in black. Unfortunately, Mira could not cover her ears. What a racket! She wished she could halt the escort and ask the detail to put on some sort of sound dampening gear. She imagined them in fluffy pink slippers. Breathing in deeply she corrected herself and scanned the hallways as they passed, to ensure their safe passage.

    They traversed two grand halls, a set of curving stairs, a plush lift with tufted benches for VIPs to sit, but the Duchess did not avail herself and now finally, the doors to the Royal suite. The old Emperor, she was told, never took private audiences. He only ever spoke from his throne in a cold and spare room, vaulted and dark, atop the Pyramid that now smoldered to the other side of the Senate from the Ursean Embassy. The Re, by contrast, eschewed the formality and almost always received visitors as they came and wherever he was. In Ursa, he was even more so, this way.

    The group arrived in a large oval vestibule with a portrait of the Imperial family dominating the space. The portrait seemed to loom in the royal blue hall, rising meters to the ceiling, the subjects were like giants, but though dressed formally, it was a casual arrangement of the Re, Reina and the Infanta, clearly in Kavala Palace gardens, in Ursa.

    They left the lift and rounded a large round table surmounted by an enormous arrangement of exotic and costly flowers. A pair of doors opened to a vast room in paler blue, and then through another set of ancient carved wooden doors that opened the old fashioned way. This was a library of several stories and many shelves all stored with codicils, scrolls, and books. Yet, for its copious size, the room was warm and intimate. Somehow, Jori did not imagine Lord Vader occupying such an inviting space.

    “Your Grace,” called a deep voice from within. The Re strode into view and waved the Duchess in. “I’ll patch the Duchess’ call through, Lieutenant, but, wait here, I have another errand for you...Your Grace, come!”

    As they passed by the family portrait Jori smiled inwardly as she saw Lord Vader’s daughter. She remembered when she was little having to pose for a similar portrait, how annoying it was while there were so many interesting things to be explored instead of standing there and trying not to move too much. The interior was somewhat similar to the Union architecture, though she guessed that could be said about most royal buildings. Everyone copying from everyone. Nevertheless it was a beautiful building, decorated with great taste, fitting for its new role.

    She was glad that she wouldn’t have to deal with Palpatine as it would have been simply a suicide mission, disastrous from the onset. The voice of the Emperor took her out of her thoughts. “Your Majesty.” she made a curtsy “Thank you for meeting me with such short notice, considering the circumstances.”

    “Yes,” he said leading the way to a very ancient carved wooden desk. “We’ll forego the niceties, Your Grace, as time is clearly against us.” He leaned over a communications console atop the desk, the technology, a sharp contrast to the skill of some long drifting dust that was once a craftsman. Hyperion, this is Imperial Center, I have Her Grace, the Duchess Atreides ready to address your CO, over.” His hands crossed the console as he ensured the connection. He looked up to Jori and nodded his head to her, indicating she could begin as soon as the haled ship acknowledged.

    “This is Admiral Fandorin, we are reading you Imperial Center, over,” came the smooth voice of Erast Fandorin, whom she field promoted to Admiral.

    Vader stood to the side and indicated that Jori should step forward to continue the conversation. Speaking quickly, Jori acknowledged Fandorin and asked,“Admiral, I received your message that there was an attempt on Dennii’s life, can you confirm? Over.”

    “Yes, it seems the Bene Gesserit had tried to influence her mind and she defended herself thus prompting them to attack her. We are investigating whether there are other agents on-board. The Death Guard is with her. Over.

    Jori was both relieved that they chose the Death Guard as they were fanatically loyal and would never succumb to the Bene Gesserit and furious that the witches tried to pull a stunt like this.

    “Tell her to prepare for transfer to Coruscant.” she looked at Lord Vader for confirmation. Anakin nodded ascent. “His Majesty is with me. Over.”

    His voice low, Anakin spoke quickly to Jori,“Tell them, to expect a call from Admiral Locke from Imperial dreadnaught, Kelpie. He will be sending a transport for Jedi Sunwalker, immediately. She must surrender her weapons for safekeeping. She will be delivered unharmed to the Palace. If she requires medical attention, she will be seen to aboard the Kelpie.”

