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    IC: Colonel Wullf Yularen
    Location: Coruscant - Senate Building - Approaching the Senate Atrium

    Yularen thought it be more tactful to escort the Nabooian Queen via the 'scenic route' once they alighted from the turbo lift. Between the many arches and columns, they could see the array of dancers performing at the central seal, the rest of the guests circled around, either watching on or taking a partner and joining in. He smiled inwardly upon seeing the two central figures leading the charge.

    His comlink chirped. He slowed their pace as he answered the call.


    He heard Agent Varik's voice on the other end.

    "Colonel Yularen, there appears to be an incident that has arisen, brought to my attention by one of the Inquisitors and... The Emperor, if you can believe it. I ran into them on my way to you."

    "I see." Yularen paused. Before he could ask for the details, another voice came over the Agent's comlink.

    “Colonel, your agent has taken some initiative, in bringing this matter to your notice. I have been alerted by Inquisitor Seventh Sister that there is another fire to put out. It seems an Inquisitor is pursuing a suspected Force adept in the Marais District Maglev station market, creating what has been termed a ‘riot.’ I want the ISB to take command of the Inquisitorius. I am suspending their mandate and consequently, Order 66, effective immediately! I have deputed Inquisitor Seventh Sister to select two inquisitors to coordinate with ISB to bring the inquisitor in with one to remain to track the Force adept - that is to track only and report.”

    A reflex twitch of his moustache. There was a lot of meaning with the gesture of the ISB taking command of the Inquisitorius. One would call it passing of the mantle, however, the reality of the situation is that it made sense to have someone overseeing all aspects relating directly and indirectly to the evening's festivities to ensure a clear chain of command and orders to be carried out with minimum confusion. Yet, the weigh was not lost on the Colonel.

    "Of course. For the safety of those concerned, it will be handled deftly, your Majesty."

    At the corner of his eye, he saw Sabé smirk, oblivious to what was said on the com but none the less found something amusing about the interruption.

    The voice on the other end returned to Agent Varik. "I await your orders, Colonel. It is my privilege to serve, in whatever capacity."

    "Since you all are there, you all may as well hear it from me rather than relayed." Yularen paused for a second to collect his thoughts and for Agent Varik, the Seventh Sister and the Emperor to be in position to listen.

    "I'll dispatch a team to the location and have them coordinate with the assets there. Seventh Sister, you best inform your… sibling at Marais Station, to inform them of your new mandate, to await ISB to be on site and report to them. In the meantime…"

    Yularen glanced to the centre of the atrium, working his jaw to say the next part of what will have to be done.

    "In the meantime, unless His Majesty objects, I'll arrange for my administrative staff, along with a guard contingent to lock down the Inquisitorius offices. They will start the transfer and archiving of Inquisitorius files. All Inquisitors, staff and satellite offices will report to the ISB daily. Coruscant time, 0600 until we get this squared away. For now, Seventh Sister, and the other two Inquisitors attending this evening are to remain at their reception posts. Agent Varik, you will be their point commander for the evening. If this meets with his Majesty's approval and he has no further details to relay, I will put the ball into motion straight away."

    TAG: Emperor, Seventh Sister and Agent Rahara Varik
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    IC: Agent Rahara Varik, Senate Building

    Rahara was amazed all over again at the concise, organized way that Colonel Yularen absorbed the new situation and got everything situated and streamlined.
    He said over her commlink: "Agent Varik, you will be their point commander for the evening. If this meets with his Majesty's approval and he has no further details to relay, I will put the ball into motion straight away."

    Rahara waited, poised to hear what the Emperor would say to the Colonel's response, ready to incorporate that into her ever-fluid plan of action.

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    IC: Emperor Vader, Inquisitor 7th Sister
    LOCATION: Senate VIP Lift Lobby

    7th Sister blinked. Struggling against the realization that dawned, she looked down at the carpet and uncurled her toes. “...Suspending Order 66?” “Resending the mandate" of the Inquisitors? Right now! Not next session of the Senate or next year, not next week, but now!

    What was ...what was all the bending, the sacrifice, the pain, the loss, for what had endured, swallowed the poison promise of rising to power as an apprentice? Her hand flexed at her right side, fingers brushing the silk of her gown with her fingertips, but feeling the unnatural solidness of the mechno-prosthetic underneath, sublimated the rage and conflict inside. For the first time since presenting herself voluntarily at the Inquisitorius, 7th was overwhelmed with grief, but her heart stiffened, caged within her chest.

    Wasn’t this that for which she had fervently prayed as she ran from shadow to shadow, until alone and numb with fear, she could resist no longer. She was a Padawan several years from her trials the dark night her world ended. She hid in the dank lower levels of Coruscant, far from light and far from government center, half-way around the planet. There was overwhelming need everywhere she ran. At first she did what she could for those who would harbor her or keep her secret, but she only endangered them. Moving constantly, she heard about a woman with a long yellow braid who helped care for the destitute. Some said she was a witch, and was likely a Jedi.

    Many such stories told of other Jedi hiding on Coruscant, none could be found. That was when 7th Sister still hoped, still believed, when she was called Oskure Volent. That was before Vader, and his “lessons.” Slowly, her eyes rose to find the Emperor’s gaze upon her.

    Anakin sensed 7th Sister’s struggle. Her anger was to be expected and he’d been bracing for what he knew was to come, since he stood before the kneeling stormtroopers on the fiery wastes of Kalee. She, like all the inquisitors, was a lethal assassin and whom he had trained well. She could go rogue, as could they all. They needed a new endeavour and they needed to adapt, or-they must adapt!

    The Emperor took a deep breath, noted that 7th, or rather Oskure, nearly trembled. So he spoke to her gently, his look softening a bit, “This journey has required many sacrifices, Oskure. The wind has changed, the terrain is unknown. I am not a god. I am subject to time as are you, but what I may restore, I shall,” he said resolutely. “What I’ve conveyed to you, you will disclose only to those who are needed to accomplish the tasks of quelling the disturbance at the Marais station and the change of command for the Inquisitorius. Whoever must be informed, is to keep these changes to themselves until I give public notice of them. The news will travel fast, but we’ll do what we can to keep this on slow burn. So! Colonel Yularen, I will further discuss these changes with you tomorrow. I approve of your plans and you are free to proceed."

