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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Corellian_Outrider , Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    Zaa Vashee - Queen of Shili
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Zaa smiled lightly. The usage of the rank 'highness' was either an indication on the type of monarchy Bakura has, a cultural slant or slip of tongue… not intended as an insult. Given how their realms had been collected within the Empire, maybe it was a bit of both to distinguish themselves in relation to the new Imperator.

    “Correct me if I am wrong, Namana Fruit is one of Bakura’s exports. At least I’ve heard of it on Shili though we are located in the Expansive Regions. I’m sure it has found its way to the Core Worlds… if not…” She looked to her majordomo. "…I trust you to find a suitable alternative. One for me as well, please."

    “Of course. It would be a privilege, your Majesties.” He gave a courteous bow to the two of them and then was off into the crowds in search of their refreshments.

    Zaa turned back to Kirstine. "To answer your question, I normally do not attend social gatherings outside of my realm. My representative in the Galactic Senate usually does so on our behalf. However, this time is different… it is… a turning point… momentous? yes? Something personal required of us to see through."

    She sensed a flash of confusion around the presence of her majordomo and looked over to the direction he had left. Her azure eyes narrowed a fraction and spotted that young man from earlier weaving between the guests, a drink in each hand and heading in their direction. She then spied a set of montrals above the crowd belonging to her majordomo trailing behind the man. Had the young man just taken the drinks off him only to bring it to them?

    Zaa pursed her lips to contain a playful smile though failed as the smile peeked through as she regarded Kirstine. "I do believe someone has a secret admirer."

    TAG: Queen Kirstine of Bakura
  2. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Rebel At Heart. star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Queen Kirstine of Bakura

    “Yes, Namana is our export, it's quite delicious." She frowned slightly "A turning point? Oh I do wish.” Kirstine responded coolly, “Somehow I feel we are in the same lies and same deceptions as the past.” It was going to take a lot to convince her that things were going to change. To her a good start would be removing all Imperial forces from Bakura, and so far, that had not happened, and she didn’t see happening in the near future. She’d been told to lobby for it to happen, but in her mind, no lobby for it to happen in the first place. It was black and white, they were not asked to come, but they are being asked to leave. Till she saw that happen, nothing would change.

    She watched as Zaa’s expression changed and her words caused Kirstine to turn and follow her gaze. “Someone? Me? Or you my dear?” The last thing she needed was a man, she had one and had no use for him as it was.

    Tag @Corellian_Outrider
  3. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Ahsoka's post is from Ahsoka's perspective on Celeste's last post as it overlaps from that while serving as a brief recap. Special thanks to @pashatemur.

    ~IC~ Commissar Ahsoka Tano + Empress Marie-Celeste
    Location: Coruscant - Senate Building - Senate Atrium - Reception


    That was the opening Ahsoka needed to cut through the throng of Urseans that had surrounded the Empress just as she returned from the dias after the speech. Their intentions were true, to tend to the Empress’ needs, though a bit of a hindrance when it was clear to Ahsoka that they were smothering the Empress as she sat on one of the upholstered benches. She could sense the overwhelmingness… the enormity of it all for Celeste, having to do all of this on her own, before the population of the Empire, when Anakin was meant to be by her side to kick off the reception together.

    Anakin was not here yet, the issue at the start with security and then the urgent business with Fleet Command had pulled him away, along with Colonel Yularen and Master Vos. It was up to her to take his place, to be the anchor and pillar of support for Celeste, to keep Anakin's family safe… Despite her own misgivings and feelings of not... fitting in.

    Ahsoka moistened her lips, dragging her upper right incisor across the bottom one, and suppressed those thoughts. Remember, moral support and put on a brave face in the light of adversity. Just ignore those butterflies in the tummy.

    “Ahsoka...I ca...can’t remember what I said. I was ... anxious not to put a word wrong!” Celeste shivered and smiled, a hand over the top of her glass to keep the contents from splashing as she shook. ” me it was h...alright!”

    “Ooooh!” Ahsoka breathed and smiled with delight to Celeste. The speech had struck a chord, she had touched about the losses sustained in the war, the pledge that the sacrifices were not forgotten, nor in vain. To honour those who had fallen by uniting together, to work together for a brighter future, to build and create. There was something there for everyone to relate and latch onto. The war is over, we have to move forward in harmony.

    It had taken a lot out of Celeste, though she thought the Empress performed admirably and did her best to hold back a cheer in case it overwhelmed her. “You were amazing!” Ahsoka hissed, trying not to shout, though she crinkled her nose and grinned as she paraphrased her observations of Celeste’s performance. “You addressed them, asked them to move forward as one and embrace peace and to celebrate. A positive message annnnd... You had them cheering.”

    “Oh,” exclaimed Celeste, “they are! Let’s hope that feeling can be made to last.” Celeste looked a bit bewildered and reached up to her and drew Ahsoka into an enthusiastic hug.

    Her eyes widened a fraction at the gesture, it was unexpected but welcomed. Ahsoka hugged her in return, careful not to crumple their gowns. “You certainly knocked the head off that battledroid.” She whispered encouragement and chuckled. “What should we do now? Take on a ‘Super?’”

    “I...m...m..must, fir..fir...first of all!” said Celeste, she was still trembling.

    “Hmmm… okay…”” Ahsoka breathed. “You did it. You can breathe and I am here with you,”

    Celeste smiled brokenly to Ahsoka as she leaned her forehead to the Togruta’s. “Handlers and the speech writers are probably having fits, but I did do it. Låt oss dansa..., I mean, let us dance, for soon I will be glued to this spot to receive guests.” Celeste looked off to the side. ”Oh!” Celeste said under her breath in consternation.

    Ahsoka sucked in her lips and followed where she looked and saw to the line of those awaiting to meet and greet. Her gaze returned and observed the young Empress. This was the first of firsts… for both of them. No doubt that there was bound to be more to come soon after. Her lips made a pop sound upon release and gave a small apologetic smile to the Empress when she looked to her.

    “Gruss Seele!” Celeste had exclaimed, she clapped her hands together and rose. “Convention has flown for the evening, thus, we shall proceed. In custom, a royal pair must take the first dance, opening the floor to all. These beings need an occupation to give them a better pursuit than confusion and intrigue and they need it now before they get up to mischief.” She looked about quickly and smiled wistfully. “So,” Celeste looked to Ahsoka and lifted her chin, “Ahsoka Tano...Commissar...I most humbly request that you accompany me to the dance floor and for the sake of the Empire, deign to give me this dance!” The Empress made a slow small courtly bow.

    Ahsoka’s mouth opened, then widened to smile and then closed. Her cheeks warmed, the request had been unexpected. However, it made sense since Anakin was not here and had empowered her to be his proxy in his absence. She responded to the bow. “It would be an honour, my...your Majesty.”

    Celeste gave a silent little laugh and smiled gratefully to Ahsoka. “Lady Thalia,” said Celeste, “have the orchestra play a Seguidilla of Ursa and send the ladies of the Court to dance with us so we may show how it is done.”

    Ahsoka watched Lady Thalia go to the orchestra. Her gaze then shifted to the crowd, the 'sea of the unknown' and all the attention will be on them. Mixed feelings and misgivings started to well up again. All those eyes will be focused upon them… Some of the guests are who she would love to catch up with, and some she would rather avoid like the plague. It was not her place to shy away, this event is not about her. She took a deep breath to centre her focus… no, it was not just the spotlight, but the magnifying glass. It was her moment to perform, without rehearsal. Was it a dance she knew? Would it be easy to appropriate from the ones she had been taught? Or would she flail and flounder out of sync? It was all starting to become very real.

    "What type of dance is this?" Ahsoka asked Celeste, trying not to let her flash of apprehension show as her hand cupping the lower section of her left lek. The tip curled around as her eyes shifted to the figure of Lady Thalia going about her duty to pass along instructions to the ladies of Court. Her azure eyes glanced over to the far side of the atrium and wondered what had kept Anakin away this time before returning her gaze back to Celeste.

    TAG: Celeste

    ~OOC~ Small joint post between @Adalia-Durron and myself.
    ~IC~ Queen Kirstine of Bakura + Zaa Vashee - Queen of Shili + Lux Bonteri - Senator of Onderon
    Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Zaa considered what Kirstine had said about the lies and deceptions. It was not her place to speak about such things at public gatherings. Her eyes glance sideways to the approaching young man as Kirstine responded regarding the prospects of a secret admirer.

    "Someone? Me? Or you my dear?"

    Zaa's eyes widen a fraction at the suggestion. "I had not considered. He did fall head over heels before us and I presumed for you. We shall see…" Her voice lingered.

    "He did? I did not notice." Kirstine muttered dismissively.

    Zaa bit her bottom lip and composed her expression. What did she know of the signs and customs associated with the pair bondings rituals of the human species?

    The young man arrived with both hands full carrying the drinks. He bows his had respectfully and spoke.

    "Good evening, your majesties. Forgive the intrusion. I couldn't help but notice you both were in need of refreshments. Would you both care for a drink?"

    He spoke politely, dressed smartly. He had a small smile when greeting both of them.

    "You have not been formally announced before their presence." Another voice interrupted.

    Zaa's majordomo arrived and stood close to her. He whispered to Zaa while glaring at the man and told her how the drinks were taken from his hands.

    "Where are my manners? Bonteri, Senator Lux Bonteri of Onderon."

    Kirstine eyed the man. "Where are your manners? A very good question, sir." She said coolly, "but I will take that drink and appreciate it being delivered, thank you." She took the drink, despite his all dressed appearance, and his attempt at manners she had no time for him.
    He wasn't to know her desires leaned another way where his presence was not required. "A Senator? Hmmmph!" She almost snorted, it appalled her that mere politicians are being allowed to mingle with Royal Blood such as her and the beautiful Togruta with her. "It seems anyone is allowed to attend this function." She said with a haughty roll of her blue eyes.