    Jori nodded and relayed the message “Have her lady’s maid prepare essential luggage only, immediately. Was she injured? Over”

    “Copy that.” came the response “Not seriously, the indoctrinated Navy Trooper broke her nose and there is some bruising. She is being treated, she seems very knowledgeable in psyker healing. Over.”

    Anakin chuckled to himself over the term for the Jedi.

    Jori nodded again, Dennii had told her that she was a trained healer. “Send message when she departs. I want zero problems, do you understand, you will cooperate fully, no grandstanding. Over.”

    “I...” there was a pause, a hesitation “Yes, I understand. We will find out any other agents in the meantime. Over”

    “Good. Keep me posted. Over.” she looked at the Emperor whether he wanted to add something.

    He indicated he would add nothing else, the Imperial fleet at Derra was both accomplished and well prepared, they would carry out his orders to the letter and should be enough to “encourage” the Union fleet to comply. Ending the connection and he spoke with someone in the Embassy communications center and sent some orders via code before standing and addressing the Duchess. “You realize of course, that if your own people could not anticipate the Bene Gesserit and their use of prana nervature and bindu, we must assume that your armada can be commandeered. They are a potential threat. I have alerted the Imperial forces at Derra and in circulation around the Union, as well as Union holdings around the Galaxy. I do not wish to inflame either Imperial or Union proponents to deeper enmity, but you, I’m sure, understand. I have been careful to couch this in terms of undetermined forces within the Union, as you have yet to determine the scope of this push. Perhaps it was simply aimed at Jedi Sunwalker. If you will allow the involvement of the Inquisitors, then we may be able to tone this down.”

    He knew she would be irritated to hear that this incident would bring further disturbance between the Union and Empire.

    The damage had been done even if the objective that the Sisterhood had been pursuing was not to harm Dennii. This problem would need to be dealt with swiftly and decisively, the tumor must be cut off. There was no other way. She was grateful that Lord Vader seemed reasonable given that the Union made another gaffe. “It was aimed at me, Dennii was just a tool for them to get at me.” she stated flatly “As for the Inquisitors’ involvement, I would like to ask you not to do that at this moment as it will escalate things very quickly. I will entask the Committee for State Security to investigate and take action, they are completely loyal to me.” which was not entirely true as the CSS was a government in itself and pursued its own agenda, but for now their objectives aligned so there was nothing to fear. Besides this was also a blunder from their side, a gross omission to not find out the infiltrators “Besides we have our own Inquisition and I am sure the Commissariat will take interest in this too.” she did not say that the Inquisition was in league with the Bene Gesserit. “May I ask what these measures you have taken entail?”

    He sighed, “As you know, Duchess, the Jedi are presently forbidden in the Empire. I have made it known, I am no longer supportive of the purge, but it is early in my regime and I do not believe my position is shared by the Admiralty in toto. The Senate was on the verge of collapse and I hope to renew the people’s faith and involvement towards its revival. I am being frank with you. I have admonished that there is to be complete transparency in our dealings with the Union. Some are apt to act first and ask questions later, though, and I trust not only for your sake, but for mine, and indeed, the Galaxy, that they take me at my word and observe my command to the letter."

    "I cannot afford draconian measures, not anymore. The clock is marking time and you and I have much to accomplish against it. Let us be honest, just as I have yet to establish a new paradigm in the Empire, you too must secure your authority in the Union. I understand the Bene Gesserit work for their own interest, but just as the Jedi are no small force with which to reckon, so too are your Bene Gesserit. I however must reassure the admiralty that their place in the government structure is secure. The Admiralty are ...well, like military everywhere, two dimensional in their thinking. You have a multitude of covert agendas to manage. I do not envy you. You understand what I am saying?-Thus, I have increased communications procedures and in some cases, closed communications such that only through Imperial personnel may connections be made as here in the Embassy. All Union workers and staff are being vetted to ascertain their connection to the Bene Gesserit and are quarantined. There is an increase in security and in certain cases, industries involved with finance, munitions, technology, and fuel are receiving added Imperial oversight.”