    Catching Rahara's gaze, Anakin spoke, in aside to her, "Agent Varik, this is Oskure Volent whom you know as 7th Sister. The two of you will stay in communication through the evening and beyond until further notice.”

    Anakin was about to close the conversation, turning to glance out into the Atrium, but turned again to Varik, and spoke once more, stepping close to the comm in the young Agent’s hand. “ more thing, Colonel. Trust has been too long maligned. I find myself remembering a time when we both trusted a mutual comrade. It took time to gum up what otherwise was a fairly dependable co-operation. Looking back, I know how we both were 'played.' Something to think about.”

    It was a bittersweet moment, recalling Kenobi. Anakin bowed his head for a moment and studied the far wall before adding as a coda, “Well, Admiral,” and he smiled at his mistake, “you have a lot on your plate. I’ll let you get to it. Skywalker, out!”

    He looked to the inquisitor and to Agent Varik, “Thank you, Agent...Varik. Oskure!” He nodded to both and swiftly made his way through to the Atrium.

    TAG: Colonel Yularen and ISB Agent Rahara Varik
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    IC: Rahara Varik in the VIP Lift Lobby

    Catching Rahara's gaze, the Emperor spoke, "Agent Varik, this is Oskure Volent whom you know as 7th Sister. The two of you will stay in communication through the evening and beyond until further notice.”

    After a brief parting exchange with Colonel Yularen, he looked to the inquisitor and to Rahara, “Thank you, Agent...Varik. Oskure!”

    He nodded to both and made his way through to the Atrium.

    Rahara resolved to be cooperative with the new setup; whether the former Inquisitors went along or put obstacles in their own path would remain to be seen.

    She gave the Inquisitor a long scrutinizing look and moved to the nearest lift.
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    Jun 21, 2004

    IC: Inquisitor 7th Sister/aka, Padawan Oskure Volent

    LOCATION: Senate VIP Lift Lobby

    Oskure stood, hand splayed over hip, took a deep breath, and lifted her chin to nod at the ISB Agent as Varik headed for a lift. “Where are you going, pray tell? If you’re headed for the reception, you’ve only to follow Lord Vad-His Majesty. Besides, don’t I need your comm code, if we’re to be ‘besties?’” Then she added, "Oh dear! Here comes trouble!" taunting in a sarcastic stage whisper, as she dropped her arm and menaced with a crooked smile.

    TAG: Agent Varik
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    IC: Agent Varik -- VIP Lobby

    Rahara blushed. Her mind had been rushing ahead to her anticipated meeting with the Commissar, so she'd forgotten about the technicalities.

    "Yes," She said in answer to Inquisitor Volent's mention of the comm code, "Let me give you my contact information." She dug into the elegant bag she had over one shoulder and drew out a identchip. As an ISB agent, she had several, some authentic, others false.

    She handed it to the Inquisitor and heard her say: Here comes trouble!"

    Rahara glanced to where she indicated, hoping to get a glimpse of who or what was approaching.

    Looked like their teamwork was about to be put to the test...?
    TAG for 7th Sister/Inquisitor Volent
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    IC: Dr Meril Blanik, B0b - a medi-droid, and Se'Iva - Dominant of the Cha'ala
    Location: above Selonia aboard the Icarus-the medbay

    Ariek’s chiming roused the doctor from her work. Without lifting her eyes from her monitor she called, “B0b!” Dr. Blanik’s medidroid and assistant had answered, his yellow painted lozenge shaped head swiveling round to gain her attention. “It’s Captain Kaylee. Ariek says she’s called for an update on Miss Se’Iva’s condition.”

    Meril gave an audible sigh before reaching to open the transmission in the small, dark office “nook” the doctor had allowed herself. Only a heavy opaque plastic curtain apportioned the corner off from the long medical bay, where patients lay in convalescents. Many of the beds were still occupied with injured from the attack the Icarus had survived only a few days prior.

    Meril combed her short hair back from about her face and shoulders and cleared her throat. Ariek had been all business and an able captain in Kaylee’s absence, the Captain, Rowan, and Kal having left the ship on various errands. Ariek, renowned for her hard brand of humor and sarcasm had been uncommonly tactful and supportive, though certainly not quite the compassionate and nurturing good-heartedness that Captain Kaylee always showed. However, Ariek’s assistance with the dying Cha’ala had been verging on concerned. Ariek and, indeed, the entire crew knew that the Jedi felt responsible for Se’Iva’s dire state. They also knew that his actions had saved them all and perhaps, at the strange winged humanoid’s expense. Yet, Rowan owed his life to Se’Iva. It seemed the whole crew kept vigil, having gained a respect for the Cha’ala not only for her commitment on their behalf, but on Halcyon’s behalf, as well. Thus, Meril hated having no good news to give Kaylee.

    “Blanik, here!”

    Ariek related Kaylee’s question and Meril appreciated that she did not directly link them. It gave the doctor time to craft a reply that would have somewhat of a less demoralizing effect. It was true that Se’Iva’s complexion had somewhat enlivened with exposure to sunlight and B0b had recorded a slight uptick in brain activity, all of which Meril told Ariek, saying, finally, “...given these indicators, I cannot say she has had a significant improvement. I don’t know that enough time has passed for her to metabolize the nectar we gathered. Still, I know Halcyon would probably want to see Se before she experiences any further downturn. I can try some gene therapy, but I would need to see a better chart on her basic functions. That’s what I’ve got, Ariek!” said Meril shaking her head. “If you can soften that any, then more power to you.”

    A lost ocean of stars, lost within another and deeper, treacherous one and turning slowly...unaware in the silken chrysalis that was her cradle, drifting, the tether trailing...

    Memories or /Sleep-windings?/ These bits and pieces came apart and then together again, yet mismatched like shattered glass. She, for she believed she was “she”, yet some of the memories suggested she was “he,” struggled, listlessly, wings aching. The cradle was a bark that bound her, a prison, she could not steer. The chrysalis would not yield... /Let me go!/ she insisted. She was too weak to command it...or maybe she did not utter it, but thought it. There had been a storm, a violent storm and she pulled him from the water. /Rowan...?/ She could feel the "echo" of her voice. /Rowan!/

    TAG: Ariek and Rowan
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    IC: Emperor Vader and Lord Sidious "remembered"
    LOCATION: Senate Grand Hall and antechamber to the Atrium's dais

    Anakin pulled at the tall standing collar of his dark blue frock coat and ran a finger between his neck and the simple white cravat of his Ursean Security Forces (USF) uniform. He only wore the habit in Ursa system where he had been ‘Re’ for the past 8 years. It felt out of place here on Coruscant, but “clothes do mark the person,” as was popularly wisdom-ed and sure enough, some officers and guards failed to salute until after he had nearly passed them, so little did they recognize Lord Vader out of his habitual black.