    Lux gave a tight smile and bowed respectfully. "Well, I be sure to pass along your feedback to the event coordinators."

    Zaa bit her bottom lip. She was surprised at Kirstine. Was this how they play their courtships? Or was it just something… else? She politely took a glass and mouthed a thank you to the Senator. "I thought you might be overqualified to be the wait staff."

    Lux smirked at that and answered. "Happy to be of service."

    Kirstine said nothing but in her mind, he was not.

    Zaa looked to her majordomo, he was still glaring at the Senator. Zaa touched his shoulder lightly and whispered a reminder. "We are surrounded by many cultures, not all are accustomed to our traditions. An ignorant breach in protocol is to be expected."

    "Of course, your majesty." He took a step back but his eyes, ever vigilant, never left the Senator.

    Kirstine watched him, "You have a good man there Zaa, a loyal and intelligent one. A rare find indeed." She raised her glass in her assistants direction with an incline of her head, she knew class and respect when she saw it.

    Lux arched his brow though respectfully inclined his head to acknowledge the man he had bested to the drinks. In turn, the Togruta returned the gesture and also bowed to the Bakuran Queen. It was not his place to respond though the complement was appreciated.

    "Thank you," Zaa smiled lightly and looked to the Togruta next to her. "Mataara had worked with my father… he had watched over and protected me since I was a child. There is no one I trust more…" She double blinked and craned her neck, gazing past the Senator's shoulder. She could see people were starting to clear a space and the tuning of instruments rose above the chatter of the guests. "It seems like they are getting ready to dance..."

    TAG: Kirstine
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  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    GM Approved :)

    CS Short Form
    Name: Rahara Varik
    Gender: Female
    Age: 31


    Personality: Rahara is conscientious & driven in her work tasks; she strives for excellence; she likes to lead and if she cooperates or teams up with someone to get a job done, they have to earn her trust. She is good with tech and is an astube judge of character. If you become her friend, she will be loyal & show her rarely seen but wry sense of humor.
    Hobbies: Rahara enjoys the theater and fine dining, she plays the jizz-flute.

    Weapons: A holdout sleeve-style blaster.
    Ship: A personal yacht, the Silver Sprite.

    Bio: Rahara's family have always worked in some form of production: hyperdrive parts or biomedical implants. She comes from Kuat and has longed to have grand adventures. She studied the intricacies of slicing and cyber-tech. Her uncle, Merle Varik, is on the staff of the Kuati Senator on Coruscant and his influence enabled her to become part of the governmental structure. Rahara has watched the fluctuations in power and wants to not get lost in the flurry of change. She is employed in the Intelligence Branch; any Force sensitivity is more on the feelings and "hunches" level, nothing formally trained, although if she became affiliated with those with stronger talents, her gifts and allegiances would inevitably be molded in that direction.
  5. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    OOC: First of many...

    IC: General Praetorian Darkeyes - Supreme Commander of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Captain Galen of the Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser Storm’s Eye, the Dreadnaught’s escort of four CR90 Corvettes and two MC30c frigates, Titan’s Fist and Destroyer’s Nightmare

    Location: a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist

    Captain Galen watched from the viewport as the unknown threat began to target the other Imperial ships. It would not be long before the damaged sustained would allow them to escape.

    She turned back to her chief of the watch.

    “Chief? Move us away from the battle. I don’t want us taking any unnecessary risks right now.”

    “Aye Captain!”

    The command was given to the fleet instantly. The fighter screen maintained their flight pattern as the larger capital ships began to move away from the battle.

    The communication console relayed to Captain Galen that the Imperial Captain had responded back, albeit with a hint of sarcasm in the voice. There were two ways to handle this. One, maintain proper decorum with the Imperial and again offer assistance or two, allow General Torian to respond in his usual fashion with Imperials. She chose the former but with a slight sprinkle of the General’s no nonsense approach to the basic language. However, first things first.

    “Comm? Get me a line to the lance corporal aboard the Dagger.”

    Torian stood up from his chair and walked over to the Captain. “What’s your plan?”

    She looked up at the 2 meter tall Supreme Commander at her side, which seemed to dwarf her small 1.6 meter height.

    “This Captain Malkovich believes that everything is still under their control while this new enemy is bending them over the table and ravaging their ass.”

    “Colorful way of putting it Captain.” Torian was surprised by her blunt assessment of the situation.

    “Sorry General.” She slumped slightly at his side. He put his large paw on her shoulder, “Quite all right Captain.” He looked out the viewport at the magnified view. “Nothing says “cry for help” more than a heavy beating up the exhaust port.”

    She adjusted her uniform. “If we can get a fix on this Owens, it will give us more intel on how to assist. I hate to go in blind. I’d like to know what we are up against.”

    She turned back to the spectacle taking place in space.

    TAG: Imperials
  6. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OCC: Thank you and welome, C_O.

    IC Empress Marie Celeste and Commissar Ahsoka Tano
    Location: Coruscant - Atrium of the Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Celeste proffered a shaking hand to Ahsoka, lightly grasping the Commissar's to lead her down the steps of the dais to the floor of the atrium. The clink of glasses and the low hum of conversations renewed, indicated, they were spared with an interruption to scrutiny. Yet, Ahsoka’s question made the moment more concrete.

    Her mouth dry, Celeste pressed her lips together and swallowed, head held high in confidence she did not particularly feel as she explained. “I...It’s a formal ...a stylized dance...very...old...martial....percussive.” Celeste quickly surveyed the crowd, once more, and they seemed still to be occupied with their conversations and greetings. That was a relief, she thought.

    Ahsoka pursed her lips and nodded to herself, seeming more at ease. “I can do percussive…”

    “There is no holding of hands or necessarily, partnering. It is a collective sort of dance. You will see.” Celeste seemed to give the last statement about this dance momentary thought and then added with a quick glance and nervous laugh, “Perhaps, it was a way to kick up a lot of dust!”

    Letting go of Ahsoka’s hand and eyes front, the Empress slowly strode to the middle of the Atrium floor.

    She could hear and feel her breath come out roughly, and her heartbeat tumbling over itself. These weren’t foreign steps to her as they were to the brave Ahsoka who trustingly followed her out onto the dance floor as the Urseans had followed her to Coruscant. Celeste’s success or failing would be anyone’s who followed her.

    Now here she stood, before the “hungry” as “Uncle” liked to call anyone who was not fortunate to be he. The observers revealed more of themselves than the observed! Her name, her affiliation, and, now, her actions proclaimed she would lead the “dance.” Looking wistfully to Ahsoka once more, she turned her eyes to the crowd and struck the floor, tapping out the rapid march. Wither she beat out the dance, whether they agreed to her lead or no, and though they tested her, tested Ahsoka, Anakin, and all, they were bound to follow. “Even in resistance, they follow-the hungry!”

    The orchestra awaited the rhythm she would set, and it seemed all movement slowed. The baton was in her “hand.” One more moment of hesitation and all forward motion threatened to cease! Her heart was in her ears. Lifting her hands to her right, she looked past the Commissar. Ahsoka could not help her, nor Anakin, nor the Ledaren, not even Revan! The baton was in “her” hand!

    Celeste sharply clapped a repeating rhythm and countered with her feet. Slowly furling and unfurling her hands elegantly to her side and over her head, her eyes following, She tapped out the footwork, pushing past the beat of her heart. This was not a dance one shuffled through. Assertive and energetic, these steps were not for the non-committal. This was all or nothing. Taking the floor left no room for reluctance.

    Slowly, the guests retreated before Celeste and Ahsoka’s advance, revealing upon the floor beneath their feet, a mosaic of the Imperial seal in pearlised white against a carnelian red. Conversations lagged as some turned in their seats, or stood to look on, curious at the Empress’ purposeful and even gait and the definite rhythm she tapped out with her feet, the sound, clear and crisp in the relative still, save the scrape of a single chair. Yet, it was not this dramatic gesture of dance, having in it something of an old romantic holo flick, that quelled Coruscant’s eternal intrigue. Many were curious to see Palpatine’s famous ward, who, until the old Emperor’s surprising death in battle, had rarely been seen outside her own system.

    It did little good for Celeste to linger over the dark or ugly expressions some bore as they made note of her “alien” partner, but it did serve to induce a few quiet words of encouragement and a glance to Ahsoka, inviting her to follow Celeste’s lead, “Come, we will knock the head off that ‘Super’!” whispered Celeste, giving a quick and sassy kick to the hem of her gown.

    TAG: Ahsoka
  7. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OOC: Hang in there, Omi.

    IC: Command Bond of the HMISD Hidden Dagger and Commander Buro of the Nebulon b2 frigate, HM Zandra

    Location: a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist, hangar bay of the HMISD Hidden Dagger

    “Commander Bond,Sir!” said one of the hangar tower’s junior officers. He pointed to his monitor and then to the bay entrance field, which now began to crackle as the round end of a “rock” appeared to be pressing in at the veil of the hangar entrance containment shield.

    Buro and Bond both looked down from the tower to the tractored object now entering the hangar. “What in the blazes...!” exclaimed another officer as an asteroid looking object slowly revealed itself, pulsing with a faint light. There seemed to be accressions covering its surface, small tubules and channels here and there, and a strange and flexible but limp “skin” hung from one side of the “asteroid.” Off one other side of the strange kraft, was another thinner bit of “skin” shaped into a larger tube, which seemed to have a slight body that held it open like a conduit of some sort.

    The rescue teams, crew, pilots, and troopers-all fell silent, and for a moment, only the soft but urgent thrum of the Hidden Dagger and the clinking of the TIE cranes could be heard, the deck officer signaling a quietly assembling group of troopers to move and surround the dimly glowing “rock.”

