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    IC: General Torian, Captain Galen, Storm’s Eye
    Location: Imperial weigh point - a set of coordinates off the confluence of the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route on the way to Muunilist

    A crackle came over the headset of the Renegade pilot. “Renegade 1, you are clear for the hangar. Once you have landed, lower your ramp, and exit with weapons holstered and shouldered.”

    Torian heard the communication in his headset as well. Are you kidding me? He thought. He pressed the comm. mike on his headset. “This General Torian of the Alliance. What assurances can you give me that the threat is contained?” There was annoyance in his voice, as he looked out the front view port of the shuttle as they approached.

    The Alliance shuttle slowly moved into position as it approached the hangar. Dead bodies were scattered everywhere along with scorch marks all over the hangar bay. The Imperials look like they took a beating of epic proportion, he thought. “Can you find a clean spot to land?” Looking over at the pilot.

    “Sir, if I can’t then will just hover.”

    “Very good lieutenant.”

    The voice of a tired Imperial came over the comms. “This Commander Buro, General, sir. The hangar is secure.” The General could see that the surviving crew members of the Hidden Dagger were beat down. It didn’t look like they had much fight left in them. Torian relaxed a bit.

    “Roger that.” he acknowledged. He got up from his seat to head to the ramp. “He clicked back over to the pilot. Keep your guns ready. If anything other than those Imperials move, blow it away!”

    “YES SIR, General.”

    Aboard the Storm’s Eye.

    “Captain! Two other ships have decanted from hyperspace, port side!”

    Captain Galen walked over to the radar screen to check on the new arrivals.

    “Captain, a Nebulon-B Frigate has broken from the defensive position and is heading to attack the alien spacecraft.” Another officer on the command deck hollered. So much to handle at once. Commanding a ship required the officer to be alert at all times and able to make decisions on the fly.

    “That’s an Imperial problem Lieutenant.” She spoke with calm. Turning back to her radar officer. “Can you identify the new arrivals?”

    “Yes Captain! One is an Acclamator-class cargo ship but she is coming apart...”

    “Captain, new threat! The other new arrival has begun to fire upon us.

    She straightened up. “SNAFU”, she whispered. “Maneuver around the Acclamator. Keep her between us and the new threat. Concentrate all fire on the current threat. Have the Corvettes engage the new arrival while we maneuver.”

    “Aye Captain. The Imperials are also communicating that they are falling back into a defensive pattern.”

    “Comms, aye. Received.” Galen said coolly. But why is their other frigate attacking? She wondered.

    “Hail the Lt. Ailes and see if they can engage the new threat and buy us some time.”

    She switched a dial on the comm. officer’s panel. “General Torian, Captain Galen here. We had another alien ship decant from hyperspace. We don’t have much time left.”

    Hidden Dagger Hangar

    The Alliance shuttle settled down on the deck clear of any bodies and debris. The shuttle sighed, releasing steam onto the black deck of the Imperial hangar. Just as Torian and his men stepped out of the shuttle, Captain Galen came over his earpiece. The rebel team kept their weapons slug at their sides in case of any changes in the Imperials or any surprises from their new threat.

    Without wasting time with introductions, “We’re in a little rush so if you are ready to go, I suggest you get on board now.”

    Commander Buro looked up at Torian, so this is the mighty General of the Rebels, he said to himself. The Imperial Commander was almost a foot shorter than the Rebel general.

    Torian looked around at the other Imperial stormtroopers and noticed some were still wearing their helmets. “And Commander, no helmets. Instruct your troopers to take them off before boarding.”

    TAG: Pash, C_O
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    ~IC~ Agent Alexandr Kallus
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Offices

    The door to one of the offices opened, then closed and locked as a man, dressed smartly, stepped out.

    "Take over will you, Regis?" Alexandr Kallus walked past the ISB Agents who were setting up shop, commandeering several empty workstations belonging to the senatorial staff of the Executor- new Emperor’s offices. They were to keep an eye on the questioning and interrogation of the HNN talent and staff who were held in the empty offices, separated to make sure they did not corroborate and fabricate false statements. They had almost blundered the coverage of the reception and endangering the security of the world of Naboo by spinning a false story without verifying the facts. Fear mongering.

    It goes deeper still, the trail back showed records of shady investments with corporate tycoons. Purchasing of lands and development projects… shell companies belonging to… yet to be discovered unknown parties.