    Jori chuckled bitterly “The irony regarding my position is that the Union military is against conflict with the Empire.” The increased oversight was bad news, but it could not be helped. Better save whatever was possible and pick up the pieces later “I understand, I only ask that we limit somewhat the interaction between my people and yours. We can be very sensitive and misunderstanding could be disastrous. This will play in the Bene Gesserit’s favor as the general public is not aware of my conflict with them and they hold a high authority, so they will just say that the outsiders are strong arming me, or something similar. Or that I am selling the Union to you.”

    He laughed deeply. “Don’t mistake me, Your Grace, I simply find the call to my...shall we say...darker nature, acutely ironic at the moment. People will believe the worst. It is as much calumny to all I desire and must accomplish as it may prove to be for you. I can hear the “sucking” noises clearly! If I must deal with an iron fist, I am well schooled in it. Let us pray it does not come to that.-For the moment, I will hold my Inquisitorius back. We will let your people deal with this incident. However, I must warn you, if the Senate feels it should engage in this matter, it will not be completely up to me. I have a veto, or soon that will be the case. But if the Senate vote reaches a majority, I will not be able to alter their decision. You must act quickly. The security we have enacted, will, however, remain in place. We will need to negotiate the measure of your success in gaining control over the current matter and when that measure is met, we will negotiate the terms of the stand down.”

    He lifted his chin and let out a hard breath. His brow furrowed, his folded arms fell to his sides. This was not the best start to repairing relations between Empire and Union. He was more furious than he let show and oddly, part of his response was his concern for this one Jedi with whom he had little connection, but he’d done such a good job at dispatching Jedi, now they were precious and rare...and very much needed.”

    Jori calculated quickly, there was no point in antagonising him and besides she was ready to make greater concessions than she showed. But there were some limits, sending Imperial Inquisitors to pry into the Union military will uncover her own agents, also the CSS agents, agents of the other Houses and myriad other plots within plots. Though it would be amusing to see them scurry around trying to protect themselves. “Well the first step will be me contacting the Mother Superior to warn her not to try anything more and put a reign on her people.”

    “Then, do so!” he said enjoining her to take whatever action she felt necessary. “I can facilitate the call directly.”

    Jori smiled and took her Aquilla pendant off her neck and handed it to him. “There is a small connection port that can be connected to a standard communications array. It will connect directly to Castle Kaladan. We will be relayed from there.”

    He took the talisman with it’s concealed communications device from her slender hand, the fingers of which seemed to him so delicate as to be easily broken should he clasp them with too strong a grip and, turning the smooth cabochon jeweled pendant over in his hand, he found the tiny obscured port and smiled at the finesse and artistry that camouflaged it. He tossed it lightly in his palm in approval before plugging it into the console. The indicator lit up with surprising quickness and the young Emperor surmised that the pendant had an internal energy source that boosted the reach and power of the already considerably powerful Imperial array. She was right, the room filled with an indicative crackled and blip followed by the appearance of a free floating insignia rising from the holo transceiver on the pendant, a Union voice sounding before the person to whom it belonged arranged itself in flickering stratified lines. A young aide with dark blond hair pulled back tightly from her very young face, appeared with a bow, acknowledging the specific and very important sender.

    The holographic image of the Double-Headed Eagle holding the Chains of Unity appeared as the “eyes” of the pendant had holoprojectors. The appearance of the crest indicated that they were in the House Atreides system. It was soon replaced by the image of her aide Amberley Veil. She seemed startled.

    “Your Ul...” the girl started but was cut off by Jori.

    “Amberley, I need to speak with the Mother Superior, it is very important that you connect me to her. And before you ask, I am fine, just do what I told you.” she gave her a reassuring smile to cover the anger, building up for the moment, for Jori was going to face the old witch.

    The girl nodded and Jori could see her keying some commands. Then the aid’s image was replaced by the family crest again as the call was redirected. It did not take long for the face of a regal elderly woman to take its place.