    “Commander,” said Buro to Commander Bond. “That’s the alien ship!” he warned quietly.

    “What!” exclaimed Bond.

    “That’s the ship that was lodged in Dagger’s bow and there’s another larger ship not far off forward starboard quarter. Our rescue teams barely missed a barrage of their cannon fire. “Warn your-”

    Before Buro could warn the Commander, two enormous human-like beings exploded through the end of the fleshy tube. They had two arms, two legs, torso and head, eyes, a nose of sorts, and a mouth each. Yet, they stood a head taller than average humans, were clad in a pointed and serrated edged sectional armor, their flesh grey and covered in what looked to be ritual scarring and in their hands, they carried a long staff that ended in a bulbous sort of head.

    Stunned, 5 of the troopers who stood nearest were felled, despite all having discharged their weapons into the hulking beings. It happened in what seemed a nano-second. The blaster fire did not seem to penetrate the aliens’ armor and they moved on with lightning speed and vicious thrusts, calling out intimidatingly in a strange language at the surrounding troopers that began to amass around the alien ship and it’s two warriors. All in the hangar were transfixed, the reality of the vicious and brutal display defying their belief!

    Strangled cries of pain filtering through the falling troopers’ helmets, dampened by the electronic amplification of their communications gear, but nonetheless chilling as they thrashed and vainly attempted to pull their helmets off, gurgling as they drown in their own blood. The aliens lashed out with a hand each in which a sharp, pointed claw protruded, leaving one after another of the troopers and their armor ripped open, with jagged and thin gashes stained and dripping a viscous red. Then, as if to confound all the more, the staffs in these strange aliens’ grasps, suddenly coiled and seemed to come to life as living things!

    Commander Buro willed himself to move and he shouted over his comm to his rescue team, down on the deck, not far from the terrible frey , stunned. “Pull back...”

    Bond too, roused by Buro’s commed order, was on the move. “Yes,” he murmured and then running to the communications station in the tower, sent out a general order to draw back and gunners to man interior bay weapons stations. “Destroy that ship before anymore of those warriors disembark. Target those two ...aliens!”

    Interior guns and cannon whirred round as gunners, wide-eyed and tense, hurriedly toggled switches to bring sensors online and lock onto targets. Yet, amazingly, the two aliens seemed to grasp this tactic immediately, separating and cutting a swath through the crowded hangar deck, the coiled staffs darting and striking like snakes. Fangs piercing and releasing as they flew out before each warrior, the snake-staffs struck swifter even than the warriors who wielded them. The victims stood for a moment before dropping, unaware they’d been struck or covered with venom! Those struck with the poisonous spray, began to choke and writhe on the floor, and still others were literally cut down, beheaded or halved by the re-hardened serpents.

    Having mowed through the crowd like a hot knife through butter, one warrior had made it halfway up the control tower support. The gunnery would be targeting itself! Buro withdrew his blaster running to the outside walk that ran the perimeter of the tower and was joined by 18 others, firing down at the jagged warrior who climbed so rapidly he was nearly at the lip of the walkway before finally gurgling black effluent and falling to the decking below in a grisly mass of steaming bony armor, eyes still open and bulging from sockets under which two purplish sacks quivered.

    The 2nd warrior was surrounded and slashing at his opponents with both his staff and a large sharp point of armor at his elbow, gutting those who approached from behind. By now, however, the troopers had determined how best to neutralize the aliens and began to concentrate fire on the massive being’s head. Meanwhile, the dead ship was hoisted slightly as the tractor latched on to it. The battle was over in a matter of minutes, but it felt far longer to the Imperial combatants who now stood heaving over the sudden ordeal, the darkly clad warriors now nearly headless and steaming on the decking.

    Over the comm in the tower, could be heard a voice from the bridge of the Hidden Dagger. “Hangar tower, report! Report!”

    TAG: Hidden Dagger’s bridge
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  8. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Captain Wilform of the HMISD Hidden Dagger

    Location: a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist, on the bridge of the HMISD Hidden Dagger

    Captain Wilform’s 1st Officer looked up from the communications station as Wilform hobbled over to learn what had been transpiring in the hangar bay and to see if there was any report from other parts of the ship, the bridge could, as yet, not reach. Wilform furrowed his brow, as he and the bridge crew learned from Commander Bond, that they’d been boarded by 2 aliens from the ship the Captain had tractored into the hangar bay. Not only had this incident occurred while the bridge was cut off from the rest of the ship, but they’d been boarded, earlier, by rescue ships from an Imperial convoy!

    In spite of the progress the bridge had made in reaching out, they were unable to transmit beyond the ship and on description of the aliens, the Captain walked away from the rest of the crew and spoke quietly with his second in command. “These aliens, according to Commander Bond’s description, sound like the one, the Executor vanquished before the final battle of the war, only days ago. You’d better get down there and see Commander Buro’s superior gets this data sent to His Majesty,” said Wilform, ordering his second to make his way down to the hangar with the data card concerning the aliens. As the Captain was relaying further orders, the transmission cut out again and the disgruntled sound of the crew and tools being applied to the intricate circuitry of the communications station filtered through the bridge and obliterated the scratching noises that seemed to be recurring with greater frequency and duration, faint though they be.


    “Yes, sir, Captain, sir,” replied the young Senior Lieutenant, stepping up and saluting crisply. She was new to the Hidden Dagger, but had already seen combat and was eager to improve her resume. Just the eager sort to help reestablish order on the ship.

    The Captain wiped his brow of perspiration as he gave her her orders, having her assemble 6 teams to investigate forward, amidships, and aft, dorsal and ventral sections. Since communication was inconsistent and spotty presently, they needed to establish communication corridors, find survivors and re-establish chain of command.

    The Lieutenant dispatched, the Captain addressed the bridge, again wiping his brow. He looked about and noted it was not simply he who found it a bit hot. “You’ve all heard what Commanders Bond and Buro had to say. TheDagger’s taken some punishment, but she’s still worthy. Though we are facing an enemy of unknown origin and capabilities, we are not without resources, nor are we alone and soon we will be joined by Imperial ship. Our duty is clear. We’re in a tough turn, but we can still fight. Put your focus on getting this old girl back online and we’ll train these ruffians to fear the might of the Imperial Navy! Pour on the speed and let’s send them to the devils!”

    Meanwhile, Eichardt and the other groups found the going sometimes easy, the lifts and blast doors operable, and sometimes they found fires, both smouldering and raging, and everywhere, the environmentals out of balance, the going hot and acrid. Groups had been sent on their way forward and aft, Eichardt leading her team to decks in storage sections below living quarters and forward toward general stores, where Commander Bond said there’d been a transmission from a Lance Corporal Owens picked up by the convoy’s Commander, Captain Malcovich.

    The red emergency light lit the large corridors and it was dark and hot. They had not found anyone, yet, but had head from far away what might have been a squeal of metal warping in a fire somewhere. Lt. Eichardt sidled up to the troopers to her left and found herself whispering, “Trooper, open a local channel and hail Lance Corporal Owens.”

    They came across a fire in a grain storage unit, but largely extinguished by the ship’s emergency systems. So now the air was heavy with the smell of burnt and toasted grain, smoke, and burnt electrical components. In fact, the large corridor’s floor was flooded, and water and flame retardant foam dripped from the spigots in the ceiling above. One trooper mused quietly that it would be interesting to see what all this mess looked like in zero gravity.

    Two of the cohort, told him to “Shut it!” warning him that he might get his wish, when from down the hall came a heavy fluttering quickly beating the air, something dark, the size of a holo globe. Seemed to be careening towards them. The three navy officers leaned away, feeling the wind, the thing made as it flew past the team, and then, past the five troopers, emitting a burst of spray before swiftly passing down the corridor and into the dark.

    “Did you see that?” someone exclaimed.

    And yet another, cried out, “What the...get it off of me, get it offf...iyahhhhh!” The trooper who’d made the remark about zero gravity was struggling to get his helmet off. HIs glove dripping away from his fingers and his helmet bubbling. Encircling the downed trooper, his brethren broke the latches that kept the troopers helmet secured to his body suit and armor. Shaken, the trooper tried to gather his reserve as somewhere down the corridor they could hear the thing flit and stop and flit some more.

    “What was that “thing?” one trooper asked, his filtered voice sounding small in the dark.

    Before anyone could answer, a voice sounded over the open channel.

    “Lance Corp.... .wens, this is ....... v..sel Genesis. We hav. . vis..l on y..r ship. What sort of m..... danger are you in? .... ... . research tea.. Can you ..scribe what .. going on?, what ...ger ... ... in? L.... Cor..... Owens, .... .. ....... ........ ...... ..nesis. .... is ... r .ocation?”

    All silent, the team looked to one another, then Eichardt said quickly as she pointed forward, “Down there!” As one, the team clattered and splashed down the broad service corridor while the scratchy transmission continued over the trooper’s receiver and echoed faintly from the corridor ahead, a split second apart.

    Eichardt stopped the group as they approached a partially open blast door to their left. The voice, metallic and urgent, emanated from inside a pitch dark storage unit from which also came a fiercely acrid smell. Turning down the volume to his receiver, the trooper who’d captured the transmission, stepped to the fore and flipped on the torch atop his helmet and turned his head to scan the large and seeming empty compartment as the 4 other troopers took up positions either side of the thick double doors, the transmission still sounding.

    “Seems to be empty, M’am,” whispered a junior lieutenant, at Eikhardt’s elbow.

    “... L..ce C....ral Ow..., .... .. ....... ........ ...... ..nesis. .... is ... r .ocation? Do y.. copy ..”