    The Ledaren, Quinlan Vos, had yet to return and so Kallus defaulted to his own methods. Hgubmill had answered all he was willing to answer, for the moment. Yet, the Naboo are further implicated in this conspiracy as the Queen's handmaidens, her physician and their Senator of Naboo were brought in as accessories to the seditious movement… As far as Kallus was concerned, they can be held for now in the office rooms and under observation of the ISB. It was time to let the fear of the unknown take over.

    "Well, hang on. Wait a moment." Regis exasperatedly looked up from the datapad. "We haven't finished."

    "Nothing to it. Just let them sweat it out." Kallus instructed as he tossed a wink.

    "Where do you think you're going, Kallus? We still need to debrief-"

    "For some fresh air." He smirked as he stepped to the lifts. As the doors closed, he adjusted the cuff of his sleeve.

    TAG: To be continued
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    ~OOC~This is a joint post with Corellian_Outrider and Pashatemur.

    ~IC~ Queen Sabé Amidala II, Colonel Wullf Yularen, Agent Alexandr Kallus, and Imperial Ursean Capt. Viggo Magnusson

    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Sabé nearly faltered with a quick course change, hiding a lopsided grimace behind the “mask” of her placid face. For a brief moment, disappointment frustrated her serene composure. Seeing Anakin surrounded by his “happy little family,” the “wrong” family, she would miss a perfect opportunity to loosen the Imperial seat, but it would cost her her own reputation. Still, it would be worth it to thwart the young Empress’ attempts at grace!...

    There he was! Miraculously recovered from his wounds in the final battle of the war with the CIS and other older scars and losses, as well. No one seemed to be bothered by this! However, there he stood in his Ursean court attire-tall, charming, and handsome. You couldn’t miss him and sure enough, just as she had told Giles Senob earlier in the evening, all the flotsam and jetsam had floated to the top to pay court to the new and young Emperor. She reminded herself that the evening was young yet and that it was bound to be grueling. Was she so eager to do him a mischief! She hadn’t ordered it, but it was impossible not to relish the near catastrophe His Majesty just barely avoided. Of course she was implicated and while in his heart, Sabé knew that Anakin was not prepared to believe the attempted media sabotage was her doing, he was still suspicious. He was likely to confront her this very evening on a number of subjects, and most likely to question her on the whereabouts of the twins. She truly did not know where Luke and Tanis were, but she was glad of that fact. Anakin had on several occasions seemed quite close to disbelief of her ignorance and she had feared a fatal outburst. Though, she had to admit, he’d changed over the past few years; he was less severe, more...restrained...

    One corner of her mouth dimpling, he’d be even more angry were he to know why her attention turned momentarily to an equally charismatic figure now being seated amongst the ruling elite on the royal dais. However, Sabé turned her gaze quickly to the side, though keeping that person in her peripheral view. If Yularen continued as he was leading, Sabé would pass close enough to warn the person with regard to keeping from making eye contact. Enemies of the Galactic Executor had a way of disappearing.

    Like Padmé, for instance who was lost, and likely, shot down by Ursean military and though Anakin vehemently denied it, Sabé could never resolve her doubt. The Naboo had a discrete agent in the Kavalan Palace when Padmé and Hannes’ ship exploded in the high mountains. The Re had received a call as he departed the Palace just before a bomb had exploded there, nearly killing the Reina and the Enfanta. In those days, Anakin was darkest. The agent believed he likely sent out low flying fighters to locate the source of the call just before Padmé’s ship was destroyed.

    In the years she spent as a “guest” in Ursa, Sabé had subtly dug at many unsolved mysteries. She’d managed to manipulate a couple of Palace guards and staff, enlisting them to assist the NSS opporative to even escape once. She watched closely as the Empire grew, as Anakin seemed to have evolved from Jedi to cudgel to Re, Anakin, Lord Vader, was still the “poster boy,” the “hero with no fear” in spite of being capricious and undisciplined. (He was perhaps less so, now.) He could charm the serpents from the trees-literally.

    Seeing the crowd that had thronged to this "feast of fools," Sabé pondered how that charm would meet a serpent of his own making and match. His small coterie of supporters could not save him from his mistakes. She almost felt sorry for them watching the little group peel off in various directions.

    The Empress seemed to be absorbed by the throng. Sabé hated that Marie Celeste piqued her ire. It was unprofessional. Sabé was a highly trained agent, with a highly dangerous mission and in the line of duty, she had found Anakin’s weak spots, made the most of them, and she ventured that she knew him better than anyone, better than he knew himself and certainly better than his witless life mate. Celeste could never replace Padme, but Sabé could. She stood in her dead sister’s place and to her, Anakin had spoken his thoughts. She indulged his haunted grasp and gave him to believe she returned his love and reflected as much of Padme as she could. So well had she “performed” her duty, her mentor and teacher, Director Fadine Deetsch of the Naboo Secret Security, desired to remove the Queen from her mission. In short, for Deetsch, Sabé was incapable of performing her duty longer and acting without bias. “You’re in love with that monster!” Here Sabé allowed a small smile.