    After Anakin-Vader... “I am me-a person, whatever the name,” he spoke to himself. Yes, after he’d created his new Sith's lightsaber from the shard of Dathka Graush’s purple crystal, Sidious had presented him with what Anakin could only term “a creepy set of dance togs” all in pitch velvet and synth-leather.

    As he walked and remembered, he began to chuckle quietly to himself. He had politely and respectfully declined “to be found dead in that get-up,” eliciting a genuine laugh from the ‘Master,’ who often called him, “my son.” So it was, Anakin continued arraying himself in his black Jedi robes and never once questioned the absence of change. Undeniably, other than a gaudy gesture of fashion, there was a “great deal more“ that Sidious intended never to share with his apprentice-a word that was simply a stand in for something of a far different meaning. “Sire!” said Anakin darkly.

    The noise of the assembled, the martial beat of many feet striking the stone floor of the Senate atrium rang in the Grand Hall lifting him from his thoughts. Memories had only encouraged the darkness and he must avoid wrestling much further with those shadows this evening.

    The orchestra was building and to his ear, it sounded as if the crowd was engaged. He smiled at that. "Celeste!" She had a way...

    In the relative quiet of the antechamber, the subdued lighting yielded a final bit of privacy to a mind that craved private life, but would soon enter upon a stage where public scrutiny would be the norm. Poised upon the threshold, Lord Vader, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, now Re of Ursa and Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Free Systems knew, this step, once taken, would effectively shackle him to paradox and over his head would hang the saber of his past. This was not a sudden realization. This power of ‘Imperator’ was nothing to that which he was offered at the volcano of Kalee. It was not for power, nor eternity, nor desire or wealth that he would reign.

    He peered from the dark, eyes glittering with the impossible burden with which he’d encumbered his family. Savoring this last moment of solitude, the young Emperor advanced resolutely into the light, a prisoner of Coruscant.

    TAG: to be continued...
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    OCC: A joint post with Omi. My apologies for the delay Omi and thank you for your contribution and patience.

    IC: Captain Galen, General Torian Darkeyes of the ARR ship, Storm’s Eye, Senior Lt. Eichardt of Hidden Dagger, and Mr. Ailes and Captain Malcovich of the HIM Nebulon B Frigate, Zandra

    The Comm. officer gave a nod to Captain Galen that the line was open to the damaged Imperial Ship.

    “Can the other Imperials pick up the chatter?”

    “Yes Ma’am!” He stated excitedly.

    She looked up as though a boom mike was above her head. “Lance Corporal Owens? This is Captain Galen of the Storm's Eye. We are the Alliance to Rest…, this is the Rebels. We noticed you have taken quite a beating and that communications are sketchy.”

    She was using non-naval speak to get his attention.

    “We are here to help you, however we have hit a roadblock with one of your other Captains.”

    A few of the remains were missing their hands. They must have put them up to shield in a natural reflex, but the mucosal acidic spray melted them away. Senior Lieutenant Eichardt screwed her face up in disgust at the meaty sight and smell of the half-eaten, half-melted bodies, made all the more horrible a scene by the looping message from the “Genesis” -whoever that was! The transmission was still live from a half melted trooper helmet and Eichardt stated she believed that this was likely Lance Corporal Owens.

    “Lieutenant, Mam, should we answer?” asked the trooper, still looking about in the vast storage unit, his head lamp, a smokey shaft of silvery dust motes in a gathered pitch.

    Reaching down for the helmet, the trooper was surprised along with the others when the transmission came in more clearly, and in fact, from several other open channels among the search party. The message and voice had changed, as well!

    A metallic chorus reverberated clearly in the empty storage unit, “Lance Corporal Owens? This is Captain Galen of the Storm's Eye. We are the Alliance to Rest…, this is the Rebels. We noticed you have taken quite a beating and that communications are sketchy.”

    Eichardt breathed out sharply. What in the Emperor’s slippers to do! She stood motionless and looked from one to the other of her team before speaking up. “Captain Galen...of Storm's Eye, this is Senior Lieutenant Eichardt. How is it you are trying to make contact with Imperial Stormtrooper, Lance Corporal Owens?”

    Several in the group nodded approvingly. Had the aliens learned basic? What were they doing here! Were the aliens part of this rebel cell - the “Alliance to Restore...?”

    Suddenly, a low, deep thromb pulsed indicating that some other system had been coaxed back on. The team looked to one another in relief. Though their faces, lit by the glare of the troopers helmet lamps were cast with deep scowling shadows.

    “Captain Galen of Storm's Eye, this is Senior Lieutenant Eichardt of the HIMSD, Hidden Dagger do you read me?” Eichardt repeated.

    Back aboard the Alliance ship Storm's Eye the transmission from the Imperials on Hidden Dagger crackled loudly over the bridge. “Captain Galen...of Storm's Eye, this is Senior ...tenant Eichardt. How is it you... trying to make contact... Imper Stormtroop,..ance Corporal Owens?...Cap... Galen... Storm's Eye, this is Sen...rdt of the HIMSD, Hidden ... ... read me?”

    Galen sighed deeply. The situation was growing more dire at each passing moment. There was no more time for games and what she was about to say would make the General in the room pay attention. “I READ YOU LOUD AND CLEAR. DAMMIT LIEUTENANT! I DON’T HAVE TIME TO PLAY GAMES WITH YOU. YOU’RE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO TRUST ME.”

    She lowered her voice slightly but was still booming. “Right now your fleet is getting ass-rammed by God-knows-what and your concerned with how I got on your frequency?”

    Now she was being completely honest with the Imperial. Lowering her voice now to sound more calm she stated, “We came here to take your cargo ship but didn’t expect any other guests at this party. Your options at this point are very few. One, you can ignore me and continue to lose the battle and more likely your lives, or two you can accept our help and survive to fight another day. It’s your choice.”