    “Except for that transmission, Lieutenant!” replied Eikhardt. “Wait - I heard movement. Trooper, shine the light over there against the bulkhead.”

    The trooper’s light whirred across the carverness dark, to the blank, ribbed outer “boards”of Dagger’s reinforced hull, but again, all that could be seen was empty space full of silvery dust motes floating and drifting in a faint air current.

    “...thi...Genesis, ...copy..?” came the transmission and then a fast flutter as another several dark shadows flew up at the contingent of stormtroopers who, all, this time, drew blasters and began to shine their torches at the 2 blinded creatures and fire. The 3 navy officers, too, drew their blasters, but leap from the center of the contingent, standing in the path of the locust-like insects and the line of fire.

    One dropped and flopped heavily in the several inches of water and foam that flooded the service corridor, the troopers and the officer now training their combined blaster fire on the one fact insect humming down the corridor, but finally succumbing. They could hear it splash on the floor, silent. Walking up the one insect still trying to fly with only one of four wings still functioning, it’s surprisingly long legs dragging it round and round. The helmetless trooper stepped forward in morbid curiosity, watching the creature which, in its throes, made a clattering sound, and sprayed an acrid mist that floated like an oil, atop the water and bubbled and steamed wherever it touched solid material. Touching his still burning cheek, a snarl on his lips, the trooper raised his blaster and fired. Yet, any satisfaction he hoped to gain disappeared in his agony as the insect let out a strong and hissing acidic spray that enveloped it’s assailant.

    The trooper’s agonizing cries were silenced quickly as his head and this his armor melted away before the rest of the search team. One of the officers began to scream but was silenced by Eichardt. “Pull it together! One more sound and I will blast you!” The momentary silence was followed by the “research vessel’s” looped call: “ you....y?”

    Their lights directed to the far floor where it joined the bulkhead in the cargo unit, the searchers could see 5 shallow piles. As they slowly approached, their steps began to falter, the youngest officer turning to violently reject the dinner he’d had 2 hours prior to decanting from hyperspace.

    On the floor lay two troopers and three crewmen, or rather, what was left of them, all in various states of sizzling melted-ness.

    Where had those acid spewing insects come from? Had they stowed away inside some cargo and escaped inspection? Had they been inside this storage unit? Were the ragged and molten- edged holes in the corner where the insects had entered? The search party had many more questions, including, were there more of these locust-like insects?

    The message from “Genesis” kept looping and was now coming in over the lead troopers com as well. “Lieutenant, sir? Should I answer?”

    TAG: Hidden Dagger crew
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @pashatemur and @LadyZaraMarta for your input :)

    ~IC~ Colonel Wullf Yularen + Sabé Delba - Queen Amidala II of Naboo
    Location: Coruscant - Senate Building - Senate Offices

    It was clear, Sabé was far from soothed by the young Emperor’s response. She took the Colonel’s arm, and he could feel her hand was cold, in spite of the saunter she assumed as they left the office that made the brilliant and deep green satin of her dress slip and whisper with her gait. Her perfume was dominated by the heady scent of shura fruit. It somehow seemed to forthright a scent for the current circumstances, particularly as she took pains to avoid meeting the Colone’s gaze. He could sense her mood shifting and he looked down at her hand where it lay curled around his arm. A minute movement, as the muscles of one of her fingers flexed and he allowed a slight smile. He was wondering at what point she would try this.

    Her hand resting on Colonel Yularen's arm, Sabé spoke in a whisper designed to be heard only by him. "Your motley crew believes they have taken all my weapons, Colonel Yularen. They have not." The Queen's supposed delicate hand for a moment tightened in a vise upon his arm - she then relaxed her hold. "I am versed in over 60 ways to kill with my hands." Sabé smiled "Never fear, you are a family man - and I would not deprive children of their father." Sabé quieted the tempest raging inside her and composed her features to reflect tranquility and calm. "Nor can you deprive me of my greatest weapon - my heart. So lead on Colonel, I do believe this night will be remembered by the ages."

    He arched his bushy brow, his moustache twitched. It was a shame for Padmé’s image to be damaged by the one pretending to be her doppleganger. On the outside, she might seem similar to her half sister… some might find her attractive, but her beauty is marred by the bitterness and venom that courses through her veins. Her acumen of the political arena is not as sharp as her predecessor… when in a position to do something of value, the opportunity is wasted. The kindness lost to the darkness inside of her. She is only a pale imitation who is capable of lashing out when things don’t go her way, a spoilt child who doesn’t know what she wants.

    “My dear…” Yularen gently patted the hand Sabé placed on his arm. ”...I’ve been serving since before you were born.” There wasn’t really more to say on the matter. His moustache lifted as he allowed a small smile to her. “You are in over your head, child, and I feel I should appraise you; your comments are noted and will carry consequence. Do enjoy the evening and carry on with civility.”

    Sabé flinched as her fingers were patted down upon the Colonel’s arm.

    As they made their way to the lift, Yularen spoke softly into his comm for a situation update. With Agent Kallus occupied with questioning the HNN Anchor Staff for their lapse in better judgement, he called upon another agent operating this evening

    “Agent Varik, Colonel Yularen. I shall be heading downstairs shortly, accompanied by Her Majesty, Sabé Amidala II. How is everything on your end? How is the Reception proceeding?”

    TAG: Agent Rahara Varik

    ~IC~ Commissar Ahsoka Tano
    Location: Coruscant - Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Ahsoka took a deep breath, poised to move as she stood with her focus on Celeste. Trying not to be aware that all eyes are on them as she took in the first set of steps Celeste had performed. Okay, she could do that… she was feeling more confident. Now that it was Ahsoka’s turn to take a pass at the dance, she gave a nod to show that she was ready… Celeste’s words of encouragement - and referring back her battle analogy - made a smile blossom on the Togruta’s face.

    Celeste watched, tapping the rhythm as Ahsoka repeated the footwork and movements. Internally she counted along to the rhythm, Ahsoka’s golden sandals tapping against the hard tiles as she matched the timing and mirrored what Celeste had done, only now, she gave it her own stamp.

    After the final step, Ahsoka took up the vamp that Celeste was maintaining, her lekku carried on the kinetic motion and swept about herself in a small flourish as she smiled and looked to Celeste for the next set.

    TAG: Celeste
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    IC: Rahara Varik on Coruscant, Reception

    Rahara heard the soft chime of her commlink and reached into the pocket of her peach and black accented jacket which overlay a fashionable elegant outfit in the same shade.

    "Colonel Yularen," She answered crisply, "All is proceeding as you would expect: the political types are mingling with subtle innuendoes and secret agendas while everyone else is fighting for the greatest degree of deniability." She rolled her eyes, knowing what a test of patience the Nabooian Queen was ... but she knew her superior was more than up to the task. "Is there anyone you want me to 'mingle' with in particular?"

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    OCC: A joint post long in coming for which I have to thank C_O for his contributions and generous assistance and also Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra for their 2014 Proms performance of Revel's Bolero.

    IC Empress Marie Celeste and Commissar Ahsoka Tano

    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Seeing Ahsoka capture the spirit of the dance, Celeste smiled, delighted at how the Commissar had grasped the seguidilla with seeming ease. “That’s very good!” she said enthusiastically, and hips in controlled sway, arms rising above her in slow arcs, hands gracefully fanned out, with relief, Celeste gave herself over to concentrating on the line and scope of her movements. ’ sharp tap of heel and toe reverberated into the Atrium balconies above, as the crowd watched, some in rapt attention, others, bemused and still some, wearing faces full of reprove, bored expressions, and downright humor. Many, though, intrigued, leaned in and slowly advanced back to the center, the entranced edge of spectators contracting like the focusing lens of an oculus, crept closer around the Empress and the elegant Commissar, dancing over the central seal.

    Ahsoka, having more confidence on the flow and rhythm, now continued without hesitation, dancing along with Celeste, Ahsoka’s long arms and fingers, practiced in the skills of a warrior, now moved like graceful wings overhead, rising above her regal montrals.

    She took no notice of the Ursean Ladies of the Court who began to assemble and beat out the vamp with them. One by one, they began to move slowly out from the dais, falling in step with the music.

    Everything just faded away, only Celeste and the music. Attuned to movements, extensions of each other. Being in the zone. The rhythm of their footfalls was matched by a martial percussion from the orchestra, strings rapped with a dry bounce of bows in the same rhythm, as the snaking sinew of a light, silvery melody rose out over the crowd like some ancient lilt of long-into-dust Shamans curled about each ear or lek, resonating the deeply embedded matter in all living things, a thing that bound and connected all...

    TAG: Ahsoka and all in the Atrium
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    IC~ Queen Kirstine of Bakura + Zaa Vashee - Queen of Shili + Lux Bonteri - Senator of Onderon
    Location: Coruscant - Senate Building - Senate Atrium - Reception

    Thank you to @Corellian_Outrider for the joint post.

    "Oh, we have to see this..." Zaa said and gestured for Kirstine to follow with her.

    Sipping her drink Kirstine smiled, it tasted like home. She frowned at Zaa. "Whatever do you think I 'need' to see?" she asked as if nothing could bore her more.

    "Obviously it is of importance to draw the focus of everyone to the centre of the atrium."

    She sighed resignedly. "Oh very well"

    Zaa was not used to having some question her though grateful that the Bakuran Queen had decided to go with her. Mataara took to her side and saw the Senator of Onderon follow behind them. As she lead the way, Zaa could hear rhythmic footfalls on the hard surface. A few guests parted ways for them, she could see a human female, long dark hair and in silver blue gown dance and then her partner, a female Togruta in a gown of blue hues with gold trimming poised in position and then start into her movements as the human stopped her part of the dance and kept rhythm. Zaa recognised the human was definitely the Empress.