    But that smile barely bloomed before they reached Anakin and that Togruta female at his side before Colonel Yularen headed them on a tangent away from the Emperor. Sabe turned her head the least bit and almost imperceptibly shook it, as if to say to someone nearby and watching, “No!”

    Timing at functions can convey different meanings. With the seguidilla ending and the Emperor’s reunion with his family, Colonel Yularen decided to err on the side of caution. He altered their course away from the centre of that social circle to minimise any attention seeking the Nabooian Queen might do to upstage the gathering... even further than she already has behind the scenes.

    "Don't say a word, Colonel. I've got eyes on you." A voice came through Yularen's earpiece. Agent Kallus. "I want to test out a theory."

    Yularen wasn't sure why Kallus had moved from his post but there better be a good reason for doing so. He nodded, as though in greeting someone though acknowledging that he had heard Kallus.

    "Ah, there he is. Veer a few degrees to your left and keep walking…" Kallus instructions came through.

    Yularen lead Sabé past a gauntlet of several officers. Brief words of greeting and acknowledgements were exchanged along the way.

    "See that chap? Flamboyant attire about ten metres ahead of you? Walk close to him but don't acknowledge…"

    There was the gentleman as Kallus had aptly described, standing out amongst a small gaggle of businessmen and corporate heads. The Colonel caught on to what Kallus was playing at, considering the gentleman in question was the one and only Elwis Bontraar. The tycoon was linked indirectly with their current ongoing investigation surrounding the seditious movement and the ‘guests’ upstairs.

    As they neared, the Colonel's eyes scanned the faces of the other guests in the vicinity for someone familiar to use-

    “I think he spotted you - most likely your guest. Just act natural.” Kallus’ voice in the earpiece warned.

    Yularen could see Bontraar had broken off his conversation with another notable figure, the Head of Imperial Center Construction and Contracts Division, and turned to face them. Yularen felt a subtle change in the Queen’s composure-

    A portly man in Imperial dress uniform strutted out from their right and crossed their path, empty glass in one hand and wearing an unhappy expression on his face.

    "Grand Moff Kintaro, a pleasure to see you here." Yularen said in greeting.

    "Why thank you, Colonel! How could I miss such an occasion? I suppose your glass has gone dry too?" The rotund man chuckled. "You are on the job, of course your glass is dry. Oh! Here he is! The man of the moment!"

    Kintaro’s aide had appeared, and out of breath, to refill his superior’s glass.

    "Enjoy the festivities." Yularen bid farewell as the Moff excused himself, the man’s attention was elsewhere, and led Sabé away. No doubt Kintaro had raced from Talofan to be here though Yularen wondered which power camp the man would be in after this evening. He also wondered if Kallus had gotten the results he needed.

    "Very good Colonel." Kallus remarked. “We’ll make a field agent of you, yet. I’ll be in touch.”

    The cheek!

    A few other officers raised a glass in salute and greeting in Yularen's direction as they passed them by. Yularen recognised them from Admiral Okins' group.

    Sabé could barely resist rolling her eyes.

    "I suppose there is someone you should meet." Yularen said as he signalled an Ursean Officer that was tending to two ladies another person in foreign dress uniform. The timing of the moment presented an unique opportunity. "Good evening, Captain Magnusson. I trust you and your companions are having a wonderful evening."

    The tall blond Ursean in Imperial uniform offered a relaxed smile and saluted sharply, but with ease. “Colonel Yularen,” he said amiably in heavy accent. “So god to see you!”

    He turned his grey-blue eyes to Sabé and almost lost his smile for a hair of a second before clicking his heels and bowing by half. “Of course, an Ursean would recognize the Lady who would be the peoples’ Queen and happy are we all for your restoration in your own land, Naboo.”

    Continuing immediately, he turned to Jori and then to Sabé and the Colonel, “And surely you must recognize Her Grace, Jori, the Duchesse Atreides, leader of the House Atreides and the Union.” Viggo, then gestured to Dennii and then to James Xavier...

    Sabé lifted her chin and gave each of the Union people a cool ‘once over.’