    “Your Grace, I am so happy that you are alive.” came the silky smooth voice. She was smart enough not to use the idiotic title they had given her “Your Ultimacy”, a title that had no meaning for the Outsiders.

    “Spare me the pleasantries.” Jori started “You will put a leash on your people!”

    The old woman was taken aback “Is there something wrong?”

    Jori gave a bitter chuckle “Your agents had the gall to try some botched ritual on my sister, which almost cost her her life!”

    “Your sister?” the Mother Superior did not deny the attack.

    “Yes, by decree of my father, Dennii Sunwalker is now my adoptive sister, but that is beside the point. Your quarrel is with me, you understand? My sister and any Outsider are off limits! Try something like that again and there will be dire consequences for you and your wretched order!”

    Anakin stood, thumbs hitched in his belt, watching the exchange intently, his eyes glancing from Duchess to the Mother Superior as the two women “fenced.”

    “But Your Grace, this is preposterous!” Mother Mohiam exclaimed “I have not authorised such a thing!”

    Jori’s anger was building up “Then you have lost all control over them. The fact remains, a Bene Gesserit disguised as a crew member killed herself and a conditioned trooper tried to kill my sister!”

    “But...” the old witch started again.

    “No ”buts,” you were caught red-handed and you will not repeat this idiocy!”

    “Listen here child...”

    The Bene Gesserit had crossed a line “You will address me properly. I am not your child, I am your sovereign.” Jori said with a cold, even voice “I don’t know why you act like that, but it has to stop for the good of our people. You care for our people, don’t you? Or do you want conflict?”

    The Mother Superior gave her an icy glare “Very well, Your Grace.” the way she addressed her was derogatory. “We will conduct our own investigation...”

    “Oh no, no, no, you misunderstand, I am ordering the Bene Gesserit to cease and desist. We will sort out our problems when I am back and you will not involve any Outsider, nor my sister. And believe me when I say, there will be consequences.” Jori kept her icy tone.

    Anakin chuckled softly, again, the irony thick as it was inescapable. The Mother Superior would never have gotten the chance at such effrontery...once upon a time, not that very far from this moment. She was a very self-assured ‘witch’ with a formidable intellect. He considered if Jori might have been connected in anyway with this incident. It was an actual event, for he’d had confirmation of the attempted assassination from an Imperial agent aboard the Hyperion, whose insertion had been easy to accomplish given the position of Hyperion and the cohort of Imperial ships surrounding it in Derra,

    He relaxed his shoulders having found he was slowly and insidiously being influenced by the anger between the Duchess and Mother Superior Mohiam. //Let it go...// he said interiorly. He felt no reach from outside himself, it was the dark within, primordial, always and necessarily present. In this instance, however, unwanted and ...dangerous. He found himself wondering if Dennii Sunwalker had fallen susceptible to the darkness during the melee aboard the ship. He would know upon meeting her if she had. He sincerely hoped not. //Let it go...//

    He intervened, stepping into view, “Your Excellency, a moment of ...patience, I must require.” His hand poised over the toggle that would temporarily interrupt the audio signal. “Your Grace, a word,” he urged Jori politely, then switched the audio off, oblivious to whether the Mother Superior objected or not and he drew Jori away from view of the transponder.

    “I urge you, do not allow leaving things till later. She must feel the heat of observation now. Find a means to put her under the lens ...Mother Superior Mohiam would sooner engineer your removal. Keep her close. Then it will be she who must worry about keeping her position and not you.” He spoke urgently, tucking his chin to speak directly to the Duchess, carefully observing and attuned to everything the Duchess said, every muscle that twitched, his head and eyes moving slowly as he studied her..

    Jori nodded “She does not want me removed, just under her control.” she gave a sour look “And she is not the head of the snake… I am facing more of a Hydra, a secret society called the Enlightened. Though there is an irony in that name as they all are narrow-minded and bigoted.” she chuckled “I will entask the Director of the Committee for State Security to keep watch, something his people are very good at. I assure you that the CSS are more feared and respected and they will keep them in line.”