    "What do you make of that?" She whispered to Kirstine.

    Peering through the crowd she took in the image before her. "Delicious?" she responded with a questioning tone. It was a sight that sent tingles down her spine and not because it was a poignant moment in the evening.

    Zaa glanced to Kirstine and noted a few of the other guests close to them were looking at her and to the dancers. Zaa allowed a small smile as the orchestra had begun to play. "Not quite the word I was thinking though... it is a positive intention?"

    "That my dear, depends on your point of view, doesn't it?" She sipped her drink as a delighted smile touched her lips.

    Zaa watched the Togruta dancing with the Empress. Studying the facial markings, the stripes on the montrals and lekku... Given the similarities, almost identical pattern and pigmentation to her own, she knew who it is and she smiled more so. She glanced back to Kirstine and saw Lux looking bewildered? Confused? She wasn't sure though his complexion seemed a bit pale. "Are you alright, Senator?"

    It took a moment for Lux to pry his eyes away and answer. "Ah, yes. Thank you... thank you for asking, your Majesty."

    "You're welcome..." Zaa narrowed her gaze a fraction. His tone seems strangely distant and then looked to Kirstine for some clue.

    Glancing back at Zaa, Kirstine subconsciously licked her lips, this truly was delicious to her mind.

    "I suppose he is hungry... and in need of food?" She whispered close to Kirstine so Lux couldn't hear. "He does look a bit pale."

    "Who?" Kirstine was not paying attention, her attention was elsewhere. "I maybe hungry as well, but I doubt there is anything you could find for my appetite, Your Highness." She gave the woman a half smile and wink before returning her attention to the women dancing.

    Zaa pursed her lips at the Bakuran Queen’s lack of concern for the Senator, Kirstine was ever consistent. The challenge about food had piqued her curiosity. There might be something on the menu. She murmured softly to herself. "We will just have to see about that."

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider @pashatemur
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    ~IC~ Colonel Wullf Yularen
    Location: Coruscant - Senate Building - Senate Offices

    Yularen considered the question and the assets in play. The fly zone around the Senate Building is patrolled, there are several security groups on the grounds and surrounding areas in cooperation with each other with the ISB coordinating everyone. Given the incident with the HoloNetNews team on site and the Naboo involvement, all other associations with the Naboo in attendance this evening had been elevated on the threat level.

    Delegates from the Union were already flagged and the last he read of the SitRep while in the Office with the Emperor and the hologram of the Grand Admiral, USF Captain Viggo Magnusson was tending to them.

    There was the Grand Moff Tarkin and his group, though he doubted they would try a coup at a social event like this, it would be political suicide…. Just what the Nabooian Queen seemed so intent on committing. There was that unknown guest, with the red Twi’lek around Sate Pestage... though Pestage seemed to be in good spirits with them. There was one thing that seemed a bit of an oversight. The King of Bakura had not shown up, nor did their Planetary representative… just the King’s Consort. Given the limited exposure to her, she has been described as an ‘Ice Queen’ and no doubt might have some resentment based on something they have yet to unearth. Nothing to be concerned regarding the celebrities, more of a publicity event for them, especially the co stars fresh from their premier of The Runaways and Wyssa Starflare will be out on the media circuit in a few months time for her upcoming production.

    With Ledaren Quinlan Vos off site, the newly made Commissar Ahsoka Tano was left to oversee the safety of the Royal Imperial Family in his stead, along with their Black Guard. He knew her from the first few years of the Clone Wars and what she is capable of… however, given her absence since the foundation of the Galactic Empire - presumed dead all this time - and her mysterious appearance yesterday… there is that unknown factor... and there is a trail to backtrack and follow regarding that. He had wanted to personally see for himself, though given the attack on Coruscant several hours before her arrival, his resources were mostly at work trying to pinpoint the culprit.

    However, the new Emperor has demonstrated complete faith in her and her abilities, shown trust that it is really his former Padawan and with his observation, Yularen concurred so far and that has offset immediate concerns. He looked forward to meeting her properly himself, to find out what had happened to her all this time. He can arrange for time tomorrow. In the meantime, the safety of the Imperial Royal Family is of utmost paramount and it won’t hurt to check in on the new Commissar.

    “How is Commissar Tano holding up? It might be good to touch base with her incase she requires support.”

    TAG: Agent Rahara Varik
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    IC: Rahara Varik - Coruscant

    "She is handling herself quite admirably, falling in line with the requisites of protocol." Varik answered Yularen's question, with an inner eye-roll at the spectacle taking place on the atrium. "Causing quite the stir amongst the spectators ... I will send a comm-message to her, encrypted of course, and ask her to meet us discreetly tomorrow, if that meets with your approval? Or would it draw less attention to speak with her in this milling crowd?"

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    IC: Acting CO of the HMISD Hidden Dagger’s main hangar bay, Commander Bond, Supply Convoy Rescue teams, Commander Buro of the Nebulon b2 frigate, HM Zandra and Captain Malcovich of the Nebulon b, HM Zandra,

    Location: a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist, hangar bay of the HMISD Hidden Dagger

    Both commanders stood up from leaning into the communications panel as they reported to Captain Wilform and the bridge.

    “That’s a relief! Now you’ve got through to your Captain, I’ll start ready-ing our transports,” said Commander Buro. “If there’s sign of anymore of that lot,” he continued, waving his gloves in the direction of the vanquished aliens on the main deck of the hangar below, “my people will be prepared. I’m going to set aside a contingent of our troopers to run reconnaissance with yours.”

    Bond gave grateful assent, “Very good, Commander.” However, a loud squeal and a fizzle signaled the loss of the connection to the bridge, again. Bond drew a hand across his brow. “Well, it’s a good sign the bridge got through at all,” said Bond, putting a positive spin on the moment. The two commanders agreed on how to communicate outcomes and needs and then each continued onto their necessary tasks of getting survivors coordinated. Though the Captain seemed certain the “Dagger” could make a stand against the larger alien ship, and avoid having to be scuttled, Bond and Buro quietly agreed, the day was not going to end well. It was clear that Captain Wilform knew this too, but was unwilling to leave dampen initiatives. Still, he had approved an evacuation of all non-essential personnel and that revealed more than any of them were willing to admit.

    As Bond saw to the survivors on deck, Buro stood over one of the aliens and wrinkled his nose and concentrated his brow, conveying to Captain Malcovich what had just transpired.

    “I see...” came Macovich’s considered drawl. “Clearly, the bridge is working to bring sensors and emplacements back up to reliable response levels, but it is likely, Wilform has little in the way of diagnostics, as I take your assessments. So...” said Malcovich taking a deep breath. “This is our situation: we are facing not one but two opponents. Your teams have the requisite talent to aid efforts to regain some control of the ship’s systems, but as yet, neither bridge nor your people have been able to render that bridge operational . Hidden Dagger’s available resources are critical to even the most minimal rescue and the alien ship has already taken offensive action. All the launched escape pods from Dagger have been destroyed, Zandra is taking fire and holding, and Dagger’s core is leaking radiation.”

    Buro nodded in silence for a moment, realizing what this would mean as he lifted his gaze to survey the throng of Hidden Dagger’s crew that had made their way to the hangar. Covering his commlink, the Commander hopped up on one of the 2 DX-9 transports they’d commandeered from the Star Galleon, Fortunata and scanning the Dagger’s hangar for Commander Bond, Buro sent a trooper to bring him over to confer with Captain Malcovich.

    Through his commlink, Commander Buro could hear Malcovich’s voice, thin and scratchy, asking for a response. “Sorry, sir,” said Buro, standing on the ramp and gesturing above the crowd to Bond, who was just then receiving Buro’s summons via the trooper. “I sent for Commander Bond-”

    “Commander, you sent for me?” huffed Bond, as he stepped in quickly with his appointed second at his side.

    Nodding, Buro relayed Bond’s arrival to the Captain.

    “Very well, Commander Buro, are you in a secure area?” asked Captain Malcovich.

    Buro replying quickly, “On our way, sir,” and he and Bond continued up the ramp.

    “Switch to holo,” said the captain. What Malcovich had to say, he wanted to at least put his face to the message Soon, in the hold of the DX-9, the Captain’s blue flickering image sprang up from a disc-shaped palm transceiver in Buro’s hand. After cursory introductions, Malcovich spoke, “Commander Bond, I will be direct. Until Captain Wilform gains control of ship’s systems, he is blind. I will be assuming command from aboard the Zandra unless and until Hidden Dagger’s bridge has reliable sensors and communications. You and Commander Buro must be our relays.”

    The two commanders listened attentively as Captain Malcovich quickly related the disposition of the insurgents’ fleet of vessels and the alien ship and it’s weapons “We are relying on you to mobilize Hidden Dagger's complement of vessels.”

    Bond spoke up, “We may not have the pilots, sir. We haven’t been able to account for them. We were just decanting from hyperspace when the explosions occurred.” Bond’s second showed his superior a note on his datapad and Bond added, “We’re taking tally of our resources, hard and human, as we speak, sir,” said Bond sending his second to issue the order, and before the young man’s footsteps became inaudible, hurrying out and down the transport’s gangway, a whistle was piped for all to stand at attention.

    Malcovich’s image scrambled for a moment as Bond and Buro realized the Zandra was taking enemy fire, the sound of an active defensive bridge in the background.

    “Sir?” said Buro in alarm.

    “They’re sizing us up, Commander. We’re not taking the bait until we have more “intell.” replied Malcovich, darkly.

    “Beg pardon, sir,” said Bond, “but we will need our TIEs in defense of Hidden Dagger.”

    Malcovich nodded as he pressed a forefinger along the length of his lips.

    Buro considered what the Captain said. “They haven’t yet fired on the Hidden Dagger!”