    “...And this is Her Grace’s sister, Princess Atreides, Dennii Sunwalker...” Viggo paused for a moment and then presented the Lord Admiral Xavier. "The Lord Admiral served as an observer and advisor in the final campaign that ended the 10 year war with the CIS. I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude, Lord Admiral for your contribution in bringing this costly and tragic war to an end. I’m sure all join me in thanking you and Her Grace, indeed the Union. It has been a dangerous time for all and many actions have been taken in defence, that perhaps were based on erroneous suppositions. No one body is free of mistakes or reigns in perfection. As our Empress enjoins us, it is time for a new paradigm, to rebuild not only the government, but even, to learn to exceed our grasp and cultivate a community of enlightened forward thinking and understanding.” He raised a glass of bubbly in a toast...

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    ~IC~ Zaa Vashee - Queen of Shili
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    "Believe me Your Highness, the pleasure has been all mine. It's so wonderful to be able to move with a partner who actually enjoys them self whilst doing this." Jayden had said. "If I can be of any further assistance, by all means please do ask. I would be honoured to be at your Service."

    "Then the pleasure was mutual." The corner of Zaa's lips lifted, dimples in her cheeks as she smiled to bowing Prince. This was a curiosity, the tip of her right lek twitched, although she wondered if it was his nature or there was something more. "That is very generous of you to offer your valuable time to me..."

    Her gaze shifted as that presence felt close, coming from behind…

    Zaa stepped across to Jayden's side and glanced across to the other guests and her eyes fell upon the cause of the presence. It belonged to another female Togruta, burnt orange skin and white markings, montrals and lekku with blue stripes, passed them by. It was like looking at a reflection only this one was heading away. There was a spring to the other Togruta's step, almost flighty as she wove between the other guests. The blue fabrics of the skirts swished and changed tone, studded stones glimmer.

    Zaa bit the lower right corner of her lip as she saw Mataara, her majordomo, withdrew to follow and noted the way the nearby Senator from Onderon turned his head. She smirked and then looked to the Prince of Bakura. "…I might take you up on the offer."

    TAG: Crown Prince Jayden of Bakura

    ~IC~ Commissar Ahsoka Tano
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Just breathe… Ahsoka told herself. The build up… the anticipation of seeing one of her closest friends again… yet the crowd in the way felt like an obstacle course before her. She found herself being greeted by unknown faces, some gathering towards her as she deftly and politely slip past and onwards towards the tables.

    The deeper she went, the more she sensed she was being followed. She caught her breath as she noticed three sets of montrals over the heads of the guests, like fins of the Firaxan sharks poking out of the waters of Manaan. Please don't… please… she thought to herself as she eyed them and saw them turn.

    "Why thank you, too kind of you to say so." Ahsoka smiled as a Twi'lek couple commended her display during the seguidilla. "I hope you both have a splendid evening." She angled away though felt as though the walls were closing in on her-

    Ahsoka stepped out of the crowd and before the table where Riyo Chuchi, Bail Organa were. She didn't recognise the others but felt the sensation of being followed eased off as she took a half skip to close the distance. Her former friend turned from her conversation and looked in her direction. Ahsoka caught her breath and smiled as she inclined her head. "Senator Chuchi, Senator Organa." She greeted them both. "Forgive my interruption. It is a pleasure to see you this evening."

    TAG: Senator Riyo Chuchi, Senator Bail Organa
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    ~OOC~ Note for Agent Varik and Oskure. This post gives a brief recap of the events of the station as a bit of backstory, though it is limited from Dash’s perspective.

    ~IC~ Dash Rendar
    Location: Streets of Coruscant - Departing the Marais Station Market District

    Sparks danced as the wires came into contact with each other.

    The engine thrummed to life.

    Lifting a swoop from the parking zone of the maglev station, Dash took off without looking behind. As much as he wanted to regroup with his crew, he didn’t dare risk being followed by who knows who else. Last thing he wanted to do was endanger the Jedi he had set out to observe and protect. Changing lanes, he turned the block and went in the direction the renegade Flarestar was heading since it kicked up a mynock’s nest by the Marais District Maglev Station.

    It was an omen of course; for good or bad, remains to be seen. There was an increased Imperial presence that had the station all gridlocked, no doubt searching for someone and he suspected who it might be. Not that he could have done much any way with Rouser in the way. At least the incident proved enough to divert the focus of Rouser and mislead him that the ship in question was connected to whatever ‘payday’ the man suspected was going on.

    How did one get into such a situation? It was supposed to be a simple job. Dash mused as he angled the swoop into one of the traffic lanes. The job was to drop off a passenger on Coruscant, then be on standby for them to get out. Simple, maybe. Not exactly easy when one is on the Empire’s blacklisted… That and the increased security with the end of the war, the fall of their Emperor… not to mention the attack on Coruscant the day or so earlier. With the system on ultra high alert, Dash was lucky they even scrape through such scrutiny and made it planetside.