    She stepped back and stood next to Torian. Nodding to the comm. Officer, the microphone was muted. She could hear the Imperial breathing through the speakers. She rubbed her temples. “Geez, these pukes are paranoid.”

    Torian chuckled.

    The frigate Zandra rocked slightly and the bridge lit up as another plasma ball “splashed” the shields.

    “Sensor?” called Ailes.

    “Shields at 70, and holding, sir.”

    Wilform had managed to get a message over to the Zandra, but the transmission from the Dagger was tenuous at best. He wanted to know who Captain Galen and Storm's Eye were. Now, having just heard Eichart responding to the Rebel Captain, Malcovich ran his fingers through his thin cropped “lawn” of greying black hair. “Comms, put us through to Storm's Eye so we can end this cluster dump! Keep the channel open to

    Eichardt. Mr. Ailes, would you be so good?” said Malcovich gesturing him to make contact.

    “Aye sir...I...yes, sir-Storm's Eye, this is HM Frigate, Zandra. Captain Malcovich wishes to spea-” Yet, Ailes was cut off by a further static-filled transmission from Hidden Dagger. Zandra’s bridge crew was stunned. Shrieks of alarm and pain and the unmistakable echo of blaster fire broke through the metallic scratch of the transmission.

    Then followed silence and a strange hum.

    Ailes whispered a curse before hailing Lieutenant Eichardt, “Senior Lieutenant Eichardt, what is your you copy?”

    A faint gurgled groan could be heard in return, but then again followed silence.

    Malcovich stared ahead still straining to hear a reply from Eichardt as did everyone on the bridge. No report came. The Captain lowered his eyes for a brief moment and then opened transmission to the Storm’s Eye at his station.

    “Captain Galen, this is Captain Malcovich. Senior Lieutenant Eichardt is not in any position to further this conversation, I’m afraid. Let’s get down to duunium, here. I’m sure your sensors have indicated the Hidden Dagger’s core is breached. The status of the majority of the ship is unknown, but I’ve been told by my away team that there were several massive, internal explosions before the destroyer decanted from hyperspace. The bridge has been able to gain intermittent control of communications and other systems, but they are cut off from the rest of the ship. They cannot navigate at the moment, though gunnery has some of it’s system running, targeting is also hampered. We don’t have the wherewithal to evacuate Hidden Dagger’s crew safely or in any great number. What can you do and how do we facilitate, if you are willing?”

    The modified Acclamator, Rilbek, the Imperial convoy expected to meet at this weigh station was already to have arrived. No point in throwing grease on the fire, thought the Captain, and thereby heightening the rebels anxiety. Time was against them.

    TAG: Ominous
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    OCC: A joint post between me and @pashatemur , thank you, it was a pleasure!

    IC: Jori, Duchess Atreides Corrino and USF Captain Viggo Magnusson, Count Leijonhufvud och Magnusson af Gripsholm

    LOCATION: Coruscant, Senate Atrium, reception

    Jori pretended to observe the Empress’ dance. Usually she would pay more attention to it as knowing different cultures gave certain advantages. Everything that can be used against them or to further the Union’s interest can be and must be exploited. But now she was distracted. A random thought had passed through her mind. ’What if you are wrong?’ It nagged her. Ever since she had ordered those people arrested a certain sense that she had messed up did not leave her. Jori was usually sure of herself, sometimes too much for her own good. She had been blinded by her own anger and hatred for the Bene Gesserits that she made this idiotic mistake. But what’s done is done, she had to find a way to make it work. Jori switched her attention back to her dancing partner.

    “The dance is beautiful...”

    Viggo nodded to let her know that he had heard her words, but the ‘voices’ of the orchestra had increased considerably. Now the volume of the music and it’s deliberate pulse compelled one to move in accord and to involve oneself, wind one’s way into the welling sea of dancers. He smiled at the Empress’ clever premiss.

    “Yes,” returned Viggo, calling back to the petite Duchess, “So it is. It becomes you,” he said, noting how quickly and aptly she had taken to the dance. He smiled as they turned in tandem and tapped their feet together with the growing throng, clapping in rhythm and stepping to the left and then to the right.

    One of Jori’s strengths was adaptability. She observed the other dancers and the Empress, she noted the repeated actions and tried to emulate it. Maybe given time she would have mastered the dance but she hoped that it was adequate enough for the occasion. Her adaptability came as a chagrin from a lot of other members of the Great Houses, who liked the status quo. “You are very kind, but my sister is the real dancer, I am more of a musician,” she smiled.

    “Ah,” he called back over the music and resounding rhythm of many dancing feet, “I look forward to a concert then?” He didn’t mean to press her, so he winked at her to let her know he was teasing. “I am a “sometime” musician, myself. Perhaps we may perform together,” he managed to say before the dance required they both turn in place.

    Jori smiled back, she was not sure about the idea, but did not want to sound contrarian. “That would be delightful, though I must say that I am not on the same level as a professional musician. It is just a hobby and a way to sort of… meditate.”

    He shook his head dismissively. “I won’t begin to describe my musicianship! Let’s just say, I have ...enthusiasm to get me through!” Viggo laughed and looked up to see how rank upon rank of dancers’ arms and hands rose into the air and down in a slow arc to the right, hands curling round at the wrists like fans, the dancers’ bodies elegantly poised and turning together.

    The Empress was somewhere in the mix, but she was now rows away and out of Viggo’s line of sight. He recognized a few heads of state from various other planetary systems, many senators, Ursean officers and dignitaries, and quite a few Imperial officers amongst the throng. He watched amused to see the Enfanta dancing with her adopted ‘brother,’ as well.

    The floor was becoming crowded even as many from the terraces stood in line to descend and join, many having simply started to dance on their own balconies. The Ursean Captain could not help his amazement and silently exclaimed, “Oj!”

    Jori studied the man for a moment. Was he looking for someone? She was trying to decide whether or not to be offended or not, but given that she was looking around too decided to let it drop. She could barely see Dennii, the last she saw of her she seemed engaged in an internal debate. The Lord Admiral seemed confused as he too sensed her sister’s distress. That was a matter for later. For now Jori hoped that she could keep it together and not make any further scenes.

    “Ah, I see a familiar face.” she said “It seems Admiral Veroti had joined the party as well.”