    He sighed. “Yes, then do what you can to keep her under the looking glass.” He moved back to the console and asked if Jori was ready to open communications again. He glanced at the holo image of the Bene Gesserit and gave a sort of “near” smile.

    Jori nodded and moved back expecting Lord Vader to turn on the volume “I have been fighting them with great success for some time now, but they cannot do that much in such a short time. This is more of a slip up from their side.”

    “Let us hope your successes increase,” he replied, his face to her, so the Mother Superior could not read his lips. “I nonetheless will want to talk with Mother "Snake," myself and in more depth...” he concluded.

    “It will be as the Greater Good wills it.” Jori said and nodded “Feel free to join our “conversation”, I need to rattle her enough to stop for now. I apologise that our internal problems are spilling out again, you are aware that I am trying to change things and certain circles resist that change. I need to educate them or remove them. Change is never easy.”

    “Yes...neither is change predictable or the Force...Greater Good, always recognized,” he said leaning down to the console and looking to Mother Mohiam. “On my signal, we will resume audio transmission.” He nodded to the Duchess and stood up, stepping back to gaze at the Bene Gesserit intently, hands at his back.

    The ambient sound of the Bene Gesserit’s location filled the Re Mavrat’s library. “Mother Superior, please, you may resume your conversation,” he said cordially and then looked to Jori.

    Jori stepped in “You leave me no choice, but to allow the CSS to monitor all your activities.” she did not add to sniff out all the sleeper agents, but the witch was intelligent enough to know that this was going to happen, so Jori was to finish the conversation quickly as to prevent her from sending a warning. The good thing was that the CSS surely monitored the call and by now had taken action. “Another hiccup and Lord Vader is going to invite you here to answer for what your people are doing.” she gave a small smile at the Emperor that only he could see. “This time you are endangering not only Union lives, but also Imperial.”

    If looks could kill, Jori would have been dead by now, but she knew that the Bene Gesserit had other plans for her. Their and the Enlightened struggle was to wrestle control over her, to return to the isolationist and confrontational behavior, which was highly irresponsible to say the least. Or they just feared becoming obsolete, having their authority decrease? Either way they would have to change and get back in line or just perish.

    Anakin resisted raising a brow at the Duchess’ comment about an invitation. He blinked, smiling subtly and looked out of the corner of his eye to the Duchess and then to Mother Mohiam. “Ah, let us not depend upon happenstance. I truly would welcome a polite meeting...of the minds,” he said addressing the Bene Gesserit.

    “Of course Your Majesty.” the Mother Superior bowed her head slightly “I would be happy to, under calmer circumstances. I assure you, there will not be any incidents. I am sure it is one big misunderstanding, which will be revealed once we all cool down.”

    Jori wanted to snort in derision, but restrained herself, one big misunderstanding… The gall that this woman had.

    “Then, we shall work diligently to make the “calm” happen, as it is my intention we meet soon. We’ll see I needn’t be made to wait too long. I admit and I’m sure you have heard, I am not the most patient of persons.”

    “Of course Your Majesty, we will do everything possible.” the Bene Gesserit confirmed.

    “Yes, see you do...everything possible, Your Imminence,” he said, curtly bowing his head.

    “I think we bothered His Majesty enough with our internal squabbles.” Jori stepped in again hoping to end things before Mohiam began to sport in earnest with the Emperor.

    The Mother Superior nodded in agreement.

    Disappointed they had not reached a measurable break-through, Anakin nonetheless was satisfied, some groundwork had been laid, even if it was not yet apparent how matters would develop from this point. “If you are satisfied with this exchange, Your Grace, we shall end the transmission upon your signal.” He spoke to Jori and waited for her reply.

    Jori pondered for a moment “Unless you want us to continue, I am just concerned that we are taking too much of your time.

    “Duchess, where matters of state are concerned, the more neatly this situation is put to order and the sooner, the better.”

    For the first time since the transmission began, Mira wanted to interject, though it would be unconscionable for her to do so. It was very late in the day and the sun’s rays were beginning to prism through the strata of polluting gases in Coruscant’s atmosphere, turning the sky bright orange rose, fuchsia, and lavender.. Still, the schedule was extremely full leading up to the reception.