    Who knows where that passenger, Renata Tivoli, had gone to. If that was her actual name. However, Renata’s friend happened by and altered their contracted parameters… and to gain his trust, had entrusted her secret to him… that she was a Jedi. Master Emi-to Shuri. That was not what he was expecting, nor what he had signed up for… however, she did assist in getting them out of a tangle with some nefarious port authorities before parting ways. Master Shuri said she had other matters to attend to although but will touch base once she required Dash’s services. That was easier said than done-

    Dash cursed.

    Emergency response vehicles swerved into the swoop’s path forcing Dash to pull up and veer out of the way. Ahead the lanes of traffic had been disrupted as though an invisible blade had swathed a path through the intersection. The emergency vehicles slowed to a halt by several mangled airspeeders. No doubt caused by the Flarestar’s actions. Dash sped past and following the trail of destruction, ahead he could hear the sounds of distant sirens of the robotic police forces reverberate through the manufactured city canyon.

    The ship was no doubt originally from the Ohnaka gang, a band of weequay pirates that was once based at Florrum until the base had been wiped out. Word had it that regarding what happened to the base was that it all had to do with Dooku’s displeasure, that he had been responsible for the ‘hit’. Rumours further suggested something more sinister had occurred at Florrum.

    None of that mattered now.

    Why was he doing this? He had imposed a simple rule to not meddle with affairs outside of the contracted parametres. Don’t get involved! Master Shuri can handle herself! So why was he breaking that simple cardinal rule? A sense of showing gratitude for what she did back at the port? Some sense of honour? Whatever you want to call it, had compelled him to stick his neck out for her and follow like a guardian angel.

    No sooner had Master Shuri left the port, Dash spotted that she was tailed by a white garbed, hooded stranger... It took coordinated efforts with Leebo to tail them through the maglev system, only to be separated by complications of the Imperial kind at the Marais station. Dash assumed something had tipped them off about there being a force sensitive in the area… was it that mysterious white-garbed hooded man? Or was it Pascale Rouser? He did not know how or why that man was tailing him. If not for the heads up about Rouser from his newest crew member, the enigmatic ‘Jenifer’, Dash hated to think what might have happened if he learnt of the man’s presence too late.

    So here he was, chasing the Flarestar through the streets of Coruscant to lead Pascale away from Master Shuri. Who knows what happened to that mysterious robed man… at least ‘Blondie’ was with Shuri and they should be having a more pleasant experience than he was.

    TAG: Quinlan Vos, Emi-to Shuri, Adrias Stark
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    OOC: This is a joint post between me and @pashatemur , thank you!

    IC: Duchess Jori Atreides Corrino, Princess Dennii/Drakoniss Atreides-Sunwalker, Lord Admiral James Xavier, Imperial Ursean Capt. Viggo Magnusson

    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    Jori’s attention was divided between her dance partner and the surroundings. She wanted to follow what was going on. The Emperor had arrived and that understandably caused a stir. Jori wondered whether she would be able to talk with him during the reception. Earlier today she was mostly preoccupied with the poodoo her people had made by trying to assassinate Dennii and sending her on a self-destructive spiral. The whole thing was sooo frustrating, as soon as she managed to put out one fire another one started. It was a never ending struggle.

    She did not even have time to prepare properly for the ball. That was even more frustrating. Her staff, along with the help of the CSS, had compiled psych profiles of the most prominent figures. It also included most important speeches, an overview of their political leanings and views, how they had voted and what legislation they had proposed. Jori liked to be prepared, she needed to at least understand the people with whom she had to deal with. Of course it had to do with finding the right levers.

    Then they were approached by an older man, accompanying the last person Jori wanted to meet, the Queen of Naboo. They were joined by Dennii and the Lord Admiral, at least there was that. Instinctively Jori erected her mental barriers, she was not sure whether the other woman was a psyker, but that did not matter. That was her “combat” mode, her rational half was telling her not to try anything. She had been struggling with her impulsiveness for some time. Jori was known for her explosive anger, a weakness she was still struggling with. She managed to keep her composure, at least she hoped so.