    Captain Magnusson looked down to the petite Duchess and then off in the direction to which she was peering. “Yes, wasn’t his flagship Resolute your conveyance here from Derra?” He looked again to Admiral Veroti. He was a good officer and a decent fellow, so Viggo had heard. The man danced with his wife, so Viggo presumed, though it did seem Veroti looked back to follow the Duchess for a moment before tripping slightly and smiling to his partner apologetically. Viggo caught himself smirking.

    Jori stopped herself from grimacing at the thought of Derra. It was all a big misunderstanding, one that could have cost her life and that of billions of Union citizens. It was a reminder that she was still threading on the edge of the blade. Given how tense things felt here, she needed to be careful. So she nodded. “Yes, he was a gracious host… given the circumstances.”

    The two of them gestured, their left hands reaching forward and curling inward in invitation, as did all the other dancers. As each pair circled, so did Viggo and Jori. Above the throng, the monitors showed the Empress, the Commissar, and many other dancers. The seguidilla was cast over the holos and repeated in cantinas to ball rooms across the Empire.

    Yes, she was quite beautiful, the Duchess, complicated, certainly compromised and compromising. As she moved so gracefully beside him, Viggo wondered if such grace could be part of a body that could also be cruel. Perhaps, he’d misunderstood the family interaction he’d accidentally stumbled upon earlier. The delicate features, her heart-shaped face, the large eyes, and dimpled smile. He wasn’t exactly immune to such a charming assemblage. Was his gaze lingering too long-like a school boy, he scolded himself. It was impolite to objectify the lady, as if he’d spent too long in a desert and thirsted for the sight! He looked up to hide his thoughts, realizing too, that the Duchess was going to stand before a Senate committee and news of recent unrest in the Union certainly figured in her thoughts, and thus, she was likely under some strain.

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    ~OOC~ Wonderful posting everyone. Special thanks to @pashatemur for this joint post.

    ~IC~ Riyo Chuchi, Bail Organa, Leia Organa, Rouge Organa, Regina Weiss-Hexa
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Riyo observed the figures dancing, subconsciously her foot tapping along to the music. The display between the Empress and the Togruta, which Riyo assumed to be Ahsoka, was beautiful, the way they compliment each other before the rest of the ladies joined in.

    As the music built, some of the guests took courage and left the sidelines to join in. Noting those who stepped in or gathered around the perimeter to watch, Riyo discovered, the Senator from Onderon appeared in the company of an elegant pair of Togrutas, a male and female, and a blond-haired female human. Of course, they were figures of importance given their attire, however the Pantoran was not familiar with the human, though she suspected who the female Torguta might be. Yet, now that she thought of it, the matter became more confusing. The Togrutan female with Bonteri bore an uncanny resemblance to the Togrutan Commissar dancing with the Empress; it was hard to tell who was who except for their gowns. Now, the elegant female Togruta and the blond-haired human female went together into the dance and their progress quickly became an awkward display. They were both waylaid and then someone else lead the Togruta onto the dance floor. And what was Bonteri doing? Riyo had a vague and uncomfortable feeling that she’d witnessed an unpleasant and private moment at a very public event.

    Beside her, a wriggling motion interrupted her observations of the curious interactions between the Togrutas, the unknown persona (the Bakuran Queen), and Senator Bonteri. Leia, large brown eyes luminous with excitement, squirmed as Bail lifted her off his shoulder.

    “A very unacceptable seat for a princess,” commented Bail’s sister, Rouge. To which, Bail merely raised an eye-brow. “You’re spoiling that child and she won’t be good for anything but hellions and rebellion!” continued Leia’s Aunt.

    Bail, briefly fixed Rouge with a curious gaze and then laughed, it seemed to Riyo, hesitantly.

    The other two sisters had let themselves be asked to dance and Leia clasped Bail’s arm and pleaded that they too must dance. Chuchi smiled as Bail, reticent to join in, explained that it would be impolite were he not to finish an important conversation with his old friend, Ms. Weiss-Hexa. Something seemed so familiar about the lady to Riyo as Ms Weiss-Hexa smiled softly to the princess, and said quietly, “Oh Senator, go ahead and dance...” the blond Weiss-Hexa’s voice too, seemed to ring a bell.

    Disappointed, Leia objected by screwing up her face petulantly, rocking as she found her footing on the upholstered seat, as the Senator and Prince, set her down. However, only momentarily deterred, Leia peered around her smiling father and looked up at Senator Chuchi, fixing her with one of her most beguiling looks, long lashes fluttering. "Maybe Senator Chuchi would like to dance? It would be most pleasing to dance with you Madame Senator!” said Leia as graciously as she could manage. Her soulful gaze and smile offered to Riyo, were only interrupted by a frustrated sigh and a quick glance over her shoulder, as if Leia was worried they’d miss the dance all together!

    Bail looked down to his daughter and patted Leia’s rosey-complected hand, which was so tiny in his large, warm-toned one. Then he too, offered a soulful gaze to Riyo, with those deep dark eyes, his dimps, belying Bail’s mercurial mood of earlier. “Riyo, I’d consider it a great favour if you could dance with Leia!”

    Riyo smiled at the suggestion. She knew Bail and at the moment, he was divided between being a devoted father and also a representative of the senate. "That would be a good idea and lovely, too." Riyo answered, holding out a hand to Leia while giving Bail a small wink. "We won't be long."

    She handed Leia from the seat and guided her to the dance. Catching Bonteri's eye and noting someone observing her as she lead the way, or rather was lead by Leia into the dancing throng. Weaving between dancers, Riyo begged pardon and offered an “excuse us,” as she kept the petite young lady-a human with fair skin, dark hair, and an intense gaze, in her sight. A smile was on the lady's lips as their gazes met and then she disappeared behind a couple. Riyo wondered what that was about and filed that to the back of her mind for later.

    Just now, however, Riyo had to keep her feet under her. “Whoa! Leia, where’s the fire?”

    “I’m just finding a good spot,” replied the Princess of Alderaan, biting her tongue and leaning determinedly in the direction of travel.

    Riyo allowed herself to be led as they continued along the perimeter, doing the best they could to avoid collisions, treading the fine line of being in the way of the dancers and spectators. Suddenly, they must have reached that “perfect spot,” as Leia began to dance, falling in without one little falter!