    “They believe Hidden Dagger neutralized,” said Macovich, nodding. “We should do all to maintain that impression-for now-and conserve our resources. As to the ferrying of crew we’ll find a means for drawing their attention and fire. The alien ship is positioned lightly above the springline of the destroyer and nearly directly forward, thus, the transports and their TIEs can find protection in the “shadow of the Dagger's engines.”

    Bond furrowed his brow and tucked his chin. He’d already spoken in slight opposition to Captain Malcovich, but Commander Buro picked up on the unspoken query. “But won’t they be exposed to the insurgents, sir?”

    “If the rebels wanted to take shots at us, they’d have done so already, leaving us easy pickings for these ....whatever they are. No, we’re no good just to vanquish. Then they’d have to fight these aliens for the galleon. We have severe limitations and if these insurgents will take you alive, at least you live....” said Malcovich, quietly, his image appearing to look to someone at his side. The Captain, averting his eyes for a moment, returned his gaze forward.

    No one spoke. Malcovich had just spoken treason. Every crew member of the Imperial Navy knew, the Captain’s standing orders were to scuttle anything that could not be reclaimed by the Empire. Nothing was to fall into enemy hands!

    Bond swallowed. Given all he’d just heard, the assumption that any of them would live to be taken prisoner, was highly unlikely.

    As if to punctuate that point, Buro spoke up, “You had a near full complement of 47,785 personnel when you began your mission. Enroute, you lost possibly 5 personnel, perhaps more, you’ve no idea how many were lost in the explosions. With our 2 DX-9s and the Dagger's own Lambdas and Troop Transports, we can ferry perhaps 350 to 400 per trip to the Nebulon-b escorts and the Galleon-all while exposing the vessels to enemy fire! Assuming, that is, we can scramble the crews of the Dagger's 8 lambda-T4s and 15 DX-9 troop transports from the survivors.”

    Bond blew out hard and wiped his face, hiding the glassy aspect of his eyes.

    Buro continued,”The Dagger might survive if the Rilbek arrives eminently,” he saw the silent query on Bond’s face. “Yes, our convoy is expecting her any minute, she’s a modified Acclamator cargo ship and could have some extra heft to bear and take on more passengers...” As welcome as that news was, if was clear, to remain aboard the Hidden Dagger without immediate start of repairs to the ship’s core, was certain death.

    “Yes, sir.” said Bond resignedly.

    It seemed to Commander Buro that for a moment, Malcovich dropped his typically tired, disinterested drawl and a softness, just the barest minimum, pervaded his voice. “Commander, we have limited capacity. We can increase it by slaving some of the transports to our ships, but judging from what we’ve seen thus far of the alien weapons, expecting the full complement of ships to survive the rescue mission will be a stretch. We’ll need as many of the Dagger's TIEs to screen and draw fire from the rescue ships.”

    “Only 2,000, at most!” said Buro, daring to speak the number. That was it! “All while exposed to 2 different ‘hostiles, one, unbelievably ferocious, with a biology and technology, as yet unanalyzed, much less challenged, and the other, know enemies of the Empire, and surrendering to whom, was treason. Was surviving this encounter, the paramount goal?

    “The word you’re looking for, Commander, is ‘crucible,’” said Malcovich in an aside.

    The two commanders strode out into the hangar to make order of the throng of troopers, crew, and officers that now stood in neat rows that filled the central deck, new arrivals falling in as they stumbled into the brightness if the hangar.

    In the back ground the slipping and scratching of the alien ship being tractored up and out toward the bay shields caught Bond’s notice and he looked up to the control tower, eyes wide, and pulling at his commlink!

    TAG: Captain Galen, General Torian Darkeyes of the ARR ship, Storm’s Eye, Hidden Dagger’s survivors
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    OOC: Thank you!

    IC: Empress Marie Celeste and Commissar Ahsoka Tano, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Ms. Arhinda Pryce, Governor of Lothal, Moff Tracta, Imperial Princess and Enfanta of Ursa, Sophia Anastasia, and Cadet Han Solo

    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Swiftly measuring pass, turn, and cut, warriors aligned with each beat of their sensei’s kata, the complex patterns entraining mind and body to muscle memory, physical empathy, and to recognize and anticipate the patterns of friend and foe. With fluid and sure movement, long internalized “beats” allowed the beautiful Togruta to easily grasp this kata. Those joining the dance around Ahsoka, benefited from her years of training. Her fluidity of form and artful movement drew them easily through the dance and they faltered less than they might have without her unassuming guidance.

    Celeste smiled, as the patterns were telegraphed from each to each, harkening to the innate need to communicate a meaning that could not be conveyed with words, a need for symmetry and synchrony. They were sharing the age-old need to move, to swim out of that pool of DNA into a greater concert with the universe. Ahsoka exuded such a relation to the cosmos, at least, it seemed so to the Empress. By demonstrating the tangible connection, she helped others become something extraordinary, if only to know it for a brief moment. This was not merely a byproduct of culture, but the focus of being alive, mimicry becoming evolution and those that resisted and reproved, deeply believed whatever lack of practice or inherent imbalance in them, would see them culled. Persuasion was not their gift and authority and leadership would have to be taken with brute strength and coercion or stolen through intrigue and dissembling.

    Now, a single nasal woodwind plaintively embroidering the curling melody, then the strings… another layer to the music as the Ladies of the Ursean Court started to join the two. The floor was becoming a sea of graceful “wings” over an inexorable and building march of many feet.

    Leading by example, Celeste scribed a broad arc across the obdurate floor and over her shoulder, she saw Ahsoka, her students, and the ladies of the Ursean court slowly picking up the hypnotic movement and rhythm. Now, more and more decided to try, laughing and timidly stepping into the dance, at first playfully and then eyes to the Urseans, feeling more confident and falling in step with self-satisfaction. To the chagrin of the guards, from the ground floor of the Atrium to the last of the many tiers of balconies above, the attendees surrounded her, even knowing each balcony, each hall, from beneath the dance floor to the bronzium roof, the Senate was still under high security.

    Something reminiscent of the young girl from Lothal resonated in Arhinda’s bones, as she looked on, fascinated, in spite of herself. She muttered absently, “Who is this woman, the dancers follow? They seem mesmerized, enthralled. Those dark, amber eyes!

    -Phht! chortled, Grand Moff Tarkin, lifting his chin a bit to peer over the heads in front of them, many of them alien. It was unusual to attend an affair where so many were present. Irritatingly infectious, the music had him tapping his foot and he mumbled to himself, “Ridiculous!”.

    The newly appointed Governor of Lothal was quite out of the loop, where she considered herself, well informed. -A monarch of a “small and far flung duchy,” the Moff explained, perfunctorily, grabbing several ‘bubblies from a passing service droid, fully aware, he’d insulted both the Governor and Palpatine’s ward. But the “old corpse” was gone, wasn’t he!

    Surrounded by his cronies, Moff Tracta, too, watched and smirked from his perch on the mezzanine. Even he could not help but step closer and, though missing the nuanced expression of biological eyes, telegraphed his inner thoughts, his face exuding the heat of his disgust, his disdain for this little parade. The sentiment was shared by others in the crowd. Their gestures and expressions revealed their impatience with the “frivolous pastime.” This is the center of Galactic power! This is where many imagined themselves to be puffed up with harsh might. The “bombad” do not dance! They were squeezed up tight around the rod of severity that stood in place of confidence.

    However, somehow, a throng of dancers were falling in step, and they moved as one to the lilt of the orchestra and the piquant and building vamp of the chorus of Ursean instruments. It was inexorable and the sound of many feet striking the floor grew, as if a mighty army marched into the Atrium, with precision and purpose.

    The Empress having communicated that rhythm, the ladies of the Ursean court replied in kind, lifting the hems of their gowns to reveal the repeating movements of their feet, the sound of which ‘whelmed the crowd like inexorable waves on shore and the Urseans advanced in martial step, their hands now moving in graceful and slow arcs, like opening and closing fans. Over their heads, their hands turned, arms falling in tall arcs down to the right hip and then across and over to the left, all as they were joined by others, who began to learn the steps, while those who found themselves embarrassed for feeling so compelled, retreated before this legion.

    Behind Ahsoka, Sophia stepped, Han in tow, digging his heels in and shaking his head slowly, but Sophia would not believe he could resist. Heel and toe, toe and heel, she tapped out as the growing number of dancers surrounded them. The Enfanta insisted and held fast to her adopted brother’s hand, almost laughing, she was enjoying the moment, so. Han, however, would not budge, but stood blushing as he was the only immoveable in the bunch and the strong gait and kicks of the dancers around him shooed him one way and then the other. Finally, he was compelled to join them and he courageously tapped heel toe and toe heel, looking down at his feet as he did so, Sophia encouraging him.

    IC: Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padawan Luke Skywalker

    LOCATION: Food Stall, Mos Eisley, Tatooine

    “Ben...Ben?” What was Anakin doing? It was the middle of the night!

    Somehow, Anakin had “wormed” that name from somewhere. It rankled a little for the boy to “profane” something beautiful by teasing him so. His thoughts wandered to Satine, and her giving him that disapproving smile, while still managing to say that name so sweetly. “Duchess of Manda...lore.” he murmured at the bittersweet memory of the sacrifices they had both had to make for the cause of peace, she a pacifist and he, a warrior-monk. The arguments, the regrets, and then her ....No, regret is not the way of a Jedi, grief, loss, these lead to darkness...


    “She is NOT my GIRLFRIEND, Anakin! Go to sleep!” But the prodding did not stop. “Alright....” said Obi-Wan groggily, “...stop poking me! I’m awake...”

    “What’s the matter wid’em, boy?”

    “What...?” Obi-Wan reached to rub the back of his head. It was a doozy of a headache-his hair hurt!