    Dennii had spent the time trying to purge the alcohol from her system by using the Force. It was an exhausting exercise that left her somewhat dizzy. At first she had been so hurt by Jori’s slap, but then she realized that her sister was right. As a member of the Union ruling family she had other responsibilities. Of course she was still hurting inside, but she wanted to be there for Jori and not make her life difficult. Dennii was holding her tears and her anguish for later… when she was alone in her room. Her emotions were a whirlwind that, if she was not careful, could sweep her off her feet again and make her do something stupid. Dennii reached for Drakoniss, but he remained silent, it was his way of giving her space. He could only provide support and also he did not want to sound preachy and push her away.

    She wanted to speak to Jori, so she asked Uncle James to accompany her, as she did not trust her own feet. To the casual observer they looked like they were going to the dance floor. The more careful observer would notice how unstable she walked and her ashen face. Dennii barely spoke to the Lord Admiral, besides she could sense that he was uncomfortable. He had been preoccupied with something else, someone else. That almost made her smile, it was good to see him that way. As soon as Dennii opened her mouth to address Jori they were approached by an Imperial Officer, a high ranking by the looks of him, and a beautiful stately woman. She looked vaguely familiar...

    Jori was here, on Coruscant, to de-escalate this idiotic conflict so that she could focus on the internal issues of the Union. The Duchess was sure she would be forced to swallow the bitter medicine. The Senate was not known for its tolerance and friendliness, especially now that it was an Imperial Senate.

    This whole situation worried Jori, but there was nothing to be done at the moment. She had to do damage control. Her people were not helping either. She half thought that the whole situation was somehow orchestrated. She did not pay much attention to what they were doing. Her lack of experience and complacency lead to this disaster. Another thing to be addressed. Jori was good at improvising and covering her weaknesses up. The thing was that they were in a high stake game and actual lives were going to be affected. She needed to keep her act together.

    The Duchess focused on Viggo’s speech. It seems she had underestimated him. That brought back some amusement. It was refreshing to be so pleasantly surprised. She had this nagging feeling that there was more going on that she was lead to believe. Oh there won’t be any sleep tonight, she was going to do her research. Her next steps should be careful and carefully calculated. She was not facing her own people, whom she understood, she was facing “the Big Boys” now and as charming as she could be that would not save her or the Union. Minimize the damage…

    Jori swallowed her pride and curtsied, after all a Queen outranked a Duchess. “It is so good to finally meet you, Your Highness!” she smiled “I hope, as the good captain said, that we will be able to build a new paradigm and resolve this… misunderstanding.” she raised her glass.

    So the lady was a Queen, that prompted Dennii to curtsy as well. The Lord Admiral bowed to her. Jori’s dance partner gave a rather pompous speech. The young woman did not like these things, but she was used to it from her time in the Union. He would surely fit in there rather nicely. Dennii noticed something in Jori, she seemed to like the man. That was odd as despite her sister’s seeming extraversion she was a very private person and did not allow people to get close to her.

    Another thing she noticed or rather sensed was that Jori seemed to have raised the “shields”, so that meant that the Queen in question was the one of Naboo. Dennii felt a pang of hurt as she remembered Padme Amidala. She was nice to her and Alpha… ‘No, no, no, don’t go there...’ as she could sense her emotions rising again. She needed to remain calm and focused. The young woman found a distraction, she noticed the Lord Admiral’s ears turning red as the younger Captain was praising him. That elicited a small smile from her. At least that was a start.

    “You are too kind, but I am afraid my involvement in the ending of this conflict was rather minimal. After all, as you mentioned, I was just an observer, the whole credit goes to the men and women fighting and… to the Emperor of course.” he too raised his glass.

    Dennii blushed as she did not have anything to drink. She had to restrain herself and not repeat that moronic behavior from earlier before.

    “I’ll not joust with you on the matter of your input, but gratitude remains unchanged. Please,” said Viggo beckoning a droid server, “Let’s toast to war’s end.” He took a goblet of water and offered it to Dennii with a slight bow and turned to Yularen and Sabe. “Won’t you join in a toast? I’m sure we can all agree on the merit of ending this long conflict.”

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    IC: Queen Sabé Amidala II
    Location: Coruscant - Galactic Senate Building - Senate Atrium

    One pale and exquisitely manicured hand brushed the deep emerald satin of her gown before Sabé raised her eyes to, first, Colonel Yularen, where she lingered for several long moments, and then to the Duchess. She reached to the serving tray, the droid had presented and deftly whisked up a glass of bubbly as Capt. Magnusson, raised his glass. ”What a lovely little speech Captain Magnusson! Very well then. Please, a toast! In the midst of such an entourage, Her Grace must take the lead. I await with rapt anticipation!” said the Queen with as brilliant a smile, as she could muster. “Please, Duchess, a toast!” said Sabé, looking to the others to encourage Jori. “Do not keep us waiting!”