    What made this spot so special, the Pantoran suspected, was the nearness of another little princess, about the same age as Leia! Riyo’s lips twitched in amusement as she watched the two “titled” girls acknowledge one another with obvious excitement, dimples and all.

    The Enfanta’s partner too, a young cadet, offered his own polite, but decidedly lopsided grin. Finding himself momentarily minus his dance mate, he gave the Senator a quick little awkward bow and continued alongside her. Riyo returned the gesture and they paired up, allowing her to keep a close eye on the girls as well as her new partner. The young man, despite his obvious embarrassment, laughed at his mostly two-left-footed dancing. It was clear he was having a fun time and not too serious. In turn, Riyo laughed along with him, having fun as they were caught up in the moment. Her earlier misgivings momentarily forgotten.

    TAG: Dancers of the Reception
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    IC: Inquisitor 7th Sister/aka former Jedi Padawan Oskure Volent

    LOCATION: Senate VIP Lift Lobby

    Without Inquisitor Nelf looking over their shoulders, the past few hours, those Inquisitors who thought themselves worthy of taking the lead menaced one another and had thereby made it easy for the littlest “fledgling” to make enough trouble to bring the heat on them all. Now, the heat, in the form of the ISB, was given rule over the Inquisitorius! Oskure fumed. It had been a perfect silent chaos in which to begin chipping away at Vader’s control. Now she had to bear Agent Varik for a nurse-maid while she executed His Majesty’s directives!

    A smarmy little smile on her lips, 7th Sister gingerly took the ident chip from Agent Varik. "Thank you, Mizzzzz Varik. I'll be in touch! OH! Don't search too hard for "Trouble.
    Now, she knows just how to find you!”
    Hefting the chip into the air and letting it fall into her open silk-covered clutch, the inquisitor winked at Varik and then, in a half-turn, 7th Sister looked over her shoulder and said sweetly, “But, you are welcome to come along!” With that, she began to sauntered out of the lobby to cross the great hall into the Atrium, stealing a glance or two over her shoulder to see if Varik followed. Under her breath, Oskure sang a little ditty which ran counter to the strains of the orchestra, “ can’t catch me, ‘cause I’m the Gingerbread Man!”

    TAG: Agent Varik
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    IC: Agent Varik, Entering Atrium Area

    Rahara gave Inquisitor Volent a measuring look and followed discreetly into the atrium, keeping the entire area in view. She kept the Inquisitor in her sights as well as looking out for Colonel Yularen so as to respond to any directives he might issue.

    Tag for pashatemur \ Corellian_Outrider
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    OOC: Finally!! Sorry everyone
    IC: Captain Galen, General Torian Darkeyes of the ARR ship, Storm’s Eye

    ...They cannot navigate at the moment, though gunnery has some of it’s system running, targeting is also hampered. We don’t have the wherewithal to evacuate Hidden Dagger’s crew safely or in any great number. What can you do and how do we facilitate, if you are willing?”

    The transmission came in clearly for once. Galen stepped back from the overhead microphone and motioned the comm. officer to mute the transmission from the Imperials. She looked over at General Torian for any ideas.

    He scratched the stubble on his chin and looked up for answers. “As much as I hate the Imperials, we can help in the rescue attempt.” He looked back at Captain Galen. “Tell them we’ll send over a shuttle. We will be armed but our intent is not to engage the Imperials but whatever is attacking them. He must tell his troops to stand down when we arrive. I don’t want a clusterf...”

    In all the back and forth communication with the Imperials and the threat of attack from them as well, they didn’t see it coming. “Captain!! Prepare for impa…”

    BOOM! The Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser was hit on its port side docking bay. The impact was enough to knock Torian and others off their feet. He looked at Galen and nodded. Without a word said, she knew exactly what he was thinking.

    “Get me comms now!” She barked. “Contact our escort ships and get a visual ident on what hit us.”

    Torian stood up on his feet and ran from the command center of the Dreadnaught to muster his men.

    “Captain Malcovich? This is Captain Galen. We were just attacked by your friends. Give me time and we will send over a rescue team.” She signaled to cut the transmission. She went to work on restoring order to the chaos.

    Torian ran for the armory aboard the ship where his men were already loading up. He looked around at his men, “Grab the big guns boys. I have a bad feeling about this one.”

    Armed and loaded they proceeded to the port side docking bay. The ship was enormous and time was ticking. Fighting through other crew members, they reached the docking bay doors. Crew members were being carried out from wounds received from the impact. “Sergeant? Get everyone clear of the docking bay.”

    “General sir! You don’t want to go in there.” There was panic in his voice. “Something attacked us after the impact.”

    “What attacked you?” He pulled an Imperial repeater gun from his back and loaded it. With its rapid rate of fire he could cut down whatever was attacking the ship and her crew. “I don’t know sir but their big and fast.”

    They entered the docking bay. Acrid smoke filled the port making visibility poor. “Torian called out in a low voice. “Eyes up, be prepared for anything.” Immediately they were attacked by a bug. One of Torian’s men were instantly killed.

    “Weapons hot!” He shouted. More insect looking creatures hurdled towards them but this time, his men were ready and gunned them all down. From the smoke a organic-like staff picked up one of Torian’s other men like a rag doll. Torian unloaded his repeated gun into the smoke and heard a thud.

    Torian motioned to one of his techs to clear the smoke. Everyone else went back to back to cover the other’s six.

    Slowly the smoke was cleared by vents in the docking bay and the outline of a body appeared on the bay floor. It was grayish in color and extremely ugly. It was still moving.

    “What the hell are you?” Torian asked. It coughed and gurgled. A guttural sound came from its mouth. Torian point-blank fired a blaster into its chest, killing it. Another guttural sound was heard in the distance. “Mistake.” It was muttered but could be understood. Torian found the source of the voice and saw a tall, large humanoid creature meters from him and his men. “Fight!”

    Torian pulled his blaster pistol from its holster and fired in the direction of the antagonist. The blast seemed to ricochet off the chest. Another guttural sound came from the creature. This time Torian pulled a long, sharp knife from its sheath attached to his belt. The creature nodded in approving gesture. Torian looked back at his men, “Clear the rest of the hangar. This one is mine!”