    “Ben..come on! People are staring at us.” Luke’s young voice came worried and whispered, his big soulful blue eyes glancing ‘round the small, shaded food stall, hitched up to the side of an equally miserable but more permanent structure.

    The Master cracked one eye open, only to slam it shut against the afternoon desert sunlight glinting through one of many holes in the lean-to eatery. The eatery! The holo from Coruscant! It wasn’t a dream and he was not in his cot at the temple, and this was not Anakin, thought Obi-Wan as he shook the confusion from his head and pushed himself up from the sandy floor with little Luke pushing him up also and onto his rickety chair.

    “You aren’t making a complaint about my food ahrrrr yah?” asked a burly human male, standing over the Master and boy.

    Obi-Wan screwed his face up for a moment, as he willed the remaining clouds from his mind and brushed his hands down the sides of his cloak and patted himself off, “No! Nooooo! Your epicurean delights must have driven my rhapsodies beyond capacity of breath! I wouldn’t dream of it!” said Kenobi, gesturing artfully with one hand and patting Luke’s shoulder with the other.

    Luke covered his mouth, trying not to laugh outright. He loved Obi-Wan’s acerbic eloquence. Those weren’t quite Luke’s words, though.

    The Chef and Maitre d’ eyed the pair suspiciously before sauntering off mollified appreciably by the modest but welcomed tip, the Jedi left in the man’s meaty palm. As he returned to his musky, steaming, stew, he peered at Kenobi and hefting the credits, counted them and gave a gaunt grin. No, thought Obi Wan, if he complained about the food, the man would probably be arrested, not because of the unhealthy conditions of his “kitchen,” but because he ran an unlicensed business. Besides, the food was arguably as good as such places could turn out-the griddle bread and stew weren’t half-bad, so long as you didn’t know what was in them.

    Obi-Wan nodded and gave a silly smile to the cook, before turning to Luke who, once again, wore on his dimpled face, a concerned but curious look, asking, “Who’s Anakin?”

    “A boy...a boy I once knew.” said Obi wan, cryptically and turning back to the holo, catching a snippet of music. Something ...a rolling wave, crashed at the edge of his conscious mind. “Emperor?” he whispered in disbelief.

    Luke leaned in from his “corner” of the tiny metal reel that was their table and asked as he looked about at some of the denizens surrounding them. “I’m tired. Can we go?”

    “There’s ...something I need to see, first. Here,” he said quietly, “come sit next to me.” he said putting a protective arm about the boy, and rapping him in the worn brown cloak.

    “Ben?” said Luke cradling his plump smooth cheeks between upturned fists.

    “Hum?” said the Master, brow furrowed as he watched the holo.

    “Are you alright?” the boy asked inching closer.

    “That is a larger question than I can answer in one sentence.” said the Master.

    Luke laid his head on his arm and nestled closer to Obi-Wan, as the desert night advanced with a gust of chilled air, and he dreamed about that boy that Master Obi-Wan used to know, and he dreamed about that voice in his head, and the girl to whom it belonged

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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @pashatemur for the collaboration on this post.

    ~IC~ Colonel Wullf Yularen + Sabé Delba - Queen Amidala II of Naboo
    Location: Coruscant - Senate Building - Senate Offices

    "She is handling herself quite admirably, falling in line with the requisites of protocol." Varik’s voice came through Yularen's earpiece. "Causing quite the stir amongst the spectators ... I will send a comm-message to her, encrypted of course, and ask her to meet us discreetly tomorrow, if that meets with your approval? Or would it draw less attention to speak with her in this milling crowd?"

    The turbolift doors opened and he escorted the Queen of Naboo inside. Yularen smiled inwardly at Agent Varik’s observations. Some things don’t change. Like Master, like Apprentice - though hopefully with a more delicate touch.

    “I shall be by the dais soon enough, it would be best for you to meet me there and I shall make the necessary introductions between you and the Commissar in person.” Yularen glanced to Sabé as the lift doors close, soft muzak started playing as it took them down. “And as it happens... Her Majesty Amidala II of Naboo is my honour to escort this evening. I am surely a poor proxy for her Senator and Court physic, a dear friend, I am told. As I am overseeing a number of theatres for this event, it would be good if Her Majesty had another upon whom she could rely.”

    The deep green and brilliant jewels at Sabe’s slender neck turned slightly with the almost imperceptible sway of the lift as it descended. The soft gloss of her green satin gown whispered slightly as the Naboo Queen adjusted her weight, one foot to the other. Lowering her languid lashes, a small smile played on her fine lips, she tipped her chin slightly, and softly chided, “Already deserting me for another? The Commissar, perhaps? I’m not that daunting!” Her hands rested relaxed and crossed lightly before her narrow waist.

    “A gracious host does not leave a guest unattended. I still have duties to perform and should I need to leave your side, I will see you are well attended.” Yularen responded to Sabé. “The Commissar has duties as well. I trust you have met her before.”

    TAG: Agent Rahara Varik

    Zaa Vashee - Queen of Shili
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    The impressive display of the movement and rhythm, Zaa’s lekku twitched in time as she watched the dancers, the tips tapped lightly against her sides and back. Rhythm… percussion… it reminded her of the dances she had attended to at the palace. Her mother had taught her when she was younger that stories, histories and messages can be conveyed through song and dance and it was important to them. It was a language unto itself. She wondered the story that was being displayed before them… and she felt compelled to include herself into the mix.

    She turned to Kirstine and Lux, ignoring the concerned look from her majordomo as she said. “I wish to dance. Who would like to join me?”

    TAG: Kirstine - Queen of Bakura
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    IC: Rahara Varik -- Coruscant \ Reception

    Agent Varik heard Colonel Yularen's crisp reply:
    I shall be by the dais soon enough, it would be best for you to meet me there and I shall make the necessary introductions between you and the Commissar in person. And as it happens... Her Majesty Amidala II of Naboo is my honour to escort this evening. I am surely a poor proxy for her Senator and Court physic, a dear friend, I am told. As I am overseeing a number of theatres for this event, it would be good if Her Majesty had another upon whom she could rely.”

    "Very well." Agent Varik said in acknowledgement. "I shall be there, as requested and look forward to meeting the Commissar. Her reputation on more than one level has aroused my curiosity to sift fact from exaggeration."

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    IC Zaa Vashee - Queen of Shaili
    Kirstine - Queen of Bakura
    Jayden - HRH Prince Consort of Bakura (introducing)
    Dance floor - Reception.
    Thank you to @Corellian_Outrider for the collaboration.

    Kirstine turned to Zaa, a slight smile on her lips as she gazed at the woman, studying her slightly curling leku and how utterly sensual they seemed. She’d never found herself attracted to a Togruta before, but the involuntary movements had her heart quicken in her chest. “I think I would.” She said eloquently with an incline of her head.

    Zaa flashed a smile to Kirstine and grateful that someone will accompany her and looked to Lux, the senator gave a smile in return. "Don't disappear." She called.

    "I won't." He muttered

    Kirstine hoped he would, and not come back. Extending her hand, she offered it to Zaa, offering her to lead. She was unsure of the dance, very much so, but there was and opportunity to get close to a regal woman of high status and exceeding sensuality. Her feet stumbled as she attempted move gracefully and failed.

    HRH Prince Jayden entered the room and looked around, he found her immediately. He could find his 'wife' for want of a better title anywhere, she had a way of attracting attention, for good or bad. He smirked, she was struggling at something he'd never had to concern himself with, he loved it when that happened. He made his way over, not only did he plan to humiliate her by showing her up, but save the poor woman she'd obviously honed in on again. Tapping Kirstine on the shoulder he smiled. "Good evening, may I?"

    Kirstine stopped her stumble and turned to face him. How dare he? She glared, he always dared and not for the first time she cursed the arranged marriage. "Jayden? You wish to dance?" she asked coldly.

    He gave her his cheekiest smirk. "Yes, but not with you my dear." he extended his hand to Zaa. "You've not introduced us."

    Kirstine was seething, why was he even here? She pursed her lips hard and turned to Zaa "My husband, Prince Jayden." she said in a deadpan tone.

    Zaa looked at Kirstine with concern, had she hurt herself in the dance? Her footwear causing grief for the activity? That was when she noticed the gentleman before them. Kirstine made the introductions so blasé that she had to repeat what the Bakuran Queen had said in her mind to register it. In turn, Jayden had turned to her to offer the dance. Glance to Kirstine and back to her husband. Given the struggle... Probably best to not put Kirstine through any humiliation. "Queen Zaa Vashee," she returned the gesture. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance." She looked hesitantly at his proffered hand, then to his eyes before she reached out and gave her hand to him. "It would be a pleasure..." Zaa answered politely, knowing how disapproving her majordomo would be. A procedure for everything.

    With a smile and what could only be described as a withering look to Kirstine, Jayden led the beautiful Togruta to the floor. “I apologise for my wife’s………whatever that was.” He said with a smirk. “She’s not the best dancer.”

    "Everyone has their own strengths." Zaa diplomatically answered. It was curious how candid Jayden was towards her. The tips of her lekku 'ticked', finding the rhythm again. Eying the footwork and flow of the forms in the dance. "Shall we?"

    "It would be my pleasure." He inclined his head. His upbringing had given way too many skills his over privileged and spoil wife had come to consider wasteful and useless. He hoped she was watching, as dancing was one of them.

    Zaa smiled and then spied an opening. She took Jayden's hand and lead him in to join with the other dancers.

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    OCC: Sorry for the long hiatus. Hope this finds all, well.