    Jori nodded “It will take time, but now I can contact the CSS Director and set things in motion.”

    “Then we are agreed. We shall end this transmission. Mother Superior, we shall speak soon. Your Grace, standby.” The formalities rendered, he closed signal and the Bene Gesserit’s image blinked out to be replaced by the young aid who again assisted to bring the Union’s Director of the CSS in holo. Again, Jori was left to speak with the government officer.

    “Your Majesty, Your Grace.” the stately gentleman started. “I am sorry to hear what happened with the Princess. I assure you we are investigating and have received the first reports of apprehended Bene Gesserit agents.”

    “Good, they need to be under a constant surveillance.” it was a bit theatrical as the CSS were monitoring everyone in the Union “This mistake must not be repeated.”

    “Of course, at least now we know the lengths they are willing to go in their schemes.”

    Communications ended, the game begun, all the actors given their orders, and vague references made to consequences should orders not be followed, the effort had proven very instructive to Anakin concerning matters in the Union. He handed the medallion back to Jori.

    “Your Grace, we shall keep each other abreast of developments. I want to know the agents and agencies involved. You are responsible. The more informed you keep me, the better able I am to keep this matter quiet and doing so is important, now for you, more than for me. Do not underestimate the direness of your situation, Duchess. Help me to help you. Now, I’m afraid I can not afford more time to you. My schedule is very tight. I hope that I can look forward to seeing you at the reception this evening.” He said formally and walking the Duchess to her escort of guards.

    “See the Duchess to her suite...” he ordered.

    “Good day, Your Grace,” he said with a bow over her hand.

    Immediately he called Lt. Solinova and turned back into the library, the doors closing with a discrete hiss.

    “Minn Re?” said Mira, with a curt bow.

    “The Commissar's not used to ...bothering with's not a matter of state, but she might need your advice or whatever it is you might do to prepare for such an affair,” He’d never had to think about clothing and he was uncomfortable doing so, particularly in this instance, when the clothes were for someone else.

    “Yes, Minn Arri, but I hope it ...well, they are to her liking. I did not know what would be appropriate to her taste.”

    “Surely, you chose wisely ...”

    “Yes, my liege, but I seldom have to make such decisions. In Ursa, I’m in court attire and.otherwise I am in uniform. I’m a bit...rusty.”

    He laughed awkwardly and then looked to Mira again, “Has Miss Tano seen the selections?”

    “No, Minn Arri, Minn Mavrat.” she said nervously.

    “Well,” he said looking at her, hands on hips.

    “Your Majesty?” said Mira, confused.

    “See to it now. Take an hour, if need be!” he said showing her out of the room.

    The Lt. exited swiftly with a salute and bow.

    “A whole hour!” she mused sarcastically, as she hurried down the marble corridor to retrieve Miss Tano's packages.

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    Name: Bail Organa
    --Age: 46
    ---Gender: Male
    ----Species: Human/Alderaaian
    -----Eye Color: Brown
    ------Hair Color and Style: Black, Groomed impeccably
    -------Skin Complexion: Medium Tone
    --------Clothing: Alderaaian fashion
    ---------Physique: About 6 foot, well built
    ----------Personality: Dedicated to the Republic
    ------------Force Sensitive: No

    Personal Ship
    -Name: Tantive IV
    --Class: Diplomatic Vessel
    ---Exterior Description:
    ----Interior Description:
    -----Weapon Systems: No weapons
    ------Crew Complement: 20
    -------Hyperspace Capability: Yes
    --------Misc. Specs.:

    Biography Senator Bail Organa is a voice of reason in the Senate.Has been concerned over the powers that body has given Palpatine.
    Aids in the escape of Chancellor-Elect Padme Amidala.

    Married to Breha, Queen of Alderaan, now deceased for 7 years.
    -Brief History:
    --Military History:none

    ---Traumatic Experiences: First civilian to arrive at the Jedi Temple after LDV and the 501st massacred the Jedi.Witnesses a young padawan being killed by the clone troops.
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