    He charged headlong into the creature only to be smacked in the back with a staff as the creature side-stepped his charge. Dazed from the blow, Torian looked up at the creature. The staff in its hand went from rigid to a whip-like weapon. With the snap of the arm, the whip spewed out a liquid at Torian’s face. Quickly, Torian rolled forward towards the creature, taking out its legs with his body roll. The creature lost its grip on the whip-like weapon. It landed mere feet away from Torian’s body. It coiled up like a snake ready to strike, but before it could the General took a swipe at it with his blade but to no effect. With a few more strikes, Torian managed to take the head off. He looked at his blade and was stunned at how badly damaged it was. The creature got back to his feet and saw what was left of its weapon. Another guttural sound came from its mouth. It grabbed Torian by the neck and picked him up with one arm like a ragdoll. It threw him against the wall and charged forward. Without any time to recover, the General found himself being choked out by the creature. Straining to reach his blaster, he raised it up under the chin of the assailant and fired. Its head split open spewing brain tissue and bone all over Torian.

    Torian fell to his knees to gain his senses back. “Sir?” One of his soldiers ask with excitement in his voice. “I’m all right.” Torian answered. “Let me catch my breath.” He stood finally but stumbling somewhat. He looked at the soldier, “Do you have a blade on you?”

    The man unsheathed his blade and handed it to the General. Torian walked over to the other creature that still had a head but not for long. Taking the blade, he decapitated the creature. He wiped the blade clean on his pant leg and handed the head to the astonished soldier. “Bag this up. It’s evidence that we have a new threat in the galaxy.” The young man turned to throw up but somehow held it in for fear of looking weak in front of the Supreme Commander.

    He looked around the docking bay, “Geez what a mess!” There were half-melted bodies of Alliance personnel on the floor. “Are we clear?”

    The other men in his group gathered around. “All clear sir.”

    He opened a channel on his commlink. “Captain Galen, the docking bay is clear of threats. I suggest you keep the fighters scrambled and kill anything that comes near the fleet. Whatever hit us is nasty as hell.”

    A click came through, “Already on it General. Shall I have a shuttle prepped for you to meet the Imperials?”

    “Aye, Captain. Ask them where they want us.”

    TAG: Senior Lt. Eichardt of Hidden Dagger, and Mr. Ailes and Captain Malcovich of the HIM Nebulon B Frigate, Zandra
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @pashatemur for this joint post

    ~IC~ Senator Riyo Chuchi, Princess Leia Organa, Cadet Han Solo, Imperial Princess and Enfanta of Ursa Sophia Anastasia Isabeau-Skywalker, His Imperial Majesty, Re Mavrat Ursa, Lord Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker
    LOCATION: Imperial Center Coruscant, Senate Atrium

    Han tried a high back kick and nearly caught a person behind him.

    “Pardon, Ma’am!” he apologized with embarrassment and was relieved when the lady just laughed and, then, so did Han. Turning to Riyo, he shrugged his shoulders.

    “That was…” Riyo suppressed a laugh. “...a nice recovery!”

    “Yeah!” he said, biting his tongue to one side. “I got a few other talents. Think I’m ready for the stage?”

    “A couple more rounds and maybe you’ll be up for a solo performance.” Riyo chuckled. She glanced quickly to Leia and the other Princess and inwardly smiled as the two were seemingly kindred spirits as they gossiped and danced together. Riyo spun around with her footwork and faced her dance partner.

    “Hey! I’ve already got my handle!” reasoned Han.

    Leia turned around to smirk, “Solo the Clown!”

    Han laughed and replied teasingly," Laugh it up, 'Your Missy-ness!' I’m doing pretty good for ditchn' dance class."

    Leia stood as tall as she could and seemed not to know whether to laugh or find a spectacular retort.

    Riyo was about to inform Leia that calling someone a clown isn’t nice. Though the cadet seemed to laugh it off with a remark of his own, leading Riyo to comment, “And you are doing just fine, too.”

    “See!” said Han, lifting his chin and calling over the music. “Thanks, Miss.....?”

    He bowed stiffly to Riyo and then hammed it up with a curtsy to Leia and Sophia, who both broke into outright laughter.

    “Chuchi. Riyo Chuchi." said Riyo, shaking her head, chuckling. Then, with a smile she asked of the Cadet, “And you, kind sir?”

    “Solo. Han Solo, of course! Well, Cadet Solo, but I'm already a pilot. The Re and Ledaren want it to be official, so I'm sort'a going for the certificate. And you? What's your line, eh...profession, Ma’am?"

    “That is a noble profession. Definitely a skillset to have in your arsenal.” Riyo responded in kind. Making note of the title dropping of Re and Ledaren as his sponsors, there is a connection with the Royal Family. “Me? Nothing as glamorous.” She inclined her head. “I am a senator, I represent Pantora and it’s interests in the Galactic Senate. It is a pleasure to meet you, Cadet Han Solo.”

    “Pleased, too, Senator, Ma’am!” He said taking her hand to shake.

    The girls giggled and Sophia leaned to Leia and noted that Han had saved his manners for the grown ups.

    “Then the pun was unintentional about you being ready for your solo.” A twinkle lit Riyo’s eyes at Han’s etiquette and she shook his hand.

    After a turn, Leia looked up at the cadet, flashing a sly smile to Sophia and then asked “Aren’t you going to greet me?”

    Han sized up the petite girl and gave her a lopsided grin. “I already know your name!”

    Leia, hands on hips demanded, “Oh really? What is it?”

    “It’s Princess Shorty Pants!”

    Sophia covered her mouth with her hands.

    Riyo subtly shook her head, her braids shifted, the ornate beading sparkled under the lighting. She held back saying “children.” Though her amber eyes regarded the Imperial Princess, she inclined her head and curtsied to her.

    Sophia curtsied with poise and said, “So good to meet you Madame Senator,” which Han mimicked silently with crossed eyes.

    Both girls were ready to give chase when Sophia suddenly stopped and ran to the back of the line with glee, leaping up an impressive height, in Riyo's estimation, and calling out “Papa!”

    “Princess Shorty Pants!” a deep baritone voice answered, the face to which it belonged hidden behind the uplifted Enfanta, who laughed with glee, her feet beating the air excitedly.

    His teasing all gone Cadet Solo bowed and said, “Your Majesty."