    IC: Emperor Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Inquisitor 7th Sister

    LOCATION: Senate VIP Lift Lobby

    The pneumatic doors slid open on the relatively quiet lobby. Vader's Ursean Black Guards stood watch along with four red-clad Imperial guards on sentry duty at either end of the scarlet lift access way, restricted for a few of the ruling council, the Emperor, and himself. Which is why Anakin cocked his head in surprise at the presence of the new 7th Sister, unmasked and dressed in a gown of red shimmer-silk for the reception, staring down one of the black guards.

    “You may not enter here, I will ask you once again to leave-” the guard admonished, holding up a gloved hand, and shifting his weight subtly, and seeming to step toward the Inquisitor assertively, as one of the Imperial guards began to lower his pike, the second following suit.

    “Why don’t we consult with Lord-His Majesty,” stumbled the Inquisitor, quickly recovering from her gaff, swagging defiantly and motioning his attention to the lift from which the new Emperor was emerging.

    “What business brings you here?” asked Anakin, interrupting the exchange and eyeing the Dathomirian inquisitor coolly and the guards coming to immediate attention, as the young Emperor exited the lift. He grasped with both his hands, the lapels of his long dark grey uniform coat to resettle the shoulders squarely, as he strode from the lift, reluctantly assuming a stern posture.

    “Your Majesty, I wish to speak with you on an urgent matter that I assure you can not wait,” she ventured quietly, lowering her voice carefully.

    A slight smirk accompanied a quiet laugh as the young Emperor regarded the 7th Sister’s unusual attire. The shimmering red gown fell in clinging folds to splay on the carpeted floor from which she seemed to rise. “You do not appear dressed for an ‘urgent matter’.”

    Suddenly awkward, dressed as she was for the reception, the Inquisitor clenched her jaw under Vader’s gaze, fearing he could discern the thoughts she struggled to hold undiscovered.

    “No, my L-Your Majesty, I am not dressed per office.” She hesitated and then stiffened, standing as if in her armour, her prosthetic leg kinking as she did so. “With Inquisitor Nelf away, 9th Brother’s place not yet filled... the last push of the war effort has absented his Majesty from our governance, and-”

    “Get to the point, Inquisitor.” said Anakin, hands on hips.

    “Yes, Your Majesty. The youngest of our trainees is at this moment giving chase to what he believes is a force sensitive in the Marais and has caused a ... bit of a riot in the Maglev station market.” She hoped her words sounded far less weak than they did to her now that she was speaking them.

    Anakin blinked-this was the way of it, then. He was going to have to continue the posturing, the bravura and threatening! “Admittedly, a riot is not a good thing! Do you see these guards? Do you see the combined forces comptroller across the hall,” he said pointing over the Zabrak’s horned head to the temporary security command center . “You are right. The matter should be delt with before it gets further out of hand, but it is not within the jurisdiction of the Inquisitorious. You will report this to the Imperial Security Bureau and to Colonel Yularen. You will send another two inquisitors with whatever assisting agents or agency the Colonel deems appropriate,” and here he allowed a wry, small small, “preferably all dressed for the errand, to bring the inquisitor in. One will remain to follow whatever trail or leads are left, but not to apprehend!”

    He looked up from the puzzled Inquisitor who knew better than to question the directive, Vader had given her. Spying an ISB agent nearby, he beckoned her into the lift lobby, giving the agent a nod to show that he indeed, meant her. He then gestured to the Black Guard to let the dark-haired ISB agent pass and returned his attention to the 7th Sister. He could feel the Inquisitor shift nervously next to him. She had a name, but he could not draw it to mind, at the moment

    Coming to his shoulder, the Inquisitor sniffed and drew herself up to stand taller, her shock of blonde hair tousling atop her red-skinned head and caught on her horns. He could feel her irritation increase and cautioned quietly, “You will work with the ISB and respect Director, Colonel Yularen’s authority and for the moment, you will answer to this agent by rank Lieutenant to Senior Lieutenant and will do as directed by the Director of the bureau. I will not manage on the individual or even district level, these security agencies exist to do so.” He refrained from revealing his suspicions as to her hidden motives and did not tell her that he was not going to be drawn down into the ‘stew.’ “You are a special policing unit tasked with a specific detail. I am this evening suspending that detail.” he said, his index finger piercing the air for emphasis and then he commanded , “You will disseminate my directives to your brothers and sisters. Your mission has changed. You will track and report on Jedi movements, but you are not to engage them. Your observations are to be covert. If you are discovered, you will elude them. I want them alive. No disintegrations! Acknowledge!”

    7th Sister looked to Vader in surprise her mouth working against her better judgement, but she refrained from asking the questions that flooded her mind. So, the changes he had intimated in his Senate address earlier in the day were truly intention-ed? No! Surely he had some plan, he had not yet revealed, a trap, a feint, perhaps! Vader’s dark look and the set of his jaw said she’d better not ask and after several seconds, reluctantly, the Inquisitor blinked and nodded stiffly, while answering in accord, her voice rough and clipped, “Yes, my L... Liege.”

    So, it had begun! It was to be expected! The crows were coming home to roost. Yes, ‘the matter’ would have to be delt with soon. He did not have to see with his eyes the subtle change in 7th Sister’s demeanor to know he had thwarted her in more than suspending the Inquisitors’ mandate. The Zabrak was about to speak again, but held her words, as she too regarded the fair-skinned ISB agent, suppressing a smirk.

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    IC: Agent Rahara Varik
    Lift Lobby

    Rahara gave a quick courteous nod to the young Emperor. He looked so incredibly dashing and authoritative, as much in person as on the HoloNet.

    She nodded at the Inquisitor briskly and said: "Colonel Yularen is tasked with many duties at the moment, and I am in the midst of an urgent errand at the Reception. Please either proceed to the main ISB offices or comm them with your incident and whomever is on staff call will be dispatched to settle the ... disturbance."

    Rahara turned to head to the nearest lift to continue onto the meeting with the Commissar.

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    IC: Emperor Vader, Inquisitor 7th Sister
    LOCATION: Senate VIP Lift Lobby

    “Agent! The ‘urgency’ is standing before you! About face and report!” said the Emperor, his voice even, yet filling the lobby.

    At first, 7th Sister stifled a giggle, but the twitch in her phantom limb reminded her that the consequence for such breaches of general protocol and an affront to Vader’s, let alone any officer’s authority, could mean a simple dressing down, if one was lucky, or a Draconian ‘unpleasantness.’ The Imperial guards swiftly moving to block the ISB Agent’s egress, accented the Zabrak’s memory of just such a correction and she winced.

    However, it had been a while since the inquisitors had a direct engagement with Lord Vader, since the war claimed most of his efforts . She waited to see how the agent would recover from failing to acknowledge a ranking “officer” and now that Vader was Emperor, only Palpatine’s bones outranked him! Still, how was he going to compel the security agent? This should prove interesting and... perhaps, useful.

    TAG: Agent Varik
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    IC: Agent Varik in the Lobby

    Rahara mind was already focused on the upcoming encounter at the reception; if she had read the signals correctly, the Emperor was dismissive of the Inquisitor's concern, wanting to 'pass the cred' as the saying went.
    Or so she assumed, until ...

    “Agent! The ‘urgency’ is standing before you! About face and report!”

    That voice, that tone ... Rahara made her way back to the Emperor and Inquisitor and made a deep obeisance.

    "My deepest apologies, My Liege," Rahara said. "Since you were ... dismisive of the report being brought to you, I assumed it was of low priority. Allow me to draw Colonel Yularen into this conversation." Rahara activated her commlink. "Colonel Yularen, there appears to be an incident that has arisen, brought to my attention by one of the Inquisitors and ..." She paused, "The Emperor, if you can believe it. I ran into them on my way to you."

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    OCC: WNSA, please forgive the slight liberty, I took.

    IC: Emperor Vader, Inquisitor 7th Sister
    LOCATION: Senate VIP Lift Lobby

    Flexing his right hand, Anakin blinked and wetted his lips as the agent spoke into her commlink to Yularen. Holding up the same index finger with which he’d recently made a point, he ventured a slight smile and interrupting her. “’ll pardon me, if I speak for myself,” and with that, he reached his hand toward the agent’s commlink and gently, but swiftly, plucked it from her grasp.

    The Emperor looked beyond her to gesture with his chin that the Imperial guards were to stand down and return to their posts either side of the entrance.

    7th Sister raised her brows and glanced to the ISB agent curiously, studying the woman.

    Meanwhile, Anakin began to speak over the secured channel. “Colonel, your agent has taken some initiative,” he said, leaning into “initiative” for emphasis as he glanced to the comely agent, “in bringing this matter to your notice. I have been alerted by Inquisitor 7th Sister that there is another fire to put out. It seems an Inquisitor is pursuing a suspected Force adept in the Marais District Maglev station market, creating what has been termed a ‘riot.’ I want the ISB to take command of the Inquisitorious. I am suspending their mandate and consequently, Order 66, effective immediately! I have depudied Inquisitor 7th Sister to select two inquisitors to coordinate with ISB to bring the inquisitor in with one to remain to track the Force adept - that is to track only and report.”

    7th Sister’s glance shifted between Emperor and agent as Vader nodded slightly, handing the comlink back to the dark-haired woman. “Thank you...agent...” he offered with somewhat more warmth..

    TAG: Agent Varik, Colonel Yularen, and Queen Sabe Amidalla II
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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Agent Varik
    VIP Lobby

    Rahara's eyes widened as the Emperor took her comlink and spoke to Colonel Yularen.
    When he handed it back to her with thanks, she smiled gratefully and said: "I await your orders, Colonel. It is my privilege to serve, in whatever capacity." She concluded sincerely.

    This new Emperor was looking to be a welcome change from the former one, and not just for the reforms he was wanting to put in place. His family looked to be a loving and wonderfully tight-knit one, and not just for the HoloPress.

    Tag: Colonel Yularen, etc.