    TAG: Yularen, Jori, Dennii, Xavier, Kallus, and Magnusson
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    OOC: This is a joint post with WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, who very kindly consented to this collaboration and contributed her character, Agent Rahara Varik. Much gratitude! Thank you.

    IC: Oskure Volant aka InquisitorSeventh Sister or 7th and ISB Agent Rahara Varik
    LOCATION: Senate Atrium

    In spite of her prosthetic leg, 7th Sister managed to sway her hips as she wandered through the crowd of onlookers to the Seguidilla, occasionally flourishing her hands and arms in sync with the dancers.

    Meandering, she would now and then wind through a crowd far and thick enough to lose sight of ISB agent Varik. 7th would slow her progress till, looking over her shoulder, she would catch sight of the lady and clucking to herself, she would move on, taking a drink from a surprised onlooker, and downing it as she moved along, casting the glass into a planter. Then, after a while she met with another inquisitor, dressed in black and wearing a mask, armor, etcetera-obviously, not feeling the mood of the evening at all. The two met with acrimony. The man was a head taller than Oskure and he gesticulated and took a step toward 7th in a menacing way. Before lowering his voice, he could be heard to say, “You should not have met with Vader at all. Our plans have taken a detour...”

    Oskure held up her hand, and the menacing inquisitor quieted, but gesticulated again and moved his body to emphasize what he was saying.

    7th finally said, “So you’ll have to be patient. We’ll talk about this later. Tonight is a “no go.”

    The inquisitor stood silent for a moment, and then taking up another thread, answered, “You have been missing the action. See that human on the dias? He’s been watching that one over there, name’s Bontraar. He’s the one who’s building in the Dead Zone-some sort of entertainment facility. Something is going on between Bontraar and that fellow talking with the Grand Vizier. Then there’s that small human female, over there...She’s not Imperial-Professional. She has a definite purpose here. She’s been watching key targets and assets that I’ve been watching, including me. She’s “inked” at the wrist. Distinct figure that: concentric circles bisected where each half is the inverse of the other. I haven’t seen it before.”

    His voice did not carry far as he spoke in hushed tones. 7th laughed, “I wonder why!?” she said sarcastically, gesturing to his mask and armor, “You blend in so well.” Nodding, she made her way through the dancers who were applauding, the seguidilla having just ended. The masked inquisitor followed and grasped 7th’s arm angrily and she turned to glare at him, the guests around them backing away nervously.

    Oskure looked to where the massive inquisitor grasped her arm and then back up into his mask.

    Speaking quietly and hissing through her clenched teeth, 7th tugged him closer and smiling, nonetheless, said, “I’ll make you “see-through” if you don’t back off!”

    Something in her tone and stance seemed to have convinced him that she wouldn’t hesitate and he stood upright and nodded slowly. “We’ll speak of this later.”

    “You must mean the ‘royal’ ‘we,’ because I’ve said enough!” said 7th resting her arm from his grasp and walking away with a wink.

    Oskure slipped through the crowd noting that Colonel Yularen and the Naboo Queen were “making nice” with the Union leader, Duchess Atreides. She’d been tailing the ISB director and Her Majesty, Amidala II as they veered here and there across the floor of the Atrium, all the while also watching the ruling elite on the Imperial dais. She caught what looked suspiciously like a coded exchange between the Naboo and the real estate investor in colorful dress.

    The inquisitor dared not take her eyes from what seemed a developing situation, but she didn’t have to see, Agent Varik with her eyes to know she was keeping Oskure in her sites. “Watchers watching watchers!” thought Oskure with a bemused smile and thinking of a funny little serial animation she would occasionally catch when a youngling. Jedi didn’t have such leisures back in the day, but when out of the temple, a resourceful youngling could catch such things while on “field trips.”

    This slow surveillance was utterly boring and Oskure prayed for someone to misstep! Why was she thinking of Jedi foolery? She shook her head and noted some other party from the dais sidling up to the investor-what was that man’s name? Ah yes, Blud...Elias Blud-he was the stuff of very nasty rumors-horrific, even, if true! He was sporting a hairless nape and he had cold gray eyes with a predatory glint. Something he whispered in Bontrarr’s ear seemed to distract the investor from Amidala II. The thought of that man, Blud, touching another’s skin started shivers up and down her spine.

    Strange evening with all the Urseans in the room. So many force sensitives annnnd, three of note! One in the Union camp, one-well about that! And another... Oskure turned round abruptly till her eyes met agent Varik’s!