    Riyo froze, eyes on the Emperor before seeking Leia.

    “Han! Anything to report?” asked the Emperor with mild theatricality.

    “Nothing you haven’t already, Sir...Your Majesty!

    Anakin harrumphed and smiling nugged the young man. He turned his attention to the Enfanta and hugged her as she exclaimed excitedly, “I met another Princess and a Lady Senator. This is her Highness Princess of Alderaan, Leia Org...Organa and Senator Chuchu!"

    The flicker of amusement dancing on his lips, Anakin shifted Sophia to his shoulder and looked around curiously. He met Riyo's gaze and then first addressed the doe-eyed Leia by putting Sophia down gently and kneeling. Now at Leia’s level, Anakin took and bowed over the Princess of Alderaan’s tiny hand.

    “We are honored you have joined us in celebration, Your Highness.”

    Riyo held her breath. Confusion, anxiety. Butterflies. She had been dreading this moment all evening and now she was caught in the spotlight and inadvertently brought Leia into it along with her. She had no idea how the Emperor would regard herself but that mattered not, She had a duty to Leia and she positioned herself protectively behind, her hands gently on the princess’ shoulders.

    Leia, never one for lost words, seemed uncharacteristically stilled for a moment. She looked at her hand in Anakin's and then to the young Emperor, eyes transfixed. “You are. ....Your Majesty. We've met before...a long, long time ago."

    Slowly, his smile warmed. "Yes, we have. I'm glad you remember."

    Uncharacteristically shy, Leia tucked her chin. "Where is the beautiful lady from the garden?"

    His brow knitted and he shook his head slowly. "I am not sure I know that beautiful lady. I do, however, know this one," he said, nodding to Riyo. Leia blinked, but continued to study Anakin's face intently.

    A small smile finally materialised on Riyo’s lips.

    Anakin acknowledged Riyo with a glance, but then, he too seemed for a moment transfixed by Leia before looking up and grinning, extending his hand to Riyo, as he stood.

    “Senator Chuchu-Riyo!” He said, using the name Sophia had misheard. “It’s been a very long while since last we met.”

    She didn’t trust herself to speak just yet. It was like a dream and part of her mind wondered if she was expecting to wake up. Taking a deep breath, Riyo pursed her lips and took his hand, with a small bow.

    He stopped her in mid-bow, saying,“Let’s drop the formality! Everyone’s been ingratiating themselves to me so much I’m getting a stitch in my neck.” He shook Riyo’s hand on each syllable as he filled in her silence, “I’m fine. How about you, Anakin?” The last he nearly had to yell as the music was reaching its zenith. “I’m fine too!”

    “Riyo is... healthy. How are you..” she carefully spoke as her head tilted, it took a moment to take in the drop of etiquette. Her eyes gauging whether she really could use his name. “...Anakin?” She was starting to feel a bit more at ease. “Hmmm... Senator Chuchu sounds like an important jelly, if the gelatinous creatures do risk being eaten if they show up to a senate hearing.” She lightheartedly added and allowing herself to smile.

    He too tilted his head, saying, “Huh?” he queried in return, matching her tentative and worried expression. “Eaten?”

    “Oh, as in jelly, the food…” Colour rose to her cheeks. “The creatures look edible, depending on type...” Her voice trailed off. She wondered if the meaning behind was misinterpreted. She had meant to be more lighthearted than to infer the disappearance of those who had disagreed with Palpatine’s Order. A fate she feared for herself. She bit her bottom lip and shook her head. “Oh never mind, Mas-uh-Skywalker.” She fumbled over his name, remembering his earlier instruction. “Anakin.”

    He laughed and commented oddly, “Confused me, too!” They were standing still while the ‘sea’ of dancers around them moved to the increasing intensity of the music.

    “Just old habit kicking in to address you as Master or General Skywalker rather than Anakin.” Riyo flashed a smile.

    He brightened. "I understand. Master, General, Commander, Lord-etc, etc, etc. Anakin will do for you,” he said and waved away the pretenses. “Speak and you shall be heard! Also, I promise not to eat you. But, If you can spare the time, important jelly fish that you be, I'd like to catch up. It's a little too raucous for a conversation now." He gave her a wink and then began to move forward, motioning, they should all move, too and use stealth. With an arm around Han and Sophia, he nodded in the direction of the Empress and the Commissar, then looked back to Riyo and Leia, ducking to avoid being too obvious or caught by the holo globes floating above the crowd and projected on the monitors above head.

    Riyo turned suddenly and started leading Leia back through the throng, the way they’d come, her eyes observing, letting the distance between them and the Imperial Royal family grow. Leia bowed her head for a moment and glanced back to where the Imperial Princess, Han, and the Princess’ father danced. For a moment, Riyo could see that the Princess looked wistfully to Leia before other dancers intervened upon the view, though Anakin was now visible, a head above most.

    Leia pouted and kept her eyes on the Emperor, leaning a bit against the direction they were threading and Riyo encouraged Leia to help her find their way back to her father. Nodding, Leia wove in and around, hand in Riyo’s. Disappointment in her big brown eyes, it was clear she was confused as to why Riyo chose to break off following the Emperor so suddenly when they all seemed to be having a good time together. How to explain it to Leia? It was ...complicated at best. The Alderaanian Princess asked something, though Riyo couldn’t hear. “One moment, Leia.”

    Finally on the sidelines, Leia asked if she could spend time with her new friend.

    “Not just yet. I’m sure you’ll see her soon,”Riyo soothed, leaning down and taking Leia’s hand between both of hers. “Come on, give us a smile and let’s have some more fun!”

    Poor Leia, she was surrounded, her view nothing but a forest of onlookers! But Riyo, glancing up to an overhead monitor, could see Han and Sophia ducking through the moving front line, resuming their dance to either side of the Empress and the Commissar, who surely had to be Ahsoka Tano! Yes, and there, directly behind Ahsoka and the Empress, was Anakin, ‘disguised’ as he was in his Ursean officer’s uniform, even though he was now standing to his full height. He took up the steps of the seguidilla, his arms and hands curving upward and over in the dance of the Ursean. Did anyone else find this moment as strange as she?

    TAG: Ahsoka, Celeste, Anakin, Sophia, Han, attendees in the atrium (if your characters are in the atrium or observing the media displays. Continue with your dance or observations)
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