    Rahara Varik kept a keen eye on Colonel Yularen and the Nabooian Queen and also on 7th Sister. The latter seemed to be in an altercation with someone in armor and mask, very much like a throwback to a Sith.

    She frowned as she caught sight of Agent Kallus. That one always bore watching. she took a drink from one of the server droids and headed over to where 7th was just ending her soft and intense confrontation.

    Alone in her little clearing, Oskure smirked at Varik's query. "You mean, my "brother" inquisitor?" She clicked her tongue and gestured after him as he cut a swath through the crowd. "He likes to be shown deference and when he feels slighted, well, you know! He's not the sharpest "tool." But, he's caught something that I saw also," said Oskure, brushing her red hair from before an eye, as she leaned close to Varik in a conspiratorial manner. Quickly she pointed out Bontrarr, the real estate investor, and the bald man, who, in contrast to the flamboyant investor, was elegantly and impeccably dress in a well tailored suit, and how Bontraar and the Queen of Naboo had seemed briefly to exchanged signals.

    "Fascinating." Varik responded. "Layers within layers... the Nabooians bear watching. They always like to present themselves as what you see is what I am, but we can never forget that our prior, unlamented Emperor was from there originally!" Varik's tone was full of irony.

    "Huh! You know, kiddo, you're growing on me!" said Oskure, knuckles on hip. She looked Varik from head to toe and sighed and put a finger to the corner of her lips. "Let's be a little less obvious with our comments," she said, obscuring her lips from view. "But, yes, I think we need to get closer. Those layers are starting to look denser with every second and we need to play in traffic if we're going to find out what all this cloak and dagger nonsense is all about-say, is there any way you could look a little less conspicuous?"

    Rahara smirked. "I'm afraid I would proclaim "Agent" even in the scruffiest or most overblown getup. It's a state of mind." She snatched up a glass of a very purple liquor and took a long sip. "Whew! This stuff is potent! OK, I can put on an act that I've imbibed more than I should, so any out of the way comment can be put down to intoxication." She grinned. "Let me insert myself as unobtrusively as possible near where the Colonel is...?"

    Oskure crossed her arms and stepped a little closer. "Before we link pinky fingers, I'm going to tell you that several of the people we're keeping tabs on are force sensitive," she paused a moment, "kind of like you-rough around the edges and untrained, but there is one over there," here, Oskure gestured with her chin to the group in which Yularen stood, "who is trained. You watch yourself, particularly around the Noobian Queen. I'm going to mingle with the lovely crowd on the dais-don't worry! I'm not leaving Coruscant! If anyone gets wise to you, just ...vomit. "Alright 'Friendy," said Oskure with a flourish of her right pinky finger, "To work!"

    TAG: Rahara Varik, open
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    IC: Duchess Jori Atreides-Corrion, Princess Dennii/Drakoniss Sunwalker-Atreides, Lord Admiral James Xavier
    Location: Senate Atrium, Coruscant

    Instead of feeling offended by the Queen’s tone Jori felt amusement. The Naboo had revealed something about herself. Something that might prove useful later. So she decided to take the bait and lay a subtle trap as she wanted to test something that she had heard about her. Jori beamed a warm smile and raised her glass.

    “I should like to propose a toast to the health of the people of the Empire and the people of the Union.

    I propose a toast to the health of the Imperial and Union people because they have won in this war.

    I propose a toast to the health of the Imperial and Union people not only because they possess a clear mind, a staunch character, and patience.

    Our Government made not a few errors, we experienced at moments a desperate situation when the Separatists invaded us, when our Armies was retreating, abandoning our own worlds and cities, abandoning them because there was no other way out. A different people could have said to the Governments: “You have failed to justify our expectations. Go away. We shall install another government which will conclude peace with CIS and assure us a quiet life.” The Union and Imperial people, however, did not take this path because they trusted the correctness of the policy of its Government, and it made sacrifices to ensure the rout of the Separatists. This confidence of the Imperial and Union people in their Governments proved to be that decisive force which ensured the historic victory over the enemy, over separatism.

    The Imperial people and their Government came to the help of the Union in our times of need, when all seemed lost.

    Thanks to them, to the Imperial and Union people, for this confidence!

    To the health of the Imperial and Union people!”

    Jori wanted to see her reaction given what Dennii had told her about Padme Amidala, she wanted to see whether the Queen would drink to the people of the Empire and its Government.

    TAG: Queen Sabe, Colonel Yularen, Captain Magnusson

    OOC: The toast is a modified version of the one that Joseph Stalin gave in ‘45 to the Soviet people.
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